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Hayden goes missing Hayden goes missing

Monday, August 14, 2017

When Sam woke up in her hospital room, Jason was there. He informed her that Griffin thought it was possible Sam would be released that day. Sam wondered if they would continue to pretend that she hadn't shot Sonny. She believed, in addition to her, Jason, and Sonny, that Julian also knew. She remembered a conversation she'd had with her father at the Metro Court about her fear of Sonny getting Jason hurt. However, Julian claimed that the conversation had never happened.

Sam remembered that, after her conversation with Julian, she'd arranged to buy a gun. After shooting Sonny, she'd wiped her prints and tossed it in a Dumpster at the distillery. Jason promised to handle it, but Sam figured the cops already had the gun. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Alexis entered the room. Jason said he had some things to do, so he left Sam and Alexis to talk.

Sam asked Alexis about Julian's trial. Alexis maintained that she'd told the truth, so "my conscience is clear." She was dismayed at the long recess of the trial, which put her in "limbo." Sam related how important it was to tell the truth. Alexis wondered what was wrong, and Sam covered that she remembered the way she'd acted while she'd been sick. She regretted hiding her illness, and she thought that she had to make amends for her actions.

Alexis didn't think that Sam had anything to apologize for. Sam revealed that she couldn't tell which memories were real and which were not, and it was messing with her head. She had no idea how Jason had survived what Helena had put him through. Alexis assured Sam that both Sam and Jason were tough, and they had children to think about. Alexis wanted to let Sam rest, so she kissed her daughter on the head and left, assuring Sam, "It's over." "Is it?" Sam wondered when her mother was gone.

Scott arrived at Julian's to talk about the trial recess. Scott told Julian that the recess wasn't good news, because the district attorney had requested it. He believed that the D.A. was trying to gather more witnesses, namely Jason.

Later, Julian remembered his conversation with Sam at the Metro Court when he'd told Sam that the best solution to her problem was to "get rid of Sonny." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Julian answered it to Jason, who let himself in. He demanded to know about the conversation Julian and Sam had had at the Metro Court, so Julian recapped it for him.

Julian added that on the day Sam had shot Sonny, Sam had had an even stranger conversation with Ava. Jason admitted that Sam had been hallucinating around that time. Julian asked how Sam was doing. "Better," Jason replied. Julian offered to do anything he could to help. Jason replied that Julian could help. "Stay away from her," he said, walking out of the apartment.

In the interrogation room, Dante and Nathan went over the evidence in Sonny's case. Just then, a cop entered the room and handed them an evidence bag containing a gun that had been found in a Dumpster at the distillery. Dante asked the cop to have tests run on it to see if the gun matched the bullet from Sonny's leg. When the cop was gone, Dante admitted that he assumed the gun would be untraceable, which meant that Sonny had been shot by a "pro." A short while later, the cop returned with the test results. Dante read that the gun matched the bullet, and he and Nathan left.

Jason arrived at the police station and asked the cop at the front desk for a minute with Jordan to talk about Julian's trial. When the cop told him that Jordan was out, he asked to speak to Dante or Nathan. After learning that they were also out, Jason agreed to wait, so he sat down.

A few minutes later, Jason got up to get a cup of coffee. As he poured, he heard two cops talking about the third gun found. One cop told the other that he was on his way to take the guns down to the evidence room. Jason looked frightened as he sipped his coffee.

Liesl sat outside of Kelly's, and Jared sat down at her table. He informed her that he would soon be able to access his money, and she was happy that he would finally get what he deserved. They toasted with their coffees to making both Finn and Hayden suffer. He admitted that he never would have gone after Hayden if not for the money she'd promised him. He went inside to get food, so she took the opportunity to take out her phone to put the "finishing touch" in motion.

At Sonny's, Michael got some coffee for Sonny. Michael confessed that he'd checked with Dante about how the investigation was going. He knew that the bullet from Sonny's leg didn't match Garvey's gun, so he asked Sonny who'd actually shot him. When Sonny got defensive about Michael's question, Michael tried to speculate on what had actually happened. He guessed that someone had gotten "nervous" about Sonny getting out of the business. The person had followed Sonny to the distillery, shot him, and pushed him in the pit to die. He hoped that Sonny wouldn't try to retaliate, as that would only push him deeper into the business.

Just then, Michael's phone rang, and he walked out of the room to answer the call. Disguising her voice with an American accent, Liesl told Michael, a board member of the hospital, that the hospital's financial officer had made some "suspicious transactions." He asked who he was speaking to, but Liesl only directed him to check it out, for the good of the hospital, and she hung up. Michael told Sonny that he had to go "check on something." Sonny asked Michael not to tell Carly about his theory on who had shot Sonny. Michael promised and told Sonny to be careful. Sonny assured Michael that he wasn't going to retaliate on his shooter, and Michael left.

A short while later, Dante and Nathan entered Sonny's house. Dante updated Sonny on the circumstances around the third gun found. Sonny suggested that his fall into the pit had messed with his memory. Dante vowed to find out the truth and promised to keep in touch with Sonny. Dante's phone rang, and he told Nathan that he'd meet his partner outside. He answered the phone as Nathan left. He listened for a minute then hung up. He divulged that he had new information on who had bought the untraceable gun.

At Kelly's, Jared wanted to have a cigarette while he waited for his money. He told Liesl that it was a "pleasure" doing business with her. She told him to enjoy his money, and he left. She took out her phone and made a call. When someone answered, she told the person that she needed to speak with Michael about an "urgent matter." She was told that Michael was out of the office, and he'd canceled all of his appointments. She hung up and gleefully assumed that Michael had gone to Monica.

Liesl wished that she could be at the wedding to see Monica confront Hayden at the altar. She figured that Finn would "dive back into drugs." She continued that that was "my wedding gift to you."

Walking through the park, Jared looked at his watch. "Time's up!" he said, and he took out his phone. He was shocked when he looked at his phone and saw that his account had been closed, so there was no money there for him. "Rachel, you bitch. You double-crossed me," he growled.

Finn was sitting on a bench in the park when Curtis stumbled upon his friend. He observed that Finn looked too unhappy for it to be his wedding day, and he asked what had happened. Finn briefly told Curtis about Hayden being blackmailed into embezzling from the hospital and their argument about it. Curtis had told her to be honest with Finn about what was going on, but Finn observed that she hadn't taken Curtis' advice. Finn had thought that she'd needed space, but he wondered if he should have gone after her when she'd walked out of her office. Curtis advised Finn that space was the last thing Hayden needed.

Curtis reminded Finn that Hayden was "prickly and defensive on a good day," so it had taken a lot for her to lower her defenses in order to let Finn in. Curtis continued that she'd needed Finn to help her fix it, since she hadn't been able to do it herself. He advised Finn to love Hayden "despite her screwups. The way she loves you." Finn realized that he needed to fix things before it was too late. He ran off, and Curtis ran after him.

