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Jason lingered in a coma. Ava was crushed when Griffin rejected her. Bobbie learned about Nelle's troubles in Marrakesh. Valentin offered Lulu joint custody of Charlotte. Jordan and Curtis reconnected as lovers. Franco was stunned a picture of Jason as a young boy.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 4, 2017 on GH
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Monday, September 4, 2017

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 5, and picked up where the Friday, September 1, episode concluded.

Griffin loses a patient

Griffin loses a patient

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

At Perks, Anna was focused on her phone when Andre slipped up behind her and quietly greeted her. Anna was startled, but Andre chuckled as he sat down and reminded her that she'd been the one to "summon" him. "What's up?" he asked. Anna was tired of being left hanging because she wanted to know if he'd been able to connect the diamond that she'd linked to a "smash-and-grab" in Montenegro to the ring of jewel thieves that Andre had once tracked through central Europe -- or to Valentin. Andre explained that the thieves had been well organized and well-equipped, and they had always used the same modus operandi. According to Andre, the thieves would strike when a jewelry store was open and filled with customers, and they'd always focus on the most expensive items then disappear within ten minutes by dashing to a waiting getaway car.

Anna realized that the thieves had picked stores that were open because the customers could be used as hostages if things had gone wrong. Andre revealed there had been a few high-speed chases, but the thieves had always managed to escape because they'd had a "damn good" driver. However, the driver had not been the mastermind because the person who had organized the ring had been a brilliant person who had planned things down to the last detail. Anna acknowledged that Valentin had always been a master strategist. Andre agreed, but he suspected that Valentin had only participated in a few of the robberies; the rest he'd left to hired mercenaries. Intrigued, Anna was curious if Andre could link any of the jobs to Valentin, but Andre was confused because he'd been under the impression that Anna had made peace with Valentin after the Chimera incident.

Anna admitted that she had -- to a degree -- but just because she thought the WSB had used Valentin as a scapegoat, it didn't mean that she was blind to who he was. Anna acknowledged that Valentin was a "complicated and driven" man who had spent most of his life working outside the law. Charlotte and Nina might have settled him down a bit, but Anna knew he wouldn't follow the rules because Valentin lived by his own code, which meant that he might have maintained ties with some of his old associates if it had been advantageous. Andre pointed out that the diamond might have belonged to Raymond Berlin, but Anna shook her head because she had paid Hayden's father a visit in jail, and Raymond had denied buying illegal diamonds for his wife and daughter. Anna knew Raymond couldn't be trusted, but she did believe that he genuinely loved his daughter.

However, Anna knew that loving one's child didn't give a person a free pass because a person had to want to be better and turn his life around. Anna added that a person couldn't be a devoted father by day and a thief by night. Andre realized that they were no longer talking about Raymond, so he urged Anna to clarify to herself what she hoped to gain before she moved forward with the investigation. Anna promised that it wasn't personal; she intended to follow the trail of the diamond wherever it led. Satisfied, Andre pulled a folder from his bag and handed it to Anna. "Cassandra Pierce?" Anna asked as she looked at the name on the file.

Andre explained that Cassandra was one of many alias names the woman had used, but she'd been suspected of buying the stolen jewels then selling them at a significant markup on the black market. Cassandra would then invest the money in whatever was profitable, but Andre conceded that the jewel thieves' connection with Cassandra had ended when she had bought the stolen jewels. Anna doubted that Valentin had settled for a small profit, so she asked where Cassandra was because Anna was certain that Valentin had a deeper connection to the woman. Andre revealed that Cassandra had been living it up in the tax-free haven of Monaco, so Anna decided to follow the trail to Monte Carlo. Andre cautioned her to be careful.

In Marrakesh, Morocco, a police officer escorted Nelle into Nina's tent. Dillon was relieved to see his friend, while Nina blasted the police officer for arresting Nelle. The police officer conceded that Nina had friends in high places, but Nina bristled when he referred to her as "mademoiselle." Nina held up her hand to show him her diamond rings as she clarified that she was a married woman. Nina added that the police officer had only met her "mid-ranking" friends, but he would meet her high-ranking ones if he didn't find the necklace and arrest the thief. The police officer argued that he'd already arrested the thief, but Nina was furious as the suggestion that Nelle had stolen the sapphire necklace. Valentin entered the tent as Nina berated the police officer and threatened to have him fired.

Concerned, Valentin asked what was going on, but the police officer wanted to know who Valentin was. Nina smugly informed the man that Valentin was her husband then continued her tirade. Valentin assured his wife that she needn't worry then pulled the missing necklace from his jacket pocket. Valentin explained that he'd conducted his own search and had discovered the necklace had fallen into a makeup artist's bag during the rush to wrap things up after the photo shoot. He assured Nina that "Rochelle" had been innocent, but Dillon recalled thoroughly searching the dressing room and all the bags. The police officer agreed with Dillon and vowed to keep the investigation open.

Valentin switched to French and issued a stern warning and threat. He smiled with satisfaction when the police officer promptly closed the investigation then left. Nina sent Nelle and Dillon back to the hotel because she'd decided to cancel the photo shoot and return home later that night. After Nelle and Dillon left, Nina called to thank the ambassador for her help. Valentin was impressed that Nina knew the ambassador's husband, but Nina shifted gears because she wanted to know the truth about how he'd found the necklace. She warned him that she didn't have someone named Rochelle working for her, so Valentin conceded that he couldn't share the details.

Valentin assured Nina that he hadn't stolen the necklace, but he had made some calls. Nina wondered if he'd contacted his old associates. "Yes," Valentin answered then asked if that had changed things for her. Nina admitted that his time in The Hague had opened her eyes, and she had realized that she didn't want to live without him. Valentin promised to tell her the truth about his past in a "gentle" way, so Nina smiled because she could live with that. Nina kissed him then started to unbutton his shirt, but Valentin stopped her because he wanted to explain things first. Nina was shocked when she saw the bandage around his midsection and realized that he'd been hurt while retrieving the necklace, but Valentin assured her that he would recover. Nina made him promise that he would never risk his life again then kissed him passionately.

At the hotel, Nelle joined Dillon after she showered and changed into clean clothes. She admitted that the luxury hotel was a nice place to return to after spending a night in jail. Dillon was surprised that she'd been able to crack a joke, but Nelle admitted that it hadn't been the first time she'd been accused of wrongdoing and treated like a criminal. With her luck, she doubted it would be the last. Dillon reminded her that everything had worked out, so they could spend the rest of the day, taking advantage of the spa until their flight home. Nelle asked if Dillon had an update on Jason, but Dillon hadn't had a chance to follow up with Ned after leaving a message asking about his cousin.

Nelle was touched when Dillon admitted that he'd been preoccupied with Nelle's troubles. She appreciated his support, but she assured him that he need not worry about her. Nelle encouraged him to call Kiki, but he admitted that his call had gone straight to voicemail because Kiki was focused on getting into a pre-med program. Nelle smiled then thanked Dillon for everything he'd done for her. Dillon admitted that he felt like Nelle was a kindred spirit because they both had a "healthy disrespect for authority." Nelle chuckled then left to check out the spa.

