General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 3, 2017 on GH

Dante found Morgan's prescription bottle of lithium. Jax made a shocking confession about Frank Benson. Tracy and Laura tracked down Edward's valuable painting. Jake began therapy.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 3, 2017 on GH
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Tracy and Laura tracked down the painting Tracy and Laura tracked down the painting

Monday, April 3, 2017

Michael walked into his office and found Larry poking around. Michael demanded to know why Larry was there, and Larry explained that he'd thought it was Tracy's office, and he was looking for the minibar. Larry asked after Tracy just as Ned and Olivia entered the office. Ned made a veiled threat to have Larry deported if he didn't leave Tracy alone. Michael left to ask his assistant to track Tracy down. Larry noticed Olivia and introduced himself. Michael returned as Ned informed his father that Olivia was his fiancée.

Michael was ecstatic for Ned and Olivia, who proudly showed off Lila's ring. Ned wanted to tell Tracy in person, so Michael went to check with his assistant on Tracy's whereabouts. Olivia went along with Michael so that Ned and Larry could talk alone. Noticing that Larry offered no well wishes, Ned wondered what Larry's problem was with Olivia. Larry admitted that his problem was with marriage itself.

Larry reminded Ned of how many failed Quartermaine marriages there were, including Ned's own. Ned insisted that "this time" was different because he'd learned from his mistakes. As Olivia listened from out in the hallway, Ned informed his father that Olivia was amazing and made him want to be a better man. Larry sincerely congratulated his son and shook his hand. Olivia smiled at the conversation as Michael returned with a bottle of Champagne and four glasses.

In Michael's office, Larry poured the Champagne and toasted to Ned and Olivia. The four clinked glasses and drank as Michael's phone started to ring. As Michael talked on the phone, Ned assured Larry that Ned would still be helping Tracy "resist" Larry's scam. Michael got off the phone and announced to the room that Tracy had chartered the company jet to Turkey the night before. Larry spit out a mouthful of Champagne in surprise.

In a monastery in Turkey, Tracy insisted that she wasn't leaving without the painting. Two monks approached the women and seemed to be yelling at them. Laura had a conversation with the men in Turkish. Suddenly, all three turned to stare at Tracy. A few minutes later, the monks led Laura and Tracy to a room in which they could stay. When they were gone, Laura informed Tracy that they couldn't leave because women were only allowed there during times of worship.

Laura also admitted that, in exchange for putting up the "weary travelers," she had promised the monks a "small donation." Tracy felt a strange vibe at the monastery and asked about her father's painting. Laura answered that the monks claimed not to know about it. The women agreed that the monks had to know something about it. Laura wanted to go explore as soon as the place quieted down for the night.

Tracy wasn't happy that Edward had caused them to go on a wild goose chase. Laura related how much Edward had talked about Tracy. She remembered him saying that Tracy could be his "greatest adversary, best friend, and finest accomplishment." Laura urged Tracy to accept that Edward had loved her, even if he hadn't said the words very often. Laura held out her arms, and the two embraced.

A short while later, Laura approached the door, offering to explore alone, since Tracy wasn't "built for adventure." Tracy resented the comment and followed after Laura. They opened the doors and heard a woman crying, even though they'd been told that they were the only women there. They exited their room and found the two monks carrying a painting covered with a sheet. Tracy identified herself as the daughter of the painting's owner. She ripped the sheet off to see the lost portrait, which looked a lot like Tracy.

Josslyn called out to Carly, who was in her own world. Carly apologized for being distracted, and Josslyn wondered if it was because of Sonny, Carly's "soon-to-be ex-husband." Carly informed Josslyn that she couldn't just turn off her feelings for Sonny. "You're worth a hundred Sonnys," Josslyn told her mother. She suggested that Carly call Diane and get started with the divorce. Carly informed Josslyn that, because of how painful and complicated a divorce was, she wanted to be completely sure about it. She reminded Josslyn that it would affect Josslyn too. "I'm not there yet," Carly said. "What if Sonny is?" Josslyn asked.

Sam approached Jason as he got off the phone. Jason revealed that Jake had an appointment with Andre later in the day, and Sam thought it was a good first step in helping Jake. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason answered it to Sonny. Sam left the conversation up to Jason because she had work to do, but she advised Sonny to think carefully before making a decision. When she was gone, Jason asked Sonny to be Scout's godfather. "I'd be honored," Sonny replied.

Jason warned Sonny that he and Sam were planning to ask Carly to be Scout's godmother. Sonny wondered if Jason and Sam were trying to get Sonny and Carly back together. Jason assured Sonny that he and Sam wanted Sonny and Carly happy whether they were together or apart. Sonny admitted that he'd "said some things" to Carly when he had been angry the day before. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Carly walked in needing to talk to Jason. She stopped dead when she saw Sonny.

Sonny asked if Jason was trying to set him and Carly up, but Jason assured Sonny that he hadn't invited Carly. Carly turned to go, but Jason stopped her. He asked if she wanted to be Scout's godmother. Carly's demeanor instantly changed, and she ecstatically accepted. Sonny thought they could "come together for Scout." Carly had to go, but she promised to call Jason later. Sonny followed after her in order to talk about the night before. "You said everything I needed to hear," Carly stated. "All right," Sonny said, and he walked away.

Alexis sat alone at Kelly's, and someone looked in through the window at her. She turned around, but no one was there. She left money on the table and went to leave. As she reached the door, it opened, and she was surprised to see Jax. They embraced and sat down together at a table. She admitted that she'd had a relapse, but she was "back on the wagon." He expressed his sympathy for her loss of Julian, and he offered to listen if she wanted to talk. She was telling him about the sincerity of Julian's letter when Sam entered.

Jax had to go, but he congratulated Sam first. Alexis instructed him to call before he left town, and he left the restaurant. Sam sat down, and Alexis told her daughter that she thought she was going crazy. Sam thought that Alexis needed proof of Julian's death in order to move on. She informed her mother that she'd started investigating. She instructed Alexis not to get her hopes up. Sam left to get to work. Alexis was on the phone with Molly as she walked out of Kelly's. When she walked away, a person shrouded in a black hoodie watched her leave.

A short while later, Sonny arrived at Kelly's while on the phone. He instructed Diane to clear her afternoon because "I got something for you."

Josslyn, dressed and ready for her riding lesson, opened the door to leave. She was overjoyed to see Jax at the door just when she needed him. He had bad news for her, so they sat down. He informed her that Lady Jane had died the night before, and he'd wanted to tell her in person. She tearfully hugged her father and said that she'd thought that her grandmother had gotten better. She wished she had been there, but she was glad that Jax had been. He took out a sealed envelope, a letter that Lady Jane had written to Josslyn, and handed it to Josslyn. Josslyn couldn't bring herself to read the letter yet.

A short while later, Josslyn and Jax flipped through a photo album and looked at pictures of Lady Jane. Josslyn remarked on how her grandmother had never taken off her floppy sunhat outside. Jax wondered if Josslyn wanted the hat, and Josslyn was happy to inherit the memento from her grandmother.

Sam returned home, and Jason updated her that both Sonny and Carly had accepted being Scout's godparents. However, he wasn't optimistic about the state of their marriage. Sam updated him on her mother. She didn't think that Alexis could let Julian go until he was proven to be dead. Sam got on her computer in order to look at surveillance video from the gas station next to the pay phone that had called Alexis. Around the same time that Alexis received the phone call, there had been a man, who looked a lot like Julian from behind, using the pay phone. Just then, Sam's phone went off, and she looked at the notification. It was a message from Julian's bank saying that Julian's credit card had been used.

This episode of General Hospital was dedicated to Barbara Tarbuck (Lady Jane Jacks), who passed away in December.

Jax makes a disturbing confession

Jax makes a disturbing confession

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

At a Turkish monastery, Tracy and Laura stopped two monks carrying a large item covered by a sheet. Tracy demanded that the monks return the painting her father had purchased when he'd used the alias J.L. Holt because "Portrait of an Unknown Lady" belonged to her. Everyone was startled when the sheet slid off the large item the monks had been holding and a painting of a woman with an uncanny resemblance to Tracy dressed in Renaissance garb was revealed. "Tracy, it's you," Laura said. Tracy agreed that the image looked like her and instinctively knew it was the reason her father had bought the portrait.

