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Josslyn offered to help Oscar find his father. Patient 6 encountered Huxley Lynch on a ship bound for New York. Griffin rescued Ava. Stella made an announcement. Jason recovered and called Julian Jerome. Michael confronted Nelle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 2, 2017 on GH
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Michael challenges Nelle Michael challenges Nelle

Monday, October 2, 2017

Nelle let Michael into her apartment, and he immediately asked her why she'd lied about having Sharon's family's ring. He took the ring out of his pocket and wondered if it was the same one she'd told Sharon that she'd lost. She demanded to know why he'd snooped through her things, but he informed her that it had fallen out of a hollowed-out book that he'd been moving to the bookcase. Getting defensive, she said that it was her ring, and it didn't matter that she still had it.

Nelle continued that Michael didn't have to be jealous, but he countered that the ring was an heirloom that she should return to the family. "The hell I will," she shot back. She reminded him that Zach's family had accused her of murder, and the ring was all she had left of him. She concluded that the family had made her life hell, so the least they deserved was losing the ring. "I disagree," Michael replied.

Michael told Nelle that Sharon knew that Nelle still had the ring, and the woman could still hire a private investigator or a lawyer. He gently told her that it was about making the smart choice. She thought he was acting like he thought Bobbie had been right about Nelle all along. He denied her claim and informed her that he would have defended her. She countered that she was the only person she'd had to depend on for years. He wished that she would trust him, and she wished that he would trust her.

Nelle wondered who Michael believed -- her or Sharon. He admitted that he needed time to "come to terms" with her words. He turned to leave, and she sarcastically welcomed him to root through the rest of her things, as it was technically his apartment. He wanted to help her and urged her to "meet me halfway." He set the ring down on a table and left the apartment.

Alexis and Sam walked through the hospital after Sam's exam. Alexis caught sight of Dr. Bensch and wanted to talk to him. As she got closer, her heel suddenly broke, and she tumbled into his arms. An amused Sam watched the events unfold as she talked on the phone with Jason. She promised to return to Jason after she got the results of her last test.

Alexis sat on a bench as Bensch looked at her shoe. Sam approached and expressed surprise at Alexis' tumble, as she was a great dancer. Bensch thought he could make a temporary fix for the shoe and made off with it. Sam peppered Alexis with questions about the encounter, but Alexis forcefully told her daughter to "back off." She informed Sam that she wasn't ready to "get back out there." She was concerned with her own life and wanted to be alone. Sam reluctantly agreed to "butt out," but she advised Alexis not to shut out the possibility of love. Alexis agreed to consider it.

Dr. Bensch returned with the shoe and promised that it should last Alexis until she got home. Sam had to go see Jason, so Bensch said that he'd call her with her final test results. She left as Alexis successfully walked with her repaired shoe. Alexis confessed that she wasn't a dancer. Bensch wondered if she just hadn't had the right partner and proposed an outing to a dance club. When she hesitated, he realized it was probably inappropriate to ask out a patient's mother. Alexis blurted out that her ex was in jail, her father had been a "madman," and she was "currently sober." Bensch replied that those things didn't make her any less intelligent, charming, and beautiful. Alexis proposed that they skip dancing and just talk.

As Jason put his phone down, someone entered his room with a big stuffed bear and a bunch of balloons covering his face. Jason called out that the person had the wrong room until the balloons moved to reveal Franco. Jason immediately demanded to know why Franco had visited him in the ICU. When Franco played dumb, Jason quoted Franco word for word about Jason needing to wake up if he and Franco were "connected by blood." Franco claimed not to remember what he'd "rambled" about.

Jason divulged that Elizabeth and Jake had told him about the picture of Franco and the mystery child from his childhood. Franco explained that it had just been a neighborhood kid who'd moved away shortly after the picture had been taken. Franco declared that they could move on with their lives and forget their conversation. Jason agreed, but he still wanted to see the picture.

Franco stopped in his tracks. He claimed to have lost the picture, so Jason would have to deal with the fact that he could have a doppelgänger out there. He told Jason to feel better and left. He bumped into Sam in the hallway, and she wondered what he was doing there. "Ask your husband," Franco answered, and he left.

In Patient 6's empty room, Dr. Klein told someone on the phone that he needed two experienced military men "now." As he figured that the patient had had help, he found an earring on the floor. He thought he knew who had helped the patient escape.

As alarms blared, Ava asked a nurse outside her room what had happened. The nurse ordered Ava back into her room because Patient 6 had escaped. Ava smiled as she lounged on her bed, reading a magazine. She soon became annoyed at the alarm and desired a martini. She reminded herself that she would have her face back, and she would go back to Port Charles and make herself the best martini she'd ever had.

Klein entered Ava's room, and she assumed that the situation had been taken care of. "It will be soon," Klein told her cryptically. He asked her if she'd been enjoying her stay, and she commented that customer service surveys were usually done at the end of services rendered. "Exactly," he replied. He reminded her that she'd broken the rules about associating with Patient 6. He showed her the earring that he'd found in the patient's room.

Ava thanked Klein for returning her earring and tried to cover for being in Patient 6's room. Klein told her that she would face the consequences for helping Patient 6 escape. She reasoned that she'd only handed him a paper clip that he'd dropped. Klein made thinly veiled threats of not continuing her treatments, but his phone rang, and he left the room to take the call. He yelled at the caller that it had been their transport that had lost Patient 6. He promised to call with an update, and he returned to Ava's room.

Ava exclaimed that Klein couldn't stop her treatments, but he answered that she should have listened to the rules. She begged for another chance and offered to pay whatever he wanted, but he said that she'd ruined her chance by herself. She was upset about having to go home, still looking scarred. Klein remarked that he hadn't said anything about her returning home.

Patient 6 cautiously ran up a set of stairs to an alley. He encountered a priest, who wondered why he had no shoes. The patient answered that he'd had to leave, noting that the place he'd left wasn't good. He wondered if the priest knew where the nearest train station was. The priest suggested that the patient go with him to the church to get some shoes and a jacket, as he believed God had sent him there to help the stranger. Patient 6 reluctantly followed the priest.

Patient 6 followed the priest into the church, and the priest showed him to a hiding place at his request. Just then, someone entered the church, and the priest approached the man to lead him away from the patient. The man asked the priest if he could use the church to pray. The priest welcomed him there but warned the man that he had to lock up the church in a few minutes. The priest assured the man that God would send relief for his troubles, and he walked away.

As Patient 6 watched, Griffin sat down on a pew and closed his eyes to pray. The patient approached Griffin and identified himself as another American. He asked Griffin for a favor, and Griffin wanted to help. He wondered if he could use Griffin's phone to make a call. Griffin handed his phone to the patient, who hadn't seen a smartphone before. Griffin assured the patient that he could take his time, and the patient walked away with the phone.

