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Anna confronted her twin. Robin and Emma arrived for the Nurses Ball. Carly walked in on Sonny and Martina in bed together. Julian refused to help take down Sonny. Liesl tampered with Finn's drug test.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 15, 2017 on GH
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Anna wakes up in London Anna wakes up in London

Monday, May 15, 2017

Alexis bumped into Scott at the courthouse, and Scott assumed that Alexis was there for Julian's arraignment. She corrected that she was there for a meeting with the bar association about her license reinstatement. Scott skeptically wished her luck and bet that she was thinking that she could defend Julian better than Scott. She reminded him that, even if she had her license, she couldn't defend Julian, as she was a material witness for the strong case. She walked away.

Julian was sitting at a table in handcuffs when District Attorney Campbell entered the holding room. He informed Julian that he could make Julian a free man that day -- unless Julian preferred consecutive life terms. Campbell explained that convicting Sonny would do more for his record than convicting Julian. He wanted Julian to go free and provoke Sonny while under close police surveillance. When Sonny inevitably went after Julian, the police would get Sonny. Campbell placed the deal and a pen in front of Julian. "No deal," Julian answered, pushing the paper away.

Campbell warned Julian that the deal was a "one-time offer." He knew that, while there was no guarantee that Sonny would be convicted, Julian would be easy to convict. He took his papers and strode toward the door. Scott entered the room, and Campbell informed him in passing that the arraignment had been postponed again. When the district attorney was gone, Scott demanded to know what had happened while he'd been gone.

Julian explained the terms of Campbell's deal to Scott. He continued that he'd turned the deal down because Campbell could easily go after Julian again after Sonny had been caught, as immunity was not a term of the deal. "You screwed up my winning streak!" Scott yelled, angry that Julian had refused the deal. Scott stormed out of the room and bumped into Alexis again. He told her that the arraignment for his "idiot of a client" had been postponed again. He suggested that she could talk some sense into Julian and stormed off.

Alexis entered the holding room where Julian was, and Julian explained the deal to her. She revealed that she would advise him to reconsider if he were her client. He refused to restart the "cycle of violence" with Sonny. She wondered if that was his only reason for refusing the deal. "No," he answered, and he told her about the lack of the promise of immunity.

Julian thought it was ironic that he'd gotten away with all of his own crimes, but he was going to pay for the things Olivia had forced him to do. He wondered what his chances of going free were. He took Alexis' silence to mean that he was a goner. He assumed that she thought that he was getting what he deserved. She told him that, despite everything that had happened, she didn't want him to go to prison, but she had "no idea how to stop it."

Jason returned home, and Sam pounced on him at the door. He told her about Franco following him to Cassadine Island and what had ensued. He continued that the scarecrow Jake had been afraid of was Jason, and Jake had heard Helena's words about Jason being a killer. He wanted to talk to Jake as soon as possible, so he took out his phone to call Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth set up a picnic in the park, she sent Aiden off to play soccer with Jake. Franco appeared, and Elizabeth was happy to see him until she noticed the bruises on his face. He briefly explained that he'd followed Jason to Cassadine Island, and he'd helped Jason remember part of what had happened while Jason had been there.

Jake was looking at his magic set when Aiden approached, intending to play soccer with Jake. Jake wanted to practice his magic instead. Aiden wished that Cameron was there, since Cameron would have played with him. Aiden ran away, and Jake opened a compartment in the box to look at a container emblazoned with a chimera.

Aiden returned to the picnic table, and Elizabeth asked about Jake. Aiden replied that Jake didn't want to play with him. As Elizabeth and Franco approached Jake, the boy was still looking at the chimera. When he saw the adults, he quickly closed the lid on the magic set. Franco reached over to look at the magic set, but Jake loudly said that Franco couldn't look at it. He tried to cover by saying that the set was "for magicians' eyes only." Elizabeth told him to return to the table for food, so he left his magic set behind and followed Elizabeth.

Just then, Elizabeth answered her ringing phone to Jason, who needed to see Jake. She told him where they were, and he promised to be there soon. Elizabeth happily told Jake that his dad was on his way, but Jake only uncomfortably said that he didn't want to talk about when Jason "used to look different. Ever."

A short while later, Jason and Sam arrived. They caught up with Elizabeth and Franco then Jason asked Jake to go for a walk so that he could talk to his son alone. When the two were gone, Franco expressed his hope that Jason knew what he was doing. Franco knew that Sam hated him, but he reminded her that they both cared about Jake. She thought that he'd taken advantage of his relationship with Elizabeth by following Jason to Cassadine Island. Elizabeth reminded the two that all that mattered was Jake.

Jason and Jake sat by where Jake had left his magic set. Jason assured Jake that he didn't have to worry about Jason "or the scarecrow." He told Jake that Jason's job as Jake's dad was to help Jake through hard things because he loved his son. Jake told Jason that "it's not about what I did do, but about what I didn't do." Jake cried that he'd wanted to stop the guard from beating up the man on Cassadine Island, but there was nothing he could have done. Jason assured Jake that nothing was Jake's fault. Jake said he hadn't known that the man was his father, but "I knew I liked you."

Jason praised Jake for wanting to help and called him brave. Jason promised to always protect Jake. "There's something else. Something you don't know," Jake said looking at the magic set. Changing his mind at the last second, Jake only told Jason that "I don't care what you look like. You're the best dad." Jason confided that Jake had made his day, and he suggested that they rejoin Jake's party. Jake wanted to stay back and practice his magic. Jason hugged his son and walked away.

Aiden returned and wondered what Jake was doing. Jake yelled at Aiden to stay away because it was a secret that he couldn't tell anyone. When Aiden was gone, he opened the magic set to look at the container with the chimera on it. He remembered both of his parents instructing him to tell someone if he saw something bad. "I can't tell anyone about this," he told himself.

Jason returned to the picnic area and reported back to Elizabeth, Sam, and Franco about his talk with Jake. Jason thought that Jake was doing better, but he still wanted Jake to see Andre. Franco sheepishly apologized to Jason for assuming that Jake was afraid of Jason rather than for Jason. Jason admitted to thinking the same thing as Franco. He thanked Franco in return for helping Jake open up, and the two men shook hands. Elizabeth hoped that the worst was over so everyone could begin to heal.

Valentin followed Anna into her house, and she walked away to get a bottle of wine. When she returned, he expressed how glad he was that he'd changed his mind about seeing her. He opened the bottle and poured the wine, and the two clinked their glasses together. He confided that Nina had left him because of Anna. She felt awful about it, but she had history with Valentin that she needed to "come to terms with." They admitted to having feelings for one another, and Anna added that she'd been trying to fight her feelings out of respect for his marriage.

