General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 11, 2017 on GH

Kevin and Laura set a wedding date. Sam returned the wedding ring that Jason had given her. Alexis revealed that Drew and Sam were not legally married. The charges against Julian were dropped.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 11, 2017 on GH
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Carly isn't thrilled with Nelle's pregnancy news Carly isn't thrilled with Nelle's pregnancy news

Monday, December 11, 2017

Jason clarified with Britt that Faison had ordered the eventual traitor to kill Jason. Britt replied that Faison had thought that Jason was dead. Sonny questioned where Britt and Faison had been before they'd arrived in Port Charles. She responded with a list of European cities in addition to St. Petersburg, Russia. Sonny and Jason speculated that Faison was trying to figure out where else the traitor had betrayed him. Britt added that she believed Faison had gone to Port Charles in order to kill the traitor but hadn't been able to.

Jason spotted something in the fireplace and pulled out what looked like a burnt manuscript. The title page read "The Severed Branch by P.K. Sinclair." Britt recognized the name as Faison's penname when he'd written his spy novels in the eighties. However, Britt didn't think he'd written the book, as it had just shown up, and it had seemed to spook Faison. Before Faison had left, he'd thrown the book in the fireplace and told Britt that, if she didn't want to go with him, she was on her own.

In return for answering all of Sonny and Jason's questions, Britt asked about Ben, even though she knew he went by Rocco. Sonny sincerely told her how well Rocco was doing, and she thanked him for sharing. Sonny reminded her that she couldn't have any contact with Rocco or Spencer, and she promised not to. Sonny told her that he was going to call Dante and tell him that Britt was there. She offered to save him the trouble and turn herself in, as she was tired of running.

When Britt was gone, Sonny and Jason agreed that they believed her. Jason thought that Drew might have seen the person Klein had been working for when he had been taken. Sonny reminded Jason that Drew only had Jason's memories. Jason remembered that Andre had taken a "baseline" of Drew's memories, so he wondered if Andre could give Drew's memories back.

Drew let Kim into his home, and she cut right to the chase. "Oscar is your son," she said as Sam listened from the top of the stairs. Sam descended the stairs, apologizing for eavesdropping, but Drew wanted her there with him. Kim explained that she and Drew had "hit it off fast" and had only been together for a few months before he'd been scheduled for deployment. She'd found out about her pregnancy weeks after he'd been deployed.

Drew was sorry that Kim had had to go through everything alone, but he wondered if she'd even tried to contact him. She revealed that she hadn't been able to get in touch with him because his mission had been classified, and she wasn't family. She hadn't told his superiors that she was pregnant with his child because she hadn't wanted them to know before Drew. After a few years of not wanting to just drop a bombshell on him, she'd thought that he deserved to know. She'd contacted the Navy in 2013, and they'd told her that Drew had deserted. She apologized, but he recognized that she'd only done what she'd thought was best.

Kim left what happened next up to Drew. He wanted some time to think first, and Kim offered to get a DNA test done if that would make him feel any better. She thought she owed Oscar some answers, so she excused herself. Before she left, he asked her what Oscar was like. "He's a fine young man like you were," she said, smiling, and she left.

Drew didn't know how to process the new information, and he wondered how he was supposed to make up for all the years of Oscar's life that he'd missed. "You can't," Sam answered, and she added that he would "start from here." He felt bad for Sam, as she hadn't signed up for that. She reminded him that they both knew he'd had a life before they'd met. She promised that she was "in it for the long haul." She added that if he wanted to pursue a relationship with Oscar, she was "all in."

Michael divulged to Carly that Nelle was pregnant. "Congratulations, Grandma," Nelle added snidely. Carly only replied that the baby wasn't Michael's. Michael related that the timing checked out, but Carly demanded that Nelle get a paternity test. Michael informed Nelle that he'd been lied to about fathering a child before, and he refused to let it happen again. Nelle didn't want to "jeopardize the pregnancy with an invasive procedure," but Carly enlightened Nelle about a non-invasive procedure that could be done as early as ten weeks into the pregnancy.

Nelle agreed to schedule the test. She knew how Carly and Michael felt about her, and she wasn't asking them for anything. If Michael wanted to be a father, she wouldn't stop him, but if he didn't, she and the baby would be fine. She left, and Michael scheduled an appointment for Nelle. Carly was excited for Nelle to be "out of our lives for good." Michael told Carly that if Nelle was telling the truth, she would be a part of their lives, whether they liked it or not.

Anna entered the interrogation room where Andre was being held. He hadn't expected to see her, but she informed him that she cared about him. She wondered why he hadn't talked to her, but he replied that he hadn't wanted to burden her. Anna recognized that someone powerful had made him do what he'd done, but she wondered what was so important. "My wife," he responded.

Andre explained how he'd met his wife and they'd been "so in love." He'd had to go overseas for the WSB, but she hadn't been able to go. They'd decided to elope so they could stay committed to each other. Jordan watched through the window as Anna grabbed Andre's hand. He tearfully explained about the call he'd gotten from his sister-in-law a few months later when he'd learned there was something wrong with his wife. He'd returned home to find out that his wife had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. He'd created his memory mapping system in order to save his wife, but by the time the procedure had been viable, it had been too late.

Andre continued that his wife hadn't known who he was and had only occasionally remembered her parents. Anna promised to talk to the authorities on his behalf. They each wished peace for the other, and Anna left. Jordan immediately entered the room when Anna was gone. She demanded to know if Andre had ever planned on telling her that he was married, because she would have understood. Andre revealed that the marriage had been dissolved years before so that his in-laws could be his wife's primary caregivers. He reiterated that he'd walked away from the woman he'd loved to give her peace.

Andre continued that he wanted to put the painful memories in his past. He recognized that he should have told Jordan, but he'd been afraid to lose the "first woman who made me feel like I could love again." She assured him that she understood. Andre remembered accusing Jordan of pulling away but asked how she could have been open with him when he hadn't been open with her. They each wished peace for the other, and Jordan left the room.

Finn told Cassandra that her very last test had returned with a negative result. He apologized for wasting her time. She wondered why he was in "a mood." He disclosed that he'd developed a revolutionary painkiller, but the board refused to fund his research. He thought that making patients comfortable was an important part of medicine, but the board didn't like how addictive his new drug could become.

Cassandra realized that she was no longer Finn's patient, so he had "no reason to decline my invitation" to meet for "conversation and a meal" the next night, "as colleagues." As Anna listened in from around the corner, Cassandra said that she thought she had a way that she and Finn could help each other. He wanted a clue, but she only hinted that she might have an opportunity for him at her pharmaceutical company. When Cassandra was gone, Anna stormed over to Finn and demanded to know what he was doing.

Finn reminded Anna that he didn't work for her, so what he was doing was none of her business. She told him that he was in way over his head, but he related how close he was to getting in with Cassandra. He stated that he was moving on with or without Anna's approval. She reiterated that she would have to arrest him if he interfered with her investigation. "Go ahead. Arrest me," he dared her. When she did nothing, he walked past her and said, "I didn't think so." "Two can play this game," she muttered when he was gone.

Sensing Oscar's nerves, Josslyn assured him that it was all right not to look at the DNA test results. He decided that he needed to know and asked Josslyn to read the results for him. She questioned if he wanted to read it himself or if he wanted her to tell him the results. "Just tell me," he replied. "Oscar, Drew Cain is your father," Josslyn revealed.

