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Serena returned home to be with her parents when Lee Baldwin passed away. Carly and Bobbie plotted against Nelle. Sam bought a gun to deal with Sonny. Spencer filed a civil suit against Valentin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 10, 2017 on GH
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Spencer is determined to claim his inheritance Spencer is determined to claim his inheritance

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nina read over her notes from her interview with "Ask Man Landers" about making a relationship work. She looked at her wedding and engagement rings in a box. She told herself that, just because Ask Man Landers was a fraud didn't mean the advice was wrong. A short while later, she was typing on her computer when she ripped the earbuds out of her ears and said that she needed a drink.

The guests at Ned and Olivia's wedding stood out on the balcony and watched the fireworks. Sonny got a text message and pulled Carly inside to talk. He informed her that he'd received a text from the nanny, who was dropping Avery off at Carly's. Josslyn wasn't home.

At the footbridge, Oscar thanked Josslyn for meeting him. He'd needed a break, and he'd only wanted to talk to her. She was glad to have heard from him, and she picked up her phone. She was horrified to see how late it was, and just at that moment, Carly called. She ignored the call, knowing how angry Carly would be at her. She got a text from Carly demanding to know where Josslyn was. Oscar offered to take the blame, but she refused.

Since Josslyn wasn't answering her phone, Carly feared that something was wrong. Sonny reassured her and offered to take her home. The couple approached Ned and Olivia to say goodbye. Sonny took Olivia aside and told her that she deserved everything she was getting and that he was glad she had found Ned. She replied that they'd had a "wild ride," but she wouldn't change anything. The two embraced, and Ned walked over to them. Sonny told Ned to take care of Olivia, and Sonny and Carly left.

Seeing Sonny and Carly leave, Michael assured Nelle that they hadn't left because of her. She revealed that she was only thinking about how hungry she was. She appreciated his invitation, and he was glad that she had said yes.

Charlotte told Dante and Laura that it was the "best night ever," because she'd gotten to stay up late and party. She was glad to be there with the two of them, because they were "family."

Monica stood and welcomed Olivia into the family. She introduced Dillon for his best man speech. Dillon stood and recognized that Tracy was there in spirit. He sang Ned's praises, calling him a "rock star." "Thank God for Olivia," he continued, because she made everything brighter, including Ned's smile. He toasted to "a lifetime of love and laughter."

Next, Ned got up to speak. He was honored that Olivia had decided to take his last name. He spoke about how "great and gracious" Lila had been and that there was "no one better suited to follow" his grandmother. He introduced Olivia as "the second Mrs. Edward Quartermaine" and kissed his bride.

Just then, Nina walked into the room while looking down at her phone. Charlotte called out and ran over to her. Nina was bewildered to see the wedding, which she had forgotten about, but happy to see Charlotte. Charlotte was sure her "nonna" wouldn't mind Nina staying, and Dante agreed when he approached. Olivia told Nina, "the more the merrier," so Nina gratefully took a glass of Champagne. Dillon called Ned and Olivia to the dance floor for their first dance.

Nina wondered if Charlotte liked living with Dante and Lulu. She did, but she wanted Valentin to return home. Nelle and Michael appeared, and Nelle greeted Nina with a hug. The couple complimented Charlotte on her performance as the flower girl. Olivia summoned Michael and Nelle to the dance floor so that they weren't alone. They joined Ned and Olivia, and Dillon and Kiki on the dance floor. Dante asked Charlotte if she'd like to dance with him, and she agreed. When they got to the dance floor, she stepped onto his feet, and they danced. Nina downed her drink and left.

Kevin entered, and Laura was ecstatic to see him. He admitted to her that Spencer was gone. He read her a text from Spencer that said to "tell my grandmother not to worry" because Spencer was out getting "proof of my rightful inheritance. See you on the flip side." "I'm too old for this," Laura sighed. Knowing where Spencer had gone, she wondered if Kevin was up for a boat ride, and the two left.

Ned thanked everyone for being there and giving him and Olivia a night they would never forget. He announced that it was time for them to leave, but Olivia wanted to throw the bouquet first. Kiki and Charlotte positioned themselves behind Olivia. Charlotte pulled Nelle over, and Kiki pulled Monica over. As Dillon took pictures, Olivia threw the bouquet. Kiki caught it, but she gave it to Charlotte.

Dante approached his mother and thanked her for an amazing life. He knew that everything she'd ever done had been for him. He added that it was her time, and she should enjoy it. She called him the best gift she'd ever gotten and hugged him. Ned walked over, and Dante told him to take care of Dante's mother. "You know I will," Ned replied, shaking Dante's hand. The guests lined up and blew bubbles as the newlyweds walked through them to the elevator. They waved and shared a kiss as the doors closed.

Dante got a phone call and was confused at what he was told. "Sorry, that's not possible," he said into the phone. A short while later, Lulu returned, disappointed to have missed the wedding. He told her that they needed to talk, so Lulu sent Charlotte off to get her things. Dante informed her that he had some bad news.

Ned carried Olivia over the threshold of their hotel suite and over to the bed. He suggested that they toast to their new marriage. "After," she replied. "After what?" he wondered. "You'll see," she said. The two made love.

Sonny and Carly arrived at Carly's and found Josslyn sitting on the couch, reading a book. She nonchalantly asked about the wedding, which Carly said was "great until I had to leave." Josslyn apologized for not being at the house when Avery was being dropped off. Carly wondered why her daughter hadn't answered Carly's call or text. Josslyn claimed phone trouble. Sonny decided to check on Avery, so he went upstairs.

Carly demanded to know where Josslyn had gone. She told Carly that she'd gone for a walk just to get out of the house. She'd been listening to music and had lost track of time. The two argued over Josslyn's mistake and Carly's. Carly explained that she'd had a rough childhood, and she didn't want that for her daughter. She had more life experience, which was what she based her decisions on. Carly informed Josslyn that her actions affected everyone, but Josslyn shot back that Carly's actions did, as well.

Sonny returned downstairs, and Josslyn dared him to call her irresponsible, among other things. He surprised her by saying that she was right. He hated that he'd messed up by getting Jax barred from the country, and he didn't blame her for hating him. He would take it back if he could, and he vowed to prove that he was sorry. He appreciated her listening and hoped that she would one day forgive him.

Josslyn silently picked up her book and sat down on another couch to read. Sonny told Carly that Avery was asleep, so Carly agreed to keep the little girl for the night. She thanked him for being open with Josslyn and advised him to give it time. They shared a kiss, and he left. Josslyn got a text from Oscar asking if she was all right. "I am now," she replied.

Nina entered Wyndemere and called out to see if anyone was there. When there was no answer, she entered the living room. She thought about some of the good times she'd had there but shook the memories away. She wanted to get her things and get out. She heard movement; she turned around and saw Spencer. He'd thought that no one was living at the house, but he was glad that she was there to "witness a significant moment." She asked about the box in his hands, and he replied that he'd found it under his father's bed. Since it was locked, he assumed there was something important inside. He thought that it might be Mikkos' "true will." Nina wanted to text Laura, but Laura and Kevin appeared in the doorway.

Laura scolded Spencer for vanishing again. He revealed that he had reason to believe that he was in possession of Mikkos' real will, which would prove that Spencer was the true Cassadine heir. Laura told him that they were leaving, but Kevin thought it would be a good idea to let Spencer open the box. Otherwise, Kevin believed that Spencer would never let it go. Spencer picked up a knife and picked the lock on the box, informing his curious grandmother that he'd learned the trick at boarding school. "Money well spent," Kevin cracked.

