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Dante found Mike and Avery. Sam joined Jason and Spinelli on an adventure. Robert sensed that Anna had an ulterior motive for finding Henrik. Sonny asked Carly to make an appointment with Kevin.
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Mike and Avery are reported as missing

Mike and Avery are reported as missing

Monday, April 16, 2018

Jason was walking through the halls of the hotel, back to his room, when he stumbled upon Sam. She asked if he'd been looking for her, but he explained that he was there with Anna, looking for Henrik. He remembered that she was there to get away, so he said he'd leave her to it. She asked to hear about Jason's investigation, and the two went to Sam's room.

A few minutes later, Jason emerged from the bedroom after visiting a sleeping Danny, and he wondered how Sam had ended up in Switzerland. She admitted that she'd spun a globe and let Danny point to a location. She asked about his leads on Henrik, and he told her about the clues from the book: the lighter, the epigraph suggesting that Henrik was going after his mother, and the Zurich bank to which the proceeds from the book were being deposited.

Sam realized that it could be the same bank containing Faison's safe deposit box. Jason agreed, but he told Sam about Anna's plan to start with the schools. Answering Sam's confusion, he explained that Anna didn't want Jason to find Henrik first, as she believed he would kill Henrik. "Why does she care?" Sam wondered. Just as Jason answered that he didn't know, his phone went off. He was puzzled to see a Zurich area code but answered the phone anyway. He listened for a few seconds then said, "Got it. On my way." He revealed that the Swiss police had arrested Spinelli.

Griffin bumped into Kiki at the nurses' station and congratulated her on getting chosen for the shadow program. Dr. Bensch looked on as Griffin hugged her. Griffin advised her that she had some "long days ahead," but he was sure that she would be great. Epiphany handed Griffin some test results. He assured Kiki that everyone was pulling for her, and he walked away. "Don't let us down," Epiphany warned. Kiki took the opportunity to ask for her upcoming schedule. Epiphany handed her a paper, and Kiki was stunned to see that she was shadowing with Dr. Bensch first. She asked to switch, but Epiphany glared at her, so Kiki walked away.

A few minutes later, Kiki entered Dr. Bensch's office. She informed him that her first four-week-long shadow rotation was with him, and she wondered if he'd arranged it. He assured her that he had no ill will toward her and that he was capable of putting aside personal feelings and being professional. "Are you?" he asked. He added that he could keep the past in the past. "So can I," she agreed. He promised that she would learn a lot from him, and she left the office.

Carly arrived at the cemetery, wielding the flashlight on her cell phone and the note left on her car that read, "Find me where you left me tonight." She cleared leaves from Morgan's headstone as Nelle looked on in hiding. Just then, Carly smelled something that she recognized. Nelle thought back to taking the bottle of cologne from Ava's then flashed forward to that night, spraying the cologne around Morgan's headstone before Carly had arrived. "I know that smell," Carly said, looking around. Nelle ran off, and a twig snapped. "Morgan?" Carly called out.

"Police! Hands up!" Chase yelled at Carly, but he put his gun down when he realized who he was yelling at. He revealed that he'd gotten a call about a prowler at the cemetery, but she answered that she'd seen no one else there. He warned her not to go to the cemetery, as the earthquake had destabilized the ground there. She told him that she was supposed to meet someone there and showed him the note. However, there was nothing written on the Noodle Buddha menu. Upset, she wondered what was going on.

Finn arrived at Charlie's and pretended not to see Chase sitting at the bar. Chase greeted Finn, who claimed to have been "lost in thought." Chase gleefully revealed that his superior had ripped up Finn's tickets with a stern warning not to do anything like that again. Finn commented that Chase had gotten in trouble just to get some "face time" with Finn, and Chase replied that they could have gotten to know each other if Finn hadn't moved out "before I could walk." Just then, Chase's phone went off, so he had to go. "No takeout is worth that," Finn muttered.

A guard entered Sonny's house, and Sonny wondered if Mike or Carly had been found. The guard answered that they hadn't just as Pilar burst into the house. She explained to Sonny what had happened at the park, and she'd hoped that Mike had taken Avery home. Sonny immediately got on the phone and ordered someone to send a search party to the park. Off the phone, he wondered why Carly hadn't been there. Pilar informed him that Carly was supposed to have met them there, but she'd called to tell Pilar that "something came up."

At Charlie's, Ava looked at her picture of Griffin's test results on her phone and wondered what he was hiding from her. Michael entered, and Ava asked him if he'd heard from Carly, as she was late dropping off Avery. He offered to contact Carly, but Ava insisted that she was learning patience. She remarked that she was learning a lot from Nelle, who was tolerating Carly. Finn left the bar with his takeout as Nelle entered and joined Ava and Michael. Ava walked away to get a menu, leaving Nelle with Michael.

Nelle commented that she and Michael had done a good job at their birthing class earlier. Speaking of the baby, Michael told her that ELQ was doing a social hour for expecting parents, and he invited her along. Ava returned with drinks for her and Nelle, and Michael told Nelle to let him know. As he walked away, his phone rang. He answered it to Sonny, who wondered if Michael had seen Mike or Carly. Michael answered that Ava had asked him the same of Carly. Sonny asked Michael to get there as soon as possible, but he ordered Michael not to tell Ava that anything was wrong. Michael left the restaurant.

Ava and Nelle began talking about the gallery's possible donations for the Nurses Ball, but Ava thought they needed food first. She got up to order, leaving her phone. Nelle picked it up and looked through Ava's pictures of the possible artwork donations, and she stumbled upon Griffin's test results. "What have we here?" she wondered. She forwarded the picture to herself and deleted the sent message so that Ava wouldn't know that Nelle had a copy of the picture.