Tracy glared at the monks and angrily accused them of lying. Tracy realized why the monks had stared at her with strange expressions and vowed they'd rue the day they'd crossed her. Tracy wanted answers, but the men continued to speak in Turkish until the abbot appeared and dismissed the two monks. The abbot asked Tracy to forgive the two men because the painting was extremely valuable. Tracy assured the abbot that she was aware of the painting's worth because it had belonged to her father.

The abbot smiled with remembrance and revealed that J.L. Holt had turned up at the monastery, seeking sanctuary. The monks had been reluctant to help, but "J.L." had offered to pay. According to the abbot, Tracy's father had been willing to part with numerous valuable items he'd collected during his travels -- except for the portrait because it had reminded him of Tracy. The abbot conceded that the resemblance was striking then produced a letter that Edward had addressed to Tracy. Shocked, Tracy slowly opened the letter then cleared her throat before reading it out loud.

In the letter, Edward acknowledged that he'd had regrets about his relationship with Tracy and how it had turned out. Edward suspected Tracy had already discovered that he'd cut her out of the will, so he hoped to rectify the error with the portrait. Edward apologized and explained that he'd disinherited Tracy in the heat of the moment, but he'd intended to amend the will. However, time had run out, and he'd been forced to go on the run. Tracy got choked up as she read her father's touching words about how the woman in the painting reminded him of Tracy's best qualities -- her courage and her heart.

The letter continued. Edward hoped that the special gift proved to Tracy that he'd loved her and had forgiven her. "Now, you must forgive yourself," Tracy read as she fought back tears. Edward ended the letter by expressing his confidence that Tracy would know what to do with the painting. Tracy looked at the painting as she admitted that she'd always believed that Edward hadn't forgiven her -- or trusted her. Laura pointed out that the letter had proven otherwise. Tracy agreed and announced that it was time to go.

Tracy reached for the portrait, but the abbot stopped her because he couldn't let her leave with the portrait. The abbot explained that the painting was very valuable, and he had a buyer willing to pay 20 million dollars. The abbot added that the money would go to people in desperate need, but Tracy objected. Laura thought it would be a wonderful tribute to Edward, but Tracy argued that she couldn't part with the painting any more than she could part with a piece of her heart.

At Carly's house, Carly hugged Jax tightly then apologized for running into his arms without properly greeting him. Tears swam in her eyes as she told him that it had been a rough couple of weeks, but seeing him had made everything better. Jax smiled and assured Carly that it was okay. He admitted that he'd heard about Morgan's killer and asked how Carly had been holding up. She explained that she had mixed feelings, but there had been a sense of resolution, knowing that Olivia Jerome would remain locked up in a secure mental facility.

Carly assumed that Jax had flown to Port Charles because of her, but he revealed that he'd had another reason for the visit. Carly was stunned when he told her about Lady Jane's passing. Carly's eyes welled up with fresh tears as she offered Jax her condolences. He admitted that it hadn't really sunk in yet. Carly wondered how Josslyn had taken the news. "Not great," Jax answered. Carly wanted to check on Josslyn, but Jax asked Carly to wait because their daughter needed some time alone.

Carly told Jax that she had liked Lady Jane a lot. Jax smiled and confided that his mother had always hoped that he and Carly would get back together. Carly chuckled because she imagined that Lady Jane would have had a field day, knowing that Carly's marriage to Sonny was headed for divorce. Jax admitted that Josslyn had mentioned there'd been trouble between Carly and Sonny, but she hadn't shared any details. Carly told Jax about Sonny's one-night stand and the months of lying, but Jax was surprised that Carly would end her marriage over something that had happened in a moment of grief.

Carly explained that her issue had been who Sonny had slept with. Jax was shocked when she told him about Nelle and Nelle's mission to destroy Carly's family. Jax wondered why Nelle would target Carly, so she explained that Nelle was Frank Benson's daughter. Carly added that Frank had filled Nelle's head with lies about Carly by claiming that Carly had tried to buy Nelle's kidney. Jax cut Carly off and confessed that he'd been the one to offer Frank the money.

At the penthouse, Sam showed Jason her laptop, where she played surveillance footage from the gas station where a mystery person had called Alexis from the phone booth. Jason looked at the back of the dark figure on the screen and agreed that the height and build was similar to Julian's, but nothing about the person in the hooded sweatshirt suggested that it was Julian. Seconds later, Sam received a text message from a bank alerting her that Julian's credit card had been used the previous evening. Jason thought it was suspicious that Julian's credit card had been used on the same night that Alexis had received a mysterious call. Sam wondered if perhaps her father was alive.

Jason grabbed his jacket as he pointed out that he wouldn't put it past Julian to fake his own death to avoid being charged as an accessory to Olivia's crimes. Sam agreed as she walked Jason to the door. Jason regretted that he couldn't stay, but Sam assured him that she was fine. A short time later, Nathan stopped by to talk to Sam. He explained that he was there in an official capacity and asked if she knew where her mother was.

Sam revealed that Alexis was at a spa and asked if anything was wrong. Nathan admitted that Julian's bank had contacted the police to alert them of activity on Julian's credit card. Sam acknowledged that she'd been alerted, too, but she'd been waiting for more information. Nathan told her that someone had used the credit card to purchase a bus ticket to Los Angeles. He was curious if Julian had ever discussed a plan to skip town, but Sam shook her head and explained that everyone had pulled away from Julian when he'd tried to kill Alexis.

Sam tensed when Nathan mentioned paying Alexis a visit. She tried to dissuade Nathan from talking to Alexis, but he hoped that Alexis might know something without even realizing it. After Nathan left, Sam decided to buy herself time and quickly arranged for Alexis and Diane to spend the night at the hotel after their spa visit.

In Finn's hotel suite, Hayden recalled the events from the previous evening when Finn had roughly grabbed her wrist. Moments later, Finn emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered and wearing a robe. He tentatively smiled as he told her that he felt much better, even though he couldn't remember much of the night. Finn thanked Hayden for helping him and leaned down to kiss her, but she jerked away. Concerned, Finn asked her what was wrong, but she evaded the question.

A short time later, Finn returned to the living room as he finished buttoning his shirt. He hoped the worst was behind him, but Hayden remained quiet and continued to back away from him when he got close. Finn once again tried to question her about her odd behavior, but Curtis arrived with refreshments and lunch. Curtis was pleased to see that Finn looked better, but he warned Finn that he was not in the clear because he would suffer headaches for some time. Curtis explained that Finn would be tempted to grab his drug of choice to get past it, but he needed to remain strong and drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated.

Hayden decided to head out. Finn and Curtis were surprised that she would not be joining them for lunch, but she insisted that she needed to get to work because she'd missed too much time already. Finn approached Hayden to thank her for all she'd done and kiss her goodbye, but she gave him a quick peck and ducked out the door. After Hayden left, Finn admitted that he was concerned by her behavior. Curtis realized that Finn had no idea what had transpired the previous evening and offered to fill him in.

At the hospital, Elizabeth introduced Jake to Andre. Jake grudgingly greeted the doctor then asked if he could get a drink of water. Elizabeth nodded and watched her son run down the hallway. Andre was curious how Jake felt about therapy, so she conceded that Jake didn't like it, but she rushed to assure Andre that Jake would cooperate. Andre smiled and reminded Elizabeth that he had a lot of experience working with children. Elizabeth promised that she trusted Andre, but she was afraid that if they pushed Jake too hard about his time on Cassadine Island, Jake might shut down then no one would be able to reach him.

Meanwhile, Franco looked at his meager paycheck and wished he could have his old job back. Seconds later, Jake rounded the corner and slid to a stop when he saw Franco. Jake was curious when Franco would visit because Jake was eager to finish the timeline they'd started. Franco easily avoided the question as Jake shifted gears to tell him about Andre. Jake admitted that he was nervous and didn't want to talk to the doctor. Franco offered Jake words of encouragement, but Jake asked Franco to hang around until after the appointment.