Elizabeth arrived at the Quartermaine mansion for Finn and Hayden's wedding. Olivia assured her and Ned that she'd taken care of everything. Monica burst into the room and ranted about Cook quitting without leaving a note. Olivia admitted that she'd fired Cook. Monica demanded that Olivia call Cook, apologize, and hire her back. Ned argued that Olivia should be able to cook in her own kitchen. Monica countered that Cook was a longtime employee. "It's my house, and I decide who stays and who goes," she said finally.

Michael entered and asked to talk to Monica, so Ned, Olivia, and Elizabeth excused themselves from the room. Michael updated Monica on the hospital's suspicious transactions with White Hat Limited medical supplies, which was a front for Rachel Berlin. He'd found out that the transactions had been reversed less than a day after they'd been made. They agreed that the situation was fishy, so they wanted to talk to Hayden before the wedding. Speaking of the wedding, Monica grumbled that she didn't know how she would feed people at a wedding reception without a cook.

Outside the living room, Ned apologized to Olivia on Monica's behalf. He promised that Monica would "come around" once she gave Olivia a chance to explain. She thanked him for defending her, and they shared a kiss. Just then, Monica burst out of the living room, and Olivia attempted to explain herself. Monica interrupted her and yelled that she had enough problems, and she didn't want to add Olivia to the list. After she stormed off, Olivia tearfully observed that Monica had called her a problem.

Elizabeth returned to the living room, and Michael asked to speak with Hayden about a "board matter." Elizabeth remembered the strange call Hayden had gotten from the bank, and she wondered if Hayden was in trouble.

Monica flew through, ranting about Cook not returning her calls after having prepared nothing for the wedding reception. Olivia tried to reassure Monica, but Monica focused her rage on Olivia for going behind her back and "abusing my trust." She declared herself done with the conversation and returned to the living room. Olivia had never seen Monica so angry. Ned promised to always have Olivia's back.

Just then, the doorbell rang. "Now what?" Monica barked as she ran to answer the door. Finn, followed by Curtis, burst into the house, citing his need to talk to Hayden about something important. Michael asked why Finn needed to talk to her, and he said that it was private. He explained that they'd had a fight, and he needed to explain himself to Hayden.

As Elizabeth ran upstairs to check Hayden's room, Curtis tried to call Hayden. He got nervous when he discovered that her number was disconnected. When Elizabeth returned, she revealed that Hayden's room was completely empty. She held up the only thing her sister had left behind: her engagement ring.

Jason gets rid of evidence against Sam

Jason gets rid of evidence against Sam

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In the park, Kristina and Alexis sat on a blanket as they unpacked food and talked about Julian's trial. Alexis had no idea if her testimony had helped or hurt his case because all she'd been able to think about was that Sam was in the hospital because Julian hadn't alerted anyone to the danger that his sister Olivia had posed. Kristina reminded Alexis that Sam was recovering, and Julian was no longer Alexis' problem, so she urged her mother to relax and enjoy the evening. Alexis smiled then turned the conversation to Kristina by asking about Kristina's registration at Port Charles University. Kristina was vague, but Alexis worried that Kristina's lack of enthusiasm stemmed from concern about what had transpired the previous year at Wesleyan.

Alexis offered Kristina words of encouragement and told her that it was good to leave the old baggage behind, but the words died on Alexis' lips as she looked over Kristina's shoulder. Kristina frowned then turned around and was startled when she saw Parker standing behind her. Parker smiled bashfully as Kristina stood up and greeted her, but Alexis wanted to know what Parker was doing in town. Alexis was stunned when Parker revealed that she had accepted a teaching position at PCU, but Alexis quickly realized that Kristina had already known. Kristina confirmed that Molly had signed up for the class that Parker was teaching, but Alexis objected because she feared Parker would not treat Molly fairly.

Frustrated, Kristina informed her mother that she and Molly had intended to talk to Parker, but Parker assured both Alexis and Kristina that it was not necessary because she intended to treat Molly like any other student. Kristina added that it was a required class for Molly's curriculum. Alexis didn't trust Parker, so Parker decided to excuse herself before things got more heated. Kristina was furious, but Alexis shot back that Molly and Kristina had "come down like the wrath of God" on Alexis for not being honest about her drinking, and her relationship with Julian. Alexis had been racked with guilt, but she had vowed to do better. She reminded Kristina that honest and open communication went both ways then left to calm down.

Moments later, Alexis caught up with Parker. "What the hell are you doing?" Alexis asked Kristina's ex-lover. Parker defended her decision to take a job at PCU by insisting that it had an excellent English program, and she'd been offered tenure. Alexis laughed then sarcastically expressed concern that Parker's tenure might be derailed because of Parker's attraction to co-eds. Parker thought it was unfair because she had never violated the code of conduct at Wesleyan. Alexis cut to the chase and asked why Parker was in town, but Parker claimed that she'd had no idea that Kristina had enrolled at PCU. Alexis found it hard to believe that Parker hadn't expected Kristina to attend a college in Kristina's hometown.

Alexis was curious how Parker's wife felt about Parker taking a job where she'd be around the woman who had nearly ruined her marriage. Parker made it clear that it was none of Alexis' business, but Alexis was concerned about Kristina because Kristina had finally gotten her life back on track after a challenging year, and Alexis didn't want Parker to destroy that. "Enough, Mom," Kristina scolded as she approached the pair. Kristina apologized to Parker for Alexis' behavior, but Parker confessed that she admired Alexis' protectiveness. After Parker left, Kristina blasted Alexis for confronting Parker, but Alexis insisted that she had needed to know what Parker was up to.

Kristina was furious because Kristina had taken full responsibility for everything that had happened at Wesleyan. Alexis insisted that Parker was to blame because Parker had been the professor, but Kristina refused to be a victim. Kristina added that just because Alexis couldn't own up to all the bad choices that Alexis had made, it didn't mean that Kristina couldn't. Kristina immediately regretted her harsh words and apologized, but Alexis conceded that Kristina had been right. Alexis told Kristina to enjoy the concert then fled.

Kristina gathered up her things then tracked down Parker to ask if Parker wanted company. Parker smiled and nodded.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava looked at Valentin's business card as she reminded herself that she could make a deal with the "Prince of Darkness" by selling her soul in exchange for forgetting that he'd murdered a man who had cared for her and had died for her. "Well, Valentin, no deal," Ava decided as she put the business card away. Ava refused to choose vanity over justice for Nikolas. Ava knew that if something seemed too good, then it usually was.

Moments later, Griffin stopped by to invite Ava out for an evening stroll and to check out a symphony in the park. Ava declined because she'd already taken her face "out for a spin" and had frightened small children, so she didn't want to relive that again. Griffin decided to pull rank by informing her that it was doctor's orders, but Ava questioned if he was like that with all his patients or if it was the priest in him. Griffin reminded her that there was a third option -- he was asking as a friend. Ava chuckled and accused him of saying anything to get her out of the apartment.

