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Faison imprisoned Liesl and Lulu with a canister of deadly gas. Faison shot Nathan. Jason stopped Faison as Faison tried to flee. Kiki was accepted in to medical school. Drew and Sam were married.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 22, 2018 on GH
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Drew and Sam tie the knot Drew and Sam tie the knot

Monday, January 22, 2018

A man with wispy white hair looked down at an unconscious Liesl. He tossed his cigarette away and put a hand to her face. A short while later, the man dropped Liesl into a big pile of hay.

Jason stood on the footbridge and thought back to his New Year's Eve with Sam. An excited Spinelli interrupted his thoughts and informed Jason that there was still time to stop Sam and Drew's wedding. He wanted Jason to "save" Sam from all the grief her mistake would give her. Jason reminded Spinelli that the marriage was Sam's choice, and she loved Drew. Spinelli accused both Sam and Jason of sacrificing their happiness out of "misguided loyalty."

Spinelli reminded Jason of how Sam had learned to respect herself with Jason. Jason replied that Drew's lifestyle didn't put any lives at risk, but Spinelli shot back that Sam had never cared about that. He continued that she was making the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. "Stop!" Jason exclaimed. He heard what Spinelli was saying but demanded that he "leave it alone." Spinelli gently told Jason that Jason had made Sam feel safe, and he left. Jason remembered a conversation with Sam from years before, when she'd told him that she slept better at his place because he made her feel safe.

In her room, Sam remembered some of her more recent conversations with Jason. There was a knock on the door, and Molly and Alexis entered. "Are you ready to get married?" Alexis asked.

Downstairs, the doorbell rang, and Drew answered the door to Curtis and Jordan. Jordan walked away to take a phone call, and Curtis took the opportunity to make sure that Drew enjoyed his last few moments as a single man. He produced a bottle, but before they could crack it open, there was a knock on the door. Drew was happy to answer the door to a smiling Monica.

Jordan regretfully told Curtis that she had been called in to work. She congratulated Drew, and Curtis walked her out. Drew expressed how happy he was to have Monica there, and she assured him that she wouldn't have missed it. She wished that she could have raised him along with Jason, but she would like to adopt him. He laughed that they'd "missed that boat," but she explained that it was more of a formality. She wanted Drew and Scout to know that they were a part of the family and always would be. Drew was touched, and the two embraced.

Alexis descended the stairs and announced that Sam was ready whenever Drew was. Curtis returned with the justice of the peace following behind. A short while later, an ecstatic Molly descended the stairs. Behind her, Sam descended the stairs and joined hands with Drew. In his vows, Drew talked about how his life had started when they'd met, and he was thankful for their future together. He retrieved her ring from Danny, who was ring bearer, and placed it on her finger.

Sam continued by talking about how much had changed in the past couple months, but the things that mattered had stayed the same. She expressed her love for Drew and their "amazing family," and she wanted to continue to share her life with him. She got his ring from Danny and placed it on Drew's finger. The justice of the peace pronounced them husband and wife, and they shared a kiss amidst the applause of their witnesses.

A few minutes later, Curtis toasted to Sam and Drew's happy future. Danny wanted to make a toast, too, so he exclaimed, "To Mommy and Daddy, happy wedding!" Just then, a gleeful Sam smashed wedding cake into Drew's face. Later, the two were in bed and expressed their love for one another. Drew couldn't wait for their future together, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Carly visited Bobbie at the hospital and updated her that the situation with Josslyn had been resolved, much to Carly's relief. She related that she was still worried about Michael.

Michael arrived at the hospital and apologized to Nelle for being late, as protests on Charles Street had delayed him. She revealed that he'd missed her appointment, but she showed him the sonogram picture of their "beautiful, healthy baby." He wondered if she'd found out the sex of the baby, but she'd wanted to wait for him so they could find out together. She reminded him that she wanted him involved in everything that he wanted to be involved in.

Carly and Bobbie approached, and Michael showed them the sonogram picture, which Nelle told them they could keep. Michael informed them that the paternity test had said that he was the baby's father. Carly unenthusiastically congratulated him. Nelle had to go, so she promised to keep in touch, and she left. Michael thanked Carly for being "mostly civil," and Bobbie chimed in that she thought they'd done "very well." Michael had to go, so he hugged his mother and left. Carly told Bobbie that she wanted to celebrate her first grandchild, but she wasn't thrilled about Nelle being in their lives.

A short while later, Carly and Bobbie arrived at Metro Court. "Oh, hell no," Carly said when she saw Nelle, who informed Carly that she was meeting someone for dinner. Just then, Monica arrived to meet with Nelle, and Carly was shocked. Nelle hoped that she hadn't pulled Monica away from anything, and Monica replied that Sam and Drew's wedding had been small and short. Carly was blindsided to hear that Sam and Drew had gotten married that night.

Nelle went to check on their table, so Bobbie took the opportunity to warn Monica about getting too close to Nelle. Monica reminded Bobbie that Nelle was carrying their great-grandchild, so she believed they needed to try to get along. "Proceed at your own risk," Bobbie warned, and Monica joined Nelle at a table. Bobbie reasoned to Carly that it was Monica's mistake to make. When Bobbie went to find them a table, Carly made a phone call. "We need to talk about Nelle Benson," she said into the phone.

