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Tracy left town then ran into Luke. Ned changed his last name to Quartermaine. Sonny had a passionate encounter with Carly's attorney. Anna talked to Valentin about the Chimera Project. Jake drew a picture of a chimera.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 1, 2017 on GH
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Ned figures out Samira Ned figures out Samira

Monday, May 1, 2017

Tracy announced that, while she valued the painting, Samira needed it more. Ned, Monica, Dillon, Kiki, and Samira were all happy with Tracy's generous decision. Ned took an envelope out of his jacket pocket and revealed that it contained DNA test results. Tracy admitted that she'd asked Finn to perform the test, and she took full responsibility. Tracy explained to the family about why she'd had reason to believe that Samira could be Edward's daughter. Ned handed her the envelope. She opened it and silently read the results. She announced that Samira was not a Quartermaine.

Tracy apologized to Samira for getting a DNA test done without permission. Samira accepted the apology but wondered if the results meant that Tracy would change her mind about giving up the painting. Tracy assured Samira that the painting was Samira's. Ned thought that there was another solution, and he led Samira out into the hall to talk in private. He told Samira that she could either face charges by taking the painting, or she could take her extended visa and his check for ten thousand dollars and "figure out your life." She took the check, and he thought it was a "wise choice." She asked him to apologize to the family for her, and she left. He muttered that someone else would be sorry.

Ned returned to the living room and informed Tracy that the painting would be staying. Dillon wondered why the painting was so important to Ned, and Kiki suggested "acquisition fever." Ned countered that someone else fit that bill. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Ned opened the door to Larry. Ned steered Larry into the living room with the rest of the family. Ned revealed that Samira had been working for Larry, who had gotten Edward's journal and ring from the monks in exchange for a donation to the monastery. Ned said that Larry had known that Samira's blue eyes would raise a red flag to Tracy.

Ned continued that he'd figured Larry out because Larry had gone "one step too far" in teaching Samira "We Gather Together." Lila had started the family tradition of singing the song at Thanksgiving, so Edward never would have taught the song to anyone outside the family. Tracy lamented the fact that she hadn't stayed away from Larry like Ned had warned her. She waved a fire poker in Larry's direction, but Ned and Dillon grabbed it away.

Tracy revealed to Larry that she was only letting him live because he'd helped create her wonderful son Ned. She demanded that he leave and never return. If he did, she reminded him that "the Quartermaines are capable of covering up a murder!" A frightened Larry booked it out the door. "Well done," Ned commented, impressed with his mother. Everyone apologized for underestimating the value of the painting to Tracy. Monica offered for Tracy to hang it in the den if she wanted. Tracy remarked that Edward had written that Tracy would know best where it would go, and she thought that he was right.

Anna listened in on a conversation between Valentin and Nina as she walked by the water. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and asked if she could help the man. Nathan wondered if she was all right, and she blamed her medication for her strange behavior. She wanted to catch up with him, but she cited the need to reach ten thousand steps on her pedometer, so Nathan left.

Valentin tried to get Nina to leave work, but she was on a deadline, especially being on her own. He told her that he would be lonely, but she thought he would easily find something to do. "Don't wait up," she instructed him. He kissed her just as Nelle entered the office. Nina ushered him into the elevator, and he went. Nina instructed Nelle to take the stairs down and follow Valentin. Nelle didn't want to follow Valentin, but Nina begged Nelle not to make Nina threaten to fire Nelle again.

Nelle informed Nina that she was trying to be a better person and that every story had two sides. She urged Nina to ask Valentin to be honest with her. Nina replied that she was scared that Valentin was throwing away everything they had built together "for something that never existed." Just then, Nathan entered. Covering, Nina told Nelle that she hoped they were on the same page for the good of the family. Nelle promised to give Nina's proposition some thought, and she left.

Nina reminded Nathan that he could visit her at Wyndemere, but he revealed that he wasn't comfortable just dropping by when she lived with Valentin. She asked about him. He reported that everything was good except for the distance between him and Maxie, who was "killing it" out west. He returned the question, and Nina confided that she thought she was losing Valentin to Anna. Nathan advised her to either leave or be careful. He continued that Valentin was lucky to have Nina. He urged her to call if she needed him, and the siblings embraced.

At the pier, Valentin asked someone on the phone when the launch would be there. He sighed at the answer and said that he would wait. When he hung up, he caught sight of Anna sitting on the ground, rubbing her ankle. He went to her and tried to help. He figured it was just a sprain, and he helped her to a bench. She explained that she'd been lost in thought while running, and she'd tripped. He wondered what she'd been thinking about. "You," she replied.

A few minutes later, Valentin returned to Anna with some ice for her ankle. She thought of her experiences in the WSB and wished she could change everything. "Not everything," she corrected herself as she touched the watch on his wrist. Nelle looked on as Valentin reminded Anna that they'd both moved on. He suddenly noticed her playing with a necklace around her neck. She took it off and gave it to him, wondering if he recognized it. The charm had a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. She called it a "chimera."

Nelle returned to Nina's office. She confided that she'd found Valentin on the pier. "With Anna?" Nina asked. Nelle lied that Valentin had been alone, and he'd gotten on the launch to Wyndemere. Nelle assured Nina that Valentin loved Nina, so Nina had nothing to worry about.

Jason looked through the book that Helena had left for Elizabeth, searching for a clue. Sam offered to look through it as a "fresh set of eyes," but nothing popped out at her as she did. Sam gently suggested that Jake was making things up for attention. Jason revealed how terrified Jake had looked when he'd been shown a picture of what Jason had looked like before surgery. He wished he could prove that he'd been on Cassadine Island at the same time as Jake, since he couldn't remember it himself. Sam thought there might be a way to do so.

Sam got on her computer, looking for the Crichton-Clark clinic database for Jason's admission date. She finally found that Jason had been admitted to the clinic in August of 2014, which meant that he could have been on the island for two years before landing at the clinic. He had a vague memory of Helena telling him that he would never remember what had happened to Jake on the island. Sam had an idea to help Jason remember. She took out a shot glass and a bottle of tequila and poured some to help him "loosen up." She accidentally spilled some on the book, which led Jason to realize that two pages were stuck together. He pulled them apart to reveal a drawing of a chimera.

