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Griffin received confirmation that Peter was Faison's son. Maxie spent time with Georgie. Drew walked out on Sam. Kiki was horrified when Dr. Bensch kissed her. Residents gathered to share their special memories of living in Port Charles.
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Kim and Julian sleep together

Kim and Julian sleep together

Monday, March 26, 2018

Sonny approached Andre at the hospital and told him he had a candidate for Andre's memory research. Andre explained that his research was for the WSB only. Sonny suggested that Andre keep it a secret, but Andre declared that he was finished with secrets. Andre stated that while he recalled parts of his research, he would basically have to start from scratch. Sonny was insistent that Andre help Mike, but Andre acknowledged that while Alzheimer's was a "diabolical" disease, he could not help him.

Sonny confessed that Mike had been "crumbling before my eyes," and he offered to pay Andre. The doctor was angry and retorted that he couldn't be bought. Andre revealed that if he had been able to help, he would have revealed his procedure years before and tried it on his wife. The procedure would have no effect on Alzheimer's, which Andre called a corrosive disease. He suggested that Sonny help Mike instead by getting his stories and sharing memories, which would be "more precious than gold."

Jason walked into Carly's office at Metro Court and began to talk about Spinelli and his plan. As he continued to talk, he realized that Carly hadn't been listening. She was looking at Morgan's photo and shaking her head. Carly explained again about the scarf she'd found on her desk that had been just like Morgan's. The dirtied and blood-stained scarf had been gone when she'd returned to her office after the fire alarm had gone off. Jason asked her questions about the scarf and the security cameras in the hotel. Carly admitted that there were no cameras close to her office.

Carly and Jason viewed the footage of the cameras closest to the administrative area with the help of security, but Carly recognized all of her employees. There was no camera in the stairwell, and she was not about to question all of her guests. Carly admitted that between the scarf on her desk and the mysterious calls from the pay phone, it made her think that Morgan was still around.

Jason thought that perhaps Carly had been fantasizing about Morgan because Mike had mentioned him. Carly revealed that she always thought about Morgan and always pictured him there. She began to laugh and cry as she talked about her son, and she admitted that she wouldn't go into his room in her second house. Carly noted that her son was gone, but she was a mom and still hoped that he would return home. She fell into Jason's arms, weeping.

Jason assured Carly that they would figure things out. He had work to do for Sonny, and Carly sent him on his way. She pleaded with Jason not to tell Sonny because he had his own problems with Mike. She thought that if everything was okay with Sonny's business relationships, then nothing was dangerous, and he didn't need to know.

Later, Sonny arrived to take Carly home. She suggested he get a massage after his long day. He spotted the photo of Morgan and mentioned that it was one of his favorites.

Drew sat on the dock with a supply of beer. He flashed back to his last conversation with Sam during which she'd admitted her love for Jason. He tossed the empty beer cans to the ground. Curtis found him and announced that Betsy had been found and was in the hospital. Drew praised Curtis, without expressing any feeling, and noted that his previous 24 hours had been rough. "I lost her," Drew stated, adding, "It's over."

Curtis noted that people managed to find ways to work things out, and he was certain that Drew and Sam loved each other. Drew wasn't in the mood to hear it and told Curtis that he didn't want a pep talk. Sarcastically, Drew added that when Jordan announced that she was in love with Curtis' twin brother, Curtis would know it was over. Curtis suggested that Sam had a "screwed-up" sense of loyalty, and he thought that Jason had a "personality of concrete." He pointed out that Drew enjoyed life.

Curtis suggested that he and Drew go to the gym because it wasn't good to be drinking and angry. He knew from personal experience. Drew insisted that he'd seen the signs and had known it would happen. He continued to drink and toss his empty cans of beer. Curtis suggested that Drew scream and curse everyone out as Curtis had done when his brother had died, but Drew ordered Curtis to "back off."

Curtis pointed out that Drew had given Sam everything, and she had gone. He thought that Drew had to be angry that Jason was probably waiting for Sam. Drew insisted that he just wanted to focus alone, and Curtis urged him not to do anything stupid. Shortly after, Jason walked onto the dock and glanced at the cans strewn all over. He and Drew stared at each other.

Alexis paid Sam a visit and babbled about her anxiety over Finn. She suddenly realized that Sam wasn't paying attention, and she could tell that something was wrong. "Drew left me," Sam replied. She told Alexis what had happened after she'd found Drew's wedding ring and put it back on his finger. He had kissed her, she'd cried, and then she'd told him that she still loved Jason while loving Drew at the same time. Sam said that Drew had believed the second part, but he'd left.

Alexis hugged and reassured a crying Sam that she'd done the right thing because the truth was always better. Sam said it was painful, and she had no idea if Drew would return home. Alexis was certain that it wasn't the end, and there would be more to talk about. She asked what Sam would say to Jason because Alexis was certain that Jason would show up after he heard that Sam and Drew had split.

Sam knew that she had to take the time to get over it and learn to trust and rely on herself. She did know that she didn't want to lean on Jason. Sam wanted to be alone to figure things out. She thought that maybe she shouldn't be with either of the men. Alexis hugged her and told her that she was brave and had made a tough decision. She thought that Sam had set a good example for her daughter, her sisters, and Alexis.

Sam assured her mother that what she saw in Jason was not the same as what Alexis saw in Julian. Alexis quickly reminded her that they weren't talking about Julian. She thought it was not good for Sam to be with Jason if she was having doubts. Alexis said she didn't hate Jason, only what he did for a living. She urged Sam to trust her instincts.