In Finn's suite, Finn left Curtis a voicemail message. He couldn't understand why Curtis hadn't returned any of his calls after sending Finn a message that Hayden had been found. Finn asked Curtis to call back then ended the call. Moments later, Finn heard a thump at the door. He ran to the door and threw it open. It was Curtis. Finn checked the hallway, but he didn't see Hayden. Finn demanded to know where Hayden was, so Curtis entered the suite while dragging a suitcase then stopped when he noticed the ultrasound picture of Finn and Hayden's baby on the coffee table.

Curtis explained that he'd managed to track Hayden to LAX in California. He'd been surprised when Hayden had called him while he'd been at the airport because it had seemed as if she'd known exactly where he was. Curtis and Hayden had arranged to meet at a nearby airport, but Hayden had been gone by the time Curtis had arrived. Finn was disappointed, but Curtis revealed that Hayden had left the suitcase behind. Curtis put the piece of luggage on the coffee table then unzipped it. Finn looked through the items, but the suitcase only contained Hayden's clothes and a book on prenatal care.

Curtis added that the hotel room hadn't been cleaned, so he'd checked the garbage can and had found Hayden's passport. He handed the passport to Finn as he warned Finn that Hayden hadn't just gone away; she was reinventing herself -- again. Finn suspected that Hayden had left the things behind for Curtis because she had wanted Finn to know that she was leaving her old life behind, but Finn remained determined to find Hayden. Curtis handed Finn a letter that he'd found propped against a cactus in the hotel room. Finn looked at the envelope, so Curtis encouraged Finn to read it.

Hayden had written that she didn't know what to say or write except to apologize. She regretted the secrets that she'd kept and her inability to trust. She was most ashamed of taking the coward's way out by leaving Finn before their wedding, but she insisted that she wanted him to be free to find someone worthy of his love. Hayden asked him to forget that she had ever existed. Finn looked up from the letter, prompting Curtis to ask if Finn was okay. Finn's eyes were filled with tears, but he nodded and asked Curtis to leave him alone. Curtis was reluctant to leave, but Finn insisted.

Curtis invited Finn to call if Finn needed to talk. After Curtis left, Finn walked to the balcony then read the rest of the letter. Hayden broke the news that there had been a complication with the baby, and it hadn't survived. Finn began to cry as Hayden's letter concluded that there was nothing to bind them together anymore and no reason for him to find her. She was confident that Finn would find love again because he was a wonderful person. "Goodbye, Finn," the letter ended. Finn returned to the living room, picked up the ultrasound picture, held it against his heart, then wept.

In California, Hayden tearfully finished writing her goodbye letter to Finn then perched it against a cactus. She looked at her new passport, which identified her as Madison Ford from Brooklyn, New York. Hayden stood up, gently rubbed her pregnant belly, and then left.

At Perks, Ava sipped coffee and expressed an interest in Kiki's plans for medical school, but Kiki knew that Ava was trying to keep herself distracted because Ava worried that people were staring. Kiki promised her mother that Ava could relax because no one was looking at them. Ava smiled and tried to make light of the situation as they sat down. Kiki admitted that she was glad that her mother was no longer hiding in the apartment because it was good for Ava to get out. Ava assured her daughter that she'd been going out, but Kiki knew that it was because Griffin had been dragging Ava out of the apartment.

Ava deftly steered the conversation away from Griffin by promising that she was willing to do whatever was necessary to repair her relationship with Kiki. Kiki was pleased that her mother had decided to start living again, but Ava conceded that she hadn't done it alone -- Ava had had help. The conversation turned to Kiki's education. Ava was proud of Kiki for deciding to go to medical school. Kiki pointed out that if she could go for what she wanted, then so could Ava. Ava noticed when Kiki checked her phone, and she offered to walk with Kiki to work then head home.

At the hospital, Griffin called out to Dr. Bensch because he had received David's text message about Marisol. David explained that Marisol's parents had noticed that Marisol hadn't been able to move her right arm the previous evening, and as the night had progressed, so had Marisol's paralysis. David warned Griffin that Marisol's lungs had been affected. "She doesn't have much time," David gently told Griffin. Griffin was upset. David empathized because he knew that nothing could prepare a doctor for a case like Marisol's. Griffin agreed.

Moments later, Griffin approached Marisol's parents outside of Marisol's hospital room. They were distraught and tearfully asked if there was anything Griffin could do for their daughter because Marisol had been getting weaker. Griffin took the parents to a waiting area and broke the news that Marisol's organs had started to shut down. Marisol's mother wept with despair as she asked why God would take her daughter, but her husband reminded her that Griffin was not a priest. Griffin advised Marisol's parents to be with their daughter. He waited until they had disappeared inside Marisol's hospital room then called Father Reyes to let the priest know that he was needed at the hospital.

Later, Ava and Kiki exited the elevator. Ava thanked Kiki for having coffee with her. Kiki was glad that her mother had invited her, but Ava realized the time and urged Kiki to get back to work and impress Dr. Bensch. After Kiki left, Ava saw Griffin talking to Father Reyes. She noticed Griffin's sad expression as Father Reyes entered Marisol's hospital room then began last rites.

Elsewhere, Kiki followed Dr. Bensch on his rounds. He was curious what she'd thought about an elderly patient they had checked on, but Kiki was hesitant to speak her mind because she was afraid of saying the wrong thing. David pushed Kiki until she blurted out several possible medical reasons for Mr. Fowler's trembling hands, but she conceded that it was also possible that the patient had been nervous. David remained silent as he turned on his heel and continued his rounds. Kiki ran to catch up with him. After they completed David's rounds, Kiki thanked him for letting her shadow him. He admitted that her assessment of Mr. Fowler had been spot-on and impressive because it had shown empathy, which couldn't be taught in school.

David thought Kiki had shown a "rare" understanding of someone much older than her, and she had displayed insight into what appeared to be an acute medical condition that might have had other causes. David revealed that Mr. Fowler's tremors were likely an early sign of Parkinson's disease, but the patient's anxiety at being in the hospital had made it more obvious. David liked Kiki's instincts and encouraged her to trust them. After David left, Kiki called Dillon. The conversation was short because the call kept fading in and out. She let him know that Jason was out of surgery then decided to share the details about her day with Dr. Bensch when Dillon returned home.

Meanwhile, Ava sat on a bench until she saw Griffin leave Marisol's hospital room. He wiped away his tears as Ava approached and softly greeted him. She assured him that he could lean on her if he needed to talk, but Griffin snapped at her that there was nothing that she or anyone could do. Ava watched helplessly as Griffin entered the elevator, and the doors closed. She saw Father Reyes at the nurses' station and decided to ask him about Marisol. She was saddened to hear that Marisol was "with God." Ava admitted that she was concerned about Griffin, so Father Reyes explained that Griffin carried the blessing and the burden of being a priest and a doctor.

Father Reyes shared that Griffin was dedicated to saving both the body and soul, but he felt as if he had failed at both.

At Volonino's, Griffin was punching a small leather bag with his bare hands as Ava silently entered the gym. She watched him until he stopped to wipe the sweat from his face and take a drink of water. Griffin froze when his eyes connected with Ava's across the room.

