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Kevin put Franco under hypnosis. Betsy shared her secrets with Drew. Jim and Franco vanished. Nelle "haunted" Carly. Kiki confronted David. Peter persuaded Griffin to keep quiet about the paternity test.
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Griffin accuses Peter of being Henrik

Griffin accuses Peter of being Henrik

Monday, April 2, 2018

Griffin sat in his office at the hospital and read over a letter he had written to Jordan, identifying Peter August as Henrik Faison. Just then, he was startled when Anna arrived and accused him of keeping secrets. He looked uneasy until Anna revealed that she'd learned about his moving in with Ava. Griffin clarified that his apartment had been condemned after the earthquake, but Anna wondered if he were actually sleeping in the guest room. Griffin called her a mother hen and changed the topic of conversation to her investigation of Henrik.

Anna disclosed that she had partnered up with Jason, much to Griffin's dismay, and they had been following some leads. Griffin stated that he'd heard that Jason was a killer, though Anna noted that Jason had been selective in that field, and in her world, Jason was known as an asset. Griffin wondered if Jason would kill Henrik when he located him, and he asked if Anna couldn't work with someone else that she trusted. He thought that Jason's goals were different from Anna's.

Anna thought back to a previous conversation with Finn, but she told Griffin that she didn't want to risk anyone else's life. She preferred to work with Jason, and she would see to it that he didn't kill Henrik.

Nina ran into Maxie in the hospital and was upset that she had apparently missed one of Maxie's appointments. She'd gone through Maxie's calendar and had noticed that she hadn't known about the appointment. Nina chalked it up to Maxie's hormones causing Maxie to forget to tell her. Reluctantly, Maxie confessed that she hadn't told Nina of the appointment. Nina wondered if she'd done something wrong or not enough, but Maxie admitted that while she didn't know what she'd do without Nina, she needed some space. She saw Nathan every time she looked at Nina and assumed that it worked both ways.

Nina was incredulous. Maxie said there was also sadness present, and she wanted time to work on the happy. Nina was choked up about getting dropped, but Maxie assured her that they could still spend time together. She just wanted it to be less often. The women hugged, and Maxie promised that she still needed Nina. Maxie mentioned that Peter was a friend, not just a boss, and she needed to see people who hadn't been connected to Nathan.

After the women parted, Nina recalled seeing Peter and Maxie together at Metro Court. She walked over to the elevator and began kicking the wall until Griffin saw her and ordered her to stop before she broke her foot. Nina admitted that she wanted to break Peter's face.

Griffin iced Nina's foot, and she asked him what they knew about Peter other than his job and that he was a good friend. She added that he'd been spending a lot of time with a widow and expectant mother, and Maxie had been leaning on him too much. Sometimes pain was delayed, she stated. After Griffin was finished, Nina made a phone call to Curtis to tell him she wanted to hire him.

Alexis stepped off the elevator at Metro Court and saw Finn sitting at a table. He was beside himself with a pile of parking tickets he'd received, and he wanted Alexis to fix them. She grabbed the pile and began to go through them as she sat down. Finn stressed that the tickets were all fake; he'd been helping an old woman and had parked his car. He wanted to pay Alexis to help him.

Alexis assured him that she wasn't cheap, and he should probably just pay the tickets, but Finn argued that he'd rather pay her than "the man." Alexis agreed to help him if he would make their fake romantic relationship go away. She admitted that she was partly to blame, but she would prefer to be honest with Julian. Alexis added that honesty played a big part in sobriety, though she admitted that she missed telling a lie on occasion. Small fibs had been useful, she added. "Let's be serious," Finn declared.

Alexis was shocked and double-checked that he wanted to take their lie and make it true. They attempted to discuss terms and agreed that they didn't like terms like dating or "seeing each other." They discussed the fact that they did have some things in common, and finally, Alexis got up and promised to check her calendar. She looked at the tickets again and realized that they'd all been issued by the same cop. Finn grabbed the tickets and looked. He announced that he'd take care of the problem himself, and he left.

Later, Anna was talking to Frisco on the phone. She asked him to try to find some old information on Faison. Alexis watched from her table and finally got up and approached Anna. Alexis wondered if they could have a chat about Finn. Anna concluded her phone call in order to talk right away. Alexis awkwardly stated that she and Finn had been good friends, and she would just keep it that way if Anna were affected in some way. Anna noted that they wouldn't be having the conversation if there was anything going on between her and Finn. The women agreed they respected each other.

Finally, Alexis asked, "Is Finn available?" Anna insisted that she didn't need to be asked and thought that Alexis should ask Finn himself. Alexis assured Anna that she needed Anna's answer, but Anna didn't think she needed to be asked about dating. Alexis revealed that she and Finn wanted to get to know each other better, and Anna acknowledged that if it made Finn happy, it was okay, and she was fine. She wished Alexis luck.

Lulu paid a visit to Peter in his Aurora office and asked for his help in "atoning for Nathan." She admitted that she hadn't gotten any closer to Maxie, but Peter reminded her that Maxie was still grieving. Lulu blamed her article, although Peter insisted that he shared responsibility for it. He would do what he could to help the situation. Lulu requested that he get her an advance copy of P.K. Sinclair's new book in order for her to help expose Henrik.