At Metro Court, Laura had something to tell Lulu. Lulu assumed that her mother was going to advise her to take a step back from her journalism career, but Laura laughed that "saving the world is genetic." Just then, Ned interrupted the conversation to apologize to Laura for their debate getting "nasty." He guaranteed that they would both run clean campaigns with clear guidelines that would make them both proud. However, Laura informed him that his promise was wasted on her, as she was dropping out.

Laura explained to the shocked Lulu and Ned about Spencer's accident. Both understood but were sorry to see her campaign end. Laura also wanted to discuss what Ned was going to promise her in exchange for her endorsement. She wanted him to impose "tight limits" on the redevelopment plan. He reminded her that it was up to the voters, but she told him that he could declare all "pre-nineteen-thirties buildings" as historic landmarks so they couldn't be touched. He agreed to put a word in, but he couldn't make any promises.

Ned offered his hand to a disappointed Laura. They shook hands, and he left. "We lost," Lulu stated dejectedly. Alexis entered and expressed her regret that Laura wouldn't be running for mayor, but she understood that family was first. Laura revealed that she had a "perfect" replacement. "You!" she told a stunned Alexis.

Sonny wanted to use Henrik as bait for Faison, but Anna refused to let him, as she believed it would "start a war." She suggested that Henrik might be "an innocent," but Sonny reminded her that Henrik had kept Jason away from home. She countered that he'd also allowed Jason to live. Anna knew the best way to draw Faison out. Sonny knew that she meant using herself as bait.

Sonny explained the emails with P.K. Sinclair and showed them to Anna, who took note of the email address. She advised Sonny not to respond again without calling her first so they could figure out a plan. He couldn't do that, because he believed that Henrik was their best shot at Faison. Anna saw herself out and put in a call to Robert as soon as she left. She asked him to have a cyber team divert emails from P.K. Sinclair to her own email address with no trace of the emails on Sonny's account.

Sonny was looking at the emails when Michael arrived. He informed his father that he was the father of Nelle's baby. He admitted that it was hard to wrap his head around the fact that he and Nelle would forever be connected because of the baby, but he feared that he was going to drive a wedge in the family. Sonny promised that he and Carly loved Michael unconditionally, just like Michael would love his child. He advised Michael to always remember that the baby was innocent, and he promised that he and Carly would always be behind Michael.

Anna arrived home and found the door ajar. She took out her gun and cautiously looked around the downstairs of her house. She called out for Liesl then heard a door creak. She pointed her gun in the opposite direction and saw Jordan pointing her own gun at Anna. Both women lowered their weapons, and Jordan explained that a neighbor had called about a "disturbance" in front of Anna's house.

Anna explained that Liesl had shown up drunk earlier that night, so the disturbance had probably been Liesl stumbling out of the house. Jordan wanted to know if anything going on had to do with Faison, but Anna denied it. Jordan instructed Anna to call if she needed help, and Anna nodded. She thanked her friend for checking up on her house, and Jordan left.

Liesl's phone rang. The man with wispy white hair picked it up from the ground and saw that it was Anna. As he looked at the phone, Liesl stirred and awoke. "What happened?" she wondered out loud. She looked up and, seeing the man, gasped in horror.

Anna left a message for Liesl, scolding her for leaving the house. Anna wanted to make sure that Liesl was all right, so she requested a call back. Moments later, Anna received a text from Liesl, which read, "I'm fine." Anna replied, "We aren't finished here." The curious reply from Liesl's phone read, "Don't worry, Anna. I'll be seeing you soon."

Faison demands his son

Faison demands his son

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lulu ran into Ned and Olivia at Metro Court. They made small talk about Laura and Spencer, and Ned mentioned that he had been looking forward to running his campaign against Laura. "At least now you won't have to write a concession speech," Lulu said.

At a nearby table, Jordan and T.J. finished up brunch before Jordan had to head to the police station. She advised her son of the extra police detail that would be on site at the Charles Street protest and of Curtis doing his best to investigate T.J.'s landlord. Ned and Olivia wandered over, and after asking about T.J.'s exams, Ned offered to foot the brunch bill. He called it an investment in the future. Jordan refused and pointed out that it would be inappropriate for the police commissioner to accept such a payment from a mayoral candidate.

Anna headed to the interrogation room at the police station after getting off the phone with Robert. She reminded him to have the emails between Sinclair and Sonny diverted to her without anyone noticing. She found Dante and Nathan in uniform, and they explained that they would be doing extra duty at the protest. Anna looked at the display of photos pinned up on the wall. Faison's photo was in the center, and he was surrounded by photos of everyone else who had been in contact with him and who could be again.

Nathan spoke about drawing his father out of hiding, and Anna suggested that Faison had the ability to anticipate what others thought. Dante thought that Liesl would be a target, and the man was probably still obsessed with Anna. Jason and Drew were both added to the mix, and there was a photo of Britt. Jordan arrived, and Anna mentioned that they could add someone else to the display.

Anna revealed that Faison had another son who would be Nathan's half-brother. She had learned this from Liesl, who had shown up on her doorstep and been quite drunk. Anna also disclosed the information obtained from the unfinished manuscript attributed to P.K. Sinclair and found in the hotel room with Britt. It had spoken of a son who wanted to kill his father. P.K. Sinclair had been Faison's pseudonym.

