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Michael learned that Nelle had leaked the Man Landers story. Nelle announced that she was pregnant. Drew was arrested for desertion. Kim told Drew that Oscar was his son. Sonny and Jason caught up with Britt. Franco and Elizabeth became engaged.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 4, 2017 on GH
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Oscar and Josslyn run a DNA test Oscar and Josslyn run a DNA test

Monday, December 4, 2017

Franco and Elizabeth arrived at the hospital, in disbelief at Andre's lies. Elizabeth also reiterated how proud she was of Franco. Robin approached the couple, and Elizabeth updated her on the proof that showed Jason was the real Jason. Elizabeth recognized that she had some "serious conversations" in her future. Franco excused himself and left the hospital.

Robin knew that Jason wouldn't push to see Jake and urged Elizabeth to go to Jason about it. Elizabeth reminded Robin that Jason despised Franco, but Franco was her "favorite person." Elizabeth gushed about her "partner in every sense of the word." While Franco wasn't Robin's favorite person, she was happy to hear that he made Elizabeth so happy. Robin had to go, but the friends promised to talk more often.

Andre was relaxing in his holding cell when Franco disturbed him outside the bars. "I need a session in the worst way," Franco pleaded. Andre was disappointed that Franco hadn't done "the right thing" with the information he'd given to Franco about Jason and Andrew. Franco wondered why Andre hadn't taken Franco down with him. Andre revealed that, despite his choices, he still respected doctor-patient confidentiality. However, he told Franco that "the truth shall set you free."

Franco confided in Andre his worries about "the Jasons" and Elizabeth. Andre thought that Franco was trying to sabotage his own happiness because he still believed that he didn't deserve to be loved. Andre advised Franco to stop making excuses and just be honest with Elizabeth. The guard returned to tell Franco that his time was up. Andre and Franco wished each other luck, and Franco left.

Franco returned to the hospital and told himself that telling Elizabeth the truth wouldn't be the end of the world. He found Elizabeth and said that he had something important to tell her, and she excitedly told him the same thing. "Let's get married," she said. Franco was pleasantly surprised as she explained that she was "madly in love" with him, and that she couldn't imagine her life without him in it. He said yes and pulled her into a kiss. When they finally broke apart, she wondered what he'd wanted to tell her. He answered that it wasn't important and kissed her again.

Oscar handed Josslyn the over-the-counter paternity test he'd gotten. She took out the glass that Andrew had used, and she promised Oscar that she would pay to have the test expedited. Just then, Michael approached them, and the two hid their supplies. Michael filled Josslyn and Oscar in on what had happened at the police station. Josslyn felt bad for Andrew and wondered if he would ever regain his own memories. Michael was glad that Andrew could explore his past.

Nelle appeared and asked to borrow Michael from Josslyn and Oscar. A reluctant Michael went along with Nelle. When they were gone, Oscar swabbed his mouth with the kit. Josslyn wondered who Oscar would take the results to if they were positive, but Oscar had no idea. Josslyn assured him that the next day, they would have the results.

"I thought we said everything we had to say," Michael told Nelle. She revealed that she'd gotten him a Christmas gift before they'd broken up, and it had arrived the day before. He told her to return it because she didn't need to give him anything. She told him that she'd decided to give it to Josslyn, but she didn't want Josslyn to know that it was from her. Michael reminded Nelle that she and Josslyn were friends, so Josslyn should know who the gift was from.

Michael and Nelle returned to Josslyn and Oscar, who excused himself, and Nelle gave her "early Christmas present" to Josslyn. Josslyn excitedly opened the gift and was ecstatic to find an autograph in silver sharpie from Shawn Sanchez, a singer she loved. Nelle admitted that she'd called in a favor, and Josslyn gave her a huge hug. As Nelle promised that they would get lunch soon, Michael walked away to answer his ringing phone.

Just as Michael was finishing up his phone call, Nelle followed after him. He thanked her for her gift to Josslyn, who really loved it. The two went their separate ways. As Nelle waited for the elevator, she fished a silver sharpie out of her purse.

Josslyn put Andrew's used glass and Oscar's swab into an envelope. "Here goes nothing," she said to herself.

Jason stood on the pier, and Alexis emerged from the shadows. She had wondered when she would run into him. She asked where Sam was, and he answered that she was with Andrew. Alexis admitted to being relieved with his answer. She recalled how "broken" Sam had been when Jason had disappeared, and she asked him to "consider this a second chance." She went on that Sam had a new life, and she begged him not to make Sam give it up.

Alexis continued that she knew that Jason loved Sam, but she urged him to let her go. Andrew was a good man who had left the mob for his family, and she didn't want Jason pulling Sam back in. Jason related that he'd never told Sam what to do, and he didn't intend to start. Alexis hoped that Sam had matured enough to know that Jason was no longer an option for her, and she left.

Sam looked at the picture of Andrew in his uniform. "Any idea where we go from here?" Andrew asked her. "Home," she said simply. Andrew commented that home seemed "as unreal as I am." Sam took his face in her hands and insisted that he was real, and their relationship, home, and family were real. She assured him that she loved him for him, not for his name. They embraced, and she urged him to "talk to me, Jason." He reminded her that she couldn't call him that anymore, and he emotionally emptied his wallet of everything that said "Jason Morgan."

When Sam stopped Andrew, he wondered what they were going to tell Danny and if she wanted him there when she talked to him. She promised him that they would figure out the best way together. He could see that she loved him, but he didn't want to keep her in something she didn't want to be in. He told her that, if she wanted to go back to Jason, he wouldn't stand in her way. She gave him a speech about how she couldn't imagine her life without him and that nothing had changed between them. "It would have killed me if I lost you," he admitted.

Andrew just wanted to figure out who he was, and Sam promised that they would do it together. He wanted some time alone to think, so he kissed her and left. She watched him until he left, then looked at his old picture again. Alexis entered and informed Sam that she'd run into Jason. She asked how Sam was doing, and Sam answered that she was "overwhelmed." Alexis wondered if she could say one thing because she was worried.

Alexis knew that Jason had been a huge part of Sam's life, but she urged Sam to think about her children before going back to Jason. "Like you thought of yours when you were with Julian?" Sam muttered. Alexis said that at least Sam knew what happened when a loved one was in the mob. "I can't breathe," Sam said, and she left.

Andrew was standing on the footbridge when Oscar approached. He apologized for intruding on Andrew, but he hadn't known anyone was there. Andrew thought it was a good place to think and welcomed Oscar to stay. As the two used some of the same small mannerisms, Andrew told Oscar that there was plenty of room there for both of them.

A crying Sam arrived at the pier. She heard footsteps, and Jason approached. The two only looked at each other until they walked closer to one another. "It's gonna be okay. Whatever happens, it's all gonna work out," Jason assured her. "Thank you," she said, wiping tears away, and Jason left.

Monica stands up for her sons, Jason and Drew

Monica stands up for her sons, Jason and Drew

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia was whistling and decorating a white Christmas tree with colorful lights and ornaments when Monica entered the living room and stopped short. "Oh, my God. What is that?" Monica asked with an expression of horror. Olivia smiled happily as she pointed out that it was the Christmas tree, but Monica explained that the Quartermaines typically had a "natural" tree, which they decorated with the ornaments in the attic. Olivia reminded Monica that Monica had agreed that Olivia could decorate the Christmas tree, but Monica had assumed that Olivia would put up a green-colored tree. Olivia explained that the white tree was reminiscent of the ones she'd had in Bensonhurst.