Kim and Julian sat in Charlie's Pub, drinking wine and flirting. Outside, Olivia and Ned arrived for a meeting about the rebuilding of Port Charles. Because of Julian, Ned was annoyed that Olivia wanted it at the pub, but Olivia was adamant that it was a good idea. They walked inside, and Julian taunted Ned for showing up there. Ned announced that he was having an informal meeting, and Julian asked Kim to take a walk with him. Ned was happy that Julian had left, and he was sure that everyone at the meeting would agree.

Kim and Julian made their way to Julian's office, and Kim was surprised to learn that Julian had also been living there. He explained that it was convenient to be on the premises, though Kim didn't like the looks of the uncomfortable pull-out sofa. They continued their flirting and ended up in bed. After they made love, Kim admitted that she had been taken by surprise, and she had almost gone home instead. She suggested that they be clear about where they stood with each other. They enjoyed each other's company, but both of their hearts belonged to others.

As Kim and Julian dressed, Julian admitted that he hadn't invite Kim to stay because he wasn't certain the sofa would hold them all night. Kim reminded him that she had a son who might not be ready for the relationship, so Julian couldn't be at her place. Julian thought that Kim's reputation might also suffer, but she revealed that she didn't care what people thought. He recommended that Kim not shout about it from the rooftops, and they agreed that discretion was best.

Ned convened his meeting in the pub area. Valentin, Nina, Lulu, Olivia, Michael, and Monica were in attendance. Valentin asked what they could do, and Lulu explained that the people with the most resources had been the ones to suffer the least. Nina admitted that while there had been no damage on Spoon Island after the earthquake, she wanted to help. Michael thought housing was important, and Monica agreed that nothing was more important than a place to live. Ned deemed a city worth living in to be the important thing.

Olivia wanted to be able to keep young people in the city. The group tossed around ideas. Nina wanted a concept, and Michael saw an opportunity for a narrative. Monica pointed out that people still needed housing. Ned mentioned that he was still working on getting subsidies, but they had to preserve the character of the city. He admitted to seeing the error of his ways and wanted to see those things that made Port Charles great in all areas of the city. He wanted organized crime in the area downplayed. Olivia wanted people to venture to the city and stay.

Olivia pointed out that everyone had their own unique areas of expertise, and she would email everyone about a subsequent meeting. Julian and Kim made their way downstairs as the meeting concluded. He walked her to the door, and Kim laughed as she said that she hoped to see him again.

Drew and Jason fight

Drew and Jason fight

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Nina and Valentin sat at a table in Metro Court. Nina doubted her ability to sell Port Charles via the media, and she mentioned all of her skeletons in the closets at Wyndemere. On the other hand, Valentin had lots of faith in his wife and sang her praises. They decided to head home, but Nina wanted to stop and see Peter at Aurora first to update him on the rebuilding meeting she and Valentin had attended. Valentin suggested that she merely wanted to warn Peter to stay away from Maxie. Nina admitted she'd already done so, and she got up from the table.

Maxie found Peter in his office, typing away diligently. He was working on his manuscript and was startled when Maxie interrupted him. He mentioned that he had something for her, and he handed her an envelope. It contained a document about the college trust fund that Nathan had set up for his child. Peter admitted he'd sneaked a peek because the envelope had been open. He suggested that Maxie could use a better investment than what had been made, and Maxie declared that she needed some advice. She was aware that Nina had financial advisors, but she didn't want to deal with Nina because Maxie saw Nathan whenever she looked at Nina.

Peter replied that he had complications, also, but Maxie reminded him that it was his area of expertise, plus he wasn't Nathan's sibling. She confessed that Nathan hadn't been a financial genius. Peter agreed to refer Maxie to someone to talk to. She added that it was all about honoring Nathan. Maxie announced that her daughter would be visiting, but she wasn't sure that she wanted to move out of the hotel and back home. Peter was happy to hear the news, especially if she moved home. She thanked him for everything, and Peter picked up the phone after she left.

Nina walked up to Peter's office and heard him talking on the phone. He mentioned a large deposit that he didn't want traced to him and said that he wanted it transferred to another account. Peter heard the footsteps and quickly ended his call. He shouted out, and Nina walked inside. She told him she'd return another time, and she apologized for interrupting. She also apologized for being rude the last time they had spoken. She told Peter about the revitalization meeting and about rebuilding in the media. She wanted to write about the vibrancy of their town, and she thought Aurora should be a part of it.

Nina suggested that Crimson was all about fashion and lifestyle, but they could rebrand it and make Port Charles look good. Peter was distracted and agreed to talk to Nina the next day. Nina also asked Peter to step away from Maxie and allow her to lean on the family instead.

Nina returned to Valentin and told him about the call she'd overheard and about her belief that Peter was hiding something. She noted that he did seem interested in the rebuilding of Port Charles. Valentin suggested that Nina push aside her thoughts of Peter because it was probably nothing, but she declared that Valentin always said the same thing.

Maxie returned to Peter's office and asked him if she was right to move home. He thought that only Maxie could decide for herself, and Maxie proceeded to indicate how Georgie might like the hotel if they did all kinds of fun things. She didn't think her home would ever be her home again. Peter thought that Maxie was capable of doing anything, and he thought she should go home if that was best. Maxie admitted she needed help, and Peter smiled.

