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Jason ran into Sam. Robert Scorpio paid Anna a visit. Franco confronted Jim about sexually abusing him. Drew shot and killed Jim. Nelle bristled when she saw Michael and Maxie together. Mike disappeared from the park with Avery.
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Anna, Jason, and Robert search for answers about Henrik
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Truths about Franco's childhood are revealed

Truths about Franco's childhood are revealed

Monday, April 9, 2018

Carly accidentally stepped on a broken framed photograph of Morgan in his old bedroom at her second house. She heard a noise and called out but heard nothing in response. She grabbed a baseball bat, closed the bedroom door, and waited. Someone was walking up the stairs, and Carly was poised with the bat in the air. As the door opened, she yelled and made a move to swing at the person, but she managed to stop short when Sonny walked in.

Sonny couldn't believe that Carly had almost hit him. He declared that he had been calling her, but Carly denied hearing him. She admitted that she'd been lost in thought over the framed photo. Sonny confessed that she'd been nervous of late, and he had decided to keep her company at the house while she waited for the inspector. Carly told him about the lights and noises in the house and confirmed that the only thing she'd found that had been disturbed was the photograph. She was certain that someone else had been in the house.

Shortly after, Carly waited until Sonny returned from checking the fuse box. He announced that everything seemed to be in working order. Carly told him about the phone calls she'd received and the scarf she'd found on her desk at work that had disappeared. Carly concluded that those things plus the photograph all had Morgan in common. She confessed that Jason and Dante had helped her to pursue the origination of the phone calls, and Sonny was annoyed that he hadn't known about any of it.

Carly explained that Sonny had been dealing with Mike, and she'd thought she would have everything under control. Sonny promised that he would help her to find out what was going on, and the couple shared a hug.

Outside Kelly's, Nelle made a phone call to someone and suggested they meet her for a bite to eat. Inside, Josslyn and Michael sat at a table. Josslyn urged her brother to get back together with Nelle, and Michael wasn't happy that Josslyn was pushing that. Josslyn thought that Michael should make an "honest effort" to get back with Nelle, since she was having Michael's baby. Michael insisted that things were better, and he and Nelle had arrived at an understanding and were working together for the baby's sake.

As Michael stressed that he and Nelle were not getting back together, Nelle walked inside. Josslyn jumped up excitedly and gave Nelle a hug and her seat. Josslyn left Nelle and Michael alone and went to the counter to order some food. Nelle called Josslyn one of the most romantic people she'd ever known as well as optimistic. Nelle asked if Michael was still at the Metro Court, as she had a gift for him. She told him about the long-range walkie-talkie that she'd bought for Michael to talk to the baby when he wasn't with them.

Michael thought the gift was great, and he asked Nelle to join them. Nelle replied that she was meeting someone, and just then, Brad walked in. Nelle jumped up and gave him a big hug. They sat down at their own table and talked about baby swings and Brad's anxiety over the upcoming adoption. He was nervous that something would go wrong.

Josslyn thought that Brad and Josslyn looked cute together. "Yeah. Cute," Michael replied sarcastically. Josslyn didn't think that Nelle would cause Brad and Lucas to have any problems. When Brad received a phone call from Lucas and left his table to take the call, Michael walked over to Nelle and sat down. He told her that Brad had a "checkered past" and a bad name, and he thought that Brad was not a good choice for a friend.

Nelle chuckled and reminded Michael that people had often said worse things about her. Michael insisted that he was just giving Nelle the facts. Nelle replied that Brad was "cool," and she thought that if he was good enough for Lucas, he was good enough for her. Brad stood by the jukebox and overheard.

Brad returned to the table as Nelle perused the menu and wondered where the waitress might be. He suggested she order everything "on him," as he'd heard her stand up for him and was grateful. He explained that he had made some bad choices in the past, and sometimes he felt as though he wasn't good enough for Lucas. Nelle stated that she didn't care what people thought. Brad was glad and told her she'd be a great mother, and Nelle returned the compliment.

Back at his table, Michael told Josslyn that he shouldn't have said anything. He cared for Nelle, but he didn't love her. He thought it was something he should have figured out sooner.

Jordan arrived at the hospital and saw Elizabeth and Drew. Elizabeth explained what had happened in the parking garage and that Harvey had taken Franco in her car. Drew looked at Elizabeth questioningly but remained silent. Elizabeth added that Harvey had been wearing scrubs and had had a gun. Drew mentioned that he had been with Betsy, who had thought she'd seen Harvey and perhaps really had. She had been heavily sedated after. Elizabeth begged Jordan to search for the men. She was worried that Harvey would kill Franco, having already tried once before.

Jordan sent one of her police officers to obtain the surveillance, and after watching it, Jordan reported that the struggling men had fallen out of the picture, and they could only see the car driving away.

Elizabeth's car stopped, and someone got out of the car and opened the trunk. Harvey was bound inside the trunk, and Franco trained Harvey's gun on the man and ordered him out of the car. Harvey's head was bleeding and bruised, and he struggled to get up. Franco ordered him to stand if he wanted to live.