A short time later, Griffin and Ava sat down on a blanket in the park. Ava hid the worst of her scars behind her flesh-toned plastic mask, big sunglasses, and a scarf carefully arranged to shield her face from curious onlookers. Griffin tried to distract her by letting her know that they were close enough to the stage that they shouldn't need a "boombox." Ava laughed because boomboxes were outdated. Griffin joked that he'd taken a vow of poverty then admitted that it was nice to hear her laugh. Ava adjusted her scarf, prompting Griffin to talk about Charlotte's reaction. He knew it had been painful, but Ava admitted that it had been honest, unlike most people who tried hard to be polite then looked away as if they didn't see her.

Griffin explained that sometimes people didn't know what to do or say because they didn't want to add to the person's pain, but Ava thought he gave people more credit than they deserved because he was a compassionate man. However, he didn't live in her skin. Griffin conceded that he had no idea what Ava was going through, but he knew her life wasn't over. He suggested that the glasses, mask, and scarf might be her new normal, but one day, they wouldn't have to be. "Maybe they don't," Ava replied. Ava broached the subject of finding a plastic surgeon, but Griffin cautioned her about shopping for a doctor online. He asked Ava to talk to him before she decided to have corrective surgery, so she agreed then mentioned something that her therapist had said. Griffin was pleased that therapy had had an impact.

After the music began, Ava pulled out a flask. Griffin grinned and asked for a drink. Ava took a sip then handed it to Griffin, but their good time abruptly ended when he cried out in pain because a bee had stung him. Ava checked his back and confirmed that he appeared to be having an allergic reaction, but they returned to her apartment rather than go to the hospital, despite Griffin's certainty that he needed an EpiPen.

Ava assured Griffin that his reaction to the bee sting had been mild and that she knew how to treat it because Kiki had had a similar reaction to bee stings. Ava instructed Griffin to take off his shirt while she fetched the lavender oil from the bathroom. She returned to the living room but stopped short when she saw Griffin's muscular back. She pulled herself together, poured lavender oil into her palm, then rubbed her hands together before she gently massaged the oil on his bee sting. Griffin was pleasantly surprised at how well it had worked, and he turned to thank her. His smile faded as sexual tension suddenly flared between them.

On the footbridge, Oscar and Josslyn greeted each other. Oscar revealed that he had asked Josslyn to meet him because he wanted to take her to a concert in the park. He explained that it would start out as classical music but end with jazz. Josslyn smiled when Oscar talked with admiration about the pianist, so she offered to call Trina to get a group together. Oscar objected because he had hoped to take Josslyn to the concert on a date.

In the park, Michael and Nelle were settled on the blanket and enjoying their date until Nelle's phone rang. After a brief exchange on the phone, Nelle announced that she had to go to the police station to answer questions about Sonny's shooting and the bullet casing that had been found at the Black Duck Distillery. Moments later, Josslyn and Oscar walked up. After Oscar introduced himself, Michael informed Josslyn that it was time to tell Carly the truth because the police wanted to talk to Nelle about the bullet casing. Josslyn was worried about her mother's reaction, but Michael warned his sister that Nelle couldn't keep covering for Oscar.

Oscar assured Michael and Nelle that he would accompany Nelle to the police station because he had nothing to hide. Nelle was grateful. After Nelle and Oscar left, Michael acknowledged that Oscar had done the right thing, but Michael expressed his concern that Josslyn had slipped away to a construction site with Oscar. Josslyn asked Michael not to blame Oscar for her actions. Michael agreed not to, but he warned Josslyn that she had to face the consequences for her choices.

In the squad room, Jason waited until a familiar police officer passed him. "Hey, Cooper," Jason called out then asked if he could speak privately to Cooper. They slipped into the hallway, where Jason quickly explained what he needed. Jason assured Cooper that their mutual friend would be grateful if Cooper accommodated the request.

At the hospital, Sam was on the phone with Danny as she assured her son that he would be able to return home soon. She promised that she was as eager as he was to get back home. Sam was startled when Carly suddenly barged into the hospital room, slammed the door shut, and accused Sam of being a "psychotic bitch." Sam ended the call as she pointed out to Carly that she'd been on the phone, but Carly didn't care. Carly was furious because she knew what Sam had done to Sonny. Carly advanced on Sam then wrapped her hand around Sam's throat as she vowed to make Sam pay.

Seconds later, Sam jolted awake and saw Carly seated at her bedside. Sam hid her fright as Carly realized that Sam had had a nightmare. Carly assured Sam that everything was okay. Sam remained on edge as Carly picked up a pillow, fluffed it, then put it behind Sam's head. Sam nervously asked for a glass of water, but Carly sensed that Sam was troubled and invited Sam to tell her about the nightmare. Sam hesitated, but Carly assured Sam that she could trust Carly because Carly considered Sam family. Sam started to speak, but Jason entered the room and realized that Sam was upset.

Carly told Jason that Sam had had a nightmare. Jason insisted that Sam needed rest because she wouldn't get any once she returned home to the children. Carly took the hint and left, but she stopped in the hallway to look through Sam's hospital room window. Carly frowned when she saw Jason hug Sam tightly.

Jason asked Sam about her nightmare. She told him about the dream then admitted that she felt guilty because she thought Carly had a right to know that Sam had shot Sonny. Jason agreed, but he asked Sam to wait until everything died down because she could still face charges for the shooting, which wouldn't do their children any good. Sam agreed. Moments later, Jason received a text message. He explained that he had to run an errand, but he promised to return later.

After Jason left, Sam looked at pictures of Scout and Danny. She knew that she had to keep quiet for their sakes, but she didn't know how she'd make peace with that.

At Greystone Manor, Dante informed Sonny that the police department had tracked down the person who had sold the gun used to shoot Sonny. Dante gave Sonny an opportunity to tell the truth about the shooting, but Sonny insisted that his memories of the shooting were hazy. Dante was certain there had been another shooter besides Garvey, and he worried that Sonny would retaliate. Sonny promised that he intended to stay home, recuperate, and begin therapy when Epiphany was ready. Dante accused Sonny of being a master at stonewalling, but he warned his father that the truth wouldn't remain buried.

Later, Carly entered the living room and greeted Sonny. She handed him a bag of medicine that she had picked up at the hospital's pharmacy then asked him how he felt. Sonny assured her that he'd been following his doctor's orders. Satisfied, Carly asked about Avery. She realized that Avery had hit a growth spurt when Sonny told her that Avery was asleep. Carly decided to check on Avery, but Sonny admitted that he had to talk to Carly.

Carly joined Sonny on the sofa, but he didn't get a chance to tell her what had been on his mind because Michael and Josslyn arrived. Carly was surprised to see Josslyn, but Michael revealed that Josslyn had something to tell Carly. Josslyn reluctantly confessed that Oscar had found the bullet casing at the distillery. Carly was shocked that Josslyn had slipped out and gone somewhere dangerous with Oscar, but Sonny reminded Carly that the discovery of the bullet casing had ultimately saved his life. Carly was grateful that Josslyn was safe, but she made it clear that Josslyn was grounded.

