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Alexis and Julian enjoyed a short reunion until he was arrested. Jax was deported. Tracy met a woman she suspected might be her half-sister. Hayden refused to make any promises to Finn.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 17, 2017 on GH
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Tracy tries to upstage Olivia Tracy tries to upstage Olivia

Monday, April 17, 2017

At the park, Alexis studied the photo of Julian in the trees that Dillon had captured. She was rattled. Sam joined her after sending her children home, and eventually Jason returned too. He had searched for Julian in the park without success, but he vowed to find him. Alexis was happy to know that she hadn't really been losing her mind but wasn't sure how she felt about learning that Julian was alive. Alexis turned down her daughter's invitation to stay with her and refused any guards. She was certain she'd be safe, as Julian had had plenty of chances to harm her. Sam made it clear that she didn't want Alexis and Julian back together. Jason had an idea.

As Dillon and Kiki walked downstairs after making love in Dillon's bedroom, Laura and Tracy admired the portrait they'd rescued from Turkey. Laura felt that it was the wrong night for Tracy to reveal the painting to the family because they were all there to celebrate Ned and Olivia's engagement. When Monica arrived and complained about the presence of the covered painting, Laura distracted her with questions about the hospital. Ned and Olivia arrived with a plate of bruschetta that caused looks of dismay between Dillon and Ned. Dillon snapped photos of the newly engaged couple. Larry showed up and demanded either a share of the painting or a finder's fee. Tracy argued that her father had left her the painting. As far as a finder's fee, she told Larry, "You're drinking it," as he sipped on his filled glass.

The Quartermaines gathered, and the usual family bickering continued. Olivia announced that she'd made her great bruschetta, and Tracy was the one to explain that the cook would be angry. Larry volunteered to be the one to deliver it to the cook. Tracy announced that she had something to share. Olivia excitedly thought that meant an engagement gift, though Ned was sure it meant trouble. Just then, the smoke alarm went off, and the family split up to search for the cause of it.

Jason and Sam arrived as the alarm stopped. They hadn't been invited to the party, Jason explained. He was there to show something to Dillon and asked if they might be able to see all of the pictures on Dillon's camera. Dillon and Kiki looked at the photo of Julian on Jason's phone, and Dillon retrieved his laptop with the rest of his photos. They spotted a photo of Julian talking to a man, and it appeared that they were having a payment exchange. Sam recognized the tattoo on the man's arm and declared that he rented boats at the dock, usually for illegal reasons. She and Jason departed.

Dillon printed out copies of the photos in question, and everyone returned to the sitting room. Larry stated that he had been outside, taking a walk, and claimed that the cook had asked for Olivia's recipe. Monica welcomed Olivia to the family and noted that Olivia would make the house into a real home again. Larry enjoyed the subsequent and usual family bickering once again. Everyone pointed out that the only time Tracy had been happy had been when she'd been married to Luke. Laura took no offense. Tracy finally admitted that she was thrilled about Ned's engagement because her son was happy. She thanked Olivia, who was honored to join the family.

Tracy announced that she and Laura had found a treasure. It was a letter from her father. In it, he had professed his love for Tracy, and he had also left Tracy a painting. It was a portrait, and it resembled Tracy immensely. Tracy finally unveiled the painting, but everyone began to laugh. It was a portrait of a clown.

At Carly's house, Jax was telling Carly that she should fight for what she wanted. Just then, Sonny arrived, and he began to yell that everything had been Jax's fault. Carly tried to get Sonny to leave, but Sonny wanted to get his thoughts out. Carly threatened to call the cops on Sonny, but he pointed out that what Jax had done had been illegal.

Sonny blamed Jax for leaving the family to be Nelle's targets. Jax could have told everyone what he'd done. Carly blamed Sonny for knowing that Nelle was crazy and not sharing. Carly admitted that Jax had been wrong to buy a kidney from Frank Benson, but "the rest is on you," she snapped at Sonny. Dante arrived looking for Sonny, and Carly thought it wise that Sonny leave with his son.

Dante revealed that he'd heard that Sonny had been angry at Jax, and he was there to monitor the situation. Jax admitted paying for the kidney, though he hadn't known that the kidney would be taken from Frank's own daughter. He still would have done it, anyway, in order to save his own daughter. Sonny whipped a recorder out of his pocket and handed it to Dante. "Time to pay up, Jax," Sonny stated. Carly was furious, but Dante was unable to ignore it. Sonny left.

Dante placed Jax under arrest just as Josslyn returned home. She couldn't believe her eyes. "What are you doing to my father?" she shouted. Carly tried to reassure Josslyn, and Dante left the room so that the parents could explain to their daughter. Jax admitted that he had been the one to obtain the kidney for Josslyn, and he should have told them. Josslyn reminded Jax that she was alive because of him. As Jax and Josslyn both cried, Jax apologized and left with Dante. Carly was grateful and promised Josslyn that she would think of something.

Carly explained that Jax would be booked, fingerprinted, and placed in a cell. Their lawyer would take care of everything. Josslyn wondered why Dante had been there, and Carly acknowledged that Michael had called him because he had wanted Dante to talk Sonny down. Sonny had started it, Carly added. She apologized to Josslyn, but the teen realized that it hadn't been her mother's fault. She only hoped that Carly would never go back to Sonny because he was an awful man.

Julian stood at the dock and looked at the photo he'd lifted of himself with Alexis. He had a flashback to their wedding. A man arrived and cemented arrangements with Julian. They walked off, and Alexis arrived to contemplate the latest turn of events. She had a couple of flashbacks of her own, both of her wedding day and of the day that Julian had attempted to kill her. Suddenly, Julian was there, looking at her. Shortly after, Sam and Jason appeared, but they were unable to find any sign of Julian. All at once, Sam spotted her mother's scarf lying on the ground.

Sonny arrived home and found Michael still sitting on the sofa. He wondered if Michael had sent Dante after him. Michael asked Sonny what he'd done, and Sonny explained that he'd confronted Jax. Sonny admitted that he would have done the same for his child, but Jax had left them to deal with Nelle. He would have told everyone, unlike Jax, but he'd recorded Jax's confession. Dante had arrested Jax afterwards. "Dad, are you out of your mind?" Michael shouted.

Michael was extremely angry at Sonny, who showed no remorse. He was positive that Jax would be able to cut some kind of deal. Michael suggested that Sonny could be wrong, and he might have sent Josslyn's father to jail for saving her life. Michael felt that Sonny should have covered for Jax, much like all the times that Carly had covered for Sonny. Michael was angry at himself for calling Dante. He'd just thought that Dante would be there to calm Sonny down. Michael yelled that Sonny had chosen the wrong way to get back at Carly, and if it wasn't fixed, no one would ever forgive Sonny.

At the police station, both Jax and Dante were sorry for what had transpired, but they both understood each other. Jax wondered if his actions had prevented another child from having a kidney.