Scott walked up to the group in the hospital, and Elizabeth, Drew, and Jordan filled him in on what had happened with Franco and Harvey. Scott announced that he'd seen Elizabeth's car going very fast, and he told Jordan what direction it had been going. Jordan left the group to dispatch the information, and Drew followed. Scott confessed that Franco had "most definitely" been in control and had been the one driving the car. He admitted he'd given Jordan the wrong direction of the car. He hadn't seen Harvey.

Elizabeth and Scott tried to figure out what Franco could be doing, and Scott declared that he would call Mac for help.

Franco pushed Harvey into his art studio and onto the floor. Franco admitted that the building had been condemned after the earthquake, and no one else was in the building. His favorite painting was still there, too, and he felt safe there. Franco announced that they had work to do, and Harvey begged Franco not to hurt him again. Franco promised and called him Uncle Jim.

Harvey got to his feet and declared that he hadn't known that his men would lock Franco and Drew up, but Franco replied that that was a lie. As Franco kept the gun on Harvey, Franco stated that he wanted to talk about why he had pushed Andy down the stairs. Harvey called it "ancient history," but Franco wanted to hear it from Harvey's mouth. Franco had finally remembered everything, and he had pushed Andy down because of Harvey. "I am going to kill you," Franco said.

Harvey fell onto a chair and said that he had nothing to say. Franco agreed that he had pushed Andy, but the question was why. He wanted Harvey to tell him. Harvey snapped that Franco had done it because it had been in his DNA, and he had been born to hurt people. Franco flashed back to Andy in the toy chest. Franco had needed to keep him away from Harvey.

Franco flashed back to Betsy kneeling over the boy and asking what had happened. "Poor broken Andy," Harvey said. Franco recalled Betsy wanting to stay in the hospital with Andy, and Harvey had offered to stay with Bobby.

Franco remembered trying to hide in his bed from Harvey, and he remembered Harvey handing him a new teddy bear. Harvey had been there many times when Betsy hadn't been around, and Harvey had made Franco think he'd deserved what had happened. He recalled Harvey always patting the bed two times, but Harvey said Franco was talking crazy. Harvey insisted that Franco had needed a strong hand, but Franco declared that he'd had had to protect Andy. Harvey claimed that Andy had been sent away because of Bobby.

A teary Franco stated that Harvey had molested him and had wanted to molest Andy, too. Harvey retorted that that was not true. "I was just a little kid. You used me," Franco accused. Harvey was adamant that he hadn't been bad, and Franco had needed a father. "All I ever did was love you," Harvey cried. He was sorry to have hurt Franco, but Franco wondered how many other kids Harvey had molested and how many other kids Harvey had given gifts to. Harvey didn't know and didn't remember.

Franco disagreed. He was certain that Harvey could remember all the details. As Franco spoke, Harvey continued to try to work free from his binding. Franco handed him a pad of paper and a pen. He wanted Harvey to write a full confession.

Harvey finished writing and handed back the paper. Franco read "All these kids." He realized that the statute of limitations had expired where he and Harvey were concerned and held up the gun. He was not letting Harvey go, but he wouldn't hurt Harvey. He would kill him quickly. "You deserve to die," Franco said. Harvey thought that others wouldn't get the chance to hear his confession if Franco killed him, and he thought he should be confined to a prison. He would look like a victim if Franco killed him. He knew he needed help.

Harvey wondered what Franco's loved ones would think if they knew he had killed someone. Franco would lose everything. Franco pictured Elizabeth telling him to return home and Harvey telling him to be a good boy. "Never again," Franco said. Just then, Jim jumped up and lunged toward Franco.

Drew met up with Elizabeth again at the hospital, and Elizabeth told him what Scott had said. Elizabeth thought she was missing pieces of Franco's story, but Drew thought that Franco either didn't remember or didn't want to share. Elizabeth mentioned the painting that Franco couldn't seem to shake because it had reminded him so much of his childhood. Drew asked where the painting could be, and all Elizabeth knew was that Franco had moved it.

Shortly after, Scott returned and told Elizabeth that he would be meeting Mac at Kelly's. He asked where Drew had gone, and Elizabeth replied that he'd had somewhere to be. She had to take Jake home.

Harvey and Franco struggled over the gun, and it flew onto the floor. Harvey's tied wrists were freed. Harvey managed to get the upper hand and began to choke Franco. Memories of Elizabeth, Betsy, Bobby, and Andy flooded Franco's mind. "Go to sleep, Bobby," Bobby said. Franco was unconscious on the floor.

"You made me do it. We had a secret," Harvey cried as he hovered over Franco. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Harvey slumped to the floor. He'd been shot in the back. Drew was standing nearby with the gun in his hand.

Drew saves Franco

Drew saves Franco

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

At the Metro Court, Alexis and Finn were discussing the date they were on when Anna appeared. Oblivious to Alexis' discomfort, Anna pulled up a chair and asked Finn if he remembered seeing Faison's lighter the night that Faison had died. Finn eventually remembered Faison lighting his cigarillo with a pewter lighter while at Anna's house, and Anna excitedly grabbed his hands. Realizing what she'd done, she shook his hand and thanked him. He wondered about the purpose for Anna's questioning, but he knew that she couldn't fill him in. She thanked him again and got her phone out as she walked to the bar.