Ava returned, and Nelle was shocked that Ava would leave her phone where anyone could see medical results. Ava claimed that Griffin had asked her to take the picture as a backup, and she hadn't even remembered that the picture was still on her phone. Nelle wondered if Griffin even knew Ava had the picture. "Leave it alone, Nelle," Ava growled. Nelle observed that Ava's relationship wasn't as "idyllic" as Ava had made it seem. Ava countered that she didn't have to explain anything to Nelle. Nelle promised to do anything she could to help put Ava back on "solid ground" with Griffin.

At the hospital, Griffin consulted with Finn on the test results he'd received. Finn confirmed what Griffin had thought, and Griffin thanked Finn for the consult. Griffin asked if everything was all right with Anna. Finn replied that he wouldn't know, as he wasn't as close to Anna as he had been before. Griffin was worried about her and hoped that she was taking care of herself.

Sonny left a worried message for Carly then instructed his guard to go to the hospital to look for Carly. Michael entered, and Sonny asked Pilar to tell Michael what had happened. Sonny added that he hadn't called Dante because involving the cops would involve Ava. Michael insisted that finding Avery was the priority, so Sonny needed to call the cops. Sonny agreed just as Carly entered the house with Chase. Sonny asked Carly what was going on, but she wanted to know why he'd called her. Michael told Carly and Chase the bad news about Mike and Avery, and Chase sprang into action.

A short while later, Ava's phone went off loudly, and she recognized the sound as an emergency alert. She looked at the alert and was stunned to see Avery's picture and information on the screen. A few minutes later, Ava was gone, but Griffin entered the bar, looking for her. Nelle informed Griffin of what had happened, and she showed him the alert.

Later, Chase informed Sonny and Carly that, because of the alert, the cops were getting some tips that needed to be investigated. He also assured them that there were cops out looking everywhere for Avery and Mike, and they were pulling surveillance footage from local cameras. Carly regretted not being there, and Sonny questioned why she hadn't been. Just then, Ava stormed into the house and demanded to know what Sonny had done with Avery.

In Switzerland, Anna yelled that she didn't want Robert there, and she insisted that Jason was only there so she could keep an eye on him. She praised Jason as "the best asset," but she didn't think that Henrik deserved the same fate as Faison. Robert reminded her that it wasn't her responsibility to look out for Henrik, and he wondered if she wanted to offer Henrik redemption. "Exactly," she answered. She continued that Henrik deserved a chance at his own life, and she vowed to ensure that he got it.

Robert wondered where Finn was, and a bewildered Anna asked why he wanted to know. "Because you're crazy about him," Robert replied. She revealed that they'd gotten close while they'd worked on the investigation into Cassandra, but the "circumstances have changed. He's a doctor, not a spy." Anna instructed Robert that, if he wanted to work together, he had to do exactly as she said. He wanted to go wash up, and he claimed her room as his own, which set Anna off.

Anna's phone started ringing, so she couldn't stop Robert from going into the bathroom. "What?" she answered the phone angrily, softening up when she realized it was Finn. The two made small talk as Robert turned the shower on. Finn revealed that Griffin was worried about Anna and wanted to make sure that she'd been taking care of herself. She thanked him for the concern, and Finn advised her to be careful. Robert got out of the shower, cursing the water pressure loudly enough for Finn to hear. "I hear you have a chaperone. I'll tell Griffin not to worry. Good luck," Finn said, and he hung up.

The search for Avery and Mike continues

The search for Avery and Mike continues

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ava dashed into Sonny's house and demanded to know where her daughter was. She had received an alert on her phone, and she was beside herself with worry. Carly apologized for not getting in touch with her. Max and Chase were there, and Griffin rushed in to comfort Ava, who believed that Sonny and Carly were keeping something from her. Sonny declared that his business associates had not been involved. Ava turned to Chase to clarify that Sonny was the "Godfather of Port Charles," and they would not be privy to any information.

Sonny retorted that he had "fully cooperated," but Ava yelled at him. She demanded to know what was more important. Carly explained that she'd had a doctor's appointment and, when she had seen that she would be late, had called the nanny to tell her to go home from the park with Mike and Avery. Chase suggested it could have been criminal activity, but Carly and Sonny were adamant that that hadn't been the case. Ava was hysterical and wanted an explanation. Her daughter was in danger. Sonny shouted for her to be quiet.

Sonny explained that Avery had been left with her grandfather and nanny, and it had been accidental that she was missing. Ava agreed that under normal circumstances, that would have been the case. Sonny's people were out looking, and Chase, Ava, and Griffin decided to head to the police station. Ava accused Sonny of keeping her away from her daughter for Avery's safety. "Who's the threat now?" she asked before leaving. Max had Sonny's men searching.

Michael continued to leave phone messages for Dante, but he decided to head to the police station also. He hugged his parents and left. Carly reassured Sonny that Mike wouldn't hurt Avery. "What if he doesn't remember who she is?" Sonny asked. They sat on the couch. Sonny knew that Avery loved Mike, and he thought that Mike would protect her. Carly agreed, though Sonny worried that Mike might wander off and leave the little girl. Carly thought that someone else would find Avery.

Sonny wondered where Carly had been, and she flashed back to the cryptic message that had led her to Morgan's gravesite. She told Sonny that her test results had been okay. Max returned and announced that there had been no sign of Avery and Mike at the park. He had men going out to Charles Street. Sonny wanted blankets available for the little girl who would be cold after she was located. Carly wrapped her arm around her husband.

Dante joined Lulu in bed as she sat looking at her laptop. He handed Lulu his phone to be plugged in for charging on her side of the bed. He groaned and confessed that he was upset over a Yankees loss, but he admired Lulu's Yankees nightshirt. As the couple grew cozy, Lulu went back to her laptop in order to save something she'd been working on. Dante was annoyed and asked whether she might want to text her boss.

Lulu informed Dante that Peter had been supportive, but Dante suggested that she keep her eyes open regarding her boss. Lulu wanted to agree to disagree and advised him that she didn't like all aspects of his job either. They agreed they each wanted the other to be successful. They made love.

