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Nelle's attempt to blackmail Valentin blew up in her face. Valentin agreed to help Anna take Cassandra down. Amy's brother overdosed on pain pills. Jordan shared the results of the DNA tests on Jason and Patient 6.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 6, 2017 on GH
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Anna asks Valentin for help Anna asks Valentin for help

Monday, November 6, 2017

Anna arrived home after a run but sensed that someone was hiding in her house. She pulled a gun and was startled to see Valentin holding a cup of tea. He declared that he had returned the favor of breaking in after all the times she'd broken into his house. Valentin remarked that he had merely picked the lock. Anna replied that she had every right to shoot him for being a trespasser, and she had no business with him. Valentin pointed out that there was no forced entry, and he even had a cup of tea. He asked about her relationship with Finn.

An annoyed Anna informed Valentin that her relationship was none of his business. He thought that maybe the entire relationship was a "performance" in an effort to get to him. Anna pronounced Valentin as narcissistic, but he felt that it wasn't a coincidence that Finn had been treating Cassandra. Anna was fully aware of his past with the woman, Valentin added.

Anna denied Valentin's accusations but he was disappointed. He thought that he and Anna had reached an understanding of sorts. Anna ordered him to leave but stopped him before he did. She thought they should be honest with each other, and she admitted that she knew of his past with Cassandra. She knew of Valentin's past endeavors as a jewel ring thief. Valentin quickly reminded her that he'd never been charged. Anna announced that she was certain that Cassandra's newest endeavor involved synthetic opioids. "She may have invited me to join that operation," Valentin declared.

Valentin further stated that he had been many things, but he would never take part in an operation that involved drugs. Anna suggested he prove it. Valentin retorted that he didn't have to as he was looking at it through the eyes of a father. He would never want those drugs around. Anna had an idea. She thought he should go to Cassandra and tell her that he would join her operation. He could be a spy, Anna concluded. Valentin gave her a little smile.

Jason and Sam snuggled on the sofa at home. Jason realized that Sam was having a difficult time with the situation with Patient 6, and he promised to figure things out. He was her husband, and the other man was a fraud. Sam agreed that she loved Jason, but he wanted to hear her say, "I know you're Jason Morgan." It hurt him that Sonny and Carly didn't believe him, but he was Danny and Scout's father. Sam began to cry, but they were interrupted when Jason received a phone call from Curtis.

As Jason spoke to Curtis, Sam had a flashback to her visit with Patient 6 in the hospital. Jason concluded his phone call and informed his wife that he had asked Curtis to investigate their mystery man. Curtis would send him some photos on the phone.

Jason and Sam looked at the first photo that was a shot of Franco's drawing of Patient 6, the man with Jason's old face. The second photo was of Andrew Moore's death certificate. They noticed that the boy's birthdate was the same as Jason's.

At General Hospital, Scott ran into Alexis and followed her as she attempted to get onto the elevator. He informed her that Julian had been beaten up and was in big trouble. Julian had been "lucky this time," but it wasn't his first fight, Scott said. Alexis asked about protection, and Scott shared that he had been attempting to get Julian moved. He wanted Alexis to talk to Julian to tell him to stay away from those who were after him.

Scott admitted that he was concerned about Julian, but Alexis reminded him that Julian had always done what he wanted to do. Alexis suggested that Scott call Ava instead, but Scott believed that Alexis was the one who might keep Julian safe.

Franco attempted to reach Elizabeth on the phone as he wandered through the hospital, looking for her. He stopped at his office and noticed that someone had been inside. Diane walked in to tell Franco that she was representing Patient 6, who had hit Franco in a "momentary outburst of rage." The man had had no idea about Franco's previous diagnosis, and she thought that Franco should be willing to drop the charges against the man who only recalled Franco harming members of his family.

Franco noted that the man was an impostor, and he didn't care about the man with Jason's old face. Franco ordered her to leave, and again, Diane asked him to drop the charges. She threatened to drag Franco's "ugly past" out in the open. She left, and Franco continued to look around. He noticed that his desk drawer was open, and his sketchbook was not in its original position.

Franco attempted to reach Elizabeth again until Jason and Sam burst through the door. "Start talking!" Jason shouted. He wanted to know everything that Franco knew. Sam threatened to call Elizabeth. She showed Franco the photo of the death certificate they had received. Franco advised them that Andrew had been Jason's twin. He told them everything he knew. The child had died from a heart defect, he concluded. He showed them the hard copy of the certificate.

Jason asked to see the photo of the two little boys. Franco pulled out the photo and stated that it was him and his imaginary friend Drew, who was dead. He had bad news, and that was that Patient 6 was not Jason's brother. Jason was angry and wanted to kill Franco. As they headed out the door, Sam warned Franco to worry about all he'd done to Jason's family because Patient 6 would want to kill him. Franco wondered if Sam's husband knew that she believed that Patient 6 was the real Jason. Sam replied that it was her business, and she couldn't wait to see Franco "dismantled."

Franco continued to call for Elizabeth and looked at the death certificate. He was worried that Elizabeth would find out about the real him, that he'd had a problem before any brain tumor. He couldn't let that happen.

Out in the hallway, Jason studied the photo that he'd taken from Franco. He thought it was all crazy that the other guy claimed to be him. Then he had learned of his dead twin brother. Sam comforted him and said they'd find the truth. She had his back no matter what.

Diane encountered Alexis and Scott and heard about Julian. She suggested that Scott take the problem up with the warden, though Scott retorted that it was up to Alexis. Diane firmly told her friend that Julian was manipulating her, though Alexis was insistent that Julian didn't want her to know about the fight. Diane hoped that Alexis would not visit Julian, but she was aware that Alexis was conflicted. Diane believed that seeing Julian would be toxic for Alexis. Alexis said that she couldn't help it. She didn't want Julian dead.

Alexis was aware that she had no future with Julian. Diane didn't want Alexis' compassion to get her involved. She begged Alexis not to visit with Julian.

Finn spoke to Cassandra in his office and informed her that all of her test results had been negative. He was waiting for a few more test results, but he was "cautiously optimistic." Cassandra was disappointed. She'd thought that Finn would be different from all the other doctors she'd seen, and she'd no longer have an excuse to see him. Cassandra mentioned the rumors she'd heard that Finn and Anna had broken up, but Finn thought it was a good idea that they keep their personal lives separate. He assumed that she would return to Monaco.