Ava is hurt by Griffin's rejection

Ava is hurt by Griffin's rejection

> Ava is hurt by Griffin's rejection

Ava is hurt by Griffin's rejection

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

At Volonino's, Griffin frowned as asked what Ava was doing at the gym. She admitted that she knew about Marisol, but he tried to downplay how deeply he'd been affected by his patient's passing by reminding Ava that it was part of the job. Ava easily saw through the lie because she knew that being a doctor had been as much of a vocation to Griffin as being a priest. She urged him to talk about Marisol's death, even if it wasn't with her, but Griffin insisted that he was fine. He appreciated that she wanted to help, but he asked to be left alone. Ava accused him of being a hypocrite because he'd always pushed others to reach out for help when they had needed it, but he refused to take it when he was in need.

Ava reminded Griffin that he'd practically broken down her door to get through to her, but he pointed out that she'd fought him all the way. Ava agreed, but she admitted that he had helped because, instead of hiding out at home and downing martinis, she had hope. "Not much," she conceded, but there were times when she could almost face her future. Griffin was glad for her, but he needed to be alone. Ava suspected that he wanted to indulge in a crisis of faith. She refused to walk away when he needed help, but Griffin argued that he had nothing to say.

Griffin explained that there was nothing to discuss beyond him feeling a profound sense of loss. Ava was curious how he'd gotten to the point where he'd felt that deeply for his patients. Griffin revealed that he'd had a difficult childhood being raised by a single parent, but things had gotten better when he'd become an altar boy because he'd found comfort in God and had realized that he'd been destined for the priesthood. Ava wondered when Griffin had become a doctor, so he admitted that one of his superiors in the seminary had noticed that he'd read about biology as much as he had theology. Griffin had been surprised when he'd been encouraged to study medicine as well as theology, but he'd taken the opportunity because he'd been driven by a desire to know the hows and whys of the human body, and how the soul fit into it.

Griffin conceded that it had been tremendously challenging and rewarding because he'd discovered that he had been able to make a difference. He confided that when he'd doubted his calling as a priest, he'd taken comfort in knowing that he could still help people by easing their suffering as a doctor. However, Marisol had been different because he'd truly felt that he'd been able to save her, but he'd been wrong, and it had taken him back to when he'd been a little boy. Griffin knew that he shouldn't have let his guard down, but Ava scoffed because he had completely missed the point. She reminded him that the world was a harsh place and that life was often lousy, prompting Griffin to sarcastically ask if she'd ever considered joining the priesthood.

Ava pointed out that they all faced disappointment and loss, and they all wanted things that were out of their reach, even when they knew better -- especially then. "Take me, for example," Ava said as she unfastened her plastic burn mask then took it off. Her eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she wanted her face back and to look in the mirror without being reminded of every mistake, crime, and sin that she had ever committed or person that she had wronged. Ava knew it was vain, but she wanted to be beautiful. Griffin's voice filled with compassion as he touched her shoulder and assured her that she was beautiful. They exchanged a long glance then Ava slowly leaned up and kissed him.

Griffin briefly returned the kiss then gently pushed Ava away as he apologized for giving her the wrong impression about his feelings for her. He explained that he had meant that she was beautiful in the sense that she was one of God's children and that he considered her a friend. Hurt, Ava told him to stop talking. She wondered who'd been more clueless, him for failing to notice how he'd made her feel or her for deluding herself about him. Griffin promised that he'd never meant to hurt her, but Ava lashed out. She knew he wanted to be both a good doctor and a good priest, but she was curious when he'd last practiced what he'd preached.

Griffin was taken aback by the question, but Ava accused him of clinging to his "little white collar" to shield himself from anything messy like emotion and desire. Griffin assured her that he'd taken his vows seriously, but Ava laughed and reminded him of his affair with a married parishioner. Ava suggested that Griffin had been hiding in plain sight from living life because he was afraid to feel anything that wasn't chaste or manageable. She was certain that he feared feeling passion, which was why he didn't like for people to touch him. Griffin denied it and claimed that he felt too much, but Ava didn't believe him; he'd simply been going through the motions. Ava was tired of Griffin's self-pity and started to leave, but Griffin reached for her arm and stopped her.

At Kelly's, Lulu placed an order for pastries and brownies that she intended to pick up on Friday by noon. Lulu turned to leave, but she bumped into Valerie. Valerie smiled at her cousin as she admitted that she'd overheard Lulu place the order. Lulu revealed that it was for Rocco's birthday party. Valerie was happy for Rocco because it sounded like he would be having a big party. "Not really, just family," Lulu answered.

Lulu realized her mistake when Valerie's smile faltered. Lulu apologized, but Valerie assured Lulu that she understood because they'd both done horrible things and had good reason to avoid each other. Valerie regretted that because she had hoped that things would work out between her and her cousin. Lulu had wanted the same, especially since Lulu had been the one to practically drag Valerie to town. Valerie and Lulu each acknowledged their wrongs and took responsibility for the pain they had caused, but the anger was gone. Lulu confessed that it felt like it had happened a lifetime ago because of everything that she'd been dealing with since finding Charlotte.

Lulu thought that family should have each other's backs and be there for each other, so she suggested that she and Valerie start over. Valerie smiled because she wanted the same. Lulu pulled out a paper invitation from her purse because Rocco had gone "old school" for his birthday party. Valerie happily accepted the peace offering.

At Carly's house, Carly left Josslyn a voicemail message instructing her daughter to return home after the riding lesson. Carly explained that she had to get back to the hospital, but Bobbie would be home by 6:00 p.m. Carly asked Josslyn not to take advantage of the situation by sneaking out. After she ended the call, Michael offered to stay with Josslyn. Carly smiled when she saw her son standing in the living room and threw her arms around him. She was glad that he was home. He admitted that he'd been at the hospital earlier and had sat with Sam, but he hadn't visited Jason.

Carly was curious if Sam had mentioned Jason's prognosis, but Michael shook his head. Carly's expression clouded with sadness as she explained that the doctor had warned them that Jason was in a coma and might not wake up. Michael asked about the shooting, so Carly filled him in on Sonny's meeting with the Five Families and Petrov's move to seize control of the territory by killing Sonny. She explained that Jason had been shot when saving Sam, but Sonny felt responsible for what had happened because he had set up the meeting. Michael argued that Sonny hadn't forced Jason to intervene. Carly agreed, but she admitted that she was truly to blame for Jason's shooting because she had demanded that Sonny retire despite knowing the possible ramifications.

Michael assured his mother that Carly hadn't forced Sonny to do anything nor was she responsible for what had happened to Jason. He warned her that being overly dramatic and making it about herself wouldn't help anyone, so he suggested that they focus their energy on positive things like helping Sam. Carly smiled wistfully because Michael reminded her of how Jason had been before he'd returned to them. Michael promised Carly that Jason wouldn't want her to blame herself; he'd expect her to be strong and get through it. Carly promised that she would.

Outside Jason's hospital room, Sam watched her husband through the window as Kristina and Molly walked up. Sam wiped away tears and greeted her sisters. They were curious where Alexis and Monica were, so Sam revealed that Alexis had just left, and Monica was asleep in her office. Molly asked about Jason, but Sam admitted that nothing had changed -- he remained in a coma. Kristina announced that she and Molly had decided to take the kids out for the day. Kristina would take Scout to the park, and Molly would take Danny to a water park to keep him occupied because he'd been asking about his parents. Sam thanked her sisters for helping with the children.