Josslyn objected, but Michael decided to take his sister home. In the foyer, he reminded Josslyn that she'd gotten off lightly. After Michael and Josslyn left, Carly expressed her frustration with Josslyn, but Sonny thought Josslyn was just like Carly. Carly wanted better for her daughter, but Sonny admitted that Carly's rebellious side was one of the reasons he'd fallen in love with her. Carly chuckled then changed the subject because she was curious what Sonny had intended to tell her earlier. Sonny claimed that he had decided to delay his physical therapy because he needed more time to heal.

At the police station, Oscar told Dante how he'd found the bullet casing at the distillery. Dante thanked Oscar for stepping forward, but Dante needed to contact Oscar's guardian because Oscar was a minor. Oscar scribbled down his mother's contact information then handed it to Dante. Nelle praised Oscar for doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, Dante entered the interrogation room to talk to a suspect about the gun that had been found at the distillery, but the man refused to speak without his attorney present. Dante assured the man that it was his right, but Dante warned the suspect that they had sufficient evidence that he'd been illegally selling guns online. Dante promised that the suspect would be going to jail for a long time, but they might go easier on him if he cooperated. Dante slid a picture of the gun to the suspect then asked who he'd sold the gun to. The man admitted that he'd sold the gun to a woman. Dante asked for a description, but the suspect's attorney arrived and shut down the interrogation.

In the squad room, a police officer approached Dante and let him know that they had a problem. The gun recovered from the distillery had vanished from the evidence room. Furious, Dante asked how it was possible, so the police officer confided that Jason Morgan had been there earlier, hoping to talk to Jordan.

On the footbridge, Jason met with Cooper. Cooper handed Jason the evidence bag with the gun that Sam had used to shoot Sonny. Jason thanked Cooper, but Cooper wanted to know if his debt to Sonny had been repaid. Jason assured Cooper that Sonny was grateful. After Cooper left, Jason removed the gun from the bag, wiped it down, removed the clip, then tossed it into the river.

Franco and Elizabeth reunite

Franco and Elizabeth reunite

> Franco and Elizabeth reunite

Franco and Elizabeth reunite

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kristina and Parker sat on a blanket and enjoyed the concert in the park. As classical music serenaded the audience, Kristina apologized to Parker for Alexis' behavior. Kristina made it clear that her mother didn't make decisions for her, but Kristina was curious why Parker was in town. Parker started to talk about her job at Port Charles University, but Kristina cut her off because she suspected there had been more to Parker's decision than furthering her career, since PCU wasn't an Ivy League school. Parker explained that jobs in her field were scarce, and she had a good shot at being offered a tenured position if her first semester went well. Parker promised that she had never suspected that Kristina would be attending PCU because she had assumed that Kristina would be far away from her parents, seeing the world, and forging her own path.

Kristina revealed that she had enrolled in PCU's business program. Parker was impressed because she'd always known that Kristina would do well once she found her passion. Kristina smiled then asked about Parker's wife. Parker was reluctant to discuss her marriage, but Kristina felt that she had a right to know after having her heart broken by Parker when Parker had gone back to her wife. Parker conceded that Kristina was right then confessed that her marriage hadn't worked out because Parker and her wife had grown apart despite their efforts to make things work. Kristina told Parker that she was sorry.

"On principal," Kristina added. Parker returned Kristina's smile then admitted that she had learned something about herself during her time with Kristina. Parker credited Kristina with making her feel brave for following her heart -- it had made Parker feel like a heroine in one of her novels. However, Parker promised not to get in Kristina's way because Parker had hurt Kristina in the past and didn't want to do it again. Parker stood, but Kristina asked her to stay. Kristina pointed out that their paths would cross because Molly would be attending Parker's classes, and Molly might turn to Kristina for help with assignments.

Parker smiled then reminded Kristina that Molly should do her own work, but Kristina assured Parker that her sister was a brilliant student. Parker was certain that Molly could learn a thing or two from Kristina because it was clear that Kristina had grown up. Kristina's expression clouded with sadness as she admitted that losing a brother had changed her. Parker had read about Morgan's death in the newspaper and offered her condolences. Kristina explained that she had learned not to waste time or to get caught up in the things that didn't matter -- and to say the things that did.

Kristina wanted Parker to know that she'd been glad to see Parker earlier that evening. Parker smiled because she'd been happy to see Kristina too. Parker noticed the time and decided to get home because she had work to do before classes started. Kristina asked if it would be okay to sit in on a class. "Anytime," Parker softly replied.

At the Jerome penthouse, Ava rubbed lavender oil on Griffin's bee sting, but she became distracted by his bare back and smooth skin. Griffin turned to thank her because the homeopathic remedy had helped, but he noticed the longing in Ava's eyes before she quickly glanced away. Griffin tactfully pulled on his shirt as Ava apologized for embarrassing him, but he assured her that she had nothing to apologize for. Ava laughed because no one had ever said that to her before. She shifted gears by asking about his sting. Griffin smiled because it was better.

Ava hoped it earned her an early release from purgatory, so Griffin assured her that he would put in a good word with the "Boss." Ava smiled, but she became distracted when she noticed that he had missed a button. She stepped forward to help him but pulled back and apologized. She watched Griffin adjust his buttons then wondered what it was like to be as perfect as he was, but Griffin was embarrassed because he didn't think of himself like that. Ava assured Griffin that he was flawless, but she wondered how he avoided being led into temptation.

Griffin assured Ava that he'd been tempted in the past. Ava recalled there had been a time when he'd thought that Charlotte had been his daughter. Griffin confirmed that he'd had an affair with Claudette, and he'd been prepared to leave the priesthood to raise Charlotte. Ava was impressed that he would make the sacrifice, but Griffin explained that he'd been happy that his fall from grace had created something good. Ava was touched by Griffin's story and thanked him for letting her see that side of him. Griffin didn't know if Ava prayed, but he promised her that it wasn't a sin to want to be loved and to crave the touch of another human being. Ava decided their conversation had gotten too existential for her, and she was tired.

Griffin agreed to give Ava a break, but he reserved the right to lecture her again. Ava walked him to the door as he admitted that he'd had a good time. Ava smiled because she had enjoyed their time together too. After Griffin left, Ava poured herself a tumbler of vodka then took a long drink. She made her way to the living room and sat down.

A short time later, Ava returned to the wet bar to refill her glass. She braced herself then looked in the mirror. Ava's eyes rounded with surprise as she stared at her flawless reflection. Griffin walked up behind her and praised her beauty as he began to make love to her. Ava awoke with a jolt then went to the mirror to look at her face. She sighed with disappointment when she saw the angry scars behind her mask. Moments later, Ava's phone rang. It was Valentin.

Ava told Valentin that she didn't believe in miracles then ended the call. She pulled out his business card, but she stopped herself from ripping it. Ava picked up the bottle of lavender oil, took a whiff, then grabbed her purse before heading to her bedroom.