Elizabeth wished she had more time before Jake's birthday to figure out what Helena had planned. Franco reminded Elizabeth that Helena had died before Jake's last birthday, so if something were going to happen, it would have been on Jake's last birthday. As Jake played video games on the couch, Elizabeth suggested that Jake work on the homework his teacher had emailed. "I'm good," he stated. Elizabeth wondered what he wanted to do. Franco suggested planning for Jake's birthday, and Jake perked up.

Franco continued that he, Jake, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Aiden could go camping in the mountains, but Jake refused. Franco suggested other places, but Jake still refused. "I can't!" Jake exclaimed. In response to his mother's concern, he claimed that he didn't want Jason, Sam, Danny, and Scout to miss out. Franco told Jake that they could plan a big party to include the rest of Jake's family. "I'm ready to do my homework," Jake said, suddenly deflated. He told Franco and Elizabeth that he could concentrate better in his room, and he went upstairs.

Franco and Elizabeth agreed that they didn't believe Jake's reasoning for not wanting to go on vacation. Franco wanted to talk to Jake about it again, but Elizabeth thought her son was too "fragile" at that moment. Franco was suddenly inspired by Elizabeth, and they went off to her bedroom.

When Franco and Elizabeth were gone, Jake placed a black crayon down on the coffee table and unrolled the scroll of his timeline. He began to draw. A few minutes later, he smiled down at the finished product, a chimera. "I remember you," he said happily.

Anna talks to Valentin about a Chimera Project

Anna talks to Valentin about a Chimera Project

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On the waterfront, Valentin returned Anna's necklace. She smiled because she had known he'd recognize the chimera pendant. Anna admitted that Emma had found it during the last visit when Emma had asked to play dress-up with Anna's jewelry. Anna had no idea where she'd gotten the necklace, but she knew why she'd held onto it. Valentin suggested it was because she had a fondness for Greek mythology, but she shook her head and confessed that it was because the Chimera Project had been the last secret she'd asked him to steal for her before everything had gone wrong.

Anna admitted that she wished she could go back to the night they'd spent together in Lisbon, but Valentin was skeptical. Anna assured him that she'd cherished several moments of that night, like seeing him in the old church as he'd stood in candlelight and the church bells had rung. Valentin tried to hide how her words had touched him, but he tensed when she talked about returning to the hotel and making love with him. Valentin reminded Anna that he'd found the incriminating note the following morning while she'd been in the shower, but she argued that she'd left it for him, knowing he'd heed the warning and disappear.

Valentin didn't believe Anna because she had only wanted the key to the Chimera Project, which was why her necklace was appropriate. Valentin insisted the night in Lisbon had merely been an illusion, but Anna claimed he didn't know the whole story. Valentin became distracted when he noticed her shiver from the cold. He quickly draped his jacket over her shoulders then asked her to continue with the story. Anna quietly admitted that she wished she'd never heard of the Chimera Project -- or attempted to manipulate secrets out of him.

Anna promised Valentin that she would never have ordered his death, but Valentin didn't trust her. Anna admitted that she'd returned to the old church after his disappearance to light a candle and pray to "Santa Teresa" for forgiveness. Valentin recalled that Santa Teresa was the patron saint of missions, but Anna assured him that she hadn't regretted losing the secret of the Chimera Project. "It was losing you," Anna confessed as her eyes welled up with tears. Anna claimed the necklace had reminded her of the hearts she'd broken in Lisbon. "Yours -- and mine," she softly added.

Moments later, the launch from Spoon Island arrived. Anna decided to limp home, but Valentin refused to let her walk. He insisted on taking her home. Anna assured him that it wasn't necessary, but he refused to take no for an answer. Anna capitulated, but she made it clear that he could not carry her. "Lean on me," Valentin compromised, so she let him wrap his arm around her and help her to his car.

Valentin frowned when his engine sputtered but didn't start. Anna realized that she would have to limp home, after all, but Valentin decided to call an Uber. Moments later, he warned Anna that it would take a while for a car to arrive. He offered to get some ice for her ankle, but she asked him to stay until the car arrived. After Valentin had her elevate her leg, she turned the conversation back to the Chimera Project by confessing that she was glad that he hadn't tried to exact revenge by giving the project's secrets to the DVX. Valentin confessed that the WSB and DVX hadn't been the only ones interested in the project.

Alarmed, Anna asked what Valentin had done. She claimed that she needed to know because she'd been the one who had set everything into motion. Valentin refused to tell her. When the Uber arrived minutes later, he helped her to the car, took his jacket back, then left.

At the courthouse, Ava caught up to Scott and demanded to know why he hadn't returned her calls. Scott informed Ava that he had a life outside of work, and he had other clients besides Ava and Julian. However, he let her know that Julian would remain locked up in jail until the arraignment and warned her that her brother likely wouldn't be granted bail. Ava was disappointed, but she admitted that she had wanted to talk to Scott about another issue. Scott groaned and asked what kind of trouble she was in.

Ava smiled and told Scott that she had decided to start enjoying her life instead of constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Ava credited Scott with helping change things around because he'd given her the security of knowing the lithium pills he'd put in Morgan's prescription bottle wouldn't be tied to her. Pleased, Scott suggested they grab a couple of martinis and see where the night took them, but Ava reminded him that she had wanted to discuss a legal matter with him. She explained that she wanted to take Sonny to court to get custody of Avery because Ava was confident Carly would no longer back Sonny.

Scott advised Ava to drop it because Sonny and Carly would always remain united about the children, regardless of how nasty their divorce might get. Scott warned Ava that Sonny and Carly would squash her like a bug on the pavement if Ava tried to make a move for Avery. Ava reluctantly agreed to table the discussion. Satisfied, Scott suggested they celebrate. Ava agreed and linked her arm with his as they left the courthouse.

At Metro Court, Carly and an assistant walked through the lobby as Carly rattled off a list of things she needed Lucy to address to get the Nurses Ball off the ground. Carly was annoyed that Lucy only seemed to worry about Lucy's numerous wardrobe changes rather than everything else. Moments later, Josslyn walked up to ask her mother to sign a permission slip. Josslyn made a point of reminding Carly that Jax couldn't sign it, but Carly merely smiled and looked at the permission slip. Frustrated, Josslyn asked if they were going to pretend that she couldn't see her father unless she went all the way to Australia. Carly sighed and assured her daughter that she hated what had happened as much as Josslyn did, but she reminded her daughter that Josslyn could visit Jax in Montreal or Toronto.

