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Franco learned a shocking secret. Jason's eyes snapped open. Ava and the mystery patient formed an alliance. Parker rejected Kristina's kiss. Valentin and Lulu settled their custody dispute. Michael surprised Nelle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 18, 2017 on GH
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Betsy gives Franco the slip Betsy gives Franco the slip

Monday, September 18, 2017

As Jordan listened in, Curtis offered to help Sonny in any way. Sonny shook Curtis' hand as Jordan left her hiding spot. Seeing Jordan, Sonny excused himself to go to the hospital. When he was gone, Jordan wanted to know "what the hell" Sonny and Curtis had been talking about. Noting her "look of disapproval," he explained that Sonny's best friend, who also happened to be a friend of Curtis, was in a coma, so Curtis had offered his support.

Jordan reminded Curtis of the "gray area" that surrounded Sonny and his business. She wondered how long it would take for Sonny to offer "career advancement" and whether Curtis would be loyal to Sonny or the law. Curtis responded that he wasn't a snitch, but he didn't plan on getting caught up in anything illegal anyway. He accused her of having no faith in him.

Jordan wondered if Curtis had thought of how her dating someone working for Sonny would look to the department. He replied that her personal life was her own business. She then asked if he'd thought about how she would feel. She advised him to prioritize, because he could either have a relationship with Sonny or a relationship with her. "You can't have both," she said, and she walked away.

Griffin showed another doctor pictures of Ava from before and after the fire. The doctor informed Griffin that making Ava look like the before picture again was "impossible." Griffin told the doctor about the clinic in Russia, but the other doctor thought that if the clinic hadn't published anything about their apparent breakthrough, he would be concerned.

Ava approached Patient 6 and asked if he'd been sitting in front of the window all night. She wondered if his family visited or missed him. She supposed no one was missing her. Just then, Larisa burst into the room and snatched Ava away from the man. Larisa grabbed a ringing phone out of her pocket, and Ava recognized it as her own. Before Ava could see that it was Griffin calling her, Larisa rejected the call. Larisa said that Ava needed to focus on her procedure. Ava reminded Larisa that she didn't know anything about her procedure, and she hadn't even met Dr. Boronsky.

"There's no time like the present," said a man as he entered the room. He introduced himself as the infamous Dr. Boronsky. He'd heard that Ava was skeptical, and he assured her that he could help her like he'd helped Larisa. As the doctor joked that Valentin had warned him that his work was cut out for him, Patient 6 clenched his fist.

Ava wondered if Dr. Boronsky had known any other Cassadines. He replied that he only knew the reputations of the family members. Ava admitted that she had gotten close to one member of the family who was an exception to the rule. She asked when her procedure would be. Dr. Boronsky asked Larisa to prepare an exam room so that he could evaluate Ava's condition.

When Larisa was gone, Dr. Boronsky sat with Ava. He warned her that he only promised to fix her face, but she would have to find happiness elsewhere. He offered to answer any questions she had, and she took the opportunity to ask about Patient 6. He scolded her for asking about another patient and would only say that the patient was a "dangerous psychopath." She agreed not to ask any more questions about other patients, and the two left the room.

On the phone with Alexis, Sam told Alexis that she was going to stay with Jason for a while longer. As she told her mother that Jason would return, Jason's hand moved. She hung up and told Jason about her conversation with Alexis. She promised that she was going to stay with him. She held his hand and was shocked when his hand squeezed hers.

Griffin left Ava a message saying that he knew she was in Russia, and he was worried about her. He said that he wanted to offer her moral support, and he hung up. Sonny approached and, after seeing the expression on his face, asked if Griffin needed to talk. "I don't know where to begin," he said. Just then, Sam exited Jason's room and told Griffin and Sonny that Jason was waking up.

A short while later, Griffin returned from checking on Jason and updated Sam and Sonny that Jason had had an "involuntary muscle spasm." He advised Sam and Sonny to keep talking to Jason and being there for him, and he walked away. Sam tearfully told Sonny that she was going to take Jason home. As they walked back into Jason's room, Sonny told her about all of the equipment and nurses Sam would need in order to look after Jason. He added that Danny and Scout would have to be comfortable with all of that, as well, which stopped Sam in her tracks.

Sonny asked Sam if she thought Jason would want all the commotion around his kids every day. Sam admitted that Spinelli had delivered the same message to her. He assured her that if she put Jason in a long-term care facility, he would be with people who would know how to care for him. Finally giving in, she tearfully wondered if the facility could be close by. "No question," he answered. She wondered if he would visit Jason. "Always," he said, pulling her into a hug.

Anna handed Finn a file folder containing all the information about Finn's trip to South America in Sonny's jet. Included was a detailed account from the dealer who'd sold Finn his drugs. She informed him that it would be possible to "misplace" the evidence of Finn smuggling illegal drugs into the country if he accompanied her to Cassandra's. He called it blackmail, but she called it bargaining. He wondered how much of her actions were just to catch Valentin.

In response, Anna said that Finn could either be part of the solution or part of the problem. He thought there was someone more qualified than him to help her, but she reminded him that Cassandra the hypochondriac was fascinated with infectious diseases, which happened to be Finn's specialty. She added that all he had to do was meet Cassandra and "make nice." "Fine, you win," he said, his eyes narrowed at her. She admitted that she'd assumed she would.

Later, Anna's doorbell rang, and she answered it to Griffin. He wondered if she had anything on the Russian clinic that Ava had gone to. She reminded him that Robert was looking into it, but Griffin replied that he could no longer wait. He worried that Ava would end up in the same condition as Jason. She promised that she would tell him the moment she heard anything. He noticed her suitcase and questioned her about it. She told him that she was leaving for a trip that night, but she promised that she wasn't abandoning the search for the clinic.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Anna answered it to Finn, whose arms were full with his luggage. Anna stuck the keys to her car into his pocket and told him to load up his bags. He narrowed his eyes at her again and obliged. When Finn was gone, she pleaded with Griffin not to take things into his own hands. She advised him to wait for her call, as many lives, including Ava and Griffin's, could be at stake.

Elizabeth was looking at Franco's painting of his imaginary friend when Scott approached her. He talked about the selling points of the painting, but she reminded him that it wasn't for sale. He called Elizabeth a "game-changer" for Franco, because she could rein Franco in if he got "too crazy." He wondered about Elizabeth's intentions for his son. She believed that she and Franco were in it "for the long haul," but Scott reminded her of how impulsive Franco could be.

As Franco showed Betsy the picture of the two boys, she admitted that he deserved answers. However, she warned him that he might not be happy with the answers she gave him, so "why upset the apple cart?" Elizabeth approached, and Franco slipped the picture into his pocket. Betsy expressed how happy she was that Elizabeth and her boys had made Franco so happy, but she wondered if "the father" was understanding. Elizabeth explained that, while the situation was complicated, Jason was still learning to accept Franco. "You're raising Jason's son?" questioned a concerned Betsy.

Elizabeth countered that Jason was still Jake's father, and she invited Betsy over for dinner so that she could meet him. Betsy congratulated Franco on his show but informed him that the excitement had worn her out. She left, and Franco followed in order to make sure she got to her room all right. He asked again if the little boy in the picture was Jason. She wanted to tell him, but she didn't want anyone else to hear. She told him to meet her in her hotel room, and he agreed.

