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Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Alexis lost the mayoral election. Andre was released from jail. Dante met Nathan's replacement, Harrison Chase. Ava told Griffin that she was in love with him. Franco had an unsettling memory from his childhood.
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Port Charles follows the mayoral election Port Charles follows the mayoral election

Monday, February 19, 2018

Anna, Jason, Sam, and Drew all cursed Faison for playing mind games, even in death. Jason asked to hear the provisions again, just in case they'd missed something, so Diane complied. She added that the man who'd been in charge of Faison's safe had died, and no one seemed to have any information of another contact. Next, Diane handed Anna a silver figurine in a glass case. She explained that Faison had left Anna the figurine, which was "Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility, beauty, love, and death."

Anna didn't want the figurine, as it reminded her of Faison's "sick obsession" with her, but Diane advised her to at least have it appraised. Anna replied that Diane could sell it and donate the money to a charity. Diane agreed to facilitate the sale after Anna chose a charity. "Anything else?" Anna wondered. Diane concluded that the rest of the estate had been left to "my son." She revealed that, while there was no indication of which son Faison had meant, the will had been written after he'd found out that Nathan had been his son.

Anna suggested that Maxie technically had a claim to the estate. Diane agreed, but she revealed that Henrik also had a claim. Jason hoped that Henrik would emerge from hiding to stake his claim. Anna offered to talk to Maxie about it, as she planned to see Maxie that day. "And that's the last word from Cesar Faison," Diane stated.

Peter set down a bouquet of flowers at Nathan's grave. He insisted that he'd never meant for his "little brother" to get hurt. He thought that the only way to make amends was to leave Port Charles, but he wished there was something else he could do. "I think you've done enough," Maxie said as she walked toward the grave. She brushed the snow off of Nathan's headstone and thanked Peter for saving her and the baby in the Crimson office.

Maxie continued that she was "annoyed" at all the flowers at Nathan's grave, and she asked Peter if it was selfish of her want no strangers near Nathan. "Not at all," he answered, and he started to walk away in order to give her some time alone. She said that she knew Nathan was dead, but at the same time, she didn't. Peter reassured her that grief was tough to accept. She thanked him for not trying to make her feel better, because only Nathan could do that for her. Peter offered to take her home, and she agreed.

A few minutes later, Maxie invited Peter into the apartment. He looked around at the happy photos and remarked that it looked like Maxie and Nathan had had a happy life. "The best," she replied. Peter wished he'd done more for Nathan, but Maxie called Peter a hero. She revealed that he was the first person she'd been able to talk about Nathan with. She added that he was easy to talk to, and he was "a good man, like Nathan." She hoped that Peter would help her tell the baby about how brave Nathan had been.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Maxie let in Anna, who had a gift for Maxie from Robin. Peter excused himself, and Maxie hoped they would have a chance to talk again soon. When he was gone, Anna told Maxie that Robin and Patrick had donated to the Port Charles Police Fund in Nathan's name. However, she also had some bad news to give Maxie. She updated Maxie on Faison's will. "Nothing tainted by that murderer comes into this house," Maxie stated sternly.

Anna understood, but she reminded Maxie that Faison had been extremely wealthy. Maxie yelled that she didn't want Faison's "blood money" and that she and the baby would be fine. She added that Henrik could have the estate, because she didn't want any connection with the man who'd killed her husband.

Drew confided in Sam that he was very tired of following leads just to get nowhere. He wondered if Sam was afraid that he and Jason would go after each other, but she thought they were "too smart to play [Faison's] game." She assured him that they would use the resources Aurora had given them to find the flash drive. There was a knock on the door, and Peter entered, wanting to talk about his resignation. He revealed that, after some "soul-searching," he'd realized that he wasn't ready to leave Port Charles. He told them that he had a life and people there that he didn't want to leave.

Griffin wondered if Mike remembered the words Griffin had asked him to repeat, but Mike only stammered. Moving on, Griffin showed him some pictures of animals and asked Mike to identify them. Mike identified a picture of a lion as a cat, and a picture of rhino as a cow, which upset Sonny. Sonny left to get some water for himself and Mike and returned to find the tests over with. Griffin's phone went off, and he excused himself, promising to be right back.

Mike shrugged off whatever answers he had missed due to his age and explained that he was only there because Robin had asked him to go. Sonny appreciated Mike agreeing to a checkup and promised that they would spend some time together when Mike was done. Griffin returned and divulged that he wanted Mike to have a CT scan in order to rule some things out. Mike was reluctant, but Sonny urged him to just get the test out of the way. Mike finally agreed, and Griffin left to set the test up.

Sonny followed Griffin out and wondered what was wrong with Mike, "hypothetically." Griffin asked Sonny if Mike had had any head traumas, and Sonny only remembered that Mike had had a "rough life" full of fights. Mike emerged from the exam room in a hospital gown and gave his watch to Sonny to hold. He revealed that Sonny's mother had given him the watch, and he didn't trust anyone not to steal it from a locker.

When Mike was gone, Jason appeared next to Sonny. Sonny confided in Jason that he feared he couldn't be the kind of son that Mike needed. Jason promised to help with anything he could. Sonny wondered how the reading of Faison's will had gone, and Jason explained the situation to Sonny. He promised that, if Henrik surfaced to stake a claim on Faison's estate, Jason would be waiting.

Ned and Alexis stepped into adjacent voting booths and closed the curtains. When they were done, they emerged to flash bulbs, smiled, and shook hands for the cameras. When they were done with the photo opportunity, Ned and Olivia went home to the Quartermaine estate. They discussed the race, which was "too close to call," until Jim entered. He assured Ned that "a few key votes in a few key districts" would make all the difference for Ned. He assured Ned he could relax, so Ned took to working on his speeches. Ned appreciated Jim's support, and Jim left. Outside the door, Jim made a phone call. "Run it," he said into the phone.

