General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 29, 2018 on GH

Nathan died. Peter was revealed to be Henrik. Faison went into cardiac arrest and died. Anna told a dead Faison that she had given birth to their child. Carly found a way to push Nelle's buttons.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 29, 2018 on GH
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Nathan underwent surgery

Nathan underwent surgery

Monday, January 29, 2018

As Finn worked on Faison, the machines around him started beeping out of control. The nurse retrieved the defibrillator, and they were able to revive Faison. Finn needed to get Faison into surgery.

Maxie caught sight of Griffin and asked him about Nathan. Griffin told her that the bullet had lodged close to Nathan's spinal column, so they needed to get him into surgery, without the bullet shifting, as soon as Nathan was stable. "He's not stable yet?!" Maxie screamed from Bobbie's arms as Griffin ran to Nathan's room. When Griffin entered the room, the machines around Nathan started beeping out of control. Amy retrieved the defibrillator and begged Nathan to "stay with us. Maxie needs you."

Minutes later, Griffin emerged from the room and advised Maxie that he needed to get Nathan to an operating room soon. Just then, Finn and a nurse emerged with Faison, who he said was going to surgery. She screamed at the retreating Finn to take Nathan first. Griffin reasoned that it was safer to wait so that Nathan had the "best chance for full mobility." Maxie insisted that Nathan would be fine.

Jordan arrived and asked Bobbie and Maxie for an update. Bobbie informed her that Faison was in surgery, and Nathan would hopefully be there soon. Jordan told them about Jason shooting Faison after he'd taken Carly hostage, but she assured Bobbie that Carly was all right. Maxie wondered what was wrong with Jason that he'd let Faison live.

Just then, Griffin and Amy emerged with Nathan to take him to surgery. Maxie promised an unconscious Nathan that she and the baby would be there, waiting for him. She touched his face, and off they went toward the elevator. Maxie called out to Griffin that she knew he and Nathan had "history," but she wanted him to promise he wouldn't let it affect him. Griffin promised to do everything he could, and they were gone.

Jordan asked Maxie to take her through what had happened at Crimson, so Maxie told her. She'd forgotten that Peter had been shot, and she admitted not remembering whether Peter had shot back when he'd returned later, as she'd been focused on Nathan. She went on to a puzzled Jordan that Peter had called 9-1-1 and had helped her control Nathan's bleeding.

Dante and Sonny entered the stables and found a door padlocked. Dante called out for Lulu. Receiving no answer, he kicked the door open. The men found blankets on the floor in an otherwise empty room. Dante looked under one of the blankets and discovered Faison's canister. He coughed and wondered where Faison had taken Lulu.

Nina and Valentin made a fire in the fireplace and attempted to warm the house up after it had been empty. There was a knock on the door, and they wondered how people knew they had arrived home. Dante shouted that it was the police, and Nina was incredulous that the police were already harassing them. She angrily opened the door, and Dante asked if Lulu was there, as she'd been looking for Faison.

Dante entered the house, followed by Sonny, and Dante explained the situation to Nina and Valentin. Dante suggested that Lulu had taken the tunnels out of the stables, so Valentin opened the passage behind the fireplace. "I see the opening," a voice in the tunnels said. Just then, Lulu appeared, and she jumped into Dante's arms. A coughing Liesl followed behind and exited into the living room.

A short while later, paramedics checked out Liesl and Lulu as Dante updated Lulu on how he'd found them. He revealed that Jason had badly wounded Faison after the criminal had taken Carly hostage at Metro Court, so Sonny left to check on Carly. Valentin questioned who was watching Charlotte. Lulu replied that Charlotte was with Rocco at Olivia's, but it ended up being a good thing, with Faison "lurking" around Wyndemere. She thought it was convenient that Nina and Valentin had been away right at the same time Faison had needed a hideout. Nina insisted that they didn't know Faison.

Carly asked Jason what would happen if Faison died without answering any of Jason's questions. "Then he'll be dead," Jason replied. He related how Anna always looked so fearful when talking about Faison, and she wasn't the only one. He just wanted it to stop. Carly was amazed how Jason could always "lock in on what matters." He answered that "knowing doesn't change anything." He added that even if Faison died before answering any questions, there was someone else who knew the answers.

As someone watched Anna in the park, she talked about how she could help Henrik. Peter turned to leave from his spot behind the bushes, but a twig cracked when he took a step. Anna took out her gun and asked if Henrik was out there. She promised that she meant no harm, as they had a common enemy. Just then, Jason appeared and moved with his gun toward the bushes, where there was no one.

Jason updated Anna on what had happened at Metro Court. "I wish you'd killed him," Anna admitted about Faison. "He always comes back," she said regretfully. "Not this time," Jason answered. He promised that, "one way or another," Faison was "done." Anna chose to pretend she hadn't heard the statement, just like she would pretend to be surprised if Jason followed through on it. He wanted to go to the hospital, but he wanted Anna to know about Nathan first. She was shocked that Faison had shot his own son.

Peter suspiciously entered Metro Court and tried to get on an elevator, but Carly stopped him. She advised him that guests were stuck in their rooms, and public areas and offices in the building were sealed off. He claimed that he'd wanted to get his iPad off his desk, and Carly thought Peter was still in shock if he wanted to keep working. She thanked him for his lead on Lulu, and he hoped she was found. She asked where he'd gone after the shooting, but he received a phone call. He answered it to Jordan, who summoned him to the station to answer questions.