When Betsy was gone, Elizabeth found Franco. She was concerned that he was still outside the gallery, and he explained that he'd always hated kissing up to dealers and collectors. She promised to help him, so they divided the room in half and went in to talk to the attendees. Franco promptly turned around and left.

A short while later, Scott remarked to Elizabeth that Franco's art was "selling like hotcakes." He apologized for being nosy earlier, but she was glad that Franco had parents who cared for him. He wondered where Franco was, and they separated in order to look for him. As she crossed in front of the painting of the two little boys, an employee put a sold sticker by the painting. Elizabeth explained that the painting wasn't for sale. However, the employee told Elizabeth that the buyer had submitted the bid online, and the sale was final.

Franco arrived at Betsy's hotel room, and the door was open. He walked in, shocked. A short while later, Scott entered the room and asked how things had gone with Betsy. "They didn't," Franco replied. He explained that he'd entered the room and found housekeeping cleaning the room. Betsy had checked out.

The mystery patient has a familiar gaze The mystery patient has a familiar gaze

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

At the Falconeri residence, Dante and Lulu relaxed on the sofa. Lulu smiled because the house was quiet and they were alone, but Dante reminded her that Charlotte was home. Lulu countered that Charlotte was asleep, and Rocco was with Olivia and Ned, which meant that she and Dante had time to themselves. Dante smiled and kissed her. Seconds later, Charlotte appeared at the end of the sofa and asked if she could call Valentin. Charlotte was upset because one of her friends might have scoliosis. Charlotte recalled that her papa had had it, too, and he'd gotten better, so she had hoped that he could help Bailey too.

In Betsy's hotel room, Franco started to leave, but Scott was curious where his son was headed. Franco reminded Scott that Betsy had promised him answers, but Scott thought that Franco should quit while he was ahead and let Betsy go. Franco refused because it was one thing to have an imaginary friend and another to have proof that the friend had existed. Franco showed his father the photograph of Franco and Jason as children and pointed out that he and Jason were dressed exactly alike, but Scott thought it was just a coincidence.

Franco was certain there was a reason that he and Jason had been dressed alike, but Scott insisted that the boy in the picture was not Jason. Franco disagreed because he'd seen plenty of pictures of Jason as a child, and Jason looked identical to the boy in the photograph. Scott reminded Franco that Scott had been Jason's guardian for a "hot second," so he'd known Jason from infancy. Scott conceded that the boy in the photograph looked a lot like Jason, but Scott was adamant that Jason had spent his entire childhood in Port Charles, which meant that the boy in the photograph couldn't be Jason. Franco remained skeptical because he was certain that Betsy had been hiding something.

Scott couldn't understand why it was so important for Franco to know about the boy in the photograph. Franco explained that he needed answers because he feared that his entire childhood had been a lie. Franco revealed that he had spent most of his childhood being afraid, but this "imaginary" friend had helped him through the worst of it because he'd not only been Franco's companion but also his champion. Franco admitted that he had always feared that he'd done something very bad to make his friend suddenly vanish from his life, and it was that feeling that had been the stirrings of what had led Franco down a dark road. Scott argued that the brain tumor had been to blame for the terrible things that Franco had done, so he demanded that Franco hand over the photograph because Scott intended to burn it. Franco objected, but he did agree to put the photograph away for the rest of the evening.

At the Jerome Gallery, Elizabeth tried to find out who had purchased the painting of the two boys that Franco had hoped to keep. She was disappointed when she was informed that the buyer had asked to remain anonymous. Elizabeth was frustrated, but she brightened when Felix and Andre walked up and greeted her. Elizabeth was thrilled that Felix had been able to attend the opening, but Felix admitted that he wouldn't have missed it for the world. Andre noticed that a lot of the paintings had red dots on them, indicating that they had been sold. Elizabeth was surprised when Felix asked where Franco was because she had assumed that Franco had been at the entrance. She scanned the crowd for Franco, but Felix suggested that perhaps Franco had taken a bathroom break.

Andre noticed the painting of the two young boys. He was moved by the painting, which had been very different from the others because it had seemed "hopeful." Elizabeth was pleased by Andre's reaction to the painting, but a young woman had overheard the exchange. The woman blasted Elizabeth for celebrating the work of a monster who had killed the young woman's sister. Elizabeth immediately apologized, but the woman turned away. Elizabeth reached for the woman but yelped with fright when the woman pulled something out of her purse.

A short time later, Franco and Scott returned to the gallery. Scott had noticed police cars out front, but Franco had no idea why the police had been called. Franco decided to look for Elizabeth and was alarmed when he saw her covered in red splatter. He rushed over to check on her, but Elizabeth assured him that she was fine. Felix and Andre revealed that a young woman had tried to deface one of Franco's paintings, but Elizabeth had blocked the woman's efforts and had saved the painting from destruction. Franco glanced to the corner, where Dante was placing the woman under arrest. Franco was dismayed because he recognized the sister of one of his victims.

Franco approached the woman, whose name was Cara. Cara was furious when she saw Franco and yelled at him for murdering her sister Lorraine. Franco apologized, but the woman was not satisfied because the million dollars he'd been ordered to pay her wouldn't ease the pain of losing her sister. Cara insisted that Franco was sick, and nothing could change that. "Ever," she angrily added. Franco made it clear that he didn't want to press charges against Cara, but Cara refused to thank him.

After Cara stormed out. Franco apologized to Elizabeth because he felt bad that she had been caught up in the drama. Elizabeth assured Franco that she was fine, but she had to return to work. Franco decided to accompany her to the hospital.

Outside Jason's hospital room, Sonny revealed that Jason would soon be moved to a long-term care facility. Carly was saddened by the news, but she was curious where Sam was, so he explained that Sam and Alexis had gone to check out the facility. Carly hoped it would help Sam but thought the entire situation was unfair. Carly and Sonny entered Jason's hospital room as Carly expressed her frustration that she couldn't make their friend wake up. Sonny tried to comfort his wife, but she admitted that she'd been struggling because she was constantly reminded of when Michael had been in a coma. Sonny recalled how much Jason had helped them during that difficult time.

Sonny and Carly talked about how they'd nearly lost Jason. Carly admitted that she no longer knew Jason the way she once had. Sonny conceded that there had been a time when he wouldn't have wondered if Jason would show up at the warehouse; he would have depended on Jason to. Carly added that nothing would have kept Jason away. Sonny realized that things were different because Jason had a choice.

Sonny and Carly believed that Jason's willingness to leave Sonny's organization indicated just how much Jason had changed since his return. Carly wanted to honor their best friend, but she had no idea how to do it. Sonny reminded her that it was not their decision to make -- they could only hope that Jason woke up and told them what his wishes were for the next time. Carly glanced at Jason and warned him that there'd better not be a next time because she didn't want Jason to leave them again.

After Sonny and Carly stepped away to get a cup of coffee, Elizabeth checked in on Jason while Franco waited in the hallway. He was eager for an update, but Elizabeth's expression was filled with sadness as she reported that there hadn't been a change in Jason's condition. Elizabeth had to get back to work, but she asked Franco not to let the encounter with Cara get to him. Elizabeth assured Franco that he was the man who had made her the happiest she'd ever been and who made her boys smile. Elizabeth asked him to hold onto that, so Franco assured her that he would. Satisfied, Elizabeth suggested that he go home to get some rest because it had been a long day.