Afterward, they made small talk about their plans for the next day. Lulu attempted to get Dante to disclose any information that the WSB might have shared about Henrik, but Dante refused to discuss it. He accused Lulu of never taking his advice. She agreed that they always fought after that. Dante just wanted to be reassured that she would listen if something turned out to be dangerous. "Got it," Lulu replied.

Later, Lulu leaned over to grab her laptop again while Dante was in the shower. An alert about the missing Avery popped up on the screen. Lulu grabbed Dante's phone that hadn't been plugged in and saw a text from Michael. She called to Dante immediately and also called in a report to the newspaper.

At the police station, Chase gave orders to some of the other cops while Ava and Griffin waited. Ava wanted assurances that Avery was okay, and Griffin was certain that Mike had just wandered off with her. Michael arrived. Ava declared that Mike and Avery had not really been missing. Mike had walked off with her daughter, and she wanted it treated as a kidnapping.

Michael didn't think that Ava was serious, but Chase agreed to report it to the FBI, although he was certain that it would be rejected as a kidnapping case. Ava was upset and demanded to know about the FBI. Griffin didn't approve and tried to explain that Mike wasn't a criminal. Ava grew angry at Griffin and accused him of not preventing the incident. He should have advised Sonny that Mike needed to be watched. Griffin replied that it had been an accident. Ava looked toward the wall at the photo of the missing Mike and Avery.

Dante arrived at Sonny's. He told his father there had been no word, and he asked what had happened. Sonny told him about the day at the park, and how Pilar, the nanny, had turned her back for a minute. Dante received a call from Michael advising of the call to the FBI for kidnapping. Dante related the information to Sonny and Carly. "Where else can they be?" Sonny wondered. He couldn't allow the FBI to find his father, who would certainly not handle it well.

Kim arrived at Charlie's Pub with a gift for Julian. He pulled some new pillows out of the bag. Kim thanked him for being understanding of her feelings for Drew. Julian hoped that Kim would get to try the new pillows, and Kim assured him that she'd had that in mind when she'd made the purchase. The couple flirted as Kim sat down at the bar. She noted how pleasant it was just to sit and talk to someone.

Julian confided that he was worried about Sam because she'd taken off with her kids, and he was unable to get any information from anyone. He was mostly afraid that she would get back together with Jason instead of Drew. Julian gasped and apologized for being so insensitive, but Kim assured him she was okay. She admitted that she had been a little happy to learn that Drew and Sam had broken up, but she hadn't been with Drew in a very long time. She enjoyed Julian, and their sex was great. Julian agreed, and the couple giggled.

Julian and Kim moved to a table and were sitting there when Lucy walked in. Julian introduced the women to each other, and Lucy announced that she was there about the Nurses Ball. Kim declared that she would buy a couple of tickets, but Lucy admitted that she was also there about donations. She noted how generous Sonny had been. "Put me down for whatever donation Corinthos makes," Julian said. Lucy was happy and sat down. She asked if Kim would consider being in the spotlight.

Kim replied that she had no talents, but she could deliver a baby. Lucy explained that the show was all about heart, and while some people were very talented, others just had fun. Lucy continued that the evening was always magical, and everyone put aside their differences. She begged Kim to think about performing and suggested that Julian do the same. Lucy left, and Kim advised Julian that Lucy had manipulated him on giving the donation. Julian thought it was a worthy cause, and Kim asked him to be her date.

Julian was hesitant to give an answer, and Kim called him on it. Julian didn't want there to be any "buyer's remorse," and Kim assured him it was just one night. She suggested they make a pact. If one of them had different feelings, they could let the other person know. Julian accepted the invitation, and Kim reminded him that it would be a magical night.

In Switzerland, Jason received a phone call while he was in Sam's hotel room. He advised Sam that Spinelli had been arrested, and he had to leave. Sam offered to go instead because she had a fake ID card that she always carried, and she could be a lawyer. She didn't think that Jason would be able to pass for anyone else. Jason explained that Spinelli had made a plan. Before he could leave, there was a knock at the door. It turned out to be Alexis. "Hello, Jason," she said. She had been worried about her grandchildren and had decided to fly to see them. Sam asked her to babysit in order for Sam and Jason to get Spinelli.

Alexis agreed that she would watch the children, but she asked Jason to leave in order for her to talk to Sam, who was annoyed at her mother. Alexis was worried and pointed out that Spinelli had done something illegal, and then Sam was about to do the same with Jason. The kids were there and could be in harm's way. Sam was sure that none of them would be caught. Alexis wondered if all of it meant that Sam was getting back together with Jason.

Sam clarified that she'd happened to bump into Jason in the hotel hallway, but Alexis didn't believe the scenario for a second. She thought that Spinelli might have set it up. Sam assured her that Jason had had nothing to do with it. Alexis was miffed that Jason always seemed to be innocent while everyone else had done the "dirty work." She thought that Sam had broken free but was getting dragged back into the same old thing. "I am not ready," Sam shouted at her mother.

Sam quickly apologized for raising her voice. She was tired and confused, and she couldn't love someone at that time. She wanted to help solve a mystery with Jason and Spinelli. Alexis asked if Sam could get involved and not get "sucked back into a relationship with him." Sam reminded her mother that she was a private investigator, and it had been a long time since she'd been involved in a case. She was good at it, and she finally felt free. She asked Alexis to take the kids back to Port Charles. Alexis agreed, but she thought it was all a terrible idea. The women shared a hug.

Spinelli sat in prison and lit up when the door opened. "Deputy Marshal, we meet again," he said. It was Jason with a prison official. "This is him," Jason responded. He was dressed in a suit and tie. Jason had his warrant for Spinelli, who had been posing as Henrik Faison. The official left to check the paperwork, and Jason gloated that no one had checked his badge or documents. He sat with Spinelli at the table. Spinelli admitted that his prison experience had mostly been pleasant. Jason announced that he'd been with Sam, and Spinelli seemed quite surprised.

