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Maxie and Lulu mended their friendship. Peter received a helping hand. Carly found an app that helped her communicate with her neighbor. Chase and Jordan enlisted Michael's help to take Nelle down by faking his death.
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Michael breaks the news to his family

Michael breaks the news to his family

Monday, July 2, 2018

Chase told Jordan that he wanted to tell her about a "potential conflict of interest" he had on a case. He informed her that the suspect he'd been romantically involved with in Florida had been Nelle. He set his badge and gun down on the table, assuming she'd want it for his lack of full disclosure, for doing his own "off-the-books" investigation, and for opening a cold case from another jurisdiction. Jordan responded that he seemed to be doing "good work. What do you need?"

Chase explained that he'd learned a lot since the last time he'd tangled with Nelle, and he thought he had the advantage "this time." He assured Jordan that his feelings for Nelle had died in Florida, but Nelle didn't know that. A few minutes later, Jordan called Chase's plan "risky and potentially fatal." Chase reassured her, and she promised that the PCPD would do its job as long as Chase did the same. He swore that nothing would go wrong.

Michael and Nelle looked at their marriage license, and he thought about the next step in the process. He took out a ring and offered it to Nelle, but she refused to accept it. She admitted that it reminded her of Zach and everything that had been taken from her once she'd finally been happy. Michael assured her that she had nothing to worry about, and she finally agreed to put it on. She knew that Carly would hate the engagement, but she wondered what the rest of the family would think. "Only one way to find out," Michael replied.

Sonny entered Pozzulo's and told Jason about a cryptic text message he'd received from Spinelli. Jason explained to Sonny about the flyer and the invisible ink, and he showed the flyer to Sonny. Jason had arranged to get the flyer back to the police station, and Diane would subpoena the flyer so they judge could see it. Jason thought that if Nelle had left the flyer behind, there had to be something else she'd missed. Sonny added that Nelle would get cocky, and they would be ready for it.

Maxie thanked everyone for her baby shower, and she was thankful that she would be able to take James home soon. Liesl muttered about Nathan not being there, but Nina whispered back that James would be visiting her and Liesl in Pentonville if someone found Peter. Liesl promised that no one would find Peter.

Curtis entered as the party was breaking up and went over to Nina. He greeted her with a hug and asked to talk to her privately. Liesl excused herself to organize the onesies. When she was gone, Curtis informed Nina that he and Sam and had cleared Valentin of any involvement in Peter's disappearance. "One thing he didn't lie about," she snapped, rolling her eyes. He wondered why she hadn't asked the "logical follow-up question" of who had Peter if Valentin didn't.

Nina surmised that Peter had fled and reinvented himself again. Curtis commented that he and Sam had another theory that they were working on. He promised to keep her informed as he learned more. When he walked away, Liesl told an agitated Nina to calm down. They ran out of Charlie's, and Curtis watched suspiciously.

Maxie sat down with Sam and asked about her and Curtis' plan to track down Peter. Sam wondered if Maxie wanted Peter to have vanished, but Maxie still wanted him to pay for his part in Nathan's death. Lulu and Bobbie interrupted and said their goodbyes, as they'd both been summoned to the Quartermaine estate. When they were gone, Sam admitted that they'd ruled out Peter getting help from a friend. Curtis sat as Maxie asked if an enemy had Peter. "Start with me," she said.

"Good idea," Sam replied despite Curtis' confusion. Sam wondered if Peter, who'd been a "great liar," had said anything to Maxie about his past or any run-ins in an "unguarded moment." Maxie reminded Sam that Peter hadn't talked about his past except for Faison. Curtis suggested that a friend of Faison's could have tried to avenge Faison.

Maxie decided that she had a lot to do to prepare for James, so she was going to go home and focus on her baby. When she was gone, Curtis handed Sam a tablet and told her to watch the security footage of the night Peter had disappeared. Sam only saw someone pushing a laundry cart, and Curtis suggested that Peter had been in the laundry cart. They couldn't be sure, so Sam thought that they needed to find the person pushing the cart.

"Help! I'm in here!" Peter screamed at the bugler outside the cabin. Outside, someone found a key to the cabin underneath the doormat and opened the door. "Thank God," Peter cried out as he saw a scout enter. Peter introduced himself, and the scout introduced himself as "PC Pioneer Wyatt Hoover of the Raging Raccoons." He explained that he'd been practicing his bugle when he'd heard Peter yell. Peter wondered if Wyatt wanted to earn more badges. He continued that Wyatt could earn the community service badge, the courage badge, and the life-saving badge all at once if he helped Peter escape

"Did Mr. Broadwater put you up to this?" Wyatt asked. Peter said that he didn't know the man, but he asked Wyatt to hurry. Wyatt replied that if Peter didn't know the "head pioneer," he couldn't promise Wyatt any badges. Peter instructed the boy to tell Mr. Broadwater "and every grownup you can find" that Peter was there, and he was injured and sick. Wyatt shrugged and left the cabin to go to a July Fourth barbeque. Peter was distraught until he noticed that Wyatt had left his bugle.