"That explains a lot," Monica muttered, but Olivia heard and invited Monica to say whatever she had to say to Olivia's face. Monica wondered if Olivia had been the least bit interested in the Quartermaine traditions, prompting Olivia to accuse Monica of treating the staff better than she did Olivia. Monica disagreed, but she admitted that she didn't think the tree fit the room. Olivia's temper flared because she had tried to bend over backwards to please Monica, but Monica had never failed to take digs at Olivia. Monica accused Olivia of moving in and trying to take over despite the mansion belonging to Monica. Olivia assured Monica that she was fully aware that Alan had given Monica the house, but Monica resented Olivia's attitude and reminded Olivia that she and Ned were free to move out.

Olivia assured Monica that she would love to have a house of her own, but Ned regretted that he had spent a lot of years away from his family, and it was important to him that he be close to the family he had left because there weren't a lot of Quartermaines left.

In the foyer, Alexis was glad that both Ned and Michael were there because she had news. She explained that she was obligated to inform them, as their attorney on retainer to ELQ, that there was an issue regarding Edward's will because the discovery of Jason's twin, Drew Cain, had triggered a redistribution of ELQ's reserve stock. Michael didn't think that would be a problem, which pleased Alexis because once everything had been redistributed, then the board would be free to elect a new CEO. Michael wasn't concerned because he was confident that the shareholders were happy with him in charge, and he was certain that Jason would support him. Michael added that if Drew wanted changes, then he would have to address them with the board.

Ned suggested that the family buy Jason and Drew out. Alexis admitted that she couldn't offer any legal advice because it was a conflict of interest, since it involved her son-in-law. Michael was surprised that Ned wanted to buy Jason and Drew's shares of ELQ, but Ned reminded Michael that ELQ was finally stable following years of unrest, and the company showed great potential for growth. Ned worried that Drew might be a wild card, while Jason had never shown an interest in ELQ, so buying both brothers out was the perfect solution. Ned urged Michael to be the CEO and act in the best interest of the family, but Michael balked. Ned was certain that Jason wouldn't have a problem signing over his shares to Michael or Danny, especially if Michael explained how it would benefit ELQ, but Michael thought it would break Edward's heart if he knew what Ned wanted.

Michael reminded Ned that Jason had been the apple of Edward's eye, but Ned argued that Jason had also been a career criminal. Michael wasn't swayed because Jason had had ELQ shares for years and hadn't interfered with the company's operation. Ned conceded that Michael had a point, but he remained concerned about Drew. Michael insisted that Drew was a part of the family, but Ned pointed out that Edward had disinherited his own son Jimmy Lee Holt. Ned explained that they had inherited their shares of ELQ because they had been committed to the family, while Drew was an outsider. "That's enough!" Monica shouted as she appeared in the doorway.

Monica asked if anyone had determined which twin was Jason and which was Drew, so Michael revealed that fingerprints had confirmed that the man who had jumped through the skylight was Jason, and Drew was the man who had bought Aurora Media. Concerned, Monica asked if anyone had talked to Jason or Drew, so Alexis revealed that she'd talked to Jason the previous evening, but not about ELQ. Alexis had also been told that Drew had been struggling with the revelation. Monica turned her attention to Ned then asked if he'd really been talking about denying Drew his birthright, but Ned defended his position because Drew hadn't been raised as a Quartermaine, and he wasn't loyal to the family. Ned believed that it was what Edward would have wanted.

"To hell with what Edward would have wanted," Monica told Ned. She informed everyone that a similar argument had been used when Jason had been born because he was illegitimate, but Alan had fought the family and had demanded that Jason receive the same recognition and shares as A.J. Monica was certain that Alan would want the same for Drew. Ned assured Monica that he was not without sympathy, but he was trying to look out for the family. Ned reminded Monica that Drew had just bought a media company, and he didn't care about ELQ. "Except when he bought it back from the Cassadines and restored it to the Quartermaines," Monica countered. Monica insisted that it had been the act of someone who cared. Ned was shocked when Olivia agreed.

Olivia admitted that she was on Monica's side because Olivia recalled all the times Tracy had talked about what it meant to be a Quartermaine, including how the family always had each other's back. Olivia added that there was plenty of room in the family for everyone. Ned realized that Olivia was right. Pleased, Monica decided to call Jason and Drew to let each twin know that he was a welcome part of the family.

Later, Monica told Michael that she had left a message for each twin. She hoped that both Jason and Drew knew that they had family they could lean on. Michael was certain that they did then shifted gears and invited Olivia and Leo to join him and Rocco in the park for a visit with Santa. Olivia thanked Michael then promised to meet up with him later. After Michael left, Olivia conceded that Monica had been right about the Christmas tree -- it was tacky. Monica regretted that she hadn't been more open-minded, but Olivia was "aces" in Monica's book because Olivia had stood up for Drew.

Monica admitted that the mansion wouldn't be a home without Olivia. Touched, Olivia suggested that they give the tree to a woman's shelter then pick out a tree together. Monica agreed then hugged Olivia.

In the foyer, Ned helped Alexis on with her coat as he thanked her for stopping by and for being callous about her son-in-law. Alexis thought that they all needed time to process everything.

At the hospital, Kim left Oscar a voicemail message apologizing for being hard on him the previous evening. She hated that things had been tense between them, but she was confident that they could do better. Kim assured her son that she loved him then ended the call. Moments later, Amy walked up and greeted Dr. Nero. Kim admitted that she was turned around and needed help finding an exam room because her patient was waiting, so Amy offered to lead the way. They chatted as they made their way to the exam room, but Amy's smile faltered when she saw Maxie and Nathan waiting for Kim.

Kim introduced herself then explained that she had taken over Dr. Lee's practice during Kelly's leave. Amy slapped on a smile as she advanced into the room and asked if Maxie was pregnant. Kim frowned with disapproval, but Maxie cheerfully confirmed that she was pregnant then added that she and Nathan wanted to keep the news private during the first trimester. Amy assured Maxie that she could keep a secret -- unlike some people. Maxie bristled because she didn't appreciate being accused of leaking the Ask Man Landers story to the press. Nathan tried to intercede as the argument escalated, but Kim finally took control by ordering both Amy and Nathan to leave because she had to examine her patient.

At the door, Kim told Nathan that she needed his family's medical history for the baby's records. Nathan smiled awkwardly, nodded, then followed Amy to the nurses' station. Amy asked if he was mad at the dig she'd made, so Nathan admitted that it had been petty, and Amy was better than that. He acknowledged that Maxie and Amy had history, but he promised that his wife hadn't leaked the story. Amy accused Maxie of thinking that she was superior, but Nathan explained that it was only an act because Maxie felt insecure. Amy didn't believe him, but Nathan pointed out that Amy had a nursing degree, had started a successful blog that she had turned into a successful book, and had stuck her neck on the line to save a sibling.