Franco was tempted until Jake added that Jason and Elizabeth would be waiting too. Franco decided to keep his distance and told Jake that he had to work. Franco did his best to ignore Jake's hurt expression as he cheerily wished Jake luck and added that he would be rooting for Jake.

In Andre's office, Andre explained that he would need both Jason and Elizabeth's support if there was any chance of getting through to Jake. Andre wanted them all to be on the same page, so he reminded them that Jake was his patient, and he wouldn't be sharing anything that Jake talked about unless Jake was in immediate danger. Jason wasn't thrilled, but he agreed to Andre's terms. However, Jason made it clear that they wanted certain concerns addressed.

Elizabeth filled Andre in about the timeline that Franco had encouraged Jake to draw and how Jake had drawn a line through the years with Helena as if Jake hadn't existed. Elizabeth added that Jake had drawn a scarecrow on the timeline in the middle of the night, but her son hadn't recalled doing it. Jason revealed that he'd received confirmation that there was a scarecrow on Cassadine Island. Andre reminded Jason and Elizabeth that he was not a detective -- his job was to assess any emotional or mental trauma inflicted on Jake and to provide a safe place to explore it. Jason and Elizabeth promised they would do whatever was necessary for their son.

Satisfied, Andre led Jason and Elizabeth to the hallway where Jake was waiting. Jake asked why he had to talk to a therapist instead of drawing with Franco. Jason and Elizabeth gently explained that it was important and asked their son to give it a chance. Jake reluctantly agreed and followed Andre to the office. Jake perked up when Andre asked if Jake liked action figures then invited Jake to pick a couple from a box. Jake picked out the witch and scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

Andre approved and invited Jake to tell a story about the two characters. Jake admitted that in his story, the witch and scarecrow were friends. A short time later, Andre and Jake emerged from Andre's office. Jake asked for Elizabeth's phone because he wanted to play a game. After Jake walked away, Andre told the anxious parents that Jake was a private child, which meant that it would take time for Jake to open up.

Andre added that Jake sensed the tension between Jason and Elizabeth, and Jake knew it was because of Jake's time on Cassadine Island. Andre advised Jason and Elizabeth to find a way to make peace with each other, or Jake might not open up. Andre also warned them to make certain that they were ready for the truth.

Later, Elizabeth ran into her sister and immediately asked about Finn. Hayden told her that Finn had gotten through the withdrawal and was fine, but Elizabeth was skeptical. Hayden didn't want to discuss it, but Elizabeth argued that she was the only person that Hayden knew who understood what Hayden had been going through. Resigned, Hayden showed Elizabeth her wrist as she told Elizabeth about the previous night. Elizabeth examined Hayden's wrist and confirmed that it would bruise. Hayden admitted that she hadn't expected the violence, but Finn's cruel words had been worse.

Elizabeth knew it might sound odd, but she advised Hayden not to take it personally because it was part of the recovery process. Hayden was curious how Elizabeth and Lucky had gotten past it, but Elizabeth reluctantly admitted that they hadn't. Elizabeth applauded Hayden for helping Finn, but she urged her sister to make herself a priority because Finn's journey was far from over.

Later, Hayden returned to Finn's hotel suite. She was surprised when Finn told her that Curtis had left, but Finn jokingly assured her that he hadn't relapsed during the five minutes he'd been left alone. Hayden remained distant, prompting Finn to admit that Curtis had filled him in about what had transpired the previous evening. Finn was horrified that he'd physically hurt her, but Hayden explained that his cruel words had hurt far worse because she had realized that the thoughts had been buried deep inside him. Hayden acknowledged that Finn had a long road ahead of him and offered him a list of names of people who could help him.

Finn insisted that he only needed Hayden, but Hayden explained that he needed someone he could trust, which clearly wasn't her. Finn watched helplessly as Hayden left.

At the penthouse, Sam thanked Curtis for stopping by. Curtis was curious if she'd asked to see him about the investigation that Jason had hired him to conduct, but Sam shook her head and explained that it was a different job. Sam told him about Julian's credit card and the need to find out who had purchased the bus ticket before the police questioned Alexis. Sam insisted that she needed answers because her mother would continue to hold out hope that Julian was alive if Alexis knew about the credit card.

At Kelly's, Amy happily talked to a friend on the phone about a classmate that Amy had always admired. Amy doubted that "he" would remember her, but the words died on her lips when Dillon suddenly appeared. "Amy?" Dillon asked. Amy ended the call and put her phone away as Dillon sat down and expressed his disbelief that it was actually her. He recalled that Amy had been the only person in school who had understood his obsession with The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Amy was overjoyed that Dillon remembered her.

Dillon confessed that he'd thought of Amy through the years and told her about the time he'd gone to a "Q and A" with Andy Serkis. Amy hung onto Dillon's every word as he talked about the encounter and how it had made him think of her even though he hadn't known her last name. "Driscoll," Amy supplied. Dillon regretted not taking the time to look it up in the past, but he was pleased they'd be working together on their high school reunion.

Thrilled, Amy pulled out a binder of ideas she'd put together, but her smile quickly vanished when Kiki approached the table and warmly greeted Dillon. Dillon introduced Amy to his girlfriend as Kiki sat down. Amy hid her hurt behind a brittle smile as Dillon told Kiki about Dillon and Amy's shared love for The Lord of the Rings. Kiki wondered if Amy was a Game of Thrones fan too. Amy confirmed that she was. Kiki admitted that the actors and costumes were great, but Kiki wasn't a fan of fantasy.

Amy decided to cut the meeting short by pretending to notice the time and claiming that she had another appointment. Dillon asked if Amy had his contact information, so she nodded as she scooped up her things and fled. Outside, Amy began to cry, but she sniffled past the tears to answer her phone. It was her friend Kristina asking about the meeting with Dillon. Amy tearfully explained that Dillon had a beautiful girlfriend, but she was all wrong for Dillon because she didn't like Game of Thrones.

Inside, Dillon told Kiki that he'd been pleasantly surprised to discover that Amy was his co-chair for the reunion. Dillon admitted that he really liked Amy, so Kiki playfully wondered if she should be jealous. Dillon laughed and turned the discussion to Kiki. Kiki gushed about her job and revealed that she had signed up for a six-week training program to become a nurse's aide. Dillon was proud of her and kissed her. Moments later, Franco walked up and told them to knock it off because he had to talk to Kiki.

Franco sat down and filled Kiki in about his concerns for Jake and his certainty that he could help the young boy. Franco regretted that he had turned Jake away when Jake had reached out to him because he sensed a darkness in Jake that Franco had once had. Kiki reminded Franco that Jake hadn't been raised like Franco, but more importantly, Jake was not Franco's son. Moments later, Franco's phone rang. It was Jake.

Franco quickly excused himself to take the call. Jake explained that his therapy session was over, but he hadn't enjoyed it. Jake begged Franco to stop by the house because Jake wanted to work on the timeline with Franco. Franco thought it would be best for Jake to finish it with Jason or Elizabeth.

Dante makes a startling discovery

Dante makes a startling discovery

> Dante makes a startling discovery

Dante makes a startling discovery

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin left Nelle a voicemail message to let her know that she wasn't needed for the day because Nina intended to drop Charlotte off for the visit with Lulu. The doorbell rang as Valentin ended the call. He was not pleased when he saw Anna on his doorstep, but she insisted that she needed to talk to him because she had remembered everything. Reluctantly, Valentin invited Anna in and followed her to the living room. She admitted that she could use a drink, so Valentin fetched her one.

Anna explained that she'd taken a trip because she had needed to reconcile why her memories of the past had been vastly different from Valentin's. Valentin handed her the drink as she revealed that Robert had pulled some strings to arrange a meeting for her with a leading expert on memory loss. Anna had learned that she'd been suppressing a lot of things, but the memories had been returning. Anna confessed that she knew the truth -- he hadn't lied about her using him to get classified information that she'd sold to the DVX. Valentin felt vindicated, but he hadn't expected her to acknowledge what she'd done.