In the park, Jared greeted Liesl, but she reminded him that it was too risky for them to be seen together. Jared grumbled that they needed to have a chat, but Liesl resented his lack of gratitude for all she'd done for him. Liesl thought everything had worked out nicely, since Hayden was in jail, Jared had gotten his money, and Liesl had her revenge because Finn was miserable. Jared informed Liesl there had been a problem -- his ex-wife had "screwed" him over again. Liesl was outraged when he explained that he hadn't received his money.

Liesl assured Jared that it didn't matter if Hayden had returned the money because Hayden had committed a felony the minute she'd authorized the transaction. Jared didn't care because he'd been cheated out of his money. Liesl was curious what Hayden had done with the money, but Jared had no idea because Hayden had vanished. Liesl was pleasantly surprised because she hadn't realized that Hayden had it in her to jilt Finn. Jared vowed that Hayden would pay for the years he'd spent in prison for her.

Meanwhile, Finn was in Hayden's office, searching her laptop for clues that might lead him to her. Curtis appeared in the doorway. He smiled with satisfaction because he had suspected that he would find Finn there, trying to find where Hayden had gone. Curtis revealed that he intended to stop Finn, but Finn was determined to find his runaway fiancée. Curtis warned Finn that it wouldn't be easy because Hayden knew how to disappear and to change her identity.

Curtis thought that Finn should be grateful that Monica had declined to press charges against Hayden, but Finn wished that Monica had. Curtis was surprised that Finn would want the woman he loved arrested, but Finn was desperate to find Hayden and talked about the last time he'd seen her. Curtis knew it was hard to find out what people were really capable of, but Finn was filled with regret because Hayden hadn't been able to turn to him when she'd been in trouble. Finn needed to know that Hayden was okay, but Curtis worried that Finn might have other intentions. Finn wanted Hayden to know that he was as much to blame for what had happened as she was because, during the grips of drug withdrawal, he'd intentionally hurt Hayden by claiming not to trust her.

Finn admitted that Hayden had never quite recovered from that, which was why Hayden hadn't been able to trust Finn with the truth. Curtis was certain that Hayden had known that it had been the detox talking, but Finn was skeptical. Finn and Curtis were surprised when Jared appeared in the doorway. Finn charged at Jared and slammed him against the door as he demanded to know where Hayden was. Curtis pulled Finn off Jared as Jared threatened to call the police. Finn scoffed because Jared had extorted money and blackmailed Hayden.

Jared argued that "Rachel" owed him, but Finn angrily clarified that her name was Hayden. Jared was unapologetic and accused her of being a "lying bitch." Curtis stopped Finn from attacking Jared again because Finn was a doctor and needed to protect his hands. However, Curtis didn't. Jared never saw Curtis' punch until he was knocked backwards. Curtis and Finn dropped Jared in a chair and interrogated him, but Jared denied knowing where Hayden was. Jared was furious because Hayden had betrayed him twice, even though he'd gone to jail for her.

Jared decided that Hayden truly was Raymond's daughter. Curtis sent Jared on his way, but Finn was certain that Jared could lead him to Hayden. Curtis doubted it, but Finn insisted that he needed to find Hayden because she was carrying his child. Finn wanted to make sure that Hayden was okay, but Curtis warned Finn that it would be impossible because Hayden had experience disappearing. Finn suggested that someone who knew Hayden -- and how she thought -- might have success finding her. Curtis was surprised when Finn asked Curtis to track down Hayden.

In Kelly's courtyard, Elizabeth called Hayden's mother to ask if Naomi had talked to Hayden. Elizabeth carefully explained that Hayden and Finn had had a "little lover's spat," so she suspected that her sister would reach out to Naomi. Elizabeth asked Naomi to have Hayden call Elizabeth when Naomi heard from Hayden then ended the call. Moments later, Elizabeth turned to walk away. She was focused on her phone and didn't realize that she had run into someone until it was too late. Elizabeth apologized, but her embarrassment turned to elation when she looked up and saw Franco.

Franco and Elizabeth shared a passionate kiss until Elizabeth pulled away and expressed her wonder that he had returned. Franco admitted that he had hoped to surprise her with a treat from Kelly's, but that had been ruined. Elizabeth feigned regret then asked him about the lawsuit. Franco explained that a settlement had been reached, everyone had been paid, and a number of his paintings had been returned, but he refused to go into greater detail. Elizabeth dropped it, but she revealed that she had to get back to work.

Franco was disappointed and asked if Elizabeth could take the evening off, but she shook her head. Franco sensed something was troubling her, so she took him inside the diner and sat down to fill him in about her sister's disappearance. Franco felt bad for Elizabeth, but she noticed the time and reminded him that she had to get to work. However, she promised to make it up to him later that evening. Elizabeth stood as Liesl entered the diner. Liesl offered Elizabeth a saccharine smile as she claimed that it warmed her heart to see Elizabeth and Franco together, but Elizabeth argued that Liesl didn't have a heart.

Franco stepped between the women before things got heated. After Elizabeth left, Liesl admitted that she was disappointed by his choice of girlfriend, but Franco turned the conversation to Liesl because he'd heard that she had tampered with Finn's drug tests. Liesl was unrepentant, but she offered to buy him a pastry because she was eager to know what Elizabeth had said about her. Franco explained that Elizabeth was worried about her sister, which didn't surprise Liesl because she imagined it had been difficult to see Hayden hauled off to jail. Franco frowned because he had no idea what Liesl was talking about.

Franco revealed that Hayden was a runaway bride. Liesl was pleased that Finn was heartbroken, but Franco was curious why Liesl had thought that Hayden had legal troubles. Liesl brushed it off as a mistake, so Finn dropped it because he hoped that Liesl might be able to help find Hayden. Liesl insisted that Hayden and Finn deserved everything that happened to them because they had wronged Liesl.

Later, Franco approached the nurses' station to surprise Elizabeth with a box of brownies and to see if he could persuade her to leave. Elizabeth explained that she couldn't, but Franco knew it was because she hoped to use the hospital's resources to find Hayden. He revealed that Liesl had mentioned the possibility that Hayden might be in jail. Startled, Elizabeth pulled him aside to question him about what Liesl had said. Franco realized there was more to the story than he'd been told, so Elizabeth confirmed that it was true. Franco wondered why Liesl would think that Hayden was in jail. Elizabeth saw Liesl turn the corner.

Elizabeth decided there was only one reason that Liesl would suspect that Hayden had been arrested. "She was in on it," Elizabeth answered Franco.

Felicia notices Nathan spending time with Amy

Felicia notices Nathan spending time with Amy

Thursday, August 17, 2017

In an elevator, Mac and Felicia argued because he objected to Felicia telling Anna about their escapade in the park, but Felicia reminded him that Anna was a spy, and she would eventually find out. Mac and Felicia continued to debate whether to tell Anna that they'd nearly been arrested for indecent exposure because Mac worried that Anna would forbid them to be around the children. Felicia was confident that Anna would get a laugh out of it. She also pointed out that Maxie wasn't the soul of discretion, so it was a matter of time before everyone knew. Mac remained uneasy, prompting Felicia to suggest that they talk to Kevin about putting Mac on antianxiety medication.

