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Anna reached out to her son. Oscar urged Drew to try to recover his memories. Sonny and Jason made a startling discovery. Franco met with one of Jim's victims. Carly realized Nelle had been gaslighting her. Nelle took a fall down a staircase.
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Carly realizes that Nelle has been gaslighting her and confronts her
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Franco meets with Steven

Franco meets with Steven

Monday, May 7, 2018

Carly rang the doorbell at the Quartermaines' while chanting to herself, "You can do it." A curious Monica let Carly in, and Carly informed Monica that she'd decided to accept Monica's offer to co-host Nelle's baby shower. Carly addressed Nelle and told her that she wanted to give Nelle a "fitting tribute." Carly offered to take care of the desserts, which Nelle appreciated. Nelle thought that Carly had every reason to hate her, and she regretted constantly accidentally upsetting Carly. Carly admitted that Michael had ripped up the guardianship papers, but if Nelle had them redrawn, she and Sonny would be honored to serve as the baby's legal guardians, "God forbid."

Nelle appreciated Carly's help with the shower. She added that, although they would never be friends, she hoped they would never be enemies, for the baby's sake. Carly agreed and promised to put in calls to her florist and pastry chef. Nelle remembered that she needed to check in with Ava, and Carly tearfully asked Nelle to give Avery a hug for her and Sonny.

"What's the catch?" Monica asked Carly when Nelle was gone. Carly only wondered whether Monica was blind to Nelle's schemes or if Monica was ignoring them because she still didn't forgive Carly for what had happened to A.J. Monica stated that they were there to celebrate Nelle and the baby, so if Carly couldn't manage civility, she could keep her flowers and desserts and stay home. "Wild horses couldn't keep me away," Carly replied.

Kim arrived at Charlie's and asked Julian for a cortado. She also wanted to talk to him about what had happened at Kelly's with Drew, and Julian apologized for the "mood" he'd been in. Alexis entered and wondered why she'd been summoned there. Lucy, Curtis, Stella, Jordan, and Molly entered after her, talking about the reconstruction of the Charles Street area taking "forever." Stella proposed a lawsuit against Niagara and the landlords responsible, and Molly proposed a "massive protest." Lucy feared that the negative attention could make the property values go down even more than they already had.

Alexis didn't know if a lawsuit was a good idea, especially since Niagara had gone bankrupt. She added that seizing the assets of the company would be expensive and would take years. She did have one idea. A few minutes later, the impromptu meeting had broken up, and Molly congratulated Jordan. Curtis stood behind Jordan, making a "cut it out" gesture, and Molly claimed the congratulations was for their solution to the Charles Street problem making things easier on Jordan. Jordan's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it. As Stella watched, Molly apologized to Curtis, who informed Molly that he hadn't yet proposed.

Ava gushed to Griffin about how much Avery loved preschool and how happy Ava was to have Avery with her. Griffin was happy about the shared custody, but he thought the timing worked out, as he'd decided to move out. He explained that he wanted Ava to have some time to get Avery settled, but she told him that, in a relationship, one couldn't run every time he or she was disappointed. Just then, there was a banging on the door, and Lucy requested to be let in.

An annoyed Ava let Lucy in, and she reminded Lucy that she'd already given Lucy her contribution for the Nurses' Ball. Lucy showed a puzzled Ava a blank check, but Ava insisted that she'd written it out. Griffin kissed Ava on the cheek and left. Ava retrieved a pen and wrote out another check for Lucy, who decided to go straight to the bank. Ava flipped through the carbon copies of her checks and saw that she had written out the check for Lucy. "Something's not right," she said, using another piece of paper to test out Nelle's pen that she'd used.

A short while later, Nelle sat at Ava's as Ava questioned Nelle about the pen with the disappearing ink. Nelle grabbed it, and Ava scolded her for leaving it around "like a trophy" of what she'd been doing to Carly. Ava couldn't risk shaking Griffin's faith in her, which would have happened had he found the pen. Nelle proposed that Ava take a more "active role" in her plans, but Ava replied that Nelle was on her own. Nelle suggested Ava rethink her answer, and she wondered what Griffin would think if he knew that Ava had taken a photo of private medical information. She showed Ava the screenshot.

"You little ingrate," Ava growled, going on about how she'd befriended Nelle and given her a job when she'd been a town pariah. Nelle simply instructed Ava to show up to Nelle's baby shower and make sure to take Avery with her.

At the Metro Court, Ned vented to Olivia about how the city was going through a nightmare even weeks after the earthquake. She thought she had something that would cheer him up, and she handed him a tablet. She explained that she'd made a "teaser" video about how great Port Charles was. He started the video and saw Olivia on the screen in front of the hospital, talking about the "unique, vibrant community." The video cut to inside the hospital, where Olivia asked Griffin about the hospital.

Griffin explained that General Hospital was a "state-of-the-art facility with award-winning staff" who really cared about the patients. The next scene was Kelly's, where Olivia asked Jordan to talk about the city. Jordan said that there was a place for everyone in the culturally and economically diverse city. The next scene was the Metro Court restaurant, where Olivia stated that, while Port Charles was a great place to visit, it was an even better place to live. When the video was over, Ned called Olivia amazing and kissed her.

A few minutes later, Alexis arrived, and Ned thought it was perfect timing. He revealed that he had the perfect way to revitalize the city, and he thought they would be on the same page. "Somehow, I doubt it," she replied. She hoped the idea worked, because the city would need the boosted economy in order to "defray legal costs." She revealed that the Charles Street district was suing the city of Port Charles.