Anna quickly added that she'd been a victim, too, because Faison had forced her to target Valentin in a scheme to compromise her with the WSB. She reminded Valentin that Faison had been skilled at hypnosis and mind control, but Valentin questioned her claim that Faison had erased the memories from her mind. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she assured Valentin that it was true, but he was tired of the games and just wanted the truth from her. Anna promised that she'd deeply regretted what she'd done to him, so he decided to indulge her and asked her to tell him what she remembered.

Anna quietly talked about the day she'd arranged to meet Valentin in Lisbon. She recalled that she'd been caught in a torrential downpour on her way to the drop-off site -- a church. Valentin peppered her with questions to test her memory, but she answered each one without hesitation. Shaken, Valentin asked if she recalled what he'd told her after they'd made love. Anna's eyes welled up with tears because Valentin had confessed that he'd only slept with women he'd paid for -- until Anna. She had been the first woman he'd ever made love to.

Valentin thought it was ironic because he'd ended up paying dearly for sleeping with Anna. She quietly admitted that she'd been ordered to kill Valentin once she'd obtained the classified information, but she hadn't been able to follow through with it. She reminded him that she'd taken a very long shower the following morning to give him time to find the piece of paper with Faison's instructions because she'd wanted to give Valentin a chance to get away. Valentin was stunned when Anna confessed that she hadn't been able to carry out the order because she had gotten to know him and had liked him.

Anna admitted that she'd appreciated Valentin's brilliant mind and kind heart, so she'd let him go because she'd known he'd been clever enough to evade her -- and anyone else who might have been after him. Valentin suspected that she'd slept with him out of pity, but she told him to stop feeling sorry for himself and urged him to think back on that night because he would know. "Know what?" Valentin asked. She admitted that their night together had meant something to her, too, and she reached for his hand as she gazed deep into his eyes.

At the police station, Dante was headed to the evidence room until he heard his wife call out to him. Lulu greeted her husband and reminded him that their first visit with Charlotte was scheduled for later that day. Dante pretended that he'd forgotten, but Lulu saw through the ruse and playfully scolded him. Dante was curious about her good mood, so she revealed that she'd made a new friend -- Nelle. Dante immediately became concerned and reminded Lulu that they needed to focus on getting to know Charlotte. Lulu agreed and promised that she hadn't done anything wrong. However, she thought it was clear that Nelle still cared about Michael.

Dante warned Lulu not to use Nelle to get to Valentin because he feared that it would blow up in her face. Lulu assured Dante that he had nothing to worry about then shifted gears because she had to get home to tidy up before their visit with Charlotte. Lulu kissed her husband and left, but his expression remained troubled. Moments later, a police officer exited the evidence room. Dante asked Raymond if the evidence from the robbery was ready, but Raymond needed a few more minutes. Dante decided to fetch the prisoner while Raymond finished up.

At Ava's apartment, Ava greeted Scott. She told him that she'd managed to persuade Lucy to hand over Morgan's prescription bottle, but the pills had ended up in police custody when two gunmen had tried to rob the Floating Rib. Alarmed, Scott asked if Lucy was okay. Ava assured him that Lucy was fine, but Ava needed to get her hands on the pills before Jordan -- or Dante -- found them. Scott laughed because it was impossible to sneak into the evidence room. Ava agreed that she couldn't do it, but she was confident that Scott could. Scott refused to get involved, but Ava warned him that it was too late because he'd become an accessory the minute she'd told him about the pills.

Shortly after Scott stormed out, Lulu stopped at Ava's for a visit. Lulu explained that she had wanted to talk to Ava because she needed Ava's help. Ava assured Lulu that she'd be happy to assist Nikolas' sister in any way, so Lulu filled Ava in about the custody hearing and the judge's decision to give Lulu supervised visitation with Charlotte. Ava felt bad because she knew what it was like to be separated from her child. Lulu was frustrated because she didn't think her daughter should be with Valentin. Ava agreed, especially since Valentin had killed Nikolas in cold blood.

Lulu was grateful for Ava's understanding and asked if Ava recalled anything about her encounter with Valentin that might help Lulu. Ava shook her head and admitted that she'd told the police everything. However, Ava warned Lulu to be careful because Valentin had made it clear that he would kill anyone who crossed him. Lulu vowed to find a way to get Charlotte away from Valentin. Ava was certain that Nikolas would be proud of his sister. Ava conceded that she hadn't known Nikolas long, but he'd been someone important to her.

Lulu felt the same. Ava offered Lulu another piece of advice -- find Valentin's Achilles heel before he found Lulu's.

At the police station, Scott greeted Raymond as the police officer jotted down some notes. Scott pretended to be looking for Dante, but Raymond explained that Dante had stepped away for a few minutes. After Raymond left, Scott waited until the coast was clear then quickly slipped into the evidence room. Scott searched for Morgan's prescription bottle, but he failed to find it. Moments later, Dante appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Scott was doing. Scott pointed out that he was permitted to look over evidence, but Dante argued that Scott needed to be accompanied by a police officer.

Scott claimed that it wasn't his fault that no one had been around, but Dante wondered why Scott had been looking at evidence for a case that wasn't even Scott's. Scott insisted that he represented one of the gunmen who had robbed the Floating Rib, but Dante didn't believe him and decided to put it to a test. Scott was forced to follow Dante into the hallway where a prisoner was seated. The man was curious who Scott was, so Scott informed him that he was the man's attorney. The man argued that he'd been assigned a public defender named Sullivan. Scott suggested that his client was the other gunman, but the man insisted that he and his brother had the same attorney.

Scott shrugged and blamed it on a mix-up at the courthouse. After Scott left, Dante's phone rang. Dante had a short exchange with someone then ended the call and announced that the gunman's attorney had been detained at court. After the prisoner was returned to his jail cell, Dante decided to check the evidence room. He looked through the bags of evidence from the Floating Rib and found the bag with Morgan's prescription bottle.

Meanwhile, Scott returned to Ava's apartment to let her know that he'd searched the evidence room for the pills but hadn't found them. Ava wanted Scott to return and search again, but Scott told her that sometimes evidence like drugs and jewelry disappeared from the evidence room. He suggested that Ava count her blessings because it was her lucky day. Ava smiled with relief.

Outside of Perks, Nelle was focused on her phone as she ran right into Sonny. She immediately tensed when she realized what she'd done. Sonny advised her to be more careful in the future, but she coldly reminded him that they were out of each other's lives. Sonny disagreed because Nelle was Charlotte's nanny. Nelle suggested that they simply pretend, but Sonny was curious why Nelle was still in Port Charles when there was nothing there for her. He pointed out that she'd accomplished what she'd set out to do, but Nelle remained bitter as she accused Carly of forcing Frank to carve Nelle up to save Josslyn.

Sonny told Nelle that no one except Nelle believed the ridiculous story. Nelle insisted that it was the truth because people like Sonny and Carly didn't care about anyone. According to Nelle, Sonny and Carly went through life ruining other people's lives without any hesitation or regret. Sonny argued that Nelle had been projecting her own transgressions onto Carly, but Nelle smugly countered that she'd learned from the master -- his wife. "Or is it your ex-wife?" Nelle asked with smug satisfaction.

Sonny conceded that Nelle's tactic to use him to hurt Carly had been effective, but Nelle had crossed a line with Michael and Josslyn. Nelle's expression clouded with regret as she expressed her remorse for hurting them. Sonny didn't believe her. Nelle's temper flared because she resented Sonny and Carly acting as if they'd been the victims when she'd been the one who had suffered. Sonny thought it odd that Nelle seemed almost proud of being a victim.

Furious, Nelle reminded Sonny that he hadn't had his kidney ripped out of him when he'd been a child. Nelle resented Carly for taking what she'd wanted without any concern for Nelle. Nelle was also disgusted that Sonny behaved like the sun rose and set on Carly. She was curious if he turned a blind eye to the awful things Carly had done or if he admired them. Nelle decided that Sonny and Carly deserved each other and hoped they suffered side by side for what they'd done to Nelle.

"I'm sorry, are you done?" Sonny asked. He warned Nelle that she would suffer, but she refused to be intimidated. She insisted that she was building a life for herself, but Sonny didn't care. However, he advised her not to cross Valentin because Valentin wouldn't hesitate to get rid of her.