After Elizabeth kissed Franco goodbye then left, Franco entered Jason's hospital room. Franco asked Jason to wake up if they were truly connected by blood because Franco needed to know who Jason was, so Franco could figure out who he was and why he'd done the terrible things he had.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly returned to Jason's hospital room. Carly confessed that she'd been grieving for Sam, Scout, and Danny but not for herself because she'd never really gotten back the connection that she'd once shared with Jason.

At Wyndemere, Valentin chilled a bottle of Champagne because he was eager to celebrate Nina and their relationship. Nina beamed with delight as he handed her a flute of Champagne, but she admitted that she missed Charlotte. Valentin was confident that Charlotte wouldn't be gone for long. Nina assured Valentin that she would have returned to him even if Lulu and Dante had been awarded full custody of Charlotte. Valentin smiled as he promised her that he believed her. They shared a passionate kiss.

Later, Nina asked if Valentin had an update on Ava. Valentin shrugged then told his wife that he'd only checked to make certain that Ava had arrived. Nina questioned why he would help Ava, so he admitted that he had wanted to make certain that Charlotte returned home to him. Nina pointed out that it had been Ava's word against Valentin's about how Nikolas had died, but Valentin believed the cards had been stacked against him in the wrongful death lawsuit because Spencer was a sympathetic plaintiff, and the jury might have been moved by emotion not the facts. Valentin feared that if he had lost the lawsuit, then Lulu's attorney would have seized the opportunity to persuade the judge to rule against him in the custody hearing.

Valentin reminded Nina that he'd been fighting for his daughter from the first day when he'd been forced to steal the embryo from Helena, but Nina argued that it wasn't stealing, since the embryo had been his child. Valentin assured Nina that he would do whatever he had to for Charlotte. He added that if there was the slightest risk to his daughter, then he would eliminate it. "Sounds cold," Nina quietly admitted. Valentin regretted that he'd frightened his wife, but he believed if there was a small problem, then he shouldn't wait for it to become a big one. Nina confessed that the only problem was how ominous he sounded.

Valentin apologized then tried to lighten the mood, but the doorbell rang. He went to the door to answer it. Moments later, Charlotte ran into the living room and greeted Nina. Nina was thrilled to see Charlotte, but she was curious why Charlotte was there. Lulu explained that Charlotte had wanted to talk to Valentin about a friend from ballet class, so Lulu had decided a visit would be better. Surprised, Valentin sat his daughter down to find out what was troubling her. Charlotte revealed that her friend Bailey had made a pirouette in class, but her shoulders hadn't been perfectly aligned because Bailey might have scoliosis.

Charlotte confided that she was afraid that she might have scoliosis too. Valentin tensed, but he gently assured his daughter that she didn't because he'd taken her to the doctor for regular tests. He reminded her of the times when her doctor asked her to touch her toes then explained that it had been part of the scoliosis test. Charlotte was relieved, but she remained concerned about Bailey and asked her father to help. Valentin assured Charlotte that he would call Bailey's mother and talk to Ms. Caldwell.

After Lulu provided Valentin with the contact information, Valentin called Ms. Caldwell and advised her to start by visiting Shriners Hospital for Children online because there was an app that she could download to help her determine if Bailey needed further testing. Valentin promised to guide Ms. Caldwell through the process if the app indicated that Bailey needed to see a doctor. After the call, Charlotte thanked her father. Nina noticed the time and offered to walk Charlotte to the launch.

After Nina and Charlotte left, Lulu thanked Valentin. Valentin was grateful for the visit and expressed his hope that he and Lulu could continue to get along. Lulu admitted that she preferred to take it one day at a time.

Later, Nina knew it had been difficult for Valentin to talk to Charlotte about the scoliosis. He nodded in agreement because he had felt ashamed. Valentin wanted his daughter to see him as her hero and a man who could move mountains rather than someone who was "less than" and sickly. He hoped his daughter never saw the pictures of how he had looked before surgery, but Nina warned him that Charlotte would eventually see them because she would want to know what he had looked like. Nina promised that Charlotte wouldn't be revolted because Nina hadn't been. She was confident that after the initial surprise wore off, Charlotte would see Valentin's eyes and realize that he was the same man she loved -- just like Nina had.

Valentin called to check in with Ms. Caldwell. Bailey's mother revealed that the app had confirmed that Bailey might have scoliosis, so Valentin offered to take Ms. Caldwell and Bailey to Shriners Hospital for Children. He added that he would take Charlotte, as well, to keep Bailey company. Valentin assured Ms. Caldwell that Bailey would be fine because of the early diagnosis.

After the call, Nina asked if Valentin was okay. He assured her that he was, but he felt bad for Ms. Caldwell and Bailey. He admitted that he had always worried that it might happen to Charlotte. Nina wished she'd known Valentin before his corrective surgery because she was certain that she would have seen past his deformities and kissed him instead of rejecting him the way that Anna had. Valentin appreciated Nina's sincerity, but he thought it was easy for her to say because it was no longer an issue. Nina conceded that he was right, but she promised that she was in awe of him because he was an incredible man who had survived hardships.

At the Falconeri residence, Dante arrived home as Lulu and Charlotte were making friendship bracelets. After Lulu sent Charlotte to get ready for bed, Dante asked about Charlotte's visit with Valentin. Lulu admitted that Valentin had been great with Charlotte. Dante assured Lulu that she'd been great, too, because she had put Charlotte first, but Lulu credited Dante with giving her a push in the right direction. Dante grinned then offered to give her a push anytime she needed it. Dante knew that things were messy and complicated, but he was confident that they were doing okay. Lulu agreed and kissed him.

At the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava slipped into the sunroom, where the mystery patient was seated in a wheelchair. His face remained hidden behind a black mask and dark sunglasses. Ava admitted that the silent man didn't seem dangerous, since he didn't even move. She acknowledged that she'd been warned to stay out of his reach, including by Dr. Boronsky, who didn't seem the type to scare easily. Ava talked about her consultation, which she believed had gone well. She wasn't certain because everyone seemed tightlipped, especially about the mystery patient.

Ava had no idea why she'd believed the story she'd been told about the mystery patient because he could just as easily have been there for the same reason that she was, but something had gone wrong with the patient. Ava was horrified at the thought of being left in the same vegetative state as the mystery patient, but she quickly apologized because she realized that it had been insensitive. Ava confided that something about the clinic gave her the "creeps" because, despite the luxurious accommodations and smiling staff, it felt like a prison. The man's hand curled into a fist.

Ava decided that she was overreacting because she and the patient were in an oasis where they had been promised their "million-to-one shot." She realized that her doubts were a result of nerves because she didn't think she deserved to have her scars fixed. She wondered why she should be made beautiful again if her outside didn't match the inside. Ava looked at the mystery patient and wondered who he'd been before he'd become a "dangerous psychotic" who stared out the window. She was also curious if he had people who loved him, waiting for him to return.

Ava admitted that she had two children, but she barely saw her younger daughter because the child's father had kept her away from Ava. Ava acknowledged that she had a dark past filled with terrible transgressions and crimes, which was why only three people in the world loved her -- Ava's brother and two daughters. Ava began to talk about her friendship with Nikolas, but the mystery patient suddenly grabbed her wrist when he heard Nikolas' name. Startled, Ava asked the patient to release her then added that he was hurting her. The man let go just as a nurse entered the sunroom.