Peter handed Lulu his advance copy of The Severed Branch and suggested that Lulu's research could backfire and destroy her reconciliation with Maxie. Lulu was adamant that she didn't want to catch Henrik, only expose him. That might give Maxie some peace. Peter declared that no one knew anything about the man, and he added that no one got to choose their parents. He wanted to be kept informed of any progress that Lulu might make.

After Lulu left, Peter sat at his desk, daydreaming and flicking his lighter. He thought about being with Maxie at her place. He was interrupted when Maxie arrived. She admitted that she had been feeling smothered but better and was on the "I can handle it" tour. She had already had a good talk with Nina, and Peter had been next on her list.

Peter called Nina generous and loving. Maxie admitted that Peter's name had been mentioned during her conversation with Nina, and she had tried to explain that he had been there for her just like Nina. Her sister-in-law hadn't seemed thrilled, but she hadn't seemed to be threatened either.

Peter thought his friendship with Maxie could be called a conflict of interest, since he was also her boss, though Maxie reminded him that he was Nina's boss, not hers. Peter didn't want to make things uncomfortable. Maxie didn't think their friendship was a problem, and she'd told Nina how important it was. Griffin arrived and stood outside the door, listening. Maxie said goodbye, and Griffin ducked around a corner. After Maxie was gone, it was Griffin's turn to see Peter.

Griffin knocked on the door as Peter again played with his lighter. The doctor walked inside and closed the door. Peter was anxious and wondered if there had been a problem with his tests. Griffin assured him they were okay, but there'd been a problem with the paperwork. He shouted that Peter's name had been incorrect because he was really Henrik Faison.

Drew was surprised when Sam knocked on his office door and announced that she was there to say goodbye. She explained that she was leaving for at least a few days in order to figure things out. She was taking Danny and wanted Drew's permission to take Scout along too. Drew wanted to know if Jason would be accompanying them, but Sam assured him that she was going alone.

Drew agreed that Sam could take Scout, and he noted that they had a lot to talk about. They had to make decisions about everything they had worked to build. Sam agreed, and she mentioned Scout's custody. Both she and Drew agreed that they didn't want to argue about that, and he realized that there wasn't much to talk about, after all. Sam reminded him that their company belonged to both of them.

Drew suggested that they still work together, but Sam replied that she wasn't ready to make any decisions. Drew grabbed her hand as she stood at his desk, and she told him it was time for her to catch her plane. "Be safe," Drew said. "You, too," Sam replied as she lovingly touched the side of his face.

Spinelli met with Jason at Kelly's and handed him a brown envelope. He informed Jason that Georgie had gone back home to Ellie, and he was ready for his trip to try to get into Faison's safe deposit box. He hoped that he could enable Drew to get his memory back and Sam to "follow her heart." Jason announced that that had already happened, and Sam and Drew had broken up. He filled Spinelli in on all that had happened after the earthquake.

Spinelli wondered if Sam had confessed her love, and Jason replied that Sam admitted to loving both Jason and Drew. Jason also told him about getting into a fight with Drew at the docks. Spinelli insisted that he'd never seen Jason fight unless someone else had thrown the first punch. Jason also revealed that he had spoken to Sam at the police station afterward, and she had planned on taking her kids on a trip in order to make decisions and learn about herself. Spinelli had to leave and mentioned his "contingency plan" that was contained in the envelope.

Later, Lulu sat at the counter in Kelly's, and Jason joined her. They spoke briefly about the Luke's Place event, and Jason spied the Sinclair book. Lulu mentioned that it was an advance copy that she'd borrowed from Peter. Jason confessed that he'd read the unfinished manuscript that had been about a man who had been with a cruel father and was out for revenge. He thought it sounded like Henrik.

Lulu revealed that that the publisher had claimed to have had no contact with Sinclair, but she figured he would have to be paid, and she thought they should follow the money. Jason turned the pages of the book and noticed that there was an epilogue. The writer had ended the book by saying that all that was left of his father was him and a lighter. He would have to burn his own life just like his father's.

Chase showed up at the hospital and wondered why Finn had summoned him. Finn accused Chase of harassing him with the tickets, but Chase confessed that he'd only wanted to contact his brother. He wanted time with Finn, and Finn hadn't made things easy. They had the same father. Finn reminded his brother that he had been long gone when Chase had arrived, they'd never had a relationship, and they didn't need one. He turned down all of Chase's suggestions for getting together and got onto the elevator.

Griffin accuses Peter of being Henrik

Griffin accuses Peter of being Henrik

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Curtis met with Nina at Kelly's and asked who she wanted him to investigate. "Peter August," she said, handing over a file. She wanted him to "do some digging" and prove that she had nothing to worry about, as Peter had been spending a lot of time with Maxie. He wondered what Valentin thought, and Nina admitted that he thought that she was overreacting, which she hoped was true. Curtis wondered if Nina's problem with Peter was that he simply wasn't Nathan. "That's ninety-nine percent the problem," she replied.

