General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 28, 2017 on GH

Jason was shot. Nelle was arrested. Hayden was located. Valentin and Nina reconciled. Valerie kissed Kristina. Ava's feelings for Griffin grew. Franco was puzzled by a mystery about his childhood.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 28, 2017 on GH
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Valerie has a surprise for Parker -- and Kristina Valerie has a surprise for Parker -- and Kristina

Monday, August 28, 2017

At Perks, Lucy excitedly informed an unmoved Sonny that she had received multiple offers over the asking price for Pozzulo's. He assured her that he appreciated her hard work, but he had "a lot on my mind." She offered to listen, but he couldn't talk about the business with her. "See you at the closing," Lucy said, and she left. Sonny spotted Jason, who approached Sonny and sat down with him. Sonny updated Jason that he was taking a "crucial step tomorrow."

Sonny continued that he was meeting with the five families the next day. He was going to divide his business assets evenly between them, but he was putting his personal property, his family, and his former employees off-limits. He intended to warn them away by promising to "come out of retirement." Sonny assured a concerned Jason that he wasn't going alone. He asked Jason to tell Sam that Sonny was going to make things work out for everyone.

At Sam's, Kristina tried to convince Sam to go out with her. Sam assured Kristina that she didn't need Sam to have a good time. There was a knock on the door, and Sam opened it to Alexis. Seeing Kristina there, Alexis started to worry. Kristina reassured her mother and left. Alexis sat with Sam and told her about Julian's trial and sentence. She shared that Julian had told her to forget about him and move on. Sam wondered if Alexis could do that. Alexis answered that she had no choice but to move on, since Julian would be in prison.

Jason entered the apartment and noticed how distressed Alexis looked. Alexis told Jason that Sam could explain, and she left to meet with Diane. Sam updated Jason on the news about Julian. In turn, Jason updated her on Sonny's decision to talk to the five families. Sam worried about Sonny going into that situation and suggested that Sonny needed to go with someone that the families feared and respected. Sam urged Jason to go with Sonny to make sure that nothing went wrong. Jason reminded her that "it's not our life anymore," but she kept trying to convince him.

Scott sat at the Metro Court bar and had a drink. "Tough day?" Carly asked sarcastically as she approached the bar. Scott informed a stunned Carly about Julian's prison sentence. "The bastard finally got what he deserved," she said in disbelief. She commented that she'd been thinking about evicting Scott due to late payment, but "in honor" of Julian's sentence, she agreed to give Scott until the end of the month to settle his bill. She also comped his dinner, and Lucy's, too, when she approached.

When Carly was gone, Lucy asked Scott what had happened to put Carly in such a good mood, and Scott told her. Lucy added that she didn't need a handout like a free dinner because things were going well for her. Scott told her that Lee would have been proud of her, and he handed her an envelope, which was what Lee had left Lucy in his will. Lucy tearfully read the letter out loud. In it, Lee talked about how grateful he was for her being there when Scott had needed her, and for giving him a granddaughter.

Lee's letter continued by saying that there was no way he could repay her to express his gratitude to her. As a token of his appreciation, he left her the deeds to his offices in Port Charles so that she could make "a real estate empire as big as the happiness you brought me." Lucy called the letter beautiful, and Scott was sure that Lee had meant every word. Lucy had a good feeling and vowed to be "number one." "You're already number one to me," Scott told her.

Sonny arrived at Metro Court and wondered what Carly had wanted to celebrate. At a candlelit table complete with Champagne, Carly told him about Julian's prison sentence. As they poured Champagne and clinked glasses, Alexis entered the restaurant. On the phone with Diane, she agreed to reschedule their meeting and hung up. She caught sight of Sonny and Carly and approached their table, sarcastically wondering what they were celebrating.

Sonny asked Alexis how she was holding up. "Not as well as you two," she snapped. Sonny expressed sympathy for her pain but rationalized that she'd had to "see it coming" because of all the blood on Julian's hands. "And yours are sparkling clean?" Alexis shot back. "Sonny never held a knife to your throat," Carly reminded Alexis snarkily. Sonny didn't want to fight, and he was sorry for what Alexis was going through.

When Sonny left to take a phone call, Carly told Alexis that she'd always felt judged by Alexis for all the compromises she'd made for Sonny. Through all of Sonny's faults, Carly said that he was a "man of honor" who lived by a code that Julian couldn't understand. She added that Alexis was better off without Julian and walked away. When Carly was gone, Alexis looked at the Champagne bottle.

Sonny answered his phone to Jason, who wanted the details for Sonny's meeting the next day. Jason informed Sonny that he would accompany Sonny. A few minutes later, Jason hung up the phone and assured Sam that everything was set for the next day. Later, Sam and Jason got into bed. She asked him to promise that everything would be all right, and he promised.

Kristina made a phone call and asked the person she'd called if they were free that night. A short while later, Kristina ordered two drinks at the Floating Rib. She thanked Valerie for tagging along and offered to buy the drinks. Valerie observed that there were no guys, and it suddenly clicked that Kristina had invited Valerie to a lesbian night at the bar. Kristina apologized for not telling the truth, but she'd needed a "wing woman." She assured Valerie that she didn't have to stay.

Valerie was game to stay as long as no one minded "a straight girl crashing" the party. Valerie also didn't mind not having creepy guys hitting on her all night. They clinked their glasses together, and Kristina thanked Valerie again. Valerie asked Kristina some questions about what she liked, and Valerie pointed out a pretty blonde woman across the bar. Kristina identified the woman as her ex, Parker.

Parker walked over to say hi to Kristina, and Valerie introduced herself. Another woman informed Parker that the pool table was free, so Parker walked away. Kristina gave Valerie a very brief version of the relationship. Valerie wanted to make Parker regret breaking up with Kristina, so she stood and passionately kissed Kristina and made sure that Parker was watching. Parker was staring open-mouthed as Valerie returned to her seat.

Valerie hoped Kristina didn't mind, but she explained that "the situation called for action." A slightly flustered Kristina assured Valerie that she was good with it. Valerie gleefully observed how upset Parker was after seeing the kiss. Kristina called Valerie "the best wing woman ever." "What are friends for?" Valerie asked as she smiled.

