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The 2018 Nurses Ball kicked off. Carly was arrested when Nelle falsely accused Carly of pushing Nelle. Jason and Sam deduced that Peter was Henrik. Jordan accepted Curtis' proposal of marriage. Maxie went into labor. Robert made a surprise appearance
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The Nurses Ball gets underway: Curtis proposes to Jordan and Robert clobbers Valentin
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Nelle is seriously injured after tumbling down the stairs Nelle is seriously injured after tumbling down the stairs

Monday, May 14, 2018

Jason and Sonny dug for a body at Croton. Jason found a money clip that Sonny was certain had belonged to his victim. After digging pretty far down, Jason advised Sonny that there was no body to be found. Sonny was positive they were at the proper location, and no one else had been with him at the time the body had been hidden. He was worried about the gun that had been with the body that could tie him to the murder with the latest in forensics.

Jason was confident that the body had already been moved, and according to Spinelli's investigation, no body had been found anywhere. Sonny suggested that perhaps someone had moved it to use against him at a later time. Jason announced that they had to leave.

Back at Sonny's house, Sonny poured drinks for himself and Jason on the patio. He vowed to ask Mike again about what he knew of Croton, and hopefully, he would get him on a good day. Jason offered to have Spinelli check around again, but Sonny knew that Spinelli had been thorough the first time. He urged Jason to go home to bed. Jason thought that no one had dug in the ground recently. It had to have been long before, and if something were found, it hadn't been used against Sonny. Maybe nothing would happen, Jason concluded. He left, and Sonny tried to reach Carly on the phone.

As the guests played a game at Nelle's baby shower, they heard Carly shouting as she and Nelle tussled over a baby blanket. Suddenly, Nelle tumbled down the stairs and landed at the bottom, unconscious. Carly ran down the stairs and hovered over Nelle while Monica asked what Carly had done. Monica knelt down by Nelle's side and began to give instructions.

Olivia held Nelle's head still while Bobbie ran to get Monica's bag. Brad called an ambulance. Carly tried to reassure Nelle, but Monica wanted Carly removed. Ava recalled a previous conversation with Nelle, who had stated that she planned on exposing Carly for a "raving lunatic." Josslyn grew panicked, and Ava went upstairs to check on Avery and Leo. When the ambulance arrived, Josslyn and Brad accompanied Nelle to the hospital.

Ava noted that the children were asleep, and she asked Olivia to watch Avery. Ava felt that she should be at the hospital. Monica accused Carly of being out of control all day and added that Carly should have been familiar with the dangerous stairs. Monica decided to call the police.

Jordan ran into Anna at the Floating Rib, and the women admired the remodeling of the place. Anna mentioned that Mac and Felicia had gone back to its "roadhouse roots." As the women chatted, Anna grew preoccupied with her phone. She apologized for being rude as they sat down at a table. Anna wanted to hear about Jordan and Curtis, and the police commissioner began to tell Anna about her cancer scare and Curtis' marriage proposal. Anna grabbed her hand.

Jordan didn't believe that Curtis had been thinking about marriage prior to her health scare but admitted that she wasn't ready either. Anna thought it possible that Curtis might have rethought his priorities. As they chatted, Anna grew distracted again when Finn walked in.

Dante and Michael sat at a nearby table. Dante thought they should have fun while the women were at Nelle's baby shower. Later, as they played pool, Detective Chase saw them and disclosed that he'd been having second thoughts about the cops' number. He thought they should rehearse.

Dante quickly silenced Michael before he could say anything and informed Chase that the other men had been working. Dante thought that as long as they did good, they didn't need to look good. He suggested that it was a positive move for Chase to look involved. Chase was satisfied and went to pick up his food. Michael asked what Dante was up to, and Dante confessed that he'd never said he was a saint.

Finn sat at the bar as Anna continued to look. Jordan asked about Anna's relationship with Finn, and Anna replied that it was "not meant to be." Jordan urged her to order drinks at the bar and say hello, but Alexis arrived and kissed Finn before Anna could get there first. Anna walked over to the bar and made some small talk with the others.

Chase saw Jordan, and they exchanged pleasantries. Chase noted that he had been working at home in order to make sure he didn't hit any bad notes. Jordan had no clue what he was referring to but decided she didn't want to know. Chase bumped into Finn and declared that he hadn't been following him. Anna and Alexis headed off to a table to give the guys some space, but Chase received a call. He quickly went over to Michael and Dante to tell them about an incident at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael received a phone call from Josslyn.

Anna continued to be distracted by Finn as she sat with Alexis, who disclosed that Finn and Chase were brothers. Anna hadn't known. Jordan went up to Finn and tried to lend an ear, but they were interrupted when Anna walked over with drinks for herself and Jordan. Anna made a comment about not knowing about Finn's brother. He responded that they both had secrets. He told her to have a great night and walked away. Anna received an email from the person alleged to be Henrik, advising her to prove she was his mother. She sent a response.

Carly, Bobbie, and Monica waited for the cops. Chase arrived, and Carly told him it had been an accident. Bobbie explained what had happened while Monica insisted that Carly had made Nelle's life difficult during the party. Carly swore that she never would have pushed Nelle, and Olivia tried to stick up for Carly. She confirmed that a lot had been going on, and she didn't quite remember the details. She admitted that she might have heard Carly warn Nelle to stop saying Morgan's name, but it had been way before the stairs incident. Chase went to look around the stairs, and Olivia apologized to Carly for telling the truth.

Monica wondered why Olivia had apologized, because Carly had been furious. Carly wanted to go to the hospital, but Chase returned and asked where the blanket could be. Carly insisted that Nelle had dropped it when she had fallen, but Chase stated that it was not anywhere to be seen.