Moments later, Anna and Emma arrived. After they exchanged greetings and hugs, Anna pulled out her phone and showed pictures of Robin's newborn son, Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake. Mac became misty-eyed as he looked at the pictures. He raised a glass and offered a toast to the newest member of their family. Felicia noticed the time and explained that she had an appointment, so Anna suggested Mac and Felicia go out soon to catch up on things. Felicia agreed then left. Emma excused herself to take a call, but Mac was not happy when he realized that a boy had called her.

Anna assured Mac that Patrick and Robin had things well in hand between Emma and Leaf. Mac reluctantly let it drop then shifted gears and gave Anna a jump drive as he explained that it contained a detailed report of everything that Valentin had done in her absence. Anna plugged it into her phone and scanned the report. She was surprised when she read that Valentin had set up a charity for horses, and he'd been arrested. Mac filled her in about the arrest but added that everything had been resolved. Mac knew that Anna didn't trust Valentin, but he thought she should at least consider the possibility that Valentin had turned over a new leaf.

Anna insisted that Valentin would have to prove that he had changed his ways. Her concern about Valentin mounted when she saw that he'd been to the Jerome penthouse, but Emma returned to the table. Emma was upset because Leaf had asked her out, but she couldn't accept until she had settled things with Spencer. Emma explained that she and Spencer were only friends, but he wanted more, and she didn't feel right about going out with Leaf until she returned Spencer's gift. Emma showed Mac and Anna a small ceramic heart with a clear stone twinkling in the middle.

After taking a long look at Spencer' handiwork, Anna removed her glasses and admitted that she'd never known Spencer was "such an artisan." Emma stated that if she kept the gift, she would be giving Spencer false hope. Mac agreed, and added that "a piece of dirt with a rhinestone in it" wasn't anything worth worrying over. Anna revealed that she was fairly certain the gem was a genuine diamond.

In Portland, Oregon, Maxie nervously watched her daughter on the swings and worried about Georgie getting dirty. Spinelli chuckled as he joined Maxie and Georgie on the playground because he thought it was good for a child to get dirty. According to Spinelli, it boosted the immune system. Maxie argued that she didn't want her daughter to get "grungy," but Spinelli advised Maxie to get used to it if she intended to stay in Portland. Maxie and Spinelli sat on a park bench as they kept an eye on their daughter and talked about Maxie's future.

Maxie warned Spinelli that she didn't have any plans to settle in Portland, but Spinelli knew the thought had crossed her mind. Maxie conceded that it had because she loved spending time with their daughter, but she wasn't fond of Spinelli's beard. Spinelli was surprised because Ellie loved it, and it made him feel rugged enough to consider going camping. Maxie smiled, but their conversation returned to her future. Spinelli was curious if she had talked to Nathan about the advantages of Nathan working as a police officer in Portland, but Maxie explained that Nathan seemed afraid to leave Port Charles since Nina had married Valentin.

Spinelli pointed out that Nina was an adult, and she ran a magazine, so it would be impossible for Nathan to watch his sister around the clock. Maxie agreed. She confided that it was as if Nathan was using Nina as a cover, but Maxie had no idea what Nathan was hiding. Spinelli thought Nathan might be jealous of the powerful bond that Spinelli and Maxie shared because they had a child together, but she hid her smile and confessed that she suspected something else was going on. Spinelli offered his cyber skills to help her uncover Nathan's secret, but Maxie had a more pressing mystery for him to solve.

Maxie explained that her boss had given her the green light to investigate the "publishing crime of the century." Maxie revealed that she planned to write an exposé on Ask Man Landers, a popular blogger who dispensed "terrible advice." Spinelli was disappointed because he was a fan of Man Landers; he'd been the one to suggest that Spinelli grow a beard. Maxie was incensed because Man Landers had also encouraged her parents to break the law. She was determined to uncover the blogger's identity because she was certain that people would have no interest in taking his advice once they knew who he really was.

Maxie also hoped that the story would impress her boss -- and her boss's boss -- enough to offer her a permanent position with the magazine. She also hoped that Nathan would realize that he couldn't stand in the way of her success and that he would decide to move to Portland. Maxie pointed out that Georgie would have both her parents within four blocks of each other if Nathan settled in Portland with her. Spinelli promised to do everything in his power to secure Maxie's career advancement. Maxie was stunned when Spinelli told her that Ask Man Landers regularly trended on multiple social media platforms and had millions of followers.

Maxie wondered if she might be going about things the wrong way. "Maybe it's better if I don't expose him to the whole world," Maxie remarked. "Maybe I just need to expose him to me," she added. Maxie explained that if she could figure out Man Landers' identity, she could reach out to him so that they could both get better jobs. Despite Maxie calling it "win/win," Spinelli thought it sounded more like blackmail.

At Kelly's, Amy quietly slipped up behind Nathan, poked her forefinger in his back, then ordered him to give her all his money. Nathan tensed and prepared to defend himself until Amy giggled. Nathan was not amused, but Amy was unapologetic because it was the way she greeted all her brothers. Touched, Nathan asked how Chet was doing. Amy admitted her brother had a long road ahead of him, but he'd been steadily improving. Amy was more interested in what Nathan had been doing during her absence, so Nathan admitted that it had been less fun without her around.

Amy giggled then teased Nathan about missing Ask Man Landers, but Nathan hoped that Amy didn't want him to continue posing as Man Landers. Amy was certain that he only pretended to object to posing as the popular blogger because she'd seen the twinkle in his eye during his podcast when he'd had an opportunity to offer advice to readers. She insisted he'd been in his element, likely because he was a cop. Nathan was surprised at the comparison, but Amy told him that being Man Landers was better because people paid attention to him, not his uniform. Nathan conceded that she'd given him something to think about.

Amy giggled triumphantly because she was confident that Nathan would keep going as Man Landers if the opportunity presented itself. Nathan hoped she wasn't asking because he hated being in constant fear that someone would realize who he was. He didn't think he had the nerve to keep the pretense going, but Amy giggled because she thought he was being paranoid. Nathan explained that he had no desire for Mac and Felicia to find out that he'd been the one to suggest they try "alfresco relations," but Amy argued that Man Landers had only encouraged them to spice up their love life, not to have sex in the park. Nathan was forced to reveal that Maxie intended to expose Man Landers' identity.

Horrified, Amy insisted that Nathan needed to find a way to stop Maxie because Maxie could never know. "Know what?" Felicia asked as she approached the counter. Amy claimed it was a secret then giggled. Nathan introduced Felicia to Amy, but Felicia had recognized the young nurse from the Nurses Ball. Amy beamed when Felicia complimented Amy's performance. Nathan explained that Felicia was Maxie's mother, but Amy had already known that because Amy and Maxie had gone to high school together. Amy explained that Nathan had asked for her help in figuring out a gift to buy for Maxie's birthday.

