General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 5, 2018 on GH

Elizabeth overheard a revealing conversation between Sam and Jason. Anna learned that Valentin had lied about her child. Monica invited Nelle to stay at the Quartermaine mansion. Jim shared Franco's secret with Drew.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 5, 2018 on GH
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Monday, March 5, 2018

Oscar led Josslyn to the freezer so they could be alone. They shared a kiss but broke apart when the ground started shaking. Shelves and cabinets in the freezer began to fall, so the two took shelter underneath a sturdy standing shelf. Outside the freezer, there were screams from the kids and chaperones at the dance as glasses shattered and debris fell. Drew grabbed Kim and pulled her somewhere safe.

As the ground began to shake at the Quartermaine mansion, Jason grabbed Sam and pulled her away from the windows as she screamed. Across town in Jim's office, plans fell off shelves, and the shelves themselves fell. One landed on Franco seconds before the shaking stopped. Jim saw that Franco was unconscious and tried to wake him. He felt for Franco's pulse but ran out of the office.

Franco woke up soon after and tried to lift the large shelf off of himself. He yelled for help until someone wandered into the office. Mike looked down at Franco and asked if he was all right. "Do I look all right?" Franco snapped at a clearly confused Mike. He asked Mike to help lift the shelf. Both men tried to get the shelf off of Franco, to no avail. Franco asked Mike to find help, so Mike left the office. Franco's last thought before passing out was that he needed to get to Elizabeth.

When the shaking was over at the Quartermaines', Sam ran upstairs to check on the kids. She returned and informed Jason that they'd slept through the earthquake, and Jason told her that cell phones and landlines weren't working. Ned and Olivia entered, and Jason assured Ned that there didn't seem to be any structural damage. Ned explained that they'd taken some precautions when the family had rebuilt after the 1991 earthquake.

Ned found a radio, which instructed everyone to stay off the roads so that emergency vehicles could get through. As mayor, Ned wanted to go downtown, but Jason thought it was a good idea to stay off the roads. Sam suddenly asked how Jason had gotten to the house. When he replied that he'd taken his motorcycle, Sam asked him to take her into town so that she could find Drew, as he'd been near the epicenter of the earthquake. Jason agreed.

A short while later, Sam and Jason were walking toward the Floating Rib when they bumped into Mike. He recognized Jason but didn't know who Sam was until she introduced herself. He apologized and admitted his recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Mike insisted that he was there for a reason, but he couldn't remember what it was.

Sonny burst into his house, calling out for Carly, but instead found Michael unconscious on the floor. He woke Michael up, but Michael passed right back out when he tried to sit up. Sonny succeeded in waking Michael again as the lights went on. Max entered and informed Sonny that he couldn't find Carly or Mike on the property. He proceeded to ask Michael a series of questions and determined that Michael probably had a concussion. He instructed Sonny to keep Michael awake while Max checked the grounds.

A short while later, Sonny got some water for Michael, who was seeing double. Max returned without having seen any signs of Carly or Mike. He instructed Max to have everyone look for the two while they got Michael to the hospital.

Elizabeth ran into the church to make sure everyone was all right. Kevin and Griffin got up from the floor, and Ava called out for Kiki. Griffin went to look for the radio that was usually behind the altar as Ava finally found Kiki. Kiki gasped at the blood running down Ava's face as Elizabeth lit some candles. Griffin turned the radio on, and the announcer instructed them to remain indoors after the "massive earthquake" and to stay inside a "stable structure for the next few hours."

Ava called out to Griffin to look at the cut on her face. He saw that it was only a small cut on her temple, so she would be fine. The radio announced that the epicenter of the earthquake had been the Charles Street district. Just then, Elizabeth noticed an unconscious Scott on the floor and tried to wake him up. When he was awake, she noticed a piece of debris protruding from his leg, so she called Griffin over. In his daze, Scott informed Elizabeth that Franco loved her, and he apologized about Franco's secret. Elizabeth urgently asked what the secret was, but Scott passed out.

Griffin needed to get Scott to the hospital, and Kevin offered to help Griffin carry Scott. Kiki insisted on going to the hospital, as well, but Ava begged Kiki to stay with her. Kiki advised Ava to go check on Avery, as Kiki had to go help whoever she could. She hugged her mother as Griffin completed his tourniquet, and they left.

Elizabeth dug Scott's phone out of the debris and handed it to Kevin, who wondered why Elizabeth was staying at the church. Elizabeth didn't know why Franco hadn't shown up for their wedding, but he knew that she was there, so she felt that he was "coming for me." When Kevin was gone, she tearfully picked up some flowers and thought about some of her special moments with Franco, from when they'd first become friends to the day he had proposed. She knew that Franco would be there.

Jordan was trying to organize her officers responding to the crisis when she noticed Curtis limping toward the door. She reminded him that he was still in custody and instructed him to sit. He reluctantly obeyed as he explained that he could go make sure T.J., Molly, and Stella were all right. Jordan asked a nearby officer to begin "mandatory evacuation" of the Charles Street district. As a side note, she asked him to keep an eye out for T.J. and Stella.

Jordan explained to Curtis that, if he left, he would be considered a fugitive, and if she let him leave, she would be considered corrupt. She begged him to let her do her job. Curtis countered that there had been no earthquakes in Port Charles since 1991. He thought that Jim's excavation could have created the conditions that had caused the earthquake. Curtis got up to leave and immediately fell.

A short while later, Jordan helped Curtis into the hospital, and Amy asked Dr. Park to consult on Curtis. Jordan explained that Curtis had been thrown to the ground during the earthquake, and a bunk had collapsed on top of him. Amy took him into a room at the doctor's request. Jordan's phone rang, and she answered it to Ned. He told her that he'd heard from the governor, who was going to use his resources to help the town. She thanked Ned and quickly ended the call when Amy returned. She asked if T.J. or Molly had been to the hospital that night, but Amy answered that they hadn't.

