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Ava searched for a doctor online to finish Klein's work. Maxie took a home pregnancy test. Nelle found a way to make quick cash. Alexis blackmailed Valentin. Franco confessed that he was afraid of losing Elizabeth to one of the two Jasons. Patient 6 and Robin reunited.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 13, 2017 on GH
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Franco holds the key Franco holds the key

Monday, November 13, 2017

Alexis paid a visit to Nora Buchanan in Llanview, Pennsylvania, after she learned that Nora had been representing Olivia Jerome. Alexis explained that her visit was urgent, as Olivia's brother Julian had been targeted and beaten while in prison. Nora didn't see where she might be able to help, but Alexis thought that Olivia might. Alexis suggested that if Olivia informed the authorities that she had threatened Julian and his family into doing what he'd done, it could help Julian.

Nora quickly turned down Alexis' request. That would cause Olivia to be reevaluated, which would result in her being called competent to stand trial, which would then lead to Olivia's conviction. Alexis asked if she might speak to her instead, but Nora didn't think that Olivia needed another attorney. Alexis wondered who might be footing the bill for Nora, since Olivia had no money, and her siblings certainly wouldn't pay. Nora thought the question unethical, and she was sorry that Alexis had traveled so far for no reason. Alexis stormed out of Nora's office but was determined not to be stopped.

Nelle quietly sneaked into the Crimsonoffice after hours but was surprised when Maxie heard her from the other room. Nelle claimed that she was there for her paycheck. Maxie suggested she wait until payday or get direct deposit. The young women were interrupted when Lulu stepped off the elevator, and Maxie announced that former employee Nelle was just leaving. Maxie added that Nina should have listened to Carly, and they needed to find a new assistant. Maxie had Lulu's engagement gift for Laura and Kevin that she'd managed to pick up for Lulu.

Maxie revealed that her new article was different for her, and she showed Lulu the piece about Ask Man Landers and his wife. Lulu found the article to be entertaining. Maxie admitted that she had exaggerated parts of the article, including the part about Maxie being the one to inspire her husband to write. Maxie explained that the article had helped her to get her job back.

While Lulu thought that Maxie sounded jealous of her husband, she admitted that she was jealous of Maxie. The women proceeded to discuss their life choices, but Lulu admitted that she had lots more free time after the custody battle had been settled. Her club basically ran itself with the manager she had, she claimed. Maxie jumped for joy. She thought that Lulu could return to work at Crimson and fill the void left with Nelle gone.

Lulu thought that the idea wasn't such a good one. She reminded Maxie of why Maxie had been fired in the first place after having Lulu visit. Lulu revealed that her next job wouldn't be in fashion; she'd always had dreams of being an investigative reporter. She thought it would be tough, and she would not be able to compete with the younger people just out of college. She thought that she had grown cowardly, though Maxie insisted that Lulu was strong. Maxie believed in Lulu.

Nelle stormed into the Floating Rib and found Michael sitting at the bar. She was annoyed, proclaimed her day to have gotten worse, and turned around to go back outside. Michael thought that they could be civil to one another, and he hoped it wasn't him who had ruined her day. Nelle admitted it wasn't him, and the couple moved over to a table to sit. She told him that her rent check would be late, as she was no longer working at the magazine.

Nelle revealed that she had been let go for no good reason, and she proceeded to blame her firing on Maxie. She added that Maxie had made her life difficult. She was behind in her bills, and she told him about having to wait for her paycheck. Michael advised her that waiting was standard, but he knew that Maxie was "pushy." He thought that Nelle should stand up for herself, and maybe she'd get her check early. Nelle thought that was a good idea. Michael told her that it was okay for her payment to be late, and Nelle called Michael "too nice."

Elizabeth surprised Franco as he was preparing a special evening for her at home. She seemed distracted, and she admitted that she had been thinking about the man who had Jason's old face. She knew Franco wouldn't be happy about it, but she had gone to visit him in jail, she admitted. She added that she'd felt like she'd gone back in time. An insecure Franco asked if she still loved the man, but Elizabeth assured Franco that she loved him. She asked him to drop the charges against the mystery man and explained that if it really were Jason, he'd have had no idea of what had transpired during the past several years.

Someone began to ring the doorbell incessantly, and Elizabeth headed to the kitchen to make cookies. Franco opened the front door and found Scott standing there. Franco headed outside to be away from Elizabeth overhearing. Scott asked his son to tell the Jasons about the twins, but Franco replied that the Jasons already knew there were twins. Scott felt that Franco was making things worse in trying to protect himself, but the Jasons should know which one of them was the real Jason.

Scott suggested that the man who was Andrew wouldn't remember Franco pushing him down the stairs so many years earlier. Franco had proof of which man was which, but he thought that Elizabeth's feelings had returned after visiting Patient 6 in jail. He could see it on her face, and he was certain to lose her after Andrew rebounded and chased after her. Just then, Elizabeth popped her head out to see what was going on. Scott declared that he had just stopped by to see how Elizabeth was.

At Sam's place, Jordan made the announcement that the DNA tests run on both men proved that they were both matches for Jason Morgan. She had had the test run multiple times. Everyone was shocked. "We must be identical twins," Jason stated. He accused Patient 6 of wanting to steal his life, but Patient 6 informed the group that he had just learned about the twins from Elizabeth. Sonny and Carly were the most shocked and confused. Jason told everyone as much as he knew.

Jason had seen the photo of the boys; one had been sent to Port Charles and the other raised by Betsy, who had then sent him away. He had gone to see Betsy, but her place had been cleared out. "Now we know why," he added. "Drew?" Jason said, looking at Patient 6. Jason thought that Patient 6 had fooled everyone, and he'd never do such a thing. Patient 6 retorted that he only knew how to be Jason. Sonny assumed that both men were telling the truth as they knew it, and Carly asked about fingerprints.

Jordan stated that Helena had had Jason's fingerprints erased from files. She would put out a bulletin on Betsy. Sam had an idea.

As Franco, Scott, and Elizabeth talked back inside, there was a knock on the front door. It was Jason, Sam, Patient 6, and Jordan, who was there to keep the peace. Franco told them it wasn't a good time and tried to close the door, but the group walked inside. Jason told Franco about the DNA results, and Franco couldn't believe it. Sam asked if anything had been left out, and everyone waited for Franco to speak. "Actually, there is," he finally said.

Franco told his visitors that he had never fully believed Betsy's story and had thought there was a possibility that Andrew was still alive. He had been seeing Andre professionally, and he'd thought it strange when Andre had presented him with Andrew's death certificate. He'd gone back to talk to Andre about it, but Andre had been gone and his office empty. A surprised Jordan announced that she would put out an APB on Andre. Franco believed that Andre could be anywhere.

After everyone was gone, Franco apologized to Elizabeth. He had just wanted one quiet day. Elizabeth couldn't believe that Andre had been involved, but she was ready for bed. She hoped that Andre would be found, since he was the only one who knew which man was the real Jason. Franco told her he'd be right upstairs and went into the living room. He looked at a document of the two Jasons and tossed it into the fire.

Outside, Patient 6 told the others that he thought Franco had been lying. Sam stopped the two men from bickering and told them that they were brothers, no matter what.

At General Hospital, Nathan checked up on Amy. She was upset and told him that Chet wouldn't speak to her. She hadn't known he was addicted to painkillers, and she couldn't reach him. She thought that maybe Nathan could. The pair went into Chet's room, and Nathan introduced himself. He stated that he was a cop who wasn't there to arrest him, but he knew what Chet was going through. Chet recognized him as Ask Man Landers and snapped that he didn't need dating advice or to be told that he was lucky to return. He told the pair to leave.