Cassandra surprised Finn and told him she'd decided to stay in Port Charles due to a business opportunity. He asked about it, but she reminded him of his request to keep personal affairs separate. She did tell him that she was in the imports business, and there appeared to be a new market to be "tapped." Finn frowned and wondered if he should get involved with it. She suggested a drink to discuss it -- unless he was still with Anna. He would call her when her latest test results arrived, Finn stated firmly.

Later, Finn saw Deanna at the nurses' station, and she appeared to be upset. The nurse told him about an opioid overdose victim she'd seen in the emergency room.

Elizabeth visited with Patient 6 in his jail cell. "I needed to see you again," she told him. "It's me, Jason," he replied. She told him about the day that Jake had seen and heard him in the park, and she was perturbed that he had done that. He said that it had been a miracle to see their son, and Elizabeth told him about Helena's participation in their son's staged death. He told her that he refused to plead insanity at Diane's suggestion.

Patient 6 added that he'd had no idea of Franco's brain tumor, and he'd meant to go after him. He would do it again, he added. Elizabeth went into detail and tried to explain how things had changed in five years, and especially how Franco had changed. Patient 6 noted that Carly had figured Franco out, and Elizabeth was offended that he believed that she hadn't. Franco was a different man, she insisted.

Elizabeth advised Patient 6 that Franco had helped a very troubled Jake and was good with all of her boys. Franco lived with them. Patient 6 insisted that nothing was changed. Elizabeth explained that Franco had been looking into his past, and she thought that Patient 6 and Jason should both be aware of it. Franco was not Patient 6's twin, but there had been another one who had been hidden. Patient 6 wondered if that explained Sam's husband.

Elizabeth didn't think either of them was Andrew because they had the death certificate. She had made a promise to herself to not lie after what she'd done to Jason. She explained that she'd found out who he was and kept him from Sam. Patient 6 understood that she had been hurting, but he believed that she had known that Jason wasn't the real Jason. Elizabeth disagreed and told him about the DNA test. Patient 6 wondered how that explained him then, and she didn't know.

Alexis waited to visit with Julian at Pentonville. His eyes lit up when he saw her.

Amy makes a heartbreaking discovery about Chet Amy makes a heartbreaking discovery about Chet

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

At Pentonville, Alexis stared at Julian's bruised face and the cast on his arm as he sat down and picked up the phone. He looked at Alexis through the clear partition and asked why she was there. Her eyes clouded with concern as she asked why he'd been attacked. Julian claimed that he was fine, but Alexis knew it was a lie and wondered if he'd been targeted. Julian evaded the question by reminding her that they had both agreed that he was where he belonged. Alexis argued that it hadn't given anyone the right to assault him.

Alexis demanded to know if Julian had provoked the attack or if he'd been ambushed, but Julian asked her to drop it. Alexis suspected that he hadn't instigated the fight. "No," Julian confirmed. He was confident that she knew the justice system well enough to know that sometimes bad things happened in prison, so Alexis quietly asked if having ties to the Jerome organization had given him any protection. "Sometimes," Julian answered, but his tone lacked conviction. Alexis realized that he was holding back.

Julian recognized that he had betrayed Alexis' trust, but his life no longer concerned her. Alexis agreed then shifted gears and told him that she had news about Derek Wells Media. Julian explained that he had sold the media empire to Jason because it had been best for Julian to cut ties with his old life, and because Jason had promised that he was through with the mob. Alexis revealed that their daughter's husband might not be Jason Morgan, and she filled Julian in about the appearance of a man with Jason's old face. Julian expressed concern about their daughter, but Alexis was shied away from talking about Sam because she was certain that Sam wouldn't approve. Julian nodded in understanding, but their conversation died because they had nothing else to talk about.

Alexis decided to leave, so she told Julian to be careful. He nodded then turned to leave. She watched in horror as a prisoner used the pretext of brushing past Julian to violently shove him against the wall. Julian cried out in pain, but the guards ignored the incident, and no one helped Julian. Julian glanced at Alexis then quickly left. Alexis' alarm mounted when the prisoner glared menacingly at her then followed Julian.

At the apartment, Maxie and Nathan posed for pictures in front of the fireplace. Nathan was seated in a chair as Maxie stood behind him. She wore a flattering blue dress, while Nathan had on a matching suit. Cliff, the photographer, wanted another pose, so Maxie sat on Nathan's lap as she reminded Cliff that she was the focus of the article. Cliff asked about Amy because she hadn't said a word to him since his arrival. Maxie glanced at Amy, who was seated in the corner at the desk and working on the laptop. Amy glared when Maxie cheerfully explained that Amy was Maxie and Nathan's assistant, and Amy was thrilled to be there.

After Maxie and Nathan changed into casual clothes, Cliff took a few more photos in the dining room then called it a day. He was confident that Nina would love the photos then promised to send the proofs later that evening for Maxie to review. After Cliff left, Amy decided that it was her cue to leave too. She muttered under her breath as she went to the door, but Maxie picked up on Amy's tone and asked if there was a problem. Annoyed, Amy pointed out that it hadn't been necessary for her to be there because Amy's job had been to write the article, not to watch Maxie pose "incessantly" for the camera. Maxie resented Amy's complaints when Amy had been the one who had deceived Maxie by working with Nathan on Man Landers for months and not telling Maxie.

Amy pointed out that it hadn't been necessary to rely on a lot of subterfuge, since Maxie had been on the other side of the country. Nathan tried to calm things down by reminding his wife that they had talked things out. Maxie acknowledged that he was right, but she wanted Amy to understand everything she'd done to keep Amy's secret. "In what universe?" Amy demanded. Maxie calmly reminded both Nathan and Amy that Nina had wanted an exclusive and that meeting the wife of Man Landers was as exclusive as it got. Maxie hoped that not only would she get her job back but that the fans would stop trolling her on Twitter once they saw how happy she and Nathan were.

Amy felt bad that Maxie had been treated harshly by Ask Man Landers fans and that Maxie had worried that Nathan might be cheating, but Maxie didn't think that Amy sounded sincere. Nathan once again tried to keep the peace by advising both ladies to calm down, but Amy explained that her frustration with the situation was compounded by her concern for Chet because she hadn't been able to reach her brother. She assured Maxie that she'd written the article, which Amy hadn't had any desire to write, but Maxie resented Amy's attitude and announced that she would write her own article. Maxie marched over to the laptop and sat down to type the introduction, but Amy warned Maxie not to provide too much personal information.

