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Michael and Chase moved forward with their plan to thwart Nelle. Carly escaped from Ferncliff to stop Michael and Nelle's wedding. Liesl and Nina moved Peter to Spoon Island then had the island quarantined. Stella called someone from Curtis' past.
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Chase congratulates Nelle... and warns her

Chase congratulates Nelle... and warns her

Monday, July 9, 2018

Maxie arrived in front of her apartment, holding James and flanked by Liesl and Nina. Liesl and Nina entered the apartment, but Maxie stood in the hall with tears in her eyes. She admitted that she'd imagine James's "homecoming" differently, but Liesl assured her that they all had. She instructed Maxie to be strong for James and reminded her that Nathan was alive in James. "Welcome home, James," Maxie said as she stepped into the apartment.

Maxie showed James around and explained about Nathan's love for the Yankees. Liesl asked to hold the baby, as she had never gotten to hold Nathan. Maxie happily obliged, and Liesl tearfully said, "Hello, James. I am your Oma," and she gently kissed him on the head. A few minutes later, Maxie had James back, and she took him in the nursery to show him Nathan's handiwork. Nina took the opportunity to ask if Liesl was going to get more antibiotics for Peter, because she didn't want Peter to die by their hands. Liesl begrudgingly agreed and left.

A short while later, Maxie and Nina were amused as they emerged from the nursery, and Maxie was grateful to Nina for the "diaper back-up." Nina excused herself so that Maxie could sleep while James was sleeping. Maxie thanked Nina for all she'd done for Maxie and James. Nina wondered what Maxie would think if she found out that Peter had died. Maxie admitted that, the week before, she would have thrown a party, but she didn't want him to die. Although his terrible choices had had terrible consequences, he'd been her friend when she'd needed one. She wanted to believe that he'd truly wanted to reinvent himself, and she thought that Nathan would have thought the same.

Nina made sure that Maxie would be all right alone, and Maxie replied that she would have to get used to it. Nina hugged her sister-in-law and left. A short while later, Maxie, clad in a Yankees cap, held James, who wore a Yankees onesie, and explained what was happening in the game on the television. She promised to teach James all about it like Nathan had taught her.

At the hospital, Michael suggested that he and Nelle should get married that day. Just then, a nurse advised them that Kim was ready to see them. Michael told Nelle that they were in the "home stretch," and their family would soon be complete.

Chase arrived at the Metro Court and sat down with Finn, surprised that he'd wanted to meet. "Let the bonding begin," Finn replied. A few minutes later, Finn wondered if the police had made any progress on finding Peter. Chase reminded Finn that he couldn't talk about an ongoing investigation, and he wondered if Finn had only asked to meet in order to get information about Anna's son. Finn divulged that he'd wanted to meet in order to give Chase his birthday present.

A few minutes later, Chase couldn't believe that Finn had gotten him two tickets to a double-header in Boston with a night's stay in a hotel -- all on the weekend that his parents were supposed to be in Port Charles. Finn insisted that he'd had no idea that was the weekend Chase's parents would be in town and that he'd only been trying to do something special for his brother. Chase thanked Finn and admitted that it was the nicest gift he'd ever had to turn down, and he gave the tickets back. "Have a nice birthday, bro," Finn said, and he left.

Michael and Nelle sat down in full view of Chase at the Metro Court, and Michael again broached the subject of getting married that day. Michael admitted that he couldn't wait to rub it in Chase's face. Nelle replied that she wanted a "real wedding" and added that she had an idea. She left but returned a few minutes later and told Michael that Olivia had agreed to close the Metro Court the next day so they could get married there.

Michael wanted to track down someone to officiate the wedding, but before he left, Nelle made a show of passionately kissing Michael as Chase watched. When Michael was gone, Nelle sauntered over to Chase and instructed him to congratulate her, as the wedding the next day would be "family only." He congratulated her for getting "everything you ever wanted," but he thought she might want to hear "what's really gonna happen" between her and Michael.

Outside the restaurant, Michael called Jordan. He informed her that Nelle had taken the bait, and the wedding was on for the next day.

At Charlie's, Scott wanted to tell Ava some news about Kiki and Griffin, but Ava responded that Franco had already told her about the photo. Scott thought back to overhearing Kiki and Griffin talking about their night together, but he was interrupted by Ava reminding Scott that Bensch would be the one on trial, and not Kiki. Scott told her that he was legally obligated to hand over any evidence that he was given, but Ava countered that she was paying Scott handsomely to throw the case. She left to check on Kiki.

Julian gave Sonny some coffee on the house, as "business is good." He added that it was so good that he was thinking about expanding and gutting the bar down to the foundation. He walked away, leaving Sonny and Jason to share a terrified look. Sonny called after Julian that the place looked fine, but Julian informed Sonny that he'd been getting a lot of requests for private events that he had a hard time accommodating. As Scott sat down at the bar, Sonny offered to buy the bar so that Julian could go somewhere "bigger and nicer," but a flattered Julian wasn't interested in selling.

Sonny advised Julian to think about the offer, and he and Jason left. Scott thought that Julian was smart to deny Sonny but advised Julian that Sonny thought all of his offers were "done deals." Julian wondered where he needed to start in order to renovate the bar. Scott began to instruct him, and Julian thought it sounded like he needed a lawyer. Scott agreed to take on the case.

A short while later, Scott was gone, and Julian dug through an old box from storage. He pulled out a picture of two men who looked familiar. He turned the picture over, and "Mike Corbin and Charlie Delany 1983" was written on the back. "Interesting," he said.

Outside of Charlie's, Sonny instructed Jason to make some calls in order to delay Julian. A short while later, they returned to Sonny's, and Jason had already talked to his guys in Permits and Inspections. He informed Sonny that they would stall Julian, but hopefully it would be long enough to figure out where the body was hidden in the bar's foundation. Sonny headed up the stairs to talk to Mike about it, but Felix descended the stairs. He informed Sonny that Mike was "agitated and fearful." Felix wondered if something had happened to throw Mike off of his routine.