A short while later, Nina entered the cabin and found Peter unconscious. Liesl woke him up and injected him with some more antibiotics. Nina wondered how long Liesl planned to keep Peter, as she believed it had already been too long. "As long as it takes," Liesl snapped. Liesl left the cabin to retrieve groceries. Peter knew that Nina hated him, and she had every right to, but he thought that Nina needed to stop the situation while she still could.

Peter warned Nina that Liesl would get what she deserved, so Nina needed to end things. Nina informed Peter that Liesl had never had to pay for anything she'd done, and she "won't start now." Liesl returned with food that she planned to eat in front of Peter. Nina reminded Liesl of everything she had to lose. "I'm sorry if false imprisonment and enhanced interrogation aren't hobbies for me," Nina said, and she left.

Liesl promised Peter a "sliver" of the cake from Maxie's baby shower, but she first wanted to continue their collaboration on the sequel to Peter's book. Liesl picked up and pen and pad of paper and waited for Peter to start. "I gotta tell you, this story won't end the way you think it will," he warned.

Carly was doing sit-ups in her room when she heard knocking on the wall, but the Morse Code message was much longer than before. A bewildered Carly got her phone out and translated the message on her app. "'Held against my will'?" she read. "Aren't we all?" The knocking continued until she decided to translate "stop, I can't help you." She knocked the code on the wall and put her phone away just in time, as Kevin entered her room.

Kevin wanted to check in on Carly, and he wondered if her neighbor had been doing any more screaming or knocking on the wall. "Not a peep," she replied. She wondered if there was any reason for her to worry about her neighbor, and Kevin reminded her that she was surrounded by dangerous people. "Some are even patients," she cracked. He continued that her neighbor was "dangerous and delusional," and she figured that her records said the same about her.

Kevin sat down and told Carly that he didn't approve of sane people using the insanity plea as a "legal loophole. She replied that she would be in Pentonville until her innocence was proven if she could do it over again. He told her that, while she wasn't crazy, she could still use her time in Ferncliff to work on herself, as she was still grieving for Morgan. However, Carly maintained that she needed to be strong while she was there. Kevin figured it would give them something to talk about in their sessions, and he left.

In the Quartermaine living room, Michael thanked his family for being there, minus Monica, who was in surgery, and Drew, who was in New York on Aurora business. Sonny and Jason entered, so Michael continued with his announcement -- that he and Nelle were getting married. In response to the family's shocked silence, Michael explained that he and Nelle wanted the baby to arrive to a "loving, nurturing family." He wondered if anyone was going to offer congratulations.

Olivia broke the silence and congratulated Nelle and Michael, but Ned thought the marriage seemed sudden. Michael told Ned that the baby had been drawing him and Nelle closer. "Over my dead body," Bobbie spat. She demanded to know why Sonny and Jason were standing there, doing and saying nothing. Sonny hugged Michael and whispered that "I hope to hell you know what you're doing." Jason wasn't happy with the engagement, but he knew that, like Carly, trying to stop Michael would make him more determined. He solemnly wished the couple "all the happiness you deserve."

Sonny promised that Michael's family would never turn their backs on him, especially when he needed them most. Lulu asked how long the engagement would be. Olivia suggested a September wedding at the estate, but Nelle replied that she and Michael wanted to get married as soon as possible. Nelle asked Josslyn if she was all right with the engagement. "Of course!" Josslyn replied, but she admitted that she was thinking about Carly. Nelle asked Josslyn to be her maid of honor, and Josslyn accepted.

Bobbie grabbed Josslyn, and the two left. Ned was glad that there was no way for Nelle to get her hands on any shares of ELQ. Nelle told Michael that she was afraid that the ring would fall off her finger, so she excused herself to go to the jeweler. She made a show of kissing Michael in front of Sonny and Jason, and she left. Sonny warned Michael that he had to live with the consequences of his choices. Michael promised that he could handle Nelle, but Sonny reminded Michael that Zach had probably said that same thing. He wondered what Carly would do when she found out.