Jason wondered if Spinelli had known that Sam was in Switzerland. After rolling his eyes, Spinelli admitted that he "kind of" knew. He had kept tabs on her in case of emergency, but he thought it low odds that Jason would have seen her. Spinelli believed it had been fate. Jason stated that while he wasn't angry, he wanted Spinelli to stop interfering in getting the couple back together. Jason revealed that his heart wanted to be with Sam, and it killed him to see her and not make any future plans.

Jason knew that Sam wasn't ready, and he didn't want to pressure her. He loved her, but it had to be her choice. "Be a friend to Sam," he urged. Spinelli recalled how Sam had gotten better after Jason had been gone, but she hadn't been the same person until the real Jason had returned. He promised to be a friend. The official returned with the release papers and stated that Spinelli was Jason's problem. Jason cuffed his friend and took him out.

Outside, Jason removed the cuffs, and the men pondered their best mode of escape. "Hey, boys," Sam greeted them as she dangled some car keys. "Need a ride?" she asked. Everyone smiled as Sam declared that she was driving. Back at the hotel, Alexis booked her return flight to Port Charles with additional seats for the children.

Emma plays spy and finds a clue

Emma plays spy and finds a clue

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Elizabeth woke Franco from a bad dream, and after realizing where he was, he leaned over and gulped some water from a bottle at the side of the bed. He turned over and snuggled with Elizabeth, who informed him that after getting the boys off to school, she'd gotten back into bed. She asked Franco about his dream, and he related that it had been about a little boy calling for help. He said it hadn't been Drew but just a kid. "Like I was just a kid," he added.

Franco pulled a sheet of paper out of his bedside table and handed it to Elizabeth. It was the paper that he had given to Harvey to use to write down the names of all the children Harvey had accosted. Elizabeth wondered if Harvey could have made up the names, but Franco was certain they were real. He declared that Harvey had known the names by heart. Elizabeth couldn't believe how many names were listed, and she wondered how all of them had dealt with it and been able to trust people. Franco called himself lucky and said maybe the others had been lucky as well.

Elizabeth reminded Franco that he had been the one to stop Harvey, although Franco replied that it hadn't been soon enough. Elizabeth suggested that the others might be grown and healed, or they could all be haunted and suffering. She asked Franco what he was going to do with the list. Franco admitted that he wasn't ready to do anything with it. Elizabeth offered her help, but Franco stated that he didn't know how to find the other boys -- and perhaps they didn't want to hear about it anyway.

Franco didn't want to remember Harvey, much less talk about him, and he questioned how he could be the voice of all the others. Elizabeth understood and told Franco how she had felt after she had been raped. People had helped her, and she was there for Franco, but there was no rush. She also reminded Franco again that he hadn't been born evil, had not tried to kill Drew, and had been lied to and manipulated. The one person who should have been there for Franco had failed him. "I love you," Franco said. He knew that all of the horrid details would be behind them some day. Franco and Elizabeth made love.

Curtis paid a surprise visit to Jordan at the police station. He had a cup of coffee for her and breakfast sandwiches, and she confided that she'd been working all night. He gently massaged her shoulders as she sat at her desk. She informed him that she had no leads or luck in locating Avery and Mike, and Ava had been pacing the interrogation room all night. As a parent, Jordan understood how worried Ava had been.

Jordan admitted that she hated everything about the case, and Curtis revealed that he had been investigating Peter August at Nina's request. He didn't think that Peter was what he seemed to be. Jordan was confused over Curtis' investigation, as Peter had been cooperative. Curtis stated that Nina had had some suspicions about her boss, and Curtis had found a discrepancy. The investigation was because of Nina's sister-in-law.

Curtis explained that there were no records of a previous address for Peter, and he hadn't appeared to exist before the age of 21. Jordan suggested that people moved around, and perhaps Peter had belonged to wealthy parents who had kept him sheltered and protected. Curtis suspected that records had been doctored instead, especially since he hadn't even been able to find birth records. He thought that maybe Peter was in the Witness Protection Program. He asked Jordan if she might be able to find out, and she agreed. She quickly made a phone call.

At the hospital, Kiki thanked T.J. for putting up flyers about her missing sister, and T.J. noted that his mother had been working with the FBI all night. Kiki thought that she should go to her mother, but T.J. asked if she could do that, since it was the first day of her shadowing program. Kiki admitted that she had wanted to turn down the program because "it didn't feel right." She had been warned that it would be unprofessional and that she would look ungrateful if she bowed out of it.

T.J. declared that Kiki had to have a lot more to offer than he did because he had thought that he would have been the one selected because of his grades. He would have jumped at the chance if selected. He assumed that with Kiki working at the hospital already, she had known many of the people involved. Kiki had forgotten that T.J. had applied, also, and she wasn't very happy. She attributed it to her missing sister, although she flashed back to her meeting with Dr. Bensch and his kiss.

Shortly after, Dr. Bensch approached Kiki and asked if she was ready. Kiki explained that her sister was missing, and she thought that her mother needed her. She asked if she might be able to postpone her first day of shadowing. Bensch was rude and told her he was sorry there was a conflict, but she couldn't allow it to get in the way. He asked if she might be essential in the search for her sister. When Kiki replied that she was not, Bensch demanded that she put her career first. She couldn't have the day off to hold her mother's hand.

"Are you doing this because I rejected you?" Kiki asked. Bensch exploded and told her to start acting mature and that everything wasn't about her. He told her that there was work to be done unless she wanted to "wallow in your personal problems." He stalked off angrily, and Kiki rushed after him.