Amy was broken up that she couldn't help her brother. Nathan reminded her that Chet needed more help than they could give him, and he probably didn't want Amy to see him as he was. He advised Amy that she couldn't live other people's lives and should just be there for Chet. Nathan would be there for Amy.

Later, Amy advised her brother that he was about to be discharged. She informed him that he would be living with her. Chet refused, but Amy was firm and told him that there would be no discussion. She knew the system, and if he refused, she would have him committed to the psych ward. He couldn't push her away, she concluded.

Nathan arrived at the Crimsonoffice and told Maxie about meeting Amy's brother, who was in a lot of pain. As the couple talked about Chet, Ask Man Landers, Amy writing the column, and the fact that several of them could be in loads of trouble if anyone found out, Nelle wandered back into the office. She stopped to listen out of sight with a smirk on her face.

Carly and Sonny stopped at the Floating Rib for much-needed drinks. Carly felt that Sam felt responsible to Jason, who was Andrew. They had built a life together, but it was more complicated with the children in the picture. The two men would have to accept things as they were. Sonny felt that Jason or Patient 6 would be willing to give things up for Sam's happiness. Carly thought that Franco held the key.

Carly urges Sam to make a choice Carly urges Sam to make a choice

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin entered the living room then closed the door behind him because he didn't want Nina to leave. She warned him that she had to get to work, but he insisted on telling her how he'd gotten involved with Cassandra. Nina wasn't interested because infidelity was a "deal breaker" as far as she was concerned, but he denied that he'd been unfaithful. Nina reminded him that he'd kissed Cassandra, but he clarified that Cassandra had kissed him. Valentin assured his wife that he and Cassandra were just business associates, but Nina pointed out that he and Cassandra had been lovers at one time.

Valentin explained that Cassandra had called him out of the blue and had expressed an interest in doing business. He conceded that he'd met with Cassandra, but he'd intended to make it clear that he wasn't interested in working with her because his life had changed. He'd been surprised by the kiss, but Nina insisted that he should have pushed Cassandra away. Valentin admitted that it wasn't that simple because he couldn't afford to alienate Cassandra. According to Valentin, Cassandra was a "very complicated part of a difficult past," so he had explained his situation and had hoped that Cassandra would accept it, but he'd failed.

Nina was stunned when Valentin revealed that he had agreed to work for Cassandra and that Cassandra had moved on to trafficking opioids. Nina refused to believe that he would peddle drugs with Cassandra, so he told Nina about his plan to take Cassandra down from the inside as Anna's mole. Nina's temper flared because she was certain it was a ruse for Valentin to be close to Anna, but he assured his wife that she was wrong. Valentin explained that he'd agreed to work with Anna because Cassandra had arranged to bump into Nina and Charlotte in the restaurant as a warning to Valentin that his family wasn't safe. Nina realized that he'd done it out of necessity.

Valentin apologized because he didn't want Nina and Charlotte to pay the price for his past. Nina assured Valentin that she didn't hold it against him, but she wanted to help because Nina was in a perfect position to manipulate his ex-lover. Valentin refused to consider it and warned her that he would rather kill Cassandra than let Nina get near her. Nina agreed to back off, but she asked Valentin to be careful and to limit his contact with Anna because Nina feared that Anna would take advantage of the situation.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Diane explained that she couldn't do anything until Jason gave her authorization. Carly promised to talk to Jason right away. She asked Diane to wait then dashed off to track down Jason. Moments later, Alexis arrived, approached Diane's table, and asked if Diane had a minute. Diane admitted that she was about to embark on a frantic search for a "legal needle in a bureaucratic haystack." Alexis cut to the chase; she was curious if Diane knew how Nora Buchanan had ended up representing Olivia Jerome. Diane's eyes narrowed as she asked why Alexis wanted to know, but Alexis claimed that it was complicated.

"Oh, come on. Seriously?" Diane asked. Diane suspected that Alexis' curiosity had something to do with Julian and with Scott's recent visit. Alexis reluctantly admitted that she'd visited Julian at Pentonville and had seen his injuries firsthand. Alexis worried that Julian would end up dead if someone didn't help him, but Diane suspected that Alexis wanted to be the one to help Julian. Alexis assured Diane that Julian had refused to discuss the attack, but Diane was certain that it was only because he had wanted to talk about his love for Alexis instead. Alexis conceded that they had talked about where they stood with each other and that he had made it clear that he wanted Alexis to move on.

Diane suggested that Alexis could look at Julian's request two ways: Julian was trying to manipulate Alexis, or he was sincerely trying to let her go. Alexis was certain she knew which theory Diane subscribed to, but Diane explained that Alexis had missed the point. If Julian was a good man, then Alexis could honor his sacrifice, and if he was a bad man, then Alexis could refuse to fall into his trap. Either way, Alexis should take Julian at his word and forget about him. Alexis admitted that she couldn't live with herself if Julian died and she hadn't made an effort to stop it.

Alexis told Diane about the trip to Llanview and Nora's refusal to answer Alexis' questions. Alexis wanted to know who would pay a "heavy-hitter" like Nora Buchanan to represent Olivia Jerome -- and why. Diane looked up the court records and saw that Charlotte Cassadine's custody hearing had wrapped up on the same day as Olivia Jerome's hearing. Alexis was certain there was a connection.

At the tenth-floor nurses' station, Monica informed Jordan that Andre had cleared out his office. Anna exited the elevator and overheard the tail end of what Monica had said, so she asked what was going on. Monica explained that Andre had abandoned his position at the hospital without the courtesy of a resignation letter. After Monica excused herself, Jordan revealed that an APB had been issued for Andre because he was connected to the situation with Jason. Anna was shocked when Jordan told her about Franco's claims that Andre had produced Jason's twin's falsified death certificate.

A short time later, Anna and Jordan sat down in a quiet corner of the hospital as Anna filled Jordan in about Andre's work at the WSB. Jordan found it disturbing that Andre had been working on transplanting memories from one person to another. Anna agreed that it was unethical, which was why the WSB had abandoned the work, but Anna acknowledged that it would have been useful for intelligence work. Jordan wondered if it was possible that Andre had continued the work, prompting Anna to point out that it would explain why there were two men running around claiming to be Jason Morgan.

Meanwhile, a mystery person picked up a passport that had been issued to Arthur Matthews. Andre's photograph was used for the passport.

On Spoon Island, Alexis paid her brother a visit. Valentin greeted "Natasha" as he invited her into his home. Alexis asked him what his association to Olivia Jerome was.

At Crimson, Nina called "Cassie" and arranged to meet at Metro Court Restaurant.

At Sam and Jason's penthouse, Patient 6 stood on the balcony. He turned when he heard Sam arrive home, but his smile vanished when Jason followed his wife. Patient 6 ducked out of sight, but his temper flared as Jason nuzzled Sam's neck. In a fit of rage, Patient 6 charged into the penthouse with his gun blazing. Jason collapsed as several bullets struck him in the chest. Horrified, Sam rushed to her husband's side. "Jason! What have you done?" Sam asked at she looked at Patient 6 with tears in her eyes. "I love him," she explained. Patient 6 woke up screaming from the nightmare.