Julian and Alexis have a passionate encounter

Julian and Alexis have a passionate encounter

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

At the hospital, Jake approached Franco to ask if Franco had been reinstated. "Not yet," Franco answered then asked if Jake had an appointment with Dr. Maddox. Jake confirmed that he did, so Franco decided to ask Jake about the timeline Jake had left in the studio. Jake's eyes rounded as he looked at the photo of the timeline on Franco's phone, while Franco asked about the image of the young boy hiding behind a tree next to the scarecrow. Jake denied drawing it and suggested that perhaps one his brothers had been responsible for the image. Franco switched tactics and admitted that he often found comfort in art when something troubled him, but Jake begged Franco not to say anything about the drawing -- especially to Jake's parents.

Seconds later, Elizabeth walked up and scolded Jake for charging off. She reminded her son that she'd told him several times not to run too fast because she couldn't keep up. Jake apologized and asked if he was in trouble. Elizabeth quickly assured her son that she wasn't mad then sent him to join Andre, who'd been waiting nearby. Elizabeth admitted that she felt useless as a mother because Jake always shut down when she tried to talk to him about Cassadine Island. Franco decided to show her the photo of the timeline Jake had left at the studio and filled her in about Jake's reaction when he'd tried to talk to him about it.

"Oh, my God," Elizabeth said as she looked at the drawing. She hoped Jake opened up to Andre because she was certain something had happened to her son on the island. Elizabeth thanked Franco for telling her just as Jake returned. Jake became upset when he realized that Franco had shown Elizabeth the drawing. Hurt, Jake ran off.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to let Franco know that she hadn't found Jake. Franco assured her that the hospital was swarming with security and suggested she check in with Andre. After Elizabeth left, Franco glanced at a set of sneakers peeking from behind a metal bookrack filled with binders. Franco approached Jake and knelt down to talk to him, but Jake told Franco to go away. Franco apologized, but he explained that it had been necessary to tell Elizabeth because she'd been worried. Jake insisted that his parents couldn't know anything about the scarecrow.

On the waterfront, Sam spotted her mother's scarf on the pier and picked it up. Jason wondered how it had ended up there. Sam suspected Alexis had had Julian on her mind and had gone to the docks to think. However, Sam was certain that her mother had run into Julian. Sam called her mother while Jason stepped away. Sam's anxiety mounted when Alexis' voicemail picked up, so she left her mother a message asking Alexis to return her call.

After Sam ended the call, Jason returned with Hooper. Jason explained that he and Sam were good friends with Sonny then questioned him about Julian. Hooper readily cooperated because he didn't want any trouble with Sonny. Hooper denied knowing anything about Alexis, but he revealed that Julian had reached out to him for help to flee the country. However, Julian had missed the rendezvous. Jason instructed Hooper to contact him if Julian called -- or Sonny would be notified. Hooper agreed then left.

Sam remained uneasy because she feared that her mother had gone with Julian willingly because she saw him as a victim. Jason reminded Sam that they couldn't be certain, but Sam insisted that it was imperative to find her father because the only way to safeguard Alexis was to send Julian to jail. Jason pointed out that Julian didn't have money or friends to help him. Sam suddenly smiled because she recalled that she, her sisters, and their mother had downloaded an app on their phones that allowed them to track each other's movements. Jason found the idea unsettling, but Sam opened the app on her phone. Moments later, she told Jason to call the police because she'd found her mother.

Meanwhile, Julian and Alexis were locked in a passionate kiss as they stumbled into Julian's hotel room. After Julian slammed the door closed, he and Alexis tore each other's clothes off then fell on the bed and made love. Afterwards, Julian and Alexis sat in bed and talked. Alexis admitted that she'd always sensed he was alive. Julian apologized for scaring her, but Alexis moved on because she wanted to discuss the letter. Julian regretted not confiding to her about everything sooner.

Alexis' eyes filled with tears as she told him how difficult it had been to read the letter after being told that he'd died. Julian reminded her that he was alive and promised to never leave her again. Alexis slid out of bed, taking the blanket with her, as she asked him about his meeting with Hooper. Julian acknowledged that he needed to leave the country because he faced a slew of charges if the police discovered he was alive, but he'd missed his rendezvous with Hooper because Julian didn't want to leave without her. Alexis realized that Julian hadn't seen their night together for what it had been. "This is not a fresh start -- it's goodbye," Alexis quietly explained.

Alexis reminded Julian that he'd held a knife to her throat, and she could never forget how it had felt thinking that she would die the same way her mother had. Julian promised that he'd never meant to hurt her, but Alexis insisted there were two sides to him -- one side loved her and would do anything for her while the other side would do whatever was necessary to protect himself. Julian assured her that both men would stand by her side, but she argued that the price was too steep because she would have to accept his violent lifestyle. Alexis refused to put her family and herself in danger again. Stunned, Julian argued that it hadn't all been bad.

Alexis conceded that falling in love and marrying Julian had been the happiest she'd ever been, but it had been built on the hope that he would change. "And what about tonight?" Julian wondered. Alexis' voice quivered with emotion as she confessed that she had wanted to remember. Julian assured her that it could last forever, but she didn't believe him and begged him to give her closure. Julian admitted that the only life worth living was one with Alexis in it, but she couldn't say the same about him because her feelings for him were too powerful and had caused her nothing but heartache.

Alexis reminded Julian that she'd been left so profoundly unhappy that she'd ended up drinking -- "and drinking." Resigned, Julian promised that he loved her and had never wanted that for her, but he agreed to leave town and never see her again. Alexis thanked him, but he reminded her that they still had the rest of the night. Alexis didn't hesitate to fling herself into his arms and kiss him.

After Alexis and Julian made love and got dressed, Alexis told him that she had to leave because Sam had called. Julian asked Alexis to take care of Sam and Lucas, and to make certain that Ned did right by both Olivia and Leo. Alexis promised that she would. Satisfied, Julian reminded Alexis to also take care of herself, and he urged her to reach out for help if she ever felt the urge to drink. Alexis agreed and told him to take care of himself too. They shared a passionate kiss goodbye until the police pounded on the door then kicked it in. Julian was disappointed when he saw Sam and Jason standing in the hallway.

Sam rushed to her mother's side as Julian informed the police officers that Alexis had been a hostage, not an accomplice. Alexis and Sam watched as Julian was handcuffed and placed under arrest.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon, Kiki, Ned, Olivia, Laura, and Monica were gathered in the living room as Tracy warned everyone that the painting's subject bore a striking resemblance to her. Tracy unveiled the painting and watched everyone's reaction. She frowned when they began to laugh. Confused, she looked at the painting and saw that it had been switched out for a portrait of a clown. Furious, Tracy immediately concluded that Larry Ashton had been behind the theft.

Laura agreed with Tracy and informed Ned that the painting was worth millions. Ned immediately instructed everyone to split up and look for Larry because he doubted his father had gotten far.