Nina continued that she wanted to make sure that there were no skeletons in Peter's closet that could "pop out and hurt my family." She slid a check for five thousand dollars across the table, hoping it would convince Curtis to take the job. After looking at the check, he immediately agreed to take the job and asked where she wanted him to start. She suggested he start with the "untraceable money wiring. I want to know everything."

Maxie slowly walked into the police station and looked toward Nathan's old desk, noticing the Red Sox mug instead of Nathan's Yankees mug. Ned approached and made sure she was all right. She admitted that it was the first time she'd been to the station since Nathan had died. Jordan greeted Maxie, glad to see her there for the ceremony honoring Nathan. Ned wondered if Maxie wanted to skip the presentation, but she insisted that she was proud that Nathan was receiving the Medal of Valor, and he would be, too. Ned offered her an arm, and the three walked off to the ceremony.

A short while later, Maxie, Ned, and Jordan returned to the lobby after the ceremony, and Maxie had Nathan's medal. Jordan sang Nathan's praises and assured Maxie that her door was always open for Maxie. Ned shared the same sentiment, and the two walked away. Maxie walked over to Nathan's old desk and sat down. Chase entered and started to demand why someone was sitting at his desk, until he realized who it was.

Chase apologized, but Maxie understood his first instinct. Chase had heard that he had "big shoes to fill," and Maxie agreed. He expressed sympathy for her loss, and they formally introduced themselves to one another. Maxie informed him that Nathan had cared a lot about people, and "he gave more than he got." If Chase wanted to fill Nathan's shoes, she instructed him to be kind, generous, and trustworthy. She took one last look at the desk and left.

Griffin entered Peter's office, and Peter wondered if there was a problem with his test results. Griffin informed him that there was a problem on his paperwork and accused him of lying about his name. "You're Henrik Faison," Griffin stated. Peter thought that Griffin had made a mistake, but Griffin admitted that he'd done a DNA test. Peter accused Griffin of violating his privacy, "not to mention the Hippocratic Oath, and the law." However, Griffin informed Peter that he'd witness the lives shattered by Faison, and Peter was complicit.

Griffin continued that, while he'd gone against "every code I honor," he believed that Faison's victims' need to heal trumped Peter's right to privacy. Griffin urged Peter to turn himself in, but Peter thought that Faison would "win" if he did. He'd tried to be like his father, but "the evil didn't take," so he'd defied Faison. He'd chosen to be in Port Charles to look after Faison's victims and to try to make amends. Even so, he knew that whatever he did to help would never be enough.

Griffin advised Peter to tell Faison's victims what he'd just said, but Peter knew that no one would care or believe that Peter hadn't been in on his father's schemes. Peter knew that he wasn't blameless, but he'd broken ties with his father to try to make things right. "What good is it if no one knows who you are?" Griffin wondered. "I know," Peter answered. He continued that he had friends and responsibilities in town, and he was different from Faison. Just then, Maxie knocked on the office door but barged in anyway.

Maxie talked about the progress she'd made that day, but she soon realized that she'd interrupted something intense. Griffin excused himself, citing that he had a lot of thinking to do. When he was gone, Maxie apologized for interrupting, but Peter insisted that she was always welcome. She told him about the ceremony for Nathan, and how she'd been nice to Chase "instead of screaming that he's alive and Nathan isn't." Peter sincerely agreed that she'd made progress, and Maxie agreed that there was hope for her yet.

In the art therapy room, Franco was painting a picture of a long, dark stairwell when Elizabeth entered. She gave him Jake's painting of "sunset at the lake," because Jake had wanted Franco to see it. She tearfully added that Jake missed Franco. Franco asked Elizabeth to tell Jake that Franco knew that he'd made mistakes, and he was doing everything he could to fix them. Elizabeth wondered how things were going with Kevin, but Franco admitted that he hadn't seen Kevin. Upset, she informed him that he needed to show her that he was serious about figuring out his past, and she left.

Moments later, Kevin entered, having expected to see Franco in his office at some point. Franco claimed that he'd been busy, but Kevin observed that Franco didn't look busy. A few minutes later, they entered Kevin's office. Kevin wondered why Franco was avoiding digging into his past. Franco thought of himself as a "ticking time bomb," but he knew he had to examine all of his past. He wanted to justify Elizabeth's faith in him, but he was terrified to lose her.

Kevin wanted to talk about the panic attack Franco had had with Jim. Franco told Kevin what had happened and that he'd just frozen. He still believed that Jim was hiding something but suggested that maybe Jim had told the truth. Kevin thought that Franco should consider hypnotherapy. "Hell, no," Franco replied. Kevin informed Franco that he would probably never get out of the place where he was stuck unless he tried it. "I'm in," Franco said after a short pause, adding, "I need to know what happened, no matter what. Let's do it."

Jason entered the hospital and found Finn. He wanted to ask Finn a few questions about the night Faison had died, but Finn replied that he'd transferred Faison's care once he'd been admitted to the hospital. Jason wondered if Finn had noticed anything out of the ordinary around Faison. "Besides kicking you out of the room?" Finn answered. He made sure that Jason's digging for answers wouldn't affect Anna. He continued that only he and Cindy, the nurse, had been around Faison.