Rupert entered Carly's room and announced that she had a visitor. "Hi, Grandma," Nelle said sweetly as she popped out from behind Rupert. Rupert wondered if Carly wanted him to escort Nelle out, but Carly refused the offer. "She won't be here long," Carly added, and Rupert left. Nelle observed that the institution was "worse than I imagined." "One day you'll find out for yourself," Carly suggested. Nelle thought that Carly was in a bad mood and offered news that would "make your day."

Nelle tells Carly about her upcoming marriage

Nelle tells Carly about her upcoming marriage

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Terry sat on the couch with Elizabeth as they chatted about old times. Cameron walked down the stairs from his bedroom, and Elizabeth introduced them. Cameron announced that he was heading to the park for the fireworks display but agreed to be home on time. Franco walked in, and Elizabeth did more introductions. Franco was taken aback, and Terry reminded Franco that she had been a boy when she and Elizabeth had shared their first kiss. She had been "damn proud" of it, Terry added.

Franco admitted awkwardly that he was relieved that Terry was a woman because he had been jealous, but he wished that Elizabeth had told him. Elizabeth declared that she hadn't known, and Terry understood Franco's awkwardness. Terry revealed that her family had not been very accepting, and her brother hadn't spoken to her because he'd felt betrayed. She had finally "reconciled" her physical and emotional self. Franco admitted that he understood the "pain of rejection." Terry had been scared, not brave, but she'd felt trapped. She had felt safe when she'd known Elizabeth; however, Elizabeth had left, and Terry had been depressed.

Elizabeth was sorry that Terry hadn't been in touch with her, but Terry admitted that she was fearful of more rejection. She had even expected it when she'd first rung Elizabeth's doorbell. The women hugged, and Elizabeth declared her love for her friend and noted that nothing would change. After drinking wine, Terry had to leave. She mentioned a consult at the hospital the next day, and Elizabeth stated how happy she was that Terry would be working there.

Terry was happy that Elizabeth had found Franco, and she grabbed his hands. Franco thought that he was lucky, and he was grateful. Terry left, and Elizabeth and Franco embraced.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael told Sonny and Jason that he was marrying Nelle in order to look out for his family. Carly had warned him, and he wanted to protect her, Michael stated. He added that he was going into the marriage with his "eyes wide open." Sonny admitted that he believed in Michael, but Jason was concerned about Nelle. Sonny was concerned that Nelle might figure out that Michael had been "playing" her.

Jason and Sonny told Michael about the disappearing ink on the flyer that Carly had found but disclosed that it could not be traced to Nelle yet. Michael promised that he would call for help if he needed it. Sonny wanted to leave to visit with Carly. After he was gone, Jason only had one question for Michael. "Why the hell are you marrying Nelle?" he asked.

The men sat on the couch. Michael admitted that he had let Nelle think she'd won in order for him to be free of his mother. She would make mistakes and be overly confident, but he was aware that she was dangerous. Michael declared that there was no limit to what he would do, and he would win. He wouldn't let emotions get in his way. He just wanted to make sure that his baby would be safe, and it would be his first priority for as long as it took.

Jason admitted that he could never do what Michael had been doing, and he respected Michael for it. He thought that every lie that Michael told would cost him, but he ordered Michael not to give up his soul. Michael stressed that he would do anything for the baby and Carly.

Kim and Julian stepped off the elevator into the restaurant at Metro Court for some pre-fireworks drinks. Sam, Lucas, and Brad stood at the bar. Kim and Julian headed to a table, and Kim wondered if Julian wanted to talk about it. He confided that it was too late to be a father, but Kim disagreed. She thought there was still hope for a relationship with Lucas. She'd seen them together.

Brad and Lucas told Sam that they wanted to make sure their baby enjoyed big family celebrations for the holidays, especially since the family was so small. They sat down at a table, and Lucas asked Sam to be his baby's godmother. Sam readily accepted, and the trio toasted. Julian walked over, and Sam turned her head coldly. "May the baby arrive safely. Healthy and happy," Julian said. He turned to leave but stopped to make sure that Lucas would notify him of the baby's arrival. Lucas agreed. "Do not let that man near your kid," Sam said after Julian had gone.

Sam looked at Lucas' face and realized that he felt bad for their father. Both Lucas and Brad stood up for Julian's recent behavior regarding the adoption requests, but Sam wouldn't hear of it. They had another toast.

Julian returned to Kim and declared that the guys had been "pleasant," though there had been an "arctic chill" from Sam. He was worried about the baby's adoption and not knowing anything about the mother as well as about the fact that she could take the baby back. He was concerned about Lucas and didn't want to see anyone hurt, especially Lucas. He wondered if the biological father knew about the baby. Kim thought that Julian should stay out of it.

