General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 4, 2018 on GH

Michael was determined to prove that Nelle had set Carly up. Carly's fate rested on Jason's testimony. Alexis was haunted by the past. Liesl promised to release Peter once he confessed to his crimes. Anna told Robin about Peter. Finn ran into his father.
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Nelle visits Carly

Nelle visits Carly

Monday, June 4, 2018

Nelle opened the door at the Quartermaines' to Sonny. He walked in the house, wanting to have a "nice little chat" with Nelle and commented that she seemed "at home" in the house. She remarked that Michael moving back in was a "bonus." Sonny observed that Nelle appeared to have gotten everything she wanted, so it was time for her to "pay it forward." He asked her to alter her statement and cite that her memory was clearer, but she insisted that Carly had pushed her down the stairs deliberately.

Sonny promised that the "bad blood" between his family and Nelle would be erased if she changed her statement, but she claimed that she wouldn't feel safe with Carly getting out of lockup before getting the help that she needed. He understood that she had to do what she had to do, but "so will I." She wondered if he was threatening her, but he replied that he didn't threaten people. He informed her that his family looked out for each other, so "welcome to the family." He sneered, and he left the house.

On the phone with Josslyn, Oscar told her that he had something to take care of, and he promised to talk to her later. A few minutes later, a guard led Carly out, and she was surprised to see Oscar sitting in front of her. She was curious as to how and why he was there, as Josslyn couldn't visit because she was a minor. He showed her a fake ID, and she laughed about how young he looked for having supposedly been born in 1997.

Oscar informed Carly that he had a message for her from Josslyn. He told Carly that Josslyn was fine and that she still cared about Carly. He continued that she wished she could visit Carly, and she loved her mother no matter what. She thought his words were sweet but untrue. He admitted that Josslyn didn't know he was there, but he knew how Josslyn felt, even though she was too upset and stubborn to admit it. She asked him to go straight to Josslyn when he left Pentonville, because she felt better knowing that Josslyn had Oscar looking out for her.

A short while later, a guard led Carly into the visitation room, and she joked that she was popular that day. She sat down to find Nelle smiling on the other side of the glass. "Long time no see," Nelle said cheerily, and she asked Carly how she was doing. Carly suspiciously asked why Nelle was suddenly concerned with Carly's well-being. Nelle told Carly that Sonny had stopped by to have a chat with Nelle about welcoming her to the family. Carly sarcastically replied that she was sure that Sonny's tone had been "super welcoming."

Nelle promised to take "great care" of Carly's grandchild. She also promised to be there for Josslyn, who was "beside herself for what you did to me." As Carly clenched her fist under the table, Nelle went on about Michael moving back in and sleeping in the room right next door. Nelle thought that a baby really did "bring people closer together." "You conniving little bitch!" Carly screamed as she banged on the glass. She vowed that Nelle wouldn't get away with anything, and Sonny would be after Nelle to take everything from her. Nelle stood, shocked, as a guard pulled Carly out.

Drew left a message for Andre and said that he still wanted to go through with the procedure. When he was off the phone, he looked at his DNR. There was a knock on his office door, and Monica entered. She knew that Drew had been staying at the hotel, and she offered that he could always stay at her house. She gave him a key to the house and told him that he was always welcome. A short while later, Monica was gone, and there was another knock on the door.

Oscar entered Drew's office and gave him an official invitation to Oscar's award ceremony at school. Drew promised to be there. Oscar wondered about the summer internship at Aurora, and Drew admitted that he'd forgotten to talk to HR about it. He promised to talk to HR, but he wondered why Oscar was really there. Oscar confided that he needed some "fatherly advice" about Josslyn and Carly. He told her about going to visit Carly without Josslyn's knowledge, and he wondered if he'd made things better or worse for the mother and daughter.

Drew thought that Oscar's intentions had been noble, and he was sure that his son had helped the situation. Oscar confessed that he'd always been jealous of Josslyn's big family, and Drew laughed that Oscar finally saw how "crazy" big families could be. Drew had to go to a meeting, but he advised Oscar to fill out an application for the internship on his way out. Oscar couldn't wait to work with his father and "learn the family business." He hugged his father and left. Drew looked at the invitation for Oscar's award ceremony right next to Drew's DNR.

Anna gave Maxie the note from Peter, but Maxie didn't want to see it or hear from Peter "ever again." Anna accepted her answer but just explained that Peter had clearly felt that the letter was important to write. She hugged Maxie and left. A tearful Maxie opened the note and read Peter's words. He said that he didn't want to try to justify his actions, but there was a lot about his past she didn't know that had determined his future. He promised that he'd never meant to hurt anyone, and he wished that he'd known Nathan. He also wished that he could be there as James grew into as fine a man as Nathan. He hoped "with all my heart" that Maxie and James would find happiness.

Chase entered the hospital and asked Epiphany if he could speak with Maxie. Finn appeared and asked if Epiphany could help him with something, and he caught sight of Chase. They exchanged awkward pleasantries until Epiphany grabbed the chart Finn had been working on and walked away. Chase mentioned wanting to talk to Maxie about Peter after he'd escaped custody, and Finn demanded to know if Anna knew about it. Chase assured Finn that Anna had found out the night before, and he excused himself.

