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Valentin was arrested. Lulu was granted custody of Charlotte. Liesl made certain Finn was suspended. Spencer returned. Sonny and Carly kissed. Sam received an unsettling warning.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 5, 2017 on GH
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Sonny chooses to let Ava live Sonny chooses to let Ava live

Monday, June 5, 2017

Jason called Elizabeth to check on Jake. She informed him that Jake had been asleep since he'd gotten home from the hospital. Jason urged her to call if she needed anything, and he hung up. A few minutes later, Laura arrived at Elizabeth's for the same purpose. When Elizabeth informed Laura that Jake was resting, Laura related that everyone could use a rest. Elizabeth retrieved a folded paper from the table and showed it to Laura. It was the shipping receipt from the magic kit. She thought she was a bad mother for not recognizing its danger.

A short while later, Elizabeth returned from checking on Jake and found Laura making tea. As the two women sat, Laura assured Elizabeth that not only was she a good mother, but Elizabeth had singlehandedly "brought your son from the brink of disaster," having saved many lives from the Chimera. She added that Elizabeth would have needed to be psychic in order to know what the magic kit had contained.

Laura updated Elizabeth on Valentin's "heroic" act of saving Nina from two men who'd wanted the Chimera. Laura believed that one good act couldn't redeem Valentin, but she could no longer dismiss him as evil. Charlotte loved Valentin, so Laura didn't envy Lulu's position. Elizabeth reminded Laura that, while she'd loved Nikolas, she'd hated Stavros. Elizabeth added that people could change and gain redemption from their past actions. Laura added that Valentin was wanted on criminal charges, and prison time for Valentin could make their lives simpler.

A short while later, Laura was gone, and Elizabeth cleaned up from Laura's visit. She looked at the shipping receipt from Jake's magic kit.

Valentin let himself and Charlotte into a cabin in Niagara Falls, New York. He explained that he knew she'd always wanted to go there. He instructed her to pick out all the things she wanted to see. She wondered if Nina was going to be there, but Valentin answered that Nina was angry with him. She asked if it had something to do with what had happened with Jake.

Valentin told Charlotte that there had been a misunderstanding, so they were going away "for a while" until it was straightened out. She thought that he should just tell what had really happened. She realized that she'd never said goodbye to Lulu, which Valentin had taught her was rude. He suggested that Charlotte send Lulu a postcard. He handed her a postcard and some maps and instructed her to pick out some sights to see. When she was gone from the room, Valentin made a call. He told someone that he wanted to meet at the Canadian border.

At Dante and Lulu's, Anna confirmed on the phone that neither Valentin nor Charlotte had been seen. When she was off the phone, Nathan entered the house and suggested an AMBER Alert. Anna shot the idea down, as Valentin wasn't wanted for kidnapping and hadn't been served an arrest warrant yet. Dante entered and hugged his crying wife. She blamed Charlotte's disappearance on herself and feared that she would never see Charlotte again. Dante promised that Charlotte would be found. Anna added that every available officer was working on the case.

Lulu said that Valentin was a master of hiding in plain sight, so finding him wouldn't be easy. Anna thought that Nathan knew someone who might know where Valentin had taken Charlotte. When Anna and Nathan were gone, Lulu insisted that she had to go out looking for Charlotte. Dante stopped her and urged her to let the police do their job. "I know how to find Charlotte," Lulu said suddenly. She explained that Valentin had given Charlotte a phone for emergencies. She dug through a pile of papers for the number and finally found it. She picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Charlotte heard her phone ringing in her backpack and took it out. She answered the phone to Lulu and observed that Lulu sounded scared. Dante silently instructed Lulu to keep the call going while he was on the phone with the station. Lulu said that she was worried about Charlotte, since she'd disappeared while Lulu had been with Rocco. Lulu offered to pick Charlotte up, but Charlotte replied that Valentin, who was in the other room, had surprised her with a trip. Lulu asked where Charlotte was, but Valentin suddenly grabbed the phone out of Charlotte's hand and put it to his ear.

Lulu demanded to know where Valentin had taken Charlotte. Valentin informed Lulu that calling Charlotte was in violation of the visitation agreement. Lulu told Valentin that when Anna found him, it wouldn't be good for Charlotte to witness. He advised Lulu not to call back and hung up the phone. Charlotte hoped she hadn't done something wrong. She wondered if Nina would be joining them, but Valentin told her they would be too busy to miss Nina.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Valentin ushered Charlotte into the other room with some tourist pamphlets. Valentin let a man into the cabin and asked if he had what Valentin needed. The man took two passports out of an envelope. Valentin said that he intended to "disappear forever."

Off the phone, Lulu asked if Dante had gotten what he'd needed. He confessed that they'd been unable to trace the call. A short while later, Laura entered the house and wondered why there were police cars out front. Lulu told her mother what had happened and fell into her arms. "What if I never see Charlotte again?" Lulu cried. Dante promised that they would find Charlotte.

Nurse Deanna handed a file to Griffin, who was on his way to see Ava.

Sonny growled that Ava deserved whatever she got. Suddenly, she grabbed his hand. "I want you to kill me. Do what you came to do. Kill me." Sonny snatched his hand away and conceded that he should have killed her "a long time ago." He didn't regret having Avery, but he regretted every minute that Ava had been alive since Avery's birth. "You've got me right where you want me. Put me out of my misery," she pleaded. He refused and grabbed her chart. "How about if I replace your meds with placebos?" he suggested, wanting Ava to have a "taste" of what Morgan had gone through.

"You need to live a long, painful life," Sonny said, thinking that death was "too merciful." He vowed that the first minute she wasn't consumed with suffering was when he would kill her. Just then, Griffin entered the room. He saw Sonny holding Ava's chart and informed Sonny that Griffin could have Sonny arrested or at least banned from the hospital for looking through the chart. Sonny informed Griffin of what Ava had done to Morgan. "That's a matter for the police," Griffin replied, and he demanded that Sonny stop threatening Griffin's patient. Sonny's wish for Ava was "a long, long life."

When Sonny was gone, Griffin told Ava that she had no nerve damage, but her pain medication was at the highest possible dose that her body could handle. "I can't live like this," she muttered. Griffin informed her that she would soon start to get skin grafts with "dozens of surgeries over the next few years." Ava thought there was no hope, so Griffin offered to pray with her. He held her hand, and together, they said a Hail Mary.

There was a knock on Jason's door, and he let Carly in. He was happy to have a distraction from worrying about Jake. Carly told Jason about what had happened, from Ava switching Morgan's medications all the way up through Ava's residence in the burn unit of the hospital. Jason advised Carly to "stay clear" of Ava. She retorted that Sonny probably wouldn't, and she refused to stop him "this time." Jason didn't think Ava's murder would honor Morgan, but Carly shot back that both of Jason's sons were alive. She immediately apologized, and he recognized that Jake's return was a miracle.