Ned thanked Olivia for her support, and she honestly believed that he could win. She went off on a tangent about all of the great things Ned would do for the city, and he joked that she should have run for mayor. She thought that he would better the lives of the people of Port Charles. Olivia's phone went off, and she stared at the phone in shock. "Oh, my God," she stammered.

Curtis entered Charlie's and made small talk about the election. Molly entered the bar and ordered "two of Julian's girlfriend's coffees to go." Jordan entered and told Curtis that Stella and T.J. were still out getting people to vote. She wondered where Alexis was, as she hadn't been at her headquarters.

Julian took the trash out and found Alexis practicing her speeches behind the bar. He thought she would win, but he commended her on always being prepared. He advised her that Molly was proud of her, and although he recognized that it wasn't his place to say, he was proud of Alexis too. As he went back inside, he told her that he would miss having "Madame Mayor" next door.

When Julian returned, Curtis informed Julian that he'd done some more digging on Stella's mugger. He'd uncovered that the mugger had gotten two large deposits into his bank account, one the day before the attack and one the day after. Jordan entered the conversation, and Curtis explained that it was about "throwing the election."

Molly kept checking the election results, but they still said "too close to call." As Alexis practiced one of her speeches, Molly suddenly got very upset about something on her phone. She showed Alexis the article entitled "Con Job!" Alexis read the short story alleging that Alexis was the one who had coerced Nora into getting Olivia Jerome to make a statement vouching for Julian.

The results of the election are in The results of the election are in

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

At General Hospital, Franco and Elizabeth bade each other farewell. She was headed to wait out the mayoral election at Charlie's Pub while he had a session to attend with Kevin. Elizabeth bumped into Kim on her way out, and Kim marveled at how happy Elizabeth looked. Kim was sorry that she'd never been married before to look the way Elizabeth did. Elizabeth invited Kim to the pub, but Kim revealed that she and Oscar were regretfully headed to the Quartermaine mansion to wait for the election results because the Quartermaines were Oscar's new family.

Franco got to Kevin's office and wondered where Faison's jarred brain had gone. Kevin explained that it was being biopsied, but Franco was certain that his own brain was worse than Faison's had been. At least Faison hadn't been a child killer, Franco noted. Kevin wanted to do a word association game with Franco, and he said the word family. Franco refused to go along at first, but Kevin thought that Franco's suggestion of spewing a stream of consciousness would be too complicated and too much work. Kevin said the word family again.

Franco shook his head but said feathers. His mother had always been dusting with a feather duster. Kevin assumed she had been cleaning up after Bobby and Andy. He wondered if Franco recalled being punished but Franco joked that he had always gotten away with murder. Kevin reminded Franco that Betsy hadn't always been honest, and Franco always wanted to believe the worst about himself. Franco was ready to leave, as he didn't think that Kevin was helping him and that Kevin wasn't listening.

Kevin asked whether Franco had tried to hurt Andy at any other time besides when he'd pushed him down the stairs. Franco wasn't sure, and Kevin ordered him to think about it. "You're Bobby. Tell me about Bobby and Andy." Franco declared that they'd played hide-and-seek. He flashed back to two little boys. Andy had hidden in a chest, and Bobby had turned the lock. Andy had yelled to be set free. Franco began to tear up and grabbed his coat to rush out of the office. He declared that he had to get to Elizabeth.

Kevin advised that Franco couldn't lock his memory away, and Kevin wanted to free him. Franco mentioned that evils lurked within Pandora's box, and it should never be opened. Kevin assured him that the box might also contain hope.

Charlie's Pub was the scene for Alexis' campaigners. While Curtis, Jordan, and Julian talked about the not-so-random attack on Stella, Molly gasped as she was drawn to an article online, printed in the Invader and entitled "Con-Job" that featured photos of Alexis and Julian. Alexis showed the article to Julian as Stella and T.J. arrived and saw almost everyone in the pub on their phones, reading. Finn arrived to support "Madam Mayor," though Alexis advised him that that might not happen. Julian got on the phone with Scott to try to stop the article but learned there was nothing that could be done. Julian blamed himself.

Ned and Olivia were at their home, awaiting the election results. Olivia avidly spoke about taxes and bettering the lives of the local people, and Ned joked that she should have been the one to run for mayor. Suddenly, as Monica and Michael walked in, Olivia spotted the article about Alexis and Julian. Ned thought that his odds of winning had improved. The family read the article that suggested that Alexis' vote on the redevelopment might have had more to do with her trying to save Julian's pub. It also mentioned mob connections.

The reporters began to call, but the Quartermaine family decided to not comment on the article. The doorbell rang, and it was Nelle, who was there at Monica's invitation. Monica was happy to see Nelle, but Michael was not. He wanted to speak to Monica separately, but just then, Oscar and Kim arrived.

Molly began to read out loud the article that mentioned Alexis visiting with Nora Buchanan, which had resulted in Julian's release. Sam noted that once again, Alexis was paying the price, and Molly suggested that Aurora print a rebuttal. Alexis confessed that except for the mob ties, everything in the article had been true. She admitted that she had been involved in exonerating Julian because he had been wrongly convicted and then menaced in prison. She had gone to see Nora. Elizabeth arrived.

Stella announced that she admired Alexis for her honesty, and Stella planned on returning to the polls to get the word out. Molly and T.J. wanted to go with her, and Molly hugged her mother. She thought that Alexis was great. Julian declared that sabotage had been committed, and someone would pay.