Finn ran into Anna and asked how she felt about Peter escaping. She confided that she was worried that he would be found but terrified that he wouldn't. She believed that, regardless, Peter wouldn't want to see her, anyway. Anna had to go, as she was flying out to see Robin. She thought it would be ironic to learn she had a son only to lose him and her daughter. Finn assured her that Robin would understand, and he urged Anna not to do people's thinking for them. Anna entered the elevator, and he informed her that she was forgetting something for her trip. He kissed her, and she left, leaving both smiling.

A short while later, Anna sat down on the plane. As she put her seatbelt on, someone sat down next to her. She looked up and saw that it was Finn, who thought she'd like some company. She teased that he was "doing someone else's thinking for them." Smiling, he held out his hand, and she laced her fingers through his, smiling back.

Chase entered Maxie's hospital room with some questions about Peter, but Maxie had only heard from Peter through the letter she'd just received. Epiphany entered the room and asked if Chase had gotten what he was there for. Chase left the room, and Epiphany informed Maxie that she was being released. When Epiphany was gone, Maxie crumpled up Peter's letter and tossed it in the trash.

A short while later, Epiphany was wheeling Maxie down the hall when they bumped into Chase. Chase offered to take Maxie home if she had no ride, and Maxie replied that Nina was supposed to be there. Chase told Maxie that he'd heard a lot of positive things about Nathan, including that he'd been honorable. Chase thought that, since Nathan couldn't take Maxie home himself, Chase would be "honored" to. Epiphany warned him to be careful, and he agreed as he pushed Maxie down the hall.

Peter was screaming for help as the cabin door opened, and he was shocked to see Nina. "What do you want?" he asked. "I want my brother back," she replied tearfully. He apologized, but Nina shouted over him about how Faison would have been proud of his son. He insisted that he was nothing like his father, and he promised to stay away from Maxie "forever." Nina knew he would, since "the person who did this" to Peter would clearly make sure of it. As if on cue, Liesl entered.

Liesl was proud that she'd surprised Nina with her hostage, and she approached Peter with an axe in her hand. She thrust the axe down, and it stuck in the wall right next to Peter's head. She took it out of the wall, and Nina asked to speak to Liesl outside. Once outside, Liesl explained that Peter would get out of his crimes, so she'd decided to take matters into her own hands.

Nina informed Liesl that if Liesl intended to kill Peter, Nina would be calling the police. Liesl agreed not to kill Peter unless it was necessary. She decided instead to break Peter down until he confessed to "whatever will put him away for the rest of his life." Nina eventually agreed to help, and the two shook on it.

Back in the cabin, Peter wondered if Nina was going to help him, but she assured him that she was leaving him in good hands. He screamed and begged her not to go, but she left, leaving him with Liesl. Liesl observed that he complained too much, "just like your mother." She gagged him and said, "sweet, silent Henrik. I have a feeling we're going to get along famously."

Mike was beating Felix badly at checkers when Josslyn entered. Mike called Felix a "step up" from the rest of the nurses he'd had. Mike wondered if Josslyn was a friend of Michael's, and Felix reminded Mike that Josslyn was Carly's daughter. Mike remembered, adding that Josslyn was definitely her "mother's daughter." A few minutes later, Mike was gone, and Felix agreed that Josslyn was just like Carly, which was why she needed to put herself in Carly's shoes.

A short while later, Mike set up another game of checkers and asked if Felix knew Sonny. Felix gently reminded Mike that Sonny had hired Felix. Mike said that he'd always looked out for Sonny, whether Sonny had known it or not, "like that time I moved that guy from Croton." Just then, Sonny entered. Felix informed him that Mike had been telling him some great stories, like something about "a guy you used to know from --" Felix stopped, trying to remember where the man had been from. However, he was interrupted by Mike beating Felix at checkers again.

A short while later, Sonny was alone in the living room when Josslyn descended the stairs, ready for practice. Sonny wanted to talk to her about making things easier on her with what was going on with Carly, and he suggested that Josslyn stay with Jax for a while. He wanted to spare a shocked Josslyn from the "circus" of Carly's trial, and he thought that Jax would agree. Josslyn countered that she was committed to her team, and she didn't want to leave Oscar behind. Sonny understood.

Alexis receives an envelope from Valentin

Alexis receives an envelope from Valentin

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kim walked into Drew's office at Aurora and announced that Drew's assistant hadn't been at her desk. She didn't find Drew, either, but she spotted his Do Not Resuscitate papers on top of his desk. The assistant returned, and while the assistant was trying to force Kim to leave the office, Drew walked in. "Thank God," Kim uttered.

Kim admitted that she was concerned about Drew's choice to have the procedure, and she wanted to talk him out of it. It was experimental and risky, she said. Drew revealed that a discussion with Oscar about Josslyn's family had convinced him not to go through with the procedure because it would be too much of a risk and would be selfish. Kim was pleased and told Drew that he was wanted and needed. She thought that with Oscar trying to figure out who he was, he would need guidance from Drew.

Just then, Oscar walked in and was surprised to see his mother. She made up a little white lie about her reason for being there. Drew disclosed that Oscar would be a summer intern at Aurora, and Kim was thrilled that her son wouldn't be spending the summer on the sofa. She suggested they have ribs to celebrate, and she invited Drew to join her and Oscar.