Sonny replied that they had talked about "the old days," and Felix told him that reminiscing could occasionally "backfire." He'd just calmed Mike down, so he thought some quiet would be good for Mike before Sonny talked to him. He reassured Sonny that Sonny wasn't doing anything wrong, and Felix headed back upstairs. Sonny regretted pushing Mike to remember, and he refused to involve his father anymore. However, he and Jason agreed that the situation needed to be resolved that night.

Griffin wondered how Kiki was doing, and she admitted that she was better since he'd agreed not to tell Alexis about their night together. He admitted that he still wasn't convinced, but they stopped talking when Bensch approached. Kiki advised him to leave her alone. Bensch informed her that the world didn't revolve around her, and he needed Griffin for a consult. Kiki excused herself to see Dr. Harper, the next doctor she was shadowing. Griffin thought it was unnecessary of Bensch to humiliate Kiki like that, but Bensch replied that her humiliation was "of her own making." He handed Griffin a chart and stormed off.

Ava entered and told Griffin that she'd heard about the picture, but she knew that Griffin would never betray her. Just then, Kiki returned and slammed a chart down on the desk. She revealed that Bensch had scared Dr. Harper into pulling out of the shadow program. Ava thought that there had to be another willing doctor, but Kiki thought that Bensch was going to kill her career. Ava hugged her daughter and assured her that she wasn't alone.

Kiki thought that she would try to salvage her shadow position and walked away. Ava thanked Griffin for supporting her daughter. Around the corner, Kiki bumped into Bensch, who'd heard that her new mentor had dropped out of the shadow program. "How frustrating," he added, and he told her that it was a shame that she hadn't recognized an "opportunity" when she'd seen it. She glared after him when he walked away.

As Wyatt worked on the knots, Peter urged him to hurry up. Just then, they heard Liesl singing outside, and Peter demanded that Wyatt hide, along with his bugle and s'mores. Wyatt grabbed his belongings and shimmied under the bed just in time. Liesl, wielding a hatchet, informed Peter that, thanks to Peter, James was growing up without his father. She went to put the hatchet down, but she dropped it on the floor next to the bed -- and a terrified Wyatt. "Let it lie," she decided.

Liesl thought that, after she'd held James, Peter's confession didn't seem as important as getting rid of him. She needed some alone time to think about her "next step," and she advised Peter to take the time to "ponder your fate." She left the cabin, and Wyatt emerged from under the bed. Peter advised Wyatt to take Liesl's notebook as proof and go get help. Wyatt obliged and ran out of the cabin.

A few minutes later, Liesl returned with a clear head and revealed that she'd decided to "cut my losses." He warned her that she would be sent to prison, where she would never again see James. She bent down to pick up the hatchet and returned, puzzled, with the bugle. She demanded to know who had left it there. "It's mine," Nina said as she entered the cabin. She claimed that the bugle calmed her, so Liesl invited her to demonstrate. Nina blew into the bugle and produced only sputters.

Nina took Peter's temperature and advised Liesl that Peter needed more antibiotics. Just then, Liesl noticed that her notebook was gone, but Peter distracted her by screaming in pain, claiming that his hand hurt. Liesl reluctantly agreed to get more antibiotics, and she left. Peter wondered why Nina had covered for him, and she revealed that, even though she hated it, he'd been there for Maxie when she'd needed someone the most.

As Nina changed the dressings on Peter's hand, he told her about the camper who'd found him. She accused him of "bluffing," but he assured her that Wyatt was going to get help. He wondered how long it would be before Liesl snapped. He suggested that Nina free him, and he promised to never implicate Nina in his kidnapping.

Liesl creeped into the hospital. She pulled a razor blade out of her purse and cut her finger. She approached Dr. Bensch with her finger wrapped in a bloody napkin and asked him for assistance. A short while later, she thanked him for the prescription, as one couldn't be too careful about infection. "What the hell are you doing here?" Finn demanded to know when he got off the elevator.

Wyatt ran into the art therapy room and asked "Doctor Franco" to listen to him. Wyatt breathlessly explained about the sick man he'd found tied up in a cabin in the woods. He insisted that he wasn't making it up, so Franco asked if Wyatt could draw a map to where the man was. Wyatt drew a picture of the cabin and the "bad guy," which was actually "a lady." He described her as talking funny, and she wanted to hurt the man on the bed. He revealed that, since he'd been under the bed, he'd only seen her shoes, which he also drew.

A short while later, Franco and Wyatt walked down the hall, and Franco suggested that Wyatt talk to Kevin. "It's her! She's the villain!" Wyatt exclaimed when he caught sight of Liesl. She said that Wyatt was "mistaken," and she wondered what was wrong with him. Wyatt pointed out the "funny" way she talked, and he saw that she had on the shoes he'd seen from under the bed. She said that she had a prescription to fill, and she ran into the elevator.

Finn walked over and introduced himself, and he asked Wyatt about what he thought Liesl had done. After seeing Finn with Liesl, he wondered if they were friends. "Absolutely not. I hate her," Finn replied quickly. Franco and Wyatt filled Finn in, and Wyatt remembered that he had Liesl's notebook. Finn flipped through it and recognized the names of several characters from Peter's book. Finn informed Wyatt that he believed Wyatt, so he asked exactly where the cabin was.

Michael's plan moves forward

Michael's plan moves forward

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Sonny's house, Jason advised Sonny not to be hard on himself about his father because Sonny had had a lot on his plate. Jason also revealed that he would no longer pursue Peter unless Anna wanted him involved, and Curtis and Sam had also been searching for Anna's son. The guys were not happy with Michael's decision to get married and were talking about it when Michael walked in and announced that he would be getting married the next day.