At Kelly's, Michael and Josslyn sat down at a table. He was curious why she'd asked him to pick her up. Josslyn told Michael that her father was in town because her grandmother, Lady Jane, had passed away. Michael offered his sister his condolences, but he wondered why she'd left the house. Josslyn admitted that she needed the company, but she hadn't wanted to bother her parents because they'd been talking.

Michael and Josslyn's conversation turned to Sonny and Carly's relationship. Josslyn thought their mother should divorce Sonny, but Michael was disappointed because he thought his sister liked Sonny. Josslyn assured Michael that she didn't blame Sonny for what had happened to Morgan, but Sonny had been unfaithful with Nelle. Josslyn reminded him that both she and their mother had cared about Nelle, and it had been clear that Michael had too. Michael agreed, but he steered the conversation back to Sonny and Carly by admitting that he'd hoped Sonny and Carly's marriage would have worked out for both Josslyn and Avery's sakes because he wanted his sisters to have the stability of two parents.

Michael reminded Josslyn that neither Sonny nor Carly was perfect, and they'd both suffered the agonizing loss of the only biological child they had shared. He insisted that Morgan's death had been a profound loss and that Sonny had believed for a short time that he'd been responsible for his own son's death. Josslyn admitted that Michael had given her something to think about, but he reminded her that things weren't always black and white. Josslyn knew Michael was right because her feelings for Nelle were complicated.

Michael reminded Josslyn that Nelle had taken advantage of Sonny and Carly's pain and had compounded it by sleeping with Sonny to cause a rift. Michael made it clear that he didn't want Josslyn around someone like Nelle. Josslyn appreciated Michael's concern, but she admitted that a part of her still liked Nelle. Josslyn thought that Michael felt the same, but he refused to discuss it.

Josslyn worried about Michael because he always took care of everyone around him, but she wondered who took care of her brother. "You do," Michael replied with a smile. He promised his sister that he was fine.

After Michael dropped Josslyn off, he returned to the diner, looking for his phone. He was relieved when the waitress fetched it from behind the counter and handed it to him. Michael called his mother to let her know that Josslyn appeared to have her hopes up that Jax and Carly would rekindle things, especially with Jax back in town. Sonny entered the diner in time to overhear Michael on the phone. Michael quickly ended the call to deal with Sonny. Sonny was not pleased that Jax was in town and staying at Carly's.

At Carly's house, Jax confessed that he'd paid Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney. Carly was stunned and ordered Jax to explain. Jax revealed that he'd been aware of Frank's demands for money over the years, so he'd decided to use it to his advantage when Josslyn had fallen ill. Jax admitted that he'd been desperate to save their daughter and had offered Frank one million dollars to locate a kidney for Josslyn, but Jax had never imagined that Frank would use Nelle as a donor. Carly suddenly realized why Jax had tried to dissuade her from searching for Josslyn's donor.

Jax promised that he'd intended to tell Carly the truth when Nelle had shown up, but he'd changed his mind when he'd realized that Nelle hadn't known about his role in what Frank had done. Carly was furious, but Jax admitted that he would have sold his own soul to save Josslyn. Jax regretted what he'd done and apologized for hurting Carly. He wondered if she could ever forgive him, but Carly didn't know how she felt. She knew that Jax had done it for Josslyn, but he'd left everyone wide open for a world of damage. Carly admitted that she had a lot to think about. Jax offered to give her some space, and he left.

A short time later, Carly entered the living room. She was relieved when she saw Josslyn, but she scolded her daughter for sneaking out and not responding to Carly's voicemail or text messages. Josslyn apologized, but she'd been reluctant to interrupt her parents because she'd sensed they'd been discussing something important. Carly admitted that they had been.

Meanwhile, Jax approached Nelle outside of Perks and thanked her for agreeing to see him. Jax revealed that he'd wanted to talk to Nelle because she'd been wrong about Carly.

Jax tells Nelle the truth about Frank Benson

Jax tells Nelle the truth about Frank Benson

Thursday, April 6, 2017

At Ava's apartment, Ava was pleasantly surprised when she saw Kiki on the doorstep. Kiki reminded her mother that they'd made plans to go to the nail salon. Ava sighed and admitted that she'd forgotten because she was still shaken up. Kiki frowned and asked what her mother was talking about. Ava quickly filled Kiki in about the robbery at the Floating Rib and added that her stolen possessions had been taken as evidence. Kiki assured her mother that everything would be returned, but Ava complained that the police had something she didn't want anyone else to have.

Kiki wondered what it was, but Ava covered the slip by claiming that she'd been referring to her bracelet with two heart charms inscribed with Kiki and Avery's names. Kiki promised that the police would take good care of Ava's things, but Ava feared that she would not be able to relax until she could collect her belongings. Ava had been told that someone would contact her in a day or two, so Kiki offered to stay with Ava to keep her mother's mind off of things and accompany Ava to the police station. Ava took a quick sip of her martini then thanked Kiki for staying, but she assured Kiki that it wasn't necessary to go to the police station because Ava was certain it would be quick and simple. Ava deftly changed the subject by asking about Kiki's big news.

Kiki smiled with pride as she announced that she'd signed up for a six-week training program to become a nurse's aide. Ava was delighted until Kiki mentioned working in the psychiatric ward. She was curious why Kiki wanted to work in the psychiatric ward, prompting Kiki to explain that it was important for her to understand what had happened to Morgan. Ava tensed as Kiki admitted that she'd discussed Morgan's situation with a doctor on staff who'd been concerned about how quickly Morgan had spiraled. Ava thought it was morbid to pursue a career in psychology because of Morgan, but Kiki would not be dissuaded. Resigned, Ava smiled and assured Kiki that she was happy Kiki was with Dillon and moving forward.

Kiki promised that she was in a good place, but she still needed to know why Morgan's medications had suddenly -- and completely -- stopped working. Frustrated, Ava warned Kiki that Kiki would never find the answer, but Kiki wondered why it bothered her mother. Ava insisted that she wanted the best for her daughter. Kiki smiled and assured her mother that working on the psychiatric ward was fulfilling. Ava became distracted when her phone chimed. It was a text message from the police station, requesting her to identify her personal items. Kiki offered to go with Ava, but Ava promised that it wasn't necessary then apologized for snapping at Kiki earlier.

At Kelly's, Sonny was not pleased that Jax was back in town. He thought it was typical of Jax to swoop in whenever there was an opening, but Michael explained that Jax had returned to Port Charles to break the news to Josslyn that Lady Jane had died. Sonny was immediately contrite because he'd thought highly of Lady Jane. Sonny wondered if he should call Josslyn, but Michael's expression raised alarms. Michael confirmed that Josslyn knew about Sonny's one-night stand with Nelle. Sonny was disappointed, but Sonny wanted to reach out to Josslyn to offer his condolences.

Michael warned his father that it wouldn't be a good idea because Josslyn wanted Carly to divorce Sonny. Sonny tried to cover his hurt by telling Michael about Jason and Sam's request for Sonny and Carly to be Scout's godparents. Sonny explained that he and Carly had agreed because it was about Scout, not their troubles. Michael was curious where his parents stood with each other, so Sonny told him about Carly's decision to end the marriage. Michael was disappointed, but he assured Sonny that he loved him and would support his father regardless. Sonny smiled and thanked his son.

At Carly's house, Bobbie arrived as Carly poured herself a glass of wine. Bobbie was curious what they were celebrating, but Carly explained that she'd received bad news and had a lot to think about. Bobbie asked if Carly wanted company, so Carly poured a second glass of wine then joined her mother on the sofa. Carly revealed that Josslyn was at a riding lesson because she'd missed it earlier. Bobbie offered to pick up her granddaughter, but Carly assured Bobbie that Josslyn could call Uber -- or get a ride from Jax.

Carly broke the news to Bobbie about Lady Jane's passing. Bobbie was saddened, but Carly added that she had more bad news because Jax had confessed to paying Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney. Shocked, Bobbie asked how Carly had taken the news. Carly admitted that she'd been disappointed in Jax, but she also felt like a hypocrite because she was grateful that he'd saved Josslyn's life. Bobbie thought it was terrible that Frank had lied to Nelle and stolen a piece of her. However, Bobbie made it clear that it hadn't given Nelle a free pass to do what she'd done.