Nathan tacked up a blank sheet of paper on the wall next to the others. "My brother," he said. He couldn't believe that his mother had been drunk. Jordan explained that Liesl had been gone from Anna's house, and Anna mentioned that she had received a text message from Liesl stating that she was okay. Nathan kept trying to reach Liesl on the phone, without success. He wondered if Faison might still be around. Anna claimed to have a plan that involved Sonny, and she left. Jordan and Dante believed that Anna was hiding something.

Jordan informed Nathan that she'd arranged around-the-clock protection for Maxie, and Dante confided that he was happy that Lulu had finished her writing assignment on Faison. The guys were ready to sign out a car for the rally, and Nathan was still unable to get his mother on the phone. Dante didn't think that Faison would leave Port Charles until he got what he was looking for.

Lulu made her way to the Aurora office and visited with Peter. She was upset that she'd been assigned a story on a cat show after her major interview with Nathan. Lulu explained that she believed that Faison would be in hiding on Spoon Island, as he had been in the past, and with her familiarity with the island, she thought that she would be able to flesh him out and have him captured. She informed Peter that her brother had owned Wyndemere, and she had spent much time there.

Peter informed Lulu that he wasn't willing to undermine her editor, and he also couldn't overstep his authority. Lulu declared that she had a plan, and she did her best to persuade Peter to change her assignment. The property was empty with Valentin and Nina away, and she had a good excuse for going to the island. Peter reminded her that she'd be trespassing. Without going into the long story, Lulu revealed that she shared a daughter with Valentin Cassadine, and she would be able to use the excuse that Charlotte was in need of some item. Peter looked forward to hearing Lulu's long story at another time. Lulu wanted to follow the "breadcrumbs" that Faison might have left on the island.

After Lulu continued to try to persuade Peter to see her side of things, Peter reluctantly told Lulu that she could do whatever she wanted on her own time, but he advised her to be careful. Lulu left, and he received a phone call from Anna, who wanted to meet with him.

Anna arrived, and she and Peter shook hands. Anna took a seat and explained that she wanted to have a second story done on Faison. Peter suggested that perhaps there was already one in the works, but Anna wanted a story with some distorted facts in order to trap Faison. She mentioned Faison's second son, and Peter asked how she knew about him. Anna replied that it was classified. She wanted to lure Faison to a fake meeting with the son. Peter admitted that while he'd love to help, he couldn't compromise the newspaper and his ethics. Though Anna had met with Drew and Sam previously, he was in charge while the couple was on their honeymoon, he said.

Anna could only hope that no one was killed due to Peter's lack of aid. Peter wanted proof that another son existed, and he wanted her sources. Anna declared that it was all a matter of public safety, and her reasons were more important than his demand for the truth. He adamantly refused to help, as he couldn't have the newspaper promote a deception. Anna refused to shake his hand again, and as she left, she wondered why Peter didn't want to help. Peter sat down behind his desk again after Anna was gone. He looked thoughtful.

Anna received an updated email reply from Sinclair to Sonny and Spinelli's email address. Sinclair wanted to meet that night.

Molly and Alexis arrived at Charlie's Pub, and Julian cheerfully asked about T.J.'s and Kiki's exams. Alexis suggested that they go to court against Molly's landlord, but Molly preferred that her mother take Laura's place and run for mayor instead. Julian thought it was a good idea, and Molly smiled, though she couldn't believe she and Julian were in agreement. They both ganged up on Alexis and tried to convince her, without success. Alexis thought that some of the problems at City Hall had been Julian's fault to begin with, but Molly reminded her mother that Julian was "presently a legitimate business owner."

Julian noted that the people in the area were both his neighbors and his customers. T.J. arrived and announced that the landlord had locked everyone out of the building, and all of their belongings were inside. Alexis declared that it hadn't been legal with notice, and the group worried about people losing their homes. Molly and T.J. were the lucky ones to be able to stay with Alexis.

Ned and Olivia walked up to the pub, and Ned announced that he was fortunate to have Olivia on his side. Olivia vowed to let him know if he misspoke. They headed inside, though Julian asked if they wanted to sit at a table outside in the cold. The group began to take shots at Ned, who fielded all of their gripes and comments. He announced that he wanted Alexis to chair a committee to oversee the redevelopment of the area once it passed on the ballot.

Molly suggested that Ned campaign against the ballot question instead and save Charles Street. Ned thought the redevelopment of the area would be beneficial. Molly and T.J. spoke of their locked apartment building and the fake gas leak. As everyone continued their arguing, Alexis demanded to know about the arena that would be built without the public even noticing. Ned mentioned the corporate naming rights, and Olivia added that the funding would be private. Alexis called them out and cited other costs that the public would incur. Ned claimed to miss Laura and pointed out that while some things would be destroyed, new and good things would be built. He thought that the people and businesses of the neighborhood would thrive.

Ned was sorry they couldn't agree, and he said he would always welcome Alexis' suggestions after he won the election. Alexis noted that she was not making suggestions but stating her political platform. She decided to run for mayor.

In a barn on Spoon Island, Faison yelled at Liesl and pointed menacingly into her face. He told her that she could scream and shout for help as much as she wanted because there was no one to hear her. He accused her of lying because she had never told him about his son. "No more lies," he growled. Liesl replied that she would be willing to help him. Faison demanded that she give him his son, but Liesl said that was something she couldn't do. Faison asked about his son. "Our son is nothing like you," Liesl confirmed. She said that Nathan was good.