The nurse was startled when she saw Ava with the patient and quickly dragged Ava away as she explained that the man was dangerous. Ava was curious if the woman knew Nikolas Cassadine because the patient had had a strong reaction when he had heard the name, but the nurse shook her head and claimed that she only knew of Valentin Cassadine. Ava was shocked when the nurse revealed that the mystery patient had been kept in restraints until recently, but he'd likely be restrained again as well as heavily medicated when the nurse reported the incident. Ava begged the nurse to reconsider because the man was not to blame for Ava ignoring the warnings.

The nurse agreed, but she warned Ava not to let it happen again. After Ava and the nurse left, the patient removed his sunglasses. He had Jason Morgan's familiar piercing blue gaze.

Anna and Finn arrive in Monaco Anna and Finn arrive in Monaco> Anna and Finn arrive in Monaco Anna and Finn arrive in Monaco

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

In Monaco, Finn and Anna approached a restaurant as Finn reminded Anna that he was only helping her because she had blackmailed him. Anna assured him that she understood, but she asked him to stop whining for a moment and remember that what he was doing was for the greater good. Finn appeared skeptical, but Anna looked through the restaurant's window and saw the woman who had once helped Valentin fence stolen jewels. Anna pointed out Cassandra Pierce, but Finn was curious what the plan was. Anna explained that she would enter the restaurant first then Finn would follow three minutes later. Finn was curious what he should do once he was inside, but Anna was confident that he would figure it out.

Finn watched as Anna entered the restaurant then approached a waiter to ask where the restroom was. The man pointed to the restroom, while Anna took the opportunity to pour a small vial of clear liquid into one of the two coffee cups on his tray. After Anna walked away, the waiter delivered the coffee to Cassandra's table. Finn realized that it was his cue and rushed into the restaurant just as Cassandra gasped for air then collapsed. Finn identified himself as a doctor then pulled a syringe out of his medical bag and injected Cassandra with epinephrine.

Anna sat at a nearby table and watched everything unfold as Cassandra slowly began to breathe again. Grateful for Finn's timely intervention, Cassandra thanked him. Finn helped her to her feet as he explained that he was a doctor. Cassandra's interest was immediately piqued when Finn clarified that he was an infectious-disease specialist. She was curious what he was doing in Monaco, so he glanced at Anna's table then carefully explained that he'd been traveling with a friend. Cassandra was certain that fate had put him in her path at a very opportune time.

Cassandra told Finn that her health was delicate, prompting Finn to suggest that she go to the hospital to be checked out. Cassandra realized that Finn was eager to join his companion. She hoped that he enjoyed his stay in Monaco then watched him walk away. At the table, Anna was eager to hear what Finn had learned about Cassandra, but he pointed out that he'd been too busy saving the woman's life. Anna assured him that the chemical she'd slipped into Cassandra's coffee had only mimicked the effects of anaphylactic shock, but the symptoms would have abated quickly without medical intervention. Finn decided that it didn't matter because Anna's plan had been a bust.

Moments later, Cassandra's bodyguard approached the table to give Finn a note from Cassandra. After Cassandra and the bodyguard left, Anna asked Finn to read the note. Reluctantly, Finn unfolded the piece of paper. Cassandra thanked him for saving her life and invited him to her place the following day. Anna smiled with satisfaction.

At the nurses' station, Kiki handed Kristina the jacket that Sam had left behind when Jason had been transferred to a long-term care facility. Kristina was curious how Kiki's studies were going. Kiki smiled because she doubted that anyone could have imagined that she'd be taking the fast track through medical school. Kiki conceded that it was a lot of work, but it had been important for her to follow her heart. After Kiki was called away, Kristina went to the elevator as she looked up Molly's class schedule. She smiled when she saw that Molly had a class with Parker.

At Port Charles University, Parker discussed Jane Austen with her class. Molly listened as Parker explained that they could relive the world that Jane Austen had lived in by reading her works. Parker added that they could also see how class and gender distinctions had mattered back then, which led to several questions from the students, including Molly. Molly pointedly broached the subject of love and how Mr. Willoughby had hurt Marianne so deeply in Sense and Sensibility that Marianne had almost died. Parker carefully acknowledged that much of Jane Austen's work had been about heartbreak, but much of it had been caused by misunderstandings between the characters and themselves. However, love had always prevailed, even with Marianne, who had recovered from her broken heart and had found love with Colonel Brandon.

Parker thought it would be wonderful if they knew themselves as well as Jane Austen had known her characters and if they could give themselves second, third, and fourth chances the way that Jane Austen had given them to her characters. After the class ended, Kristina slipped into the classroom on the pretext of returning Molly's keys. Molly played along until a student approached Parker to ask a question then Molly quietly demanded to know what Kristina was up to. Kristina promised to explain later, but Molly remained concerned. Kristina admitted that she needed to tell Parker the truth about something.

Molly asked Kristina to be careful then followed the last student out of the classroom. Kristina revealed that she needed to talk to Parker about something, but Parker didn't think there was much left to say because Kristina was dating someone. Kristina admitted that she and Valerie were not dating. Parker was surprised when Kristina confessed that Valerie was just a friend who had tried to send Parker the message that Kristina had moved on. Parker smiled, but Kristina revealed that there was more.

Kristina admitted that she'd been dating a guy named Aaron when she and Parker had slept together. However, she rushed to assure Parker that she and Aaron were long over, and she was single. Kristina turned to leave, but Parker had a confession to make. Parker hadn't been honest when she and Kristina had made love, and she regretted ending things with Kristina in a letter. Kristina thought it had been for the best because Kristina wasn't known for being gracious. Parker smiled, so Kristina decided they were "cool." Parker disagreed and suggested that she and Kristina find a more private setting to talk.

At the hospital, Dante tracked down Kiki to question her about Ava's whereabouts. Kiki carefully told him that she had no idea where Ava was, so Dante asked if Kiki had been aware that Ava had sold Valentin a tapestry. Kiki shook her head, but Dante thought it was odd that Ava would do business with the man she'd seen shoot Nikolas. He couldn't understand why Ava would do it, so Kiki suggested that he ask Ava. Dante assured her that he had tried, but Ava had vanished. Dante realized why Kiki was reluctant to talk, and he assured her that he was looking for Ava for personal reasons.

Dante explained that Ava was a pivotal witness in Spencer's lawsuit against Valentin. Dante was eager to find Ava because her testimony might help persuade the family court judge to rule in Lulu's favor and award full custody of Charlotte to Lulu. Kiki capitulated and told him that she suspected that Valentin had arranged for her mother to fly to St. Petersburg, Russia, to visit a clinic that had promised to restore Ava's beauty. Dante wondered why Valentin would help Ava until he realized that both Valentin and Ava each had something the other wanted.

At Shriners Hospital for Children, Valentin and Charlotte waited for Bailey and her mother to join them. Valentin assured his daughter that the doctors could help her friend if Bailey was diagnosed with scoliosis. Charlotte was happy that they could offer Bailey moral support, but she was also proud that Valentin had been able to help Ms. Caldwell find the right doctors. Moments later, Lulu arrived. Charlotte was excited to see Lulu, but Lulu pointed out that she was Charlotte's mother and wanted to be there to support both Bailey and Charlotte. Valentin tensed, but he smiled for his daughter's sake.