Nathan agreed with Amy because it could be used to trip them up down the road. Amy rewrote the introduction and proposed asking and answering ten questions the fans might have. Maxie proposed discussing when flowers weren't enough because it would be a great opportunity for Nathan to talk about how he had surprised Maxie on Valentine's Day, but Nathan admitted that the men who read the blog wouldn't be interested. Amy agreed then suggested they tackle why women got mad at men when they showed up empty-handed to a party, even though the men had been told to not bring anything. Nathan agreed that it was an excellent question, but Maxie reminded both Nathan and Amy that it was her article, not theirs. Nathan tried to soothe Maxie's ruffled feathers by showing her the photos that Cliff had sent over. The distraction worked.

A short time later, Amy announced that she was finished and headed to work. She hoped that she could reach her brother before her shift started. Maxie heard the scorn in Amy's tone, so she sweetly told Amy that she hoped that Amy reached Chet because he was the reason that they had all been working hard to keep Amy's secret. Amy reluctantly conceded that everything they'd done had been for Chet. Nathan walked Amy to the door and thanked her for her help. After she left, Nathan decided to take a shower. Maxie told him that she would join him in a minute then waited for him to disappear down the hall.

Maxie walked over to her desk then read what Amy had written. Unimpressed, Maxie decided to "punch it up" a little. A short time later, Nathan returned to the living room. His hair was wet, and he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He was curious why Maxie hadn't joined him in the shower, so she admitted that she had tweaked Amy's article because Maxie wanted it to reflect who she was. Nathan read the changes and frowned because he thought the changes were a mistake. He reminded her that he wasn't really Man Landers, and it would be better to share fewer details, but Maxie refused to listen and sent the article to the publishing team at Crimson.

At Anna's house, Valentin informed Anna that he wasn't obligated to prove himself to her, but she noticed that she had struck a nerve when she had mentioned Cassandra. Valentin explained that he looked at the world through the eyes of a father and didn't want drugs in their community, so Anna urged him to do something about it. "No way in hell," Valentin told her. He thought it was clear that Anna had no idea what Cassandra was capable of, but Anna assured him that the WSB had a file on Cassandra. However, Cassandra had proven to be both elusive and reclusive in recent years. Valentin added that Cassandra was also a hypochondriac, but he advised Anna not to be fooled by her eccentricities because Cassandra had managed to evade capture by eliminating anyone who might implicate her.

Anna was confident that Valentin was different because Cassandra either considered Valentin a formidable opponent or she had a personal reason for wanting him alive. Anna thought both options would work to their advantage, but Valentin balked. He explained that he and Cassandra had an understanding, but it would take very little to upset the balance. Valentin wanted to avoid that because Cassandra could be very dangerous. Anna was surprised by Valentin's fear, but Valentin reminded her of the saying, "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you."

Valentin had no desire to court danger because he had a family to protect, but Anna argued that he could safeguard his family by helping her to build a case against Cassandra. Valentin warned Anna to back off, or he wouldn't hesitate to let Cassandra know about Anna's investigation. Anna was furious because opioid overdoses had killed more people than HIV had at the height of the epidemic. Valentin assured Anna that he wanted her to stop Cassandra, but he refused to be involved or implicated in any way.

After Valentin left, Anna reported to Robert that things were not working out. However, she assured him that she remained determined to get Cassandra.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Charlotte put her new ice skates back in the box then thanked Nina for taking her to the ice show. Nina and Charlotte each enjoyed a sundae as they chatted about figure skating. Charlotte considered becoming a figure skater when she grew up, but Nina thought that Charlotte had wanted to be a veterinarian. Charlotte grinned and announced that she intended to be both. Nina smiled with pride, but Charlotte was curious what Nina had dreamed of being as a child. Nina admitted that she had wanted to be a ballerina and to be part of the Olympic Equestrian team.

Surprised, Charlotte wondered if Nina had gone to the Olympics, but Nina shook her head then confided that her life had turned out better than she could have imagined because Charlotte was a part of it. Charlotte smiled then reminded Nina that Nina could ride Lumière.

Meanwhile, Cassandra arrived with her henchman in tow. They approached the bar, but Cassandra saw Nina and Charlotte. Cassandra decided to take things up a notch, so she gave her henchman instructions to take photos then approached Nina's table. The henchman sat at the bar and snapped pictures on his phone as Cassandra pretended to trip over the box on the floor with Charlotte's ice skates. Cassandra apologized then struck up a conversation with Valentin's daughter by asking if Charlotte knew how to ice-skate, but Charlotte explained that she was not allowed to talk to strangers. Cassandra cheerfully rectified the problem by introducing herself as "Cassie White."

Nina invited Cassandra to join them, so Cassandra sat down and turned up the charm as Charlotte admitted that she'd taken ice-skating lessons the previous winter, but she had switched to ballet. Cassandra made a point of referring to Nina as Charlotte's mother and encouraged Charlotte to take up ice-skating again because the ballet lessons would help. Cassandra knew from personal experience because she'd taken ballet and had figure skated during her youth until a knee injury had sidelined her. Cassandra added that if Charlotte mastered the basics, then Charlotte could do anything. Charlotte brightened because her papa had told her the same thing. Cassandra smiled innocently as she confessed that Charlotte's papa was a man after Cassandra's own heart.

Cassandra was curious where Nina's husband was, so Charlotte explained that he had to be elsewhere. Nina sarcastically added that she was certain her husband had been heartbroken to have missed the ice show, but Cassandra was confident that he had regretted not spending time with his wife and daughter. Cassandra announced that she had to get going, but she asked for Nina's number because she wanted to go to lunch and get to know her better. Nina liked the idea. After Nina and Cassandra exchanged numbers, Cassandra suggested a group selfie. Charlotte and Nina happily agreed and posed with Cassandra as Cassandra snapped a picture.

Moments later, Nina and Charlotte left. Cassandra's henchman approached the table and handed her a drink. She was curious if he'd done as she had instructed, so he nodded then praised her taking a selfie because it had been a genius move. He handed his phone to Cassandra with the file open to the pictures he'd taken of Cassandra, Nina, and Charlotte. Cassandra was pleased. She had considered letting Valentin find her with his family, but he was a possessive person and had a bad temper, so she'd sent him a text message.