Ava and Griffin returned to Ava's, and she offered him a drink. "I'll have what you're having," he said, clearly drained. As she poured the drinks, Griffin was appalled at his use of violence and thought that he should turn himself in for assault. Ava replied that, even if the reporter did try to get Griffin in trouble, Ava would file a lawsuit within a minute. "You would do that for me?" Griffin asked. She answered that she would be "honored" to put herself on the line for him like he had for her. He admitted that it wasn't his actions weighing on his conscience but the fact that he would do it again.

Griffin continued that no human deserved to be treated like that. However, Ava called herself not a human but a human carpaccio. He wondered why she would say something like that about herself, and she insisted it was a joke. He believed that she was trying to drive him away. He grabbed her hand and told her that she needed a distraction. She reminded him that he wasn't her "shrink," her priest, or even her friend, as they hadn't known each other before she'd been burned. She assumed that he'd only known her as the sister of the man who'd shot his father.

Griffin told Ava that she was worth knowing and that he wanted to be her friend. She agreed, as long as he would stop pitying her. He informed her that what he felt was compassion, not pity. "God bless us, every one," she joked. She figured that she would have to make new jokes if she took Valentin up on his offer. Griffin warned her to be careful around Valentin. Just then, Griffin's phone went off, and she took the opportunity to remember her dream about Griffin. When Griffin returned to the conversation, Ava assured him that she knew better than to trust Valentin.

Elizabeth and Jake helped Franco move boxes into the house. Jake grabbed one and tripped, spilling the contents of the box. Elizabeth sent Jake upstairs with another box as Franco put some of the papers back into the spilled box. When Jake returned, he suggested that they put up some of Franco's art. He picked out the painting of Franco and his imaginary friend. Jake offered to buy the painting with the twenty dollars he had left from his birthday, but Franco lightheartedly advised him to save his money.

Elizabeth told Jake that Franco wasn't selling the painting anyway. Jake countered that it was perfect for the house because it was about two brothers. Franco curiously asked for Jake's thoughts on the painting. Jake thought that it was like a mirror, because all one of the boys had to do was cross the middle to be with his brother. Jake asked what the painting meant to Franco. Franco explained that he'd had an imaginary friend that he'd pretended was his brother. He'd painted his imaginary friend so he could remember him.

For his last question, Jake wondered if Franco wished that his imaginary friend was still around. "Never. I have real friends now," he answered. Jake hoped that he was counted among Franco's friends. He hugged Franco, and Elizabeth sent Jake upstairs to get ready for bed. When Jake was gone, Franco confided that he didn't like talking about his imaginary friend. Elizabeth kissed him and went upstairs. Franco went back to the spilled box and picked up an envelope from the floor. From it, he took out two pictures of little boys that looked like the same boys in his painting.

Jason is shot saving Sam

Jason is shot saving Sam

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Olivia sat on the patio and enjoyed breakfast as they talked about Julian's lengthy prison sentence. Olivia pointed out that it no longer mattered if Julian agreed to the adoption or not because Ned would get to raise Leo regardless. Ned liked the sound of that, but he warned his new bride that he might not be around as much because he'd been considering accepting Michael's job offer to work full-time at ELQ. Olivia was supportive, but Ned confided that it felt odd to work for his much younger cousin in a secondary position because Ned was far more capable than Michael. However, he assured Olivia that he didn't plan a coup. In fact, he'd agreed to cover for Michael while Michael was in North Africa on business.

Olivia became distracted when she saw a delivery truck arrive with the brick oven that she'd ordered. She explained that she'd ordered the oven so she could make the family's annual Thanksgiving pizza. Ned warned Olivia that the curse couldn't be broken by making pizza because all the best laid Thanksgiving dinner plans had inevitably ended in disaster since 1994, which was why they'd always ended up ordering pizza. Undaunted, Olivia envisioned having the pizza oven installed on the patio off the kitchen, but Ned wondered if Olivia had cleared it with Cook 2. Olivia acknowledged that Monica had asked her to call the cook and patch things up, but Olivia had decided against it. Ned reminded Olivia that it was Monica's house, but Olivia ignored him and rushed off to supervise the delivery.

Ned lounged on the patio and checked his phone, but his smile faded when he saw a social media picture of Michael and Nelle in Morocco, announcing that they had arrived. Ned was not pleased that Michael's business trip had turned into a personal getaway. Ned entered the living room as another picture of Michael and Nelle was posted online. Ned's mood soured. Moments later, Olivia walked in, carrying a brick, which was all that was left of her pizza oven after Cook 2 had scared the deliverymen away. According to Olivia, Monica had rehired Cook 2, and the wily cook had promptly put locks on everything including the toaster oven. Ned empathized with his wife's frustration because he was similarly annoyed with Michael, but Ned was confident that he and Olivia could turn things around.

A short time later, Ned ended a business call by instructing the person on the other end of the call to have certain papers drawn up. After the call, he stepped out on the patio, where Olivia had been tossing dough into the air. She was determined to perfect the art of pizza making, but she was curious if he thought Monica might talk to Cook 2 to help smooth things over. "No," Ned admitted, but he assured Olivia that he had an idea.

In Marrakesh, Morocco, Michael and Nelle looked at the grand room that Nina had picked for the location of the Crimson photo shoot. They agreed that the beauty and opulence of the lavish Moroccan decor was breathtaking. Michael mentioned that they were lucky to have gotten a room at the exclusive hotel, but Nelle smiled because she was certain that Michael, not luck, had had something to do with their last-minute reservations. Nelle admitted that she felt like it was all a dream, so Michael gently pinched her arm to prove that it wasn't. Nelle smiled, but she added that it still felt too good to be true.

After Nelle kissed Michael, she confessed that it was the first time she'd ever used her passport. She explained that she'd gotten one two years earlier in the hopes that she would have an opportunity to travel the world, but her trip to Marrakesh had been the first trip outside the United States. Michael wanted to commemorate their trip by taking a picture of the two of them. After they posed for the snapshot, he showed it to Nelle then asked if she loved it. "More and more every day," she answered as she gazed adoringly at him.

Michael wanted to sightsee and take more pictures, but Nelle reminded him that she was there to work. She also admitted that she wasn't fond of having her picture taken because her parents had only taken photographs on special occasions, and she had never been happy with the way she looked. "Believe me, Michael. There are some pictures out there of me that I'd really rather forget," Nelle added. He knew what it was like to have unflattering pictures of himself because there were several childhood pictures of him with missing teeth that he'd hidden away. Nelle laughed then confessed that she would love to see them.

