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Michael and Nelle were married. Nelle overheard Michael's plans to divorce her after the baby was born. Liesl started a fire in the barn. Nina tried to help Peter escape. Diane was horrified to find that Carly had been drugged and put in a padded cell.
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Michael and Nelle get married

Michael and Nelle get married

Monday, July 16, 2018

Nelle arrived at the altar, noting that Chase stood at the back, and Ned began the wedding. When he started the part about anyone speaking up if they had a reason that Michael and Nelle shouldn't be married, all were surprised to hear Carly yell, "Hell, no!" Ava stealthily got on the phone as Carly ranted about how Michael couldn't marry Nelle because Nelle was "dangerous and deadly." Michael reminded his mother that they were adults, and it was what they wanted.

Chase stepped in and advised everyone that he had to take Carly in, as a call had already been put in to the cops. She instructed Sonny to stay and make sure the wedding didn't happen, but he wanted to go with her. Sam promised to look after Mike so that Jason could go, as well. Carly reminded everyone of all the terrible things Nelle had done, and she looked straight at Ava while saying that Nelle had definitely had help.

When Carly was gone, Bobbie spat the Ava had wasted no time, calling the cops. She thought that Ava should have some compassion, but Ava shot back that "when it comes your daughter, I'm fresh out." Bobbie thought that karma would get Ava, and she stormed off. Griffin approached Ava, but she pretended not to see and went over to Nelle. Nelle wanted to continue with the wedding, but she suddenly doubled over in pain. Michael called Lucas over, and Lucas thought that they needed to go to the hospital, so they left.

Josslyn confided in Oscar that Carly hadn't seemed crazy at all when she'd burst into the wedding. Sam offered to take Mike home, as it didn't look like there would be a wedding. Mike agreed, and Drew offered to go to serve as company. Bobbie believed that Nelle was faking, but Lulu hoped the baby was all right. Brad suggested that Nelle and Michael actually loved each other and wanted to start a family. Just then, Brad's phone went off, and he walked away to answer it.

Griffin thought that Ava was avoiding him, but she denied it. She maintained that she was just worried about Nelle, but Griffin wondered if she was worried about Carly's "parting shot" about Nelle having help. Ava thought that the comment showed how "delusional" Carly had become. Griffin talked through the possibility of Carly having not imagined her claims, but he couldn't explain how. He thought they should call it a night, and she proposed that they call it a night "together."

Michael was waiting outside of Nelle's hospital room when Lucas emerged. He assured Michael that Nelle and the baby were fine, but Nelle was going to stay overnight as a precaution. Michael entered the room, and Nelle proposed that they finish what they'd started and get married that night. Michael eventually agreed and called Ned. Ned agreed to meet them at the hospital, and he hung up. He updated Olivia, who thought they should "pump the brakes." Ned replied that he'd promised, so she asked him to send her regards, and he left.

Chase escorted Carly into the police station, followed by Sonny and Jason. Sonny didn't think there was a reason for Carly to be there, as she hadn't hurt anyone. On the contrary, Jordan updated everyone on what Carly had done to Mary Pat in order to escape. She added that it would be up to a judge to decide Carly's fate. Her phone went off, and she walked away to answer it.

When Jordan returned, she told everyone that Nelle was in the hospital. Jason's phone went off, and he answered it to Michael, who told him about the wedding. When he was off the phone, he updated the group about Michael and Nelle's wedding plans. Carly demanded that the wedding be stopped, but Sonny insisted that Michael had a plan. Jordan suggested that Chase escort Jason and have a "chat" with Nelle.

Sonny scolded Carly for her actions, as he wouldn't be able to do anything for her without the D.A. catching wind of it. He assured her that Michael was handling things, but she refused to lose another son. She made Sonny promise that he would protect Michael at all costs, and he promised. Jordan instructed an officer to take Carly back to Ferncliff, and they left.

Ned and Josslyn entered Nelle's hospital room, followed by Jason, and Nelle and Michael were glad to have everyone there. As Ned restarted the ceremony, Chase stood in the doorway. He left as the couple both said, "I do." Michael and Nelle exchanged their rings, and Ned pronounced them husband and wife. The newlyweds shared a kiss, and everyone congratulated them. Ned needed to sign their marriage license, so he got a pen from Jason and signed it. He promised to file the certificate the next morning.

Francesca entered and declared the party over, as Nelle needed to get some rest. Ned, Jason, and Josslyn left, and Michael said a private goodbye to Nelle. She was disappointed that he wouldn't be staying with her on their wedding night, but he reminded her that they'd have the rest of their lives to make up for it. She agreed, and Michael left. "I couldn't leave without kissing the bride," Chase said as he entered the room.

Nelle revealed that Chase had almost convinced her that Michael didn't love her, but he'd been wrong. "What now?" he wondered. He didn't think a ring would stop Michael from trying to take her child away. He wondered why Michael would leave her alone on their wedding night if he really loved her. "I wouldn't," he added. She raised her hand to hit him, but he caught it before she could. "Congratulations, Janelle," he smirked, and he left the room. She slowly got out of bed.

Michael found Josslyn and wondered why she seemed distracted. She revealed that there was a "situation" that she didn't know how to handle. She told Michael about walking in on Nelle and Chase kissing. "I'm not worried," Michael admitted to a surprised Josslyn. He asked her to trust him, as he had everything under control. Nelle listened in from around the corner.

Brad entered the hospital and found Lucas, as he had "great news" about the baby. He revealed that the birth mother had passed her latest exam "with flying colors," and their baby was "perfectly healthy." Brad excitedly told Lucas that they were going to become parents.