Meanwhile, Larry opened a closet in the foyer where he'd hidden Tracy's painting. Larry kissed the portrait and spoke to it as if it was Tracy. He explained that by trying to screw him over, Tracy had screwed herself over. Larry covered the portrait then silently slipped out of the house. Once the coast was clear, he called someone to meet him at the gate. However, Larry's escape was thwarted when a mystery woman suddenly appeared and bumped into him, knocking the portrait out of his hand.

Furious, Larry blasted the dark-haired woman with startling light-blue eyes. The young woman spoke with a heavy accent as she apologized, but Ned, Dillon, and Laura entered the small clearing and took over. Larry tried to accuse the young woman of absconding with the painting, but no one believed him. Ned picked up the painting as Dillon led Larry back to the mansion to talk to Tracy.

Laura lingered behind to talk to the young woman, who introduced herself as Samira Adin. Laura was curious why Samira had been on the property, prompting Samira to recall watching Tracy leave the Turkish monastery with the painting. Samira pushed the memory away and explained that she was there to talk to Tracy.

In the living room, Dillon made Larry face Tracy. Tracy was disgusted that Larry had tried to steal from her again, but Larry was unrepentant as he insisted that he'd been entitled to a finder's fee. Tracy told Larry that he was lucky that she hadn't called the police. After Ned set the painting on the easel, Tracy officially unveiled it. Ned, Olivia, Dillon, Kiki, and Monica were stunned. Olivia admitted that the portrait was gorgeous.

Tracy beamed with pride as she told everyone that the portrait had been painted by a Renaissance artist named Jacopo di Cosimo. Monica apologized to Tracy and conceded that the painting was beautiful. Ned added that the resemblance to his mother was quite striking. Tracy smiled because she instinctively knew that her father had purchased the painting for that very reason. Ned agreed that the painting was proof of Edward's love and applauded his grandfather for the gesture. Larry decided to ask about his finder's fee again, but Tracy scoffed and asked Ned to remove his father.

Ned didn't hesitate to escort his father out. Olivia followed the two men as Tracy turned to Monica to discuss hanging the painting in the den. Monica thought Tracy should hang it in the foyer, where everyone could enjoy it. Moments later, Laura and Samira appeared in the doorway. Laura quickly introduced the young Turkish woman to Tracy. Dillon added that Samira had caught Larry as he'd tried to flee with the painting. Tracy was grateful for Samira's timely intervention, but she explained that she'd been in the middle of a family celebration.

Samira explained that she'd traveled quite a distance to talk to Tracy. Intrigued, Laura asked where Samira was from. "Turkey," Samira answered. Samira revealed that the monks had given her Tracy's address because the painting needed to be returned to the monastery. Tracy refused to part with the painting, but Samira insisted it was necessary because her daughter's life depended on it.

Outside, Larry jerked his arm out of Ned's grip and reminded his son that all was right with the world because the painting was with Tracy. Ned wasn't satisfied and accused his father of going too far. He reminded Larry that the painting had been a final gift from Edward to Tracy, which Larry had tried to swipe like a piece of jewelry to pawn. Larry agreed that his son had a right to be upset, but he didn't want to have the conversation in "mixed company." Larry pointedly looked at Olivia as she hovered nearby, but Ned made it clear that Olivia was family -- not Larry. Olivia warned Ned to be careful not to say anything he might regret, but Ned informed Larry that he was no longer welcome at the engagement party -- or the wedding.

Larry appealed to Olivia for help, but she sided with Ned. Larry was confident that Ned would have a change of heart, but Ned warned his father not to count on it and ordered Larry to leave. After Larry left, Ned admitted that he was ashamed of his father. Olivia assured Ned that he was nothing like his father, so he seized the opportunity to talk to her about Leo. Olivia's eyes filled with tears of joy when he told her that he'd be honored to adopt Leo. Olivia threw her arms around Ned and kissed him.

In the living room, Tracy asked Samira for proof that she was who she claimed to be. Samira handed Tracy a document, which Tracy acknowledged looked legitimate. However, Tracy also knew that good forgeries could look authentic. Samira gave the document to Laura as she implored Laura to help. Laura looked over the 72-hour emergency visa and noticed that the destination had been Virginia. Samira explained that a charity in Virginia that helped refugees had assisted her in getting the visa.

Samira revealed that her husband had died, leaving her to raise their daughter. According to Samira, her daughter had vanished one day because two men had snatched her off the street. Dillon realized that the Samira's daughter had been caught up in human trafficking because he had a friend who'd done a documentary about it and the powerful men who could buy anything on the dark web. Laura suddenly realized that Samira had been the woman she'd heard weeping in the monastery. Samira admitted she'd been distraught because her daughter had been missing for weeks.

Samira revealed that the monks had taken her in and had promised to rescue her daughter, but Tracy was curious why she hadn't gone to the police. Samira explained that the police were limited in what they could do, and the monks had offered to make an online bid. Dillon was curious how the monks could afford it, but Laura already knew -- the sale of the painting. Dillon urged his mother to give the painting to Samira, but Tracy wanted time to think about it. Samira insisted that time was of the essence, but Tracy refused to change her mind. Dillon doubted that someone would make up a story like Samira's, but Tracy reminded him that 20 million dollars was a lot of money.

Monica suggested they give the monks the money needed to make the online bid, but Tracy rejected the idea because they could end up in jail. Samira reminded Tracy that no one would know if Tracy gave her the painting, but Tracy disagreed because the painting had been cleared through customs, and the authorities would ask questions if it suddenly popped up on the black market for sale. Tracy asked Laura if Robert was still based outside of Turkey because she wondered if he could look into Samira's situation and find out what had happened to Samira's daughter. Laura agreed to call Robert, so Monica offered to have their cook whip up something for Samira to eat and settle her in one of the guest rooms for the night.

After Laura left to call Robert, and Monica went to the kitchen, Samira tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind, but Tracy stood firm because the painting was special to her. Samira revealed that she had two things that might change Tracy's mind. Samira took off a necklace with a signet ring dangling from it then pulled out a leather journal from her bag. She handed both items to Tracy, who recognized the signet ring because her father had had one like it. Tracy opened the journal and gasped when she saw Edward's handwriting. Tracy flipped to the next page and saw a picture of her mother, Lila. Samira explained that Edward had given the items to Samira's mother because they'd been good friends.

Monica returned to fetch Samira because dinner was ready. After Monica and Samira left, Tracy glanced at a picture of her parents. Her eyes filled with tears because she'd noticed Samira's blue eyes. "Don't you do this to me!" Tracy cried to her father in a voice filled with emotion.

Jax gets some unexpected help from Nelle

Jax gets some unexpected help from Nelle

> Jax gets some unexpected help from Nelle

Jax gets some unexpected help from Nelle

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Curtis stopped by Jordan's apartment to ask if she would be free that evening. She was surprised when he held up a bowling ball bag and announced that he had something "amazing" in mind for them to do. Jordan chuckled because she hadn't realized that Curtis enjoyed bowling. Curtis grinned and offered to give her a quick lesson. Jordan took him up on the offer, since she hadn't gone bowling in ages.