Faison tied Liesl's hands behind her as she sat on the floor. She was certain that Nathan would arrest Faison or use some type of deadly force to deter him. Faison left, and shortly after, the barn door slowly opened. It was Lulu. She was surprised to see Liesl, and she quickly worked to try to undo the bindings. The knots were impossible to free, and Liesl urged her to look for something sharp. Lulu thought her best option would be to call Dante, but as she tried to place the call, Faison returned. He grabbed her phone and shouted that Lulu should have stayed out of it. He wondered what he should do with her.

Faison begins his reign of terror

Faison begins his reign of terror

> Faison begins his reign of terror

Faison begins his reign of terror

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Finn arrived at Metro Court and sat with Felicia, who had demanded a meeting. "When are you going to tell Anna you love her?" she asked immediately. She knew that the two liked each other, and neither would admit it. "It has to be you," she told him. Finn replied that he and Anna didn't "fit." He reasoned that he'd had a rough year, which he was still struggling with. Felicia thought that Finn and Anna would choose each other. "Did she tell you that?" Finn wondered, suddenly perking up. Felicia replied that Anna hadn't said anything because she was just as stubborn as the "curmudgeon" Finn, and she left.

Maxie arrived at the hospital with an officer, and Kim wondered if everything was all right. Maxie explained that she needed "extra security" and joked that the officer would wait outside during her appointment. Nathan arrived, and Maxie wondered why he looked stressed. He revealed that he'd found out he had a brother. A shocked Maxie marveled over how many women had wanted to have sex with Faison. "Yikes," she added.

Nathan continued that he knew nothing about his brother. He was trying to get information from Liesl, but she hadn't gotten back to him. Maxie assured him that his family didn't change who he was, and only their family mattered.

Later, Maxie was in the exam room when a clearly anxious Nathan entered. Kim started the exam and assured the parents that the baby looked perfect. She couldn't tell the gender, and Maxie reminded the doctor that she and Nathan didn't want to know. Maxie commented that she was determined to have a gender reveal cake, even if Sam hadn't been happy about hers. Kim noted that they were talking about Drew's wife.

Kim turned the screen around to show Maxie and Nathan their baby. "We made that," Maxie said, beaming. They marveled over their baby until Kim turned the machine off. She promised to make copies of the sonogram picture. Just then, Felicia entered, and Nathan decided to give the ladies some "mother-daughter time." Felicia and Kim introduced themselves, and Kim excused herself to go check on something in the lab.

Felicia told Maxie about how Mac had been "blubbering" earlier that morning while putting a crib together. He'd been reminiscing about when Maxie and Georgie had been younger. Maxie expressed how much she missed her sister, "especially now." Felicia promised that Georgie was there in spirit.

Outside the exam room, Maxie's officer flagged down Nathan and informed him that Dante had been trying to reach him. Dante had discovered that Liesl had booked an Uber to take her home from Anna's, but she hadn't been there when the car had arrived. He added that her neighbors hadn't seen her since the day before.

Maxie and Felicia approached, and Maxie hugged her husband as Kim gave Felicia a copy of the sonogram. Felicia thanked Kim for taking such good care of Maxie. Maxie and Nathan discussed the baby's features, but Nathan didn't care about the features because he thought the baby would be "so loved" regardless. Nathan got a text and told Maxie that he had to go back to work. The officer promised to get Maxie home safely. Nathan happily tucked the sonogram picture into his pocket and told Maxie and the baby that he loved them. Maxie and Nathan shared a kiss, and he left.

On Spoon Island, Lulu informed Faison that her husband was a detective with the Port Charles Police Department, and his partner was Nathan. Faison screamed at her to shut up, and he scolded her for thinking she could "outwit" him. She told him that Nathan trusted her, and she could set up a meeting for Faison if he gave her phone back. Liesl accused Lulu of wanting "Nathan and his family" to die. Faison asked if he had a grandchild. Liesl assured him that she'd only meant Nathan and his wife, but Faison asked her again. "Not yet," she muttered.

Liesl added that Nathan would never let Faison near his child, but Lulu offered to call Nathan and ask. Liesl informed Faison that Lulu was like family to Anna, so Anna would never forgive Faison if anything happened to Lulu. Faison claimed that he felt nothing for Anna. Liesl assumed that that meant Faison wouldn't care that Anna was with someone else. She described Finn to a visibly upset Faison. He put some kind of canister into the room, left, and locked the door behind him.

Lulu nervously asked what the canister was. Liesl explained that it was "carbon disulfite," a lethal gas that Faison had helped to create in the nineties in order to sell it. However, Anna had "thwarted" the plan and put everyone involved in prison, but Faison had escaped. Lulu looked for something sharp to cut the ropes around Liesl's wrists, and she finally found something. When Liesl was free, Lulu figured that the canister couldn't still be effective after twenty-five years. Liesl answered that it would be hissing, but if the gas didn't kill Lulu, Liesl would.

Liesl and Lulu argued over whose fault it was that Faison was back in town. Lulu refused to apologize for wanting to put a criminal behind bars, but Liesl wondered how Lulu could think she would succeed where people like Jason had failed. "I wasn't thinking," Lulu admitted. Liesl thought they would die there, but Lulu thought she could find a tunnel to Wyndemere. The two women looked around but couldn't find anything. Suddenly, the canister started hissing and spitting sparks and a red gas.

