General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 23, 2018 on GH

Michael's attempt to get a full confession from Nelle took a frightening turn. Brad was overjoyed to meet his newborn son, Wiley Cooper-Jones. Jason raced to save Carly from Dr. Lasiris' controversial treatment. Margaux found the flash drive with Drew's memory mapping.
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Peter's life hangs in the balance

Peter's life hangs in the balance

Monday, July 23, 2018

Julian and Kim carried the last of his boxes into his room at Metro Court. He thanked her for her help, but she wondered why the bellboys hadn't helped. He replied that Olivia had probably told them not to, as the only reason he even had a room there was because he was Leo's father. "It's not like I could stay with you," he blurted out. He hadn't meant to make her uncomfortable, but she had wanted to ask about his comment from earlier, mentioning their future, anyway.

Kim was clearly uncomfortable, and Julian wondered if she wanted to just pretend he'd never said anything. He admitted that there had been a time in his life when he hadn't been sure that he would have a future, but partially thanks to her, that was no longer the case. She told him that she liked being with him because there was no pressure, and she added that she couldn't promise him a future. She was also concerned about Oscar, and Julian didn't want to be a "wedge" between Kim and her son. She urged Julian to give Oscar some time, as she'd never really dated before.

Kim continued that she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to give Julian what he deserved and that she would break his heart. They agreed that they weren't specifically looking for a long-term commitment and that they were happy "for now." He assured her that they would worry if and when the time arrived, and he kissed her.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Drew went over some things about Crimson with his assistant. When they were done, she remembered a letter that had arrived for him that day. She handed it to him and left. He saw that it was about a high school reunion, and he was clearly conflicted about it. "Bad news?" Margaux wondered as she approached. She asked to join him, as she had some business to discuss with him, and he invited her to sit.

Margaux gave Drew a baseball cap as a "peace offering" after he wouldn't let her pay for dry cleaning. He thanked her unenthusiastically and apologized because he was distracted. He explained that he'd gotten a letter about a high school reunion, and he was "on the fence" about going, especially since he didn't remember high school. "It's a blur for me, too," Margaux commented. However, he explained that he literally had no memories from before 2014, and she thought that most would envy him. "See you around," she said, and she left. He ripped up the reunion letter, put the cap on, and left a few minutes later.

Margaux arrived in her room and sat down. She caught sight of something on a side table and retrieved it. There was an envelope taped to the side of the table, addressed to Drew Cain, but it was empty. Indifferent, she crumpled it up, tossed it on the coffee table, and walked away.

Josslyn and Oscar looked open-mouthed at the television, in shock at how their show had ended. Oscar thought they could try another show, but she couldn't take staring at the screen anymore. She thanked him for keeping her company and distracting her, and they shared a kiss. Josslyn stopped and asked if he wanted to "take this upstairs." She reasoned that they had the house to themselves for the whole night, but he didn't think it was a good idea, as they hadn't really talked about it.

Oscar admitted that he didn't want Josslyn to regret her first time having sex, and he wanted to talk about it "another time." She apologized that having sex with her was like a "horrible chore to put off" to him. He told her that she was acting crazy and that she seemed to be impulsive because of all the things happening in her life. Josslyn yelled at him to stop "projecting your insecurities on me," and she stormed upstairs.

A short while later, Josslyn returned downstairs, surprised that Oscar was still there. Oscar said that it wasn't the "right time" for him. She insincerely told him that she understood, and that she wasn't mad at him. "I'm over it. There are more things deserving of my anger," she added. He offered to hang out until his curfew, but she thought he should go, as she wanted to go to bed early. He promised to call her the next day and kissed her on the cheek. He left, and she broke down in tears.

Nina said that someone needed to get Peter, and Valentin volunteered. However, Finn observed that Valentin was already in bad shape, so Finn ran into the building to look for Peter. He yelled out for Peter as he looked around. He finally found an unconscious Peter and picked him up.

Outside the stables, Maxie thought Finn was taking too long. Nina regretted not pulling Peter out right away instead of trying to get help, but Valentin didn't think she would have been able to drag him out. "He shouldn't have been there in the first place," she muttered. As Maxie called out to Finn, Finn appeared in the doorway and collapsed on the ground with Peter. Maxie pleaded with Peter not to die as Finn worked on him. As Maxie helped Finn, they heard a helicopter overhead.

Minutes later, Nina was on a stretcher, telling the paramedics that Peter was worse off than her. Maxie asked if Peter would be all right, and she begged the paramedics not to let him die.

Alexis approached Lucas at the hospital and had some important details to go over with him. She informed him that the birth mother of his and Brad's baby was due to give birth that week. She continued that the woman's lawyer would call Alexis as soon as she went into labor so that the baby could be transferred to General Hospital. "Unless she changes her mind," Lucas countered. He wanted assurance of legal protection, but Alexis reminded him that he and Brad had already agreed to the terms, which couldn't be renegotiated. However, she promised to do everything she could.

Just then, a nurse told Lucas that they had some smoke inhalation patients on the way, so Lucas excused himself to get ready. A few minutes later, Nina and Peter were wheeled in on stretchers. Lucas directed the paramedics to take them to rooms, and he gave nurses instructions for both patients. Lulu, Maxie, and Valentin followed, and Finn walked off on his own to call Anna.

A doctor checked Nina out and assured her that she was all right, but he still wanted to keep her overnight. When the doctor was gone, Nina observed that Valentin had saved her life, and he replied that he'd been "grateful for the chance." He caught sight of Jordan outside the room and walked out to get Nina water. Valentin made a beeline for Alexis and asked her to help Nina. Nina told Alexis about what Liesl had done to Peter and omitted her own involvement, which Alexis found hard to believe. Valentin just believed that her familial connection to Liesl made Nina look bad.