Alexis cracked that the encounter with Anna "could have gone worse." She told Finn that Anna had made it clear to Alexis that Anna and Finn weren't an item. She'd observed how much Finn and Anna had protested their feelings for one another, but she wasn't judging. She proposed that she and Finn see if they could "bring out the best in each other." Finn agreed, and Anna watched them leave together.

Jason arrived at Carly's, and Carly asked him to tell Sonny "everything." When Jason was finished talking about the mysterious phone calls, Sonny wondered why no one had told him before. Carly revealed that it had happened the same night Sonny had found out about Mike's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Jason continued by telling Sonny about the scarf, and then Carly filled Jason in on what had happened at her house. Sonny proposed that they call the cops, and Carly agreed. Minutes later, she informed the men that the cops were on their way.

Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Anna, who asked to meet him at the Metro Court for an update. Jason made sure that Sonny and Carly no longer needed him, and he promised that he was on his way. Later, Chase descended the stairs and informed Carly that he hadn't found anything suspicious. An irate Carly insisted that she hadn't been alone in the house and that someone had been messing with her in order to send her a message. Chase declared that there was probably a reasonable explanation for her experiences, and he left.

Sonny assured Carly that there was nothing to worry about, but she wanted Brick to go over the house "with a fine-toothed comb." He promised to set it up with Brick if she agreed to make an appointment with Griffin. She maintained that she hadn't hallucinated anything, but she angrily agreed to see Griffin just to prove that there was nothing wrong with her.

Jason arrived at Metro Court, and Anna informed him that, thanks to Finn, she'd confirmed that Faison had been in possession of his lighter on the night he'd died. Jason wondered if Finn was just telling Anna what she wanted to hear, as he'd seemed more interested in protecting her than giving Jason any information. Anna dismissed Jason's suggestion, as she believed Finn to be "level-headed" and reliable.

Jason remembered that the book had made it seem like Henrik had taken the lighter as Faison had been dying. He continued that he believed Henrik had left clues in his book for his mother to follow. He wanted Spinelli to see the end of the book just in case he could pick up a trail. Anna asked Jason to suspend their investigation for a few days, as Emma was visiting starting the next day. Jason told her that he would keep working, and he left.

Next to a candlelit dinner table, Nina sat with her legs across Valentin's lap. She apologized for ruining his plans for a nice dinner, and he wondered how she'd hurt her foot. She admitted that she'd "kicked something," adding that "the wall was there. Peter August was not." Valentin jokingly asked if she were going through his trash or hacking his email, but she promised that she "personally" was not doing anything. Whatever happened, he lightheartedly advised her to "keep your foot to yourself."

Peter was playing with Faison's lighter when there was a knock on his office door. Lulu entered to return the P.K. Sinclair book, and she marveled over all of the hints in the book, not least of all the lighter. Just then, Maxie entered carrying a large gift basket from a client intending to "share snacks" with him. She noticed the book and asked who P.K. Sinclair was. When Lulu explained it to Maxie, Maxie dropped the book. Maxie demanded to know how long Peter had been keeping the book from her. He admitted that he'd received the book a week before and hadn't told her about it because he'd thought she'd be upset by it. "You were right," she commented.

Maxie wasn't surprised that Lulu had been "in on it," but Lulu informed Maxie that she was trying to find out the truth about Henrik. Maxie accused her former friend of "cashing in on Nathan's death again." Lulu continued that there was no concrete proof of Henrik's existence, so she wanted to sift through the rumors to find the truth. "You do that," Maxie replied, prompting Lulu's exit.

Maxie confided in Peter that she wanted to burn the book about "poor, misunderstood Henrik" who probably expected a "free pass" since his father was dead. She added that Lulu was getting another story out of the family, while Nathan only had an obituary and a plaque at the police station. She didn't think it was fair, but it dawned on her that she was being unfair about Henrik. Peter urged her to read the book, but she didn't think she was ready. He promised that he and the book would be there when she was ready.

As Valentin poured Champagne for himself and Nina, Lulu entered. "I want to take you up on your offer," she told an annoyed Valentin. He promised to talk to Lulu the next day about it, but Nina wanted to know what was going on. Lulu explained the situation to Nina, who wondered what Valentin got out of helping Lulu find Henrik. He claimed that he thought it could provide Nina with some closure. She accepted the answer and advised them to "go for it." Valentin promised to put a list of possible contacts together the next morning. Lulu suggested that Henrik was still in Port Charles.

A few minutes later, Lulu was gone, and Nina wanted to check on Charlotte. When she was gone, Valentin called Peter. He advised Peter in a voicemail to call him back immediately.

Peter saw the missed call and voicemail on his phone as he assured Maxie that she didn't have to read the book if she didn't feel ready. She believed that Peter only had her best interests at heart, so she thought she could try reading it if Peter thought it could help her. "I trust you," she said as she took the book and left. When she was gone, Peter took out the lighter and continued to mess with it.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked Jordan if there was any word on Franco or if there was anything she could do. Jordan advised Elizabeth to tell Jordan what Elizabeth knew. If she didn't, Jordan believed things could be bad for Franco.