Ned returned to the Metro Court and sat down with Olivia and Lulu. Lulu would have "bet money" that Carly would have gotten through to Michael. "Who said she didn't?" Olivia replied. "Nothing changes your priorities like parenthood," she added. She unenthusiastically toasted to "Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos III" and the arrival of their baby. "That's the spirit," Ned said as they clinked their glasses together, and they drank.

Jason returned to the police station, and Sonny informed him that Carly had been taken back to Ferncliff. Jason dreaded Mary Pat's retaliation on Carly. Sonny kicked himself for not realizing that Carly was going to do something stupid after she'd been so calm and reasonable with him. Sonny wanted to call Diane about "new evidence" that would prove that the D.A. had scapegoated Carly because of him. Jason decided to call Spinelli.

Sam, Drew, and Mike arrived at Sonny's, and Mike offered to pour them drinks. They agreed, and he asked them how they'd met. Sam admitted that they had once been married, and Mike expressed sympathy for their divorce as he handed them drinks. He advised them that all they could do was follow their hearts. Sam thought that Mike should get some rest, and he joked that it was code for "mind your own business."

Mike said goodnight and went upstairs. Sam and Drew clinked their glasses together and drank. She agreed with Mike's sentiment about following one's heart. She thought that if someone was afraid to love because they didn't want to get hurt, they were just cheating themselves. Drew wondered if she would do things the same all over again, knowing how it had ended up. She assured him that she didn't regret their time together, and she never would.

"I don't know what you were thinking. You have a sweet deal here," Rupert said as he escorted Carly back to her room. She revealed that Sonny would be very disappointed if her "special privileges" didn't continue, and Rupert wondered if that was a threat. "It's a fact," she clarified. He wondered why she'd done what she had. She revealed that, when someone had a child in danger, they would do anything.

Liesl appears to be the prime suspect

Liesl appears to be the prime suspect

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

At the hospital, Finn received a text message from Anna. She was sorry to have missed his call and was looking forward to hearing his news about her son. Finn picked up a chart, rolled his eyes, and entered an exam room. He found Valentin waiting for him. Valentin wanted to be tested for West Nile virus because Spoon Island had been quarantined. Finn remarked that he hadn't heard of any problem, and he wondered what Valentin really wanted.

Valentin insisted that was the real reason for his visit and suggested that Finn ask the government employee who had told him about it. Finn agreed to test him even though Valentin had no symptoms. "Is this where you kill me?" Valentin asked as Finn readied the needle. Finn assured him that death would be painless and quick if Valentin distracted him from his job. Finn asked if Valentin had any word on Peter, and Valentin told him he had not heard from Peter but would be sure to tell Anna if he did.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason was on the phone, trying to arrange to have someone check on Carly. He finished up and saw Elizabeth and Jake. The little boy was ready to go to a baseball game with Jason and Franco to make up for the Memorial Day game that had been rained out. Franco revealed that he had to work, and he pulled Jake aside. He thought that Jake should go and enjoy the special day with his father. Franco saw Jake often, and Jake could tell him about the game when he got home.

Jake and Jason got onto the elevator. Elizabeth was shocked that Franco had convinced the boy to go with Jason alone. As the couple walked through the hospital corridor, Elizabeth asked Franco what was bothering him. She wanted him to tell her when he was ready. She left. Finn walked by and revealed that he'd shown Wyatt a photo of Peter, but the little boy had been unable to recognize him. Finn assumed it had been because Peter had been held captive for weeks.

Shortly after, Franco and Elizabeth found an empty room. Franco disclosed that Liesl had been upset and had done something illegal, which he probably shouldn't have helped to cover up.

Curtis and Drew sat at a table in Metro Court. Curtis told Drew about how well he worked with Sam, and Drew disclosed that he and Sam had been officially divorced, but they still had ties because of Scout. The men talked about the wedding that hadn't happened, and Drew stated that he and Sam were adults and had been able to talk to each other. Curtis thought it important that Drew find another woman.

Drew insisted that he didn't want anyone else at that time, and the guys made small talk until Curtis went back to the subject and warned Drew not to let an opportunity pass him by.

Nearby, Nina was on the phone and arguing with someone about Valentin's ads until Maxie saw her and grabbed the phone. She told Stan that everything was okay as it was, and she reminded Nina that Valentin's ads had saved them. Nina was upset and exclaimed that she wanted to be able to control at least part of her life. Maxie asked what was wrong. She noted that she hadn't seen Nina at all.

Nina appreciated all that Maxie had done for her lately but didn't want any other help. She didn't want Maxie to do anything while on maternity leave. Maxie urged Nina to talk, and Nina finally revealed that Valentin had been working hard to win her back. He even had a room near hers at the hotel, and he had been driving her crazy.

Nina stated that she had no plans to forgive Valentin. Her takeout order arrived, and Maxie couldn't help but notice how large it was. Nina stated that it was comfort food, but Maxie looked suspicious.

Liesl woke up with a start in the stable at Wyndemere. Peter, still restrained on the ground, suggested that she had woken out of instincts for her self-preservation, as her improvised plan for him was falling apart. Liesl assured Peter that no one would show up to rescue him, and she accused him of manipulating her by having her tell her life story. Peter declared that he had wanted to get to know her, but he tried a different tact. He wondered about James and about Liesl's lack of spending any time with him.