Dante returned home late, and Lulu poured him a glass of wine. He confided that he'd spent a long day, looking for Henrik, who had escaped -- and he was tired. Lulu noted that she'd heard from an unnamed source that Jordan's "head was on the chopping block." Dante wondered if she was telling him as a wife or as a journalist. Lulu felt that Peter would return because he cared about Maxie, but Dante was convinced that Peter remained an unknown.

Dante didn't want to fight, but Lulu thought he did. Dante declared that Lulu had been in over her head, and Lulu replied that she had made a mistake. Dante stopped himself short, but Lulu realized that his next statement was about to be that he'd never made a mistake to get anyone killed. Dante really didn't think that Lulu had gotten Nathan killed, but he thought she hadn't considered the consequences of what she'd been doing. He thought that her priorities had been out of order.

Dante didn't love Lulu's job or what it had been doing to her. The couple began to have a disagreement over Lulu's job. She thought that she should probably quit while Dante stated that he wanted to be included in it. Lulu agreed to tell him everything only if he returned the favor regarding his job. Dante reminded her that he was a cop. He had a badge, he had taken an oath, and there were laws. It wasn't the same thing, he insisted. He just wanted her to do her job more effectively.

Lulu admitted that she had been over her head and had been manipulated by Peter, but she had learned her lesson. Dante clarified that Peter had used them all. Lulu stated that she would share information with her husband in the future but not as a cop. The couple continued to bicker until Lulu suggested they make a compromise like they had in marriage. They made out to seal the deal.

Sonny handed Diane some of Carly's pills he'd found upstairs. Diane declared that the more meds they found, the better, in order to prove that Carly had been unstable. Diane had gotten an earlier trial date, but Jason revealed that he hadn't been able to find any evidence yet and needed more time in order to prove that Nelle had been lying and torturing Carly. He insisted that Carly was not crazy and had not made things up.

Jason explained what had happened with the phone calls and the scarf incident, but Diane kept saying that it was all "speculation." It would still show that Carly had been angry enough to push Nelle down the stairs, and the district attorney would salivate at that.

Sonny admitted that while he hated Nelle, he didn't want Carly to go away to prison. Jason declared that the evidence that he would find would show that Nelle was a liar. He disclosed that when he'd visited Carly, he'd told her not to plead insanity. Diane and Sonny were angry, but Jason advised them that Carly hadn't listened to him. Diane was nervous and thought that Carly would appear too rational to plead insanity. Sonny was more confident in his wife.

Jason argued with Sonny and Diane. The lawyer explained that she could prove that Carly hadn't been in her right mind, and she wanted to put Jason on the stand to testify that Carly had been losing it. Jason retorted that Diane should not call him to the witness stand because he would not lie that Carly was crazy.

As Alexis looked at the old photo of Mikkos, Sam surprised her mother by showing up with some snacks. Alexis wondered if she'd forgotten plans they'd made, but Sam hesitatingly confided that she needed some help. She wanted to sign away her share of Aurora to Drew. Alexis disagreed and explained that Drew had used Jason's money, and perhaps Jason would want something different done financially. Diane might have something to say about it, Alexis added.

Sam replied that she didn't need any of the money from it, and she wanted a "clean break." She didn't want to drag things out the way Alexis and Julian had done. Alexis agreed that her daughter was right, and she admitted to having kissed Julian once. She had also gone to Dr. Collins for help in trying to stop her bad habit of picking horrible men. Alexis had realized that she always picked men like her father, and she needed to fix it.

Alexis showed Sam the photo of Mikkos, and she explained that her father had never shown any interest in her except for once when she'd been pregnant with Sam. Alexis wondered if there had ever been any good in Mikkos. She also revealed that she had a way to get some information.

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Valentin. "Please tell me that's not who's gonna help you," Sam implored. Valentin stood at the door because he wasn't sure whether to walk inside. "He's your historian?" Sam asked. Valentin wondered if it was a bad time and noted that he was getting mixed signals. Sam noted that Luke Spencer would have been a better resource and proceeded to tell Alexis about Valentin's history with Peter. She added that after what Valentin had done to Peter as a child, one could imagine what he might do to Alexis.

Valentin declared that he regretted what he'd done. He also announced that Peter had escaped by forcing Valentin into a cell that had happened to be unlocked. He noted that there had also been no jailers or cameras present and wondered how that might have happened. He looked at Sam and told Alexis that he had payment for her services, which was the information on Mikkos.

Sam pulled her mother away and asked if Valentin had been Alexis' only option. She warned Alexis to be careful, and Alexis thought that phrase sounded familiar. As she made her way to the door, Sam warned Valentin not to hurt Alexis. Valentin smiled, and Alexis gloated.

Alexis informed Valentin that the trust had been completed for Charlotte, and she wanted him to look over the paperwork before it was finalized. She had decided that she didn't want Valentin's help, after all. He left her with the envelope and suggested she throw it out. After he left, Alexis tossed the envelope into the fireplace and lit a match.

Felix and Stella sat at a table at the Floating Rib and talked about Mike. Stella was happy that Felix was helping Mike to keep his dignity and, upon questioning from Felix, admitted that Mike was a "special case." He reminded her of someone, and his son was thoughtful. She didn't want to talk about Jordan and Curtis' engagement, but the couple walked in and spotted them.