Maxie and Nina sat at a table at Charlie's Pub. Maxie admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well. Nina said that she wanted to speak to Maxie in private about Peter, and Maxie admitted that she wanted to discuss Peter also. Just then, Peter arrived, and he was surprised to see both of the women. Maxie revealed that she had arranged for them all to meet without telling them ahead of time in order to get them to know each other better. She accused both Peter and Nina of "smiling through gritted teeth" whenever they saw each other.

Maxie wanted no more awkwardness between them, and Peter offered to dispel all of Nina's doubts. Nina noted that Peter had never talked about himself, but Peter insisted that he'd always been a listener. Nina wanted him to talk. She wanted to hear his stories. Peter joked that he had never been good on first dates, and Maxie reminded him that it wasn't a blind date. Peter tossed the ball back into Nina's court and noted that he didn't know anything about her either. Maxie urged Nina to talk as they all enjoyed breakfast.

Nina proceeded to tell Peter her life story in one long monologue without breathing. She told him she'd been pregnant, and her mother had told her about her husband's affair and had injected her with something that had put her in a coma for 20 years. She'd lost the baby, woken up, induced another woman into labor, kidnapped the baby, and been institutionalized. She'd loved a man who everyone hated, they'd broken up, and then she'd been with another man who everyone hated. They were divorced. Then she had gotten the job at Crimson, and she'd turned it around. She then had her career, her husband, and their daughter. Her brother had been shot to death. "You're next," Nina said to Peter as she drew a long breath.

Maxie looked uncomfortable, and Peter was aghast. He admitted that his story wasn't as dramatic. He'd had an unhappy childhood with no mother and a father who had shipped him off to boarding school in Europe. Then he had traveled to the United States. Every time that he made mention of something, Nina stopped him to ask specifics. Peter did not provide any specific details and continued to speak in general terms. No names of schools, as there were many, he said. When he finally mentioned a place where he'd worked, Nina asked him a trick question. Peter weaseled his way out of it. Maxie continued to shake her head in silence.

Peter insisted that he'd never stayed in one place long enough to care for another person. Suddenly, Nina received a phone call, and she had to leave. Peter sarcastically said it was a shame. Both Nina and Peter agreed that they had no problem with the other, although Nina thought that Peter's budget was out of line. She left, and Maxie made it known that things hadn't really gone well. Peter appreciated the "Maxie move" to try to smooth things over.

Peter picked up the check, but Maxie grabbed it out of his hand. She wondered if Peter wanted to leave Port Charles, since he'd mentioned that he had moved around a lot and not stayed in any one place for too long. Peter admitted that he had no real friends because he'd never stuck around anywhere, but he had been getting a life in Port Charles.

Nina got to the police station and saw Curtis. He advised her that there was no record of Peter before the age of 21, and he was not in the Witness Protection Program either. He thought that there could be both legitimate and illegitimate reasons for records being suppressed. He wanted Nina to keep her suspicions to herself and especially not say anything to Maxie or Peter about her doubts. Nina admitted that she sort of already had said something.

Anna and Emma arrived at the last of the boarding schools on their list in Switzerland. Anna was unhappy when Robert showed up behind them, although Emma was thrilled to see her grandfather. As they waited in the headmistress' office, the little girl announced that she was happy to help and had loved pretending to be interested in the various boarding schools they'd visited in order to try to find something on Henrik. Robert wondered if Anna would give up if they found nothing relating to Henrik.

Anna accused Robert of trying to control her, and she insisted that she was not obsessed with Henrik. She wanted Robert to take Emma and keep the headmistress busy so that Anna could hack into the computer. Emma noticed that the computer was already up and running, so Anna wouldn't need to hack into it. The headmistress arrived just in time to see Emma by the computer behind her desk, and she demanded to know what the little girl was doing. Anna asked why the woman had been so harsh, but a wide-eyed Emma jumped right in and confessed to looking at the operating system that the school had been using.

The headmistress was impressed and calmed down. She introduced herself as Madame Levoie, and Robert introduced his family. He was Roger Everett-Ashton, the little girl was Amelia, and his wife was Alice. Emma stated that she loved computers and the theater, and Robert mentioned a large contribution they'd be willing to make if the little girl attended the school. Emma declared that she was ready for boarding school, and she wanted to see the dormitory. The headmistress revealed that the recruiter would be there shortly to take them on a tour, but the family was disappointed. Anna clarified that the heads of the other schools had personally taken them on tour.

Anna and Robert declared that they couldn't wait for the recruiter, and they got up to go. Emma announced that she had enjoyed the last school they had visited. The headmistress agreed to cancel her meeting and take the family on the tour. As they headed to the door, Anna announced that she was feeling dizzy and, due to her rare blood disorder, would like to stay behind and rest. She urged the others to take the tour without her, and once they were gone, she rushed to the computer.

Anna searched the records, but without much success. Suddenly, she heard voices. Everyone had returned because the headmistress had insisted on checking up on Anna. Enthusiastically, Emma related that they'd seen the library, dormitory, and dining room. Anna stated that she still didn't feel very well, but Emma insisted that they'd seen enough. Anna was beside herself and wanted to return to the computer. Emma stated that she had gotten what she'd needed, and they could leave.

Once they left the office, Anna disclosed that she'd needed more time. Emma revealed that while Robert had kept the headmistress busy in the library, Emma had found a program from a Julius Caesar play that had probably been performed during Henrik's time. She wondered if the person named Henri Francois, who had played Brutus, could be Henrik.

"Does it not bother you that our granddaughter is so cunning and can lie her way out of a tight spot so easily?" Robert asked Anna. Anna called it a useful talent, and Emma suggested that it was in her DNA. "I come from a long line of spies," Emma said. Anna noted that Emma did have a "flair" for it.

Anna studied a photo on her phone and agreed that the date of the play matched up with Henrik possibly having been there. Emma stated that the headmistress had said that all students had been encouraged to be in the theater, and Caesar was similar to Cesar. Anna was sure she could find Henrik in the photo.