Nathan didn't deny that Amy annoyed Maxie as much as Maxie annoyed Amy, but deep down, Maxie admired Amy. Amy was curious if he was hoping that she would stop snarking at Maxie. He admitted that he did hope that, but he also considered Amy one of his best friends and wanted her to be an honorary godmother to his son or daughter. Amy was touched by the gesture and conceded that Ask Man Landers wouldn't have gone as far as it had without Maxie's help. Nathan smiled then asked about Chet. Amy reported that her brother had checked in with the Veterans Administration's mental health program because Chet was determined to get healthy. She was delighted that everything was going well, but she frowned when she noticed Nathan's troubled expression.

Nathan asked Amy not to say anything to Maxie, but Dr. Nero had requested information about his family's medical history. He explained that he'd found out a few years earlier that the parents who had raised him hadn't been his biological parents. Amy was surprised when he confided that he'd only met his biological father twice, and his father hadn't been any kind of a role model. Amy assured Nathan that he wasn't like his father because he'd made a lot of sacrifices for her brother. Amy added that Nathan had a good heart and strong convictions, so she had no doubt that he would be an excellent father. Nathan hugged Amy as she giggled.

Moments later, Kim poked her head out of the examination room to invite Nathan to listen to his baby's heartbeat. Nathan entered the room then held his wife's hand as they listened with expressions of awe to their baby's strong heartbeat. Nathan kissed Maxie. Later, Nathan asked when they would get a three-dimensional image of the baby, but Maxie preferred to wait until the baby's features were more distinguishable. After Kim walked away, Maxie mentioned that Spinelli was in town, but she hadn't seen him. Kim overheard Nathan tell Maxie that Spinelli had helped identify Jason Morgan and his twin, Drew Cain.

Maxie couldn't imagine what Sam was going through to find out that her husband of two years was a stranger. Nathan reminded Maxie that Drew wasn't exactly a stranger to Sam, but Maxie argued that Sam had married a man she'd thought was Jason.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu thanked Peter August for meeting her, but he admitted that Sam had assured him that it would be worth his time. He was curious what he could do to help, so she revealed that he could change her life. Peter was impressed with her strong opening. Lulu chuckled because she'd been told by a journalism professor that she had a talent for going for the jugular. Lulu assured Peter that she loved her life, and the people in it. She told him about her children and the Haunted Star.

Peter recognized the name of the popular nightclub, but Lulu confessed that the business practically ran itself, so she had decided to explore her first love -- journalism. She pulled out a copy of a recent article published in a local parenting magazine, but Peter stopped her because most people returned to the workforce to resume careers that they'd already established. Lulu explained that she was willing to take an entry-level position, but Peter warned her that if she wanted to write for their pop culture blog, then she would be competing against people with millions of Twitter followers and who'd had YouTube channels since they were seven years old. Lulu clarified that she was interested in investigative reporting, but Peter doubted their readers would be interested in school cafeteria food. Lulu suspected that he would consider it a hard-hitting story if he knew that venders had been shipping moldy food, and children had been getting sick from salmonella.

Lulu collected her things, but Peter offered a compromise. He told her that Aurora Media paid for freelance work, so if she gave him a story compelling enough that he couldn't resist publishing it, then he would find her a position on staff. Lulu smiled. After her meeting with Peter, Lulu ran into Maxie and Nathan. She asked about Maxie's doctor's appointment, so Nathan excused himself because he saw his mother seated at the bar. Maxie told Lulu about her prenatal checkup then Lulu filled Maxie in about the meeting with Peter August. Maxie grumbled about Amy falsely accusing her of leaking the Ask Man Landers story to the Invader and said that she would love to find the person responsible because she wanted to scratch the person's eyes out.

Inspired, Lulu pulled out her phone and fired off a text message to Bobbie. Maxie frowned because Lulu was ignoring her. "Bingo," Lulu exclaimed as she looked up from her phone and explained that both Crimson and the Port Charles Press belonged to Aurora Media. Lulu explained that the Man Landers story had impacted Crimson, so Lulu intended to write an investigative story unmasking the person who had leaked the story. Lulu was certain that Peter would be indebted to her and would hire Lulu on the spot. Maxie was curious what the plan was because she intended to help Lulu. Lulu objected, but Maxie reminded her that the person who had leaked the story had destroyed Maxie's career.

At the bar, Nathan asked what his mother had been working on. She closed the notebook then cryptically told him that it had been research. Liesl admitted that she would rather talk about the baby, so Nathan told her about the doctor visit and the doctor's request for his family's medical history. Liesl's smile tightened when Nathan asked what she knew about Victor Cassadine. Liesl wondered if he could use his connections at the police department to access Victor's records, but Nathan pointed out that he could simply ask Alexis or Valentin. Liesl steered the conversation away from Victor by assuring her son that she'd had a full medical workup done after his birth, and she would retrieve it from storage.

Nathan thanked his mother then invited her to join him and Maxie, but Liesl declined. After Nathan walked away, Liesl pulled out her phone and called someone. She explained that she needed help with an urgent matter. Meanwhile, Nathan approached the table where he'd last seen Maxie, but both she and Lulu were gone.

At the Invader, Lulu and Maxie were dressed in Hazmat suits as they stood outside the editor's office. Maxie asked if Lulu was certain that the plan would work.

At Aurora Media, Sam entered Drew's office as he wrapped up a business call and finished up some paperwork. Drew admitted that it was the first day of the rest of their lives then tossed the Jason Morgan nameplate into the trash can. He told her that he'd gone to the footbridge to think, but he'd realized that it hadn't been his special place -- it was his brother's. Drew explained that he remembered giving money to the city to commemorate the spot that he'd met Robin, but it was Jason's memory. Sam pointed out that the past three years had been real, and those were Drew's memories. Drew took her hands then kissed them tenderly as she assured him that she and the children were real.

Drew acknowledged that things had been difficult for Sam, but she assured Drew that he was the man she had married and was in love with. She promised that she hadn't married him because of his name; she had married him because of who he was. She told Drew that she thought about him from the moment she woke up until she went to bed. She reminded him that he'd given her a beautiful daughter, and he was the man who had taken a bullet for her. Sam knew that he credited her with bringing him back when he'd been in a coma, but Drew had done the same for her. Sam suspected it was so that they could both be reborn and start brand new together. "I love you, Drew. So much," Sam told him.

Drew smiled because it was the first time that Sam had called him by his real name, and she had told him that she loved him. Sam advised him to get used to it and started to kiss him. Kim appeared in the doorway and smiled nervously when she saw Drew and Sam being affectionate. She softly knocked on the door then apologized for intruding, but she admitted that she had wanted to talk to Drew about her son. Drew assumed that Oscar had sneaked out the previous evening and confirmed that he'd seen Oscar on the footbridge, but Drew thought that Oscar seemed like a good kid, so he hoped that Kim wasn't too hard on Oscar when she punished him.

Sam seized the opportunity to reveal that Carly had mentioned that Kim had known Drew in the past. Sam admitted that they would love for Kim to help them fill in the blanks, but Kim claimed that she'd only known Drew for a short time in the early 2000s when Drew had been stationed in San Diego. According to Kim, they had lost touch shortly after Drew had been deployed. Drew apologized to Kim because he didn't know the man she had known, and he needed time to figure things out. Kim wished Drew luck then started to leave, but a uniformed man entered Drew's office and identified himself as Chief Locke, Master of Arms. Chief Locke informed Drew that he was under arrest for desertion.