Kim asked if it was difficult for Julian to be with her after what she'd done to Drew with her own baby. Julian believed the circumstances to be different, although Kim thought she might have tried harder to connect Drew and Oscar. She also thought that this baby's parents might be doing what was best for the baby. Julian grabbed her hand and thanked her for listening. He appreciated her.

Josslyn met Oscar at the park, and she sat down on his blanket. She wanted to apologize for her past behavior. Oscar revealed that he hated that his mother was with Julian, but Josslyn advised him that he couldn't do anything about it. Cameron walked up and sat down, and the teens joked and conversed. Cameron revealed that he and Josslyn had been engaged in nursery school. He mentioned that he would be a lifeguard at Lila's Kids over the summer, and Josslyn announced that she would be there too.

Cameron joked about the corn costume that Josslyn had worn for Halloween one year, and feeling jealous, Oscar put his arm around Josslyn protectively. Cameron suddenly decided he had to leave because he had an early morning at the camp. Oscar thought that Cameron seemed like an "okay guy," but he was happy that he was alone with Josslyn. He teased her about the corn costume.

Nelle visited Carly at Ferncliff. "Hi, Grandma," she greeted Carly. Carly asked Rupert to wait outside because she didn't expect Nelle's visit to be long. Nelle had some news and told Carly she forgave her. Nelle thought it important for their healing process. Carly replied that it meant a lot to her, and she was prepared to work hard to get out of the mental institution.

Nelle mentioned that she didn't know what she'd do without Michael, and there had been a lot going on. Carly turned away and said, "You've been really busy." Nelle said that she would never be too busy for Carly and didn't notice that Carly shook her head slightly.

Nelle fetched Carly a glass of water and announced that she had been hanging out with Josslyn. She pulled a stool up close to the bed where Carly had seated herself and disclosed that Josslyn had confided in her about Oscar. She had actually taken Josslyn to buy lingerie that was age appropriate, Nelle declared. Carly said that she trusted Nelle, who revealed that she wanted to ask Josslyn to be her maid of honor. She showed Carly her engagement ring and revealed that Michael had proposed. "Can I call you Mom?" Nelle asked sweetly.

Nelle added that she and Michael wanted to get married as soon as possible -- before their baby would be born. Carly thought it was great, though she noted that marriages of that type didn't always last. Suddenly, Rupert opened the door, and Sonny walked in. "What the hell you doing here?" he asked Nelle rudely.

Carly stated that she had heard about the upcoming marriage. Sonny thought that Nelle had gone to get her ring sized, and he ordered Nelle out of Carly's face. Carly asked Nelle to give Michael a hug for her. After Nelle was gone, Carly could only say, "This is not happening." Sonny explained that it was Michael's call, but Carly stressed that Nelle was dangerous and a sociopath. She wanted Sonny to stop the marriage. "Whatever it takes," she said.

Carly knew that Michael felt guilty and blamed himself for her being in Ferncliff, but she couldn't lose him. Sonny stated that he trusted Michael, even if Carly didn't trust Nelle. Sonny informed Carly that Michael was aware of Nelle's stunts, and in fact, he had good news. The back of the flyer had been written with invisible ink, but they had to prove that Nelle had been behind it. Carly realized that she would still have to stay where she was. It was time for Sonny to leave, and he kissed his wife goodbye.

Michael was on his laptop at home when Nelle returned. She admitted that she'd gone to visit Carly because she wanted to make it easy on her and announce their engagement. It hadn't worked. Michael thought that it wasn't a good time to reach out to Carly. Nelle had wanted to give Carly some joy but was worried that Carly would never accept her. Michael stated that all that mattered was that he loved her and the baby, and he didn't think that Carly would keep Nelle away from her forever.

Jason walked up to the footbridge, and shortly after, Sam showed up with Danny. The little boy announced that he'd heard it was the best place to watch fireworks, and he invited his father to watch with them. Jason agreed as Sam gave him a big smile.

Franco and Elizabeth cuddled on the couch until Cameron arrived home early and in a not very pleasant mood. He noted that he'd seen Josslyn.

The Independence Day fireworks began as the residents of Port Charles watched. Franco and Elizabeth rushed outside, as did the revelers at Metro Court. Sam, Jason, and Danny watched from the footbridge, with Danny atop Jason's shoulders. Oscar and Josslyn enjoyed the show from their spot in the park. Oscar mentioned that he'd tried the cologne that Josslyn had given him, and he had liked it. She started to say something but changed her mind. Nelle and Michael stepped outside at the Quartermaine house, and Nelle mentioned how perfect things would be in a year with their family of three.