Moments later, a nurse approached Sam and gave her a bag filled with Jason's personal effects. Kristina and Molly offered to take the bag, but Sam wanted to hold onto it. She opened the bag and pulled out Jason's wedding band as tears filled her eyes. Sam looked at the ring as she revealed that it was her and Jason's wedding anniversary. Sam's back stiffened as she vowed not to cry because her husband would be fine. Kristina and Molly agreed then offered their sister words of encouragement. Sam smiled and thanked her sisters for their support. After Kristina left, Molly lingered because it was difficult for her to leave, knowing that Sam was hurting, but Sam assured Molly that she was not alone -- Jason was with Sam.

In Kelly's courtyard, Scout cried in her stroller as Kristina tried to feed the baby a bottle. Scout continued to cry, prompting Kristina to check Scout's diaper, but Scout remained inconsolable. Parker walked up and noticed Kristina's dilemma, so she offered to help because Parker was an aunt and had experience with babies. Kristina turned her niece's care over to Parker, who gently rocked the stroller until Scout calmed down. Kristina was impressed, but Parker was confident that Kristina would get the hang of things soon.

Parker shifted gears to ask about Kristina's father because Parker had heard about the shooting at the warehouse. Kristina assured her that Sonny was fine, but Kristina's brother-in-law had been hurt. Parker was saddened by the news. Kristina admitted that she had no idea how Sam had been keeping things together, but it was clear that Sam was strong. Eventually, their conversation drifted to the night they had bumped into each other at the Floating Rib. Kristina mentioned Parker's date, but Parker clarified that Ursula was an old friend who had offered to show Parker around town when Ursula had learned that Parker had moved to Port Charles.

Parker admitted that she hadn't dated since her divorce, which surprised Kristina. Parker explained that it was difficult getting used to the idea that the life that Parker had wanted no longer existed. Kristina knew what that was like, so Parker confided that she'd taken the job at Port Charles University to put some distance between her and her ex-wife. Parker suddenly realized that she had said too much and apologized for burdening Kristina with her troubles, but Kristina pointed out that she had asked. Parker argued that it wasn't fair because Parker had hurt Kristina, but Kristina assured Parker that it was in the past.

Parker smiled then broached the subject of Valerie. Kristina started to explain things, but her words died on her lips when Valerie exited the diner and greeted Kristina. Valerie seamlessly slipped into girlfriend mode as she referred to Kristina as "babe" and told her that she had picked something up for them to eat. Parker smiled awkwardly as she introduced herself to Valerie then excused herself. Valerie smiled with satisfaction as she watched Parker leave because Valerie was certain that Parker had been jealous. Kristina grinned because she suspected that Valerie was right. Valerie wondered if it was what Kristina had wanted, but Kristina had no idea what she wanted.

In the hospital's chapel, Sonny prayed that God would help Jason return to Sam and the children. Dante entered the chapel. He had expected to find his father there, but Sonny was curious why Dante had been looking for him. Dante revealed that he had news. Dante sat down in a pew behind his father then told Sonny that Sonny had been cleared of wrongdoing in Petrov's death and that the case was closed. Sonny was pleased, but Dante wondered where his father went from there.

Sonny knew that Dante was worried that Sonny might retaliate if Jason died, but Sonny couldn't offer Dante any assurances because Sonny had no idea how he would react if Jason succumbed to the gunshot wound. Dante agreed to discuss it later, but Sonny didn't see the point because the doctors had warned them that Jason might not wake up from the coma. Sonny's voice quivered with emotion as he talked about Jason being like a brother to him then confessed that he couldn't lose Jason again. Sonny apologized for unloading on Dante, but Dante assured his father that it was fine. Sonny admitted that he had prayed so much that he didn't know if he had any left in him.

Dante promised to stick around and light a candle for Jason. Sonny thanked his son then left. A short time later, Lulu tracked her husband down and sat beside him in the pew. Dante revealed that Sonny had gone to check on Jason, but Lulu sensed that something was troubling her husband. He admitted that hearing Sonny talk about Jason had made him realize that he would never have the kind of relationship with Sonny that most sons had with their fathers. Lulu acknowledged that Sonny and Jason had a close bond, but she pointed out that the relationship had cost both men a lot.

Dante and Lulu talked about Sonny's decision to leave the mob because Dante feared that his father might not get out alive. Lulu assured Dante that Sonny had great instincts. She was confident that if Sonny wanted out, then Sonny would make it happen. However, if Sonny remained in the mob, then Dante would still have Lulu, Rocco, and Charlotte. Dante smiled because that made him the "luckiest man in the world."

In Jason's hospital room, Sam held her husband's hand as she tearfully implored Jason to give her a sign by squeezing her hand. Jason's hand remained relaxed in her grip, so she admitted that she had no idea why she was concerned because he'd always returned to her. Sam told Jason how much he meant to her and the children, and how much they loved him and needed him. She begged Jason to keep fighting for her and their children then reminded him that it was the one-year anniversary of their second wedding. She added that he'd made her the happiest woman alive that day.

"Happy anniversary, my love," Sam whispered to Jason. She promised to honor the vows they'd made to each other then slid his wedding band onto his ring finger. She insisted that she wanted to grow old with him at her side as husband and wife, so he couldn't leave her. A short time later, Sam stepped into the hallway. Sonny stood by the window and asked for an update. Sam quietly admitted that there hadn't been any change, but she assured Sonny that he could visit Jason for a short time.

After Sonny entered Jason's hospital room, Molly approached Sam. Sam was surprised to see Molly and asked about Danny. Molly explained that Danny had demanded to see his parents, so Molly had dropped him off in the pediatric ward to play with the children and to keep him busy until Sam could talk to him, but Sam had no idea what to say to her son. Moments later, Carly and Michael walked up. Sam appealed to Carly and Michael for help with Danny. Michael assured Sam and Molly that he could keep Danny distracted by taking him on the super-soaker at the water park. Molly was delighted that Michael would accompany them to the water park.

After Michael and Molly left, Carly insisted that Sam needed to clean up, grab a bite to eat, and get some rest because Sam needed to be strong for Jason. Sam allowed Carly to take her home.

In Jason's hospital room, Sonny apologized to his friend. Sonny realized that it was a little late, but he knew what needed to be done.

Jake and Franco make an unexpected discovery

Jake and Franco make an unexpected discovery

Thursday, September 7, 2017

At Metro Court, Jordan frowned when she heard yelling from one of the hotel suites. She paused outside the door to listen just as the door flew open and Curtis ran into the hallway, looking for something. Alarmed, Jordan asked him what was going on, but he was surprised to see her. She explained that she'd been on her way to the restaurant for a drink then questioned why he'd been in Finn's suite. Curtis explained that Hayden had left Finn, so Finn had decided to check into rehab for a few days to keep himself on track. Curtis had agreed to take care of Finn's bearded dragon, Roxy, because Josslyn had been overwhelmed by what had happened to Jason.