Moments later, Valentin entered the restaurant and approached Cassandra's table. The henchman disappeared as Valentin sat down and asked why Cassandra had asked to see him. Her smile was friendly as she revealed that she had a lovely surprise that she wanted to share with him. Valentin tensed when Cassandra told him that she had met his wife and daughter. She showed him the selfie she'd taken with Nina and Charlotte, but Valentin was not pleased. Cassandra ignored the simmering rage in his eyes as she assured him that she and his wife and daughter had hit it off, but Cassandra wondered how Charlotte would feel if she knew what he'd done to Claudette.

At the hospital, Monica called out to Finn as he approached the elevator. Finn stopped and waited for her to catch up with him. Monica explained that she needed him to stay because a John Doe in his early 30s had been admitted earlier after suffering an opioid overdose. He'd been revived with naloxone, but the attending physician had discovered an underlying infection that might be fatal without Finn's expertise. Finn agreed to help, so Monica handed him the patient's medical file.

Later, Finn reported to Monica that he'd started John Doe on a treatment plan, and the patient was stable. However, Finn intended to monitor the patient awhile longer. Monica assured Finn that it wasn't necessary because one of the nurses could call him if there was any change in the patient's condition. Finn admitted that he felt a connection to the patient because Finn knew what it was like to struggle with addiction. He also revealed that the night had reminded him of a basic tenant he'd learned in medical school -- "it's all related."

A short time later, Monica checked in with Finn before she headed home for the night. Finn assured her that John Doe was stable. Monica looked at John Doe's chart and noticed the many injuries the man had suffered. She suspected that the man had once been in the military, and the injuries had likely led to the man's opioid addiction. Finn felt bad for the patient because it was clear that the poor guy had been through hell. Monica pointed out that Finn had been through hell, too, and he battled his addiction every day. She was grateful that he had stayed to help the patient, but Finn told her that it was his job. Monica insisted that doctors were supposed to have a life, too, but Finn reminded her that he'd recently gone on vacation.

Finn thanked Monica for approving his time off, but Monica admitted that it hadn't sounded like much of a vacation. "No, not really," Finn conceded. Monica expressed her frustration with the opioid epidemic because it had sneaked up on them and had been flooding their emergency room ever since. She couldn't understand why no one could find a way to cut the supply. Finn agreed that it needed to happen.

Later, Deanna filled Amy in about John Doe's overdose. She instructed Amy to call Finn if there was any change then handed Amy the chart. Amy entered the patient's hospital room and yelped with surprise. Deanna ran into the room to find out what had startled Amy. Amy looked at the patient then announced that he was her brother, Chet.

Nelle plays with fire by blackmailing Valentin Nelle plays with fire by blackmailing Valentin> Nelle plays with fire by blackmailing Valentin Nelle plays with fire by blackmailing Valentin

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

At the hospital, Nathan exited the elevator as Amy paced the hallway. He greeted her with a smile, but he noticed that she was upset. Amy pasted on a brave smile and asked why he was there, so he explained that he needed to talk to a patient who had overdosed the previous evening. Alarmed, Amy implored Nathan not to arrest her brother. She pulled him to a quiet corner and revealed that Chet had overdosed on painkillers.

Amy tearfully admitted that she had no idea where Chet had gotten the pills, but she had no doubt that it had been to deal with the pain he'd endured since being wounded in the war. Nathan held Amy as she wept on his shoulder. A few minutes later, she pulled herself together then thanked him. Nathan assured Amy that he hadn't intended to arrest her brother, but he had hoped that Chet could tell him where he'd gotten the pills.

In Chet's hospital room, Finn checked his patient's chart then congratulated Amy's brother on surviving. "It's a great day to be alive," Finn added, but Chet snorted in disgust and made a move to get out of bed. Finn objected because Chet was too sick to leave. Chet reluctantly remained in bed, but he glared at Finn and asked why Finn cared. Finn pointed out that Chet was his patient, but he also conceded that he knew Chet's sister, Amy. Chet warned the doctor that he didn't want to see Amy, but Finn shrewdly suspected that Chet was afraid to face Amy.

Finn counseled Chet to talk to Amy because she had spent the night worrying about her brother. Chet didn't care, so Finn decided that Chet would have to send Amy away himself because Finn couldn't do it. Finn claimed that he was afraid of the young nurse. After Finn left the room, Amy approached him for an update. Finn assured her that Chet was stable.

Relieved, Amy rushed into her brother's hospital room. She tearfully told Chet how worried she'd been, but she assured Chet that he could talk to her because she would help him no matter what he needed. Chet asked if Amy truly wanted to do something for him. "Anything," she promised. "Get. Out," Chet told her. Amy was shocked, but she straightened her back and complied.

Chet watched Amy leave, but seconds later, she returned. She pointed out that she had left as he had requested, but she had returned because she refused to leave him -- ever. Chet argued that he didn't want her there, but Amy didn't care because she knew that his recovery had been frustrating and painful. Chet glowered when she referred to him as a hero because he believed that the real heroes hadn't returned from the war. Amy insisted that Chet was a hero, too, and she refused to let him give up, but Chet warned her that she was wasting her time and advised her to find someone else to save.

Hurt, Amy agreed to leave, but she vowed, "I'll be back." In the hallway, Nathan stopped Amy. He saw the sadness in her expression, so he suggested that it might help if Chet knew what she'd done for her brother. Amy made it clear that Chet could never know about her blog or the book because all Chet had left was his pride, and she couldn't take that from him.

Later, Amy checked in on her brother. She smiled as she watched Chet sleep because he'd always looked like an angel when he rested. But, she whispered, his face had never fooled her. She leaned close to his ear and tearfully told him that she loved him and would never give up on him. She asked him not to give up on himself.

At Crimson, Maxie stood in Nina's office as Nina read the article that Maxie had tweaked. Maxie offered to rewrite it, but Nina assured Maxie that the article was fine. Maxie was surprised because she had worried that Nina might have an issue with the embellishments. Nina didn't care about the liberties that Maxie had taken with the details because Maxie had made Nathan sound amazing. Nina congratulated Maxie.

Meanwhile, Nelle arrived for work as her phone chimed with a text message. Nelle checked her phone and saw a reminder from her wireless carrier that her bill was past due. Nelle's frustration mounted when she noticed that someone had left their coat, scarf, and purse on her desk. Seconds later, Maxie emerged from Nina's office and smiled with delight when she saw Nelle because Maxie was eager to get to work. Maxie admitted that she'd heard a lot about Nelle from Lulu. Nelle acknowledged that Lulu was a kind person then confessed that she knew a lot about Maxie, too, because much of Maxie's life was public record.