Nelle nuzzled up to Michael as she seductively asked if there was any way that she could persuade him to show her the pictures. Michael smiled and warned her that she would have to work hard. After they shared a passionate kiss, Michael confessed that he had to get to a meeting and had fly to Barcelona in the morning, but he wanted to take her to dinner the following evening. Nelle was disappointed that he had to leave because she had no idea how busy she would be once the photo shoot started. Michael was curious what she planned to do until everyone arrived, so she admitted that she had intended to take a shower -- a cold one. Michael offered to join her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Felicia met with Bobbie to give Bobbie an update on the investigation. Felicia revealed that things looked promising because one of her contacts had found something interesting about Nelle. Bobbie was curious what the information pertained to, but Felicia had no idea except that she'd been promised that it was what Bobbie had been looking for.

Nearby, Carly checked her phone and saw a social media picture of Michael and Nelle in Morocco. She was not pleased. Bobbie walked up to greet her daughter. Bobbie announced that Felicia might have damaging information about Nelle, but Carly confessed that she had changed her mind about digging up dirt on Nelle. Stunned, Bobbie wondered why. Carly held up her phone to show her mother the picture of Michael and Nelle smiling as they'd arrived in Morocco. Bobbie thought Carly should put a stop to the relationship before things became more serious between Michael and Nelle, but Carly argued that Michael looked happy, and he was capable of making his own decisions.

Bobbie was stunned that Carly had forgiven Nelle, but Carly clarified that she wouldn't go that far. However, she did want to move on. Bobbie couldn't believe that Carly wasn't concerned that Felicia had uncovered something damaging, but Carly insisted that it didn't matter because ultimately Nelle had intended Carly, not Michael, harm. Bobbie's eyes narrowed because Carly was less forgiving than Luke.

Carly conceded that something had recently happened to change her perspective on things, but she couldn't go into detail about it. However, she made it clear that she wanted Bobbie to call Felicia and stop her from digging up dirt about Nelle's past. Bobbie thought it was a mistake, but Carly's mind was made up because, despite everything, Nelle had saved Josslyn's life. Bobbie accused Nelle of using that fact to her advantage at every opportunity, but Carly believed that everyone would be better off if Bobbie and Felicia dropped it.

In Metro Court's lobby, Nathan approached Amy. He wondered what had been so urgent that they had needed to meet right away. Amy revealed that Quinn had returned to Port Charles to talk to them about the Ask Man Landers book deal. Amy was certain that Quinn intended to tell them that the Ask Man Landers publicity had been great and the book would be a hit, which meant it would all soon be over for Nathan. Resigned, Nathan asked which room Quinn was in. "Room 853," Amy answered as she and Nathan walked to the elevator. Nearby, Felicia watched Nathan and Amy.

Across town, Maxie arrived at the Floating Rib as she spoke to someone on the phone and reported that she was back in Port Charles. She assured the person not to worry about the Ask Man Landers story because the other issue took precedence. Maxie smiled because she couldn't wait to see Nathan's expression when she shared her news. After the call, Felicia entered the bar as she wrapped up a call. Maxie smiled as she asked her mother if she'd been working on a big case. Felicia was delighted when she saw her daughter, but she wanted to know why Maxie hadn't mentioned the visit.

Maxie explained that she had wanted to surprise Nathan, but Felicia was disappointed that she hadn't had advanced notice because the visits were never long enough. Felicia's frustration turned to joy when Maxie announced that she was in Port Charles to stay, in part because of Spinelli. Maxie revealed that she and Spinelli had worked out a generous visitation schedule, which had given Maxie more time with Georgie. In the end, it had boiled down to her job versus Nathan, so she'd chosen her husband. Maxie admitted that Mac and Felicia had also helped Maxie see things differently because she'd been furious that they'd had "al fresco sex" because of something Man Landers had said, so she'd decided to do some digging on the blogger and had realized that some of his advice was good.

Maxie still intended to expose the blogger, but her article had been put on hold because Spinelli was busy working another case. Maxie hoped to pitch the story idea to Nina, but Felicia sighed then asked if Maxie had talked to Nathan. Maxie hadn't but didn't see a problem with surprising her husband because his needs were as healthy as he was, and he needed "physical attention all the time." Felicia grew increasingly concerned, which Maxie picked up on. Maxie demanded to know what was going on, so Felicia reluctantly revealed that Nathan and Amy had been spending a lot of time together. Alarmed, Maxie asked when Felicia had last seen Nathan and Amy.

In Quinn's hotel suite, Quinn unveiled a life-sized cutout of one of Nathan's publicity photos. He was wearing a suit, and his face was partially obscured by his arm as he leaned his head down to tip his hat. Amy tactfully pointed out that the image had been taken at close range, and not much had been done to hide Nathan's visage. Quinn argued that it didn't matter because the publisher had selected Ask Man Landers to be their major publishing event of the season. Quinn revealed that Nathan would meet his fans and sign autographs at the event, but Nathan immediately objected. Amy tactfully pointed out that they'd had a deal, but Quinn was unconcerned.

Nathan spilled some coffee on his shirt, so Quinn told him to take off his shirt if it happened at the event because she was certain the fans would love it, and it would sell books. Amy insisted that they'd signed a contract stipulating that Nathan's identity had to remain a mystery, but Quinn informed Amy that they should have had an attorney look at it because it specified that Nathan had to attend the event, or the book deal would be off. Quinn received a text message then announced that she had to leave. She grabbed her bags and breezed out as Amy looked over the contract. Nathan hoped Quinn had lied, but Amy shook her head.

After Nathan cleaned off his shirt then tugged it back on, he suggested that he and Amy find another setting to continue their discussion. Amy agreed, but she assured him that it would remain their secret. At the door, Amy advised him to button his shirt before he left the room. Nearby, Maxie overheard the exchange. Her fury mounted when she heard Amy tell Nathan that they made a great team. "Nathan!" Maxie shouted as she marched up and slapped her husband.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia left Maxie a voicemail, begging her daughter to return the call because Felicia worried that Maxie might confront Nathan. Felicia felt terrible about what she'd said, and she was certain that it had been nothing. After Felicia ended the call, her phone rang. It was her contact with an update about Nelle. Felicia asked the person to send it to her then checked her phone as Bobbie walked in. Bobbie told Felicia about Carly's desire to drop the investigation. "You might want to rethink that," Felicia replied. Bobbie insisted that it was useless because Carly didn't want to know about what Felicia had uncovered.