Oscar was in shock and said that he was overwhelmed. Josslyn began talking about how Drew was a Quartermaine, so Oscar had a lot of family in town, like her brother Michael. Oscar clarified that he wasn't related to Josslyn, and she assured him that they weren't related. She also reminded him that he had a little sister, Scout. Oscar admitted that he was having trouble processing things, since there were so many other people involved. "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" he wondered.

Just then, Kim approached Oscar and Josslyn. Both Kim and Oscar wanted to talk to the other, so Josslyn hugged Oscar goodbye. "You've got this. Good luck," she whispered in his ear. Oscar and Kim walked away arm in arm as Josslyn smiled watching them. Kim thought it was time to give Oscar some answers.

Anna moves Finn into her home

Anna moves Finn into her home

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

At Kelly's, Lulu told her mother about the confrontation with Nelle when Lulu and Maxie had exposed Nelle's lies to Michael. Laura hoped that Michael was done with Nelle. Lulu agreed, but she admitted that it had felt good to expose Nelle for the "self-serving snake" that she was. Unfortunately for Lulu, the Ask Man Landers story hadn't been All the President's Men, so Peter August hadn't published it. Laura was confident that Lulu would prevail. Lulu smiled because she was her mother's daughter.

Laura seized the opportunity to reveal that she had decided to take on a new challenge. Laura pulled out her computer tablet, opened a web page, and then handed it to her daughter as she talked about the plans to develop Charles Street. Laura reminded Lulu that the neighborhood was special to a lot of people, including Laura, who had many fond memories of living on Charles Street. Laura opposed the development project and intended to take action. Lulu was pleased that her mother had found something that she was passionate about, but Lulu was curious why Laura wasn't focused on wedding planning. Laura promised that she looked forward to marrying Kevin, but Lulu wondered why they hadn't picked a wedding date.

Laura explained that she and Kevin had each been married, so they wanted something cozy. She promised that Lulu would be the first to know when they picked a date. Relieved, Lulu noticed the time and announced that she had to meet Nina and Charlotte in the park.

In the squad room, Dante noticed that Michael looked exhausted, so Michael explained that he'd had a long night, and his car had been towed. Dante reached for the phone, but Michael assured his brother that it had been taken care of. Michael told Dante about Nelle's pregnancy. Dante was stunned, but Nathan walked up and asked where "she" was, so Dante pointed to the interrogation room. After Nathan walked away, Dante confessed that he'd never been fond of Nelle. Michael acknowledged that it was a popular view.

Dante reminded Michael that it didn't matter what he or anyone else thought; all that mattered was the baby. Michael agreed, prompting Dante to suggest that Michael talk to Sonny because Sonny had been in a similar situation with Ava and Avery. Michael thanked Dante then announced that he had to leave because he had promised to meet Nelle to discuss their situation. Dante promised that Michael had the support of the family then lightened the mood by asking about Michael's sports car. Michael chuckled and told his brother that he had no intention of trading it in for a mini-van.

In the interrogation room, Nathan shared a warm reunion hug with his sister. Britt admitted that she had decided to turn herself in because she'd grown tired of running, but she confessed that her father hadn't been as bad as she had expected and that Faison could even be kind. However, Britt had hated living in limbo with the charges hanging over her. Nathan confessed that he needed some sisterly advice on fatherhood. Stunned, Britt asked if he and Maxie were expecting. Nathan grinned as he nodded. Overjoyed, Britt hugged him again.

Britt asked Nathan to give Maxie her best before the conversation turned to Liesl. Nathan confirmed that their mother had been excited, but he was surprised that Britt hadn't already reached out to Liesl. Britt was confident that their mother would be there shortly, full of criticism. Nathan promised to do everything in his power to help Britt with her legal troubles because he needed her. He admitted that he was full of questions, so Britt invited him to ask away because she was an OB/GYN. Nathan revealed that he needed help with their family medical history because Liesl had been reluctant to share.

Britt urged Nathan to keep pushing Liesl for answers, and she strongly advised him not to try to understand Liesl's motives. Moments later, a police officer arrived to take Britt to lockup. After Britt left, Nathan called Liesl.

At Metro Court, Cassandra greeted Finn and invited him into her suite as she told him that she'd taken the liberty of ordering breakfast. She handed him a flute of Champagne and confided that getting a clean bill of health had restored her appetite. She toasted to them having a mutual interest, but she noticed that Finn hadn't taken a drink. He pointed out that it wasn't a celebration -- yet. Cassandra smiled because she admired his professionalism. Finn grumbled that it hadn't helped him at the hospital with the "bean counters" who put money before patients. Cassandra agreed that it was cruel to make patients suffer, but she was confident that the hospital's loss would be her gain if the drug he developed worked the way he believed.

Finn assured Cassandra that it did, so Cassandra offered to fund the drug's development and fast-track its distribution, but Finn was curious if she would be breaking the law. She assured him that she would never break the law, but she had no qualms about bending regulations. Finn was curious what the difference was, so she told him that regulations prevented progress, while the law -- if "used" correctly -- facilitated progress. "If you say so," Finn replied. Cassandra pointed out that she was in a position to help his research, and to give him an opportunity to make a great contribution to society while he was financially rewarded.

Cassandra wanted to shake on it, but Finn admitted that he would need some time. Cassandra respected his decision, but she warned him not to take too long because she would interview others. After Finn left, Cassandra called someone to report that she had found the man -- and the means -- to speed up the process.

At Greystone Manor, Carly hugged her mother as she thanked Bobbie for stopping by. Worried, Bobbie asked what was wrong. "In a word? Nelle," Carly answered as she led her mother to the living room and filled Bobbie in about Nelle's pregnancy. Bobbie was shocked, but she recovered quickly and reminded Carly that Nelle wasn't the first woman to fake a pregnancy, but Carly assured her mother that Dr. Nero had confirmed that there was a baby. Undaunted, Bobbie pointed out that they could get a paternity test early in the pregnancy, so Carly revealed that Michael had already scheduled the appointment, but Carly wasn't optimistic because Nelle had agreed to take the test.

Carly doubted that Nelle would have risked an early paternity test if there was a chance that Michael wasn't the father. Bobbie was curious how Michael had taken the news, so Carly admitted that her son had no intention of walking away from his child. Bobbie wasn't surprised because Carly had raised Michael to be a stand-up guy, but Carly was frustrated because Nelle had counted on Michael doing the right thing. However, Carly reminded her mother that Nelle hadn't bargained for Carly or Bobbie, which was why Carly needed Bobbie's help getting the results of the paternity test. Bobbie balked because she refused to participate in keeping her grandson from his child. Carly conceded that she hadn't thought it through, but she feared that Nelle would use the baby to worm her way into Michael's life.

Carly suspected that Nelle had set her sights on Michael from the start because Nelle always played the victim, and Michael practically wore a neon sign offering to help any damsels in distress. Bobbie smiled because Michael was both kind and generous, but Carly remained troubled because she worried that it was karma for her past with Tony Jones. Bobbie reminded Carly that she'd forgiven Carly long before, so she advised Carly to focus on the baby rather than the past.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle sat down as Sonny exited the elevator. She cheerfully greeted him, prompting him to ask if she needed something. Nelle claimed that she was just trying to be friendly, but Sonny reminded her that they weren't friends. He also pointed out that Nelle wasn't friends with Carly, so he advised her to find another restaurant, but Nelle refused because she had been craving the French toast. Sonny noticed that the table was set for two and asked if she was expecting someone. Nelle started to answer, but Sonny cut her off. He told her that he was just glad it wasn't his son then walked away.