Minutes later, Curtis guided Jordan through a proper swing, but she jumped when she accidentally released the bowling ball. Jordan bit back laughter as she yelled an apology through the floorboards to her downstairs neighbor. Curtis chuckled and warned her that her neighbors would have to get used to loud noises from her apartment. Curtis kissed her, but they pulled apart when T.J. knocked on the door. T.J. was surprised when he saw Curtis in Jordan's apartment, but they exchanged warm greetings before T.J. returned the laptop he'd borrowed from Jordan. T.J.'s eyes narrowed as he asked if Jordan and "Uncle Curtis" were a couple.

Jordan and Curtis exchanged nervous glances, but T.J. smiled and assured them that he'd been there. T.J. started to leave, but Jordan asked her son to wait. Jordan revealed that she and Curtis had been planning their first date, so they weren't certain if things would get serious or not. However, Jordan was curious how T.J. would feel if she and Curtis were to date. T.J. admitted that it would be a bit strange to think of his mother dating his uncle, but he loved Jordan and Curtis and wanted them both to be happy. Jordan was relieved.

T.J. wished Jordan and Curtis luck because he worried that things might become awkward if it didn't work out. After T.J. left, Curtis and Jordan agreed that the conversation with T.J. had been uncomfortable but necessary. Curtis suspected that T.J. hadn't been the only one concerned about what might happen if their romance hit the rocks. Jordan confessed that she worried about their friendship if dating blew up in their faces. Curtis assured her that he also had concerns, but there was a way to find out if what they had was real or a mistake. "Bowling," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy sat in the living room as she recalled Samira revealing that Edward and Samira's mother had been good friends. Tracy glanced at the photograph of Edward and Lila as she decided that it would have to be up to her to find the answers she needed because her father's journal hadn't yielded any useful information or an explanation about why he'd left his journal and ring with Samira's mother. She opened a cardboard box she'd set on the table. It was filled with Edward's personal possessions, including a small leather case bearing his initials. Tracy started to unzip the case, but Monica appeared in the doorway and called out Tracy's name.

Startled, Tracy chastised Monica for nearly giving her a heart attack, but Monica ignored the remark because she knew what Tracy was up to and urged her sister-in-law to be honest about it for everyone's sake. Tracy tensed, but Monica was certain that Tracy had been thinking about Edward because she'd caught Tracy going through Edward's things. Tracy appreciated Monica's concern, but Tracy insisted that she needed to process recent events her own way. Monica started to speak, but Samira entered the living room and thanked Monica for her hospitality. Monica assured Samira that Samira was welcome to stay as long as she liked, prompting Tracy to add that she wanted to help in any way possible.

Samira hoped Tracy would give her the Portrait of an Unknown Lady, but Tracy reminded Samira that the authorities knew Tracy had the painting, so it couldn't be used to fund illegal activity. Samira tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind, but Tracy refused to part with her father's legacy. "Not even for you," Tracy told Samira. Monica asked Samira to give her a moment alone with Tracy. After Samira left, Monica suggested they give Dillon's plan a try and report the painting as stolen, but Tracy pointed out that Samira might end up in jail. Monica conceded Tracy was right, but she doubted that Tracy was concerned about Samira's safety.

Tracy admitted that the whole situation troubled her because Samira had shown up on their doorstep out of the blue -- with Larry. Tracy wondered if Samira and Larry were in cahoots, but Monica scoffed at the suggestion. Tracy agreed that it was unlikely because Larry was too selfish to have a partner. Monica decided that she and Tracy should ask Samira a few more questions before they made a decision. Tracy agreed and called out to Samira.

Moments later, Samira returned to the living room and joined Monica on the sofa as Monica asked about Samira's family. Tracy admitted that she wasn't interested in Samira's family, so Samira expressed an interest in Edward because she thought he'd had kind eyes. Tracy made it clear the subject of her father was off-limits, but her tone softened as she promised to keep working on finding a way to help Samira. Tracy shifted gears and invited Samira to join her for breakfast, but Samira declined because she was too worried about her daughter to eat. However, she asked for a glass of water.

Tracy poured a glass of water then handed it to Samira. After Samira emptied the glass, Tracy announced that she'd sent the housekeeper out to buy clothes for Samira, since Samira had arrived with just the clothes on her back. Monica decided to make some calls and excused herself. Samira admitted that she was disappointed that the items she'd given Tracy the previous evening hadn't convinced Tracy of Samira's sincerity. Tracy offered to compensate Samira for the journal and ring, but Samira declined because she was certain Edward would want Tracy to have the journal and ring.

Tracy reminded Samira that Edward had also wanted Tracy to have the painting. Samira was certain there had to be a solution. "Perhaps," Tracy cryptically replied. After Samira went to change clothes, Tracy stuffed her father's leather case into a bag, carefully collected Samira's glass with a plastic baggie, then left.

At the hospital, Brad saw Finn checking a patient file and questioned why Finn was working. Finn claimed that he'd been researching the effect that distance had on a human's voice and asked Brad to help by staying where he was while Finn walked away. Brad was not amused and followed Finn to let Finn know that Brad believed Finn should have been fired. Finn suggested that Brad take it up with Monica, but Brad claimed that Monica had kept Finn around because Finn had donated a lot of money to the hospital.

Brad resented not being paid for his contribution to the cure for Blackwood's syndrome because it had cost Brad a condominium. Disgusted, Finn walked away. Moments later, Finn saw Hayden exit the elevator, but she was focused on her phone as she walked to her office. Finn's mood didn't improve when Griffin walked up and announced that he was Finn's new supervisor until Finn completed the outpatient drug treatment program. Griffin explained that one of his responsibilities was to give Finn random drug tests. Finn resented Griffin giving him a specimen cup without respecting his privacy.

Griffin apologized, but he assured Finn that he was on Finn's side. Finn made it clear that he didn't need a priest to pour his heart out to and took the specimen cup. Nearby, Brad eavesdropped on the conversation.

A short time later, Finn returned to the nurses' station to give Griffin the specimen cup. After Finn left, Brad approached Griffin to talk to him about Finn. Griffin reminded Brad that hospital policy, standard medical ethics, and the Privacy Act of 1974 prohibited him from discussing Finn's case. Griffin added that it had been inappropriate for Brad to ask. Griffin excused himself to take the specimen cup to the lab, but Brad offered to take it because he was headed that way. Brad picked up the specimen cup then left before Griffin could stop him. Brad smiled with satisfaction as he rounded the corner.

In Hayden's office, Hayden stared at her phone at a picture of her and Finn. She put the phone down when someone knocked on the door. It was Finn. He explained that he wanted to talk about their last conversation, but she told him that she wanted to keep things strictly professional so he could focus on rehab and fighting his addiction. Finn closed the door as he muttered that getting off drugs would be easy compared to not talking to her. Finn revealed that he had wanted to know if she would give him a chance to make things right after he completed rehab.

