General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 12, 2017 on GH

Kevin and Laura decided to move in together. Sonny and Carly agreed to end their marriage. Jason apprehended Helena's henchman. Sam had disturbing visions. Nathan agreed to meet with Amy's publisher.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 12, 2017 on GH
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Josslyn gives Carly an earful about Sonny Josslyn gives Carly an earful about Sonny

Monday, June 12, 2017

Jordan tried to convey to Curtis how upset she was about Stella showing up and causing drama. Curtis urged her not to let it get to her, and he made sure that she wouldn't "turn away" from him. She suggested that, after all the points Stella had made, Curtis should turn away from Jordan. She added that Stella would never approve of their relationship, but he told her that he didn't want to go backwards after all the work they'd done to get to where they were in their relationship.

Curtis assured Jordan that he saw her in his future. He cared for Stella, but he needed to live life the way he wanted. Jordan wondered what he would do if Stella made him choose between the two women. He thought that was unlikely and that Stella would eventually accept the two as a couple. He told her that they just needed to be careful and patient and respect Stella's feelings. She reminded him that they were keeping the huge secret of T.J.'s paternity from Stella. He recognized that they needed to tell his aunt eventually, but he thought that they needed to wait until the time was right.

Stella was sitting at a table at Kelly's when T.J. walked by to clear off an adjacent table. Knowing it was him, she wondered what was good at the restaurant. Without turning around, T.J. told her that Kelly's had the best BLT sandwiches in New York. She suggested that he try her BLT, which was the best in Baltimore. He cautiously turned and was ecstatic to see Stella. The two embraced, and he sat with her at the table.

Stella marveled over how grown-up T.J. looked. She also observed that he looked tired and advised him to plan for sleep in between working and studying. She wistfully remarked on how he had his father's drive and focus, while Curtis was just plain stubborn. He wondered if Jordan and Curtis knew she was there and if she knew that they were together. "We had a conversation," she said curtly. She told him that she missed him, which surprised him. He'd thought that she'd stopped caring, since she hadn't seen him in so long.

Just then, Jordan and Curtis entered Kelly's to Stella's accusations of Jordan feeding T.J. lies about Stella. Jordan explained that she'd led T.J. away from his family for everyone's safety while she'd been in the DEA. She acknowledged that it had been the wrong decision and admitted that she would go back and do things differently if she could. She took responsibility for her mistakes and hoped that Stella would give her a chance to make things right.

T.J. went back to the kitchen, and Jordan followed him. When they were gone, Curtis reminded Stella that Kelly's was T.J.'s place of work, so Stella needed to go easy on Jordan and T.J. Stella refused to give Jordan a break. Curtis wondered what more she wanted than the apology she'd gotten from Jordan. Stella replied that it would take more than an apology to forgive Jordan. She added that she was going to be a part of T.J.'s life, whether or not Jordan liked it.

In the kitchen, T.J. confided in Jordan that he'd almost slipped about Sean being his father. Jordan wanted time to ease Stella into the truth. T.J. hated lying about who he was, but Jordan urged him to think about Stella's feelings. She vowed to be behind him no matter what he decided to tell Stella.

A short while later, Jordan, Curtis, and Stella sat at a table as T.J. served some cake for Curtis's birthday. He jokingly wondered if they could celebrate the birthday "without killing each other." "I won't be blamed for any drama," Stella said defensively. T.J. wondered how long Stella would be in town. She revealed that she'd initially planned on being there for only a few days. However, she'd decided to make her stay "open-ended," since she and T.J. had so much catching up to do, much to Curtis and Jordan's shock.

Laura and Spencer walked by Kelly's, and Spencer asked to get some cookies. She didn't think he deserved cookies after what he'd put Hayden through earlier. He explained that he had defended Emma from Cameron and that he would write an apology to Hayden the next day. She ordered him to write a note and hand-deliver it after washing Hayden's car. He informed her that, "I don't do chores." "You do now," she told him. Scott approached Laura, and she changed her mind and told Spencer to go get some cookies. Spencer disappeared into Kelly's. Laura asked point-blank if it was true that Scott had been involved in what Ava had done.

"That's dumb. Why would I do that?" Scott wondered. She knew that he made bad choices occasionally. Scott only said that, if he had helped Ava, it would have been under "professional obligation" to protect her from the law -- and from Sonny. Laura thought that Ava would have been "better off arrested." Scott revealed that what had happened to Ava haunted him all the time. Spencer back ran outside with his cookies. Laura announced that they had one more stop to make, so she said goodbye to Scott. "Am I still worth rooting for?" he asked, stopping her. "I wish you made it easier," she replied, and she and Spencer walked away.

Kiki sat at Ava's bedside and said that she hated what Ava had done to Morgan. She remembered telling Ava that Ava would lose Kiki if Kiki found out that Ava had had anything to do with Morgan's death, but Kiki admitted that she didn't want to lose her mother and that she still loved Ava. "Please come back," Kiki pleaded. She added, "You need to make up your mind to live." Just then, Ava opened her eyes, much to Kiki's amazement. Ava wanted to talk to Kiki about something, but Kiki ran out to get a doctor.

Kiki burst from the room, asking for a doctor, and one ran in immediately. Dillon awoke with the commotion, and Kiki informed him that Ava was awake and talking. She wanted to go back into the room, but he urged her to let the doctor look at Ava first. He assured her that Ava had Kiki to help her fight, and Kiki had Dillon and Julian to lean on. Kiki lamented that Ava would go "through hell" to recuperate, only to face criminal charges, but she understood that Sonny and Carly had every right to want justice.