Josslyn remained upset, but Carly promised that she was equally unhappy that Jax had been forced to leave the country. Carly explained that they had to accept things for the moment then changed the subject by sending Josslyn to the office to do homework and wait for Carly to finish up. After Josslyn left, Sonny approached Carly to talk to her about Morgan. Sonny revealed that Morgan's prescription bottle had been recovered at the Floating Rib, following a recent robbery. Carly was stunned and wondered how Morgan's pills had ended up in the bar six months after his death.

Sonny admitted that he had no idea, but he assured Carly that he'd talked to Andre, who had confirmed that the number of pills had matched what Morgan would have had if he'd been taking the medication as prescribed. Carly was certain something had been wrong with the pills, but Sonny explained that he'd had the pills tested, and the results showed that the tablets had been lithium. Carly's eyes filled with tears as he handed her a copy of the test results. She thanked him, but she remained determined to find out why the lithium hadn't worked for Morgan.

Carly conceded that Morgan had died because of a terrible chain of events -- he'd been manic, he'd been upset about Kiki, he'd started drinking, the bartender had taken his keys, and then he'd stolen the wrong car. Carly believed their son would be alive if just one of those links had been missing. Moments later, Carly's phone rang. It was her attorney. After she ended the call, she told Sonny that their lawyers wanted to meet the following day to discuss the division of their property.

Sonny thought he and Carly should be able to work things out without getting their attorneys involved. Sonny was confident that Carly would agree she should have the house and hotel, while he would take what belonged to him. Carly informed Sonny that she already had what belonged to him -- and she intended to keep it. Sonny reminded Carly that he hadn't been unfaithful, but she had slept with Jax. He claimed that he didn't want to make it an issue in court, but she wasn't intimidated and invited him to do his worst.

Disappointed, Sonny insisted that he'd signed over his assets to Carly because he'd been preparing to head to prison, but Carly was furious that Sonny had had Jax deported. Sonny argued that Jax had blown up their marriage, but she scoffed. "What marriage?" she asked. She reminded him that he had given her an ultimatum and had told her that their marriage was over. Carly and Sonny continued to argue until Josslyn ran up and ordered Sonny to leave her mother alone.

Contrite, Sonny apologized to Josslyn, but she angrily told him that she would never forgive him for having her father deported. Josslyn couldn't wait for Carly to divorce Sonny because Josslyn would never forgive Sonny for hurting her mother. Carly tried to calm her daughter, but Josslyn refused to forgive Sonny -- even for Morgan's sake. She was certain her brother wouldn't have forgiven Sonny either. "Maybe not," Sonny quietly admitted. After Sonny left, Carly acknowledged that things were bad between her and Sonny, but she promised that Sonny had never meant to hurt Josslyn.

Carly suggested Josslyn visit Jax in Australia for a few months, but Josslyn refused to go without her mother. Carly agreed to go for a few weeks, but she refused to stay longer. Josslyn was disappointed, but Carly explained that she and Jax would not be getting back together anytime soon because Carly refused to use him as a crutch. However, Carly promised that her marriage to Sonny was over for good. Josslyn was skeptical because Carly still wore her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Sonny went to the Haunted Star to drown his sorrows. At the bar, he struck up a conversation with a beautiful stranger. They made their way to a table as the woman revealed that she was visiting from Los Angeles and staying in a cabin on the ship. They chatted about their love of beaches and continued to drink until Sonny announced that he had to leave. The woman was disappointed, and coyly invited him to her cabin by setting her key on the table and walking to the doorway to wait for him. Sonny picked up the key and joined the woman.

Nearby, Scott and Ava arrived. Ava was intrigued when she saw Sonny with a woman, but Scott warned her to stay out of it. Scott told Ava to meet him out front then left to fetch the car. Ava smiled as she watched Sonny leave the bar with the woman.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Jason told Sam that the drawing in the book was a chimera. Sam wondered if the picture had been deliberately hidden in the book, because they might not have seen it if she hadn't spilled tequila on the book. Jason had no idea, but he was certain he'd seen the image before. He also had a feeling that the image had been intended for his eyes. Sam was confused about why Helena would give Elizabeth the book if Helena had wanted Jason and Sam to see the image, but Jason didn't know. However, he intended to find out because he had a feeling time was running out, and something bad would happen.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth was impressed with Franco's ability to tell a story because all three of her sons had settled down and fallen asleep. Franco smiled as she kissed him. After Elizabeth pulled away from the kiss, she noticed Jake's timeline on the table. Confused, Elizabeth walked over to look at it because she distinctly recalled putting it away. Her concern quickly mounted when she saw the new addition to the timeline. "What is that?" she wondered. Franco had no idea, but he feared it was not good.

Elizabeth decided not to question Jake about the drawing because she didn't want to wake her son up and upset him. Franco decided to do a search on a creature with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a snake for a tail. Moments later, he found an image of a chimera online and showed it to Elizabeth. He explained that it was a mythical creature that symbolized unfulfilled illusions, dreams, and fantasies. Elizabeth debated what to do until her phone rang. It was Jason calling to ask if Jake had ever mentioned a chimera.

A short time later, Jason and Sam arrived. Jason showed Elizabeth and Franco the hidden page he and Sam had found in the book. Elizabeth filled Sam in about the date Jake had scribbled on the timeline, which they suspected was Jake's birthday written the European way. Elizabeth was certain her son had been working through some type of trauma because Jake had withdrawn into himself. She told Jason that their son had refused to go camping for his birthday because he hadn't wanted to spend his birthday away from Jason, Sam, and their children. Franco admitted that he sensed they were running out of time.

Jason agreed with Franco. Sam thought they should sleep on everything they'd uncovered and discuss the next step in the morning. Elizabeth agreed as she returned the book to Jason. Jason acknowledged that Jake had a special connection to Franco, so he asked Franco to do the right thing. After Jason and Sam left, Franco expressed his surprise at Jason's sudden turnaround. Elizabeth agreed that it had been a surprise that Jason had finally accepted Franco's relationship with Jake. She admitted that she was glad to have Franco on her side and invited him to bed.

Franco confessed that he had something to tell Elizabeth. He revealed that he'd seen something troubling online when he'd done a search on a chimera earlier. Franco hadn't wanted to tell her because he had worried that he would upset her, but he realized that she had a right to know. Franco told her that, according to legend, the appearance of a chimera foreshadowed disaster.