Jordan wanted to leave but thought she and Curtis should just deal with it, so they walked over to the table. Felix asked them to sit down, and he congratulated them on their engagement. Stella noted that it had been a "spectacle," as well as magical. She made a toast as she wondered what would follow.

Drew, Kim, and Oscar arrived. Curtis got up from the table to talk to Drew, who congratulated Curtis on his engagement, and they shook hands. Curtis revealed that he had suggested that he and Sam be partners in the investigation business because he'd had a lot of work, and Drew assured him it was a good idea. They were still friends. The men shook hands again. Felix went to the bar to get more drinks.

Stella asked to see Jordan's ring while the women were alone, and she admired it. She told Jordan there was no pressure, and things would work out if it was meant to be. The men returned, and everyone joked around. Stella got up to talk to Kim, and Felix received a phone call. Jordan told Curtis that she was happy with the way the evening had turned out, and she hoped their wedding would go as smoothly. Curtis reminded her that they needed a date.

Stella sat with Kim to check on a client, and Kim complimented Jordan and Curtis' engagement. Stella replied that not every engagement ended in a wedding, and a lot could happen. Kim was perplexed.

Drew played pool with Oscar, and they talked about the upcoming internship. Drew advised him to always ask for more work, and Oscar clarified that he would never take advantage. Drew revealed that he had started the company for his family.


Anna tells Robin the truth

Anna tells Robin the truth

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sonny was waiting in the courtroom when Diane arrived. She thought they were in good shape for Carly's trial but called Jason a "wild card." Carly entered, and she hugged Sonny after a guard took her cuffs off. Diane believed that Kevin's notes on Carly coupled with her medical history were promising. Diane just needed Carly to "stay cool" when Nelle, the prosecution's "star witness," took the stand. Carly remarked that she expected Nelle to put on "one hell of a show."

Diane wanted to make sure that Carly stayed "cool, calm, and collected," unlike the day before. Carly sheepishly explained to Sonny what had happened between her and Nelle at Pentonville. Diane thought that a little bit of "theatrics" could help their case, but she needed verbal confirmation from Carly. Carly promised to "keep it together" while Nelle was on the stand. Sonny promised that they would beat her charges. "We better," she replied, and she hugged her husband.

Kim assured Nelle and Michael that their baby was perfectly healthy. Nelle thought they were lucky and grabbed Michael's hand. A few minutes later, Michael offered to give Nelle a ride home from the hospital, but she admitted that she wasn't going home because she'd been subpoenaed to testify against Carly. She confided that Sonny had asked her to lie on the stand, but she didn't want to risk a perjury charge.

Michael thought that Sonny was just trying to protect Carly, and he knew that Nelle had no choice but to tell the truth. She wanted the best for her family, and he agreed. She got up to go to the bathroom, and Michael pulled his phone out to make a call. He told Spinelli on the phone that he was "positive" that it was time for them to make their move against Nelle. He added that he'd created the situation, so he needed to do whatever it took to get Carly out of it.

There was a knock on Kim's office door, and Julian entered. He apologized for leaving her at the Nurses Ball and hoped he hadn't hurt her feelings. She admitted that her feelings had been hurt "more than expected," and she wondered what had happened between Julian and Alexis. He informed her that he'd been rejected again, and he realized that he'd had a "knee-jerk reaction" to save Alexis. Alexis didn't want that, and it wasn't his job.

Julian hoped that he didn't mess things up between him and Kim, and he wanted to see where the relationship was going "if you're still game." She wondered if that meant he had feelings for her, and he confessed that he did. He apologized for not taking better care of hers, and he asked for a second chance. She told him that she would give him another chance if he still had an espresso machine. He informed her that he did, and they shared a kiss.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked how Kiki was feeling, and she answered that she was "exhausted." Elizabeth thought that Kiki should tell Franco what was going on, but Kiki didn't want to risk Franco getting violent. As she expressed her hope that HR would do the "right thing," since she was scared to see Bensch again, he entered with a cheerful "good morning."

Bensch revealed that he'd had an "interesting talk with HR last night," but Kiki didn't think it was appropriate for them to be discussing it. He told her that the matter had been "handled," anyway. He'd submitted her "glowing" evaluation, and he hoped that the case would be wrapped up and behind them. After he was gone, Kiki excused herself to "take care of something."

Alexis looked at the envelope she'd gotten from Valentin. As she finally decided to open it, the doorbell rang, and she let Nina in. She wanted Alexis to handle her divorce, but Alexis reminded her that Alexis' familial relation to Valentin would be seen as a conflict of interest. While she had Alexis' attention, Nina wanted to ask some "hypothetical" legal questions. She wondered how liable she would be if she knew of a crime but didn't report it. Alexis replied that Nina was protected under spousal privilege, but Nina admitted that it had nothing to do with Valentin.

Just then, Alexis' doorbell rang again, and she opened the door to Kiki. Nina left, and Alexis wondered how she could help Kiki, who wanted to talk to Alexis "as a lawyer and a woman." She briefly told Alexis about Bensch's sexual harassment and that she planned to take him to court. She wondered if Kiki had proof, but Kiki only had a diary of the incidents and the fact that she'd gotten a position at the hospital that she believed she wasn't qualified for, because of Bensch's fondness for her. Alexis told Kiki that they needed to find another one of Bensch's victims, and Alexis would represent Kiki.