Encore presentation: Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

Encore presentation: Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Due to the Independence Day holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode. Instead, the show aired an encore presentation of the episode in which Ava's surgery became something of a nightmare, which originally aired on January 17, 2018. You can read our original recap here.

This scheduling change was anticipated and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, July 5, and picked up where the Tuesday, July 3 episode concluded.

Sonny finds out where the body is hidden

Sonny finds out where the body is hidden

Thursday, July 5, 2018

As Sonny walked down the stairs, he found Milo on the couch, entertaining Mike with stories, including those about stripping at the Nurses Ball. Mike laughed, but he didn't remember who Milo was. Sonny reminded his father that he hadn't taken his medication, and Mike got up to do so. Milo confided that his mother had suffered from Alzheimer's, also, and he thought that Mike was doing much better than she had done.

Sonny hadn't been aware that Milo's mother had had the disease, and Milo explained that she had passed away about ten years previously. He hadn't wanted to be a burden to Sonny, and Max had helped him out, even though she hadn't been Max's mother. Milo began to cry as he shared his experience with Sonny. He wanted Sonny to learn from his mistakes and not waste any time. "Be with your dad," he urged. The time would go fast, but he wanted Sonny to ask for help if needed. Milo added that Epiphany had been a big help to him. The men embraced.

Milo handed Sonny an envelope from Max but he had no idea what was inside. Max had only told him it was all he could find on "the thing." Mike had to leave, and Sonny declared that he owed both Epiphany for helping Milo, and Milo for sharing with him. Mike returned and was dismayed that Milo had gone. Sonny decided to mention Croton again, and Mike told him to forget about it. Sonny was adamant that he couldn't drop it, and he wanted to know what Mike had done with the body. He wondered if the body might be in Port Charles because Mike had mentioned moving it closer to home.

At General Hospital, Stella wanted a word with Griffin. She was angry that she was unable to read his writing on a patient referral, and he hadn't put in a special code that she needed. She called him out and suggested that his medical degree made him entitled to impose on others. Griffin was apologetic and told her that the emergency room had been hectic.

Later, Griffin handed Stella a new rewritten referral, complete with code. She was appreciative and impressed, and Griffin promised to be more careful in the future. He added that he wasn't entitled, and the doctors at the hospital had been worried about Kiki's allegations. It hadn't been okay for Bensch to make advances, and he was sorry that no one had noticed.

Julian stood behind the bar at Charlie's Pub, and Ava sat on the other side. They looked at the newspaper and discussed Bensch. Julian was ready to take action against the doctor and wondered "how many pieces we want him to be in when he's found." He thought they would have to move justice along. The door opened, and Julian announced that his favorite customers had arrived. Oscar and Kim sat at a table, and Julian wandered over to kiss Kim hello.

Oscar was dressed for his first day of interning at Aurora, but he wasn't hungry. He declared that he had just seen something to make him nauseous. Julian suggested a ginger ale and returned to the bar. Oscar advised his mother that he was ready for her to stop wasting time with Julian. Kim snapped at her son and told him that she would not tolerate his rudeness, even if he did have a right to his own feelings.

Kim was aware that Oscar wanted her and Drew to be together, but it wouldn't happen -- and she and Drew had talked about it. Oscar was livid that Drew had revealed what Oscar had told him, but Kim replied that Drew hadn't said much. They had agreed that the past was the past, but they would both be there for Oscar. The teen stood and announced that he would walk to Aurora on his own. At the bar, Ava commented on the "broody" scene at the table, and Julian acknowledged that Oscar wasn't his biggest fan. Ava wanted Julian to stay out of the Bensch business and wait for the trial. She had a plan.

After Oscar had gone, Kim walked over to the bar and introduced herself to Ava, who teased Julian about the "spring in [his] step." Julian smiled sheepishly. The women agreed that they should double-date for dinner, although Julian suggested that being in Griffin's company would "defeat the purpose of a good time."

Drew sat as he spoke on the phone in his office at Aurora, telling someone that Bensch could sue them because they were covered. Sam walked in, and Drew got off the phone. Sam disclosed that she had been trying to follow up on Peter's whereabouts, but Drew admitted that he didn't know anything that would help. He'd heard about Sam and Curtis being hired to investigate, and Sam admitted she'd been enjoying it. Drew was happy to see her, and Sam felt the same. She disclosed that she'd been worried about him undergoing the procedure for memory retrieval, but Drew confessed that he'd decided against it because of the risk factors.