"Really? How does Carly feel about murder?" Felicia asked. Bobbie gasped when Felicia showed her phone to Bobbie.

At an undisclosed location, Sonny and Jason approached a warehouse door. Sonny stopped to talk about the upcoming meeting he'd arranged with the Five Families. Sonny appreciated Jason being at his side, but Jason reminded his friend that he'd spent most of his adult life being at Sonny's side -- he intended to be with Sonny until the end. Moments later, Sonny and Jason entered the warehouse and faced the heads of the Five Families. Sonny was certain that each had heard the rumors about his plans to retire then confirmed that they were true. One of the members was curious if Jason would take over for Sonny, but Sonny reminded everyone that Jason had already retired.

Sonny explained that he intended to split up his territory between the Five Families, but he would retain control of his legitimate holdings. One of the mobsters was curious what it would cost them, so Sonny revealed that he wanted their guarantee to leave him and his loved ones alone. Each of the heads agreed to consider Sonny's offer then contact him later that day with their decision. Satisfied, Sonny had Max escort them out. Jason congratulated Sonny then assured his friend that Sonny had made the right choice.

Outside Perks, Sam bumped into Andre. Andre was happy to see her and asked about her recovery. She assured him that she was finally feeling better and getting back to normal. Pleased, Andre asked about the fears that she had repressed, which had led to the hallucinations during her illness. Sam conceded that she had been concerned about losing Jason, but she promised that she felt better and would no longer have to worry about it after that day. Andre advised Sam not to rush to assume that everything was okay simply because the circumstances had changed.

Andre explained that underlying anxiety could linger, so he handed his business card to her and assured her that his door would always be open. Sam appreciated the offer, but she'd been given a clean bill of health. A short time later, Jason met up with his wife. She was eager to hear about the meeting. He revealed that the Five Families hadn't pushed back, and it appeared that they had realized that protecting Sonny's loved ones was a small price to pay to expand their territory. Jason added that Sam had been right to advise him to be there at Sonny's side. Sam smiled, but Jason noticed Andre's business card on the table.

Sam told Jason about her talk with Andre and Andre's suggestion that Sam consider scheduling a few visits. Surprised, Jason wondered why. Sam explained that Andre had made her realize that there were things that she'd been too afraid to admit to herself. Sam admitted that losing him five years earlier had broken her, and she'd never fully recovered, even though he had returned to her. She confessed that she feared that something or someone would tear them apart, and it had messed with her mind when she'd fallen ill. She regretted that it had nearly cost Sonny his life, but Jason insisted that Sam was stronger and that both he and Sonny had taken steps to make their lives safer.

Jason was in the mood to celebrate and called Sonny to make plans, but Sonny didn't answer. Jason decided to check up on Sonny.

At the warehouse, Sonny called for Max to fetch the car, but the head of the Russian mob informed Sonny that Max was busy. Sonny's eyes rounded with surprise when he realized that the Russian had a gun aimed at Max, while using Max as a human shield. The Russian advised Sonny not to move, or Max would die, which would be a terrible way to repay Max's loyalty. The Russian demanded that Sonny hand over his gun, but Sonny wanted to know what the Russian wanted. The Russian laughed at the idea that Sonny had arrogantly thought he could walk away from the mob and parcel out his territory with stipulations. The Russian made it clear that he planned to kill Sonny, seize control of Sonny's territory, then run things his way.

"Put it down," Jason growled from the corner as he steadily aimed his gun at the Russian. Sonny took advantage of the Russian's distraction to shove Max out of the way. Sonny and the Russian briefly struggled, but the situation took an unexpected turn when Sam appeared out of nowhere and called out to Jason. The Russian took aim at Sam as Max tossed the gun to Sonny. Jason realized that the Russian intended to kill Sam, so he shoved his wife out of the way and took the bullet in the chest. Sam stared in horror as Jason fell to the ground.

Felicia shares a shocking secret about Nelle

Felicia shares a shocking secret about Nelle

> Felicia shares a shocking secret about Nelle

Felicia shares a shocking secret about Nelle

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

At Metro Court, Maxie overheard Nathan and Amy talking as they left a hotel suite. Maxie's temper flared when Amy assured Nathan that he and Amy made a great team. Livid, Maxie called out Nathan's name as she marched up to him then slapped him. "What the hell, Maxie?" Nathan asked as he rubbed his cheek, but Maxie was furious and blasted him for acting surprised and confused after what he'd done with "that woman." Amy was startled when Maxie indicated her, so she assured Maxie that Maxie had the wrong idea. Maxie refused to listen because Amy had endlessly taunted Maxie about Nathan.

Nathan was forced to act when Maxie turned her wrath on Amy and slapped Amy. He dragged his wife into the suite and decided to be honest with her, but Maxie was disgusted that he'd taken her to the same room where he'd been unfaithful to her. Amy told Maxie to give it a rest because Amy and Nathan hadn't been intimate; they'd had a business meeting. Maxie scoffed, but Nathan assured his wife that it was true then filled her in about posing as Man Landers. Amy explained that her brother Chet had been injured in Afghanistan and had had mounting medical bills. Amy revealed that she'd created the blog after her mother had passed away, and the blog had been a huge success that had led to a book deal. Maxie recalled Chet and expressed her sympathy for his troubles.

Amy revealed that it had been necessary to find someone to stand in as Man Landers because the publisher had been expecting a male blogger, so Amy had turned to Nathan for help. Amy assured Maxie that Nathan loved his wife and had been completely loyal. Nathan hoped his decision wouldn't get between him and his wife, prompting Maxie to admit that she was furious. However, Maxie appreciated that it had been a good cause. Maxie forgave her husband, but she made it clear that they needed to talk. Amy realized that it was her cue to leave, but she hoped that Maxie had changed her mind about unmasking Man Landers because Amy needed the money from the book deal to take care of Chet.