Finn knocked on Anna's door. When there was no answer, he dug out his key and let himself in. He called out for Anna and looked around. Seeing that she wasn't there, he took out his phone and sent her a text. He thought back to the argument they'd had before their first kiss. Finn was jarred out of the daydream by the front door slamming. He turned and saw Faison pointing a gun at him.

Faison asked if "Finley" was "Anna's lover," and Finn dryly replied that he preferred "Finn." Faison introduced himself and assumed that Anna had mentioned him. "Not a word," Finn said, and he added they'd been together for "a couple months." He added that Anna didn't talk about her past, and if Faison was part of Anna's past, he couldn't blame her. Faison replied that he was Anna's "destiny," and she would be his eventually. Finn called Faison "obsessive, possessive, and deeply disturbed."

Finn continued that, if Anna hadn't been with Faison before, Faison needed to "get the hint, man. She's just not that into you." He observed that Anna was out of Faison's league. "And she's in yours?" Faison asked smugly. "I should be so lucky," Finn said dreamily. As he waved the gun in Finn's face, Faison wondered if he should kill Finn, but he realized that Anna would do whatever he wanted if he kept Finn alive. Finn lunged for the gun.

Over the phone, Jason told Spinelli to keep him updated. When he hung up, he walked into Sonny's office. He informed Sonny that Spinelli had confirmed that P.K. Sinclair's messages were being intercepted. Just then, Anna burst into the office and asked Sonny for a favor, "in Robin's name." Sonny told her that someone was intercepting P.K. Sinclair's emails, and Anna instantly and unashamedly took responsibility. She reminded him that he'd refused to keep her updated, so she'd taken matters into her own hands.

Jason wondered why Anna cared about Henrik. She replied that she'd "been there" with Faison, and it was a "hell you never escape." Sonny assured her that they were on the same side, but they needed Henrik in order to draw Faison out. She advised Sonny and Jason to focus on Faison, and she would handle Henrik. Otherwise, she believed that Faison would kill Henrik, and she reminded them that Henrik had kept Jason alive. She hated Faison, but she didn't want to get him at the expense of his son.

Jason pleaded with Anna to trust him. Just then, she got a text from Finn, which read, "I'm waiting for you at your place. We need to say everything we haven't been able to say. Come home." Returning to the conversation, she revealed that Henrik wanted to meet that night, but there was no location set. Just then, she got an email from Henrik, and she revealed that the meeting was set for ten o'clock in the park. She insisted that she would go, as well, and Jason and Sonny eventually agreed. She tearfully told Sonny to call the authorities when he found Faison.

When Anna was gone, Sonny commented on how scared she had seemed. He realized that it was the same look that had been on his mother's face whenever Deke had returned home. Sonny hadn't been able to do anything then, but "I can now." He promised that Anna would no longer live in fear. He thought that, instead of calling the authorities, Anna had wanted to tell Jason, "don't miss." Sonny reiterated this to Jason, who promised, "No, I won't miss."

Anna arrived home and noticed Faison's cigarette in the snow. She picked it up, wide-eyed, and looked around. She took out her gun and opened her front door. She found Finn sitting on the steps and Faison pointing a gun at Finn. Faison said, "Hello, Anna, it's lovely to see you."

Maxie meets her father-in-law

Maxie meets her father-in-law

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ava entered the art therapy room at the hospital and found Franco in front of a canvas. She wondered if the "muse" had returned, but he informed her that the canvas held his half of the guest list for his wedding. He turned the canvas around to reveal only Kiki and Scott's names written down. He'd thought about calling Betsy, but she'd disappeared. Ava had a suggestion, and he joked that he would fill his half of the church with actors. She suggested that he invite her.

Ava knew that both she and Franco were considered pariahs in the town, but they'd both changed. She knew what it was like to fight for happiness and redemption, and she added that no one was in any position to judge. She advised him to focus on the people who genuinely wished him well, so his three people would have to be "extra loud."

Franco wondered if Ava was worried that her past transgressions would "come back to haunt" her, or if she would backslide. "All the time," she replied. She advised him to look toward the future and give himself permission to be happy. She added that he could write Griffin down as Franco's fourth guest. She urged him to believe in second chances, and he finally agreed.

Kevin updated Elizabeth on Spencer. She was sad that Laura had needed to drop out of the mayoral race, but she understood. Kevin confided that while he missed Laura, he had a new project to occupy his time while she was gone. He revealed that he was writing a paper called "The Pathology of a Psychopath: The Murderer's Mind Examined." Elizabeth was intrigued and asked for more information.

Kevin explained that he wanted to look into the "possible physical reasons that drive the impulse to murder." Elizabeth thought she had the perfect subject, and she suggested Franco. "Who better?" she wondered. She knew that his past still haunted him, so she thought that the study could help give him some closure. She knew that Jason and Sam would still never accept that Franco's tumor had caused his criminal actions, but she thought it would make them back off a little. She wanted everyone to see Franco the way she saw him, as a good man.

"Absolutely not," Franco responded to Elizabeth's suggestion, a few minutes later, that he participate in Kevin's study. She explained that it had been her idea, because she'd thought that Franco could help the study while the study helped Franco. Franco didn't think that the removal of the tumor had "magically" removed everything bad from him. He simply called Diane a "brilliant lawyer" who'd helped absolve him from any legal responsibility for his actions. He stated that he wasn't a good person; he remembered that pushing Drew down the stairs had been long before the tumor.