Anna continued that she was desperate to make sure that everything was good between her and Valentin, especially since it was her fault that Project Chimera had gotten out. He assured her that the buyer was dead, so she had nothing to worry or feel guilty about. She wanted to talk about "us," and the two shared a kiss. "Make love to me right now," she told him. They kissed again, and Valentin ripped Anna's chimera necklace off. "No, you just want the chimera. For once, I'm one step ahead of you," he exclaimed.

The real Anna awoke in a London hospital. The nurse, Sister Caroline, explained that Doctor Lancaster figured that the woman would be disoriented and unable to speak when she awoke. Caroline told Anna that she was Doctor Alex Marick. "I'm not Alex! I'm Anna!" Anna screamed, though only in her head. Caroline went to get the doctor, but Anna grabbed the woman's hand. Anna suddenly passed out, and Caroline ran to get the doctor. When the two returned, Anna tried to speak, but only moans sounded. As the doctor went to inject another sedative into Anna's I.V., she grabbed his arm.

Anna is mistaken for her twin sister

Anna is mistaken for her twin sister

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

At Griffin's apartment, Griffin stepped out of the shower and checked his phone. He sighed with disappointment then called Anna, but her voicemail picked up. He left her a message explaining that he respected the boundaries she'd set, but he cared about her and wanted to make certain that she took care of herself.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael approached Nina's table to ask for a minute of her time. He was curious if she had checked her voicemail messages, but she shook her head because she'd been in a meeting. Michael warned Nina that Nelle had called her earlier to resign because Nelle had been uncomfortable keeping tabs on Valentin for Nina. Before Nina could respond, Charlotte ran up to greet her. Nina asked if Valentin was with her. Charlotte revealed that Lulu had taken her to the restaurant for ice cream.

Seconds later, Lulu caught up with Charlotte. After Lulu tactfully sent Charlotte to order an ice cream sundae at the bar, Lulu informed Nina that the school had called because Valentin had forgotten to pick up Charlotte. Nina wondered why the school hadn't called Nelle, but Lulu explained that Nelle hadn't answered her phone. Michael frowned because it wasn't like Nelle to leave a child stranded, so he excused himself to make a call. Lulu expressed her irritation that both Valentin and Nelle had left Charlotte waiting, but Nina tried to downplay what had happened.

Lulu questioned why both Valentin and Nelle had been lax in their responsibilities, but Nina didn't have an answer, which surprised Lulu. Lulu sensed something was wrong and asked Nina about it, but Nina refused to confide to Lulu. Moments later, Michael returned to report that he'd called Wyndemere, but Nelle hadn't picked up her belongings. Michael was concerned that Nelle hadn't answered his call, so he decided to head to Wyndemere to check things out. After Michael left, Lulu asked Nina if there was something she should know.

Nina decided that she didn't have time to deal with Lulu, but Lulu refused to be dismissed because Charlotte had been upset and worried that Valentin had left the way Claudette had. Nina assured Lulu that Valentin would never do that to his daughter, but Lulu was skeptical, since Nina had barely known Valentin before marrying him. Lulu advised Nina to warn Valentin that his stunt would cost him, but Nina angrily told Lulu to tell Valentin herself because Nina would not be returning to Wyndemere. Nina realized she'd said too much and quickly added that she had to work late to make a deadline.

Nearby, Griffin saw Charlotte enjoying a sundae at the bar. He cleared his throat and greeted her. Charlotte glanced at him, but she didn't smile when she returned his greeting. He knew it was because of his altercation with Valentin, so he apologized and promised that it would never happen again. Charlotte forgave him. Relieved, Griffin sat down next to her told her that he thought about her every day and wished her only the best. Pleased, Charlotte showed him a flyer advertising her school's Spring Festival.

Charlotte wanted to invite Griffin, but she was worried about another altercation between Griffin and her father. Griffin assured her that everything would be fine. Charlotte smiled.

Meanwhile, Lulu wanted to know what was going on between Nina and Valentin because it might impact Charlotte. Moments later, Charlotte and Griffin walked up to tell Nina and Lulu about the Spring Festival. Griffin was honored that Charlotte had invited him. After Griffin left, Charlotte admitted that she was ready to go home. Lulu sent Charlotte to fetch her backpack from the bar.

After Charlotte walked away, Lulu informed Nina that Charlotte would be spending the night with Lulu. Nina objected, but Lulu reminded Nina that Nina didn't have a say in the matter without Valentin. Nina warned Lulu that the judge had made it clear that Lulu was only to have supervised visits with Charlotte, but Lulu was confident that the judge would not be pleased to learn that Valentin and Nelle had forgotten Charlotte at school. Nina insisted that she loved Charlotte as her own daughter, so Lulu implored Nina to do the right thing for Charlotte's sake. When Charlotte returned, Nina explained that Charlotte would be spending the night at Lulu's house. Lulu smiled and thanked Nina.

On the pier, Michael called out Nelle's name as he looked around. He was alarmed when he found her behind a stack of overturned boxes. She was motionless and bleeding from a gash on her head. Michael quickly checked for a pulse then called for help. Moments later, she moaned then passed out again.

A short time later, Griffin examined Nelle as Michael answered his questions. Michael suspected Nelle had been mugged because her purse and phone were missing. Griffin was curious how long Nelle had been unconscious, but Michael had no idea because he'd left her two hours earlier. Griffin wondered if Nelle had any allergies he should be aware of, but Michael had no idea. However, he let Griffin know that Nelle had only one kidney.

A short time later, Michael stood outside Nelle's examination room as he thought about the last time he'd talked to her. He recalled Nelle deciding to leave town because she'd recognized that it would take a very long time for him to forgive her. Michael pushed the memory away when he heard a nurse ask Griffin if Nelle would need surgery. Griffin explained that it was too soon to tell, but he was concerned about potential trauma to Nelle's kidney.

Across town, Elizabeth, Franco, Jake, and Aiden arrived home from the park. Elizabeth noticed that Aiden seemed quiet and asked if he was okay. Jake suggested Aiden missed Cam, so Aiden went along with his brother's fib. Elizabeth reminded Aiden that Cam would be home from his scout trip in the morning. She decided to give her sons milk and cookies to cheer them up. After Elizabeth and Franco disappeared into the kitchen, Jake reminded Aiden not to say anything about what he'd seen inside the magic box. Jake insisted it was a secret then added that he was the only one who knew what to do with the metal container.