In Ava's room, the doctor updated her on what had happened. "Why didn't you let me die?" she asked quietly. He reminded her that it was the hospital's job to keep her alive, especially since she had no "do not resuscitate" order in her chart.

A short while later, the doctor exited Ava's room. He assured Kiki that Ava was conscious and had good vital signs. Ava still had the risk of infection, but she was stable, so he and his team would put together a plan of treatment to start skin grafts. He allowed her to visit with Ava. When the doctor was gone, Kiki told Dillon to go home and get some rest. She promised to call if anything happened. She thanked him for being there, and he promised to see her in the morning.

Kiki returned to Ava's side, and Ava whimpered in pain. Kiki wondered about Ava's pain management and grabbed Ava's chart from the nurse. She saw the DNR and demanded to know why there was one in Ava's chart. Ava insisted that Kiki had to let go of Ava. She thought that her daughters would be better off without her. Kiki tearfully assured Ava that Ava would be fine. Ava told Kiki, "If I die," that she was sorry for everything she'd done to Kiki and to Morgan. "Can we do this later?" an upset Kiki wondered. She told her mother to focus on getting better.

Scott got off the elevator at the hospital and bumped into Dillon. He asked about Ava and if there had been any cops in to see her. He explained to a confused Dillon that, as her lawyer, he wanted to make sure that Ava, who was on pain medication, didn't say anything to implicate herself or another person. "Like her lowlife lawyer?" Dillon suggested, and he punched Scott in the face. Dillon was disgusted with Scott and warned him to leave before Dillon kicked him out. "I don't know how you live with yourself," Dillon fired. "Either do I," Scott admitted when Dillon was gone.

Carly suggested that all of her and Sonny's problems had been due to grief. She thought that if Ava died, they could get justice for Morgan. He wondered where that left them. They shared a kiss but broke apart when Josslyn entered the house. "Why is he here?" she asked. Carly claimed that they were just talking. Sonny told Josslyn that it was good to see her, but after a moment of silence, he decided to leave. When he was gone, Josslyn stomped up the stairs in a huff.

A short while later, Josslyn walked through the living room with food, and Carly ambushed her to talk about what Josslyn had walked in on. Josslyn replied that she'd saved Carly from Sonny -- and from herself. "Sonny is the worst thing to ever happen to you!" Josslyn yelled. Carly explained that the relationship was complicated, and Josslyn wouldn't understand. Josslyn shot back that Carly only kept going back to Sonny because she didn't believe that she deserved better.

Josslyn demanded to know if Carly was taking Sonny back to continue the "crappy relationship." Carly told Josslyn that she knew nothing about life and love, so she wouldn't understand the relationship. "I understand enough not to want one like it," she shot back. Carly instructed Josslyn that everyone should love their life and the people they were blessed with.

Josslyn thought it sounded like Carly was trying to talk herself into forgiving Sonny. Carly informed her daughter that there was as much strength in forgiveness as there was in walking away. Josslyn didn't think that was true when Carly had to forgive Sonny "over and over again." Josslyn told Carly that it was her life, and she could get back with Sonny if she wanted to. "Don't pretend like you need my permission," Josslyn said. "You'll do what you want anyway. You always do," she added, and she went back upstairs, leaving Carly reeling.

At home, Sonny received a phone call from Max that he had a visitor. Moments later, he opened the door to Laura. She revealed that there was someone who couldn't wait to see Sonny, and Spencer jumped out from behind Laura. A smiling Sonny hugged his nephew.

A short while later, Sonny, Laura, and Spencer each had a cookie. Sonny mentioned that he wasn't big on sweets, but he would make an exception. Spencer thought that was "crazy," so Sonny lectured Spencer on being tolerant of everyone's different tastes. Sonny wondered how long Spencer would be in town, and Spencer insisted that he was home "for good." Sonny offered to take him to Brooklyn and show him around. Spencer wondered if Josslyn would tag along. Sonny covered that they could ask, but she probably had other plans for the summer.

Laura told Spencer that it was time to go, and she instructed him to take their plates into the kitchen. Grumbling, he obliged and left the room with the dirty dishes. Laura informed Sonny that Spencer felt like he needed to be home for whatever reason. Sonny offered to host Spencer at any time. Laura thought that Spencer would be a handful without Carly around for backup. Sonny cryptically told her that things could change when least expected. Laura had been hoping that he and Carly could work things out, and he happily divulged that "things are looking up."

Preempted by an ABC News Special Report

Preempted by an ABC News Special Report

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Due to ABC News coverage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' testimony before the Senate intelligence, General Hospital did not air. While this was an unexpected preemption, there were no "lost" episodes. The episode scheduled to air was broadcast on Wednesday, June 14.

Spinelli returns to help Jason

Spinelli returns to help Jason

> Spinelli returns to help Jason

Spinelli returns to help Jason

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

At Kelly's, Nathan had breakfast with Nina. He asked her about a large box she'd set on a chair, so she explained that it was a dress she had ordered for Charlotte from a well-known children's designer in London. Nathan was certain Charlotte would love it, but Nina's eyes welled up with tears. She admitted that she missed Charlotte, but she didn't want to get in the way of Charlotte settling in with Lulu.