Sonny wondered if it had been Nelle's idea, but Michael admitted it had been his own. He wanted everything to be legal going forward. Jason was adamantly opposed and thought it risky while Sonny believed in and trusted his son. Michael tried to explain that Nelle had been "overly confident" lately and therefore vulnerable. Sonny sang Michael's praises on being a top-notch strategist just as he had been when he'd taken custody of Avery. "If he wants to take this girl down, he will," Sonny declared.

Sonny left for Ferncliff to tell Carly about the wedding. Jason admitted that while he trusted Michael, he loved him too much and was concerned that something would happen. Michael revealed that the Port Charles police were backing him up, and after hearing the plan, Jason was angry. He thought that Michael's parents would be distraught. "You are the heart of the family," Jason stated.

Michael disagreed. He thought that his unborn child was the heart, and he wanted to protect it from a crazy and dangerous Nelle. It was the only way, and it was his choice, Michael concluded.

Finn and Franco talked about the notes that Wyatt had found at the cabin. The notes were about Sinclair's book, which had been written by Henrik, who was actually Peter. Finn was certain that Liesl was holding Peter hostage because he had been responsible for her son's death. Franco tried to joke that Finn was only interested in it all because of Anna, and Finn stood up for Liesl. Finn explained that Anna needed to find her son, and he planned to help. He stepped onto the elevator, and Franco reluctantly followed.

Sam found Curtis at the Metro Court bar and sat down next to him. He disclosed that he'd followed up on the person seen pushing the laundry cart through the hotel. The regular employee had called out sick and had claimed to have no knowledge of events that had transpired. The substitute had clocked in 45 minutes after the time stamp on the video footage, and no one had seen the cart. Both Sam and Curtis agreed that someone had been inside the cart.

Sam revealed that she had studied the footage again and had zoomed in on the shoes. Curtis thought they were sturdy and hideous, but Sam showed him the model on her laptop. She had zeroed in on the shoe's manufacturer, and she showed Curtis the heel on the shoe. It was a woman's shoe, and they agreed that they both had some idea of who the woman might be. Jason walked up and interrupted. He wanted to speak to Sam alone.

Jason and Sam stood out in the corridor. Before they could continue their conversation, Sam was served with a large brown envelope. She wanted to concentrate on Jason instead and ignored the envelope and its contents. Jason confided that Michael had been planning on doing something dangerous for his child, but Jason was uncomfortable, even if it was Michael's choice. He couldn't just stand by.

Sam understood that Jason still considered Michael to be a child, but she thought that Michael had learned from Jason how to protect his loved ones. Sam reminded Jason that he had told her that sometimes one had to force oneself to do what one didn't want to do. She thought that Jason should follow that rule. She opened the envelope and announced that her marriage was officially over. The envelope contained her divorce papers.

At another table in Metro Court, Nelle told Chase that Michael loved her and wouldn't listen to anything that his family had to say about her. Chase played devil's advocate and suggested all of the bad things that could happen, including the fact that she might lose her baby with all of the power and money that Michael had behind him. Chase claimed that he was being objective in order to help Nelle, and he suggested that she be with him instead.

Chase believed that the real Nelle had been the scared girl who had needed love, but Nelle accused Chase of being a stalker. Chase denied it and said that he was angry at himself for not taking care of her when he'd had the chance. He should have been honest and believed in her innocence. Nelle didn't believe what Chase was saying, but he told her loved her and always would.

Chase didn't think that Michael was the right one for Nelle, and he felt that marriage wasn't right just because she was pregnant. Michael arrived and ordered Chase to leave. After he was gone, Nelle jumped up, hugged Michael, and thanked him for showing up. She thought that Chase was delusional. Michael announced that Ned would officiate at their wedding, and Nelle was eager to leave. She had lots to do. Michael wanted to stay a little longer to discuss something.

Nelle sat back down with Michael, and he handed her some papers to sign. It was a prenuptial agreement. Nelle was taken by surprise, and Michael asked if there was a problem.

At the cabin, Peter tried to persuade Nina to let him go. He thought that the police could be there shortly, once Wyatt divulged Peter's situation. Peter thought that he would either die or get caught, but he wouldn't implicate Nina if she allowed him to leave. Nina began to untie him.

Liesl put her key in the lock of the cabin door, but suddenly Franco and Finn appeared. Finn stated that they'd been "out for a stroll," and after Liesl suggested she call the police because of harassment, Finn thought that he should be the one to summon them. Franco tried to calm the others down. Finn asked for a drink of water, and when Liesl refused, he kicked in the front door.

Much to Finn's surprise, the bed was empty. He spied the restraints as Franco saw the bugle and placed it under the table surreptitiously. Finn went outside to look around but didn't find anything. Franco wanted Liesl to explain, and she confessed that in order to recover from her son's death, she'd engaged in kinky sex with others. That was why Wyatt had seen someone lying in bed, she insisted.

Finn couldn't believe that Franco appeared to accept Liesl's explanation, but Liesl urged Finn to tell Anna he'd failed in locating Anna's son. "Yeah, this isn't over," Finn exclaimed as he stormed out. Franco exchanged a knowing look with Liesl as he followed Finn out.

Back at the hospital, Finn declared that Liesl had been lying, and the restraints had been proof. He wanted to call the police, but Franco talked him out of it. If the cops found Peter, they'd arrest him, and Franco thought that Finn should seek Anna's approval first. Finn stalked off, and Franco sent someone a text message. Finn attempted to reach Anna on the phone.

Nina returned to the cabin and advised Liesl that she'd taken Peter to the root cellar. He was exhausted and weak, and she needed Liesl's help to move him back. Once Peter was back in bed, Nina demanded that her aunt give him more antibiotics. Liesl called Nina weak, but Nina shouted that if it hadn't been for her, Liesl would have been arrested. Liesl received a text message from Franco that advised her that Finn was close to calling the cops. Nina was anxious, but Liesl wanted to get rid of all the evidence. She grabbed some pillows and headed over to the bed.