At the penthouse, Sam returned from checking on Danny and Scout. She reported that the children were fast asleep and added that they owed Kristina a debt of gratitude for stepping in to watch the children at the last minute. Jason remained troubled about Jake. Sam admitted that she feared that whatever had happened to Jake had somehow been tied to Jason. Jason agreed and announced that he needed to return to Cassadine Island.

Tracy makes an announcement

Tracy makes an announcement

> Tracy makes an announcement

Tracy makes an announcement

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In a stateroom on the Haunted Star, Sonny and the woman from the bar shared a passionate kiss as they made their way to the bed and made love. Sonny was unaware that his wedding ring had slipped off and landed near the bed.

Across town, Ned sat in bed and looked over a document as Olivia rolled over and opened her eyes. She was surprised he was still awake. He assured her that he was almost finished and told her to go back to sleep. He slid the document into an envelope and turned off the light.

Nathan was on the phone with Maxie as he walked through the messy apartment, wearing nothing except a towel. He looked forward to spending time with his wife the following day. Nathan told Maxie that he missed her then assured her that the apartment was exactly as she had left it.

In Metro Court's lobby, Carly greeted Kiki. Kiki explained that she had wanted to drop off menu cards for the Nurses Ball, but Lucy wasn't around, and the clerk at the front desk had refused to hold the box of cards for Lucy. Carly assured Kiki that she would take care of it and reached for the box. Carly tensed when she glanced at her wedding ring set, prompting Kiki to ask if Carly was okay. Carly admitted that sometimes it was difficult to get through the day.

Kiki revealed that she'd heard about Sonny and Carly's divorce. Carly admitted that she'd thought she'd get closure when she'd found Olivia Jerome had been responsible for the explosion that had killed Morgan, but she hadn't because she and Sonny had drifted too far apart. Kiki felt bad for both Carly and Sonny because she knew how much they loved each other, but Carly pointed out that it hadn't been enough. Carly looked at her ring and admitted that Josslyn had questioned why Carly still wore it. Kiki recalled a famous woman had once said, "I never hated a man enough to give him back his diamonds." "I like that," Carly admitted with a big grin.

The following day, Carly entered the Haunted Star and greeted Lulu, but Lulu was puzzled why Carly was there. Carly reminded her cousin that the pharma convention was scheduled for the same week as the Nurses Ball, so they had agreed to figure out how to get the overflow from the hotel to the Haunted Star. Lulu quickly apologized and admitted that she'd been distracted because Tracy had sent a text message asking Lulu to meet her. Carly was relieved that Lulu had to reschedule because it wasn't a good day for Carly either. Lulu admitted that Dante had mentioned that Sonny and Carly were scheduled to meet with their attorneys later in the day.

Lulu wondered if it was true that Carly intended to keep everything, but Carly argued that Sonny had signed everything over to her. Lulu reminded Carly that Sonny had done it in good faith because he had thought he'd been headed to prison. Lulu was shocked that Carly would try to bleed Sonny dry, but Carly insisted that Sonny still had millions of dollars in offshore accounts, a half-dozen casinos, a private island, a sugar plantation, and a rum distillery. Lulu was curious if Carly realized that Sonny's children would have to leave the country to visit him, but Carly was unmoved because Josslyn had to fly to Australia to see Jax. Carly was furious that Sonny had had Jax deported, but she agreed to return all of Sonny's legal assets once Jax was permitted to enter the country.

Lulu feared that Carly was headed down a road she could not return from, but Carly argued that she and Sonny had nothing to return to. Lulu let the matter drop and went to fetch something from the back room before walking her cousin out. Moments later, Carly heard a noise in a nearby hallway. Assuming it was Lulu, Carly went to investigate. As she neared one of the staterooms, Carly heard something crash to the floor. She went to open the door, but it was locked.

Seconds later, Lulu rounded the corner and warned Carly to back away from the door because Lulu had rented it out for the week. Carly profusely apologized as she followed Lulu to the salon. Lulu assured Carly that it was fine, since the door had been locked. Carly glanced at her rings and told Lulu that Josslyn thought Carly should take off the wedding rings. Lulu gently reminded Carly that Josslyn had never been in Carly's shoes, and Lulu advised Carly not to do anything until she was ready.

Carly smiled as she confessed that she'd noticed Sonny hadn't taken his off his ring yet. Lulu returned the smile as she suggested there might be hope for Sonny and Carly, after all.

In the stateroom, Sonny woke up and glanced at the woman next to him as she stirred. "Good morning," he greeted her when she smiled at him. Sonny was curious if she had any regrets, so she pointed out that she didn't know his name. Sonny introduced himself, and she did the same. Martina wondered if Sonny had any regrets about their night together, but he shook his head and confessed that it had been a welcome distraction from what he had to do later that day. Martina thought he was quite the charmer, but she admitted that she had to get ready for a meeting within the hour.

Sonny decided it was enough time and made love to Martina again. Afterwards, they got dressed. Sonny expressed an interest in seeing her again, but she doubted she'd have time because she would be consumed with work during her short stay. Sonny suggested they keep their options open -- in case they bumped into each other again. Martina agreed. Pleased, Sonny kissed her.

Later, Diane entered a conference room as Carly prepared for the meeting. Diane made an appeal to Carly to change course, but Carly refused because she was angry that Sonny had had Jax deported. Diane warned Carly that it wouldn't do anyone any good for Sonny to be exiled from the country because he needed Carly -- and always would. Diane conceded that Carly might be able to end her marriage to Sonny, but Carly could never end her relationship with him because their lives were interwoven. Carly was moved to tears as Diane impressed upon her how much Sonny needed Carly in his life.

Moments later, Sonny arrived. Diane happily announced that she might have had a breakthrough with Carly. Sonny was eager to hear more, but Carly's smile faded when she noticed that Sonny wasn't wearing his ring. Sonny wondered if there was any reason that he should. Carly's moment of weakness evaporated as she suggested they let their attorneys handle things because Carly's attorney had arrived. Sonny was shocked when he looked up and saw Martina enter the conference room.