Alexis divulged that she couldn't represent Nina. She explained that there was a conflict of interest involving Peter, as he had abducted Jason and Drew, both of whom were fathers to her grandchildren. She advised Nina not to answer any questions without representation just as Jordan entered the room. Jordan implored Nina to cooperate, but Nina answered that she wouldn't answer any questions without her lawyer present. Alexis left, and Jordan followed her out, asking if Alexis was responsible for Nina's statement. "I do not represent Nina," Alexis stated. Jordan hoped that Peter was more "forthcoming," and she walked away.

Alexis was glad that Finn was all right, and she figured that Anna was happy that Peter had been found. Finn admitted that, aside from a few texts, he hadn't heard from Anna since she'd been away. Alexis related that she'd had a similar experience having to explain the sudden appearance of an adult child, and it had been painful. Finn was happy to give Anna space, but he thought he would have heard from her. Just then, his phone went off, and it was a text from Anna saying, "I'm so relieved Peter has been found. Please text with updates on his condition! I will call you tomorrow." He thanked Alexis for listening, and she left. He reread the text curiously.

Lucas checked an unconscious Peter out with the aid of Francesca, and he ordered chest x-rays for Peter. Maxie and Lulu entered the room, and Lucas wanted to check them out, too. Lulu agreed and followed Lucas out, but Maxie lingered. She asked for a minute with Peter, and Lucas instructed her to find Lucas when she was done. Maxie stood next to Peter, and he woke up. He took his oxygen mask off as he said her name, but Francesca made him put the mask back on and left.

Maxie explained that Liesl had nearly killed Peter, and Nina had tried to save him. She figured that he would be taken to prison soon, and she would never have to see him again. He admitted that he'd heard Maxie telling the paramedics not to let him die. She answered that there had been enough death already. She informed him that she'd read his book, and she acknowledged how bad his childhood had been. However, she didn't think that was an excuse to treat people the way he had. She advised him to stop using his "rotten childhood" as a "free pass."

Maxie continued that Peter had gotten a second chance at life after people had cared enough to try to save him. "You owe them to do better," she said. "Don't waste it," she added, and she left. Jordan entered the room with an officer, who cuffed Peter to the bed. Peter couldn't believe that Jordan would be interested in catching Peter's captors. "Captors? Plural?" Jordan asked. As Nina was passing by Peter's room for some tests, Lucas scolded Jordan for talking to his patient without his permission. Peter insisted on talking and told Jordan that Liesl had acted alone, and he was thankful that Nina had found him.

Michael and Nelle see their plans continue

Michael and Nelle see their plans continue

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jason found Chase punching the bag at Volonino's gym. Jason admitted that he was concerned about Michael, but Chase assured him that their plan was the only way they'd trap Nelle and win. Jason was worried that Nelle would go to someone else for help instead of Chase, who explained that there was always a risk involved in a "sting." He promised Jason that the police would be involved.

Kiki paid a visit to Alexis. She was distraught over an article in The Invader, although Alexis explained that Scott was good at "working" the press. Kiki thought that with the article casting Bensch in a good light, her suit would be over before it started. Alexis assured her that a decision would be made in court by a jury, and Kiki had a good chance. Kiki only wanted to make sure the doctor wasn't around to hurt anyone else.

Kiki admitted that she'd been researching online, even though Alexis had advised her not to. She had read that only six percent of cases like hers ended in a judgment for the plaintiff. Alexis urged her to be strong and to stay off the Internet. Kiki didn't know how much longer she could last. Alexis hugged her, and Kiki promised to only look at cute videos online. Alexis wanted her to be positive. After Kiki had gone, Alexis grabbed her phone. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," she muttered.

Margaux saw Drew at the Metro Court bar and joined him. She flirted a bit and mentioned that she was staying in Peter's former suite. She also noted that the police force hadn't been involved in Peter's capture, but an odd mix of characters had found him instead. Drew went on about Peter and the lives he'd affected. He hoped that Margaux would be able to obtain the maximum sentence. Margaux declared that she had lots of questions, but they'd have to wait. She picked up her large purse and left.

Nearby, Julian bumped into Ava and Griffin and told them about the editorial that had been printed in the morning edition of The Invader. It had put Dr. Bensch in a good light. Ava noted that it was good she had been reformed, otherwise she would have been tempted to do something. Julian had his own thoughts about it, but they would have to wait. Julian left them, and Griffin asked Ava how Julian could help.

Ava didn't know but she wanted breakfast in Metro Court. She and Griffin walked in, but Ava saw Michael and Nelle at a table; she suggested Kelly's instead. Griffin asked who she was avoiding. Ava didn't answer but then suggested room service and accused Griffin of being the one to change subjects often. She asked if he was worried about the illegal DNA test he'd conducted on Peter, but she didn't want him to obsess over it. Griffin told her it was never too late for salvation.

Ava wanted Griffin to talk to her about anything, but he leaned over and kissed her instead. He had to get to the hospital. Ava stopped to see Julian in his suite, where he admitted that he didn't really have a plan, and he couldn't be involved. Ava was annoyed, but Julian responded that he would only help legally. He wanted to be a better man for Kim and Oscar, and he was happy with his new life at Charlie's Pub.

Ava laughed. She couldn't believe Julian was being serious. Julian thought that if Ava could work things out with "Dr. Do-Good," then he could make things work, too. He looked at her face and asked if everything was okay.

Ava insisted that Griffin made her happy, but Julian thought she was working too hard at convincing him. Ava received a phone call from Alexis, who asked to see her.