Later, Charlotte ran up and greeted Nelle. Nelle ignored Nina as she asked what Charlotte was doing there alone. Nina was not amused as she pointed out that Charlotte was not alone. Charlotte didn't notice the tension between Nelle and Nina as she explained that she and Nina were on their way to meet Santa. Nelle took the opportunity to goad Nina by telling Charlotte that it sounded like a special "step-mommy" and daughter moment. Nina's smile was tight as she asked Charlotte to fetch some hot chocolate and cookies then waited until Charlotte scampered away before she dropped her veneer of civility. Nina thought it was interesting that Nelle was sitting in one of the city's most expensive restaurants when a week earlier, Nelle had been trying to blackmail Valentin for rent money, but Nelle snidely explained that her financial situation didn't concern Nina.

Nina disagreed because Nelle had gotten the money by trading Nina's brother's secret. "You are nothing like Carly said you were, are you?" Nina asked. "You're so much worse," Nina realized. Nelle was unapologetic as she insisted that she'd simply told the truth, and that everything had worked out in the end because Crimson sales had spiked after Chet had explained the reason for the deception. Nelle decided that Nina owed her a cut of the profits, but Nina was disgusted and started to walk away. Nelle wondered if Nina had any tips on childcare because Nelle and Michael were expecting.

"Oh, poor Michael," Nina replied. Nelle's smile of satisfaction vanished, but she quickly recovered and told Nina that it was a shame that Nina and Valentin would never know the joy that Nelle and Michael had experienced when they had found out about the baby. Nina told Nelle there was a lot more to motherhood than getting pregnant, and Nina hoped for the baby's sake that Nelle realized that. Moments later, Charlotte returned and asked if Nelle could join them in the park, but Nina carefully explained that Nelle had to finish breakfast because Nelle had "worked really hard for it."

Nearby, Sonny greeted Anna as she sat down. Anna suspected that he had called her because of Cesar Faison, so Sonny confirmed that Faison had recently been in town. Rattled, Anna listened quietly as Sonny filled her in about how he and Jason had tracked Faison to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and about their encounter with Britt. He handed Anna the burned manuscript that Jason had found in the fireplace and told her that Faison had been shaken when it had appeared at the hotel. Anna looked at the cover page and told Sonny that P.K. Sinclair was Faison's pen name, but Sonny explained that Faison hadn't written the manuscript. Anna noticed that the last page had been burned.

"The true mystery is in the ending," Anna said. She flipped the manuscript over then looked at the title, The Severed Branch. She explained that Faison liked to put several meanings into the titles of his books, so there would be the little meaning then the hidden one. Sonny wondered who would write a book using Faison's pen name, but Anna had no idea. She admitted that she couldn't get involved in the investigation, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary. Satisfied, she advised him to start with the publisher, but she warned Sonny to be careful.

After Sonny left, Finn entered the restaurant and approached Anna. She was curious how his meeting with Cassandra had gone, so he revealed that Cassandra was ready to fund his research, but he'd played hard to get. Anna expressed her reservations about Finn's involvement because she worried about his safety, but he insisted that it was his decision. He assured Anna that he wasn't an adrenaline junkie, but he was determined to do what he could to combat the opioid epidemic. Anna was not pleased, but Finn's mind was made up. Pleased that he'd had the last word, Finn decided to grab a cup of coffee then head to the hospital.

A short time later, Finn pulled out his keycard and inserted it into his door, but the door didn't unlock. Finn tried several times, but the door remained locked.

In the restaurant, Sonny was on the phone when Nelle loudly asked the server to put her bill on Mr. Corinthos' tab. Sonny ended the call and approached the table as the server explained that she couldn't just put a bill on someone else's tab. Sonny informed the server that he had no intention of paying Nelle's bill, so Nelle clarified that she'd been referring to Michael Corinthos. The server insisted that she would have to ask Michael when he arrived. After the server left, Nelle apologized to Sonny, but he was certain that Nelle had intended for him to hear every word that she'd said to the server. Nelle claimed that she would rather that he didn't notice her, but Sonny didn't believe her because she was sitting in the middle of his wife's restaurant.

Nelle explained that she'd been waiting for Michael, but Sonny suggested that she not hold her breath. He started to leave, but Nelle asked him for Monica's number because she hoped that they could all get together and discuss their future as a family. Sonny frowned with confusion until Nelle announced that she was pregnant with Michael's baby. Just then, Carly arrived. Carly quickly put the pieces together when she saw Nelle and Sonny, so she ran over and dragged Sonny away. Sonny begged Carly to tell him that Nelle had lied, but Carly confessed that it was true. Seconds later, Finn approached Carly and demanded to speak to her.

At the bar, Finn confronted Carly about the keycard. He explained that he'd checked with the front desk and he'd been told that he'd checked out. Carly confirmed that it was true, but she assured him that she had made certain that the movers had been careful when they had packed Roxy up. After Carly walked away, Finn saw Anna. She smiled as she held out a key. Furious, Finn approached Anna. She explained that his decision to insert himself into her investigation had forced her to take drastic action because his safety was her responsibility. Finn was stunned when Anna informed him that he would be living in her house until the investigation was over.

At Nelle's table, Nelle feigned disappointment when Sonny and Carly passed her table on their way to the elevator because Nelle had hoped had Sonny and Carly would want to discuss their grandchild. Sonny had to hold Carly back as his wife's temper flared, and she accused Nelle of being heartless. Carly was certain that Nelle intended to milk her pregnancy, but Nelle refused to apologize for wanting the best for her child. Michael entered the restaurant and saw his parents with Nelle. He was curious if Nelle had called Sonny and Carly, but Nelle admitted that it had been a happy coincidence. Nelle suggested that they all sit down and discuss the wonderful addition to their lives.

Outside Kelly's, Dante ran into Laura as she was leaving the diner. He was disappointed when he realized that he had just missed his wife, but Laura took the opportunity to ask if Michael had said anything about the Charles Street development project. She knew that ELQ had been interested in investing in the project, but Dante admitted that he and his brother never discussed business. However, Dante recalled hearing that there had been a public meeting scheduled to discuss the project.

In the park, Lulu met up with Charlotte and Nina. Charlotte happily greeted her mother, who was excited to see Santa with her daughter. Lulu revealed that Charlotte had been on Santa's lap the first time that Lulu had seen her daughter, and Lulu had felt an instant connection to Charlotte. Lulu was excited because she would get to experience many special moments with Charlotte, including their first Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together. Charlotte asked if Nina and Valentin would be lonely if Charlotte spent Christmas with her "other family," but Nina assured Charlotte that they would get to celebrate Christmas with Charlotte when Charlotte returned home. Charlotte smiled with joy when she realized that she would get two Christmases.

After Charlotte ran off to check on Santa, Nina handed Lulu a hot chocolate. Nina regretted that she hadn't gone to Kelly's because she could have avoided Nelle. Lulu was shocked when Nina revealed that Nelle was pregnant with Michael's baby because Lulu had recently told Dante that Michael had been lucky to be rid of Nelle. Charlotte returned and asked if Lulu and Nina were ready to see Santa. The ladies nodded as Charlotte pulled out her Christmas wish list. Lulu frowned when she looked at the list and noticed that it had been written on an official City of Port Charles voter ballot. Charlotte explained that her teacher had taught the class to recycle, so she'd written her list on the back of a piece of paper that she'd found at Wyndemere.