"Are you insane?" Nina screamed. She grabbed onto the pillows, and she and Liesl tussled over them. Eventually, Nina won the struggle and, out of breath, declared that they needed to move Peter. Nina announced that she was the new person in charge, and there were no options for Liesl.

Carly welcomed Kevin into her room at Ferncliff and was happy to see that he had the deck of cards she'd requested. Kevin thought it was a good time to "explore" Carly's state, and Carly dealt the cards and admitted that Morgan's death had been a lucky break for Nelle to take advantage of the family. Carly mentioned that Nelle had visited her and had forgiven Carly with a smile. She had then "goaded" Carly via Josslyn and Michael and had flashed her new ring. Kevin thought that Carly seemed calmer, and Carly admitted that she'd said the right things and "outplayed" Nelle.

Carly revealed that she'd been feeling like herself again but wasn't sure why it had taken so long. The baby shower had been the "icing on the cake" for Nelle after Carly had gone upstairs to apologize to Nelle and appease Josslyn. Carly knew that Nelle hadn't meant to fall down the stairs, but it had worked out for her. Carly wanted to protect Josslyn and Michael in the way that she couldn't protect Morgan. She had wanted to fight to stop Nelle but had lost her perspective.

Carly admitted that Morgan's death had been the first major defeat in her life because she had always been able to "bounce back" in the past. Ava had tampered with Morgan's medicine, and Carly had felt responsible. She should have trusted her instincts. Carly cried that she had known that Morgan hadn't been quite right, but she and Sonny hadn't wanted to show any lack of faith in their son.

Kevin thought that there were worse things that could happen but Carly was still breathing. He urged her to move forward. A knock at the door revealed that Sonny was there to visit his wife. He had been told that Carly's session with Kevin was about over. Kevin told Carly that she'd done all the work. He took the deck of cards and left. Carly and Sonny greeted each other with a hug, and Sonny revealed that he had something to tell Carly. She didn't think anything could be worse than Nelle and Michael getting married, but Sonny told her it would be occurring the next day.

Sonny also revealed that Michael had a plan to "neutralize" Nelle. He grabbed Carly's hand, and she told him her that her session with Kevin had been a good one. She had talked about Morgan and how his death had shaped all that had followed. They should have trusted their instincts, Carly said sadly. Morgan would still be there with them. Carly didn't want Morgan's death to be for nothing, and she thought they should always follow their instincts. Sonny thought they would survive like always.

Liesl moves Peter

Liesl moves Peter

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

At Crimson, Maxie waded through a rack of bathing suits, vetoing them along the way as she looked at the pair of featured shoes the bathing suit was supposed to match. "You're so busted," Lulu said as she entered. She reminded Maxie that she was supposed to be on parental leave, but Maxie replied that Mac and Felicia had "practically kidnapped" James. She sarcastically remembered that Lulu was "mother of the year" for juggling her kids with her career.

Lulu told Maxie that she was just there, looking for Nina to talk about Charlotte. Maxie remembered getting fired for trying to help Lulu get some time with Charlotte. A confused Lulu thought they'd had fun hanging out the previous day and wanted to know what was going on. Maxie replied that Nina's assistant had called Maxie, hysterical about not being prepared for the next issue, so Maxie had been forced to go to the place Nathan was shot.

Lulu and Maxie argued about whose fault Nathan's death was, and Lulu informed Maxie that she wouldn't take Maxie's punishments forever. She turned to leave, but Maxie picked up a beach ball and threw it at Lulu. A shocked Lulu threw a pool noodle back, and the two began to duel with the noodles. Lulu grabbed one of the shoes to throw it, but Maxie yelled that it was for the next feature story. Lulu carefully put the shoe down, and the two began to laugh. Maxie admitted that she didn't hate Lulu, but Lulu confided that "I hate myself plenty."

Maxie knew that Nathan's death wasn't Lulu's fault, because Nathan would have found another way to lure Faison to town. Lulu apologized for the "shortcut" she'd taken by writing the article, as her ambition had clouded her judgement. Maxie insisted that she didn't want to see Lulu suffer, and she was ashamed that seeing Lulu happy made her grief worse. Maxie apologized for being "all over the place," and Lulu assured Maxie that she would respect Maxie's feelings. Lulu promised that, whenever Maxie was ready, Lulu loved her no matter what. Maxie repeated the sentiment, and the two crying women embraced.

"So, if things don't work out, I have no way to protect myself?" Nelle asked into the phone. As she got off the phone, Michael entered and made sure she was all right. She informed him that she'd just spoken to a lawyer about the prenuptial agreement. She added that, while she'd been advised that it was straightforward, it seemed unromantic. He agreed, but he informed her that the Quartermaines were protective of their assets, so everyone who married into the family was required to sign one. He commented that he wasn't planning on divorcing her, anyway, and called it a formality.

Nelle finally signed the prenup, and Michael thanked her for understanding. He took the papers to get them filed and left her to get ready. When he was gone, Ned entered and observed her "bridal jitters." He advised her not to worry about the wedding, but she explained that signing the prenup had been a "buzzkill." He assured her that Olivia had signed one, too, even though it had all been her idea. It wasn't mandatory for the family, but she'd wanted everyone to know that she wasn't marrying Ned for his money. He thought that having a prenup was a good idea in the long run. He left.

Finn texted Anna to call him, as he had something important to discuss. Chase approached Finn and assured him that his parents had been invited to Germany. Chase had told them to go, so they wouldn't be visiting Port Charles. He'd tried to call Finn about it, but Finn replied that he'd been busy following up on something in Chase's area of expertise. Just then, Chase's phone went off, and it was a text from Michael that said "she signed the prenup. Ur on." Chase asked if Finn had a crime to report. When Finn replied that he could handle things himself, Chase left.