Nina changed the subject by letting Nathan know that she'd done as he'd asked. She showed him the divorce papers she'd given to Valentin to sign. She revealed that Valentin had refused to sign them in front of her, but he had signed them in front of the WSB agents who had taken him to the ICC in the Netherlands.

Nathan saw the hurt in Nina's expression and tried to ease the pain by assuring her that Valentin had loved her. Nina's voice quivered with emotion as she acknowledged that she and Valentin had been a family, and it had been the happiest she'd ever been, but it was over. Nina promised her brother that there had been two sides to Valentin and that the good side had given up in defeat because he hadn't been able to outrun his dark past. Nina tearfully assured Nathan that she was determined to move forward without bitterness or regrets -- except for one regret.

Shortly after Nina left, Amy approached Nathan to appeal to him for help because her publishers wanted to meet the man behind Man Landers. Nathan refused to continue Amy's ruse and encouraged her to write her advice column as herself, but she insisted that people wanted to hear from a man. Nathan was adamant that he wanted no part of the deception. Amy pleaded with Nathan, but his mind was made up. He suggested that she enlist one of her brothers to help, since her brothers were the reason she was great at dispensing advice. "Thanks for nothing," Amy angrily said, and she stormed out.

Moments later, Nathan left the diner. Amy stood outside with her back to the door, while she talked to someone on the phone. Nathan realized that Amy was upset as she tearfully apologized to the person on the phone and promised to find another way to get the money. She explained that it would take longer, but she begged the person not to give up hope. "I love you," Amy said as she ended the call.

Meanwhile, Anna paid Lulu a visit. Lulu invited Anna inside as she nervously asked if Valentin had managed to find a way to wiggle out of the charges he faced. Anna assured Lulu that Valentin remained locked up in the Netherlands. Lulu immediately relaxed, but Anna explained that she had stopped by because Valentin had recorded a goodbye message for Charlotte that he had asked Anna to give to Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she and Dante had talked to Valentin about arranging a visit with Charlotte because they had hoped Valentin would help make the transition easier. However, Lulu admitted that it hadn't been necessary because Charlotte had settled nicely. Lulu added that Charlotte had been doing great, and she was at day camp.

Lulu didn't want to upset her daughter by showing Charlotte the video, but Anna explained that she'd given Valentin her word. Lulu questioned if there was such a thing as a code of honor between spies when lying and double-crossing each other were part of the territory. Anna assured Lulu there was an unspoken code of conduct even among spies. "It's called being human," Anna added. Lulu feared that the video wasn't in Charlotte's best interest, but Anna assured Lulu there was nothing to worry about on the recording.

Anna revealed that Valentin had encouraged Charlotte to look up at their star if she missed him and to know that he would be thinking of Charlotte. Anna also admitted that Valentin had told Charlotte that he would see her again. Nina stood in the open doorway, and her voice filled with hope as she asked if it was possible that Valentin might be set free. Anna conceded that the WSB was confident they could secure a conviction, but Nina reminded Anna that Valentin had once faced murder charges. Lulu suddenly realized the time and announced that she had to pick up Charlotte.

Nina wondered where to put Charlotte's present, but Lulu invited Nina to stay until Lulu returned. Lulu was certain that Charlotte would enjoy a visit with Nina. After Lulu left, Nina cut to the chase and asked Anna the truth about Valentin's situation. Anna confessed that she thought Valentin was an example of what happened when the WSB wanted to tie something off and forget about it. Anna explained that the Chimera shouldn't have existed, so the WSB wanted to use Valentin as a convenient scapegoat. Nina argued that Anna's sister had pressured Valentin to steal it, but Anna admitted that her sister had escaped.

Nina questioned if Anna had had something to do with Alex's disappearance, but Anna assured Nina that Alex deserved to stand trial. Disappointed, Nina revealed that she had decided to divorce Valentin. Anna told Nina that things were not black and white because the man that Nina and Charlotte had known was a good man. Anna believed that Valentin had been the man he wanted to be when he'd been with Nina, but things had gone horribly wrong. Moments later, Lulu and Charlotte returned. Charlotte's face lit up with joy as she ran to hug Nina.

Lulu and Anna watched as Nina gave Charlotte the present, and Charlotte opened the box with the dress that Charlotte had helped to design. Charlotte was delighted. Next, Nina talked about how cool it was that Charlotte could live with Lulu. Charlotte became upset when Nina admitted that she might not be able to see Charlotte as much, but Nina promised that she loved Charlotte and would still be around if Charlotte needed to talk. Relieved, Charlotte asked Nina to sing their favorite song with her.

As Nina and Charlotte sang, Anna quietly reminded Lulu that it wasn't about them -- it was about Charlotte. After the song, Lulu told Charlotte that Anna had something special from Valentin to give to Charlotte. Anna smiled and told Charlotte that Charlotte's father had recorded a message for his daughter then offered to set everything up so Charlotte could view it privately. Charlotte declined because she wanted Nina to watch with her. After Anna handed her phone and earbuds to Charlotte, Charlotte returned to the sofa to watch the video with Nina.

At Greystone Manor, Spinelli and Sonny chatted as Carly arrived. Carly was excited to see Spinelli, but he explained that he had an appointment to get to. After Spinelli left, Carly admitted that Sonny was lucky to have two geniuses at his disposal. Sonny smiled because he appreciated being able to call Spinelli when Brick was working on another case. Sonny shifted gears because he was pleasantly surprised that she had stopped by. He reached for her hand and kissed it, but she gently told him that they needed to talk about what had happened between them.