Nelle tries to strike a bargain with Michael

Nelle tries to strike a bargain with Michael

> Nelle tries to strike a bargain with Michael

Nelle tries to strike a bargain with Michael

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle looked at the menu as she admitted that she was ravenous, despite having had French toast for breakfast. She settled on surf and turf, since she was eating for two. Sonny suggested that they get down to business, but she bristled at his hostility because she'd already agreed to take a noninvasive paternity test. Michael interjected that he wanted to keep things simple. Michael intended to pay for all of Nelle's medical expenses related to the pregnancy, and he and Nelle would work out a custody arrangement after the baby was born because he intended to support his child.

Sonny and Carly agreed that it sounded fair, but Nelle refused to be left high and dry. Michael reminded Nelle that he was committed to his child, not to Nelle, but she asked how she was expected to take care of the baby. Carly suggested that Nelle get a job, but Nelle argued that the Corinthos family had made that next to impossible. Nelle was curious if Michael wanted her to raise their child in a hovel, but he assured her that she could remain in the apartment, rent-free. Nelle argued that she would have other expenses, but Carly reiterated that Nelle should find a job to cover her personal expenses. Nelle appealed to Michael for understanding because all she would find was a waitressing job, which would put additional stress on her body that would be taxed because she only had one kidney. Michael assured Nelle that plenty of women with one kidney worked and successfully carried babies to term.

Nelle warned Michael that he would regret it if he didn't make her life easier then threatened to leave town before the baby was born. Michael was stunned, but she was unapologetic and invited him to make her an offer. Sonny's tone filled with menace as he promised Nelle that she couldn't hide from him, but she refused to be intimidated and told Sonny that he didn't scare her. Sonny wondered if she was bluffing, stupid -- or both. Nelle resented the insult, but Carly objected to Nelle trying to manipulate Michael. Frustrated, Michael told Nelle to ignore his parents and talk to him. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she reminded him that she had told him her terms.

Nelle didn't care how that made Michael feel because it was her body and her decision. She advised Michael to do better if he wanted to be a father to their baby. After Nelle left, Michael acknowledged that Nelle didn't care about the baby any more than Ava cared about Avery. He recognized that Nelle thought she had hit the jackpot because she believed that she had a hold on him that gave her direct access to his money. Michael didn't plan to let Nelle succeed, but he didn't want his child to go through what Avery had gone through. Carly's expression filled with guilt because Michael had been caught in the middle of her war with A.J., but Michael assured her that he knew that she had done what she'd thought had been best. However, Michael was determined to find a better way for his child because Nelle wouldn't.

After Michael left, Sonny and Carly agreed that Michael would do the right thing. Sonny admitted that he could intervene, but he would need Carly to remain quiet and not show any reaction. He assured her that if he got involved, then everything would change.

At Kelly's, Julian apologized to Ava for not taking her to Metro Court Restaurant for lunch, but she assured him that it was fine because she'd received a dressing-down of epic proportions the last time she'd been in the restaurant. Julian told his sister not to let Sonny and Carly get her down, so she admitted that she hadn't, but she hated the looks cast her way by strangers. Julian pointed out that her scars weren't as bad as they had been. Julian was curious if Ava could find a doctor to finish Dr. Klein's work, but she refused to rely on an unethical doctor to help her, especially when Griffin accepted her the way she was. Julian was pleased, but Ava admitted that Griffin didn't want anything to do with Julian. Julian didn't want to cause trouble for Ava, so he offered to back off.

Ava refused to consider it because Julian was family, and she was confident that she could make things work. Julian changed the subject because he was curious when she'd last seen Avery, but Ava doubted that he wanted to know. Ava perked up when she saw Nelle enter the diner. Ava confided to Julian that Griffin had taught her to be patient and to seize an opportunity when it presented itself. Julian's phone alerted him to a text message from Scott asking Julian to meet.

After Julian left, Ava approached Nelle at the counter and struck up a conversation with her. Ava noticed that Nelle looked different, so Nelle beamed and suggested that Ava noticed Nelle's pregnancy glow. Ava congratulated Nelle then asked if there were wedding bells in the future, but Nelle's eyes misted with tears as she admitted that she and Michael weren't in a good place because of Sonny and Carly. Ava empathized, prompting Nelle to claim that she was prepared to have the baby alone because she didn't have family or friends. "Not as long as I'm around," Ava promised then invited Nelle to her table so they could talk.

At the Nero apartment, Oscar was startled when he arrived home and saw his mother standing in the kitchen, because he had thought that she'd been at work. Kim asked why Oscar wasn't at school, but he turned the question around by asking if she had ditched work. Kim explained that she'd taken the day off because she had hoped that she and Oscar could talk about Drew, but Oscar reminded her that they had spent most of the night talking about his father. Kim disagreed because she had done most of the talking while Oscar had barely said a word. Oscar claimed that he'd been taking it all in, but Kim sensed there was more to it. She was concerned because they'd never had trouble communicating in the past, but Oscar pointed out that she had refused to tell him about his father.

Oscar grabbed his backpack and started to leave, but Kim assured him that she was ready to answer his questions. Oscar asked her to start at the beginning, so she told him that she'd met Drew during her internship in San Diego when Drew had been stationed at the Naval base. She admitted that she and Drew had agreed to keep things simple because they'd both known that Drew had been scheduled to be deployed. Oscar was curious if his mother had loved his father, so she conceded that she could have if they'd had more time. Kim explained that she had found out about the pregnancy after Drew had shipped out, and she had tried unsuccessfully to reach him. In the end, Oscar had been born, and she had decided that her family had been complete.

Eventually, Kim confessed, she'd been relieved that Drew hadn't been in the picture because it had just been Kim and Oscar against the world. Kim admitted that she didn't want things to change, but she realized that they had to because she believed that Oscar would benefit from having a man in his life. Kim assured Oscar that he had every right to get to know his father, but Oscar worried that Drew might not like him because they were completely different people. Oscar pointed out that Drew was a Navy SEAL, and Oscar liked to read, hike, and listen to music. Kim was confident that Drew would love to get to know Oscar because Oscar was smart, interesting, kind, and compassionate.

Oscar decided to give it a try because he had nothing to lose. Kim assured Oscar that Drew would like him because Drew had been a good man in the past, and he still seemed like a good man. Moments later, Kim received a text message from work. After she collected her things, she said goodbye and left. In the hallway, Kim answered a call then agreed to meet the person.

At Aurora Media, Sam entered Drew's office and asked how he'd been holding up. He assured his wife that he was getting the hang of things, but she explained that she hadn't been talking about work. Drew admitted that it had been a bit overwhelming to learn that he had a twin and a son, so Sam assured him that they would figure things out together. Drew appreciated her support, so she smiled and offered to get him some coffee. At the door, she told Drew that she loved him. Drew smiled, but when Sam left, he opened a screen on his computer to Oscar's social media page.

A short time later, Jason appeared in the doorway. Annoyed, Drew told his twin that Sam wasn't there, but Jason wanted to talk to his brother about Andre Maddox's backer -- Cesar Faison. Jason reminded Drew that Faison had shot Jason on the pier five years earlier when Jason had initially vanished. According to the police reports that Jason had read, the police had had dive teams in the water within fifteen minutes of the shooting. Drew realized that Faison had had someone waiting to fish Jason out of the water. Jason agreed, and he added that whoever had pulled him out of the water had taken him and Drew to Dr. Maddox.