Nina and Valentin were shocked to see Peter and Maxie in the restaurant, picking up a takeout order. "Did that just happen?" Nina asked incredulously after Peter and Maxie left. She jumped up, but Valentin stopped her from going anywhere. He stated that Maxie liked Peter, and he wondered how Nina would react if she had been told to stay away from someone. Nina admitted she wouldn't, but she still thought that something was going on with Peter.

Franco and Elizabeth sat in the police station and waited while Dante and Jordan questioned Betsy in the interrogation room. Franco was anxious to see his mother while Betsy pleaded with the cops to allow her to see her son. She was having no part of answering their questions and remained silent. They considered allowing Franco inside, but Jordan decided to try something else first.

Franco told Elizabeth that he wanted closure, and he needed to speak to his mother. He was aware that Elizabeth didn't trust him, but Elizabeth felt that Franco didn't trust her. Franco reiterated that he didn't remember what had happened when he'd been a kid, but he wanted the truth. He promised there would be no more secrets, and he would be free after getting the truth. Elizabeth wondered if there would actually be more questions. She accused Franco of looking for a miracle -- that one answer that would solve everything.

Franco insisted that he had been trying to protect Elizabeth. Just then, Kevin walked in, and Franco was anxious to talk to his doctor. Dante and Jordan emerged from the interrogation room to get Kevin so that he could assess Betsy. Franco told Elizabeth that it was his life, his past and future, and he thought that he should be a part of it.

Kevin entered the interrogation room and asked the cops to leave. He sat down, and Betsy stated that she only wanted to see Bobby. She had a difficult time calling him Franco, she admitted. Kevin confessed that he'd listened to Franco often, and Betsy perked up. She asked whether her son was okay. Following Kevin's leading questions, Betsy revealed that she loved Franco and would never intentionally hurt him, but she had hurt him and wanted to make amends.

Kevin advised Betsy that she could help to heal Franco, but she would have to heal herself. Betsy didn't think she deserved any forgiveness. Shortly after, Kevin emerged from the room and announced that Franco should be patient. He had found Betsy to be in shock and was going to have her admitted to the hospital for observation. Franco told Elizabeth that he planned on heading to the hospital, where he would wait all night, if necessary. Elizabeth ordered him to hand over the car keys so that she could drive.

Sam wandered the penthouse aimlessly, thinking back to her conversations with both Drew and Jason. She stared out of the window until she heard a knock at the front door. It was Curtis, who told her that Drew was not okay and had been drinking. Drew had told Curtis that he and Sam were over because she was in love with Jason. Curtis and Sam sat down.

Sam confessed that she felt guilty for choices she'd made. When Jason had first returned to town, she had known he was the real Jason, but she had loved Drew and had lied to protect him. She had continued to lie, but she had to be honest to set a good example for her kids. Curtis announced that Drew would stay at his place, especially since Curtis usually stayed with Jordan. He wanted some of Drew's things. Sam thought that Drew was lucky to have a friend like Curtis, and she went upstairs to retrieve some clothing.

Sam returned with clothing and accessories and noted that there was nothing left that Drew would want to see except their daughter. Curtis thought that it was too soon to be making any decisions but admitted that no one liked to hear that their love was in love with a hated brother. Drew's pride had been hurt. Curtis wondered if Sam had attempted to contact Drew, and she confessed that she hadn't. Curtis thought it was a good idea to "chill" and allow Drew to reach out first.

Drew and Jason saw each other at the dock. Sarcastically, Drew stated that he couldn't get away from Jason, who mentioned that he was there to do a job for Sonny. He offered to move his spot, and Drew accused him of being good at running. "Looks like you got Sam back," Drew snarled. Drew proceeded to talk about all of Jason's memories that were in his own head. He was aware of how Jason always put Sonny ahead of Sam, left her alone, and hurt her. "Who knows that better than me?" Drew asked.

Drew informed Jason that Sam had tried to kill Sonny because she had thought that she could break Sonny's hold over Jason. Drew had chosen Sam over Sonny, but he saw that Jason was back to drag Sam into everything that she feared. Jason denied it but said that it was best that Drew and Sam were done. He accused Drew of treating Sam like he owned her. Drew insisted that Jason was the one who hurt Sam, and Jason thought that it was okay if Sam didn't look at him as long as she was free of Drew, who then slugged Jason. The brothers began to fight.

Back at Sam's place, a contemplative Curtis noted that anger faded, and pain was a bitch but would be manageable. He suggested that Sam look at the good times and eventually let go and smile. He'd had his own past with a broken heart but had seen himself through it. Just then, Sam received a phone call. It was from the police station, and she was advised that her husband was in custody for assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Sam arrived at the police station and paid the fine to have Drew released. The cop at the desk informed her there had been a fight, and both men were in custody. Sam offered to pay the fine for the other guy. Curtis arrived and announced that Sam's sister was staying with the kids. He offered to take over for Sam, but she refused. Drew was led out in handcuffs. His face was bruised.

The cop removed the cuffs and announced that the incident was still open. Another arrest could result in criminal charges. The lawyer for the other guy had paid the fine. Curtis advised Drew that Drew was staying with him, and he spoke over Drew, who wanted to refuse. Jordan walked up to the group and advised Drew not to let it happen again. Drew roughly brushed past Sam on his way out. A tearful Sam asked for the name of the other man, and just then, Jason walked out. He, too, was in cuffs with a bruised face.