Griffin sat back down and closed his eyes. He remembered kissing Ava and the aftermath of that kiss. He prayed to God to help him find Ava and get her back home.

After kissing Jason hello, Sam asked him why Franco had been there. He was honest with her about Franco visiting while Jason had been in the ICU and added that he was still confused about Franco's intentions. Sam's phone rang, and she answered it, telling the caller that she would be right there. She told Jason that she had to turn off her car alarm that was blaring in the garage. He told her to be careful, and she left. Just then, Jason's phone rang. He answered it to a silent Patient 6. "Who is this?" Jason demanded.

Patient 6 calls Sam, but Jason answers Patient 6 calls Sam, but Jason answers

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

At Wyndemere, Nina was working when Valentin entered the living room and surprised her with an anniversary present. Nina was touched by the gesture, but she reminded him that their anniversary wasn't for another three months. Valentin assured her that he would always cherish their wedding day, but the night he celebrated the most was the night that they had met. Nina's expression filled with love as he talked about the red dress that she'd worn when he'd seen her crawling around the hotel's hallway floor, looking for the key card to her room. Nina chuckled because she'd been drunk, but Valentin thought she'd been stunning, and he had never met a woman like her.

"Manifestly," Nina said as a smile lit up her face. Valentin frowned in confusion, so she reminded him that the night they had met he'd told her, "I know it's manifestly none of my business, but I think your ex is a tool." Valentin chuckled. Nina thanked him for opening her door that night, prompting him to thank her for inviting him in. Nina reached for the black velvet box and opened it. She was stunned when she saw an extravagant sparkling necklace of large diamond stones linked together. Valentin noticed a flash of concern cross her features and assured her that it wasn't stolen. Nina didn't deny that the thought had crossed her mind because of his past, but she promised that she believed him.

Satisfied, Valentin fastened the clasp of the necklace then assured Nina that it suited her. Nina smiled, but she felt bad that she hadn't gotten him anything. Valentin assured her that her love, forgiveness, and humor were all he needed. Valentin was grateful that Nina had returned to him, so she promised to never leave him again. Valentin and Nina kissed.

Later, Valentin and Nina snuggled on the sofa and talked about their "one-night stand." They both agreed that one-night stands received a bad rap, but Nina conceded that Valentin had been her first. Valentin was surprised, but she reminded him that her family had been uptight, and she'd been briefly married to Silas before she'd ended up in a coma for twenty years. However, she admitted that despite all of that, Valentin had been the best sex she'd ever had, and their life together was better than the one-night stand that they had shared. Valentin confessed that it had never been a one-night stand because he'd known instantly that she was special.

After Valentin and Nina made love, they cuddled on the sofa and talked about Charlotte. Valentin was eager to get back to a normal routine, and he was grateful that Nina was Charlotte's stepmother. Nina chuckled and asked if it was because she was "weird," but Valentin shook his head. He admired Nina because she was no stranger to adversity. Nina reminded Valentin that he wasn't either. He agreed, but he loved that Nina didn't have any preconceived notions about who Charlotte should be. Nina looked forward to their future because they had a lot of adventures ahead of them, and Charlotte would be a part of it all.

Valentin and Nina got dressed as their conversation turned to Lulu. Valentin warned Nina that the custody arrangement was temporary because Lulu wouldn't stop until he was out of Charlotte's life for good. Nina hated how "self-righteous" Lulu was. She understood that Lulu believed that Valentin had killed Nikolas, but Nikolas had made poor choices in life, including faking his death. Nina thought that Lulu should "suck it up" for Charlotte's sake, but Valentin reminded Nina that Lulu only saw things in black and white. Nina thought it was a mistake on Lulu's part because Valentin always put Charlotte first. It was one of the reasons that Nina had fallen in love with him.

Touched, Valentin kissed Nina. Nina picked up the necklace he'd given her and admired its beauty. Valentin was pleased that she liked it, but Nina clarified that she loved it. She suddenly noticed the time and announced that she had to get to a meeting. After Nina left, Valentin's phone rang.

In Monaco, Anna and Finn sat in the Brasserie restaurant. Anna asked if Finn was ready for his meeting with Cassandra, but he wasn't comfortable "hoodwinking" a hypochondriac into thinking that he could cure what was ailing her. Anna reminded Finn that it was a for a good cause because Cassandra fenced stolen art, antiquities, and jewels then used the money to engage in illegal dealings on the dark web. Finn argued that the "illegal dealings" could be running a puppy mill -- or anything. Anna agreed, but she promised that the WSB would have more information soon. Finn suspected that Anna was only interested in Cassandra because the real target was Valentin. Anna didn't deny it, but she thought that he had oversimplified things.

Anna explained that people's motives were complex then pointed to Valentin, who loved his daughter and appeared to be deeply devoted to his wife. Anna was certain that Valentin had convinced Nina that he had changed" However, Valentin foolishly believed that he was smarter than everyone around him. She admitted that Valentin was almost Machiavellian in his thinking because to Valentin, the end always justified the means. Anna was confident that if Valentin thought it would benefit Nina and Charlotte, then he wouldn't hesitate to get back into business with Cassandra. Finn wondered why it mattered to Anna, so she confided that she was partly responsible for how Valentin had turned out, which meant that she was partly responsible for the things he did.

Anna refused to turn a blind eye while Valentin used his talents to profit from human misery. Finn was curious what would happen if Anna learned that Valentin wasn't in cahoots with Cassandra. Anna assured him that she would settle for Cassandra. Satisfied, Finn asked how Anna had been responsible for who Valentin was, but she warned him that it wasn't any of his business. Finn let it drop when he noticed the time. Anna set a small white box on the table then explained that it was gift for Cassandra. Finn was dubious about taking it because Anna had already poisoned Cassandra, but Anna assured him that it was just herbal tea.

A short time later, Cassandra led Finn to the terrace then offered him something to drink. Finn declined, but he complimented the view. Cassandra's tone was sad as she told him that she spent a lot of time there because she was rarely well enough to leave. She seized the opportunity to ask if he had reviewed her medical file. Finn assured her that he had then admitted that he'd once been where she was. He talked about his struggle with Blackwood's syndrome and how he'd found a cure. Cassandra was impressed because she had read about the deadly illness, but she was curious why he hadn't mentioned it sooner. Finn shrugged then reiterated that he knew what she was going through.

Cassandra appreciated Finn's compassion, but she wanted to know if she would get better. Finn told her that he'd gone over her file ten times, and he knew why others had diagnosed her with hypochondria manifesting itself as physical discomfort. Cassandra assured him that she could live with "discomfort," but she couldn't handle the agony she'd been dealing with. Finn explained that her condition was deeply systemic and neurological, and it was almost impossible to pinpoint. He added that if he was correct -- and he believed that he was -- it could be three or four ailments. "Which you can treat," Cassandra added in a hopeful tone.