Jordan extended her sympathies because she knew that Curtis and Jason were good friends. Curtis thanked her, but he assured her that Jason would recover because Jason was strong. Curtis' expression clouded with sadness, but he turned his focus back to the matter at hand because he needed to find Roxy. Jordan was curious how Roxy had managed to escape, so Curtis admitted that it had been his fault. He'd dropped his phone in the bearded dragon's aquarium and had stuck his hand inside to retrieve it. Jordan smiled then offered to help him find Finn's pet, but Curtis didn't think it was a good idea because of how things stood between him and Jordan.

Jordan claimed that she was doing it for Roxy then entered Finn's suite. Curtis smiled as he followed her. Curtis wondered if Roxy might have slipped into an air vent, but Jordan doubted that the cold-blooded animal would enjoy having air blown on her. She was confident that Roxy had found a safe dark place to nest. Curtis was surprised by Jordan's insight, but she reminded him that T.J. had once had a pet hamster. Curtis chuckled when Jordan told him about Bamboo's escape and how she had spent the entire day looking for the hamster, which she conceded had been worth it because of how happy T.J. had been when she'd found it. "The things we do for those we love," Curtis said as he stood close to Jordan.

Curtis and Jordan exchanged a long, meaningful look, but Jordan broke the spell by pulling away and resuming her search for the bearded dragon. She found Roxy hiding behind the sofa. Curtis was relieved and promptly returned Roxy to the aquarium. He offered Jordan a celebratory bottle of beer then asked if she wanted a glass or the bottle. "What do you think?" Jordan asked as she took the bottle. Curtis seized the opportunity to tell Jordan that they made a good team -- and they always would. He kissed her passionately, but Jordan pushed him away and reminded him that they had to stop.

Curtis disagreed, but Jordan insisted that they couldn't run around behind his aunt's back. Curtis admitted that he didn't intend to, but Jordan argued that it was necessary because Stella couldn't handle the stress. Curtis pointed out that his aunt had been sick prior to the stroke and that stress was unavoidable, but none of that mattered because he was falling in love with Jordan. Jordan was stunned by the confession, but she quickly recovered then threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth greeted Sonny in the small waiting area outside Jason's hospital room. Sonny asked how Jake had been holding up, so she admitted that both she and Jake had been coping. She explained that she hadn't told Jake more than she thought her son needed to know about his father's hospital stay then asked about Sam. Sonny revealed that Carly had taken Sam home to eat, freshen up, and rest, but Sam had sent him a text message that she was on her way back to the hospital. Elizabeth was concerned because Sam had barely left Jason's side. Sonny explained that Sam was desperate to spend as much time with her husband as she could.

After Elizabeth left, Michael arrived to check on Jason. Sonny reported that the doctors would take Jason for testing later because Jason remained in a coma without any change. Sonny blamed himself for Jason's condition, but Michael disagreed and reminded his father that Jason was a fighter and would recover. Sonny hoped that Michael was right, but Sonny confessed that things felt "different." Michael suggested that Sonny take a walk to clear his head while Michael stayed with Jason. Sonny smiled with gratitude then told his son that he loved him.

Shortly after Sonny left, Bobbie arrived to get an update on Jason. She was surprised when Michael mentioned that he'd seen his mother, so she asked if Carly had said anything "important" to him. "Other than Jason being shot, no," he answered. Michael was curious what was going on, but Nelle walked up. Nelle had stopped by the hospital on her way home from the airport to check on Michael and to find out how Jason was doing. Michael hugged Nelle then told her that Jason was in a coma.

Michael noticed that Nelle looked exhausted. Worried, he asked if she was okay. Nelle told him about her ordeal in Morocco and how Valentin had found the missing necklace in a makeup artist's bag. Michael was outraged that Nina hadn't intervened before Nelle had been taken to jail, but Nelle assured him that Nina had called the ambassador, who had raised a stink, which had resulted in Nelle spending the night in a holding room rather than in a jail cell. Michael was appeased, but he didn't recall meeting a Rochelle on the photo shoot. Nelle agreed that she had only met a makeup artist named Naomi, but she suggested that Valentin might have gotten the name wrong.

Nelle was eager to go home and wash away her arduous trip. She invited Michael to go home with her to get some rest before they returned to the hospital in the morning. Michael agreed. Bobbie assured Michael that she would stay with Jason.

In the hospital's chapel, Carly lit a candle then spoke to God. She admitted that it seemed like she'd talked to Him often since Morgan's death. She thanked God for being there for her and for helping her find justice for her son. Carly's eyes filled with unshed tears as she begged God to help Jason, not for her, but for all the people who loved Jason and needed him, including his wife and children. Carly didn't think that Sam could survive losing Jason again.

Carly sat in a pew then reflected about the chain reaction of events that had led to her son's death. Carly knew that if there had been just one variation in what had happened, then her son might still be alive. Carly acknowledged that the same was true for Jason because if he had stayed Jake Doe, then he might not have felt compelled to help Sonny. Carly blamed herself for everything because she had been the one to push Sonny to leave the mob, which Jason had paid the price for.

Carly looked up when she heard the door open. It was Sonny. Carly wondered if there was news, but he shook his head as he limped over then sat down next to her in the pew. He mentioned that Michael had returned from the water park with Danny then admitted that Michael had told Sonny not to blame himself for Jason's shooting. Carly revealed that Michael had said the same thing to her. Sonny insisted that Carly was not responsible for the shooting, but he realized that after everything that had happened, something needed to be done. "Say it," Carly told him, knowing what he would say.

"There's no getting out of this life for me," Sonny admitted. Sonny explained that what had happened with Petrov would happen again because the other crime bosses saw Sonny as weak. Sonny had to put himself in a position of power to protect himself and his family, which meant that he had to let Carly go because he knew how she felt about his lifestyle. Carly made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere because she had married him, knowing who he was. Carly knew that Sonny was right; he had to be so powerful that no one would dare to go after him or his family.

Carly realized that she had asked Sonny to leave the mob; she hoped that one day it would be a reality, but Jason's shooting had opened her eyes. However, she warned Sonny that things would be different because she refused to have secrets and lies between them. Sonny reminded her that he couldn't share everything with her because he didn't want her to be charged as an accessory. Carly insisted that she needed to know the dangers that their family faced, but Sonny worried that he might not ever be able to retire. Carly promised that she would accept it. "God help us," she added.

Later, Carly approached Bobbie in the waiting area outside Jason's hospital room. Bobbie let Carly know that there hadn't been any change, but they needed to talk about Nelle. Carly couldn't think about Nelle when Jason was fighting for his life, but Bobbie explained that she was concerned that Nelle might take advantage of the crisis the way Nelle had in the past. Bobbie reminded her daughter about the scandalous information Felecia had uncovered, but Carly argued that most of the information been circumstantial. Bobbie countered that it had raised red flags -- as had the news about Nelle's trip to Morocco.

Bobbie filled Carly in about what Nelle had told Michael, but Carly was curious if the sapphire necklace had been found. Bobbie admitted that it had, but there had been "some ambiguity" around its return, which was generally the case with Nelle. Carly was hesitant to jump to conclusions and suggested that perhaps Nelle had a gift for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Bobbie believed it was a big mistake for them to let their guard down, especially when there was a chance that Michael might be getting into bed with a "black widow."