Carly agreed with her mother. Carly insisted that Nelle's actions had hurt the entire family, including the children, which was why Carly could never forgive Nelle.

Shortly after Bobbie left, Michael arrived to check on his mother. Carly was delighted to see him and thanked him for spending time with Josslyn. Michael reminded his mother that she didn't have to thank him for loving his sister. The conversation drifted to Sonny when Michael admitted that he'd seen his father earlier. He asked if Carly intended to divorce Sonny, but she explained that she couldn't think about her marriage because Jax had made a shocking confession.

After Carly told Michael about Jax's role in Frank's decision to donate Nelle's kidney to Josslyn, Michael suggested that it had somewhat vindicated Nelle. Carly argued that Nelle had still been responsible for taking advantage of their grief to destroy Carly's life. Carly couldn't forgive Nelle for using Morgan's death to manipulate everyone.

Outside Perks, Jax thanked Nelle for agreeing to meet him because he'd wanted to clear things up. Jax told Nelle that she'd been wrong about Carly because he had contacted Nelle's father to ask for Frank's help. Jax admitted that he'd been desperate when Josslyn had fallen ill and had hoped that Frank could use his connections to find a donor. However, Jax assured Nelle that he'd never expected Frank to use his own daughter -- he'd foolishly thought that Frank would find someone willing to donate a kidney in exchange for a cut of the one million dollars Jax had offered.

Nelle didn't believe Jax, but he urged her to think back on when she'd first arrived in town. He reminded her that he'd tried to send her packing, while Carly had been welcoming. Nelle argued that he was trying to spin things to make Carly look innocent, but Jax assured her that she was wrong. He explained that he'd only relaxed when he'd realized that Nelle hadn't known about his role in what had happened to her. He apologized, but he promised that he'd had no idea that she was Frank's daughter.

Furious, Nelle ordered Jax to stop lying and covering for Carly. Jax assured her that it was the truth and that he could prove it. He showed her his phone with an image of the check he'd written to Frank, but she scoffed because the image could have easily been altered. She also doubted that Jax would have been foolish enough to write a check from his personal account. Jax agreed, but he revealed that Frank had insisted. Jax suspected that Frank had intended to blackmail him down the road. Nelle remained in denial until Jax showed her a second image of Frank's endorsement signature.

Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she stared at the familiar signature. Eventually, she returned the phone to Jax and opened up about how Frank had promised her that their lives would be easier and she would be able attend a "fancy prep school" after the operation. However, her father had vanished a few weeks later, which had happened periodically. She recalled that she'd still been weak as she'd begged Frank to stay. Frank had explained that he'd been given a great opportunity and had to take it. Nelle wiped tears away as she remembered her father returning home weeks later and telling her that Carly had cheated them out of all the money.

According to Nelle, Frank had accused Carly of being a heartless person because she'd known there was nothing they could do, since selling an organ was illegal. Nelle recalled going to her father's address book with the intention of contacting Carly, and that was when she'd seen it. Nelle stumbled backwards as a long-forgotten memory surfaced. She realized that everything suddenly made sense, but Jax was concerned and asked what she had remembered. Nelle told him that it was private, but she assured Jax that she believed him. Jax wanted to talk, but Nelle needed to be alone.

After Jax left, Nelle began to weep as she acknowledged that she'd done everything her father had asked -- she'd made Carly suffer and had forced Carly to hate her forever. Nelle was devastated that it had all been based on a lie. Moments later, Michael passed by, but he stopped when he saw Nelle crying and called out to her. Nelle looked up as tears streamed down her face.

Meanwhile, Jax returned to Carly's house and told her that he'd confessed the truth to Nelle. He admitted that Nelle had been crushed to realize that her father had lied to her all her life. Carly agreed that it was terrible, but it didn't change how she felt about Nelle. Worried, Jax asked if it had changed how Carly felt about him.

In Kelly's courtyard, Lulu was on the phone with a social worker. Lulu explained that she'd been about to fetch milkshakes for the visit with Charlotte, but her smile faltered when the woman told her something and quickly ended the call. Stunned, Lulu stared at the phone then yelled at it in frustration. Griffin rounded the corner and saw Lulu. He became concerned when he noticed that she was upset. Lulu revealed that Valentin had sabotaged her time with Charlotte because the social worker had called to let Lulu know that the visit with Charlotte had been postponed a day. Griffin was curious why, but Lulu had no idea because Ms. Watkins had abruptly ended the call.

Lulu was certain that Valentin was behind it. She explained that the visits had been court-mandated, which meant that Valentin couldn't stop them -- but he could throw up last-minute roadblocks to rattle her. Griffin conceded that Valentin loved to play games. Lulu appreciated Griffin's understanding and thanked him for giving a deposition during her custody battle. Griffin assured her that Charlotte belonged with Lulu because Valentin was too dangerous. Griffin added that he refused to believe that Claudette had committed suicide because it had been against her faith.

Lulu reminded Griffin that Valentin had also shot Nikolas point-blank. Lulu insisted that a man capable of cold-blooded murder should not be raising a child. Lulu started to storm off, but Griffin cautioned her not to do anything rash. Lulu explained that she intended to make certain that Valentin didn't get away with his latest stunt then continued on her way.

Griffin entered the diner and immediately spotted Sonny. The two men exchanged greetings, but Griffin noticed that Sonny looked like he needed someone to talk to. Sonny admitted that he'd told Carly about his indiscretion. Griffin offered to keep Sonny and Carly in his prayers, but Sonny warned Griffin that prayers might not work because Carly was stubborn. Griffin went to the counter to fetch his order. After he paid, he stopped by Sonny's table to remind him that he'd say a prayer and light a candle.

Moments later, Bobbie entered the diner. Sonny greeted Bobbie and assured her that he knew what she thought of him. Bobbie was surprised because she had no idea what she thought of him. Bobbie knew Sonny loved Carly and the children, but she pointed out that Carly ended up hurt every time Sonny and Carly tried to make a life together. Sonny promised that he'd never intended to hurt Carly, but he'd been grieving at the time. Bobbie knew that grief could overwhelm a person, but it hadn't excused the months of lies when Sonny had failed to warn Carly about Nelle.

Shortly after Bobbie left, Sonny received a text message. His expression clouded with concern as he rushed out the door.

In the squad room, Dante studied Morgan's prescription bottle in the evidence bag until a police officer notified him that the attorney representing the two armed robbers apprehended in the Floating Rib was on his way. Dante thanked the man and asked him to fetch the Gentry brothers because Dante intended to question them separately.

Later, Dante joined one of the Gentry brothers and his attorney in the interrogation room. The attorney was not pleased because he hadn't had an opportunity to talk to his client or review the case against him. Dante assured Sullivan that they had the Gentry brothers dead to rights because the police commissioner had caught them in the act of robbing the Floating Rib. However, Dante offered Sullivan's client a deal if Gentry cooperated. Both men were intrigued until Dante showed Gentry the prescription bottle and asked where he'd gotten it. Gentry denied that it was his, but Dante refused to back down and informed Gentry that the prescription bottle had belonged to Dante's brother, Morgan Corinthos.

Gentry recognized the name and knew about Morgan's death in October, but Gentry continued to remain tight-lipped about the bottle of pills. Frustrated, Dante warned Gentry that Gentry was facing a lengthy prison sentence, but Gentry insisted that he wasn't a "squealer." Dante was certain that Gentry knew something because he'd seen it on Gentry's face, but Sullivan asked if the district attorney had offered the deal. Dante promised to put in a good word for Gentry if Gentry worked with him, but Gentry refused. Dante marched into the squad room and instructed a police officer to take the prescription bottle to the lab for DNA and fingerprint testing.

Later, Sonny arrived. Dante told Sonny about the prescription bottle recovered from the Floating Rib. Sonny wanted to talk to Gentry, but Dante assured Sonny that it wouldn't be necessary because he'd sent the bottle for testing. Nearby, Ava overheard Dante and Sonny's conversation.