A short while later, Jordan led Peter into the interrogation room, and he assured her that she had his full cooperation. Just then, Jordan's phone rang, and she left the room to answer it. Dante assured her that Lulu and Liesl were safe. She was glad, but she had something to tell Dante about Nathan. A few minutes later, she was back in the interrogation room, and Peter gave his account of the night to her. He claimed that Faison had shot at him, but he'd dove to the ground and knocked himself out. He'd woken up to Maxie's screams. He'd pointed the officer's gun at Faison, but Faison had taken off.

As Jordan and Peter left the room, she informed him that he was lucky for not getting shot. Dante entered the station, followed by Lulu, and Dante yelled that, if Nathan died, his blood was on Peter's hands. He accused Peter of setting everything in motion for Faison to return to Port Charles. Lulu insisted that the blame should be on her. Peter gave his well wishes for Nathan and left. Jordan asked an officer to send someone to Crimson to retrieve the stray bullet that had almost hit Peter.

Peter returned to the park and took some newspapers out of a trash can. From underneath, he pulled out a bulletproof vest with a bullet embedded in the chest. He pulled the bullet out of the vest and put the vest back into the trash can. He poured some lighter fluid into the trash can, lit a match, and tossed the match into the trash can. He studied the crushed bullet.

Sonny arrived at Metro Court, and Carly updated him on all that had happened at her hotel that night. She moaned, thinking about all the comped rooms she would be giving out. Sonny cracked that Faison was "the gift that keeps on giving." Sonny wondered why Faison had gone to Crimson in the first place. Carly figured that he'd gone there to get Maxie, who would have been the strongest leverage for Nathan. However, she agreed that something was "off." Sonny mentioned all the security cameras around the hotel and wondered why Faison hadn't tried to grab Maxie at her apartment. Carly questioned what else was at Crimson that had interested Faison. Sonny admitted that he was worried because "I have no idea."

Jason arrived at the hospital and sat with Maxie. She wished he'd gotten to Faison before Faison had gotten to Nathan. An angry Maxie ranted about how it wasn't fair that Faison wasn't hurt as badly as Nathan. Jason promised to make sure that Faison was stopped. Remembering the few times Jason had been shot, she wondered if having his loved ones there had helped. He insisted that it had, and that it was helping Nathan, as well. He had a couple things to take care of, so he excused himself. He promised to be there for her if she needed anything. "I need you to make sure that Faison doesn't hurt anyone ever again like he hurt Nathan," she responded.

Moments after Jason was gone, Valentin arrived with a shocked Nina and a crying Liesl. Liesl insisted on scrubbing into Nathan's surgery, but Bobbie wouldn't let her. Bobbie did escort her away from Maxie in order to get an update on Nathan. Maxie told Nina that "Nathan saved us," and she maintained that Nathan would be fine.

Just then, a hospital employee approached Maxie and expressed his sympathy for Nathan's injury. He needed some questions answered, just in case the surgical team had any split-second decisions to make. He asked if Nathan was an organ donor, and she confirmed that he was, but she insisted that Nathan would be there when their baby was born, and they were going to live a "long, happy life." Bobbie approached and told the employee that she would take over. Bobbie wondered if Maxie wanted Bobbie to call Mac and Felicia. Maxie agreed and asked Bobbie to tell them that things were serious but that Nathan would be fine.

Maxie wondered why the surgery was taking so long, and Nina reminded her that it was a complex surgery. Liesl blamed herself for Nathan's injury as a result of claiming him as her son. Maxie reassured Liesl that Nathan loved her, and he would want to see her when he woke up. She, Liesl, and Nina held hands as Valentin looked on. Griffin emerged from the elevator, and Maxie immediately asked if Nathan was all right.

Finn bumped into Anna and told her that Faison was out of surgery, but they were saving the one bed left in the ICU for Nathan. He'd been worried about Anna, especially since he'd assumed that Anna had been the one to shoot Faison. She related that, if she had the chance, she wouldn't hesitate. He had to go confer with Faison's surgeon, so he left Anna outside the man's room. She looked around and stealthily entered the room. He opened his eyes as she stood over him. "Oh, good, you're awake. We need to talk," she told him.

Faison asked about Nathan, and Anna replied that his son was fighting for his life, as he'd shot "the wrong one." She referenced his other son Henrik, and he weakly demanded to know how much she knew about Henrik. She revealed that she'd just found out about his tortured son. He insisted that it hadn't been his fault, and Anna wanted him to clarify who to blame. "Cassadine," he muttered.

Anna demanded to know how the Cassadines were connected, but Finn rushed into the room and ushered her out. He assured her that she could question Faison all she wanted when he was in a regular room. He advised her to "bring a witness." He explained that the gunshot had put a strain on Faison's heart, so he wanted someone else with Anna just in case Faison died while she was questioning him. She informed Finn that Faison had mentioned the Cassadines, and Finn remembered that Faison had worked with Helena. "I suppose so," Anna muttered as Valentin went about his business behind them.

Jason made sure no one was around and slipped into Faison's room. He stood over Faison and stared.

Nathan regains consciousness before flatlining

Nathan regains consciousness before flatlining

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Peter removed a bullet from a bulletproof vest that he'd hidden in a trash can. He placed the vest back into the trash can and poured lighter fluid on top. He lit a match and dropped it into the can.

Sam and Drew returned home early from their honeymoon after hearing about the shootings. They believed that Drew might be able to talk to Faison. Peter arrived and said that while he knew they'd agreed on keeping personal and business lives separate, the story about Faison, Jason, and Drew would be a major story that should be told. Drew's suggested plan of using "no comment" didn't sit well with Peter. He thought that would cause the public to think they were trying to cover up something. He stated that Drew should "own it," but Sam informed Peter that they would think about it.

Sam was glad that Faison had been stopped and that Peter hadn't been hurt. Peter left, and Drew admitted that he agreed with Peter. He thought they should "lead with the truth," and he needed to confront Faison.