Elizabeth and Franco returned with milk and cookies for everyone, but Aiden remained quiet. Concerned, Elizabeth tried to find out what was troubling him, so Jake suggested his brother was just tired. Once again, Aiden went along with his brother's lie. Elizabeth took the milk and cookies then sent Aiden upstairs to get ready for bed. She assured both boys they could have the treat in the morning. Franco reached for the magic box to put it away, but Jake objected. Elizabeth and Franco were surprised by Jake's strong reaction, but he managed to explain it away by reminding his mother and Franco that magicians never shared their secrets.

Franco conceded that Jake had a point then shifted gears to ask if Jake would be interested in performing with Franco at the Nurses Ball again. Jake admitted that he wanted to do a solo act performing magic. Surprised by Jake's confidence, Elizabeth asked her son to show her a trick. Jake spread out a deck of cards on a table then invited Franco to pick one and show it to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was delighted when Jake correctly guessed Franco had picked the queen of hearts, but Franco admitted that he knew all the cards in the deck had been the same.

Jake revealed that Franco was wrong and instructed Franco to check his wallet. Franco pulled his wallet from his back pocket, opened it, and found a card from the deck inside it. It was a king of hearts. Elizabeth asked her son how he'd done the trick, but Jake smiled and reminded his mother that a magician never shared his secrets. After Jake ran up the stairs to get ready for bed, Elizabeth and Franco admitted that it was nice to see Jake laughing again. Elizabeth hoped Jake's performance at the Nurses Ball would be a big hit.

Elizabeth and Franco's conversation drifted to what had transpired on Cassadine Island. Elizabeth was grateful that he had helped Jake, but she was concerned that Franco had lied to her by sneaking off to Greece. Franco admitted that he hadn't told her because he'd been afraid she'd talk him out of it. Elizabeth wasn't satisfied, but Franco insisted it had been important for him to protect Jake because he loved her. Elizabeth angrily blurted out that she loved Franco too. Franco and Elizabeth were startled by her admission. They looked at each other for a long moment then kissed passionately.

Elizabeth put a brake on things because she needed Franco's assurance. Franco agreed to trust her to be able to handle whatever happened. Elizabeth smiled and told him that she would trust him to take risks because he'd always return to her. Franco grinned because they were good at being in a mature relationship. Elizabeth kissed him, but Jake returned to fetch his magic box. Elizabeth and Franco headed upstairs to tuck Aiden in.

Jake waited until he was alone then pulled the chimera cylinder out of the magic box. He admitted that if he were a real magician, he would make the chimera disappear so no one would ever have to think about it again.

In a London clinic, Dr. Lancaster injected a syringe into Anna's I.V. The nurse questioned if it was necessary, but Dr. Lancaster informed Sister Crane that "Dr. Marick" needed to remain sedated at all times. Dr. Lancaster removed the syringe, confident that the patient wouldn't give them any more trouble until morning. Dr. Lancaster added that they needed to make certain "Dr. Marick" didn't harm herself.

Meanwhile, Anna's mind was alert despite her frozen body. She was aware of what had been said and was determined not to give in to the drug's effects. Sister Crane appeared at her side to gently urged her to rest. Later, Anna's eyes snapped open as Sister Crane leaned close to apologize. Anna realized the harder she fought not to fall asleep, the more tired she became.

Anna decided to find a way to slip out of the current of sleep. Moments later, she gained enough strength to reach for the I.V., but Sister Crane sprang into action to stop her. Anna panicked when Sister Crane started to call for Dr. Lancaster, so she asked why she was there. Sister Crane assured Anna that everything would be okay, but Anna tensed when she referred to Anna as Dr. Marick. Anna revealed that her name was Anna Devane.

Sister Crane assumed Dr. Marick was confused and explained that it was Alex's clinic. Anna had no idea how she had ended up in her twin sister's clinic, but she suspected Dr. Lancaster had had a hand in it. Anna realized that she had to trust the nurse, so she confided that she was being held at the clinic against her will. Anna begged Sister Crane for help just as Dr. Lancaster appeared in the doorway.

In Anna's home, Valentin had no idea the woman seducing him was Anna's identical twin, Dr. Alex Marick. However, he quickly turned the tables on the seduction by ripping the necklace from her throat and accusing "Anna" of only wanting the chimera. Alex stuck to her charade as Valentin confronted her about the listening device she'd planted in his watch. He admitted that he was glad the bug no longer functioned. "I don't want anyone listening in to what's about to happen," Valentin told her.

Alex conceded that she had planted a listening device in the watch she'd given him, but she reminded him that she hadn't forced him to take the watch. Valentin acknowledged that he'd been an idiot. Alex suggested that he had wanted to believe in the perfect life he'd created with Nina and Charlotte, but it had all been an illusion because, in his heart of hearts, he recognized that Nina would never understand him the way she did. She agreed that she had lied -- they had both lied -- but buried in the lies had been the truth. Shaken, Valentin accused her of wanting the chimera so badly that she'd been willing to trash his life a second time.

Alex claimed that it had been necessary because she'd been worried about the chimera falling into the wrong hands. Valentin insisted the buyer was dead and the chimera had been long forgotten, but she disagreed because she remembered it clearly. Alex claimed that they needed to put the past -- and the chimera -- behind them, especially if they were to have a future together. Valentin thought she was delusional, but she assured him that she had meant what she had said. Alex talked about the pull she felt between them, which she believed was stronger than the lies they'd told.

Alex grew increasingly frustrated as Valentin resisted her charms. Annoyed, she told him to tell her what she wanted to know so it could finally be over. She immediately realized her mistake and tried to avert suspicion by claiming that she wanted to explore a relationship with him. She moved closer to him, until their bodies touched. Valentin grabbed her arms, prompting her to ask if he intended to kill her or make love to her.

Valentin released "Anna." Alex was curious why they always seemed to take one step forward then two steps back. Valentin thought it was a mistake to give in to temptation, but Alex heard the lack of conviction in his voice. She acknowledged that they were each a force to be reckoned with, but together, they would be unstoppable. Valentin was curious what she wanted from him. Alex claimed that she didn't want any more games between them.

Valentin agreed. "Game over," he said. Alex smiled victoriously, but he was not done. "You lose," he added in an ominous tone. Alex ignored it as she assured him that they could both be free of the past if he told her who he'd sold the chimera to. Valentin explained that some said the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over again but expect different results. However, he thought it was more like being addicted to drinking poison and believing that each time, it wouldn't kill.