Drew didn't understand what Faison had gained by having Drew take Jason's place. Jason had no idea, but he revealed that Faison had recently been in Port Charles. Jason told Drew about his encounter with Britt and about Britt's claim that the plan had been to kill Jason after Jason's memories had been transferred to Drew. Jason was confident that Faison was not interested in Jason or Sam and the children, but Drew wasn't convinced. Jason believed Britt and her assertion that Faison was running scared, but Jason suspected that Drew might have some buried memories that could help Jason get to the bottom of things.

Drew insisted that Andre's procedure had worked because the only memories that Drew had were Jason's. Jason pointed out that if Andre's procedure had been a success, then Drew would have been exactly like Jason, but Drew had made different choices than Jason would have, which meant that Drew Cain might still be buried inside. Drew acknowledged that it was possible, but there was no guarantee that he could access the memories. Drew knew it had been difficult for Jason to return home and find someone else living his life, but it had been difficult for Drew, too, because Jason's appearance meant that everything about Drew's life had been stripped away. Drew pulled out his military file and dropped it on the desk as he told his brother that all Drew knew about his life was in the slim folder. Drew admitted that he had stared at the file, hoping that it would spark a memory, but it hadn't.

Drew was curious why Jason believed that Drew might remember Faison. Jason didn't have an answer, but he was certain the memory was there. Jason talked about the brain damage he had suffered and how it had erased the first twenty years of his life. Jason pointed out that Drew's memories were only buried, not gone, so Drew just had to find them. "Maybe," Drew conceded. However, Drew pointed out even if he could flip a switch and get all his memories back, it wouldn't be his life anymore. Jason understood his brother's dilemma and thanked him for his time. Jason started to leave, but Drew asked Jason to let him know if there was a lead on Faison and if Jason needed help. Jason agreed.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica told Ned and Olivia that she was elated there was another Quartermaine to add to their ranks, and she hoped that it meant the tide was turning after so many losses in their family, but she regretted that Alan hadn't been there to enjoy it. Olivia was certain that Monica's husband was looking down on them with a great big smile on his face. Monica agreed then expressed her desire to open her home to her sons. Ned and Olivia were surprised that Monica wanted both Jason and Drew to move into the mansion, but Monica pointed out that there was more than enough room for everyone. Ned suggested that Monica set smaller goals, like getting Jason and Drew to be in the same room without trading blows over Sam, but Monica was certain that Jason and Drew could find a way to coexist for the sake of Sam and the children.

Ned scoffed and told Monica that the sound she heard was Tracy cackling from across the ocean. Ned admitted that he would like nothing more than for Jason and Drew to get along, but he advised Monica to prepare herself for the possibility that things would get a lot worse. Monica sarcastically thanked Ned for the pep talk then excused herself when the doorbell rang.

At the door, Monica greeted Sam. Sam revealed that she had stopped by because she was worried about Drew. Sam explained that he didn't feel like he had a lot of people in his corner, so Monica promised to call Drew, but she wished that she could do more to help him than just listening. Sam assured Monica that it was enough, prompting Monica to ask how Sam was doing. Sam conceded that it hadn't been easy because it seemed like she and Drew never had a chance to catch their breath. Alarmed, Monica asked if something had happened. Monica was stunned when Sam told her about Oscar.

Monica also recalled hiring Oscar's mother, but she was curious if Drew had had contact with Oscar. Sam confirmed that he had talked to Oscar, but it had been before Drew had known that Oscar was his son. Monica wondered how Sam had been handling everything Sam admitted that it had been a lot to deal with, but she assured Monica that she loved children. Monica cut Sam off because she had noticed that Sam hadn't said Jason's name. Sam defensively reminded Monica that she was there to talk about Drew, but Monica knew better. Monica was certain that Sam had known the truth about Jason the moment that Sam had seen him and that Sam had focused all of her attention on Drew because she'd known that his life would be uprooted.

Sam clarified that she had focused her attention on Drew because he was her husband, and she loved him. Monica reminded Sam that Drew had had another family. Sam quickly explained that Monica had gotten the wrong idea because Drew and Kim had barely known each other, and they hadn't been in love. Sam assured Monica that it hadn't been like Drew and Kim had had a picture-perfect life. "That would be you and Jason," Monica said.

Frustrated, Sam admitted that she couldn't even say Jason's name, let alone be around him, because she was always flooded with memories. Monica wondered if Sam's feelings for Drew had changed, but Sam insisted that she loved her husband, and they had built a life together. However, Sam didn't know how things could keep going as they were. Monica agreed that things would eventually reach a head.

In the living room, Olivia asked if Ned was upset with her because she hadn't stood by him when Monica had put her foot down about Jason and Drew. Ned loved his wife's independence, but he was afraid that Olivia hadn't seen the big picture. Annoyed, Olivia invited Ned to explain. Ned glanced at his grandparents' photograph then assured his wife that his issue wasn't Drew or Jason's return -- it was ELQ. According to Ned, everything had been on a level playing field, but Jason's return had upset that balance. Olivia realized that Ned thought that Jason's return was good for the Quartermaines but bad for the family business.

Monica entered the room, so Ned asked who had been at the door. Monica revealed that Sam had stopped by. Moments later, Michael arrived home, and he was glad when he saw his family gathered in the living room because he had news. Ned wondered if they should sit or pop open the Champagne. Michael admitted that it depended then announced that he was going to be a father. Monica conceded that the situation was complicated, but she thought it was good news. Olivia agreed because she looked forward to spoiling another baby.

After Ned congratulated Michael, Monica decided to share the news about Oscar. Monica was delighted that their family was growing by leaps and bounds.

At the Nero apartment, Oscar answered a knock at the door. It was Drew.

On the piers, Jason encountered Sam as she gazed out at the water. Sam tried to leave, but Jason asked her to wait and not walk away. "Just talk to me," Jason implored.

Jason and Sam talk about Drew and the past

Jason and Sam talk about Drew and the past

Thursday, December 14, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kevin noticed that Laura was watching Valentin, so Kevin asked if she wanted to leave. Laura pulled her gaze away from Valentin then apologized. She admitted that it didn't get easier seeing Valentin, but she refused to let him ruin her night. Laura suggested that she and Kevin pick a wedding date because Lulu was eager to know. Kevin and Laura pulled out their phones and discussed dates, but they couldn't settle on one, prompting Laura to suggest that they elope. Kevin had a better idea and showed her a date on his phone.

Laura laughed until she realized that Kevin was serious. Kevin pointed out that they hadn't been able to settle on a date in 2018, and she'd been willing to elope. "But, Christmas?" Laura asked. "The sooner, the better," Kevin answered.

Nearby, Cassandra reminded Valentin that she had offered to entertain him in her suite, but he made it clear that he would never let that happen. Cassandra shrugged and assured him that she wasn't opposed to taking a boat ride to Spoon Island because she loved gothic architecture, but Valentin warned her that Wyndemere and his family were off limits because she had threatened Nina and Charlotte. Valentin cut to the chase and asked when the distributors could expect their first shipment, so she assured him that it would be soon because she had found someone to help her complete the development of her cutting-edge product. Valentin knew she was referring to Finn. Cassandra was impressed that he'd done his homework, but he reminded her that the devil was in the details.

Cassandra liked seeing the Valentin she remembered -- cynical and dangerous. She thought it was a pity that he had decided to mire himself in domesticity, but she moved on because she anticipated Finn accepting her offer and joining their enterprise, which would allow her to fly away and supervise from afar. Valentin was curious if she intended to resort to the same tactics that she had used on him if Finn refused. Cassandra was confident that all Finn needed was the right financial incentive and a little ego-stroking, unlike Valentin, who was a "special snowflake" that had required "compelling persuasion" to gain his cooperation. Valentin shifted gears and demanded to speak to Claudette, but Cassandra told him that he would have to earn the privilege. She assured him that no one would hear the tale of what had transpired between him and Claudette and why everyone believed that Claudette was dead -- as long as he behaved.