Carly reiterated that it had looked just like Morgan's baby blanket, and she had gone upstairs and found Nelle pretending to cry. She insisted that Nelle had been "messing" with her for months and would do anything to get Michael. Carly wanted to leave for the hospital, and Chase admitted he couldn't hold her until he questioned the victim.

At the hospital, Lucas ordered tests to be run for Nelle, who lay quietly in bed. Josslyn and Brad were in the room. Nelle slowly awoke, and both she and Josslyn asked about the baby. Michael and Dante arrived, and Lucas assured everyone that the baby was okay so far. Josslyn stated that Nelle had fallen down the stairs, but she wasn't sure what had happened. Nelle announced that Carly had pushed her, but Michael thought she was confused.

Ava arrived and blamed herself for everything because of her penguin mobile gift. Dante questioned the patient and asked whether Carly had pushed her on purpose. Nelle responded yes. Lucas sent everyone out of the room except for Michael, who promised Nelle that he would make things okay. Their baby was strong, and he would stay by her side. Out in the hallway, Josslyn cried to Dante.

As Chase prepared to leave the Quartermaines', Dante arrived. He announced that Carly had been accused of pushing Nelle, and as the others gasped, he placed Carly under arrest. He held a pair of handcuffs.

Peter sat in his office at Aurora and read the email he'd received that read, "I urge you not to trust Valentin Cassadine." Just then, Valentin walked in. He wanted to know why Peter had been so nervous lately. Valentin was convinced that he'd successfully deterred Anna from digging around for information on Henrik because they'd had a history together. He thought that Jason would be a threat if Peter didn't leave town, although Jason hadn't found anything in Switzerland, thanks to Valentin. Peter insisted that he wasn't planning on leaving Port Charles.

Peter laid his hand on his laptop and announced that there had been a "new development." He hesitated but changed his mind and told Valentin that Sam had decided to say on at Aurora. She would continue to look for Henrik, but he'd be right there in plain sight. "Don't trust anyone," Valentin stated. Peter noted that that was except for Valentin. He added that the walls were closing in on him, and he had been thankful for Valentin's help. He wondered why Valentin had helped him.

Valentin admitted that he'd seen himself in Peter from the time that Peter had been young. They'd had the same kind of fathers, and their worlds had been similar. Peter confessed that he would have been alone if not for Valentin but he thought that he'd derived more from their friendship than Valentin had. Valentin declared that he had watched Peter grow up successfully, and he was proud of him. He looked touched, and he wondered if Peter had something else on his mind. Peter replied that he would deal with Sam. He also didn't want Valentin to ask him to leave town again.

Valentin left, and Peter opened his laptop. His email to Anna had not only asked her to prove herself but had also asked for her to tell him something that only his mother would know. At the Floating Rib, Anna had sent a response and gone back to the table to sit with Jordan. Peter read that response that said, "Your birthday is June 13, 1976. Please meet with me." Peter stared at the screen. "Mother," he uttered.

Valentin plans his escape Valentin plans his escape

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lucy observed as Ava finished going through her number for the Nurses Ball, and Griffin praised the performance. He gave her a bouquet and invited her to breakfast. She had an appointment, but she promised to see him later. They shared a kiss, and he left.

Lucy was lecturing Alexis about practicing when Finn entered. He revealed that he was introducing her as the first recipient of the Port Charles Pioneer Award. She thought it was a "consolation prize" for losing the mayoral election, but he reminded her of all the social justice work she did. He invited her to go to the ball with him.

A few minutes later, Finn was onstage, rehearsing his introduction. When Alexis walked up to the podium, Lucy deemed the entrance "boring." She advised Alexis to "saunter, sashay, or strut your stuff." She twirled as an example and knocked Alexis' purse over. Finn bent down to pick it up and was stunned to see that a copy of Anna's will had fallen out of the bag. He replaced the contents of the purse and handed it back to Alexis.

Sonny vented to Diane that Carly had been at the police station all night. Jason entered and asked Dante what the charges were. Dante revealed that it depended on whether or not Nelle and the baby survived.

Chase entered the interrogation room in order to give Carly her anxiety pills. Sonny, Jason, and Diane entered after him. Chase informed Carly that Nelle had said that Carly had pushed her down the stairs, and Carly accused Nelle of setting her up. She mentioned the blanket, but Chase revealed that no blanket had been recovered from the house. Diane suggested that Carly had imagined the blanket. "Absolutely not," Carly snarled, and Jason backed her up, proposing that someone else had grabbed the blanket.

Diane asked to speak to Sonny privately so that she could talk to Sonny about the details of Carly's arraignment while Carly and Jason brainstormed. When they were gone, Carly said she knew they didn't believe her. Jason assured her that her theory made sense, and they would figure everything out. Jason thought that Nelle had to have left a trail somewhere. He also offered to talk to Sonny on her behalf, but Carly reminded him that Sonny didn't trust Jason's judgment of Carly. He promised to always believe her.

Outside the interrogation room, Dante and Chase discussed how the statements from the guests at the baby shower showed Carly as the aggressor. Dante instructed Chase to finish questioning the Quartermaines' staff while he went to "find answers."

Diane wondered what Sonny thought about Carly, and Sonny replied that he thought Carly was going through a "breakdown" due to grief. He knew that Jason didn't feel the same, but Jason had a "certain relationship" with Carly. Jason emerged from the interrogation room, and Sonny advised him to "take a step back" from Carly.