Jim Harvey walked into the pub and told Alexis that he hoped they'd find "common ground" if she won the election. Julian wondered why Harvey was there, but Jim merely stated that he had wanted a drink. Julian intimated that Harvey had been behind the article. Finn expressed his belief that Alexis would still win. Drew and Curtis were angry, and Drew wanted to talk to Curtis. Drew nodded his head in the direction of Harvey, and Curtis acknowledged that he knew about Harvey, who was all about trying to intimidate the community with his "big money."

Drew revealed that Harvey had known him and Franco as kids. "Now he's here," Drew said. He didn't think it was a coincidence. He wondered why Harvey wasn't at Ned's house, and he added that Franco had been acting stranger than usual since Harvey had arrived in town. Curtis declared that he would search for Betsy. "I can't wait to take his ass down," Curtis exclaimed. "This should be fun," Drew agreed.

Alexis needed to get outside for some air, and Finn eventually followed her out to the alley. They spoke about all of the drinks they'd enjoyed in the past, and Alexis longed to "numb the world." Finn reminded her that it wouldn't be so good in the morning. "I'm going to lose, aren't I?" Alexis asked. She hadn't known that she'd even wanted the job until after Laura had bowed out of the election, but she thought she would have been great. Finn agreed. He thought that Alexis should have mentioned everything in the article sooner, and she was annoyed that she kept making the same mistakes. She could neither let go nor move on. Finn put an arm around her to comfort her.

Back at the Quartermaines', Kim confessed that she'd voted for Alexis. She also learned that Julian was Leo's biological father after Olivia gave her the article to read. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Ned went to answer it, thinking it was reporters. As he opened the door, Julian stormed in and shoved Ned up against the wall. He accused Ned of having leaked the article, but Ned denied it. Ned pushed Julian away, and the men began to argue.

Everyone in the Quartermaine living room raced out and separated the men. Michael threatened to call the police and have Julian taken back to prison while Olivia advised him that he'd never see Leo again. Kim calmly suggested that Julian back off. She knew how much he cared for Leo, and one black eye in the family was enough.

The Quartermaine family headed back into the main room, and Oscar nodded toward Julian. He told Kim it was okay and closed the doors. Julian admitted that he had really wanted to punch Ned, and he thanked Kim. He'd thought buying the pub had been his last chance to make peace and show he'd changed, but he was trapped along with everyone close to him. Kim went to get her coat and told Julian they were leaving. She would drive.

Michael managed to pull Monica aside and advised her that he and Nelle weren't a couple, and Monica inviting Nelle to the house might have encouraged the young woman. He didn't want her to have the wrong idea. The results of the election were in, and Nelle shouted that she'd saved Michael a seat beside her on the sofa.

It was announced that Ned had won the election, and Nelle grabbed Michael in a hug. She was proud to be a member of the family. Michael rolled his eyes. Oscar was excited to be a family member, too, and thought the entire event was "cooler" than a class would ever be. The family was ecstatic.

At the pub, everyone was ready to hear the election results. "Be proud," Finn urged. Ned was declared the winner. Franco was just arriving and, outside, ran into Harvey, who was just leaving. Harvey informed Franco that he'd be sticking around town. Franco headed inside and saw Elizabeth, who told him about the election. Julian and Kim had arrived, but Julian thought he should leave. Kim reminded him that it was his place. Franco saw Drew and stumbled backward in the midst of having another childhood flashback.

Curtis ran into Harvey out in the alley and told him how bad it was to be in the alley. His aunt had been mugged, and he thought that Harvey should watch his step. Curtis noted that the article had been printed just in time. Harvey quickly changed the subject and asked how Curtis knew Andy. "His name is Drew," Curtis said firmly.

Molly wept, and Jordan was teary. Stella urged Molly and T.J. to get to Alexis' house and remove all of the celebratory balloons and decorations. Jordan agreed, and Stella thanked her. Stella told Molly that it wasn't how many times someone got knocked down but how many times they stood up. Everyone began to leave. Franco had some water and claimed that he had pre-wedding jitters. He and Elizabeth left.

Sam told Alexis how sorry she was then she left with Drew. Finn helped Alexis to put her coat on, and she admitted that she'd been waiting for everyone to leave so that she could cry. Kim poured Julian a drink. He was distressed that he was unable to say or do anything. Alexis and Finn left. There was an "Alexis Davis for Mayor" poster on the ground.

Ned made an acceptance speech for reporters. "The people have spoken," he said. He wouldn't let them down, and the city would be better when they all worked together to improve it. He had a commitment to Charles Street, and law and order would return. He introduced the new first lady. "Let us come together as citizens and neighbors." He thought that more united them than divided them. He assured Laura's former supporters that they would be pleased with him too.

Alone in his office at the hospital, Kevin spoke into a recorder. He stated that Franco had both a fear and a fascination with his childhood. It was unusual, but Franco believed he had been born bad and that murder was in his DNA. Kevin wondered if it was -- and if Franco was still Bobby.

Alexis and Finn wake up in bed together Alexis and Finn wake up in bed together

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alexis woke up and turned her head to the side. She was shocked to see Finn lying beside her. When he opened his eyes, his own shock was apparent. Alexis jumped up to get dressed and assured Finn she'd be out of his place quickly. Their interaction was awkward as they realized that, apparently, they'd had sex. Finn promised that he hadn't been "high or strung-out," and Alexis agreed that she hadn't had a drop of anything. Finn wondered if it counted as a mistake if they'd both been sober.

Anna and Finn were startled when someone knocked on the door. Alexis went on a search for her shoes, and Finn found Anna standing on the other side of the door. "Success, found them!" Alexis shouted as Finn asked Anna to return in a little while. Anna insisted it was important. Finn asked her to wait, closed the door, and told Alexis that maybe he'd see her at a meeting. Alexis hoped that Anna had "come to her senses," though she wished it had been ten minutes from then. She thanked Finn for not allowing her to be alone after the election, and Finn acknowledged that he'd been happy for the company.