Liesl replied that James had other family members, and only one person in her life liked her. That person was Franco, who understood her. She was angry, and she didn't care what happened to herself. Peter suggested it was because she really blamed herself for Nathan's death. Liesl screamed that she was not to blame; Peter was. Peter disagreed and argued that Liesl could have trusted him with information in the past, and he could have been prepared. Nathan would still be alive.

Liesl whimpered that she was guilty, but she blamed Peter for showing up in Port Charles. Peter shouted back that he hadn't known about Nathan, but she had -- and she could kill him but would never escape her guilt. Liesl ran out crying, and Peter tried unsuccessfully to break free.

Nina arrived with her bag full of food, and Peter told her that Liesl had been upset. He remarked that Liesl's notebook had been missing, and he was certain that someone would find him. "Things are looking up," he said. He thought that Valentin might find him. Nina related that Valentin thought the island was quarantined, but Peter thought that Valentin would figure it out. Nina stated that Valentin had been distracted, but Peter promised her that things would not end well.

Peter declared that Liesl was "unhinged" and would try to kill him. Nina revealed that Curtis and Sam had questioned her, but she hadn't said anything. Peter suggested that they had to have suspected something to question her in the first place. Peter wondered what he was supposed to do, and Nina revealed that she had a plan for both of them.

District Attorney Margaux Dawson stomped into the police station and encountered Sam and Jordan. She demanded to know why she hadn't been told of Carly's escape. Jordan stated that she'd recently gotten word to the D.A., but everything had been under control. Margaux wanted to know if Sonny or Jason had been involved in the escape. Sam took exception and replied that Jason had been as shocked as anyone to see Carly show up at the wedding. Margaux announced that she would be out of the office but would have her phone with her in case of another escape attempt.

Curtis, Sam, and Jordan gathered to discuss the search for the subject who had pushed the laundry cart and probably Peter out of the hotel. Sam disclosed that only one shop in Port Charles sold the shoes their suspect had been wearing, and Curtis admitted that they believed that suspect to be Liesl. Sam noted that both Liesl and Nina had been acting more strangely than usual, and Jordan admitted that she'd noticed that too.

Just then, Finn walked in and exclaimed that he thought he had information on Peter. He showed them the notebook that Wyatt had found at the cabin, and he told them what had transpired there. The notebook seemed to be filled with a story involving the same characters as in Sinclair's first book. Finn explained that he and Franco had gone to the cabin after Wyatt had drawn a map, but the cabin had been empty, though they'd seen Liesl. Jordan immediately rushed to have a detail sent to the cabin.

At the hospital, Franco told Elizabeth about Wyatt and the cabin and shared that the boy had recognized Liesl's voice and shoes when he'd encountered her at the hospital. The notebook had appeared to be a sequel to The Severed Branch. The Boy Scout had not been able to identify Peter from a photo. Elizabeth thought that Franco should go to the police.

Jason and Jake reluctantly left the Woodchucks' ballpark after the game had to be canceled for lack of electricity. A disappointed Jake wasn't sure he believed in fate, but Jason thought that sometimes when he looked back, he did. He believed in opportunity and choices instead. He asked if Jake had called his friend and told him the game had been canceled, and as Jake stammered, Drew walked up. Jake was happy to see him and thanked him for joining them. He hoped the men were "cool" with it.

Jason noted that they were Jake's tickets, and it was okay. Jake asked Jason if it had been difficult to return to town after all he'd been through. Jason said it was sometimes. Jake then turned to Drew and asked if he remembered how weird Jake had been after Jake's own return. Drew replied that it hadn't been Jake's fault. Jake recalled how bad he'd been with his brothers but how they'd grown into a team and looked after each other. He was happy to be with his two dads, even if Drew was really his uncle. They were family. Jason stated that they both loved him.

Jake and the men talked baseball, and Drew and Jake talked about how much they'd practiced with the baseball. Drew looked at Jason's face and announced that he would go back to work, since there would not be a game. After Drew left, Jason suggested that he and Jake practice with the ball. Afterwards, the pair sat on a bench. Jake asked if Sam was worth going after. Jason replied that she was great, but it wasn't up to him. Jake clarified that he had been talking about a baseball player. Jason suggested another catch.

Drew stopped to pick up a bottle of water from a food cart and was suddenly hit from behind with a squirt of mustard. He turned and saw Margaux holding a hot dog and the mustard container. She was apologetic and attempted to clean off his shirt. She insisted he bill her for the cleaning, and she handed him a business card. She would also buy him a new shirt if needed. Drew laughed when he looked at the card and saw that she was the new district attorney. He wondered if she was a baseball fan. Margaux stated that she was, and she hoped she'd run into him at another game. She told him he looked good in yellow, and she left.

Back at Metro Court, Maxie ran into Hugo, who was looking for the manager's office. She thought he looked familiar, and he disclosed that he was a local actor who she'd probably seen on stage. She directed him to the office just as Valentin stepped off the elevator. Maxie told him she'd heard from Nina, and he was not being romantic, just selfish. She wanted Valentin to leave Nina alone.

Maxie continued that Nina hadn't been focused and hadn't seen James, and Valentin had caused her a great deal of pain. His ads wouldn't make up for what he'd done to Peter, and her heart was broken for Peter. Maxie asked how Nina could forgive Valentin. She wanted him to stay away from Nina. Valentin didn't believe that Nina wanted to be left alone, and he'd regretted what he'd done for his entire "miserable life." He couldn't change things, and he wouldn't give up. "She's already gone," Maxie replied.

Valentin sat down at the bar and saw the new bartender. "I know you," he said to Hugo.