Maxie smiled sweetly. She imagined that Nelle could empathize, prompting Nelle to tactfully suggest that they not believe everything they hear. "Fair enough," Maxie agreed, but Maxie was curious if it was true that Nelle had been a nanny before joining Crimson. Nelle promised that she had experience as a personal assistant. Maxie clarified that she hadn't been questioning Nelle's experience, but she was glad because Nelle would be assisting both Nina and Maxie. Nelle eyes flashed with annoyance. Maxie assured Nelle that it wouldn't be for long because Maxie would soon be moving into the corner office as the new "Executive Fashion Editor."

Maxie explained that she and Nina would need Nelle to step up by helping Maxie with getting things organized and taking calls. Nelle's temper flared as she stood and excused herself. Nelle dashed into Nina's office and announced that they needed to talk. Maxie hovered near the doorway and eavesdropped as Nelle asked Nina for a raise. Nelle explained that money was tight because her plans for a roommate to move in and share the expenses had fallen through. Nina agreed that Nelle deserved a raise, but Nina had to wait until Derek Wells Media had fully transitioned to Aurora Media.

Nina promised Nelle that there would be something special in Nelle's Christmas stocking then invited Nelle to take a break and treat herself to a coffee. Nelle's mood didn't improve when Maxie asked Nelle to pick up a coffee for Maxie. Shortly after Nelle left, Nathan arrived. Maxie greeted her husband then shared her good news. Nathan was happy for her, but she could tell that he was troubled. Nathan admitted that a friend had needed help, but he hadn't had the answers.

Maxie assured Nathan that being there had been enough. Nathan disagreed, but he admitted that he and Maxie had a lot to be grateful for because they had each other. Nathan and Maxie hugged as Nina stood in the doorway. Nina thoughtfully glanced at her wedding ring.

At Anna's house, Anna was startled as she entered her living room with a cup of tea and saw Valentin seated on her sofa. She resented him sneaking into her home, but he was unapologetic. Anna shifted gears and asked if he had tipped Cassandra off to the investigation, but Valentin surprised Anna by informing her that he'd changed his mind about her plan to take Cassandra down from the inside. Suspicious, Anna questioned what had prompted the change. Valentin claimed that he'd had time to think things over and had realized that working with Anna was the best way to protect Charlotte. Anna remained skeptical because Valentin wasn't altruistic.

Anna wondered if Cassandra had provoked Valentin, but he was curious why it mattered when he was giving Anna what she wanted. Anna explained that she needed to trust him if they were going to work together, so she wanted to know if his motive for helping would be a liability or an asset. Valentin acknowledged that she was right, but his phone rang. It was Klein. Valentin excused himself then answered the call. Klein thanked Valentin for bailing him out of jail, but Valentin had no idea what Klein was talking about and instructed Klein not to call again. Valentin disconnected the call as Klein cried out in alarm and the sounds of a scuffle carried over the phone.

Valentin put his phone away then turned his attention back to Anna. Anna warned him that Cassandra would likely keep him on a very tight leash and use whatever she had on him to keep him in check. Valentin assured her that he'd made peace with his past. "All of it?" Anna asked. He conceded that he had regrets, but nothing that would prevent him from wanting a better life for his family. Anna wondered if Cassandra had gotten to his loved ones. "No," Valentin answered then added that he planned to help Anna to keep that from happening.

Anna warned Valentin that he might be at risk if Cassandra realized that he had betrayed her, but Valentin smiled and sarcastically asked if Anna was worried about him. Anna made it clear that she was only concerned about the assignment and intended to keep a close eye on Valentin every step of the way. Anna started to threaten him if he compromised the case, but Valentin warned her to back off because he had risked everything to go to her side. Moments later, Anna had a visitor. It was Finn. Finn was surprised when he saw Valentin in Anna's living room, but Valentin excused himself and left.

Finn announced that he wanted back in. He admitted that he'd been hiding out in his safe place ever since Hayden had left him, but he'd met a patient who hadn't been able to hide. Anna realized that the opioid epidemic had become personal for Finn. She appreciated that he wanted to help her, but she explained that she had found another way. Finn realized that Anna and Valentin were working together. "Oh, hell no," Finn objected.

Anna was touched that Finn was concerned, but she reminded him that he couldn't dictate how she won the war on opioids. She advised him to focus on his patients, but Finn admitted that it wasn't that easy. He talked to her about Chet's struggle and lack of support system. Finn explained that he needed to treat the symptoms and attack the disease, which was Cassandra -- and people like her. Anna reminded Finn that it was too late because he'd already shared the test results with Cassandra, but Finn confessed that he was still waiting for the results of the last test.

Anna remained reluctant to accept Finn's offer because she didn't want him to feel pressured. She also reminded him that he would be putting his reputation and career at risk, and perhaps even his life. Finn argued that some things were worth it.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny spoke to Carly on the phone about Jason/Patient 6's arrest. Carly assured Sonny that Diane would be talking to a judge later that morning and argue that Jason had had a reasonable belief that Franco had been a threat. Sonny wondered if Diane could get the charges dropped, but Carly admitted that it was unlikely. However, Diane was confident that she could persuade the judge to grant Jason bail. Sonny assured Carly that he would pay it.

After Sonny ended the call, Michael entered the restaurant. Sonny gave Michael an update on Jason, but Michael wondered if the man was really Jason. Sonny promised Michael that it was true then explained that it had been a setup; someone had taken Jason and had put Sam's husband in his place. Sonny added that Sam's husband, "whoever he is," was trying to hold onto a life that wasn't his. Michael admitted that he'd been avoiding the man with Jason's old face because he had no idea what to say to him. Sonny smiled and assured Michael that it was okay because Jason would understand.

In lockup, Patient 6 stood in his jail cell and stared menacingly at Klein. Klein insisted that he didn't know anything that could help Patient 6 locate Klein's boss, but Patient 6 wasn't satisfied because he was certain that Klein knew something. Moments later, a guard announced that Klein's bail had been posted. Klein perked up. Carly approached Patient 6's jail cell then asked the guard if she could have time alone with the prisoner. The guard flashed Carly a friendly smile then led Klein away.