Felicia pointed out that her daughter's birthday was on Halloween, but Nathan claimed that he had wanted to get a head start. Amy announced that she had to get to work, so she asked if she and Nathan had settled on what to do. "Definitely," Nathan replied. After Amy left, Nathan asked why Felicia was at Kelly's. She admitted that she had plans to meet Bobbie to discuss a case.

However, Felicia was happy that she had run into Nathan because she wanted to know what he'd been up to. Nervously, Nathan asked what she thought he'd been doing. He relaxed when she expressed concern because he'd been forced to cover for them and to get Valerie to look the other way instead of pressing charges against her and Mac. Felicia appreciated all that Nathan had done for her and Mac, and she assured him that he was the best son-in-law. She promised never to take Man Landers' advice again.

Later, Nathan exited Kelly's. Amy sneaked up behind and asked if Felicia had bought his story. Nathan said that he wasn't sure. Amy hoped that Felicia had believed him because Amy would lose her book deal if the truth about Man Landers ever got out. Amy also confessed that she had spent nearly all the advance money that the publisher had given her. Nathan asked that Amy allow him to handle things. She agreed and thanked him again for agreeing to go along with her plan. As she reached out to hug Nathan, Felicia looked on from inside the restaurant.

In Hayden's office, Finn asked Curtis to help him find Hayden, but Curtis refused because he wanted to respect Hayden's wishes. Curtis pointed out that Hayden had taken great pains to disappear, which was her right. Curtis didn't like what Hayden had done, but he was determined to honor her wishes. Finn was stunned. He appreciated that Curtis wanted to respect Hayden's privacy, but Finn loved her, and she was pregnant with Finn's child. Finn insisted that he needed to find Hayden, but Curtis stood firm. "I'm sorry," Curtis told his friend.

Finn was furious, so Curtis offered to put Finn in touch with several good private investigators, but Finn wanted Curtis because Curtis knew Hayden, and he would have the best chance at finding her. Finn was determined to make things right with Hayden, but Curtis wondered if Finn would let Hayden go if what he said didn't change her mind. "Absolutely not," Finn answered. Curtis explained that was why he couldn't help Finn.

Curtis believed that Hayden had done what was best for her, and he and Finn had to accept that. Finn argued that he loved Hayden too much to let her go. Finn was certain that Curtis would feel the same way if their roles were reversed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth suspected that Liesl had assumed that Hayden had been arrested because Liesl had had a hand in it. Elizabeth was ready to confront Liesl at the elevator, but Finn stopped her. He reminded her that she didn't have any proof, but she argued that it made perfect sense because Liesl hated Finn. Elizabeth was determined to get to the bottom of things, but Franco suggested that he talk to Liesl. He marched over to Liesl before Elizabeth could object.

Liesl warmly greeted Franco, but he cut to the chase and asked why she was at the hospital. "I had a hangnail," she replied, but Franco accused her of loitering around the hospital, hoping to catch a glimpse of Hayden being arrested. Liesl's eyes lit with excitement as she asked if Hayden was there. Franco realized that Liesl hadn't understood him earlier, so he clarified that Hayden hadn't just broken her engagement to Finn -- she'd left town.

Liesl claimed that Hayden had gotten what she deserved, but Franco reminded Liesl that Elizabeth cared about her sister. Liesl scoffed because sisters weren't always a blessing. She assured him that she'd done his "porcelain doll" a favor. Franco advised Liesl not to advertise what she'd done, but Liesl wanted to glory in her victory. Franco hoped to avoid a bloodbath between his girlfriend and friend, but Liesl assured him that her blood would not be spilled. Franco smiled and advised his friend not to underestimate Elizabeth, but Liesl decided to take her chances.

Franco was curious what Liesl intended to do if Finn found out what she'd done, but Liesl wasn't afraid. She explained that Finn had taken her job, but she refused to let him take her "schadenfreude" too. Elizabeth walked up and let Franco know that her shift had ended. Elizabeth was eager to leave, but Liesl tried to bait her by asking her to tell Hayden "mazel tov" if Elizabeth saw her sister. Furious, Elizabeth accused Liesl of luring Jared to town to sic him on Hayden, but Liesl doubted that Elizabeth really cared about what had happened to Hayden.

Liesl acknowledged that Elizabeth and Hayden shared DNA, but they'd barely known each other -- or liked each other. Elizabeth argued that even if that had been true, her sister was a human being who was pregnant, alone, and on the run because of Liesl. Liesl conceded that Hayden's unborn child deserved better, but so had the young woman that Hayden had put in a wheelchair when Hayden had driven drunk. Elizabeth doubted that Liesl had been motivated by righting a wrong; Liesl had hoped to hurt Finn and Hayden. Liesl gloated that she had hit the trifecta because she had hurt both Finn and Hayden, and she had gotten her revenge.

"You bitch," Elizabeth growled, but Franco pulled her back before she could assault Liesl. Elizabeth promised that her sister would return, and Liesl would get what she deserved. "We'll see about that," Liesl shot back as Finn turned a corner. Franco dragged Elizabeth away as Finn approached Liesl and confronted her about setting Hayden up. Liesl argued that it had been Hayden's choice to break the law. The two continued to trade heated words until Curtis walked up and asked what was going on.

Finn revealed that Liesl had set Hayden up, but Liesl smirked and suggested that she had done Finn a favor because Hayden had not only been a liar, but she'd also "crippled" a young woman, and she had denied responsibility for the tragedy. Liesl wondered if Finn really wanted to be married to that kind of person. Finn wished that he'd let Liesl rot in jail. "You should have," Liesl told him then walked away.

Finn regretted not insisting that Hayden stay in Port Charles to work things out. Curtis admitted that Finn's speech earlier had gotten to him. Curtis was determined not to let Liesl win, so he agreed to track down Hayden. After finding out if Hayden was safe, Curtis agreed to relay any message that Finn might have for her. However, Curtis would not force Hayden to return to town.

In Elizabeth's bedroom, Elizabeth drew the blinds, lit candles, and got ready for bed as she talked to Franco about Liesl. She couldn't understand why he'd be friends with a woman like Liesl, but Franco was certain a lot of people would ask the same thing about Elizabeth dating him. Elizabeth insisted that the situations were different because he had worked hard to become a better person. She added that Liesl hadn't, but Franco argued that Liesl was his friend. He acknowledged that what Liesl had done was awful, but he wanted to focus on how to help Elizabeth.

Elizabeth admitted that having Franco there made her feel better. She closed the bedroom door then asked him about his trip as she climbed into bed. Franco told her there wasn't much to tell; he'd settled the lawsuit, and most of his paintings had been returned. Franco slid onto the bed as he shifted gears and told her that he had missed her. She had missed him, too, so he suggested that they make a rule that they never leave Port Charles. Elizabeth thought it would be more practical to promise to return home to each other.