Later, Bailey greeted Charlotte as Ms. Caldwell joined the small gathering and thanked Valentin for advising her to use the SpineScreen app provided by Shriners Hospitals. Valentin explained that he supported the hospital's work because he had suffered from scoliosis as a child. Lulu added that Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston had helped her nephew when he had suffered a terrible burn. Valentin was careful not to react at the mention of Spencer.

Moments later, Dr. Brown walked up and greeted Valentin then introduced himself to Ms. Caldwell and Bailey. Dr. Brown quickly put Ms. Caldwell at ease by assuring her that the hospital catered to all the medical needs of a child. Relieved, Ms. Caldwell referred to Valentin and Lulu as Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine as she thanked them for everything. After Dr. Brown led Ms. Caldwell and Bailey to an examination room, Charlotte asked why Valentin hadn't told Bailey's mother that he was married to Nina and that Lulu was married to Dante. Valentin explained that it hadn't been important because Ms. Caldwell had had other things on her mind.

Lulu decided to take Charlotte to the play area while they waited for Bailey. A short time later, Lulu returned and told Valentin that Charlotte had made some friends in the play area. Valentin was surprised when Lulu shifted gears and complimented him on how he had handled Charlotte's concerns about Bailey then admitted that she felt bad that Valentin had suffered as a child. Valentin didn't trust her sincerity, but Lulu assured him that it was true. Lulu conceded that she had thought he was a monster, but she'd seen him with their daughter and knew how much he loved Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she no longer saw him as a monster -- just a bad man.

Valentin thought it was proof that Lulu's views hadn't really changed, but she disagreed then asked him about his struggle with scoliosis because it was part of Charlotte's family's medical history. Resigned, Valentin sat down then told her that his father had sent him to a remote boarding school when he was five years old because he had hoped to hide Valentin from Helena. Valentin explained that Helena wouldn't have hesitated to kill him, even as a child, because he'd been a rival to Stavros' place in the family. Valentin revealed that Mikkos had set up a trust fund to finance Valentin's education, but nothing for Valentin's medical expenses. As a result, Valentin's scoliosis had gone untreated for a long time.

Lulu assured Valentin that he would always have a place in Charlotte's life, but Valentin was curious what role Dante would play. Lulu explained that Dante would be Charlotte's stepfather and a father figure, but she promised that Valentin would always be Charlotte's "Papa." Valentin smiled because he appreciated that Lulu had acknowledged his role in their daughter's life. Lulu thought it was important for them to get to know each other, so she asked about his surgeries because she wanted to understand how he'd become the man he was. Valentin looked off into the distance as he revealed that he'd undergone a series of expensive surgeries that "had not been without discomfort." However, the results had been worth it because he could stand straight.

Moments later, Charlotte returned. She asked if her father had had his corrective surgery in a hospital like Shriners Hospital for Children. Valentin chuckled without mirth as he admitted that he wished he had then quickly changed the subject by suggesting that he and Charlotte buy Bailey a present. Nearby, Lulu was elated when she saw Dante arrive. She ran over to greet her husband and gave him an update on Bailey. Dante warned Lulu that he had news -- he suspected that Valentin had persuaded Ava to retract her statement.

In Kelly's courtyard, Nelle was upset as she showed Michael the letter of eviction that she had received earlier. Michael looked over the notice, but he assured her there was nothing to worry about because she could move in with him. Nelle objected because it was too soon for them to live together. Michael was confident that things would work out for Nelle, but she accused him of not understanding her plight because of his wealth. Frustrated, Nelle assured him that she would figure things out then left because she had to pick up a prescription.

Nearby, Carly had seen the exchange. She approached Michael to find out what had happened. Michael realized that his mother hoped that he had broken things off with Nelle, but he assured Carly that he and Nelle were stronger than ever. Michael and Carly entered the diner and found a table as Carly expressed her surprise that Michael didn't seem to have any concerns about how Nelle's fiancÚ had died. Michael explained that he and Nelle had discussed it, but Carly was certain that Nelle had painted herself as an innocent girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Michael defended Nelle and pointed out that there hadn't been any charges filed against her. Carly scoffed because they both knew that a lack of evidence didn't mean a person was innocent. Michael insisted that he believed Nelle. Carly thought it was a mistake for Michael to take Nelle's word for it, so she encouraged him to search for his own answers. Michael balked, but Carly was curious why he didn't want proof of Nelle's innocence if she'd been wrongly accused.

Michael knew that Carly wasn't interested in exonerating Nelle -- she wanted Nelle out of his life. Carly believed that she had good reason to be concerned about Nelle, especially since Michael was young, healthy, and wealthy like Zachary Grant had been. She feared that it might be part of a pattern because Michael loved a woman with everything that he had and would never ask the woman he loved to sign a prenuptial agreement. Carly pleaded with Michael to give her peace of mind by talking to the Grants and to the police. Michael thought his mother was being ridiculous, but Carly would rather be ridiculous than lose her only surviving son to a mysterious "accident."

Carly promised that nothing would make her happier than if she were wrong because it would mean that Michael was happy and safe. It frightened Carly that Michael was willing to take Nelle's word on something as serious as an accusation of murder. Michael knew Carly was worried because Morgan had died, Jason was in a coma, and Sonny had had a brush with death, but he admitted that he didn't need to know more about how Zachary had died because he believed Nelle, and there was nothing his mother could say that would change his mind. Carly was disappointed, but she realized that it was his decision. She just hoped that he knew what he was doing.

After Carly left, Michael called someone to ask for a favor. Outside, Carly received a text message from a woman named Sharon Grant who claimed to be Zachary's sister. Sharon wanted to talk to Carly about Janelle Benson.

At the hospital, Kiki saw Nelle rush past the nurses' station. Concerned, Kiki called out to Nelle and asked if there was a problem. "Yup, Carly," Nelle replied without hesitation. Nelle started to apologize, but Kiki assured Nelle that it was fine. Kiki had seen the pictures of Nelle and Michael in Morocco, so she knew that they were close. Kiki was curious why Carly was upset, but Nelle admitted that Carly hated her for several reasons.

Kiki advised Nelle to be careful because Carly went all in when she disliked someone. However, Kiki assured Nelle that Carly would eventually calm down and accept the relationship. Kiki talked about the friction between her and Carly when Kiki had dated Michael then Morgan, but Nelle explained that her situation was different because Nelle had tried to destroy Carly's marriage and her family. Kiki was certain that Carly would have a change of heart when she saw how much Michael and Nelle cared about each other.

Nelle confessed that she had a past and had made mistakes, but Kiki argued that the same was true for her. Nelle revealed that Carly had been digging up dirt on her from when Nelle had been young, stupid, and broke. It made Nelle sick, but Kiki urged Nelle to be honest with Michael because Carly would do anything for Michael, including getting along with his girlfriend. Nelle hoped that Kiki was right.