At General Hospital, Franco and Elizabeth waited for news about Betsy. Elizabeth updated him on her boys' latest activities and told him how much they missed him. Kevin arrived to fetch Franco. He advised Franco that Betsy had been sedated. Franco went to his mother's room, and she was overjoyed to finally see him. Franco wanted her to talk, but she could only say she was sorry. She started to cry and withdrew to the other side of the bed.

Outside the room, Elizabeth curiously asked Kevin if the truth could set a person free. Kevin thought it depended on the case.

Dr. Bensch lured Kiki to his office where he kisses her without her consent.

Dr. Bensch lured Kiki to his office where he kisses her without her consent.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

At the police station, Jason and Sam stood together awkwardly. He asked if she wanted to sit, and Sam agreed. They walked over to a bench. Jason didn't want to make things worse, but Sam insisted that it wasn't possible. She blamed herself for everything that had happened and knew that she had to find out about herself. She was feeling lost and scared, although she felt that she'd made the right decision. She was afraid that she'd end up without either Drew or Jason but would have to live with it.

"Life is crazy," Sam said. A few months before, she'd been happily married, but at that moment, Drew hated her. Jason didn't think that was true. Sam clarified that Drew wasn't happy, and she'd have to accept it. Jason admitted that he had always accepted things easily, but he still had his feelings for Sam and wanted to be with her. He would accept whatever happened because he felt it was about Sam and not him. He suggested she figure out what she wanted and needed. Sam thought that she needed to get away from Jason, Drew, and Port Charles, and she hoped that it was okay with both of the men that she took the kids.

Jason agreed that taking Danny away was okay. Sam wished she could tell Jason what he wanted to hear, but she couldn't do that. Jason understood. Sam related that she had done something awful to herself and Drew, and she didn't want to do it to Jason too. Jason asked Sam if she wanted a coffee but he was afraid that if he got up, she wouldn't be there when he got back. Sam assured him that she wasn't going anywhere yet.

Jason returned with two cups of coffee and sat back down. Sam wondered what he was thinking, and Jason just wanted Sam to find herself, even if it meant they wouldn't be together. He added that he would miss her, but he'd be okay. He only wanted her to be with him if she was "all in." Jason recalled hurting Sam in the past, and it was something that he would always regret. He would never do it again.

Sam thought it was time to leave and declined Jason's offer to walk her out. "This is it," she said. Part of her life would be over once she got up. Jason reminded her that it was her life and choice, and there was no time limit on it. They joked about Jason finishing his coffee, and Sam asked how he'd been able to drink it. He explained that sometimes one had to force oneself to do things.

Sam finished her coffee and tossed both cups into the nearby waste basket. She suddenly recalled that the police station's interrogation room was the first place they had met each other, and she called it the "luckiest day of my life." They both flashed back to that moment. Sam sighed, rose, and walked out.

Maxie and Peter arrived at her apartment. Peter was laden with Maxie's belongings, and she was appreciative of him carrying her things. Peter spotted a package on the floor by the front door, and Maxie picked it up. They went inside, and Peter set Maxie's things on the floor. Maxie opened the card that was with the package.

The card read, "To the love of my life and the mother of my child. Now our baby will be wrapped in our love." It was signed Nathan. Maxie looked at the receipt that was dated January 2nd. She noted that Nathan had been planning while Faison had been plotting. She opened the package and pulled out a gray and white hand-knit baby blanket. Maxie was happy that she'd have something to help her remember Nathan because she'd gotten rid of all traces of him. She admitted that it hadn't made her feel any better, and she had been thinking about reprinting photos from the cloud. Maxie felt that the blanket would help.

Peter went to look at the nursery and deemed it beautiful. Maxie told him that Nathan had painted it, and she regretted being angry with him at the time due to Lulu revealing his parentage. She wished she could go back in time. Peter didn't want her to blame Lulu for the article, as Peter had okayed the project in order to sell papers. Maxie didn't hold him responsible, since he hadn't known what Faison could do. Peter insisted he'd done research.

Maxie thought that Peter was either sick of her leaning on him or wanted her to forgive Lulu in order to lean on her instead. She thought that her relationship with Peter had been quick and intense, but she was comfortable being with him. Peter thought that others would be better for Maxie, but he was more than happy to help. Suddenly, Maxie declared that Peter reminded her of Nathan in the way he spoke and moved, but she didn't want him to think it was a "bizarre" attachment.

Peter changed the subject and asked how Maxie felt about being home again. Maxie called it "surreal." She spoke of her daughter and voiced concern over being able to raise the new baby. Peter was ready to leave, but Maxie asked him to stay and join her in a meal. While they were eating, Maxie asked Peter about himself. He admitted that he went to the gym or stayed in his room, ordered room service, and watched old television sitcoms because the families on those shows had been perfect.

Peter and Maxie agreed that they'd had less than perfect families growing up. Maxie noted that at least they weren't eating alone that night.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was happy to see Franco emerge from his mother's room. She asked him about Betsy. Franco revealed that he still didn't have any answers, and Betsy had only said she was sorry. Kim approached the couple and noted that she was glad to see that things were back to normal after Elizabeth's long wait. Franco and Elizabeth looked at each other wordlessly. "Or not," Kim said awkwardly.

Kim stated that she had been at the hospital late for a delivery, and Elizabeth offered to help her with some computer issues. Franco made a dash for the art therapy room. Kim asked Elizabeth what had been happening, and Elizabeth disclosed her issues with Franco's secret. Elizabeth admitted that she believed what Franco had to say, but she was also concerned for her sons. She always felt like she was waiting for something else to happen.