Nelle makes some cryptic statements

Nelle makes some cryptic statements

> Nelle makes some cryptic statements

Nelle makes some cryptic statements

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned admitted that he owed Alexis two apologies. The first one was for making her stop by for nothing, but she reminded him that it was her job. Ned smiled and told her the second apology was for being so callous about her son-in-law. Alexis pointed out that it was a big adjustment, and they all needed time to process everything. Alexis opened the door but froze in her tracks when she saw Julian on the doorstep. Julian greeted Alexis and "Ted" as he brushed past Alexis.

Alexis apologized to Ned and accused Julian of stalking her, but Julian clarified that he was there for his son. Ned was not pleased, but Olivia appeared in the living room doorway and demanded to know what was going on. Alexis explained that Julian had received a conditional release pending a new trial because of Olivia Jerome's statement. Olivia was disgusted, but Julian heard Leo's voice in the next room and pushed past Olivia. Julian entered the living room, but Leo was nowhere to be seen. Julian saw the baby monitor as Olivia explained that their son was upstairs.

Olivia asked Ned to check on Leo, but Ned was worried about Julian. Olivia assured her husband that Julian wouldn't be a problem because he was trespassing, and Olivia could tack on a custody violation if he caused any trouble. After Ned left, Alexis lingered in the background while Olivia reminded Julian that she'd had sole physical custody of their son since Julian had gone to prison. Olivia insisted that Julian was a "deadbeat" who didn't have any right to be near Olivia's son. Julian explained that he just wanted to see his son, but Olivia suggested that he visit Sam or Lucas -- except they wanted nothing to do with him.

Olivia assured Julian that Leo felt the same. Just then, Ned could be heard entering Leo's bedroom as Leo greeted Ned as "Dad." Olivia claimed that Julian was a nonentity in Leo's life. She urged Julian to do the right thing and stay away from Leo. Alexis' phone alerted her to a text message, so she checked it then announced that she had to leave. Alexis advised Julian that just being at the mansion jeopardized his chance for an acquittal and his conditional release, but he told her that it wasn't that simple. "It is for me," Alexis told him then turned and left.

Olivia pleaded with Julian to leave before things got ugly, but he explained that she had him at a disadvantage because if he walked out, then he would be abandoning his son. Olivia warned him that she would have him arrested if he stayed. Julian cautioned her not to act hastily. He reminded her that she had tried to hold onto Dante the same way that she did Leo, and she had told Dante lies about Sonny, which had backfired on her. Julian was certain that Leo would eventually search for him, and Julian would make a point to tell Leo the truth about how Olivia had kept them apart when that happened.

Moments later, Ned appeared in the doorway with Leo in his arms. Ned was not happy when he saw Julian, but Olivia surprised both men by picking up her car keys and informing Julian that she and Ned were taking Leo to the park to see Santa. She suggested that Julian pick up a camera before he joined them.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was working on Christmas cards when Sonny entered the living room and told her that he wanted a day off to enjoy Christmas with his family. Sonny kissed his wife then suggested that they bundle Avery up and enjoy some holiday cheer. Carly loved the idea of a drama-free day, but she didn't think it was possible. Sonny was determined to try to focus on their blessings because they had each other and their children, and their best friend had returned. Carly agreed that having Jason back had been the best Christmas gift for them, but she felt bad for Jason because, until the previous day, he hadn't even been able to use his own name.

Sonny reminded Carly that everything had been settled, but Carly disagreed because Drew was determined to keep everything that had belonged to Jason, and Jason had no intention of fighting his brother. Sonny was confident that everything would work out because Drew knew the truth, and he knew that Sonny and Carly hadn't sided against him just because they'd been happy that their friend had returned. Carly worried because she knew that Drew was very upset, and he felt betrayed by them. Carly had no idea how to fix that or how to make Drew understand that the past three years still mattered. Sonny explained that Drew couldn't figure out what Sonny and Carly were to him until Drew figured out who he was. "What if he never does?" Carly asked.

At the Invader, Maxie and Lulu were dressed in yellow Hazmat suits as they stood outside the editor's office. Maxie complained about the suits, but Lulu assured her that they wouldn't have to wear them for long. Lulu explained that they just had to get into the editor's office and find evidence that unmasked the anonymous source of the Man Landers story. Maxie was curious what they were looking for, but Lulu didn't know. However, she assured Maxie that they would know it when they saw it.

In the editor's office, the editor made it clear that he intended to run with a story because he had all the proof he needed. He ended the call and frowned when he noticed a foul order wafting through the office. Moments later, he answered a knock at the door. Two women in Hazmat suits who identified themselves as EPA agents instructed the editor to evacuate the building. After they hustled him out of his office, Lulu slammed the door closed as Maxie took off the mask. Lulu warned Maxie that they didn't have much time because the editor would figure out that the odor was from a stink bomb, but Maxie complained that the suit's mask made her nauseous.

Lulu ran around the room, checking drawers and cabinets as Maxie ranted about not wanting to spend her paycheck on cleaning her hair of the chemicals. Lulu smiled and thanked Maxie because Maxie had inadvertently helped narrow down the search. Lulu explained that a check couldn't be issued to an anonymous person, so they needed to find a record of payments issued right before the story appeared. Maxie easily located a file with copies of payments in the desk and admitted that it was a gift -- like a sixth sense. Lulu flipped through the file and found a $10,000 payment issued to Nelle Benson. Lulu pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of the payment as she wondered why Nelle would sell the story.

Maxie wasn't surprised because she could count on both hands the number of jobs "that bitch" had been fired from, including her latest job at Crimson. Maxie was certain that Nelle had overheard the secret at the office. Lulu and Maxie walked to the door, but they stopped short when several Homeland Security agents greeted them.

In the squad room, Sam objected to anyone taking her husband away because she questioned if the uniformed men were really with the Navy. She reminded Nathan and Dante of the men who had followed Jason to town and had abducted her during the launch party. Nathan agreed that Sam had a point. Dante was curious why the Navy lawyer was in a rush to take his prisoner away. The lawyer warned Dante that he refused to get into a jurisdictional power play with the local police. Frustrated, Sam entered the interrogation room where Drew sat handcuffed to the table.

Nathan explained that the man the lawyer wanted to take into custody was a person of interest in an ongoing investigation, so the lawyer assured Nathan that the Navy would make "Chief Cain" available if he was needed as a witness. However, the lawyer was determined to make certain that Drew face justice for dereliction of duty.

In the interrogation room, Drew asked Sam what was happening, so she admitted that they would need a miracle because the Navy lawyer was determined to court-martial him for desertion. Drew couldn't believe that he was being held responsible for a life he couldn't remember. Sam insisted that he wasn't a deserter because he'd been kidnapped by one of the most wanted criminals in the world, but Drew feared that it might be too difficult to prove. Drew pointed out that three-quarters of his service record had been classified, which meant that the Navy was concerned about what secrets he might have revealed, and to whom he had divulged them.

Sam told Drew that it was imperative to do everything possible to keep him in Port Charles. Drew assured her that whatever happened, he would find his way back to her. Sam kissed her husband. "I'm counting on it," she said.