Franco got to the police station but stopped short of the interrogation room when he heard Curtis, Jordan, Sam, and Finn talking. Jordan announced that she wanted to talk to Wyatt; she had sent a detail to the cabin, and she thanked Finn for helping out. Franco hid as the group dispersed. Curtis asked Sam what had happened with Drew at the wedding. She said it was okay, and Curtis declared it was time to move on.

Jordan revealed that the cabin had been abandoned, but it had seemed as though someone had been held captive. She would learn more after her department went over the site. Their evidence was only circumstantial, but she would want to question Liesl.

Finn returned to the hospital and stepped off the elevator. Elizabeth saw him and told him she knew all about the cabin. She revealed that Franco had gone to the police. Finn was thoughtful and said that Franco had to have arrived after he'd gone.

Franco found himself at the dock and saw the posted sign announcing the quarantine. "That's not suspicious at all," he muttered. He turned around and saw Liesl standing there.

Franco tries to talk Liesl down

Franco tries to talk Liesl down

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In the elevator at the hospital, Chase wondered if Michael had had a "fun wedding night." Michael was glad it was over, and Chase assured him that they had Nelle right where they wanted her. He asked if Michael was ready for the next step. "Very," Michael replied. "Godspeed," Chase said as Michael got off the elevator.

Kim assured Nelle that the baby was in great shape, and all of her tests had returned "clean" results. Michael entered, and Kim informed them that Nelle's pains had probably been indigestion. Kim wanted Nelle to stay for a few more hours, but she could go home later. Kim instructed Nelle to get a lot of rest and enjoy the last few days of her pregnancy. When Kim was gone, Nelle gushed that she couldn't wait to start their new lives.

Michael's phone went off, and he revealed that he'd forgotten about a meeting with Alexis to finalize his will. He promised to be back by the time she was discharged, and he left. Chase entered a few minutes later and apologized for his words the night before. He reasoned that he hadn't realized how strong his feelings for her were, and he had no place interfering in Nelle's relationship. Nelle thought that Chase might have been right about Michael, and she informed him that she'd overheard Michael talking about cutting her out of his will.

Nelle bemoaned that she hadn't recognized Michael recently, as it seemed like he would never trust her. Chase thought it seemed like "textbook rich people stuff" and like Michael was just protecting his money, especially since he had it from both sides of his family. Chase assured her that she had nothing to worry about as long as she and Michael loved each other. He advised her to stop stressing and left.

Sonny and Jason were discussing how to get Carly out of Ferncliff when there was a knock on the door. Sonny let Julian in, and Julian handed Sonny the old picture of Charlie and Mike. Julian explained that he'd been going through boxes in the storeroom in preparation for the expansion when he'd found the picture. Sonny revealed that being at Charlie's had triggered some memories for Mike, which was why Sonny wanted to buy the pub. Julian revealed that he wasn't interested in selling, but Mike would always be welcome for coffee "on the house. And not because you're forcing me."

When Julian was gone, Sonny and Jason speculated on how much Julian knew. Sonny suggested that they "take out" Julian altogether, and Jason had no problem with that. Just then, Michael entered to go over some things with Jason. Sonny thought that it was time tell him what Michael was planning. Michael asked Sonny to trust him, but Jason thought that Sonny should know the plan. A short while later, Michael finished filling Sonny in, and Sonny asked if Michael was really going to goad Nelle into trying to kill him.

Michael added that Chase was helping. Since he'd made Nelle believe that he still loved her, they were counting on Nelle to ask Chase for help ridding herself of Michael before his will was filed. Sonny thought it was too risky, and if anything happened to Michael, Carly would "lose her mind for real." Michael insisted that he wasn't as naive as everyone believed, and it was his responsibility to stop Nelle. Michael wanted Sonny's blessing. In exchange, Sonny wanted Michael to do "one thing" for him.

A short while later, Michael and Jason were gone, and Chase entered the house. Sonny asked if the plan Michael had told him about had been Chase's idea. However, Chase couldn't discuss an "active operation." Sonny vowed that if Michael got hurt, he would hold Chase responsible.

Michael was about to enter Nelle's room, but Jason called him back, which made Nelle's ears perk up. Nelle listened in as Jason made sure that Alexis had taken care of everything she'd needed to. Michael assured him that Alexis would file his will within the next few days, but he'd needed to marry Nelle to "improve my standing." He continued that, as soon as the baby was born, he would file for divorce and sue for full custody.

Julian was going through more boxes at Charlie's when Kim entered. She handed him a magazine full of her ideas for making the place feel like "us" after the expansion. He wasn't sure when the expansion would begin, but he was at least satisfied that Sonny had gotten the point Julian had been trying to make by giving Sonny the picture of Charlie and Mike. Kim wondered if Julian was getting drawn back into organize crime, but Julian maintained that he was just resisting Sonny trying to "strong-arm" Julian into doing something he didn't want to do.

Julian's clash with Sonny made Kim uncomfortable, and she didn't want Julian to end up in a war with Sonny. She suggested that they needed to rethink their situation, but he thought she was overthinking it. He explained that the expansion was an investment in his business and their future. He promised to back off of Sonny and kissed her.

Sam and Curtis found Elizabeth at the hospital so they could ask her some questions about Franco's relationship with Liesl. Elizabeth informed them that Franco had gone to the police about what he and Finn had found at the cabin, but the two told her that Franco had never gone to the police. Elizabeth called Franco and left a voicemail asking if he was still at the police station and requesting that he call her back. She promised to let Sam and Curtis know when she heard from him, and they walked away.