A short time later, Carly impatiently knocked on a hotel room door. Patient 6 opened it as he assured Carly, "I'm here." Carly sagged with relief, and she threw herself into Jason's arms. She apologized for the way she had behaved, but she warned him that it would take a while for her to get used to having him back. Jason closed the door then confessed that he liked that she was glad to see him. Carly's voice filled with emotion as she told Jason how much she had missed him. He was sorry that he hadn't been there, but Carly insisted that they focus on getting his life back.

Carly felt responsible for the mess that Jason was in because she had handed his life to his brother, Drew. Carly's eyes filled with fresh tears as she assured Jason that she had never seen Jason looking back at her when she had looked into Drew's eyes -- no matter how hard she had tried. She regretted that she hadn't had the courage to face the truth sooner because Jason wouldn't be sitting on the outside of his life, watching Sam go home with Drew. Jason quietly reminded Carly that Sam loved her husband, so he couldn't move against his brother without hurting Sam. Carly explained that he needed to talk to Diane, who was waiting in the restaurant.

Carly acknowledged that Jason's fingerprints had been wiped clean from the Port Charles police department's system, but he'd been arrested over fifty times prior to his disappearance in 2012. She was confident that they could persuade the department's cold case unit to help sift through the files, but Jason asked Carly to stop because he didn't care if he got his name back as long as he was home. He invited Carly to pick another name for him, but she argued that he was Jason Morgan. She wanted him to fight for himself -- and for Sam. Jason frowned then told Carly about his nightmare. Carly agreed that it had been terrible, but she reminded him that it had just been a dream.

Jason explained that he didn't want Sam caught in the middle, but Carly argued that it was unavoidable because the only way out for Sam was for Sam to make a real choice. Carly insisted that Drew would have to accept who he was, and Sam had to decide if she wanted to be with Drew or with Jason. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Monica. Carly reminded Jason to talk to Diane then left. Monica's eyes welled up with tears as she looked at Jason. He smiled at his mother then invited her to sit, but she admitted that she just wanted to look at him.

"I'm so happy to see you," Monica told Jason as her voice quivered with emotion. She admitted that he looked well, but she had expected him to stay with Sonny. Jason confessed that he had wanted to be on his own. Monica smiled because Jason had always been independent. Monica suddenly apologized because she realized that she wasn't being fair to his twin by acknowledging that his twin wasn't Jason. But she also knew that it wasn't fair to Jason to not recognize him as her son. Jason assured Monica that whatever she decided was okay.

Monica revealed that she kept reminding herself that Jason and his twin were both Alan's sons. She didn't want to dwell on how angry she was at both Susan and Heather, but Jason reminded his mother that Susan was dead and that Heather was evil. Monica explained that she was furious that Heather had allowed Alan's son to grow up away from his family because things might have been different for everyone. Jason assured Monica that he liked his life, but he admitted that he'd been unfair to the Quartermaines, especially Monica. Monica disagreed because Jason had been confused after the accident, and they had mishandled everything. Monica feared that she was mishandling things again, but she assured him that she loved him.

"I love you, too," Jason told his mother. Overjoyed, Monica hugged her son. A short time later, Jason walked his mother to the door. She admitted that she loved his twin, too, and she hoped that Jason and his twin could find a way to be brothers. Jason didn't think it was possible, but Monica reminded him that he had a gift for making the impossible possible.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam entered the living room as she called out to Jason. Jason pulled on his jacket as his wife approached. She was curious where he'd been all night, so he admitted that he'd spent the night in the living room because he'd had a lot on his mind and hadn't wanted to wake her. Sam was curious if he had reached a conclusion. He acknowledged that he had a brother, but he refused to let his twin take his life. Sam assured her husband that she supported him. Jason was grateful because he feared that they were in for a fight, since Sonny and Carly intended to back his twin with everything they had.

Sam assured Jason that his brother wouldn't cause trouble for them, but Jason became defensive because he was certain that "Drew" was in Port Charles to take everything that Jason and Sam had built. Sam promised Jason that she had his back. Jason thanked Sam, but he assured her that he was the real Jason, and there was nothing his brother could do to prove otherwise. Sam doubted that Jason's twin would be interested in Aurora Media, but Jason refused to take any chances because he feared that Sonny would push "Drew" to stake a claim. Jason wanted to make certain that he and Sam established clear ownership of the media empire before it went to court. Sam agreed that it was a good idea, but she gently reminded Jason that he and his twin shared the same DNA and the same family.

Jason bristled because he didn't intend to share his wife and children with his twin. Sam promised that Jason wouldn't have to, but Jason wondered how she could be certain of that. Sam reminded Jason that they were fighting Sonny, not Jason's brother, and she was confident that Sonny would never put the children in the middle of the fight. Jason hoped she was right. Their conversation returned to Aurora Media because Jason had an appointment to interview a man named Peter August for the CEO position.

Jason handed Peter's résumé to Sam then offered to let her have the final interview if things went well. Sam was interested because she recalled that Peter had run a publishing firm in New York City. After Sam walked Jason to the door then kissed him goodbye, she wandered over to the stairs and sat down as she recalled a night long before when she had been drunk and had persuaded Jason to dance with her.

A short time later, Carly arrived to talk to Sam about Jason. She asked if Sam's husband was there, so Sam assured Carly that they were alone. Relieved, Carly admitted that she wouldn't be much of a friend if she stood by and watched Sam make a mistake. Sam denied that she was, but Carly apologized to Sam for pressuring Sam to be with someone. Sam cut Carly off because she'd chosen to be with Jason, but Carly argued that Sam's husband wasn't Jason -- and Sam knew it. Carly appreciated that Sam couldn't say the words, but Carly could.

Carly recognized that "Andrew" was a good man because he was kind and he loved Sam. However, he wasn't Jason, and deep down inside, Sam had always known it and had made excuses for why Jason had seemed different. Carly had felt the same way, but she'd hadn't been able to deny the truth when she'd seen Jason appear at Sonny's house with Sam in his arms. Carly insisted that she could recognize Jason anywhere, and she was certain that the same was true for Sam. Carly knew the only reason that Sam wouldn't say it was because of her loyalty to the man Sam had slept with the previous night.

"I didn't sleep with anyone last night," Sam confessed. She explained that her husband had been up all night, trying to figure out what to do about his twin, who had shown up out of nowhere, and what to do about Sonny and Carly, the two people he'd thought were his best friends, who were trying to take everything from him, including Sam and the children. Carly was unapologetic, but she pointed out that it was ultimately up to Sam because Sam had to make the choice. Carly was sorry for that because she knew that Andrew would fight for Sam with everything he had, but Jason wouldn't. Carly explained that it wasn't in Jason's nature, so he'd back off until Sam needed him because all that mattered to him was Sam's happiness.

A tear slid down Sam's face as Carly warned that it wouldn't make Sam happy. Carly conceded that Andrew was a good man, and he loved Sam, but Jason owned Sam's heart and soul -- and Sam owned Jason's. Carly realized that admitting it would be the hardest thing that Sam had ever done, but it would be best for everyone, especially Andrew. After Carly left, Sam recalled how she and Jason had tumbled to the floor during their dance then shared a passionate kiss.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason arrived for his meeting with Peter August. After Jason shook the young man's hand, they sat down at the bar and talked about Peter's work history. Jason was curious how Peter had become available just when Jason and Sam had been looking for someone with Peter's impressive background. Peter admitted that he'd been ready to return from Europe, so he'd decided to act when he'd heard about the sale of Derek Wells Media. Peter knew that Derek Wells Media had been horribly mismanaged, with the exception of Crimson, but Peter was confident that they could turn things around. Jason agreed and revealed that it was the reason he and his wife had changed the name to Aurora Media. Peter seized the opportunity to ask if Jason was really Jason Morgan.