Griffin entered the Metro Court restaurant, and Carly wondered if he was alone. He divulged that he'd checked in for an extended stay, and Carly was hopeful that he'd left Ava. He assured her that he was still with Ava. Carly went on about how bad of a person Ava was for using Mike to get custody of Avery, and she accused the doctor of not caring about Mike or Avery. She called him "the worst kind of hypocrite," and the only reason she wasn't going to throw him out of the hotel was so he didn't go crawling back to Ava. She admitted that she smiled thinking of Ava "alone without her boy toy that she seduced to replace my son."

Elizabeth warned Franco that he was going to be late to his meeting with Steven, but he revealed that he was nervous. He was also afraid to return home from the meeting "weird" for Jake's birthday celebration. She finally convinced him to go, and he kissed her and left. A few minutes later, Jason arrived to drop off a birthday gift for Jake. Elizabeth called up the stairs for Jake, who'd stayed home from school that day with a "stomachache."

Jake descended the stairs and froze when he saw Jason. Jason handed him an envelope, which Jake put down on the coffee table, and he sat down to draw. Jason sat down next to Jake and wondered if Jake was excited for school to be over, but Jake answered that he liked school. Elizabeth added that Jake's favorite subjects were math, which Drew helped him with, and art, which Franco helped him with. Elizabeth answered her ringing phone and handed it to Jake, announcing that it was an international call. An excited Jake realized that it was Spencer, and he ran upstairs with the phone.

Jason looked at Jake's "good" drawings, and Elizabeth informed Jason that Franco had seen Jake's talent early, and he'd been an inspiration to Jake. Elizabeth continued that, while it wasn't her place to share the details, she believed that Jason wouldn't be so unforgiving of Franco if he knew the whole story. Jake returned and told his parents that he'd told Spencer that Jason was there, and then he'd felt bad because Spencer had no father. "I have three, sort of," he said, and Elizabeth called him lucky.

Jake continued that Danny had said he'd had an "awesome time" staying with Jason, and Jason invited Jake to join them anytime he wanted. Jake decided to open Jason's gift, and he found tickets inside the envelope. Jason explained that they were tickets to the Memorial Day game at the minor league baseball stadium, and he could take anyone he wanted. "Can you come?" Jake said, handing Jason a ticket. "I wouldn't miss it," Jason beamed, taking the ticket.

Franco entered Kelly's and looked around until a man called out his name. Franco and Steven introduced themselves, and both admitted that they'd almost been too nervous to show up. Franco admitted that Steven was younger than he'd expected, and Steven supposed that he'd been Jim's last victim. He continued that everyone at the office had been stunned to hear of Jim's death, but Steven had been relieved. He explained to a confused Franco that he worked at Niagara's home office.

Franco wondered how Steven could work for Jim after what Jim had done. Steven explained that he'd been a kid on the street when he'd met Jim, who'd been good to him "until he wasn't." He revealed that he'd stayed because he'd had nothing else. Franco explained his situation to Steven and regretted not telling anyone so that Jim could be stopped. "Franco Baldwin, you're full of crap," Steven said.

Steven revealed that he'd started therapy just after Jim had died, and he'd already learned to stop blaming himself for what had happened. Franco told Steven about Jim blaming Franco for everything, but Steven insisted that none of it had been Franco's fault. He advised Franco to let what Jim had done "die with him." "I wish I could," Franco replied. He continued that there were more of Jim's victims in the town, thanks to the earthquake that Jim's illegal drilling had caused. Steven asked Franco to elaborate, as Steven thought that he could help.

Peter wants Valentin to get rid of Anna

Peter wants Valentin to get rid of Anna

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

At Volonino's Gym, Drew took his feelings out on the punching bag. He thought back to the last conversation he'd had with Sam about their decision to divorce. Jason walked in, and the two men stared at each other. Jason offered to leave, but Drew assured him that the gym was big enough for the two of them. Drew questioned Jason about when he'd learned of the divorce, and he assumed that Jason and Sam were getting ready to move in together.

Jason assured Drew that he and Sam were not together, and he apologized for not finding anything in Switzerland that would have led to Drew getting his memories back. Drew snapped that he didn't want Jason's sympathy or anything else from him. Drew didn't want to keep Jason's memories, and Jason admitted that he didn't want to share anything with Drew.

Drew figured that Jason was referring to Sam, and he reminded Jason that he and Sam shared a daughter. He accused Jason of "playing" Sam because she had been happy with Drew until Jason had returned. Jason retorted that Drew didn't know him, but Drew stated that he had been Jason and probably a better one. Jason refused to apologize for returning. Drew mentioned that he couldn't remember anything prior to 2014, and he didn't want Jason's baggage.

Jason declared that Henrik might have the key to Drew getting his own memories back, and maybe they could find him in possession of the flash drive that contained the memories. Drew snapped that he would get what he needed in his own way.

Elizabeth tried to get in touch with Franco, and she was surprised to see him return home. She thought that he looked like he needed some space, but Franco declared that he had lots to talk about. She sat down on the couch with him, and Franco disclosed that Steven Blake had worked for Jim Harvey. Elizabeth thought it was sad that Jim had had so much power over his victim.