"No," Finn replied. He reminded Cassandra that he wasn't licensed to practice medicine in Monaco, but he could conduct all the necessary tests and begin the treatment if she returned to Port Charles with him. Cassandra balked because she couldn't uproot her business. Finn handed her a business card then invited her to call him if she changed her mind and was ever in Port Charles. After Finn left, Cassandra called Valentin to ask what he knew about the doctor.

Meanwhile, Finn returned to the restaurant to give Anna an update. Finn warned Anna that Cassandra didn't seem interested in going to Port Charles, but Anna was certain that Cassandra would reach out to Finn. Anna decided to log into the listening device that she had planted in the tea canister, but Finn admitted that he had left the gift in the taxi. Frustrated, Anna scolded him for being a bad spy, but Finn took offense because Anna had blackmailed him into helping. Anna decided to find another way to get to Cassandra, but Finn doubted they would hear from the woman again.

At the long-term care facility, Jason answered the phone. Patient 6 was on the other end and asked who Jason was, but Jason demanded to know who the caller was. Patient 6 started to speak, but the call was abruptly disconnected. Moments later, Sam entered Jason's hospital room and asked if General Hospital had called. Jason wasn't certain then told her about the strange phone call. Sam picked up her phone and checked the number. She quickly determined that the call had been from Griffin's phone; she suggested that perhaps it had been a "butt-dial."

Jason didn't think so because he recalled "Griffin" saying, "Look, I need to," before the call was cut off. Sam decided to call the hospital because she'd been waiting for her test results. A short time later, Sam ended the call then shared that she'd been told that Griffin was out of town, but her tests had been fine. Jason was elated, but Sam remained subdued. She explained that she feared that she might have messed up. She acknowledged that she'd been telling him that they needed to live a danger-free life because they had children, but she also recalled that danger made Jason tick. It had been "literally" like breathing for him.

Sam didn't want Jason to cage up that part of his soul just to make her happy because she knew that he would end up dying inside. Jason reminded Sam that he'd nearly died twice in the past five years then admitted that he'd heard her crying and his children's voices during the four weeks he'd lingered in a coma. He'd been frustrated because he hadn't been able to comfort them, and he didn't want to experience that feeling again, but Sam promised that he didn't have to change for her. Jason explained that, when he'd returned to her, he'd made a mistake by trying to pick up his life where he'd left off instead of focusing on moving forward.

Jason admitted that his old life no longer fit him. He conceded that Sonny would always be his friend, but Sonny no longer owned him. Jason insisted that his days of taking unnecessary risks were over because Sam and the children were more important. Sam recalled when they had first met; she confided he'd been the first person -- besides her brother, Danny -- to give her the benefit of the doubt. Jason had made her want to tell the truth, and he'd made her feel safe. "Sonny's enforcer," she added. Jason wondered if she wanted him to return to work for Sonny, but Sam shook her head.

Sam clarified that she didn't want Jason to deny who he was just to make her happy, but Jason assured her that he hadn't. He acknowledged that there had been a time when living on the edge had fuel him and had made him feel alive, but that was about him. Things had changed when he'd become a husband and a father. He had realized that it was time for him to be a "real man" and to honor his responsibilities. He promised that he wanted to focus on their family and enjoy what they had. Jason also vowed to always protect her.

"I want to be your man," Jason added as he pulled Sam close then entwined his fingers with hers. "Okay," Sam said, but her expression remained troubled. Later, Sam returned to the hospital room with seltzer water for Jason, but he announced that the doctor had given him the green light to go home. Sam was delighted.

In St. Petersburg, Russia, Patient 6 ended his call to Sam when he heard a door close by. He ducked out of sight just as two burly men entered the church and approached Griffin while Griffin's head was bowed in prayer. The men described Patient 6 then asked if Griffin had seen him. Griffin revealed that he had, but he claimed the man had taken off when he'd seen Griffin. The men asked what direction the patient had fled in, but Griffin admitted that he hadn't paid attention. After the two men left, Patient 6 emerged from hiding and thanked Griffin.

Patient 6 returned the phone to Griffin, so Griffin seized the opportunity to ask the patient directions to the clinic that he'd escaped from. Griffin revealed that he was looking for someone. Patient 6 gave Griffin directions then wished him luck. Grateful, Griffin handed Patient 6 money then left. Moments later, the Russian priest returned with a change of clothes and shoes for Patient 6. Patient 6 was surprised by the priest's generosity, but the priest insisted that it was his duty as a servant of God.

The priest was curious if there was anything else that he could help Patient 6 with, so Patient 6 admitted that he needed to get back home, but he didn't have a passport. The priest told Patient 6 to wait then disappeared into the back of the church. Patient 6 changed into the clothes that he'd been given then sat down to pray to God. He thanked God for getting him as far as He had then begged God to get him home to his family and to keep his family safe until he could return to them. Patient 6 ducked out of sight when he heard the doors slam closed, but the priest called out that it was safe. The priest revealed that he had a better option than a train for Patient 6 to travel on, but he was curious where Patient 6 was headed.

At the Boronsky Clinic, Ava was shocked when she realized that Dr. Klein intended to send her home without the additional facial reconstruction treatments. Dr. Klein informed Ava that he hadn't mentioned anything about Ava leaving, but Ava reminded him that he couldn't force her to stay. Dr. Klein disagreed. Ava was shocked when she realized that the doctor intended to keep her at the clinic, but Dr. Klein reminded her that she had aided and abetted Patient 6's escape. Ava argued that she'd merely given the man a paperclip and that it had been Dr. Klein's job to keep a better watch over the patient if he'd been that dangerous. Dr. Klein was unmoved, but Ava warned him that people would miss her.

Dr. Klein laughed because no one knew that Ava was there, her phone had been confiscated, and she'd provided an address that didn't exist to Customs. Dr. Klein assured Ava that she would learn to adjust to her new situation. Ava caught the doctor by surprise when she elbowed him in the stomach then made a run for the door, but an orderly blocked her exit and forced her back into the room. Dr. Klein was furious and vowed that Ava would pay for what she had done. Ava reminded the doctor that Valentin knew where she was, and she claimed that they were good friends, but Dr. Klein told her that Valentin was the least of his worries.

According to Dr. Klein, it was about survival -- his survival. Alarmed, Ava asked what he intended to do. She feared that he might kill her, but Dr. Klein reminded her that he was a doctor, not a murderer. Ava was horrified when she realized that he intended to drug her the way that he had Patient 6. Desperate, Ava begged him to reconsider, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as the doctor left. The orderly locked the door then stood guard in the hallway. Ava frantically searched for an exit, but she was trapped.