A crying Jim put an unconscious Franco down on the floor. He got on top of Franco and put his hands around Franco's throat. He blamed Franco for making Jim kill him. "We had a secret. You promised not to tell, you bad boy," Jim sobbed. Just then, a gunshot rang out, and Jim fell to the floor with a bullet wound in his back. Drew leaped into the room and tried to wake Franco while keeping his gun trained on Jim. Drew took out his phone and called for an ambulance as Franco woke up, grabbing his throat.

When Drew was off the phone, he assured Franco that help was on the way and that Betsy had told him everything. He thanked Franco for saving him from Jim. Franco emotionally hooked his arm through Drew's, and Drew patted Franco's leg in comfort.

Minutes later, Jordan arrived at the studio with reinforcements -- and Elizabeth. After Drew handed the gun over to the cop, Elizabeth rushed into Franco's arms. "Drew saved my life," Franco told her. Jordan wanted both men to answer questions, but Elizabeth wanted to take Franco to the hospital. Drew told Jordan his side of events, and Franco thanked Drew. "I owed him," Drew reasoned. "I'll let Franco tell you when he's ready," he added to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth assisted Franco as he began to go to the hospital, and Jordan took the opportunity to ask how Drew had known to go to Franco's studio. He revealed that, since there'd been nothing for him to do at the hospital, he'd been on his way back to his hotel when he'd noticed Elizabeth's car outside the studio. Just then, Jordan got a call from the hospital.

A short while later, Elizabeth entered Franco's hospital room and informed him that he would be kept overnight for observation. She kissed him in disbelief that she could have lost him that night. She wondered why Franco hadn't let the cops take care of Jim, but he stayed silent. She hoped he'd found the answers he'd been looking for, and he only caressed her face in response.

Elizabeth assured Franco that he didn't have to tell her anything until the next morning because he needed rest. However, he didn't want any more secrets between them. She promised that she wasn't going anywhere, so he could tell her anything. Elizabeth lay down next to him, their hands intertwined, as he told his story.

At the hospital, Jordan explained that New York law permitted actions like Drew's in the cases of self-defense or to prevent violence against another person. She informed him that he might have to go in front of a judge, but she didn't think he would be charged. Drew asked for a minute, and Jordan left him with Jim's body, which was covered with a sheet.

Drew uncovered Jim up to his shoulders and leaned in close. He revealed that his only regret about killing Jim was that "you can't hear this. But it's over." He continued that Jim would never hurt Franco or another child ever again. He pulled the sheet back over Jim and left the room. He found himself in front of Franco's room and watched tearfully as Franco told his story to an emotional Elizabeth.

Valentin warns Peter

Valentin warns Peter

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

At Anna's, Jason made sure that Emma had gotten there all right, and Anna confirmed that Emma was in the kitchen. Jason had news about Henrik that he wanted to tell her in person. He revealed that the publisher of The Severed Branch had "unwillingly" told him that the proceeds of the book sales were being deposited to a bank account in Zurich. Anna related that Zurich wasn't far from the school she suspected Henrik had attended, so she figured someone in the area would know him. She volunteered to pursue the lead at the school, and Jason agreed to follow the money.

Anna wondered if Jason was still going to look for Henrik's mother, and he replied that he was. He sensed that she seemed uncomfortable with that, and she claimed that they should respect the woman's privacy. Jason informed her that he was going to handle going to Zurich on his own. She urged him to wait a week so she could go, too, but he wanted to go as soon as possible. She accused him of wanting to shoot first and ask questions later, but she believed he wasn't just a "mindless killing machine" as many people believed.

Anna and Jason agreed that they respected one another. Because of that respect, Jason asked Anna what was really going on with her involvement in looking for Henrik. She answered that she had her reasons why she couldn't fill him in, and he understood. Just then, Emma emerged and hugged her grandmother. She wondered what they'd been talking about. Jason told Emma that they'd been talking about taking a trip to Switzerland for business. Emma told them that she had been assigned a project at school about Switzerland, so she wanted to go with them.

Anna reminded Emma that it would be a "working trip," and Emma fondly remembered the last time she'd helped Anna spy. Emma went back into the kitchen for a snack, and Jason was in disbelief that Anna was considering taking Emma along. Anna reasoned that it would be less conspicuous if the two had a child with them. She also figured that Robin would give permission for Emma to go, because there was no safer place Emma could be than with Anna and Jason.

Peter entered his office and found Valentin lounging at Peter's desk. Valentin accused Peter of avoiding him and added that Lulu was after him. Peter easily explained that he could throw Lulu off any time she got close to figuring him out. Valentin revealed that she wanted his help, as well, so he could also "misdirect" her. Valentin thought that Anna and Jason were Peter's real problems, so Peter needed to leave town before they inevitably found him. "This will end badly for you," Valentin warned.