Kevin explained that he would have access to Franco's medical records so they could try to track the growth of the tumor in relation to his escalating violence. He remembered still feeling lost with a "gaping hole" in himself until he'd met Elizabeth. He asked Kevin for a scientific explanation for how Elizabeth had saved him.

Later, Elizabeth was gone, and Kevin apologized for interrupting Franco's painting. He admitted that the canvas held his "slim" guest list. Kevin reasoned that the guests didn't matter as much as the woman Franco was marrying, who had "absolute faith" in Franco. Franco hoped to live up to Elizabeth's expectations. Kevin said that Franco had made some interesting points that he wanted to explore if Franco would let him. "Be careful what you ask for," Franco replied, adding, "It's a dark place in there." Kevin revealed that he probably had a more sympathetic ear than Franco realized. "You know where my office is," Kevin said, and he left.

Nathan put Henrik's name down on the list of people connected to Faison. Dante suggested that Henrik was just trying to defend himself from Faison. Nathan related that it was bad to be Faison's enemy, but it was probably worse to be someone Faison cared about.

Maxie and Officer Rogers arrived at her apartment, and he did a quick sweep of the place. He called out that the apartment was "all clear," so she entered, and the officer stood outside the door. She got a call from Nathan, who wanted to make sure she'd gotten home all right. She related how "awkward" it was to have a police guard, but she knew it was necessary. She asked him to return home for some "hands-on protection."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Officer Rogers announced that Amy was there to see Maxie. Nathan promised to call when he was on his way home, and she hung up. Maxie opened the door to Amy, who claimed to have news about the baby. She handed Maxie an envelope and explained that she'd sold the production rights to Ask Man Landers, and she'd received a "tidy sum." She and Chet agreed that they wanted to share the proceeds with Nathan, as she wouldn't have gotten the opportunity without him. Maxie knew that Nathan would never accept it, but Amy urged her to read the papers. She and Chet had put the money into a trust fund for the baby.

Maxie retrieved some tissues and apologized to Amy for crying. Amy had known that the only way Nathan would accept the money was if it was for the baby, and Maxie gave her "kudos" for knowing that. Just then, Maxie received a phone call from a panicked Crimson employee. She promised to be right there and hung up the phone. Maxie thanked Amy and promised to talk to Nathan about it later. They left the apartment, and Maxie beckoned Officer Rogers along.

Griffin wondered how Kiki felt "surviving" the MCATs. Kiki glumly replied that she was glad the test was over. Griffin wondered what was wrong, and she revealed that she'd called Dillon in the middle of the night, and his new girlfriend had answered the phone. Dillon had apologized "profusely," and he'd explained that the long-distance relationship hadn't been working. She believed that they would have broken up in Nebraska, anyway, if they'd made it there. Griffin thought that Dillon was just a fool who didn't deserve Kiki.

Kiki lamented putting medical school first, because it had cause Dillon to choose someone else. She felt like she was risking everything she cared about just to get into school, which didn't include getting through school and actually becoming a doctor. She hoped to live up to the expectations, and Griffin believed she would when she went to school. He divulged that he had a friend on the admissions board, and he congratulated her for passing the MCATs.

A shocked Kiki hugged Griffin and thanked him. Ava approached and wondered what was going on. Kiki excitedly told her mother that she'd gotten into medical school and that Griffin had told her so. She ran off to tell Dr. Bensch. Griffin thought it was nice to see Kiki happy, especially after how distraught she'd been earlier. Ava was grateful that Griffin was so thoughtful to her daughter.

Kiki found Amy and Elizabeth and told them the good news. They hugged and congratulated her, but they regretted that they were losing their best nurses' aide. She assured them that she would still be there. Ava watched Kiki and her friend and suggested a celebration to Griffin. He didn't want to intrude on family time, but Ava reasoned that Kiki knew how important Griffin was to Ava.

Anna burst into her house with a gun and found Faison pointing a gun at the head of a handcuffed Finn. "Is this your lover?" Faison wondered. Anna said no, but he threatened to shoot Finn, anyway, if Anna didn't drop her gun. Finn urged her not to give up her gun, but she kicked it over to Faison. "How stupid," Faison commented. "Beautiful Anna," he started. He moved in for a kiss, but she backed away from him. She remembered how angry he'd been at her the last time they'd seen each other. He got close to her and kissed her cheek.

Faison wondered what he should do with Finn. "Nothing," Anna stammered. Then she said, "I'll do it." She grabbed a heavy box off of a table and hit Finn over the head with it as she cried, knocking him unconscious. Anna wondered how long their game would go on, because she was tired of running and protecting her family. She informed Faison that she had an "incurable disease," and he expressed his sympathy. She called his bluff and called him an "evil old man who will never get what he wants from me, ever." He pulled her in close, and she wondered, "how does this thing end?" "The way it's supposed to," he replied, clarifying, "With us together."

At the police station, Nathan asked an officer to send someone to Liesl's neighbor's for more detail. Peter arrived and handed a flash drive to Dante, which contained every tip he'd received about Faison after Crimson's article. A few minutes later, he wondered if Dante or Nathan had found anything to use. Dante revealed that there had been apparent sightings "from London to Pittsburgh." They cringed at the letters praising Faison, and Nathan didn't mind reading the letters of encouragement. He vowed to find Faison and "lock him up for good."