Sonny admitted that it had felt as if the clouds had parted when Ava had confessed to what she'd done. He added that he didn't care if Ava died. Carly agreed, but she doubted that Ava would die because Bobbie had let Carly know that Ava had stabilized and shown signs of improvement. Sonny asked Carly not to worry because they would make certain Ava paid for her crimes, but Carly was skeptical. She pointed out that Ava had managed to evade justice in the past when Ava had murdered Connie. Sonny promised Carly that things would be different.

Carly hoped Sonny was right because she was sick of talking about Ava and hating the woman. Carly turned the conversation to their kiss and Josslyn's angry reaction. Sonny loved Josslyn, but he reminded Carly that Josslyn was a teenager. He conceded that their relationship might be a mistake in Josslyn's eyes, but Sonny didn't agree. Carly thought Josslyn was right because Carly had hurt Sonny when she'd slept with Jax, and Sonny had retaliated. She feared that the cycle would continue, but Sonny blamed their recent troubles on the grief they had each felt over losing their son.

Carly confessed that she didn't want to risk getting hurt by Sonny again because no one could hurt her worse than he could. Sonny asked if she wanted to pull back. Carly insisted that what Sonny had done to Jax had been wrong, but she admitted that she would have done the same if their roles had been reversed and she had found Sonny with Brenda. Sonny was pleased that she understood, but she explained that she worried that they would eventually implode again. Carly admitted that she thought it would be best if they divorced, but she assured him that he could have everything back that belonged to him. Sonny was disappointed by Carly's decision to end their marriage, but he accepted her decision.

At the hospital, Elizabeth dropped Jake off for a session with Andre. Andre was pleased when she mentioned that Jake looked forward to going to Lila's Kids day camp after the appointment. After Jake entered the office, Elizabeth asked for a private word with Andre. Andre invited Jake to settle in then stepped into the hallway with Elizabeth, and she expressed her concern about Jake. She worried that Jake seemed oddly normal despite the recent traumatic events at the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth admitted that she worried Helena had something to do with it and that her son was still under Helena's influence.

Andre assured Elizabeth that it had been his impression from talking with Jake that Helena's only goal had been for Jake to unleash the deadly biotoxin, but Elizabeth remained uneasy. She pointed out that there was still a lot they didn't know about Jake's time on Cassadine Island. Andre promised to get Jake to talk about his time with Helena, but until then, he encouraged her to keep treating Jake like she did her other two sons. Elizabeth smiled and admitted that if she set aside her worries, Jake seemed happier. Andre explained that they all carried around traces of trauma from their past, but the important thing was to not let that hold them back. He explained that the challenge was to face traumas, not to fear them.

After Andre returned to his office, he grabbed a chair and sat across from Jake then proposed playing a word association game. Jake readily agreed, so Andre started by asking what popped into Jake's head when Andre said dad. "Motorcycles," Jake answered with a smile because Jason liked to ride motorcycles. Next, Andre asked what Jake thought of when he heard the word mother. "Pizza," Jake replied with a chuckle because Elizabeth occasionally ordered pizza when she worked late and didn't feel like cooking. Finally, Andre asked about Cassadine Island.

Jake's eyes grew round with fear, prompting Andre to quickly shift tactics by offering to tell Jake what Andre thought of the island. Jake nodded, so Andre admitted that it made him think of a boy like Jake, only younger, who'd been alone on the island except for someone who had constantly whispered in the boy's ear. "Maybe," Jake quietly conceded. Andre imagined the boy had been frightened because he'd only had an old woman to talk to, but she had continually told the boy that his only purpose was to do bad things. Jake silently nodded. Andre told Jake how sorry he was that Jake had gone through such an ordeal, but he assured Jake that Jake was home, safe, and reunited with his family.

Andre reminded Jake that Jake was free to ride motorcycles with Jason and to eat pizza with Elizabeth. Andre also assured Jake that Jake was a good kid, but Jake's expression remained pensive.

At the Morgan penthouse, Sam entered the living room as Jason studied a slip of paper. Sam was curious what he was working on, so he told her that he'd been looking over the shipping receipt from the package that Jake's magic box had arrived in. Sam became upset when Jason revealed that he intended to find Helena's accomplice. She ripped the paper out of his hand and insisted that he let it go. Sam pointed out that everyone was safe, and Jake was in therapy. However, Jason explained that he needed to know who had put the deadly biotoxin in his son's hands.

Sam wondered why Jason couldn't leave it to the WSB to figure out, but Jason refused to consider it because he wanted to safeguard his son from being used like that again. Sam grew increasingly agitated, prompting Jason to ask what was troubling his wife. Sam claimed that she was tired and might be getting a cold. Jason urged his wife to take a nap while he took care of an errand. Sam nodded when he suggested they meet up for lunch at Metro Court.

After Jason left, Elizabeth stopped by, looking for him. Sam explained that he had stepped out, so Elizabeth asked Sam to let Jason know that both Andre and Elizabeth were hopeful that the worst of Jake's emotional damage was behind him. Sam was relieved, but Elizabeth confessed that she remained concerned about her son's physical safety because the magic box hadn't been from Spencer. Sam became upset as she expressed her concern for Jason, who was determined to chase down answers, but Elizabeth reminded Sam that she and Jason just wanted to keep their son safe.