Carly talked to Jason about his defense, but he refused to plead temporary insanity because he didn't regret attacking Franco. Carly appreciated Jason's hatred for Franco, but she assured Jason that Franco wasn't an immediate threat to anyone, and it was more important to get Jason out of jail. Jason shifted gears and asked about Sam, so Carly admitted that she intended to drop by to check on her. Jason asked Carly to leave Sam alone, but Carly assured him that she and Sam had been friends ever since they had bonded over their grief for Jason. Jason insisted that Sam loved her husband, and Sam's husband would fight with everything he had to keep her. Jason didn't want to put Sam through that.

Carly decided that it was best to deal with one thing at a time, and getting Jason out of jail was her priority. She assured Jason that Sonny would pay the bail. Jason was touched by Sonny and Carly's generosity, but Carly assured him that they didn't mind then confided that she had gone shopping for him. Jason was alarmed when she revealed that the new clothes would be waiting for him when he was released.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle approached Michael's table when she saw him seated alone. She quietly confessed that she'd been worried about him because she had heard about the mystery man claiming to be the real Jason Morgan. She tried to talk to Michael about it, but he politely told her that he'd been working things out. Nelle sat down as she reminded him that it helped to talk to someone who cared. Her eyes glistened with tears as she confessed that she had never stopped caring about him. Michael thanked her, but he explained that there was nothing that she could do for him.

Nelle acknowledged that she had hurt Michael and that he might not ever forgive her, but she loved him and wanted to be there for him. Nelle reached for his hand as she tearfully suggested that she and Michael could help each other, but Michael pulled his hand away. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, but he had meant it when he'd told her that things couldn't go back to how they'd been. Michael thought it was best for him and Nelle to go their separate ways. Hurt, Nelle excused herself.

Nearby, Carly waited until Nelle was gone then approached her son. She admitted that she had noticed the exchange between Michael and Nelle, so Michael admitted that he and Nelle had broken up. He invited his mother to break out the Champagne because she'd been right about Nelle. Carly knew her son was hurt and assured him that he could talk to her. Michael promised that he was fine, but she didn't believe him and suggested that he talk to someone else. Michael knew who she was referring to.

In an alcove, Nelle bumped into Valentin as he arrived at the restaurant. He expressed his concern when he noticed that she'd been crying. Nelle quickly dried her tears and admitted that she was glad that she had bumped into him because she needed his help persuading Nina to give her a raise right away rather than waiting. Nelle threatened to blow Valentin's marriage out of the water if he refused.

At Pozzulo's, two of Sonny's guards shoved Klein into a chair in Sonny's office then stood watch in the doorway. Sonny revealed that he had posted Klein's bail then dismissed the guards. Klein nervously assured Sonny that he didn't want trouble, so Sonny demanded to know who had paid Klein. Klein explained that he'd been paid to keep a patient sedated, not to betray his boss. Sonny didn't care and asked for a name, but Klein admitted that he had no idea who his boss was because his only contact with the man had been through phone calls. Sonny looked at Klein's phone, but he noticed that it was a burner phone and untraceable.

Sonny decided that he and Klein would wait for Klein's boss to call. Desperate, Klein tried to bargain with Sonny by offering to help Sonny's friends if Sonny helped Klein start over somewhere far away from Port Charles. Sonny admitted that he'd seen Ava and wasn't impressed with Klein's work. Klein tried to defend himself, but Patient 6/Jason arrived. Klein's eyes rounded with fear. Jason wanted to know who'd been responsible for his abduction, but Klein assured Jason that he would tell if he knew because the man was a threat to both Jason and Klein. Moments later, Klein's cell phone rang.

Nelle causes trouble for Valentin and Nina Nelle causes trouble for Valentin and Nina

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nina answered her ringing phone and told the caller that the Man Landers piece was ready for publication. When she hung up, Cassandra was standing in her doorway. She expressed to Nina how surprised she'd been to learn that Nina was the editor in chief of her favorite magazine. Cassandra invited Nina to lunch, but Nina declined due to a deadline.

Cassandra spotted a picture of Nina, Valentin, and Charlotte and called the family beautiful. Nina asked if Cassandra had anyone special, and Cassandra only hoped that someone would come along. Nina offered to share lunch another time, and Cassandra left.

Valentin wondered how Nelle would destroy his marriage if he didn't help her get a raise. She showed him the picture she had on her phone of Valentin kissing Cassandra. He observed that she was trying to blackmail him. "I never liked you," he said. He added that he'd merely tolerated her because Nina and Charlotte had liked her. He warned her that she was making a "terrible mistake" by threatening him.

Nelle wondered if Valentin was going to kill her. He revealed that he could easily make her disappear without anyone knowing or caring, but he didn't need the headache of the police questioning him after being the last one seen with her in public. Valentin continued that he'd warned Nelle not to cross him. "You don't scare me," Nelle shot back. He told her that she wasn't as bright as she seemed, and she stormed off with her phone.

Nelle returned to the Crimson office, appearing upset. Nina made Nelle sit down and talk to her. Nelle talked about how good Nina had been to her and related that she didn't want to hurt Nina. She showed Nina the picture of Valentin kissing Cassandra, and Nina recognized Cassandra. She noticed that the picture had been taken weeks before. Nelle explained that she'd been waiting for the right time to tell Nina, but Nina accused Nelle of waiting for the right time to use it. She wondered if Nelle had tried to blackmail Valentin.

Nina realized that Nelle had shown Nina the picture on the same day she'd been turned down for a raise. She questioned if Nelle was expecting a reward. Nelle tried to defend herself, but Nina demanded that Nelle leave. After being an "amazing friend" and trusting Nelle with Charlotte and Crimson, Nina fired Nelle. Nelle thought that Nina was taking out her anger at Valentin on Nelle, but Nina shot back that she was ridding herself of an "opportunistic snake." She demanded that Nelle leave, and Nelle left in a huff, knocking over Nina's nameplate on her way out.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Valentin bumped into Cassandra on his way to the elevator. He sharply told her that he was only "in it for the money," so he would no longer allow her to flirt or show affection. Cassandra commented that she respected Nina too much anyway. He replied that she needed to leave his family alone, as he was already cooperating. She wanted a friend in town, but Valentin told her to back off, or they would no longer have a deal.

Valentin arrived at the Crimson office. He poked his head into Nina's office but quickly retreated when a vase flew toward his head. He assumed that Nelle had shown Nina the incriminating picture. Nina couldn't believe that she was in the same situation they'd been in before. Valentin explained that he and Cassandra had been business associates long before he'd met Nina. He assured her that there hadn't been any emotional attachment between them.