Anna was waiting by the door as Alexis rushed out. Anna walked inside and stepped over the mess on the floor. Finn stopped to feed Roxy as Anna explained that there was some kind of trouble with Cassandra. The WSB had contacted Anna, and they were sending someone to meet with them at the police station. She was concerned that perhaps they thought that Finn had compromised the mission, and she would protect him. Finn shouted that he didn't want or need Anna's protection. He had volunteered and had insisted on being involved himself, and he was able to take care of himself.

Anna was ready to leave, but Finn wanted to take a shower first. She gave him a difficult time and noted that they were late, but Finn didn't care.

Oscar and Josslyn sat at a table at Charlie's Pub. Josslyn mentioned that, while her parents were dysfunctional and all of her siblings had different parents, they had been connected through Morgan and treated each other as siblings. With that being said, she wanted Oscar to be aware that she knew as much about Julian as the others. None of it was good, she added.

Kim ran into Julian outside the pub and told him how sorry she was about Alexis losing the election. She knew that Alexis' heart had been in the right place. Julian agreed that, politically, that was true. Kim realized that Julian still cared deeply for Alexis. He thanked Kim again for helping him out at the Quartermaine house. She told him that Oscar and Josslyn were inside and were waiting to ask him something.

Julian headed over to the teens' table, and Oscar told him about the bullies at school. Julian noted that there were bullies everywhere. Oscar explained about the alternative dance that they wanted to have, where everyone could attend and be themselves. He wanted all LGBTQIA kids and their friends to attend. "Can we have it here?" Oscar asked. Josslyn glared at Julian, who suggested they have the dance at the Metro Court. Josslyn assured him that Carly had offered but rudely figured he either didn't want to be inclusive or it had something to do with Sonny. Julian sat down as Alexis walked in and sat at another table.

Julian explained that he had gotten beaten up in prison for defending others who hadn't fit in, and he had almost died. That had been the reason that Alexis had defended him. He'd experienced both sides because he had been a bully too. He stood and offered the pub free of charge. Oliver stood, too, and shook Julian's hand. Josslyn and Kim added their thanks.

Oscar got his mother alone and asked her what was going on between her and Julian. She said nothing, but Oscar didn't believe her. He wondered if she was okay with Julian's past with the mob and the fact that he was an ex-con. Kim insisted they were just friends, and Oscar advised her to be careful.

Julian sat with Alexis and told her how sorry he was about the election. Alexis assured him that his life had been worth more to her. She'd overheard what he had been planning with the kids, and she couldn't believe it was the same Julian she had known. He informed her that he had taken a page out of her book. Alexis rose and announced that she had to close down her headquarters next door, which meant she would no longer have a reason to stop into the pub. She headed to the door.

Julian went back to Oscar, Josslyn, and Kim and suggested a menu for the party. Alexis turned, gave a last look, and walked out, slamming the door.

Maxie spent some time on her sofa, thinking, but finally got up and began to pack up Nathan's belongings into boxes and bags. Sam arrived with some food and expressed dismay at Maxie's actions. Maxie admitted that she couldn't leave her apartment as it was because it only reminded her that Nathan wouldn't be returning. Sam suggested a break, but Maxie wanted to finish.

Sam began to help Maxie pack, and going through Nathan's nightstand, she found some items that she thought Maxie should keep. Maxie mentioned that the Jeter-signed baseball was something she'd given Nathan for a wedding present. She was adamant that nothing remain. Sam commented on several of the items and suggested again that Maxie keep some items. She thought that one day, Maxie would want to "dive into" her memories.

Maxie insisted that she couldn't keep replaying her life with Nathan, and it wasn't good for the baby. Sam related how she'd gone through the same thing when she'd thought that Jason had died, but she'd saved a few things. She still thought that Maxie and the baby would want them. Maxie called Sam clueless, though Sam insisted she'd gone down the same path, and she understood. Maxie reminded her that Jason was alive, and Sam had only thought he'd been dead. Maxie had watched Nathan die, and she'd watched him be buried. She knew where he was and where he'd be forever. He wasn't going to be back.

The women finished packing, and Maxie thanked Sam for her help. Maxie had to get ready for work, and she went into the bedroom. Sam quickly snatched a small box before she headed out the door. Maxie emerged from the back and removed the photos from the mantel. She placed them in a box and sealed it up.

Lulu accompanied Dante to the police station. She wondered if he was ready to work again. Dante picked up Nathan's Yankees travel mug and looked at it forlornly. Lulu wished she could be there for Maxie, and Dante reminded her that Nathan's death wasn't her fault. Lulu informed him that she had submitted resignation letters to her editor and to Peter. She was going to give up her career and try to get back with Maxie. She wasn't happy, but she had her family to love. Dante hugged her, and she wished him luck for the day. He walked her out.

Dante returned to his desk and saw a new man unpacking his things at Nathan's former desk. He was not happy, but Jordan told him that she had been the one to direct the man there. Dante asked to speak to Jordan in private, and they went into the interrogation room. She informed him that the new cop's name was Harrison Chase, he had been highly recommended, and he was new to Port Charles. She thought that he could benefit from Dante's experience. Dante retorted that he didn't want a new partner. They argued briefly, and Jordan suggested that he take bereavement leave.

Dante wondered if that was an order. Jordan reminded him that it was his right, and she suggested that he do so. Dante refused. She ordered him to go to counseling, and after admitting that she had gone herself, Dante agreed. She confessed that she missed Nathan too. "No one can replace Nathan," she added. Dante agreed to say hello to the new cop. He found Chase looking through some case folders. Chase announced that he wanted to familiarize himself with recent cases.