Nelle awoke in her hospital bed and saw Michael asleep in a chair across the room. She pretended to be asleep and started yelling, "No, Carly!" over and over again. Michael shot up from the chair and "woke" her up, assuring her that it was "just a dream." Kim entered the room to check up on the baby. A few minutes later, she found the baby's heartbeat and assured Nelle and Michael that the baby was fine. Ava looked on from outside the room.

Kim wanted to keep Nelle overnight for monitoring as a precaution. Kim left the room. Dante approached her as she left the room, and Dante questioned her about Nelle and the baby.

Nelle caught sight of Ava outside her room and asked Michael to get her some orange juice. When he was gone, Ava entered and marveled that it had been "quite a shower." She assumed that falling down the stairs hadn't been in Nelle's original plan, but it had worked in Nelle's favor "all because of a blanket. Guess who's got it now?" Ava put forth, taking the blanket out of her bag. She remarked that the blanket was so good that Nelle should consider starting an Etsy shop.

Nelle said that the blanket didn't look familiar to her, but Ava informed Nelle that Ava had found the blanket on the landing of the stairs at the Quartermaines'. She'd sneaked it out while everyone else had been worried about Nelle. She thought that Sonny and Diane would be grateful to have the blanket in order to back up Carly's story. Nelle asked for it back, but Ava suggested that she hold onto it for "safekeeping." She thought that Nelle had enough to keep track of, like the photo on Nelle's phone of the DNA test Griffin had run.

Dante bumped into Michael outside of Nelle's room and said that he wanted to get Nelle's statement while it was still fresh in her mind. The two entered Nelle's room, and Dante asked for Nelle's version of events. Nelle started that it had been tense after Carly had blown up at her and Ava after Ava had given Nelle a mobile that had been off of Nelle's registry. Carly had said such awful things that Nelle had run to the nursery to calm down.

Nelle continued that Carly had followed her and told her that everyone would be better off without Nelle. Nelle had left the room, not wanting to subject the baby to any stress, but Carly had caught her at the top of the stairs. She'd shaken Nelle, screaming about how she would never get to Michael, and then she'd pushed Nelle. Dante mentioned the blanket, and Nelle claimed to not know about any blanket.

When Dante was gone, Michael instructed Nelle to get some rest. She told him to go to the Nurses Ball, but he promised to stay by her side all night. Kim entered and informed them that Nelle's room was ready, and Kim would be on call if Nelle needed anything during the night. Nelle regretted having to miss Ava's debut and suggested that Griffin record it on his phone. Ava told Nelle that the hospital got chilly at night, so Nelle should get an extra blanket. When Ava was gone, Nelle wondered what Michael thought would happen to Carly.

At the station, Chase told Dante that the statements from the Quartermaines' staff didn't contradict Nelle's version of events. Dante informed Chase that Nelle had said there hadn't been a blanket. Chase wondered what their next move was.

Inside the interrogation room, Diane revealed that Carly's arraignment wouldn't be until the next day. Carly assured Diane, Sonny, and Jason that she could make it for one more night just as Dante and Chase entered. Dante announced that Nelle and the baby were fine, but it was time for everyone to go. He cuffed Carly, and Sonny wondered if that was necessary. Dante answered that it was "standard procedure" for someone being charged with two counts of attempted murder. Carly instructed Sonny to go home and take care of the family. Jason promised to do as Carly asked, and Dante and Chase led her out.

Valentin's phone went off while he waited at the Nurses Ball rehearsal, and he saw a text from Peter saying, "Are you sure AD is under control?" Valentin wondered what was going on with Peter and replied that the situation was "under control." Lucy told Valentin that she was ready to see his number, but Valentin blurted out that it wasn't needed. He promised to see her later and took off.

Peter sat at the Metro Court restaurant and watched Anna. When he saw Valentin's text that the situation was under control, Peter said that that he'd "better make sure." He sauntered over to Anna just as she sent Henrik an email asking for a response. Peter jokingly asked if Anna was working on a "covert operation," and Anna seriously responded that it was none of his business. He asked a few questions about her career, and she wondered if he was interviewing her for one of his news outlets.

Peter revealed that he'd heard that Robert might have linked Valentin to Cesar and Henrik Faison, and he added that Nina and Maxie's safety was very important to him. Anna advised him to leave Nina's protection to Valentin, who had a "mean jealous streak," and Maxie's protection to Anna, who was Maxie's godmother. He wondered if Anna could put him in touch with Robert, and Anna promised to try to get a message to Robert for Peter.

As Peter walked out, Griffin entered, glaring at Peter. Griffin warmly greeted Anna, and he wondered if she was still searching for Henrik. She answered that she was, and she'd accepted the risks that went along with the search. She invited him to join her for breakfast, but he claimed to have a patient that needed him. They promised to catch up at the Nurses Ball, and he left.

Anna left a message for "Director Jones" of the WSB to get Robert in contact with her. A new email popped up on her computer from Henrik. He wanted to meet that night and promised to follow up with a time and place. He looked forward to the meeting and added that they had lots of catching up to do.

Andre approached Drew at Metro Court, and Drew revealed that he'd thought of a way for Andre to "make amends." He wanted Andre to "make me 'me' again." Andre replied that he needed the flash drive, but even if he had it, Drew's mind might not be able to withstand another procedure. Drew said that he was tired of letting Jason's past define his life, so he suggested that Andre just wipe Jason's memories from Drew's mind. He thought that, if there was a chance it would work, he was willing to try.