In Nelle's apartment, Michael slept peacefully as Nelle gently stroked his back and smiled as she watched him.

At Volonino's, Ava accused Griffin of being no more human than a painting or a statue. She regretted that she'd fallen for his act, but she assured him that she was done. She was tired of his pity, his "false compassion," and him. "I'm done," she shouted again as she turned to leave, but Griffin grabbed her arm and stopped her. Ava jerked free of his grip and snidely told him, "Give it up, Father." She informed him that saving her soul was off the table, so there was nothing more for him to want from her. Griffin disagreed; he wanted her to stay.

Frustrated, Ava threw her arms up because she couldn't keep track of what Griffin wanted and didn't want. Griffin explained that he didn't want things between them to be awkward and uncomfortable, but Ava scoffed because it was too late for that. Ava conceded that she was partly to blame because she should have known that he had a savior complex. She was certain that he wanted her to stay so he could dissect his feelings and figure out how he had "accidentally" encouraged her feelings. She knew that Griffin couldn't stand the thought of someone being upset with him, but his rejection had hurt her. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she acknowledged that she might have misread his signals and taken things too far, but there had been something in his actions that had given her the impression he reciprocated her feelings, and she wanted him to take responsibility for that.

"You're right," Griffin told Ava as she marched to the door. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him as he told her that he was as much to blame for what had happened as she had been. He regretted that he had sent her mixed signals, but he admitted that he had enjoyed her company. Griffin also confessed that he'd felt a connection with Ava even before her accident. He conceded that if things had been different, then they might have been able to explore a relationship, but he'd taken sacred vows. He realized that he shouldn't have recklessly danced on the line, but he was sorry.

Ava wasn't satisfied with the apology because Griffin had used her to play with fire and had never considered that someone would get burned. She assured Griffin that she knew from personal experience that fire didn't work that way. Griffin looked pained as he explained that a vow of celibacy was sacred, but she was curious where that vow had been when he had slept with Claudette. Griffin explained that what had happened with Claudette had been a mistake, but it had helped him reconnect to the life that was better for him -- and everyone else. "Will you stop lying?" Ava asked.

Ava urged Griffin to be honest with himself by asking himself what he would have done if Claudette had left Nathan for Griffin; she wanted to know if Griffin would have walked away from Claudette or if he would have followed his heart. Ava assured Griffin that she had nothing but respect for priests, but she knew the priesthood was not for every man. She was certain that Griffin was one of the men who shouldn't be a priest. Griffin was shocked, but Ava pointed out that he hadn't been a priest for a long time, since he'd had one foot out the door over a blonde, self-destructive woman. Ava laughed because she realized that Griffin had a type.

Ava was curious why Claudette had been able to lure Griffin away from his vows, but Ava hadn't. She sighed with understanding as fresh tears sprang to her eyes. "It's because of my face," she told him. Griffin assured Ava that her scars had nothing to do with it, but she didn't believe him. Griffin insisted that his vows would be a part of his life regardless of whether he was a practicing priest or not. Ava admitted that she'd once been impressed with him and his selfless dedication -- but no longer, because she finally saw his flaw.

Ava accused Griffin of using the priesthood as a crutch. She realized that he hadn't left the priesthood after the affair because as long as he hid behind the collar, he didn't have to get his hands dirty. She pointed out that he was a flesh-and-blood man with wants, needs, fears, and anger. It was messy, and it scared him to death. Ava picked up her burn mask and admitted that it was funny that he'd encouraged her not to hide behind a mask, but at least she admitted that she wore one. After Ava left, Griffin resumed punching the leather bag until Sonny limped in and suggested that Griffin take a break.

Griffin and Sonny's conversation turned to Jason. Sonny confessed that Jason's shooting had been eating at him. "Not to mention, the harsh truths of life." Griffin grunted his agreement then resumed taking his frustration out on the leather bag.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco was looking at the photograph of him as a young boy standing next to a blond boy. Franco wondered who the mystery boy was and what had happened to him. Moments later, Jake entered the living room after finishing his homework. Jake admitted that he hadn't been able to concentrate because he was worried about his father. Franco sat down on the sofa with Jake and offered the boy words of encouragement by reminding Jake that Jason was strong. Jake smiled then noticed the photograph that Franco had been looking at.

Franco admitted that looking at photographs and certain images when he was troubled helped to center him. Jake revealed that Monica had dropped off a box of old pictures that his grandmother wanted Jake to upload onto the Cloud. Jake was curious if Franco would help him with the project because Jake hoped it would help center both him and his grandmother. Franco smiled and assured Jake that he would help.

Later, Franco and Jake were working on the project when Jake showed Franco a picture of Jason when Jason had been a teenager. Jake pointed out that his father looked very different, but Franco reminded Jake that it was because of the accident. Franco pointed out that Jason had survived the horrific accident, so Franco was confident that Jason would make a full recovery again -- if for no other reason than to keep them all on their toes. Moments later, Elizabeth arrived home. She apologized for being late, but Jake became concerned because he heard the sadness in his mother's tone.

Elizabeth assured Jake that nothing had changed and that Jason was still "asleep." Relieved, Jake told her about his project. Elizabeth thought it was a wonderful idea, but she reminded Jake that he had to get back on the school sleep schedule. She sent him upstairs to get ready for bed. After Jake took his box of photographs and left, Elizabeth admitted that arriving home, seeing Franco with Jake, and knowing Cam and Aiden were upstairs, making a mess, had made her realize how blessed she was. Elizabeth was filled with regret because Sam hadn't left Jason's side because Sam wanted to spend as much time as possible with Jason. However, part of the reason that Sam had lost time with her husband was because Elizabeth had lied to create an illusion of having a family with Jason.

Elizabeth had no idea how Sam and Danny could ever forgive her because she didn't know if she could forgive herself. Franco hugged Elizabeth then pointed out that she couldn't have known what would happen. He urged her to stop blaming herself and focus on the present because Jake needed her. Elizabeth confessed that she didn't know if she could handle it if Jake lost his father. Franco assured her that he would be strong for both Elizabeth and Jake if that happened.

Later, Franco looked at the photograph as he told himself that they couldn't change the past, but they could make the future better. Moments later, Jake ran into the living room with a photograph that he wanted Franco to see because it was Jason as a young boy. Jake handed the photograph to Franco. "Doesn't that look like your real imaginary friend?" Jake asked. Franco looked at the picture of Jason as a child then at the boy in the photograph with him. Franco agreed that Jason and the mystery boy looked identical.

In Ava's apartment, Ava called Valentin and arranged to meet him.

Lulu sees Ava and Valentin conspiring

Lulu sees Ava and Valentin conspiring

Friday, September 8, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Maxie and Nathan kissed, but Maxie pulled away because she didn't want to smudge her makeup before the meeting. Nathan was curious about her mystery meeting, but Maxie shifted gears to ask if he had told her everything about him and Amy. Nathan promised that he had told his wife everything, but she smiled and admitted that she'd been pulling his chain. Maxie explained that it was a whole new experience for her to be the one who hadn't lied or kept secrets, so she wanted to enjoy it. Moments later, Amy rounded the corner and stopped when she saw Nathan and Maxie.