Valentin continued that he and Cassandra had used each other to make money back when he'd been a reckless young man. Calming down, Nina asked him to swear that there was nothing between him and Cassandra. He replied that he couldn't, because there was something going on.

Josslyn asked Oscar if he'd found anything else in his mother's things that could pertain to his father. He pulled a CD out of his bag that had "2003" written on it. Josslyn thought that the disc could be the gift that Oscar's father had talked about in the letter to his mother. Oscar wondered where they could find a CD player, and Josslyn thought she had an idea.

In Sonny's office, Klein's burner phone rang. Patient 6 instructed Klein to keep his boss on the line as long as possible, and Sonny instructed Klein to set up a meeting. Klein answered and put the call on speakerphone. The caller was speaking with distortion, so the voice was unrecognizable. Klein lied that he was out of jail because his charges had been dropped. He explained that he needed to update his boss on Patient 6, so he needed to set up a face-to-face meeting.

Klein maintained that his boss owed him "an escape and a fresh start," but the boss was suspicious. "You're on your own," the boss said, and the line went dead. Klein insisted that he'd tried, and he wondered what Sonny and Patient 6 were going to do to him. Sonny left it up to the patient and warned Klein that actions had consequences.

A few minutes later, Sonny handed Klein's phone to an associate to take to Brick. Josslyn and Oscar entered Pozzulo's, and Josslyn asked if they could borrow Sonny's CD player. Sonny got it from the back as Josslyn explained to a curious Sonny that they were doing a research project about a specific year. They'd found a CD at the library labeled with their year, but they had no CD player. When Sonny asked what year they had, Oscar changed the subject to how cool Pozzulo's was. Josslyn told Sonny that she and Oscar had to go, so they took the CD player and left.

A short while later, Josslyn and Oscar were listening to the CD over shared earbuds. They talked about how passionate and sad the lyrics were. Oscar observed that the songs were about people who were "afraid to lose each other." He wondered why his parents had broken up and realized that they were no closer to finding his father. He wondered what things would have been like had they stayed together, and Josslyn took his hand.

Klein knew that Patient 6 wanted to kill him, but he wondered if there was anything he could do to stay alive. "Maybe," the patient said. Patient 6 wanted Klein to complete Ava's treatment -- or at least provide the information to make sure her treatment was completed. A shocked Klein told the patient that the information was worth billions, so Ava could return to Russia. Patient 6 told Klein that Klein would put the information on a flash drive, and then the patient would decide what to do with Klein. Klein reluctantly agreed and asked for a computer in order to access his records.

Klein finished with the flash drive and handed it back to Patient 6. The patient grabbed the flash drive and sat down to write a note. Sonny returned and announced that there was no word from Brick yet about the phone. The patient had "something to take care of," so he advised Sonny to do whatever he wanted with Klein. When the patient was gone, Sonny decided to see if he had a use for Klein.

A few minutes later, Sonny got off the phone with Brick. He told Klein that he could leave, and he'd better leave fast. Sonny revealed that, while he didn't have an exact location, Klein's boss had been tracked to somewhere in Port Charles.

Ava opened the door to Kiki, who had seen moving vans in front of the gallery and was devastated that Ava was closing it. When Ava informed Kiki that she was actually reopening the gallery, Kiki expressed her pride in her mother for her "whole new life plan." Ava knew it was shallow, but she expressed disappointment in her scarred face. Kiki advised Ava to listen to Griffin, who agreed that Ava was beautiful.

Ava asked about Kiki, who said that school and work were going well and that she was seeing Dillon later. Ava advised Kiki to take time to focus on herself so she didn't make bad mistakes like Ava had. Kiki believed that Ava's life and choices were improving. Kiki opened the door to leave, but she stopped when an envelope fell from the outside doorknob to the floor. She picked it up and handed it to Ava. Ava opened it and found a flash drive and a note that read, "in case you want this, J.M."

Ava immediately recognized the initials as Jason Morgan. Kiki retrieved Ava's computer and plugged the flash drive in. Ava noticed Klein's name on the files and opened them. Kiki saw that it was a bunch of medical notations and formulas. A wide-eyed Kiki realized that it was Klein's notes on how to treat severe burn scars.

Sam descended the stairs with a baby monitor when Jason entered. He wanted to talk to her about getting security for Danny because of the man claiming to be Jason. Sam reminded him that the stranger had saved her life, so she didn't think he meant any harm. Jason reiterated that the man was trying to take over his life, especially since Sonny and Carly already believed him. He wondered about Sam. Sam admitted that she had mixed feelings because of the man's face, but she made it clear that she loved her husband.

Jason admitted that he'd gone to see Betsy, but she had cleared out of the house, and no one knew where she'd gone. Jason wanted to know that he and Sam had a future. She assured him that nothing had changed because they were "still us." She divulged that Danny had asked about the man, and Sam had placated him. Jason wished she'd handled the stranger's appearance better. He believed that the man was being coached, which meant that he had an agenda.

Jason wondered if Andrew Moore's death certificate had been faked and if the stranger was actually his twin. Sam assured him that there would be a DNA test, so they would just have to wait for the results. She suggested that he go for a ride to clear his head, and he agreed. He kissed her and left. A short while later, there was a knock on the door, and Sam answered it to Patient 6.

The DNA test results are in The DNA test results are in

Friday, November 10, 2017

Ava and Kiki perused the information from the flash drive that had been delivered to Ava's residence. They had difficulty making sense out of Klein's notes, but Ava was hopeful that she would be able to have the rest of the surgery performed on her face. Kiki expressed doubt, since the surgery wasn't on an approved list, and she declared that there was no proof that any procedures really worked. She thought her mother should be happy with her new gallery opening and her new boyfriend.

Ava was dismayed at Kiki's lack of support, and she accused Kiki of wanting her to remain the way she was so that Kiki could be the beauty of the family. Ava was concerned that Griffin would meet someone with better looks and decide that Ava wasn't worth it. Kiki took exception to her mother's comments and accused her of thinking that Kiki believed that Ava would steal another boyfriend. Kiki was surprised at her mother's lack of confidence.

At General Hospital, Monica and Alexis stopped to chat after an A.A. meeting. Monica had decided that the meetings wouldn't help her, and she assured Alexis that she'd be fine handling the aspects of Patient 6. Alexis offered to lend an ear whenever Monica needed to talk. As Alexis was headed out, she ran into Dr. Bensch, who spotted her as he was talking real estate investments with Griffin.