Elizabeth thought that Franco had been lucky to have support, unlike Steven, although Franco declared that Elizabeth was his only support. He showed her some certificates he had received from Steven during their meeting, and he wondered what they could do with them.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alexis and Olivia taunted each other as they waited for Ned to return. When he walked into the room, he advised Alexis that he was against her lawsuit and pointed out that the people of Port Charles would be the ones paying for it through their taxes. Alexis would lose. Ned reminded Alexis that his administration had not been responsible for what had happened in the city because the people had voted for redevelopment. He stated that no one had known what Jim Harvey had been up to.

Alexis felt that, as mayor, Ned should have known. Suddenly, Olivia jumped up from her chair. She accused Alexis of planning the lawsuit for publicity, and Ned agreed. He thought it was paving the way for Alexis to run for mayor again. Alexis denied it, and she shouted that people were without their homes. Ned insisted that he'd been doing all he could. Olivia spoke up again and suggested that Alexis go after Harvey's company instead. Alexis told her it would take years after being tied up in court.

Ned listed all the ways he'd been helping to get the town back on its feet again. Olivia added that they had no proof that Harvey had been the one to cause the earthquake, and she was certain that Alexis would lose her lawsuit. Alexis felt strongly that she should go after the politicians who should be acting for their constituents. Again, Ned accused Alexis of merely taking action for publicity. Just then, Franco and Elizabeth walked in. Franco announced that he knew how they would all be able to win.

Franco showed everyone the papers he'd received. They were certificates of transfer from Niagara Equities to the city of Port Charles. Ned read that all assets, property, materials, capital, and equipment within the city limits should be turned over to the city. Franco smiled. Ned, Olivia, and Alexis agreed that it would be enough money to get them started on the road to recovery. Alexis asked about the person who had signed the forms. She asked who Steven Blake was. Franco explained that he was the vice-president of finance.

Alexis was curious about how Franco had ended up with the certificates. Franco replied that Blake hadn't known about the illegal fracking but had wanted to make things right and compensate them for Harvey's actions. Elizabeth quickly added that Franco had been the only person in town that Blake had known. Franco was thanked profusely, but he replied that Steven Blake was the one to thank.

As Sam stepped off the elevator in the Crimson office, Maxie was telling someone off on the phone. She shouted that she wasn't afraid of Erica Kane and hung up. She saw Sam and announced that she had decided not to allow her sadness about Nathan to take over her life. Sam wondered if that applied to Maxie's friendship with Lulu, and Maxie immediately grew defensive. She asked why Sam was a cheerleader for Lulu. Sam insisted she was on Maxie's side and had wanted to make sure that Maxie was doing okay.

Sam knew that Maxie and Lulu had been friends for a long time. Maxie stated that they "used to" be friends. She asked Sam about her decision to quit her job, and Sam revealed that she had decided it was bad timing and complicated, and she was staying on. Maxie was curious, but Sam reminded her that she was still the co-chief operating officer. Sam had "unfinished business."

Nina was in her office, looking at Nathan's mementos that she'd taken from Peter. Sam walked in and asked how Nina was getting along with everything. She offered to listen if Nina needed someone to talk to. Nina disclosed that she had been the one to hire Curtis, but she had decided to call off the investigation. Sam was floored because she had thought the investigation was important.

Nina admitted that she'd thought that Peter had an ulterior motive because they'd been unable to find much out about him but there could be many reasons for him to hide his past. She didn't want to alienate Maxie. Sam agreed that Maxie liked Peter and was able to talk to him. Sam said she had been the same after Jason had disappeared. It had been easier to be with people who hadn't known Jason.

Nina understood and caught herself as she began to cry. She showed the Nathan file to Sam, who wondered how Peter had gotten access to personal papers. Nina stated that he had called her mother and aunt. She didn't believe that Peter had a "sinister agenda" but had only wanted to be nice.

Peter found Valentin in his Aurora office and demanded to know what he was doing there. Valentin stated that he had been looking for more "incriminating evidence" that Peter might have left behind for someone to find. Valentin added that, while Peter would not see Scorpio again, he was aware that Sam and Curtis had been investigating Peter. "Your precious house of cards is gonna come crashing down around you," Valentin declared.

Peter was certain that Sam wouldn't give him trouble, and she wouldn't connect him to Henrik. He thought that Anna was the one who needed to be dealt with. Valentin insisted that Anna wasn't a threat, and Peter was underestimating Nina and Sam. Peter replied that Scorpio and Anna always knew the same information, and if Scorpio was missing, then Anna would have to go too.

Valentin lost it and began to stutter. He ordered Peter not to go near Anna. He was adamant that only one agent could go missing, or the WSB would get involved. Valentin reminded Peter that he had looked out for Peter since Peter had been a child, and he wondered when Peter had lost his confidence in him. Valentin had worked for Faison, and he'd been there when Peter had invited Faison to watch his drama at school. Valentin recalled Faison saying that he'd had no reason to watch Peter's play when he could stay home and "watch him make believe he's worthy of me." Faison had dismissed Peter like he was a servant.

Peter remembered that Valentin had shown up to watch his play instead, and Valentin insisted that he had always cared for Peter and always would. Valentin added that he'd had a similar experience with the same kind of father. Peter admitted that Valentin had been a good friend who had taught him how to handle people. Valentin again told Peter to forget about Anna, but Peter asked what she meant to Valentin.

Peter accused Valentin of having the same "fatal weakness" for Anna as Faison had had. Valentin took exception to being compared to Faison and called the old man an "obsessive lunatic." Peter was sure that Anna would figure things out about Scorpio. Valentin begged him to leave town and get a new identity, but Peter refused. He was adamant that Anna needed to go before she connected Peter and Valentin.