Finn and Anna rushed into the interrogation room to meet with the representative from the WSB. They apologized for being late. Anna immediately tried to stick up for Finn and told the man that Finn was an innocent civilian. She had pressured him to be an asset. Finn jumped in and told the man that he himself had decided to be more involved, and he had been the one to initiate things with Cassandra. He had known what he was doing. The man assured them that everyone in charge knew the story.

Both Finn and Anna were confused, and Finn asked if he was being reported to the AMA. The man was confused, too, and announced that, at an upcoming ceremony, the pair would be receiving a high honor for their achievements. "Thank you for your service. And try to have a nice day, will ya?" the man said as he fled the room. Finn and Anna looked at the paperwork that the man had left behind for them. They were in shock. They rose to leave, and Anna awkwardly started to ask if Finn and Alexis were involved. She stopped midway then asked if it had been what she'd thought she'd seen. Finn hummed yes.

Anna said good then stormed out of the room. She walked quickly past Jordan and Dante. Jordan asked if she was okay. Dante offered to go after her, but Jordan stopped him. She introduced him to the new cop instead, and they shook hands. The cop informed Dante that everyone called him Chase. He pulled out his own mug from a box. It was a Red Sox travel mug. Dante glared at it.

Peter spied Valentin and Nina sitting at a table at Metro Court. Peter didn't think that Nina could possibly be ready to work, and Valentin revealed that he had said the same thing to his wife. Nina insisted that Nathan would want her to go on with her life. Peter was sorry that he hadn't known Nathan, but it sounded like he had been a "best brother." Nina confirmed that was true. Nathan had been the best brother in the world. Valentin shared a smile with her.

Peter pointed out that Nathan had been shot in the Crimson office, and Valentin agreed. Nina noted that she had the privilege of going to work and going home, unlike Nathan, who couldn't do that anymore. Her voice cracked, but she stood up and headed for the elevator. She got to the office and looked around at the disarray. The police tape was still there, along with overturned chairs and flower vases. Nathan's blood was still on the rug. She thought she'd make Nathan proud and began to clean up.

Peter sat down with Valentin, who admitted he was glad that Peter had stayed in town because it was probably safer for him. He thought that Peter was at risk from Jason Morgan, who would have questions for him. Peter declared that he had stayed behind for Maxie because they'd had a connection. Valentin told him to be careful, especially after Maxie learned that he had encouraged Lulu. Just then, Lulu arrived and was curious that the men knew each other.

Peter stated that he'd met Valentin through Nina, and they were concerned that Nina had gone to work. Lulu couldn't believe that Nina had returned to the office, and sarcastically, Valentin suggested that Lulu sounded like she cared but hadn't been responsible for showing Faison to their doorstep. He tossed some money onto the table and left. Peter apologized for Valentin but Lulu had to admit that he had been right. She was responsible, and she was resigning. She didn't want Peter to try to talk her out of it. Peter stated that if she took responsibility for Faison showing up, then she also had to take credit for his capture.

Lulu insisted that she had to make things right. Peter revealed that he had handed in a resignation, also, because he'd felt responsible that he hadn't been able to stop Faison from shooting Nathan. Peter insisted that if they left, it wouldn't give them peace of mind. Lulu wanted to concentrate on her family. Peter told her that was all good, but it wasn't journalism, and she needed the spark that she got from that. She would lose herself if she quit. Peter didn't think that she should allow Faison to take anything else away, and she should use her skills and talent for the good of everyone.

Valentin stepped off the elevator at the Crimson office and found Nina on her hands and knees, frantically trying to scrub the blood from the rug. She was sobbing and breathing heavily. "I can't fix it. I can't get it out," she wept. Valentin got down and wrapped his arms around her. Eventually, he covered the stain with a cloth and promised to buy a new rug for the office. He wanted to take Nina home, though she insisted that she had work to do. "It broke me," he said of the way he'd seen her on the floor. Nina thought it would be worse if Maxie saw it, and she wanted the rug replaced before Maxie got there. Valentin wept.

Mike is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Mike is diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sonny, Mike, and Michael sat in the Metro Court, and Michael told Mike a funny story about Morgan. Mike wished he'd had more time with Morgan, but he wanted to hear all of Michael's stories before Mike had to go back to Rita.

A distressed Griffin looked at Mike's file in his office. He put it down and picked up his phone.

Nelle handed Ava a box of chocolates as a "pick-me-up" for her disappointing Valentine's night. Ava appreciated the gesture, but she remarked that she tried not to eat her feelings. She urged Nelle to enjoy the chocolate and handed them back. Ava's phone rang, and she answered it to Griffin. He confessed that he missed her and wanted to hear her voice. He apologized for how their Valentine's night had turned out. She suddenly claimed that she had a delivery due to arrive, so she promised to talk to him later and hung up. "Gimme those," Ava said of the chocolates, and they both took one.

Nelle admired a new sculpture and remarked that she could use a "statement piece." Ava cracked that it would look great in the apartment that Michael was selling out from under her. Nelle admitted that she saw a "big upgrade" in her future, possibly to a mansion. She happily told Ava about her election night at the Quartermaines', and Ava warned her not to get overconfident. Nelle advised Ava that, when her plan was complete, she would be with Michael, and Carly would be "nowhere to be found."

Michael entered and asked why Nelle was talking about Carly. Nelle covered that she was just hoping that Carly would be nowhere near their birthing class that day. Michael assured her that Carly wouldn't be there, and they left.