Sam suddenly heard a voice in her head warn her, "You're not safe. You'll never be safe." Elizabeth continued to talk about Jake as she made her way to the door. Sam turned to watch Elizabeth leave, but Elizabeth suddenly pulled a gun out of her purse and pointed it at Sam. Elizabeth continued to casually talk about Jake going to day camp and wanting to list Sam as an emergency contact. Meanwhile, the voice in Sam's head continued to whisper warnings until Sam closed her eyes and shook her head.

Sam opened her eyes and realized that Elizabeth had been holding out a piece of paper. Confused, Sam asked what it was. Elizabeth frowned as she reminded Sam that it was a form Jason needed to sign. Elizabeth sensed that Sam was distracted and asked if Sam was okay. Sam tried to shake off the uneasy feeling as she admitted that she was tired because it was her first experience taking care of a newborn. Concerned, Elizabeth explained that she had to get back to the hospital to pick up Jake, but she offered to make Sam an appointment to see a doctor.

Sam declined and promised to pass the information along to Jason. After Elizabeth left, Sam lay down to take a nap. She awoke to a rumble of thunder, sensing she was not alone. She called out to ask if someone was there, but no one replied. Sam grew increasingly uncomfortable because she was certain someone was in the apartment. Moments later, Scout began to cry. Sam raced to check on her daughter.

A short time later, Sam returned to the living room after getting Scout settled back down. Sam lay down on the sofa, but she remained troubled.

Across town, Jason went to his old loft to meet with Spinelli. The apartment had a table with a computer and laptop set up on it. After the friends exchanged greetings, Jason handed Spinelli the shipping receipt that had been taped to the box that Jake's birthday gift had been shipped in. Spinelli suspected the shipping receipt had been forged, but he was confident the date and time stamp would help, since they had matched up with when Elizabeth had received the package. Spinelli searched online for security cameras near Elizabeth's house that might help them narrow down their search to a delivery truck.

Spinelli managed to hack into an ATM security camera and another camera at a convenience store. A short time later, it became clear that Helena's henchman had driven in a car that he had parked a few blocks away from Elizabeth's house. Spinelli narrowed down the search to a car that had traced back to a rental agency. A few minutes later, Spinelli successfully hacked into the rental agency's records and found the driver's license of the man who had rented the car. The license indicated that the man's name was Costa Phillipos, and he lived at 228 Mulberry Street in apartment B. Jason immediately recognized the image of Helena's enforcer.

At the hospital, Elizabeth arrived to pick up Jake. Andre assured her that he and Jake had had a good session. Elizabeth and Andre chatted with an upbeat Jake in the hallway. Nearby, Costa Phillipos was dressed as an orderly as he spied on the trio. Costa followed Elizabeth and Jake when they left Andre's office.

Jason confronts Helena's henchman

Jason confronts Helena's henchman

Thursday, June 15, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Nathan overheard Amy wrap up a phone call as she tearfully promised the person on the phone that she would find another way to get the money. After Amy ended the call, Nathan called out to her. He admitted that he'd heard her on the phone and offered his help. Amy was furious because Nathan had already turned down her request to be the man behind her advice column. Nathan explained that he was a police officer, so he wasn't comfortable pretending to be someone he wasn't. However, he was concerned about her and wanted to help.

Before Amy could reply, Dillon rounded the corner and approached Nathan and Amy. After Dillon and Nathan exchanged greetings, Dillon asked if Amy was ready to go over the logistics for the class reunion. Amy's temper flared as she tearfully told Dillon that life after high school hadn't been great for everyone. Dillon was taken aback by the outburst, but he pointed out that Amy had flourished. Frustrated, Amy stormed off. Dillon turned to Nathan for an explanation, but Nathan had no idea what had been troubling Amy.

Dillon teasingly asked if Nathan and Amy were an item. Nathan assured Dillon that they were just friends, but Dillon promised it hadn't been a serious question. Dillon was curious how Maxie had been doing. Nathan smiled because he'd visited his wife over the weekend. He told Dillon that Maxie was doing well and spent a lot of time with Georgie. Dillon was happy for Maxie, but he was curious when Maxie would be returning home. Nathan admitted that he had no idea because Maxie felt obligated to stay in Portland until the magazine found a replacement for the person that Maxie had filled in for.

The conversation drifted back to Amy as Nathan and Dillon talked about how they had met Amy. Dillon talked about high school, prompting Nathan to admit that he knew Maxie hadn't been a kind person during her teen years. Dillon acknowledged that Maxie could have been characterized as a "mean girl" because she had been the "queen of everything," but Amy had been different. Dillon had known Amy from the film club, but she'd also been in the school's chorus, had tried out for cheerleading, and had always been quick to volunteer for all the school functions. Nathan realized that Dillon might know Amy's brothers.

Dillon confirmed that he knew Chet Driscoll, who had been the star running back in school. Dillon revealed that Chet's jersey had been retired when Chet had graduated, but Dillon assured Nathan that Chet had been a genuinely nice guy and well liked by everyone. According to Dillon, Amy had idolized Chet, and Chet had been protective of his sister. Nathan was curious what had happened to Chet, but Dillon wasn't certain. Dillon recalled hearing that Chet had played college football at Wisconsin until a shoulder injury had sidelined him.

Nathan wondered if Chet might be the root of Amy's troubles, so he fetched his laptop to do some digging. Dillon admitted that Chet hadn't been on any social media sites, but Nathan reminded Dillon that Nathan had access to information that most didn't. A few minutes later, Nathan found something online.