Spencer opened the box and pulled out some documents, which were in Greek. Kevin skimmed through the papers and determined that it was just a copy of the existing will of Mikkos Cassadine. "The serpent that did sting my father's life now wears his crown," Spencer muttered. Nina recognized the lines from Hamlet. Laura explained that Lila's Kids were doing the play at camp. Spencer revealed that he was playing the prince whose father was killed by his uncle. "See the parallel?" he wondered.

Nina expressed sympathy for Spencer's grief over Nikolas. She promised to call Valentin's lawyers and make sure that Spencer could return to Wyndemere whenever he wanted. Laura, Kevin, and Spencer left Nina alone. She walked through the house and found a shirt of Valentin's on a chair. She put the shirt on and curled up on the couch. "Valentin, I don't know if you're still alive, but I miss you so much," she said, closing her eyes. Minutes later, someone entered the house and approached Nina. She quickly opened her eyes and sat up. "Oh, my God," she said when she saw who it was.

Spencer sat on the footbridge and asked for a minute alone. Laura hesitantly agreed, and she and Kevin went to wait in the car. Looking at the will, he said the law was on Valentin's side, but he vowed to "fight for my inheritance and claim what's mine." He ripped up the will and dropped the pieces into the water below.

In the Crimson office, Nelle didn't want to return the dress. Michael thought Nina might let her keep it, but she joked that Nina would just take the money for it out of her next "five-thousand paychecks." Michael offered to buy it for her, but she told him that the dress needed to go back to the designer. She cracked that it was time for her coach to turn back into a pumpkin. "Cinderella has nothing on you," he said as he unzipped her dress. "The night's not over yet," he added.

Nelle's dress fell to the floor, and she and Michael shared a kiss. She said that Nina could return any minute, so they should "probably stop." They continued kissing as they undressed each other.

Valentin returns home

Valentin returns home

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On the hospital's tenth floor, Elizabeth was surprised when she saw her sister approach the nurses' station because she hadn't realized that Hayden had worked late. Hayden closed the file she'd been reading as she explained that she'd been catching up on her work. Elizabeth nodded with understanding because she'd heard about Obrecht's arrest for tampering with Finn's drug tests. Hayden explained that she wasn't at liberty to discuss it, but she nodded to confirm that the rumor was true. Elizabeth sighed because she knew that Franco would be upset to hear about Obrecht's troubles.

Hayden was curious where Franco had been, so Elizabeth revealed that he'd gone to Manhattan to work out a settlement on a pending civil lawsuit that had frozen most of his assets. Elizabeth didn't understand Franco's friendship with Obrecht, but she conceded that Obrecht had always been a good friend to Franco. The conversation turned to Nathan and the impact Obrecht's downfall had on her son. Elizabeth doubted that Nathan had been blind to the things his mother had done, but Elizabeth acknowledged that a son's love for his mother could be quite strong.

Hayden glanced at her file as she murmured that she hadn't given it much thought. Elizabeth smiled knowingly and asked how her sister had been feeling. Hayden admitted that she'd been feeling better because the morning sickness had eased up. Elizabeth was about to go on break and offered to buy Hayden a juice. Hayden was touched and agreed, but Elizabeth surprised her sister with a dinner at the Floating Rib. Elizabeth and Hayden sat down at a table as Elizabeth recalled how ravenous she'd been during her pregnancies.

Nearby, Anna stood to leave, but she bumped into Andre as he arrived. They exchanged pleasantries until Anna suggested they discuss the previous evening. Andre wondered how she felt about what had happened, but Anna turned the question back on him. Andre told her that he'd had an amazing time, but he was glad they had stopped before things had gone too far. Anna agreed and rushed to assure him that she treasured their friendship. Anna excused herself when her phone rang.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth asked how things were between Hayden and Finn. Hayden acknowledged that the pregnancy had been a big surprise, but she and Finn had adjusted, and things were good. Elizabeth asked about Finn's recovery, so Hayden assured her sister that Finn had a good handle on things. Hayden realized there weren't any guarantees, but Elizabeth thought it might be a good idea for her sister to familiarize herself with the warning signs of a possible relapse. Hayden agreed, but things took a sudden turn when Hayden gasped with pain and clutched her stomach.

Alarmed, Elizabeth asked Hayden what was wrong. Nearby, Andre noticed the commotion as Hayden expressed her fear that something was wrong with the baby. He approached the table to ask if he could help. Elizabeth told him about Hayden's pain. Andre and Elizabeth agreed that it would be best to take Hayden to the hospital.

Later, Hayden sat in an examination room. She was relieved that she'd been cleared to go home and confided to Andre that the scare had made her realize how much she wanted her baby.

After Andre left Hayden's exam room, he went to the nurses' station to finish up some paperwork. Elizabeth walked up to thank him for helping with Hayden. Andre was relieved that it had been nothing more than "enthusiastic eating." Elizabeth agreed, but she explained that whatever he'd said to Hayden had made Hayden feel better. Andre admitted that he'd heard through the hospital grapevine that Elizabeth and Hayden were sisters. "Half-sisters," Elizabeth corrected. She told that she and her sister hadn't liked each other much when they had met, but things were much better, and Elizabeth looked forward to being an "auntie."

In Wyndemere's living room, Nina was startled awake when she sensed someone looming over her. She was shocked when she looked up and saw Valentin. Nina threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. After they pulled apart, Valentin told her that the WSB had dropped the charges. Nina was skeptical, but he assured her that it was true. Valentin suspected the WSB had hoped to avoid the publicity of a trial, so they could bury the Chimera.

However, Valentin didn't care because he was eager to reunite with his wife and daughter. Nina reminded him that she was no longer his wife, but he questioned why she'd been sleeping on his sofa. Nina explained that she had returned to collect her things, but she shifted gears to scold him for letting her think that he might die. Valentin refused to accept that their marriage was over and vowed to win her back. Nina wished him well, but she made it clear that they were divorced.

In lockup, Liesl was delighted when Nathan paid her a visit because she intended to "wreak havoc" on those who had wronged her as soon as she was released. Nathan explained that she would have to remain in jail until her arraignment in the morning. He was hurt that she hadn't called him when she'd been arrested, but she insisted that she'd been coerced into confessing. Liesl defended her actions by blaming them on "extenuating circumstances." "That cretin stole my job," Liesl complained. Nathan promised to see what he could do then left.

In the squad room, Finn approached the front desk to ask to see Liesl, but the desk sergeant informed Finn that visiting hours were over. Finn was confused because he'd received a message asking him to stop by the police station. Nathan rounded the corner and called out to Finn. Finn followed Nathan to the hallway, where Nathan explained that he had called to discuss Liesl's arrest with Finn. Nathan knew that his mother had been wrong, and she deserved to face the consequences for her actions, but he didn't think jail was the answer. To Nathan's surprise, Finn agreed and admitted that he wouldn't be averse to discussing an alternative solution.

Nathan and Finn went to lockup to talk to Liesl. Liesl was not pleased when she saw Finn, but Nathan explained that Finn had an idea that might spare Liesl from having to go to jail. Liesl was filled with distrust, but Nathan asked his mother to hear Finn out. After Nathan left, Finn revealed that he'd talked to Monica about Liesl's situation, and Monica had proposed a solution that would benefit everyone.

Finn explained that he and Monica would drop the charges if Liesl agreed to resign and write a letter of apology to the board that would clear both him and the hospital of any wrongdoing. Liesl insisted that her career would be ruined, but Finn pointed out that it was nothing worse than what she had planned for him. Liesl rejected the offer because losing her license to practice medicine was too great a sacrifice. Finn was curious why Liesl had always disliked him. She told him that she'd arrived in Port Charles to build a relationship with her son and to make Nathan proud, but Finn had taken that from her by getting her demoted.

Finn admitted that -- in a roundabout way -- he had her to thank for where he was in life, so he hoped that she changed her mind because it would allow her to see her son without Plexiglas between them.