Jason managed to get to Faison's room, unseen, and demanded answers on why the criminal had had Jason and Drew switched. Faison wondered why he should answer and what would be in it for him. "You get to stay alive," Jason replied. Faison was certain that eventually Jason would track him down and kill him anyway. He called Jason the "perfect assassin" and added that that had been the reason for taking him. He hadn't been able to use him, though, because Jason had suffered from brain damage.

Faison went on to explain that Jason's frontal lobe had been damaged and the neural pathway destroyed. Faison had been unable to use his mind control for that reason. Dr. Maddox had perfected the memory and imprints mapping, which had led to the ability to imprint Jason's skills into someone else. It had been a coincidence that Faison had seen a photo of Andrew Cain when he had been going through some Navy SEAL documents and had run a DNA test, and eventually, everything had been sent to Dr. Maddox. Upon further questioning from Jason, Faison clarified that while he'd been in Port Charles to impersonate Duke Lavery, he had entrusted the rest of the job to his son Henrik. That had been a near-fatal decision, Faison said regretfully.

Drew had been sent to Helena Cassadine, who had been a "wonderful lady," Faison said. She had programmed Drew, and Jason had been scheduled to die. Henrik had betrayed Faison. Faison thought that Henrik was treacherous and jealous. Jason asked for Henrik's whereabouts, but Faison didn't know. He thought that his son had been "hiding in plain sight" and was probably using an alias. Faison suggested that Jason talk to Drew, who knew more than he realized.

In the waiting area, Griffin explained to those waiting for news of Nathan that Nathan was in recovery in the intensive care unit. Liesl asked about her son's future quality of life. Griffin related that the bullet had ricocheted, and bone fragments in the chest cavity had lodged against Nathan's spinal column. Nathan would have full mobility, but Griffin didn't know if they had retrieved all of the fragments. Maxie wanted to see her husband, and she went to his room and sat by his side. She told him she loved him, and she continued to talk to him. Griffin returned to check on Nathan and announced that his vital signs were stable with no sign of infection.

In the waiting area, Nina shared memories of her early days with her brother with Valentin. Lulu and Dante arrived, and a nurse prevented Lulu from rushing into Nathan's room because she wasn't an immediate family member. Lulu gave the nurse a difficult time as Dante tried to calm his wife down. After Liesl stated that neither Lulu nor Dante belonged there, Lulu decided she wanted to be alone, and she walked off.

After hearing the latest news from Griffin, a teary Anna and Finn sat down by themselves. Finn told Anna to take a breath because Faison wouldn't be going anywhere. "I'm an idiot," Finn said. He clarified that it was because he had walked away from her, and he had regretted it every day. Anna had regrets, too, but she didn't want Finn to be in her life. She didn't want him to be in jeopardy again, and her job made that possible. She couldn't risk it, and she thought that he had been smart to walk away. She stood up and walked off.

Liesl sat with Nathan as Maxie sat nearby, crying. Liesl told her son how joyful it had been to be his mother, but she would give it up if she could go back in time and prevent him from finding out. Liesl began to cry, and Maxie assured her that Nathan would recover. Maxie grabbed Liesl's hand and asked her to let Nathan rest. Liesl admitted that her first impression of Maxie had been wrong. After Liesl was gone, Maxie sat with Nathan again. "You are the light of my life," she said. She reminisced out loud about the first time they'd met and when she had realized her feelings for him. "Nathan, you are my happiness," Maxie said.

After Liesl left Nathan's room, she stormed toward Faison's room with a determined look on her face. Anna headed her off. "You can't kill him," Anna warned her. Liesl laughed sarcastically because she found it funny that Anna seemed to be protecting Faison. She urged Anna to kill him instead.

Nina was the next one to spend some time with Nathan. She grabbed Maxie's hand and spoke to her brother. She told him how proud she was of him and how he'd had everything as a kid except love. Valentin listened at the door as Nina went on about how great Nathan had turned out. Nina recalled when she'd awoken from her coma. "My baby brother became my big brother," she said. "You're true north," she added and explained that it was a reminder of everything that was good in the world. He had made her a good person, even when he had been little. She sobbed and kissed him. She said that he deserved happiness.

After Nina left, Maxie drew the blinds. She continued to talk about everything and anything related to the baby. Finally, she went out to Dante and asked him to sit and keep an eye on Nathan for a little while. "Don't leave his side," Maxie ordered as she left the room. She headed to the ladies' room and broke down.

Dante sat and talked to Nathan and thanked him for what he'd done for Dante and Lulu. "You kind of saved my life," Dante said. Nathan had been a brave man to have locked them in a room at Metro Court. He joked about Nathan's request that Dante be the baby's godfather. He thought that they should wait until they met the baby. Shortly after, Maxie returned. "How's my guy?" she asked.

Later, Finn saw Anna sitting on the stairs, and he joined her. He understood that she was complicated and led a dangerous life. He wouldn't let her say a word as he continued. He was also complicated, and he wanted to be with her. He knew it would be messy, and he didn't think that his life would be in any danger, since he'd cheated death in the past. "Death is tired of me," he declared. He wanted to see where things would go.

Anna looked at Finn lovingly but said that she'd consider pursuing the relationship if things were different. She was aware that neither of them could turn off their feelings, but she thought they should try. Finn refused to believe what she said and told her he wasn't buying it. They couldn't deny their feelings. He wanted a good reason for her denial. "We don't fit," Anna said flatly. She didn't want him in her life.

Liesl attempted to reach Britt in prison.