Just then, there was another knock on Jason's door, and he answered it to Sonny. Sonny had thought that answers would give him closure and peace. He revealed that he was feeling anything but peaceful, and Carly agreed. Carly wanted an update on Ava, and Sonny informed her that the best punishment for Ava would be living. He explained that it would take a long time for her to recover, and once she did, she would be tried for what she'd done. Carly was shocked that Sonny suddenly trusted the legal system.

Jason thought that Sonny had made the right call, especially since there would be no blood on anyone's hands. Carly yelled that there were ways of doing things without implicating Sonny. However, he explained that Ava had begged for death, which would be too easy. He thought that she would suffer for the rest of her life. "She has a life. Morgan doesn't because Ava took that away," Carly screamed. "She gets away again!" she yelled and stormed out of the apartment.

Nina sat down at Perks and thought about Valentin's declaration of love for her. She took out her phone and called the hospital for an update, but she was shocked to learn that Valentin had checked himself out. A short while later, she sat down at a table with Nathan and told him about Valentin disappearing. Anna appeared and informed Nina that Valentin was a fugitive, and Nina had to help find him.

Anna sat and told Nina that Valentin had taken Charlotte, and they could spend their lives running. Nina had no idea where they were. She defended Valentin's criminal actions as trying to help who he'd thought had been Anna. He'd been on the run with a life-threatening condition, and the Chimera was the only thing he'd had. He'd had no choice but to sell it, because he'd been young and desperate. She continued that he'd made a mistake and that people were capable of change. She wondered if they thought that people deserved second chances.

Just then, Anna's phone rang, and she answered it to Dante. Dante informed her of Lulu's call with Charlotte and how Charlotte had thought that she and Valentin were on vacation somewhere she'd always wanted to go. When Anna was off the phone, she asked Nina where Charlotte wanted to go on vacation. Nina started to name all the places in the world that Charlotte had been, but Anna thought it would be somewhere closer.

"You have to tell us," Nathan pleaded with Nina. "So I can be the reason my husband spends the rest of his life in jail?" Nina lashed out. Anna told Nina that the WSB would never stop looking, and she urged Nina to think of Charlotte. Nathan wanted to get Valentin peacefully while they had the chance. After some thought, Nina muttered, "Niagara Falls. We said we'd take her this summer." Anna immediately got on the phone.

Julian spends time with Alexis and Scout

Julian spends time with Alexis and Scout

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

At Dante and Lulu's house, Laura assured Lulu that Valentin wouldn't let anything happen to Charlotte because he loved his daughter. Lulu knew Laura was right, but she felt responsible for what had happened because Lulu had tipped Valentin off about the arrest. Lulu explained that she had hoped that Valentin would leave Charlotte with her to spare their daughter from having to see him arrested. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Anna.

Anna announced that she might know where Valentin had taken Charlotte because Nina had reluctantly revealed that Charlotte had wanted to visit Niagara Falls. Dante revealed that he'd been able to track Lulu's call with Charlotte to that region of the country. Dante decided to alert the police that Valentin might try to cross the border. Anna admitted that she might need Lulu to talk to Valentin, but Lulu doubted that he would listen to her. Anna was confident that Valentin would put Charlotte's needs first and give her to Lulu to spare Charlotte from having to go into foster care.

Laura assured Dante and Lulu that she would stay home with Rocco and monitor the phone. Shortly after Dante, Lulu, and Anna left for Niagara Falls, Laura answered a knock at the door. It was Spencer. She was stunned to see her grandson. Spencer entered the house as if he didn't have a care in the world, but Laura demanded answers. She wanted to know how he'd managed to slip out of a high-security boarding school without consent or supervision.

Spencer confessed that he'd found an app that had allowed him to create a text message, claiming he was needed at home for a family emergency, that appeared to have been sent from Laura's phone. Next, Spencer had used another app to order a car and book a flight home. Laura was furious, but she was also happy to see her grandson because it meant that he was safe. Spencer suspected his grandmother's concern had something to do with his "evil uncle" who had murdered Spencer's father and had robbed both Spencer and Laura of their rightful inheritance. Laura promised that Valentin would be punished, but Spencer vowed to make certain of it.

Spencer announced that he had returned to Port Charles to vanquish Valentin, avenge Nikolas, and reclaim Wyndemere. Laura warned Spencer not to do anything. Spencer argued that Valentin had once tried to kidnap him, but Laura didn't want Spencer to tangle with Valentin. Spencer insisted that he needed to reinstate Laura as the mistress of Wyndemere, but she smiled and assured Spencer that she was perfectly content in Lulu's home. Spencer conceded that his aunt's home had its advantages because it was closer to his favorite pizza place. Spencer talked about missing the local cuisine, but Laura warned him that she would have to send him back to school.

Spencer frowned then dramatically begged Laura not to send him back to the "Bastille." Laura chuckled because the elite boarding school had state-of-the-art technology and the most comfortable beds Spencer had ever slept in -- according to Spencer. Spencer argued that he'd felt that way at the beginning of the year, but things had changed. Plus, Spencer needed to restore their family's honor, which he wouldn't be able to do if he was stuck in Europe, "conjugating French verbs."

Later, Spencer munched on pizza as Laura wrapped up a call with Lulu. Spencer was delighted that he would get to welcome his aunt home, but Laura threatened to put Spencer on the red-eye to France. Spencer groaned because he feared that he would be stuck in the back with the "livestock." Laura smiled and agreed to let him stay because she had missed him. Spencer admitted that he had missed her too.

In a cabin near Niagara Falls, Valentin looked at the forged passports for him and Charlotte. He called out to his daughter to ask if she wanted to play a game. Charlotte emerged from the bedroom with a frown clouding her expression because she feared that "someone" was in big trouble. Valentin assured his daughter that she need not worry about him, but she admitted that she'd been referring to herself because she had skipped school. Valentin smiled with relief as he promised his daughter that it was fine because their trip might earn her extra credit.

Charlotte perked up, so Valentin tactfully shifted gears to tell her about the game he wanted to play. He explained that they would have to pretend to be other people -- with all new backgrounds -- and they would have to keep up the pretense even when they were alone. According to Valentin, the objective of the game was to remain in character for as long as possible. Charlotte grinned because she was eager to play. Valentin handed her the forged passport and told her that her new name was Genevieve LeBlanc, and his was Gaspar LeBlanc. Charlotte happily helped Valentin weave a story about their fantasy lives in Montreal until someone knocked on the door.

Valentin sent Charlotte to the bedroom to pack then answered the door. It was the desk clerk. He explained that someone had been looking for a man and his daughter fitting Valentin's description, but the desk clerk hadn't said anything because Valentin had been very generous upon arrival. Valentin easily read between the lines and handed the man more money to remain quiet. After the clerk left, Valentin called an associate to explain there had been a change of plans. Valentin wanted a car with Canadian license plates.

A short time later, Charlotte was upset that she wouldn't get to see Niagara Falls. Valentin apologized to his daughter, but he promised her that they would return another time and take in the sights. Valentin tensed when he heard a knock at the door. He sent Charlotte to grab her jacket then went to the door, expecting his associate. Valentin's hopes were dashed when he saw Dante, Anna, and Lulu on the doorstep. Charlotte ran into the living room and was shocked when she saw Lulu.