Mike sat in Griffin's office as Sonny paced around. Mike urged him to sit, but Sonny admitted that he was nervous about Michael spending so much time with Nelle. Mike assured Sonny that Michael could take care of himself, just like Mike could take care of himself. Griffin entered his office and informed Sonny and Mike that, through the tests and scans run on Mike, many diagnoses had been ruled out except for one. He informed Mike that he had Alzheimer's.

Mike went off about how he was fine, but Sonny tried to tell him that Griffin was the best neurosurgeon in the country. Mike insisted that his forgetfulness was due to getting older, and he stormed out the room to "find better company."

Sonny called Max and asked him to keep Mike at the house if he showed up. Sonny apologized for his father's conduct, but Griffin assured Sonny that anger and denial were common reactions to the diagnosis. Sonny asked for more information. Griffin explained that every Alzheimer's diagnosis ended the same, only differing in how fast the patient got there. He continued that there were medications and therapies to slow the progression of the disease, but a patient of Mike's age could be expected to live another four to eight years.

Sonny regretted not checking in on Mike more often, and Griffin insisted that it wasn't Sonny's fault. Griffin instructed Sonny to get Mike back in so they could discuss a plan of action before Mike could no longer do it himself.

Mike entered the gallery and asked Ava what it was as he looked around. She explained that it was her art gallery, but Mike insisted that it was Luke's club. Ava informed Mike that Luke had owned a club on the site of the gallery, but she showed him an article on her tablet about how it had burned down years before. Mike accused Ava of working for Helena and trying to fool him. Ava offered to call someone for Mike, and she put a comforting hand on his arm. He jerked away, shattering a sculpture in the process. Ava screamed that she was calling the police as Mike ran out. She called the police and reported that her gallery had just been vandalized.

Carly looked at the bloodstain under the towel on the floor of the Crimson office and apologized profusely to Nina. She divulged that the cops had refused to let housekeeping enter the office, and she promised to change the carpet quickly. Nina's prime concern was that she wanted a new carpet before Maxie returned to work. Just then, Nina and Carly were shocked to see Maxie step off the elevator.

Maxie reasoned that they were behind in producing the next issue of Crimson, and she couldn't stay cooped up in her apartment forever. Carly expressed sympathy for Maxie's loss and offered to do anything Maxie needed. Maxie only needed coffee, and Nina seconded that. Carly nodded and left. Nina thought Maxie needed more time to grieve, but Maxie reminded Nina that Nina had also lost Nathan, and she was at work. She assumed that Nina thought Maxie was more fragile because she was pregnant.

Maxie continued that she just needed to work in order to "forget the gaping hole" in her life. She asked what the towel on the floor was. Nina claimed that she'd dropped her breakfast that morning, and she ushered Maxie into Nina's office. Maxie was looking through layouts for the next issue when an alarm went off on her phone. She turned it off, but it sounded again a few seconds later. She wanted to turn the notifications on her phone off, especially for an appointment she'd made months before. A frustrated Maxie screamed at her phone to be quiet and threw it across the room.

Maxie immediately apologized. Nina assured her that it was all right and threw her phone across the room to show her so. After the women had a short laugh, Nina wondered what the appointment was. Maxie confided that Nathan had excitedly signed them up for a birthing class that was due to start that day. She couldn't believe that she had to do it alone, but Nina assured Maxie that she wouldn't be alone. Nina said that she would be Maxie's birthing partner, because there were more important things than the magazine, which Maxie worried about. "It's Aunt Nina or bust," Nina joked, promising that they'd be helping each other get through their grief. Maxie sincerely thanked Nina, and they left.

Jason entered Sam's office with a question about the Port Charles Press. Peter entered the room and turned to leave after interrupting, but Sam thought he could help answer Jason's question. Jason asked if the newspaper could run an article about Faison's will in order to draw out Henrik. Jason and Sam filled Peter in on all of the details, which Peter commented were "diabolical." Sam suggested that running the article would have the opposite effect and cause Henrik to run. As Sam started to veto the idea of the article, Peter got a phone call and left the office.

Sam flat out told Jason that she didn't want to risk running the article. She was desperate for Drew to get answers about his past, but even if he didn't, "life goes on." Peter returned and asked about the verdict. "Scratch it," Jason answered. He vowed to keep looking for Henrik on his own, and Sam wished him luck. When he was gone, Peter called the stories of Faison "fascinating to the outside observer." He also marveled at how different Jason and Drew really were.

Sam agreed with Peter's observation on the brothers, further explaining that, while Jason could move on and let things go, Drew needed to search for a resolution. She added that finding answers wouldn't change how the previous five years had happened, so while Jason lived in the moment, Drew was still struggling with what had happened. Peter wished he could help more. Sam joked that he could find Anna's disco ball ornament with the flash drive in it. Peter admitted that he couldn't help with that, and he left the office. He remembered having the ornament and breaking it open to reveal the flash drive.

Alexis met with Brad at Metro Court to discuss adopting a baby. A short while later, Carly greeted the two, and Brad invited her to sit down, as he wanted her input. Alexis updated Carly that a woman was seriously considering having her baby adopted to Brad and Lucas, but she was requesting a "semi-open adoption." She explained that, while the woman wanted all information about Brad and Lucas, she wanted to remain anonymous, and she had the option to make herself known to the child at some point. Alexis advised Brad to decide quickly, as the woman had asked her lawyers to resolve the situation. She left to give Brad some time.

Carly thought that there was a reason the woman wanted to hide herself, and Brad and Lucas needed to decide if the risk was worth it. She hoped that everything worked out for them and walked away. Brad called Amy to see if Lucas was out of surgery yet, and a short while later, he was on the phone. They discussed their options until Alexis returned, and Brad hung up. He advised Alexis that they wanted to move forward with the adoption. She reminded him that there would be "in-depth" background checks on Brad, Lucas, and their families. Brad realized that the woman would find out about Julian.