Valentin admitted that Anna had been his poison since their days at the WSB Academy, but he was finally cured because the fever had broken. Valentin explained that he'd had a moment of clarity and knew exactly what to do. Alex's eyes rounded as he picked up a scarf then wrapped each end around his hands until it was taut. He admitted that he'd often wondered what he would do if she had pushed him too far. "Now, I know," he added with menace as he advanced on her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina thought about the night Valentin had surprised her with a wedding ring. Moments later, Valentin approached her table. Nina cut to the chase and asked if he'd been with Anna. Valentin confirmed that he had been, but Nina cut him off as she stood to leave. Valentin begged her to let him explain because he knew she had been right about Anna using him. He acknowledged that Anna had wanted information from him, but he had stopped her.

Nina frowned as she asked what Valentin had done. He merely smiled and assured his wife that Anna would never get between them again. "Ever," he added.

Anna figures things out and takes action

Anna figures things out and takes action

> Anna figures things out and takes action

Anna figures things out and takes action

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At Greystone Manor, Sonny invited Martina into his home. She admitted that she hadn't expected to gain entrance, but Sonny told her that his men knew they'd parted on good terms. He ushered her into the living room and offered her a drink. Martina accepted and explained that she had stopped by to say goodbye because she was headed back to Los Angeles in the morning. Sonny joined her on the sofa as she confessed that she hated to leave because she'd had a strong case against Sonny. Sonny bragged that many had tried -- and failed -- to take him down.

"They weren't me," Martina told him. She assured Sonny that she had a gift for making the old sound new, and the new sound very bad. Sonny was glad he wouldn't have to find out. Martina looked around and wished him luck holding onto his beautiful home. Sonny assured her that he was good at holding onto what was his. Martina believed him because he had managed to neutralize her, but he assured her that he hadn't known who she was when they had first met.

Satisfied, Martina asked if Ava had been neutralized. Sonny told Martina not to worry because Ava knew it was better to work with him rather than against him. Martina thought it was a shame that Sonny and Carly hadn't reached a similar understanding, but he assured her that he didn't want a war with his wife. Martina warned him not to rule it out because Sonny could lose more than money in a bitter high-profile divorce. Martina shifted gears to ask if she and Sonny were friends. "Maybe," he answered then admitted that he wasn't really interested in friendships on opposite coasts.

Martina decided her first act of friendship would be to return his wedding ring, which she hoped would convince him to tread lightly. Sonny smiled because he had wondered where he'd lost it. Martina was surprised that he hadn't tossed it overboard, which made her wonder if perhaps he believed in signs and had hoped that someone would return it. Sonny claimed that he'd simply forgotten to put it back on after their one-night stand. Insulted, Martina rescinded her offer of friendship.

Sonny turned on the charm as he assured Martina that she didn't have any reason to feel hurt. Martina assured him that she hadn't been. She also acknowledged that it wasn't her job to salvage a relationship he wasn't interested in saving, but he admitted that he wanted to put his marriage behind him because Carly had hurt him. Martina suggested that he start by getting rid of the wedding ring. She started to leave, but Sonny invited her to spend the night with him. Martina refused until he reminded her how good they'd been together and how much they had enjoyed each other's company.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Bobbie tried to persuade Carly to hire Scott to represent Carly in the divorce, but Carly flatly refused. Carly was frustrated because she had liked Martina until her attorney had stepped down because of a "so-called prior relationship with Sonny." Carly suspected it had been a cover-up because Martina had done a background check on Sonny prior to arriving in Port Charles, and she'd caught Martina and Sonny holding hands. Bobbie advised Carly to find a new attorney instead of chasing after her own conspiracy theories, but Carly hated having to start from scratch. Bobbie urged Carly to keep pushing forward, otherwise Carly ran the risk of getting mired down by bitterness and hatred.

Carly assured her mother that she wanted a quick divorce, but Bobbie argued that holding onto Sonny's assets would drag things out for years. Stunned, Carly wondered if her mother expected her to ignore what Sonny had done to Josslyn and Jax. "What are you, the karma police?" Bobbie asked. Bobbie warned her daughter that Michael and Josslyn would be hurt most by their mother's quest to punish Sonny. Concerned, Carly asked if either of her children had talked to their grandmother about their concerns. "No," Bobbie answered, but she added that it hadn't been necessary.

Carly assured her mother that she didn't want to put Michael and Josslyn through more pain. Pleased, Bobbie advised Carly to put Sonny in the rearview mirror -- just like Carly had wanted Michael to do with Nelle.

Meanwhile, Andre was on the phone with the chief of pharmacy's assistant, explaining that he and Monica had left several messages for the man, but neither had heard back from him. Andre appreciated that there had been a family emergency, but his patient's family depended on the head of the hospital's pharmacy to cooperate. Andre ended the call then sat down at the bar.

At the hospital, Michael was eager for an update on Nelle. Griffin assured Michael that she was stable. He thanked Michael for alerting him that Nelle only had one kidney then promised to let Michael know when he had more information. After Griffin left, Michael paced the waiting area. A short time later, he stopped a nurse to ask if Nelle had been moved to a room. The nurse explained that they were waiting for one to become available. Frustrated, Michael asked if he could see Nelle, but the nurse told him that Nelle hadn't woken up.

Michael grumbled that perhaps it might help if Nelle heard from someone who cared. He immediately apologized for the unkind words and introduced himself. The nurse knew who Michael was and that he was a friend of the nurses. She pointedly told him that she had to check on some tests. Michael thanked her then slipped into Nelle's trauma room.

A short time later, Griffin saw Carly as she arrived to pick up Josslyn's anti-rejection medication. He stopped her because he assumed she was there to see Michael.

In Nelle's trauma room, Michael assured Nelle that she was safe. He promised to make certain she received the best care. Michael assured her that he wouldn't be far away. He started to walk away but glanced back just as Nelle stirred and opened her eyes. Moments later, Griffin entered and asked for a moment alone with his patient.

Michael left the trauma room and saw Carly in the waiting room. She revealed that Griffin had filled her in about what had happened to Nelle. Michael blamed himself for Nelle's injuries because he had left her alone on the pier. He also regretted that he hadn't given Nelle a reason to remain in Port Charles when she'd been looking for one. Carly conceded that she had her issues with Nelle, but she promised that she had never wished Nelle harm.

In Nelle's trauma room, Griffin told Nelle that she would be admitted to the hospital because she had a bruised kidney and needed to be monitored. He asked if she wanted to see Michael. Moments later, Griffin stepped into the waiting area. Michael asked to see Nelle, but Griffin explained that Nelle didn't want to talk to Michael.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin promised Nina that Anna would never get between them again, but Nina explained that it didn't matter because Nina and Valentin were over. Valentin was confident that he could persuade his wife to change her mind and give him another chance because he loved her, but Nina feared it would only last until Anna made an appearance. Valentin assured Nina that she was wrong because he was through with Anna. Nina wanted to believe him because Anna was a "lying bitch" who had preyed on his disabilities and had kept him tied up in knots. However, nothing had changed between Nina and Valentin, because he had lied.