Amy smiled when Maxie agreed to keep the secret, but Maxie was curious if Amy had given Mac and Felicia advice to spice up their love life. Amy credited Nathan by explaining that he'd gone rogue during the podcast. Maxie wondered if Nathan had also encouraged people to give up everything for love, but he admitted that Amy had dispensed that advice. Maxie conceded that it had been excellent advice. Pleased, Amy thanked Maxie then left. Maxie explained to Nathan that she wasn't upset that he'd agreed to help Amy, but it hurt that he hadn't trusted Maxie with the secret. Nathan promised that he'd always intended to tell her, but the timing had never been right.

Nathan regretted that he hadn't packed everything up and joined Maxie in Portland, but he promised to make up for it by moving to Oregon. Maxie warned him that he would be alone because she had worked out a custody arrangement with Spinelli then bought a one-way ticket home. Nathan was elated when he realized that Maxie had returned home to him, but he warned her that their apartment looked like a "crime scene." Maxie didn't care; she just wanted to go home with him. Nathan kissed his wife.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly asked if she should thank Oscar for Josslyn's beautiful smile. Josslyn put her phone down then explained that she and Oscar had been talking about the start of school. Carly smiled knowingly because she doubted talk of school had made Josslyn happy, but Josslyn shifted gears to ask why Carly had asked to meet. Josslyn feared that she was in trouble, but Carly admitted that she had wanted to talk to Josslyn about Sonny. However, Carly wanted to assure Josslyn that she was trying to get used to the idea of Josslyn's friendship with Oscar. Carly acknowledged that it was a balancing act, but Carly promised to work things out.

Carly added that for things to work, she and Josslyn had to be honest with each other, which was why Carly had wanted to talk to Josslyn. Carly revealed that she wanted her and Josslyn to move back in with Sonny and Avery. Josslyn tensed, but Carly had hoped that Josslyn might find it in her heart to forgive Sonny after everything that had happened. Carly explained that Avery missed them and didn't understand why her family was no longer together. Carly promised that it was what she and Sonny wanted, too.

Josslyn explained that she'd been mad at Sonny for what he'd done to Jax, but Josslyn had never hated Sonny. Josslyn had felt terrible because Sonny had always treated her well, so Carly promised that Sonny loved Josslyn. Josslyn nodded because she knew it was true, and it was time for their family to have some happiness. Carly was delighted when Josslyn agreed to move in with Sonny and Carly, but Josslyn worried how Bobbie would take the news. Carly admitted that she would soon find out because Bobbie had sent Carly a text message asking to see Carly. Josslyn decided to head to the library, but Carly was skeptical it was Josslyn's true destination.

Josslyn promised it was true because Oscar was on vacation at Mt. Rushmore with his mother. She offered to show her mother social media pictures to prove it, but Carly believed Josslyn. Carly explained that she was trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, including Nelle, because Carly believed that things were finally looking up for their family.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia wondered how Carly would feel about murder then slid her phone across the bar for Bobbie to look at. Bobbie gasped when she saw the headline and Nelle's picture, announcing that Nelle was the prime suspect in her fiancÚ's death. Felicia explained that she hadn't found the article during her initial search for Nelle because she hadn't realized that Nelle's given name was Janelle Benson. According to Felicia, Janelle Benson had been engaged to a man named Zachary Grant, who had died just a month prior to his wedding to Nelle. Stunned, Bobbie asked what had happened, so Felicia explained that Zach and Nelle had gone kayaking in the sea, and it had been the first time they'd been that far north in the ocean. Felicia explained that a storm had kicked up, and Zach's kayak had taken on water and capsized.

Felicia told Bobbie that Nelle had claimed that she had tried to reach her fiancÚ, but Zach hadn't been wearing a life vest and had succumbed to hypothermia and drowned within minutes. Bobbie thought it was understandable because the conditions had been harsh, but Felicia revealed that the death was suspicious because the plug had been removed from the kayak, which was why it had taken on water. Bobbie was shocked when Felicia added that the police and Zach's family had been suspicious of Nelle because the kayak had been a top-of-the-line model that Zach had bought. Bobbie didn't like Nelle, but she couldn't imagine Nelle killing someone. Felicia explained that there was more because Zach had been from a wealthy family, and he had changed his will to name Nelle the beneficiary of his millions just a few weeks prior to the trip, which Nelle had planned.

Felicia explained that the family had wanted Nelle charged with murder and sent to jail, but the police hadn't had enough evidence, despite their certainty that Nelle had been responsible for the kayak's missing plug. Bobbie wondered what had happened to the money, so Felicia revealed that the family had tied everything up in probate to keep Nelle from collecting it. Moments later, Carly arrived. Felicia stepped away as Carly approached the table and greeted her mother then asked if Bobbie had instructed Felicia to drop the investigation. Bobbie admitted that she had intended to, but Felicia had uncovered something that Carly needed to know.

Carly didn't want to hear it because she was determined not to meddle in her children's lives anymore. Bobbie explained that it was a matter of life and death because Bobbie was terrified for Michael. Carly was certain that her mother was exaggerating, but Bobbie promised it was true -- she had proof that Nelle was dangerous.

At the bar, Felicia saw Amy pick up an order. Amy was startled when Felicia expressed surprise that Amy seemed calm. Amy had no idea what Felicia was talking about until Felicia explained that she had told Maxie about seeing Nathan and Amy together. Amy assured Felicia that it was not what Felicia thought then added that Maxie knew all about Nathan and Amy, and Maxie had accepted it.

In Marrakesh, Morocco, Dillon set up his cameras for the Crimson photo shoot as he asked where Nina was. He needed to know what she wanted him to do. Nelle explained that Nina had been called to meet with a government official, but Nelle checked her notes and relayed what Nina had shared with her about the photo shoot. Dillon was surprised that Nina wanted the models to pose in front of the blue door, but Nelle explained that the door's particular shade of blue was meant to ward off evil spirits, mosquitos, or possibly both. Dillon chuckled, but she assured him it was true because Michael had told her. Dillon thought it was "convenient" that Michael had had business in Morocco when Michael's girlfriend was working there, but Nelle wasn't complaining.