Sam was glad to hear it and told him that he was great the way he was. Drew noted that it was the start of a "new chapter," as he had received the completed papers to make their divorce official. Sam began to cry, and she told him she'd only been concerned about the joint custody of Scout. Drew didn't understand why she'd given up her share of their company, but Sam thought that Aurora should only have one owner. He'd made it for them because they had been together, but they were not together any longer. She'd wanted a "clean split."

Sam began to remove her rings, but Drew didn't want them. Sam was sorry that their vows hadn't lasted, but she wasn't sorry they'd made them. She was grateful for their time together, and they would always be bonded by their daughter. Both were sorry it had ended the way it had, but Sam was insistent that she "stand on my own and start over." She put the rings in Drew's hand, but he was adamant that she save them for Scout because they had represented their love. Drew and Sam wrapped their arms around each other, and Sam left.

Oscar arrived for his first day, and Drew ran down his plans. He advised Oscar that it would be a busy day. Oscar was quiet and just looked at Drew until Drew asked him what was wrong. Oscar rudely asked if Drew had cleared all the plans with Kim because he thought they reported to each other behind his back.

Drew was confused at first, and then he lectured his son. He snapped that the job was first, and he expected Oscar to show him respect. He stated that he would never betray Oscar's confidence. It had been obvious that Oscar wanted his parents together, and his feelings were not secret. Drew advised his son that those feelings just weren't realistic. However, he and Kim both had Oscar in common, and they both loved him. Oscar apologized, and Drew promised to never tell Kim anything that Oscar told him in confidence.

Alexis sat at a table with Kiki at Metro Court. Kiki confided that her hours at the hospital had been drastically cut while Bensch had continued to live his life. She had notes of all questionable encounters with Bensch to give to Alexis, and she had been anxious. Alexis didn't want any more publicity or interviews with Lulu but admitted she felt better thanks to Francesca's testimony.

Franco met with Scott at the park for a secret meeting. Scott announced that he had potential evidence that would not work in Kiki's favor. Franco insisted on calling Alexis about it, much to Scott's dismay.

Alexis received a call from Franco, and after listening, related the information to Kiki. Bensch planned on showing a photo that proved that Kiki was a "slut" who had been "asking for it." The photo was of Griffin and Kiki hugging, and it had been taken on April 24. Alexis was heartened that they at least had a "leg up" on the defense.

Kiki flashed back to her night in bed with Griffin and stated that the photo had been from "before." Alexis wondered what Kiki meant, and Kiki stated that it had been before the Nurses Ball. Alexis wanted to be made aware of any and all "dirt" that might be dug up on Kiki because they couldn't be "blindsided" in court. Kiki insisted that she had already divulged everything to Alexis, and it hadn't been very exciting. She had made mistakes but had never slept with anyone as "part of an agenda."

Back at the park, Scott was furious that Franco had released privileged information to Alexis. Franco was furious back and declared that Kiki meant everything to him. Scott retorted that Kiki was a big girl who could take care of herself, but Franco snapped that it didn't matter how old a victim was. He shouted that Bensch was a sexual predator who had to be stopped. Scott thought that Franco might be familiar with the experience, due to his reaction.

Franco brushed Scott off, but Scott insisted he cared. He'd tried to help Franco and be there for him, and he was sorry that he hadn't been there when Franco had been younger. Scott only wanted to be included in Franco's "inner circle." Franco asked if Scott was ready for things to change, and he began. Franco had not been lucky enough to have someone like Scott in his childhood, and Betsy had been ill-equipped. He had just been a little kid. He stopped talking.

Scott and Franco sat on the bench, and Scott noted that he suddenly understood the "dark cloud" that Franco had been surrounded with. Scott wished that his father, Lee, was there to say something better, but he was sorry. Franco appreciated the fact that Scott was with him in that moment, and Scott agreed that he would let Franco know if he found something on Bensch. The men hugged.

Franco found Ava at Charlie's and advised her that Scott would share information, and Ava seemed relieved that they might not have to take drastic steps. Franco revealed that Scott had a photo of Griffin and Kiki together, and Ava's interest was piqued.

Back at the hospital, Kiki found Griffin and advised him that they needed to talk. It had to be away from the hospital.

Sam found Alexis at Metro Court and learned that her mother had left her a message about the divorce papers. Alexis was curious as to how Sam really felt about it, and Sam related the details of the day she had bailed Drew out of jail after his fight with Jason. Drew had walked past her like she'd been nothing. Sam grabbed a napkin and wiped her eyes. She was devastated about her marriage but thought she had made the right decision. Alexis revealed that she had a breakthrough in her case, but she thought that Kiki had been hiding something.