Later, Lulu and Maxie sat in lockup as Dante and Nathan stood on the other side of the bars and waited for their wives to explain themselves -- and the vile odor hovering around them. Maxie confessed that they had set off a stink bomb, but she credited Lulu for the idea. Lulu promised that it had been harmless, but Dante doubted that Homeland Security would agree. Maxie warned Nathan that she couldn't go to jail, so Lulu advised him to fix things because they were in jail because of Nathan. Maxie and Lulu smiled with satisfaction as they told their husbands how they had uncovered proof that Nelle had sold the Man Landers story to the Invader.

A short time later, Nathan returned to lockup and announced that Maxie and Lulu were free to leave because the editor at the Invader had agreed to drop the charges and pay for a trip to Cabo. Lulu exited the jail cell and happily hugged her husband while Maxie pressed Nathan for details about the editor's surprising actions. Nathan whispered for her to wait until they were alone because he didn't want his partner to hear. Lulu was eager to catch up with Rocco in the park, so Maxie agreed to join her.

In the park, Curtis wondered how he had ended up dressed as Santa. Jordan admitted that he was the only person she trusted to do the job then asked him if he was happy. Curtis laughed like Santa and assured her that he was. Moments later, Jordan received a text message from the police station. Curtis was disappointed that she had to leave, but she explained that she had to help his friend because the Navy had charged Drew with desertion.

Later, Jordan arrived as Sam claimed that Drew hadn't done anything wrong because he'd been kidnapped, but the Navy lawyer was unmoved. Drew assured Sam that everything would be okay. Just then Alexis marched in and announced that she represented her daughter's husband. The Navy lawyer was not amused and warned Alexis that her attempt to circumvent his authority wouldn't help her client, but Alexis wasn't intimidated and handed the man an injunctive relief signed by Judge Chua. Alexis explained that the warrant had been issued for Andrew Cain, but her son-in-law's name was Jason Morgan. The lawyer was aware of the theory that Drew had been abducted, but Alexis assured him that it wasn't a theory. The lawyer argued that for all he knew, Drew had fabricated the story in order to enjoy a life free of his commitments to the Navy.

Sam tried to use the picture of Drew prior to his accident as proof that her husband wasn't the same man that the Navy wanted, but the lawyer told her that the fingerprints in the Navy records had matched the ones in the police department's records. Alexis seized the opportunity to explain that her client couldn't be removed from Jordan's jurisdiction because his arrival in Port Charles had been connected to the WSB's most wanted criminal. She warned the Navy lawyer that Jordan would lose her only lead to Cesar Faison if he took Alexis' client. Jordan pointed out that Judge Chua had already made the decision for them with the injunction. The lawyer warned Jordan and Alexis that he intended to talk to the judge.

After the Navy lawyer stormed away, Sam thanked Alexis, but Alexis acknowledged that it had been a delay tactic because the judge would change her mind when she saw the warrant. Nathan returned to the squad room and took Drew to lockup. Drew realized that Alexis wouldn't be able to get him out of jail, so he asked Nathan to help Curtis look after Sam and the kids because Jason would draw danger too them, and Drew no longer trusted Sonny.

In the squad room, Jordan asked Dante why Lulu and Maxie's names had been on the intake sheet, but she frowned when she noticed a rancid odor.

In the interrogation room, Sam and Alexis discussed Drew's options. Alexis believed that Andre was their best hope, but Sam wondered what they could do if Andre refused to help. Alexis admitted that they would need more ammunition, but Alexis had no idea how to get it. "I can," Sam told her.

In the park, Rocco and Michael approached an area that had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Rocco was eager to see Santa, but Michael assured his nephew that there would be plenty of time. Nelle, dressed as Santa's helper, walked up and told Rocco that he would have to be on the nice list. Michael smiled then handed Rocco some money with instructions to fetch some hot chocolate. After Rocco scampered off, Nelle told Michael that he was great with his nephew. Michael was surprised that she was working as Santa's helper, but she needed the work. Michael assured her that he could be flexible on the rent, but she wasn't worried.

Michael conceded that things were awkward between him and Nelle, but she was confident that they could make things work, and they would be in each other's lives for a long time. Michael frowned, but he didn't get a chance to reply because Sonny and Carly arrived with Avery. Carly was not happy when she saw Nelle, but Nelle smiled sweetly. Rocco ran up to greet his grandfather, prompting Michael to admit that he had a hard time getting used to hearing Sonny referred to as "Grandpa." Carly laughed then confessed that it was better Sonny than her.

Nelle told Carly that she thought Carly had a "Nana" quality. Carly cast Nelle a withering look, but Santa made an appearance, and Rocco ran over to greet him. Carly handed Avery to Sonny then told him that she would catch up with him. Once Carly and Nelle were alone, Nelle talked about how she loved the holidays because they made her feel optimistic. Nelle was confident that her luck was about to change, but Carly didn't care as long as Nelle stayed away from Michael. Carly acknowledged that her son was kind to a fault, but she advised Nelle not to mistake Christmas cheer for anything more because there wasn't any room for Nelle in Michael's life.

Nelle looked forward to "resetting" Carly's expectations. Carly wondered what that meant, but Nelle smiled then cryptically told her that the time wasn't right. Just then, Sonny and Avery returned to fetch Carly for a picture with Santa.

A short time later, Michael and Ned welcomed everyone to Christmas in the park, thanked their generous sponsors, and announced their intentions to donate $50,000 to the Charles Street Foundation. Sonny pulled Carly aside to ask about her talk with Nelle because the plan had been to avoid drama. Carly insisted that it had followed her, but Rocco returned to fetch his grandfather. Sonny, Carly, Avery, and Rocco were headed to see Santa when they bumped into Olivia and Julian. Sonny advised Julian to be careful because accidents could happen on icy roads.

Later, everyone posed for pictures with Santa. Julian made a point to insert himself in pictures with Leo, and Olivia was not amused. After the pictures, Michael asked if Olivia had heard from Lulu because she was late picking Rocco up. Olivia assured him that she would take her grandson home with her. Rocco was excited to spend time with Olivia. After Michael walked away, Julian told Olivia that he would drop off Leo's Christmas presents. Ned suggested that Julian mail them, but Julian made it clear that he intended to be a presence in his son's life -- and that Leo would call him dad.

Nearby, Michael thanked Curtis for playing Santa. Curtis invited Michael and Nelle to join him for "spiced" eggnog, but they declined. After Curtis left, Michael assured Nelle that he could finish up, but Nelle felt it was her responsibility.

Later, Lulu and Maxie arrived in the park, but the event was over. Lulu checked her phone and saw a text message from Olivia. Maxie admitted that she wanted to go to a spa and freshen up before she confronted Nelle, but Lulu saw Michael and Nelle cleaning up and let her friend know. "Well, well, well. Speak of the devil," Maxie said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned was waiting for his wife on the stairs when she finished tucking Leo and Rocco into bed. He admitted that he was confused about why she had invited Julian to join them. Olivia explained that she was a coward because she couldn't stand the thought that her kids might not love her. She reminded Ned that she had lied to Dante about Sonny, and it had nearly cost her son's life. She admitted that it had been a miracle that Dante had forgiven her, so she refused to repeat the same mistakes with Leo. Olivia decided that it was better to be honest than to give Julian anything to use against her. Ned reluctantly agreed.