A short time later, Dr. Klein returned. He held a syringe as he slowly advanced on Ava. Ava tried to escape, but he caught her then threw her down on the bed. The doctor was about to inject Ava, but Griffin appeared out of nowhere, overpowered the doctor, then shoved the syringe in the man's arm. Dr. Klein collapsed as Ava looked at Griffin with shock. Griffin asked if she was okay. "I am now," Ava answered.

Griffin rescues Ava and takes her back home Griffin rescues Ava and takes her back home> Griffin rescues Ava and takes her back home Griffin rescues Ava and takes her back home

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin was surprised that Cassandra had called him because it had been years since they'd spoken, and he was even more curious how her path had crossed with Dr. Finn's. Cassandra explained that she'd encountered the doctor while he'd been on vacation in Monte Carlo, and Finn had rushed to her rescue and saved her life. Valentin seemed unconcerned about the details and reminded Cassandra that their association was over. He tried to end the call, but she argued that they had a matter of "mutual interest" to discuss. Valentin disagreed because what they had once shared was long over.

Outside, Laura stopped on Valentin's doorstep, pulled a gun out of her purse, and checked the chamber. She returned the gun to her purse then knocked. Moments later, Valentin opened the door. He was startled to see Laura, but she quietly asked if she could enter. Valentin invited her inside then followed her to the living room and asked if she wanted something to drink. Laura coldly declined because she didn't want anything from Valentin.

Valentin poured a drink as Laura revealed that she had heard from Lulu that he had bought Ava's silence with a "miracle restoration." Valentin smiled smugly as he assured Laura that he'd merely referred Ava to the clinic that had performed his surgeries. Laura angrily accused him of taking advantage of a vulnerable woman who had suffered from a disfigurement, but Valentin countered that he had forgotten more about pain and disfigurement than Laura could ever hope to learn. "And yet, you were still willing to use that against Ava to manipulate her," Laura shot back. Valentin ignored the accusation and asked if Lulu had mentioned that he and Lulu had agreed on joint custody, but Laura's anger mounted because he'd forced Lulu to settle.

"You murdered my son, you left Spencer an orphan," Laura said as she reached into her purse. "And now, I think it's time I got revenge for all of it," she added as she aimed the gun at Valentin. Valentin's eyes rounded with surprise. He carefully put his glass on the table as he assured Laura that she had his attention. Laura demanded that he fix things with Ava, but Valentin insisted that it was impossible because Ava had retracted her statement and had left the country. He had no idea when Ava would be back, so the lawsuit was dead in the water.

Laura assured Valentin that they would move forward with the lawsuit, with or without Ava's testimony, but Valentin warned her that she would be putting Spencer through unnecessary pain because she couldn't even prove that Nikolas was dead. Laura argued that she knew her son was dead, and she knew that Valentin had killed him. She was outraged that he hadn't paid for it, but she advised him to think again if he thought he'd been home free. "Is this how it felt when you held a gun on my son?" she asked. Valentin tensed when she cocked the gun then suggested that he finally felt what Nikolas had experienced when he'd been looking down the barrel of Valentin's gun.

Laura pulled the trigger, but it took Valentin a second to realize that the gun hadn't been loaded. Stunned, Valentin assured Laura that she was lucky that she hadn't shot him, but Laura wasn't intimidated because she'd been tempted to load the gun with bullets. Valentin warned her that it had been dangerous to confront a man with his considerable skills with an unloaded gun, but Laura thought it had been worth the risk because she had wanted Valentin to know what Nikolas had felt like before Valentin had killed him. Laura reminded Valentin that he wasn't invincible or invulnerable, but he denied ever claiming to be either of those things. Laura shifted gears because she wanted to know what had been going through his mind when he'd thought it was over. She was curious which god he had prayed to -- if he had prayed.

Valentin admitted that he never prayed to anyone for anything, but if his life had flashed before his eyes, he would have some regrets. Laura doubted that killing her son or getting away with it was among them, but Valentin confessed that he regretted the encounter because it had turned out that violence hadn't been necessary, since Mikkos had left everything to Valentin. "You bastard," Laura angrily said. "Yeah, I know," Valentin replied with equal vehemence. He realized that Laura had meant the accusation as an insult, but in his case, it had been the truth. Laura laughed because Valentin wouldn't know the truth if it bit him. However, she was confident that Nina would soon realize who Valentin really was and that, one day, Charlotte would as well.

Valentin reminded Laura of his custody arrangement with Lulu, but Laura insisted that he had forced her daughter. Valentin argued that he hadn't held a gun to Lulu then coldly advised Laura not to deny what she had done. He hinted that the encounter had been recorded on a surveillance camera, but Laura was certain it was a bluff. Valentin stood his ground and vowed to take Charlotte away from Lulu if Laura tried to pull a similar stunt again. He assured Laura that she and her "bubblehead" daughter would lose in court. Laura started to leave, but she stopped in the doorway because she wanted to tell him something about his family. "You mean our family," Valentin argued.

Laura revealed that his stepmother had once put a curse on her. Valentin smiled because it sounded like something Helena would do, but he was curious if Laura believed in curses. Laura didn't, but she explained that a person didn't have to believe for Helena's curses to work because Helena had been able to make things happen. However, knowing that Helena had had a vendetta against Laura and her family had been enough. Laura admitted that Helena had tortured them for years, so Valentin pointed out that it was a good thing that Helena was gone. Laura agreed because she had thought the curse had been broken, but then Valentin had surfaced.

Valentin assured Laura that curses were like prophecies and gods -- they only had as much power as one gave them. He didn't believe in either, but Laura explained that a person didn't have to believe in the supernatural to understand evil. She explained that it was a sickness of the mind that manifested itself through the things people did and put out in the world. Valentin wondered if she intended to lecture him about karma because he didn't believe in that either. Laura wasn't surprised, but she warned him that karma worked, whether he believed or not. Laura invited him to enjoy his little victory, but she doubted that he'd ever have peace of mind because he would always be looking over his shoulder, wondering when his past would catch up with him.

Valentin was rattled as he watched Laura leave. He followed her to the door then slammed it shut.

In Monaco, Finn and Anna sat in a restaurant. Anna sipped a glass of expensive wine that she had charged to the WSB while Finn poured himself a glass of sparkling water. He grumbled about having to play spy games with Anna even though Cassandra had made it clear that she wasn't interested in leaving Monte Carlo. Anna was confident that Cassandra would have a change of heart again, but Finn wondered if Anna had a backup plan because he wanted to know when his obligation to Anna would end. Anna couldn't understand why Finn was complaining because she'd given him an adventure, but he insisted that he preferred to be at home with his bearded dragon because Roxy was a service pet. He realized that Anna might not understand, but he was able to talk to Roxy.