Elizabeth explained that Franco had been trying to recall a childhood incident, and she had recently learned about it. The secret had made her question her trust of him. Kim felt that only Elizabeth could decide what to do. However, she thought that Elizabeth had been lucky to find love, and she should think long and hard before letting it go because it might not return.

Kiki ran into Dr. Bensch in the hallway and revealed that she had switched to night shift in order to do her studying during the day. The doctor was relieved to hear her reason, as he had hoped it didn't have anything to do with him. He thought she'd been "put off" after he had tried to relax her the last time he'd seen her. He invited her to stop by his office because he had something to make her studying easier, and she wouldn't regret it.

Kiki departed and saw Franco next. He informed her that he'd been through hell over the previous 24 hours, both physically and emotionally. He would be okay if Elizabeth forgave him. Kiki suggested that Franco focus on himself, and then he could fix the mess afterwards. Franco was scared of losing Elizabeth. Kiki was adamant that he face the past, or he would "screw up" the future. Kiki kissed Franco and wished him luck. As she was leaving, Elizabeth arrived.

"What are we doing?" Franco asked. Elizabeth thought that depended on Franco, but they couldn't keep going on as they had. Franco understood, and he admitted that he had continued to set himself up to lose her. Franco thought that she deserved a whole guy who was fully committed to her, and he hoped that she would wait for him. Elizabeth gave Franco her support but told him that she couldn't be a part of his process. She was proud of him and would miss him.

Kiki dropped by Dr. Bensch's office, where he advised her that she had received the shadow position. Kiki wondered if she actually deserved it, and the doctor called her an asset. He had cast the deciding vote. Kiki appeared to be less than thrilled over the announcement, and the doctor noted her reaction. He thought they should be celebrating. He was her biggest fan and champion. "I think you can do better than that," he said as he leaned over and began to kiss her.

Kiki pushed him away roughly and accused him of trying to get into her pants. She called him disgusting, and she ran out of the office. She bumped into an orderly in the hallway in her haste to get away. She found a darkened, empty room and ran inside and closed the door. She sank to the floor and sobbed.

Josslyn played nurse to Oscar as he recuperated in his apartment. He was uncomfortable with her waiting on him. Outside the apartment, Carly bumped into Drew and was surprised to see his face. She was sorry and insisted that she hadn't wanted to see him hurt. Drew accused her of getting what she wanted, but Carly thought that he could move on. She handed him a tissue to clean up his face before Oscar saw him and handed him a tin of mints. She held up a mirror for him to see himself and again expressed her sympathy.

Back inside, Oscar and Josslyn were just about to share a kiss when there was a knock at the door. Josslyn went to answer it and saw both Drew and Carly standing there. Carly was there to take Josslyn home, and they left. Oscar was shocked to see his father's bruised face. Drew apologized for not stopping by sooner and exclaimed how good Oscar looked. "You don't," Oscar replied. "No offense," he added. He asked if Drew wanted to talk.

Drew noted that he was supposed to ask his son if he wanted to talk, but Oscar assured him that he was problem-free. He was better and was happy with his life and his new family. He wished things could be better for Drew, who told his son that Oscar had just made him feel better.

Outside in the hallway, Josslyn waited impatiently while Carly checked her phone. Carly flashed back to the scarf on her office desk but told Josslyn that she was checking on the fire alarm that had gone off at the hotel. Finally, they were ready to depart as Kim returned home. Kim thanked Josslyn for keeping Oscar company, and Josslyn revealed that Oscar had a new visitor.

Oscar stated how happy he was that he and Drew had gotten to know each other, and he declared that he wanted to visit his baby sister. Drew advised him that things were complicated. Kim walked in as Oscar asked about the complication, and Drew revealed that he and Sam had split up.

Later, Kim happily bustled about the kitchen as Oscar and Drew sat at the counter and talked and ate.

Griffin gets the results of the DNA test

Griffin gets the results of the DNA test

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spinelli sat down at Charlie's with Lulu, and Lulu asked about Maxie. She informed him that Maxie had threatened a restraining order. Spinelli advised her to not try to force a reconciliation and to wait for Maxie to miss Lulu. Lulu admitted that she was too afraid Maxie would never miss her. Spinelli replied that she had to take the risk, or she would alienate Maxie further. Lulu was ready to accept that Maxie might never forgive her, but she begged Spinelli to help her. "I'll do my best," Spinelli promised, and he left to pick up Georgie from Felicia's.

At Charlie's, Nina expressed to Valentin how Peter was just "always there" around Maxie. She believed that Peter had an agenda. Valentin suggested that, because Nina was overprotective of Maxie and the baby, she was looking for problems where there were none. Lulu approached the table and wondered how Maxie was doing. Nina tearfully told Lulu how "unstoppable" Maxie had been, and Lulu added that Maxie had always been that way.

Nina refused to give Maxie a message for Lulu. Lulu insisted that she only wanted someone in Maxie's "inner circle," and Lulu vowed to do everything in her power to tie up the loose ends concerning Faison. Nina emotionally told Lulu to do what she needed to, but Nina never wanted to hear Faison's name again. Nina stormed out, and Lulu returned to her table to work on her computer.

Valentin followed Lulu and wondered if she had a lead on Henrik, and she was suspicious of the question. He suggested that they pool their efforts and become "partners in a quest for justice. No, revenge." He reminded her that he had contacts all over the world, because surely Henrik wasn't still in Port Charles. She countered that Henrik, wanting to do the unexpected, could be right under their noses.