At Metro Court, Dante carried a large box filled with props as he followed his mother and Lucy through the lobby. Olivia went over the things Lucy would need to attend to before the Nurses Ball. Lucy confessed that she always felt as if the ball sneaked up on her despite all her efforts to prepare for it. Olivia apologized for not being able to stick around, but she had to get to the Quartermaine mansion. After Olivia left, Lucy asked Dante to take the box of props to the back room.

Dante started to walk away, but he stopped when he saw Nathan at the front desk. Nathan revealed that Maxie was expected to arrive later that day, but he'd been living like a bachelor, and the apartment was a mess. Nathan had decided to hire someone to clean it while he took Maxie out for a romantic evening. Dante was happy for his friend, but Nathan confessed that he was concerned because Maxie had sounded as if Port Charles was the last place she wanted to be. Nathan explained that his wife loved life in Portland, Oregon, because she could spend time with Georgie and had a job she enjoyed.

Nathan worried that Maxie didn't want to return to Port Charles. Moments later, Nathan's phone rang. It was Maxie, so he stepped away to take the call. Meanwhile, Lucy approached Dante to find out why he hadn't put the box of props away. Dante explained that he'd been helping a friend. Lucy feared that Nathan had tried to persuade Dante to talk to Lucy about letting Liesl perform at the ball. Lucy acknowledged that Liesl was talented, but Lucy thought Liesl was a horrible person.

Nathan returned and announced that Maxie had canceled her trip home because the woman Maxie had filled in for had decided not to return from maternity leave. Nathan was hurt that Maxie had accepted an extension to her contract without discussing it with him. Lucy was upset because Maxie had promised to help with the costumes. Lucy's little rant died on her lips when she realized how insensitive she had sounded. Dante promised Nathan that things would work out with Maxie. Lucy agreed and added that she and Kevin had had a long-distance marriage for a time.

Nathan was curious how it had worked out for Lucy and Kevin, but she became evasive and quickly excused herself. Dante assured his friend that Nathan and Maxie were nothing like Kevin and Lucy. Nathan was skeptical, but Dante asked if Nathan's feelings for Maxie had changed. "No," Nathan replied. Dante was confident that Maxie had taken the extension because she had been secure that her marriage could take the separation. Dante insisted that Nathan and Maxie were solid, but Nathan had his doubts.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the living room from the patio as she admitted her father had been right -- she'd known what to do with the painting Portrait of an Unknown Lady. Tracy put down her cocktail and made a phone call. She informed the person that she wanted to arrange a transaction and instructed the person to have things set up by the close of business the following day. Dillon heard the end of her conversation and asked her about it when she ended the call. Tracy smiled, but she refused to tell him until the following day. Dillon knew better than to push because he recognized the focused and energized spark in her eyes.

Dillon was certain Tracy had made up her mind about something. Tracy conceded that recent events had made her realize that her life had been blown off course. Dillon reminded his mother that Larry Ashton had conned everyone, not just Tracy, but Tracy explained that it had nothing to do with Larry. Tracy told Dillon about going to the family crypt to give her mother roses and about blacking out. Tracy admitted that she'd woken up in a "celestial courtroom" and had faced the possibility of returning as Skye's adopted child.

Dillon was stunned that doing the right thing had traumatized his mother to such a degree that she'd had a nervous breakdown. Tracy had no idea what had happened to her, but she was finally at peace with herself.

The following day, Tracy put the finishing touches on a table crowded with flutes of mimosas as Monica, Ned, Dillon, and Michael entered the living room. Monica was annoyed when Tracy revealed that she'd invited guests for brunch. Monica reminded Tracy that it was Monica's house, but Tracy merely smiled and told Monica that she could kick Tracy out later. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Kiki. Tracy thanked Kiki for accepting the invitation and ushered her into the living room.

Kiki approached Dillon to ask if his mother was okay because Tracy had been nice to her. Dillon advised Kiki to go with it. Kiki wondered if it had anything to do with the previous night's events, but Michael overheard and asked what Kiki was referring to. Ned explained that it was a long story. Tracy added that it was her story to tell, but she wanted to wait until the other guests arrived. A short time later, Laura, Finn, and Hayden joined the party. Hayden was curious if Finn knew why Tracy had invited them to brunch, but he shook his head. However, he suspected it had something to do with the painting in the corner.

Hayden and Finn had recognized the artist and discussed the rare Renaissance painting. Several minutes later, Tracy asked for everyone's attention as Olivia ran in apologizing for being late. Olivia noticed the buffet table didn't have any food and decided to call a caterer for food to feed the guests, but Tracy objected. Tracy told Olivia that Olivia would get to play hostess in Monica's home once Olivia married Ned and properly groveled to Monica. Ned tactfully handed Olivia a mimosa and revealed that he had his own announcement -- he had taken steps to legally change his name to Edward Lawrence Quartermaine.

Tracy beamed with pride as Ned acknowledged that he'd been raised a Quartermaine and wanted to embrace his legacy. Ned showed his mother the petition to change his name that he'd filed with the state of New York earlier that day. Tracy hugged her son. A short time later, Lulu arrived. Lulu was curious why Tracy had wanted her there, so Tracy explained that she had an announcement to make.

After everyone sat down, Tracy filled them in about how Edward had acquired the painting in the late 1980s when he'd faked his death and gone on the run. Monica was surprised when Tracy mentioned that Edward had used the alias "J. L. Holt," because Monica hadn't heard Jimmy Lee's name in ages. Tracy explained that the painting had ended up in Turkey, where Larry Ashton had seen it. Laura was shocked when Tracy revealed that Larry had set up an elaborate con with Samira to get his hands on the painting. However, Laura was impressed that Tracy had been willing to part with the painting for someone else.

Tracy explained that Laura had been with her when Tracy had first read Edward's letter. Tracy acknowledged that her relationship with her father had been complicated, but the letter had set her free. She reminded everyone that she had spent most of her adult life in and out of Port Charles because she'd been desperate to find a place. She explained that she'd always been chasing the love that had been expressed in her father's letter. Tracy's eyes filled with tears. "Oh, my God, I love you all," she told her friends and family.

Tracy admitted that it was finally time for her to step out of her father's shadow and make a life for herself, but she couldn't do that in Port Charles. Everyone was stunned when Tracy announced that she had decided to leave town.