Dante has an idea about Avery and Mike

Dante has an idea about Avery and Mike

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ava sat in front of the camera in the interrogation room at the police station. She held up a photo of her daughter and made her plea. As she spoke, she began to cry. Police staff gathered to watch her, as did Carly, Sonny, Drew, Dante, and Chase. "I need her back," Ava begged, and she advised viewers to call the police if they had any leads.

Sonny joined Ava at the table and sat down. He described his father and held a photo of Mike up to the camera. He mentioned that his daughter had been with her grandfather, and that Mike's memory had been fading while Avery's life had just started. Carly praised the speakers when they were finished, and Drew advised them that they had been broadcast and streamed everywhere. Sonny suggested that his and Ava's feelings about each other were not important as long as they focused on the missing child. Ava wondered if he was merely reminding himself.

Julian watched Ava on the television over the bar at his pub. Angrily, he slammed his hand onto the counter. Kim arrived and wrapped her arms around him. "How you holding up, Charlie?" she asked him. Julian assumed that Ava had to have been desperate to be sitting alongside Sonny, but Kim assured him that people often set aside their differences during critical times.

Kim offered to look at Julian's hand, and she suggested that he take his frustration to the gym's punching bag the next time. She noted that Drew had been a great coach, and perhaps Julian would want to take lessons. Julian retorted that he could probably teach Drew a thing or two, but Kim replied that it wasn't a competition. Julian felt otherwise, since it would be him versus the guy that Kim had feelings for. Kim promised Julian that she was right where she wanted to be, and the couple shared a kiss. Kim had to get to work, and Julian wanted to be with Ava.

Hospital staff congregated around the television as Ava spoke about her daughter. Griffin, watching from his office, decided that he needed to be with Ava. As he headed out, a technician handed him the follow-up test results he had requested. Griffin asked to have his shift covered.

Oscar accompanied a limping Josslyn into the emergency room. She stated that she had only rolled her ankle, and it was important that she continue to be able to play sports in order to keep her mind off of her missing sister and grandfather.

In a hospital hallway, Franco commiserated over the missing Avery, although he advised Elizabeth that his feelings didn't compare. Elizabeth clarified that his feelings were still valid. Franco noted how much he had enjoyed being home, and while he thought the world had briefly been perfect, he knew that there was always bad that never stopped.

Back at the station, Dante advised Chase that they would get lots of calls, but many of them would be pranks. Shortly after, the cops began to accept phone calls. Chase confirmed that the incident was not mob-related, and an irritated Sonny declared that he had already mentioned that fact. Carly received a call from Griffin who advised her that her test results were in, and he wanted to see her.

Carly took a deep breath. Ava asked Carly what Griffin had wanted, but Carly told her it was private. Sonny wanted to go with Carly, but she urged him to go home to await news of Avery and Mike. Drew offered to drive Carly to the hospital. Ava declared that she was staying put.

At the hospital, Franco confided to Elizabeth that he was ready to go back to work because that was what helped him to deal with things. He was happy to be home, and he was happy to have made peace with Drew. He still had to work on accepting his mother and her secrets. He and Elizabeth parted, and Franco stopped at Betsy's room to look in on her. Seeing that she was sleeping, he went inside.

Franco woke Betsy and stormed around her bed as he told her not to say anything because everything she said would be a lie. He wondered how she had chosen her boyfriend over her son who she hadn't cared about. He continued to tell her off and told her about the list of names he had of Harvey's other victims. He said that she could have helped them. He had thought that everything was his fault, and her lies had caused him to doubt and hate himself. Betsy was upset, but Franco wouldn't let her talk. He leaned over her. "Are you ever so proud of your little boy now?" he asked.

Franco walked to the door. Betsy cried that she didn't blame him for hating her because she hated herself. Franco agreed that she had been a victim who had been manipulated. He related how, thanks to her, Drew had found him and saved him from Harvey. He sat by Betsy's side and grabbed her hands. He advised her that Harvey couldn't hurt them anymore, and everything that Harvey had done had died along with Harvey. He leaned over her and awkwardly put his arm along her pillow but avoided touching her. Betsy was really unconscious, and Franco had only imagined the conversation.

Carly knocked on Griffin's door, and he told her to take a seat. Carly was scared, but Griffin advised her that there was nothing physically wrong with her. He wanted her to talk to Dr. Collins in order to rule out all possible causes for the incidents. Carly stood up. She was angry and told Griffin that the phone calls, the scarf on her desk, and the person in her house had all been real. She had nothing else to discuss, and she left.

Elizabeth bumped into Drew, and he explained that he had dropped off an "old friend" for an appointment. He glossed over his media company filming the plea from Ava and Sonny and clarified that he had put aside his differences because of Avery. Elizabeth informed him that Franco had been doing better in large part due to Drew, who had not only saved his life but had shown him compassion and understanding. She added that painting helped Franco to cope.

Drew was happy that Franco was doing better, and Elizabeth admitted that she didn't understand Betsy at all. Drew stood up for Betsy and said that Harvey had manipulated her, and Betsy had probably not known what was happening. Elizabeth thought that Betsy should have been able to sense it because one should always put their children first. Drew called Elizabeth a good mom. She had to get to work, and he sent his regards to both Jake and Franco.

Drew saw Kim, and she told him how worried she had been. She awkwardly reworded to include Oscar. Drew assured her he was fine, and Kim told him how proud of him Oscar had been for saving Franco. Drew told her it was "not the case," but Kim suggested he tell that to their son. Drew felt that Oscar should just look at him as a "regular guy." He invited Kim and Oscar out to dinner, but Kim invited him to the apartment instead. She offered to cook her famous chili, and the couple joked about old times and new.

Drew mentioned that he had just spoken to Elizabeth and had told her what a great mother she was, but he thought that Kim was a great mother too. He thanked her, but Kim didn't want his thanks. Oscar had been the joy of her life. Drew admitted that the more he got to know Oscar, the more he liked him. Kim thought they should spend more time together as a family. "Deal," Drew said.