"Surprise," Lulu carefully said as she approached her daughter. At the door, Anna quietly whispered to Valentin that he knew what to do. Tears filled Valentin's eyes as he realized that he would have to say goodbye to his daughter. He called Charlotte over and explained that she needed to return home with her mother because he had to go away on business. His voice broke as he referred to Lulu as Charlotte's mother, but he forged ahead to assure Charlotte that everything would be okay. Charlotte was upset, but Valentin reminded her that she had enjoyed staying with her mother.

After Dante, Lulu, and Charlotte left, Valentin let his guard down. Anna was moved by the anguish she saw in his expression, but she remained determined to follow her orders. Valentin wanted Anna's promise that Charlotte would be okay, but Anna questioned his concern for Charlotte, since he'd taken the child on the run with him. She reminded him that there could have been a high-speed chase or an encounter with a SWAT team. Valentin knew she was right and pointed out that he'd handed his daughter over to Lulu. Anna conceded that the man who had done that had been the man she remembered from the past. She praised it as a good gesture, but he scoffed because it wouldn't matter to the courts.

Valentin caught Anna by surprise when he suddenly pulled a gun on her. Anna asked if he intended to kill her, but he promised to only maim her -- if she forced him to shoot. Anna warned him that he would never get to see his daughter again, but Valentin pointed out that Anna intended to ship him to the ICC in The Hague, and from there he would be sent to "super max" to live out his days behind bars. Anna agreed to cooperate, but moments later, an opportunity presented itself for her to get the jump on him. Anna and Valentin briefly struggled for the gun until a shot rang out.

The bullet hit the mirror above the fireplace and cracked it. Valentin appeared horrified when he saw his disjointed reflection in the broken mirror. Anna secured the gun, but she realized what he saw in the mirror and assured him that he was not the man he'd once been. Valentin disagreed because he was as broken on the inside as he'd been on the outside. Anna recalled that Valentin had been a good man and admitted that she had admired him, but Valentin was skeptical because she had rejected him. Anna acknowledged that she'd been young, stupid, and na´ve, but she assured him that she regretted her actions.

Anna promised Valentin that she was not the enemy because she had never exploited their friendship -- her sister had manipulated him. Valentin pointed out that Anna had her own past and transgressions that she might not want to resurface. He hoped her secrets were buried well because she had changed and created a good life for herself. He thought one of them should be free to live their life. Valentin put his hands behind his back. Anna's eyes glistened with tears as she formally arrested Valentin.

At the hospital, Lucas told Julian that it was too late to visit Ava, but Julian admitted that he was there to talk to his son. Lucas bristled and made it clear that he didn't care what Julian had to say because Lucas intended to check on Ava then head home. Julian followed Lucas from the nurses' station because Julian was glad that Lucas still cared enough about Julian's side of the family to check in on Lucas' aunt. Julian wondered if Lucas' compassion was reserved for his patients or if there was enough left over for Julian. Lucas was curious why Julian suddenly needed his son's approval.

Julian admitted that it might be the last chance he had to talk to Lucas without a glass partition between them. Julian wanted his son to know how much Julian loved him and wished that things had been different. Julian expressed his remorse, but Lucas wondered if Julian was sorry for the crimes he'd committed and the people he'd hurt, or if Julian was sorry that he would finally have to pay. "Both," Julian replied in a solemn tone. Lucas was unmoved. He told his father that he didn't have any compassion or forgiveness for Julian.

Lucas agreed to be polite and professional if he ran into Julian at the hospital, but he advised Julian to keep walking if they saw each other in public because Lucas would have nothing to say to him. Hurt, Julian agreed to respect his son's wishes.

Outside Perks, Alexis and Sam chatted over coffee as Scout slept in a stroller. Alexis was grateful that she'd been able to spend some time with Sam and Scout because she had desperately needed it. Sam tried to broach the subject of Julian's recent bail, but Alexis didn't want to think about her ex-husband. Sam became distracted when Scout began to fuss. Sam tried to soothe her daughter, but Alexis frowned when Sam referred to Scout as "Danny."

Sam brushed it off by reminding Alexis that mothers were known to mix up their children's names, but Alexis was concerned because she noticed that Sam was pale. Sam asked Alexis to cut her some slack because it was the first time Sam had raised a child "from scratch." Alexis apologized, but Sam regretted her outburst and admitted that Scout was "exhausting." Sam explained that it seemed all Scout did was eat and sleep, which were two things Sam hadn't had time to do. Alexis decided to take matters into her own hands and ordered her daughter to take the rest of the day for herself and go to a spa.

Sam objected, but Alexis wanted to spend the day with Scout and promised to drop her off at the penthouse later. Sam relented and reluctantly agreed to go to the spa. Alexis smiled and watched her daughter leave. A short time later, Julian passed by on the promenade. He saw Alexis and assured her that he hadn't been stalking her. Alexis believed him. Julian noticed the baby and asked if it was his granddaughter.

Alexis took pity on Julian and formally introduced him to his granddaughter, Emily Scout Morgan. Julian was awed by the baby, so Alexis offered to let him hold Scout. Julian smiled as she handed him the baby. He cooed to his granddaughter as he sat down across from Alexis. Alexis watched Julian with the baby as he admitted that Scout had given them all a scare when she'd been born. Alexis mentioned that she was worried about Sam, prompting Julian to ask if Sam was sick.

Alexis shook her head and explained that Sam was exhausted. Alexis changed the subject by asking about Ava, but Julian admitted that there hadn't been any change in Ava's condition. He added that there hadn't been any change in his relationship with Lucas either. Julian acknowledged that he didn't have any friends, but he also realized that it was what he deserved. Alexis was pleased that Julian had taken responsibility for the pain he'd caused. She talked about her recovery and the need for honesty to maintain her sobriety.

However, Alexis knew there were people who could never accept or recognize the error of their ways because they were incapable of changing. Julian assured Alexis that he intended to turn things around -- for her. Alexis warned Julian that she didn't want to be the reason for anything he did, but Julian insisted that he needed to prove that he was worthy of her love. Alexis was uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, but Julian recalled their last night together before he'd been arrested. He was certain that Alexis was in love with him, but she warned him that sometimes love was not enough.

Julian shifted gears and talked about the charges he faced. He didn't have much confidence in Scott, but Alexis suggested that Scott might surprise everyone. Julian admitted that the chances were slim. He kissed his granddaughter goodbye then handed her back to Alexis. Alexis settled Scout in the stroller then left. Julian watched Alexis and Scout then called Scott because he had something important to discuss with his attorney.

At the spa, Sam tried to relax as the masseuse asked if there was an area that Sam wanted him to focus on. Sam admitted that she'd been feeling achy for the past few days, especially between her shoulders. The masseuse began to massage Sam's shoulders, but she tensed. He urged her to relax then resumed the massage. Sam settled down until she suddenly heard her own voice in her head warning her, "She's not safe."