Peter was asleep when Liesl tapped on his face to wake him up, and she informed him that they had an "eventful morning ahead." She put down the knife she was holding in order to remove his gag. He screamed for help, but she covered his mouth and told him that no one would hear him, as they were in the middle of nowhere. She instructed him to save his vocal cords for the confession he was going to give her. She picked up the knife, and he yelled that he'd rather die than go to jail.

Liesl assured Peter that she wasn't going to kill him, but she intended to "inflict as much pain as possible" if necessary. She put her blade against his finger, but Nina entered and demanded that Liesl stop. Peter thanked Nina for the intervention, but she replied, "Go to hell." Nina believed she had "too much to lose" to stand by and watch Liesl hurt Peter. However, Liesl figured they would face consequences for kidnapping Peter, despite any confession they got out of him.

Nina informed Liesl that she'd spoken to a lawyer, who'd told her that she wasn't liable for the crime if she didn't help. Liesl laughed in Nina's face as she gestured to the groceries that Nina had gotten for them. "That's called aiding and abetting, my dear," Liesl said with amusement.

A terrified Anna let Finn into her hotel room, and he instructed her to breathe. He knew that Robin would at least eventually understand what her mother had been through. They embraced, and there was a knock on the door. Anna let Robin in, and she was happy to see Finn in the room. On cue, he left to give the women a chance to catch up. Robin asked about Maxie, and Anna assured her that Maxie and the baby were "great." Robin commented that Maxie deserved only good things after what she'd been through with Peter.

Suddenly, Anna grew solemn and said that she had something to tell Robin. She hadn't intended to tell anyone about her past, and Robin wondered what it had to do with Peter. "He's my son," Anna confessed. Robin was stunned that she had a brother, and she asked Anna how it had happened. Anna told a brief version of her story, finishing that she'd intended to take the secret to the grave. Robin finally realized why Anna had been so "overly invested" in finding Henrik.

Robin tried to put herself in Anna's shoes. She related that, while she could rationally understand her mother's actions, she emotionally couldn't. She thought that she didn't even know who Anna was, but Anna insisted that she was the same person she'd always been. Robin needed time to process the news, and Anna invited Robin to ask any questions that she wanted. Robin quickly left the room, and Anna sobbed.

Finn sat down in a café and placed his order. "Hamilton? I'll be damned," he heard from behind him. "No hug for your old man?" the man said to a shocked Finn. Finn wondered why his father, Gregory, wasn't in Boston, and Gregory replied that he'd gotten a great offer from UC Berkeley. Gregory sat down with Finn and talked about how glad he was that his sons were living in the same town. He bragged about both of his boys, but Finn wanted Gregory to stop acting like the situation was normal. "It could be if you let it," Gregory replied.

Gregory told Finn that he missed his son, and he'd reached out after Finn's wife had died, since he could relate to the situation. Finn snapped that it was a different situation that both men had handled differently. Gregory was sorry that Finn felt that Gregory had moved on too soon after Finn's mother had died, but Gregory wouldn't apologize for finding happiness again. He hoped the same for Finn. "I'm happy. I'll leave it at that," Finn stated.

Gregory asked about Finn's "girl," and he offered to take them out that night. Finn claimed that he and Anna had plans already, so Gregory suggested that they get together for Chase's birthday. "You're coming to Port Charles?" Finn asked disbelievingly. Gregory wanted to "bury the hatchet" for one night for Chase's sake, but Finn countered that he barely knew Chase.

Finn informed his father that he'd "live a lot of life," and the person he'd been when he'd belonged to the family was no longer there. Finn got up and got some money out for his order, and Gregory couldn't believe that Finn couldn't wait to leave after they hadn't seen each other in twenty years. He wondered what he'd done that was so awful. "Take care of yourself, Dad," Finn said, and he left.

Carly's trial begins

Carly's trial begins

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dante fussed with his tie as he dressed to head to court to testify at Carly's hearing. Lulu admitted that she had never believed anything that Nelle had said, but Dante explained that he only needed to present the facts. Dante expressed his belief that it wouldn't be a good trial if the best that could happen to Carly would be that she ended up at Shadybrook. Lulu revealed that she would stay home because she had a new story to work on. She promised that it didn't involve cops or criminals. Dante said that he trusted her, and they kissed goodbye.

At General Hospital, Kiki was upset. She told Elizabeth that HR had sided with Bensch. Elizabeth thought that Kiki should confide in Ava and Franco, but Kiki wasn't eager to do that. Franco walked by and heard his name, and Elizabeth quickly covered. Kiki thanked Elizabeth for her offer to help her around the hospital, and she quickly left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael was on the phone with Spinelli as he waited for Nelle. He was eager for evidence to be located. Nelle approached him, and he quickly ended the phone conversation. He assured Nelle that he wanted to be by her side on the way to Carly's trial.

Griffin and Ava sat at a table at Metro Court. As Griffin recalled his evening in bed with Kiki, Ava asked him if he was okay. She thought he was thinking about Carly's trial but then thought it might be something else. Griffin assured her the trial was on his mind, and they agreed that things would be fine, even though they were testifying for opposing sides.