Hayden reminded Finn that Passover had recently ended then revealed that her father had always insisted on making the end of Passover a huge celebration. According to Hayden, Raymond would host dinner parties and make longwinded speeches that always boiled down to two things: family love and unity, as well as hard work and how it paid off. "Top-flight values," Finn conceded. Hayden agreed, but she pointed out that Raymond Berlin had been ripping people off left and right, including family and friends. She explained that all the talk about what truly mattered had been nothing more than a big lie.

Hayden admitted that she'd ended up just like Raymond because she'd been a liar, a user, and only out for herself. However, things had changed when she'd met Finn because he'd drawn out the best in her. Hayden explained that was the reason she couldn't make promises that she wasn't certain she could keep. Finn felt like an idiot and assured her that he would let her get back to work. Hayden insisted that she simply wanted to be honest because they both knew that he would end up crossing boundaries and testing limits. Hayden reminded Finn that the only way for him to remain clean was to follow the rules, but he assured her that he knew that.

Hayden wasn't satisfied and asked if Finn could stick with the program -- with or without her. Finn promised that he would be fine. Shortly after Finn left, Griffin stopped by to talk to Hayden about a budget, but he immediately noticed that she was upset. Griffin suspected she was concerned about Finn and invited her to talk about it. "Not right now," Hayden told him. Griffin backed off, but he assured her that things could work out between her and Finn -- provided Finn remained on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile, Tracy ran into Finn as she entered the elevator. She admitted that she'd been looking for him because she desperately needed his help. Finn realized that she hadn't listened to his voicemail messages and carefully explained that he was in the middle of something. Tracy cut Finn off and told him that she wanted to hear about it, but first she needed him to run a DNA test.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny wrapped up a business call as Michael entered the living room. Michael wondered if Sonny intended to travel to South America to meet with Sonny's partners. Sonny was curious why Michael wanted to know, so Michael admitted that he thought Sonny should leave right away before the mess Sonny had created with Carly got any worse. Michael explained that Jax had spent the night in lockup, but Sonny wasn't surprised. Undeterred, Michael added that he'd found an excellent attorney in the city to represent Jax, since Diane hadn't been an option because she was on retainer to Sonny.

Sonny was curious why Michael was talking to him about Jax's legal troubles, so Michael reminded his father that Sonny had put "the whole thing" into motion. Sonny disagreed and blamed all his troubles on Jax sleeping with Carly and paying Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney. Michael reminded Sonny that Jax had been desperate to save Josslyn's life. "And he did, but now he's got to pay," Sonny shouted. Michael was certain Sonny would have done the same thing if he'd been in Jax's shoes. Sonny agreed, so Michael asked why Sonny had had Jax arrested.

Sonny explained that he'd merely intended to record Jax's confession and use it as leverage. Michael realized that Sonny had planned to force Jax to leave town. Sonny was unapologetic because Jax had made a bad situation worse between Sonny and Carly. "And she let him," Sonny angrily complained. Michael insisted that Jax hadn't been the reason for Sonny and Carly's split, but Sonny argued that the reason Carly had walked out on him no longer existed because he hadn't slept with Nelle.

"This is about Morgan," Michael told his father. Sonny resented Michael dragging Morgan into the discussion, but Michael insisted that grief was at the root of Sonny and Carly's troubles because his mother had forgiven Sonny for far worse than what had happened with Nelle. Michael suspected that his mother couldn't get past the lies because she mourned Morgan. Michael added that Sonny had been equally self-destructive, because when his ultimatum hadn't worked, he'd done something more unforgivable by having Jax arrested.

Michael explained that it seemed as if Sonny wanted Carly to be mad and push him away. However, Michael warned his father that it wouldn't lessen the pain of losing Morgan -- it only made things worse for everyone including Sonny and Carly. Michael admitted that Josslyn had been heartbroken, so he doubted Sonny wanted to compound her grief over losing Morgan by sending her father to prison. Michael urged his father to find another way to deal with his loss, but Sonny didn't know what Michael wanted from him. Michael decided to make a call because they needed to know what criminal charges Jax faced before they could help him.

At the police station, Jax and Carly stood in the interrogation room as Carly assured Jax that she'd contacted a lawyer. Seconds later, her phone chimed. She glanced at the text message and told Jax that his lawyer was running late. Carly decided to let Nathan know and entered the squad room just as Nelle arrived to give a victim impact statement. Nathan asked Nelle to wait while he had Jax transferred to lockup, but Nelle insisted on both Jax and Carly being present when she talked to Nathan. Nathan agreed and ushered Nelle and Carly into the interrogation room.

After everyone sat down, Nathan turned on a recorder. Jax and Carly were shocked when Nelle announced that she didn't intend to pursue legal action against Jax because she was happy that Josslyn was alive and well. Nathan asked if Nelle had made the decision of her own free will. After she confirmed that she had, Nathan turned off the recorder and let everyone know that he would pass the recording along to the district attorney. Carly wanted to know if Jax was free to leave. "Not yet," Nathan answered.

After Nathan left, Carly announced that she had to check on something. Jax waited until he and Nelle were alone to ask why she'd decided to not pursue legal action. Nelle admitted that she didn't want to hurt Josslyn more than she had. Jax reminded Nelle that he'd offered her father money, but Nelle didn't blame Jax because he'd been desperate to save his daughter. Nelle pointed out that her father had been different because he'd seen Nelle as a way to make money. Nelle couldn't punish Jax for loving his daughter the way she'd wished her own father had loved her. Jax regretted that Nelle had been hurt, but Nelle was grateful that her sacrifice had saved Josslyn.

Nelle asked Jax to make certain Josslyn knew that. Jax promised that he would. Nelle acknowledged that she had made mistakes by choosing to feed her anger rather than being honest from the start. She revealed that an "old friend" had once told her that a person could choose to carry around all the wrongs done to them or they could focus on the good and move on. Nelle admitted that she was trying to follow the sage advice.

Meanwhile, Carly wondered if Nelle's statement would be enough to set Jax free because Sonny had a recording of Jax's "alleged" confession. Nathan reminded Carly that he wasn't a lawyer, but he doubted the case would move forward without the victim's cooperation. Carly was relieved and ran into Jax's arms when he and Nelle emerged from the interrogation room. Carly assured Jax that everything would be fine. Moments later, Nathan informed Jax that Jax's attorney was with the district attorney and wanted to see Jax.

After Nathan and Jax left, Carly thanked Nelle because Carly was grateful that Jax would not be prosecuted. Nelle assured Carly that she just wanted everything to be over because there had been too much pain. Annoyed, Carly told Nelle that she couldn't stand the "Saint Nelle crap" because, regardless if it was real or not, it didn't change anything between them. Carly warned Nelle that she was onto Nelle because Nelle was exactly like Carly, which meant that Carly knew the real reason Nelle had decided not to testify against Jax. "You want to look good for Michael," Carly accused.