Sam's head popped up. Concerned, the masseuse asked if she was in pain. Sam shook her head and tried to relax again, but once again she heard her own voice whisper a warning. "Your family's in danger," Sam heard. She pulled the towel around herself and apologized to the masseuse because she couldn't continue with the massage.

At the Morgan penthouse, Jason and Sonny sat down at the dining room table with a bottle of scotch. Jason filled two tumblers with the amber liquid then handed one to Sonny. The friends talked about Ava as Sonny explained that he had let Ava live because she had lost everything and was suffering. Sonny insisted that it was exactly what Ava deserved, but Jason was curious what Sonny would have done if Ava hadn't started the fire. Sonny admitted that he would have let Ava leave town and disappear because she would have been out of their lives. Jason was skeptical, but Sonny pointed out that it would have been foolish for him to kill Ava because too many people had known that Sonny and Carly had planned to confront Ava.

Sonny conceded that things had worked out better than he'd planned because Ava was in constant pain and faced years of surgeries. Jason agreed that Ava only had herself to blame for the situation she was in. Sonny told Jason about Ava's accusation that Sonny and Carly were partly to blame for what had happened to Morgan because they had failed to get their son help, but Jason argued that Sonny and Carly had done all they could for their son. Sonny admitted that what had happened to Morgan was a parent's worst nightmare because he and Carly hadn't been able to help their son when Morgan had needed them most.

Jason recalled being in a similar situation when he'd thought Jake had been killed. Sonny acknowledged that the loss of a child was something that a parent could never get over, but Sonny had learned a lesson -- nothing was bulletproof. Sonny talked about his failed marriage, but Jason thought Sonny had reason to hope because Jason had sensed that the fire had pulled Sonny and Carly closer. Sonny admitted that he and Carly were alive because they had worked together, which Sonny believed should count for something. Jason agreed.

Sonny changed the subject by asking about Sam. Jason assured Sonny that Sam was fine, but it had only been a few months since Olivia Jerome had left Sam and Scout to die. Jason believed that Sam's incredible inner strength was the reason his wife and daughter were alive, but it had made him realize that he could never love anything as much as he loved his wife and children. Jason admitted there was nothing in the world that he wouldn't do to keep his family safe. Sonny had wanted to keep his family safe and secure, too, but he warned Jason that the past had a way of catching up with a person.

Shortly after Sonny left, Sam arrived home. Jason was curious where Scout was, so Sam told him about her visit with Alexis and Alexis' insistence that Sam take some time to recharge herself. However, Sam confessed that instead of feeling relaxed, she felt tenser than ever. Jason held his troubled wife.

Nina hands Valentin divorce papers

Nina hands Valentin divorce papers

> Nina hands Valentin divorce papers

Nina hands Valentin divorce papers

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

At Dante and Lulu's house, Spencer grumbled because Laura wouldn't leave him home alone, but she refused to risk it because she had vivid memories of what her grandson was capable of when he was left to his own devices. Spencer tied his shoes as he shifted gears to let his grandmother know that he didn't want to return to boarding school. Laura explained that she had picked the school in France because it was a secure location, but Spencer reminded her that Valentin had been arrested. Laura worried that Valentin would find a way to wiggle out of trouble because he'd done it in the past, but Spencer was confident that things would be different because Emma's grandmother had put Valentin behind bars.

At the hospital, Finn and Hayden strolled down a hallway after leaving Dr. Lee's office. Finn thought the OB/GYN had been a bit territorial, but Hayden defended her doctor because Finn had seconded-guessed everything Dr. Lee had said. Finn explained that being a father didn't mean he had stopped being a doctor, but Hayden merely chuckled. They were unaware as they passed a door that Liesl had overheard them. Liesl eavesdropped as Finn and Hayden's conversation turned to Finn's drug test. Finn worried that Brad might not have been the one who had tampered with his test results, but Hayden assured Finn that good things were headed their way.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrived for work with Cam in tow. Cam was in a sullen mood because his mother had refused to let him stay home alone when his soccer practice had been canceled. Elizabeth reminded her son that the house was being fumigated for fleas because the class guinea pig he'd taken home had been infested. She suggested that Cam get started on his summer reading list, so he pulled out a comic book. Stunned, Elizabeth clarified that she'd been referring to a book from his school's reading list. Moments later, Hayden walked up.

"I didn't know it was take-your-angel-to-work day," Hayden said as she smiled at her nephew. Elizabeth questioned Hayden's uncharacteristically chipper mood, but Hayden claimed that she was trying to be more optimistic. Cam complained about Elizabeth's bad mood, but Elizabeth explained that she had a lot going on with Aiden at camp, Jake at an appointment with Dr. Maddox, and Cam's soccer practice canceled. Hayden surprised both Elizabeth and Cam by offering to spend the day with her nephew. Cam was excited, but Elizabeth was reluctant to agree because Hayden didn't have any experience with children.

Hayden pointed out that she'd been Spencer's stepmother for a short time and promised to take good care of Cam. To Cam's delight, Elizabeth relented. Moments later, Laura and Spencer exited the elevator. Spencer squealed with joy when he saw Hayden. Hayden was equally happy to see Spencer and hugged him. Spencer announced that he was home for good, but Laura tactfully clarified that nothing had been decided.

Hayden took the opportunity to extend her condolences to Spencer in person. Spencer thanked her then suggested they spend the day together, but Laura put her foot down. Elizabeth assured Hayden that she could cancel her plans with Cam, prompting Spencer to pretend to notice Cam's presence. Cam replied by making a point of telling Cam about Emma's recent visit and bragging that she had spent time hanging out with Cam. Spencer was furious, but Laura reined in her grandson by reminding him that she expected him to wait for her while she attended a board meeting. Spencer appealed to Hayden to rescue him from the boredom.

Laura didn't approve of her grandson's antics, but Hayden assured Laura that she didn't mind if Spencer joined her and Cam. Elizabeth and Laura appeared uncertain, but Hayden was confident that she and the boys would have a good time. Hayden ushered the boys into the elevator and smiled at her sister and Laura as the doors closed.

Later, Elizabeth checked in with Hayden. "Oh, my God, the blood -- it's everywhere." Hayden said. Elizabeth was not amused, but Hayden chuckled and assured her sister that everything was fine. Hayden explained that she and the boys had arrived at Perks to pick up some treats. Hayden playfully ordered her sister to get back to work then ended the call.

A short time later, Elizabeth saw Laura pass the nurses' station. Elizabeth was surprised the meeting had ended early, but Laura explained that the meeting had been canceled. Laura decided to track Spencer down to get him off Hayden's hands. Moments later, Hayden called Laura, pleading for help.

At Perks, Nathan and Nina talked about Valentin. She felt guilty because she knew her husband and stepdaughter would have gotten away if it hadn't been for her, but Nathan refused to let Nina blame herself. He reminded her that there had been a warrant issued for Valentin's arrest because Valentin had committed so many crimes that they couldn't even charge him in the United States -- Valentin had to go to the ICC in Europe. Nathan added that she might have been charged as an accomplice if she'd helped Valentin in any way. "Yay for me," Nina sarcastically replied.