Valentin reminded Peter that the whole chain of events leading to Nathan's death was Peter's fault, and it would eventually surface that Faison had been at Crimson for Peter and not Maxie. Peter wished that Nathan hadn't died, but all he could do was try to take care of Nathan's widow and child, even if they couldn't know who he was. "The baby is my only family," Peter reasoned. Valentin hoped nothing blew up in their faces, and he left. Peter thought about his conversation with Maxie when she'd wondered why Peter had been at Crimson when Faison had been there.

On the phone with Curtis, Nina asked if he'd found anything out about Peter in the last day since she'd hired him, and she admitted that patience wasn't her strong suit. She asked him to keep her updated, and she hung up. Just then, Maxie entered, relieved to see that Nina was all right. She wondered why Nina hadn't shown up at the birthing class that she knew had been on Nina's calendar. Nina reminded Maxie that she "broke up" with Nina so that Maxie could hang out with Peter because he had no connection to Nathan. "He kinda does," Maxie replied thoughtfully.

Maxie clarified that Peter was "reminiscent" of Nathan, but she assumed that it was just a "thirty-something-year-old guy" thing. Nina asked if Maxie was attracted to Peter, and Maxie immediately shot down the suggestion. Nina apologized for the question and added that Maxie didn't know him. "No one does," she clarified. Maxie claimed to know him and informed Nina that they'd had similar childhoods involving absentee parents. She continued that he didn't do much outside of work except go the gym, eat dinner alone, and watch old sitcoms from the fifties, wishing for the perfect family.

Maxie called Peter an "unexpected friend" who provided her with comfort, which should be good enough for Nina. Nina wanted Maxie to get comfort from Nina, which she realized was selfish. Maxie revealed that she did get comfort from Nina, but she didn't want it only from Nina all the time. She thought it was easy with Peter because he hadn't known Nathan. Nina agreed that Valentin was that kind of a comfort to her because, while he was sad and empathetic for his wife's loss, Nathan hadn't been a "personal loss" for him.

Maxie made sure that Nina still wanted to be Maxie's birthing partner, and Nina confessed that she already had a bag packed for the hospital. She promised not to smother Maxie anymore, and Maxie asked Nina to also ease up on Peter. She promised that there was no replacing Nathan, and she thought that Peter was genuinely interested in learning about Nathan. She urged Nina to tell Peter stories about Nathan because it could help Nina too.

Maxie advised Nina that the makeup birthing class was later that afternoon. The women embraced, and Maxie left. Nina put in another call to Curtis. She started to tell him to stop investigating, but she stopped talking as if Curtis had cut her off. "You found dirt on Peter August?" she asked, wide-eyed.

Elizabeth entered Franco's hospital room and kissed him. She wondered how he was feeling, and he replied that he was sore. She informed him that it would take a while to heal. He asked about "the rest of me," and she replied that that would take "even longer." Elizabeth confided that she was glad "despicable" Jim was dead. "He didn't break you. You won," she told him. "It doesn't feel like it," he responded.

Elizabeth revealed that Franco was being released that day, and the boys were excited to have him home. He wanted that more than anything, but he wasn't ready to go home with her yet. He had things to "sort out" before he made himself comfortable in her home. She assured him that he was a good person. He pinky swore with her that he promised to do everything he could to heal, and he asked her to trust him. "I always have," she said, and they expressed their love for one another.

Franco entered Kevin's office, and Kevin was curious about the "whole story" from the night before. Franco told Kevin about taking Jim back to his studio and revealed that everything had rushed back to him. He told Kevin that he'd remembered how Jim had gone to Franco's bedroom "night after night" and made Franco keep quiet. Jim had said that fatherless Franco had needed a man in his life. Franco feared that Jim had been right and that he'd encouraged Jim's behavior. "He's to blame, not you. Never you," Kevin told Franco sternly.

Kevin wanted to go back to the "stair incident." Franco explained that he'd taken Drew to the basement to hide from Jim, but Drew hadn't wanted to go by himself. He'd pushed Drew down the stairs in order to protect him from Jim. Kevin called Franco a good, decent person, but Franco feared that Jim's abuse "took a lasting toll." Franco had learned that "abused kids grow up to be child abusers." Kevin revealed that it was possible, but most didn't. He informed Franco that, while his mother's abuse had turned his twin brother Ryan into a violent criminal, Kevin had also suffered abuse. Franco reasoned that Kevin seemed "pretty normal."

Kevin continued that, with lots of work and good therapy, the trauma would remain in the past, where it belonged. Franco feared that he wouldn't be that lucky. Kevin wondered why Franco thought that he would suddenly turn into a monster. Franco thought of his past crimes, but Kevin reminded him of his tumor. Kevin believed that Elizabeth and her boys feeling safe around Franco was "indicative of who you are now," because "actions speak louder than words."

A short while later, Franco exited Kevin's office and was surprised to see that Elizabeth had waited for him. He admitted that he was scared of turning into what had happened to him in his past. Elizabeth knew that Franco would never hurt her boys, and Franco related that Kevin had said the same. She assured him that she had no doubts, fears, or hesitation. He marveled that she and the boys were the best thing to ever happen to him, and he kissed her. "You made our family complete," she told him. "Does this mean you're coming home?" she wondered. "Yeah," he said as he hugged her, adding, "Damn straight."