Tracy starts her new life and runs into Luke

Tracy starts her new life and runs into Luke

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Nathan arrived home. Everything had been tidied up, and a bouquet of red roses sat on the coffee table with a homemade card perched against the vase, welcoming Maxie home. Nathan picked up the card and ripped it. He dropped the two pieces onto the table as the doorbell rang. It was Amy Driscoll looking for Maxie. She pushed past Nathan as she asked if his wife honored her commitments -- or if Maxie made a habit of flaking out.

According to Amy, Lucy had approached her after an overnight shift, claiming it was up to Amy to save the Nurses Ball. Amy insisted she was the talent, not someone who worked behind the scenes. Amy demanded to know where Maxie was. She snidely wondered if Maxie was eating bon-bons while the rest of them worked until they dropped. Nathan explained that his wife had taken a job in Portland for a couple of months, but she'd extended her stay. Upset, Amy accused Maxie of being the same "self-centered witch" she'd always been.

Nathan was startled by Amy's remark, but he found himself confiding to her about Maxie's decision to remain in Portland, which had caught him completely off guard. He conceded that he couldn't blame his wife because her daughter and dream job were in Portland, but it made him wonder if there was any room for him in Maxie's life. Amy urged Nathan to focus on ways to make things work rather than worrying about what might cause it to fall apart. Nathan admitted that he and Maxie had overcome bigger obstacles in the past, and they'd emerged stronger for it. Nathan thanked Amy for the sage advice and told her that she was good at it.

Amy smiled as she revealed that she had four older brothers who had always talked to her about their girl troubles. She admitted that they hadn't always taken her advice, but when they had, they'd usually been happier. Nathan excused himself to change into a different shirt. Amy glanced at the coffee table and saw the card Nathan had made for Maxie. She picked up the torn section with Nathan and Maxie's picture stuck to it. A few minutes later, Nathan returned and admitted that he felt better after their talk. Amy beamed as he thanked her for the advice.

Nathan apologized for his wife skipping out on helping with the Nurses Ball, but he volunteered to take her place. Amy warned him that she would hold him to it. Nathan walked Amy to the door. After he closed the door, Amy looked at the picture she'd taken from the torn card. She ripped the picture in half and crumpled the half with Maxie's image. Amy smiled as she gazed at Nathan's image.

In the conference room, Sonny asked if there was a reason why he couldn't take off his wedding ring. Carly assured him there wasn't then suggested they let their attorneys get to work. Sonny was stunned when he saw Martina walk in. Martina seemed equally surprised to see Sonny, but Carly and Diane didn't appear to notice as Carly introduced Martina Morales to everyone. Diane warmly greeted Martina, whose reputation had preceded her. Carly acknowledged that Martina had been highly recommended.

Martina realized that Sonny was Michael Corinthos Jr. Sonny cleared his throat and told her that most people called him Sonny. After Sonny and Martina shook hands, Diane suggested they all sit and get started because she hoped to avoid a lengthy arbitration. Diane clarified that both Sonny and Carly had agreed that the children's trust funds were not to be touched, which left Corinthos Coffee, LLC, which included Perks coffeehouse and kiosk chain; Pozullo's restaurants; numerous warehouses; cargo ships; and trucks. Martina cut to the chase by reminding Diane that Sonny had signed over all major assets to Carly months earlier, so he didn't have a claim to any of it.

Diane argued that Sonny and Carly were still married, which meant Sonny was entitled to half. Martina admitted that she was more interested in the assets Sonny hadn't listed, like the sugar plantation and private island with its own casino. Sonny assured Martina that his businesses were legal, but she had questions about the casino. Martina didn't hesitate to raise the topic of his offshore accounts, but Carly reminded her attorney that she didn't want to bring into question the legalities of Sonny's offshore holdings. "Of course. The client is always right," Martina acquiesced.

Sonny thanked Carly for her generosity and offered to reciprocate by not fighting for the assets that rightfully belonged to her. "Don't do this," Sonny quietly appealed to Carly. She reminded him that he'd lost his temper and had made bad choices, so it was his time to pay the consequences. Diane and Martina tactfully agreed that it would be best for everyone to compromise. Sonny liked the sound of that because he thought both he and Carly should leave the marriage with what they had brought into it.

Sonny told Carly that she could keep the house and the hotel, and he would take what belonged to him. He even offered to give her whatever community assets they'd accumulated over the course of their marriage. Carly glared at Sonny as she told him that she would see him in court. Carly stood up, grabbed her bag, and marched out. Diane wasn't happy with Sonny, either, so she left to make an appointment with the mediator.

After Diane closed the door, Martina confessed that encountering him had been unexpected. Her smile vanished when Sonny angrily demanded to know what kind of game she'd been playing. Sonny suspected Carly had been behind Martina targeting him at the bar and sleeping with him to steal his secrets, but Martina insisted their meeting had been a coincidence. Sonny decided they should tell Diane and Carly because it was unethical for Martina to represent his wife in a divorce after sleeping with him. Martina objected because she refused to risk losing her law license, but Sonny doubted she would get more than a warning or short suspension.

In the hallway, Diane called out to Carly, but Carly didn't think it was a good idea for Diane to talk to her until after the divorce. Diane explained that she wanted to talk to Carly as a friend who had been privileged to be present when Sonny and Carly had decided to commit Morgan for treatment. Carly was hurt that Diane would mention such a painful moment in her life, but Diane insisted that she hadn't intended to hurt Carly. Diane explained that she had mentioned it because Sonny and Carly weren't the first couple to get divorced after the death of a child. Diane suspected Sonny and Carly needed it to process their grief.

Diane acknowledged that Sonny had provoked Carly, and she conceded he'd been arbitrary and unfair, but she wondered why any of that had surprised Carly. Diane insisted Carly knew Sonny's failings and flaws better than anyone. Diane implored Carly to compromise for the sake of everyone who loved them and didn't want to see Sonny and Carly tear each other limb from limb again. Carly was curious if Diane had given Sonny a similar speech, but Diane laughed at the idea. She reminded Carly that Sonny was less than reasonable on the best of days.

Diane pointed out that Sonny had lost his son and the love of his life, and his pride had been hurt. She knew anything she might say to him would fall on deaf ears. Diane begged Carly to be the bigger person, but Carly made it clear that it would not happen. Diane was disappointed because she feared that both Sonny and Carly would regret what would happen next.