Cassandra smiled when her phone rang and she saw it was Finn. Valentin stood to leave, so Cassandra stood up, as well, leaned close to his ear, and whispered that she didn't need his enthusiasm -- just his "undying commitment." She kissed Valentin on the cheek, but he stormed away without a word. Pleased, Cassandra answered her phone.

At Anna's house, Finn was on the phone, trying to secure a hotel room, but his frustration mounted when he was told that there wasn't anything available. He asked to be put on a waiting list as Anna entered the living room with a tea tray. Finn ended the call as Anna feigned sympathy that all the hotels were booked for the holidays. Finn was not amused, but Anna thought he was lucky that he had a generous host.

Later, Anna set a stack of towels on the loveseat as she told him that the bedroom she'd selected for him was small, but it had a bathroom. She added that he was welcome to use the larger bedroom, but she warned him that it was pink because Emma slept in it during her visits. Finn accused Anna of enjoying his situation, but she assured him that she preferred the "bachelor" life as she handed him a coaster when he set his cup of tea down on the table. Finn's annoyance mounted, so Anna suggested that they talk candidly. She reminded him that he could bow out of the investigation and leave Cassandra to her, but Finn lamented about his suite at Metro Court. Anna assured him that she could rectify the problem with one phone call to the WSB, but Finn didn't understand why she was reluctant to accept his help when she had initially dragged him into her investigation.

Finn pointed out that he could get inside Cassandra's organization and provide Anna with the evidence necessary to take Cassandra down, but Anna insisted that it was necessary to stay out of the investigation. Finn pushed for a reason until Anna blurted out that she cared about him. Finn was taken aback, but she quickly clarified that she cared about his safety, and he didn't fit into her plans. He admitted that he'd had the impression that she'd been flying by the seat of her pants. Anna insisted that Finn was a valuable asset to the hospital, an innovative doctor, and an honorable man, but Finn pulled out his phone and called Cassandra. Cassandra was eager to know if Finn had made up his mind, so he looked at Anna then accepted Cassandra's offer. Pleased, Cassandra told him that they had a lot of work ahead of them.

Finn's eyes remained on Anna as he assured Cassandra that he didn't cut and run when he made a promise. After the call, Anna grabbed the towels so he could settle into the bedroom, but Finn asked if she was sulking. She clarified that she was furious because he refused to see reason, but he insisted that it had been the right call, and he was certain that Anna knew it. Finn reminded her that he would be in a position to give her what she needed, but Anna worried that he would be eliminated first. Finn was confident that Anna would protect him, but she glared at him.

Anna realized that Finn was enjoying himself, and she decided that she deserved the credit because he'd been wallowing in his misery until she had enlisted his help. Finn objected because he hadn't been miserable, but Anna disagreed. Finn and Anna traded words until Anna angrily accused Finn of wanting her. Anger turned to passion as Finn pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

At Wyndemere, Lulu followed Nina to the living room as she reminded Nina that she had asked for Charlotte's Christmas wish list. Nina told Lulu that she had emailed it to Lulu three hours earlier, but Lulu suggested that it had gone to her spam folder because she hadn't seen it. Lulu noticed the crafts on the table, so Nina explained that she'd been helping Charlotte make Christmas cards. After Nina ducked out to fetch a copy of Charlotte's list, Lulu began to search the living room for another election ballot. Moments later, Lulu found what she was looking for. She frowned when she saw that the ballot had been cast for Felicia Jones, and it was from the Charles Street district.

Lulu wondered what was going on. "I was wondering the same thing," Nina said as she appeared in the doorway. "Looking for these?" Nina asked as she held up a plastic bag filled with ballots. After Nina dumped out the ballots on the craft table, Lulu sifted through them and noticed that they'd all been cast for Felicia. Lulu realized that it was a big deal, but Nina wondered why anyone would care about old election ballots. Lulu explained that the 2014 mayoral race had been contentious and had led to a recount, so the ballots could prove that the election had been stolen from Felicia.

Lulu stuffed the ballots back in the bag, but Nina objected to Lulu taking them because they didn't belong to Lulu. Lulu agreed that the ballots belonged to the city, but Nina questioned if Lulu intended to give the ballots to the proper authorities. Lulu assured Nina that she would, but first she intended to investigate the matter. Nina pointed out that Lulu wasn't Bob Woodward, and the ballots were on private property. Lulu suspected that Nina was worried that Valentin had tampered with the 2014 mayoral election, but Nina reminded Lulu that Valentin hadn't been in Port Charles in 2014.

However, Nina reminded Lulu that Nikolas had been in Port Charles, and the ballots had been found in his home. Lulu argued that Nikolas had supported Felicia, and he wouldn't have sabotaged the election, but Nina countered that Nikolas had had his own private agenda. Nina advised Lulu to be careful because her investigation might take her places that Lulu didn't want to go. Lulu frowned, but she grabbed the bag then left.

A short time later, Valentin arrived home and warmly greeted his wife, but Nina wanted to know if he had meddled in the 2014 mayoral election. Valentin had no idea what Nina was talking about, so she asked him to forget it. Valentin suggested they start over, and he once again greeted Nina. She smiled and went into his arms, but her happiness evaporated when she smelled perfume on his collar. She realized that he'd been with Cassandra, so he assured Nina that nothing untoward had happened. Nina disagreed because everything about Cassandra was untoward.

Nina wanted to know how much longer Valentin had to play nice with Cassandra. He assured her that it wouldn't be much longer because Cassandra would soon be out of their lives for good.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu joined Laura and Kevin. Laura shared that she and Kevin had decided to get married on December 25th, but she wanted to make certain that it wouldn't interfere with Lulu's plans because she knew that it was Lulu's first Christmas with Charlotte. Lulu was thrilled for her mother and assured Laura that as long as the wedding wasn't at 8:00 a.m. then it would be a perfect day to welcome Kevin into their expanding family. Kevin was touched. Laura smiled with gratitude, but she sensed that something was troubling Lulu. Lulu confided that she might have landed a major story that could reset the paradigm in Port Charles, but Lulu wasn't certain if she should report it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kim looked at a family picture of Monica, Alan, A.J., and Jason as Monica entered the living room. Monica smiled as she revealed that the picture had been taken in 1995 when Jason had been about to enter college to become a doctor like his father and Monica. However, Monica explained, Jason had been in an accident, and a year later, he had dropped out of school, moved out, and basically become lost to her and Alan. Kim wondered if it had stayed that way, so Monica admitted that it had been a long and slow process to know the Jason that he'd become, but she promised that she and Alan had always loved him. Monica believed that Jason had eventually loved his family back, but a couple of years earlier, she and Jason had had a renaissance of sorts because Jason had suddenly become approachable, easier, and warmer.

Monica realized that she should have known right then and there that Drew wasn't Jason. Monica thanked Kim for stopping by and invited her to sit. "Of course, you're my boss," Kim said as she sat down and smiled politely. Monica suggested that their relationship went deeper than that because Oscar was Monica's grandson. Kim clarified that technically, Oscar descended from Monica's husband, not Monica. Monica was impressed that Kim had done her homework.