In the squad room, Nina surprised her brother with a visit and a cup of coffee. Nathan thanked Nina and assumed that she had heard the news. Worried, Nina asked if Maxie was okay. Nathan assured Nina that his wife was fine then filled Nina in about his mother's arrest. Nina was shocked and wondered what would happen to her aunt. Nathan admitted that he had no idea, but he had called Finn, hoping to work something out. Nina knew Nathan loved his mother, but she reminded him that it wasn't his responsibility to bail Liesl out.

Nathan disagreed because he couldn't turn his back on his mother. Nathan conceded that he and Liesl had had their problems, but he loved her and refused to stand by and do nothing. Nathan changed the subject because he was curious why Nina had stopped by. Nina confessed that she needed Nathan to give her a reality check because Valentin had been set free. Nathan was shocked, but Nina assured him that it was true because she'd had an encounter with Valentin at Wyndemere. Nina claimed that she'd been the happiest she'd ever been when she'd been with Valentin.

Nathan saw Finn emerge from lockup, so he asked Nina to hold the thought while he checked in with Finn. Nathan approached the doctor to find out about Finn's talk with Liesl. Finn assured Nathan that the charges would be dropped if Liesl did as Finn had requested. Nathan thanked Finn then returned to let Nina know that he had to follow up with Liesl. He asked Nina to wait, but he advised her to remind herself of all the ways that Valentin had lied to her.

Nathan returned to lockup to talk to Liesl about Finn's offer. Liesl revealed that she would have to sacrifice her career for her freedom. Nathan insisted that it was better than the alternative and urged his mother to accept Finn's offer. After Nathan left, Liesl decided to take what was most important from Finn because he'd done the same to her.

In the squad room, Nina recalled the night that Valentin had gifted her with a horse because her happiness, and Charlotte's, had been the most important thing to him. Nina's smile faded when she remembered assuring him that she only needed him to be honest with her. She pushed the memory away when Nathan walked up. Nina confessed that she had tried to remind herself of all the ways that Valentin had hurt her, but her thoughts inevitably drifted to a good memory. Nathan urged Nina to stand strong because there was nothing good about Valentin.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden caught up with Finn. After an affectionate greeting, Finn admitted that he hadn't expected to arrive before she had. Hayden confessed that she'd been there earlier, but she had left. Finn was filled with questions, but she wanted to know about his visit with Liesl. Finn told her that Liesl was mulling things over, but he was hopeful that Liesl would agree to his terms. Hayden smiled and kissed him. Finn gently rubbed her tummy as they cuddled at the bar.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dante and Lulu retreated to a quiet corner while they kept an eye on Charlotte as Charlotte played with the bridal bouquet. Dante broke the news that Valentin had been set free. Shocked, Lulu asked how it was possible, but Dante had no idea and decided to call Anna.

A short time later, Anna arrived. Dante and Lulu filled Anna in about Valentin's release, so she called Robert. The call went to voicemail, prompting Anna to call Robert's assistant. Anna was told that Robert was in a meeting, but she was able to confirm that the charges against Valentin had been dropped. Lulu wondered how that was possible when he'd sold a classified weapon to Helena Cassadine. Anna explained that the WSB hadn't wanted to draw unwanted attention to a deadly weapon that had been created by the previous administration because the weapon had not been in line with the bureau's current goals and methods.

Dante and Lulu were astounded that the WSB would cover up Valentin's crime, but Anna pointed out that the case against him was circumstantial because her twin was on the run and Helena had died. Dante and Lulu were frustrated.

Meanwhile, Charlotte squealed with joy when she saw Valentin enter the restaurant. Valentin ran to his daughter and hugged her tightly as Dante and Lulu exchanged worried glances. Charlotte told her father how much she had missed him, but she had always known that he would return as promised. Lulu stepped forward to suggest that she and Charlotte get some lemonade while Dante and Anna talked to Valentin. Valentin waited until Lulu and Charlotte were out of hearing range before he handed his paperwork to Dante. Anna seized the opportunity to ask Valentin what had happened in the Netherlands.

Valentin suspected the WSB had allowed Alex to escape and dropped the charges against him because they had hoped to bury the Chimera and avoid a public record of the weapon. Dante's tone was filled with sarcasm as he pointed out that things had worked out quite well for Valentin. Valentin smiled smugly and announced his intention to take Charlotte home, but Dante warned Valentin that it would not be happening because Lulu had custody of her daughter. "Temporary custody," Valentin corrected. Dante argued that Charlotte would not be going anywhere until a judge signed off on it.

Charlotte returned to ask if Valentin had answered Dante and Anna's questions. Valentin nodded, but he admitted that it would be best if Charlotte returned home with Lulu because he had to get everything ready for Charlotte at Wyndemere. He promised to visit Charlotte in the morning, but Lulu explained that Charlotte attended Lila's Kids day camp. Valentin's smile tightened, but he told Charlotte that he couldn't wait to hear all about it.

After Dante, Lulu, and Charlotte left, Valentin invited Anna to join him for a drink. They toasted to Valentin's freedom then Valentin admitted that he'd had time to reflect on things. He realized that he was grateful to Anna because her rejection had hurt him, but it had ultimately made him the man he was and had led him down a path that had given him a daughter and a wife he cherished. Anna recalled Valentin once telling her that she had put her mistakes behind her, and she had built a better life for herself. "Now, it's your turn. Don't blow it," she advised him.

Anna warned Valentin that she would be waiting if he slipped up.

Sam purchases a gun to deal with Sonny

Sam purchases a gun to deal with Sonny

> Sam purchases a gun to deal with Sonny

Sam purchases a gun to deal with Sonny

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

At the nurses' station, Bobbie and Carly chatted about Olivia and Ned's wedding. Carly gushed that it was clear that Olivia and Ned were in love. Bobbie thought it sounded like a good time had been had by all, but Carly revealed that Michael had attended the wedding with Nelle, and there had been trouble with Josslyn. Bobbie left the nurses' station to take a walk with Carly as Carly filled her mother in about Sonny's failed attempt to apologize to Josslyn. Bobbie reminded Carly that Josslyn was entitled to her feelings, but Bobbie also believed that Josslyn should be respectful.

Carly was curious what Bobbie thought about Carly's decision to reconcile with Sonny. Bobbie suggested that Carly make different choices if she wanted her mother's approval because something always seemed to get in the way when Carly and Sonny tried to make things work. Carly turned the conversation back to Nelle, but Bobbie was certain that Michael would soon lose interest in Nelle. Carly disagreed because Michael had stood up for Nelle when Carly had confronted her at the wedding. Carly vowed to find a way to drive Nelle away, but Bobbie warned Carly that it might alienate Michael. Carly thought it would be worth it if she could spare Michael from being hurt by Nelle.

Bobbie had a better idea that would keep Carly's hands clean. Bobbie suggested they dig up dirt on Nelle, but Carly pointed out that they had already investigated Nelle. Bobbie argued that a woman like Nelle was bound to have more skeletons hidden in her closet. Carly agreed and started to make plans, but Bobbie took charge so things wouldn't backfire on Carly. Bobbie called Felicia to ask her friend to reopen the investigation.

At Crimson, Nina arrived for work and greeted Nelle. Nelle announced that Nina had a visitor waiting in Nina's office. Nina entered her office and was surprised when she saw Julian sitting behind her desk. She demanded to know what he was doing there. Julian smiled and told her that he had news for her. "Party's over," he said. Nina bristled because Crimson had flourished under her leadership while his other publications had floundered.

Meanwhile, Valentin arrived to visit Nina, but Nelle told him that Nina was in a meeting. Valentin decided to wait and struck up a conversation by asking if Nelle would be interested in returning to work as Charlotte's nanny. Nelle thanked him for the offer, but she admitted that she preferred working for the magazine. Just then, Nina's office door opened as Julian marched out. Nina stopped in the doorway to warn Julian to make an appointment the next time he wanted to talk to her. Valentin smiled with pride.