Griffin burst into Peter's office and warned Peter to leave town while he still could. "Leave or come clean," Griffin spat, and he left. Valentin saw Griffin storming away from Peter's office and went in. A clearly worried Valentin demanded to know what was going on. Peter admitted that Griffin knew who Peter really was, and he explained how. "You idiot," Valentin growled. "Do you know what you've done? You've screwed us both!" he yelled.

Peter explained that, as long as he upheld his promise to be a "law-abiding citizen," Griffin had promised to stay quiet. Valentin reminded Peter of how close Anna and Griffin were, and he realized how crushed Nina would be when she realized that he'd known Peter's true identity all along.

Valentin stormed through Metro Court on the phone, buying "one-way" tickets for himself, Nina, and Charlotte. "We're not coming back," he said into the phone.

Drew entered Peter's office, asking if Peter had seen Sam. He hadn't, but he asked if everything was all right. Drew divulged that he might have found a way to get back "everything I lost," and he left the office.

The Nurses Ball begins The Nurses Ball begins

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In a small, solid-walled cell, Robert felt around the walls to try to figure a way out. He curled up on his cot and looked around the room. Suddenly, he sat up and grabbed his arm. He fell off the cot and was sprawled out on the floor, unconscious.

Sonny and Jason entered Sonny's house, and Jason related that he was going to meet Spinelli to ask for help with Carly's case. He promised Sonny that everything would be all right, but Sonny feared that Carly was "breaking down." Jason believed Nelle was lying because Carly would never jeopardize her grandchild's life, but Sonny didn't agree. Jason had to meet Spinelli, so he left.

Stella arrived a few minutes later to check in with Mike and Sonny. Mike emerged saying he'd heard the "voice of an angel," and he asked if she would keep them company for a little while. She divulged that she was going to the Nurses Ball that night, so she couldn't. Mike hadn't realized that the ball was that night, and he told Sonny that they were going. He left to change into his tuxedo. Sonny explained to Stella that he didn't feel right going while Carly was in jail. She answered that, while he couldn't do anything for Carly that night, there was something he could do for his father.

Moments later, Mike returned down the stairs in a tuxedo, and he asked for help with his tie. Mike asked Stella to go as his date, which made Sonny and Stella laugh.

Jason entered the Metro Court and found Spinelli, who promised to spend the next day helping Carly. Jason instructed Spinelli to examine all of Carly's claims in order to figure out how Nelle had set her up.

Nina emerged from the hotel room bathroom in a long red dress, and she thought it was "the one." Valentin wanted her all to himself, but he agreed to share her until after the ball. He wanted to "whisk" her and Charlotte away on vacation and revealed that he'd already had their bags packed and tickets bought. He thought that they could "reconnect as a family," and she agreed to think about it. She had to go co-host the red carpet interviews, so she left the room.

Anna was rereading Henrik's email in her hotel room when there was a knock on the door. She happily opened the door to Robin, who sensed that something was weighing on her mother's mind. Anna dismissed it as a case she was working on, but Robin suggested that the "case" was named Finn. Anna answered that they'd both moved on and had no unresolved feelings. She quickly left the room to get ready for the ball.

There was a knock on the door, and Robin was ecstatic to open it to Jason. Robin told him that Emma had had a great time in Switzerland with him and Anna. Jason related that Anna seemed to be "fixated" on finding Henrik, so he advised Robin to stay close to Anna.

A few minutes later, Anna emerged, dressed for the ball. Jason relayed the message that Robin would meet Anna downstairs. Anna informed him that she was still waiting to hear back from Henrik, and she promised to let him know when she heard back. He told her that he didn't want her to walk alone into a trap, so he wanted to "stick to the plan" and work together like they'd agreed.

Finn read through Anna's medical file in his office and thought back to finding a copy of Anna's will in Alexis' bag. Just then, Alexis entered the office, and they exchanged compliments. She thanked him for being her date and for introducing her at the ball. "You should hear what I have to say first," he teased, and they walked arm in arm out of the office.

Backstage at the ball, Lucy told someone on the phone to make sure all of her outfits were in order, as she was determined not to have any wardrobe malfunctions this year. When she hung up, she checked with the stage manager that all of the cues were ready to go. She found Olivia, who suddenly realized something was wrong, but she promised Lucy that it was being "handled."

Sam stood outside Peter's office but scurried away when she heard approaching footsteps. Inside the office, Peter reread Anna's last email as he played with Faison's lighter. He put his computer away as Maxie entered. He revealed that he had something for her and produced a jewelry box. He babbled on about how Maxie could return the gift if it was too much, and he handed the box to her. She opened it and saw a beautiful necklace, which she loved. He put it on for her, and she wondered how she looked. "Like it was made for you," he beamed.

At the hospital, Dr. Bensch gave Kiki her assignments to take care of for the next morning, and she agreed. When he was gone, her phone rang, and she answered it to Molly, a friend of hers. As Bensch listened in, she told her friend that she had too much work to do to go to the ball, and she asked her friend to take some videos for her.

A short while later, Kiki assured Bensch that she was almost done with her tasks, but he scolded her for not reminding him that the ball was that night. She assured him that she was fine with not going, but he thought she deserved a night off to enjoy herself. She thanked him and promised to see him "bright and early" the next morning.

At the Quartermaines', Olivia desperately explained to Cook Two that she'd forgotten the chef at the Metro Court had a scheduling conflict for the night of the Nurses Ball, so she begged the woman to cover. The cook, who was annoyed at Olivia wanting to share her kitchen, told Olivia that Olivia could cook and have the entire hotel's kitchen to herself. Olivia added that Cook Two was Olivia's "only hope." The cook finally agreed, "on one condition."