Nathan resented Nina acting as if Valentin had been an innocent man, but Nina assured her brother that she knew her husband had done terrible things. However, Valentin had saved her life by taking a bullet for her, and he'd loved her. Nina credited Valentin with making her happier than she'd ever been because he'd given her a family. Nina knew Nathan wanted her to turn her back on Valentin, but she didn't know if she could.

Later, Hayden, Cam, and Spencer stopped by the kiosk to order drinks. Cam asked for a "mocha Frappuccino," while Spencer ordered an iced cortado. Hayden wondered if it was a good idea for the boys to have that much sugar and caffeine, but the boys promised that it wouldn't be a problem. A short time later, Hayden and the boys sat down with their beverages. Hayden suggested they head to the museum. Spencer loved the idea, but Cam asked if he could go to the park across the street to play soccer while Hayden and Spencer checked out the museum.

Spencer made a snide remark about Cam being a stray, so Cam countered that Spencer had been dumped in a school far away from home. The argument quickly escalated when Emma's name was mentioned. Spencer bragged that Emma had kissed him -- and liked it -- then tossed part of his drink in Cam's face. Cam responded by chasing Spencer around the promenade. Hayden tried to get the boys under control as they began to throw things at each other, but Spencer and Cam ignored her. Desperate, Hayden called Laura.

A short time later, Laura arrived. "That's enough!" Laura yelled at her out-of-control grandsons. Spencer and Cam immediately froze in their tracks. Laura scolded both boys then ordered them to clean up the mess. Hayden quickly filled Laura in about the drink orders and the argument between the boys. Hayden wondered what kind of mother she would be to her baby if she couldn't manage two middle school boys.

Laura assured Hayden that children didn't "pop out like that." She promised that Hayden would have years of experience wrangling children by the time they reached Spencer and Cam's age. Hayden was relieved. Laura congratulated Hayden on the pregnancy then offered her words of encouragement. Hayden thanked Laura, but she asked her not to say anything to Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Griffin stopped Finn to talk to him about Ava's case. Griffin was concerned that Ava might develop an infection and hoped to have Finn consult on the case. Liesl stood nearby, listening to the conversation, but she stepped forward when she heard Griffin's request. She warned Griffin that Finn's hospital privileges had been suspended, but Griffin explained that Finn could consult on cases. Liesl reminded Griffin that there were other doctors available on staff, but Griffin preferred to talk to Finn because Finn was an infectious disease specialist. Liesl was not satisfied because she believed Finn's mind was clouded by drugs.

Griffin asked Finn if Finn was under the influence of a controlled substance and if anyone on Finn's rehab team would describe Finn as being in the grips of withdrawal or experiencing drug-related issues. Finn replied no to each question then invited Griffin to double-check with Finn's counselors. Satisfied, Griffin decided Finn was fit to offer his advice. Griffin assured Liesl that he only expected Finn to consult because Finn hadn't been cleared to treat patients. Liesl watched as Griffin then Finn walked away. "Nor will he be," Liesl quietly vowed.

Later, Finn approached Liesl at the nurses' station in the hopes of clearing the air. He acknowledged that she didn't like him, but he urged her not to let her personal feelings for him get in the way of Ava's treatment. Liesl claimed that she'd been abiding by the hospital's policy, so Finn tried another tactic. He conceded that they didn't have to be friends, but they were expected to be good doctors. He hoped she could put her dislike for him aside long enough to allow them to do good by the patients.

Moments later, Griffin walked up to talk to Finn. Finn realized his drug test was back and asked when he could start treating patients. Griffin revealed that it wouldn't happen because Finn had tested positive for opioids. Griffin explained that Finn was suspended because Brad hadn't been anywhere near the last drug test. Nearby, Liesl smirked.

At Curtis' apartment, Curtis was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door and saw Jordan standing on his doorstep. She held up a red velvet cupcake -- Curtis' favorite -- and wished him a happy birthday. Jordan invited him to make a wish and blow out the candle, but he smiled because he'd already been granted his wish. Curtis blew out the candle then tasted the icing. Jordan asked if the cupcake was good, but Curtis suggested she decide and kissed her as he pulled her into the apartment.

After Curtis and Jordan made love, Jordan curled up on the sofa, wearing Curtis' shirt. She groaned when she checked her phone because she was needed at work. Disappointed, Curtis tried to persuade her to stay to help him celebrate his birthday. Jordan quickly succumbed to his charms and agreed to push back some meetings. Curtis smiled victoriously as he kissed Jordan.

Later, Jordan finished getting dressed as she returned to the living room. Curtis thanked Jordan for the cupcake, so she promised to return in time for dessert. Curtis kissed her and walked her to the door. After Jordan left, Curtis picked up the cupcake, but he put it back down when he heard a knock at the door. He smiled because he assumed it was Jordan. Instead, it was his Aunt Stella. Stella greeted Curtis then wished him a happy birthday as she entered his apartment, carrying a suitcase.

Curtis wondered what his aunt was doing in town, but Stella didn't think she needed an excuse to visit Curtis. Curtis politely invited her to sit, prompting her to ask what was new with his life. Curtis told her that he'd been working as a private investigator, but she wasn't impressed because it didn't pay well. Curtis assured Stella that he did well, but she wondered if he liked being far away from home. Curtis smiled and promised to show her the sights around town, but Stella was more interested in hearing about Curtis' love life. Curtis admitted that he'd been seeing someone, but he carefully steered the conversation away from Jordan by asking where Stella was staying.

Curtis offered to arrange for a suite at Metro Court, but Stella wanted to stay with Curtis and spend some time catching up with T.J. Stella bragged that T.J. was a credit to their family -- despite T.J.'s sorry excuse for a mother. Stella hoped that she wouldn't have to cross paths with "that woman" while Stella was in town.

At the police station, Dante and Lulu entered the interrogation room to talk to Valentin about Charlotte. Valentin accused Lulu of exploiting the situation to try to get custody of Charlotte, but Dante reminded Valentin that the trial could take months. Valentin insisted that Charlotte would be fine with Nina. Lulu realized that Valentin hadn't been told that Nina had turned him in. Valentin defended his wife by claiming that Nina had only had Charlotte's best interests at heart, which he was confident Nina would continue to do. Dante informed Valentin that the court had already decided to place Charlotte with Lulu.

Valentin was visibly shaken, but Lulu gently explained that she and Dante were there to appeal to Valentin to help make the transition for Charlotte easier by assuring Charlotte that he supported the judge's decision. Valentin agreed to talk to Charlotte, but he asked for a favor in return. He wanted to be the one to explain to Charlotte why he was leaving town, and he expected Lulu to back up whatever he said because he didn't want Charlotte to learn the truth. Lulu agreed because she wanted to spare her daughter as much pain as possible.

After Dante and Lulu left, Valentin sighed with resignation. Moments later, a police officer opened the door to announce that Valentin had a visitor. Valentin smiled when he saw Nina. After she closed the door, she asked him about his gunshot wound. He assured her that it was healing. Nina nervously paced the room until she worked up the courage to confess that she had told the police where to find him, but she rushed to explain that she'd done it to spare Charlotte a life as a fugitive. Valentin conceded that it hadn't been his finest hour, but he wished Nina had joined them.