Maxie emerged from her bedroom and found a sleeping Peter, who woke up a moment later. He jumped up from the couch while apologizing for falling asleep. She related that she'd been dreading spending the night in her apartment alone, but she'd gotten through the night because she hadn't been alone. He called her brave for facing what she'd lost every day and getting through the days. There was a knock on the door, and Maxie excitedly answered the door to Spinelli and Georgie. Maxie pulled her daughter into a long hug.

When Maxie and Georgie pulled apart, Maxie introduced her daughter to Peter. Georgie informed Maxie that she and Spinelli were there to make Maxie feel better about Nathan being gone. Spinelli steered Georgie away from the subject of Nathan, but Maxie explained to Georgie that it was all right to talk about him. While she loved and missed Nathan, she was "so, so happy" to see Georgie. Peter smiled watching the interaction.

Peter left, and Maxie urged Georgie to check in the nursery for a gift. When Georgie was gone, Maxie thanked Spinelli for taking Georgie to Maxie. She thought it was "nice to have great friends." He made a comment about all of the people she "already" had supporting her, and she realized that he was implying that he didn't want Peter around. She revealed that it was really easy to be around him because she didn't have to worry about making him feel better, as opposed to being around Nina, Liesl, Mac, and Felicia.

Spinelli added that Lulu also cared for Maxie, but Maxie shot down the idea, putting Lulu down in the process. Spinelli thought that Maxie needed Lulu. "I need Nathan," Maxie answered. "He's dead because of Lulu." He reminded her that Lulu was her "oldest and dearest friend," and Lulu knew her best.

Griffin was finishing getting dressed when Ava entered. They shared a kiss, and Ava offered to get him some coffee. When she was gone, there was a knock on the door. Griffin answered it to a messenger, who had an envelope with Griffin's important lab results. Ava returned, and Griffin told a curious Ava what the envelope was. She realized that the results were probably confidential, so she gave him some privacy. He opened the envelope and read that there was a "genetic match" between the two patients. "Peter August is Cesar Faison's son," Griffin said.

Ava returned and noticed that Griffin looked worried. He explained that he'd had a suspicion about a patient that had been proven true, and he didn't know what to do with the information. He added that the test he'd run had been "unethical and illegal," as the patient hadn't given permission. He thought that the information would help people, but he asked for Ava's advice.

Ave revealed that if she'd been in that position before she'd fallen in love with Griffin, she would have been selfish and kept the news to herself. After falling in love with Griffin, she would ask for Griffin's advice. She knew that he always acted in the best interest of others, so he already knew what he wanted to do. She left the room to leave him with his thoughs. When she returned a short while later, he was gone, but the envelope was still on the table. She almost opened it, but she put it away in a cabinet instead.

At Metro Court, Sonny expressed to Mike, Dante, and Michael how happy he was to have all the Corinthos men at one table. Mike asked why Morgan wasn't there, and Sonny covered that Morgan hadn't been able to make it to breakfast. Mike wanted to drink to Morgan, so the men clinked their coffee mugs together and said, "to Morgan." Sonny informed the others that he'd had the chef prepare a "taste of home" from "Tony's in Brooklyn."

As Sonny, Mike, Dante, and Michael dug in, Mike commented that he didn't know who Tony was, "but he can sure cook!" Trying to help Mike remember the place, Sonny told a story about how the guys at the restaurant would always give him things as a kid, because they'd known he was Mike's son. The men finished breakfast, and Mike and Sonny left.

Dante expressed how bad he felt for Sonny, as once Mike's memory was gone, Sonny would have no one to remember his childhood with. Michael informed Dante that he'd spoken to Kevin about possible aids for Mike, and Kevin had had an idea. A few minutes later, Dante wondered if Michael thought that Kevin's idea would work. They agreed that it was worth a shot. Dante wanted to do anything he could to give Sonny more time with Mike.

At Sonny's, Sonny did some work while Mike read a book. Sonny wanted to take a break and spend it talking to Mike. He wondered if Mike remembered a man named Ralph Ricci who "ran numbers behind the bodega." Mike couldn't remember the man, and he was also frustrated for not remembering Tony. "Don't worry, it was a long time ago," Sonny assured Mike. Mike struggled to remember, but he thought that there was something important about Tony.

"Tony's!" Mike exclaimed suddenly a few minutes later. He remembered taking a date there once and being very nervous. He'd gone all out to impress the beautiful girl, and he described her. He couldn't remember the girl's name, and a smiling Sonny wondered if the girl had been named Adela. Mike confirmed the name and said that she'd been "really something."

A few minutes later, Sonny gave Mike some of his coffee to try. Mike approved, which made Sonny happy. "You should really meet my son. I think you would like each other," Mike told Sonny, immediately wiping the smile off of Sonny's face.

Peter sat down at the Metro Court restaurant and opened a package he'd received. He took out a hardcover copy of The Severed Branch by P.K. Sinclair. "A new book, a clean bill of health. Best of all, father, you're dead," Peter said to himself. "Where did that come from?" Nina asked, suddenly appearing in front of him. She wondered how he'd gotten an advance copy of the book, and he reminded her that they were in the publishing business. She handed him a folder and told him to "check it out."

At Metro Court, Jason asked Anna if she'd found anything in the P.K. Sinclair manuscript. She thought that the protagonist of the book had left a trail of clues, including descriptions of his Swiss boarding school. She thought that she could cross reference the school with Henrik's birthday. Jason told her about Spinelli's plan to pass himself off as Henrik to gain access to Faison's safe deposit boxes. Anna was worried at first but then realized that if anyone could pull it off, it would be Spinelli.