Valentin reminded Peter that many people in town loved Anna, including Jason, and they would find Henrik. Peter insisted that that was why Anna needed to go. He was the one who had set Jason up to kill Faison. He knew what he was doing. Valentin replied that Jason was lethal, and he would have questions. Just then, Sam walked in and apologized for not knocking. Peter declared that she was the boss, and Valentin claimed to have been looking for Nina. He announced that he was Sam's uncle. Sam pointed out that Nina was in her office, and Valentin left.

Peter noted that he'd heard that Sam had been to his office when he hadn't been there, but he was glad she'd "caught" him. Sam confessed that she'd been looking for him. He asked her about her trip, and she told him it had been great. She'd gone to Bern. Peter revealed that he'd been there. Sam also admitted that she'd planned on quitting, and Peter told her it was a good call. Sam maintained that she had changed her mind, and after looking at Peter's face, asked him why he appeared to be disappointed.

At Metro Court, Anna left a message for Robert and told him she was closer to finding her son. She saw Lulu seated at a table and sat down. She was curious about the meeting Lulu had arranged. Lulu revealed that she'd been in touch with a woman claiming to be Henrik's mother as well as with Henrik himself. Anna read the emails. Lulu admitted that she wanted advice about meeting Henrik and that she hadn't told Dante about it.

Lulu looked up and saw Maxie standing at the bar. They looked at each other, and Maxie walked over. She asked Anna to leave them for a moment, and Anna left the table. Maxie asked about Lulu's foot and was happy to hear she was feeling better. She turned to leave again, but Lulu stopped her. Lulu refused to give up on their friendship. Maxie noted that she had seen the donation made in Nathan's name from Lulu and Dante, and she thanked Lulu for it. Then she left.

Anna returned to the table and sat down. Lulu admitted that she was feeling hopeful, and she wanted closure with Henrik. That was why she wanted to meet with him. Anna warned her that she would have to be careful. Lulu was happy to talk to an objective person, although she was having second thoughts about saying something to Dante. She knew he would want to be involved. She asked Anna if there was a proper time to withhold information because Dante did, but he hid behind his badge. Anna thought that Lulu would be okay with everything.

Anna also declared that the emails seemed to be real, and she offered to contact Henrik instead. Lulu wanted to be the one to do it, as she didn't want to alienate Henrik. She was happy to trust Anna. Shortly after, Anna received a call from Valentin, who wanted to see her, but she declined.

Maxie returned to the office with lunch for Nina, but Nina wasn't hungry. Maxie asked if Erica Kane had called to complain about her. Nina said no, and she showed Maxie the album, obtained from Peter, that she'd been leafing through, which was full of material from Nathan's life. Maxie gasped. Nina cried as she read a paper written by a young Nathan about his sister. Maxie confirmed that Peter wasn't so bad. Valentin arrived and observed the women.

Nelle's plans make Ava nervous

Nelle's plans make Ava nervous

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Josslyn was on the phone with Oscar. She asked how he was feeling after the "intense" previous night and if he'd told Drew yet. Oscar replied that he hadn't, but it was his and Drew's first time hanging out. He suddenly needed to go and promised to talk to Josslyn later. Josslyn got off the phone and watched as Carly called Kevin's office to cancel her appointment for that day. She promised to call back to reschedule. When she was off the phone, she took a pill, and Josslyn wondered what it was.

Carly explained that the pills were to help her relax, and they were working. Josslyn gushed about how excited she was for Nelle's baby shower and added that Carly needed to work on her facial expressions. Carly told Josslyn about the guardianship papers, and Josslyn failed to understand Carly's anger and suspicion over it. Carly called Nelle the devil, but Josslyn reminded Carly that Josslyn was alive thanks to Nelle. She continued that people were capable of change, and she asked Carly to try to get along with Nelle, "for me?" Carly agreed to try for Josslyn and promised to see her at the baby shower later.

Sonny hit a punching bag at his gym as he thought back to all of his latest conversations with Carly. Michael entered and wondered if the punching bag was helping. Sonny revealed that it wasn't, and he filled Michael in on Carly's issues without going into specifics. Michael asked how he could help, especially since Carly's problems seemed to have escalated her war with Nelle. They were talking about how unlike herself Carly had been when Carly entered in disbelief that her son and husband were talking about her behind her back.

Sonny assured Carly that he and Michael were only concerned about her, and she apologized for yelling at them. She informed Michael that she'd been "trying" with Nelle by helping with the baby shower, and he appreciated her efforts. Michael promised to talk to her later and left. Sonny told Carly that he didn't like the distance between them, so he proposed a trip to Puerto Rico after the shower was over. He promised to join her after he got Mike settled with his aides, and she agreed. They shared a kiss, and she left.

Nelle arrived at the gallery and saw that Ava had bought Nelle a gift for the shower. However, Nelle handed her a wrapped package and said that Ava needed to give her that gift instead. She added that the gift would "make Carly's head explode." Ava wondered what Nelle had in store for Carly, but Nelle remained cryptic. Just then, Brad entered, and Nelle greeted him with a hug. He revealed to a curious Nelle that his and Lucas' baby was due around the same time Nelle's baby was.

Brad told Ava that he was there to ask about a painting of a duck that Lucas thought would be good for the baby's room. Nelle warned Brad that the painting was very expensive, and Brad joked about a "friends and family" discount." Ava went to the back to see what she could do. Nelle asked Brad if he and Lucas were having a shower, but they hadn't wanted to jinx anything. Nelle hinted that she and Michael could be back together by the time the baby arrived, and Brad advised her to "go for it."