Finn left Anna a voicemail asking her to call him back. Deanna entered with Wyatt, and Finn offered to look over his arm, which was covered in a poison oak rash. A few minutes later, Finn finished wrapping Wyatt's arm and instructed him about the care. Finn took out his phone and showed Wyatt a picture of Peter, wondering if that was the man Wyatt had seen in the cabin. "I don't think so, but-" Wyatt started, but he was cut off by Deanna summoning Finn to the emergency room. When they were gone, Wyatt remembered that the picture looked like the man from the cabin, but the man in the picture had no beard.

Nelle's phone went off, and she read a text from Chase about needing to see her. A short while later, she was waiting at the pier when a shirtless Chase ran in, clearly in the middle of a workout. He apologized for everything he'd said to her at Metro Court. He maintained that he loved her, but it had been unfair of him to tell her so close to her wedding. He figured that Michael had never given her a reason to doubt him, and she became upset. She blew up at him that "of course" a rich family would want her to sign a prenup.

Chase commented that, the more he heard about Michael, the more he didn't like Nelle marrying him. He related that she still had time and that they could be together. He'd been scared to admit his feelings, and he regretted waiting so long to tell her. He didn't think Michael could give her the life she deserved and proposed settling down "far away from the Quartermaines and the Corinthoses." Nelle told him that Michael could give her "stability and comfort," which Chase never could. She regretted meeting up with him and instructed him to "move on, 'cause I sure as hell have." When she was gone, he muttered, "Got her."

"What did you do to me?" Peter moaned. Liesl welcomed Peter, who was tied to a railing, to the stables of Spoon Island. He screamed for help, since he knew that there could be people in the vicinity, but Liesl assured him that no staff would be around for a few days. She dug through her bag and found that her notebook was missing. She feared that she'd left it at the cabin, and Peter tried to scare her by saying that the cops probably already had it.

Liesl countered that the notebook wasn't real proof that Peter had been there. Peter added that they'd have to start the book over, but Liesl replied that she had a good memory. She pulled out another book and told Peter to pick up where they'd left off. She wondered how Octavian was feeling. "Useless. Helpless. Doomed," Peter responded. He recited that "facing certain death," Octavian had realized that the things he'd chased before, like "money, power, and revenge," were meaningless.

Peter continued that Octavian had discovered that the things he loved most were "moments." "Ice cream with an unexpected friend. Laughing until his sides hurt. The girl with the sparkling blue eyes. A baby's first breath. A baby reaching out to its mother for the first time," he continued. As Liesl glared at him, he recited that Octavian wondered why one could never understand the value or true meaning of life until everything was about to be lost.

On the phone at Metro Court, Valentin assured someone that the horses would be fine. He watched as Drew approached Nina; Valentin stood just out of eyeshot as Drew asked to talk to Nina. He wondered what was going on with Nina, as he'd just found out that a quarter of the ad space in the next issue of Crimson had been unsold, and the issue was set to go to print the next day. As Valentin walked away to make a call, Drew told her that they would have to recoup the money at the cost of the next issue. Nina couldn't believe that had happened and promised to sell the ads by the next day. He didn't think she could sell them by the next day, but she smiled and said, "Watch me."

Drew wished Nina luck, and she promised not to let him down. When he was gone, Valentin entered. Nina didn't want to deal with him, so she left in order to call her ad team. "Three, two, one," Valentin counted down. "What?" he heard Nina exclaim when he hit "one." She returned and demanded to know what he'd done. He informed her that he'd just bought some ad space for Cassadine Enterprises. He wondered if she'd seen the ad, so she suspiciously looked on her phone. "To my darling wife, I'm so sorry for the things I've done. My heart yearns for your forgiveness. I could never love anyone the way I love you. Please come back to me and make my life full again," she read in disbelief.

Nina refused to let the ad run in the magazine, as people would "connect the dots" and guess that it was for her. However, Valentin didn't think she had a choice. She revealed that the "last straw" had been finding out that he'd given an innocent child to Faison, and she couldn't get past it. He believed that they could fix anything, since they loved each other, but she called him wrong. He didn't want to fight anymore, so he excused himself to check on the horses. When he was gone, Nina urgently picked up her phone and tried to call Liesl.

Michael, Drew, and Ned each had a drink in their hand, and Ned intended to "honor the Quartermaine tradition of sending the bachelor off in style." Ned made sure that Michael and Nelle were still going through with the wedding, as he'd seen Nelle "sulking" earlier over the prenup. Ned left to get some cigars, and Drew took the opportunity to ask Michael why he was marrying Nelle. Michael replied that it was the "right choice," and Drew should trust that Michael knew what he was doing. Drew accepted Michael's words and congratulated him. The two clinked their glasses together and took a drink.

Michael takes the next step to thwart Nelle

Michael takes the next step to thwart Nelle

Thursday, July 12, 2018

At Metro Court, Valentin said goodbye as he advised Nina that he had to get back to Wyndemere and the stables. Nina quickly tried to reach Liesl, without success.

Nearby, Curtis and Sam met with Jordan to go over Peter's disappearance and the information they'd managed to gather. Sam assumed that Peter had had no choice, even though they were unable to prove that he'd been in the laundry cart. Sam pointed out the shoes of the laundry cart pusher to Jordan, who recognized that the shoes had a heel and that the suspect had been a woman.

Once Jordan was gone, Curtis and Sam went over their short list of suspects and their match to the suspect's body type. Sam crossed off both Maxie and Nina from her list, and that left Liesl. Curtis couldn't believe that Liesl would have kidnapped Peter, but Sam reminded him that she'd shown up to the baby shower late with Nina, and perhaps Nina knew something.