At Wyndemere, Anna's voice filled with emotion as she assured Valentin that their night together had meant something to her -- just as it had for him. Anna reached for his hand and held it as Valentin looked deep into her eyes. Anna realized what she'd done and let go of his hand then apologized because she knew she'd given him a lot to digest. Anna started to leave, but Valentin asked her to wait. He couldn't understand how she could admit what she had then walk away as if there were nothing left to say. Anna imagined that he was furious, but at least he knew she hadn't strung him along.

Valentin asked if Anna expected him to take her word for that, but she had no idea how to convince him. She asked what he wanted from her. "Anna, you just rocked my world," Valentin told her. He admitted that he had no idea what he wanted from her in light of her news because she'd turned his understanding of a very painful part of his life upside down. Anna hoped he'd give her another chance so they didn't have to be enemies moving forward. Valentin and Anna jumped when someone pounded on the door.

Valentin went to the door, but his mood soured when Lulu barged in and made her way to the living room, vowing that he would not get away with his games. Lulu saw Anna and asked if Anna was there to arrest Valentin, but Valentin argued that Lulu belonged in jail for trespassing. Lulu didn't care because she refused to let Valentin screw up her relationship with Charlotte. Lulu started to tell Anna about Valentin's attempt keep Lulu from Charlotte, but Anna decided to excuse herself and left. Surprised, Lulu asked Valentin about Anna's odd behavior, but he refused to discuss it.

Lulu started to berate Valentin for delaying her visit with Charlotte, but he had no idea what she was talking about. He checked his phone and saw a text message from Ms. Watkins informing him that Charlotte's visit with Lulu had been postponed a day because of a family emergency. Valentin was surprised that the social worker hadn't contacted Lulu, but Lulu explained that the woman had been short with her. Lulu suspected that Valentin had been behind the family emergency, but Valentin told Lulu that he didn't have to resort to tricks. Valentin added that Lulu would be her own downfall because she was self-centered and demanding and had a sense of entitlement that would alienate Charlotte without any help from him.

Lulu warned Valentin that she would eventually get custody of Charlotte because he wasn't fit to raise a child. Valentin was tired of the same argument and suggested that he and Lulu talk about Charlotte's new nanny. Valentin revealed that he was aware of Lulu's encounter with Nelle. Lulu didn't deny it, but she clarified that she'd merely run into Nelle at the diner. Valentin assured Lulu that he'd warned Nelle that Lulu only wanted to keep him from his daughter. Lulu was confident that the judge would eventually see Valentin for who he truly was, just as Anna had, but he informed Lulu that she would be surprised what Anna knew.

Valentin ushered Lulu into the hallway and ordered her to leave. After he slammed the living room doors shut, Lulu wondered if Nelle might actually be on her side.

In the living room, Valentin thought about Anna's confession when she'd told him that their night together had meant something to her.

In Kelly's courtyard, Anna bumped into Griffin. Anna told him that she'd intended to call him, but it had been an exhausting day. Griffin was curious if her trip had been successful. Anna admitted that it had been and added that everything Valentin had told her had been true. Griffin offered to talk, but Anna told him that it was a long story that she'd rather save for another day. After Griffin left, Anna entered Kelly's and sat down with a hot beverage. Her expression was troubled as she looked out the window.

Ava gets a lucky break

Ava gets a lucky break

Friday, April 7, 2017

In Franco's studio, Franco was hard at work on a self-portrait when someone knocked on the door. Annoyed, he covered the painting with a sheet then went to the door and threw it open. The harsh words he'd intended died on his lips when he saw Elizabeth on his doorstep. She immediately apologized for interrupting his work, but he quickly invited her inside. Elizabeth explained that she'd stopped by to tell him about Jake's first therapy session. She acknowledged that Jake had been reluctant in the beginning because he was a private child, but Jake and Andre had been friends by the end of the session.

Franco was pleased, but he warned Elizabeth not to rush Jake. Elizabeth was curious why he'd said that. "Never mind," Franco told her, but she questioned his odd behavior. Elizabeth wondered if Franco was hiding something from her, so he told her about Jake's phone call after the therapy session. Franco assured her that he'd respected her wishes and turned down Jake's request to finish the timeline, but it was clear that Franco had felt bad. Elizabeth thanked Franco for keeping his distance because it was important for Jake to open up to Andre, which Jake might not do if he had Franco to confide to.

Franco wondered what Elizabeth would do if Jake never opened up to Andre. She assured him that she would deal with it -- if it happened. Franco admitted that he wanted to be a part of her life as she raised her three sons. Elizabeth promised that it would happen, but Franco was skeptical because Jason refused to let Franco near Jake. Elizabeth was confident that Jason would relent because Jason ultimately wanted what was best for Jake. She told him about Andre's advice for Jason and Elizabeth to resolve their issues because Jake would never open up as long as he picked up on the tension between his parents.

Franco was disappointed that he had to maintain his distance, but Elizabeth promised that it was temporary. She smiled seductively as she snuggled up to Franco and assured him that she was completely in love with him. Elizabeth added that she had no intention of giving him up and kissed him passionately. Franco relaxed until Elizabeth asked to see what he'd been working on. Franco didn't want to show her, but she ripped the sheet off the canvas he'd been working on. She immediately praised his work as powerful, but she was curious about the start of a second image.

Franco revealed that it was Elizabeth and persuaded her to pose for him. He plucked a sheet with a monochromatic pattern from another canvas and handed it to her. Elizabeth smiled as she seductively unbuttoned her blouse. Franco watched her intently as she finished undressing and draped the sheet over her shoulders. Franco had her stand where the light was just right then returned to the canvas.

Later, Franco set the paint down to take a break. Elizabeth walked over to see what he'd painted and smiled when she saw the beautiful image that he'd created of her. She turned to him and deliberately allowed the sheet to slide off her shoulders and to the floor. Franco pulled her close and kissed her. After they made love, Elizabeth got dressed and announced that she had to get home to relieve the babysitter. Franco was disappointed, but she assured him that she would visit often and suggested they work on another painting together.

Shortly after Elizabeth left, Franco had another visitor. It was Jake.

In a Turkish monastery, Tracy looked at the Renaissance portrait of a woman with her likeness then read the passage from Edward's letter explaining that the "Portrait of an Unknown Lady" was Tracy's inheritance from him, which he hoped proved to his daughter how much he'd loved her and that he'd forgiven her. In the letter, Edward urged Tracy to forgive herself and added that he was confident she would know what to do with the painting.

In the hallway, Laura approached the bedroom doors but stopped when she heard a woman sobbing. Alarmed, Laura looked around and called out to the woman, but no one responded. Laura quickly entered the bedroom to tell Tracy about the eerie sound, but Tracy cut Laura off to inform Laura that Tracy intended to hang the portrait over the fireplace at home because she relished the idea of Monica having to look at it over breakfast every morning. Laura didn't care about the painting because she'd heard the unsettling cries of a woman again. Tracy dismissed the noise as nothing more than the wind howling through the monastery.

Moments later, the abbot appeared in the doorway and apologized to Laura. He told her that the cries she'd heard had been from one of the younger students staying at the monastery. Satisfied, Tracy thanked the abbot for his hospitality and informed him that she would be returning home with the painting as soon as she cleared things with the consulate. The abbot appealed to Tracy to reconsider and donate the painting to the monastery because he had a buyer lined up. The abbot promised that the money from the sale would go to humanitarian aid, but Tracy refused to part with the painting. She assured the abbot that she had great respect for the work the monks did and handed him a check.

The abbot glanced at it and thanked Tracy for her generosity. Laura tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind because Laura was certain that Edward would want the monks to keep the painting. Laura added that the letter was more important than the painting because it would always be a reminder of Edward's love for Tracy. Tracy explained that she wanted a tangible reminder of Edward's love, but Laura argued that the monks had given Edward a safe haven when Tracy's father had needed it. Tracy insisted that the painting was priceless to her, so the abbot agreed to respect Tracy's decision and offered to take her to the consulate.

Later, Tracy and Laura returned to the bedroom. Tracy was eager to be on her way, but she stopped short when she entered the bedroom and noticed that the painting had vanished. Tracy immediately suspected the monks of the deed and threatened to report the theft to the consulate. Seconds later, the abbot appeared in the doorway along with another monk. The abbot had the painting in his hands as he apologized to Tracy for the theft. The abbot was ashamed of the monk's actions, but the monk warned the abbot that there would be consequences.