Michael and Nelle ate breakfast in Metro Court, and he suggested they get away after their baby was born. Nelle was short with him and complained that she would feel better if he didn't sneak off in the middle of the night. Michael claimed that he had had work to do. Nelle accused him of having "buyer's remorse" after their wedding, but Michael declared that the marriage thing was all new to him. He grabbed her hand and admitted that he was worried about Carly.

Nelle replied that Carly was always between them, and Michael always chose his mother. She couldn't help but remember back to the time when Michael had dressed in a loud Hawaiian shirt to match her inappropriate dress at the ELQ benefit. She wished for those happier times, and the baby reminded her of what was at stake. Michael wanted them to move forward. Nelle shooed him off to work, and after he was gone, fished her phone from her purse.

Chase received a text message from Nelle, and he advised Jason that Nelle wanted to meet up. He added that the clock was ticking, and Michael had to die before his will could be filed. Jason asked to be kept informed of anything that Nelle had to say.

Nina visited with Peter in his room at General Hospital. She wanted to make sure he was okay. Peter asked about her, and she told him she was going home. Peter thought that it was nice to have a place to go to. As he spoke, he coughed and wheezed. Nina advised him that Liesl had been taken into custody, and Peter admitted he wasn't sorry. The doctor had tortured and starved him. Nina reminded him that she had helped her aunt, but Peter insisted that Nina was kind and decent and had only wanted justice. He was alive because of Nina.

Valentin walked through the door and declared that when one saved a life, that person's life belonged to one forever. Nina retorted that her life didn't belong to Valentin, but Valentin insisted he'd been referring to Peter. Nina wondered about Peter not saying anything to the cops about her involvement, but Valentin urged her to be quiet. Peter agreed that Valentin was right. Peter thought that Nina had better things and people to be involved with, and she left.

Valentin closed the door and thanked Peter, who stated it was the least he could do. He wasn't sure how to repay Valentin, who had destroyed him after he'd believed him to be a friend. Valentin wished he could fix things, and he agreed that that had been the reason for helping Peter to escape jail. Valentin asked what he could do. Peter continued coughing, and he began to weep. He didn't have an answer, but one day when he was free, he'd think of something.

Griffin saw Nina in the hallway and ordered her not to leave and go to work. Nina divulged that she needed to get away from her husband. Griffin agreed that she could leave, but he didn't want her to have any stress. He thought that someone should stay with her. Suddenly, Valentin appeared and offered to help his wife.

Griffin stopped in Peter's room, and Peter grabbed his hand. Peter admitted he was relieved that his secret had gotten out, and Griffin confessed that he had made his own choice regarding the DNA test. Griffin insisted he wasn't relieved, but Peter understood that Griffin had only wanted to protect Maxie as well as himself. Griffin stated that one lie made it easier to tell subsequent lies. Just then, Margaux stepped in and introduced herself to Peter, and Griffin left.

Peter asked if he should call a lawyer, but Margaux just promised him that he'd be staying in prison the next time. Drew also showed up with questions for Peter, and he disclosed that he'd had a feeling he'd find Margaux there. Drew demanded to know where the flash drive was. Peter coughed and swore that he'd had it in his hotel room and had written Drew's name on an envelope in order to give it to him. He had been unconscious, and he didn't know what had happened to it.

Margaux flashed back to the envelope she'd found in her suite with Drew's name. She decided to leave, as the guys had something private to discuss. Drew accused Peter of never really wanting to give him the flash drive. Peter insisted it was true, and the flash drive was "out there." Drew said it was too late, and he had his life. He left as Peter weakly called out that he was telling the truth.

Griffin spotted Kiki, who called herself an idiot. She kept reading and obsessing over the newspaper article. Griffin called it garbage, but Kiki declared that it never went away. She stormed off.

Valentin saw Nina back to her room at Metro Court, although she told him she wasn't an invalid. She thanked him for saving her life, and Valentin declared his love. Nina replied that she loved him, too, but they had a broken relationship. Valentin vowed to show her how much he loved her, and he grabbed her hand. Nina said that nothing was changed. She stated that marriage consisted of faith, honesty, and trust, and they didn't have that. She accused Valentin of handing Peter over to a monster, and she couldn't forgive him for doing that to an innocent child.

Nina continued that Peter had deserved hope with a decent family. Her voice cracked. She also wanted her brother back. She ordered Valentin to go away and to leave her alone. She closed the door behind him and rested her hand on the door handle as Valentin did the same on the other side of the door.

Margaux showed up at the Metro Court bar and asked the bartender if there was a lost and found. The woman picked up the metal box and unlocked it. Margaux explained that she'd lost an earring, and she began to rummage through the items inside. As she found the flash drive, she palmed it and sighed that there was no earring.

Michael arrived at the gym and saw Jason at the punching bag. Jason was glad that Michael was safe, but Michael wondered why he wouldn't be. Jason admitted that he'd seen the text message from Nelle to Chase, and he was aware that Michael's wife planned to kill him. Michael admitted that he thought about his baby and the fact that its mother would be in prison. One day, the child would want to see Nelle. Jason thought all would be okay because the child would have Michael as a father, and he would put his child first, unlike Nelle.

Michael disclosed that he had started to doubt whether Nelle had actually ever been happy and a good person. He thought that maybe she had "played him" all along. If she had been really happy in the past, that person was long gone, he realized. Jason replied that the only thing that mattered was "containing the threat."

Ava arrived at Alexis' house, and Alexis admitted she needed Ava's help.

Nelle met with Chase at the pier, and she exclaimed that everything had happened the way that Chase had said it would. She had realized that Michael just wanted parental rights, and he would give their child everything. She would have nothing. She began to cry that she would be found unfit. Chase assured her he'd take care of everything.