The conversation turned to Anna and her friendships. Anna admitted that her line of work had made emotional attachments difficult because the people she cared about could be used as pawns against her. Moments later, Anna's phone chimed with a text message. Finn wondered if it was her boss and what kind of progress report she intended to give, but Anna smiled because it was a text message from her daughter. Finn was curious if Robin had been one of the "attachments" that she had referred to. Anna was focused on the text message and didn't pick up the tightness in Finn's expression as she told him about Robin's newborn son, Noah Robert.

Anna revealed that her grandson had been named after both of his grandfathers, but she thought Noah was more like Robert. Finn's tension mounted when Anna told him that she hadn't told Robert about the baby when she'd found out that she'd been pregnant, and she'd given Robin to a friend to raise to keep Robin safe. Anna regretted that she'd only been able to visit Robin occasionally during her daughter's early years and that Robin had only known Anna as a family friend. However, she was grateful that she'd been given a second chance to make up for lost time. Furious, Finn told her that it was impossible to make up for abandoning the people she loved.

Anna was offended because Finn had no idea what it had taken for her to leave Robin. She insisted that she hadn't had a choice, but Finn blasted her for abandoning her child and not telling the child's father. Finn stormed out of the restaurant as Anna realized that he'd been thinking about Hayden and the baby they had lost. Anna followed Finn and found him on the sidewalk. He wiped away tears as she tried to comfort him. Finn apologized for his outburst, but he admitted that he had looked forward to holding his baby. Finn confided that a part of him wondered if he could have saved the baby if Hayden hadn't run away.

Anna acknowledged that it might sound hypocritical, but she believed that sometimes a person had to accept that things weren't in their control. Finn smiled then suggested that Anna was only being nice because she needed his help. He assured her that she needn't worry because he would continue to work with her. Anna regretted her insensitive words, but Finn insisted that it had been wrong of him to judge her for leaving her daughter. He was certain that she'd done her best.

Anna smiled then decided to call it a night, but Finn had another idea. He pointed out that they should try to keep up the appearance of being on vacation. Anna grinned when Finn suggested that they return to the hotel, get dressed up, and hit the casinos.

At Cassandra's residence, her bodyguard poured a drink then handed it to her, but she wasn't in the mood for pretenses and told him to get a glass for himself. The bodyguard retrieved a glass then sat down as Cassandra talked about Finn's proposition. The bodyguard didn't think it was a good idea for Cassandra to leave Monte Carlo, but she argued that she couldn't be cured if she stayed. Cassandra decided that she wanted to know more about Finn's traveling companion because she thought it had been odd that he hadn't said anything about the woman who had accompanied him to Monaco. The bodyguard suggested that the woman and the doctor were simply friends, but Cassandra scoffed. She explained that friendships between men and women were like unicorns; they had heard of them, but no one had seen one.

The bodyguard wondered if Cassandra considered him a friend. "Yes -- a well-paid one," Cassandra answered. She explained that she was trying to figure out if Finn's silence about his companion implied a lack of involvement or a secret. The bodyguard urged Cassandra to drop it, but she refused to ignore a chance to be cured. The bodyguard reminded her that none of the other doctors had been able to help her, but Cassandra insisted that Finn was a brilliant doctor. The bodyguard was skeptical, especially since she had a history of mixing business with pleasure. "This time will be different," Cassandra promised.

Later, Cassandra called Valentin. He was not pleased to hear from her again, but she explained that she had wanted to let him know that she had decided to take Finn up on his offer by seeking treatment in Port Charles.

At the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava paced her room until Griffin returned. He revealed that he'd taken Dr. Klein to the next room and had tucked the doctor into bed. Griffin was confident that the doctor would remain knocked out for hours. Relieved, Ava shifted gears and asked how Griffin had found her. Griffin checked the door's window as he mentioned that he'd met a man at a nearby church. After Griffin was assured that the coast was clear, he called out to Ava because it was time for them to leave. Ava thought it was a miracle that he'd shown up in time to save her from Dr. Klein's diabolical intentions, prompting Griffin to ask what he had walked in on.

Ava explained that the doctor had intended to punish her for helping a patient to escape. "Light hair, blue eyes?" Griffin asked. Ava was surprised by the accurate description of Patient 6 until she realized that Griffin had encountered the man at the church. She asked if Patient 6 was okay, so Griffin assured her that he had been fine. Ava was pleased, but Griffin reminded her that they had to leave. Ava argued that they couldn't go anywhere without her papers, which were locked in an office down the hall. She was impressed when Griffin produced Dr. Klein's key card, which he'd taken from the doctor. "Maybe there's hope for you yet," Ava teased as she took the card then slipped into the hallway.

A short time later, Ava returned with her phone and passport. Griffin was ready to leave, but Ava explained that they would have a much better chance of escaping if they walked out of the clinic as if nothing was wrong rather than sneaking out. Griffin warned her that he'd used his medical credentials to gain access to the clinic. Ava thought it was to their advantage that the staff thought he was there to consult on a case because he could claim that she was his patient and that he was taking her home. Griffin reluctantly agreed to go along with Ava's plan.

Later, Ava and Griffin settled on a plane bound for New York. Griffin was relieved that Ava's plan had worked, so Ava decided to celebrate with a drink. Griffin assured her that she had earned it, but Ava's smile vanished when a flight attendant announced that the flight had been delayed because of a security issue. Ava grabbed Griffin's hand, but her fears were for nothing because the issue was quickly resolved, and the flight was cleared for takeoff. Ava took a sip of her drink, prompting Griffin to ask what had transpired at the clinic. Ava wasn't ready to talk about it, but she was curious why he had tracked her down.

Elsewhere in St. Petersburg, Patient 6 stood in a church and assured the priest that he had money to pay for a train ticket, but the priest thought that Patient 6 had a better chance of traveling, without papers, to America on a ship. The priest introduced Patient 6 to a cargo ship's captain who had agreed to give passage to Patient 6. Patient 6 offered to pay, but the priest assured him that it wasn't necessary because they were doing it out of kindness. Patient 6 wanted the priest to have the money, but the priest declined because he suspected that the patient had a greater need for it.

Moments later, men pounded on the church doors then demanded entrance. They explained that they were looking for an escaped mental patient. The priest urged Patient 6 to leave, but Patient 6 worried that the men would tear up the church, looking for him, then turn their attention on the priest when they failed to find him. The priest refused to have any violence in his church and made it clear that he wanted Patient 6 to leave with the ship's captain. Reluctantly, Patient 6 left. The priest opened the doors then invited the two men to look for the patient.

Later, the ship's captain led Patient 6 to a storage room in the hull of the ship. He instructed Patient 6 to remain out of sight. Patient 6 agreed, but he was curious where in America the ship was headed. "New York," the captain answered. After the captain left, Patient 6 listened at the door. Seconds later, a man silently approached from behind then attacked, but Patient 6 avoided a blow to the head as he sprang into action to defend himself.