The abbot quickly dismissed the monk, but Tracy was outraged because she realized that the monks had lied about not being able to speak English. Laura was more interested in the monk's dire warning, but the abbot ignored Laura's question to assure Tracy that the matter had been settled. The abbot returned the painting to Tracy and told her that it had been an honor to meet J.L. Holt's daughter. Later, Laura returned to the bedroom to announce that she'd called for a cab. Tracy was eager to get her painting on United States soil, but Laura remained troubled about the woman she'd heard weeping. Laura also had questions about the monk's warning and the way the abbot had quickly silenced the monk, but Tracy insisted that it didn't matter because they were headed home.

After Tracy and Laura left, a young Middle Eastern woman with striking blue eyes stepped out of the shadows.

On the promenade in front of Perks, Michael stopped to check on Nelle when he saw her crying. Nelle thought he'd be delighted to see her crying, but Michael told her that he didn't like to see anyone in pain. Nelle wiped away her tears and admitted that everything she'd known to be true had been based on a lie. She started to tell him about Jax's confession, but Michael admitted that he already knew that Jax had paid Nelle's father for Nelle's kidney. Nelle acknowledged that her father hadn't been perfect, but she'd loved him and had felt a sense of pride when she'd been able to help her parents out of a financial crisis. Nelle told Michael that Jax had given Frank Benson more than enough money to settle their debts, but Frank had lied and told Nelle that Carly had cheated them out of the money.

Nelle revealed that she'd checked her father's address book to look up Carly's address, but she'd found something inside that had made her realize what had truly happened. Nelle pulled a poker chip out of her purse and showed it to Michael. She explained that it was from a casino in Florida that Frank would take her to when he had a little extra money and wanted to turn it into more. Nelle had found the chip in the address book and had known in an instant that Frank hadn't been satisfied with the money he'd received, so he'd decided to play the odds and had lost.

Nelle admitted that she'd pushed the truth to the back of her mind because she hadn't wanted to believe that her father could be that selfish and stupid. Nelle had kept the poker chip to remind herself of everything she'd sacrificed and what Carly had done to them, but she realized that it was all she had to show for giving up a part of her body. Disgusted, Nelle threw the poker chip into the water.

Nelle told Michael that Frank had made her believe that her father was the only one who'd truly cared about her. Frank had taught her to hurt others before they had a chance to hurt her, but Michael refused to accept that as an excuse because it didn't justify hurting innocent people. Nelle argued that Frank had convinced her that she needed to get revenge against Carly for cheating Nelle's family out of money that had rightfully belonged to them. Michael wasn't satisfied because he thought that Nelle should have realized the truth once she'd gotten to know Carly. Nelle admitted that she'd assumed Carly's kindness had stemmed from a guilty conscience because Frank had taught Nelle to see people the way he'd wanted her to see them.

Nelle explained that all she'd known was hatred, and she had no idea how to live without it. However, the only thing that felt real to her was how she felt about Michael. Michael was taken aback, but he quickly recovered and told her that it didn't matter because he couldn't go there with her after the way she'd hurt his family. Nelle tearfully assured him that she cared about him and that their night at the cabin had been special because he'd made her believe that a person could choose a new path -- no matter what terrible things they'd done in the past. It had given her hope for the first time in her life. Nelle realized that she might have had someone wonderful in her life like Michael if she'd gone down a different road, but he told her that she couldn't take back what she'd done.

Nelle disagreed and revealed that there might be a way for her to make things right. Nelle asked Michael to wait at Perks for her to return, but Michael appeared reluctant. She implored him to reconsider -- if any part of him had thought what they'd had together had been real.

At Carly's house, Jax admitted to Carly that he'd always thought of himself as the more rational of the two of them because she'd always been impulsive. He was anxious to know if he and Carly would recover from what had happened. Carly reminded Jax that they weren't a couple. He agreed, but he pointed out that they were raising a child together and wondered if Carly could forgive him. Carly argued that he'd put everything into motion, but he insisted that he'd been desperate to save Josslyn's life. Carly's anger evaporated as she confessed that she was grateful for what he'd done because he'd saved Josslyn's life.

Carly treasured all the special moments she was able to share with Josslyn, but Carly acknowledged that it had been at Nelle's expense. Jax knew he'd done a horrible thing, but he tearfully confessed that he couldn't lose Carly when he'd already lost so much. Jax quickly apologized because he knew it hadn't been fair to pressure Carly, but she empathized because she knew it had been a difficult time for Jax. Jax admitted that he was ashamed of what he'd done and feared Josslyn's reaction. Carly promised that she would wait until the time was right for her and Jax to tell Josslyn together about what had happened with Frank. Jax felt undeserving of Carly's compassion, especially since he was the reason his mother had died.

Jax explained that he'd confessed everything to his mother and that Lady Jane had been deeply disappointed. According to Jax, Lady Jane had taken a turn for the worse right after his confession, but Carly assured Jax that he was not to blame for his mother's illness or for her dying. Jax disagreed because Lady Jane had taken comfort in the knowledge that Jax hadn't followed his brother's wicked path. Jax had ripped that away from Lady Jane when he'd confessed to his transgressions, but Carly was confident that his mother had understood that he'd been in an impossible situation. Carly pointed out that Lady Jane had loved Josslyn and assured him that his mother could never hate him. Carly admitted that she couldn't, either, and kissed him.

At the police station, Ava lurked in the hallway as she eavesdropped on Dante and Sonny's conversation. Dante assured Sonny that they would soon have answers because Dante had sent Morgan's prescription bottle to the lab for DNA and fingerprint testing. Dante expected to hear from the lab soon. Moments later, Valerie walked up to hand Dante the results. Dante thanked Valerie then led Sonny to the interrogation room to review the test results. Ava panicked and started to leave, but she bumped into Valerie. Valerie was pleased that Ava had made it to the police station to identify her property, but Ava explained that she couldn't stay.

Ava claimed that she was late for an important appointment that had completely slipped her mind, but Valerie assured Ava that it wouldn't take long to identify the property. Ava noticed the evidence bags in Valerie's hands, including one with a familiar charm bracelet. Ava identified her charm bracelet, so Valerie offered to fetch a form for Ava to fill out because the bracelet could not be returned until after it was no longer needed as evidence.

In the interrogation room, Sonny waited anxiously as Dante reviewed the test results. Dante sighed and revealed that the lab hadn't been able to collect any DNA or clear fingerprints because too many people had handled the prescription bottle. Sonny was disappointed and asked about the Gentry brothers. Dante doubted the gunmen who'd held up the Floating Rib would cooperate because they didn't appear to appreciate the gift of a plea bargain, and their attorney was in over his head. Sonny asked if he could have the prescription bottle because it might help give Carly a sense of closure. Dante explained that it was evidence until after the trial, but he assured his father that Sonny would get the bottle of pills once the Gentry brothers were convicted.

After Sonny left, Dante entered the squad room and saw Ava. Dante decided to question Ava about the prescription bottle and led her to the interrogation room. Ava quickly realized that Dante had no idea that she'd handled the bottle of pills, and she denied knowing anything about the prescription bottle. Dante didn't believe her. Ava suggested that perhaps Morgan had dropped the pills in the Floating Rib the night he'd died, and she advised Dante to talk to Mac and Felicia.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny recalled Carly's concerns about Morgan's prescriptions. He remembered her flipping through Morgan's journal and noticing that Morgan had kept a meticulous record of when he'd taken his medications. Carly had pointed out that Morgan had grown increasingly upset that the pills had stopped working despite him taking the medication exactly as prescribed. Sonny glanced at his phone as he debated calling Carly, but the house phone rang. It was Max informing Sonny that Sonny had a visitor. Sonny ended the call and walked to the door when he heard a knock.

It was Nelle. Sonny invited Nelle inside because he wanted to remind her that he didn't want her anywhere near his family. Nelle revealed that she had something important to tell him that it would change everything. Nelle confessed that there was a reason that he couldn't remember sleeping with her.

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