Jordan went into Curtis' room and saw that he had bandages wrapped around his leg, and an I.V. in his arm. She informed him that T.J. and Stella hadn't been seen at the hospital. "No news is good news," Curtis related. When he was distracted, Jordan slipped a handcuff around his wrist and cuffed him to the bed. "You're still under arrest," a smiling Jordan reminded him.

At the Floating Rib, the kids and chaperones got up from the floor, and Kim and Drew unsuccessfully looked around for Oscar and Josslyn. Lulu found that Dakota was caught under a fallen beam. Trina related that Dakota had pushed her out of the way. Lulu called Kim over, and they got Dakota out. Kim realized that Dakota's shoulder was dislocated, so she would need to pop it back in. She took hold of Dakota's arm, counted down from three, and popped the shoulder back into place with a crack. Dakota screamed in pain, and Lulu fetched the first aid kit.

Kim was going to make a sling out of some gauze from the first aid kit, but Drew confessed that he couldn't find Oscar or Josslyn. He added that it was "bad out there." Kim asked Trina and Dakota if they'd seen where Oscar and Josslyn had gone. Trina admitted that she seen them go toward the back room of the restaurant to be alone. Kim and Drew went toward the back room, calling out for Oscar and Josslyn.

Trina thanked Dakota for saving her by pushing her out of the way of the falling beam. Dakota wished that Troy, the bully, could "see me now." Trina hoped a tree would fall on Troy but took it back after Lulu scolded her. Dakota added that Troy probably thought that the earthquake was the "wrath of God" punishing her for being a sinful "freak." Lulu instructed Dakota to ignore Troy, because, as a mother, Lulu felt she would be very proud if her kids were like Dakota.

Oscar and Josslyn emerged from under the shelf and tried to leave the freezer, but the door was jammed shut. They yelled and banged on the door, but no one answered. Oscar cursed the backup generator that he assumed was keeping the freezer running. He gave his coat to Josslyn, who joked that they'd gotten their wish to be alone.

Oscar and Josslyn started to play a game of "never have I ever," getting closer and closer. They moved to share a kiss, but Josslyn stumbled. She admitted that she couldn't feel her feet, so she'd lost her balance. Just then, they heard Drew and Kim yelling out for them. Oscar and Josslyn yelled back, and Drew tried the freezer door, but it was jammed shut. He realized they'd have to pry the door off, so he went looking for something to use.

Oscar was clearly worried as he and Josslyn were getting paler. She took his coat off and suggested that they huddle for warmth and use the coat as a blanket. He took off his shirt and gave it to her, and they huddled together on the floor under that coat. "If I have to be trapped in a freezer, I'm glad it's with you," Josslyn told him. "Me, too," Oscar agreed.

Outside the door, Drew returned with a crowbar and called out to the kids, but he heard nothing. He tried to pry the door open, but it wasn't working. Kim helped him, and they eventually got it open far enough for Kim to stick her head into the freezer. She saw that blue-lipped Oscar and Josslyn had passed out.

Franco is saved

Franco is saved

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sam and Jason ran into Mike on the street near the Floating Rib. Mike told them that he had promised to help a man who had been trapped, but he couldn't remember the particulars. Jason explained where they were standing, and Mike admitted that things looked different from the way he had remembered them. Jason suggested that he search for the man himself, and he suggested that Mike accompany Sam to the evacuation center.

Kim and Drew managed to get into the freezer at the Floating Rib and found Josslyn and Oscar unconscious. The adults began to try to warm the teens up until finally, Josslyn opened her eyes and sat up. Drew helped her to her feet and placed a heavy coat around her while Kim continued to work on their son. Detective Chase arrived and told them they had to leave. Kim advised him that the teens were hypothermic, and Oscar was unconscious. Her son had to stay until an ambulance arrived, but she was a doctor. Josslyn argued with Drew, to no avail. She wanted to stay with Oscar, but Drew told Chase to take Josslyn out.

Kim continued to work over Oscar, and at one point, she was unable to feel his pulse. She began CPR until he began to breathe again. Eventually, he managed to open his eyes. "Stay with us," Kim repeated several times. When Oscar was able to talk, he asked about Josslyn first. He began to tell his parents about his stupid idea to be in the freezer, and he thanked Kim and Drew for finding him and Josslyn. Kim assured Oscar that, as parents, they would always be able to find him.

Carly found herself stuck with Nelle at the art gallery. They began to argue about Michael, and Carly hoped that her family members were all okay after the earthquake. Carly advised Nelle that Michael had only tolerated Nelle because of the baby, and Nelle retorted that she and Michael had a bond that Carly could not break. Carly recalled a time in the past when she'd been stuck in an elevator in a burning building with Alexis, who she had hated. She didn't think she would have longed for those days.

Suddenly, Nelle experienced some sharp pains, and at first, Carly laughed. She thought that Nelle was faking it, but Nelle was scared that something was wrong. Carly got her to sit down. Nelle was in extreme pain, and, after questioning from Carly, she clarified that the pains were irregular. Nelle wondered if she was in labor. Carly retrieved a bottle of water and suggested that Nelle was dehydrated. She thought the young woman might be experiencing Braxton-Hicks pains. Carly suggested that Nelle calm down, drink the water, and breathe, since stress wasn't good for the baby.

Nelle wondered if she was supposed to breathe like in the childbirth classes she'd been taking with Michael. Carly said yes and told her to stop talking and to breathe. Eventually, the pains stopped, and Nelle admitted that Carly had been right.