At the hospital, Griffin bumped into Sam as she exited the elevator. They exchanged greetings, but Griffin became concerned when he noticed that Sam seemed on edge. Sam admitted that she had hoped to get an appointment with her doctor because she'd been tired, suffering from insomnia, and stressed. Griffin was curious how long she'd had the symptoms. "Too long," Sam answered.

Griffin ushered Sam to an examination room because he was confident that he could help. Sam assured Griffin that it wasn't necessary, but he insisted and asked if there had been other symptoms. She admitted that she'd been feeling achy like she had the flu, but she hadn't been congested or coughing. Griffin checked Sam's temperature, but it was normal. Griffin wondered if there had been anything else going on that she was concerned about. Sam recalled the hallucination she'd had of Elizabeth aiming a gun at her, but she decided not to tell Griffin about the vision or the voice she'd heard in her head, warning her of danger.

Griffin checked Sam's blood pressure as she told him that she'd been anxious, which was not like her. Griffin explained that an illness could cause stress and added that she exhibited all the symptoms of mononucleosis. He wanted to draw blood, but Sam balked. She insisted that she didn't want to waste his time, but Griffin suspected he knew what was troubling Sam because he'd been dealing with it too. Sam was surprised when he suggested that she had posttraumatic stress from her ordeal with Olivia Jerome, but Sam assured Griffin that she'd been in a lot of dangerous situations without being traumatized. Sam reminded him that she and Scout were fine, but Griffin remained concerned and encouraged her to follow up with her doctor because she should have blood tests.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia was stunned when Julian approached her. He explained that he'd been released on bail. Olivia admitted that she would have expected him to go straight to the hospital to check on his sister. Julian revealed that Ava was stable and had shown signs of improvement. He conceded that his sister was a survivor, but he decided to cut to the chase and let Olivia know that he wanted to see their son.

Olivia begged Julian not to barge back into Leo's life when both Olivia and Julian knew that Julian would end up in jail soon. She worried that Julian would confuse their son, especially since Leo had bonded with Ned. Olivia told Julian about Leo's second birthday party that she and Ned had hosted. She assured Julian that Leo had had a wonderful time, and she implored Julian to do the selfless thing by staying away from Leo for good. Olivia walked away, but Julian followed her to continue their discussion.

Julian explained that he needed to see his son because Leo was the only child of his that didn't hate him. Olivia was unmoved and asked whose fault that was. She reminded him that their son was only two years old and unaware that Julian was the "monster under the bed." Julian suspected that Olivia would make a point of telling Leo that, but she assured Julian that she intended to tell their son the truth. Julian doubted it because Olivia hadn't told Dante the truth about Sonny, so she had no cause to be self-righteous. Olivia warned Julian not to compare her sins to his then marched back to the bar.

Julian followed Olivia to refresh her memory that they had agreed to raise their son together, but Olivia argued that he had promised that he was out of the mob. Appalled by his lies, she asked when his trial would start because she was curious how much longer until he was out of their lives for good. Julian pointed out that he might get lucky and be acquitted -- again. Olivia laughed because she was confident that would never happen. She angrily informed him that Leo was not his son -- Leo was Ned's son. Olivia added that Julian would not get to see Leo because Julian had no right to him.

Julian and Olivia were startled when Alexis quietly interjected that Julian had a right to see his son. Olivia turned to look at Alexis with disbelief because she couldn't believe that Alexis would defend Julian after everything Julian had done to Alexis. Alexis reminded Olivia that Olivia had lied to Julian about Leo for months by claiming that Leo had been adopted then naming Ned as Leo's father. Alexis explained that keeping Julian from Leo would backfire because Julian would be able to take Olivia to court if he walked away from the charges. Olivia wondered if Alexis heard herself speak because it sounded like Alexis wanted Julian to be set free, but Julian cut in to remind Olivia that he wanted to see Leo.

Julian agreed to discuss the big picture after his trial. Olivia stubbornly argued that Julian had never kept his promise to help raise Leo or be "father of the year" to their son. Instead, Julian had become mixed up with his sister Olivia and reverted to his old ways. Julian argued that he'd been protecting his children from his sister's wrath. "Oh, spare me," Olivia scoffed. Olivia was incredulous that Alexis would defend Julian and encourage Olivia to put her son in danger just to prove Alexis' love for Julian.

Sam walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Olivia quickly filled Sam in, but Alexis explained that the law was on Julian's side. Outraged, Sam blasted Alexis for siding with Julian and made it clear that she didn't want him around Danny and Scout. Sam reminded Julian that he had endangered everyone he claimed to love by failing to warn them about his sister's return. Olivia thanked Sam for being the voice of reason then added that she would see Julian in court. After Olivia left, Sam announced that she was meeting Jason for lunch and walked away.

Julian decided to leave, but he admitted that he was pleased that Olivia had seen the love between him and Alexis. Julian assured Alexis that he was in love with her, but she was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation and walked away to talk to their daughter. Alexis approached Sam's table to ask if Sam wanted to talk, but Sam refused because she was waiting for Jason to arrive. Alexis sensed that something was wrong with Sam, but Sam claimed that she was simply sickened by her mother's defense of Julian. Sam asked Alexis to leave, so Alexis agreed to give Sam space.