Ava returned and handed Brad a piece of paper. Brad looked at it and immediately decided that the painting was too expensive, even with Ava's generous twenty percent discount. Ava returned to the back, and Brad asked about Nelle's shower. She invited him and Lucas, and Brad accepted and left. Ava rejoined Nelle up front and asked again what she had planned for Carly, as she was being blackmailed into scheming with Nelle. Nelle only promised that all would be revealed "soon."

Ava advised Nelle not to underestimate Carly and warned her against implicating Ava in any way. Nelle promised that Ava would have sole custody of Avery "in no time" and called Ava her teammate, which Ava refuted. Nelle vowed that her baby would know "nothing but joy."

Drew arrived at the park and showed Oscar a map with the route they would take on their hike. Oscar got up from the bench he was sitting on but let out a painful yelp. Oscar admitted that he'd twisted his knee the night before at a rehearsal for the Nurses Ball, but he hadn't wanted to miss their hike. Drew promised that they could hike another time, but Drew thought that Oscar should get his knee checked out. However, Oscar wanted to "hang out" and talk a bit first. Drew wondered what Oscar had in mind to talk about. "Anything. Life," Oscar replied.

Oscar wished that Drew could remember back to when he'd been Oscar's age so he could talk to Oscar about his "first" experiences. Drew apologized for having no memories to draw from, and Oscar suggested that Drew try again to get Andre to get Drew's memories back. Drew thought about it and figured that it could be time to "give it another shot."

Julian greeted Kim at the hospital with a cortado as she checked the weather on her phone. She saw that there were storms in the forecast and thought that she should call Drew to warn him. Julian advised her to trust that Drew could take care of Oscar, and she worriedly admitted that she wasn't used to "sharing" Oscar. Lucas approached and asked Kim for a consult on a pregnant patient of his. Julian related that he would do anything in his power to prove to Lucas that he was worthy of being a grandfather, and Lucas awkwardly stepped away with Kim.

Lucas and Kim finished with the consult. Julian asked to be kept in the loop about the baby, and Lucas agreed and left. Kim regretted venting about having to share her son, considering that Julian hardly even had contact with his children, let alone his grandchildren. He assured her that she had every right to worry and be protective of her son. She confided that she worried about Oscar trying to be "macho" like Drew and ending up hurting himself. Julian advised that all she could do was love her son and support his choices.

Oscar entered the hospital with Drew's assistance. Oscar insisted to a worried Kim that he was fine, and he explained what had happened. As a nurse helped Oscar into a wheelchair, Drew commended a clearly distressed Kim on not totally "freaking out." Kim moved to wheel Oscar away to get an x-ray, but Drew had to make a phone call before he went along with them. Oscar was glad that his father was getting things done, and he assured a curious Kim that it was between him and Drew. When they were gone, Drew left a message for Andre about trying to get Drew's memories back.

Michael thought it was weird buying a gift for his own baby's shower, but Josslyn assured him that it was "sweet." They joked about how long it would take for Carly to "implode."

Brad informed Lucas that they had been invited to Nelle's baby shower, which aroused Lucas' suspicion. Brad reminded him that their babies were going to be family. Lucas was glad he had to work, as he couldn't forgive Nelle for hurting Carly. Brad teased Lucas about his family's gift of holding grudges. Lucas playfully reminded Brad that he'd forgiven Brad, and "look at us now!"

Lucas moved in to kiss Brad, but he was interrupted by Michael good-naturedly calling out, "get a room, you two!" Josslyn revealed that she'd been hoping to get all three expecting dads in her life together so she could give them her gift. Brad and Lucas hadn't wanted to celebrate anything for fear of jinxing things, but Josslyn reasoned that she hadn't bought anything.

Josslyn handed one envelope to Michael, and one to Brad and Lucas. They laughed reading the contents, which Josslyn explained as coupons for free babysitting. Michael and Josslyn left so that Josslyn could get to the baby shower, and Michael wished her luck. When Michael and Josslyn were gone, Brad promised Lucas that they wouldn't be jinxed, and they shared a kiss.

Carly causes a scene at the baby shower

Carly causes a scene at the baby shower

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mike walked down the steps and found Sonny in the living room. Mike was annoyed at his nurse for constantly asking him how he felt, and he had been hoping to see Avery. Sonny reminded him that Avery was with Ava, and Mike recalled that it had been because he'd "screwed up." Sonny assured Mike that no one had been pointing fingers. Mike also had to be reminded of who Nelle was after Sonny mentioned that Carly had gone to Nelle's baby shower.

Mike complained that his life was disappearing, and the house was too quiet. He missed Avery, who had brightened his day. Max arrived, and he and Mike joked until Sonny sent Mike back upstairs to the nurse. Mike understood that Sonny wanted to be alone with Max. Sonny asked about Croton, and Max disclosed that it was still a mystery. Sonny couldn't understand why Mike had mentioned the field because he hadn't been in Sonny's life at the time of the secret event.

Mike assured Sonny that the field was still empty. Sonny was worried that if Mike knew anything, he couldn't keep secrets. Max suggested that Sonny leave everything as it was because if Mike said anything, no one would believe it anyway. He thought that Sonny's only other option would be to dig up the problem and move it, but that could create problems, too.