At the hospital, Griffin ordered a head CT for Michael, though Michael told Sonny that he was more concerned with finding out about Nelle and the baby. Amy pushed a wheelchair over and, when Michael tried to refuse his ride, announced that it was policy. An aggravated Josslyn showed up with Detective Chase and demanded that he send an ambulance to the Floating Rib. Sonny saw and heard his stepdaughter as she shouted at the detective, and she ran into Sonny's arms. She told Sonny what had happened and how she'd wanted to stay with Oscar.

Chase suggested that Josslyn be checked for hypothermia. Sonny tried to calm Josslyn down and assured her that Oscar was in good hands. Amy joined the group, checked Josslyn's pulse, and thought that she was okay. She took the young girl with her in order to get her a warm change of clothes.

After Michael's test, Griffin announced that he had a concussion. Michael was still asking about Nelle, and Josslyn revealed that Nelle and Carly had been at the art gallery. Sonny volunteered to check on them. Chase ran into Dante, who was at the hospital, coordinating the police department with the hospital. Josslyn returned in some old warm sweats that Dante complimented sarcastically, and Amy announced that Josslyn could leave.

Josslyn refused to leave the hospital until she heard about Michael and Oscar. Amy filled Dante in on Michael, and Josslyn told her brother about the freezer. She begged Dante to check on Oscar. Chase advised him that the building was in bad shape, and he had been given another assignment. Dante agreed to head to the Floating Rib.

Elizabeth waited at the church alone in case Franco showed up. She was certain that he'd been trying to get to her. As she sat there, talking to herself, convinced that a disaster loomed outside, Sam and Mike wandered in. Sam wondered if Franco had left Elizabeth at the altar, and she mentioned how bad it was outside. Mike and Elizabeth remembered each other, and Mike urged Sam to go. He advised Elizabeth that Sam wanted to be with her husband Jason. Elizabeth looked over at Sam, who grimaced. Mike stated that he would stay with Elizabeth. He asked about Lucky, and Elizabeth had to tell him that she and Lucky hadn't been married for a very long time.

Mike revealed his memory issues, though he was sure that Elizabeth had heard about it. She admitted that it was her wedding day, although she had no idea where her groom could be. She had assumed he'd been caught up somewhere during the earthquake. Elizabeth asked if Mike was okay, and he divulged that he'd been scared. He didn't like the way that Sonny had been looking at him. He wept as he mentioned that he'd gone to one of his old spots, but it had no longer been there. He'd had trouble recognizing some of the people he'd known. Elizabeth thought he was lucky to have his family help him to remember so many great things.

Elizabeth and Mike joked a little bit, but Mike confessed that he expected to forget who Elizabeth was in time. "It's a damn shame," he said. Elizabeth began to weep and grabbed his hand. He told her not to feel sorry for him because he knew the score, and he thought that was half the battle. He asked about the lucky guy that Elizabeth was marrying, and she admitted that he had been the last person she would have expected to marry, but he was perfect.

Just then, Detective Chase walked in, and Mike grew agitated. He told the cop to go away because he hated him. Chase announced that he was not there to arrest Mike but to help him. Mike assumed that his grandson had given Chase a difficult time, and Chase agreed. He'd received an earful from Dante and also Sonny. He told Mike that the family was at the hospital.

Mike wanted Elizabeth to accompany him, but Elizabeth declined. She had to wait. Chase advised her that no one would be showing up, but she was adamant and told him not to mess with a bride on her wedding day. Chase thought that was good advice and told her to be careful.

Franco remained stuck under the cabinet in Harvey's trailer office and continued to make noise. He assumed that the old man had forgotten about him until he heard footsteps. "What took you so long?" he asked. He was shocked to find Jason standing over him. "I thought you were getting married," Jason said. Franco joked that he'd decided to fall under the cabinet for luck. Franco knew that Jason hated him, but Franco had to be somewhere, and he thought it would be against Jason's personal code to just leave him there. Jason admitted that hating Franco didn't even begin to cover his feelings.

Jason went off on how Franco had left Sam and Michael. Franco shouted that he'd been different then, and he'd had a tumor. Jason was sure that neither Sam nor Michael would forget what Franco had done to them, and he didn't care what Franco had to say. He slammed a desk for emphasis. "I told you you would pay. Now's the time," Jason stated. Just then, Sam called Jason's name from the doorway.

Jason told Sam to wait outside, but Franco suggested that she wait inside in order to watch Jason avenge her. Sam advised Jason that she didn't care about Franco and that Michael had made peace with the past. She admitted that she'd rather see Franco live than keep a secret about how he'd died. Franco groaned, and Jason finally agreed to rescue him. He and Sam lifted the cabinet enough for Franco to slide out. Franco thanked them, and he managed to get up and limp outside.

Jason wondered how Sam was just able to allow Franco to go, and Sam admitted she didn't know. She had accepted what had happened and moved on rather than get stuck in the past. She had learned it from Jason. She advised him that his hate for Franco couldn't exist because if something happened to Franco, Jake would be upset. She thought that one day, when Jake was old enough to understand everything, he'd be able to make his own choices. Jason took a deep breath and agreed to try for Sam. She told him she had to get to the Floating Rib but realized she was missing a dog tag that Danny had given her for Annabelle. They searched for it among the debris. Jason found it, and Sam suggested that he hold onto it.

Sonny showed up at the gallery, and Carly shouted that the door was stuck. Sonny managed to find a way inside. "What do you know, we're saved," Carly said gleefully. Nelle rolled her eyes.

At the hospital, Griffin wheeled Michael out to the lobby area, and he and Josslyn hugged. Carly, Nelle, and Sonny arrived, and Michael thanked Sonny for finding the women. Nelle hugged Michael several times, and Carly insisted that Nelle get checked out. Josslyn cried and told her mother what had happened in the freezer. She admitted how scared she was about Oscar. Sonny soon realized that everyone had been accounted for except for Mike.