Finn stopped to check on Faison and found Jason in the room. He ordered Jason out, but he noted that he didn't care if Faison lived or died. The rules stated that Jason couldn't be there. Jason declared that when Faison died, it wouldn't be because of anything that had happened there.

After leaving Faison's room, Jason ran into Anna. He filled her in on everything that Faison had told him. Drew and Sam arrived just then, and Jason told them everything, as well. Anna advised them that both patients were stable. She added that they hadn't learned why Henrik had left Jason alive. Jason advised his brother that Faison had implied that Drew knew Henrik. Drew had no idea what Faison had been talking about, though Jason advised him that he knew more than he realized.

Peter ran into Lulu sitting at a table in Kelly's. He sat down with her, and she told him how she'd never wanted to marry a cop. She loved Dante even though she could lose him. She told him about a "dirty little secret" that occurred whenever one was married to a cop. If a cop "went down," even if it was one's best friend's husband, the "shameful part" was that one was always grateful that it hadn't been one's own spouse.

Lulu was sorry about the article she'd written, even though everyone had warned her. Peter reminded her that Nathan had chosen to do it, and she was a good reporter. He suggested that Lulu write another article with a happy ending. He got up and left. Lulu began typing on her laptop.

Finn informed Anna that Faison was moving out of the emergency ward and into his own room. Anna replied that she would notify Jordan. "You do that," Finn said coldly as he stormed off.

Maxie continued to talk to her husband, telling him about the house they should buy. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. "Hey, I've been waiting for you," Maxie told him. She grabbed his hand, and he smiled weakly. Nathan asked if she and the baby were okay, and Maxie assured him they were. He had saved their lives. She updated him on Faison, and told him to rest and get better. She wanted to read books about babies to him. "You really scared me," she said as she kissed him. When the baby began to move, Maxie placed Nathan's hand on her stomach. Nathan's smile grew.

Maxie hoped that the baby had Nathan's eyes. She didn't mean his color, necessarily, but eyes that didn't have to say anything. Nathan's eyes were like a hug, Maxie explained. Nathan hoped that their baby would have Maxie's smile. "I love you, Maxie," Nathan said. "Like there's no tomorrow," he added. He closed his eyes. The machine went off, and he flatlined.

Nathan dies

Nathan dies

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Maxie sat by Nathan's side in the hospital. He told her that he loved her "like there's no tomorrow." He closed his eyes and flatlined. Maxie called out to him, and as the machine sounded, Griffin and Amy ran in, along with another nurse. Amy ushered Maxie out into the hallway where Nina, Valentin, Liesl, Felicia, Mac, and Dante still waited.

After working on Nathan for a short time, Griffin called time of death at 8:49 p.m. Amy cried, and Griffin stepped out of the room. He shook his head slowly and said he was sorry. "Nathan is gone," Griffin said. The damage had been too extensive. Maxie began to sob, and everyone with her started to cry.

Maxie's parents tried to comfort her, but she only wanted to see her husband. Amy and the other nurse left, and Maxie walked over to the bed. "I don't know how to do this," she said. "How do I say goodbye to you?" She sat down by Nathan's side and talked to him. "You helped me recognize I have the strength to save myself," she said, adding that nothing would work without him. She talked about their past, and she continued to weep. She loved him and always would. "We both will," she added as she patted her stomach and kissed Nathan's hand.

Amy assured Nina that there was no rush to remove Nathan, and Felicia went into the room to try to get Maxie to leave. She gently helped her daughter toward the door, promising food and a warm bath. Maxie turned, took one last look, and left. Amy walked over to Nathan to tell him how sorry she was. She thanked him for everything.

Amy tried to cover Nathan's hands, but Dante walked in and said that he would take care of it. Dante had a lot to say but figured that Nathan would tell him to shut up. He kept it brief and stated that Nathan had been the best friend and partner he'd ever had. He told Nathan not to worry about Maxie and the baby. "I got them," Dante concluded. He covered Nathan with the sheet.

Nina cried to Valentin and asked him to check on Charlotte. She wanted to hear something good, and she wanted him to tell the little girl that Nina wouldn't be there to see her go to bed but would be there in the morning. Valentin agreed, and Nina went over to Maxie. They both cried, and Nina thanked Maxie for loving her brother. She grabbed Maxie's face in her hands, sobbed, and stormed away.

Liesl advised Dante that her son was dead thanks to Lulu, and she thought that Dante should have stopped Lulu from writing the article. Dante reminded her that Nathan had wanted to do the interview, but Liesl said that Nathan had been na´ve. Lulu had been the one to put the entire thing into motion because of her ambition. Liesl snapped that Lulu had been a reporter for five minutes. Dante told her that everyone was grieving, but Liesl pointed out that Dante hadn't argued with what she'd said.

In another room, Peter stopped to look in on Faison. Sam and Drew arrived, and he advised them that they wouldn't be able to "trust a word the bastard says." A cop stood at the door and frisked them. "I see you got the girl. Jason's wife. Are you here to thank me?" Faison asked Drew. He told Sam to go back to the man she loved. "Screw you," Sam snapped at him.

Drew asked Faison for the flash drive that contained his memories but Faison denied having any knowledge of the piece of equipment. Drew demanded to know why Faison had kept Jason alive, but Faison replied that he'd wanted to kill Jason because he was dangerous. He also confirmed that Drew knew his son Henrik and suggested that if Drew were to help him escape, he'd tell Drew what Drew wanted to know.

Drew declared that he would never help Faison, and he looked forward to seeing the old man spending his last days in prison, in a cage. Faison stated that Drew needed Henrik. "And I hope you enjoy hell," Drew said. Sam announced that they would be able to locate Henrik on their own, and they left Faison's room.