A short while later, Nathan showed Dante the sonogram picture. Dante was excited for Nathan and advised him that it took "more than genetics" to be a good father. Nathan thanked Dante for being more of a brother than Henrik could ever be. He revealed that he and Maxie had been talking, and he asked Dante to be godfather to Nathan and Maxie's child. An ecstatic Dante accepted and told Nathan that he would be honored.

Later, an officer informed Nathan that someone matching Faison's description had been spotted at Anna's the night before and that day. Nathan advised that no one should approach the man.

"It's over," Faison said with one hand on Anna's, and one on her face. He told her that it had never been a game to him, and he wanted a family with her. "If it's a family you want, look elsewhere," she spat. She heard a siren and informed him that he was running out of time. He ran out the door, and Anna went to wake Finn up as the sirens got closer.

A few minutes later, Finn had ice on his head, and Anna walked him to the couch. Dante entered the house and called out for Anna, who informed Dante that Faison had left, and she assumed he'd gone after Nathan. Dante called Nathan to let him know, and Nathan said that he needed to get to Maxie.

Finn assured Anna that he was all right, but he wanted to know if she'd been bluffing when she'd said she had nothing to do with Finn. "He bought it, didn't he?" Anna replied with a smile. "I'll be damned. You saved my life again," Finn said, smiling back.

Nathan arrived at his apartment, calling out for Maxie, who didn't answer. He took out his phone to call her and begged her to answer.

Peter arrived at Crimson, and Nina's assistant informed him that Nina wasn't there. He told her that he was just there to drop budget projections off at Nina's desk, and he could see himself out. When the girl was gone, Peter entered Nina's office and dropped some files on her desk. He turned to leave and was terrified to see Faison pointing a gun at him from the doorway. Peter put his hands in the air and revealed that he recognized Faison from the paper. Faison told Peter to sit.

Maxie and Officer Rogers arrived at Crimson, both with a missed call from Nathan. Officer Rogers assumed they hadn't had reception in the elevator as he followed Maxie into Nina's office. Maxie was surprised to see Peter sitting at Nina's desk. Just then, Faison emerged from hiding and hit the officer over the head, knocking him unconscious. "It's lovely to see you, my daughter-in-law," Faison purred to a terrified Maxie.

Peter, Nathan, and Faison are shot

Peter, Nathan, and Faison are shot

Friday, January 26, 2018

Carly, Lucas and Bobbie met in the lobby of Metro Court. Lucas had some news, and he wasn't sure how to tell them. "We know you're gay," Carly joked. It lightened the mood, and finally Lucas disclosed that he and Brad had decided to adopt a baby. The women screamed in delight, and the trio had a group hug. Lucas reminded them that both he and Brad had been adopted, and life had turned out okay for them.

Bobbie was proud of her son, and she noted that Tony would have been proud too. Bobbie revealed that she wasn't surprised because Valerie had seen some papers lying around the house. Lucas asked for letters of recommendation, and the women happily agreed to write them. Carly announced that she would start saving Avery's clothing for a girl, and both Bobbie and Lucas left for the hospital. A staff member advised Carly that there had been a disturbance on the third floor.

Jason and Sonny waited for both Anna and Henrik to show up at the footbridge. Sonny thought that it was unlike Anna to be late, but he thought it might be better for her to miss the meeting. Jason thought that Faison might have shown up at Anna's house, and Sonny declared that he would send someone to check on her if she didn't show up. In the meantime, he would monitor the meeting between Jason and Henrik from his car.

The search for news on Faison led Dante and Jordan to the hospital. Nathan frantically tried to get in touch with Maxie, and Amy assured him that his wife had not been admitted to the hospital. She thought that Maxie had gone to Crimson. Anna tended to Finn's head wound, and the couple bickered and bantered as usual. Dante and Jordan walked in with questions for Anna, and she told them what had happened with Faison at her house. Jordan announced that she wanted Anna's aid, and Anna agreed as soon as she finished up with Finn. Anna apologized to Finn for knocking him out, and she reluctantly told him that she needed to help Jordan. He urged her to be careful.

Finn ran into Alexis after an A.A. meeting that he'd missed. "As you can see, I was otherwise engaged," Finn joked. Alexis saw the deep gash on Finn's forehead and offered her services. Finn admitted that Anna had been the one to cause the injury to save his life, and Alexis noted that Finn had continued his journey in the fast lane. They bantered about their meetings and problems, and Finn admitted that he wanted to be "all in" with Anna.

Alexis was surprised to hear that Finn had made his choice after his "latest brush with death." He asked about Faison, and Anna called him a "psychotic criminal." Finn acknowledged that he had definitely noted that himself. He had seen that the man had been obsessed with Anna, who had been terrified of him. He had watched the pair taunt each other, and Anna had been most impressive. He considered her to be full of courage and valor, and he admitted he grew upset if he thought of her not being in his future.

After the talk, Finn thanked Alexis for listening to him. She revealed that she was most familiar with caring about someone who wasn't good, and she warned him to keep his eyes open because her relationship had led to her addiction. Finn looked thoughtful after Alexis left.

On Spoon Island, Lulu yelled and banged on the locked door as she and Liesl were slowly affected by the gas that had escaped from the canister. Liesl advised her that they would not be saved. "We're done," she said. Lulu began to cough as her energy started to disappear. Liesl was fading, and she lay down on the floor. The older woman explained that it wouldn't be painful, and it would be just like sleeping. Lulu refused to give up, and she kept on searching for the escape door that she knew would be there. Soon, Liesl appeared unconscious, and Lulu found an old sign of Spencer's that read, "Beware the Chupacabra." She knew what she had to do.