Oscar handed Josslyn a bottle of water. She was tired of waiting. Oscar offered to have his mom move her along in line. Josslyn replied that her connections were better, but she didn't want to jump ahead. The teens joked about family, and Oscar compared spoiled kids versus entitled ones. He didn't think Josslyn was entitled because she worked for everything that she had and didn't act superior. He thought she was kind of like Wonder Woman, who used her gifts for good. Josslyn confessed that she would have loved to be Wonder Woman to find Avery and Mike.

Josslyn wondered if Oscar really wanted a family because he'd have more to lose. Oscar declared that he had a dad, and his mom still had feelings for his dad.

Elizabeth found Franco sitting on the floor of Kevin's empty office when she went to drop something off. He admitted that he'd never gotten to his art therapy room but had stopped at Betsy's room instead. He had wanted to rage at Betsy, but she was helpless; he hadn't been able to do it because he hadn't had the heart. Elizabeth advised him that he had a complicated, contradictory, and compassionate heart and had had every reason to unleash himself on Betsy, but he hadn't.

Elizabeth reminded Franco that she was there to help him if he needed her, and Franco declared that if he made it, it would be because of Elizabeth. They snuggled, and Franco remarked that he still had the list of victims. He had been thinking about contacting them if he found the courage. Elizabeth repeated that she would help Franco and the others.

At the police station, Ava cried as she looked at photos of Avery on her phone. She declared that she would never let anyone take her daughter away from her. Julian arrived with coffee, and the siblings embraced. Ava noticed her brother's wrapped hand, but he brushed it off. She declared that she needed Julian to be there.

Julian felt certain that Avery was safe with Mike, and they had probably just wandered off. Ava admitted that she'd been worried that someone had taken them in a vendetta, and Julian reminded her that Sonny had been worried also. Ava thought maybe Sonny had been feeling guilty, but Julian suggested that perhaps their own enemies, not Sonny's, could have been responsible. Ava agreed that could be true. Griffin arrived, and she told him about their new belief.

Griffin assured Ava that it hadn't been her fault, and Julian thought that maybe he had planted the idea in Ava's head. Ava confessed that she'd had the idea on her own. Julian wanted to leave, but Griffin urged him to stay. Griffin suggested they all pray, and Julian looked at Ava questioningly. Ava suggested that Griffin pray alone, and Julian reluctantly agreed. Griffin stated that anyone could pray, and the trio grasped hands, formed a small circle, and bowed their heads.

Carly rushed into the house, and Sonny told her there had been no news. He revealed that he'd heard something interesting about a parking garage and a cemetery. Dante and Chase left. Carly insisted that she hadn't mentioned anything because of all that Sonny had had on his plate. "You're searching for a ghost," Sonny accused.

Carly was angry and shouted that she'd called Pilar to say she'd be late. She had thought that someone had been trying to reach her about Morgan. Sonny yelled that nothing had been written on the back of the flyer, but Carly insisted there had been a note. She had smelled Morgan's cologne at his gravesite. Sonny wanted to believe her.

Carly revealed that her medical tests had been negative, and Sonny was happy to hear the good news. "Not really, since you think I'm losing my mind," Carly stated.

At the station, Chase and Dante were busy on the phones. Chase hung up from his latest call in despair, moaning that it was a tip line, not a support line. Dante continued to stare at the nanny's printed statement. He thought he knew where Mike and Avery had gone.

Avery and Mike are found

Avery and Mike are found

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dante read over Pilar's statement again and suddenly realized that he knew where Mike had taken Avery. Dante got up to leave the station, but Chase insisted on going, as he was Dante's partner. Dante agreed but instructed Chase to "keep up and keep quiet," as he didn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

Mike and Avery were asleep in a stable until Avery woke up. She got up from the floor and walked over to Mike. "Grandpa, wake up," she said, and he opened his eyes. She asked him where the horses were and told him that she was hungry. "Me, too," he agreed, suggesting that they should tell everyone where they'd been hiding. Just then, Dante entered the stable, followed by Chase.

Mike explained to Dante that he and Avery had "lost track of time." Avery went to Dante, who introduced her to Chase. He explained that Chase was going to take Avery in a police car to Sonny while Dante stayed and talked to Mike. Chase left with Avery, and Dante expressed how scared everyone had been since the night before. Mike railed that Courtney was his daughter, so he could take her to see the horses if he wanted to.

Dante reminded Mike that he'd been with his granddaughter Avery and that Courtney had died years before. Mike sputtered angrily in response, and Dante tried to comfort Mike. Calming down, Mike wondered how Dante had known where they'd been. Dante remembered having a long talk with Mike the night Mike had been at the station, and Mike had mentioned that his first job had been cleaning the stables at the racetrack. Mike remembered how Courtney loved horses, and he promised to take her riding someday. Dante tearfully agreed that it was a great idea, and he offered to take Mike home.

Carly informed Sonny that there was nothing physically wrong with her, but Sonny still believed that she was losing her mind. He reasoned that he was worried about her, and he wondered why she'd been at the cemetery when she was supposed to have been with Avery. Carly insisted that someone was messing with her, but Sonny shot back that there was no proof. He believed that she believed what she'd seen and heard, but he wanted her to make an appointment with Kevin.

Carly was in disbelief at Sonny's words, but he reminded her that it wouldn't be the first time that she'd lost her "grip on reality." He added that he needed her "here and present" when Avery returned home. Just then, the phone rang, and Carly answered it. "Thank God," she said into the phone in relief. She told Sonny that Avery had been found safe and sound.