"He's not coming," Elizabeth said resignedly at the church. She heard footsteps and saw Franco. He rushed over to her and enveloped her with a hug and a long kiss.

Chase and Mike arrived at the hospital, and Sonny exclaimed that he owed Chase for a second time. Mike referred to the detective as Sherlock Holmes. Sonny wanted to get Mike some coffee, and Griffin announced that he wanted to admit Michael. Amy revealed that Nelle had been admitted for observation. Carly wanted to follow Michael with Josslyn in tow, but Josslyn refused. She wanted to wait for Oscar. Carly ordered her not to leave the emergency room. Josslyn sat down to wait.

Kim continued to warm Oscar up. Dante arrived and told the teen that his girlfriend would be happy to see that he was awake. Drew suggested they make a stretcher out of a shelf. Oscar only wanted to see Josslyn.

Jason and Sam joked, but suddenly there was a jolt. Everything went crashing to the floor again.

Sam and Jason confess their true feelings

Sam and Jason confess their true feelings

Sam and Jason confess their true feelings

Sam and Jason confess their true feelings

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Julian carried Molly into the hospital, followed by T.J. T.J. explained that Molly had been hit by some debris. Finn pointed out a room for Julian to carry her to, and he instructed Amy to order some tests for Molly. While Finn and Amy checked Molly out, T.J. sat with Josslyn, and they exchanged their experiences from the earthquake.

Amy summoned T.J. into Molly's room, so he got up. When he entered the room, Finn explained that Molly had a broken rib but no internal bleeding, so she would make a full recovery. He assured T.J. that she would wake up soon, so T.J. sat down next to her and grabbed her hand. When Finn was gone, T.J. begged Molly to open her eyes. Moments later, she did. She took off her oxygen mask, and he scolded her. She promised to put it back on after he kissed her, and he did.

Alexis entered the police station and saw the chaos of Ned, Jordan, and the officers trying to organize evacuation and support measures. Alexis admitted to Ned that she was concerned that she hadn't heard from either of her daughters. Just then, Alexis got a call from Finn, who told her that Molly and T.J. were at the hospital but would be fine. When she was off the phone, she asked Ned to tell Jordan that T.J. was all right, and she left for the hospital.

Olivia entered the station, and Ned described the chaos in the town and what he and the police were trying to do about it. He was befuddled that the town had had two earthquakes in around twenty-five years, when it should be a "once in ten-thousand-year event." Jim entered and offered any of his construction equipment if it was needed for cleanup. Jordan approached and insinuated that Jim's digging had caused the earthquake. Olivia countered that only deep digging like fracking could do that. Jim again offered his help and then left. Ned advised Jordan that they could place blame later.

A short while later, Ned and Jordan gave a press conference calling a "state of emergency" for Port Charles. Ned explained the mandatory evacuations and where the evacuation centers would be. He knew it was a difficult time, but he observed the town "coming together" to help one another, which they would continue to do in the days ahead.

Alexis arrived in Molly's hospital room and was happy to see Molly awake and all right. She asked T.J. what had happened, and he explained that they'd run for cover when the earthquake had started. An awning from a nearby grocery store had fallen, and Molly had been pinned underneath. He'd been too scared to move the awning without hurting Molly, which was when Julian had shown up. Julian had helped T.J. move the awning and carry Molly to the hospital. "We wouldn't have made it without him," T.J. concluded.

At the Floating Rib, Dante asked Kim if Oscar was all right. She revealed that he was still hypothermic. Dante called out for Drew and found him unconscious and pinned underneath the freezer door. He tried and failed to wake Drew up. He asked for Kim's help lifting the door, but she didn't want to leave Oscar. Dante promised Drew that he would be back. He lifted Oscar, and he and Kim left the restaurant.

Julian saw Josslyn sitting in a waiting area and wondered why she was alone. She answered that she was waiting for Oscar. A concerned Julian asked if Oscar was all right. "I don't know," a tearful Josslyn said.

Franco and Elizabeth entered the hospital, and Franco wanted to do something to help. She urged him to go check on the boys and walked away. Julian commented that Franco was "overdressed," and Franco revealed that a "natural disaster doesn't care about your plans."

Kim and Dante entered the hospital with Oscar, and Josslyn immediately sprang from her seat. Kim instructed Josslyn to stand back so that Oscar could be treated. Kim explained to Finn what had happened, and Oscar was put into a room. A short while later, Finn assured Kim that Oscar was doing better. Kim sat next to an unconscious Oscar and commended him for being "strong and brave." She admitted that she'd always thought that she was the only parent Oscar needed, but she told him that Drew had saved him. With different choices, she thought Drew would have been there all along.

Josslyn entered the room but apologized for interrupting. Kim wanted to stretch her legs, so she insisted that Josslyn sit. Kim listened for a minute from outside the curtain as Josslyn told Oscar that him giving his jacket to her was the only reason she was sitting up and he was in a hospital bed. Kim grew teary-eyed as Josslyn thanked him for saving her and promised that she would "save you back" if there was a next time.

When Kim was gone, Josslyn realized that everything she'd thought was important didn't matter, like her dress getting ruined. Just then, he squeezed her hand and opened his eyes. She got up to get a doctor, but he took his oxygen mask off and begged her not to leave.

Julian saw Kim crying and followed her to the staff locker room. He made sure that everything was all right, and she answered that it was "getting there." She explained what had happened to Oscar and Drew, and Julian wanted to help get Drew. She informed him that there were rescuers going back to the unstable building to get him. He hugged her and reassured her.