Nina's ire mounted when she noticed Valentin. She tried to get rid of him, but he warned her that he would find another reason to see her. Resigned, Nina invited him into her office determined to get the visit over with quickly. Valentin announced that he wanted to take out an ad in her magazine, so she directed him to her sales department, but he revealed that he had opened a nonprofit organization to offer a haven for retired racehorses slated to be destroyed. Nina's eyes rounded with surprise when he told her that he'd named the charity the Nina Reeves Horse Rescue and that he'd bought land in Beechers Corners, where he hoped to provide a place for children and veterans to help rehabilitate the horses.

Nina loved the idea, but she also thought it was an incredibly transparent effort to lure her back into Valentin's life by appealing to her soft spot for horses. Valentin clarified that he was trying to woo her, not lure her, because he knew he was the man she wanted. Nina was happy for the horses, veterans, and children, but the charity didn't cancel out the things that Valentin had done to others -- namely Spencer Cassadine. Stunned, Valentin reminded Nina that he hadn't had any control over his father's will, but she explained that she'd been referring to Valentin killing Spencer's father. Valentin insisted that Nikolas had faked his death, framed an innocent person, and then fled to Greece.

According to Valentin, "the events" of Nikolas' "disappearance" were open to interpretation. Nina argued that Spencer saw things differently because he missed his father. Nina pointed out that it wasn't something that Valentin could fix by setting up a nonprofit organization in Spencer's name.

After Valentin left, Nina called Nelle in to let Nelle know not to let Julian into the office again because Julian was a criminal and a liar. Nina started to say that Valentin shouldn't be trusted, either, but she stopped herself because she claimed there hadn't been any proof that Valentin had done anything wrong. Nelle wondered if Nina was happy that Valentin was back. Nina admitted that she was, but she insisted that she was happy for Charlotte. Nelle smiled knowingly because it was clear that Nina still loved Valentin, but Nina argued that love was not enough.

Nelle wondered what it would take for Nina to take Valentin back. Nina thought about it then admitted that she would need assurance that he valued a life with Nina and Charlotte more than the demons of his past.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Kevin and Laura sat down for breakfast. Kevin was curious if Laura had heard from Spencer, but she shook her head and explained that Spencer was focused on rehearsing for the play. Laura worried that sending Spencer to Lila's Kids had been a mistake, but Kevin assured her that it had been the right decision because Spencer needed structure and to be around kids his own age. Laura feared that she wouldn't be able to distract Spencer from his obsession with Valentin for long, but Kevin believed that Spencer held onto his anger over having his birthright taken because it was a way to keep Nikolas present in his life.

Kevin encouraged Laura to allow Spencer to talk about Nikolas whenever possible because it would help Spencer to let go of his crusade against Valentin and lead to a healthier way to remain connected to Nikolas. However, Kevin was more concerned about Laura because he suspected that she refused to slow down out of fear that the loss of Nikolas would catch up with her. Laura realized it was a pitfall of being involved with a psychiatrist, but Kevin assured her that he loved her very much. Laura appreciated his support, but it was a difficult time because the one-year anniversary of Nikolas' death was approaching.

Laura's voice filled with emotion as she admitted the anniversary would be a really difficult day for everyone in her family. Kevin was curious if knowing that Valentin was gone for good had helped. "You're mistaken, Doc," Julian said as he stopped at Kevin and Laura's table. Alarmed, Laura asked what Julian was talking about. Julian revealed that he'd seen Valentin minutes earlier at Crimson. After Julian walked away, Laura called Lulu.

Kevin waited until Laura ended the call to pepper her with questions. Laura explained that Lulu had learned about Valentin's release the previous evening, but she hadn't had a chance to call Laura. Laura was concerned about Spencer and asked Kevin to go to the park with her to fetch her grandson before Spencer ran into Valentin.

In the park, Spencer practiced his lines for Hamlet as Josslyn walked up. She smiled and told him that she had learned about the Shakespearean play in her English class the previous year. Josslyn thought it had been a depressing play because Hamlet had ruined his life over his uncle. She admitted that at a certain point, she had stopped feeling sorry for Hamlet because he'd been too busy indulging in his own self-pity. Spencer argued that Josslyn had missed the entire point of the play -- there was no nobler mission than to avenge one's father.

Josslyn was surprised that the camp had decided to do Hamlet, but Spencer admitted that he'd persuaded the director to take a chance on the play rather than another production of Cats. Spencer admitted that dark roles were easier for him. Josslyn wondered what else Spencer had been doing, but Spencer claimed that rehearsing for the play consumed all his time. Josslyn and Spencer looked up when Oscar called out to Josslyn. Josslyn greeted Oscar then introduced him to Spencer. Oscar was impressed when Josslyn mentioned that Spencer had been away at a European boarding school, but Spencer admitted that he preferred to be in Port Charles, where he could reclaim his birthright.

Oscar chuckled, but Spencer explained that he hadn't been joking because Spencer's "sinister" uncle had stolen Spencer's inheritance. However, Spencer doubted a "peasant" like Oscar would understand. Josslyn objected to Spencer resorting to name-calling because Oscar was a nice guy. Spencer apologized, so Oscar assured Spencer that everything was okay. Pleased, Josslyn suggested that she and Oscar grab something to drink. She invited Spencer to join them, but he declined because he wanted to continue rehearsing.

Oscar realized that Spencer had been working on Hamlet and assumed that Spencer's outrageous claims had been about the play's title character. Spencer promised he'd told the truth about his uncle murdering his father, which had given him a unique understanding of Hamlet's situation. Spencer vowed to follow in Hamlet's footsteps, but Josslyn advised him to reconsider because things hadn't ended well for Hamlet. Spencer assured Josslyn that he would not destroy himself.

Later, Spencer practiced his lines as Hamlet gave a speech about vengeance, but Spencer froze when Valentin walked up clapping. Valentin fully believed that Spencer was capable of killing a man. Spencer's lip trembled with fear as he stared defiantly at Valentin, so Valentin promised that he had no desire to harm Spencer. Valentin claimed that he wanted to talk because things had been left unresolved between them. Valentin sat on the bench as he acknowledged that he didn't expect Spencer to welcome a friendship, but Valentin would like it because they were family. Spencer watched Valentin carefully as Valentin pulled out a ring and handed it to Spencer.

According to Valentin, it was a signet ring that his father, Mikkos, had made for each of his sons. Valentin had been tempted to throw it out, but his father had died when Valentin had been young, and it had been the only thing that Mikkos had given him. Valentin was glad that he had held onto it because it had given him good fortune. Valentin wanted Spencer to have it. "You killed my father," Spencer accused. Spencer warned Valentin that Valentin was "dead wrong," if he believed a signet ring would make them even.

Valentin knew the signet ring couldn't make up for everything, but he believed there was a way to "even the scales." However, Laura and Kevin arrived before Valentin could elaborate. Laura warned Valentin to stay away from Spencer. Kevin revealed that he'd had a psychotic brother who had taught Kevin a lot about Kevin's dark side. Kevin made it clear that Valentin didn't want to meet that side of Kevin. Spencer tossed the ring at Valentin and told his great-uncle to keep it because Spencer made his own luck. Spencer added that they would see if it still worked when he buried Valentin.

At the Morgan penthouse, Sonny stopped by to discuss something with Jason that he believed would be mutually beneficial to them. Sam stopped in the dining room when she heard Sonny's ominous words. The apparition of Sonny appeared beside her to whisper in her ear that Jason and Sonny doing business together was like old times and that the closer Sonny and Jason got, the closer to death Jason was. "Stop it," Sam growled at the apparition. In the living room, Jason glanced at Sam and asked if she was okay. Sam pasted on a smile as she entered the living room and told Jason that she had to run an errand. Jason frowned, but Sam ducked out of the penthouse before he could stop her.