Valentin admitted that he would always regret the things he'd done to break Nina's trust in him, but he was determined to fix it. Nina insisted that it was impossible, but he refused to give up because she had made it easy to fall in love with her. Nina claimed that it didn't matter, but Valentin disagreed. Nina advised him to worry about his daughter, not Nina. Valentin frowned when she told him that the school had called Lulu to fetch Charlotte when they hadn't been able to reach him or Nelle.

Valentin was curious why Nina hadn't taken Charlotte to Wyndemere instead of allowing Charlotte to go home with Lulu. Nina reminded Valentin that she no longer lived with him, but he was shocked that it had been more important for her to make a point rather than care for his daughter. Nina explained that she had hoped to avoid a scene with Lulu. Hers eyes filled with tears as she assured him that she loved Charlotte, and she would never use her to get back at him. Valentin blamed himself for letting things get out of hand, but he vowed to put their lives back together. Nina suggested that he focus on his daughter.

After Valentin left, Nina made her way to the bar, where she struck up a conversation with Andre. Nina started to talk about her troubles with Valentin, but she stopped when she recalled that Andre and Anna were friends. Andre acknowledged that Anna was an "acquired taste." Nina wondered if Andre and Anna had been more than friends. Andre denied it, but Nina couldn't understand how Anna had managed to bamboozle a smart man like Andre. Andre was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, but Nina needed to know how intelligent men ended up falling all over themselves for Anna.

Nina insisted Anna was a "self-serving bitch" who had ruined families and broken up relationships. Nina questioned why Andre would be friends with a woman like that, but he explained there was more to Anna. Nina disagreed because beneath the accent and manners was a "cold-blooded snake." Andre argued that the image Nina painted was not the Anna he knew, but Nina doubted he knew the real Anna. Andre defended his friend by explaining that Anna was a complicated woman with a complicated past. Nina accused Anna of taking advantage of Valentin's pain and weaknesses.

Andre thought it was clear that Nina still cared about Valentin, despite their rocky marriage. He thought what Nina shared with Valentin had been far greater than what Valentin had imagined he'd had with Anna. Nina smiled and talked about the night she'd met Valentin. She admitted that she would do it all over again. Andre pointed out that it was an important realization.

Nina acknowledged that she'd been happy with Valentin because she'd seen how full her life could be. Nina suspected Valentin would grow to regret the day he'd laid eyes on Anna Devane. "So will she," Nina added. Alarmed, Andre warned Nina that it wouldn't do any good to go after Anna, but she explained that she'd been referring to Valentin because he finally knew the truth about Anna, and he wouldn't let her get away with what she'd done. After Nina left, Andre called Anna and left her a voicemail message warning her that trouble was headed her way.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Dante arrived home and was surprised when he saw Charlotte on the sofa with Lulu. Rocco happily greeted his father then invited Dante to play Memory with them. Dante's eyes were filled with questions, but Lulu smiled and told him that life was full of "happy unexpected" surprises.

Later, Lulu sent Rocco and Charlotte upstairs to get ready for bed. The children laughed as they scampered away. Dante waited until he and Lulu were alone to ask how they had ended up with Charlotte. Lulu filled him in about the call from Charlotte's school. Dante worried that Nina might cause problems, but Lulu revealed that she'd had the distinct impression that Nina wouldn't be an issue much longer.

A short time later, Lulu, Charlotte, and Rocco were curled up on the sofa with Dante as he read the children a bedtime story. Lulu smiled with joy when Charlotte fell asleep in her arms. She lovingly kissed the top of her daughter's head. After Dante and Lulu put the kids to bed, they returned to the living room. Dante reported that Rocco had fallen back asleep after getting something to drink. Lulu revealed that Charlotte had asked about Valentin and Nina, but she'd assured her daughter that Charlotte would see Valentin in the morning. Lulu had stroked Charlotte's hair until her daughter had fallen asleep.

Dante admitted that he expected the other shoe to drop. Lulu agreed because she couldn't imagine what had kept Valentin from picking up Charlotte. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. Dante suspected they were about to find out and went to the door. "I'm here for my daughter," Valentin announced. Valentin asked if he could enter, but Dante left it up to Lulu. Lulu made it clear that she wanted to keep things civil. Valentin agreed then entered.

Valentin expressed his irritation that Lulu hadn't taken Charlotte to Wyndemere, but Lulu had refused to drop her daughter off with servants. Valentin shifted gears and asked for his daughter because he wanted to take her home, but Lulu argued that it was the middle of the night and Charlotte was asleep. Valentin assured Lulu that it wouldn't harm Charlotte, but Lulu thought Charlotte had been through enough for one day. Lulu acknowledged that Valentin had the right to take Charlotte, but she warned him that she intended to report his demands to the social worker, which might not reflect well on him after he'd failed to pick Charlotte up from school.

Valentin bristled because Lulu had notified the social worker, but Lulu made it clear that she'd done everything by the book by getting the social worker's approval before going to the school. Frustrated, Valentin reluctantly agreed that Charlotte could spend the night, but he warned her that he would return in the morning with a change of clothes for Charlotte. Lulu assured him that it wouldn't be necessary because she had clothes for her daughter, but she advised him to have an appetite because Lulu intended to make pancakes for breakfast. After Valentin left, Dante admitted that he'd been impressed.

At the Marick Clinic in London, Anna shared her name with the nurse and revealed that she was there against her will. Before Sister Crane could reply, Dr. Lancaster appeared in the doorway. Anna's eyes snapped closed as Dr. Lancaster asked about the patient. He'd thought he'd heard voices, but Sister Crane claimed that she'd been talking in soothing tones when she'd noticed the patient's heart rate increase. Satisfied, Dr. Lancaster made it clear that he wanted to be notified when the patient woke up.

Sister Crane assured the doctor that she always followed his instructions to the letter. "But today, not so much," Sister Crane added as she closed the door behind him. A short time later, Anna tried to rip out the I.V. as Sister Crane returned to the room with a syringe. Sister Crane set the syringe down on a stand next to Anna's bed as she rushed to stop Anna. Anna reluctantly settled back down in bed because she felt disoriented. Sister Crane revealed that Anna was in the Marick Clinic then told Anna the date. Anna was stunned to realize that she'd been kept drugged for two months.

Anna told Sister Crane about her illness, but the nurse assured Anna that Dr. Lancaster had arranged for regular phlebotomy sessions. Anna couldn't understand why she'd been held captive. She recalled paying her twin sister a visit then suddenly passing out in Alex's office. Anna realized that her sister had drugged her, but Sister Crane had never heard Alex mention a sister. Anna admitted that she and her sister hadn't been close. Anna wondered if her sister had the same illness as Anna, but Sister Crane shook her head.