Just then, Alexis appeared in the doorway of the locker room. Kim wanted to get back to Oscar, so she left. Alexis asked Julian if everything was all right with Kim, and he explained the situation. He asked about Molly, and Alexis assured him that Molly would be all right, thanks to him. She revealed that Molly had asked to see him.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting?" Alexis asked Molly when she returned to the hospital room with Julian. Molly sincerely thanked Julian for saving her and T.J. Julian replied that he was just glad he had been there. "Me, too," Molly agreed.

Dante returned to the Floating Rib with Franco and found Drew. Franco listed off reasons why they shouldn't move Drew, but Dante countered that the building wasn't stable enough to safely leave Drew for an ambulance. The two tried to lift the door, but it was too heavy. Dante suggested a different approach, which involved Franco lifting the door with his legs. Dante dragged Drew out from the under the door, leaving Franco stuck. Franco grabbed the crowbar, and Dante propped the door up with it long enough for Franco to scramble out. The door collapsed seconds later, and the two carried Drew out.

As Elizabeth patched up a cut on Jim's forehead, he assumed that she and Franco hadn't been married. He thought that they'd made each other happy. "We do," she said coldly. She informed him that they would still be getting married, but they'd have to pick a new date. She finished up and walked away.

Just then, Dante and Franco entered with Drew, and Dante told Finn what had happened as Finn examined Drew. Elizabeth looked at Franco in surprise just as Drew woke up and asked about his wife and children.

Elizabeth sat with Franco and asked what had happened. Franco downplayed his role in saving Drew until Dante arrived and told Elizabeth of Franco's heroics. Dante got word that he needed to assist in evacuations. Before leaving, he sincerely thanked Franco for his help. A shocked Elizabeth remarked that Franco had saved Drew's life. She noticed his dirty tuxedo and joked that it wouldn't be wearable at their wedding. He decided that he needed a shower, so he left.

A short while later, Franco was in the shower when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He was happy to see that Elizabeth had joined him, and they shared a kiss.

Kim returned to Oscar's room and hugged her conscious son. Amy entered the room and informed Oscar that Drew was asking about him. Oscar wanted to see Drew, but Kim offered to check on him for Oscar. When Kim was gone, Josslyn told an amused Oscar about all the verbal abuse she'd given Chase, the cop who'd taken her to the hospital. She'd wanted to stay with Oscar, so she'd threatened to sue the cop for being biased against her family, "which is true." He was flattered that she'd fought to stay with him. "I'll always fight to be with you," Josslyn assured him.

Kim found Drew, who was still waiting for a room, in the hall. Kim assured him that Oscar was all right and teased that a guy was supposed to take a girl to the beach if he wanted to kiss her, not to a storage freezer. Drew joked that women made men do stupid things. Kim apologized for not giving Drew a chance to be Oscar's father earlier, but he was grateful to know Oscar.

Sam sat in the corner of the trailer that served as Jim's office as it tipped over the edge of an excavation site. Jason knocked the sliding door out of its track so they could make a quick getaway. He reached out for her, and as she reached back, the trailer tipped more. He advised her to move slowly, so she crawled slowly toward him. They finally joined hands, and he pulled her up. They jumped out of the trailer just as it fell into the excavation site. He covered her as the trailer exploded.

"I need to tell you something," Sam said suddenly. She admitted that, from the minute Jason had shown up in town, she'd known it was him, but she hadn't wanted to hurt Drew. She was happy that he was alive, and she insisted that she hadn't meant it when she'd asked him to keep his distance. Even though she knew that she wasn't supposed to be saying it, she admitted to hoping she would run into him. Sam confessed that she loved him, and she'd never stopped.

Jason and Sam held hands as he told her that he loved her. He admitted that he hadn't said it so that she wouldn't feel pressured. She lamented the mess she'd made of the situation, but Jason reminded her that the situation had been done to them, not by them. "Sam, I love you. If that's all it is, that's enough," Jason told her.

Peter's birthdate is revealed to be the same as Anna's child's

Peter's birthdate is revealed to be the same as Anna's child's

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A shirtless Peter stepped out of his room at the Metro Court in order to set his room service tray onto the floor just as Maxie happened to be passing by in her pajamas and robe. She told him that she had locked herself out of her room and wasn't happy to have to go to the lobby, dressed as she was. Peter invited Maxie in to use his phone, and she followed him inside. Peter hastily put on a shirt and noted that the clothes strewn everywhere had been a result of the earthquake. The pair joked about whether it was a guy or a slob thing as Maxie noted that Nathan had been the same way.

Maxie confessed that she had been unable to stay at her apartment and had been at the hotel for the past two days. She thought she should have been handling things better, but Peter thought she'd been doing great. Maxie explained that she had cleared out all of Nathan's possessions, but the apartment had only looked emptier, which hadn't made things any easier. Suddenly, the baby kicked, and Maxie noted that it happened every time she found herself down about Nathan.

Maxie also wondered what she should do about testing for the genetic disease that Faison had carried. She wasn't sure that she wanted to know, but Nathan would have helped her decide what to do. She had to make all kinds of important decisions on her own, and she didn't know what to do. Maxie couldn't have imagined that anything would have been wrong with Nathan, and she hoped that Faison's other son had the disease. She thought that would have been appropriate after all the wrong he'd done. Peter stared at her.

Peter announced that he'd done some research, and a test could be done between 16 and 18 weeks. Maxie thought it strange that Peter had looked it up, but he replied that he knew she'd been worried. Maxie wasn't sure she wanted to know if the baby had the disease. She told Peter the baby was due June 17, and he told her she could do the test right away. She noted that the baby would be a Gemini and would be both bad and good, versatile and creative with lots of intelligence. Peter added that there would be vast mood swings, and he should know, as his birthday was June 13.