Jason asked about Faison's personal effects. Finn answered that Cindy was known for being "by the book," so they'd probably followed Faison to his room. He concluded that whoever had taken over for Finn probably had more insight, and he walked away. On his way out, Jason bumped into Elizabeth, who wondered why Jason was there. He updated her on his conversation with Finn, and Elizabeth offered to contact someone who would know about the whereabouts of Faison's personal effects. Elizabeth sent off a quick text, and Jason turned to leave.

Elizabeth stopped Jason from leaving and informed him that Franco had moved out. He refused to offer her any sympathy and informed her that his stance on Franco would never change. He just hoped that, whatever happened, Elizabeth would be all right. Elizabeth responded that she'd just reluctantly separated from the person she loved, so she wasn't all right.

Elizabeth reminded Jason of the joy and love that Franco and Jake shared, and she expressed her frustration that Jason refused to try to understand it. She believed that love was "precious," no matter who it was from or when it was given, just like how Sam shouldn't love Jason but did. She admitted that she'd overheard their conversation. He informed Elizabeth that Sam was taking time to figure things out for herself, and Elizabeth got defensive about Jason insinuating that she do the same. "I don't need you to tell me to figure out who I am or who to love, because I know both answers," she said. As Jason turned to leave, Elizabeth's phone went off. She told him that Anna had gotten Faison's personal effects, and Jason left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Anna informed Andre that she hadn't had much luck narrowing down her search for Henrik. She asked for his help, as she felt she was in a race against Jason, who would "eliminate" Henrik without hesitation. She wanted to know if Henrik had any good in him. Anna and Andre went over a list of boarding schools to look into, and he pointed out four for her to start with. She thought of his help as "invaluable," and he agreed that that was how he thought of their friendship.

Andre wondered how things had been with Finn, and she informed him that he'd given her "terrible advice." Andre looked behind Anna and got up from the table, stating, "that's my cue." On his way out, he greeted Finn, who was mystified by Andre's constant "mysterious exits." Finn and Anna exchanged small talk then stared at each other in an awkward silence. Finn excused himself to get food. "Alexis thinks he's he easy to talk to?" Anna muttered under her breath, but Finn heard her.

Finn wondered why Anna had talked about him with Alexis. She revealed that Alexis had wanted to be "up-front" with Anna, and she'd asked if it would be "stepping on my toes by dating you." "Wow," Finn said, and they shared another silent, awkward stare. He asked if the women had "sorted that out." "Absolutely," Anna replied. She revealed that she'd told Alexis to "date away," and he nodded disappointedly.

Franco begins hypnotherapy

Franco begins hypnotherapy

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Peter burst into Griffin's office and demanded to know if Griffin was going to keep Peter's identity secret or "sign my death warrant." Griffin revealed that it would breach his ethics to disclose the information unless he believed that Peter could harm someone, which Griffin didn't believe. "You say you're not dangerous. Prove it," Griffin said. Griffin urged Peter to turn himself in, but Peter likened it to suicide.

Griffin thought that Maxie would feel betrayed if she found out about Peter's true identity from someone other than Peter. He reminded Peter that Anna, Jason, and the WSB were looking for him, and it was only a matter of time until someone else found him out. Peter thanked Griffin for his time, and he left.

Kevin knocked on the door of the art therapy room, startling Franco. Kevin informed Franco that he'd had a cancellation, so they could start Franco on hypnotherapy immediately. "The sooner you get your memory back, the sooner you can get on with your life," Kevin reasoned. Franco was scared because he couldn't "un-know something." Thinking it over, Franco knew that he had to do it for himself, for Drew, and for Elizabeth, so he said, "Let's do it."

Moments later, Kevin and Franco entered Kevin's office. Kevin turned the lights down, and the two sat down. Kevin instructed Franco to close his eyes and focus on Kevin's voice. Kevin told Franco to open his eyes and focus on an object in his line of vision, and Franco chose a statuette on Kevin's desk. Kevin instructed Franco to make the object his only focus as he slowly closed his eyes again. Kevin told Franco that, as he counted down, Franco should feel a deep state of relaxation. Kevin counted down from five to zero, adding that Franco would be in a "deep trance" until Kevin counted down again.

When Kevin finished counting, he asked Franco where he was. "In my house, playing with Andy," Franco replied, eyes still closed. Kevin instructed him to open the door to the basement and stand at the top of the stairs. He wanted to start at the night of the accident with Franco standing at the top of the stairs with Drew. Franco's memory skipped right to Drew unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, and Jim barreling down the stairs, yelling, "Look what you did, Bobby!"

Kevin instructed Franco to go back a few seconds, but Franco refused. Franco saw Jim calling him a liar and told Kevin that he was "scared of him." Kevin assured him that he was safe, but Franco cried that "he" could still hurt Franco. Kevin asked Franco to help stop "him" and wondered who it was that Franco was afraid of. "Harvey. Uncle Jim," Franco sobbed. Kevin called Franco brave and asked why Franco was so afraid of Jim.