Carly knew that Nelle wanted Michael to think he'd gotten through to Nelle and that Nelle had changed. Carly acknowledged that Nelle might even want to believe it was possible and that she was good enough to be with Michael, but it was a lie because Michael would always be too good for someone like Nelle. Carly was certain that -- like Carly -- Nelle would trash what she loved most. Carly told Nelle not to even think about loving Michael because Carly would do everything possible to stop her.

Sonny takes steps to send Jax packing

Sonny takes steps to send Jax packing

Thursday, April 20, 2017

At the hospital, Jason and Elizabeth walked to the elevator as they talked about their follow-up appointment with Andre. They agreed that it had been a productive meeting and that Andre had a good handle on things. Elizabeth conceded that Andre had been right about the importance of her and Jason showing a united front to let their son know that they were on the same team and that he could count on both parents. Jason admitted that it had been nice taking Jake to school, and he expressed a desire to do it more often. Elizabeth told him that she would like that because it would help get rid of any lingering tension Jake might sense.

Jason was delighted that he and Elizabeth were on the same page about not letting anything -- or anyone -- get in the way of their son's progress. Elizabeth bit her tongue as the elevator doors closed.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Franco called out to Kiki to wait for him. Kiki immediately sensed Franco was troubled, but he assured her that he was fine. Franco revealed that he was concerned about Jake because Jake was in serious trouble. Franco wanted to respect Jason and Elizabeth's wishes by staying away from Jake, but Jake was terrified of Jason. Surprised, Kiki asked him to elaborate. Franco told her about Jake's drawing, his reaction when Franco had shown it to Elizabeth, and Jake's desperation for his parents not to know anything about the scarecrow.

Kiki was skeptical that Jake had been referring to Jason alone. "Who could be afraid of Elizabeth?" Franco asked. Kiki wondered if Franco was more interested in Jason being the bad guy or in helping Jake. Franco didn't hesitate to choose Jake. Satisfied, Kiki asked what Elizabeth had said about everything. He admitted that he hadn't told Elizabeth because he'd been reluctant to betray Jake's confidence again. Kiki urged Franco to keep Elizabeth in the loop.

Franco was startled when Elizabeth suddenly appeared behind him and asked what he and Kiki had been talking about. Kiki covered for Franco by claiming that he had volunteered to perform at the upcoming Nurses Ball. After Kiki left, Elizabeth cut to the chase and asked Franco to tell her the truth because she knew he and Kiki hadn't been talking about the Nurses Ball. Franco sighed then told her about his talk with Jake.

Franco was certain that Jake was afraid of Jason because Jake hadn't had the same reaction when Elizabeth had seen it. Elizabeth assured Franco that Jason was a good father who was kind, patient, and devoted. Franco warned her that whatever troubled Jake prevented her son from opening up about what had transpired on Cassadine Island.

In another area of the hospital, Tracy implored Finn to help her because she needed someone she could trust to run a DNA test. Finn wanted details, but Tracy insisted that it had to be a "no questions asked" favor. Finn explained that he'd been suspended, but Tracy pointed out that he clearly was back to work. Finn revealed that he could only work on research, not treat patients or order questionable DNA tests. Tracy was disappointed when Finn flatly refused to help.

Finn insisted that he needed to play by the rules to keep his job, so Tracy switched tactics and reminded him that he owed her. Finn was shocked, but Tracy pushed forward and reminded him that she'd smuggled "Zen-Zen" into the country for him, and she had harbored his ailing girlfriend. Finn pointed out that he had saved Tracy's life. Tracy realized that she had to be honest and explained that she needed the test because it had to do with her family.

Tracy opened up about the painting her father had bequeathed her and Samira's unexpected visit. She confided that she had a "hideous suspicion" that Samira was Edward's illegitimate daughter. Finn wondered if Samira agreed, but Tracy shook her head and told him that Samira knew nothing about it. She explained that Samira wanted the painting because her daughter had been caught up in a human-trafficking ring, but Tracy refused to part with it. Finn empathized, but he admitted that Tracy's was a "first-world problem," whereas Samira's daughter had been kidnapped for the purpose of selling her to other human beings.

Tracy acknowledged that Samira's situation was terrible, but it wasn't Tracy's problem to fix. Tracy revealed that she had questioned her father's love for her for many years because all he'd left her was a jar of relish when he'd passed away. Finn reminded Tracy that Samira might be her sister, prompting Tracy to seize the opportunity to reiterate that she needed Finn's help to find out if her suspicions about Samira were true. Finn was curious what Tracy wanted the results to be. She admitted that she didn't want Samira to be her sister because it would mean that Edward had been unfaithful to her mother and had fathered a child with a woman half his age while his loved ones had been grieving his loss in Port Charles.

Tracy added that she also didn't want to have to solve a human-trafficking problem in Turkey -- or give up her painting. Finn wondered what she did want, so she explained that she wished she could return to the moment she'd first read her father's letter because she'd felt a sense of peace that she'd never experienced before. Tracy assured Finn that she would not leave Samira empty-handed because she had every intention of giving Samira the money needed to rescue Samira's daughter. However, the painting meant everything to Tracy because it had changed her perspective on how she looked at her past, and the way she saw her future.

Tracy was relieved when Finn agreed to run the DNA test, but he warned her that he could lose his job -- and Hayden -- if he were caught. Tracy frowned and asked why he'd lose Hayden, but he didn't want to talk about it. Tracy respected his privacy, but she assured him that he would not get caught. Finn hoped not because he would be "very, very, very mad" at her for a "long, long, long time." Tracy smiled.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica opened the door and saw a stranger on her doorstep. The man explained that he was looking for Samira Adin, but Monica was curious who he was. The man flashed a badge as he introduced himself as Officer Torosyan from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He revealed that Ms. Adin's 72-hour visa had expired, and he had a report she was in the mansion. Monica assured the officer that she hadn't seen Ms. Adin, but he asked to look around. Monica refused, so he warned her that it was a crime to harbor a foreign national with an expired visa. He vowed to return with a warrant.

Monica appeared unconcerned as she closed the door. "That was intense," Dillon said. He'd been standing on the stairs and had overheard the conversation between his aunt and the ICE officer. Dillon and Monica entered the living room where Samira had been standing. She had also eavesdropped on Monica and Officer Torosyan and thanked Monica for covering for her. Dillon supported Monica's decision, but he pointed out that she'd made the entire household complicit.

Dillon suggested they devise a plan for when the ICE officer returned. Samira appreciated Monica's help, but she admitted that she would have understood if Monica had turned her in. Monica promised that she would never do something like that, but Dillon was curious who had tipped off ICE. He wondered if the charity that had helped Samira obtain the visa might have contacted ICE, but Samira assured Monica and Dillon that it wasn't possible. Samira confessed that she suspected Tracy of making the call because Tracy refused to part with the painting, but Dillon defended his mother.