Carly was doing some work behind the bar when her phone rang. It was the unknown caller, so she answered and started to tell them off. She cut herself off when she heard something on the other end. She was looking at her phone curiously when Jason arrived. She told him that she'd received a call from a strange number, and all she'd heard from the other end of the line had been something that had sounded like an explosion.

Nina and Maxie entered the birthing class, much to the delight of Epiphany, who hadn't been sure that Maxie would make it. Nina credited Maxie's "pushy sister-in-law" with getting Maxie there. Epiphany assured Maxie that she could always take a later class if she felt that she wasn't ready. Nelle and Michael entered, and Maxie and Nina shot Nelle death stares. Epiphany called the class to order, and everyone got a seat. Maxie and Nina were unhappy to be stuck next to Nelle and Michael as Epiphany started explaining what they would be learning in the class.

Maxie asked Nelle to move back so that Maxie and Nina had more room, but Nelle answered that she'd be in the hallway if she did. "Perfect," Maxie shot back. Epiphany scolded the women for talking and said that they could chat "later." "I'd rather not," Maxie declared. Nelle wondered why Nina was there, and Nina answered that she was Maxie's coach. Nelle observed that Maxie couldn't find anyone "sane" for the job. Maxie shot back that Nelle still hadn't found someone to love her.

A short while later, Nelle and Michael were gone, and Epiphany explained how each birthing team had to be "cool, calm, and focused," as their baby was counting on them to be a team.

In the hallway, Nelle threw her bag down in anger. Michael reasoned that Maxie was grieving for Nathan, so she was probably lashing out at everyone. Nelle said that it hurt to hear that she was alone. Michael reminded her that, for the baby, they were a team. Just then, Nelle's phone went off. Smiling, she explained that it was a reminder for a "project I have off and running."

Mike gets arrested Mike gets arrested

Friday, February 23, 2018

Carly asked Jason if she was crazy for going to the cops instead of Spinelli. Jason reasoned that they used Spinelli for pretty much everything, but Carly thought she could use Spinelli as a "fallback." Carly approached Dante at the station and explained the strange phone calls she'd been getting. He took her phone to trace the number.

In the interrogation room, Jason wondered why Carly had waited so long to tell him about the calls. Carly had thought she was overreacting, but during the last phone call, she'd heard an explosion. She related that she'd missed him, because she knew she could always go to him for anything. She could count on him and acknowledged that she probably took advantage of him. She realized that he always found a way to fix her problems, so she wanted to help him fix things with Sam. Just then, Dante entered and revealed that he'd gotten a hit on the phone number. It was a pay phone off of "Route 35." Carly wanted to go see the pay phone, and Dante agreed to meet her there.

A short while later, Dante, Carly, and Jason found the pay phone as someone watched from the bushes. Carly walked away thinking that they'd missed some kind of clue in the darkness. Dante quietly informed Jason that Morgan had been killed "two-hundred yards from here. He died in an explosion."

Ava told Chase that the insurance value of her broken sculpture was fourteen thousand dollars, and she wanted the culprit caught. He asked for the security camera footage as Griffin entered, distracting Ava. She filled him in on what had happened, and then she took Chase to her computer. He emailed himself the picture of Mike and promised to forward it to "all local units." Griffin looked at the picture and realized, "I know that man."

At the hospital, Sonny asked Dr. Bensch if he'd referred Mike to Griffin because he'd had an inkling of what was going on with Mike. Dr. Bensch cited doctor-patient confidentiality, so Sonny instead asked how long the progression of the disease would take. The doctor believed that the best hope was medication for a "slow deterioration," but the "long-term outcome is inevitable." Sonny appreciated the honesty. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he answered it to Griffin, who summoned him to Ava's gallery.

Sonny arrived at the gallery, and Ava explained what had happened with Mike, including how he'd thought that the gallery was Luke's club. "Is he really that far gone?" Sonny asked Griffin. The doctor explained that Alzheimer's wasn't steady or consistent, and it went in cycles of lucidity and disorientation that could be made worse by "emotional strain." Sonny's phone rang again, and it was Mike. Sonny offered to pick Mike up, to which a worried Mike replied, "You should."

Ava packed the pieces of the broken sculpture carefully into bubble wrap with gloves on. She told Griffin that she'd probably be on the phone with the insurance company all night, so he could go. He refused to leave until they talked about Valentine's Day. She insisted that there was nothing to discuss, but he'd noticed her suddenly pushing him away. She revealed that, ever since her surgery, she was terrified for Griffin to see who she really was and leave her to find someone else who was "a saint like you."

Griffin replied that he saw who Ava truly was, and she knew that he accepted it. She exploded that she was in love with him. She was in a healthy relationship for the first time and loved someone who was good for her for the first time, and it scared her. She confessed that that was what she'd been planning to tell him on Valentine's Day. "I love you," she concluded.

Sonny arrived at the police station and asked the officer at the desk for Mike. The officer directed Sonny to Chase, who gestured toward the interrogation room. Sonny entered the room and found Mike upset and cuffed to the table. Mike apologized and acknowledged that he'd "really screwed up." He realized something had to be "seriously wrong" with him, since he'd forgotten that Luke's club had burned down. Sonny promised to cover the damage and get Mike out of the station.

Sonny approached Chase and asked to take Mike home. Chase replied that Mike had been arrested for trespassing and vandalism, so he wouldn't be getting out that night. Sonny asked to speak to Dante, but Chase revealed that Dante was out on an assignment. Sonny intended to call his son, but Chase informed Sonny that no call would change the fact that Mike had committed a crime. Sonny divulged that Mike had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so he hadn't known what he'd been doing. Sonny promised to compensate Ava for the damage if he could just take Mike home.