Jason asked if Sonny thought Sam had seemed off. Sonny carefully suggested that she might be on edge because of what had happened on Sonny's island, but Jason argued that he'd been hurt far worse than the bullet graze on his arm. Sonny pointed out that times had changed because Jason and Sam had children. Sonny seized the opportunity to discuss the reason for his visit. Sonny pulled out some documents and told Jason that he'd been thinking about buying the Black Duck Distillery on the bluff overlooking the river. Jason recalled that a developer had bought the property, but Sonny explained that the developer had run out of money during the reconstruction. Sonny hoped to buy the property and develop the distillery into retail and office space, but he hoped to partner with Jason on the project.

Jason turned down Sonny's offer because he worried that Sonny's enemies would get the wrong idea and assume Sonny and Jason's business was a front. Sonny was disappointed, but he respected his friend's decision. Sonny asked Jason to look over the paperwork because Sonny intended to talk to Michael about the business proposal. Sonny wanted Jason to look things over in case Michael turned to Jason for advice. As Sonny left, his phone rang. It was Diane with news.

In the park, Oscar admitted that Spencer was an interesting kid. Josslyn smiled and agreed that Spencer was a unique individual. She explained that she and Spencer were "sort of" cousins because her stepfather was Spencer's uncle. Josslyn had known Spencer a long time, and she recognized that he could be overwhelming, but she admitted that there was a reason for Spencer's behavior. Josslyn told Oscar that Spencer's mother had passed away when Spencer had been a baby, so Spencer had never known Courtney. Josslyn added that Spencer's father had died the previous summer, prompting Oscar to ask if it was true that Nikolas had been murdered.

Josslyn admitted that no one knew for certain, but the charges against Spencer's great-uncle had been dropped for lack of evidence. Josslyn hoped that Oscar kept what she had told him in mind the next time he saw Spencer. Oscar thought she had a "dramatic" family. Josslyn admitted that knowing what Spencer had gone through made her feel like a jerk for being upset about her parents. She was grateful that she still had her parents, despite their problems. Oscar suggested that he and Josslyn remind each other not to get too carried away when they complained about their parents. Josslyn smiled when he suggested that "fireflies" be their code word because it had special meaning to them.

Moments later, Sonny walked up to talk to Josslyn. Josslyn insisted that she had to get back to work, but Sonny asked her to wait because it was important. Oscar stood up and warned Sonny to back off. Sonny suggested that Oscar mind his own business, but Oscar stood his ground and asked if they would have a problem.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sam approached her father at the bar. Julian was surprised that she had tracked him down, but she reminded him that she was a private detective and was familiar with his morning habits. She sat down and filled him in about Sonny's decision to leave the mob, but Julian was skeptical that Sonny meant it. Sam told her father that Julian could have a relationship with her and her children if he agreed to help her keep Jason safe. Julian was confused because he thought Jason had left the business. Sam explained that it didn't matter because Sonny always found a way to pull Jason back in.

Sam told Julian how Jason had raced to the island to save Sonny from Garvey. Julian advised Sam to talk to Jason, but she thought it was "useless" advice. Julian explained that it wasn't easy to leave the mob, especially for a man like Sonny, unless Sonny could pass the reins to someone. Sam worried that Sonny wanted Jason to take over. The apparition of Sonny appeared and warned her that there was only one way to free Jason from Sonny's hold, but he doubted that Sam had the nerve to do it. "I need to finish what I started," Sam told the apparition.

"Excuse me?" Julian asked. Sam looked at her father then apologized. She asked Julian not to say anything about their talk to anyone, including her mother. Julian agreed. Satisfied, Sam left then called an associate to purchase something.

Later, Sam arrived home. Jason told her about Sonny's offer, but he admitted that he had turned Sonny down. Sam was curious why Sonny had left the documents with Jason, so Jason explained that Sonny hoped he had enlisted Jason's help to persuade Michael to go into business with Sonny. Scout woke up crying, prompting Jason to check on the baby. The apparition of Sonny appeared and asked if Sam had believed Jason. Sam admitted that it didn't matter because she would make certain that going into business with Sonny would not be an option.

Sam pulled out a gun and aimed it at the apparition.

Serena returns home to grieve with her father

Serena returns home to grieve with her father

Thursday, July 13, 2017

At the hospital, Amy read a letter from an Ask Man Landers reader, but she dropped it when Bobbie called out to her. Amy promised that she'd been working as Bobbie picked up the letter and handed it to Amy. Bobbie explained that she needed a favor, but Amy recalled that Bobbie had been married in the past and seized an opportunity to ask how often Bobbie and her exes had been intimate. Bobbie refused to answer the inappropriate question and let Amy know that she would be taking an early lunch. Bobbie excused herself when she saw Carly.

Bobbie greeted her daughter then revealed that she was on her way to meet Felicia. Carly asked Bobbie to be careful because Michael would accuse them of being on a witch-hunt. Bobbie pointed out that they were because Nelle was a witch, but she promised to take care. However, Bobbie advised Carly to play nice with Nelle to avoid arousing Michael's suspicions. Carly told her mother not to worry because Carly knew what Nelle's game was, and she was confident that she could easily "outplay" Nelle.

In Metro Court's lobby, Michael whisked Nelle to a quiet corner for a kiss before they headed out to lunch. Nelle smiled and teased him about living dangerously. Michael grinned because he had called to check on his mother and had been told that Carly was out. However, he promised to use more caution in the future. Pleased, Nelle kissed him. They made their way to the front door but ran into Carly as she arrived.

Michael and Nelle picked up on Carly's disapproval as she asked where they were going. Michael admitted that he and Nelle had been on their way to get lunch then boldly invited Carly to join them. Nelle tensed, but Carly declined because she was late for an appointment. Carly gave Michael a quick peck on the cheek then walked away. Nelle looked at Michael with disbelief as she demanded to know what he'd been thinking. Michael apologized for inviting Carly to join them, but he had wanted to throw his mother off her game.

Nelle was curious what Michael would have done if Carly had said yes. Michael chuckled and suggested they would have had the shortest lunch on record in a place that didn't have knives. Nelle was not amused, but Michael pointed out that his mother hadn't taken Nelle's head off, which was progress. Nelle agreed. Nearby, Carly watched Michael and Nelle leave.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia invited Nathan to poker night on Saturday. She told him that it would be her, Mac, Diane, Max, Epiphany, Milo, and Spencer's driver, Chandler. Nathan smiled, but he became suspicious when Felicia started making plans for Sunday. Felicia claimed that she thought he might enjoy the company, since his wife was out of town. Nathan didn't want Felicia and Mac to go out of their way, but Felicia didn't mind -- plus, she had promised Maxie. Nathan was surprised when Felicia confided that Maxie had been concerned that he'd been keeping something from his wife.

As if on cue, Nathan's cell phone chimed with a call from Amy. Nathan ignored it, and expressed his disappointment that Maxie hadn't discussed her concerns with him. Felicia acknowledged that her daughter had an active imagination, but Maxie's instincts were good. Nathan glanced at his phone as it chimed with a text message, but Felicia didn't notice because Bobbie had arrived. Nathan seized the opportunity to make his excuses and return to work, but Felicia appeared concerned.

Bobbie asked if everything was okay. "That remains to be seen," Felicia cryptically replied then turned the conversation to Bobbie's request. Bobbie was surprised when Felica refused to reopen the investigation into Nelle. Felica feared that it would be a mistake because Michael was a grown man, and he would be furious if Bobbie and Carly were to interfere in his love life. Felicia urged Bobbie to reconsider, but Bobbie reminded Felicia that Nelle had cruelly hurt Carly, and the rest of the family. Bobbie worried that Nelle had set her sights on Michael to add to Carly's pain.