Sam confided in Curtis that she believed Franco had lied about going to the police, but they were after Liesl, not Franco. Around the corner, Elizabeth left another voicemail for Franco and asked him to call her back, as she was getting worried.

At the Metro Court bar, Valentin asked the bartender for a drink, and the local actor turned around. Valentin thought the man looked familiar, and the actor introduced himself as Kip. He thought that Valentin could have seen him in any number of community theatre shows or local commercials. He acted out a commercial as Valentin narrowed his eyes and remembered finding out that Spoon Island had been quarantined. He grabbed Kip by the collar and demanded to know who he worked for.

Kip insisted that he hadn't wanted to start trouble, but the woman who'd hired him hadn't given him a name. Valentin asked for a description and immediately recognized the description as Nina. He showed Kip a picture, and Kip positively identified Nina as the woman who'd hired him. Kip apologized for getting in the middle of a marital dispute, but Valentin didn't blame him. "You had me convinced," Valentin marveled, and Kip asked Valentin to spread word of his upcoming production of Bye Bye Birdie. "Nina, what are you up to?" Valentin muttered to himself.

Sam and Curtis entered Metro Court and asked Valentin if he knew where Nina was. They believed that Nina could help them find Liesl, who they believed was holding Peter hostage. Valentin remembered Nina slipping that she'd taken justice into her own hands, and he told Sam and Curtis that he thought he knew where Nina was. He claimed that he'd loaned his jet to her so she could fly to Manhattan for Crimson business. Sam and Curtis questioned the claim but accepted it, and Valentin left.

Sam immediately told Curtis that Valentin had been lying, and she believed that he knew something. A few minutes later, Sam informed Curtis that Spinelli had been monitoring Valentin's airport hangar, and his jet hadn't left Port Charles in weeks. They speculated that both Valentin and Nina knew something about Liesl.

On the docks, Franco wondered if Liesl was crying, but she insisted that it was allergies. He revealed that he knew she'd lied about the cabin and that Finn had gone to the police. He added that the cops were after her, so she needed to turn Peter in and not kill him. She countered that she wanted to honor Nathan and make sure that justice was served. "Murder isn't justice," Franco said. "Close enough," Liesl replied, wondering what she had left to live for anyway. "You still have me," Franco assured her.

Franco continued that Liesl had been the only one there for him when he'd returned to Port Charles. Even though their friendship was "weird and messed up," it was "ours," and he promised that she would never lose him. However, he suggested that she get Peter somewhere safe and leave Port Charles for good so that Franco could tip off the cops about Peter. He added that she could never return, but it was better than life in prison. "You're a good friend," she told him.

Franco turned to check his phone as he asked where Peter was. As he asked the question, Liesl quietly picked up a glass bottle from the ground and hit him over the head. He collapsed unconscious on the ground. Liesl regretted hurting Franco and assured him that he was a better man than he'd been when she'd met him. She explained that few people were capable of change, and usually it was for the worse. "You did. Alas, I can't. I know what must be done," she said, and she left him. A few minutes later, Valentin arrived on the docks and heard Franco's pained groaning.

Peter wondered what he was supposed to do the next time Liesl tried to kill him and Nina wasn't around. "I got this," she insisted, claiming that she had a "way out" for both of them. She explained that she would drop him off at Metro Court and tip off the cops, who would probably arrest him within minutes. In exchange for his freedom, he would tell the cops that he'd never seen his captors, and he could invent whatever he wanted, since he was "good at fiction."

Nina continued that it was the right thing for Peter to do in order to make it up to Nathan and his loved ones. She thought that trying to get revenge by betraying Nina and Liesl would be something Faison would do. Peter finally agreed, and Nina untied him. Just then, Liesl entered, holding a Molotov cocktail. She observed that Nina had betrayed her, and it was the "end of the road" for Peter.

Liesl decides to end things her way

Liesl decides to end things her way

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sonny was on the phone with Diane while Felix and Mike played a game of checkers. "Whatever it takes," Sonny said into the phone. He wanted Diane to find a way for him to visit with Carly. Mike saw the photo of himself alongside Charlie Delaney and began to shout, "I know these guys. Son, are you in trouble?" Sonny assured Mike that he was not in trouble, but Mike grew agitated. He advised Sonny that Charlie was "connected." Sonny pointed out that the photo was an old one.

Mike began to scream at Felix, who tried to reassure the old man. He didn't know Felix and assumed that he worked for Charlie. Mike demanded Sonny's help to get a message to his son Michael. Sonny revealed that he worked with Michael, and he could get a message to him. "Stay away from Charlie Delaney's place," Mike said. He added that "nothin' good" would be waiting for his son there. Sonny agreed to pass the message on.

Mike wanted Sonny to leave right away, but Sonny advised his father that he was waiting for the "all clear" first. Felix tried to intervene to calm Mike down, but Mike began to shout for him to stay away from him. "Who the hell are you?" Mike asked Sonny. When the phone rang, Felix noted that it was the "all clear." It was Diane, and Sonny urged her to find a judge to help him, or he would find his own way to Carly. Mike pulled the phone from Sonny and shouted that the place was probably bugged. He wanted to go with Sonny to find his son, but Felix disclosed that Mike's son wanted Mike to stay at the house where it was safe.

Sonny added that he was a close associate of Mike's son, and his name was also Michael. He was Michael's "right-hand man." Sonny finally managed to get Mike to laugh. Sonny stated that he was treating Mike with respect, just like he would with his own dad. He wanted to honor Mike.