Later, Nelle was frustrated that the jeweled necklaces and bracelets had become tangled up, and Dillon grumbled that he needed to get started because he was running out of light. Nelle sent Dillon and an assistant to help the models get ready while she worked on untangling the jewelry. After Dillon and the assistant left, Nelle opened a velvet box with a stunning sapphire and diamond necklace nestled inside. She gave in to temptation and put the necklace on. "Busted," Dillon teased as he returned and saw her admiring the necklace in the mirror. Embarrassed, Nelle started to take off the expensive necklace, but Dillon told her to keep it on because he wanted to take a few test pictures of her against the door. Nelle reluctantly agreed, but she made it clear that she didn't want him to save the pictures.

Dillon snapped photos and admitted that Nelle should be on the cover of the magazine because she was a natural. Nelle smiled awkwardly because she didn't like to have her picture taken. However, she'd been having fun because the past few days had been a whirlwind, and she felt like she'd been living someone else's life. Dillon smiled, but he confessed that he hated to travel, which had prompted his vagabond mother to try to compensate by showering him with material things. Nelle thought it was a matter of perspective because she'd grown up poor. She talked about her gambling father and the resentment she'd felt toward Carly for having had everything that Nelle hadn't, but Dillon warned her that there was a cost to having everything.

Dillon admitted that it was true that money couldn't buy happiness. Nelle nodded because she had recalled that someone else had told her the same thing. Dillon was curious if the person had been born with a silver spoon in their mouth that had "almost choked them." Nelle realized that Dillon had been referring to himself, and tactfully changed the subject by taking off the necklace. Dillon agreed that it was time to get the photo shoot going. After Dillon left to check on the models, Nelle looked at the sapphire and diamond necklace.

Later, Dillon showed Nelle the pictures he'd taken. She was not pleased when she saw the test photos of her because she had expected him to delete them, but Dillon insisted that he was an artist and didn't destroy his work. Nelle acknowledged that she couldn't ask for more because she was in a beautiful country, and she had an amazing boyfriend. Dillon was impressed because she had everything figured out. Nelle smiled then admitted that she was happier than she'd ever been, but she still wanted Dillon to delete the photos.

Meanwhile, Nina entered a luxurious tent decorated in vibrant colors and textures. Trays of food were scattered throughout the tent as Nina tentatively called out to someone, but no one replied. She explained that she'd been invited to tea, but Valentin stepped forward and suggested that Champagne might be more appropriate. Shocked, Nina asked what he was doing in Marrakesh, so he pointed out that he had followed her. She warned him that she wasn't interested in hearing him say things that he didn't mean, but he explained that he was tired of waiting and wanted her answer. Nina argued that she was busy working, but Valentin admitted that he didn't care about her photo shoot because all he could think about was holding her in his arms again.

Valentin vowed to prove that he could be faithful and never betray Nina with another woman. He started to kiss Nina, but she pulled back and warned him that it would take more than a beautiful setting and a kiss for them to reconcile. Valentin promised that if she took him back, then he would spend the rest of his life, showing her that he knew what real love was and how special she was to him. Valentin was prepared to get on his knees and beg, but Nina told him it wasn't necessary because she had an answer. She told him that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Overjoyed, Valentin kissed Nina passionately.

After the kiss, Valentin smiled as he confessed that the kiss had been worth the eight-hour flight and the months of waiting. Nina explained that she had wanted to make sure she went back to Valentin with her eyes wide open. She told him how much she had missed him and loved him, Charlotte, and the family they'd created. Nina also missed how Valentin had held her at night. Valentin was grateful that she'd taken him back because he knew that he would have never loved another woman the way he loved Nina. Nina was surprised when he pulled out her wedding rings then asked her to make him the happiest man in the world and not divorce him.

Nina happily nodded as Valentin slid the rings on her finger then pledged not to let her down again and to always love her. "Always and forever," he added. "Always and forever," she replied then kissed him. After they made love, Nina's phone rang, but she refused to answer it as she cuddled in bed with Valentin. However, the caller called back, so Nina picked up her phone and climbed out of bed. Moments later, her assistant informed her that the sapphire and diamond necklace on loan from Raffaele was missing.

At a warehouse, Jason aimed his gun at the Russian mobster as Sonny managed to catch Petrov off guard and shoved Max away. Petrov took aim at Jason as Max tossed Sonny a gun, but Sam suddenly ran into the warehouse. "Jason!" Sam cried out when she realized what she had walked in on. Jason glanced at Sam then realized that Petrov had turned the gun on Jason's wife. Jason shoved Sam to the ground as a shot rang out and hit Jason in the chest. Seconds later, Sonny shot and killed Petrov.

Distraught, Sam rushed over to Jason as blood poured from his gunshot wound. Sonny grabbed a first aid kit while Max called 9-1-1. Sam desperately begged Jason to stay with her as Sonny helped her apply pressure to the gunshot wound. Jason faded in and out of consciousness until the ambulance arrived, and the paramedics rushed in. Sam and Sonny watched as the paramedics worked to stabilize Jason. Moments later, Dante arrived, so Sonny left Sam's side to fill his son in on what had transpired.

Sam crawled over to Jason and reminded him of everything he had to live for. She begged him to fight to stay with her and insisted on accompanying her husband in the ambulance when the paramedics transported Jason to the hospital. Sonny lingered behind and stared in shock at Jason's blood on the ground.

Everyone waits for news of Jason

Everyone waits for news of Jason

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ava uncovered her mirror and peered at her reflection closely. She grabbed her keys and purse and opened the front door. Kiki was standing there, and Ava invited her inside. She told Kiki about Julian and confessed that she believed the Jeromes were paying for their sins. Kiki noticed Ava's pretty green blouse and asked if it was new. She couldn't help but see that her mother seemed different, more energized. "What did I miss?" Kiki asked.

Ava replied that her brother had accepted his penalty, and she, on the other hand, was free to go out. Kiki mentioned her application for medical school, and she told Ava that Dillon had gone to Morocco. Ava noted that every mother wanted her children to have better lives than their parents. They hugged and headed to the hospital. Ava had an appointment.

At the police station, Sonny went over the details of the shooting with Dante again. Sonny felt guilty about Jason and the violence that always seemed to happen. Sonny thought that he would run the business better than someone else. Dante wished that his father wasn't involved in the mob, that he couldn't get shot, or that his friend hadn't taken a bullet. "Sometimes wishes don't come true," Sonny told him.