Peter explained that he'd heard that Jason had acquired Derek Wells Media under the name Jason Morgan, but there were rumors that it might not be his true identity. Jason revealed that he'd recently had a twin surface, and there were rumblings that his twin wanted what belonged to Jason, but there wasn't any proof to back up his brother's claims. Satisfied, Peter asked if Jason needed anything else. Jason thanked Peter for his time then promised to be in touch to schedule a final interview with Sam.

After Peter left, Jason stopped off at Diane's table. He apologized for not returning her call earlier, but he'd been busy. He assumed that Diane had heard about his twin, but Diane cut Jason off and explained that she could no longer represent him because she no longer believed that he was the real Jason Morgan. Jason was disappointed that Diane had fallen for his brother's lies, but he warned her not to share any of his files with his brother, or she would be disbarred. Diane assured him that his files had already been sealed and were ready to be forwarded. Jason instructed her to send them to his office at Aurora Media then advised her to warn her client to stay away from Sam and the children.

Diane quietly explained that her client was the real Jason Morgan, and she looked forward to proving it. "Go to hell," Jason growled then stormed away. His mood didn't improve when he saw his twin exit the elevator. Jason told his brother that Diane was waiting then left.

Diane warmly greeted Patient 6, who she believed was Jason, then explained that his twin wasn't happy that she intended to prove that her client was the real Jason Morgan. Jason told her that it was just a name, and he didn't want to get into a fight over it, but Diane asked Jason to heed her advice. She explained that he had to proceed from a position of strength because his assets and name were under a cloud -- they didn't belong to Jason or his twin. She revealed that he would have to stake a claim on his name, assets, and property, but once he established that, then he could do whatever he wanted with it, including signing it all over to Sam. Jason agreed to do whatever was necessary, so Diane told him that they would have to subpoena the case files of his very first arrest in 1996.

Maxie buys a pregnancy test Maxie buys a pregnancy test> Maxie buys a pregnancy test Maxie buys a pregnancy test

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin knew his sister's visit wasn't a social call because Alexis never showed up unless it was to accuse him of something. Alexis asked him about his connection to Olivia Jerome, but Valentin assured his sister that she'd been misinformed because he and Olivia weren't friends. Alexis pointed out that she hadn't said anything about friendship, but Valentin wondered why it even mattered since Olivia was locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. "Unlike her brother," Alexis replied. She reminded her brother that Julian was serving a fifteen-year sentence for crimes that Olivia had coerced Julian to commit, but Valentin was unmoved because he believed that Julian had been Olivia's accomplice. He added that some would say that Julian had gotten what he'd deserved, but Alexis was curious where Valentin would be if he'd gotten what he'd deserved.

Valentin assured Alexis that he was not as sinister as she made him out to be, but she laughed because she was certain that their father was "in hell," beaming with pride over Valentin's accomplishments. Alexis steered the conversation back to Olivia Jerome, but Valentin denied that he knew the woman. Alexis wasn't fooled because she believed that Valentin had been paying Olivia's legal fees. Alexis revealed that she knew that Nora Buchanan had represented Valentin in a custody hearing on the same day that Nora had attended Olivia's competency hearing. Valentin shrugged and suggested that Nora had simply been multitasking, but Alexis had another word for it: "collusion."

Valentin wondered why he would help Olivia, so Alexis reminded him that he and Olivia shared a common enemy -- Anna. Valentin smiled then explained that he and Anna had reached a truce. Undaunted, Alexis threatened to go to Sonny with her concerns about Valentin's association with Morgan's killer. She was certain that Sonny would "dig, dig, and dig" until Valentin's grave was dug, so Valentin asked what she wanted. She made it clear that she wanted her brother to persuade Olivia to exonerate Julian. Valentin reminded Alexis that she didn't have any proof against him, but Alexis doubted that would matter to Sonny.

Valentin realized that Alexis wanted Julian badly if she was willing to become an accessory to her own brother's murder. Alexis conceded that Julian wasn't a saint, but Olivia had forced Julian to do her bidding. Valentin appreciated that Alexis had to believe that because she was in love with a man who had held a knife to her throat, but Alexis refused to be baited. She advised Valentin to talk to Nora, or Alexis would go to Sonny.

At Pentonville, Julian glared at Scott through the Plexiglas partition and blasted him for involving Alexis in Julian's problems despite his clear instructions to leave her out of it. Scott refused to apologize because Julian was in danger. He urged Julian to keep his head down until Scott could get Julian out, but Julian warned Scott not to involve Alexis again. Scott couldn't make any promises because Alexis wouldn't even listen to Julian, a man she had loved and married, but Julian wasn't satisfied because he didn't want to inflict any more damage on Alexis' life. Scott shifted gears by asking if Julian had a silver bullet because Scott needed more ammunition for an appeal. Scott explained that judges were reluctant to rule against other judges, so Scott needed a miracle.

Julian smiled as he warned Scott to be careful because it sounded like Scott cared. Scott grunted then reminded Julian that Julian's life was on the line because Julian was facing fifteen years behind bars. A short time later, Scott left. Julian left the visitor area, but a guard stopped him and passed along a message. "Watch your back tonight," the guard warned with menace.

Later, Scott ran into Alexis at the bar in Metro Court Restaurant. He told the bartender to put Alexis' "fizzy drink" on his tab then placed an order. Scott thanked Alexis for visiting Julian and for talking sense into Julian's thick head, but Alexis remained concerned because Julian was in trouble. Scott shared that Julian had denied looking for the fights, but her visit had helped Julian because it had been months since Scott had seen any sign of life in Julian. Scott admitted that Julian was a better man in jail than he'd ever been on the outside, but he feared that time was running out unless he could find grounds for an appeal. Alexis confided that they might be closer than Scott thought.

In Llanview, Valentin greeted Nora as she invited him into her office. Valentin cut to the chase and revealed that he wanted Olivia Jerome to exonerate Julian because Julian was an innocent man who'd been paying for Olivia's crimes. Nora reminded him that it wasn't in her client's best interest to clear Julian of wrongdoing, but Valentin threatened to stop paying Olivia's legal defense if Olivia refused to cooperate. Nora was taken aback by the threat, but he assured her that he meant it. He advised Nora to let Olivia know what her options were then contact him when Olivia had made her decision.

Nora was curious what Valentin's connection to Olivia was, but he explained that it didn't matter because he intended to sever all ties with Olivia beyond her legal fees -- if she agreed to his terms. Nora informed Valentin that their business would be concluded once the matter was settled, but Valentin advised her not to be rash because his money was "very green." After Valentin left, Nora asked her assistant to arrange a visit with Olivia.

At Metro Court Restaurant, "Cassie" greeted Nina then thanked her for the lunch invitation. Nina smiled and revealed that she had ordered wine, prompting Cassandra to express her certainty that she and Nina were destined to be great friends. Nina told Cassandra to cut the act because Nina knew the truth. Cassandra's eyes rounded as she nervously picked up a glass of wine. Nina admitted that she knew Cassandra's real name and why Cassandra had lied. Cassandra tried to explain, but Nina cut her off with an assurance that she understood and didn't blame Cassandra because it had been an awkward situation that would have turned even more uncomfortable if Cassandra had introduced herself as Valentin's ex-lover once she realized who Nina and Charlotte were.