Later, Felix bounded down the stairs and advised Sonny that Mike was resting. Sonny admitted that he'd never seen his father so bad. Felix thought that Sonny should talk to someone because he had a lot going on between Carly and Mike. He offered to lend an ear. He also asked whether Sonny had looked at the brochures for other facilities, but Sonny admitted he wasn't ready. Felix thought it might be a good idea because the staff could look after Mike, and Sonny would still be able to see him every day. Sonny promised he would look into it. He left to visit Carly.

A straitjacketed Carly paced in her padded cell and kept repeating that Sonny and Jason would get her out. She heard the jangle of keys, and Mary Pat and Rupert entered. The nurse had a sedative for Carly that had been prescribed by another doctor because Kevin was in Europe, visiting his wife. She had given Carly's history to Dr. Lasiris. Carly wanted time to give her side of the story, and she informed the nurse that it was her right to refuse treatment.

Mary Pat retorted that Carly no longer had that option. Mary Pat declared that Kevin had allowed his patients to treat their problems through talk, but the new doctor used control. Carly struggled as Rupert tried to hold her still, and she advised the orderly that Sonny would take care of the man. Carly added that she had people who would avenge her because that was their "business motto." She wanted to be taken back to her own room.

Rupert started to waver, but Mary Pat shook her head. Carly advised the nurse to remember the name Sonny Corinthos after her life was ruined. Mary Pat stuck Carly with the needle. Shortly after, Sonny encountered Rupert in the hallway and told him that he wanted to see his wife. Rupert was hesitant, and Sonny reminded him of their arrangement. He added that he had "resources and memory," and he demanded to know Carly's whereabouts. Rupert said he couldn't help Sonny and walked away.

In the padded cell, Mary Pat mocked a heavily sedated Carly and told her that it wasn't so hard to be good. She'd also found Carly's phone, which was a "no-no." Carly closed her eyes.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth frantically tried to get in touch with Franco. Griffin saw her and asked if everything was okay, and they agreed that Franco had a "knack" for getting into trouble. Elizabeth complained about Bensch and thought he should be suspended until his case was settled. She asked about Kiki, and Griffin revealed that Kiki had had to defend herself often. Elizabeth noted that the young woman had lots of friends.

Elsewhere, Maxie ran into Sam and Curtis and announced that Kim had given her a "clean bill of health." Sam disclosed that they had crossed Maxie off of their suspect list, but they wondered when she had last seen Liesl.

Maxie revealed that she saw Liesl all the time, but Sam disclosed that the doctor had had a cabin in the woods and hadn't been home in weeks. In addition, the cabin had shown signs of someone being held against their will. Maxie agreed that Liesl would be capable of making Peter suffer, and after thinking about it, Maxie realized that the woman had not been around to see James. Curtis suggested that Nina would know about Liesl, but Maxie couldn't believe that Nina would be involved. "She would never..." Maxie began.

Curtis admitted that he didn't want to think about Nina being involved, but Sam thought that Nina would be able to lead them to Liesl. Curtis and Sam continued to ask questions about Nina, and Maxie confessed that Nina had been distracted and not around too often because she'd lost her husband. Curtis mentioned the West Nile virus on Spoon Island. Maxie recalled seeing Nina in Metro Court with a takeout order big enough for two or three people. Maxie noted that Nina had asked how she would feel if Peter died, but Sam and Curtis had asked the same thing.

At the docks, Valentin heard groaning behind a pile of boxes and watched in amazement as Franco pulled himself up. "You. I know you," Franco said as he stumbled out and fell back to the ground. Valentin tried to awaken Franco, without success, and began to call for help when he saw the broken bottle pieces on the ground. He gingerly picked up a large portion with his handkerchief. "Freeze," Chase called out with his gun pointed at Valentin.

Chase tried to reassure the unconscious Franco as a handcuffed Valentin stated that it wasn't what it looked like. He had just been about to call for help. Chase advised him that he could explain at the police station.

As Nina untied Peter's restraints in the stable, Liesl arrived with a Molotov cocktail in her hand. She expressed her disappointment in her niece. "It's over," Nina said. Peter was weak, smelly, and hungry. Liesl exclaimed that Nina had broken Liesl's heart, but Liesl had known she would be betrayed. She thought that Nina was weak. Nina declared that they should have stopped before then, and Nathan would have been ashamed of them.

Peter tried to liken his childhood to Liesl's, and Liesl admitted that she'd never been adequate enough for either her parents or Faison. Others had failed her, but she could finish the way that she wanted. Nina accused Liesl of leaving her in an "impossible situation," but Liesl accused Nina of not caring about losing her brother. Liesl went on that she'd given Nathan up in order to protect him, but she had not been blind to Faison's faults. She raged that Anna's son was still alive, while hers was in the ground. She planned to finish either with or without Nina's help.

Nina cried and reminded her aunt that she'd lost time with her brother, also. She hated both Faison and Anna, but it didn't justify what they'd done to Peter. Nina begged for it to be over, and she pleaded for Peter to be let go. Liesl ranted that she couldn't let Henrik go, but Nina insisted that Liesl had no choice. She declared that it was no longer grief but madness.

Liesl only wanted to voice her own feelings. She mentioned that Henrik had been able to "endure, even thrive" while others had been "extinguished." She was full of pain and grief. Nina urged Liesl to "snap out of it." Liesl shouted that one character needed an exit. "Time to close the book once and for all," Liesl said as she pulled out a lighter. She thought it would be a fitting end to the story. Nina shouted for her to put the lighter down as Peter slowly began to back up.