Ava was afraid that Griffin was thinking about the night of the Nurses Ball, and she apologized for always being suspicious. Griffin assured her they all made mistakes. Kiki walked in, but Griffin rushed out, announcing that he and Ava had to get to the courthouse. Ava disclosed that Bensch had been at the art gallery, and Kiki's name had been mentioned in conversation. She wanted to have a chat with Kiki at another time.

Lulu arrived, and she and Kiki sat down at a table. Kiki asked Lulu for help and told her about what had been happening with Dr. Bensch. Lulu pronounced him disgusting, and Kiki informed her that the hospital had closed the case. Kiki had been told that she'd "misinterpreted his intentions." She wanted Lulu's help in taking Bensch down.

Lulu responded that the hospital had already dismissed the case, and Kiki had no proof. She could write about Kiki's claims of harassment and the hospital's lack of response. She thought that the hospital would be forced to discuss their protocol, but Kiki's name would have to be revealed.

Kiki thought about it and decided that if Dr. Bensch could be stopped or if it made another one of his victims reveal herself, that was good enough for her. She didn't care if her name and face were known. "Let's take this skeevy loser down," Lulu declared.

Back at the hospital, Franco told Elizabeth how happy he was that she and Kiki were friends. Elizabeth admitted that she liked Kiki and only recently had begun to admire her strength. Franco wanted to talk about their wedding, and he emphasized that he wanted Elizabeth's family to be there. He was referring to her mother, father, and sister Sarah. Elizabeth advised him that it wasn't a good idea.

Franco accused Elizabeth of trying to avoid him, but she insisted she'd been working. He wanted to know what was going on, and she informed him that she was not close to her family. Elizabeth wondered if he planned on inviting Betsy.

Carly's trial was about to start. Josslyn arrived with Bobbie. The teen was worried because they had been called by the prosecution. Bobbie advised her granddaughter to just answer the questions on the stand.

The prosecutor Dawson made her opening statement and painted an ugly picture. Diane's opening statement described Carly as a distraught mother who had struggled after the death of her son and had received messages pertaining to him. Bobbie and Josslyn walked in and sat down in back. Nelle and Michael arrived and sat down next to Bobbie and Josslyn. Sonny reassured Carly as Bobbie took the stand.

Bobbie was labeled a hostile witness after Dawson asked about the relationship between Carly and Nelle. Bobbie responded that Nelle had had a "systematic campaign" to destroy Carly. She added that Nelle had taken advantage of the family's grief. Bobbie clarified that Carly had not felt threatened by Nelle but had not approved of Nelle's growing closeness to Michael. She cited Nelle's attempt to turn Carly's family against her as well as Nelle preying on Sonny.

Bobbie admitted that Carly had not been herself, and Dawson suggested that Carly would do anything to keep Nelle away from Michael. Diane's objection was sustained. A nervous Josslyn sat on the stand next and announced that she had never felt threatened by Nelle. She admitted that Nelle was her friend, but she looked at Carly tearfully. Josslyn thought that her mother was happy about the baby, though she hadn't expected Nelle to allow her to see the baby often in an attempt to hurt Carly.

Josslyn mentioned the penguin mobile that had reminded Carly of Morgan, and the argument that Nelle and Carly had had at the baby shower. She thought that Nelle had deserved an apology, and she'd thought her mother had been in control. Dawson asked if she thought that Nelle had been safe, and Carly jumped up to reassure her daughter as she cried. Diane asked for a recess, and the judge granted the request. He advised that there should be no more outbursts. Josslyn ran to Michael, and Carly sped over to Nelle. "You did this," Carly shouted.

Carly went off on Diane and accused her of not doing anything. Diane insisted that she'd objected whenever necessary. She ordered Carly to sit and restrain herself when the next witness, who would be Ava, began to testify. Diane added that it was good for Carly if Nelle appeared to be innocent in order for Carly to appear as though she hadn't been in her right mind when she'd attacked Nelle.

Michael comforted his sister, who cried that she had been the one to send Carly upstairs to Nelle. Nelle assured her that no one wanted to see Carly go to prison. Sonny also spoke comforting words to Josslyn, and he asked Bobbie to take her home. Nelle welcomed Ava and Griffin. As Ava and Nelle hugged, Nelle leaned over and whispered that she wouldn't worry about the blanket, and Ava wouldn't have to worry about a "certain secret." Ava warned her to be careful.

Ava sat on the stand and spoke about the penguin mobile. She related how Carly had grabbed the mobile and made accusations. She noted that Carly had had her typical temper tantrum. Ava also stated that she did not recall a baby blanket, and she recalled Carly's last words as "You won't get your hands on my son." The next time she'd seen Carly, she had been standing over Nelle, who had been lying on the floor. Diane had no questions for Ava.

Michael took the stand and admitted that he had no plans to marry Nelle but only to co-parent their child. He also disclosed that he and Nelle had broken up before he had learned of her pregnancy. Dawson pointed out that Nelle would be a permanent part of his life unless something happened to her and the baby. Diane objected, and it was sustained. Dawson withdrew the comment, and the judge ordered her to stick to the facts.