Ava thanked Nelle for dropping off some contracts from the gallery and mentioned that she'd just gotten to clearing Julian's things out of the bathroom. She went through the box of Julian's things and pulled out a bottle of cologne. She sadly realized that the cologne had belonged to Morgan. She figured the housekeeper would take the box, but Nelle quickly offered to take it. Ava wondered if Nelle had thought about Ava's advice. "There's no way I can back off Carly," Nelle replied. Ava believed that Nelle was in the "ideal situation," so she should "kill 'em with kindness." She reminded Nelle that actions had consequences.

As Nelle made her way to the door with the box of Julian's things, she informed Ava that she and the baby would have "no chance" until Carly was out of the picture. Just then, Griffin appeared in the doorway. "Remember what I said," Ava advised. "You, too," Nelle shot back, and she left. Griffin plopped down on the couch, citing an "exhausting day."

Ava wondered if Griffin was still thinking about the test he'd run at the hospital. She retrieved the envelope for him and assured him that she hadn't opened it. He answered that he hadn't thought she would, because he trusted her. She was hurt that he couldn't confide in her, as she could tell how much the test had bothered him. He revealed that it wasn't his secret to tell, but she would always be the first person he would share things with. She didn't like it, but she understood. He related that, in order to avoid another rash decision, he would destroy the results first thing in the morning.

Griffin put the results in his briefcase and walked away to take a shower. Ava eyed the briefcase as she read over a contract. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she took the envelope out of the briefcase. She held the envelope up to the light to try to see through it, to no avail. She made sure that she still heard the shower running, and she took the results out of the envelope. Her eyes widened as she read through the DNA test.

As Bobbie talked Carly's ear off at the Metro Court about an inspector checking out her house, Carly thought about the scarf that had appeared and disappeared in her office. Bobbie wondered what Carly was preoccupied with, and Carly claimed to have been thinking about B.J. She tearfully wondered if Bobbie ever forgot that B.J. was gone, and Bobbie sensed that Carly was talking about Morgan. Carly told Bobbie about the scarf and the phone calls.

Carly believed that someone was deliberately messing with her, and Bobbie instructed her not to let whoever it was get to her. just then, Bobbie's phone rang, and she answered it to someone from the hospital. Nelle peered at them from around a corner as Bobbie agreed to go in to work. When Bobbie hung up, she lamented that she had to cancel her inspection. Carly agreed to meet the inspector for Bobbie, and Nelle ran off, clearly getting an idea.

Mike regaled Michael and Sonny with a funny story from his youth. When the two were done laughing at the story, they urged Mike to tell another. Mike revealed that he knew they'd tried to help him "piece together" his past by recreating Luke's, and he knew that the effects wouldn't last forever. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," Sonny replied. Mike was just sorry that he would never get to share stories or advice with Avery or with Michael's unborn child. "You still can," Michael told him.

A few minutes later, Michael had his phone set up on a tripod facing Mike. Mike didn't know what to say or where to start, so Michael advised him to talk about a good memory, and he turned the recorder on. Later, Mike was telling a story about his cousin who'd been a "brute" when he'd been younger but had grown up to be a doctor. He remembered how much love had been in his household with his parents. Just then, he looked at the clock and cried that he needed to go home because his parents would be "worried sick" about him. Mike spoke more about how worried his parents would be until Sonny yelled, "Your parents are dead, Dad!"

"How can you say that?" a shocked Mike demanded. Sonny told him that his parents had passed away before Sonny had even been born. Michael pulled Sonny away and told Mike that Sonny had been confused, and Mike's parents knew that he was staying with Sonny. Michael assured Mike that he would call and remind Mike's parents if Mike sat down. Mike sat, and Sonny took Michael aside, apologizing for losing his cool. Michael explained about "sundowning," which was when a dementia patient got more confused as the day went on.

Michael informed Sonny that dementia patients frequently thought their parents were still alive, so the incident would likely happen again. He urged Sonny to stay calm and to not beat himself up over it. Michael told Mike that his parents sent their love and wanted him to get some rest. "I can't. I remember something, and I need to tell someone," Mike said. "The field in Croton. I know," Mike continued to an intense Sonny. Michael didn't understand, but Mike revealed that it wasn't for Michael to understand.

Mike repeated himself, and Michael acknowledged that "it's been taken care of. You have nothing to worry about." He suggested that Mike get some rest and promised to check on him. Mike left the room, and Michael wondered if Sonny knew what Michael had been talking about. "Not a clue," Sonny said.

Jason sat down next to Anna at the Metro Court bar, and she wondered what he wanted. He wanted to know if she was keeping something from him about the night Faison had died. She acknowledged that, while they wanted different outcomes, they had the same objective. Jason showed her the copy of The Severed Branch and informed her that it had a complete ending. He pulled the book away from her and asked what had happened to Faison's personal effects. She informed him that she'd tried to give them to Liesl for Britt, but they'd ended up with the WSB.

Jason gave the book to Anna and pointed out the last line, which mentioned that the protagonist had taken his father's lighter as a souvenir. Anna told Jason that there had been no lighter in Faison's things, which meant that they would find Henrik if they found the lighter. They agreed that they needed to speak to Peter and Finn, and that they needed to leave Maxie out of it. Anna noticed what Jason had thought was a dedication, but she realized that it was an epigraph.