Nelle believed that she was safe with the Quartermaine family, but the Corinthos family "wants to take me out." She was afraid. She'd heard Sonny talking about taking care of the problem. Chase thought he needed to tell Jordan, but Nelle cried that she was considered an "obstacle." She didn't want to die, but she had nowhere to hide. She wondered how Chase could protect her.

Chase assured Nelle that he could be "resourceful." She realized she had to be a widow first.

The plan to trap Nelle moves forward

The plan to trap Nelle moves forward

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Alexis thanked Kiki for returning to her house. Kiki was adamant that she was finished with everything and everyone, and she wanted to drop the lawsuit against Bensch. Alexis admitted that she wanted to try to convince Kiki to stick with it. "Maybe they can," Alexis said as they walked inside. Ava, Jordan, Olivia, and Kim rose as one from the couch where they'd been sitting.

"You're all here for me," Kiki said in disbelief. She was especially surprised because she knew that some of the women present couldn't stand each other. Everyone, including Alexis, raised their hands after Alexis asked whether any of them had been sexually harassed in the workplace. "You're not alone Kiki," said Ava.

Slowly, every woman present shared her experiences as to where and how the harassment had happened. The harassment had occurred everywhere; from medical school to law school to everyday jobs. Olivia shared that she could have told her brothers and father but she'd had a job and a kid to support as a single mother. She only recently had realized that she had had an "out" while others did not. Kim saw herself in Kiki, but the choice that Kiki had been told to make was one that no one should have to do.

Alexis noted that times were different, and sexual harassment was "no longer tolerated behavior." They hadn't had a choice in the past, and while it wouldn't be easy, it would be worth it for Kiki to pursue her lawsuit. Olivia declared that Kiki would be "carrying the torch" and would be giving inspiration to other women. She stressed that she had had many men in her life and wasn't a man-hater. Olivia stated that her own son would never act as so many of these men had. Alexis agreed that all men couldn't be grouped together.

Kiki thanked all of the women for sharing their stories and inspiring words. She agreed that the lawsuit was bigger than her; it would be hard, but she would go through with it. The women jumped up from the couch and chairs where they'd been seated. They were happy to hear Kiki's decision. Olivia thought they owed it to women both before them and in the future. Ava hugged her daughter.

At Volonino's Gym, Jason reminded Michael that Nelle was dangerous, and he needed to protect himself. Michael couldn't believe that Jason was so worried about him, but he declared that he had backup. Sam walked in and was surprised to see the men. She told Michael that while she didn't know details, she wanted him to be careful. Michael acknowledged that he couldn't divulge anything, and she understood. She noted that "It would kill Jason" if anything happened to Michael.

Michael agreed not to take any unnecessary risks, and Sam pointed out that he sounded just like Jason. Michael exclaimed that he was doing for his child exactly what Sam had done for Danny and what Jason had done for him. He left, and Jason thanked Sam for saying what she had.

Shortly after, Sam jumped rope as Jason hit the punching bag. He looked at Sam and asked if she was okay. She explained that she was feeling lucky to have had someone return unexpectedly two different times. She meant both Danny and Jason. Sam went on to tell Jason how she'd felt after learning that Danny had leukemia. While Jason expressed sorrow for not being there, Sam advised him that she'd had her mother, sisters, and Patrick. Jason was shocked to hear of Patrick, and Sam explained that she had seen him often during Danny's illness.

Sam revealed that she and Patrick had been engaged for a short time, and Jason was thoroughly confused. Sam thought it equaled his relationship with Robin in the past, but Jason disagreed. That had been in the past, and he saw no connection. Sam confessed that the engagement had ended because of Jason. Jake Doe had been identified as Jason, and she'd thought he had returned to her. Jason declared that he owed Drew some thanks.

Sam laughed over Jason's confusion and uneasiness. Suddenly, she received a text message and ran to the door. Danny was there, and Jason was thrilled to see him. Father and son hugged. Danny was in awe of the boxing ring, and he announced that he wanted to hit the punching bag. The boy was outfitted with gloves, and while Sam held the bag, Jason demonstrated some punches to his son. The boy began to make his moves on the bag as his parents watched.

Josslyn lay on the couch at Sonny's house, flipping through magazines and ignoring her ringing phone. Sonny walked into the room and asked her about it, but she told him she wasn't in the mood to talk to Oscar. Sonny sat down and asked her to talk to him instead. Josslyn was concerned about her mother having to stay at Ferncliff longer because of her escape. "We both know who you are," she said to Sonny. She wondered if he could pull strings to get Carly out.

Sonny thought the best way was for him to not get involved, but he had "resources" and would turn to them if he thought it necessary. "Deal?" he asked. He and Josslyn shook hands and shared a moment until Michael walked in. He asked for some time alone with Josslyn, and she asked her brother if he had talked to Nelle about her kiss with Chase.

Michael and Josslyn sat down, and Michael told her not to worry. He wanted them to focus on the new baby, and they would need to "pull together as a family." Sonny poked his head back into the room and asked if it was safe for him to return. Josslyn announced that she had an errand to run, and Sonny told her to ask Max for a lift. After she'd gone, Michael acknowledged that things were difficult for Josslyn without Carly. He blamed himself because of Nelle. Sonny agreed that the problem needed to be fixed. "Your sister needs her mother," he said,

At the park, Oscar kept trying to get in touch with Josslyn but she refused to pick up his calls. Cameron wandered by and asked if there was "trouble in paradise." Oscar insisted he'd been worried about Josslyn because he never knew what to expect with her lately. They'd never had problems talking in the past. Cameron maintained that Josslyn had had plenty of family issues recently, and Oscar wouldn't understand without having a large family. Cameron thought that Josslyn wanted to escape.