Lulu sat at a table in Kelly's and began to write her new story with a happy ending. She wrote about Nathan and his father and the events leading up to his hospitalization. She wrote of Nathan's strength and positivity. He was the "true definition of a hero," Lulu wrote. Curtis saw Lulu as he arrived to pick up an order, and he sat down at the table with her. He asked about Nathan's condition, but Lulu didn't know anything more.

After Curtis picked up his order, Lulu received a phone call from Dante. He urged Lulu to get to the hospital and refused to answer Lulu's questions. Finally, he gave in and told her the news. She was distraught and told Curtis the latest. Curtis offered to drive her to the hospital, as she was in no condition to drive herself.

Jordan sat in her office at the police station and crumbled up Faison's photo after going through his file. Stella stormed in and slammed the door shut. She was upset that her apartment had no heat, and she wanted something done about her landlord. She raised her voice and began to yell at Jordan, who replied that she needed to have some evidence of criminal activity before she could intercede.

As Stella continued to shout, Jordan received a phone call from Dante. After hearing the news about Nathan, Jordan advised Stella that one of her detectives had been killed. Stella stayed behind as Jordan called her staff into her office to tell them the devastating news.

Nina stormed through the hospital hallway, looking for Faison's room. As she started to rush at the door, the cop and Valentin grabbed her. She began to scream that Faison had killed her brother, and he was a murderer. She continued to scream as she fell to the floor, with Valentin holding her.

Lulu got to the hospital and fell into Dante's arms. He hugged her as she wept, and he thanked Curtis for driving her to the hospital. Lulu had no idea what she could say to Maxie and didn't think that she could put herself in Maxie's place. Dante thought she should give her friend some space, and he was grateful that Lulu was there for him. He suggested they get some coffee, and they left.

Curtis saw Jordan, and she cried that she had gone to see Nathan's body. This entire event had happened on her watch, and she felt responsible. Curtis disagreed. It wasn't her fault. "It's not fair," Jordan sniffled.

Felicia, Mac, and Maxie headed back into Nathan's room after he had been wheeled out. Maxie ran her hand along the empty bed and thought about his last words and his hand on her stomach after their baby had moved. They finally headed back to Maxie's place.

Valentin handed Nina a cup of coffee as they sat on the stairs. He had checked on Charlotte, who was fine and brushing her doll's teeth. He had told his daughter they'd see her in the morning. Nina recalled how she had always said the same thing to her brother when she'd gone out with friends at night. "He's never going to open his eyes," Nina said as she started to sob again.

Nina told Valentin that her brother had never liked him, but Valentin had known. Nathan had still given his blessing, Nina added. Nathan had been the only good thing in her horrible family. He had been warm and real. Valentin continued to comfort her and finally suggested that they head home and cherish those things that they loved.

Amy cleared out Nathan's room and grabbed the bag full of his belongings. She stepped out into the hallway, but everyone had gone.

Peter asked Sam and Drew if they'd been able to get any information from Faison. "That guy's a piece of work," Peter said. He walked away. Sam felt bad for Maxie and the fact that her life had gone from light to dark in just a day.

"You look positively cadaverous," Peter said to Faison as he walked into the room and closed the door. He took off his coat. "Jason Morgan does good work," Peter continued. Faison asked about the flash drive, but Peter replied that he didn't owe Faison anything. "Our days together are over, Dad," Peter said. He had gotten over all of his days of constantly seeking Faison's approval. In one breath, Faison called him scared, weak, and worthless then quickly asked about the flash drive. Peter laughed sarcastically and said that it was just like Faison to do that.

Faison wondered why Peter hadn't been hurt when Faison had shot him, and Peter revealed that he had been wearing a bulletproof vest. Faison spat that Peter was a coward, the same as always. Peter replied that Faison had taught him well how to plan ahead. When Faison voiced his displeasure over the fact that Peter hadn't even been able to kill Jason, Peter gloated that Jason made the "perfect assassin." Peter was grateful that Faison was still alive so that he could watch him suffer. He reported that Nathan was dead. "You killed the wrong son," Peter said happily.

Faison was shocked and despondent. He hadn't gotten to know Nathan. Peter was happy that he'd been able to "play" Faison, and he felt amazing. He had the flash drive, and he worked for Sam and Drew, who had no idea about his true identity. "Living well is the best revenge," Peter declared. He taunted Faison, who appeared to have difficulty breathing. Faison asked him to call a nurse, and Peter pulled the call button away. "I win, Dad," Peter said as he headed out.

Liesl went into Nathan's empty room and remembered their time together at Christmas. She thanked him for that.

Maxie, Felicia, and Mac returned to Maxie's apartment forlornly. Maxie had flashbacks to Christmas, and Mac suggested that she spend the night with them instead. There was a knock on the door. Amy was there with the bag of Nathan's belongings. She handed it to Mac and left.

Maxie insisted on going through Nathan's belongings right away. She pulled out his watch and noted how he'd always been on time -- not like her at all. Next, she pulled out his wallet that contained a folded-up photo of the two of them. It was followed by his badge and his wedding ring that she placed on her finger. Last was his jacket, and she pulled out the blood-spattered sonogram picture. She broke down and sobbed as her parents surrounded her.

Anna reveals a secret to Faison's corpse

Anna reveals a secret to Faison's corpse

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Carly looked on in disgust at Monica and Michael sitting with Nelle at Metro Court. Josslyn entered with a large box, which was the dress Carly had ordered from Cartullo for Josslyn's dance. Josslyn informed Carly that it was not what they'd ordered, and it had arrived with a note. The note read, "That dress is out of stock, but here's something better. Brenda." Josslyn pulled out a glittery, bright orange dress with a huge furry coat. Carly promised to find Josslyn a dress and told her to go put the dress in Carly's office.