Sonny thanked Max for checking. Max declared that Sonny should leave the problem six feet under. "It might not be that easy," Mike said from the top of the stairs as he made his way to the bottom again. Sonny wondered how long Mike had been standing at the top, listening. Mike replied that he'd been there "long enough." Sonny informed his father that he and Max had been discussing business, but Mike stated that he was not confused. He advised the two men that there was construction going on at Croton.

Max stepped out, and Mike told Sonny not to worry. Sonny asked Mike if he'd heard or seen something. Max returned and announced that there was new construction scheduled to begin in the field. Sonny and Max were baffled.

Lucy ran into Dante in the locker room at the police department. She declared that she was recruiting for the Nurses Ball, and Dante wondered how she'd gotten inside. She accused Dante of escaping a chance to perform when suddenly they heard someone singing. Lucy found Chase fresh out of a shower and wrapped in only a towel. "You are hired," Lucy told Chase. Dante introduced them and attempted to get Lucy out. She was entranced, and she pleaded with Chase to sing at the Nurses Ball.

Chase wanted to get dressed, and Dante shoved Lucy out of the way as he shielded his partner from Lucy's eyes. Chase admitted that he'd never heard of the Nurses Ball but would be happy to make a donation. Lucy declared that she needed performers, and Dante announced that the entire department would be performing. Lucy was shocked. Chase agreed to go along with all the other cops as Dante snickered. Lucy was happy and advised Chase to get to the Metro Court for his schedule, music, and costume. She also told him about a nice place to live. Dante laughed.

Shortly after, Dante assured Chase that Lucy had gone. Chase appreciated the fact that Dante had let him know about the department performance. He hadn't expected to be accepted quickly, and he still felt like a stranger. He was willing to perform with the other guys. Dante began to own up, but after Chase mentioned a report that Dante had written that Chase felt could have used more investigation by forensics, Dante clammed up.

Lucy returned later and advised Dante that Chase's name had been added to the program. She thanked Dante for having the entire department perform, and Dante disclosed that it had been a joke. Lucy was annoyed. She didn't think it was right to use the Nurses Ball for a joke, and she had already put everyone's names into the program. She admitted that she was shallow, and Chase was not only a good singer but also "easy on the eyes." Dante asked her not to say anything. Lucy sighed and left.

Finn found Alexis sitting at a table in the Metro Court and asked to join her. Finn felt that he owed Alexis an apology for overreacting, but Alexis admitted that she'd "overstepped." Finn explained that his family couldn't be fixed. Alexis took the opportunity to tell Finn about her own crazy family situation and told him that while his family was dysfunctional, hers was Cassadine. "You don't know everything, Alexis," Finn responded. Alexis asked Finn to tell her about his family situation.

Finn related that his father was a professor who had always played with him and been his hero. His father had been there for Finn's terminally ill mother, and that had given Finn a desire to work in incurable diseases. Then his father had remarried quickly after his wife's death. He assumed they were still together. Alexis understood that Finn's dad had been a grieving widower, but Finn felt it had been too soon. Alexis accused Finn of taking his feelings for his father out on Chase.

Finn wasn't happy with Alexis' statement, and she teased that she had incurred his wrath again. She wanted to share with him as friends in order to help him. Finn appreciated the offer; however, he said he wouldn't try to fix her family, and he didn't want her to try to fix his. They agreed to make a deal and hooked pinkies.

Finn suggested he and Alexis adjourn to his room, but Alexis had to be in court. "Oh, boy. Here we go again," Finn said as he looked up just as Chase walked in. Alexis promised that she hadn't arranged anything and hadn't known that Chase would be waltzing into the eatery. Chase walked over and declared that he hadn't been waltzing in but would be singing at the Nurses Ball. He was there for coffee, a schedule, and music.

Finn admitted that he hadn't known that Chase could sing. Chase retorted that there was a lot that Finn didn't know, but that was what Finn wanted. "What'd I say?" Finn asked as Chase walked away.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica and Nelle awaited the guests for Nelle's baby shower. Nelle thought about how she'd been alone when she'd first arrived in town. "Look at me now," she said. The doorbell rang. "Showtime," Monica said. The first guest was Carly, who declared that she always kept her promises. They exchanged phony pleasantries until Ava arrived with Avery. The little girl ran into Carly's arms.

Monica didn't recall Ava being on the guest list, but Nelle admitted that she'd invited her. Ava had been the only one who hadn't turned her back on Nelle and who had given Nelle a job. Josslyn arrived and hugged Nelle, followed by Bobbie. Nelle overheard the conversation between Carly and her mother. Bobbie assured Carly that others were there who had her back. Nelle accused Bobbie of making the shower seem like a contest, but Carly assured Nelle that their differences should be set aside for the baby. Bobbie wondered why Monica couldn't see the truth about Nelle. The women exchanged fake smiles.

Brad arrived and mentioned that Lucas had had to work. He told Josslyn that her coupons had been placed on the refrigerator, even though Lucas had felt they'd be jinxed before their own baby arrived. Everyone made small talk. Carly continued to hold onto Avery's hand. Olivia entered the room and urged everyone to go to the living room as the guests mingled. Ava grabbed Avery's other hand, and she and Carly glared at each other.

Josslyn thought that Ava should let go, but Ava insisted it was her week with Avery. Olivia settled things by urging the little girl to go upstairs to spend time with Leo and his nanny. Soon, the guests were all in the living room, and Monica made a toast. Nelle spoke up and included Brad and Lucas in the toast as they were expecting their own new addition. Ava and Carly continued to glare.