Josslyn offers to help Oscar find his father Josslyn offers to help Oscar find his father

Thursday, October 5, 2017

At Curtis' apartment, Jordan was getting dressed as Curtis walked up behind her, slid his arms around her waist, and nuzzled her neck. Jordan smiled, but she reminded him that she had promised to pick up dinner earlier. Curtis assured Jordan that they had a few hours because Stella had mentioned making life changes when she'd left. Jordan hoped that it meant that Stella intended to return to Baltimore, but Curtis admitted that it didn't matter because, either way, they wouldn't be interrupted. Jordan smiled as he picked her up then carried her to the sofa and passionately kissed her.

Moments later, Stella arrived home. Jordan quickly sat up and began to straighten her clothes as Stella closed the door. Stella assured Jordan that Jordan needn't rush to leave on her account because Stella had news. Curtis and Jordan were stunned when Stella revealed that the hospital had had an opening for a social worker, so Stella had applied for the position and had been hired earlier that morning after her second job interview. Curtis congratulated his aunt, so Stella assured him that she would find a new place soon because she didn't want to get in the way of Curtis and Jordan carrying on like "Adam and Eve" at all hours of the day and night.

Jordan decided that it was her cue to leave. She congratulated Stella then added that she was certain that T.J. would be happy to hear the news. After Jordan left, Stella reached into a bag and pulled out a bottle of whiskey that she had picked up to celebrate. Curtis fetched two tumblers. As they sipped the whiskey, Curtis expressed his hope that Stella's new job would lead to new friendships and possibly a new romance, but Stella insisted that she'd already had the great love of her life. "Marcus?" Curtis asked. Stella nodded as she confessed that there would never be another man for her like her ex-fiancé.

Curtis acknowledged that Stella had sacrificed a lot to help raise him and his brother, but Stella cut him off because she didn't want him to feel bad. Stella had only mentioned Marcus because she'd wanted Curtis to understand that no man could measure up to Marcus. Curtis wondered if Stella had seen or talked to Marcus, but she shook her head. Concerned, he explained that people tended to elevate their loved ones to hero status when they weren't around, and only focus on the good things about them. Stella chuckled because Marcus had had his faults, but it hadn't changed how she had felt about him. Curtis asked his aunt to at least keep an open mind because he wanted Stella to get her "groove" back. Stella burst out laughing.

Outside the police station, Maxie asked Nathan to call when his shift ended because she planned to pick him up, since his car was in the shop. Nathan reminded her that he could be stuck at work late into the night or until the early morning hours, but Maxie didn't care because she had gotten used to sleeping next to him. Nathan smiled as he and Maxie entered the building, but his happiness faded when the desk sergeant greeted Nathan as "Man Landers" then asked what Nathan wanted him to do with all the women who were dying to meet Nathan. Nathan frowned when he noticed that his desk was covered with flowers, stuffed animals, and balloons. A woman approached Nathan and handed him a plate of baked goods that she had made for him to show her appreciation for how he'd helped men across the world become better lovers, partners, and husbands.

The woman insisted that Nathan was "God's gift to women." After the woman left, Nathan admitted that he was not happy with the attention. He revealed that Jordan had called him earlier to ask what time his shift started, so he suspected that Jordan intended to fire him. Maxie felt responsible because Spinelli had jumped to the wrong conclusion, but Nathan reminded her that it had been Nathan's decision to tell the world that he was Man Landers. Maxie assured Nathan that she loved him then scooped up the stuffed animals on his desk.

Nathan suggested that Maxie take the items to the hospital for the kids in Pediatrics. Maxie smiled and told her husband that she was proud of him for helping Amy and Chet. She reminded him to call her when his shift was over then left. Moments later, Jordan arrived and asked to speak to Nathan privately. Nathan followed Jordan to the interrogation room. He assured her that he wouldn't let the Man Landers stuff interfere with his work. Jordan wished he'd told her sooner, but she had no intention of firing him, because he was one of her best detectives.

Nathan was relieved, but he was curious why Jordan had wanted to talk to him. Jordan smiled sheepishly then explained that she had a problem with her boyfriend's aunt, which she had hoped Nathan could help her fix. Jordan revealed that Curtis had made it clear to his aunt that he and Jordan were in love, but Stella couldn't stand the idea of Curtis dating Jordan. Nathan was curious if Stella had a partner or spouse, but Jordan shook her head and explained that Stella had ended her engagement to help raise Curtis and his brother. Nathan suggested that Stella might be grieving the sacrifice that she had made -- or she was afraid to love again. Jordan was impressed because Nathan had managed to make her feel sorry for Curtis' aunt.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Amy apologized for being late, but she assured Maxie that the gifts had been well received by the children in Pediatrics. Maxie gave Nathan all the credit because it had been his idea. Amy was curious how Maxie and Nathan had been adjusting to things, but both women glanced at their phones when each phone chimed. Amy was excited by the social media response to Nathan's reveal, but Maxie was curious if it bothered Amy that Nathan had received all the fame and accolades for Amy's work. Amy assured Maxie that things had turned out better than she could have imagined then asked what it was like to be married to the man that everyone adored. "It's a blast," Maxie replied in a sarcastic tone.

Amy imagined that it was a change for someone like Maxie, who'd been accustomed to being in the limelight since school. Maxie frowned and asked what Amy was talking about, but Amy insisted that Maxie had been the most popular girl in school. Maxie disagreed; she'd been an outcast because of her heart transplant. Amy laughed, but Maxie insisted that she had struggled a lot because she'd always been expected to be perfect at everything, including her appearance, even though people had talked about her behind her back. Amy argued that Maxie had succeeded at it brilliantly then suggested that Maxie couldn't stand that Nathan was getting all the attention. Maxie denied it and promised that she was thrilled with Nathan's success. Amy was skeptical, so she advised Maxie to get back to work, which would raise Maxie's self-esteem. She pleaded with Maxie not to do anything impulsive because it would defeat everything that Nathan had done -- and was trying to do.

At the bar, Sonny complimented Carly, but she laughed. She appreciated the compliment, but she knew that her husband had an ulterior motive. Sonny admitted that what he had to tell her had the potential to be a "game-changer," and they were about to find out because he had asked Brick to stop by to give him an update on the call to Sonny's private line. Carly was confused because she recalled that the call had been from Russia, so Sonny explained that he wanted to know who had placed the call. Carly looked forward to seeing Brick, but Sonny was leery because she always flirted with his private investigator. Carly smiled and reminded Sonny that Brick flirted with her.