After Amy, Maxie, and Nathan exchanged greetings, Maxie asked under her breath if Amy wanted to continue to hide behind Maxie's husband. Nathan gently scolded Maxie, but she assured him that she understood the situation -- Nathan had helped because he was a good guy, and Amy had been helping her brother. Maxie admitted that she would have done anything for her sister, so Maxie and Amy had something in common. However, Maxie hoped that was all that she and Amy had in common. Amy started to assure Maxie that she and Nathan were just friends, but Maxie cut Amy off and left for her appointment.

Amy didn't blame Maxie for being suspicious because it wasn't over between Amy and Nathan. Nathan groaned when Amy explained that Man Landers was contractually obligated to attend a public book signing, or Amy would be required to return the advance money. Amy frantically explained that she desperately needed Nathan to attend the event because she wouldn't be able to pay for Chet's recovery if she had to return the money. Nathan asked about Chet. Amy confided that Chet wasn't always a "happy camper" because rehab had been difficult. She admitted that it didn't help that Chet was far away from home, which was why she'd been planning to move Chet home. Nathan thought Chet was lucky to have Amy because not many people would have done what Amy had.

Amy was certain that Nathan would have because he'd been there for her every step of the way. Resigned, Nathan agreed to attend the event, but he wanted wardrobe approval. Elated, Amy hugged him and promised to repay him by dedicating her next book to him. Nathan told her that he wanted his secret to remain a secret, but Amy assured him that it wouldn't be a problem because only Amy, Nina, and Maxie knew that he was Man Landers -- and none of them would talk.

In Ava's apartment, Ava spoke to Valentin on the phone. He agreed to meet with her, but he didn't have time to go to her place. Ava glanced at her phone when it indicated an incoming call. It was Griffin. Ava sent Griffin's call to voicemail then reluctantly agreed to meet Valentin at a place of his choosing. After she ended the call, she listened to Griffin's voicemail. Griffin apologized to Ava then assured her that he wanted to fix things between them. He realized that it might not be possible, but he promised that he was still her friend. Ava hit delete then left, her stride determined.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu ran into Nina at the bar. After they exchanged greetings and pleasantries, Valentin joined them and suggested they get started. Lulu frowned because she'd been under the impression that they'd been meeting to discuss Charlotte, which didn't concern Nina. Valentin disagreed as he wrapped his arm around his wife's waist. Nina smiled as she announced that she and Valentin had gotten back together. "We'd like to get Charlotte's custody squared away," Nina added. Lulu joined Valentin and Nina at a table as Valentin conceded that the discussion was just a formality, but Lulu disagreed because she and Dante had custody of Charlotte.

"Temporary custody," Valentin clarified. He was confident that a judge would award him and Nina custody, since there hadn't been any criminal charges filed against him. Lulu accused Valentin of using Nina to score points in family court, but Nina didn't doubt Valentin's love. Lulu was shocked when Valentin revealed that he wanted joint custody of Charlotte because it would benefit their daughter to have both parents in her life. Nina smiled smugly as Valentin added that he was willing to put aside his personal feelings for the sake of his daughter. Lulu assured Valentin that she wanted what was best for Charlotte, but she feared that she and Valentin had different ideas about what that meant.

Valentin suggested that he and Nina meet Lulu and Dante for Charlotte's first day of school the following day because he thought it would be good for Charlotte to be surrounded by family. Lulu agreed, but she regretted that her mother couldn't be there. Lulu flashed a saccharine smile then reminded him that Laura was in Europe, looking after Spencer. Nina assured Lulu that she and Valentin remembered Spencer well because it was hard to forget the person who had falsely accused Valentin of kidnapping. Lulu argued that Valentin had murdered Nikolas, but he had never paid for it. Lulu couldn't understand why she was the "bad guy," but she agreed to see Valentin and Nina the following day.

Later, Valentin met with Ava. Ava was certain that he'd intentionally picked the restaurant because he had wanted to make her uncomfortable, knowing that people were staring at her and whispering. Valentin explained that he'd met his wife earlier, but he cut to the chase by reminding Ava that she would be free to leave after she gave him a simple yes or no answer. However, he'd been surprised that she'd called him. Ava acknowledged that he wasn't her favorite person "for obvious reasons," but Valentin reminded her that she didn't have any room to judge. Ava sighed and told him that she thought she'd be able to piece her life back together and accept what had happened to her, but she couldn't ignore the opportunity to look "normal" again.

Valentin smiled with satisfaction and pulled two documents from his briefcase. He explained that he had two contracts for Ava to sign. Ava smiled then handed him a photograph of a 16th century tapestry worth millions that she thought would look good at Wyndemere. Valentin conceded that it had sweetened the pot considerably, but he expected her to sign a retraction of her statement that she had seen him shoot Nikolas. Ava had hoped the tapestry would be sufficient payment, but Valentin wanted the signed retraction. He explained that the adults in Spencer's life were under the mistaken impression that Ava's statement was proof of Nikolas' wrongful death, prompting Ava to question why he wanted her to sign a retraction.

Valentin claimed that he wanted to spare his daughter from having to see his name splashed across the news. He also hoped to avoid the expense of a trial and to spare Spencer the trauma of hearing Valentin's defense. Ava was shocked when Valentin suggested that Nikolas had faked his death a second time. Ava argued that she'd seen him shoot Nikolas, but Valentin shrugged and told her that without a body, there was no proof that Nikolas was dead. Valentin asked if Ava was prepared for Spencer to spend the rest of his life, wondering if his father was alive.

Ava was disgusted, but Valentin told her that she had two choices: she could stick to her statement and be disfigured, or she could retract her statement and have the surgery. Valentin slid the retraction in front of her to sign.

At Crimson, Nina was rummaging through her desk as someone knocked on the door. It was Maxie. Maxie greeted Nina then asked if Nina had cut her hair because Nina looked great. Nina thought she looked better because she had reconciled with Valentin. Maxie smiled politely then announced the she had quit her job in Oregon and was back for good. Nina was happy for Nathan, but she informed Maxie that she had an appointment.

"I know," Maxie said as she sat down and revealed that the appointment was with her. "Max Jones," Nina realized belatedly. Maxie apologized for the deception, but she revealed that she had hoped to persuade Nina to hire her. Nina refused to consider it because Maxie had betrayed Nina by going behind Nina's back to undermine Valentin's relationship with Charlotte. Maxie admitted that it had been wrong to insert herself into a family situation that hadn't been any of Maxie's business. However, Maxie was curious if that had been the worst betrayal that Nina had ever suffered.

"No," Nina conceded. Maxie wondered why Nina couldn't forgive her. Nina agreed to consider giving Maxie a second chance, but she would need more than a promise of loyalty. Nina wanted something valuable that Crimson needed. "Something that no one else has," Nina added. Nina told Maxie to find it, and Maxie might get her job back.

Later, Maxie sat with Lulu in the restaurant, but Lulu noticed Ava talking to Valentin. Maxie was frustrated by Lulu's inattentiveness, so Lulu apologized and promised to give Maxie her undivided attention. Maxie realized the time and told her friend that she had to leave, but she promised to catch up with Lulu later. After Maxie left, Lulu watched Valentin and Ava.