Anna explained that an epigraph was part of a lyric or poem that gave the reader a sense of the theme or purpose of a book. She read, "for if the rot comes from both ends, together the branches must be severed." Jason offered to have Spinelli research the origin of the quote, but Anna didn't think it was necessary. She believed that the quote was a "mission statement," meaning that Henrik was "coming for his mother next." Peter entered the bar and saw Anna and Jason together.

Jim finished getting dressed and picked up his phone. He read an article about "Artist Franco's Mother in Stable Condition at General Hospital -- Betsy Frank rescued after kidnapping in Buffalo, NY." A short while later, he entered the hospital.

Elizabeth and Jake find themselves in danger

Elizabeth and Jake find themselves in danger

Thursday, April 5, 2018

In the General Hospital parking garage, Liz and Jake, who were at the hospital to see Franco, ran into Drew, who was also on a Franco-related visit. When Jake asked why Drew would be visiting someone he hated, Drew admitted that his opinion of Franco was... evolving. "Sometimes feelings change, especially when you start to understand someone even more," he explained, adding, "Don't judge someone until you've walked in their shoes." But as it turned out, Drew was actually on his way to see Patient No. 64493-586 -- Franco's mom, Betsy, who he hoped might be able to fill in some of the blanks where Jim Harvey was concerned.

Eventually, Drew and Elizabeth's conversation turned to Sam and Drew's breakup. A sympathetic Liz said, "You know, the hurt I caused when I lied to you. I never wanted you to feel that kind of pain again." Taking the high road, Drew said he and Liz were good and would stay that way, adding that he didn't want a wife who was "confused about who she loves. We both deserve better than that."

Drew visited Betsy, who didn't recognize him at first. "You might have called me Little Andy," he prodded. Betsy apologized for what she'd done to him, but he urged her not to do that. "As far as I know, you're the only mother I ever had," he said. Gently questioning Betsy, it seemed Drew might get answers... until Betsy spotted Harvey, who'd donned a hospital lab coat and glasses to skulk around the hospital. The very sight of him freaked out Betsy, whose scream scared him away.

In Kevin's office, Franco's hypnosis session continued with the patient admitting that he was terrified of "Uncle Jim" because the man had hurt him. The look on Kevin's face indicated that he had a pretty good idea where it was going. As Kevin reminded his patient that they were in a safe space, Franco again recalled Jim threatening him as a boy. Franco told his vision of Jim, "I have to do something. I have to make it stop!"

Just when it seemed Franco might be on the verge of remembering everything, Kevin, fearing it was too much, ended their session. Asked how he felt, Franco told Kevin, "I am going to kill Jim Harvey," before admitting he didn't understand exactly what was happening to him. "I feel like I was really close to figuring something out," insisted Franco, wondering why Kevin had awoken him. Dr. Collins explained, "Hypnosis doesn't make you remember. It lets you remember." Kevin warned that putting Franco under again that day would be detrimental to his health.

After a visit with Liz and Jake during which the little boy begged him to return home, Franco told Kevin they had to get to the truth as soon as possible so he could reunite with his family. Franco said, "No matter how painful, no matter what I might find out, good or bad, I need to know. Not just for me, but for my family." At the same time, Betsy asked Drew to get "Bobby" so she could tell him about Jim Harvey -- even as Jim, encountering Jake and his mom in the parking garage, stuck a gun in Elizabeth's back. He demanded, "Do as I say, and the boy won't get hurt!"

At Kelly's, Oscar, on his first outing since the earthquake, ordered practically everything on the menu. "You need to slow down. It's not like you haven't eaten," Josslyn mused. Oscar was excited to be at Kelly's and told Josslyn that life seemed pretty good, especially with his dad back in the picture. When Oscar admitted his wish was to see his parents reunited, Josslyn suggested that with Drew becoming single, that might happen.

Across the room, Dr. Bensch met with Kiki, and he asked if she was still upset about the kiss he'd planted on her. She barked, "Upset doesn't even begin to cover how I felt last night. Try furious!" In fact, she planned to turn down the shadow program. Bensch claimed to have misread the "signals" Kiki had been sending him. When he claimed to have felt chemistry between them, Kiki shut that down with a firm "no" and a vigorous shake of her ponytail, reminding him, "I told you I didn't like to be touched. Does that sound like 'chemistry' to you?"

Dr. Bensch insisted he was not a predator and told Kiki she should reconsider dropping out of the shadowing program. She believed he'd only suggested her for the program because he wanted to put the moves on her, but Bensch told Kiki, "The one who doesn't believe in you is you." By the time he stopped talking about the easy rapport they shared and how qualified she was for the position, Kiki seemed to be weakening. However, at the hospital later, Francesca's casual comment about how Bensch had clearly fought for Kiki seemed to leave her unsettled. Meanwhile, Dr. Bensch replayed and saved a message Kiki had left for him earlier.

Julian swung by Kim's to deliver a bouquet of flowers and admitted that he'd had "a very nice time" with her the other night. Over wine, Kim admitted that Oscar being out of her sight made her more than a little nervous after recent events. Julian admitted to being surprised Drew hadn't filled her in about the whole "Jim Harvey tried to kill me and Franco" thing during his recent visit, but Kim rationalized that Drew hadn't wanted to talk about that in front of Oscar. When the recent lovers got around to discussing their tryst, Julian wondered if perhaps Kim still had Drew on her mind. Julian admitted, "I didn't expect you to leave my office, walking on stars, but I just want you to know that I would love it if we continued to be friends, or possibly more."