In the stable at Wyndemere, a restrained Peter dictated to Liesl as she wrote down his every word. She was annoyed at his "maudlin drivel" and wanted him to give her a worthy sequel to his last book. She reminded him they were on a deadline, and there would not be a rescue. She ignored her buzzing phone. Peter only wanted to know if Nina would return. He was hungry, tired, and in pain, and Nina had been his "safety net." Liesl threatened him with a riding crop and finally checked her phone.

After listening to the voicemail, Liesl hastily bolted the stable door as Peter taunted her. He pointed out that Nina wanted justice, but Liesl only wanted revenge. He suggested that Nina had confessed, and help was on the way.

Nina rushed to the docks and found Valentin before he boarded the launch to Spoon Island. She advised him that he couldn't go home. She'd received a phone call from the Department of Environmental Conservation about mosquitos and the West Nile Virus on the island. She had answers for all of his questions as she suggested he book a room at Metro Court. He was suspicious until a uniformed man showed up.

Hugo Brooks identified himself as an employee of the Environmental Conservation department and announced that the island was under quarantine. He posted a sign on the wall, stating that the launch had been closed down.

Alexis met with Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. She mentioned that she was surprised that he hadn't hired Diane, but Michael explained that it wasn't business but personal. He wanted to have a will made. Alexis was surprised that he would be thinking about that on his wedding day, but Michael stated that he wanted it "out of the way." Nelle listened from behind the open door.

Michael continued that he'd meant to do it previously, but "life got in the way." He had a new family to think about, and he wanted the most important person in his life to be provided for in the event that anything happened to him. Alexis thought there wasn't any time for details, but she would have it ready after the honeymoon. She wondered why there was such a rush to get it done.

Michael replied that he just wanted to make sure the person he loved the most was taken care of. Nelle was all smiles. "I want to leave everything to my child," Michael declared. Nelle's smile faded. Michael added that he'd thought about setting up a trust for Josslyn, also, but she had Carly and Jax to provide for her. There was no one else to be worried about, and he wanted it done as soon as possible. Alexis had to leave for a meeting, and Michael sent his regards to Kiki. Michael assured Alexis that there wouldn't be any changes.

An upset Nelle walked into the room and straight to Michael. "Do you love me?" she asked. Michael was surprised to see her on their wedding day, and he assured her that he did. He reminded her that the baby was the best thing to happen to him. Nelle hoped she hadn't trapped him into marriage, but Michael reminded her that he had been the one to propose. He hugged her and promised they'd be happy.

Michael announced that their guests would be at Metro Court, and he'd see her at the chapel. Once he was gone, Nelle pulled out her phone and made a call. She apologized to someone for calling again but had a question for a sick friend. She wanted to know what would happen if someone died without having a will. Michael stood behind the open door and listened. Nelle clarified that if someone died intestate, the spouse would inherit everything. She clarified the word intestate. Michael smiled bitterly.

At General Hospital, Stella ran into Sonny and Mike. After Sonny joked for the couple to stop flirting, Stella announced that she would help to speed up Mike's prescription. Mike advised his son that he'd only been joking around with Stella, but it would be nice to have a last tango. He also reminded Sonny that Sonny was gaining a daughter. Mike recalled dancing with Sonny's mother after they'd eloped because he hadn't been accepted by his bride's family. He could never forget how much he'd loved Adela. Sonny and Mike shared a touching moment.

Out in the hallway, Jordan saw Stella and asked about T.J.'s whereabouts. Stella thought he was in the library, studying, but in the meantime, Jordan asked her for a favor. Jordan hoped that Stella would help to plan her wedding. Stella thought it was too early and that Jordan and Curtis should enjoy an "old-fashioned courtship." Jordan responded that they were getting married, and she wanted Stella to join in, even if they weren't friends.

Stella agreed, but after Jordan went in search of T.J., Stella made a phone call. She left a message for Chandra and suggested she visit Curtis in Port Charles. She returned to the room to see Mike and Sonny and advised them the prescription was being processed. Mike asked Sonny to check for the prescription, and Mike mentioned his haste to get to Michael's wedding. Stella noted that she had been trying to avoid one.

Mike suggested that Stella not deny someone else's happiness, but Stella responded that Mike didn't know the circumstances. She thought that Jordan and Curtis were wrong for each other. Mike grabbed her hand and declared that life went by fast. He thought that people should grab love if they found it. He didn't think it was a Christian duty to take it away, and he didn't want her to make a mistake.

Alexis found Sonny in the hallway and told him she'd do her best to accommodate Michael's wishes. Sonny was confused, and Alexis told him about the pre-wedding will. Sonny revealed that Nelle's previous fiancÚ had died after his will had been prepared. Alexis declared that she would look into it after Michael's wedding, and she walked away. "May be too late," Sonny muttered.

Sonny returned to Mike and Stella, and Stella told him that Mike had helped her. Both Mike and Stella advised each other not to miss their weddings. Mike asked Sonny who was getting married as they stepped onto the elevator.

Stella called Chandra again and left a message. She said that it wasn't a good time to visit, after all, because she had forgotten to mention that Curtis was getting married. The missed call and voicemail were visible on a phone that was sitting on a desk somewhere.

Jordan found T.J., but he advised her that he couldn't go out with her. Mother and son sat on a bench, and Jordan confided that she needed someone to give her away at her wedding. T.J. thought that his father would want Jordan to be happy with Curtis, and he would be honored to walk with his mother down the aisle. He hoped her day would be everything she wanted.

Liesl received a text message from Nina that read, "West Nile detected." She chuckled and advised Peter that all parties had been diverted. She advised him he was "all mine." Peter resumed his dictation, but he stopped and appeared to be deep in thought. He advised Liesl that she almost looked like a mother in pain. Liesl insisted that was true. Peter reminded her that Faison had been the one to cause the pain, and he, too, had suffered at the man's hand.