Olivia delivered the plate of Carly's macaroons and suggested they play a game. Nelle had a gift for Carly that she wanted opened. "This is the most precious thing I possess," Nelle said. Carly was suspicious, but Nelle wanted Carly to go first. Carly finally agreed and opened the gift. It was a new set of guardianship papers. Bobbie grimaced.

Carly remained quiet, and Nelle grew teary. Josslyn tore into Carly and demanded she say thank you. Nelle said that she just wanted Carly to accept them as Carly had been her first friend. Bobbie noted that that had been until Nelle had stabbed Carly in the back. Olivia interceded and shouted that it wasn't a reality television show.

Olivia wanted to move on to the wishing well and explained how it worked. Everyone was to drop a gift into the well and make a wish for Nelle. Josslyn went first and dropped in a book, Goodnight Moon. She wished to be an aunt and best friend to the baby. Ava had the same book and hoped the baby would convey peace, love, and a long maternity leave for Nelle. Brad noted that he'd take an extra book and had a membership to the Children's Museum for Nelle, wishing the children a world full of wishes. Bobbie had a map to her house in order for her great-grandchild to find a way to her. Monica had a Quartermaine tradition of a savings bond that would mature as the baby did.

The guests looked to Carly. She stated that Nelle's' gift had been precious, and she accepted it in the spirit in which it had been given. She dropped the papers into the well. She hoped that they would never be necessary, but the baby would be in the best of hands should anything happen. She and Sonny would sign the papers.

All the gifts were opened, and Nelle turned to the last gift. It was the one that she'd forced Ava to pretend to have bought. Nelle fawned over the wrapping and mentioned how grateful she was to everyone. She almost hated to open the last gift and thought she should keep it for another time. She began to open it, but Ava stopped her. She did her best to dissuade Nelle from opening it, but Nelle refused to listen.

Nelle acted surprised to see the gift. It was a penguin mobile. Carly looked ashen and sick. Bobbie and Josslyn were shocked, as well. Nelle asked Carly what was wrong. Carly declared that Morgan had loved penguins, and Ava had known that. She proceeded to call the purchase deliberate and accused Ava of having used Morgan in the past and of still doing so.

Carly thought that Ava had bought the mobile to hurt her, and she began to shout about all that Ava had done. "Screw you, Ava," Carly yelled. She grabbed the mobile from Nelle's hands and threw it up against the wall. Josslyn was near tears, and everyone was quiet.

Nelle's shower takes a horrific turn

Nelle's shower takes a horrific turn

Friday, May 11, 2018

Jason arrived at Sonny's, and Sonny reminded Jason of Sonny's "Croton situation." He revealed that he'd found out that construction was supposed to start soon, and if anything was found, Sonny's life would be "blown apart." A short while later, Jason and Sonny arrived at the field in Croton with two shovels and a ladder. They got to digging, and Sonny remembered helping Joe Scully because Scully had had everything Sonny had wanted.

Jason thought that he and Sonny would get to the body soon. Sonny divulged to Jason that, when he'd given Jason a job, he had intended to employ Jason for the rest of his life. Jason reasoned that he'd needed help, so Sonny had given him a job. Sonny thought he'd "trapped" Jason, but Jason replied that he'd chosen his life. Sonny insisted that he didn't take Jason for granted, and Jason said that Sonny's family was his family.

Sonny retrieved a flashlight as Jason hit a piece of metal. He picked up a money clip shaped like a dollar sign, and Sonny was completely sure that it had belonged to the victim. Jason continued digging and broke it to Sonny that there was no body in the hole.

Anna left a message for Robert, asking him to call her, and she got on her computer. She typed out an email to Henrik, saying that she wanted to tell him the truth about how he'd been born and why she'd been forced to give him up. She signed the email "Your Mother," and sent it. Valentin sat down next to her, and he asked her if she'd heard from Robert, as he'd been trying to contact Robert about the conundrum box. He offered to talk to her about it, but she revealed that Robert had taken over the search for Henrik.

Anna continued that she'd lost her perspective, and her health had suffered as a result. She thought that she would focus on the child she had instead of the one she didn't know, especially since Faison had already stolen so much time together from her and Robin. Valentin agreed and hoped that she and Robin could make up for lost time. Anna revealed that Robin and Emma were on their way to Port Charles for the Nurses Ball. Valentin hoped she found peace, and he left. She sneered as he left, and she continued typing on her computer.

Peter skeptically read Anna's email. He put in a call to Valentin and asked him to call Peter back "now." Sam entered the office and wondered why Peter thought that Aurora would be better off without Sam. He believed that Drew was more invested in the company that Sam, and he thought it would be difficult for them to work together, since they were divorcing. She appreciated his honesty, but she revealed that she was staying on, and she left.

A few minutes later, Maxie entered, and she expressed how "beyond grateful" she was to Peter for the folder of Nathan's keepsakes. She thought that Nina could finally see that Peter was a good guy. She had to go get the Nurses Ball programs, which Crimson was donating, and she immediately realized that Peter wasn't yet supposed to know that. She revealed that she'd missed the previous year's ball, but she wasn't going to attend that year's ball because she and Nathan had been supposed to "do it up." Peter proposed that they go together. "You're on," she said, and she left.

A short while later, Peter was reading the email from Anna out loud when another email popped up. He read the new one, which told him not to trust Valentin, "for your own protection." Just then, Valentin entered and stated that he had an important matter to discuss with Peter.