Just then, Josslyn and Oscar arrived, followed by Josslyn's bodyguard. Sonny and Carly greeted the teens then asked what their plans were for the evening. Josslyn explained that she and Oscar had decided to attend the high school football game, but Josslyn didn't want her bodyguard to tag along. She assured Carly and Sonny that she would be safe at the game, but Carly refused to let Josslyn go anywhere without the bodyguard. Sonny explained that it was for Josslyn's own safety, but Josslyn doubted that any of Sonny's enemies would go after her. Sonny agreed that the possibility was remote, but he didn't want to risk it.

Josslyn let the matter drop when Oscar sided with Sonny. Carly asked to take a picture of Josslyn and Oscar before they left, so Josslyn reluctantly posed. Carly snapped a picture with her phone then offered to send the picture to Oscar's mother. Oscar appreciated the offer, but he and Josslyn had to leave to make it in time for the kickoff. After Josslyn and Oscar left, Sonny applauded Carly for her smooth attempt to talk to Oscar's mother. Carly pointed out that she would have to meet the woman soon, but she worried that Oscar's mother might object to Oscar dating a crime lord's stepdaughter. Carly was determined to win Oscar's mother over if she had an issue with who Sonny was.

A short time later, Carly happily greeted Brick. Sonny grumbled as Brick and Carly shamelessly flirted with each other. Brick grinned and bragged that it was a perk of the job, but Sonny wanted to know if there had been progress on the call from Russia. Carly handed Brick a drink then sat down next to Sonny as Brick revealed that he had traced the call to a cell phone, but he couldn't find a name attached to the account because the bill had been paid by a Swiss bank. Brick had checked the outgoing numbers of the cell phone, but they had been to various private numbers around Europe, England, and Manhattan, each linked to wealthy people. Sonny told Brick and Carly about his conversation with Griffin and the possibility that Ava had called Sonny, but Carly wondered how Ava had gotten ahold of Sonny's private number until she realized that Morgan might have given it to Ava.

Sonny and Brick decided that Ava had borrowed her plastic surgeon's phone. Sonny didn't care about the rest because he was certain that Ava had been playing one of her games. Brick started to leave, but Carly admitted that she had a favor to ask. She wanted Brick to do a deep background check and surveillance on her son's girlfriend, but Sonny objected because they needed to let Michael figure things out for himself. Frustrated, Carly agreed to wait. After Brick left, Carly conceded that Sonny had been right about Michael, but she still wanted a dossier on Nelle.

Sonny wasn't surprised because Carly couldn't stop herself from meddling in her children's lives. He wondered if her next step was to have Brick follow Oscar. Defeated, Carly admitted that he was right, but Sonny acknowledged that he knew she was overprotective because of what had happened to Morgan. Carly suspected that Ava had called Sonny on the pretext of checking on Avery, hoping that eventually Sonny and Carly would forget what Ava had done to their son. Sonny assured Carly that it would never happen.

Outside Perks, Josslyn's bodyguard sat a few tables away from Josslyn and Oscar as Josslyn apologized for dragging Oscar away from the football game. She admitted that she didn't like football, after all. Oscar assured Josslyn that it was fine because he wasn't a fan either. Josslyn hoped that her mother and Sonny wouldn't be mad that they had left, but Oscar was confident that there wouldn't be a problem. Josslyn smiled then mentioned her father, who checked in with her every day.

Oscar thought it was sweet, but Josslyn sensed longing in his tone. She quietly asked if he missed his father, but Oscar explained that it was impossible for him to miss something that he'd never had. He admitted that he didn't know anything about his father, not even the man's name. Oscar shared that it had always upset his mother when he had asked about his father, so he had stopped asking because his mother worked hard, and Oscar hated hurting her. Oscar added that it would be impossible to find his father without his mother, but Josslyn disagreed.

Oscar admitted that he had reservations about finding his father because his father might be angry that his mother hadn't told him about Oscar, or his father might have another family and want nothing to do with Oscar. Josslyn insisted that Oscar's father would be lucky to have a son like Oscar. She was curious if he would be interested in finding his father if it was possible.

On a flight bound for New York, Griffin admitted that he had felt responsible for Ava's decision to seek plastic surgery in Russia because he knew that she'd been upset about what had happened between them. Griffin regretted the reckless way he'd sent out mixed signals, which was why he'd been determined to find her. Ava smiled because he had taken "Catholic guilt" to a whole new level. Griffin agreed, but he confessed that it hadn't been the only reason that he'd been determined to find her. He explained that he cared about her, and he didn't want to lose her, but he could only offer her friendship.

Ava was disappointed, but friendship would be enough. Griffin asked if he'd been right about her reason for seeking treatment in Russia, so she confirmed that he had been -- at first. She explained that his interest in her had given her hope that she could be the woman she'd once been, but she'd become fixated on the idea after his rejection. However, healing her face hadn't been the same as healing herself. Ava wanted to be held and loved, but her insides were mangled up, and she had to heal that part of herself first.

Griffin pointed out that Ava had risked her own life to save a stranger. Ava chuckled because she had ruined any chance that she might have had of having her face restored, but she promised that it was okay because she would just have to find a way to accept the "new me." She waved at the bandaged side of her face as she added, "Take it or leave it." Griffin insisted that helping the patient had been selfless, but he was curious if she had put herself in danger because she had wanted to help the man or because she'd given up and didn't care what happened to her. Ava explained that initially she'd been intrigued by the mystery patient with dark glasses and a restraint on his face, but she had decided to help Patient 6 when she'd realized that the doctors had been pumping him with enough drugs "to stop a rhino."

Ava cautioned Griffin not to be impressed because she'd only gotten Patient 6 to write down a telephone number, which she had ended up giving to Dr. Klein when the doctor had confronted her about giving the patient a pen. Later, Ava had merely given Patient 6 a paperclip, which he had ultimately used to escape. Griffin thought it had been courageous of Ava because she had saved a man and herself by doing it. Griffin decided that it had been divine intervention that he'd encountered Patient 6 at the church, but Ava was curious what had made Griffin start his search in St. Petersburg. Griffin told her about his decision to ask Sonny for help and how he'd put the pieces together when he had overheard Sonny and Brick talking about a call from Russia.

Ava suspected that Patient 6 had called Sonny because she recalled the phone number that he'd given her had had a Port Charles area code. She also remembered how certain Patient 6 had been that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to rescue him, which made her wonder what Sonny's connection to Patient 6 was. She shifted gears and praised Griffin for standing up to Sonny. Griffin smiled then advised her to get some rest. He promised to call Kiki when they landed. Ava thanked him for everything then closed her eyes.

Later, Griffin gently tucked a strand of hair behind Ava's ear. She smiled then opened her eyes as she revealed that she'd been dreaming about her daughters. Ava couldn't wait to see them. Griffin was certain that they would be proud of her when they learned about how she had helped Patient 6. Ava decided that some of Griffin's goodness had rubbed off on her. Her eyes drifted closed as she rested her had against his shoulder.