Kim admitted there was something about Drew she needed to tell Julian. She filled him in on Sam and Drew's recent breakup. This left Julian wondering if, deep down, Kim hoped for a future with Oscar's dad. "The only thing we have in common is Oscar," she said of her ex. Julian filled Kim in on his and Alexis' similarly complicated past, after which Kim suggested they stop talking about the past and "focus on the here and now." Following a make-out session, Julian started to leave, unaware that Oscar was listening in as Kim somewhat reluctantly admitted that she'd never really gotten over Drew.

Franco beats Harvey, and Drew learns everything

Franco beats Harvey, and Drew learns everything

Friday, April 6, 2018

Oscar returned home from his date with Josslyn and found Kim cleaning up after her visit with Julian. Oscar mentioned how much he, Kim, and Drew had been like a family when they'd been together previously, but Kim suggested that it had just been a nice time. Oscar insisted it had been more than that, and he'd overheard Kim telling Julian that she had never gotten over Drew. Kim called her son rude for invading her privacy during a private conversation, and she stated that he hadn't heard the entire conversation.

Oscar thought that his mother was uncomfortable and told her she should be talking to Drew and not Julian about her feelings. Kim noted that she was happy that Oscar had been getting to know Drew, and Oscar admitted that it had been easy. He felt like they all belonged together. Kim clarified that she had been talking about a Drew she had known in the past, not the same person who had no memory of his past. The Drew she had known would not return.

Oscar reminded Kim that Drew had left her something. He pulled out the 2003 CD from the living room table and stated that it was no ordinary CD. Drew had made it for Kim, and it was the reason she'd kept it. Kim insisted that it should have been tossed into the recycling, and Oscar called her bluff. He retrieved the recycling can and urged his mother to toss it, and he told her to stop pretending. Kim grew annoyed and told Oscar to go to bed. She hugged him and told him she loved him.

After Oscar was gone, Kim sat on the sofa with her laptop. She pulled out her earphones and put the CD into the laptop. She smiled wistfully.

At Sonny's house, Jason informed his boss that he might have to go out of town in order to help Spinelli. Carly walked in and was surprised to see Jason. She announced that she had to go to her other house to see an inspector about the earthquake damage. Sonny headed upstairs, and Carly asked Jason about Sam. Jason revealed that Sam had gone out of town with her kids to be alone and think. Carly was annoyed and declared that Sam and Jason had been apart enough.

Jason stressed that Sam might decide that she didn't want a relationship, though he was happy that she was away from Drew. Jason deemed Sam "not herself with him," and he felt like Sam was always waiting for Drew's approval. He would be okay with any decision that Sam made. He demanded that Carly not interfere, and he wanted her to promise. Carly agreed, but she looked forward to Jason telling her that she had been right when Sam returned to him. Her phone rang, and she had to leave.

Sonny returned and wondered if he wanted to know what Jason and Carly had been talking about. Jason explained that Spinelli was in Europe, doing investigations and planning to get into Faison's safe deposit box. There was a "contingency plan" involving Jason in case anything went wrong. Sonny thought that Spinelli would probably "blow it," and he thought that Jason should have made plans with Anna instead. Jason was convinced that Anna was withholding information because she seemed too close to the search for Henrik.

Jason asked about Mike as he and Sonny went out to the patio. Sonny admitted that his father had both good days and bad days, but he was concerned with Mike mentioning the field in Croton. Mike had never been there, and Sonny was certain that Mike couldn't have known what had happened there. Sonny revealed that he had been working his way through the organization and had been summoned by Joe Scully. "You're gonna be driving to Croton. Don't forget your shovel," Sonny recalled the mobster saying.

Sonny added that he'd found Joe's problem wrapped in a plastic shower curtain in the trunk of the car, and Sonny had taken care of it. His father had mentioned the field, but he hadn't been there. "How would he know?" Sonny wondered. His father had been there off and on, and Mike had always lectured Sonny that Joe had been bad news. He realized that his father had tried to stop him from making bad choices, and maybe his life would have been different if he'd listened. He was certain that Mike had not been in Croton. Jason asked if Sonny might have mentioned it, but Sonny denied it. Jason suggested that someone else had.

Sonny went on to explain that his father had mentioned an incident with a kid in Sonny's childhood and the day they'd played kick the can. Mike had recalled specifics of the day, but Sonny was sure Mike hadn't been there, either. Jason thought that Mike might have heard about it from someone else, and he thought that it was okay to allow Mike to have the memory. Soon enough, Mike wouldn't remember anything. Sonny agreed that he had no problem with Mike thinking he'd been there, but Croton was another story.

Sonny declared that Mike had enjoyed the evening at Luke's Place, and everyone had shown up, whether they liked Sonny or not. Mike had been himself. Jason confessed that he'd never understood the "value of memory" until he had seen everyone at the event. He'd realized that he shared history with many of the people there. Jason thought that with Mike losing his own history, it was nice to have it for a while.