Peter thought that Maxie should want to know everything about the baby, but awkwardness followed. Maxie thought it wasn't Peter's business. He apologized for overstepping, and she apologized for having less tact than usual. Maxie thought he was entitled to his opinions. However, Peter realized that they were merely colleagues, and he should have kept quiet. Maxie reminded him that he'd helped her through some tough times, and they were more than acquaintances.

Maxie decided that Nathan would have wanted her to get the test because he'd always been very concerned for the baby's health. She had been wrong, though, when she'd told him that everything would be okay, because it wasn't. Peter thought that one day, it would be. He also thought she should have someone with her during the test and suggested Nina or Felicia. Maxie was against both of them for various reasons, so Peter offered to do it. He promised there would be no drama. Maxie agreed.

Andre and Anna sat at a table in a restaurant in Belgium. Andre read in the newspaper about the earthquake in Port Charles, and Anna admitted that she hadn't heard from Finn but had spoken to Griffin, who had assured her that Finn was okay. Anna was thankful that Andre was with her to help her trace the midwife who had delivered her baby. They were shocked when a younger-than-expected woman showed up at their table and said that she was the midwife. Anna explained that they'd expected someone much older, and Mademoiselle Lambert revealed that her mother had been the former midwife who had died the previous year.

Anna explained that she'd had a baby who had been adopted, and it was important that she find her daughter due to the possibility of a genetic disease. Anna recalled the midwife as being a very kind woman, and she was hopeful that the woman had kept records. Mademoiselle Lambert told her that there were no records kept due to the sensitivity of the births and adoptions, and she would not be able to help Anna. They continued to talk about how lovely the midwife had been.

Anna revealed that when she'd given birth, she'd used a pseudonym, Tess Durbeyfield. It was a name she'd based on Tess of the D'Urbervilles. The midwife was startled. She knew the name. Anna revealed that her baby had been born on June 13. "You're the one," the midwife said. She declared that her mother would light a candle every year on that date and say a prayer because the couple who had taken the baby had let it go. They had not given any reason, but it hadn't been her mother's fault. Andre quickly assured Anna it hadn't been her fault, either. He told Anna she was a survivor, and her daughter was too.

The midwife quickly corrected Andre. Anna had had a boy, a perfect son. Anna was confused. Andre stated that they had no documents to prove anything, but the child might have a disease. The midwife told them to wait, and she got up from the table. She thought she might be able to help, after all, and she walked away. Anna declared that she hadn't known the sex of her baby because she hadn't seen it after giving birth. Valentin had been the one to tell her she'd had a daughter. "Valentin never lies," Andre said sarcastically.

Anna wondered what Valentin would have gained by lying to her. Andre suggested that Valentin hadn't wanted her to find her child and had to have known something. Anna had only wanted to know that her child was a happy, grown woman with no sign of the genetic disorder. Mademoiselle Lambert returned to the table and admitted she had not quite told the truth. There had been records, but she hadn't been certain that she could trust Anna. She slid an envelope to Anna on the table and said it might help. She wished Anna luck.

Anna opened the enveloped and looked at the paper inside. "This is my baby." It had the right date on it. "I had a son," she said. The paper included the baby's vital statistics, his footprints, and Anna's made-up name.

Carly and Sonny were at home, and he was glad that everyone was okay after the earthquake. Carly noted that Michael would be released from the hospital but would probably stay with Nelle, and she understood that. Sonny was surprised that Carly had been so nice to Nelle during the earthquake, but Carly advised him that the young woman had been scared. She reminded Sonny that she was quite familiar with Nelle's "true colors," though, and she also reminded him that not everyone was okay. Mike had been lost again, and they needed to make a plan.

Sonny didn't want to make any decisions, but Carly told him that it couldn't wait. Mike could have been seriously injured in the earthquake, and it was the second time he'd been lost recently. Sonny thought it would be a good idea to get Mike a place in Brooklyn, where he was familiar with everything, but Carly thought that Mike should stay with them. They had plenty of room. Sonny didn't want Mike to stay there, but Carly felt that the old man needed them. They began to argue.

Carly advised Sonny that they weren't keeping Mike there for Mike but for Sonny. She understood that it would be difficult for Sonny to watch his father as he turned into a shell of himself down the road, but she thought that he should spend time with Mike while Mike was still mostly himself. Carly pleaded with Sonny, explaining that in six months, there would be less of Mike, but she would stand by Sonny. Sonny admitted that he was scared, but Carly urged him not to push Mike away. She knew that it would hurt no matter what, but Sonny should make memories while he could. Both Carly and Sonny were weepy.

Just then, Mike bounded down the stairs and asked if the phones were working. Assured that they were, he mentioned that he'd tried to call Rita, but she'd told him she had moved in with her sister. He thought he had to have heard things wrong. Sonny turned to look at Carly, who told Mike she was sorry. He had heard right. "After five years?" Mike asked. He didn't understand why.

Carly informed Mike that Rita had been there, looking for him, and she'd had to tell Rita that Mike was sick. Mike told Carly she'd had no right to do that. He picked up the phone. Sonny insisted that Carly had been backed into a corner, and Rita had exclaimed that she hadn't signed up for seeing Mike through an illness.

Mike began to sob, and Sonny was sorry. Carly cried as Sonny sat down next to Mike on the sofa. "What am I supposed to do now?" Mike asked. Sonny put his arm around his father and promised that things would be okay. He suggested that Mike stay with them. They could share memories and laughs with the family. "Let us take care of you," Sonny said.

Monica visited with Nelle in her room at General Hospital. Nelle admitted that she'd been happy that Carly had been with her during the earthquake. Monica assured her that Michael would be by to take her home, as he had been released from the hospital himself. Later, Nelle looked at a photo of Michael on her phone just as it began to ring. She answered it and told the person on the other end that it wasn't possible.