Relieved, Cassandra played along with Nina's generous assumptions. Nina promised Cassandra that she didn't harbor any ill feelings toward Cassandra because Valentin had told Nina about his casual fling with Cassandra. Nina claimed that Valentin had also explained that Cassandra had reached out to him when she had arrived in Port Charles. Nina expressed concern about Cassandra's health, but Cassandra shied away from discussing illness and instead mentioned that she would have made a play for Finn if he hadn't been involved with Anna Devane. Cassandra noticed Nina tense and asked about it, so Nina accused Anna of pursuing Valentin. Cassandra wasn't surprised because Valentin was a catch.

Cassandra assured Nina that Nina was a lucky woman because Valentin was a dangerous man, but Nina promised that she was dangerous too. She invited Cassandra to ask Ava Jerome what Nina was capable of when a woman went after Nina's man. Cassandra smiled politely then shifted gears by admitting that she was grateful that Nina had forgiven Cassandra's subterfuge. Nina was happy that everything was out in the open because she believed that she and Cassandra could become friends. Cassandra agreed, but she had to go. Nina smiled then suggested that they have lunch the following week at a French restaurant that Nina was eager to try.

In Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie was disappointed when Nathan entered the living room, dressed and ready to leave, because she had hoped they could enjoy their day off together. Nathan apologized and explained that he had to get to the hospital because Amy was going through a rough time and needed a friend. As he opened the door, he promised to make it up to Maxie. Lulu stood on the doorstep, about to knock, but she realized that Nathan was leaving. Lulu asked him to stay because she had made enough food for all of them, but Nathan asked for a rain check then left. Maxie closed the door as Lulu asked what was going on.

Maxie assured Lulu that Nathan was the best husband in the world then asked about Lulu's pesto salad because it was Maxie's favorite. Lulu smiled and announced that she had news. "I'm back," Lulu said as she smiled with delight. Lulu and Maxie sat down and helped themselves to pesto salad as Lulu explained that she had buried the lead when she'd told Maxie about her desire to be a reporter. Lulu revealed that she'd already submitted an article to Port Charles Parenting for publication, but she hadn't said anything because she hadn't wanted to jinx it. Lulu explained that she hadn't been happy with the food that had been available at Rocco and Charlotte's school, so she'd decided to investigate and write about it.

Lulu pulled a piece of paper out of her bag and handed it to Maxie as she revealed that she'd printed a hard copy because she wanted Maxie to read it and give her honest feedback. Maxie started to read the article, but a wave of nausea suddenly washed over her. Maxie jumped up and ran to the bathroom as Lulu's expression filled with concern. A short time later, Lulu helped Maxie to the sofa. She worried that reading about rancid potato salad and spoiled milk had made Maxie sick. Maxie assured Lulu that she was fine, but the descriptions hadn't helped.

Moments later, Maxie fled to the bathroom again. Lulu smiled. "Maxie Jones, you're pregnant," Lulu announced. Maxie returned to the living room and denied that she was pregnant, but Lulu smiled then reminded Maxie that Nathan and Maxie had been making up for lost time since Maxie had returned from Oregon. Maxie blamed it on stress then grumbled about Nathan helping his "needy nurse friend" through a family disaster. Maxie added that the time wasn't right to have a baby because she and Nathan hadn't discussed it, and they were enjoying their lives, so the last thing they needed was a complication.

Lulu urged Maxie to take a test because it was important to start prenatal care right away, but Maxie flippantly told Lulu that she didn't need a lecture on "birthing babies" from Lulu. Maxie immediately regretted the insensitive words and apologized, but Lulu acknowledged that they'd had a complicated past. However, Lulu promised that it was all behind them, and they were in a good place. Lulu smiled then expressed her certainty that Georgie would be delighted to have a baby brother or sister. Maxie's smile was bittersweet because she had missed so much of her daughter's first years, but she was confident that she wasn't pregnant.

Later, Maxie returned from the store. She pulled a pregnancy test kit out of a bag then looked at it with an uneasy expression.

At the tenth-floor nurses' station, Nathan greeted Amy, but her spirits were low. He asked when Chet would be going home, so she perked up and told him that she hoped to find out later that day. Nathan smiled then surprised Amy with a first-edition paperback copy of their book. Amy smiled and thanked him for the thoughtful gift, but Nathan suggested that she read it. Amy assured him that she knew what she'd written, but Nathan opened the book to a passage were Amy had offered sage advice to a reader whose husband had been struggling with addiction. Amy had urged the woman to find a support group, and to understand that it was up to the addict to get help.

Amy was surprised by what she'd written and thanked Nathan. Nathan confessed that Ask Man Landers had turned out to be a rewarding adventure, but after it was long gone, he would still have Amy's friendship. Amy smiled then asked him to sign her book.

In the hospital's conference room, Nelle was surprised when she realized that Laura would be conducting the job interview. She admitted that she had expected someone from Human Resources rather than the head of the hospital's board, but Laura admitted that the daycare center was close to her heart, and she liked to take an active role in hiring its personnel. Laura invited Nelle to sit then asked why Nelle had left her previous job at Crimson. Nelle turned on the charm as she talked about her education and her desire to work with children. Nelle admitted that she'd felt bad for going behind Nina's back and applying for jobs working with children, but it was Nelle's true calling.

Laura was impressed when Nelle touched on what had transpired with Carly then expressed remorse for what she'd done. Nelle was pleased when Laura talked about the benefits that the hospital offered, but her smile faded when Laura revealed that the paychecks were issued every two weeks. Laura worried that it would be a problem, but Nelle assured her that she would find a way to make it work then asked to see the daycare. After Nelle left, Laura called Human Resources. Lulu entered the room as Laura mentioned that Nelle Benson was the perfect candidate for the job.

Alarmed, Lulu asked her mother to hang up. Laura was annoyed, but she did as her daughter had asked with a promise to call the person back. Lulu explained that Nelle had been fired from Crimson. Moments later, Nelle returned, but she realized that something was amiss when she saw Lulu. Laura asked why Nelle had been fired from her previous job, but Nelle thanked Laura for her time and walked away without answering the question. Lulu admitted that she didn't know the details about what had transpired between Nina and Nelle, but it had been bad enough for Nina to terminate Nelle's employment.

Lulu believed that Nelle was the type of person who looked for weaknesses to exploit and worked things to her advantage. Laura agreed that she couldn't have someone like that working in the daycare center. Lulu changed the subject and confided that a close friend might be pregnant, but Lulu didn't want to share the details because she didn't want to jinx anything.

At the elevator, Nelle saw Nathan and Amy. She recalled overhearing Maxie and Nathan talk about Amy being the real author of the Ask Man Landers blog and how Maxie, Nathan, and Nina could land in a lot of hot water if anyone learned the truth. Nelle pulled out her phone then called someone to ask how much they paid for dirt on celebrities. She was impressed with the amount that was quoted, so she arranged to meet the person.

Nelle strikes a bargain and exposes a secret Nelle strikes a bargain and exposes a secret

Thursday, November 16, 2017

At the hospital, Nelle was on the phone as she arranged to meet someone to discuss Man Landers. She made it clear that she expected to be well compensated.

At the nurses' station, Nathan noticed Nelle on the phone. He started to approach her as she entered the elevator, but Amy ran up and frantically asked for his help. Amy explained that Chet had disappeared from the hospital, and she hadn't been able to reach him. She feared that her brother might be looking for a drug dealer, but Nathan assured Amy that they would find Chet. He asked her to send him a picture of her brother so he could share it with the officers on duty and ask them to keep an eye out for Chet. Amy thanked him then decided to question the hospital's personnel.