Oscar replied that while he appreciated Cameron's advice, he and Josslyn were "solid." Cameron grabbed Oscar's phone and sent Josslyn a text message. When Oscar saw what Cameron had written, he complained that he would never have said something like that. Cameron insisted that he'd known Josslyn longer and knew what to do. Josslyn responded quickly to the text message, and Oscar was impressed.

At the pier, Nelle cried to Chase that she was trapped. She had to be a widow before Michael was a widower. She'd be without anything if something happened to Michael once the will was filed. Chase declared that Michael was young and healthy, and he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Nelle complained that she would only be worried as she waited for Michael to make his moves. She thought he should be "out of the picture," and it needed to be permanent. A divorce would still leave her with nothing.

Nelle advised Chase that they could be together if he would be willing to raise her baby. Chase agreed that he would, although he didn't want her to feel pressured by things that he'd said to her. Nelle insisted she wanted to be with him, and he embraced her. Nelle thought the only way to survive and keep her child would be if Michael died. She said that she and Chase belonged together, and she was sorry for the "mixed signals" she had given him. Chase asked what she wanted him to do because he loved her. She loved Chase, too, she said.

"You have to find a way for Michael to die," Nelle implored Chase. He reminded her that he was a police officer, but Nelle made him aware of his previous desire to give it all up for her. She saw no other option, and she wanted help. "I'm in," Chase declared. Nelle informed him that it had to be done before the baby was born, and he needed a plan. The baby was due shortly. She couldn't let the Quartermaines have her baby. They kissed, and Chase left. Nelle breathed a sigh of relief. Chase quickly sent Michael a text message that read, "got her."

Back at Sonny's house, Michael explained that Chase had been "laying the groundwork." Just then, he received the text message from Chase. "The trap's been set," Michael announced. He added that his entire plan was meant to protect his child, even if he lost his own life. Chase arrived and played part of his recording for Michael and Sonny. Chase noted that it wouldn't be enough to have charges stick, and Nelle would get out of it.

Michael declared that he wasn't stopping until Carly was cleared and he was able to protect his child. Sonny gave in because of Michael's insistence. Chase noted that everything would be in place, and Michael exclaimed that he would play it out until the end. Sonny wanted Michael to make sure it was the end of Nelle's life and not Michael's.

Oscar read the text message that Cameron had sent. It was a riddle. Cameron suggested that Oscar tell Josslyn to meet him in order to get the answer. Oscar did as he was told, and Josslyn agreed to see him. Oscar thanked Cameron for his help, said he owed him, and asked for the answer to the riddle. Cameron didn't know it.

Josslyn met Nelle at the park and explained that the housekeeper had told her where to find Nelle. She explained that she and Oscar had had a fight, and they hadn't been agreeing on things. The young women sat on a bench as Nelle listened. Josslyn had been angry, and she'd shut down. Nelle asked if she missed Oscar more than she was angry, and Josslyn admitted that it was true. She had received a message from him. Nelle suggested that Josslyn talk to Oscar.

Josslyn thanked Nelle for her help and headed off to meet Oscar. She had a good feeling. "What a coincidence," Nelle exclaimed after Josslyn had gone, adding, "So do I." She looked at her wedding ring.

An overmedicated Carly has a chance encounter

An overmedicated Carly has a chance encounter

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alexis was on the phone when she arrived at the hospital, and she told someone that she was about to "deliver the news." She bumped into Julian, who thanked her for organizing the "kickass women's collective" for Kiki. Alexis couldn't talk, as she was there on "urgent business," but she was glad that it was "good news for a change." She caught sight of Brad and asked him if Lucas was around, but Brad replied that Lucas would be in surgery for a couple hours.

Alexis revealed to Brad that his and Lucas' baby had been born the night before. Julian hugged Brad and proudly declared Brad and Lucas fathers. Julian wondered if it was a boy or a girl, but Brad didn't want to find out before Lucas. However, Alexis revealed that Brad would find out first, anyway, as the baby was on its way to General Hospital. She divulged that Brad and Lucas had a son. She advised him to clear his schedule and get the car seat ready as she checked with the birth mother's lawyer.

A short while later, Brad and Julian entered an exam room, and Brad said he and Lucas had thrown caution to the wind and finished the nursery. Alexis entered and announced that someone wanted to meet Brad. A nurse wheeled the baby in in a crib, and Brad picked the baby up. Julian recorded on his phone as Brad introduced himself and cooed to the baby that it would be just "the three of us." "What if I break him?" Brad wondered suddenly. An amused Julian assured Brad that he and Lucas had "an army of friends and family" waiting to help them.

Julian wondered what the chances were of the birth mother changing her mind, and Alexis replied that it was rare. She asked Brad if he and Lucas had picked a name. Brad admitted that they'd had trouble thinking of a boy's name, but they'd finally settled on Wiley Cooper-Jones. He offered for Julian to hold the baby, and Julian happily pounced on the offer. Brad took a picture as Julian assured Wiley that his grandfather would always love him.

Brad took the baby back and left to go home. Julian looked lovingly at the picture and wondered when he would hold the baby again. Alexis thought that if he continued doing what he was doing, he would be able to see his grandson all the time.

Jason escorted Kevin into Sonny's, and Sonny asked about Spencer and Laura. Kevin replied that they were doing well, and Laura was anxious to return home. Sonny wondered if Kevin missed Laura, because Sonny missed Carly. He thought it was time for a conversation about getting Carly home, and Kevin replied that it might not be possible after her escape, regardless of her motives. Sonny just wanted Kevin to tell her that she wasn't alone, but he thought there was a good chance that Carly had been reassigned to another doctor. Sonny told Kevin that he'd never failed Sonny's family. "Don't fail us now," Sonny added.