Cook Two made Olivia "swear on your favorite skillet that you'll never step foot in the Quartermaines' kitchen ever again." Olivia gasped and wondered if that included food for Leo. The cook replied that Olivia could take or leave the terms. Olivia agreed to the deal, and they shook hands.

The red carpet coverage of the Nurses Ball began as Nick Viall announced it on camera. Franco approached Nick and wondered if he could introduce the first arrival. Nick agreed, and Franco took the microphone. He led the cameras to Elizabeth at the beginning of the red carpet and introduced "Elizabeth Imogene Webber" as the "heart and soul of General Hospital." Elizabeth commented that the viewers were "in for a treat tonight," and Franco thanked Nick for allowing Franco to introduce his future wife. The couple moved on to get their photos taken.

A few minutes later, Nina rushed in and apologized for being late. She grabbed a microphone and introduced Josslyn and Oscar. "Ah, young love," Nick commented. The couple posed for pictures and entered the venue. Jordan and Curtis entered, and Nina marveled that Jordan had on "the perfect ensemble for a special occasion." Curtis looked alarmed and shot Nina a glare as Nina instructed Jordan to "remember everything and take everything in!" The couple moved on to pose for photos.

Outside Metro Court, Peter assured Maxie that they didn't have to do the red carpet if she didn't want to, but she wanted to show her support. A reporter asked her what she was looking forward to, and Peter beamed at her as she talked about how "fashion is my weakness." They entered the hotel, and Nina greeted Maxie warmly. As the couple moved on to pose for photos, Valentin entered and glared at Peter. Valentin approached Nina and Nick, and Valentin kissed his wife.

Spinelli ran over to Maxie and informed her that he was there so that she wouldn't be alone, but he stopped dead when he caught sight of Peter. Sam entered and related to the red carpet hosts that she was excited for her mother, who was receiving the Pioneer Award. Right on cue, Alexis and Finn entered, and Alexis went over to Nina as Sam moved on to get her photo taken.

Anna and Robin entered next. Anna was glued to her phone, so she bumped right into Finn, who caught her in a dip. She righted herself and apologized to him. Finn awkwardly went to rejoin Alexis, and Robin raised an eyebrow over Anna, claiming that there were "no unresolved feelings" between her and Finn. Anna and Robin made their way to Nina and Nick, and Nick commented that the ball existed because of Robin. Robin was modest, but Anna answered that she wanted everyone with HIV and AIDS to know that they could live a full, meaningful, and successful life, just like Robin. She hoped to eradicate the disease altogether one day.

Kiki entered and got some photos taken as Griffin and Ava entered. Nina wished her luck on her performance. "Don't you mean 'break a leg'?" Ava wondered. "Good luck," Nina answered. The couple moved on to get their pictures taken as Sonny, Mike, and Stella entered next. Sonny explained to Nina that his friend Stone had died of AIDS, and he wanted to make sure that no one else succumbed to the disease. Mike and Stella moved on to take pictures. Mike invited Sonny into the pictures, but Sonny refused. Stella pushed Sonny over to Mike so the father and son could get some pictures together.

Last, Lucy entered with a llama on a leash and told everyone to get ready for a "magical evening." Nick told her that the show couldn't go on without her, so she realized that she'd better go. "Have a ball!" Nina called out. "We always do," Lucy replied, and she walked away.

Elizabeth was glad they'd gotten there early, but she teasingly scolded Franco for slipping her middle name into her introduction.

Spinelli took some drinks to Sam and Maxie, and Spinelli suggested that Maxie get off her feet. He pulled her away to find somewhere for her to sit. Sam thanked Peter for escorting Maxie to the ball, and Peter insisted that the two were helping each other out.

Curtis watched the interaction between Sam and Peter, and Jordan told him that she only wanted him looking at her. "As if I could look at anything else," he said, and he kissed her. Jordan caught sight of Stella; neither of them had realized that Stella would be there.

Sam went into the ballroom to get some space, and she caught sight of Jason running by. He told her that she looked beautiful, and she sadly assumed that Jason wouldn't be attending the ball. He reasoned that he'd sent a donation. He revealed that he was using the ball as a cover to do more digging into Henrik. Sam admitted that she was doing a little digging that night, as well. They wished each other luck, and he left.

Josslyn exclaimed to Oscar about how she was already having a great time, and the ball hadn't even started yet. She was ecstatic to walk the red carpet with her boyfriend, with whom she was in love. "I love you, too," he said, and they shared a kiss.

As Anna ran to get drinks, Elizabeth greeted Robin with a hug. Robin made sure that everything was "back to normal" with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth replied that things were "better than normal." Franco joined the conversation, and Robin expressed her happiness for the couple.

Ava sipped a martini, and Griffin suggested that she save the "liquid courage" for after her performance. She nervously took another sip. Kiki joined the couple and wondered if her mother was ready to perform. Just then, someone tapped Kiki on her shoulder, and she was surprised to see that it was Dr. Bensch. "Fancy seeing you here," he said.

Maxie introduced Robin and Peter, and she explained that, through a complicated connection, Robin was family. Peter realized that Robin's father was Robert. When Maxie and Peter were gone, Robin found Sonny and greeted him with a hug.

Anna was again glued to her phone when Valentin approached. She told him that she was glad to have some time away from thinking about Henrik, and she figured that Robert would fill her in on anything she missed. "I'm sure he will," Valentin agreed.

Finn asked Alexis if she was nervous about accepting her award, and she confirmed that she was. "You got this," he responded.

On the phone, Valentin told someone that he needed the "Morocco house well stocked," as they were "staying indefinitely." He added that he wanted some security guys as well.