Ava and the mystery patient reach an agreement Ava and the mystery patient reach an agreement

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Curtis stopped by Jordan's apartment to apologize and to give her a bouquet of flowers, but she blocked him from entering and advised him not to expect a tip because she hadn't ordered any flowers. Curtis was shocked when he realized that she was serious about not inviting him in, but Jordan was unapologetic as she informed him that she didn't have time for him because she was busy working. Curtis thought he and Jordan needed to talk, but T.J. appeared behind his mother to ask what was going on. Jordan carefully explained that she and Curtis needed to talk, but it wasn't the time. T.J. picked up on the tension between his mother and his uncle, so he decided to give them privacy by going out for coffee.

Resigned, Jordan stepped aside to let Curtis in. Curtis promised that he wouldn't let anything get between them, but Jordan made it clear that she had an issue with him working for Sonny. Curtis assured her that he wasn't trying to be a part of Sonny's organization, but he was a private investigator, and he didn't see a problem with offering Sonny the same services that he would any other client. Curtis added that he'd fully intended to set boundaries with Sonny, but Jordan insisted that Curtis' association with Sonny had crossed her boundaries. She pointed out that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to use the information that Curtis provided to strike against his enemies, but Curtis explained that he had no control over what his clients did once their business was concluded. Jordan decided that she was done talking and told Curtis that she needed time to think.

Shortly after Curtis left, T.J. returned. Jordan playfully accused him of being a traitor for leaving, but he explained that he hadn't wanted her to use him to avoid talking to Curtis. T.J. was concerned because he'd been under the impression that she and Curtis had been in a good place. Jordan revealed that Curtis had taken Sonny on as a client. T.J. couldn't understand why it was an issue when Jordan had known about Curtis' work, and she'd also been aware that part of the job required Curtis to negotiate the gray area of the law. Jordan reminded her son that she'd sworn to uphold the law, but T.J. asked why that hadn't mattered during her relationship with Shawn. Tears sprang to her eyes as she admitted that she couldn't afford to make the wrong choice again for T.J.'s sake.

Jordan felt responsible because T.J. had lost his father then Shawn had been sent to prison. She also regretted the years that she had missed with T.J. while she'd been working undercover because T.J. had always paid the price when she'd crossed the line. Jordan refused to continue the destructive pattern, but T.J. assured his mother that he was fine and happy. He knew that she felt guilty, but he wanted her to stop beating herself up and being afraid to take chances. T.J. also wanted her to stop guarding herself against being hurt, and hiding behind "truth, justice, and the American way." Jordan chuckled because she had no desire to be "superwoman," but T.J. argued that she tried to be "supermom" in an attempt to make amends.

T.J. appreciated all that his mother had done for him and the sacrifices that Jordan had made for him, but he was a grown man, and to him, that past was the past. Jordan smiled when T.J. asked her to stop punishing herself because she was the best mom in the world to him. Jordan hugged her son tightly.

In Kelly's courtyard, Kristina and Parker ran into Valerie as she was leaving. Kristina assured Valerie that it wasn't necessary to keep up the pretense of being a couple because Kristina had told Parker the truth. Parker admitted that Valerie had been a good friend to Kristina, and Kristina was lucky to have her. Parker went inside to order coffee as Valerie questioned Kristina about Parker. Kristina grinned and admitted that she and Parker had decided to have a private talk. Valerie was happy for Kristina, but she made it clear that she expected Kristina to call with details. Valerie wished Kristina luck then left.

Moments later, Parker returned with two cups of coffee. Parker and Kristina sat down and chatted. Kristina regaled Parker with stories about Scout until Parker cut her off to warn her that a man had been watching them for quite some time. Parker revealed that she had caught a glimpse of him in the park, so she suspected that he'd been following them. Kristina smiled and waved to her bodyguard. Parker was shocked when Kristina explained that Sonny had been having some business trouble and that her brother-in-law was in a coma, which had been difficult on the entire family.

"It sucks, but it comes with the territory," Kristina added in a matter-of-fact tone. Parker felt terrible for Kristina, but she realized that it had forced Kristina to grow up early, which was why Kristina had seemed more "self-possessed" than the other students at Wesleyan. Parker was proud of Kristina, so Kristina admitted that she was grateful that Parker had been a part of her life because it had shaped who Kristina was. Parker was impressed that Kristina knew what she wanted and went for it. Kristina smiled then impulsively kissed Parker, but Parker quickly pulled away and asked what Kristina was doing. Parker explained that it would be inappropriate for them to explore a relationship, but Kristina argued that Parker wasn't her professor.

Parker insisted that the university's board wouldn't approve. Kristina was disappointed because history had repeated itself, but she promised not to cause trouble for Parker again. Parker's eyes filled with tears because she realized that she had led Kristina on. Parker apologized then fled.

In the park, Curtis started to toss the bouquet of flowers away, but Valerie saw him and teasingly asked what the flowers had done to him. Curtis assured Valerie there was nothing to worry about, but she chuckled then admitted that she was concerned about the flowers. Valerie assumed the flowers had been for Jordan, but Curtis wasn't comfortable talking to Valerie about his problems. Valerie understood his reluctance, but she assured him that they were friends. Curtis was skeptical, so Valerie suggested they could be cousins because she would love to adopt his aunt. Curtis smiled as they talked about his aunt and about Stella's attempt to set them up.

Curtis promised that Stella had meant well, but Valerie thought that Stella had been a riot. Curtis relaxed then confided that he and Jordan had been having some conflicts about his business. "Same old, same old," Valerie replied with a knowing smile. She reminded him that it had gotten in the way of their relationship, too. Curtis apologized, but Valerie assured him that she was over it, and she appreciated that he'd taken responsibility for his role in the breakup when Stella had tried to play matchmaker. Valerie advised Curtis not to let history repeat itself with Jordan.

Valerie suggested that if Curtis wanted to be happy, then he should ask himself if he was willing to make the right choices to make Jordan happy. Curtis thanked Valerie for the advice. He also hoped that she found love. After Valerie left, Sonny called. Sonny had a job for Curtis, but he wanted to meet to discuss the details. Curtis told Sonny that he had to pass because there were too many people that Curtis cared for who would be hurt if Curtis became involved in Sonny's conflict. Sonny appreciated that Curtis had to do what was necessary to protect the people he loved.

Later, Curtis returned to Jordan's apartment as she opened the door to leave. Curtis blurted out that he had talked to Sonny and had turned Sonny's offer down. Curtis wanted to help protect Jason's family, but not at the risk of losing Jordan. Jordan confessed that she'd been on her way to find Curtis because she realized that she had overreacted to the situation. Relieved, Curtis entered Jordan's apartment. They agreed that they would start talking through their problems instead of walking away. Jordan reminded Curtis of his declaration of love and how she'd promised to tell him how she felt. Jordan admitted that she loved him. Curtis grinned then kissed her passionately.

At Shriners Hospital for Children, Lulu was stunned when Dante revealed that Valentin had gotten to Ava by promising to send Ava to a clinic that could restore her beauty in exchange for Ava agreeing to retract her statement about how Nikolas had died. Lulu was furious and decided to talk to Valentin. She called Charlotte over to greet Dante then suggested that Dante take Charlotte to the playroom to wait for Baily. After Dante and Charlotte left, Lulu confronted Valentin about Ava, but Valentin feigned innocence as he asked what had prompted the accusations. Lulu wasn't fooled, but she regretted that she had mistakenly seen something decent in him that had led her to think that they could work out a custody arrangement.