Kiki and Griffin met at the park, and Kiki disclosed that Bensch had a photo of them hugging. Her mother would start asking questions, but the photo had been taken before the Nurses Ball. She hadn't told Alexis about it because she hadn't thought it pertinent to her case. Griffin thought that Alexis should be told in order for her to be prepared. She needed to know that they had slept together. Kiki thought they might as well be dead once her mother found out. Scott hid in the bushes and listened to the conversation.

Kim sat at the bar. Julian explained that he had been cleaning out the back room in the hopes of having more space for parties. Kim joked that Julian might be surprised at what he'd find while cleaning. Julian replied that he could handle whatever had been buried.

After persistent questioning, Sonny figured out that the body had been buried under Charlie's Pub. Mike admitted that Charlie had helped him, and Sonny could only shake his head. Mike didn't want Sonny to worry because the "Feds" would have to tear down the foundation and walls in order to find it.

Chase puts his plan into motion

Chase puts his plan into motion

Friday, July 6, 2018

Lulu arrived at Maxie's and was happy to have been invited over. Since Maxie was "climbing the walls" waiting for James, and Lulu was missing Dante, Maxie thought they could "help each other out, like we used to." Maxie's phone went off, and she was pleased to see that "the Colonel" was visiting. The doorbell rang, and Maxie opened the door to Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. Lulu was in shock that Maxie was friends with Sanders, and Maxie introduced the two.

Lulu, Maxie, and Sanders sat down, and Lulu wanted to know how they knew each other. Colonel Sanders explained, "off the record," that some hackers had tried to steal his secret recipe, and Spinelli had helped him defeat the hackers. Lulu begged him to let her write the story, but he politely refused, even though he could tell that Lulu was a genuine person. Getting to the reason for his visit, he asked Maxie to hide his recipe somewhere no one would look, and she put the small envelope into a book with a secret compartment.

The Colonel made sure that Maxie and Lulu wouldn't "peek" at the recipe, and they promised not to. He expected pictures of the kids from Maxie, and he advised Lulu to continue writing. "Stay crispy and stay humble," he instructed with a smile, and he left. Lulu gushed over meeting Colonel Sanders, and Maxie said she had known that Lulu would appreciate the meeting. Lulu admitted that the best part of the day had been getting to hang out with Maxie.

Just then, Maxie's phone rang, and she answered it to the hospital. She excitedly agreed to be there in an hour and hung up. She exclaimed that James was allowed to go home that day, and Lulu gave her a hug. Maxie ran around making sure everything was ready, and Lulu wanted to help. Maxie instructed Lulu to call Liesl and Nina. "This is the best day ever!" Maxie cried.

Jason arrived at Sonny's, and Sonny informed Jason that Nelle had told Carly about Nelle and Michael's engagement before Sonny could. He added that he'd been proud of how Carly had handled the news. He'd advised Rupert not to let Nelle in again, but Jason still didn't trust anyone at Ferncliff. Sonny commented that he had some "old business" to deal with, and he explained what had happened to the body he'd buried in Croton, including where the body had been reburied. Jason suggested that they go to Charlie's and look around to make sure the foundation was still intact after the earthquake.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Jason arrived at Charlie's. Jason headed around the back of the pub to check out the foundation, and Sonny thought he'd talk to Julian.

In the elevator at the hospital, Nelle couldn't wait to tell Kim about her and Michael's engagement, as Kim was one of the only people who didn't judge Nelle. Nelle only regretted not being able to get through to Carly, as her visit to Carly had only been about "goodwill." Michael advised her that Carly wasn't ready yet, and they should just try to focus on their child.

Michael checked in for Nelle's appointment, but the nurse at the station advised them that Kim was in delivery. Michael and Nelle agreed to wait around until Kim was done, but Michael's phone went off. He saw a text from Chase that read, "Can you come to the Commissioner's office ASAP? Don't tell Nelle." Michael lied that it was ELQ, and he had to go. He gave her money to get food and left.

"Where's my bugle?" Wyatt cried out, waking Peter up. Wyatt ripped Peter's gag off and told him that "Mr. Broadwater will kill me if I don't find it." Peter pointed out the bugle in the corner of the room, and Wyatt grabbed it and started to play it. Peter yelled at Wyatt to stop, and he wondered if Wyatt had told anyone that he'd found Peter. Wyatt replied that he was known for telling "tall tales," so no one would have believed him. He added that there was no badge for "helping a man tied to a bed."