Bobbie and Felicia glanced up just as Michael and Nelle entered the bar. Michael and his grandmother exchanged a long glance before Michael led Nelle to a nearby table. Felicia decided to give Bobbie time to think things over, but Bobbie didn't want Felicia to do anything she wasn't comfortable doing. Felicia made it clear that she would be far more uncomfortable if Bobbie turned to another private investigator for help. After Felicia left, Bobbie watched Michael and Nelle. Nelle sensed Bobbie's eyes on her, but Michael reminded Nelle that he wanted people to get used to them dating.

Nelle decided to go to the bathroom to give Michael and Bobbie a chance to talk. Michael approached his grandmother's table and asked if she had intended to say hi, but Bobbie admitted that she hadn't felt like pretending that she approved of his relationship with Nelle, or that it wasn't breaking Carly's heart. Michael conceded that Bobbie and Carly were entitled to their feelings, but he reminded Bobbie that it was his life, and that he had to be true to himself. Bobbie thought it was ironic that he had talked about being truthful when Nelle wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit her in the face. Bobbie worried that Nelle was using Michael's kindness against him, but he defended Nelle because he believed she was a good person who'd had a raw deal in life and had made some bad choices.

Michael was disappointed that his grandmother and mother didn't have more empathy for Nelle because they had each made mistakes, but they'd always had people around that had given them second and third chances. Michael wondered why he shouldn't do the same for Nelle. Nearby, Nelle had returned to her seat in time to hear Michael's defense of her. She smiled as he returned to table and sat down. Michael assured her that he respected his family, but he couldn't live to please them. Nelle wondered what would happen if he was wrong about her, so Michael asked if he was. Nelle thought about it for a minute then smiled as she answered, "No."

Meanwhile, Bobbie called Felicia to ask Felicia to proceed with the investigation. Felicia wasn't surprised, which was why she'd gone to Metro Court. Felicia asked Bobbie to have Carly grant Felicia access to Nelle's employee file because Felicia wanted to see if Nelle's contacts were legitimate. Bobbie was curious if Felicia intended to return to Atlanta. Felicia confirmed that she would, but she suspected the real dirt was where Nelle had gotten her start -- in Florida.

At the hospital, Amy shared the letter she'd received from a disgruntled wife with Nathan then asked about his and Maxie's sex life, but he reminded her that his wife lived across the country. Nathan cut to the chase and asked Amy what the emergency had been, but Amy giggled and told him that there hadn't been an emergency. She handed him an envelope with the proofs from his photo shoot, but Nathan was frustrated that she'd blown up his phone with calls and text messages for something that could have waited. Nathan warned Amy that they couldn't be seen together because someone would eventually figure out their secret. Amy agreed, but she needed him to be the face of the brand one more time. "I'm out," Nathan told her.

Amy ran after Nathan to plead with him to hear her out, but Nathan refused to risk his career. Amy explained that her brother had recently been approved for a special surgery that he'd been on a waiting list for, but she would need to take a short leave of absence to attend to Chet's post-surgical care. Nathan thought Chet was lucky to have a sister like Amy, but he wondered what that had to do with him. Amy admitted that she didn't have any paid time off, so she had arranged for a paid interview to tide her over. She assured Nathan that she would find another way to get money then walked away.

Nathan quickly capitulated and assured Amy that he would help. Thrilled, Amy hugged him. Nathan smiled then asked what he had to do. Amy explained that it was a podcast interview, which she doubted anyone would tune in to. Nathan hoped she was right, but Amy assured him that she had a plan.

In the park, Sonny tracked down Josslyn and asked to speak to her, but she insisted that she had to get back to work. Sonny explained that it was important and that he had good news, but Josslyn wasn't interested. Concerned, Oscar warned Sonny to leave Josslyn alone, but Sonny advised Oscar to back off. Oscar stood his ground and whipped out his phone to record the incident because he thought Sonny was a pervert. Horrified, Josslyn told Oscar to put the phone away because Sonny was her stepfather. Oscar immediately apologized, but Sonny surprised Josslyn and Oscar by commending Oscar for doing the right thing.

Sonny pulled Josslyn aside to tell her that Jax's problems with the State Department had been resolved and that Jax was free to return to the United States to visit Josslyn anytime. Josslyn was curious how Sonny had found out, so he admitted that he had a friend at the State Department. Josslyn realized it was the same friend who had deported her father, but Sonny refused to confirm it. Josslyn was happy that her father could return, but she wished he'd never been deported because Jax had been forced to change his business around, and she'd been denied a summer visit with her father. Sonny apologized, but he assured Josslyn that he loved her and that he'd always have her back. Sonny also promised to keep trying to make amends.

After Sonny left, Josslyn asked Oscar not to tell anyone about her talk with Sonny. Oscar promised, but he was glad that he'd had an opportunity to meet Sonny. Josslyn admitted that she'd been impressed with how Oscar had handled himself, but she assured him that she could take care of herself. As they strolled to the campers, Josslyn talked about Morgan and admitted that Oscar reminded her of her late brother because he was spontaneous and fun. Oscar thought it was cool to think outside the box, but Josslyn advised him that there were limits. She asked him not to challenge Sonny again.

Oscar agreed as long as Josslyn would see him again. Josslyn smiled. Pleased, Oscar talked about her father. Josslyn was happy she didn't have to go to Abu Dhabi because it was too hot for her. Oscar agreed that it wouldn't be fun if she were stuck inside all day. Josslyn shyly admitted that Port Charles was much better.

At Metro Court, Carly happily hugged Sonny. She told him about her encounter with Michael and Nelle as they'd been on their way to lunch. Sonny was surprised that she had kept her cool when Michael had invited her to lunch, but Carly confided that it had been a calculated move. Sonny realized that Carly had been playing Nelle, so Carly filled him in on her plans to drive Nelle out of Michael's life. Sonny told Carly about his efforts to patch things up with Josslyn. Carly was thrilled that Sonny had fixed things for Jax because she was certain that Josslyn would eventually forgive Sonny.

Carly's good mood vanished when Sonny mentioned that Josslyn had been spending time with Oscar. Carly objected to Josslyn being around Oscar because he had persuaded Josslyn to drink alcohol, which had been incredibly dangerous because Josslyn had only one kidney. Sonny promised to support Carly, but he advised her to be careful. Carly insisted that she had to intervene because Josslyn was too young to get mixed up with someone like Oscar.

In Scott's hotel suite, Scott sat down for breakfast just as someone knocked on the door. Annoyed, Scott went to the door and groaned when he saw Lucy on his doorstep. He told her to go away because he was busy preparing for an important case, but Lucy insisted that it couldn't wait. Scott didn't care because Lucy's emergencies always spelled grief for him. Lucy's voice was filled with emotion as she told Scott to sit, but he refused because he had to get back to work. He accused her of putting him on the spot because she had ratted him out for tampering with Morgan's medications.

Scott admitted that he'd been looking over his shoulder ever since, which was why he'd agreed to represent Julian. Scott was confident that he could retire early on what he intended to bill Julian, but Lucy told Scott to stop. "It's about your father," she quietly revealed. Worried, Scott asked if she had told Lee about his troubles. "I'm so sorry," Lucy tearfully said. Scott was shocked when she broke the news that his father had passed away.

Scott refused to believe it because he'd spoken to Lee the previous week. "I-I don't know, maybe it was a month ago," Scott realized with dread. Scott insisted that he'd been busy, but Lee had been as healthy as a horse. Lucy nodded, but Scott asked why Lucy had known about Lee, but he hadn't. Lucy explained that Serena had been visiting Lee and Gail in Florida, and she had called to tell Lucy because Serena hadn't wanted Scott to find out in a phone call. Lucy hadn't gotten too many details, but she assured Scott that Lee had died peacefully.