Dante returned and warned Valentin and Lulu that Charlotte would be along shortly. Valentin claimed that from the court's perspective, he was just as capable of parenting Charlotte as Lulu was -- more so because he didn't have a criminal record like Lulu. Valentin suggested that Lulu would be better off working out something with him before they went to court because she would likely lose. Valentin claimed that neither he nor Lulu had the upper hand because they had been equally deceived by a third party, so he urged Lulu to spare Charlotte a drawn-out trial by agreeing to share custody. Moments later, Charlotte ran up and asked if there had been any news about Bailey. Valentin shook his head, but he thought it would be nice if they bought Bailey a present from the gift shop.

Lulu expressed her frustration to Dante that Valentin always seemed to remain one step ahead. Dante promised his wife that he would support whatever Lulu decided. Moments later, Ms. Caldwell and Bailey returned with Dr. Brown. Ms. Caldwell wanted Valentin to hear the results of the tests with her because he had been instrumental in helping her find the right doctors. A short time later, Dr. Brown announced that Bailey's scoliosis could be treated with a brace rather than surgery. Ms. Caldwell was relieved.

Dr. Brown assured Ms. Caldwell that Bailey was in good hands because Shriners Hospitals were on the cutting edge of scoliosis treatment for children. After the appointment, Bailey took her mother to the playroom. Charlotte hugged her father tightly because she knew that he could help her friend. Valentin was touched by Charlotte's display of affection. Lulu watched Charlotte scamper after Bailey and Ms. Caldwell then conceded that their daughter loved Valentin very much. He hoped that Lulu took that into account when she mulled over his offer of shared custody.

Lulu wanted what was best for her daughter, so she agreed to have Diane draw up the agreement then send it to Nora Buchanan in the morning. Valentin was pleased, but Lulu warned him that little girls grew up, and he wouldn't be able to keep Charlotte in the dark forever. Lulu was certain that Charlotte would one day see Valentin for who he really was.

At the long-term care facility, Sam fussed over Jason as she untucked the corner of his blanket from the bed because she knew that it made him feel trapped. She sat at Jason's bedside as she let him know that his children would arrive shortly. Sam told him that it had only taken her thirty minutes to drive to the facility then talked about the route. She looked up when she heard a noise in the doorway. It was Sonny.

Sam reported that Jason remained in a coma, so Sonny asked how Sam had been holding up. "Not so good," Sam admitted. She explained that Jason's situation became real every time she left because she hated that Jason was stuck there. Sonny assured Sam that she had made the right decision. He knew how difficult it had been because he'd felt the same way when Michael had needed long-time care and when Morgan had needed inpatient treatment for bipolar disorder. Sonny had hated it, but it had been the best decision for each of his sons.

Sam tearfully told Sonny that she'd been talking to Jason all day in the hope that Jason could hear her. Sonny smiled as he confided that he'd been using Jason as a sounding board and that he had stopped by because he had wanted to talk to his friend. Sonny wished that Jason could give him an answer the way that Jason had in the past. Sam and Sonny went to the waiting room to continue their conversation. Sam realized that Sonny's plan to retire had been put on hold, but he wasn't comfortable talking to Sam about it. Sam assured Sonny that it was okay because Jason had refused to share information with Sam that might make her an accessory, but that had been before.

"Before what?" Sonny asked. Sam quietly explained that life had been different since Jason had returned to her. According to Sam, she had talked to Dr. Maddox about how different things had been with Jason. She reminded Sonny that she and Jason had previously been a "ride or die" couple, but they had stopped living their life like every day was their last. Instead, Sam and Jason lived their lives like they had a future. Sonny pointed out that children had a way of doing that to people. Sam agreed then admitted that she finally had the life that she had always wanted, and she didn't want to let it go.

Sonny felt responsible for Sam's situation, but he assured her that he would rectify it and make things right. Sonny returned to Jason's room with Sam. She tearfully looked at her husband then told Sonny that she wasn't ready to give up on him. "None of us are," Sonny promised.

At the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava entered the solarium where the mystery patient was seated in the wheelchair. She was startled when she realized that his sunglasses had been removed and that she could see his blue eyes, but his gaze remained vacant. Ava confessed that she had convinced herself that he was Nikolas Cassadine because of the way he had reacted to hearing Nikolas' name. Ava shared that she'd told herself it was possible that Nikolas had landed in the ocean after he'd been shot and that Valentin's men had fished Nikolas out of the water then taken him to the clinic. Ava admitted that she had hoped that Nikolas was alive and that she'd been the one who had found him because then it wouldn't matter so much that she had sold out his memory for a chance at a new face.

Ava apologized to the patient because the staff had warned her that talking to him would only make him worse. Ava walked across the room to fetch a drink of water as the man's blue gaze followed her. Moments later, a doctor entered the solarium and introduced himself to Ava as Dr. Richard Klein. Dr. Klein explained that Dr. Boronsky had referred her case to him, but Ava objected because Valentin had promised her that Dr. Boronsky could help her. Dr. Klein assured Ava that he was more qualified than Dr. Boronsky to deal with Ava's particular injuries. He promised that he could restore her face, but it would take time.

A nurse entered the solarium to give the mystery patient an injection. Ava was curious what the patient was being given, so the doctor explained that it was a tranquilizer because the patient needed to remain heavily sedated at all times, since the man was a danger to himself and others. Ava wondered in what way, prompting the doctor to claim that the man had suffered a psychosis that made him perceive everything as a danger to himself. Dr. Klein added that the patient was a formidable fighter, but a tranquilizer had seemed kinder than 24-hour restraints. Ava was curious if Dr. Klein could help the man, but the doctor questioned Ava's interest.

Ava claimed that she was merely trying to distract herself from her anxiety over the reconstructive surgery. Just then, the nurse passed by after giving the patient an injection. Ava was stunned when she realized that the man had been given an entire vial of ketamine. She questioned why the patient had been injected with a horse tranquilizer, but the doctor advised her to find another distraction, or she would have to leave. Ava promised that it wouldn't be a problem.

Later, Ava returned to the solarium just as the mystery patient tried to stand up. He immediately dropped into his wheelchair and resumed his vacant stare. She was amazed that he was still conscious after receiving a large dose of tranquilizer, but she wasn't fooled by his ruse and threatened to tell the doctors exactly what was going on. The man glared at Ava. Ava smiled then assured him that he need not worry because she would be giving herself away if she admitted that she'd checked on the patient after being warned to keep her distance. However, she wanted a promise from him.

Ava asked that the mystery patient not go after her if he decided to go on a rampage through the clinic. "You owe me," she reminded him. The man nodded his agreement. Satisfied, Ava started to leave the solarium, but she heard a cell phone ring. She quickly hid behind the door as Dr. Klein approached the door then stopped to answer his phone. He assured the caller that "the situation" was unchanged, and there hadn't been any trouble. However, he warned the caller that the man was not superhuman, so Dr. Klein couldn't give the man more medication without killing him.

After the call, Dr. Klein walked away. Ava silently slipped out of the room while the mystery patient managed to lift himself out of the wheelchair enough to put some weight on one foot.

Franco continues to search for the truth Franco continues to search for the truth

Friday, September 22, 2017

Nelle and Michael woke up in bed at Nelle's apartment. She noted sadly that it might possibly be their last time there because someone would be buying the apartment, and she would have to find a new place. She wasn't hopeful with the high cost of apartment living. Michael urged her not to rush into anything. He left, citing a pending business deal.