Monica agreed that Tracy hadn't called ICE, but Monica decided it was time to contact a lawyer to get Samira's visa extended. Samira argued that it wasn't necessary because she could simply take the painting and go. Samira insisted that she couldn't risk losing her daughter to the monsters who had her. She tried to appeal to Monica as a mother by asking if Monica had any children. Monica nodded, prompting Samira to ask if Monica had daughters. Monica admitted that she'd had two daughters, but they had both passed away.

Samira was sorry for Monica's loss, but she wondered if Monica would have done anything to save them. Monica assured Samira that she would have moved heaven and earth for her daughters, but Dillon gently reminded his aunt that it wasn't necessary to talk about her children. Monica smiled with gratitude, but she promised to find a way to get Samira out of the country -- with the painting.

At Greystone Manor, Michael told Sonny that Jax had been released from jail. Sonny was furious, but Michael told him to calm down. Sonny explained that he knew that Jax would never go to prison, but he had hoped Jax would remain in lockup longer because the police had a recording of Jax's confession. Michael and Sonny argued about Jax until Jason arrived and asked what was going on. Sonny told Jason about Jax's confession and arrest, but Michael added that he was there to try to fix the situation and get his parents to calm down. Sonny insisted that Jax needed to pay for messing with Sonny's family, but Michael argued that sending Jax to jail was not the answer because it would impact the entire family -- especially Josslyn and Avery.

Michael accused his parents of being so wrapped up in their own world that they couldn't see the big picture. Sonny regretted hurting Josslyn, but he reminded Michael that Avery was too young to be affected. Michael disagreed because he was certain Avery missed Carly. Frustrated, Michael left to check on Jax.

Sonny invited Jason to speak his mind. Jason sided with Michael and suggested that Sonny be grateful that Jax had gotten out of jail. Sonny let the matter drop and asked about the bottle of scotch Jason had arrived with. Jason smiled and wished his friend a happy birthday. Sonny chuckled, but Jason revealed he'd had another reason for stopping by. Jason told Sonny that Julian was alive and in police custody. Sonny was disappointed because he'd hoped that Julian had died in the river.

Sonny poured two drinks then handed one to Jason as they discussed Julian's future. Both men agreed that Julian would try to shift the blame to Olivia Jerome. Jason noticed that Sonny remained distracted. He advised Sonny to stop thinking about Jax and to focus on what was important. Sonny was angry and wanted to take every opportunity to make Jax's life miserable because Jax had slept with Carly. Jason argued that it was petty and advised Sonny to stick to his own lane and live in his world while Jax did this thing.

Sonny smiled. "When you're right, you're right," he added. A short time later, Sonny checked his phone for an update from Michael, but Jason suggested that Sonny focus on the good -- Julian was in jail. Sonny admitted that he would need to see it for himself. Jason's phone rang, so he ducked into the kitchen to refill the ice bucket and talk to Sam. Sonny stepped onto the back veranda to make a quick call.

Sonny ended the call just as Jason returned to the living room and refilled their glasses. Sonny was curious how Sam had handled the news about Julian. Jason admitted that his wife was conflicted but more concerned about Alexis. Sonny hoped that Alexis didn't go back to Julian after everything he'd put her through, but Jason pointed out that it wouldn't matter because Julian would be locked up behind bars. Sonny offered a toast, but Jason chuckled at the idea of Sonny toasting to the legal system. Sonny grinned because justice would finally be served.

Sonny took a drink then opened up about finding Carly and Jax together. Sonny had poured his heart out to Carly until Jax had strolled into the living room, buttoning up his shirt. Sonny wished that he could rewind time to when Morgan was alive and no one had known Nelle. Jason reminded Sonny that things had always been complicated between Sonny and Carly, but Sonny insisted that Jax needed to stay out of their lives and out of the country.

At the police station, Carly confronted Nelle in the interrogation room. Carly was certain that Nelle had decided not to testify against Jax because she wanted to impress Michael and make him think that he'd gotten through to her. Carly acknowledged that Nelle might even believe that she'd changed and was good enough for Carly's son, but Carly insisted that Nelle wasn't. According to Carly, Nelle was a "damaged, screwed-up little girl" who would destroy what she loved. Carly advised Nelle not to even think about loving Michael because Carly would do everything in her power to stop her. Nelle pointed out that she'd told the truth about Sonny and had helped Jax.

Nelle wondered when it would be enough for Carly. "Oh, that's easy -- never," Carly answered. Carly suggested Nelle accept it and stay away from Michael. Nelle decided Michael didn't get his compassion from his mother. Carly agreed, and she was grateful Nelle had done right by Jax, but it hadn't absolved Nelle of targeting her. Carly made it clear that she would never forgive Nelle for using Morgan's death as an "in" to wreck her life.

Moments later, Jax returned. Delighted, Carly happily greeted him. Jax thanked Nelle for everything, but Nelle just wanted him to be good to Josslyn. Jax assured Nelle that his offer to help her start over remained open, but Nelle declined because she'd decided to settle in Port Charles.

A short time later, Michael entered the squad room and saw Nelle. He was curious why she was there, so she told him that she'd been asked to make a statement about how the kidney donation had impacted her health and her life. Michael offered to pay her money to remain quiet. Nelle was hurt, but Michael didn't appear to notice as he invited her to name her price. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she declined then fled.

Nearby, Jax and Carly had overheard the exchange. They stepped forward and greeted Michael. Michael was impressed that the attorney they'd retained had gotten the charges dropped, but Jax revealed that he was free because Nelle had refused to pursue charges. Michael felt bad for what he'd said to Nelle, but Carly told him not to because it had been the least Nelle had owed them. Carly started to rant about Sonny, but Michael asked Carly to leave Sonny alone for Josslyn and Avery's sakes. Jax agreed, prompting Carly to reluctantly agree to think about it.

A short time later, Michael caught up to Nelle on the pier as she waited for the launch from Spoon Island. Michael was curious why she hadn't set him straight at the police station. Nelle admitted that she hadn't seen the point, since he'd obviously made up his mind about her. She also felt that she'd caused enough trouble. Michael apologized for misjudging her because she would have been justified to press charges against Jax.

Nelle admitted that she'd given Michael good reason to assume the worst about her, but she appreciated how fair he'd been. She wished she could think as clearly as he did. "Bird poop," Michael said. Nelle looked at him with confusion until he pointed to her shoulder and explained that a seagull had flown over her. Nelle was horrified when she saw the droppings on her shoulder, but Michael pulled out a handkerchief and wiped it up as he told her that "bird-knowing people" considered it a sign of good luck.

Moments later, the launch arrived. Nelle and Michael exchanged smiles as they said goodbye. Nelle watched as he walked away.