In Kevin's office, Franco talked about how Drew had agreed to be his best man, though he wasn't sure if Drew was doing it for him or for Elizabeth. Just then, Elizabeth entered to drop off some files, and she wondered what Franco was doing alone in Kevin's office. He revealed that he was having a "practice" therapy session, which Kevin was all right with. "Don't you have a thing?" Elizabeth asked. "I do!" Franco exclaimed, and he ran out of the office.

In the interrogation room, Jordan warned Chase that his plan was risky, and it put Michael in danger. She listened to Chase's recording of Nelle and commented that it was "enough to bring her in." However, Chase thought that there was "enough wiggle room" for Nelle to get out of charges. In addition, Michael wouldn't cooperate if they couldn't also prove that Nelle had set Carly up. Chase promised that they would catch Nelle.

At the hospital, Michael thought that the next time he and Nelle saw Kim could be in the delivery room. She realized that they still had to pack her overnight bag, and he said that they could do it when they got home. Ava entered and observed that the "chaos" of the wedding hadn't caused any "lasting harm." She asked about Carly, and Michael revealed that she wasn't allowed to have visitors. Just then, his phone went off, and he saw a text from Chase that read, "Park. NOW." He cited a "work thing" and left Nelle to catch up with Ava.

Minutes later, Michael arrived at the park, and Chase told him that his car was "kitted up and ready to go. The question is, are you?" He relayed Jordan's concerns, but Michael was certain after all that Nelle had done. Chase suggested that they wait until after the baby was born, but Michael thought that would give Nelle more time to "come after" Michael. He wanted to put their plan into motion "now," and Chase agreed to "pull the trigger."

At the hospital, Nelle asked Ava not to mention Carly around Michael anymore, as it was too upsetting. She informed Ava that she wouldn't be returning to the gallery after her maternity leave. Just then, Nelle's phone went off, and it was a text from Chase that read, "need to see you. Southeast entrance to the park." Nelle revealed that she couldn't have pulled anything off without Ava's help, and she reminded Ava that it was "too late to back out" as an accomplice. "We're in it together, like it or not," Nelle said. Nelle left, and Ava glared after her, clearly uncomfortable.

A few minutes later, Nelle arrived at the park and asked Chase, "Is it done?" He replied that he'd done exactly what she'd wanted. He explained that Michael's car was "rigged to crash" after the odometer passed fifteen miles of travel. He made sure that she was clear on her part of the plan, and she agreed to get into the car for an errand, get dropped off early to create an alibi, and send Michael far enough away for the car to malfunction.

Nelle couldn't believe that she had planned Michael's death after pinning her entire future on him. Chase made sure that it was still what she wanted, and she insisted that she was "one hundred percent sure he has to die."

Sonny entered the police station and complained to Jordan that the judge had turned down visitation for Carly. Jordan informed Sonny that Carly was out of her reach at Ferncliff. She added that the conviction would be overturned once Michael and Chase got a confession out of Nelle. Chase entered and told them that it was going to happen that night. He revealed that the plan was in motion, and he'd hidden a camera in Michael's car so they could livestream his entire drive.

Michael was surprised to see Ava when he walked into the Quartermaine living room. Ava wanted to have a conversation about keeping the peace between their families. She assured Michael that Carly's insinuations about Ava helping Nelle were untrue, but she thought it was unfortunate that Carly had such a "long road ahead." Michael thought Carly would be free sooner rather than later and cited "son's intuition."

Just then, Nelle entered, surprised to see Ava. Ava claimed that she was there to deliver Nelle's final paycheck and handed an envelope to her. "Final paycheck?" Michael questioned. Ava thought it was amazing of Nelle to devote all of her time to her family. She told Nelle that she would be missed at the gallery, gave her a hug, and left. Michael wondered where she'd been, and she said that she'd run into Chase. Michael threatened to call Jordan about his harassment, but Nelle assured him that Chase "knows where I stand" and that she'd meant every word of her vows. "'Til death do us part," she said as she smiled.

Michael helped Nelle pack her bag, and she realized that the only thing missing was the glycerin lollipops that Epiphany had recommended. Michael offered to get them, and Nelle told him that the only store that had them was twenty miles away. He got his keys and promised to be back soon, but she asked if he could give her a ride to the hospital first. She explained that there was a lactation specialist Kim had wanted Nelle to talk to. He agreed, and they left the house.

Mary Pat remarked on how dry Carly's hands were as she rubbed lotion on them. She revealed to a drowsy Carly that she had "quite an afternoon in store." Carly asked about Kevin, but Mary Pat replied that Carly had been reassigned to Dr. Lasiris. She promised that Carly would feel like a new woman soon, and she got up from the table. "Wanna play?" Carly heard, and she looked up and saw Nelle. "I came to keep you company. You must be lonely," Nelle added, but she assured Carly that Nelle would take care of Michael.

Just outside the room, Mary Pat showed someone into the room. She explained that the group inside the room was heavily medicated, so Franco should have no problems with them. Inside the room, Carly told Nelle to go away as Nelle taunted Carly. Carly looked up and saw Franco next to her, and he was shocked to see her. He explained that he'd been given a grant to take his art therapy to Ferncliff. Carly reached out, grabbed his hand, and asked if Nelle was there. He looked around and, seeing no one, offered to get Mary Pat. Carly refused, as Mary Pat would just give her more drugs.

Carly begged Franco to get her out of there, but he replied that he couldn't. Mary Pat approached and asked for a word with Franco. Mary Pat advised him to be careful with the unpredictable patients, and to "stay clear of that one." "Carly?" he asked in disbelief. He thought that Mary Pat needed to "rejigger" Carly's medication, but she replied that Carly was "far better now than when she got here."