In the conference room, Martina refused to throw her career and reputation out the window because she'd mistakenly slept with a client's husband. She insisted that she and Sonny keep what had happened between them to themselves and never speak of it again. Sonny reluctantly agreed. Moments later, Cary returned to fetch her attorney. She sensed the tension between Sonny and Martina, but Martina distracted Carly by suggesting they walk out together and discuss strategy. Carly glanced at Sonny then followed Martina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy looked at the friends and family gathered in the living room and told them that she loved them all. Tracy explained that it was time for her to step out of her father's shadow and make a life of her own. Everyone was stunned when she added that she couldn't do it in Port Charles -- she was leaving town. She explained that she had invited everyone over to say goodbye. Monica's eyes filled with tears as she questioned if Tracy had made the announcement for dramatic effect. Monica warned her sister-in-law that it hadn't worked, but Tracy gently explained that she was determined to make a new life for herself away from Port Charles.

Tracy revealed that her father would fund her new start because she intended to sell the painting that Edward had given her. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Tracy announced that the food had arrived, and she went to the door to grab the boxes of pizza. "Brunch is served," Tracy said as she set the boxes down. Hayden was surprised by the pizza, but Dillon and Tracy explained that it was a family tradition usually reserved for Thanksgiving. Dillon realized they would not have Thanksgiving dinners with his mother for the foreseeable future.

Dillon told Tracy that she didn't have to travel the world to find her purpose because she had a wonderful legacy in Port Charles. Tracy smiled because she was proud of her two beautiful sons. Laura was curious what Tracy intended to do, so Tracy admitted that she hadn't made any plans beyond selling the painting. However, Tracy was determined to live her life to the fullest. Ned and Dillon warned their mother that they would visit her often. Tracy smiled as she hugged both of her sons.

Later, Dillon admitted that it was hard for him to accept that his mother was leaving, but he could tell Tracy was in high spirits. He suspected it was because she had an adventure waiting for her. Tracy loved Dillon's big heart, and she was confident that he was more than capable of dealing with life's ups and downs. Tracy believed Dillon was the strongest Quartermaine in the family.

Next, Tracy pulled Ned aside and apologized for stealing his thunder. She was touched by his gesture to change his name to Quartermaine, but she assured him that it hadn't been necessary because he'd always been a Quartermaine regardless. Ned appreciated his mother's support, but he decided the mansion needed an Edward Quartermaine living under its roof. Ned assured his mother that he was proud to bear his grandfather's name. Tracy admitted that Ned was her rock, and he always would be. Tracy hugged her son then walked away.

Ned sighed as he watched Tracy. "Goodbye, Mother," he whispered as tears glistened in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Monica let Tracy know that the jet had been fueled and was ready. Monica added that the car would be along shortly. Tracy admitted that she was a little nervous, but she was also eager to begin her adventure. Monica's voice choked up with emotion as she confessed that she had no idea what to do without Tracy. Monica admitted that through years of "snarking," fighting, and doing terrible things to each other Tracy had gone from being her sister-in-law to being her sister. Touched, Tracy smiled as her eyes welled up with tears.

A short time later, Ned announced that Tracy's car had arrived. "This is it," Tracy realized. She told Lulu and Monica to take care of each other then went around the room to say a final goodbye to each of her guests. Tracy told Finn and Hayden that they had taught her that none of them had unlimited time. She advised the couple to stop wasting the precious time they had. Next, Tracy warned Michael that she expected ELQ to keep turning a profit. Tracy knew that she could trust the company in Michael's capable hands.

Tracy expressed her desire to attend Dillon's first premiere soon, and suggested that he talk to Michael about investing in a film. Tracy thought ELQ should branch out. Finally, Tracy stopped in front of Olivia and Ned to tell Olivia that she was glad Ned had Olivia to take care of him because Ned always felt the need to take care of everyone else. Olivia began to cry.

Ned, Dillon, and Monica walked Tracy to the foyer. Tracy joked that she was concerned about Monica decorating the mansion, but Monica promised to keep their home just the way Tracy had left it. Tracy was shocked that Monica had referred to the mansion as theirs, but Monica assured Tracy that she hadn't misspoken. Tracy grabbed her sons' hands as well as Monica's hand as she assured all three that she cherished each of them. Tracy suddenly turned and marched out.

Monica, Ned, and Dillon seemed shocked as their tears flowed freely. Seconds later, Tracy returned to hug Monica. Ned and Dillon joined in on the hug by wrapping their arms around both women.

After Tracy left and the guests had filed out, Monica enlisted Michael and Dillon to carry the boxes of pizza to the kitchen. Olivia asked how Ned was holding up. Ned admitted that he was better than he'd expected, but he was sad that his family was getting smaller by the day. Olivia seized the opportunity to tell Ned that she had decided to take his last name when they married because it would be an honor to be a Quartermaine. Ned smiled then kissed her. Afterwards, he looked at an old family photo of Edward, Lila, Alan, Tracy, Monica, Jason, and A.J.

Sometime later, Tracy spoke to Lars, a man with a French accent, about selling Portrait of an Unknown Lady. She was surprised when he told her that he already had a buyer lined up who had offered sixty million dollars for the painting. Tracy accepted the bid and asked when the sale could be finalized. Lars revealed that the buyer had already wired the money, so it could be deposited into Tracy's account once the paperwork had been signed.

Tracy quickly signed the contract. Lars gave her a few minutes alone with the painting to say goodbye. Tracy looked at the painting and conceded that she had no idea who the woman in the Renaissance painting had been -- or what kind of life she had lived. Tracy also had no idea what was in store for her, but she intended to live life on her terms. After Lars returned, Tracy asked him to recommend a coffee shop. He told her about one across the street and offered to take her.

A short time later, Tracy entered the coffee shop. She stood in the doorway as a line of people cleared away from a table. Tracy was shocked when she saw Luke seated at the table. Luke looked up and seemed equally amazed to see her. He smiled as tears filled her eyes.

This episode featured the song "A Single Yesterday," by Luke McMaster.

Finn finds out he tested positive again

Finn finds out he tested positive again

Friday, May 5, 2017

While waiting in the Port Charles Police Department interrogation room for Julian's attorney, Jordan advised Julian that the attorney would be late. She informed him that the kidnapping charges against him had been dropped due to Alexis' admission that she'd gone to the motel with Julian by choice. Jordan pointed out that either Julian or Alexis had lied, and she promised to make the other charges stick.