At the Floating Rib, Bobbie attempted to tell Carly what she'd learned about Nelle, though Carly refused to listen. Bobbie showed her the old news headline, and Carly finally agreed to read it. Bobbie admitted that the evidence against Nelle had been circumstantial, and the girl had not been able to inherit her former fiancÚ's money. "There's always a next time," Bobbie pointed out.

Bobbie hadn't been surprised that they'd found some dirt on Nelle, but Carly still refused to call Michael. She felt good with her new outlook and refused to judge. "Who are you?" Bobbie wondered. Carly reminded Bobbie that she'd already lost one son and wouldn't take a chance on losing another. Michael would be angry at her if she called with the news about Nelle. Bobbie shook her head. "I hope you don't live to regret it," she said. Carly received a call from Sonny, who told her to get to the hospital.

In Morocco, Nina received a phone call about the missing sapphire necklace while she was in Valentin's opulent tent. She told the caller to keep looking and returned to bed. She couldn't wait to get home, and she thanked Valentin for helping her to achieve her dreams. They got dressed, and Valentin began to make plans for the two of them. An assistant burst in and advised Nina that the necklace hadn't been found yet. Both Nina and Valentin followed the assistant out.

Nelle continued to ask Dillon to delete the photos of her wearing the sapphire necklace. As they tussled over his laptop, Michael walked in. He asked Nelle to go on a moonlit camel ride. She told him about how she felt responsible for the missing necklace. Nina and Valentin arrived with the assistant, and Nina showed Nelle that her wedding ring was back on her finger. After some brief excitement, the talk turned to the necklace. Nina spotted one of the photos that Dillon had taken of Nelle and noticed that Nelle had been wearing the jewels that they were all searching for.

Dillon and Nelle related how Dillon had taken some test photos. Nelle insisted that she had placed the necklace back into the chest with the other jewelry. Nina asked if anyone else had been around at the time. "You think I stole the necklace," Nelle stated flatly. Nina insisted that no one was accusing Nelle. Nelle reminded Nina that Nelle had been trusted with Charlotte and should have been trusted with the necklace. Nina announced that everyone would be considered a suspect until the necklace was found.

After everyone else had gone, Dillon apologized for not deleting the photos as Nelle had requested. Michael suggested that if the necklace were insured, it didn't really matter. He and Dillon exchanged words about it. Dillon and Nelle gave Michael the details of their day again. Nelle declared that no one had seen her put the necklace back. The assistant returned and announced that everyone's belongings had to be searched again. Dillon was certain that Nina would apologize to Nelle after the jewels had been located. "You believe me, right?" Nelle asked Michael.

Back in Valentin's tent, Nina agreed that she had to call the police. Valentin made the call for her in order to speak to the police in French. Afterwards, Nina made a phone call of her own. When she finished, she noticed that Valentin was gone.

Griffin visited Marisol, his patient, in General Hospital. The little girl's father told the doctor how much they appreciated him staying with Marisol during the bomb scare. He explained that his daughter had been having bad headaches again. Griffin promised that Marisol would get better. Shortly after, Griffin found Dr. Bensch, who had test results for Marisol; they were not good. Griffin looked at them as Ava and Kiki arrived. The women were cheerful and talkative, but Griffin was quiet and seemed distraught. He told them that he had to deliver some bad news.

Ava and Griffin looked into Marisol's room. Ava voiced how unfair life was, that the little girl's life would be cut short. "God's will," Griffin replied. Ava grabbed his hand but awkwardly pulled away after a few seconds. She offered money to help the girl and joked that she wanted to buy her way into heaven. Griffin was annoyed and told her to stop selling herself short. He accepted Ava's promise to pray, and he headed into Marisol's room.

Kiki ran into Dr. Bensch and thanked him for his recommendation. He told her that there would be much hard work on her part. Kiki responded that she had already sacrificed by missing a trip to Morocco and staying home to study. The doctor believed that she had the stamina, talent, skills, and energy to persevere. Kiki responded that she was up for the challenge. The doctor suggested that she accompany him on his rounds, and Kiki enthusiastically agreed. He advised her that he would set something up and get back to her.

Griffin took Marisol's father out to a private spot in the hallway. Kiki approached her mother and babbled about her latest news. Ava continued to watch Griffin and said she knew that Kiki would do well with her strength and compassion. Kiki spotted Griffin and questioned Ava about him. Ava reported that Griffin was in the midst of breaking some bad news to Marisol's father, and she told Kiki to take some notes. Kiki realized that was the strength and compassion her mother had been referring to.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the doctors continued to work on Jason. Elizabeth saw Sam and learned about the shooting. She assured Sam that Jason would be okay. Monica happened to walk by, and she saw Sam covered with blood. Sam told her that Jason had saved her life. Just then, they heard the machines beeping, and Monica announced that she would check on Jason's status.

Sonny arrived next, followed by Carly, and Sam quickly told them that she blamed herself for Jason's condition. In a previous time, it wouldn't have happened, she insisted. She would have known how to handle it, and she should have stayed home or been prepared. Sonny attempted to blame her illness, but Sam wouldn't hear of it. He urged her to have faith. Carly advised her that Jason had "everything to live for."

Sam cried that Carly should hate her because it was all her fault. Carly insisted that Sam shouldn't be surprised that Jason had saved her. She grabbed some nearby supplies and began to clean Jason's blood from Sam's face. Carly thought that Sam had tried to be strong for too long, and it was someone else's turn.

As everyone waited for news, Carly told Sonny that she wasn't happy that Michael had flown off with Nelle, and while she had other news, it would have to wait. Elizabeth comforted an upset Monica, who had learned that Jason was stable and headed for surgery. A nurse announced that Jason wanted to see Sam, who insisted that she run to the bathroom to clean up. Sonny and Carly went first. Jason asked them to look after Sam, though Carly insisted that Jason focus on getting well. Jason warned Sonny not to turn his back on "these guys."

After doing her best to clean up, Sam entered her husband's treatment room. She thanked him for saving her life and reminded him of his previous surgery when he had chosen to live for her. She needed him to do it again. Jason assured her that he planned on being around. He was wheeled into surgery.