A short time later, Amy reported that a nurse had seen Chet an hour earlier as he'd been leaving. The nurse hadn't been concerned because she'd been aware that Chet had been scheduled for discharge. Nathan and Amy surmised that Chet had likely called a cab, so Nathan decided to make some calls.

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie checked her calendar and realized that she was very late, so she picked up the pregnancy test and went to the bathroom. A short time later, she entered the living room and expressed her frustration that she'd used the bathroom before she'd gone to the store to pick up the pregnancy test. She drank some water then returned to the bathroom and took the test. Maxie set the timer on her phone then kept herself busy doing stretches while she waited three minutes for the test. When the timer went off, she braced herself to look at the results but jumped when someone knocked on the door.

Maxie slid the stick into the box then hid it behind her purse on the desk as she made her way to the door. Maxie frowned when she saw Chet on her doorstep because she didn't recognize him. Chet explained that he'd found Man Landers' address posted online, so she assumed Chet was a fan. Chet explained that he hoped to talk to Man Landers about his sister, but Maxie informed him that Man Landers was happily married. Chet assured Nathan's wife that her husband knew his sister, Amy Driscoll. Maxie apologized when she realized who Chet was. She was embarrassed that she hadn't recognized him, but it had been a long time.

Chet had no idea who Maxie was, so she revealed that they'd gone to high school together and that she'd been one of the cheerleaders on the sidelines when he'd led their football team to state championship. Chet apologized because he didn't recognize her. Maxie conceded that she hadn't been the school legend that he'd been, but Chet assured her that he wasn't a legend. Maxie invited him inside then asked why he wanted to talk to her husband, but Chet told her that it was private. Maxie warned him that she would eventually find out, so Chet explained that he wanted Nathan to help persuade Amy to let go because Chet needed to figure things out on his own and go his own way.

Maxie accused Chet of being a coward, but he insisted that he was trying to do the right thing. Maxie conceded that he'd been dealt a "crappy hand," but Amy loved him and had done everything possible to help him. As Maxie talked, she revealed that Amy had paid all of Chet's medical expenses. Surprised, Chet asked how it was possible because Amy was just a nurse. Nathan and Amy entered the apartment as Maxie announced that Amy was the real Man Landers.

Meanwhile, Nelle sat in the office of the editor of Invader and reviewed the contract he'd given her. She was concerned that they needed to vet the story before she was paid in full, but the editor explained that it was standard practice. Nelle wasn't pleased because she had "the goods" on Man Landers and expected to be compensated, but the editor insisted that she would get a small portion of the money up-front then the rest once the story had been verified. Nelle decided to walk away, but the editor stopped her and asked if the scoop was big. "Huge," she assured him.

The editor agreed to give her three-quarters of the money up-front then the rest when the story was vetted. Nelle asked if she would have complete anonymity, so he agreed. Satisfied, Nelle asked him to put it in writing. After he made the necessary changes, he slid the contract back to her, and she signed it. Nelle smiled then revealed that she had previously worked at Crimson. The editor perked up because he knew that "Mrs. Man Landers" worked at the fashion magazine too.

Nelle shared the details of the conversation she'd heard between Maxie and Nathan when they had discussed the secret they'd been keeping about Ask Man Landers. The editor was shocked when Nelle revealed that Amy Driscoll, a nurse at General Hospital, had written the blog. Nelle admitted that she'd done a little research on the book launch then showed him the various news accounts of the party that she'd printed up, which detailed all the strangeness surrounding the unveiling of Man Landers. The editor recalled the accusation of infidelity with Amy, and the numerous men posing as Man Landers until the real one had been revealed.

Nelle pointed out that none of the men were Man Landers because Amy had written the blog. Nelle added that she'd checked the blog, which hadn't shown a picture of the author until rumblings of a book deal. The editor snidely commented that all women needed men as a front. Nelle glared at the man, but she continued. She explained that Nina had been part of the ruse, and she had capitalized on the deception by running an exclusive about Man Landers.

The editor warned Nelle that the story might tank the Ask Man Landers blog and Crimson, but Nelle insisted that it wasn't her fault that Nathan, Maxie, Amy, and Nina had compromised their integrity. The editor liked Nelle's take-no-prisoners attitude, but Nelle wanted to know what would happen next. He handed her a check then told her that she would soon find out.

At Greystone Manor, Josslyn arrived home with Oscar in tow. Oscar was curious where Sonny and Carly were, so Josslyn explained that her parents were out with a friend, hoping to prove that their friend was the real Jason Morgan. Oscar chuckled because there was never a dull moment around Josslyn's family. She invited Oscar to run screaming while he had the chance, but he declined. Josslyn smiled then shifted gears and expressed her delight that they were closer to finding his father because they'd found the CD. Oscar revealed that he might have uncovered another clue because he'd listened to the CD, but the teens were startled when Carly called out a greeting as she walked down the stairs.

Josslyn was surprised that her mother was home, but Carly frowned and asked if the plan had been for Josslyn and Oscar to be alone. Josslyn's eyes rounded with embarrassment as she assured her mother that they hadn't been doing anything wrong, but Carly smiled and assured her daughter that she'd been teasing. Josslyn relaxed, but Carly seized the opportunity to remind Oscar that she still hadn't met his mother. Oscar explained that his mother was always busy, but Carly wondered if Oscar and his mother would be free for Thanksgiving. Josslyn was shocked that Carly had extended the invitation, but Carly thought it was the right thing to do because Oscar and his mother might not have anyone to spend the holiday with, since they were new in town.

To Josslyn's surprise, Oscar agreed to pass along Carly's invitation to his mother. Pleased, Carly asked him to copy her on the text message because she wanted to know if she needed to set a couple of extra place settings for dinner. Carly grabbed her things then announced that she had to leave, but the nanny was in the nursery with Avery, and a guard was posted outside. After Carly left, Josslyn apologized to Oscar, but he confessed that he was nervous because he'd never told his mother who Josslyn's stepfather was. Josslyn knew it was a difficult conversation because she'd had it countless times with people in her life.

Moments later, Oscar's phone alerted him to a text message. "She said yes," Oscar revealed as he held up his phone and showed Josslyn the text message from his mother. Josslyn was shocked, but she promised to ask Sonny to "de-mob" the house. Oscar was confident that his mother would like Sonny and Carly once she saw what great people they were. Josslyn smiled, but her expression was filled with trepidation. Their conversation circled back to the search for Oscar's father as he shared that the songs on the CD had shared a common theme -- water.

Josslyn suggested that it might be a San Diego thing, but Oscar thought it was significant for another reason, because there was a large naval base in the area. Josslyn thought Oscar was a genius because it was possible that his father had been deployed in 2003 to fight in the Iraq war, which would explain the goodbye letter that he'd written to Oscar's mother. Oscar added that it would also explain why his father hadn't returned. Josslyn agreed that it was possible, but she suggested that they search for a list of people who'd been deployed from the base in 2003. Oscar admitted that he'd done some research the previous night by reading accounts of naval operations and special missions that had made the news. One name had stuck out -- Oscar O'Brian from Iowa.

Josslyn picked up her phone and did a quick search online. She found Oscar O'Brian's "MyFace" account and showed Oscar the picture of the man. She thought that Oscar looked a lot like the man in the picture, so she suggested they contact him. Oscar was reluctant because he worried that the man might be disappointed in him. Josslyn disagreed, but she reminded him that he didn't have to go any further with the search. Oscar considered it for a minute then decided to move forward because he wanted to know who his father was.