Anna asked how Jason intended to approach Henrik. "With a gun," Jason answered quickly. They argued over Henrik's intentions and the circumstances surrounding his upbringing. Anna erred on the side of empathy for having grown up under the thumb of a "tyrant" like Faison, and she reminded Jason that Henrik had kept him alive against Faison's orders. Jason countered that he'd probably still be at the clinic had he not escaped, and he added that the goons had followed him from Russia.

Anna thought Henrik had already paid a steep price by being Faison's son. However, Jason suggested that Henrik might pick up where Faison had left off. Griffin entered and listened in on the conversation, unseen. Jason believed that they needed to assume that Henrik was a threat that needed to be stopped. Anna wondered if Jason really meant that Henrik needed to be eliminated. "Whatever it takes," he answered.

Mike gets a wonderful surprise

Mike gets a wonderful surprise

Friday, March 30, 2018

As Mike walked downstairs and looked at all the family photos on display, Sonny narrated about memories. He talked about how memories of connections made and people lost built a person's character. Without memories, a person's identity was lost. Sonny, Michael, and Dante entered the room in suits, and Mike wondered what the occasion was. "It's a surprise," Sonny replied. A short while later, all four suit-clad men arrived at the Metro Court, which was decorated to look like Luke's old club. "Welcome to Luke's, Dad," Sonny said, smiling.

Mike walked into the Metro Court, incredulous and ecstatic, while Sonny explained that he'd talked to Luke, who'd agreed that Luke's could use a comeback. He suggested that Mike try his hand at running the place, as Sonny had never been a hands-on partner. Mike made a beeline for the bar, took his jacket off, and began instructing the waitresses.

Olivia approached the bar and informed Mike that the entertainment that night would be Eddie Maine. Mike asked who Olivia was, and she introduced herself, "from the old neighborhood." He marveled at how beautifully "little Olivia, the tomboy" had grown up. She ordered two beers, and he served them up. Lulu approached the bar and was delighted at Mike's teasing for her ID. After Lulu got her drink, Lucy stepped up to the bar for a glass of Champagne. "Sure, boss," he replied as he poured. She was happy that Mike had remembered that she'd been a partner in the business. He called her "unforgettable," and she walked away smiling.

Next up to the bar was Alexis, who ordered a sparkling water. As Mike poured, he wondered how long she'd been in recovery. She reluctantly answered, "a little over a year." He reasoned that he could only tell because he'd been in recovery for gambling. He remembered all he'd thrown away before he'd finally hit "rock bottom." She reminded him that they were both still standing, and they clinked the bottle and glass together in a toast.

W with a tearful smile ith a tearful smile, Sonny watched Mike thrive at the bar, and Dante marveled at how Mike had jumped right into his "old self." Kevin approached, and Michael thanked Kevin for the advice. Kevin believed that "nostalgia-immersion therapy" helped to "bring other memories to the forefront," but it was also "good for the soul. Sonny mentioned that there were many memories there that weren't just Mike's.

Standing with Monica, Bobbie, and Kevin, Elizabeth asked if everyone remembered their first days at the hospital. All agreed that they'd been nervous, and Monica revealed how intimidated she'd been of Steve Hardy, as had Audrey. Monica flashed back to Steve and Audrey's first meeting, and Elizabeth smiled at hearing the memory of her grandparents. "To Steve Hardy," Kevin toasted, and the four clinked their glasses together. Lucy approached and complimented Kevin on the night. He credited the Corinthos men, but she added that Kevin always gave the best advice.

There was a knock on Maxie's door, and she glumly opened it to Mac and Felicia. They wanted her to go to the party with them, but she didn't think she could handle it. Mac joked that she could finally enter Luke's club from the front door instead of sneaking in the back like she had when she'd been too young. Maxie thought the party was "cool," but she revealed that Luke's club wasn't the part of her past that she would revisit if she had the choice.

Bobbie thanked Scott for showing up to Mike's party. While Scott didn't like the Corinthos family very much, he respected what Sonny was doing for his father, and he wished that he'd done something like that for Lee. Scott flashed back to a time when he'd been in trouble, and he'd begged his father to represent him. Scott told Bobbie that she'd really "goofed up, bringing Luke to town." She flashed back to Luke's arrival in Port Charles. She believed that Scott didn't hate Luke as much as he claimed, and she dubbed the pair "frenemies." "Your secret is safe with me," Bobbie assured him.

Sonny approached the bar, and Mike wondered when Brenda would arrive. Sonny changed the subject by introducing Anna, and Mike told Anna that her daughter was "impressive." While Mike was distracted by a returning waitress, Sonny gave credit for Robin to Anna. Anna remembered all of her mistakes, including when she'd lost Robin for "weeks." She flashed back to her tearful reunion with a young Robin, when Robin had jumped into her mother's arms.

Anna had sworn that she would never cause Robin any more unhappiness, and Sonny related that it was a difficult promise to keep. He thought that a parent could only love their kids the best they could. Sonny remembered how Robin and Stone had gone to Luke's. He flashed back to finding Robin curled up with Stone, who'd passed away. Sonny couldn't believe that Stone had been gone for longer than he'd lived. He and Anna agreed that Stone lived on in their hearts.