Peter thought the sequel to his book should be about Liesl. He called her compelling and stated that his first book had been about father and son, but there had been another son and a mother. He thought her story should be told. Liesl was flattered and agreed that no one had ever asked about her. She thought she might have a story. Peter urged her to begin, and he prompted her: "Once upon a time."

Liesl sat down and began to speak. "Once upon a time, there was a little girl that absolutely no one understood." Peter was touched.

At Crimson, Nina advised Valentin that she didn't feel sorry for him for having to stay in a five-star hotel. She wanted him to leave because, thanks to him, she had lots of work to do after his ad-buying binge. Valentin reminded her that it had helped her, but she wanted real advertisements for real products and not his ads professing his love. Valentin added that he hadn't been fooled with the quarantine, but Nina insisted she didn't want him getting sick. It had only been an act of "common decency" to go after him.

Curtis arrived to see Nina, and Valentin finally left. Curtis revealed that he had a new theory, and he wanted Nina to tell him about Liesl. Nina was surprised to hear that her aunt was a suspect in Peter's disappearance, and she agreed that she'd spent more time with her aunt recently. She called Liesl a lunatic, and she noted that she would be more surprised if her aunt acted normally. Nina had work to do, and Curtis suggested that she not tell Liesl about their conversation. He left the office.

Curtis and Sam met back at Metro Court, and Curtis divulged that he thought Nina knew more than she'd admitted. He told her of the West Nile virus on Spoon Island, and Sam wondered if it was really possible. Valentin walked through on his phone and made an appointment to see Finn regarding his infectious diseases practice.

Nina made her way back to the docks and thanked Hugo Brooks for a job well done. She handed him some money. In return, he handed her a card for the latest performance by the local theater troupe. He started to remove the closed launch sign, but she advised him to leave it there.

Carly interrupts the wedding

Carly interrupts the wedding

Friday, July 13, 2018

Ned was officiating at Michael and Nelle's wedding ceremony. As the couple kissed, Nelle stabbed Michael in the stomach and told him it was the "kiss of death." At Ferncliff, Carly awoke from her nightmare. "Not my son. No way in hell!" she exclaimed.

Sonny, Mike, and Jason were at Sonny's house, all dressed and ready for Michael's wedding. Mike was confused and couldn't recall whose wedding they were heading to, and he wondered at the gloominess of the other men. He thought a wedding was a "cause for celebration." Sonny explained that Michael had had bad luck in relationships, although he had claimed to know what he was doing. Mike hoped it worked out. He went upstairs to retrieve his watch, and Sonny told Jason that he'd told Carly about the wedding. She had blamed herself, but it was "Michael's game to play."

Brad stopped at the hospital to pick up Lucas for the wedding. Lucas tried to talk him out of going, suggesting they head for the beach instead. Brad reminded him that he was a friend of Nelle's and had to go. Lucas declared that he wouldn't be "throwing any rice." Lucas also didn't feel much like celebrating with Carly not in attendance, but Brad didn't think that Nelle should be blamed. The couple began to bicker, and Brad defended Nelle. They were both amused when Bobbie showed up all dressed for the wedding.

Olivia helped Michael to get ready at the Quartermaine mansion and told him it was normal to be nervous. Michael didn't think that anything was normal about the day. Olivia assured him that Carly would be there if she could, but Michael was certain that Carly wouldn't have helped him, even at gunpoint. Ned walked in and announced that he was prepared to officiate.

Olivia and Ned headed out, and Michael received a phone call from an unknown number. It was Carly, who admitted that she wasn't allowed to make calls. "You cannot marry Nelle," she declared. She thought that Michael's plan was dangerous and not worth the risk. She wanted him and the baby to be safe. She also reiterated that she had not pushed Nelle down the stairs. Michael did his best to reassure his mother, and she told him she loved him. They were cut off before Michael could express his love. Her phone battery had run down.

"We did it, baby. We're in," Nelle spoke to her baby in her dressing room at the Metro Court. As she held the prenuptial papers and flashed back to Michael's presentation of the agreement, Ava walked in and grabbed the papers from Nelle's hand. Ava looked the papers over and chuckled because Nelle had signed them. Nelle insisted that she and Michael were a "true love match, together forever." Nelle took the papers and crumbled them. "'Til death do us part," she said.

Nelle noted that Josslyn had gone off for some ice, and Ava was ready to go. She wished Nelle the best, and Nelle hoped she meant it. She thought that Michael's family would be on her side after the baby was born. Ava warned her not to let her guard down, especially once Carly got out of Ferncliff.

Nelle gloated that she'd gotten rid of everything that had led to Carly's breakdown, but Ava reminded her that it hadn't been everything at all. Nelle mentioned the test results on the phone that Ava had hidden from Griffin. Ava thought they needed to know where they stood with each other, and Nelle thought they were in it together against Carly and Sonny.

In the Metro Court bar area, which was decorated for the wedding, Drew and Sam were the first guests to arrive. Oscar was taking photos, and Josslyn noticed his cologne. He said he liked it because she had given it to him, although he liked the smell also. She had to get back to Nelle.

Josslyn returned to Nelle's room and demanded to know why Ava was there. She told Ava she was sorry that Morgan couldn't have been there too. Ava fled, and Josslyn closed the door. She wanted to punch Ava, although she knew that Ava was a friend of Nelle's. She had a gift for Nelle, and she presented her with a hair clip. Josslyn noted that it had belonged to her grandmother and then to Carly. She was loaning it to Nelle for the something old, borrowed, and blue. She put it in Nelle's hair.