Olivia entered, and Sonny said that he'd been worried about her. She revealed that there'd been a "minor crisis," but she'd handled it. She wasn't thrilled that handling it had "cost more than I thought."

"The air feels charged, doesn't it?" Oscar said excitedly. Josslyn noticed that the doors to the ballroom had just been opened, so she pulled him in to find good seats.

A short while later, everyone was in their seats. An announcement sounded signaling the beginning of the Nurses Ball, and the crowd broke into applause.

Performances and a proposal at the Nurses Ball Performances and a proposal at the Nurses Ball

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Nurses Ball was in full swing at the Metro Court as everyone greeted each other. Peter and Lulu said hello, and Lulu mentioned that she was working with Anna on finding Henrik. She revealed that she had allegedly been in contact with Henrik's mother, and she was waiting for the all clear from Anna to pursue a meeting.

Emma arrived to say hello to Robin and Anna, and Julian greeted a late-running Kim with a kiss. He admired her dress, and she complimented him in return. Lucy was introduced, and as the Mistress of Ceremonies, she in turn introduced the first act. The nurses of General Hospital performed "Everyday People" in colorful scrubs. Felix, Bobbie, Epiphany, Amy, and Deanna were among the group of singers and dancers. The audience applauded enthusiastically.

Following the first number, Lucy announced that the sponsor was Olay. She was hoping for everyone to make donations as they mingled during the breaks. Jordan greeted Chase, who disclosed that he was "taking one for the team." Jordan was confused but told him that she didn't like surprises. Curtis was surprised to see Stella, and he asked her if she planned on staying for the entire event. Stella assured him that she wouldn't bother him and Jordan.

Mike sat with Sonny and asked about Carly, but Bobbie arrived to interrupt and speak to Sonny. She couldn't believe that her daughter was in jail, and she told Sonny that Nelle had taunted Carly all day. Bobbie emphasized that Carly had not pushed Nelle down the stairs. Sonny declared that he was at the event for his dad.

Anna continued to stare at her phone until Emma suggested that it be confiscated. Robin pointed out Finn in case that was who Anna had hoped to hear from. Anna insisted that she had been concerned about Robert, but Robin didn't believe her. Robin was certain the phone watching involved Finn or Henrik.

Sam exchanged pleasantries with Maxie, who was with Peter. Maxie looked around for Jason, but Sam explained that Jason was involved in something else. Nina walked over and asked Maxie to take care of some business for Crimson because Nina and Valentin would be leaving for a mini vacation. Nina asked for a cigarette to calm herself, but no one had one. Peter made sure to clarify that he didn't smoke and had never smoked, and Nina was quickly dissuaded from the deed by the group. Peter had a call to make, and Sam wanted a drink.

Peter found Valentin speaking in French to someone on the phone and ordered him to hang up. Peter accused Valentin of knowing about Anna setting him up. As Sam ventured as close as she could to eavesdrop, Peter told Valentin off and shouted that it would be Valentin's fault if Peter were to be exposed. Sam continued to linger and pretended to be on her own phone. She was startled when Alexis walked over but claimed she was nervous for her mother accepting the Pioneer Award.

Valentin tried to calm Peter down but Peter accused him of being infatuated with Anna. Valentin promised he knew what he was doing, but Peter declared that he would take care of things on his own. Valentin exhaled deeply as Peter stormed off.

With Alexis gone, Finn sat alone and recalled Anna's will that he had seen by accident. He rose and went over to Anna's table. Emma asked why Finn didn't text them anymore, and Anna quickly stated that she could text them about things herself. Finn wondered if Anna might be performing, but she advised him that she wasn't.

Chase found himself at Lulu's table, and he asked if Dante was nervous. Before Lulu could say anything, Lucy arrived to drag Chase backstage to get ready. Chase wondered if the other cops were already there. When Dante returned to the table, Lulu asked what Chase had been talking about. Dante felt bad and found Chase backstage to explain and apologize. Chase couldn't believe he was on his own. Dante promised it was for a "worthy cause."

Lucy introduced Chase and his group of dancers. The young detective sang and danced to "Feel It Still," and he surprised everyone in the audience. Even Finn was smiling as he watched his brother dressed like Dick Tracy. Alexis assured Finn that it was okay to be proud. After the popular performance, Dante apologized again and complimented his partner on a job well done. The cops shook hands. Jordan also praised Chase and suggested that Dante follow in his footsteps in the future.

"Let's see what you're hiding," Sam said as she let herself into Peter's office at Aurora. She thought back to a conversation with Curtis when he'd said that there was a problem with Peter's background check. The background had been missing. Sam searched every nook and cranny in the office but found nothing. She made her way to Peter's desk and began to lift papers. Faison's lighter sat in full view. As she searched, the office door began to open, and she hid herself.

The janitor walked into the office, and Sam showed herself. She noted that Peter was attending the ball, and the janitor asked why she wasn't there herself. Sam stated that as the boss, she had work to do, and she was there for a file. She suggested the janitor return later, and she got back to the papers on the desk. Suddenly, she spied the lighter and recalled that Peter had just mentioned that he'd never smoked. She looked at the lighter closely and saw the initials CF. She realized that it had belonged to Caesar Faison.

As Nina walked off to get ready backstage, Valentin glared at Peter, who in turn glared at Anna. Peter looked at his most recent email requesting a meeting from the person claiming to be his mother. The next act up was Obstacle Illusion with Mirage the assistant. It was a magic act with Curtis and Nina. After a few tricks, Curtis called Jordan up to the stage to help out. "Maybe he'll saw her in half," Stella growled hopefully to Mike.