Valentin was confident that he, Nina, and Charlotte would have been happy. "Now, we'll never know," Nina told him. Valentin's expression clouded with sadness as he pointed out that their situation was similar to when they had first met, except he was in love with her. Nina recalled that a part of her had known that he'd return to her, but things were different this time because she didn't think she would see him again. "Never say never," Valentin advised her, but Nina admitted that it didn't matter because, even if he beat the charges, he wouldn't return to her.

Valentin assured Nina that she was wrong because he loved her. Nina explained that they were over as she pulled an envelope from her bag. She revealed that the envelope contained divorce papers, but she assured him that she didn't want anything from him except her freedom. Valentin was hurt, but Nina insisted that she couldn't be married to a man behind bars or be a stepmother to a child she loved when that child lived with another family. Nina conceded that what she and Valentin had shared had been "gorgeous and beautiful," but it was over. Valentin begged Nina to reconsider, but she left the envelope on the table and walked out.

In the squad room, Jordan wrapped up a call as Nathan returned with paperwork from the WSB detailing Valentin's transfer. Jordan and Nathan went to her office to go over everything.

Meanwhile, a police officer announced that Valentin had another visitor. Valentin looked up and smiled. "Of course, it's you," Valentin said.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Dante wondered if he and Lulu should pull Charlotte and Rocco out of school for the rest of the day, but Lulu admitted that she was worried about Charlotte because her daughter loved Valentin and would be hurt by his disappearance. Lulu was also uneasy lying to her daughter because she feared it would backfire on her.

Across town, Anna sat on a street bench as she thought about her last conversation with Valentin. She pushed the unsettling memory away when she spotted Mac. Mac quickly approached Anna to greet her. He admitted that he was happy that he'd run into her because Robert had been worried when she had failed to answer Robert's calls. Anna promised to get in touch with her ex-husband, but Mac wondered if Robert was right about Valentin's arrest hitting Anna harder than expected. Anna wished that Robert would mind his own business, but Mac promised to keep Anna's confidence if she needed to talk.

Anna explained that she had arrested Valentin because it had been the right thing to do, but she worried that Valentin's arrest had little to do with justice. She acknowledged that Valentin was far from innocent, but she didn't think he was as guilty as the WSB maintained. Mac suspected that Anna blamed her twin, Alex, but Anna pointed out that the WSB also considered Alex guilty, or they wouldn't have arrested Alex. However, Anna admitted that she was surprised that her sister hadn't tried to cut a deal to save herself. Anna was certain that would change when Alex heard about Valentin's arrest.

Mac was curious if Anna would be able to testify against Valentin, but Anna doubted it would be necessary because she hadn't recorded Valentin's confession. Anna pointed out that it would only be her word against Valentin's, which she doubted would be sufficient to convict him. Anna turned the conversation to Valentin's actions in the parking garage when she'd caught him trying to flee with the Chimera. Mac worried that Anna might try to stonewall the trial, but Anna promised to be completely honest if she were called to testify. However, Anna reiterated that the case rested with Alex, not Anna.

Moments later, Anna's phone rang. It was Robert. After a brief exchange, Anna ended the call and revealed that her twin had managed to escape from WSB custody and vanish.

Valentin is taken into custody

Valentin is taken into custody

Thursday, June 8, 2017

At Perks, Dillon refused to let Kiki push him away when she needed him most. He acknowledged that what Ava had done to Morgan was horrible, but he made it clear that Kiki was not responsible for her mother's actions. Kiki was disgusted and wanted nothing to do with Ava, but Dillon cautioned Kiki not to do anything she might regret because Ava was her mother -- and her mother was in a fight for her life. Kiki seemed uncertain, but Dillon promised to help her the same way she had helped him when his father had been arrested. Touched, Kiki smiled as Dillon leaned down to kiss her.

Outside Ava's hospital room in the burn unit, a doctor gave Sonny an update on Ava's condition. The doctor explained that they were closely monitoring Ava for pain and possible infection, but she remained in critical condition. However, the doctor assured Sonny that Ava had stabilized and had shown signs of improvement. After the doctor left, Carly walked up. She was curious why Sonny had asked her to meet him at the hospital. Carly admitted that it made her uncomfortable to see anyone suffer the way Ava was suffering, but Sonny had wanted to make certain that he and Carly were on the same page about Ava's punishment.

Carly assured Sonny that she wanted Ava prosecuted for tampering with Morgan's medication. Satisfied, Sonny warned her that they would have to deal with one of their least favorite people -- Nelle. Carly nodded then mentioned that Diane had been furious that Carly and Sonny had talked to the police without an attorney. Carly revealed that Diane had offered to step in as a special prosecutor on the case, but Diane doubted the district attorney would agree because Diane was on retainer to Sonny. However, Carly assured Sonny that Diane was confident there was a strong circumstantial case against Ava, especially with Lucy's damaging testimony. Sonny argued that they needed more than one witness against Ava, but Carly reminded him that Scott might be subpoenaed.

Sonny didn't hold out much hope that Scott would help. Carly conceded that Scott would likely claim attorney/client privilege, but Andre could testify about the sudden change in Morgan's personality to help establish that Ava had switched the lithium with placebos. Carly suggested they turn over Morgan's journal because it was a detailed record of Morgan's decline, but Sonny was reluctant to share their son's private thoughts with a jury. Carly thought it would be worth it to secure a conviction against Ava, but Sonny explained that they needed Nelle to testify because she had seen Ava in Morgan's bedroom hours before Lucy had caught Ava throwing Morgan's prescription bottle in a Dumpster. Carly was worried because Nelle didn't have any incentive to help them.

Meanwhile, Michael entered Nelle's hospital room to let her know that she would be able to leave soon. Michael offered to take her home, but she assured him that it wouldn't be necessary. She appreciated all that Michael had done for her, but she didn't want his pity. Michael frowned because he was curious why she thought he pitied her. Nelle began to fidget, but Michael easily figured out that his grandmother had been talking to Nelle. He conceded that he felt bad for Nelle's situation, but it wasn't the same as pity.

Michael admitted that he cared about Nelle, but she questioned that because she had hurt his family. Michael agreed that she had caused a lot of damage, but he also knew that there was another side to her because he'd seen it during their time together in the cabin. He wanted to get to know that person better, but Nelle was skeptical because he'd been supportive of her decision to leave town. Michael insisted that he'd had a change of heart and vowed to do everything in his power to persuade her to stay. Nelle smiled.

The conversation shifted to Morgan when Michael filled Nelle in about Ava's confession. Nelle was shocked and suggested the fire had been karma, but Michael admitted that he didn't want Ava to suffer -- he wanted Ava to pay. Moments later, Sonny and Carly entered Nelle's hospital room to appeal to Nelle for help. Nelle readily agreed and told them about the afternoon she'd caught Ava in Morgan's bedroom. Nelle recalled that Ava had been nervous, and she confirmed that Ava had had an opportunity to steal Morgan's prescription bottle. Pleased, Sonny told Nelle that a lawyer would contact her. Carly thanked Nelle then followed Sonny to the elevator.