Michael ran into Jason and advised him that he'd been released. He asked Jason what had happened during the earthquake, and Jason replied, "A lot." He had just dropped Sam off to see Drew. He told Michael what had happened in the construction site trailer, and he flashed back to Sam revealing her feelings about him. Jason smiled.

Michael admitted that he still didn't trust Nelle, but he had been scared that something had happened to her and the baby during the earthquake. He asked for Jason's opinion of her, but Jason admitted that he really didn't know Nelle. Michael begged him to give an answer, as he trusted Jason more than anyone else. Michael explained that Nelle had had a tough life, and he mentioned what she had done to the family. Michael thought that Nelle would change things if she could.

Jason noted that Carly had made mistakes and knew that people could change, but she also had good instincts. Jason thought that Michael should trust Carly. Jason mentioned the name Hannah Scott, and Michael recalled that she had dated Sonny a few times. Jason said that she had been a federal agent, and Carly had sensed that something had been wrong. She had been married to A.J. at the time, but she'd tailed Hannah. Carly had been mugged and her wedding rings stolen. Jason had bought her new ones. Michael realized that that was why Carly still had those rings.

Jason wanted Michael to trust his own instincts and not to let anyone talk him out of them. Michael said that Carly was perceptive and had always said that Jason and Sam belonged together. Jason seemed thoughtful, and Michael said goodbye. Jason pulled the dog tag out of his pocket and looked at it.

Drew woke up in his hospital bed and saw Sam bending over him. She told him the kids were okay, and she had gone to look for him. She admitted she'd been with Jason, who had had his motorcycle at the Quartermaine house. They'd gone to the Floating Rib, but it had been destroyed. Drew explained how he'd ended up under the freezer door and revealed that Franco and Dante had saved him. Sam called it karma and disclosed that she and Jason had saved Franco earlier. She told Drew all about it and admitted that she was actually grateful to Franco for the first time. She insisted that she was fine.

Monica arrived and advised Drew that he could go home if he took things easy. She was thankful that he was okay and for the way he'd helped Josslyn and Oscar. Her voice cracked, and Drew wiped away a tear. He joked that a statue of him would be erected outside the Floating Rib. Monica ordered Sam to take care of Drew, and Drew stated that he and Sam did a good job of taking care of each other.

Drew and Sam were finally ready to go home, and they walked out of Drew's room. They found Jason at the nurses' station. He had wanted to leave the dog tag there for Sam, and the couple overheard him. Drew asked what it was, and Sam explained that it belonged to Danny. It had been a late-arriving Christmas gift for Annabelle Two. Jason left, and Drew asked Sam if everything was okay. She had a funny expression on her face. Sam told him that they needed to talk.

Monica found a crying Nelle in her room. Nelle announced that she was homeless because her apartment building had been destroyed in the earthquake.

Michael arrived to pick up Nelle to take her home. She told him she had no home due to the earthquake, but she was going to move in with the Quartermaines. She informed him that Monica had insisted. Nelle hugged Michael, who looked horrified.

Carly convinces Mike to stay

Carly convinces Mike to stay

Friday, March 9, 2018

Sonny asked Mike to stay with him and Carly, but Mike answered that he'd only been there for a visit. He figured that he would go home the next day, and Sonny asked why Mike suddenly wanted to leave. Mike assumed that Sonny believed that Mike couldn't handle living on his own. Mike related that he had responsibilities at home. Sonny reminded Mike that his responsibilities with Caruso had ended after Sonny had to clean up Mike's mess.

Carly intervened and assured Mike that everyone loved having him there. Mike promised to visit or call more often. "If you remember the number," Sonny muttered. Mike maintained that living under Sonny's watchful eye would be like a prison for him, and he thought that Sonny was trying to get revenge on Mike. Mike urged Sonny to let him go and pretend his diagnosis had never happened. Sonny threatened to have a judge declare Mike incapable of being on his own, but Carly advised Sonny not to do anything rash.

Carly maintained that Mike was always welcome there. Mike said he would be fine with the help of his live-in girlfriend, Tammy Hansen. Carly gently reminded him that Tammy had moved away long before. Sonny jogged Mike's memory about Rita. "What happened to Rita?" Mike asked, suddenly confused. Carly told him that Rita cared for him, but she wanted to be by herself. Mike didn't remember Carly telling him about Rita, but he realized that Rita hadn't signed up for dealing with his illness. "We had a good run," he said with a sad smile.

Since things hadn't worked out with Rita, Carly suggested that Mike stay with them. Mike replied that Sonny might not like it, as they weren't "good." "Don't be silly," Carly told him, saying that things with family always got better. Mike agreed to stay for a while. Suddenly tired, he excused himself to take a nap, but he asked Sonny to tell Caruso that he would still make the drop-off. Sonny tearfully agreed, and Mike made his way upstairs.

At the hospital, Sam informed Drew that they needed to talk. Noticing how serious she sounded, he suggested talking right then, but Jim interrupted them. Drew wondered if Jim was there to apologize, since Sam had almost died during the earthquake in Jim's office. He asked what she'd been there for. She replied that she'd been saving Franco, who'd been trapped in the office. Jim remarked that she had to have just missed him, as he'd somehow foggily left the office after being thrown.

Drew wondered why Franco had been at Jim's office instead of his wedding. Jim related that that was why he needed to talk to Drew. He told Drew and Sam about the memory of Franco pushing Drew down the stairs as kids and how Franco had laughed after he'd done it. Jim revealed that Betsy had sent Drew away because she'd known he would be all right on his own, while she'd wanted to try to "fix" Franco. He admitted that he'd promised Betsy that he would keep quiet about the incident, but he'd broken the promise to talk to Franco about it.