When Josslyn was gone, Carly's phone rang, and she answered it to Sharon. Carly told the woman that Nelle had been driving her crazy, and she'd wanted more "dirt" on Nelle. However, she'd decided to "let it go." Carly listened for a minute and remarked that whatever Sharon had said hadn't been mentioned in her report from the private investigator. "Continue," she requested, intrigued.

Monica remarked on how nice it was that Nelle and Michael were trying to be civil, because it was the best thing for the child if the parents were on the same page. Monica had to go, and Nelle thanked her for the meal. When she was gone, Michael agreed that their cooperation would make things better for the baby. Nelle invited him along to the "shopping spree" Monica was taking her on for the baby, but he had to work.

Michael saw Carly waving him over, so he left the table. He was glad his mother was all right after the incident with Faison. Michael related that Dante had called Michael to tell him how much he meant to Dante. Carly added that family, love, and looking out for one another were the things that really mattered, which was why she needed to tell him what she'd found out about Nelle. She revealed that Nelle had spent a year in a mental institution after her fiancÚ's death, but Michael replied that he'd known about it for months. He told his mother that he'd rather get along than war with the mother of his child, who had no choice, and he left.

Josslyn sat down at a table, and Nelle went over to say hello. Nelle marveled that they were practically sisters, since she was having Michael's baby. She wondered how Oscar was doing, and Josslyn told Nelle about her unfortunate dress situation for the dance. She showed Nelle a picture of the Cartullo dress she was supposed to have gotten, and Nelle revealed that she had that exact dress in her closet from a runway show she'd done with Crimson. "It's yours," she told an excited Josslyn.

A short while later, Nelle returned with the dress in a garment bag, and Josslyn excitedly took a peek. She thought that she would owe Nelle "forever." Carly wondered what was going on, and Josslyn explained. Nelle requested pictures from Josslyn, and a very thankful Josslyn left to put the dress in Carly's office for safekeeping. Carly accused Nelle of trying to get back into Michael's good graces, and added that "it won't work." "It already is," Nelle shot back.

Nelle informed Carly that her grudge against Nelle would alienate Michael, while the baby would cause Nelle and Michael to grow closer. Carly commented that Nelle sounded delusional, but she wasn't surprised after learning that Nelle had been in a mental institution. Carly wondered, "How crazy are you still?"

At Kelly's, Scott met with Franco, who was "stress eating" over his wedding. He asked Scott to give him away at the wedding to compensate for all he'd missed during Franco's youth. When Scott hesitated, Franco went off about the wedding falling apart and not needing Scott's blessing. Scott revealed that the only person who didn't believe in Franco was Franco. He advised Franco to let go of "this bad seed business."

Franco reminded Scott that he'd pushed Drew down the stairs, and Scott replied that they couldn't take Betsy's word for it. Franco told Scott about Kevin's study, but Scott warned Franco not to get involved with Kevin. "If you think you're crazy, you've got nothing on him," Scott added. Scott didn't want Franco to worry anymore, so he agreed to be Franco's best man instead.

Drew arrived at the hospital and asked Elizabeth to get him in to see Faison. Elizabeth revealed that Faison had died the night before after he'd gone into cardiac arrest. She assured him that there had been an autopsy that confirmed the death. Drew glumly realized that anything Faison had known about Drew's past had died with the man. Elizabeth reasoned that Drew couldn't get his old life back, but he was a good man and could start a new one.

A jittery Anna arrived at Sonny's, and Sonny hoped that the WSB would "bury" Faison. "You're in luck," she informed him, adding that Faison was dead. "Too bad it took so long," he replied. Anna was thankful that Maxie had the baby so she could have a reason to carry on after the devastation of losing Nathan. Anna revealed that she was also there to ask what Sonny intended to do with Henrik. She wondered if he'd heard from Henrik, but Sonny revealed that the email account had been disabled.

Sonny and Anna argued over Henrik's actions regarding Jason, and both refused to budge on their opinions. She wanted to debrief Henrik without interference and told Sonny, "We're done with this." "The hell we're done with this," he shot back. She told him that it was WSB business. "Not if I get there first," Sonny warned. She promised to give him answers after she tracked Henrik down. He thought that her strong feelings about the case felt "personal" to him. He felt that she was hiding something. She claimed that she just didn't want Sonny to place blame for Faison's crimes on Faison's son.

Anna wanted to offer Henrik a "path to a normal life." She sternly warned him not to cross her, and in turn, he warned her not to threaten him. He reminded her that they were friends. "You think so?" she wondered. "You don't want to be my enemy. Not on this," she advised him, and she left. When she was gone, Sonny got an update on the phone from Spinelli, but Sonny ended the call when he got another one. "What about my father?" Sonny asked into the phone.

Jason knocked at Drew's office door and entered to find the room empty. Sam entered and informed Jason that Drew was at the hospital to talk to Faison, but Jason told her that Faison was already dead. "Good. I'm glad he's dead. He deserved it," Sam stated tearfully. She revealed that she would always hate the man for taking Jason away. She regretted that she was indirectly responsible for Faison's arrival in town, as Aurora had published Lulu's article about Faison and Nathan after Peter had approved it.

Sam continued that Peter had nearly been shot by Faison, but he'd gotten closure after confronting the man. Jason revealed that he'd also talked to Faison, and he'd found out why he'd been replaced with Drew. He updated her on Faison's SEAL team research and how Jason's brain hadn't been able to be programmed because of the damage. He added that Henrik was their only lead left.