Oscar smiled at Josslyn because it was nice to have someone on his side. Josslyn returned the smile as Oscar leaned in and tenderly kissed her.

At the hospital, Griffin was checking a chart when Ava slid a picture of herself in front of him. He smiled then asked what she was doing there, so she reminded him that she'd been waiting for his answer. She had hoped the picture would refresh his memory of what she had looked like before the burns, but Griffin frowned. Ava pointed out that he had the research and the tools to complete the work that Dr. Klein had started, but Griffin explained that the surgery was too risky and might make the scars worse. Ava assured him that it was a risk that she was willing to take, but Griffin refused to do the surgery because it was unethical and dangerous, and it might cause irreparable damage.

Ava wasn't satisfied because she doubted that Patient 6 would have passed along the information if it was dangerous. Griffin reminded her that Patient 6 wasn't a doctor and wouldn't have known that the treatment could be disastrous. Frustrated, Ava acknowledged that everything he'd said had made sense, but she couldn't stop longing to be her old self again. Griffin promised Ava that she was beautiful just the way she was. Ava smiled, so Griffin suggested that they table the discussion and go to dinner because he was starving.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Patient 6/Jason was certain that the person responsible for his abduction was also connected to his brother. Sonny agreed. Jason wondered who Helena's accomplice was, so Sonny admitted there were two possibilities: Cesar Faison, who was in hiding with his daughter, and Liesl Obrecht. Sonny explained that Liesl was out of town, but he intended to pay her a visit when she returned.

The conversation shifted when Jason asked about Sonny's business. Sonny admitted that it had been a strange year, and he told Jason about his efforts to go legitimate. Sonny had hoped that Perks would be the answer, but Jason had no idea what Perks was. Sonny's smile was bittersweet as he filled Jason in about the coffee kiosk that Kristina and Morgan had been excited about running. Jason's expression clouded with sadness because he couldn't believe that Morgan was gone. Sonny confided that he should have known the truth about Sam's husband when Morgan had died.

Sonny promised that Jason's brother was a decent and understanding guy, and he conceded that they wouldn't have known the truth about how Morgan had died if it hadn't been for Sam's husband, but the man hadn't taken Morgan's death has hard as Jason had. Sonny talked about Morgan's struggle with bipolar disorder and the guilt that Sonny had felt for passing the illness to his son, but Jason insisted that it wasn't Sonny's fault. Sonny promised that Morgan had received treatment, and he'd done the work to get better. "Till that bitch took him away," Sonny growled.

Jason admitted that Carly had been reluctant to share the details of Morgan's death, so Sonny agreed that it would be best to delay the painful conversation. Moments later, Carly walked up, and her eyes filled with tears of happiness when she saw Sonny and Jason. She admitted that it was everything she had wished for but had never thought would happen. Carly sat down and told Sonny that she had invited Oscar's mother to Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny worried that it had been a mistake, but Carly waved away his concerns and asked him to help make a good impression. Sonny's phone rang, so he offered to let the guards spend the holiday with their families then stepped away to take the call.

Carly shared her concerns about Oscar's mother with Jason, but he assured her that Oscar's mother would see what great parents Sonny and Carly were. Carly was happy to have Jason back because he never judged her. After Carly stepped away to get something to drink, Jason saw Griffin and Ava enter the restaurant. He approached the couple and thanked Griffin for helping him in Russia then asked if Ava had received the gift he'd left for her. Carly returned as they were chatting and demanded to know why Jason was talking to Ava.

Jason explained that Ava was the patient who had helped him escape from the clinic in Russia, but Carly revealed that Ava was also the reason that Morgan was dead. Shocked, Jason looked to Ava for an explanation, but Carly provided the answer when she revealed that Ava had used the pretext of visiting Avery to slip into Morgan's bedroom and switch out his lithium with placebos. Jason was furious and demanded to know why. Ava's eyes welled up with tears as she admitted that she'd been desperate to protect her daughter Kiki because Morgan had been incapable of having a healthy relationship. Sonny returned as Ava insisted that she had assumed that Sonny and Carly would notice that their son needed treatment and get Morgan help.

Ava added that if Sonny and Carly had paid more attention to their son, then Morgan would still be alive. "Enough!" Jason shouted. He informed Ava that Morgan had been his godson. Jason acknowledged that he'd been indebted to Ava, but the debt had been paid, and they were done. Jason walked away without a backward glance. Sonny followed his friend while Carly remained behind. Ava imagined that it was Carly's best day ever because Carly had two men to fight her battles. Carly assured Ava that she didn't need anyone to fight her battles.

Ava acknowledged that Carly was grieving and had every right to hate Ava, but Ava wished that Carly would get off her pedestal because Carly was far from innocent. Carly pointed out that she'd never robbed a young man of his sanity and his life, but Ava denied killing Morgan. Unmoved, Carly admitted that she was ecstatic that Ava would remain scarred because it was a fitting punishment. Carly was certain that one day, Griffin would wake up and see Ava for who she truly was -- scarred on the outside and horrible and vile on the inside. Griffin objected, but Carly warned Ava that Griffin would move on to someone younger and prettier than Ava, and Ava would be left in the dust. Carly conceded that it wouldn't bring Morgan back, but it would be nice to know that Ava was alone.

Carly walked away and joined Sonny and Jason at a nearby table. Sonny noticed that Carly and Ava had continued to exchange words, but Carly assured him that she was fine. Jason apologized to Carly. Carly regretted putting him on the spot, but she was glad that he knew the truth about Ava. Sonny pointed out that Jason had a lot to catch up on, but Jason admitted that he needed some time to clear his head. After he left, Sonny and Carly agreed that Jason had likely gone to the footbridge. Carly wished that she could do something for Jason because he had looked lost.

Sonny's phone chimed with a text message. He glanced at it, smiled, then cryptically told Carly that perhaps there was something he could do.

At the bar, Griffin asked Ava not to let Carly get to her and ruin their evening, but she admitted that it was too late. She gave him a quick kiss then left.

On the footbridge, Jason heard the leaves rustling. He looked up then smiled with joy.

Robin realized Patient 6 was the real Jason Robin realized Patient 6 was the real Jason

Friday, November 17, 2017

Jason found Curtis working out on the punching bag at the gym and asked if Curtis had found any evidence to indicate that Jason was really Jason. Curtis told Jason that Betsy Frank's trail had suddenly gone cold, but he was optimistic that her credit cards would be used at some point. Jason asked if Curtis had visited Heather Webber. Curtis nodded but said that Heather had taken some sort of vow of silence to repent and had not spoken to anyone in months.

Jason suggested that Curtis look into Andre, who had taken off after Patient 6 had shown up in Port Charles. Curtis was shocked but was certain he would be able to locate the doctor.

Franco, Elizabeth, and Jake were ready for some popcorn and a movie at home. Franco was perturbed that Jake had selected The Parent Trap, a movie about twins. After Jake dashed upstairs to put on his pajamas, Elizabeth advised Franco that she thought they should tell the boy about Jason's twin. Franco, however, felt that was the last thing that they should do.

When asked why he thought it was a bad idea, Franco said that the idea of there being two Jasons was confusing enough for adult minds, and he worried that it might be too much for Jake to process. He also suggested that it might be Jason's news to tell. Franco did follow up by saying that Elizabeth was Jake's mother and that he'd support whatever decision she might make. Elizabeth left to see what was taking Jake so long. The doorbell rang, and Franco answered the door. A deliveryman handed Franco a large, rectangular package. Franco muttered, "Gee, I wonder what this is. I can't wait to see." Elizabeth returned and asked Franco who'd been at the door. Franco unwrapped the package and revealed his twins painting. "That... was karma," he said.