Scott was devastated and worried about his stepmother. Lucy promised that Serena was helping with the arrangements and was focused on Gail, so Scott called his daughter, but it went to voicemail. Scott left Serena an emotional message apologizing that she'd been left to deal with everything, but he admitted that it might have been a good thing that Serena had been with her grandfather during his last days. Scott told Serena that he loved her then ended the call. Lucy thought it had been a touching message. Scott assured Lucy that she could leave, but she insisted on staying with him.

Scott poured himself a drink, but Lucy didn't think downing a drink was a fitting way to honor Lee, since Lee had struggled with alcoholism. Scott yelled that he'd been a disappointment to his father in life, so he might as well be one in death too. Lucy vehemently disagreed because Lee had loved Scott very much. Scott conceded that his father had loved him, but Scott knew he had failed Lee every step of the way. Scott recalled when his mother had married Lee, and how lucky Scott had felt, especially after his mother had died and Lee had adopted him. However, he had taken advantage of his father despite everything that Lee had done for him.

Scott finished his drink as he confessed that Lee had never forgiven him for messing things up with Laura, but Lucy argued that Scott and Laura had been children. Scott agreed, but he had always screwed things up. Scott recalled a bitter argument with his father when Lee had accused Scott of burning all his bridges. Lee had admitted that he didn't know if he had the will or the heart to rebuild things with Scott. Scott pushed the painful memory away when Lucy reached for his drink. She acknowledged that she couldn't stop him from feeling sorry for himself, but she refused to let him rewrite history.

Lucy conceded that Scott had been a "jackass" who had done bad things and had disappointed his father, but it had been long before. She reminded Scott about his life with Dominique -- Serena's biological mother -- and Serena's momentous birth. Lucy insisted that Lee had seen that Scott was a changed man because she recalled that when Lee had seen Serena for the first time, there had been joy, pride, and love in Lee's eyes for the man that Scott had become. Lucy promised that Lee had forgiven Scott. She handed Scott a cup of coffee, but he grumbled that he'd only had two drinks.

Scott asked to be left alone, but Lucy refused. Scott's frustrations mounted when someone knocked on the door. He asked Lucy to get rid of the person as he disappeared into the bedroom. Lucy went to the door and was taken aback when she saw Serena. Lucy hugged Serena then called out to Scott to tell him that he would want to see his visitor. Scott walked out and was stunned when his daughter greeted him.

Loved ones remember Lee Baldwin

Loved ones remember Lee Baldwin

Friday, July 14, 2017

At the Floating Rib, Laura talked to Spencer about Valentin. She assured her grandson that she firmly believed that Valentin would one day face justice, but she insisted that violence was not the answer. Spencer promised his grandmother that he had a more viable solution in mind, prompting her to ask what Spencer was up to. "I thought you would never ask," Spencer replied as his face lit up. Spencer revealed that he'd had Alexis file a wrongful death civil suit against Valentin. Laura was relieved, but she warned him that a lawsuit could drag out for years.

Spencer wasn't concerned because he had all the time in the world. Moments later, Laura's phone chimed with a text message. She read the message then told Spencer that she had to hand him over to Chandler because she had received some sad news about an old friend of hers. She warned Spencer not to take any detours because she would be forced to fire Chandler. Spencer assured her that he would go straight to camp.

In the park, Valentin set out a picnic lunch as Alexis walked up. She was surprised, but he had wanted to mark the occasion because it had been the first time his sister had asked to see him. Alexis revealed that she had something important to discuss with him then pulled a packet of papers out of her bag and handed it to him. She explained that she had filed a civil suit against him for the wrongful death of her nephew Nikolas. Valentin reminded her that it had been self-defense, but Alexis informed him that it didn't matter in a civil suit. She reminded him of the civil case against O.J. Simpson.

Furious, Valentin warned Alexis that it was pointless to file the lawsuit against him because she didn't even have a body, but Alexis clarified that she hadn't filed the lawsuit against him -- Spencer had. Valentin accused Alexis of exploiting Spencer for money and offered to give her money if she needed it. Alexis was offended by the suggestion that she'd exploit her nephew, but she reminded Valentin that there had been a witness to Nikolas' murder. Valentin scoffed because Ava had only seen two men struggle and Nikolas disappear out a window. He added that Ava had no idea if Valentin had shot Nikolas intentionally or if Nikolas had died, but Alexis was confident that Ava would make a compelling witness, as would Spencer.

Alexis taunted Valentin that if the verdict was big enough, then Valentin might be forced to sell the estate that "Daddy" had left him. Valentin expressed a desire to settle things out of court, but Alexis wasn't interested. He warned her that he had access to one of the top trial lawyers in the country. Valentin threatened to make it an ugly fight in court by ripping Nikolas apart, but Alexis wasn't surprised that he would put the victim on trial. Valentin reminded her that Spencer would see everything and that she would risk losing her law license because she had used an orphaned child to line her pockets. Alexis was certain the jury would see things her way.

Valentin growled that Alexis didn't know anything; she didn't know the truth. Alexis assured him that she knew that Mikkos had left Valentin a fortune, but Spencer would walk away with it. She admitted that the fortune paled in comparison to what Spencer really wanted -- Nikolas. However, Alexis conceded that money was better than nothing. After Alexis left, Valentin called his attorney, but he was not pleased with what he was told and vowed to personally deal with Spencer.

In a hotel suite, Amy told Nathan that she'd told the host of the podcast that they would furnish the room. Amy explained that she intended to hide on the patio and feed Nathan the answers for the interview through an earpiece. She instructed Nathan to make certain the podcast host sat with his back to the patio doors, so he wouldn't see her. Nathan agreed, but he bristled when Amy asked him to take off his wedding ring because Man Landers was not married. Amy assured Nathan that he could put it back on after the podcast, and she promised that it would be the last time she'd ask for his help.

A short time later, Amy hid out of sight on the patio and listened through a headset as the podcast host welcomed Nathan to Adam's Apple, "the safe space for men." Amy guided Nathan through the interview as the host peppered him with questions, but Nathan refused to discuss his personal life. Surprised, the host wondered why readers should trust Man Landers' advice. Amy panicked, but Nathan calmly explained that he had a lot of friends who were women, and he listened to them. Amy smiled as Nathan sang her praises without naming her. Satisfied, the host read a letter from a reader who had met his soul mate, but she had taken a job out of town.

The reader wanted to know what he should do because he had a career that he loved. Amy quickly reminded Nathan that the letter hadn't been about him and Maxie. She asked him to focus then carefully told him what to say. As Nathan repeated the sage advice to give things time and to find ways to make things work long distance, Nathan smiled because it had helped him too. After the interview, Nathan accompanied Amy to the lobby.

As Amy walked away, the podcast host exited the elevator and called out to Nathan. The host revealed that his producer had listened to the interview and had been impressed. To Nathan's dismay, the host announced that the producer was willing to pay Nathan to be a part of the show on a regular basis.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava looked in the mirror and gasped when she didn't see any scars. She stared at her reflection with awe because she was completely healed as if nothing had happened. Dante appeared in the doorway and informed her that she was under arrest for being an accessory to Morgan's murder. Ava dropped the mirror. Her eyes suddenly snapped open as the glass shattered.

Ava's face remained partially hidden behind bandages as she realized that she'd been dreaming, but she jumped when Dante suddenly appeared in the doorway. Ava glared at him as she reminded him that she had nothing to say. Dante thought she might feel better if she confessed, but Ava knew that Dante wanted her to confess because he didn't have a case against her. She was also certain that Dante was afraid to tell Sonny because he was worried that Sonny would go after her, but she assured Dante that he had nothing to worry about because Sonny had refused to kill her when she had begged him to put her out of her misery.