Kim tried to keep things from escalating by acknowledging that the news about Oscar and Drew had hit everyone hard and fast, but Monica thought that was a stretch because she didn't think it was a coincidence that Kim had closed a successful practice and relocated to Port Charles where Oscar's very wealthy family resided. Offended, Kim decided to return to work then pointedly added that she had a son to support, and she didn't want her "boss" to think she was shirking her duties. Monica informed Kim that she'd taken the liberty of canceling all of Kim's appointments for the day. Frustrated, Kim questioned why she'd uprooted her son and moved to Port Charles.

Monica thought it was a good question, so Kim admitted that she had wanted to give Oscar a chance to know his roots. Kim explained that she had submitted her and Oscar's DNA to an ancestry site, and the report had revealed that Oscar had family in Port Charles. Kim admitted that she had also hoped that the family connection meant that Drew was in Port Charles too. Monica was stunned that Kim had given up a thriving practice on the off chance that Oscar might bump into his father. Kim insisted that she had wanted to give her son a chance to decide if he wanted a relationship with his father, but she'd had no idea that Drew had had a long-lost twin or ties to the Quartermaine family. Monica was skeptical, but Kim made it clear that she and Oscar weren't interested in Monica's money or Monica.

Kim started to leave, but Monica apologized. Kim relaxed, but she offered to provide a sample of Oscar's DNA to ease any questions that Monica might have about his paternity. Monica admitted that she wanted to know as much as possible about Drew. Monica explained that she and Alan had raised Jason, and she had loved Jason as her own, but they hadn't known about his twin. Monica was eager to know about the boy she and Alan had lost, but Kim admitted that she'd only known Drew for a few months. Monica was curious if he'd said anything about his adoptive family, so Kim revealed that Drew had grown up in an orphanage.

According to Kim, Drew's family had been the Navy SEALs because he had loved the camaraderie and brotherhood. Monica reminded Kim that Drew had a real brother and a family, and Oscar did as well. Monica acknowledged that the Quartermaines were a force unto themselves, who loved fiercely and would welcome Oscar with open arms, but Kim wanted Oscar to decide for himself what was right for him. Monica asked Kim to tell Oscar that he would always be welcome. Monica also offered to be Oscar's tutor if he wanted to know about the Quartermaine family.

At the Nero apartment, Oscar asked if Drew was there to see Kim, but Drew admitted that he wanted to talk to Oscar then asked if he could enter. Oscar apologized, but he explained that his mother wouldn't approve of him letting a stranger in. "I'm not really a stranger, am I?" Drew asked. Oscar realized that his father knew the truth, but Drew sensed Oscar's reservations and regretted not calling first. Drew turned to leave, but Oscar apologized and invited Drew inside. Drew tried to break the ice by asking Oscar about school, prompting Oscar to admit that he'd skipped gym class because they'd been teaching the students square-dancing.

Drew empathized with Oscar's inability to dance because Drew suffered from the same affliction. Oscar fetched his father a glass of water while Drew wandered over to a picture of a much younger Oscar. Oscar hated the picture, but Drew liked it then mentioned that Josslyn would agree. Oscar became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so Drew asked how long Oscar had been looking for his father. Oscar admitted that he and Josslyn had started the search a couple of months earlier. Drew felt bad, but he assured his son that he hadn't known about his past or Oscar.

Oscar imagined that it hadn't been easy to find out that Drew had had another life. Drew admitted that it had been difficult, but he suspected that Oscar might have an idea what that was like. Drew promised his son that he didn't expect anything from Oscar, and he didn't want Oscar to feel pressured to have a relationship with him because it was clear that Oscar had done fine without Drew. Oscar conceded that he was already in high school, and he'd learned to ride a bike long before, so he didn't need a father, especially one who already had a child. Drew admitted that Oscar seemed like a fine young man, but Oscar pointed out that Drew didn't know him well enough to make that assessment. Drew realized that he'd said something wrong and desperately tried to fix things, but Kim arrived home and stopped short when she saw Drew.

Oscar disappeared into the bedroom on the pretext of doing homework, prompting Kim to ask what Drew had done. "Nothing right," Drew answered. After Drew left, Oscar emerged from the bedroom and looked around. Kim assured her son that Drew was gone. She tried to get Oscar to talk about Drew's visit, but Oscar refused. Kim shifted gears and told Oscar that she'd had a talk with his grandmother earlier then assured him that there was a house full of people who were eager to meet him.

Oscar remained quiet, so Kim begged her son not to be so hard on himself. She knew it was all new to Oscar, but she promised that Drew had been nervous too. Oscar told his mother that he had to get back to his homework then slid his headphones on. Kim's expression was troubled as she watched her son.

On the pier, Jason asked Sam not to walk away. He wanted her to talk to him, but Sam was curious what they should talk about. Jason knew that Drew was no longer in jail, but he was curious if everything had worked out with the Navy. Sam assured Jason that the Navy had dropped the charges against his brother, and she credited Jason with helping Drew. Sam thanked him, but Jason assured her that it was fine then turned to leave. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she asked Jason to stop because she wanted to thank him for helping Drew.

Jason reminded Sam that she had already thanked him, but she insisted on doing it properly. Jason was curious why she was mad at him. Sam admitted that it hadn't been fair of her to ask him to get involved in Drew's problems, but she'd done it, anyway, because she knew that she could rely on Jason to fix things. Sam explained that listening to Jason tell his story had made her realize that she'd been so focused on Drew that she hadn't paid attention to Jason and how everything had been taken from him. "It's okay," Jason told her, but Sam disagreed. Sam tearfully confessed that she didn't know what else to do because she loved Drew.

"I know," Jason admitted. Jason started to leave, but Sam asked if everything was okay with Sonny because she recalled that Jason had left the police station to meet him. Jason filled Sam in about the lead on Cesar Faison and Faison's belief that Jason had been killed after Andre's procedure. Jason had no idea who had double-crossed Faison, but the person had saved Jason's life. The conversation turned to the night that Jason had been shot as Sam told him how she had put on a wetsuit and dived into the frigid waters to desperately search for him because a part of her had never believed that he had died. Sam revealed that she had often gone to the piers and gazed out at the water because she'd been waiting for his return.

Sam had thought Jason had returned, but it had been his brother. She confessed that it hadn't changed anything, knowing that Drew wasn't Jason, because she could never regret loving Drew. Jason's expression clouded with pain, but Sam didn't notice because her gaze was fixed on the water. Jason started to reach for Sam, but he dropped his hand and told her about the manuscript that had spooked Faison. He assured Sam that Spinelli was looking into it, but she was curious why Jason hadn't reached out to Spinelli sooner.

Jason admitted that he'd been reluctant to put Spinelli in the middle because he knew that Spinelli and Sam were friends. Sam was grateful that Jason had asked Spinelli to find Drew's service records, but he admitted that Diane had asked Spinelli to dig them up. Jason revealed that Spinelli felt like officiating Drew and Sam's wedding had been a betrayal, but Jason had assured Spinelli that Spinelli couldn't have known. Jason thought it might help if Sam talked to Spinelli too. Sam gasped when she realized that the wedding ring she wore was from Jason, not Drew.

Sam and Drew learn they're not legally married

Sam and Drew learn they're not legally married

Friday, December 15, 2017

Alexis and Drew sat at Drew's desk in the Aurora office, and Alexis advised him that she was there as a mother, not just an attorney. She wanted to know if Drew would "do right" by her daughter. Drew informed her that he needed help with things because he had purchased the company as Jason. Alexis thought that he should ask Diane. Drew replied that Diane had sided with Jason, and they would probably try to take everything away from him. Alexis reluctantly agreed.