Across town, Carly arrived home with Jax in tow. She was livid about Sonny's vindictiveness and his lack of compassion for the recent loss of Jax's mother. Carly was also furious that Sonny had put Josslyn through more pain, but Jax reminded her that what he'd done had been both wrong and illegal. Jax pointed out that he had Nelle to thank for getting him out of jail. Carly changed the subject and apologized because she felt responsible for what Sonny had done. She promised Jax that if he needed anything, he just had to ask.

Later, Carly and Jax relaxed on the sofa as they sipped wine and nibbled on fruit and cheese. Carly was shocked that Jax wanted to take her camping in the snow, but Jax assured her that it would be fun. He painted a romantic picture of them curled up in front of a cozy fire. However, he lost Carly when he told her that they would have to forage for food. Carly laughed and told him that it would never happen. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Officer Torosyan looking for Jax.

Carly assumed the ICE officer was an acquaintance of Jax's and invited him inside. Officer Torosyan flashed his identification as he introduced himself and announced that Jax had to go with him.

Julian and Jax deal with the authorities

Julian and Jax deal with the authorities

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dante stopped at Alexis' house in order to obtain her statement against Julian, but Sam interceded and told him that her mother was sleeping. Dante wanted Alexis to confirm that Julian had kidnapped her, and Sam promised to get her mother to the police station later. "He's gone," Sam announced after Dante left. Alexis declared that she wasn't ready to talk about her time with Julian. Sam asked Alexis for the truth about the kidnapping incident, as she found it difficult to believe that Julian had taken her to a motel. Before the women could discuss it further, Molly and Kristina dropped by to keep their mother company for the day. They had lunch and movies.

As the Davis women sat around watching a movie, Sam reminded them all that Alexis had to go to the police station. The girls complained about their mother having to relive all of the awful events of her past with Julian, and Kristina didn't mince words on her opinion of the man. Scout woke up. Alexis assured everyone that she was fine, but she was tired of lectures and was confused. Molly wondered whether her mother was trying to defend Julian, but Alexis stated that it wasn't that simple. She was aware that her family members had been in danger because of Julian. Things were complex.

Sam suggested that the younger girls leave so that Alexis could have a break before heading to the station. Once they were gone, Sam demanded that Alexis tell the truth. Sam assumed that Alexis had not really been a hostage, and Alexis confirmed that was true. Alexis related the events of the evening. She had run into Julian at the pier after she had gone there for closure. He had confessed to a kidnapping in order to protect Alexis. Sam suggested that Alexis call Diane to accompany her to the station because Alexis would have to decide whether to lie or implicate herself.

Ava visited Julian at the police station and reminded him that he hadn't helped her when Sonny had pursued her, and she had been locked up for weeks. She really didn't want to help him. Julian declared that Olivia had threatened his family, and he was certain that Ava would have done the same to protect her own. Ava had a flashback to when she'd switched Morgan's drugs. She agreed that one did what one had to in order to protect others. Just then, Scott arrived. "This is your master plan?" Julian asked Ava. Scott took offense and noted that he'd gotten Julian acquitted the last time he'd represented him.

Ava advised Julian that she loved him even though he'd been disloyal. She headed out and ran into Dante, who informed her that the evidence from the Floating Rib robbery had been released. He had her bracelet, and he would give Morgan's pills to Sonny, who would, no doubt, pursue the truth.

Scott wondered why Julian had confessed to kidnapping Alexis when he should have remained quiet. Scott thought a good plan would be to discredit Alexis in some way, but Julian demanded that Scott do nothing pertaining to her. Julian had hurt Alexis enough, and he planned on leaving Port Charles once he was free. Scott announced that Julian's best bet would be to accept a plea bargain and go to jail for a lengthy sentence. Julian stated firmly that he would not recant anything.

Ava grabbed Scott when he left the interrogation room and told him they had more problems. Dante had taunted her about Morgan's pills. Scott reminded her that he had taken care of everything and had replaced the placebos with an actual prescription of lithium. He told her that he had obtained the pills from "my guy." Ava was still worried that Sonny would be able to track everything, but Scott assured her that it would all work out. Ava reluctantly agreed that there would be no reason for Sonny to look into anything.

Alexis arrived at the station to make her statement. She and Julian locked eyes as he was escorted from the interrogation room.

Jason toasted Sonny on his birthday. Sonny noted that things would be good after Jax left. "You did something, didn't you?" Jason questioned him. Just then, Jason received a phone call from Elizabeth, asking to see him. He advised Sonny to be careful because he'd already gotten Carly quite angry.

Elizabeth sat and looked at Jake's latest drawing and wondered if he might be afraid of his father, as Franco had suggested. Jason arrived, and Elizabeth explained that Jake had made a new drawing. They had also spoken to Franco after Jake's doctor's appointment. She quickly assured Jason that it hadn't been planned, and they'd run into him at the hospital. Franco had suggested that Jake might be afraid of his father, since Jake was afraid of his parents finding out about the drawing, but Elizabeth already knew of it. Jake walked through the door as his parents were talking.

Jason advised his son that he'd stopped over to hang out. Elizabeth headed to the kitchen to get Jake a snack, and Jason made small talk with his son. He advised him that while Jake's conversations with the doctor were private, the boy could talk to him about anything he wanted. He wondered if Jake were afraid of him. "You're not the one I'm scared of," Jake responded. Elizabeth returned, and the trio sat and looked at old family photo albums. "Do you recognize this one?" Jason asked.

Jax and Carly were shocked to hear the news from the ICE agent. "You're no longer welcome in this county," he said to Jax. He informed the couple that he didn't need a warrant because Jax had been arrested for "moral turpitude." Jax would be deported. Jax left with the agent but figured his attorney would be able to straighten the mess up. Carly vowed to fix things.

Carly headed straight to Sonny's and stormed inside. She accused Sonny of calling customs and immigration. She had wanted to keep things civil between them, but Sonny obviously didn't care. They both promised to win. Carly advised him to enjoy his birthday alone. She couldn't believe how different it had turned out from his last one when they'd been together.

Dante arrived with Morgan's pills, which he promptly handed over to Sonny. Dante still had no clue how they'd turned up at the Floating Rib six months after Morgan had been there. Sonny tearfully related how he and Carly had planned on pursuing the issue with the pills, and how they'd wondered if Morgan had stopped taking them. Dante felt bad but told his father that he couldn't have helped Morgan. Sonny disagreed. He thought that he of all people should have noticed things more. Dante had to leave, and he wished his father a happy birthday. Sonny studied the pill bottle and made a phone call. He told someone he had to see them.

Carly returned home and happily found Jax waiting for her. She told him that Sonny had been the one to phone the authorities. Jax advised her that he had cut a deal. He had to leave the country and never return. It would take a long time to appeal it, and he wanted Carly and Josslyn to accompany him back to Australia.

Sam held Scout and told the little girl that she was worried about Alexis, who was still in love with Julian.

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