As Faison took control of the Crimson office, he told Maxie that she and the baby looked "absolutely gorgeous." She told him to stay away from her. Peter tried to intercede, but Faison yelled at him to shut up. Faison said that he and Maxie had a lot of catching up to do, but she assured him that plenty of people were looking for him, including Sonny and Jason. Faison shrugged it off. Maxie thought that Faison's ego made him stupid and that Jason would kill him. She and Nathan would be thrilled if that happened, Maxie declared. She suggested that Faison run.

Faison ordered Peter to move an unconscious Officer Rogers out of the way, and he turned his attention back to Maxie. He wondered how long Nathan had known about him, and he asked if Maxie realized that her baby would have genius as part of its DNA. Maxie clarified that he was a psychopath, and she proceeded to tell him off. She couldn't believe that women had even slept with him. As the two interacted, Peter slid Officer Rogers' gun from its holster and stood up. Unfortunately, Faison saw Peter's reflection in the laptop screen and shot first. Peter slumped to the floor.

Faison grabbed Maxie as she tried to help Peter. "Screw you, freak," Maxie snapped. She also called him a "walking split end," and Faison did not like her language. He dragged her through the office. He said he would hate to kill her and the baby.

Nathan arrived at Metro Court, and Carly told him that there had been screams and pops from the Crimson office. He called for backup on his radio and prayed that it wasn't Maxie and the baby.

As Sonny and Jason waited, Anna jumped into Sonny's car. She told him that Faison had been to her house, and they would have to protect Henrik. Sonny insisted that they would protect him after they drew Faison out. They continued to disagree, but Sonny was adamant that they play by his rules. When he received a phone call from Carly about the incident at Metro Court, Anna jumped out of the car to wait for Henrik, and Jason and Sonny took off for the hotel.

As Faison and Maxie argued, the elevator doors slid open. It was Nathan with a pointed gun. He looked at Faison, who pointed his own gun and shot first. Nathan fell to the floor, bleeding from a chest wound. "Nathan!" screamed Maxie. "My son," Faison uttered. Maxie could only scream, and then she leaned over her husband. She accused Faison of shooting his son. He grabbed Maxie again, but suddenly Peter appeared with a gun trained on Faison, who then ran out of the office. Maxie tried to reassure her husband as Peter applied pressure. Nathan told Maxie he loved her.

Maxie replied that Nathan had saved her and the baby, and she kept talking to him. Lucas had returned to the hotel and headed to the office against Carly's wishes in case he was needed. He immediately went to Nathan's aid.

Sonny arrived at the hotel, but the cops on duty prohibited him from entering. Dante and Jordan appeared, and Dante argued with his father. Jordan threatened to arrest Sonny for obstructing justice. Inside, as Carly urged her remaining staff to leave the hotel, Faison appeared behind her. "Do you work here?" he asked her. She assured him that she did because she was the owner.

Faison wanted Carly to lead him to a private exit, and Carly suggested that he kill her instead. He didn't think that she wanted him to take an innocent bystander, and Carly reluctantly agreed. Suddenly, Jason appeared with his gun. "You'll never make the shot," Faison gloated. Jason shot, and Faison fell to the floor.

The cops arrived. Faison was alive, but he needed the paramedics. Jordan asked Jason for his gun. Jason advised Sonny, "You told me not to miss." Peter walked through and watched as Faison was loaded onto the stretcher, and he mentioned that the others were in the Crimson office.

Faison was able to talk, and he snapped that Dante would never see Lulu alive again. Dante lost it and tried to go after Faison, but he was pulled away. Dante shouted that he hadn't been able to reach Lulu. Peter mentioned that she had been working on a story and had been headed to Spoon Island.

Jordan headed upstairs and saw Maxie covered in Nathan's blood. Officer Rogers was up. Maxie cried as Nathan was finally taken out of the office on a stretcher. Maxie assured her husband that she would not be leaving his side. He gave her a thumbs-up.

Anna continued to wait for Henrik to show, and she wondered why he had risked his life. She would promise to protect him. She had a flashback to her wedding day with Robert, and Faison had been there to tell her he'd change her mind about her groom. Another flashback showed her dancing with Faison without any music. His arms had been around her. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Finn, but she didn't answer. She thought that he should be far away from her. Someone watched her from the bushes. It was Peter.

Sonny and Dante got to Spoon Island and looked around the stables. Sonny smelled gas, and Dante kicked in the door.

Carly admitted that she was still shaken up, but she thanked Jason for saving her life. Jason confessed that he would have shot Faison in the head if he'd wanted to kill him. The man was old, though, and he would have blood loss and other assorted ailments after the shooting. Carly wondered what would happen if Faison died, because Jason wouldn't get any answers. "At least he'll be dead," Jason replied. He added that the man had wreaked havoc on too many lives, and it had to stop.

Both Faison and Nathan were wheeled into General Hospital. Amy reassured Maxie that they'd take good care of Nathan, and Bobbie remained by Maxie's side. Finn began to operate on Faison while Lucas and Amy worked on Nathan. Maxie told Bobbie what had happened with Nathan. "He saved me," Maxie said.

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