Nearby, Alexis bumped into Malcolm, a member of the board involved with her reinstatement to the bar. He advised her that thanks to her latest entanglement with Julian, her chances of getting her license back had not improved. She defended her reasons for canceling her previous date and stated that she had not aided and abetted Julian with any crime. She had always obeyed the law.

Alexis headed into the main room of the police station and saw Julian sitting alone in the interrogation room. Alexis wandered over and asked Julian how he was. Julian thanked Alexis for what she had done for him, though she replied that she had merely told the truth. She thought it was time for them to be honest with everyone about everything. Julian declared that he couldn't allow her to ruin her life after all of the lying, terror, and pain he'd put her through. He wanted to take responsibility for her feeling numb, but all she'd shown him was love and family. Julian admitted that he'd screwed up.

Both Julian and Alexis blamed themselves for everything that had happened. Jordan returned and demanded to know why Alexis was in the room with Julian. She was tired of the couple protecting each other, and she accused Alexis of being willing to follow Julian anywhere. She thought that Alexis had once been independent and strong, and she wondered what had happened to Alexis' pride and self-respect. She didn't think that Alexis was setting a very good example for her daughters. Alexis agreed that she shouldn't have been in the room. Jordan pointed out that Julian was a murderer, but Alexis was still willing to cover for him. Jordan just didn't understand.

At the hospital, Brad overheard Hayden wishing Tracy well on the phone. He was happy to hear that there would be one less Quartermaine around after Hayden confirmed that Tracy had left the area for a while. Hayden also advised him that Finn's recovery had been going well, though Brad told her not to count on it. Hayden expressed her confidence in Finn but Brad assured her that Finn had been lying. He ranted about how he'd helped Finn, saved Hayden's life, and then been cheated out of the profits from the drug company. The pair argued over Finn's attempt at rehab, and Brad indicated that Finn would have a relapse. Dr. Obrecht wandered over and expressed her joy over Tracy's departure.

Hayden advised Obrecht not to think about getting onto the hospital board because the Quartermaines would still have their say. Hayden and Obrecht bickered over Finn, and Brad announced that something would "hit the fan" soon.

In Griffin's office, Finn learned that he had tested positive on his second drug test and was beside himself when Griffin told him he would lose his job. Finn swore that he hadn't been using, and he was certain that someone had tampered with the tests. When Griffin indicated that he had supervised the testing, Finn reminded him that he had only collected the specimen, and he wanted to pursue things further. Finn demanded another test that Griffin would handle from beginning to end. Hayden heard the men's voices and entered the office. She sided with Finn. She noted that she had an idea of who was behind Finn's test tampering.

Brad continued to carry on to Obrecht about getting cheated. Suddenly, Griffin, Finn, and Hayden walked out into the hallway, seemingly oblivious to Brad and Obrecht nearby. Griffin loudly announced that there would be a third test, much to Finn's surprise and his own. Brad was outraged as Griffin observed his behavior. Brad yelled that he had been used, and there would be consequences. Obrecht was angry also. Griffin sent Brad back to work, though Brad took a final shot at Hayden. Later, Brad made a phone call and told the person that he would handle the samples. In his office, Griffin announced with certainty that someone would be getting bad news.

Carly met with Martina at the Metro Court and received some paperwork from her. She wondered what Martina and Sonny had been talking about when they'd been alone. Martina stated that she'd been trying to get Sonny to settle. Carly explained that Sonny never admitted defeat. Michael walked in, and Carly introduced him to Martina. The attorney left to get some work done, and Michael stayed to chat with his mother. He asked to see the divorce petition. "Are you really gonna go through with this, mom?" he asked Carly.

Carly admitted that she'd thought about compromising at first, but then she'd thought about Jax. She disagreed with Michael's suggestion that she not go after all of Sonny's holdings. Michael thought that Jax would be okay, as would everyone else. They all had each other, but Sonny only had his business. Carly said that wasn't good enough, and she wanted him to pay for what he'd done to Jax. Josslyn was on her side, and she wanted Michael's support, as well. Michael advised her to call him Switzerland because he had no intentions of siding with anyone. He suggested that Carly and Sonny settle without attorneys and stop prolonging the situation and waging war. Carly admitted that she would always listen to Michael's advice -- except for the current situation.

Ava and Sonny met at the Port Charles Academy to discuss Avery's admission to the school. Ava noted that she had seen Sonny go off with a woman at the Haunted Star the previous evening, and she wondered how Carly would feel if she found out. She thought that Sonny should have been more discreet, but Sonny ordered her to stay out of his business. Ava declared that Carly was a bitch, and she was glad that Sonny would be free of her.

The school director arrived, and Sonny told her how happy Rocco had been at the school. The director, Jan, explained that they were tight with space and would not have any room for Avery at the school. Ava wondered how much the director would accept to find a spot, but Sonny smiled and spoke up. He admitted that he and Ava had reputations but felt that Jan shouldn't believe everything she read. Their daughter was intelligent and beautiful, and he credited Avery's brothers and sisters and Carly. Ava smiled grudgingly as Sonny continued talking. The director agreed to try to get Avery in, after all, and Sonny mentioned his donation. Jan admitted that Avery's parents were not what she'd expected.

After the director left, Ava complimented Sonny. "Very impressive," she conceded. She thought it proved that she and Sonny could work together for Avery's benefit. She wished Sonny well with his divorce and asked about Carly's lawyer. Again, Sonny told her to stay of out of it.

Sonny returned home and found Michael waiting for him. Michael mentioned that he'd seen the divorce papers, and while he didn't want to be in the middle, he urged his father to stop pushing Carly. "No chance," Sonny responded. Michael suggested that Sonny call Diane and stall for time so that he and Carly might cool off. He thought that Carly would win. Sonny indicated that he knew how to handle Carly's lawyer.

Carly met with her attorney again, and Martina advised her that they would have a "bareknuckle brawl" with Sonny. Carly stated that she couldn't let her guard down. Carly left to take a phone call, and Ava wandered in. She accidentally walked into Martina and recognized her from the Haunted Star. She helped Martina retrieve her papers on the floor and looked at the attorney's card. Ava noted that she had a custody issue, but Martina replied that she was only in town a short time. Carly returned, and Ava lit up as she realized that Martina was Carly's lawyer.

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