Jim claimed that Franco had threatened Jim to stay quiet, and he remembered the look in Franco's eye from when he'd been a child. He'd realized that Franco hadn't changed at all. He figured he would tell Drew because Drew probably knew what to do. When he left, Sam wondered if any memory of Drew's had been sparked. It hadn't, but Drew figured that, if Jim had told the truth, "something needs to happen." He said that he was going to "take care of it" and promised to see Sam at home. "What are you going to do?" she called after him as he walked away.

Franco and Elizabeth shared a kiss. When they broke apart, they each expressed how glad they were that the other was all right after the earthquake. "I can't wait to hear the whole story," Elizabeth said. Franco suddenly told her that he needed to check on Scott. Elizabeth mentioned how Scott had talked about Franco's secret, but Franco dismissed Scott's words at babbling. He promised that he would have been on time to their wedding if there hadn't been an earthquake. Elizabeth respected the privacy of his sessions with Kevin, but she could see that something was eating him up inside.

Franco wondered if it would be all right if he didn't tell Elizabeth. She answered that, if they were getting married, they needed to be able to talk about bad things as well as good things with each other. He revealed that he was always dealing with his past. She admitted that she struggled with his past, too, but she'd witnessed him putting his demons behind him. As Franco thought about his conversation with Jim the previous night, Franco and Elizabeth agreed not to let his past get in their way.

A few minutes later, Scott jumped in his bed when Franco kicked his hospital room door open. "Why did you try to sabotage my future with Elizabeth?" Franco demanded of Scott. Scott explained that he'd been bleeding out and in shock, and he didn't know what he'd said. Franco warned Scott not to speak for him "unless you're on retainer." Scott wondered where Franco had been the night before, and Franco told Scott about his conversation with Jim.

When Franco finished telling the story, Scott remarked that Franco smiling after pushing Drew down the stairs didn't add up. Franco revealed that he knew Jim was hiding something, and Jim knew that Franco knew, which was why he'd abandoned Franco in the trailer after the earthquake. He explained to Scott about Jason and Sam saving him, which he considered a "win." He just wanted to focus on his life with Elizabeth. He made Scott swear to keep quiet, and Scott promised. He added that the wedding rings had been lost in the rubble of the church, and he wondered if they were insured.

A short while later, Franco was in the art therapy room when Drew entered. He called Franco "the man who saved my life...or the guy who tried to kill me?"

Maxie and Peter entered the hospital, and she assured him that he could change his mind about accompanying her. He was happy to go to her appointment with her, and she asked him not to tell Nina. She wondered if she was better off not knowing if her baby had inherited the genetic disorder, but Peter thought it was better to deal with all the facts. She thought it was easy for him to say, as he wasn't the one with a fifty percent chance of inheriting a brain disorder.

Jason entered, and Maxie introduced him to Peter as "the man who killed Faison." Peter revealed that he knew Jason after Jason had proposed an article about the reading of Faison's will. Jason explained that he'd hoped to draw Henrik out, but Sam had talked him out of it. Jason only wanted to ask Henrik why he'd kept Jason alive in the Russian clinic. Maxie said that when Jason found Henrik, he could ask questions on her behalf about Henrik's involvement in Faison's plans. "If he was helping Faison, I hope you make him pay," she said as Peter caught every word.

A short while later, Elizabeth bumped into Jason, who asked about Jake. She assured him that the boys were all right, and she wanted to thank him for saving Franco. He explained to her that he'd wanted to leave Franco, but Sam had convinced him not to. A dumbfounded Elizabeth wondered if he'd be sorry if she and Jake were grieving over Franco. He replied that Sam had helped him see that their grief wasn't worth it. While he couldn't change what Franco had done, all he could do was try to accept it and move on. Elizabeth put forth the possibility of redemption.

As Sam looked on, Elizabeth continued that she'd seen Franco trying to make amends daily. However, Jason remembered finding Michael in his cell after being raped by the man that Franco had sent after him. He remembered being locked in a room, watching a live feed of Franco carrying a drugged Sam into bed. He refused to consider redemption, and he trusted that Franco would one day get what he deserved. A shocked Elizabeth walked away in tears.

Sam asked Jason if everything was all right. Jason explained that he and Elizabeth just saw Franco in different ways. "Isn't it enough that you saved his life?" Sam wondered, but Jason reminded her that she was the one who had argued for Franco's life. Thinking more about the night, she confided that she still hadn't told Drew that she still loved Jason. Peering around the corner, Elizabeth couldn't believe what she'd heard.

In Kim's office, Kim assured Nina that everything looked good. Nina admitted that she had another question, and she asked about getting pregnant. She wondered if, after reviewing Nina's history, Kim knew of any advances in reproductive medicine that would help Nina get pregnant. Unfortunately, Kim wasn't aware of any advances and wished she could help. Nina thought of how lucky she had gotten with her family, and especially Charlotte, but she admitted that she was "going through the motion trying to keep myself together for my family."

Nina continued that she would just focus on her family and the baby on the way. Nina exited the office and bumped right into Maxie and Peter. She knew that Maxie didn't have an appointment that day and made sure that everything was all right. Maxie looked to Peter, who nodded. Maxie explained why she was getting an amniocentesis, and Nina wondered why Maxie hadn't told her. Maxie confessed that she hadn't wanted Nina to worry until there was something to worry about.

Nina maintained that she was Maxie's sister-in-law and birthing coach, so it was her job to worry about things so that Maxie wouldn't. "We're in this together," she assured Maxie. Peter took that as his cue to leave, and Nina followed. He apologized if he'd overstepped and explained that he was only trying to be a friend. Nina assured him that he'd been generous, and she was sure his intentions had been pure. However, she advised him to be careful of the "optics," as he was Maxie's boss, so he needed to keep things professional. "Message received," he agreed. Nina returned to Maxie. Peter bumped into a nurse and asked if there was a doctor who could give him a "full genetic workup."

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