Liesl lit the cocktail and laughed as she tossed it. Flames began to shoot up.

Back at the hospital, Maxie stopped to ask a nurse behind the desk about the West Nile quarantine. She was concerned for her son. The nurse checked the computer and stated that there hadn't been an outbreak in ten years. She hadn't heard of any such quarantine. "You don't say," Maxie said.

Elizabeth raced downstairs and found Griffin examining a still unconscious Franco. Griffin noted that Franco had suffered "one hell of a blow." Chase admitted that he had a suspect in custody, but it appeared to be the wrong person.

Outside of the exam room, Elizabeth ran into Curtis and Sam, who began to yell and ask why Franco had been at the dock. Elizabeth shouted back that he'd been attacked. Franco called out to Elizabeth, and she ran back into the room, followed by Sam and Curtis. Franco asked what had happened. Griffin assured them there was no concussion, but he said he would order tests. Franco stated that he had had a dream with Elizabeth. She asked if he recalled who had hit him, and he revealed it had been Liesl.

At Sonny's house, Mike headed downstairs and found Felix. He admitted that his nap had been needed, but he wondered where Sonny was. He was sure that something was wrong, and Sonny was in trouble. He added that a father always knew.

Chase sat with Valentin in the interrogation room at the police station. Valentin threatened legal action. Chase figured that Valentin had hired someone to commit the crime, and he was familiar with Valentin's rap sheet. Valentin insisted that he had to be somewhere important. He had to get to Wyndemere. Chase advised him that it was quarantined. In the meantime, Valentin had been at the crime scene with the victim. Valentin wanted his lawyer.

Maxie arrived at the dock and called for a launch. She saw the quarantine sign and pulled it down.

Liesl starts a fire

Liesl starts a fire

Friday, July 20, 2018

Mary Pat read the documents that Diane had given her as Diane explained that Mary Pat would be in breach of a court order if she didn't let Diane see Carly. Mary Pat led Diane to Carly's room, and Diane was appalled that Carly was in a padded cell. Mary Pat reminded Diane that Carly had overpowered her, but Diane suggested that it was a conflict of interest for Mary Pat to be supervising Carly's treatment. "I'm a professional," Mary Pat insisted. She let Diane into the room and advised her that she had five minutes.

Diane entered the room and was shocked to see a drowsy, lethargic Carly in a straitjacket. Diane quickly explained that Sonny had sent her, and she wanted to know what drugs Mary Pat had given Carly. "I don't do drugs. Drugs are bad," Carly slurred. She babbled on about stopping Michael and Nelle's wedding, ignoring Diane's repeated questions about Carly's medication. "Time's up," Mary Pat said from the doorway.

A short while later, Diane was gone, and Mary Pat had another dose of medication for Carly. "I don't want any more," Carly mumbled, but Mary Pat praised the "visionary" Dr. Lasiris. Mary Pat gave Carly some pills and made sure that she'd swallowed them. She gushed about how Dr. Lasiris had had much success in "lost causes" like Carly, and he had something special in store for her, even if it was "unorthodox." As she left the room, she cheerily assured Carly that, once Dr. Lasiris was through with Carly, she would be "forever changed."

Sonny was looking at a brochure for a facility for Mike when Jason entered. Sonny informed him that Diane was visiting Carly, but there wasn't much she could do about getting Carly out. He regretted that there was also nothing he could do to stop Mike's Alzheimer's from progressing. He told Jason about Mike's bad day and that Felix thought it was time for Sonny to look into a facility. However, Sonny didn't want to put Mike in a facility because the staff at the facility weren't family, and they didn't know Mike.

Jason reminded Sonny that he was the one who would have to live with the choices he made for Mike, so he needed to do whatever felt right. Sonny remembered all the time he'd spent resenting Mike, but he revealed that he no longer did. He continued that it was the closest he'd felt to Mike since he'd been a boy, and he wished he had more time. Just then, Diane entered and told Sonny and Jason about the state Carly was in. She promised to talk to the judge the next day and advised Sonny that "brute force" would not be a good solution.

Diane took most of the blame for Carly's situation and promised to make it right. She intended to ask the judge for an independent evaluation so they could see that Carly was being overmedicated. She figured that Carly would either be transferred to Shadybrook, or the court would at least supervise Carly's treatment. Sonny advised Diane that it was her last chance, so she needed to "make it work."

"Welcome home, Mrs. Quartermaine," Michael said as he and Nelle entered the Quartermaine house. He got her a healthy snack as Drew entered and welcomed them home. Michael excused himself to put Nelle's things in her room. "You mean our room?" she clarified. He'd thought that she would be more comfortable alone after getting out of the hospital, but she intended to sleep next to him that night. When Michael was gone, Drew told Nelle that he would get her anything she needed because they were family. Nelle appreciated the sentiment, as she knew that neither of them had much family of their own.

Nelle thought that she and Drew had a lot in common, since they'd both had troubled pasts and arrived in town as outsiders. She wondered how he'd overcome everyone looking at him as a killer. A surprised Drew told her that no one looked at him that way, but she reminded him that everyone had thought that he was Jason. Knowing that he still had Jason's memories, Nelle wondered how Jason had gotten away with murder so many times. He advised her to go elsewhere for that "wisdom."