Sam told Jason that he had no idea how much grieving she'd done when he'd been taken away. She could relate to what Maxie was probably going through, but she acknowledged that she'd gotten a miracle that Maxie would never get. They remembered Jason pulling Sam out of the water the night Jason had revealed himself.

Drew arrived, and Jason updated him on what little he'd learned from Faison. Drew added that Faison had had no idea about the flash drive or where Henrik was. Jason related that Henrik had agreed to a meeting, but he'd never shown up. Sam suggested that the meeting had only been intended to be a diversion. Drew wondered how long Jason had known about Henrik and why he'd waited to tell Drew.

Franco arrived at the hospital and informed Elizabeth that Scott had warned him against getting involved with Kevin. Elizabeth replied that Scott didn't like Kevin for "personal reasons." Elizabeth thought that Franco wanted to work with Kevin, and she sang Kevin's praises. She knew it wouldn't be easy to trust someone new, but she believed that it would be worth it for what Franco would gain.

Kevin arrived in the morgue with a lab tech, who closely studied papers that Kevin had given him. He informed the puzzled tech that the WSB had signed off on his not unusual request. The tech led Kevin into the morgue and pulled the sheet back from Faison's face. The tech picked up a small power saw and turned it on. A few minutes later, Kevin was handed Faison's brain in a jar full of formaldehyde.

A short while later, Kevin put the jar down on his desk and sat down to eat the food he'd gotten. Franco entered, wanting to talk about Kevin's study, but stopped short when he saw the brain. Kevin explained that the brain was for the study, and he was eating because he'd missed breakfast. "You're not making me want to confide in you," Franco admitted. Kevin covered up the jar as Franco sat, and Kevin wondered what Franco wanted to talk about. "The mind of a murderer," Franco replied. He revealed that he'd first attempted murder at the age of three. Kevin picked up his phone, called his assistant, and instructed her to hold all his calls and cancel all his appointments for the rest of the day.

Anna arrived to see Faison, and the tech pulled the sheet down to Faison's stomach, revealing the stitches from the autopsy. She asked for a moment with Faison, and the tech left. "I beat you, you son of a bitch," she spat at Faison's body. She said that he'd died never knowing her secret after terrorizing her for her whole life. She grabbed a tool from the table and cut off a piece of his hair, pocketing it.

"Here you are, and here I am. I'm still standing. I made it," Anna continued. She revealed to Faison's corpse that there was a child out there, "our child." Just then, Faison sat up and grabbed her arm. "Is it Henrik?" he growled. The tech burst into the room and asked Anna if something was wrong. She looked down at Faison's body on the table and replied, "Nothing at all."

Carly and Nelle have a run-in

Carly and Nelle have a run-in

Friday, February 2, 2018

Maxie took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She rolled over in bed and saw Nathan. "Morning, Max. How did you sleep?" he asked. Maxie was in shock, and Nathan asked if she'd seen a ghost. "Nathan, you're here?" Maxie asked incredulously. Nathan reminded her that he was working the night shift and would get to spend the day with her. She hugged him and told him that she'd had a horrible dream. Nathan assured her that he'd never leave her or the baby. They leaned into each other to share a kiss, and Maxie woke up. "No," she cried.

In the living room, Nina picked up a framed photo of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie walked into the room and told Nina about her nightmare. For a brief time, her heart had been unfrozen, and she'd been able to feel Nathan in her arms. It had felt so real, but she needed Nina to tell her the truth. "Nathan is gone," Nina replied.

Nina informed Maxie that Felicia and Mac had been there all night but had gone, and she was there to help. Maxie didn't want her to stay. "It helps me to help you," Nina confided. She thought that Maxie should eat for herself and the baby and take her prenatal vitamins. She went in search of the vitamins.

Maxie spied a pile of funeral information on the coffee table, and she picked up a pamphlet from the Port Charles Funeral Parlor. It said Cremation Services on the front. Nina returned, unable to find the vitamins, and explained that she and Felicia had done some research for Maxie so that she wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Maxie threw the papers on the floor and told Nina that she was past feeling overwhelmed. She should have been planning a nursery for the baby, not a funeral. Her husband was dead, and her entire life's plan was gone.

Nina began to cry and said that she had lost her brother. They hugged and cried together, and Nina noted that she had only been trying to help. They picked everything up off the floor. Nina declared that she was angry, too, but she was lucky to have seen the man that her brother had become after missing so many of his younger years. Maxie spoke about how wonderful Nathan had been, and she flashed back to their first meeting. She and Nina grasped each other's hands.

Maxie asked Nina to go through all the brochures with her. She wanted to do it for Nathan. The two women sat next to each other, and suddenly Nathan was there in his black leather jacket. He leaned over and kissed each woman gently on the top of her head. They both felt him there.

Ava stopped at Kelly's to pick up some coffee. The waitress was very friendly and said that she liked Ava's hair pulled back to see her face. She knew exactly what coffee Ava wanted without Ava having to tell her. Ava recalled all of the taunts that Sonny and Carly had made to her. She snapped out of it and accidentally knocked her coffee over. Kiki walked in with Avery and saw her mother making a scene. Ava quickly blamed the waitress, who glared at Ava. Kiki thought she should leave, but Ava begged her to stay.

Kiki wanted to honor Sonny and Carly's wishes, but Ava only wanted to spend a minute with Avery. "I need this," Ava said. Kiki reminded Ava that Ava had created the situation they were in, but she finally relented and allowed Ava to hold Avery. Ava hugged her little girl and noted that Avery wasn't even crying or scared of her like before the surgery. Ava told Kiki about a terrible dream she'd had as she'd been about to undergo her surgery. Suddenly, Kiki spied Michael as he was walking toward the door, and she demanded that Ava give Avery back to her quickly before he saw them.