Griffin entered the interrogation room with tea for Ava. He informed her that Julian was putting together a search party through the Charles Street committee and assured her that the police were still looking. She wished that she could do something to help, because the waiting was torturous. He believed that Avery would be found, but she broke it to him that, sometimes, just having faith was not enough. Just then, Ava heard officers outside the room, talking about Avery. She rushed out of the room and scooped Avery up into a hug. "Grandpa took me to see the horses," Avery told her mother.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Carly ran into the station, and Sonny pulled Avery into a hug. Griffin assured them that he'd checked Avery out, and she was fine, if only a little dehydrated. Chase informed Sonny that Dante had stayed behind at the stables with Mike. Ava wanted to have a discussion about Mike with Sonny, but Sonny told her to just leave it alone. "The hell I will," she growled. Carly took Avery to get some water. Ava wanted to make sure that the situation would never happen again. Just then, Dante entered with Mike.

Sonny hugged Mike, who'd thought he was being taken home. Dante wanted to make sure any remaining questions were answered, but Chase assured Dante that there were no more questions. "I'm not so sure," Ava commented. Carly returned with Avery, who asked Mike if they could see the horses the next day. "Sure!" Mike exclaimed happily. He explained that he and "Courtney" had waited all night, but the horses had to have gone elsewhere. Ava demanded to know who Courtney was, and Carly explained that Courtney was Mike's daughter, Sonny's sister, and Spencer's mother who'd died.

Sonny proposed to Avery that they go home, but Ava protested. Chase offered to take Avery into the interrogation room so she could question him, and she agreed. When they were gone, Ava announced that she refused to let Avery spend another night under the same roof as the man with dementia.

Lulu arrived at Charlie's, and Peter watched as she walked in. He took out his phone, sent off a quick message, and followed her in just in time to hear that she was going to wait there for her large takeout order. Peter greeted her and invited her to lunch, but she explained that she was getting food for Dante's family, who'd been up all night, worried about Avery. Just then, Lulu's phone went off. Shocked, she told Peter that Henrik had gotten back to her.

Peter wondered how Lulu knew the emailer was really Henrik. She told him that he was using the same email address as P.K. Sinclair. She figured the email address was untraceable, as Spinelli had already failed to trace it. She divulged that Henrik wanted to meet in order to share his side of the story. She revealed that she wanted to, but she didn't know that she should go by herself. She knew that she needed to involve the police, but she admitted that she hadn't yet told Dante.

Peter was surprised that Lulu had to ask her husband permission for something, but she clarified that she only wanted to make him "aware" of what she was doing. She didn't think it was the right time to broach the subject with Avery missing. Peter proposed a "work-around," but she wasn't sure that she could find one fast enough, as Henrik could decide to disappear. Lulu's order was ready, and she got up to get it. Before she left, Peter warned her to be careful, as Henrik "could be more dangerous than you've given him credit for."

Robert told Anna that Emma had found other kids her age to hang out with before they started questioning people. With the moment alone, he asked what she wasn't telling him about the case. She maintained that there was medical information that Henrik needed. Robert implored her to talk to him, but a knock on the door interrupted him. Anna invited Mrs. Emerson in, and they sat. Anna started that she and Robert had some questions about one of Mrs. Emerson's former students, but the woman refused to answer any questions.

Mrs. Emerson explained that many of her former students were prominent international figures, so she refused to engage with journalists. Anna informed her that she and Robert were with the WSB, and Anna showed her ID badge to the woman as proof, much to Robert's irritation. Anna informed the woman that the former student was a "person of interest" in an international crime. Mrs. Emerson finally agreed to talk to them, but Robert pulled Anna aside.

Robert was concerned that Mrs. Emerson would tell someone about the investigation, but Anna asked him to trust that she knew what she was doing. He replied that his trust in her was what made him realize that she was "off her game" and that the case had gotten under her skin. She assured him that she knew what she was doing, and they returned to their guest. Mrs. Emerson admitted that she hadn't kept up with her former students over the years, so she didn't know how much help she would be.

Anna asked about a student named Henri Francois who'd been in one of the plays at the school. Mrs. Emerson gushed about "sweet Henri" and was certain that he couldn't have done anything wrong. She pointed him out in Anna's cast photo, but his face was partially obscured. Mrs. Emerson explained that Henri's safe space had been the theatre, and she believed it was because he enjoyed becoming someone else. She remembered Henri begging the school to let him stay during holiday breaks because his home life had been "troubled." She thought that his life would have been better with a "loving mother" around.

A shaken Anna wondered if Mrs. Emerson had any class photos. She hadn't held onto any over the years, so Anna asked for any distinguishing features Henri possessed. The only thing Mrs. Emerson thought could help was that Henri had had "emotive brown eyes," which had made him "so effective on stage." When Mrs. Emerson was gone, Robert demanded to know what the case really meant to Anna.

Herr Bruhl, the manager of the Eisenschaft Bank in Switzerland, welcomed Sam as "Frau Ryder" and Jason as her bodyguard into his office to discuss moving her assets there. He wondered which assets she was looking to move, and she handed him a flash drive, which he inserted into his computer. It was password protected, so she got up to enter the password. She informed him that her "number one priority" was security. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason let Spinelli in. Spinelli announced that the bank and the manager were "at my mercy."

Bruhl demanded to know how Spinelli had gotten in, and Spinelli replied that the bank's security was "no match" for him. Bruhl insisted that the bank had never been robbed before. "Until today," Sam replied. Bruhl didn't think they would get away with it, but Spinelli revealed that even Bruhl's money left a trail. He got onto Bruhl's computer and discovered that Bruhl had been embezzling millions of dollars from the bank's richest clients.

Jason reminded Spinelli that they were supposed to be looking for Henrik. Spinelli found Henrik's account and revealed that a recent deposit, from book sales, had made it into his account. The money had been transferred to a bank in Iceland, but Henrik had made sure to thoroughly cover his tracks. Spinelli couldn't find what name Henrik had been using, but he found a picture, so Sam and Jason took a look.

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