Chase cuffed Valentin to the table in the interrogation room, and Valentin demanded to see his lawyer. "I'll see what I can do," Chase said, and he left the room. Finn entered the station and asked Jordan for an update on Peter, and she informed him that they were still waiting on the lab results. Curtis entered and divulged that Liesl was "going on a rampage," and Jordan invited Chase into the conversation. Curtis updated them on Maxie and Franco's statements.

Chase went back into the interrogation room and informed Valentin that he was free to go. Through his urgent need to leave, he thanked Chase for being the only cop in town who hadn't automatically thought he was guilty of something. When Valentin was gone, Chase's phone went off, and he answered it to Michael. Michael assured Chase that Nelle still thought they were "blissful newlyweds." Chase instructed Michael to keep being loving and attentive but to also keep making unconvincing excuses to leave. He continued that she was smart and paranoid, and figuring out their trap would only make her more dangerous.

Outside the interrogation room, Jordan disclosed that she'd put out an APB on Liesl. Curtis figured that, since Liesl had knocked out her only friend, she was probably aware that her "time is short." "So is Peter's," Finn added. Curtis suggested calling Sonny, but Jordan didn't want to owe Sonny a favor. Curtis offered to call Sonny just as Chase called Jordan into the interrogation room. Curtis mentioned the West Nile outbreak, and Finn informed him that there was no West Nile. They suddenly realized that a deserted Spoon Island was the perfect place to keep a prisoner, and they ran out of the police station.

On the phone with Michael, Jordan advised him to be careful, as his life was at risk. He related that he'd staged some conversations when he'd known that she would be listening, so she was "buying" his act. He was confident that Nelle was "on the verge" of asking for Chase's help. Chase took the phone back and reminded Michael that there was no guarantee that Nelle would play by their rules.

A few minutes later, Michael returned downstairs and asked Nelle if she was ready for bed. She agreed, and she couldn't wait to "snuggle up" to Michael. They said goodnight to Drew and went upstairs. Minutes later, Michael joined Nelle in bed. A short while later, Nelle was asleep, and Michael took the opportunity to leave the room as Nelle opened her eyes. She played back her conversation with Chase in her head about how Michael wasn't good enough for Nelle.

Downstairs, Michael poured himself a drink, and Drew thought that Michael would get used to sleeping next to Nelle again. "I pray it never gets that far," Michael replied, taking a gulp of his drink.

Chase looked at Nelle's file and thought back to Michael, Jordan, and himself agreeing on the plan of attack on Nelle. Just then, his phone went off, and it was Nelle. She babbled that he'd been right about Michael, and she couldn't stay married to him. "I need your help," she pleaded, and he smirked.

Maxie was startled when Lulu approached her on the dock, and she wondered why Lulu was there. Lulu responded that she'd had some business to take care of on the Haunted Star, and she turned the question around. Maxie answered that she was waiting for the launch to Spoon Island, and she explained about the fake West Nile quarantine, Nina and Liesl's strange behavior, and her suspicion that they'd been holding Peter hostage.

Lulu pleaded with Maxie to let the cops handle it, but Maxie thought that it could take someone Nina and Liesl loved to "save them from themselves." She wanted to get to them before something bad happened. "I agree," Valentin said as he approached the women. He revealed that the launch was on its way and asked if they wanted a ride.

Liesl lit the rag on the Molotov cocktail and tossed the bottle across the room despite Nina's screaming at her not to. Liesl laughed as the flames spread. "Give my regards to Cesar in hell!" she yelled at Peter. Liesl left as Nina tried to help Peter up, but he was too weak to stand on his own. He asked Nina to apologize to Maxie for him, but Nina insisted that he wasn't going to die. She went to call for help, but the room was blocked in by flames.

"I'm sorry, Nathan," Liesl pleaded outside the stables, adding that "it wasn't supposed to happen like this." Valentin arrived and demanded to know where Nina was, but Liesl didn't answer. He called out for Nina and yelled at Lulu and Maxie to call 9-1-1. "What did you do?" Maxie demanded of Liesl. As Lulu made the call, Valentin ran into the stables to find Nina. Lulu observed that Valentin loved Nina, after all.

Maxie hysterically screamed that she wanted to go in and look for Nina, but Lulu blocked her path. She wanted to do something other than just stand there, but Lulu reminded her that she had two children who needed their mother. Lulu made another call and told the emergency workers to hurry. Maxie returned from walking around the building and wailed that there was only one exit out of it. Just then, they realized that Liesl was gone.

Inside the stables, Valentin located an unconscious Nina and carried her out, coughing. He put her down on the ground, and Maxie didn't think that Nina was breathing. Valentin started to perform CPR and begged Nina not to leave him.

On the dock, Liesl thought back to her conversation with Peter about her guilt over Nathan's death. Curtis popped up and advised her to be careful on the docks at night. She turned to run away, but Finn appeared, telling her, "Nope." A short while later, the police arrived, and Jordan read the Miranda Warning to a handcuffed Liesl. Curtis tried to call Finn, who'd taken Liesl's boat to Spoon Island, but he wasn't answering. Jordan assured him that she would send a police boat to the island. "You're wasting your time," Liesl said gleefully. "Tell Anna something for me: now we are even," she added.

Finn ran to where Valentin was working on Nina, and he took over. When Nina finally took a breath and started coughing, Lulu gave her a bottle of water. Nina wondered how she'd gotten out, and Maxie informed her that Valentin had saved her. She asked where Peter was, and Valentin answered that he hadn't seen Peter through the smoke. Maxie reminded them that there was no other exit, so Peter was still inside the burning stables. Finn got up and looked inside.

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