Franco asks Elizabeth to marry him

Franco asks Elizabeth to marry him

Thursday, December 7, 2017

At the hospital, Franco lit candles that he'd scattered around the art room; he had also set up a couple of small pots of flowers. Moments later, Elizabeth entered and smiled when she noticed the romantic setting. Franco regretted that he hadn't had more time to create something elaborate because he wanted it to be special. Elizabeth gasped with surprise when he pulled a diamond engagement ring from his pocket and told her how much he loved her, her sons, her sense of humor, all of her "perfect flaws," and that she had asked him to marry her. "I just love you," Franco added as he got down on bended knee and asked what her middle name was. He smiled when she told him.

"Elizabeth Imogene Webber," Franco started as he took her hand and asked her to marry him. "Yes," Elizabeth happily answered. She kissed Franco then admired her engagement ring. He admitted that he'd been nervous about buying something that she would wear the rest of her life, but Elizabeth loved it and was eager to share the news with her sons. Franco revealed that he'd woken up the boys earlier and had asked for their blessing. Franco reported that all three sons had approved, and Aiden's zebra had, as well.

Franco's expression turned serious when he revealed that he needed to talk to Elizabeth about Andrew and Jason, but Kim appeared in the doorway, looking for the lounge. Elizabeth introduced Kim to Franco. Kim realized that she had walked in on a proposal when Elizabeth shared that Franco was her new fiancÚ. Kim immediately apologized, but Elizabeth assured Kim that it was fine then offered to show Kim to the lounge because Elizabeth's break was over. Elizabeth gave Franco a quick kiss then left with Kim.

Later, Kim handed Elizabeth a cup of coffee. They chatted about the staff and how they had welcomed Kim. Elizabeth admitted that the staff was like family, but she warned Kim that it also meant that everyone would soon be in Kim's business. Kim and Elizabeth sat down as Kim mentioned how shocked she'd been when she'd heard about the chief of staff's two sons. Elizabeth was intrigued when Kim revealed that she'd briefly known Drew Cain in San Diego. Kim admitted that it had been a long time before, but he'd left an impression.

Elizabeth nodded in understanding because she'd almost married Drew. Shocked, Kim asked what had happened, so Elizabeth told her about Drew's accident and facial reconstruction. Elizabeth admitted that she'd been drawn to Drew from the start, and he'd been wonderful with her boys and a great dad. Kim was curious why it hadn't worked out, prompting Elizabeth to explain that Drew had been told that he was Jason Morgan and that he had another life. Kim wondered how that had made Elizabeth feel, but Elizabeth shrugged and pointed out that Drew was married to Sam, and she was engaged to Franco. Kim softly observed that Elizabeth hadn't answered the question.

Nearby, Franco eavesdropped on Elizabeth and Kim's conversation. He quickly stepped forward and asked to speak to Elizabeth privately. After Kim walked away, Franco suggested that he and Elizabeth get married right away.

In lockup, Drew glared at Andre as a guard escorted Andre to a jail cell across from Drew's. Andre started to apologize, but Drew informed Andre that the Navy had charged Drew with desertion. Drew had no idea that he'd been a Navy SEAL; howver, he was certain that Andre had known but hadn't said anything. Instead, Andre had allowed Drew to live a lie. "Yes, I did," Andre admitted. Drew told Andre that Andre was lucky that metal bars separated them because Drew was certain that he could kill Andre.

Andre explained that the procedure he'd developed had been intended to help people who suffered from Alzheimer's and dementia by preserving then restoring a person's memory. Drew reminded Andre that Andre had turned the technology into a weapon, and he had used it to steal Drew's life and to make Drew believe that he was a different man. Andre knew that Drew was in pain, but Drew asked if Andre had any idea what it was like to believe that he was someone else. Andre didn't, but he assured Drew that he'd been thinking about the consequences of his actions for the past five years. Drew didn't care because he didn't know anything about his life as Andrew Cain except what was in his service records.

Andre admitted that he didn't know much more than Drew did, except that Drew had lived for the first three years with Betsy Frank. Andre suggested that Drew could explore the past with professional help, but Drew wasn't interested in looking back on a life that he didn't recall, especially when his future was uncertain. Andre insisted that Drew's desertion had been out of his control, which was what Andre had told the Navy in his statement. Drew doubted that Andre's statement would hold much weight because the Navy could decide that Andre and Drew had been working together, but Andre keenly observed that Drew didn't want to know who he had been because Drew was afraid that it would invalidate who he'd become. Drew didn't see the point in looking back, but Andre reminded Drew that he might have had friends, family, and even a woman that he had loved.

Andre assured Drew that Drew had every right to love the life he had built and to want to hold onto it, but the news about Drew and Jason had also tilted Sam's world off its axis, leaving her with one foot in the present with Drew and the other in the past with Jason. Andre urged Drew to keep in mind that Drew had had a past too. Drew decided to turn the focus to something more useful and asked if his memories could be restored. Seconds later, a police officer announced that he was there to collect Andre. Drew demanded an answer, but Andre told Drew that they would talk later.

In the squad room, Alexis reminded Sam that the injunction was only a temporary solution. Alexis wouldn't be surprised if Commander Fuller had already persuaded Judge Chua to vacate the injunction. Sam suggested that they change tactics, so Alexis assured Sam that she would understand if Sam wanted to find an attorney who was more familiar with military law. Sam admitted that she had a better solution.

At Sonny's place, Sonny asked Jason if there had been any news from Spinelli. Jason revealed that Liesl had bought a burner phone right after their talk, and Spinelli was trying to trace it. Moments later, Jason's phone rang. It was Sam. Sam told Jason that she needed his help then revealed that she was at the police station. Jason assured her that he would be right there then ended the call.

Sonny wanted to know what was going on, but Jason had no idea. However, Sam needed him, so Jason was determined to help. Sonny asked if Jason wanted backup, but Jason declined. Jason hated leaving Sonny to deal with Spinelli because he knew that Spinelli annoyed Sonny, but Sonny assured his friend that it wouldn't be a problem.

Later, Sonny was on the phone with Spinelli when Josslyn arrived home. After he ended the call, Sonny asked about Josslyn's day. She told him about her classes then mentioned that Oscar was stopping by. Sonny was curious if Carly knew. Josslyn dashed up the stairs as she assured him that she had sent her mother a text message.

A short time later, Josslyn greeted Oscar. He asked if she was in trouble for sneaking out on Thanksgiving, so she admitted that she was no longer allowed out after dark unless she had permission. Oscar wondered if Carly was there, but Josslyn assured him that he could relax because only Sonny was home. Oscar smiled then asked if she had received the results of the paternity test, but Josslyn assured him that she would have called if she had. Oscar agreed, but he was anxious for an answer.

Moments later, Sonny entered the living room and greeted the kids. He mentioned that Avery was eager to see Josslyn, so Josslyn told Oscar that she would be right back and went to check on Avery. Sonny smiled then cut to the chase and asked Oscar why Oscar and Josslyn had gone to Sam and Drew's place on Thanksgiving. Oscar nervously stuck to the story about needing help with a school project then asked Sonny about Drew. Sonny explained that Drew had saved his life several times, but Sonny refused to be distracted. Unfortunately for Sonny, Josslyn returned and reported that Avery had fallen asleep. Seconds later, Sonny received a text message.