Kiki was studying at the Floating Rib when Dr. Bensch approached. She explained that the library had been too quiet for her. Dr. Bensch ordered enough food for both of them, as he realized that she hadn't eaten. He sat down next to her and helped her study for her Organic Chemistry midterm exam. She stated that he made it seem simple, but he revealed that he'd been doing it for a long time.

The food arrived, and Dr. Bensch urged Kiki to dig in. A short while later, she admitted that the food had "hit the spot." She thanked him for dinner and for the mini-tutoring session. He acknowledged that the class was very tricky, but his door was "always open" for her if she needed help.

Elizabeth made sure that Franco really wanted to spend his last night as a bachelor in a session with Kevin. Franco insisted that he was where he wanted to be, which was "the best me for you." Epiphany appeared and expressed her disapproval about Elizabeth defying "tradition." Kevin emerged from his office, and Franco followed him in. When he was gone, Epiphany insisted on taking Elizabeth out for drinks.

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth feared that Felix had planned a big party, but she was relieved to find out that he hadn't. She didn't want a bunch of people wishing her well while simultaneously thinking that she was making a mistake. Epiphany countered that only Elizabeth's opinion mattered. Elizabeth admitted that she thought only she and her boys saw the real Franco. Epiphany hoped that Elizabeth was right about Franco.

Elizabeth knew that Epiphany remembered what Franco had been like before his tumor had been removed. Epiphany confided that, if she had any doubts, she would have had Max and Milo "disappear" Franco. She added that she would go "a long way" to protect her loved ones, Elizabeth included. She related her protectiveness to Jason, who Elizabeth knew still didn't understand how happy Franco made her.

Franco was convinced that Epiphany was going to persuade Elizabeth not to marry Franco. Kevin reminded Franco that many had tried over the past year, so "why now?" Franco related that, if Elizabeth ever found out that he had another secret, she would never trust him again. Kevin urged Franco to share the last thing he'd remembered from his childhood. Franco told Kevin that he and Drew had been playing hide and seek. He'd found Drew in a toy chest, but instead of ending the game, he'd locked Drew inside the chest.

Kevin observed that Franco was putting an "adult judgment on a child's action." He explained that a child could have any reason or no reason for locking someone in a chest. Kevin went on to say that, if Franco chose to marry Elizabeth without disclosing his history, he had to live with the consequences. Franco exploded that he was done seeing Kevin and demanded that Kevin "keep your mouth shut" to Elizabeth. When he was gone, Kevin got a phone call about lab results. He asked for copies immediately.

A short while later, Franco greeted Elizabeth and Epiphany at the Floating Rib. He wanted to see her one last time before midnight. Epiphany took that as her cue to leave. She hugged Elizabeth and wished Franco luck. She hugged Franco, as well, but she whispered to him that, "if you hurt her, you'll have me to answer to."

Anna stopped short when she saw Alexis and Finn talking at the hospital. Alexis was still stinging from the election and feeling like she'd let people down. Anna walked by and greeted the two. Alexis explained that their A.A. meeting had just ended. Anna expressed her sympathy to Alexis about the election and added that Alexis didn't deserve what had happened. When Anna was gone, Alexis demanded to know why Finn had stayed silent. She advised him to go after Anna to clear things up, but he reminded Alexis that Anna had shot him down the last time he'd tried to tell her how he felt.

A few minutes later, Alexis was down on herself about the election, and Finn urged her to "fight harder next time." She revealed that it was her only election, so he thought she could fight in a different way. She appreciated his encouragement but told him that they wouldn't be sleeping together again. She didn't want to compromise either of their sobrieties, and he admitted that he needed a friend.

Neither Alexis nor Finn wanted to lose the friendship, so they pinky swore that they would never sleep together again. They wanted to get something to eat, but Alexis warned him that, if Anna saw them out together, it would wreck whatever relationship he and Anna had. He confessed that it had been over before it had started. Anna couldn't or wouldn't open up to him, and he didn't know why.

Anna was reading an email about her and Finn's WSB honors when someone sat down next to her. "What took you so long?" she asked Andre. He curiously explained that he'd been summoned to the warden's office that morning and told that the WSB was reviving their memory mapping project. He continued that, in exchange for his cooperation, his sentence would be commuted and his record expunged. He wondered if she knew anything about it, but she shook her head innocently.

Anna wondered if Andre could duplicate his process without his notes. He was confident that he could, and he admitted that he was a lot more comfortable knowing that his project was being funded by the WSB instead of Faison. Anna confided that, even though Faison was dead, she still felt sick hearing his name, especially considering their child. Andre wondered if she'd told Finn, and Anna answered that there was no need, because they had no relationship. She explained how she and Finn had gotten closer, and also how she'd almost gotten him killed twice.

Anna thought she was "bad for Finn's health," but Andre reminded her that Cassandra was in a coma, and Faison was dead. He knew that she could think of a million reasons for her and Finn not to be together, but she couldn't change her feelings. She thought it was better for less people to know her secret, anyway, as it would shatter Robin's faith in Anna. She added that the only gift she'd given her other daughter was not knowing Faison. Andre respected her decision, but Anna could tell that he didn't agree. "As a shrink or your friend, it's not my call," he answered.

Andre politely declined Anna's offer of a place to stay, and he excused himself to arrange a room at the hotel on the WSB's dime. He was looking forward to some privacy. When he was gone, Kevin sat down next to Anna, citing his promise to keep Anna "in the loop" regarding Faison's autopsy. Lab results had revealed that Faison had suffered from Huntington's disease, which was a genetic brain disorder that he could have passed down to his children.

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