Curtis gives Nina dirt on Peter

Curtis gives Nina dirt on Peter

Thursday, April 12, 2018

At the hospital, Michael called Nelle and asked where she was, as they had a birthing class. She told him that she was running behind because Ava had asked Nelle for some contracts from work. Michael made sure that Nelle was "taking it easy," since it seemed like Ava was really leaning on Nelle. She assured him that she and the baby were fine and that she liked to "keep busy" anyway.

Sonny descended the stairs and asked if Carly had told Bobbie about what had happened at her house. Carly bitterly answered that Bobbie had refused an extra guard because she didn't think anything had happened either. She informed Sonny that she'd made an appointment with Griffin to prove that she wasn't crazy. He insisted that he believed her, but he just wanted to rule out anything physical. She huffed out of the room, citing a need to check on Avery.

Max entered the room, and Sonny wondered what Max knew about Carly's issues. Max revealed that Jason had filled him in on everything. They spoke about how grief could play tricks on the mind. Max mentioned that he'd heard how everyone had had a great time at "Luke's." Sonny replied that Mike had been good "for a while," enough so that Michael had recorded him. However, Sonny confided in Max about Mike's "Croton" comment and how worried it made Sonny.

Max assured Sonny that it was a "dead issue" and that, even if someone found the body, there was no evidence linking Sonny to it. Sonny admitted that he'd buried the body with the gun. Though he'd wiped it off, he feared how advanced forensics had become. Max thought that, since it was a cold case and no one was looking for the victim, Sonny should "let well enough alone."

Sonny worried about how Mike knew and who else knew. He also worried that Mike would blurt out the secret, and the wrong person would overhear it. Max proposed that he and Milo go dig up the body and move it, but Sonny didn't want to draw attention to the field. He wanted to focus on finding out what Mike knew -- and who else knew.

Griffin arrived at the hospital, and a nurse ran by screaming. She blurted out to Griffin that there was a "hostage situation," and she ran off. Just then, he heard Maxie scream as she rounded the corner, held by Peter, who had a gun on her. Maxie yelled that Peter was Faison's son, and Peter growled that Griffin should have kept quiet. Maxie was angry at Griffin for not telling her. Just then, a cop arrived with a gun and took a shot. "Maxie!" Griffin yelled, and he shot up in bed.

Minutes later, Griffin frantically got his things together in the living room and insisted to Ava that he was running late. She wondered if the test results had given him bad dreams, as he'd tossed and turned all night. He wished he could talk to her about it, but it was about patient confidentiality. He appreciated her respecting his wishes. He kissed her and ran off to shower. Ava sat down with her breakfast while Griffin was in the shower, and she eyed his bag. She took the results out of the bag and looked at them.

A short while later, Griffin returned and hoped to put the test results out of his mind by destroying them. There was a knock on the door, and Nelle entered with some contracts for Ava. Griffin was on his way out, so Ava told him that she loved him. "I'll see you tonight," he replied, and she closed the door behind him. Ava signed the contracts and thanked Nelle for delivering them. Nelle commented that Ava was on Nelle's way to the hospital. It suddenly dawned on Ava that Nelle had a birthing class that day.

Nelle assured Ava that Michael was there, saving her a spot, so she could still make it there. Ava observed that Nelle seemed to be making "inroads" with Michael without trying to sabotage Carly. Just then, Ava's phone rang, and it was Carly wanting to change their plans concerning Avery. She revealed that she had an appointment at the hospital, so she would drop Avery off afterward. Carly hung up, and Ava immediately vented to Nelle, who commented, "That's Carly. Now you understand why I'm not taking any chances."

A short while later, Nelle was gone, and Ava emerged dressed and ready for the day. As she remembered her earlier conversation with Griffin, she looked at a picture of the test results on her phone.

Nina met Curtis in the park and asked about the dirt he'd found on Peter. Curtis advised her to check her email. She pulled her email up on her phone but asked for the highlights. Curtis informed Nina that, while all of Peter's references checked out, the one weird thing he'd found was that Peter's Port Charles address was the only one listed on every report he'd found. He offered to do some more digging, but he thought it could raise suspicions. Nina countered that she was more interested in Peter's personal life.

Curtis suggested that all of Peter's work experience had been faked, because it only took a hack in a company's database to add an employee. Nina was shocked and added that Curtis had given her a lot to think about. She thought that Peter was "too good to be true" and that he was "definitely hiding something." When Nina was gone, Curtis did a search on his phone for Peter's birth records.

Carly got out of her car in the parking garage at the hospital and got into an elevator. When she was gone, Nelle emerged from the shadows and began to write on a piece of paper. Just then, a kid walked through putting menus for Noodle Buddha on windshields, and Nelle hid. When he was gone, Nelle looked at the menu.

Griffin approached Carly at the hospital and asked her what was going on. She answered that she needed him to tell her that she wasn't crazy. He invited her to his office so she could start from the beginning, and she followed him back.

Maxie arrived at the hospital and sadly watched all the happy couples mingling before class. Annoyed at Nina for being late, she made her way out but bumped into Michael. They got to talking; she thought it was nice that he was supporting Nelle, and she thought that he would be a good father. Michael talked about how excited he was about the baby and everything he wanted to do with the baby, but Maxie excused herself in the middle of it.