After Sonny left, Oscar told Josslyn that Sonny had mentioned that Drew had saved Sonny's life. Josslyn didn't know the details, but she knew that Sonny had gotten into some trouble recently, and Drew had been shot saving him. Josslyn conceded that it hadn't been an isolated incident, but Drew and Sam had started Aurora Media, so Drew was no longer involved with Sonny's business. Josslyn glanced at her phone when it sounded with an alert. Oscar asked if it was the results of the paternity test. Josslyn confirmed that it was, but Oscar stopped her from opening the email.

At the police station, Sam told her mother that she had called Jason, but Alexis noticed that Sam hadn't mentioned Drew's situation when Sam had talked to Jason. Alexis thought that Sam was asking a lot of Jason by expecting him to help the man who'd been living Jason's life and was married to Sam. Alexis decided to make some calls to see if she could find someone familiar with military law because they couldn't depend on Jason.

A short time later, Jason entered the squad room. Sam thanked him for being there then revealed that she needed him to help his brother Drew. Surprised, Jason asked what she wanted him to do. Sam led him to the interrogation room, closed the door, and explained Drew's situation. She was desperate to keep the Navy from taking Drew away because she feared that they might treat him like a traitor because Drew had been privy to classified information. Jason assured Sam that he would help in any way that he could. Alexis and Commander Fuller entered the interrogation room, but Fuller stopped short when he saw Jason.

Fuller realized that "Chief Cain" really had a twin brother. Sam asked Fuller to hear Jason out, so Fuller and Jason sat down as Jason told the commander his story about being abducted in 2012 and having no idea what had transpired during the intervening time until a few months earlier. Jason filled the commander in about Andre's project, but he made it clear that he would never have consented to participating in Andre's experiment if Jason had been given a choice. Jason was confident that his brother hadn't been a willing participant, either, because Drew's service record showed that Drew had enlisted right out of high school, and he'd been a dedicated member of the armed forces.

Jason explained that Cesar Faison had been behind the abductions and that Faison had once headed the DVX and was wanted by both Interpol and the WSB. Jason had no idea why he and Drew had been taken, but he insisted that Drew hadn't returned to the Navy because Drew hadn't remembered his past. Commander Fuller decided to call his superiors in Washington to see how they wanted him to proceed. Alexis was curious if Fuller intended to make a recommendation, so he acknowledged that the situation was unique. Alexis walked Fuller out while Sam stayed behind and thanked Jason. Jason assured her that he would always help her, but his phone chimed with a text message from Sonny.

After Jason left, Alexis returned to her daughter's side and conceded that Jason had been convincing. Sam hadn't had any doubts that he would be because Jason always did what she asked of him, regardless of the cost. Alexis hugged her daughter because she had no idea how Sam would be able to live like that. Sam didn't either.

Elsewhere, Sonny and Jason were armed as they stood before a door. They nodded to each other then Jason kicked in the door. Both men stood in the doorway as Sonny frowned at the sight that greeted him.

In the park, Michael and Nelle cleaned up after the Santa event. They talked about their love for children as Michael reminisced about the days he'd had custody of Avery while Nelle reflected on what it was like to work with young children. Michael suddenly frowned when he noticed a foul odor. Seconds later, Maxie and Lulu greeted Michael. He realized that Maxie and Lulu were the source of the vile smell. Maxie told Michael that she and Lulu could wash off their unpleasant smell, but it wouldn't be easy for Nelle because the stink of treachery never faded.

Maxie and Lulu told Michael about their quest to find out who had leaked the Man Landers story to the Invader and how they'd found proof that it had been Nelle. Nelle feigned outrage and vehemently denied it, but Lulu showed Michael the picture she'd taken of the check that had been issued to Nelle. Michael turned to Nelle for an explanation, but Nelle insisted that Nathan and Amy had committed fraud, so Nelle had been forced to right a wrong. Lulu scoffed because Nelle wasn't a crusader for truth; she was a snitch who had sold secrets for money. Maxie informed Nelle that Nathan could have gone to jail, but Nelle argued that she hadn't forced Nathan to commit fraud.

Maxie explained that Nathan had helped Amy because Amy had been paying for Amy's brother's medical expenses. Nelle assured Michael that she hadn't known that Amy's brother had been a wounded vet, but she pointed out that everything had worked out in the end because Amy's book had become a national bestseller. Nelle suggested that everyone should thank her, but Lulu accused Nelle of throwing Nathan and Maxie to the wolves to line her own "skeevy" pockets. Nelle argued that she hadn't done anything illegal, but Maxie countered that Nelle had sold someone else's secret. Lulu wondered if that sounded honest to Michael.

Nelle was curious how selling the secret had been worse than Maxie profiting from the lie by writing an article for Crimson. Maxie groaned as a wave of nausea washed over her, so Lulu insisted that Nelle had acted out of revenge to torpedo Nina and Crimson. Nelle argued that she'd done it for the money because she'd been out of options. Nelle pulled Michael aside to plead her case by claiming that the public had had a right to know the truth about Ask Man Landers. She was certain that Michael understood. "No, I don't," he admitted.

Maxie and Lulu walked over to a bench and sat down as Michael accused Nelle of always making excuses and seeing herself as the victim. Desperate, Nelle claimed that Maxie had turned Nina against her, but Maxie spoke up and denied it. Maxie explained that Nina had fired Nelle because Nelle had pulled something with Valentin, and Nina had been livid. Maxie snidely asked if Nelle had tried to drug Valentin, but Michael admitted that it didn't matter because the details changed, but the story always remained the same. Michael accused Nelle of taking advantage of people by preying on their weaknesses and using their pain for her own ends. Michael didn't think Nelle was malicious; she was broken.

"And I can't be around that. I can't be around you," Michael told Nelle. Maxie and Lulu watched as Nelle tried to sway Michael to change his mind. Maxie felt bad for Michael because she thought he was a sweet guy who deserved better than Nelle. Lulu admitted that she had tried to stay neutral, but Nelle had made it impossible. Lulu added that Nelle hadn't deserved any of the second chances that Michael had given her. Maxie agreed, but she decided they should let Michael deal with Nelle because Maxie was tired of smelling like a "Dumpster in July." Maxie suggested that she and Lulu get cleaned up then Maxie would help Lulu find another big story to work on.

Meanwhile, Nelle told Michael that he had no idea what it felt like to have no money and to have creditors hounding him. She didn't begrudge him his wealth, but she wanted him to see her world. Michael was tired of letting Nelle play on his guilt, so he decided to listen to his inner voice that he'd always ignored in favor of her. He informed her that he was going to cut all ties with her then pulled out his phone. Alarmed, Nelle asked what he was doing. She was stunned when he informed her that he intended to sell her apartment, even if he had to take a loss.

Michael reminded Nelle that she had once talked about leaving town. He advised her to do it so she could put the past behind her and start fresh. Nelle tearfully wondered how she was expected to start fresh when she was carrying his child.

Jake loses a father and Drew gains a son

Jake loses a father and Drew gains a son

Friday, December 8, 2017

At the Port Charles Police Station, Drew found a waiting and relieved Sam and assured her that he had been released. He added that there would be a formal inquiry at a later date, but he would remain free. He was thankful that Sam and Alexis had testified on his behalf, but Sam confessed that Jason had played a big role. "He's the reason you're free," Sam declared. She admitted that she had called Jason, who had arrived looking the way Drew had looked before. He had explained everything to the Navy personnel, and they had believed him. "Guess I'm lucky," Drew said. Sam thought they were both lucky to be going home.