Sonny was relieved that Nelle had agreed to give a deposition, but he was concerned because it was clear that Michael was still interested in Nelle. Carly suspected Nelle wouldn't give Michael up without a fight because Nelle knew a good thing when she saw it. However, Carly reminded Sonny that their priority was to make certain that Ava paid for what she'd done to Morgan. Carly was willing to tolerate Nelle as long as Nelle helped send Ava to jail.

Later, Michael returned to Nelle's hospital room to let her know that she was free to leave. Nelle smiled, but Michael shifted gears to thank her for helping his parents. Nelle assured him that she was happy to testify against Ava. Michael promised Nelle that he wasn't there because he expected her to help his family, but Nelle insisted the thought had never crossed her mind. However, she was concerned what Carly would do when Carly learned about their friendship. Michael smiled as he admitted that he and Nelle were more than friends.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava opened her eyes and saw a vision of herself standing over her bed. The vision softly warned Ava that she'd lost everything, and all Ava had left was unending pain. The vision pointed out that even Kiki was gone, but the vision assured Ava that Ava didn't have to endure the agony. The vision gently urged Ava to let go and rest. Moments later, Ava's eyes drifted closed as the monitor flatlined and an alarm sounded.

In the hallway, Sonny and Carly watched as a medical team raced into Ava's hospital room and began resuscitation measures. Moments later, Kiki and Dillon arrived. Kiki was horrified when she realized that her mother was in crisis.

At Perks, Jordan met T.J. for coffee. T.J. hugged his mother then asked why she'd called. Jordan admitted that she had wanted to talk to him about Curtis. T.J. worried that Curtis had broken his mother's heart, but she assured him that the opposite was true. Jordan revealed that she and Curtis were no longer casually dating -- they were in a relationship. T.J. was happy for his mother.

At Curtis' apartment, Curtis listened to his aunt rant about Jordan. Stella insisted that Jordan had never been worthy of Curtis' beloved brother, Thomas, but Curtis reminded his aunt that Jordan was T.J.'s mother. Stella promised to hold her tongue in front of T.J., but she didn't see any reason why she should refrain around Curtis. She admitted that she had stayed away for as long as she had because of Jordan. However, Stella was eager to visit T.J. and worried that Jordan might stop her. Curtis reminded Stella that T.J. was his own man and free to make his own decisions.

Stella smiled as she thought about T.J., who was the last link to Thomas. Curtis tensed, but he remained quiet as Stella returned to complaining about Jordan. Stella accused Jordan of being a born liar who always twisted things to her own advantage. Stella doubted that Jordan had told T.J. about Stella, but Curtis assured his aunt that T.J. remembered Stella fondly. Stella had her doubts because she and Jordan had exchanged heated words at Thomas' funeral. Stella had regretted the scene because Curtis' mother had suffered enough heartbreak losing a son, but Stella couldn't regret calling Jordan out for being a "faithless tramp."

Stella knew Jordan didn't like to be confronted with her failings, so she feared that Jordan had poisoned T.J. against Stella. Curtis assured his aunt that she didn't have anything to worry about because Jordan loved T.J. and recognized the value of family. Curtis reminded Stella that she was T.J.'s favorite aunt then reminisced about the time Stella had bought T.J. an authentic lightsaber for Christmas. Stella smiled as she admitted that it had been worth every penny to see the joy on T.J.'s face when he'd opened the gift.

Later, Curtis offered to send Jordan a text message to let her know that Stella was in town, but Stella resented having to clear things with Jordan before reaching out to T.J. Curtis asked Stella to give Jordan a chance because he was confident that Jordan would want T.J. to reconnect with his great-aunt. Curtis carefully explained that he'd gotten to know Jordan since moving to Port Charles. He conceded that Jordan hadn't always been good, but she had learned about the man he'd become and the changes he'd made. Curtis promised that Jordan had changed, too, but Stella scoffed and asked who Jordan had her hooks into. Annoyed, Curtis revealed there was something Stella needed to know.

Stella was hurt that Curtis would defend Jordan to her, so Curtis decided to change the subject because it was his birthday and he was hungry. Stella smiled and offered to cook, but Curtis admitted that he didn't have any food. Stella and Curtis agreed to go shopping. Curtis ducked into the bedroom to grab something, while Stella checked her recipes online to make a shopping list. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Stella offered to get it and went to the door. "Happy birthday, baby," Jordan said as the door opened, but her smile quickly vanished when she saw Stella.

At the police station, Valentin looked at the woman who had entered the interrogation room. He smiled as she closed the door because he knew she wasn't Anna. Valentin assumed that Alex had cut a deal with the WSB, but Alex revealed that she had escaped custody. Valentin suspected she was wired, but she made a point of taking responsibility for her criminal activity when she'd manipulated him into stealing the Chimera. Valentin regretted the day he had met Alex, but she argued that he hadn't minded when he'd thought she'd been her twin. Valentin admitted that it had been the only thing that had made Alex tolerable.

Alex bragged that she could do what her sister couldn't -- set Valentin free. Valentin wondered what Alex was up to, but she assured him that it was true. She explained that the WSB needed her testimony to prove that he'd stolen the Chimera then sold it to Helena. Alex was the only witness against him, just like Valentin was the only witness against her. Valentin reminded Alex that Anna knew what had transpired between them, but Alex argued that her sister didn't have firsthand knowledge of anything. Valentin realized that the WSB couldn't build a case against him if Alex was in the wind, but he wondered what she wanted in exchange for helping him.

"My freedom," Alex answered. Alex explained that she had paid him a visit to make it clear that it was in their best interest for Valentin to remain silent. Alex feared he might be tempted to confess to please Anna. Valentin scoffed, but Alex didn't believe him. Alex pointed out that she and Valentin had had more of a connection than he'd ever had with Anna.

Shortly after Alex left, Anna arrived to talk to Valentin about the case against him. Valentin played things close to his vest and told Anna that there wasn't any proof that he'd stolen the biotoxin from the WSB. Anna reminded Valentin that he had confessed to her, but he pointed out that it would be her word against his -- unless she had recorded their conversation. Anna shook her head, prompting Valentin to accuse the WSB of pursuing charges against him because they needed to save their wounded pride. Anna tactfully reminded him that it was above her pay grade, and her assignment had ended when she'd turned him over to the WSB.

Valentin wanted to know when he would be transferred. Anna checked her phone and let him know that someone would be arriving to collect him within a few minutes. Valentin objected because Dante and Lulu had asked him to talk to Charlotte to help her adjust to the changes in her life. Anna felt bad for Valentin because Lulu wouldn't be able to get Charlotte there fast enough. Desperate, Valentin asked Anna to record a message from him to his daughter. Anna agreed and set her phone up on the table.