Maxie bumped into Sam in the Metro Court restaurant as she was rushing through. Sam stopped her to ask her a "quick question," and she asked if Maxie would be her date for the Nurses Ball. Maxie was touched, but she revealed that she'd just agreed to go with Peter. She promised that they would catch up soon, and she ran off.

Curtis sat down with Nina, who handed him a check and thanked him for "a job well done." He made sure that she really wanted to stop the investigation, and she answered that she'd just been overprotective of Maxie. In return, Curtis asked Nina to help him pick the right ring out of the pictures he had on his phone, because he was proposing to Jordan. Nina was touched that Curtis asked her, and she picked out the best one. "It's perfect, like Jordan is for you, and you are for her," Nina told him.

Nina was happy for Curtis and called him a good friend. Curtis once again made sure that Nina was satisfied with the investigation. She admitted that she'd been wrong about Peter and that she realized he only had the best intentions. Maxie approached the table, and Curtis got up. Nina wished him luck, and he walked away. Maxie informed Nina that "something just happened, and I want you to hear it from me first."

Moments later, Nina revealed that she thought it was "great" that Maxie was going to the Nurses Ball with Peter. Maxie was shocked that she didn't need the speech she'd prepared "valiantly but unsuccessfully defending Peter." "Go ahead," Nina said. "I told you so," Maxie shot back gleefully. Nina apologized for being so overprotective, but she'd believed that watching out for Maxie and the baby had fallen on her after Nathan's death. She admitted that she'd taken it too far, but Maxie reasoned that Nina's heart had been in the right place. Nina stated that she knew that Peter was not someone Maxie needed protection from.

Curtis sat down with Sam at the bar and informed her that Nina had officially called off the investigation into Peter. Sam thought it was good for Peter's loudest skeptic to be quiet, as he would think he was "in the clear." Sam revealed that Peter was "tangled" with too many of her loved ones, so she refused to let the investigation go. Curtis replied that Nina was apparently satisfied with the investigation, but he agreed with Sam. He proposed that they work together and keep the case open.

"Screw you, Ava," Carly growled as she threw the penguin mobile across the room. Nelle blamed herself for setting off Carly, but Monica informed everyone how stupid it was to have halted the baby shower to argue over penguins. Bobbie agreed with Carly and trashed Nelle -- and her intentions -- to Monica. Olivia interrupted the fight by explaining the rules to their next game. Olivia took Carly aside and assured her that, while Olivia didn't like Nelle, either, the baby was family. Bobbie also informed Carly that, while Carly had every right to be skeptical of Nelle, Carly didn't always have to show up with "guns blazing." Bobbie urged her to "keep it together" for Michael -- and for herself.

Carly took one of her pills as Nelle expressed to Monica how terrible she felt for accidentally provoking Carly. Nelle approached Carly and offered an apology, but Carly snarled that "now is not the time." Josslyn thought that Nelle was trying to be nice and make things right, but Carly yelled that Nelle was using Josslyn. She accused Nelle of putting on a "noble victim act" in order to get Michael back, because she couldn't do it on her own. "Everyone knows that he's too good for you," Carly concluded, and Nelle left the room in tears. "So much for playing nice, huh, Carly?" Monica spat.

Monica continued that she was familiar with dealing with the pain of grieving for a dead son, for which she thanked Sonny. She reminded Carly that Nelle was carrying their grandchild, so Carly needed to either "suck it up" and treat Nelle with courtesy or "fake it." Nelle listened, smiling, outside the room. Josslyn demanded to know why Carly couldn't just be nice "for a couple hours." Josslyn thought Nelle was insecure, so she might try too hard, but she was also the reason that Josslyn was alive.

Josslyn continued that if Carly was going to blow up at Nelle every time she saw Nelle, Michael and Nelle would stop seeing them, and Josslyn would have to choose between the families, which she didn't want to do. She begged Carly to apologize to Nelle after being out of line, and she stormed away. "She's not wrong," Bobbie reasoned. She urged Carly to "suck it up and apologize. For your daughter." She thought that Josslyn needed to see the gesture from her mother. Carly bitterly agreed and went upstairs to talk to Nelle.

Carly marveled over how Monica had gone "all out" in the nursey. "At least someone cares about this baby," Nelle shot back. Carly apologized for blowing up at Nelle and suggested that they find a way to call a truce. "How do you propose we do that?" Nelle said, letting Carly see the blanket Nelle had crocheted for the baby. After seeing the blanket, it suddenly dawned on Carly that Nelle had been the one haunting her. Nelle thought that Carly was "losing it," but Carly couldn't believe she'd underestimated Nelle that much.

Carly thought that Michael and Josslyn would see Nelle for who she really was, and she added that Michael didn't love Nelle. Nelle replied that she'd been a source of comfort for Michael during all the rough times the family had been through. Nelle offered anything Carly needed while her family was going through rough times. "It'll be a cold day in hell before I take anything from you," Carly shot back.

Nelle thought it would be tragic for Michael when he found out how "unhinged, unbalanced, and dangerous" his mother was, and she thought that Carly needed to be "checked out" before she got any access to the baby. "You'll never get away with this," Carly said. "Watch me," Nelle dared.

Downstairs, the guests at the shower were playing Olivia's game until they heard arguing from outside the room. At the top of the stairs, Carly yelled that she wouldn't let Nelle get her hands on Michael and grabbed the blanket. "No, you can't have it!" Nelle screamed back. She grabbed the blanket back and tumbled backwards down the stairs, to everyone's horror. She was unconscious when she landed at the bottom.

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