Michael headed back to the row of seats and sat down. He told Nelle he'd done what he'd had to do for their family. Nelle leaned all over him, but Michael caught Sonny's eye across the aisle.

Dante took the stand and stressed that he was able to report the facts even though he was related to the major parties. He read Nelle's account of the incident, and he admitted that no blanket had been found. Dawson asked about another evening when Nelle and Carly had been in each other's presence at the police station. Dante couldn't remember much other than that Nelle had offered Carly some tea, and Carly had declined. After some urging, he recalled Carly stating that she "wanted Nelle's head on a silver platter."

After Dante's testimony, he sat on a bench with Sonny, who didn't blame his son for telling the truth. He admitted that Carly knew "how to turn a phrase," and he asked Dante to check on Josslyn and Michael. Dante noted that they were all lucky to have Sonny, who confessed that he had been trying to deal with everything. Sonny went back into the courtroom, and Dante left.

Carly promised to be good when Nelle took the stand. Dawson noted how pleased she was that Nelle and the baby were okay. Diane interrupted to say that all human beings in the courtroom were grateful. The judge ordered Dawson to "move it along." Nelle started at what she deemed to be the beginning of her relationship with the family. She told about how her kidney had saved Josslyn's life. She admitted that she had wanted to hurt Carly, based on lies her father had told her, but she had been ashamed of that.

Nelle continued that Michael had been wonderful -- and then Carly had gotten between them. Nelle declared that Carly had embarrassed Michael by making him take a DNA test to prove he was the father of her baby. She disclosed that she'd had nightmares since her fall but had been able to sleep better with Michael in the room next door. She and Michael were working together for their baby, and she wanted the baby to feel safe and loved, although she'd lost hope since the fall. Carly glared at her, and Sonny shook his head in disbelief.

Diane announced that she would question Nelle at a later time, and Nelle began to step down. She faltered and grabbed her stomach in pain. Carly smirked as Michael ran to grab Nelle. Sonny couldn't believe it. Dawson rested her case.

Ava advised Griffin that she had to leave to open the gallery. She kissed him goodbye. Sonny declared that it had been difficult to hear Nelle's fake story and tears, but Diane advised him that it wouldn't make a difference as long as Carly was declared insane. Diane thought she would do better than the prosecutor, and Sonny reassured Carly.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised to see that Franco was still there. He admitted he'd been avoiding his mother, but he had forgiven her and wanted both of their mothers at their wedding. Elizabeth explained that her family was interested in humanity but not individuals, and she had never waited for them to show up for her.

Elizabeth clarified that her sister Sarah lived across the country. Franco thought the family should all still be invited, even if they wouldn't attend. He urged her to think about it. After Elizabeth left, Franco made a phone call to Audrey and asked for Sarah's phone number.

Jason takes the stand at Carly's trial

Jason takes the stand at Carly's trial

Friday, June 8, 2018

Curtis and Jordan sat at the bar in Metro Court. Jordan declared that it had been a long day, and she needed to find Peter August before she lost her job. She added that no one had spotted Peter leaving town, and she was convinced that he was still there, "hiding in plain sight." She refused to think about losing her job. Jordan announced that she would "revamp" the police department after everything was over. Curtis suggested she try a different tack and hire him and his new partner, Sam, to look for Peter. Jordan promptly agreed and told Curtis he was "on the clock."

Alexis paid Monica a visit at General Hospital. Monica admitted that she could not discuss Kiki's accusations against Dr. Bensch but Alexis advised her that Kiki would be going public. She thought that Monica should talk about it in order to avoid a lawsuit because Kiki wanted justice. Alexis wondered why the hospital still had inadequate and old policies pertaining to sexual harassment.

Monica revealed that the old policies were in the process of being reviewed, but in the meantime, Dr. Bensch had been cleared. Alexis mentioned that it would be difficult for Kiki to be back at work, and Monica confessed that she wanted to see Kiki absolved of all guilt, although she thought it would take some time. Monica indicated that, as chief of staff, she could see to it that Kiki was kept away from Bensch. Alexis was pleased but didn't think that would be enough.

Anna was sleeping in her hotel room in Berkeley when a knock on the door awakened her. It was Finn, who wanted to check on her after her conversation with Robin. Anna invited him in and admitted that it hadn't gone well. Robin had been horrified, although she hadn't judged Anna. She'd also had empathy, but Anna felt that something had changed between them permanently. Robin had said that she didn't know who Anna really was.

Anna continued that she had kept a secret from everyone for a very long time, and in reality, no one knew her. Finn did his best to console her and reminded her that she had been a different person when she'd given birth to her baby. Anna felt that every moment and memory of hers had been affected by that, even when she'd held her grandchildren.

Anna thought that she'd broken Robin's trust, and it was painful. It almost seemed as though Robin had said goodbye when she'd left. Finn suggested that Robin had been "getting her bearings." Anna was sorry that she had pushed Finn away, but he revealed that he had regrets, also, and he hadn't been totally honest about his family and his past.

Finn announced that he'd run into his father, who he had certainly not arranged to meet. He hadn't seen Gregory Chase in 20 years, and Finn had taken his mother's maiden name and moved away from everything. Finn admitted that none of it was Chase's fault, and his brother seemed decent. He couldn't give Chase the relationship that he wanted. Their father had married quickly after his first wife had died, and Chase had been born soon after.