Carly watched as Nelle played with a knife, and she told Mary Pat that she wanted to go home. Mary Pat promised that Carly would feel better after her treatment, and Mary Pat led Carly through the halls. As Mary Pat talked about how life would be so much better, another patient shuffled by Carly, led by an orderly. "S.O.S.," the straightjacket-clad patient, who looked strangely like Kevin, whispered to Carly. "Wait," she said, and she turned to look at the patient.

Jason entered the hospital and bumped into Elizabeth, who remarked on how good of a time Jake had had with Jason and Drew. He abruptly excused himself and made a beeline for Kevin. He wondered if Kevin had any news about Carly, and Kevin replied that there was "an additional cause for concern." Kevin took the conversation to his office and informed Jason that Carly had been reassigned to another doctor, whose methods were considered "controversial."

Kevin continued that Dr. Lasiris had revived a form of electroconvulsive therapy, and Carly was already scheduled for her first treatment for that day. He wasn't sure what the treatment would do to Carly, but the treatment was reserved as a "last resort" for those who were "truly lost."

A few minutes later, Jason exited the office and saw Franco approach Elizabeth. She wondered what had happened to his class, and he revealed that it had been cut short. He added that it was a relief, because it had been rough. Jason listened in as Franco said he believed that he couldn't do anything to help the patients at Ferncliff.

Nelle confesses to Michael

Nelle confesses to Michael

Friday, July 27, 2018

Franco stepped onto the elevator at General Hospital and regretted it immediately. Jason was standing there. As the doors to the elevator closed, Jason paused it. He wanted to hear about Franco's job at Ferncliff, and he asked Franco to get him inside. Franco mentioned that Carly had been hallucinating, and he didn't think her medications were right.

Finn peered at Peter's x-rays while sitting by Peter's bed. He announced that Peter was lucky to have no permanent damage after the amount of smoke inhalation he had suffered. Peter appreciated Finn rescuing him, especially because no one else would have helped him. Finn reminded Peter that Anna would have helped, and Peter questioned Finn's feelings for his mother.

Finn admitted he did have them, and after Peter bad-mouthed Anna for giving him up, Finn reminded him that Valentin had been the one to deliver a baby Peter to Faision. Anna had thought she had done the right thing by giving him to a loving family, and Peter wasn't being logical. Finn accused Peter of not being able to stop his hate, but Peter declared that his idea of family was "pain, anger, and betrayal."

Peter wondered if Finn had skeletons in his own closet, and Finn noted that every family had them. He thought that Peter should use his second chance to connect with Anna and give her a chance. Peter sarcastically asked where Anna was and thought her love was conditional. Finn replied that Peter didn't know her, but she would be returning to Port Charles.

Mary Pat and an orderly walked Carly down the hall at Ferncliff. Mary Pat noted that Carly had been the most challenging type of patient, one who refused help. They walked into a room with various equipment and a table as Doctor Lasiris waited. Carly began to shout that she wanted to go back to her room and didn't want treatment. She struggled as she was placed onto the table. Mary Pat left and closed the door behind her with a big smile on her face.

Carly grew more agitated as she was strapped down and given a shot to relax her. A mouthguard was placed into her mouth. Outside in the hallway, Franco was uneasy as he and Jason walked. Franco carried a box of art supplies. Jason wanted Franco to stay and help him, much to Franco's dismay. Jason thought that Franco should prove that he'd changed, just as Elizabeth had told Jason. Franco could only wonder why he'd continued to get onto the elevator after he'd seen Jason.

Just then, Franco and Jason encountered Mary Pat with an orderly, and Jason pulled out a gun. He pointed it at the nurse and orderly, asked where Carly was, and ordered them into a nearby empty room, where he locked them inside. Jason asked Franco to keep watch and divert anyone else who happened by. Franco declared that he liked his life, and he had a lot to lose. Jason agreed that Franco could leave after ten minutes.

As Franco was left alone, he began to mutter to himself. He wondered what he was doing, and he would be getting married unless he ended up on trial for Carly's breakout. He thought that Jason could be a good friend, but not to him. He was trying to prove that he'd changed.

The doctor continued to talk to Carly and tell her about her electroconvulsive therapy. As tears rolled down her face, Jason walked in with his gun trained on the doctor.

Chase and Sonny were in the police station and ready to view the live video of Nelle and Michael in the car. Jordan checked on them and left. Chase explained that Nelle thought the car had been rigged, and Michael would get her confession. Nelle told Michael that her pregnancy hadn't been high maintenance except for her health scares. She appreciated Michael's offer to drop her off at the hospital and go to Sawyer for her glycerin pops. Michael declared that he would do anything for her.

As Sonny and Chase watched, Nelle advised Michael that he had missed the turn for the hospital. "We're not going to the hospital, Nelle," Michael said. Nelle didn't understand, but Michael explained that he'd decided to go to Sawyer first, before the shop closed. Then, he would drop her off at the hospital afterward. Nelle recalled her meeting with Chase and his agreement to rig the car. She began to stutter as she told Michael to let her out of the car, and she would find another. "Look at her face," Sonny exclaimed.

Sonny informed Chase that Carly had always known that Nelle was a bad person, and the "psycho" was planning to murder his son. Chase reminded him that he'd been "played" also. Nelle had no shame and had been angry over the way her life had turned out. Nobody had ever been able to see through her until it was too late, Chase concluded. "Only Carly," Sonny said.

Nelle continued to look over to the GPS. The car had been scheduled to cause Michael problems after fifteen miles, and the shop in Sawyer was further. She demanded they return to the hospital before her specialist left. Michael suggested he step on the gas in order to get to the shop quicker. Nelle shouted for him to pull over before they crashed, and she grabbed the steering wheel. Growing more and more frantic as Michael refused to listen to her, she finally announced that she had asked Chase to rig the car. She had asked him to do it.