Michael followed Maxie out and apologized for being so insensitive. Maxie insisted that he had the right to be excited, but it had reminded her of all the things Nathan would never get to do with their baby. Michael assured her that she had many friends and family members to help her along, but she maintained that, at the end of the day, it would just be her and the baby. "You've got me, too," he promised. He proposed that they warm up for class together, since neither of their partners was there, and she agreed.

A few minutes later, Maxie and Michael were practicing breathing together, laughing and joking around. Nelle entered just in time to see the two laughing together and immediately interrupted them. Nina arrived moments later, and Nelle demanded that Michael go elsewhere with her. When everyone was settled, Maxie wondered why Nina had been late, and Nina cited a "project" she was working on.

Peter read Lulu's newest article in the Port Charles Press: "Does the Severed Branch Fall Far From the Poisoned Tree?" There was a knock on his office door, and Lulu entered. He congratulated her on the buzz her newest article had generated, but she wasn't happy with it. She'd thought that finding Henrik would provide Maxie with closure, but she feared that Maxie would just see it as another betrayal. She informed him that she was dropping her investigation into Henrik.

Peter advised Lulu that she couldn't drop the investigation after she'd done so much. Just then, Lulu's phone went off, and she saw that she'd just heard from Henrik, who wanted to meet and tell his side of the story. Peter wondered why she wasn't excited, and she revealed that she'd heard from "lots of Henriks today." "Crazy attracts crazy," she added. She gave her phone to Peter, and he scrolled through all the messages. He noticed a new email that quoted the epigraph from the book. Lulu realized that the book hadn't yet been released, so that email could be the real Henrik.

Peter reminded Lulu about all of the advance copies floating around, and she proposed that she call the publisher and ask for a list of everyone with copies of the book. She wasn't sure if she wanted to meet the man, as Maxie would probably see it as Lulu exploiting Nathan's death, "again." She also knew that she wasn't obligated to tell Henrik's story, and one way to get closure was to just "drop it."

Peter reasoned that Henrik was the only one left alive who had any answers, and she'd gone too far to give up. Lulu finally agreed to go forward with the story, and he made her promise to keep her editor in the loop. She thanked him for always somehow telling her what she needed to hear. He wished her luck, and she left. When she was gone, Peter made a call. "Valentin, it's me. It's done," he said.

Mike and Avery disappear from the park

Mike and Avery disappear from the park

Friday, April 13, 2018

At Sonny's house, Mike searched high and low for his glasses. He wanted to find them before taking a walk. Sonny watched him then pulled the glasses out of Mike's shirt pocket. Sonny claimed that he needed some company and invited Mike to sit with him on the couch. Mike put the glasses down on the coffee table. Sonny expressed how happy he was that Mike was there and how he wanted to make the most of Mike's stay. He also wanted to finish a previous conversation they'd had. Mike joked that it had to involve cards, horses or ladies, and Sonny laughed. He mentioned the field in Croton.

Mike looked confused, and Sonny suggested that Mike had appeared upset when he'd mentioned the spot the last time they'd spoken. Mike shook his head after thinking a minute and said, "It's gone now." Sonny thought it was a good idea to think about it while they were in the house. He thought that something might have happened in the past that could be bothering Mike. The older man racked his brain, but he appeared stymied.

Mike jumped up and announced that he had to find his glasses, and Sonny picked them up and handed them to him. Sonny had Mike sit down again, and he pulled out a jigsaw puzzle for Mike to work on. He dumped it out on the coffee table, and he urged Mike to try it, saying that it would help him to focus on the present. Mike was agreeable, and Sonny revealed that he needed to leave to take care of some business. Mike stated that the 300-piece puzzle would keep him busy.

Carly sat and stood and sat again in Griffin's office at the hospital as she told him about the incidents she'd had that had involved the strange phone calls, the scarf on her desk, and the flickering lights and noises at her house. She was convinced that something was wrong, but she didn't believe it to be her health. During her narrative, Griffin grabbed her a bottle of water, and he assured her that it was possible to feel that someone was there even if one couldn't see them.

Griffin suggested that Carly's brain could be compromised, which could have caused the incidents. He read through her old records on his laptop, and Carly told him about her hospitalization for a bullet through her brain when Morgan had been born, as well as a spill she'd taken when she'd been pregnant with Josslyn. Griffin noted that there was no record of a CT scan being done at the time of the second incident, and he told her that sometimes symptoms didn't show up until well afterward. He wanted to rule out a traumatic brain injury

Carly also admitted that she'd had two nervous breakdowns, although one of them had been partially faked. The other had occurred after Michael had been kidnapped as a baby. She told Griffin that one day, she had forgotten to breathe, and it had seemed as though she'd been in suspended animation. She had no longer recognized herself, and she'd grown fragile, powerless, and weak. Just then, she received a phone call from her nanny, and she advised the young woman that she would meet her at the park.

Griffin thought the symptoms sounded very specific, and he wondered if they had ever occurred again. Carly said no; she'd never felt like she had lost herself again, although she remembered how it had felt. Griffin escorted her out to get a CT scan done.