Finn quickly decided that he didn't want to discuss his past any further, but both he and Anna agreed that they had enjoyed getting to know each other better. They joked around, and Anna assured him that she was feeling better. Finn thought it was okay for him to leave, and he headed to the door. Anna called out to him to wait.

In court, Diane kept looking for Jason to arrive to testify on Carly's behalf. Outside the courtroom, Michael fetched Nelle a bottle of water. She told him she needed to stay hydrated but was ready to head back inside. She knew that Michael wanted to stay for his mother. Michael thought it better for her to go home due to the stress, but Nelle confessed that she didn't want to go alone. The stairs were the first thing she saw when she entered the house. She asked Michael to accompany her home, and he agreed.

Griffin was called to the stand, and he explained that he had treated Carly for hallucinations. Just then, Jason walked in, and Carly smiled. Griffin declared that he'd run tests, found nothing wrong, and referred Carly to Dr. Collins, who took the stand next. Kevin spoke about Carly's past and the fact that he'd put her on an antianxiety drug.

Kevin agreed that there could be side effects between the drugs and Carly's condition. He hadn't made a full diagnosis, but he thought she suffered from an anxiety disorder, which could have made her take physical action without understanding the consequences. Dawson mentioned Carly's shooting of Tony Jones and her subsequent insanity plea and pointed out that Carly had not gone to jail. Diane objected, and the judge sustained it.

Kevin also noted that Carly had canceled follow-up appointments, and Dawson wondered if Carly's condition hadn't been serious enough. Diane objected again. Chase was next up on the stand, and he told of his investigation into the alleged break-in at Carly's house. He noted that Carly had been agitated, but he had chalked it up to an "overactive imagination."

Chase had also found Carly at Morgan's grave at night with a note on a flyer that he couldn't see, and she'd insisted she'd smelled Morgan's cologne. He hadn't thought that Carly was dangerous, although she'd been disturbed and irrational. He had thought it okay for her to go home.

Sonny was next on the stand. He told the court that his family had been shaken after Morgan's death, and then his father had moved in because Mike had Alzheimer's. He hadn't noticed Carly and her belief that their dead son had tried to get in touch with her. He didn't believe any of the incidents were real, but he understood that she believed they were. He was worried about her, and he admitted that he'd also been concerned before Nelle's shower.

Sonny called out that he had never trusted Nelle, but Carly had seen her as a threat, especially to Michael. He believed that Carly had been protecting her kids. Dawson mentioned Sonny's ties to organized crime, and Sonny quickly corrected her. He was in the coffee import business, he clarified. She asked if Sonny felt guilty about his alleged affair with Nelle and his subsequent coverup. Sonny advised her that it had been resolved, and he had hidden it because Carly had already been close to a breaking point.

Dawson wondered if he was lying again in order to keep Carly out of jail. The judge intervened and announced that he needed to give a "lesson in proper procedure." Jason leaned over and spoke to Carly. He wanted to prove that Nelle had set her up. He told Carly to fire Diane, which would create a mistrial, and it would give him some time to "make this thing go away."

Diane ordered them to stop speaking to each other. Sonny continued to talk, and he spoke of when his father and daughter had been missing due to Carly being at Morgan's grave. He thought that his wife hadn't been in her right mind, especially concerning the note that no one could see. She was grieving and needed help. Sonny stepped down.

Jason took the stand and told the court of all the incidents that had led Carly to believe that she'd heard from her son. He added that Carly had hoped that her son would be alive. Jason also admitted that Carly had told him everything before telling Sonny but had revealed everything the night of the alleged break-in. Jason thought that Sonny had been distracted by his father and hadn't noticed anything.

Jason was unable to answer the question pertaining to whether Carly had been behaving irrationally but mentioned his concern for Carly instead. Dawson asked if Carly had been insane when she'd assaulted Nelle.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael had a new surprise bed to put together for the baby. Nelle offered to help, but he suggested she take a nap. Once she headed upstairs, Michael headed out to the patio to call Spinelli. Michael stated that Nelle had "buried" Carly in court, and he needed the evidence to prove that Carly had been set up.

Shortly after, Michael sat with Nelle's laptop and tried to get into it. As he followed instructions from Spinelli, Nelle reappeared. Michael quickly covered up and ended the conversation. He told Nelle it had been work related. Nelle asked about her laptop, and Michael played dumb. He noted that that was why he hadn't been able to get into his work site; he'd grabbed the wrong laptop. Nelle confessed that she'd returned for her tea but appeared suspicious.

Monica returned home, and Nelle told her that court had been tough. Monica offered to help put the bed together, noting that they were all family. Nelle smiled. Drew arrived with luggage in hand and held up the key that Monica had given him. "Welcome home, son," Monica said as she hugged him.

Alexis stopped in Kevin's office. He was sitting at his desk, and Alexis told him that thoughts of her father had been getting to her. She disclosed that Valentin had given her an envelope that she hadn't opened yet. Kevin advised her that her father was dead, and there was nothing to fear. He could no longer control Alexis. He added that they could deal with everything together.

Alexis sat on a bench in the hallway outside Kevin's office and finally ripped open the envelope. Inside was a silver bracelet watch.

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