Bensch apologized for missing the media party, and Alexis explained that she had been gone before the commotion had started. The doctor wanted to make things up to Alexis but she told him of her last stressful few days. She really had too much going on, including the emergence of her ex. Dr. Bensch understood and told her he would wait for her. He thought she was worth it.

Alexis knocked on Ava's door, and Kiki headed for the hospital. Alexis informed Ava that Julian was in trouble, having been beaten by a group that had been targeting him. Ava was perturbed and told Alexis of the various ways she had tried to stay in contact with her brother, without any success. Alexis thought that Ava would have contacts that would be able to help Julian, but Ava quickly assured her that she was finished with the crime world. Ava accused Alexis of still being in love with Julian, and she thought that as an attorney, Alexis would have her own methods for helping Julian. Ava told Alexis to handle her own problems.

Ava headed back to her laptop to look at the information from the flash drive again, but the piece of equipment was gone. She realized that Kiki had taken it with her.

At Pozzulo's, Carly suggested that she and Sonny toast to the fact that Michael was no longer with Nelle. As they were ready to drink their glasses of Champagne, Jordan arrived to see Sonny. She was angry that Sonny had posted bail for Klein, but Sonny insisted that he had had questions for the doctor. He assured the police commissioner that the doctor had still been alive the last time Sonny had seen him, which had been when he had left Sonny's place.

Jordan wondered if Sonny had obtained useful information from Klein "You show me yours, and I'll show you mine," he said smugly. He and Carly wanted information on the DNA test that Jordan had done on Patient 6. Jordan snapped that the couple wouldn't get advance notice on the results. Carly declared that it was difficult for everyone to wait, including Jake Doe.

Jordan couldn't believe that they had already taken Jason's name away from him. She advised the couple that she'd had Dante removed from the case due to his close ties to everyone involved, and they would get the test results eventually. Sonny told her about the call that Klein had received on his burner phone from the person who had been paying Klein and his men. The caller's voice had been altered, but they had discovered that the call had originated in Port Charles. The caller had told Klein that he would be on his own.

Jordan asked for the phone, and Sonny told her he'd try to find it. Carly stepped in and advised the cop that the phone wouldn't be any kind of proof of anything, but Jordan stated that she could build a case with it. Sonny joked that Carly should have been his lawyer. Carly insisted that the phone had been misplaced. Jordan understood that the case was personal, but she told Sonny that people ended up getting killed whenever Sonny was involved. She stormed out, and Carly expressed her guilt over forcing Sonny to accept Jake Doe as Jason. He didn't blame her.

Carly thought they needed to get in touch with Sam's husband so they could tell him about everything that had been going on with Klein. Carly felt as though they'd stabbed Jason in the back by not talking to him. He had been a good friend.

Kiki arrived at the hospital and told Dr. Bensch that she had something for him to look at. Both Bensch and Griffin looked over the material that was loaded onto the flash drive. Griffin called it "groundbreaking," but Bensch declared it untested. The doctors both cited possible unknown side effects and the fact that the procedure was not approved. Bensch didn't think that any doctor would get involved with it, and he called it "voodoo."

Ava arrived to look for Kiki and saw Griffin instead. Griffin mentioned that he and Bensch had seen the flash drive, and they had agreed that it would be a bad idea for anyone to touch an unapproved procedure. Ava replied that while it would be a gamble for everyone, she only wanted one doctor, and that would be Griffin.

Jason ended up at the Quartermaine crypt and spoke to his brother. Jason felt that he could no longer be sure of anything. Monica walked in. She had been informed of an intruder on the property but had seen Jason's motorcycle. She'd heard what Jason had said and told him he was always welcome. She was glad that she hadn't spoken to the man with Jason's old face yet. Jason swore that he had never lied to her and never would. He was her son. Monica hugged him and told him he'd always be her son.

Jason told a surprised Monica that Susan Moore had given birth to twin boys and had given one son up. Monica was angry about the "greedy, gold-digging tramp" and her cousin. Jason didn't know anything, but he would find out. She promised that he would always have her and their home.

After Jason left, Monica remained behind with her thoughts. She recalled meeting Jason with the new face and how she had wanted to build a relationship with him. She also had a flashback to a very young Jason who had told her he loved her. She walked over to Alan's tomb and told him that she wished he could be there to see a miracle.

Patient 6 arrived at Sam's place, and she reluctantly let him inside. "Is he here?" the man asked. Sam quickly assured him that Jason was out, but she didn't think it was good for Patient 6 to be there. Suddenly, they heard the baby crying. "That would be my daughter, Scout," Sam announced. She ran upstairs to get her.

"She's beautiful," Patient 6 acknowledged. Sam told him that the little girl, Emily Scout, was named after Patient 6's sister. He was moved, thought that his sister would have loved it, and thanked Sam, who told him how the name had originated. Patient 6 could see that Sam had a couple of beautiful children and was happy with her life.

Sam pointed out that two men thought they were the same person. Patient 6 explained that he'd had no idea that Sam had thought her husband was him. He told her where he'd been for five years and how he'd lost track of time. He'd always loved Danny and had thought of him as their son. He told her about his trip back to Port Charles.

Sam told Patient 6 about her father and how he and Alexis had met. She noted that he had been living with another identity, Derek Wells. She added that he had been an "abusive pig," but her mother still loved him. It was the kind of love that "just is," and one couldn't stop it or deny it. Sometimes, a person had to accept that another person couldn't be in one's life, she concluded.

Sam ran to get Scout a bottle, and Patient 6 leaned over and picked the little girl up from the playpen. "I was almost your father," he told her. He told the baby about the big sister she no longer had, named Lila, who had led Jason and Sam to each other. That had been the kind of love that "just is," Patient 6 added. Just then, Jason walked in. He shouted for Patient 6 to put his daughter down and get away from her, or Jason would kill him.

Patient 6 gently put the baby down as Sam ran into the room with the bottle. Jason loudly ordered him to stay away, and the baby began to cry. Sonny and Carly walked through the door. Jason wanted Patient 6 gone. "No, we can't keep doing this," Sam implored. She thought that they needed to work things out.

Jordan arrived in the midst of the commotion and announced that she had the DNA results for both men. Jason was quite angry that he hadn't given permission, but Jordan assured him that she hadn't needed it for her case. She was aware that previous tests could have been manipulated.

As everyone held their breath, Jordan proclaimed that both men were DNA matches for Jason Morgan.

Alexis made a phone call and learned that Olivia Jerome's attorney of record was Nora Buchanan.

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