Drew noticed that Sam didn't appear to be enthusiastic, and Sam called Nelle " a lying snake" who Michael was only marrying for the baby's sake. Oscar stopped to take their photo, and he divulged that he had been interning at Aurora for the summer. "We're plotting our world takeover," the teen said. He added that it hadn't been boring. As guests arrived, Oscar went off to take pictures. Sam advised Drew that Oscar had been keeping his distance from Scout, and that bothered her. "We're still a family," she said. She planned to talk to Oscar about it.

Lulu and Olivia posed for a photo in their flowery dresses. Lulu was disappointed that Dante wasn't there, and Olivia was certain that he would have been there for his brother if he could. Ned walked by and announced that he'd seen too much family meddling to get involved in any drama. Lulu wondered who would get married on Friday the thirteenth, and Olivia crossed herself. Ned suggested they just smile and say, "No comment," if asked any questions.

Mike wondered why there wasn't much of a crowd, and he wondered why he didn't see Carly, Dante, and Morgan. Bobbie arrived with Lucas and Brad, and she was dressed in black from head to toe. "Now, that is how you make a statement," Olivia said to Lulu.

Brad visited with Nelle while Josslyn went off to get the ice she'd forgotten the first time. Brad had a gift for Nelle for luck. It was a necklace that he placed around her neck. He reminded her that she had a friend in her corner, and Nelle noted that their relationship was her only uncomplicated relationship. "Knock 'em dead, kid," Brad said on his way out. "Oh, I plan to," Nelle murmured.

At Ferncliff, Carly was extremely agitated and threw a chair up against the door. She banged on the door and screamed and shouted to get out. Mary Pat placed a call to Kevin and told him she'd have to restrain Carly with a heavy dose of sedative. "Don't sedate my patient," Kevin demanded. He was on his way. Mary Pat stated she'd do what she had to do.

Kevin arrived, and Mary Pat let him into Carly's room. He demanded that Mary Pat leave them alone. Carly only wanted to have a pass, and Kevin reminded her that that wasn't possible. Carly was hysterical and advised Kevin that Nelle would kill Michael just as she had killed her former fiancÚ, and Carly had to stop the wedding. Carly implored Kevin to let her out because Michael's life was at stake, and she couldn't lose another son.

Carly was beside herself and continued that she hadn't been there for Morgan and had never gotten to say goodbye. She began to gasp for breath, and Kevin informed her that she was having a panic attack. He would get her something to help. He left the room and informed Mary Pat that Carly would need a strong dose.

Jason arrived at the Quartermaines' after dropping Mike and Sonny off at Metro Court. He advised Michael that he didn't want Michael to marry Nelle. Michael insisted he'd considered several options, and it had been the best one. Jason reminded Michael that Nelle was dangerous, but Michael thought it was worth it. He was to blame for trying to fix her and for getting her pregnant.

Back at the wedding gathering, Ava and Griffin chatted with Oscar, and Ava invited him to see the gallery. She suddenly noticed his cologne. "Is that called Melt?" she asked. Oscar agreed that it was and said he'd received it from Josslyn. He departed, and Ava appeared to be in shock. She noted that Morgan had worn it, and she was surprised that Josslyn would have given the same cologne to Oscar. Griffin recalled that Carly had detected the cologne at Morgan's gravesite.

After Brad had gone, there was a knock on Nelle's door. It was Chase. She tried to push him away, but he forced his way inside. He wanted her to leave with him and not marry Michael. Chase was certain she didn't love Michael but had a connection with him instead. They'd had real love, and he didn't think that money would make her happy. Nelle thought it would be better than being poor and in love.

Chase wondered if Nelle ever thought of them, and he thought that he was what she wanted. He told her she'd feel alone after her marriage, and Michael would resent her, get rid of her, and take his child. She'd be all alone again. Chase asked what Nelle would do then. Suddenly, he grabbed her, and the pair kissed passionately.

Just then, Josslyn walked in. She couldn't believe it. Nelle spotted her and pushed Chase away. She told him to get off of her because she was getting married and loved Michael. Chase declared that he'd been wrong, and he hoped she got everything she wanted. He left, and Josslyn demanded to know what he'd been doing there. Nelle disclosed that he'd forced his way in and asked her to run away.

Nelle sat down to finish her makeup, and Josslyn suggested they tell Michael about the incident. Nelle didn't think it was necessary, and she hugged Josslyn. She thought she was lucky to have Josslyn for the best sister-in-law ever. Josslyn was perturbed.

Sam and Lucas agreed they loved Bobbie's outfit, but Brad thought that Michael might want some support. Jason asked Drew to keep an eye on Nelle, since he'd be living in the same house as the newly married couple. Drew advised him that he cared about Michael. Mike asked Sonny why people were angry, and Sonny told him that no one approved of the wedding. Michael spoke to Sonny about the phone call from Carly.

Sonny realized that Carly had called from Jason's burner phone. He told Michael not to go through with the wedding, but Michael said he had to. Sonny explained that he and Carly were afraid for him. Michael wanted his father to visit Carly to tell her he knew what he was doing.

Ned advised everyone to take their seats. Jason and Michael stood at the altar with Ned. Josslyn walked down the aisle. Everyone stood except for Bobbie as Nelle followed.

At Ferncliff, Mary Pat taunted Carly, who remained lying still on her bed. Mary Pat called her self-absorbed to think the wedding day was all about her. She pulled the syringe from a box and prepared it. She advised Carly that she had had a setback due to her emotional outburst and wouldn't be getting out anytime soon. "Guess again," Carly snapped as she grabbed the nurse's wrist.

Later, Kevin looked in on Carly and saw a figure lying on the bed and covered up with a blanket. The person in the bed rolled over, and it was Mary Pat. The syringe was on the floor.

At the Metro Court ceremony, everyone sat back down. Ned began the service. He asked if anyone had any objections because they needed to speak at that time. "Hell, no. My son will not be getting married today," Carly shouted. Bobbie smiled.

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