The trick commenced, and suddenly Curtis turned a silver dollar into a diamond ring. He got down on one knee and proposed to Jordan. She said yes, and the confetti rained down from above. Everyone cheered and applauded. "Ain't love grand?" Mike asked Stella. "Not always," Stella replied. She added that there were complications. Mike wondered if Stella might be one of them. "Love is all that matters," Mike told her. He thought that Curtis had style, and Stella agreed that he always had been like that. She thought that Mike had it too.

Maxie sought out Kim to tell her that the baby had been overly active, and she had been concerned. Kim promised that it was normal due to all of the noise and music. She offered to talk with Maxie at any time. Anna continued to stare at her phone, but Robin grew annoyed. She got up from the table, and just then, Anna received a response to her email. It said that she should meet the person at midnight on Pier 55. It stated that she should be alone.

Maxie returned to Peter and told him that the baby was okay, but her, not so much. She was happy for Curtis and Jordan but sad that Nathan wasn't there. She was upset, and Peter followed her out. He handed her his handkerchief as she sat and began to cry. She remembered how Nathan had given her his handkerchief on the first night they'd met. She had almost given it away.

Sonny and Robin embraced. Robin mentioned that she always felt Stone's presence at the balls, and Sonny concurred. He thanked her for recognizing Mike's illness and told her that Carly had insisted that he be at the ball with his father. They stood with Lulu and Dante, and Dante related that the joke had ended up being on him instead of Chase.

By the time that Finn followed Anna out back behind the stage, Lucy was looking for him to introduce Alexis. They had to set up for the next act because, unfortunately, Mac and Mr. Marbles had been delayed out of town. She wanted the award to go next. With Finn missing, Molly stepped up to introduce her mother for the first annual Pioneer Award.

Anna jumped when Finn found her looking at her phone. "We can't keep doing this," he said. As Molly began to give a short impromptu speech about her mother, Alexis waited in the wings. Molly spoke of her admiration for Alexis, who had many roles. She had also overcome many adversities. As Alexis stood and waited, she couldn't help but overhear the conversation between Finn and Anna.

Finn stated that he knew the truth about Anna, and Anna wondered how he'd found out. She had been afraid of what he might think. Finn replied that they'd wasted time, and it dawned on Anna that they were talking about different things. Finn knew that Anna was dying. Anna didn't understand, but Finn continued that he cared about her and had never stopped. She was always in his mind and heart, and he wanted her to know.

Valentin dragged Nina out so they could get home and get Charlotte for their trip. Peter comforted Maxie, and they headed back inside.

Molly introduced her hero, role model, and mother, but Alexis did not appear.

Jason and Sam discover Henrik's identity Jason and Sam discover Henrik's identity

Friday, May 18, 2018

At the Nurses Ball, Molly introduced her mother as the recipient of the first annual Pioneer Award, but Alexis was nowhere to be found. Backstage, Finn professed his feelings for Anna and admitted that he'd always cared for her and had never stopped. Both Finn and Anna were teary-eyed as Alexis stood in the wings and listened. Suddenly, there was a loud crash as Alexis knocked something over.

Finn, Anna, and Alexis looked at each other awkwardly. Alexis rushed out of the area as Lucy was making a speech about a glitch in the proceedings. Alexis ran across the stage and out through the seated crowd with Finn in pursuit. Alexis went out the door, but Finn stopped and looked over to a newly seated Anna.

Lucy proceeded to announce the next act instead. Ned, as his stage persona Eddie Maine, and Olivia performed "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" with Ned's band. Olivia was dressed in white boots and a seventies-looking outfit. There was a rousing round of applause.

Out in the hallway, Valentin tried to get Nina to head for home, but she refused. She wanted to see the acts including Valentin's, although he told her he had a piano for a private show in Morocco. She advised him that he'd promised Lucy he'd perform. She wanted to know what was going on, and she finally persuaded Valentin that they should stay until the end.

Molly went at Finn and called him a jerk who had humiliated her mother. She warned him to stay away from Alexis. Anna and Finn got together, and he admitted that things hadn't gone as planned. Anna revealed that, "for the record," she wasn't dying, but Finn replied that, "for the record," he'd meant everything he'd said. Anna disclosed that she cared about Finn, too. Finn announced that he had to find Alexis and apologize, and Anna revealed that she had a meeting that she couldn't tell him about. She thought that things would be better once the evening was over.

Ava and Griffin were seated at a table, and Ava suggested they head to Griffin's room for some relaxation. She was clearly annoyed after Griffin told her that he wanted to stay and watch the show. Sonny stood nearby with Stella and Mike. Stella advised Sonny that outsiders could pick up on things, and he had obviously been throwing some dirty looks in Ava's direction. She thought that Sonny should not act so unkindly toward her.

Mike noted that Sonny had a "deadly temper," and Sonny admitted that it was difficult to be in the same room as Ava. He turned around and lifted his glass to Ava cheerfully. Ava was bewildered. Peter received an email that his mother would be waiting for him. Robin saw Anna and asked about Finn, but Anna told her it was complicated.

Kim accompanied Oscar and Josslyn toward the backstage area to get ready for the next performance. They were surprised when Drew walked in, and Oscar hugged him to thank him for showing up. Molly advised Julian not to do anything about her mother, who was vulnerable. Kim wandered over to Julian and asked him what he was going to do. Julian reminded Kim that he was with her for the evening. They sat down for the performance. Lucy introduced Oscar and Josslyn, and they sang a song as Oscar played guitar. They received a standing ovation when they were finished.

Sonny was proud of Josslyn and gave her a hug. Mike complimented the youngsters, and Stella admitted she was enjoying Mike's praises. Kim waved, and Josslyn and Oscar headed over to her, Drew, and Ned. There were jokes and congratulations all around.