At Pozzulo's, Milo paced back and forth while eating from a plate of biscotti that sat on one of the tables. Sonny arrived, and after talking briefly about Jason's situation, an uneasy Milo had a question for Sonny. "How much am I supposed to tell you and Mrs. C about Josslyn's activities?" Milo asked. Milo acknowledged that Carly had tried to pry information from him. He added that Oscar had been a "total gentleman" while in Josslyn's presence, but Carly had been looking for a "minute-by-minute accounting."

Sonny noticed how nervous Milo looked and told him that as long as Josslyn was happy and safe, everything would be okay. Milo decided that in that case, things were good. He left, and Michael arrived. Michael and Sonny decided that it was a good idea not to give up on Jason. They seated themselves at one of the tables, and Michael got right to the point. He believed Nelle's story about her past.

Sonny served a couple of espressos and admitted that while Michael was entitled to make his own decisions, he didn't want Carly to worry. Nelle had already proven to be "calculating and cold-blooded," Sonny declared. He urged Michael to have Nelle investigated, but Michael insisted that he trusted Nelle. Just then, he received a phone call and stepped away from the table. He told Lucy that he would pick up the title and deed.

Sonny inquired about Michael's call, and he said that he was buying some real estate but stressed that it was his business. The men snacked on the biscotti as Michael announced that he refused to discuss Nelle or have it get between him and Sonny.

Carly met Josslyn at Kelly's for lunch. They spoke about Jason then Carly announced that she'd heard all about Josslyn's night with Oscar. A horrified Josslyn began to speak quickly, telling her mother about the events of the night. Carly stopped her and noted that she had only wanted to know how Josslyn had ended up on the footbridge.

Josslyn explained to her mother that she and Oscar had just talked. "It was nothing," Josslyn said. Carly grew suspicious at Josslyn's nervous behavior and wondered what else had happened. She asked what her daughter thought Milo had told her. As Carly began to press Josslyn for further details, Josslyn spied Nelle walking through the door. Excitedly, she jumped up and pleaded with Nelle to join them. Carly advised Josslyn that Milo had been present to keep her safe from Sonny's enemies and to curb Josslyn's worst impulses. She wondered if they needed to have a certain conversation.

Nelle and Carly displayed an obvious awkwardness, and Josslyn asked what had happened. Carly confessed that she'd learned something about Nelle's past, and she urged Nelle to divulge the information to Josslyn. Nelle kept it simple, not wanting to get into things just then. She merely told Josslyn that she had been accused of doing something that she hadn't done. Carly and Nelle bickered, and Nelle stated firmly that she would never hurt Michael. After Carly learned of Nelle's impending move, she suggested that Nelle try Seattle or Phoenix. After a parting shot, Carly left.

Nelle asked Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn admitted that things would be better if she didn't have a bodyguard following her constantly. Michael walked in and lectured Josslyn on not trying to "ditch" Milo. He noted that he'd tried it himself, without much success. Josslyn headed out. Nelle mentioned her run-in with Carly. Michael announced that he had purchased Nelle's apartment. She couldn't believe it, but he handed her the title and the deed. "Welcome home, Nelle Benson," Michael said.

Josslyn stopped Milo outside of Kelly's and asked him how much information he would divulge to Carly. Milo replied that he was protecting Josslyn, not spying. Josslyn was relieved and advised him that she would never put him in a "tight spot."

At Elizabeth's house, she spoke to Jake about what to expect when he saw Jason for the first time. Jake explained that he had a plan to wake Jason up. Kristina and Jake left to pick up Danny on the way to the long-term care facility. In the other room, Franco was in the middle of leaving Betsy a voicemail about getting to the truth when Elizabeth walked in. After making a story up, Franco admitted to looking for the truth after Elizabeth noted that he had been withdrawn. He showed her the photo of the two young boys.

Elizabeth recognized Franco and thought the other boy was Jason. She didn't think it was possible. Franco thought that his imaginary friend had been real, and his painting a repressed memory. Franco made it clear that he needed to figure out the truth about his past before moving on and being the man Elizabeth needed. She thought he already was, and she believed there could be some kind of simple explanation. She suggested that Franco pay Betsy a visit for the answers.

Sam sat by her still-comatose husband in the long-term care facility. She spoke of the past and cried about how free and safe she'd always felt with him. He moved his hand, which was in hers. Sam knew that it meant something, regardless of what she had been told. Kristina and the boys arrived. Danny and Jake started talking to their dad right away upon Sam's suggestion, and Jake climbed into the bed beside Jason. "I love you, Daddy," he said. Jake held up a picture he'd drawn of the family, and the boys begged Jason to wake up.

The boys sang a song as Sam recorded it on her phone. She announced that it was time for Jason's physical therapy, and everyone left. Sam cried that she was going home, too, in order to practice sleeping without Jason. She also had a long list of chores that she needed to take care of. She said that her heart would be staying behind to be with Jason. Once he was alone, the sounds of the day swirled through Jason's head. He opened his eyes.

At the clinic in Russia, Ava was shocked to find Patient 6 getting up out of his wheelchair. She wondered whether she should tell someone or not. She decided she'd get into trouble for being with him, though. She mentioned that she'd overheard Klein on a phone call, talking about giving Patient 6 more drugs versus more restraints. It was obvious to her that the drugs weren't working.

Ava revealed that she was aware of why Patient 6 had ended up in the clinic. She thought that the man's family should know his condition, since they had obviously placed him in the clinic for care. The man shook his head. "Do you have a family?" Yes, the man nodded. "Do they know you're here?" The man shook his head no. Ava asked who had put him there, and she wanted answers. She found a pad of paper and a pen and handed them to the man. She advised him to start with his name but he did not write anything. She wondered if his desire to be left alone had been working for him, and she warned him that his drug dosage would be increased.

After Ava told the man not to waste his last coherent moments, he picked up the pen and wrote. He handed the paper back to her, and the only thing written was a phone number. Ava realized that it was a Port Charles phone number.

Betsy was at her residence and on the phone with Heather. Betsy insisted that she'd never told Franco anything. After hanging up abruptly, Betsy turned and saw Franco standing there. He still had his key, he reminded her. Betsy announced that she was departing imminently for a cruise. Franco advised her that while Heather didn't want him to know anything, he needed Betsy to tell him the truth.

Betsy thought it best that Franco leave things alone, but Franco told her that he couldn't lose Elizabeth. Betsy was sorry that she had lied about his imaginary friend. "There was a twin," she said, "but he wasn't your twin."

Carly stormed into Pozzulo's and told Sonny of her exchange with Nelle. She complained that it had made her look like the "bad guy." Sonny thought that they should go along so as not to push Michael away. Carly announced that she had a lead on Nelle's past, and she was also happy that Nelle had to move, since her apartment was about to be a condo. "That's not good," Sonny sighed. He had a hunch that Michael had bought Nelle's apartment. Carly was furious. "Nelle has started her campaign for taking Michael for all he's worth," she insisted.

Back at home, Jake asked about Franco's painting of the two boys. Elizabeth advised him that it had accidentally been sold. Jake replied that he had liked it because it was about having a brother.

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