Satisfied, Anna implored the nurse to check the Internet to verify the story. Sister Crane agreed, so Anna asked her to return with a phone because Anna needed to place a call. A short time later, Sister Crane returned, but she hadn't had a chance to verify Anna's story. Anna was frustrated when Sister Crane admitted that she'd also forgotten the phone. However, Dr. Lancaster appeared in the doorway and immediately advanced on Anna when he saw she was awake. Anna reached for the syringe that Sister Crane had set down earlier then jabbed it into Dr. Lancaster's neck.

After Dr. Lancaster collapsed, Anna asked for a change of clothes.

Brad is caught in the act

Brad is caught in the act

Thursday, May 18, 2017

At the hospital, Brad banged on the vending machine when it didn't drop the snack he'd selected. He eventually managed to dislodge the snack then made his way to the nurses' station as Hayden and Finn rounded the corner, talking about Finn's upcoming drug test. Finn explained that it was imperative for him to have a clean drug test because Monica would fire him if he tested positive again. Hayden suggested they grab a can of soda for Finn, but Brad spoke up because he thought it was unprofessional for Hayden and Finn to discuss "bodily functions" in the open. Hayden reluctantly conceded that Brad was right, especially for her, since she was the hospital's financial officer.

"Better late than never," Brad muttered. "Excuse me?" Hayden asked. Brad held up his snack bag as he told her that it was clear the hospital was in financial trouble because the staff had been forced to fend for themselves. After Brad stormed off, Hayden asked if Finn thought Brad had taken the bait, but Finn had no idea. Hayden didn't understand how Brad could be so bitter that he'd actively try to destroy Finn's career, but Finn reminded her that Brad felt he'd been cheated out of the profits for the Blackwood's serum. Hayden argued that Finn had done all the research and created the formula, while Brad had merely helped with the final process.

Finn pointed out that money did funny things to people. Hayden agreed, but she decided it didn't matter, since Brad had given himself away by tampering with Finn's previous drug tests. Finn shifted gears to broach the subject of the baby. Hayden admitted that she'd decided to keep the baby. She smiled because it was the first time she'd said the words out loud. However, she wondered how he felt about her decision.

Finn was ready for fatherhood, but he reminded Hayden that he'd carried around serious demons for a long time. He couldn't guarantee that he'd shed them all, so he promised to respect her wishes if she wanted him to keep his distance. Hayden assured him that everyone had baggage, including her. She reminded him of her life as a diamond thief, but he argued that it was in the past, and she had changed. Hayden agreed and added that the same was true for him.

Finn disagreed because once an addict, always an addict. He wanted to be there for Hayden, but he didn't trust himself because each day was a fight not to slip up. Hayden smiled and made it clear that he would be a part of their child's life. Hayden credited Finn with saving her life and for giving her the strength to fight. She suggested they both accept that they were happy where they were and that they were going to have a baby. Finn smiled as he reached for her hand.

Elsewhere, Kiki talked to a young nurse as they made their way down a hospital corridor. Kiki was nervous because she'd taken the final exam for the nurses' aide program. Deanna was certain that Kiki had passed. After Deanna walked away, Michael approached Kiki to ask for a favor. He told her about Nelle's injury but admitted that he hadn't received an update because he wasn't a family member. Michael wondered if Kiki could help him, but she explained that she couldn't risk it.

However, Kiki checked the computer and revealed that Nelle's room was on the tenth floor, and she was accepting visitors. Michael confessed that Nelle had refused to see him. He wondered why he was there, but Kiki thought it was obvious -- he cared about Nelle. Michael didn't think it made sense because Nelle had destroyed his parents' marriage, but Kiki assured him that he was a good person who didn't waste time on undeserving people. She was confident there was some good in Nelle if he cared about her.

Later, Nina thanked Michael for calling her. Michael admitted that he hadn't known who else to call. Surprised, Nina asked if Nelle had any family, but Michael shook his head. Nina confessed that she felt partially responsible for what had happened to Nelle. She realized it had been wrong of her to involve Nelle in her marital woes. Nina was determined to make it up to Nelle and invited Michael to accompany her to Nelle's hospital room, but he admitted that Nelle didn't want to see him. Nina assured him that she would let Nelle know he'd been there all night.

In Nelle's hospital room, Nelle woke up in pain. She clutched her back and tried to get out of bed, but Deanna entered and ordered Nelle to lie back down. Exhausted, Nelle complied. A short time later, Nina entered. She was curious how Nelle felt. "Unemployed," Nelle answered. She assumed Nina had listened to her voicemail message.

Nina apologized for involving Nelle in her marriage problems and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Nelle was surprised when Nina confided that she had moved out, but she promised to talk to Valentin on Nelle's behalf to make certain she had a job waiting when she got back on her feet. Nelle warned Nina that it might be awhile because the doctors hadn't told her how bad the damage to her kidney was. Nina insisted Nelle could count on her then changed the subject to let her know that Michael had been at the hospital all night.

Outside Kelly's, Dillon ran into Laura as she was exiting the diner. Dillon was happy to see her because he had heard that she'd taken over some of his mother's responsibilities at the hospital. Laura confessed that she'd been surprised Tracy had nominated her, but Dillon was confident that the board wouldn't have approved the nomination if they'd thought Laura hadn't been up to the task. Laura appreciated the support, but she had big shoes to fill. Dillon suspected that his mother had been able to embark on her quest to find herself because she'd left everything in capable hands. Laura assured Dillon that she loved the hospital and only wanted what was best for it.

Brad overheard Laura as he walked up and told her that he hoped she meant it. Laura had no idea who Brad was, so he introduced himself. She smiled when she realized he was Lucas' husband. Brad revealed that he was also in charge of the lab at the hospital then offered to help if she'd been sincere about her desire to improve the hospital. Laura asked Dillon to excuse them.

After Dillon left, Laura and Brad sat down. Brad asked if they could speak candidly, so she assured him that she would respect his privacy. Brad didn't mince words as he warned Laura that Finn was a drug addict who had been actively using a dangerous opioid. Shocked, Laura reminded Brad that it was a dangerous accusation. She was curious why he hadn't gone to Monica with his concerns, but he scoffed. Brad insisted that he'd talked to Monica repeatedly, but she'd been as bad as Tracy.