In Jason's old loft, Spinelli showed Jason the driver's license of the man who had rented a car to drop off the package for Jake at Elizabeth's house. Jason recognized Helena's henchman, Costa Phillipos. Jason wanted to know if Costa was still in town, so Spinelli went to work trying to track down Costa's credit card to track the charges. After a few minutes, Spinelli determined that Costa had returned to Greece the day after posing as a deliveryman to drop off the package from Helena. However, Costa had returned to Port Charles the previous day and had checked into the "Oak Tree." Jason's concern mounted when Spinelli discovered a charge at a local medical supply store where Costa had purchased a set of scrubs.

At the hospital, Costa lingered near the elevators and spied on Elizabeth and Jake as she told Jake that they were too late to make it in time for Lila's Kids day camp, but she offered to take Jake to the mall instead. Jake confessed that he didn't want to go. Worried, Elizabeth asked if something was bothering her son. Jake nodded and told his mother that he was troubled by the magic set that he had received for his birthday. Elizabeth took Jake to a quiet corner to talk to him about the magic set. Jake admitted that he didn't want to be a magician because it had turned into something "weird and scary." Elizabeth assured Jake that he didn't have to worry about the magic set because he would never have to see it again. Jake smiled then asked if he could get a snack from the vending machine, so Elizabeth dug out some change from her purse as Costa dashed over to the vending machine.

Moments later, Jake approached the vending machine. Costa stepped aside to let Jake use it then checked to see if Elizabeth was watching, but she busy with her phone. Jake glanced up at Costa and tensed. Costa looked at Jake with menace until Elizabeth suddenly called out to Jake. Costa quickly looked away and appeared to go about his business, but Elizabeth had noticed him. She kept one eye on Costa as she ushered Jake to the elevator. Jake complained that the vending machine hadn't had his favorite snack, so she agreed to find another vending machine.

Costa ran to the stairwell when Elizabeth and Jake entered the elevator. Moments later, Elizabeth and Jake arrived on the tenth floor. Costa exited the stairwell as Jake told his mother that he wanted to be a psychiatrist. Elizabeth was impressed because the medical profession was a tradition on both sides of his family. However, she assured her son that there was plenty of time to decide. Jake disagreed because Lila's Kids had a career day planned for the following week when the children were expected to give presentations about their chosen careers.

Elizabeth was about to send Jake to fetch a snack before they went to the mall, but Jason called. Jason asked Elizabeth to remain calm, but he needed to know where she and Jake were. Elizabeth told him, so Jason explained that the man who had delivered the package containing the magic set was in town. Jason asked Elizabeth to take Jake to a room in the hospital, lock the door, and wait for Jason to arrive. Jason assured her that he had already alerted the hospital's security team about the man. Elizabeth quickly ended the call and looked around for a place to take Jake.

Moments later, Elizabeth saw Griffin exit an exam room. Griffin saw Elizabeth and greeted her, but she explained that she needed his help with a project for Jake. Griffin picked up on the urgency in her tone and took her to an exam room. Griffin realized that she was trying to keep Jake from realizing something was wrong and played along as she told him about Jake's protect for Lila's Kids. Griffin talked to Jake about being a doctor as Elizabeth covertly locked the door then peeked between the blinds to see if anyone had followed them.

On the eighth floor, Jason approached a security guard to ask if he had received a picture of Costa. The security guard confirmed that everyone on the team had the picture and was in the process of sweeping each floor, looking for the man. Jason warned the security guard that Costa was dangerous. Moments later, Jason received a text message from Elizabeth letting him know where she and Jake were. Jason and the security guard raced to the tenth floor.

Meanwhile, Costa watched the door to the exam room that Griffin, Elizabeth, and Jake had entered. However, he tensed when Jason exited the stairwell. He overheard Jason and the security guard discuss splitting up to search for him, so he grabbed a tall cart filled with binders and used it as a cover to make his way to the elevator. Jason noticed the cart blocking the elevator and realized what had happened. He tried to enter the elevator, but he was too late to stop the doors from closing.

Jason noticed the elevator was headed to the rooftop. A short time later, Jason caught up with Costa on the rooftop. Costa claimed that he'd had no idea what had been in the box -- he'd only been paid to deliver it. Jason didn't believe Costa, but Costa reminded Jason that they were expected not to ask questions when they had been given an order. Costa suggested that he and Jason could kill each other, or they could go their separate ways. Jason refused to let Costa walk away and engaged the henchman in hand-to-hand combat. Costa managed to shove Jason against the door and cut off Jason's air supply by pressing an arm against Jason's windpipe.

Spencer continues to act out

Spencer continues to act out

Friday, June 16, 2017

At Kelly's, after Nathan offered to help her out, Amy accused him of eavesdropping on her phone conversation. Nathan admitted to searching for information on Amy's brother Chet. Amy was angry, though Nathan reminded her that she had used Nathan's photo on her blog. Amy advised him that Chet wouldn't want her to talk about him, but she proceeded to tell Nathan all about Chet. She told a story about Chet's high school days, when he'd been amazing and "an envy."

Amy explained the beginnings of her blog and that her blog name had originated with Chet, who had always helped her with her problems. Chet was in a group home after injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Their mother had helped him financially but had passed away. Amy had begun to generate money with the blog and had used Nathan's photo after people had clamored to see him. She had a problem because the publishers wanted to meet the writer of Ask Man Landers.