Mike put some of the puzzle pieces together until the nanny walked into the room with Avery. The nanny announced that they were heading to the park, and Mike stated that he wanted to go too. He went to get his jacket, and the nanny put in a quick call to Carly, who said it was okay. Mike was excited to go out.

At the hospital, Sonny looked for Carly, but he ran into Stella instead. They sat together in a waiting area, and Sonny told her about his latest experiences with his father and how Mike seemed to slip away every day. He told her how his experiences were almost the same when he had been a kid. He'd always waited up for his dad to get home, and he had always wondered if Mike would show up that night or the next morning. Mike had always disappointed him, and he'd stopped playing with and expecting things from his father. Sonny had always taken care of himself.

As Sonny spoke, Mike played with Avery at the park. He blew bubbles and watched Avery go down the slide, among other activities.

Stella offered her help to Sonny and told him that symptoms would change over time. She noted that she had been impressed with the event that Sonny had arranged for his father at the temporary Luke's Place, and Sonny informed her that Mike had been sharp that night. He wondered if there were some way to recreate a scene that might help to get his dad to remember something.

Stella advised him that there was no such thing as a magic wand, and it was not possible to influence or manipulate someone's memory. Stella stressed that Mike needed kindness and empathy, as did the rest of the family. She added that calmness and structure for Mike were necessary also. She thought that Sonny had to be prepared for disappointment because Mike might not remember things that Sonny wanted him to remember.

Sonny felt that the happy memories were always the first to go. Stella declared that things would get worse until they couldn't get any worse, and she thought he should forgive himself for wanting more than Mike could give.

Griffin saw Sonny and Stella together. Stella bade them goodbye, and Griffin advised Sonny that he couldn't tell Sonny anything about Carly's appointment. He had sent her for tests in order to rule out certain illnesses. He was sure that Carly would explain it all to Sonny when she saw him.

Carly got into her car in the hospital parking garage but got out again to retrieve the flyer stuck onto her windshield. She pulled it off and got back into the car. She looked at the flyer and quickly called the nanny and ordered them to get back to the house. Carly looked around anxiously. She started the car and looked at the flip side of the flyer. "Find me where you left me tonight," someone had written on the back.

Later, Deanna handed Griffin the results from Carly's tests. He looked surprised to read that there were no physical causes for what had been occurring in Carly's life.

Emma modeled her new blue dress for Anna in their hotel room in Bern, Switzerland. The furniture was covered with shopping bags. Emma wanted to be properly dressed for their secret mission. She went into the bedroom to call Robin, and Jason arrived. Anna explained that she wanted him to dress the part of a bodyguard when she played the part of a wealthy widow named Mrs. Everett Ashton. She thought that he looked like a bodyguard, so he couldn't do much else. She wanted him dressed in "proper attire" and had purchased him some clothing.

Jason was annoyed and thought that Anna just wanted him to be a babysitter while she got into the bank to retrieve the information they wanted. Emma returned and told Jason about her new clothes for the secret mission. Anna suggested the little girl do some research for their next fun activity, and Emma declared that she loved research. Sarcastically, Jason stated that Emma was her mother's daughter, and the little girl asked who else she would be.

Emma left the room again, and Jason suggested that he just break into the bank and get the information they wanted. Anna was opposed and clarified that she could just walk into the bank and not look like a criminal. She thought that Jason was stubborn like a brick wall, and she wanted Jason to stay with Emma while she handled the task. She thought her way was better.

Furthermore, Jason stated that he wanted answers from Henrik if they found him, while he accused Anna of trying to protect Henrik. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Jason pulled out his gun and hid on the side of the door while Anna answered it. She opened it slowly and slammed it shut. She opened it again. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked. It was Robert Scorpio.

Scorpio walked into the room and asked who the target might be. Jason left, and Anna explained that she and Jason had been helping each other. She had been following a lead, and she thought that Scorpio would ruin it. She called it a research mission. Robert pulled some of the new clothes from a bag. He couldn't believe that his granddaughter was there. Anna called the situation expedient and not dangerous but Robert disagreed with her. He thought that Faison still had a powerful hold on Anna.

Robert thought that Anna needed to get away and heal from Faison, but Anna was insistent that she had to find Faison's son. Emma returned and was excited to see her grandfather. She wondered if he was there to help them on their secret mission. Robert was delighted to see Emma, and she told him she was working on a school project along with being involved in Anna's mission. Robert declared that he was there for the mission, too, but Anna kept shaking her head and saying no.

Robert offered to check "HQ," and Emma agreed that he should stay. Robert announced that HQ wanted him there, and he thought he should keep an eye on Granny in order to save her from the inevitable "God-awful mess." He found his comment funny and began to laugh.

Jason strolled through the hotel hallway and bumped into Sam. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

At the park, the nanny announced that they should leave, but Mike wanted to buy Avery some pretzels first. He pulled out his wallet and looked at his money, and he was confused. The nanny offered to buy the pretzels, and she advised Mike and Avery to stay put. Mike addressed Avery as Courtney. When the nanny returned, Mike and Avery were gone.

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