In the interrogation room, Maxie visited with Nina and asked how Liesl had "roped" her in. Nina thought that the less Maxie knew, the better, but Maxie thanked her for saving Peter. Nina thought that Maxie was giving her too much credit, but Maxie insisted that Nina had helped Peter all along. Nina declared that she wasn't a saint, but she wondered if Maxie cared about Peter.

Maxie said she didn't, but she didn't want him dead -- and he was family to both of them. She thought they needed to focus on living and forget about revenge and anger. She didn't want Nina "going down for this." Nina wasn't worried because Peter hadn't named her as an accomplice, and maybe he wanted to get into Maxie's good graces.

Scorpio wandered into the station and saw Liesl handcuffed to the desk. "What a wonderful sight," he gloated. Jordan walked over, and Scorpio praised her for having nabbed both Peter and Liesl. He wanted to have a few words with Liesl, and Jordan cautioned him that the doctor was still suffering from the loss of her son. Scorpio sat down next to Liesl, and she told him to enjoy it.

Scorpio pointed out that Liesl had left him in a coma for a year, and he'd thought that his daughter was dead. "Karma is a cruel justice," Liesl replied. She understood, but her child was dead, and his was still alive. Scorpio admitted that he no longer wanted to kill her, but she would remain in prison for life.

Jordan walked into the interrogation room and demanded to know how Maxie had gotten inside. Maxie exclaimed that she only wanted to visit her sister-in-law, but Jordan cited "protocols." Maxie left the room and saw Liesl, who confessed that she would be getting transferred to Pentonville. She was sorry she had failed Maxie by kidnapping Peter, but she had wanted justice and closure. Maxie declared that Liesl had committed the crime for herself.

Maxie sat down beside Liesl. She knew that Liesl had wanted vengeance, and her closure would be that Peter would be going to prison after he'd been tortured. She asked if Liesl felt better and added that Nathan wouldn't have wanted it to happen. Liesl would be away, and James would have lost his grandmother and maybe his aunt.

Back in the interrogation room, Jordan asked why Nina's lawyer wasn't present, but Nina admitted that she hadn't called anyone. She refused to say anything, and she suggested that Jordan press charges. Nina didn't plan to contradict Peter's statement. Jordan replied that the fake quarantine on Spoon Island didn't look good. Nina insisted that Jordan didn't have anything on her, and she planned to sit there quietly. She asked Jordan if she'd set a wedding date yet.

Jordan responded that while she approved of Nina's friendship with Curtis, they weren't playing a game. She would allow Nina to go but suggested that Nina obtain a lawyer. They walked out and saw Liesl. Jordan asked Liesl about her accomplice. Liesl looked at Maxie and stated that she'd worked alone. As the officers arrived to remove Liesl, she cried that Maxie should tell James about his father and the grandmother who loved him. Maxie hugged her and looked over at Nina.

Jordan told Nina she was lucky but would still be a "person of interest." She added that she had not set a wedding date. Nina spoke to Maxie and wondered what was next after months of revenge, suspicion, and guilt. Maxie thought that the rest of their lives would be the hard part. She grabbed Nina's hand.

As Sonny and Chase watched the car ride unfold, Chase apologized for not helping sooner. He would tell a judge everything. Sonny stated that Nelle had "played" the entire town, but Chase thought they were "ahead of the game." Sonny declared that it wasn't a game to him.

At the hospital, Scorpio walked into Peter's room. He was ready to take Peter into custody for trial in an international court. Finn demanded to see official paperwork and, after looking it over, announced that Peter was a patient; Finn could not release him. Scorpio accused Finn of obstructing justice, but Finn cited Peter's inhalation of a near fatal amount of smoke as a reason to keep watch in the event of complications. He had no idea how long it might be.

Scorpio assumed that Finn was waiting for Anna, and Finn said that she should see Peter once. Scorpio knew that Anna had a "soft spot," but Peter had almost shot her. Finn revealed that Anna had been in Berkeley to see Robin, and he would not sign off. He suggested Scorpio speak to hospital administrators or the court.

"Wow, you must have it bad for my mother," Peter said after Scorpio stormed out. Finn hoped that he would have done the same for anyone. Just then, he received a text message from Anna, requesting Finn's presence in Berkeley due to problems. Finn urged Peter to use his extra time wisely, and he left the room. He returned the text message, stating that he was on his way. Nearby, Scorpio called Robin and asked to speak to Anna. He was informed that Robin hadn't seen her. "She's supposed to be with you," Scorpio said.

In the car, Nelle advised Michael that he'd left her no choice. She continued to yell at him to stop the car, but Michael wanted to hear everything first. Nelle exclaimed that she had been forced to sign the prenuptial, and he had planned on giving everything to the baby. He wanted to take her baby away from her and leave her with nothing. Nelle shouted that she couldn't let it happen again. She screamed at him to pull over. Michael confirmed that she had killed Zach. Nelle replied that she had because she'd had no choice.

"I finally got you," Chase said at the police station. Sonny wanted it all to end, but Chase advised him that they wanted Nelle to confess to what she'd done to Carly. In the car, Michael shouted back that Nelle had lied about everything and had tried to kill him. Nelle frantically tried to grab the wheel, but Michael was incensed. He questioned whether Carly had pushed Nelle.

Michael looked at Nelle as he drove and demanded that she answer him. He accused her of taking everything. She screamed and refused to say anything else until he stopped the car. Suddenly, she yelled for Michael to look out. The tires squealed, and the screen at the station went dark.

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