Nelle and Michael are still at odds Nelle and Michael are still at odds

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sam and Jason arrived home after Jason's release from the hospital. The first thing he saw was a big welcome home sign from his children. "You always find your way back to your family," Sam told him. The kids were not home, so the couple headed upstairs and made love. Afterwards, they joked about Jason's next move, as they didn't think his skill set could be put on a résumé. Jason admitted that he had been thinking of a career before he'd been shot. He didn't want to jinx it, so he refused to disclose anything to Sam until he was ready. She left to pick up some food, and he placed a phone call to Julian in prison.

At Wyndemere, Charlotte's four parents spoke to her about their shared custody agreement. Charlotte was most concerned about Santa being able to find her, but they assured her that he would know where she might be. Lulu suggested the little girl get ready for Bobbie's party, and after she left, all of the adults let their guards down. They hated being civil in front of their daughter. They proceeded to argue over holiday plans. Nina and Valentin had a two-day bash planned, while Lulu and Dante expected her to be with them. They agreed to table the discussion.

Valentin mentioned the fact that Laura had held a gun on him, and Lulu was shocked. He threatened to call social services if it happened again. Charlotte returned, and she left the house with the Falconeris. Nina was horrified and angry that her husband hadn't told her about Laura and the gun, but he explained that the gun hadn't been loaded. Valentin received a phone call.

Carly toasted her mother at the Metro Court restaurant reception, but Carly was annoyed that Michael was missing. Downstairs in the Crimson office, Michael surprised Nelle at work. Things were awkward between them, but he invited her to Bobbie's celebration in the restaurant. Nelle replied that her refusal had more to do with Michael than with Bobbie. She was still angry at him for judging her and for his comments regarding her ring. Michael insisted that he didn't believe the Grant family's accusations about her.

Nelle added that she couldn't be with someone who didn't trust her, but Michael insisted that he did. He thought it would be perfect if they could just agree to disagree on things, and he invited her to the party again. Again Nelle declined, citing work. Michael thought that she should interact more with his family, but Nelle told him that she wasn't up to it. She urged him to go without her so they wouldn't blame her for his non-appearance.

At the reception, Bobbie and Laura chatted. Valerie admitted that she had seen some adoption pamphlets when she'd had dinner with Lucas and Brad. Bobbie was thrilled. She also admired Laura for interacting with Valentin. Michael arrived, and the family was thrilled to see him, especially Carly and Sonny. Michael advised them that Nelle had insisted he attend without her. She was more supportive than they'd thought, he added.

Charlotte, Lulu, and Dante arrived. Laura asked Lulu about her meeting with Valentin. Lulu replied that it had been intense, but no one had pulled a gun. Laura looked embarrassed and was apologetic as she explained that she'd wanted Valentin to feel the same terror that Nikolas had felt. Lulu reminded her mother that Valentin was in control, and they had to play nice. Nothing would change unless a miracle happened with the civil suit.

Nina arrived at work in a bad mood and asked Nelle to go up to the restaurant to get her some coffee. Nelle suggested Perks instead, and Nina wondered why Nelle didn't want to just go upstairs. Nelle complained about Michael's family, and Nina revealed that she'd had a similar situation. She had ended up receiving help from friends who'd believed in her, including Maxie. Nina shared that one should never act like people were judging them, and then the people would stop. Caffeine would be handy, too, she added.

Nelle headed upstairs to buy the coffee, and Michael spotted her immediately. He suggested that she stop at their table to say hello but regretted it when Bobbie said something rude to her. Nelle walked away, and Carly admonished her mother for her remarks. Michael followed Nelle and tried to smooth things over. Nelle pointed out that his family wasn't any different from the Grants, and he couldn't fix things. Charlotte shared pictures she'd drawn for both Bobbie and Lulu. She pointed out her big happy family with all of her parents to Lulu.

After many hours of travel, Ava and Griffin finally arrived at General Hospital. He wanted her to see a specialist, and they confirmed the appointment. Griffin commended Ava again on helping Patient 6. Ava admitted that she had heard Nikolas' voice in her head. He had saved her from a man named Huxley Lynch, and she had vowed to repay him by being a better person. She had sold him out to "fix my face." She appreciated all of Griffin's help, but she snapped that their affiliation had concluded.

Ava apologized quickly and noted that she couldn't repay Griffin for his rescue and for getting her out of the house. She could see that it was a friendship, and she hadn't seen it before, as she'd never had a lot of friends. Griffin responded that he'd never thought he would be misinterpreted. She meant a lot to him, and he wanted to continue their friendship. He flashed back to their kiss.

Ava went off to see the specialist, who was amazed at her appearance. She picked up a mirror after the doctor left, and she was surprised. She would have only needed one more treatment, and she would have been back to normal, she grumbled. Valentin knocked on the door and walked in. He noted that he had expected Ava's face to be better than it looked but she reminded him that she'd had to run for her life. Valentin placed the blame on Ava, who announced that she would be able to tell the truth about Nikolas.

Valentin reminded Ava that she would have changed her story twice, and her word would appear meaningless. He thought that she should be showing him some gratitude instead for her greatly improved appearance. Ava raised her arm to slap him but he grabbed her wrist. Griffin stormed in and ordered Valentin to get away from Ava and to leave. Valentin replied that Ava had started it, and he told her that it was too bad she couldn't get her procedure finished. He left, and Ava began to cry. Griffin put his arms around her.

Ava had thought she could change her testimony and fix things, she admitted to Griffin. She was annoyed that Griffin continued to show positivity, but he still had faith in her.

Patient 6 exercised in his hiding space on the ship. Suddenly, a man began to moan. He was tied to the chair and couldn't remember how he'd gotten there. He demanded to be released, but Patient 6 explained that he couldn't untie the man, as he'd attacked Patient 6 with an iron pipe. The man apologized. He thought that Patient 6 had been one of the nasty men he'd been trying to avoid after a failed business endeavor.

The man introduced himself as Huxley Lynch and made some references to current events that Patient 6 didn't understand. The Brit figured that Patient 6 had been living under a rock and might be unknowledgeable due to being an American. Patient 6 agreed that the man could temporarily stretch. Lynch begged for permanent freedom, but Patient 6 was loath to trust him. Lynch suggested that his captor look into his bag and help himself.

Patient 6 picked up the newspaper from inside Lynch's bag. He was shocked to see the date on it and asked if it could be correct. Lynch joked that the paper was a week old, but Patient 6 could barely believe it. "Are you telling me it's 2017?" he asked incredulously.

Valentin showed up at Nina's office with a bouquet of flowers. He confessed that he didn't think they'd lose Charlotte.

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