Drew wanted to be able to count on Alexis, but she wanted to be able to count on Drew, as well. Alexis noted that Drew had been good to her daughter and grandchildren, and she was on his side. She had something to tell him, though. Sam and Drew were not legally married. They went through his paperwork, and Alexis noted Drew's will and the fact that he'd chosen Sonny and Carly as his children's guardians.

Alexis advised Drew that they needed to discuss everything with Sam too. They needed to resolve all custody issues as well as the Quartermaine trust. "Brace yourself," Drew stated. He disclosed to a shocked Alexis that he had just learned that he had a son, Oscar. Sam was aware of it and had been supportive, he added. Alexis said that she had previous plans but would continue their discussion with Sam. She thought that Drew would be happy with the results. She left the office and took a call from David. She advised him that she was on the way.

At the pier, Sam realized that the ring she had been wearing really belonged to Jason. She was no longer married to him, and she thought that she should return it. She explained her history with Drew to Jason and how she'd received the ring that had belonged to Lila. It had been Jason's ring to give, not Drew's. Jason seemed to ignore her remarks as he tried to tell her about Faison and the person who had hired Dr. Klein. Sam was angry that he seemed to be ignoring her, but Jason told her that Faison was the reason behind her receiving the ring from Drew. He was also concerned about a threat to his family. He would need Drew's help. Sam looked scared.

Jason hoped that Drew would remember the person responsible for his disappearance and be able to retrieve his memories. Sam stated that she'd married Drew, and they had a family. She was happy with him, and she could not go back and undo what had happened. She couldn't keep the ring. Their fingers touched as Sam attempted to hand Jason the ring. It was electric for both of them, but he refused to accept the jewelry. They agreed that she should give it to Danny, who could give it to his love some day.

Jordan had some food delivered to Andre in the interrogation room at the police station. She urged him to eat it, as it would probably be the best he'd have for a long time. Just then, Julian arrived, shouting and ranting about being dragged to the station. He wanted his attorney, who arrived shortly after. Julian continued to shout until Jordan was able to advise him that he was free. The judge had refused to retry the case. Julian turned to thank Scott instead. The attorney noted that he looked forward to Julian's payment.

Elizabeth and Franco met at the hospital. She had some holiday cards that Jake had made, including one for Franco and one for Drew, the man he knew as his father. Franco assured her that it was an adjustment for the boy, but he believed that Jake had been doing okay. Elizabeth was angry that she'd sent her son to someone like Andre, and she was feeling guilty. She trusted Franco, though. The couple began to kiss until Kiki walked by and interrupted them.

Elizabeth announced that she had some errands to run but would return. Kiki looked at a perturbed Franco and asked if everything were okay with him. "Just great," he muttered. Kiki could tell that Franco was upset. He admitted that he should have told Elizabeth something that he hadn't told her. Kiki was full of encouragement and explained that he had just learned how to trust. He agreed and added that he had also been learning how to be tuned in to the feelings of others. He would have to be honest with Elizabeth because things had been perfect, but he couldn't mess up.

Kiki thought that Franco had been feeling like a real person. Franco revealed that he had been reading Pinocchio to Aiden every night, and he'd been feeling like the wooden boy with the long nose. He was concerned with Elizabeth and her feelings. Kiki suggested that Elizabeth's love was a gift, and he had to return the favor and be honest.

At Anna's house, she and Finn argued and taunted each other. Finn called Anna arrogant, and she called him miserable. She thought he wanted to be with her. Suddenly, their anger resulted in a passionate kiss until Anna's ringing phone interrupted them. Out of breath, she answered and found Robin on the other end. She assured her daughter that things were dull, and she had been sitting around doing nothing.

As Anna waited for Emma to get on the phone, she called out to Finn that he was a child as he was nibbling on a jumbo-sized gingerbread man. After the call concluded, things were awkward, and neither of them wanted to discuss what had happened. Anna pulled out two big boxes of toys and announced that one was for Toys for Tots, and the gifts would remain unwrapped. The other was for the Children's Home, and those gifts had to be wrapped. The couple sat on the floor. Finn insisted that he would continue to work with Cassandra until Anna could bust her.

As Finn and Anna wrapped the gifts, Finn's looked beautiful while Anna's were terrible. She admitted that she was better at espionage. Anna teased Finn for not wanting to celebrate Christmas and for not being able to dance. She compared him to Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and was appalled that Finn wasn't familiar with the book. She pulled out some mistletoe and playfully dangled it in front of Finn's face. He leaned over as if to kiss her, whispered in her ear, and placed the mistletoe back in the box. He suggested she put it on the community tree.

Anna was disappointed and jumped up to gather all the boxes of gifts and ornaments. Finn offered to help, but she declined. He put on his coat and headed for the door. He said goodnight and told her not to wait up. "I wouldn't dream of it," she said.

Elizabeth arrived at the police station to visit with Andre. She wanted answers. Jake had trusted Andre, and she accused the doctor of breaking that trust. Jake needed Andre, and he wasn't able to talk to him, she continued. Andre thought that Jake would be fine and had the tools to handle his situation. He had something to say about Franco, but Elizabeth interrupted him. She loved Franco, and they were engaged. She was familiar with who Franco had been and the way he had changed. Andre offered congratulations and wished them happiness.

After Elizabeth had gone, Jordan returned to the interrogation room. "It's time," she said. She wished things had been different. She was close to tears. As Andre was about to be led out, Jason arrived to speak to Andre. Jordan wished Andre luck and walked away. Jason asked if Drew's baseline map still existed. Andre realized that Jason had been asking whether Drew's memory could be restored. Andre informed Jason that he had destroyed his computer and all of his files, but things weren't quite gone.

Andre revealed that he had hidden both Jason's and Drew's baselines, along with details of his methodology, in a Christmas ornament. He'd left it with a person he trusted who was not aware of her possession.

Anna continued to race around her house, gathering up the boxes of toys and the ornaments.

Elizabeth met up with Franco back at the hospital and admitted that she had gone to visit Andre because she'd needed some closure for Jake. The doctor had told her that Jake would be fine. She had also told the doctor about their engagement, and he'd appeared happy for them. He'd told her that she had gotten Franco to show his best self, but she had noted that Franco had done the same for her.

Franco insisted that he hadn't been his best, but he hadn't been used to telling people everything. He had something to tell Elizabeth, though.

Sam went to the Aurora office to see her husband. She disclosed her accidental meeting with Jason at the pier. Drew asked whether she was okay, and Sam admitted it had been intense. "One thing led to another," and she'd realized that she had still been wearing Jason's ring that had belonged to Lila. She said she planned on giving it to Danny. Drew removed his own ring and replied that it would be for Danny also. Drew thought they probably shouldn't be wearing rings, anyway, since they weren't really married.

Drew explained that their marriage hadn't been legal, but he had meant his vows. He needed to say them in his own name. Drew repeated his vows. "Would you marry me?" he asked Sam.

Scott sat with Julian at a table in Charlie's Pub. He attributed Julian's freedom in part to Julian's "crazy sister." He handed Julian a form to sign, and Julian said that he was sure about it. A short while later, Alexis walked in and saw Julian standing by the bar. She thought that he was still tracking her, even though he had been at the bar first. She announced that she was meeting someone, and she needed Julian to leave. Julian refused. "I own the place. I just bought it," he declared.

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The leading ladies who lunch:
Y&R's Camryn Grimes makes a holly, jolly return as Mrs. Claus
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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