Brad explained that Tracy had done everything in her power to cover for Finn because Tracy and Finn had been close. He urged Laura to act before word got out that the hospital had a "junkie" on staff. Laura resented the term because addiction was a disease. She reminded Brad that many people suffered from opioid addiction, including members of her own family. Brad apologized, but Laura made it clear that she wasn't interested in starting a witch hunt. She'd been aware of Finn's recovery, and the restrictions that had been placed on him until he'd completed the outpatient program.

Laura made it clear that the board would not act unless Finn failed a drug test. Frustrated, Brad decided Laura was no better than Tracy.

Inside Kelly's, Dillon kissed Kiki passionately. After he pulled away, Kiki admitted that the kiss had been the best part of her morning. Dillon asked about her exam, but Kiki hadn't received the results yet. However, she'd been told she would get a text message when the grades were posted. Dillon was delighted that he would be the first to find out that she was a nurses' aide, but Kiki scolded him because she didn't want him to jinx her.

Dillon changed the subject by asking Kiki to attend the Nurses Ball with him because Tracy had purchased a table at the event before leaving town. Kiki turned him down because she was afraid it would be too hard to be around everyone if she failed the exam. Dillon assured her that they could stay home, but he wanted her to keep an open mind. Moments later, Kiki's phone buzzed. She was too afraid to read her score, so she handed the phone to Dillon. Kiki was elated when he shared the news that she had passed.

At the hospital, Hayden saw Brad at the nurses' station and alerted Finn. Finn spotted Deanna, so he called out to her to let her know that he was ready to take his drug test. Brad watched as Finn and Deanna passed by. Later, Brad noticed the bag with Finn's urine sample. He walked over to the cart, picked up the bag, and pulled out the sealed cup. However, Brad was baffled when he realized the cup was empty. Moments later, Hayden and Finn made their presence known and warned Brad that he was in trouble.

Nearby, Laura saw Michael standing outside a hospital room and asked for a minute of his time because she needed to go over some numbers with him for the Nurses Ball. Michael reluctantly agreed and followed Laura. Moments later, Nelle opened the door to her hospital room. She was disappointed when she didn't see Michael.

In Dante and Lulu's kitchen, Dante finished making pancakes as Lulu, Rocco, and Charlotte waited at the table. Rocco told Charlotte that chocolate chip pancakes were his favorite, but they were only for special occasions. His eyes lit up when Dante served everyone chocolate chip pancakes. Lulu explained that it was a special occasion because it was their first breakfast as a family.

On the front stoop, Valentin left Nina a voicemail message. He knew she'd been avoiding his calls, but he promised that he'd made certain that Anna would never get between them again. After he ended the call, he rang the doorbell. Lulu invited him inside as Charlotte entered the living room and happily greeted her father. Valentin hid his irritation as Charlotte gushed about the chocolate chip pancakes, but Dante smiled and offered Valentin breakfast. Valentin declined because he wanted to take Charlotte to school.

Lulu assured Valentin that Dante could drop both Charlotte and Rocco off, but Valentin coldly assured her that it wasn't necessary. Lulu disagreed because she and Valentin had an appointment. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. It was Ms. Watkins -- the social worker assigned to their case. After Dante hustled the children out the door, Ms. Watkins asked why Charlotte had been left at school. Valentin claimed that he'd been tied up with an "unforeseen event," and he hadn't realized the nanny had failed to fetch Charlotte.

However, Valentin assured Ms. Watkins that he'd rushed over to Lulu's as soon as he'd heard. Lulu added that Charlotte had been asleep, so they'd decided to let Charlotte spend the night. Ms. Watkins was pleased that Valentin and Lulu had worked things out between them, but she told them they'd hear from her when she completed her report. After Ms. Watkins left, Valentin demanded to know what game Lulu had been playing. Lulu acknowledged that she'd enjoyed spending time with Charlotte, watching Dante read to the children, seeing her son and daughter play, and tucking Charlotte in at night. However, she denied playing games -- she had hoped Valentin would see that Charlotte had been happy and realize that she belonged with Lulu.

Lulu had asked if Valentin would agree to give her a few extra hours a week with Charlotte and allow their daughter to have occasional overnight visits. Valentin was furious when Lulu mentioned his crumbling marriage. He made it clear that he and Nina were "very married" and that it would stay that way. Dante arrived home as Valentin told Lulu to talk to the judge about changing the custody arrangement then stormed out. Lulu confessed to Dante that she felt hopeful because Valentin had screwed up, his marriage was on the rocks, and everything seemed to be falling in place. Lulu was confident that she would have custody of Charlotte soon.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin bumped into Nina. He filled her in about Charlotte spending the night at Lulu's and about Lulu's decision to contact social services. Valentin was pleased because it had created a permanent record of the incident, which meant that Lulu couldn't turn around and embellish the story down the road. Nina revealed that Nelle hadn't picked Charlotte up because Nelle had been mugged and was in the hospital. She asked Valentin to keep Nelle on, so he agreed. Nina tearfully explained that she didn't want Charlotte to lose another person she loved then quickly walked away.

At Anna's house, Alex's hands were tied to the bottom of the banister as she slowly opened her eyes. Alex recalled Valentin securing her hands to the banister the previous day then leaving her to her own devices. Alex went to work on the scarf's knot as her phone rang. She managed to get free in time to answer the call. It was Dr. Lancaster. Alex warned him that Valentin was onto them, but he revealed that Anna had managed to escape and was on her way back to Port Charles.

A short time later, Alex arrived at the airport. She took off her sunglasses to ask an airline representative when the flight to London would begin to board passengers. The woman checked and explained the plane had arrived from London a few minutes earlier. She assured Alex that she would be able to board the plane within the hour. Alex set her things down and checked her phone. "Mom?" Alex heard someone ask.

Alex was startled when she saw Robin and Emma. She smiled nervously as she greeted her twin's daughter and granddaughter. Alex noticed that Robin was very pregnant, but Robin smiled and assured her that everything would be fine provided she returned home the day after the Nurses Ball. Emma announced that she had Smiles and Sisters with her. Alex assumed Emma had been referring to teddy bears, but Robin frowned because they were the titles of the graphic novels her mother had given Emma.

Alex apologized and explained that she had a lot on her mind because she had to fly to London for work. Robin handed her phone to Emma and asked Emma to send a text message to Patrick to let him know that they had arrived. After Emma sat down, Robin expressed her concern, but Alex promised that she was frazzled because of the case. Robin was curious about it, but Alex insisted it was classified. However, she promised to return before the Nurses Ball. Robin was disappointed, but she called Emma over to give Anna a hug goodbye.

Emma balked. "That's not grandma," Emma told her mother. Robin was confused, but Alex tried to distract Robin by offering her a key to Anna's "flat." Robin tensed because her mother hadn't referred to her home as a "flat" in years. Seconds later, Emma called out to Anna. Alex turned and saw her twin standing behind her.