Nelle is arrested

Nelle is arrested

Friday, September 1, 2017

At Elizabeth's house, Jake tried to engage Franco in a water pistol fight but Franco refused, citing Elizabeth's rules. Jake picked up the old photo that Franco had been looking at earlier. "Is this you?" Jake asked. Franco assured him that it was but said he had no clue on the identity of the other boy in the photo. Jake offered to help search for more photos, but an uncomfortable-looking Franco declined. Jake thought that Franco had only had an imaginary friend as a child. Franco announced that he had to take Elizabeth out for a celebratory dinner to thank her for urging him to show his paintings. He advised Jake that Lindsay the babysitter would be there shortly.

Finn and Anna waited to see Raymond Berlin at the prison. Finn was upset and paced about, concerned that Hayden was still missing. He was irritated and believed that Anna was really more concerned with the diamond in her possession. Anna extended her sympathy but said that she needed to be realistic. She explained that the diamond had been stolen in Eastern Europe, and she believed that given the timing, Valentin had been involved.

Finn laughed sarcastically. He realized that he had been Anna's connection to Hayden's father. They began to bicker until Raymond Berlin walked through the door. The pair introduced themselves. Berlin didn't seem surprised that Rachel had run off again. Finn assumed it was because Finn had found out about her past, even though he had assured her they would be able to work through it.

Raymond stated that he had no idea as to where Rachel could have gone. Anna thought the diamond might be able to help, but Raymond insisted that he had never given any to his daughter. Anna thought that if they could trace the diamond to the original owner, it might help. Raymond was suspicious. "You're not looking for Rachel. What is it you really want?" he asked.

Raymond recalled that Anna had called previously to try to talk to him. Anna insisted that she wasn't trying to get Raymond into trouble, but he said that he didn't know anything about the diamond, especially if anything "shady" were involved. He noted that his daughter was good at disappearing then he walked out. "That went well," Anna said caustically. She wasn't sure whether she believed Raymond's claim of lack of knowledge. She had to figure out where the diamond had originated. Just then, Finn received a text message and announced that Hayden had been found.

Alexis met with Diane at the Floating Rib. Diane was concerned that she hadn't heard from Max after his meeting with Sonny and Jason. Alexis expressed her dismay at Jason's presence; she had thought he was no longer involved in the mob scene. Diane insisted that Sonny was busy divesting himself of his business. Alexis doubted that Sonny could go "legit" and pointed out that Julian was in prison.

Alexis blamed herself for Julian's stint in prison, but Diane would not hear of it. She stated that Alexis had merely stated the truth, and Julian's downfall had been due to his sister and himself. Alexis asked what Max would do after Sonny left the mob, and Diane assured her that her boyfriend would be employed with whoever took over for Sonny. As the women talked, Diane kept checking her phone. She insisted that she was perfectly okay with Max working for the mob and that she and Max differed from Alexis and Julian.

Diane stated that she and Max were always honest, and they respected each other. They never tried to control each other, and they knew everything about each other, as well. Diane was certain that that was why Alexis and Julian weren't successful. Alexis admitted that she still loved Julian and remembered all the perfect times with him. She also might have gotten back with him if he hadn't gone to prison.

Diane reminded Alexis how horrible Julian had been, also, and Alexis agreed. She was annoyed that she couldn't let go. Diane didn't think that Julian had been sorry about anything he'd done and would have said whatever he'd needed to say to protect himself. Alexis wondered why everything was so complicated.

In the tent in Morocco, Nina unsuccessfully tried to reach Valentin on the phone. Dillon arrived and told her that the police were present, and everyone's bags and belongings had been rechecked. There had still been no sign of the missing necklace. Nina declared that Nelle would have to cooperate, or it would be bad for her. An inspector walked in, having overheard the conversation. He wanted to speak to Nelle. Dillon admitted that while Nelle had a "sketchy past," she hadn't stolen the necklace. Nina and Dillon both cringed at Dillon's remark.

The inspector asked to see a photo of Nelle wearing the necklace, and Dillon admitted that no one had been with her when she had returned it. The inspector left. Dillon guessed that he probably should have kept his mouth shut, and Nina advised him to let her do the talking in the future.

Nearby, Nelle mentioned that no one had seen her return the necklace, though Michael confirmed that he still believed that Nelle hadn't stolen it. The couple made out and decided to have a fancy bath. Shortly after, they returned without their bath. Everyone had been talking about Nelle and their disbelief that she'd returned the jewelry to its proper place. "Can you really blame them?" Michael asked.

Jason's loved ones sat in the waiting area at General Hospital, waiting for news of Jason. Elizabeth consoled Sam, and Carly and Sonny arrived with food. Elizabeth was critical of the reason why Jason had been shot, though she agreed that he had been helping his friend, and that was what Jason did. Carly and Sonny stepped aside, and they blamed themselves for Jason's predicament. Sonny reminded her that someone worse would take over after he retired. "Do you want that?" he asked.

Carly passionately reminded Sonny that she had insisted that he quit the only business he knew, but she had been fully aware of what he did for a living when she had first been involved with him. It hadn't been fair of her to ask him to quit. The couple continued to bicker until Sam walked over and told them to stop. Sonny was sorry that they'd been arguing. Sam stated that the shooting had had nothing to do with the mob, and Jason never did what he didn't want to do. "Jason will always be Jason," she said.

Franco arrived to "sweep Elizabeth off her feet." Elizabeth informed him about Jason, and he walked over to Sam to extend his sympathy. "You need to get out of my face," she growled at him. Elizabeth pulled Franco away while Carly noted that Jason would not want Franco asking about him. Elizabeth worried over how to tell Jake. Carly decided to call Michael. Afterwards, she told Sonny that Michael had been "calm and collected." Sam looked at photos on her phone.

Michael received the call from Carly and decided that he needed to head back to Port Charles. He told Nelle about it and explained that Jason had helped to raise him and had always been there for him. Michael was ready to leave. Out of breath, Dillon and Nina arrived to announce that a cop was headed their way. Michael wondered if he should contact his lawyer, but Nelle felt that that was unnecessary. She wondered if she should be worried. Michael left.

The inspector arrived, and Nina suggested that he handle things carefully, or she would make an international case out of it. The cop accused both Dillon and Nina of being in cahoots with Nelle, and he placed Nelle under arrest.

At the Floating Rib, Diane finally received her call from Max, and Alexis received a text message from Sam.

Alexis arrived at the hospital and comforted her daughter. The doctor finally emerged from the operating room. The surgery had been complicated, but Jason had made it through. Unfortunately, he wasn't certain that Jason would regain consciousness.

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