Peter explained to Wyatt about "initiative" and that it was an important part of helping people. Wyatt realized that he wasn't supposed to be talking to strangers, and Peter instructed him to take someone to see Peter so he could talk to them. Wyatt remembered that he'd gotten some s'mores for Peter. "How can I eat it if you don't untie me?" Peter wondered. Wyatt was unsure about untying Peter, but Peter thought that the knots would be too hard for Wyatt anyway. Wyatt accepted the challenge and started to work on the knots around Peter's wrist.

Griffin wanted to ask Kiki some questions about a chart, so they walked off to a deserted hallway. Griffin reminded her that they hadn't finished their conversation, but she maintained that she refused to tell Alexis that she and Griffin had slept together. He reminded her that lawyers couldn't disclose anything their clients told them and that they would be committing perjury if it was mentioned while either of them was on the stand. Alexis approached and wondered what they were talking about.

Kiki claimed that she had just been filling Griffin in on the picture that Bensch had shared with Scott. Alexis still had the feeling that Kiki was keeping something from her, but Kiki only claimed to be worried about how the trial would affect Ava. Alexis advised them that the trial would "get ugly," and Kiki promised to talk to Ava about it. Alexis instructed them to tell her anything pertinent to the case, and she left. Kiki thanked Griffin for not telling Alexis about their "one-night mistake" even though he wasn't thrilled about it. Kiki reminded him that if neither of them told anyone, then no one would ever find out.

Julian wondered why Ava was so lost in thought, and she admitted that she was thinking about Kiki and how Bensch was trying to make her look like "a tramp." Julian wondered what "sleazy tool" would be defending Bensch. "Speak of the devil," Ava said as Scott entered. He wanted to talk to Ava, but Nelle entered Charlie's and offered to treat Ava to brunch. Julian wanted to talk to Ava about getting artwork for his renovation of the pub, and she promised to talk to him later. When Ava was gone, Julian warned Scott that if he trashed Kiki in any way, he would have to answer to Julian. Scott countered that he wasn't confident in his case, especially with an opponent as "formidable" as Alexis.

Ava wondered what the occasion was for Nelle to be treating Ava to brunch. Nelle showed Ava her ring, and Ava congratulated her. She wondered if Nelle would take Michael kayaking after they were married. Nelle thought they were friends, but Ava reminded Nelle that Nelle had paid Ava back for taking Nelle under her wing with blackmail. Ava vowed to defend herself by "whatever means necessary." Nelle innocently asked if Griffin had told Ava that he loved her yet. Ava called the comment "strike one" and advised Nelle not to get to strike three while Ava still had the blanket.

Nelle commented that she would feel a lot better if Ava would give the blanket back. "Nah, I'll keep it," Ava responded. Nelle said that she would have had Ava as her maid of honor if it hadn't been Josslyn, but she hoped that Ava would attend the wedding. Ava promised to be there, but she advised Nelle to "seal the deal" before Michael changed his mind. Nelle had to get back to the hospital, so she left. Scott sat down with Ava and informed her that he had something to tell her about Kiki and Griffin.

Sonny entered Charlie's and asked an irritated Julian for an espresso. Jason entered and told Sonny that the foundation looked good, but Sonny would always be at risk. Julian gave Sonny his coffee and added that he might need a double order the next month, since business was so good. He talked about the gutting and expanding he was going to do at the pub as a result. When Julian walked away, Sonny and Jason shared a frightened glance.

Chase entered Jordan's office to talk about the next step in busting Nelle. Jordan thought the plan was risky, as it would put a civilian in danger, so she advised Chase that they wouldn't move forward until they'd taken every precaution. There was a knock on the door, and Jordan let Michael in. Chase told Michael that they had a plan to get to Nelle, but Michael revealed that he was already taking steps. Jordan implored Michael to let the police department help. "I'm in," Michael replied, and he asked what he needed to do. "You need to die," Chase told him.

A few minutes later, Chase and Jordan had explained the plan to Michael, who believed that it would be cruel to his family because of everything they were going through. However, he agreed to "do it for my mom and my baby." Jordan advised Michael to keep in touch, and Chase wished Michael luck, shaking his hand. Michael appreciated the help from the PCPD, but Jordan replied that they were just doing their jobs. Chase promised that Nelle wouldn't "get away with it this time. Period."

When Michael was gone, Jordan reminded Chase to triple-check everything before he put it into motion, as she didn't want to see Michael hurt at all. Chase took the blame for the situation and promised that he'd learned from his mistakes. He vowed to follow every procedure so that, by the time they had a case against Nelle, it would be airtight. "You have my word," he added.

Michael returned to the hospital and found Nelle. He informed her that he'd cleared his entire day for her. She was glad to see him, as she was upset after bumping into someone who was convinced that Michael would never marry her. Michael suggested that they prove the naysayers wrong and get married that day.

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