Later, Ava was asleep when she felt someone squeeze her hand. She was confused when she saw Spencer seated at her bedside. Spencer apologized for startling her, but Ava was afraid that she had frightened him. Spencer revealed that he'd been where she was and that he had suffered the same agony. He recalled how he had lain in a hospital bed, worrying that his appearance would be forever changed, and how it had felt having his bandages removed and seeing a monster beneath. Ava pointed out that he was handsome and healed, so perhaps his burns hadn't been as severe as hers were.

Spencer realized that it had been wrong of him to compare his and Ava's situations, but he had wanted her to know that his heart -- as well as his father's -- was with her. Ava was touched. She admitted that she and Nikolas had never gotten close enough to talk about what was in their hearts, but she wished that they had. Spencer smiled when she confessed that he reminded her a lot of his father. Spencer told her that he felt closer to his father when he was around Ava because she'd been the last person to see Nikolas. Spencer filled her in about his lawsuit and asked if she would help.

Ava assured Spencer that she would swear under oath that Nikolas had been a kind and brave man who had been killed defending her. Ava promised Spencer that Nikolas had died a hero. She admitted that she regretted not acting on the spark between her and Nikolas because she was certain that her life would have been different. She applauded Spencer for going after Valentin because she believed that Nikolas would approve. Spencer hoped Ava found peace. He gave her an affectionate hug then left.

Meanwhile, Sonny was happy when he ran into Kiki in Metro Court's lobby because he had wanted to let her know that he'd been granted permanent physical custody of Avery. Kiki was taken aback because she realized that her mother didn't have any legal rights to Avery. Sonny reminded Kiki that his recent custody arrangement with Ava had been based on a lie, but Kiki assured him that she knew her mother had goaded him into it. Kiki understood why Sonny wanted a formal arrangement, but she knew losing Avery would break her mother's heart. Sonny revealed that he'd paid Ava a visit to share the news and that Ava had appeared to accept it, but Kiki worried that it meant her mother had already given up.

Sonny felt bad for Kiki because she'd already gone through a lot when Morgan had died. Sonny assured Kiki that she had made Morgan happy. He also promised her that he didn't blame her for her mother's actions. Kiki confessed that she knew her sister was better off with Sonny and Carly, but Sonny made it clear that Kiki could visit her sister whenever she liked. Kiki thanked Sonny then decided to pay Avery a visit. She passed Dante as he arrived looking for his father.

Dante approached Sonny and told him that he had bad news. Dante revealed that the district attorney had decided not to prosecute Ava for tampering with Morgan's medications because the case against Ava was circumstantial and weak. Sonny was outraged because the lithium should be sufficient evidence. Dante explained that he hadn't been able to tie the drug to Ava because the local drug dealers didn't sell lithium, since it wasn't an opioid, and none of the pharmacies in the area had been missing the drug. Sonny insisted the prosecutor should charge Ava, but Dante reminded Sonny that the risk was too high that Ava would be acquitted, which meant they wouldn't be able to charge her if new evidence surfaced.

Sonny was frustrated and threatened to deal with Ava on his own, but Dante warned his father not to take the law into his own hands. Sonny reluctantly admitted that he wouldn't because he had promised Carly that he would leave the mob. Dante was skeptical, but Sonny assured him that it was true. Dante was concerned that his news about Ava might have changed things, so he implored his father not to let Ava push Sonny off his new path.

At the hospital, Kiki entered her mother's hospital room and announced that she had a surprise for Ava that would lift Ava's spirits. Kiki slipped back into the hallway then returned with Avery in tow. Ava was delighted to see her young daughter, but her joy vanished when Avery kept turning away from her mother in fright. Kiki quickly whisked Avery out the room to hand Avery back to the nanny. Kiki returned to her mother's hospital room and tried to downplay Avery's reaction, but Ava was hurt because she knew Avery had been afraid to look at her.

Ava tearfully told Kiki that she didn't want to see Avery again because she refused to put Avery through that another time. Kiki objected, but Ava asked to be left alone. Kiki didn't want to leave, but Ava begged Kiki to go be with Avery.

In Scott's hotel suite, Scott was shocked when he saw Serena in the doorway. Serena ran to her father and hugged him tightly. Scott was thrilled to see his daughter because he had missed her dearly. Scott turned to Lucy and asked if she had orchestrated the visit. Lucy conceded that she'd had help from Gail because Gail had thought Scott deserved a good surprise after receiving the devastating news about his father's passing. Serena admitted that she was happy to see both of her parents, even if it was to say goodbye to her grandpa.

Serena sat down with her parents to tell them about Lee's passing. She had no idea what had killed him, but he had seemed fine that morning when they'd gone fishing. Scott's smile was bittersweet when he asked if his father had worn his lucky hat. Serena nodded then showed her parents pictures she'd taken of Lee on the pier. According to Serena, Lee had been fascinated with selfies.

Next, Serena showed Scott and Lucy pictures she'd snapped over dinner when Gail had cooked the fish they'd caught earlier. Lucy noticed a spectacular sunset in the background. Serena's eyes filled with fresh tears as she recalled sitting on the porch after dinner with her grandparents and watching the sunset. Serena told Scott and Lucy that Lee had sat between Serena and Gail, holding each of their hands as he told them that it had been the most beautiful sunset he'd ever seen. Lee had called it a "melter" because the sun had looked like it had been dissolving into the Gulf.

Serena explained that as it had gotten darker, Lee had squeezed her and Gail's hands then complained of feeling strange. Serena and Gail had noticed that Lee had grown very pale. She tearfully told her parents that Lee had taken a few breaths then died -- as if he'd followed the sun. Scott held his daughter as she wept. After Serena pulled herself together, she fetched a gift that Lee had wanted her to give to Scott. It was a small box filled with fishing lures.

Scott smiled because he recalled Lee disappearing into the garage and spending hours making lures. Scott had always known that it meant he and Lee would go fishing in the morning. Scott became emotional as he talked about how Lee had taught him to cast a line, and how Lee had once jumped into the water without hesitation to save Scott. Scott was filled with guilt because he'd never been there for his father. Serena assured Scott that Lee hadn't been afraid of death. Gail had confided to Serena that Lee had been afraid of growing weak and feeble and that his loved ones would not know how much Lee had cherished them because they'd always been in Lee's heart.

Lucy thought Lee had been the kindest and most honest man she'd known. Scott agreed that his father had been brutally honest. Scott recalled his father offering him a job after Scott's marriage to Laura had fallen apart, but Scott had refused to take it. Lee had accused Scott of being bitter and had urged Scott to move on, but it had taken Scott a very long time to get past his failed marriage. As if on cue, Laura arrived to offer her condolences. Scott and Laura shared a long hug until Laura pulled away and greeted Serena.

Laura thanked Lucy for sending the text message, but Lucy acknowledged that Lee had always had a soft spot for Laura. Laura admitted that she had leaned on Lee quite a bit. Scott was guilt-ridden because he'd never told his father how much he had loved him, but Laura assured Scott that Lee had known. Scott wondered how Laura could possibly know that, but Laura explained that a child showed it when they confided to their parents about their secrets and fears. Scott felt that he'd failed his father, but he knew his father had loved him.

Laura decided to leave Scott alone with his family. After Laura left, Scott, Lucy, and Serena made a toast to Lee, the most ethical, supportive father a person could have. They concluded the toast with a group hug.

In the park, Spencer passed out popsicles to his grandmother and Alexis as they met to discuss Alexis' meeting with Valentin. Alexis smiled with satisfaction because she was confident that they would prevail in court.

The episode was dedicated to the memory of Peter Hansen

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