The Jeromes cut it close, but Avery was back in Kiki's arms as Michael walked in and saw them. Ava had made her way back to the counter, and the miffed waitress slammed a new coffee down in front of Ava.

Ava left, and Michael shared a table with Kiki and Avery. Kiki was apologetic and tried to explain that she hadn't known that Ava would be there. Michael understood that Kiki was in the middle but said that Ava was her mother. He was certain to have similar issues with Nelle. Kiki thought that Michael would be a great dad. Michael commended Kiki on passing her exams and said that he pictured her at the top of her class. Kiki mentioned her breakup with Dillon and explained that they had given each other too much space. She thought it was easier when a couple spent more time together. They would have more time to share.

Carly and Nelle had a run-in at Metro Court. After Carly had learned of Nelle's earlier stay in a mental institution, she confirmed that Nelle had always looked deranged to her. She wondered how crazy Nelle was. Nelle exclaimed that her past wasn't Carly's business, but Carly thought otherwise, since her grandchild would be involved. Carly continued to verbally attack Nelle, who tried to slap Carly in the face. Carly grabbed her hand. "You shouldn't have done that," Carly snapped.

Carly declared that Nelle had a violent streak but played the "perpetual victim." She would have to tell Michael everything. Nelle was teary and said that Carly shouldn't have dug into Nelle's past, since that didn't have anything to do with the present. Carly didn't think she'd have to do anything because Nelle was creating havoc all on her own.

Shortly after, Nelle met with Ava. They were there to see a client who would not be attending the meeting. Nelle mentioned that Carly had been probing into her past, and Ava advised her that Carly would use anything that she could find. Ava revealed that she'd held Avery, and Nelle felt that Avery was being used as a wedge between Ava and Kiki. Ava believed that Carly had no limits on what she would do to protect people. The women joked about Carly's hypocrisy.

Ava suggested that Nelle strengthen her bond with Michael and make him her ally because Sonny and Carly were relentless. Nelle thought that Ava was relentless, too, and had taken control of her life. She thought that Ava could get her daughter back while Nelle could hold onto her own. Ava advised Nelle that once Carly put a target on someone, she wouldn't give up. Carly would take Nelle out. "Then I have no choice but to take her out first," Nelle replied.

At Aurora, Jason filled Sam and Drew in on what he'd learned about Faison and Henrik. Drew wondered how long Jason had known about Henrik. Jason stammered and revealed that Faison had said that Drew knew more than he realized. Sam wanted to hear everything, hopeful that it "may spark something" in Drew's memory. Jason confirmed that Henrik was the traitor they'd been looking for. Jason told what he knew of Dr. Klein, Britt, and the manuscript that had the main character "betrayed and destroyed" by the son. Jason assumed that the traitor, the son, and the writer were all the same person.

Jason mentioned going to Anna for help, too, and Liesl had confirmed some of what they knew. Drew wondered if Jason had known all of that before the wedding, and Jason admitted that he had. Drew was angry, as he was supposed to have been kept in the loop and would have wanted to get Sam and the kids out of town. He had never been told about Faison's other son.

Jason responded that he had been waiting for something more concrete, and Drew had been busy watching over his family. He, Sonny, and Spinelli had been pursuing various theories from different people, and he hadn't wanted to say anything until it was definite. Anna had waited for Henrik, and while she'd heard someone in the bushes, Henrik had never shown up. The Sinclair email address had been shut down. Faison had said that his son was "hiding in plain sight."

Jason agreed that he would keep Drew and Sam updated, and Drew asked if he'd be truthful in the future. Jason shrugged and left. Drew stated that he and Sam would have to find the information themselves. Drew thought they should speak to Anna, but Sam said they'd be running in circles after a ghost and would need the flash drive. Drew was certain that he couldn't continue with Jason's memories, and he tried to recall which memories were really his own. He figured only the last three years that he'd been in Port Charles belonged to him. Sam reminded him that he'd recognized Kim, and maybe the process hadn't been perfect. She thought he could remember on his own without the flash drive.

Sonny was on the phone with Caruso and learned that his father was in trouble. Carly ran in as he hung up the phone, and he gave her the news. Mike had probably fallen off the wagon and started gambling again. He probably owed money, and Sonny had to fix it. Carly thought that it didn't feel right. She didn't see how Sonny's father would have relapsed after so much time. Sonny suggested that Mike had fallen in with the wrong crowd, but Carly insisted that Sonny take Jason with him.

Jason arrived, and Sonny filled him in. Carly noted that Mike had been clean for seven years, and she didn't believe that the news about him was true. Sonny thought it was possible, but Carly insisted that Faison could have set a trap. Jason revealed that Faison was dead, but Carly was still concerned, though happy. Sonny left alone.

Jason updated Carly about some of the answers he'd received from Faison. He added that he'd also told Sam and Drew about it all, and upon prodding from Carly, admitted that he'd told Sam about it first because Drew hadn't been there. Carly continued to pepper him with questions, and Jason was annoyed. Carly could only think about what might have been, but Jason told her that Sam was more concerned about Maxie. Carly stressed that it was because Sam had grieved the same way after Jason had been presumed dead.

Carly went on to talk about everyone always claiming to be heartbroken when in reality they were disappointed or sad. Heartbroken meant what it said, and it made one unable to breathe. She attributed the term to Sam, but Jason said that Sam was merely confused. Carly continued to lecture Jason, and she tried to press upon him how important it was for him to fight for Sam and to stop being noble.

Sonny arrived at his father's place and banged on the door, but there was no answer. He also hadn't been able to reach him on the phone.

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