Franco grabbed his twin painting and advised Elizabeth he would return in time for the movie.

Elizabeth called Jason and asked him to see her about Jake. Jason left the gym, and Jordan arrived shortly after. She needed Curtis to help her, and she asked him to look for Andre. Curtis gloated over the fact that Jordan had dropped him for the "Ivy League" man but announced that someone else had already requested the same thing.

Jordan agreed that Curtis could work for both her and Jason. Curtis declared that they would both get the same information from him, but anything that developed would have to be between Jordan and Jason. Curtis was shocked to hear that Andre had played a role in an aborted WSB mission that involved memory mapping. Jordan admitted that she didn't know who they were dealing with as she had always found out charming things about Andre. Obviously, she'd never known him.

Curtis believed that Andre had just gotten "caught up." Suddenly, Curtis received a notification on his phone. He admitted that he'd hacked into Andre's personal account, and he had learned of a delivery made to Andre. He had obtained Andre's I.P address that had been used within the past few hours. Jordan didn't want to hear about Curtis' actions, but she wanted the results.

Ava arrived at the gallery and was startled when she saw Kiki sitting at the desk. Kiki reminded Ava that she had suggested Kiki study there for some quiet. Kiki wondered if her mother wanted to discuss the flash drive that Kiki had lifted, and Ava informed her daughter that there were no doctors around who would be willing to perform the unapproved surgery on her face. Kiki admitted she was glad.

Franco arrived at the gallery with his painting that had been "re-gifted" from Andre. He wanted it sold, with proceeds to go to the only thing that he and Ava shared, which would be Kiki. The young woman was touched and hugged Franco as Ava smiled. Ava sent Kiki to the storeroom with the painting and suggested that Kiki look around at the new pieces.

Ava asked about the Jasons, but Franco refused to discuss them. Ava realized it was because Franco believed that the Jason without a partner would go after Elizabeth, and she had to admit that she agreed with Franco's thinking. She proceeded to talk about the good people that they were both seeing and how the two of them would always be judged for their misdeeds. She wondered if their "angels" worried that they would take them down, and she wished they could be fixed. She added that she would definitely worry if she were Franco.

After Franco left, Ava sat at her laptop and looked up unethical doctors who performed plastic surgery. She made notes. Kiki returned after viewing the new art and asked what Ava was looking at. Ava remarked that she was planning a new exhibit, and she thought that everyone would be happy when it debuted.

Amy and Nathan found Chet with Maxie in Maxie and Nathan's apartment. Just as they walked in, they heard Maxie declaring that Nathan wasn't the real Ask Man Landers and that it had been Amy all along. After trying to deny it briefly, Amy broke down and admitted the truth. "Surprise," she said.

Amy recounted the tale of how she'd started her blog. She explained to Chet that he had been the inspiration for the blog because he had always given her the best advice. As Amy talked, Maxie spotted her home pregnancy test across the room and scurried off to hide it. Nathan mouthed to Maxie to ask what she was doing. "Everything I am is because of you," Amy stated, telling Chet, "You taught me to be brave, strong, courageous, and smart. I watched you, and I learned."

Chet wondered how Nathan had been involved with the ruse, and Amy explained how she'd used Nathan's photo, and then the publisher had wanted to meet him. They could be accused of fraud, she said. Nathan admitted he'd been happy to help after the sacrifices that Chet had made for his country. Amy was sorry, but Chet admitted that he didn't feel so alone anymore. Maxie sat at her desk and sneaked a peek at her pregnancy test when no one was looking.

Chet stated that he had a lot to work through. Maxie announced that no one could know the truth, or their reputations would suffer. Amy stated that they could be sued, and Nathan noted that they'd have to return the advance. Brother and sister left, and Maxie reluctantly told Nathan that she had some unexpected good news of her own.

Jason got to Elizabeth's house, and she revealed that she'd wanted to see him so that they could tell Jake about Jason's twin. She thought the boy should know after seeing Patient 6 in the park. Jason was against it, but when Jake bounced down the stairs in his pajamas, Jason looked at Elizabeth and sighed. They told the boy about the twins, and he wasn't surprised.

Jason explained that the other man thought he was Jason, and other people believed him. "I'm your father," Jason said. He knew that Elizabeth believed him. She looked on uneasily as Jason spoke.

Nina visited with Sam in the Aurora office to discuss the Crimson budget. Sam explained that Jason wasn't there to discuss the budget. Nina reminded Sam that she was co-owner "with Jas -- or whoever he is?" Nina explained that if Sam's Jason wasn't the real Jason, the entire company "could be in flux." Sam snapped that the matter wasn't Nina's business. Nina sat down in a chair and explained to Sam that she understood what it was it was like to wake up and learn that years had passed... and that lives had moved on. Sam countered that things hadn't just been hard for Jason.

Nina quickly interrupted and commented that when she and Sam had been fighting over Silas, she never would have thought that she and Sam would be working together. Nina said that she knew that neither one of them was the same person that they had been three years earlier. Nina understood that Sam was hurting and torn with all that had been going on. She urged Sam to talk to her if she needed someone to talk to.

Sam said she wasn't afraid of what was going on, and Nina asked if she were in love with two different men. Sam insisted that she was in love with her husband, and that was all that mattered. They had shared a life together. Nina asked if it was the present life or the way it had been. Sam again insisted that she loved her husband and was committed to him and their business. Nina left and was horrified when she looked at a phone message.

Sam looked at a photo of her and Jason and thought back to the recent conversation with Patient 6 about not being able to be with the person one loved.

Patient 6 stood quietly on the footbridge. The sound of snapping twigs diverted his pensive stare. He looked to his left and saw Robin. "Somehow, I knew you'd be here," she said. Jason said that when he'd learned from Sonny that Robin was still alive, he hadn't been able to believe it. Robin responded that she'd been equally shocked to learn that Jason was back with his old face. Jason assured Robin that everything was going to be okay. "How can this be?" Robin asked. Jason assured Robin that he was the real Jason but then asked her if she believed him.

Robin struggled to find an answer. She recalled how the Jason Morgan she'd known had helped her escape from an elevator that had been rigged with a bomb. "He sure has his heart and his spirit," Robin said of the man she had believed was Jason, asking, "I mean, who else could he be?" Patient 6 replied that the man was his brother... his twin brother.

Patient 6 told Robin about the identical twin situation, insisting, "He's not me, Robin." He was the one who had been there for all of their memories, and he was thrilled to see that she was alive and well. He wanted her to believe him because that would be the "icing on the cake." Robin thought back to when they'd used that term right before he'd kissed her many years in the past. It was "better than the best," Patient 6 said. "Oh, my God, it's you," Robin said as she hugged him.

Robin suggested a play date with her son and Scout but realized her blunder. Scout wasn't the man's daughter. Patient 6 was just delighted that everyone was happy. Robin thought it was good that her friend had sympathy and felt sorry for Sam. If Sam admitted that Patient 6 was Jason, then that would make the last few years a lie. Patient 6 revealed that Diane had been going through all of his old arrests, searching for fingerprint records. He didn't care about his name; he was only interested in finding out who had done this to him.

Before Maxie could divulge her news, she received a phone alert and shrieked. The Invader had broken a story that Nathan wasn't Ask Man Landers.

Franco returned home but saw Jason talking to Elizabeth, so he hid in the bushes. Jason thanked Elizabeth for believing him and gave her a big hug.

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