Anna stepped away to give Valentin a bit of privacy as he looked at her phone and addressed his daughter in French. Valentin switched to English as he gently explained that he had to go on a long trip, and he didn't know when he'd be able to return. He assured Charlotte that he loved her and would be with her in spirit. Valentin told Charlotte to look up at their star, Polaris, if she missed him because he would be looking at it, too, and thinking about his daughter. Valentin ended the message in French as Anna returned to stop the recording. She brushed away her tears as she asked why he'd given his daughter false hope by promising to return.

Two WSB agents entered the interrogation room and took Valentin into custody. Valentin looked at Anna and told her that he would find a way to keep his promise to his daughter. "Bye, Anna," Valentin softly said as the two agents led him away.

Dante pursues Lucy and Scott

Dante pursues Lucy and Scott

Friday, June 9, 2017

Aunt Stella was not happy to see Jordan show up at Curtis' apartment. "Well, speak of the devil," the older woman said. Curtis broke the news that he and Jordan had been seeing each other. Stella was dismayed and reminded Curtis that Jordan had destroyed their family. Curtis advised her that they'd been trying to move on, but Stella was adamant in her belief. Curtis begged his aunt to play nice for his birthday, but Stella accused Curtis of losing his mind. She would not forgive or forget and would never accept Jordan.

Stella added that she'd never believed that Tommy had been killed accidentally. She believed that Jordan had been involved in his death after he'd learned of his wife's affair with Shawn. Curtis gently told her that Shawn had killed Tommy in self-defense after Tommy had gone after Shawn while the pair had been in the Middle East. Curtis had blamed himself for Tommy's death, since he'd been the one to divulge Jordan's affair with Shawn. Curtis hated himself. Stella realized that that had been the reason Curtis had turned to drugs.

Curtis declared that he had been responsible for his own life, Stella admonished Jordan for adding misery to their family. Jordan agreed with Stella and admitted that she hated herself for what she had done to her husband. It was okay for Stella to hate her, also, Jordan added. She began to cry, and Curtis insisted that she not beat herself up. Stella announced that she was not ready to accept Jordan, who had ruined the family and who didn't possess any decency or remorse. Stella blamed Jordan for destroying Curtis' brother and his mother, and she was certain that Jordan would destroy Curtis too.

Jordan told Stella that while she understood Stella's feelings, Jordan had changed. Curtis added that Jordan made him happy. Stella declared that she would grab her things and go to a hotel. She stated that she had made peace, but seeing Jordan and Curtis together had ruined it. She was grateful that she might still see T.J. Once the woman was gone, Curtis could see that Jordan had been hard on herself. He hoped that Stella hadn't gotten to Jordan because he had no plans of backing down.

Hayden arrived at Finn's place, smelling of coffee. "I had children," she whined. She chalked it up to temporary insanity, but she was worried that she would make an awful mother. She could understand why Elizabeth was such a mess with three boys. Finn reassured her that they were in it together. He told her that his latest drug testing had been positive, and he promised that he was clean. Hayden believed him, and they tried to figure out who might be the culprit who had fixed the test. The pair decided to shower together and afterwards tried to figure out who might be the person who had changed Finn's drug tests.

Both Finn and Hayden realized that Obrecht had to be the culprit, though Finn couldn't believe that she would do such a thing. Hayden reminded him that Obrecht had always seemed to hate and resent Finn but wondered whether the doctor was working alone or with Brad. Finn declared that they would need to pursue it further, as they needed actual evidence.

Julian met with Scott at the police station and argued that he didn't care for the attorney's deal to bait Sonny. He thought it was more of a death sentence. Julian mentioned that he had held his new granddaughter and was looking for another way out. Scott thought it would go over well if he claimed that Olivia had coerced Julian and threatened his family. Julian had to leave after he received a text message about Ava. He had to go to the hospital.

Dante questioned Lucy in the interrogation room. He wanted to know why Lucy had had Morgan's pills in her possession and how Ava figured into it. He had every intention of getting to the bottom of it. Lucy explained that she'd seen Ava toss the pills in an alley and had assumed that the reason had been to hide an affair with Morgan. She had been torn about telling Sonny and Carly but hadn't wanted to see any additional pain. Dante informed her that there'd been no affair and that Ava had switched the pills to sugar pills in order to get Morgan away from Kiki.

Lucy was horrified. Dante added that the pills had been switched a second time but to the wrong dose of lithium. Ava had confessed to switching the pills the first time, but he wondered how the pills had been switched again if they'd been in Lucy's possession. Lucy had no clue. "What about Ava?" Dante asked. He knew that Lucy wasn't telling him everything, and he threatened to arrest her for being an accessory in Morgan's death.

Dante and Lucy saw Scott after his meeting with Julian. Scott assessed the situation and told Lucy to remain quiet. Lucy advised Dante that she had not retained Scott as her attorney, and she began to tell Scott off. She told Dante that Scott had wanted the pills and had tried to obtain them from her in various ways. She assumed that he'd stolen them for Ava.

Dante reviewed the entire scenario as he saw it, but Scott advised that he could not utter a word. He had attorney-client privilege with Ava. He suggested that Lucy remain quiet, as well. "I don't care," Lucy shouted. She wondered how Scott would have felt if it had been Lucy, Scott, and Sabrina in the same situation. She didn't think Carly and Sonny deserved what they'd gotten, and she couldn't believe that Scott could be so heartless.

Scott declared that Dante had nothing but pure speculation. Dante stressed that he would pursue the truth and build a case. He added that Scott's hands were dirty, and he had been responsible for Ava.

At General Hospital, Kiki, Dillon, Sonny, and Carly watched as the doctors tried to revive Ava. Carly and Dillon consoled Kiki until Griffin finally managed to get Ava's heart going. "Looks like she made it," Sonny uttered. Griffin advised Kiki that her mother might suffer another cardiac event because it was normal with burn victims. He was unable to make a prognosis. Sonny told Kiki that she could stop by whenever she wanted to visit with Avery, and he advised Dillon to take care of Kiki. Carly assured Kiki that she would have support from Carly and Sonny.

Kiki realized that she needed to go into Ava's room but had no idea what she might say. When she stepped inside, Julian arrived. Dillon told him that Ava's episode had happened suddenly. Julian noted that he thought he could turn his own life around if he pleaded that he'd been under duress. He wondered if it might all be a tradeoff if he ended up getting acquitted. He could go free, but Ava could die.

Inside Ava's room, Kiki sat with her mother and admitted that she didn't want Ava to die. She hated what Ava had done to Morgan, but she didn't want to lose Ava like she had threatened previously. Kiki held her mother's hand.

Sonny took Carly home. He believed that Ava had gotten what she deserved and had no heart after doing what she had done to Morgan. They agreed that it was awful to see Kiki suffer. Carly thought that maybe they would heal if Ava died. Sonny revealed that he had thought, "This is where it ends," when Ava's heart had stopped. There would be justice if Ava passed away. Carly thought that they could heal and have peace. Sonny asked if she meant for them as well as Morgan. Carly leaned over to kiss Sonny in response.

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