Mac and Felicia arrived, and Bobbie wondered where Maxie was. Felicia informed her that they'd tried to get Maxie out of the apartment, but she hadn't wanted to go. Bobbie offered to try, and Felicia agreed. A short while later, Maxie let Bobbie into the apartment and told Bobbie that she couldn't handle a party.

Bobbie reasoned that it was a gathering for Mike's friends to help his memory. Maxie related that there were memories of Nathan everywhere, and she wished she could lose them. Bobbie assured Maxie that she could go on with her life just like Bobbie had. She thought that the people they'd lost would want them to embrace their future and live with joy, but Maxie wasn't sure how. Bobbie believed that Maxie would figure it out, because she was stronger than she thought.

Olivia wondered if Ned had stage fright, and he replied, "Always." He told Olivia that Mike had asked if Ned's grandparents were going to see his performance, which had made him sad, but he acknowledged how rich and full their lives had been. Olivia wished she had met them in their prime. Ned gushed about his grandparents as he flashed back to Lila demanding that Edward marry her. He remembered how Lila could keep Edward in line with a word, just like Olivia did for Ned.

Michael handed a drink to Monica, who thought that he'd gotten his thoughtfulness from Lila. She flashed back to a pillow fight she'd had with Alan as she told Michael that, while Alan could make her angrier than anyone, he'd also made her laugh harder than anyone. She missed him every day.

Jason remarked how many memories there were for him at Luke's, but Carly reminded him that Luke had blackmailed her to stay away from the club. She understood that Luke had only been trying to protect his sister from the "conniving wench" Carly had been. "Until Michael was born," she added. Jason flashed back to Bobbie instructing him on how to hold a newborn Michael. The two looked at a fully grown Michael with pride and agreed that "time flies."

Olivia took the stage and welcomed everyone to Luke's. She thanked Mike for showing everyone a great time, and the crowd erupted in applause. "For one night only, Eddie Maine!" she announced, and Ned and his band took the stage. They played "Love Has the Last Word," and the crowd loved it. During the song, Bobbie and Maxie sneaked in unseen. Sonny and Mike exchanged a meaningful look, and Sonny patted his chest. When the song was over, Eddie Maine received an impressive ovation.

At the bar, Carly introduced Maxie and Mike. He congratulated her on her pregnancy and suggested a pomegranate spritzer to drink. Maxie tasted the drink and advised Carly to add it to the menu. Watching the scene, Felicia thanked Bobbie for getting Maxie there. Bobbie replied that Maxie was already figuring out that grief was more bearable while helping someone else. The women flashed back to Felicia comforting Bobbie after the loss of B.J. "Thank you for my daughter," Felicia said sincerely.

Alexis complimented Ned's performance. "Thanks, Angel," he joked. They flashed back to Ned being followed by a camera crew, only to find Alexis waiting for Ned and appearing on camera in lingerie. She called it the most embarrassing moment of her life, which was saying something. He revealed that he'd thought it was sexy and that she would have made "one hell of a groupie."

Lucy, Kevin, Mac, and Felicia reminisced about the past Nurses Balls and joked about Lucy's numerous mishaps. Lucy flashed back to some of her mishaps, some of her triumphs, and many, many dresses. Mac complimented her dresses, and she was grateful for the compliment from a "fashionista" like "Eva." Felicia added that Kevin had been lovely as Norma. The four flashed back to Mac and Kevin dressing to the nines as women. Mac and Kevin each agreed that they were lucky to have the other as a friend.

Sonny watched as Mike taught Michael how to shake a drink and told Dante that the party was the best gift he could have given to Mike. Dante wondered if Sonny had any regrets about how he'd gained all the things he had. Sonny revealed that he had a lot of regrets, but "one in particular." He flashed back to shooting Dante point-blank in the chest and Olivia screaming that Sonny had just shot his own son.

Dante admitted that the hardest part of going undercover to bust Sonny had been that he'd actually liked Sonny. He was glad to have an excuse to like Sonny. Sonny expressed how grateful he was to have Dante as his son, and the men embraced.

Jason thanked Monica for attending the party. Even though she didn't see herself becoming friends with Sonny, she thought that Mike was a good man. She knew that it wasn't good to live in the past, but revisiting it was good "every once in a while." Jason apologized for never letting Monica tell him anything about his past.

Monica remembered being in "bad trouble" and having Jason, the one everyone thought had turned on the family, bail her out. She flashed back to trying to shoot someone, but Jason had talked her down and gotten the gun from her. She revealed that that had been the moment she'd realized that he loved her. "Of course, I love you. You're my mom," he replied, and they embraced.

Sonny and Carly talked about the memories surrounding them. He told her that he would have "blown everything to hell" if it hadn't been for her. He flashed back to the two of them cut up and bruised, still declaring their love for one another. She informed him that he was a hard man to love, but "nothing worth having is ever easy." They declared their love for one another in the present and shared a kiss.

Mike happily watched the couples slow dancing as he wiped down the bar. As time passed, fewer and fewer couples remained on the floor until only Sonny and Carly remained. Carly left Sonny with Mike, and Sonny suggested that they "call it a night." "One more for the road?" Mike asked, setting out a bottle and two glasses.

Mike admitted that he'd been worried when Sonny had moved upstate, but Port Charles seemed to be the right town for his son. He was proud of Sonny and called him a good son. They clinked their glasses together and sipped their drinks. Mike made his way to the elevator as Sonny took advantage of the moment of solitude to break down. "To a hell of a night. May tomorrow be even better," he said, raising his glass. He put the glass down and followed Mike out.

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