Nathan promised to keep the information about Chet to himself. Amy got up to leave and dropped her portfolio full of Chet's bills. Nathan stooped to help her clean up and perused the bills, many of which were very old. Amy declared that they had been piling up. Nathan asked Amy what he should wear in public as Ask Man Landers. He stated that friends helped each other. Amy gave him a big hug.

Kevin bumped into Sam at Metro Court while she waited to meet with Jason. Sam admitted that she had a weird feeling, and Kevin asked if he might sit down before Jason arrived. He asked if her obvious anxiety had to do with Jake. She agreed that it did, but it also had to do with Jason being on Cassadine Island. Sam declared that Jason was the same person but different, and perhaps he had been hiding from himself.

Kevin reminded Sam that he'd treated Jason long before, and Jason had been very resistant. Sam added that Helena had taken away Jason's self-determination. Kevin received a text message that everything at the hospital had to be rescheduled because something had happened there. When he turned around, Sam had departed.

At Lulu's house, Laura announced that it was probably time for her and Spencer to move out. Lulu had a full house with her new custody of Charlotte, and Laura felt like she was in the way. Just then, Spencer ran into the house and shouted that the living arrangements were unacceptable. He cited Charlotte as being the problem. Dante arrived closely behind, with Rocco and Charlotte in tow. Charlotte disclosed that Spencer had been mean to her.

Spencer pointed out that Charlotte and her father had stolen Spencer's life from him, and he wondered if Laura had forgotten all about Nikolas. Laura took the boy aside and explained that she had not forgotten her son, but Charlotte hadn't been the one to blame for Valentin's actions. She added that Spencer had a right to be angry and upset but not toward Charlotte.

Everyone gathered to play with a jigsaw puzzle, but in a fit of anger, Spencer destroyed it. "Whoops," he said. Dante scolded Spencer, and Laura ordered her grandson to clean up the mess. The doorbell rang, and it was Kevin. His appointment had been canceled, and he wanted to spend time with Laura. Spencer wanted to go, too, and the couple agreed.

After Spencer and the adults left, Lulu noticed that Charlotte looked sad. Lulu sent Rocco off to the kitchen so that she could speak to the little girl. Charlotte admitted that she missed her father and Nina but was concerned that Lulu and Dante would be angry at her. They assured her that they were not angry and were there for Charlotte if she needed them. Charlotte mentioned how that was like a star in the sky that was always there. The family finished the puzzle and decided to do another.

On the hospital roof, Jason continued to fight with Costa. He demanded to know who Costa was working for. Costa made it clear that even though Helena was dead, it was his job to tie up loose ends with the Chimera. He'd had no choice. The police arrived with Sam, and the officers handcuffed both Jason and Costa. Sam tried to explain that Costa was the one who was a threat, and Jason agreed with her. Sam explained that Jason was the man who had saved the hospital from a bomb, and when the officer verified it with Jason, Jason was released. Jason told Sam that Costa was still working for Helena.

Elizabeth and Jake remained locked in a room at the hospital. Stepping off the elevator and finding the door locked, Hayden frantically found a key to unlock it. She ran into the bathroom. Elizabeth advised Jake that she loved him, and everything would be okay. A cop advised Elizabeth to relock the door. Hayden meekly emerged from the bathroom and confirmed that she had recently learned of her pregnancy. She was working toward happy, she admitted. She was more concerned with how Elizabeth coped with evil and with looking after her children.

Elizabeth admitted that it was not always possible to protect her kids, but one had to live and enjoy life so as not to miss anything. She assured Hayden that Hayden would be a good mother as long as she wanted to have the baby. Jake hoped that his aunt felt better and laughed that Hayden had sounded pretty gross from the bathroom. A cop knocked on the door and advised them that the coast was clear, and the incident was over.

Leaving the room, the group ran into Jason and Sam. "She can't hurt us anymore," Jason announced. Sam wasn't too sure. Elizabeth asked Hayden to keep an eye on Jake while she spoke to Jason. He told her that Costa had been taken into custody. Jason believed that the man had only been working for Helena, but Elizabeth was worried that there might be others. She would wait for the other shoe to drop, Elizabeth added. Sam was uneasy, too, and went to sit on the stairs. Suddenly, Sam looked up and saw Jason covered in blood.

Jason noticed that his wife didn't look well, and he confronted her. Sam couldn't focus and admitted that she was not okay. Nearby, Hayden and Jake hung out at the candy machine, and they quickly bonded. "You're pretty cool," Jake said as he hugged his aunt. Elizabeth smiled.

At the park, Laura offered to give Spencer money for a pretzel if he promised to apologize to Charlotte. Laura admitted she felt like she'd been in a marathon, and Kevin joked that that was parenthood. Laura confessed that Spencer was spoiled but was also angry about Valentin. He'd been taking things out on Charlotte. She also didn't know if Spencer would return to his school, but she had realized that she needed to find a new place to live for herself and Spencer. Kevin suggested that they move in with him.

Laura assured Kevin that it wasn't necessary, and she didn't want him to rescue her. Kevin proclaimed his love for her, but Laura reminded him that they hadn't been dating for very long. She asked what would happen if he found he couldn't stand some of her faults. "Are you scared?" she asked. Kevin said no; he'd seen her faults, and he had real feelings for Laura that would never change.

"Let's do this," Kevin decided. Laura stated that Spencer belonged with her, but she loved Kevin, who she considered an amazing gift. She didn't want to mess things up and finally agreed. Kevin replied that he'd be happy with Laura. Spencer caught them as they were about to kiss and wondered what would happen to him.

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