Sonny admitted that he never knew which Mike would show up, and Croton was worrying him. He wondered what Mike knew, if anything, and if he did know something, what he might have said to someone without realizing it.

Nelle arrived at Carly's other house, dressed all in black, and let herself in. She apologized out loud to Josslyn for stealing her house key, but it was for "a good cause." She called out to make sure no one was there. "Let the haunting begin," Nelle said. She pulled a unit out of her black bag and plugged it into a wall outlet. Next, she grabbed a control unit and played with the house lights, making them go off and on. She smiled.

Carly let herself into the house as she spoke to the inspector on the phone. The lights began to flash as Nelle hid and worked the unit. Carly sat down on the sofa and grabbed a magazine from the coffee table. The inspector called back and advised Carly she would have to wait an hour. Carly agreed. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and called out. There were a variety of sounds that appeared to be occurring upstairs.

Carly headed upstairs with a flashlight as the lights continued to flicker. She opened the door to Morgan's room and walked around. She touched his things and picked up a baseball mitt that had Morgan's name on it. A door creaked, and picking up a baseball bat, Carly swung open the closet door. Nothing was there, and she headed back downstairs. The lights continued to flash. Carly sent her mother a text and advised her that the inspector hadn't shown up, and Bobbie responded that she'd reschedule. More noises sounded, and Carly carried the bat upstairs again to Morgan's room.

Quietly, Nelle emerged from her hiding place and grabbed the plugged-in unit and left the house. Carly urged herself to get it together and realized that the lights were probably flickering due to the earthquake. She stooped to pick up a broken framed photograph of Morgan.

At General Hospital, Drew sat at Betsy's bedside. She implored him to get Bobby in order for her to tell him everything about Jim Harvey. She insisted that she'd seen Harvey earlier, though she assumed that her mind had been playing tricks. Drew assured her that Harvey was a fugitive and would be arrested if he showed up. Betsy advised him that she was worried for Bobby, and Drew suggested that she tell him about Bobby and Andy's childhood.

Betsy began by saying that the boys had been a pleasure to raise. They had hardly ever fought, had been sweet, and had always played together. She was the one who had shown Harvey to their home because he had seemed nice. Afterward, Bobby had started "acting out," but she had never realized what had happened until recently. She told Drew everything.

Franco walked with Kevin and begged him to continue the hypnosis. Kevin wanted Franco to calm down, although Franco insisted he was both calm and ready. He didn't want to wait another day and thought it would be too late. Franco admitted that he'd seen Elizabeth and Jake earlier, and he wanted to go home. Kevin explained that he didn't want Franco to force a memory and wanted to wait until Franco got some sleep.

Franco chuckled sarcastically. He thought he might be able to use the spare room at Kiki's place, and Kevin admitted that he didn't want Franco to drive. He planned on calling an Uber.

Down in the hospital garage, Jim Harvey trained his gun on Elizabeth and Jake. He ordered them to get into Elizabeth's car, and she could drive him out of the lot. Elizabeth leaned down to talk quietly to her son. She verified that he would listen to whatever she said, and then she whispered to him to run. She pushed her son away and blocked Harvey from the boy. Harvey pushed Elizabeth away and ordered her into the car. "Get away from my mom," Jake ordered as he returned to the adults.

Jake advised Elizabeth that he couldn't leave her. Harvey grabbed Elizabeth around the neck and held his gun on her. She advised her son not to listen to Harvey as she elbowed Harvey hard, turned, and pushed his face. "Bitch," Harvey shouted. They struggled, and Harvey pushed Elizabeth to the ground. Jake went to his mother, and Harvey ordered the boy into the car. Just then, Franco walked by and stopped. "Look what you did, Bobby," Harvey said. He added that it was all Bobby's fault.

Harvey continued to try to get Jake into the car, but when he reached for the boy, Franco lunged at Harvey and tackled him to the ground. Elizabeth and Jake rushed behind the car as Franco straddled Harvey and slugged him. Harvey attempted to reach for his gun that had flown out of his hand, but it was to no avail. He kept repeating Bobby's name. Franco continued to beat Harvey, who yelled that he was Bobby's friend. Franco called Harvey evil and continued to pound the man.

Harvey begged Franco to stop and offered to turn himself in, but suddenly he slugged Franco instead.

A perturbed Drew left Betsy's room and saw Kevin, who knew immediately that something was wrong. Drew revealed that he'd heard how he'd fallen down the stairs and how it had related to Harvey. He'd heard everything. Elizabeth and Jake appeared, and Elizabeth frantically told them what was happening in the parking garage. She advised them that she had called the police, and she asked Drew to stay with Jake.

Kevin offered to watch Jake in order for Drew and Elizabeth to return to the garage. Kevin reassured the boy, who blamed himself for Franco's predicament. He was worried about Franco. Jake told Kevin that the man had been mean, and some "mean stuff" had been said. Kevin thought that Jake had been brave and had helped his mother. Jake thought that his mother and Franco were the brave ones.

Elizabeth and Drew got to the garage, and the spot where the car had been was empty. Harvey and Franco were gone.

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