At Sonny's house, Josslyn informed Oscar that she had received an email with the results of the DNA test he'd taken. Oscar mentioned that he'd seen Drew at the footbridge, where they'd made small talk. He was unsure about looking at the results and thought that maybe Josslyn should delete them. Oscar reasoned that his mother might have had a reason for never telling him about his father, and he'd taken the test behind her back. Josslyn exclaimed that Oscar had a legal right to know about his father.

With guns drawn, Jason and Sonny broke through the door of an apartment and found Britt Westbourne inside and alone. "Don't shoot!" Britt shouted. She insisted that her father had left her because she had grown tired of being on the run. She asked about Spencer, but Sonny told her gruffly -- and in no uncertain terms -- that he would not discuss the little boy with her. "Tell us what we need to know," Sonny ordered.

Britt noted that she had met Jason briefly in 2012, but she didn't know anything about Faison's involvement with him. She wondered if Sonny's daughter had been familiar with all of Sonny's criminal activities. Jason informed her that his son was living with a man who was not his father as everyone had thought. "Your father did that," Jason stated. He proceeded to tell her all about his identical brother and what had transpired during the previous five years.

Sonny peppered Britt with questions, and Britt informed him that she only knew that her father had had an arrangement of some sort with Helena Cassadine. Jason continued to press Britt for answers, and she kept insisting that she didn't know anything. Jason thought that she looked as though she had some information, and Britt admitted that the first and only time she'd heard of Jason was after he had jumped through the skylight. Her father had been angry because he had believed that Jason was dead.

Britt added that her father had spoken of being double-crossed, and she believed that he had gone to look for the traitor. The guys thought that that person might very well be in Port Charles.

At the park after the Santa event, Nelle informed Michael that she was pregnant. Michael thought that she was desperate and that it was too convenient for her. Nelle claimed to have taken a home pregnancy test and thought she was about six weeks along, which would have coincided with the last time she and Michael had slept together. "If you're pregnant and if I'm the father," Michael proclaimed. He refused to believe it until he saw a test conducted by a medical professional.

Kim and Carly bumped into each other at the hospital, where Carly had gone to drop off a toy for Toys for Tots. They spoke about their kids and the Drew and Jason situation, and Kim revealed that Drew had been arrested. Carly jumped onto the phone while nearby, Elizabeth and Franco walked over to the elevator to leave for the park and the visit with Santa. Franco suggested they get married on Christmas Day.

Carly finished her call and advised Kim that Drew had been released with no criminal charges against him. Carly also thanked Kim for helping them solve the identity dilemma with Jason and Drew. Kim saw Franco and Elizabeth and told Carly about their engagement. Carly stormed over to the couple and expressed her dismay. Elizabeth retorted that she didn't owe Carly an explanation, and her sons all loved Franco.

Carly wondered how the boys would react after learning about Franco's past, and she also thought that Jason would have a problem with the man who had molested his wife being his son's stepfather. Carly headed back to Kim and told her about Drew's and Jason's feelings towards Franco. Kim received a page about a patient and left. Carly turned to leave and saw Josslyn and Oscar. She was furious that the teen had again left the house without permission.

Oscar took the blame, and the kids stammered about the project they'd been working on. Oscar had needed to see his mother about it. Josslyn offered to go home, but she really wanted to stay. Carly agreed to allow her daughter to stay for an hour but told her she would be finished with the mysterious project henceforth.

Kim ran into Michael, who thanked her for seeing Nelle so quickly. He wanted proof that Nelle was pregnant. Kim reminded him that she would be unable to disclose personal information. She headed into the exam room and found a bubbly Nelle, who was excited that she and her boyfriend were expecting. After the exam, the doctor confirmed that Nelle was approximately six weeks pregnant. The doctor handed Nelle a prescription and left. Michael was in shock, and Nelle demanded an apology from him.

Carly was surprised to see Michael and a gloating Nelle walking off of the elevator. Michael announced that he had some important news, and Nelle spoke about having to take a test, although she'd already known about it. Carly stared at the couple with her mouth wide open. Michael revealed the pregnancy. Nelle delightfully uttered, "Congratulations, Grandma!"

Oscar advised Josslyn that his mother had left the hospital, but he'd decided that he wanted to find out if Drew was his father, and he wanted Josslyn to be with him to look at the results. They headed off to find a quiet spot.

Drew and Sam ended up at the park, and they ran into Franco, Elizabeth, and Jake. The little boy mentioned the great fishing trip he'd been on with his father. Drew handed him some money to try to win a toy for Scout at one of the games. Sam spotted Elizabeth's engagement ring, and Franco suggested that they discuss it before Jake returned because he knew that they weren't happy about it. Drew admitted that he didn't care because he wasn't Jake's father.

Elizabeth made it known that she believed there was no rush to tell Jake the truth about Drew and Jason. Drew pointed out that it was public knowledge, and it was better that they tell him themselves. Jake returned without the stuffed animal and asked for more money, but Elizabeth told him they needed to talk to him. She and Drew walked away with the boy while Sam remained behind with Franco.

Sam wondered if Franco feared Jake learning the truth about him, and she spoke of their history. Franco thought they'd arrived at a truce, but Sam stressed that she had scars. Franco retorted that he'd noticed that she hadn't been surprised when the real Jason had been revealed, and he accused her of pretending to stand by Drew. Sam gave it back and accused Franco of pretending he would be getting married to Elizabeth before she ran to Jason instead.

On a nearby park bench, Drew and Elizabeth gently explained the truth to a confused Jake. He began to cry and refused to accept that Drew was really his uncle and not his father. Drew acknowledged that he felt like Jake's father and always would. Jake only wanted one father, and he wanted it to be Drew. He sobbed on Drew's shoulder. Drew admitted there would be changes, but they had no idea of what things would be like.

Elizabeth advised her son that everyone wanted Jake to be okay, so they would take it slowly. "You'll always be my dad," Jake said to Drew. They embraced and headed back to Sam and Franco. Jake asked about his relationship with Danny and Scout. He learned that Danny was really his brother, and Drew informed him that Scout would always be his sister. Drew gave the boy more money to try to win the toy for his little sister. They hugged again and professed their love for each other. All of the adults were visibly upset.

After Jake and the others went off, Elizabeth declared that they would put her son's needs first. She also insisted that Franco's history with Jason had nothing to do with Jake. Franco was determined to set the wedding for Christmas, but Elizabeth felt it had to be a day for the kids. She promised to marry no later than February. A triumphant Jake returned with a bear for Scout.

At Sam and Drew's place, Drew sat with his daughter in his arms. "At least I know you're mine," he told her. He and Sam would have to tell Danny, but Sam was certain that Danny would handle things well. Drew knew that Jake would not. Sam assured Drew that he would still be in Jake's life.

A knock on the door revealed Kim, who wanted to see Drew. Sam took the baby and headed upstairs. Kim was happy that things had worked out with Drew. She knew he didn't remember, but he'd been proud to be a Navy SEAL. Sam returned and listened from the top of the stairs as Kim continued speaking. She and Drew hadn't known each other for a long time, but their relationship had been intense. "Oscar is your son," Kim said as Drew looked at her in disbelief.

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