Alex and Anna come face to face

Alex and Anna come face to face

Friday, May 19, 2017

Carly ran into Ava and Avery at the park and couldn't understand why Ava had the little girl on an unscheduled day. Ava retorted that it was none of Carly's business, especially since Carly and Sonny were headed for a divorce. Carly noted that a divorce wouldn't change the custody agreement. Ava declared that Avery wasn't Carly's daughter, and she was sick of Carly's drama. She told Carly to take a last look at Avery because Carly's time with Avery would be over.

Carly informed Ava that Carly and Sonny would be the ones to determine Carly's time with Avery. Carly also suggested that she might go to court and play the tape with Ava having sex with Paul Hornsby, which might make people think that Ava had been working with him. Ava accused Carly of using Avery as a substitute for Morgan and said that Morgan had been Carly's only link to Sonny. Avery was hers, Ava declared. Carly was nothing.

"Back the hell off," Ava growled. Carly was certain that Ava was hiding something and trying to distract her. Ava had to have something on Sonny to get time with Avery on a different day, Carly concluded. She believed that Sonny would never have given Ava extra time with Avery because he hated Ava. "Why did you give in to that bitch?" Carly muttered as Ava walked off with her daughter.

Martina and Sonny made love in his bedroom, though things ended when Martina couldn't help but think about Carly. Martina was still concerned that Carly didn't believe the reasons that Martina had given for ending their legal association. Martina was ready to depart for California, but Sonny offered to take their relationship "up a notch." Sitting on the patio later, Martina and Sonny enjoyed a bountiful meal with Sonny's specially made pasta. He reminisced about Morgan. Martina pointed out that she and Sonny had an unusual bond because, while they had been intimate, they were still strangers. She offered to help him with his feelings about Morgan.

Sonny related that Morgan had suffered from bipolar like Sonny, and Morgan had relapsed. Sonny was still haunted by it all. He asked Martina to stay. The couple embraced and ended up back in bed. Carly arrived and saw the two wineglasses on the coffee table and the spread out on the patio table. She thought about how she'd seen Martina and Sonny in a questionable position. "Conflict of interest, my ass," she mumbled as she headed upstairs. She walked into the bedroom and looked at Martina and Sonny in bed.

At the airport, Emma and Robin realized that Anna wasn't really Anna, especially when they spotted Anna walking through the airport. Anna and Alex faced each other. "Hello, Anna," Alex said. Nathan broke the women apart as they started to get physical. Alex ordered him to let her go, as she was the real Anna. Emma confirmed that the other woman was her grandmother, and Robin agreed as she introduced Alex. Anna stated that she'd been assaulted, and Nathan placed Alex in handcuffs. He cited her for assault and disturbing the peace. Anna explained that she had just returned from London after a visit to speak to Alex, and she'd been "stuck" there.

Anna asked Robin to get news to Griffin, and she asked for some privacy in which to question Alex. Alex pointed out that she'd had Anna's cancer protocols taken care of while she'd been in custody. In the private room and alone for security reasons, Anna asked Alex about her history with Valentin. Alex explained that she'd been recruited by the DVX to do "certain things." She declared that Anna had been a traitor on her own. Valentin had had access to classified information, and Alex had been ordered to seduce him. She admitted that she'd "botched the final rendezvous," and Valentin had taken off with the Chimera, which had been highly classified and dangerous.

Alex added that the operation had been covered up afterwards due to the disappearance. She had been the one to get Valentin to steal it, and she'd slept with him. She cared for him in her own way, and she had been ordered to kill him. She hadn't been able to do it and had left him the kill instructions in plain view so that he could run away. She had been after the information again once he'd resurfaced. Anna realized that a new employer had asked Alex to retrieve the missing Chimera. Alex had had Anna drugged. Alex confided that she still cared for Valentin, but she was anxious to get away because she had failed. She advised Anna that Anna would have to be the one to go after the Chimera.

Alex showed Anna the chimera necklace and explained that the original buyer of the Chimera had died. Anna knew that Valentin would hate them both.

In the ballroom at the Metro Court, Lucy was auditioning acts for the Nurses Ball. Jake was ready to perform his magic act, but Lucy asked Elizabeth about Jake seeing Dr. Maddox. Lucy thought that it might change things, as she had issues with performers who had "creative temperaments." Elizabeth begged Lucy not to cut Jake from the performance schedule. Just then, Dr. Obrecht arrived and demanded an audition in her limited free time. She announced that she was there to save the ball. Lucy had no time for Obrecht, but the doctor vowed that she had learned her lesson from the previous year.

Finally, Lucy agreed to listen to the doctor sing, citing an abundance of acts that might warrant a cut after all. Lucy suggested that Jake might perform another time but reluctantly agreed to watch him do his magic. The women gave him a standing ovation. Lucy thought he was brilliant, and Elizabeth explained that Jake had been doing well, though she could understand Lucy's concern. Lucy thought that Elizabeth was a great mother, and she was pleased with Jake's act.

At General Hospital, Finn and Hayden caught Brad picking up Finn's empty cup where his sample should have been. Brad took the offensive and accused Finn of submitting an empty cup, while Hayden reminded Brad that he had been the one to pick it up. Brad retorted that heads would roll, and Griffin walked up and assured Brad that it would be his. The doctor reminded Brad that it wasn't his job to pick up samples. Brad complained about Finn endangering others with his drug addiction, but Hayden revealed that the last sample submitted had been hers and not Finn's. Brad retorted that both Hayden and Finn were junkies. Griffin added that samples had been submitted to other labs, as well, and all results were the same.

Finn announced that someone had been tampering with the samples, and Brad realized that the finger was pointed at him. He denied that he had altered any results. "You're busted," Griffin stated. He wanted Brad to admit his crime. Brad adamantly refused to confess, denying he'd done anything. Hayden suggested that Brad obtain a lawyer.

Brad bumped into Obrecht, who was ecstatic after her audition. She announced that she'd achieved her goal and would appear at the ball. Brad told her about the injustice directed at him. Obrecht agreed that she didn't trust Finn, and she told Brad to stay strong. She backed Brad due to his devotion to her daughter.

Griffin had a new sample handed to hospital security. Brad was livid and accused the others of trying to ruin him in order to cover Finn's addiction. Down in the lab, Obrecht was pleased with herself as she doctored Finn's latest sample. She was happy that she would never see Finn again.

Griffin ran into Robin and Emma, and they made some small talk. Emma was happy to announce that she'd be helping Jake with his magic act. They told Griffin the truth about Anna.

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