Startled, Franco wondered if Elizabeth was asking him to move in. She reminded him that they had discussed it before, but they'd gotten sidetracked. Franco warned her that he wanted to be present when she told the boys about her decision, but she didn't have a problem with that because she was certain that her sons would be thrilled. However, Elizabeth was concerned about Franco's lack of enthusiasm. Franco admitted that he was worried that she had asked him because he'd been out of town for some time, but she assured him that she was ready for him to move in. Satisfied, Franco asked her to ask him again. Elizabeth did, and Franco happily accepted then kissed her passionately.

Valentin signs a pledge

Valentin signs a pledge

Friday, August 18, 2017

At General Hospital, Kiki was surprised to learn that Griffin had spent the evening with Ava. She was pleased that Griffin had gotten Ava out of the house, and she urged the doctor to "keep it up." She was, however, not pleased that her mother had not shown up on time for her appointment.

Ava and Griffin were making out at Ava's place, and they slowly began to remove their clothing. Waking with a start, Ava realized that it had only been a dream. Someone was banging on her front door. She was surprised to see Kiki, who stormed in angrily. Ava had canceled her appointment and had not answered her phone. Ava explained that she had had difficulty sleeping and had turned her phone off. She felt ill. Kiki felt Ava's head and agreed that Ava felt warm. She suggested that Ava go to the hospital because it would be dangerous for her to have an infection.

Ava nixed Kiki's idea to call Griffin, as she didn't want him involved. She wasn't even his patient, Ava pointed out. Kiki mentioned that Griffin had told her that he'd had a good time with Ava the previous evening, and Ava told Kiki about her cure for Griffin's bee sting. Kiki finally managed to get Ava to agree to go to the hospital.

Emma and Anna sat in Kelly's and looked at the clay heart with the possibly real diamond that Spencer had made for Emma. The little girl declared that she needed to return it, but Anna asked if she could borrow it instead. Emma wondered if her grandmother was suspicious, but Anna deemed suspicious as too strong a word. Emma was certain that the diamond wasn't real. She wondered if Anna thought that espionage was involved.

Anna whispered that they shouldn't discuss anything in public. She took the diamond out of the heart and promised that she would return it to Spencer if it was rightfully his. She was sure the boy wasn't a thief. Emma was concerned but assumed that Anna would figure it out. Emma had to straighten out her relationship problems.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at his art studio. Noting that neither of them had been there in some time, Elizabeth suggested that they make new memories. She wanted to help him go through all of his artwork, but Franco insisted that he would work better alone. "Are you trying to get rid of me?" Elizabeth asked. Franco insisted that he had lots of hard work ahead, and he'd get finished quickly if he worked alone. Elizabeth left.

Franco picked up a blank canvas and spray painted his old tag, CO77X. He then began to slash it. He grabbed several canvases with the same code and began to slosh paint of various colors all over them. He berated himself and his "dark and depraved" work. He wasn't a genius, like everyone thought, but a psycho, he mumbled.

Valentin ran into Nina at the Metro Court and sat down. He showed her photos of horses and updated her on the foundation. He wanted Nina back home because he was sure they'd be happy again. Nina wrote up a list of demands starting with the simplest one of making sure the stables were clean. She assured him the rest weren't physical. Valentin was up to the challenge and grabbed the pad of paper.

Valentin read the first demand out loud. His obsession with Anna was over, he stated. Nina reminded him that he had said that in the past, but Valentin assured her that she'd be able to see for herself. His priorities had changed, and he wanted his family back. Next on the list was for him to make peace with Spencer. Valentin declared that he'd tried, and he was hopeful that the suit would be tossed out of court. Nina wanted him to work on Charlotte's custody. While she understood Valentin's side of things, Charlotte didn't need her parents to be fighting constantly.

Valentin announced that he'd realized that Lulu was good for Charlotte, and he was ready to work things out. Nina didn't know if Valentin was being sincere or manipulating her, but Valentin insisted that he loved her and was not going to give up. He signed a pledge that he would have nothing to do with Anna, that Charlotte would always be first, and that he would accept Nina as his equal. It was his "solemn vow." Nina wondered if he would be able to promise not to disrupt their life. Regretfully, Valentin admitted he couldn't do that.

Valentin would offer his life, love, heart, and daughter, but his past life was still there to complicate and resonate, he said. Nina insisted that she couldn't be hurt again, and Valentin promised that he would never hurt her or Charlotte.

Elizabeth arrived at the hospital. Griffin confirmed that he'd been covering for her. Elizabeth noticed his discomfort, and he told her about the bee sting. Just then, Anna arrived for her own appointment, and she took Elizabeth aside to show her the diamond. Ava and Kiki showed up, though Ava was still reluctant to be there or near Griffin. Ava went off with a doctor, and Kiki asked Griffin to look after Ava, as Kiki had to leave. She had received a "cryptic" text message.

Anna finished up her appointment with Elizabeth, and they discussed the diamond. Anna wondered how Spencer had possession of it and if the diamond had been one of Hayden's. Elizabeth recalled that Nikolas had spilled them and picked them up, but perhaps he had missed one.

After her examination, Ava learned that she had mild influenza. The doctor would send her home with a prescription. Griffin offered to get her home to bed, but Ava gruffly told him that she would be able to take care of herself. She urged him to "find some other soul to save." She headed to the elevator. Elizabeth overheard, and Griffin admitted that he was confused with Ava's attitude. Elizabeth advised him not to take it personally because Ava was struggling. Griffin only wanted Ava to see that life wasn't over for her. He liked her. Elizabeth told him to hang in because he had helped her immensely with advice about Franco.

Kiki arrived at the art studio in time to stop Franco from destroying more of his art. She reprimanded him and reminded him that he was supposed to make art, not destroy it. Franco explained that he hated the man he'd once been, and he didn't want Elizabeth to see any of it. Kiki suggested that he give the art to Ava to sell because it was still art, even if it was dark. He'd make lots of money and maybe even give some of it to Kiki, since she could no longer afford the rent with him gone. She could even use the money for medical school if she decided to go. Franco was impressed.

Kiki thought Franco could make millions of dollars and help Elizabeth and her boys too. Franco admitted that he didn't even like to look at his old paintings. Kiki thought that one day he'd find beauty in them again, and it was good for people to look at themselves out of their comfort zones. She reminded him that he'd once told her that artists didn't own their work. She told him she'd missed him then she left.

As Valentin and Nina chatted, Anna walked in. "Watch me ignore her," Valentin said. Nina thought that she and Charlotte deserved better. Valentin replied that the only thing he could give her was the truth, and she knew that his love was real. He announced that he would no longer beg, and he left.

Anna walked over to a jewel expert and showed him the diamond. "Is it a Berlin diamond?" she asked. The man demanded to know where Anna had gotten it.

Ava returned home with Kiki. Ava was annoyed that Kiki had deserted her. Kiki wanted to know why Ava was pushing them all away. Ava was adamant; she could take care of herself. She didn't want Kiki to get the flu and told her to leave. Ava pulled the sheet away from the mirror. She didn't think that anyone would have any feelings towards her except for pity. A loud knocking on the door disturbed her thoughts. It was Franco, and he had a proposition for her.

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