Finn finally found Alexis at the Metro Court bar with a drink. He asked if it was a double vodka, but she angrily told him it was a club soda. Finn stated that he was sorry and hadn't meant to hurt her. Alexis explained that he hadn't hurt her, but "I just hurt." She had known all along that he cared for Anna, and she'd allowed herself to be used in his game.

Finn admitted that he'd fallen for Anna more than he'd realized but had not been using Alexis. He declared that he wouldn't know how and had just wanted to move on. Alexis told him that was called a rebound. Alexis added that that was why people in the A.A. meetings weren't supposed to hook up. Finn blamed himself and assured her it had nothing to do with the group. Alexis wanted Finn to leave her alone, so he left the bar.

Back at the ball, Kiki asked Molly if she could join Molly at her table. Molly asked about Dr. Bensch, but Kiki replied that she wanted to sit with people her own age. Maxie wasn't feeling well, and she asked Peter to take her home. Anna rose, and Robin wondered if she was leaving to meet Finn. Anna said yes, and Robin clarified that it wasn't really about the emails that Anna had been receiving all evening. Anna said it was important, they embraced, and Anna left. Valentin got up to follow her, but Lucy got to him first. It was his turn to perform.

Kim continued to wonder if Julian would go after Alexis, and again he insisted that he was with Kim. Kim reminded him that they had promised to be honest with each other, and she was giving him an "out." Stella introduced Mike to Felix and Deanna and told him they were nurses. Later, Kim found Olivia snooping through the "swag bags."

In Peter's office, Sam played with the cigarette lighter that she had picked up from Peter's desk. She remembered Jason stating that Faison's lighter had been missing from his belongings in the hospital. She looked at the initials CF on the lighter. "Find the lighter, find Henrik," Sam said. She picked up the book by Sinclair and paged through to the end. Everything was turning out to be the same as the book.

Jason stopped by Nelle's hospital room and found Michael by Nelle's side. Michael rose and headed out to the hallway to hear what Jason had to tell him. Jason advised Michael that Carly had not pushed Nelle down the stairs, and he believed that Michael had known that. Michael accused Jason of always defending Carly and reminded Jason that he hadn't been at the party. Jason replied that Michael hadn't been there, either, but Michael repeated the chain of events that Nelle had described.

Jason insisted that Nelle had been lying because Carly would never have risked hurting the baby. He told Michael about all the incidents that Carly had suffered through, and he would prove that Nelle had been behind all of them. He also believed that the blanket had existed, and he would find it. Jason received a phone call and asked the caller to hold on. He warned Michael to be careful, and Michael agreed that he had "a lot to think about." Jason got back to his call. It was Sam, and she needed to see him.

Michael headed back into Nelle's room and learned that while he'd been gone, Nelle had been given the clearance to go home the following day. She looked at his face and asked if anything was wrong. Michael stated that he'd heard about his mother and the fact that someone had been "messing with her head" for quite some time. He wondered if Carly had said something to Nelle.

Nelle recalled hearing something about disappearing notes and Morgan's cologne, but it hadn't made any sense. She started to breathe heavily, and her monitor went off. Michael told her to calm down, and he apologized for upsetting her. Nelle understood, but she stressed that Carly had been out of control at the party -- and Nelle's falling down the stairs had not been an accident. Nelle believed that Carly had wanted her to fall. Michael told her to close her eyes and get some sleep. He sat and stared at her.

Jason found Sam at the Metro Court, and she showed him the lighter that she'd found in Peter's office. She asked if it had belonged to Faison because she had recalled Peter visiting with Faison in the hospital the night of Faison's death. She added that events were turning out like in P.K. Sinclair's book. Jason couldn't believe that Faison had told him the truth for a change. He had said that Henrik would be "hiding in plain sight."

"Henrik Faison is Peter August," Jason exclaimed. He wondered why Sam had been in Peter's office, and Sam stated that she had been working on a case. Jason assumed correctly that that was why Sam had decided to stay on at Aurora. She told him that Maxie was with Peter for the evening, and Jason noted that they would have to be careful or someone would get hurt.

Jason headed to the ball and asked Robin about Anna's whereabouts. She didn't know. Sam advised Jason that Maxie had left with Peter, and Jason thought it would be important for them to try to get into Peter's email for more information.

Peter drove Maxie home, and as they traveled, she apologized for forcing him to leave the ball early. Peter claimed that he'd had work to do, anyway. Suddenly, Maxie shrieked and announced that her water had broken. She shouted at Peter to pull the car over. She squealed as she was consumed in pain. Peter was anxious and stated that they should head to the hospital. Maxie was upset. She said that something was wrong, and it was too soon for that to be happening.

Julian stood behind Alexis at the Metro Court bar until she realized that he was there.

Back at the ball, Kim wandered over to Drew and asked if she could spend the rest of the evening with him because they were both alone. She stated that Julian had needed to "see someone."

Sam and Jason rushed into Peter's office while Jason tried to reach Spinelli on the phone. He was unsuccessful and suggested that Sam had probably learned all she needed to know in order to hack into Peter's email herself. Jason explained that they didn't have time to wait for Spinelli to get back to them.

Lucy introduced Valentin as the next performer. He glanced over at Anna's empty chair as he sat down at the piano. He played and sang "The Book of Love" to Nina, who had tears in her eyes. He stood to applause and walked to the edge of the stage to face the audience. Robin rose slowly and looked beyond Valentin, who turned around slowly. Scorpio grabbed him and slugged him.

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