In Finn's suite, Curtis and Jordan woke up in bed together. Jordan confessed that she'd been asking how they'd ended up in bed together, but then she'd gotten distracted wondering how they'd managed to stay away from each other. Curtis smiled then kissed her. Curtis assured her that he had hated ending things with her, but getting back together had made it all worth it. Jordan grinned as she realized that she and Curtis were a couple again, but the smile faded because she knew they would have to tell his aunt. Curtis loved his aunt, and he knew that deep down inside, Stella wanted him to be happy. He said Jordan made him happy, and he would do whatever was necessary to make Stella understand.

However, Curtis wanted to have breakfast first. Jordan objected and pulled him back into bed. Curtis smiled as he wrapped his arms around Jordan and passionately kissed her.

At Kelly's, Stella greeted T.J. as he worked. She was disappointed that he was stuck inside, working, on a beautiful day, but he reminded her that he needed the money for his student loans. Stella was proud of T.J. because he was a lot like his father and his uncle. Stella mentioned that Curtis hadn't returned home the previous evening, so she suspected he'd been stuck on a stakeout. She felt bad for Curtis because being a private investigator put him in contact with "lowlifes" and "ne'er-do-wells." T.J. suspected that his aunt was fishing for information, but she reminded him that life was too short for her to beat around the bush.

Stella had no qualms about speaking up if she wanted to know something. She seized the opportunity to ask if T.J. needed help paying his student loans, but T.J. assured her that it wasn't necessary because he preferred to pay his own way. Stella smiled because Curtis had been the same way at T.J.'s age. Stella shifted gears and announced that she was headed back to Baltimore because she'd been assured that both T.J. and Curtis had their heads on straight. T.J. promised Stella that he and Curtis loved her, so she invited T.J. to visit her. T.J. smiled, but she realized that he'd be too busy with medical school.

Stella promised to return for a visit, especially if Curtis didn't get his act together. As if on cue, Curtis and Jordan entered the diner, holding hands. Jordan saw the fury in Stella's gaze and quietly suggested that Curtis talk to his aunt alone, but Curtis was determined that he and Jordan do everything together. Curtis assured his aunt that he and Jordan didn't want to cause trouble, but they were a couple. Curtis wanted to find a way for them to coexist peacefully.

After T.J. slipped into the kitchen, Stella admitted that she'd been worried about Curtis because he'd been out all night. Curtis apologized, but he confessed that he loved Jordan. Jordan was touched by his admission, while Stella showed little reaction. Stella loved Curtis and T.J. too much to sacrifice a future with them. Curtis and Jordan were stunned as Stella calmly left. T.J. returned and noticed that Stella had left her phone behind, so he picked it up then chased after her.

In the courtyard, T.J. handed Stella the phone. She thanked him then smiled. T.J. had been impressed with how Stella had handled things because he knew how she felt about his mother and Curtis' relationship. Stella explained that her medical ordeal had taught her that she needed to learn to deal with adversity and not let adversity deal with her. T.J. suggested they talk over dinner, but Stella revealed that she had decided to stay in Port Charles.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco was stretched out on the sofa, looking at the photograph of him as a child with a boy that looked identical to Jason as a child. He put the photograph down when Elizabeth entered the living room, looking for her three sons. She was startled when he told her that they were on the bus and on their way to school. Franco hugged her, but Elizabeth told him that she was late for work. Franco confessed that he'd called Epiphany to ask that Elizabeth's shift be covered because he'd noticed that Elizabeth had only had four hours of sleep. She admitted that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Jason. "Yeah, me too," Franco quietly said.

Franco tried to get Elizabeth to return to bed, but she preferred to work because her imagination ran wild when she had too much time on her hands. She admitted that she would be haunted if Jason died because she would always wonder if things might have been different if she hadn't kept Jason and Sam apart. Franco suspected that everyone, including Sonny and Sam, had blamed themselves for what had happened. He was also certain that Jason would wake up and blame himself. Elizabeth thought that Franco was belittling her feelings, but he promised that he wasn't. However, he thought it would help everyone if they focused their energy on positive things like helping Monica and Jake through the crisis.

Elizabeth conceded that Franco had a point, but she decided to talk to him about it after work. She opened the door and saw Scott on the doorstep. After Elizabeth left, Scott entered and greeted his son. Franco pretended to have trouble remembering Scott, but Scott was not amused. Franco apologized and explained that things had been difficult because Jason was in the hospital, and Franco was the last person who should be trying to comfort Elizabeth and Jake. Scott warned Franco that he had bad news, too -- his father had died. Scott realized that Franco had never met Lee, but he had wanted Franco to know about his grandfather's passing.

Franco felt terrible for Scott and hugged him. Scott was uncomfortable with the unexpected display of affection because it wasn't like Franco, but Franco explained that he was trying to be a supportive son. Scott appreciated the effort, prompting Franco to ask how Scott had been holding up. Scott admitted that he missed his father every day. Scott described Lee as kind, fair, and a man with unshakeable integrity -- none of which Scott had lived up to. Scott was amazed that his father had loved him despite it. Franco regretted that he hadn't met Lee, especially since he didn't know much about his relatives or his life.

Scott was curious what Franco was talking about, so Franco showed him the photograph. Scott recognized Franco as a child, but not the boy with him. Franco told his father that it was Jason, but Scott argued that a lot of young boys had blond hair and blue eyes, including Scott. Franco pointed out that he'd been obsessed with Jason all his adult life, but Scott insisted that it had been because of Franco's brain tumor. Franco had thought the same thing, but the photograph proved that Franco and Jason had known each other. Scott rejected the idea, but Franco thought it was odd that both he and Jason had been dressed alike in the photograph. Scott insisted that it had been a coincidence and that the boy had likely been a childhood friend.

Franco revealed that he hadn't had any childhood friends, except an imaginary one. The photograph had put even that into question. Scott grew increasingly agitated as he told his son to get a grip, but Franco insisted that he'd seen a picture of Jason at the age of the boy in the photograph, and Jason had looked identical. Scott couldn't understand why Franco would revisit his obsession with Jason, but Franco explained that the photograph had put Franco's entire life into question, and he needed to know what it meant. Franco had hoped that Scott could help, but Scott didn't see how because he'd only known Franco for a few years. Scott advised Franco to talk to Heather.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered the hospital's chapel and saw Griffin seated in a pew. She explained that she had wanted to say a quick prayer before her shift. Griffin suspected the prayer was for Jason and asked how Elizabeth had been dealing with Jason's situation. Griffin was surprised when Elizabeth told Griffin that Franco had been perceptive and supportive. However, she sensed that something was troubling Griffin. Griffin told her that he'd done something stupid by treating someone he cared about "clumsily." Elizabeth suggested that he apologize to the person, but he explained that he had to do more -- he had to figure out his feelings.

Elizabeth didn't envy Griffin, but he was curious if she had any advice for him. She admitted that if it were her, then she'd go to the person and talk things out because usually, the last words spoken were the ones that revealed how a person felt.

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