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Brad's joy turned to heartbreak. Nelle persuaded Brad to help her hide her newborn son in plain sight. Michael informed Nelle that their marriage hadn't been legal. Jason rescued Carly and stashed her in a safehouse. Josslyn foiled Nelle's escape.
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Jason rescues Carly

Jason rescues Carly

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dr. Lasaris told Carly that continued treatments would give her a "new perspective" as he hooked her up to the electroconvulsive therapy machine. Just then, Jason burst into the room with a gun and ordered the doctor and nurse on the floor. He zip tied their hands behind their backs and took off Carly's restraints. "Are you real?" she asked. "I'm here," he assured her, and he grabbed her hand. He helped her off the table and to the door, but the doctor didn't think they would make it to the exit. Jason and Carly quickly but carefully ran through the halls of Ferncliff.

Outside Ferncliff, Franco decided that he had too much to lose to wait for Jason and Carly, but he observed that Jason had taken the keys. Surprised at himself, he asked himself, "What would Jason do?" Just then, the passenger door flew open, and Jason put Carly in the car. Jason ordered Franco in the back, sat behind the wheel, and sped off. A few minutes later, Jason stopped in front of the hospital, and Franco got out. "Nothing says friendship like breaking someone out of the loony bin," Franco cracked. Jason thanked Franco for his help, and Franco was glad Carly was all right. Jason sped off again.

A short while later, Carly woke up on the couch in the cabin. She yelled out for Jason, and he entered the room with a glass of water for her. She confessed that she'd thought she'd hallucinated escaping from Ferncliff, but he joked that if she had, Franco probably wouldn't have been there. She wondered how he'd gotten in, and he updated her. He regretted not going after her the night she'd been taken back to Ferncliff, but he'd known that he would get to her eventually. "And you did," she said.

Carly had a confession for Jason, but she made him swear not to tell a soul. She confided that Ferncliff had been "awful," and it had been the "second most horrible thing I've ever experienced," ranked after Morgan's death. That was why she'd risked so much to stop Michael from marrying Nelle, because she couldn't go through losing another son.

At the hospital, Julian looked at the picture of him and Wiley, and he decided to call Brad. When Brad answered, Julian wondered if Brad wanted Julian to get someone to get Lucas out of surgery. Brad had resolved to be patient, but he wanted to be the one to tell Lucas about Wiley. When he was off the phone, he looked at Wiley and said in disbelief, "I'm a parent." He wished his son sweet dreams and left the room. A short while later, he returned with a bottle and tried to wake Wiley up. "Wiley?" he called out when the baby wouldn't wake up, and he dropped the bottle.

Kim approached Elizabeth and wondered if she'd seen Nelle, as Nelle had scheduled a last-minute appointment but hadn't shown up. Elizabeth cited possible "baby brain," so Kim put in a call to the Quartermaine household. When she was off the phone, she revealed that she'd been told that Nelle and Michael had left "a while ago." Elizabeth was on her phone, not paying much attention, and Kim asked if everything was all right. Elizabeth confided that she hadn't been able to reach Franco, but Kim assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

Julian approached Kim and Elizabeth and showed them a picture of himself with Wiley. They congratulated him and cooed over the picture. Elizabeth left the two, and Julian confided that he was unsure if Lucas would even want Julian there. However, Kim thought that she'd noticed Lucas' attitude toward Julian thawing. He hoped that he could spend time with Wiley and, in turn, spend time with Sam and her kids, and Leo. He vowed to prove himself to his kids. Kim assured him that he was a good father and grandfather, and his kids would see that.

Franco entered the hospital and bumped right into Elizabeth. She wondered what he'd been up to, as she'd been trying to get ahold of him. He admitted that the truth was "alarming," but she instructed him to "lay it on me." He told her about where he'd been and assured her that he most likely wouldn't get in trouble for it. Although she didn't approve of the illegality of his actions, she thought he'd done the right thing by helping Jason get Carly out of Ferncliff. He was shocked by her reaction, and he kissed her.

Sonny and Chase were alarmed when Chase's computer screen went black, and Sonny demanded the last known position of the car. Chase instructed him that the car had been near "mile marker 17 on Route 23," and Sonny rushed out of the station. Chase followed, but Jordan stopped him, wanting to hear what had happened. Chase updated Jordan and played her some of the audio and video from Michael and Nelle's car ride. "We got her," Jordan realized, and they headed toward the door. An officer informed them that the station had lost contact with the prison van carrying Liesl, and their last known position was the same as Michael's car. Jordan and Chase ran out.

Liesl slowly removed her handcuff chain from around the unconscious cop's neck and surveyed the accident she'd caused. She got the keys to her cuffs and unlocked them. She quickly checked the vitals of the two cops and found that they were alive. She took one of their guns and left the scene.

Chase and Jordan arrived at the van a short while later. Chase checked the cops and found that they were still alive, but Liesl was nowhere to be found. Jordan called in an APB on Liesl and instructed Chase to call the paramedics. The officer at the wheel woke up and told Jordan that Liesl had attacked his partner. He'd been distracted and swerved into oncoming headlights, which Chase assumed had been Michael's car. Jordan directed Chase to find Liesl, who was considered "armed and dangerous," while she looked for Michael and Nelle. They promised to keep in touch and went their separate ways.

Michael and Nelle were both unconscious in Michael's smoking car. Nelle woke up and prayed for the baby to kick to let her know it was all right, and she instantly felt a kick. She tried to wake Michael up. "Thank God it's over," she muttered when he wouldn't wake up. She moved to get out of the car until Michael woke up on his own. Nelle claimed that she was going to get help, but he knew that she wasn't happy that he was alive. He informed her that Chase had only rigged his car with audio and video equipment, so everything she'd said had been captured.

Nelle shot back that she'd only plotted Michael's death because he was going to take the baby away from her. He called her "logic" delusional; she countered that she'd fought for herself, and she'd do it all over again. Michael said that he would have been good to her, and they could have lived peacefully with their child. Nelle got out of the car in a huff. Michael tried to follow, but his seatbelt was stuck. Nelle observed that she smelled gas as the car sparked. He wondered if she was going to risk another count of murder, but she replied that she'd "leave it to fate." She wished him luck and walked away.

Michael looked through his center console as the car continued to spark. He reached in vain for his phone just as Sonny appeared at the car. He took out a knife to cut the seatbelt, but Michael told Sonny to give him the knife and go. Sonny refused to leave if they weren't together, and he began to slice at the seatbelt. Sonny finally cut the seatbelt off. Michael moved to get out of the car, but he realized that he couldn't move his leg.

Nelle walked through the woods, wondering where she was, and a sudden bout of cramps overcame her. Minutes later, Liesl wandered through, and Nelle recognized her. She informed Liesl that she was in labor and asked for Liesl's help. Nelle explained that she'd been in an accident and had barely gotten away before the car had exploded. She'd walked away, and that had been when her water had broken. Liesl replied that she, too, had been involved in an accident, and no car had exploded.

Nelle continued that one thing she wasn't lying about was the pain and the fact that her baby was on its way. Liesl called Nelle a selfish "sociopath," but she reasoned that someone good could result from someone bad, as evidence by Nathan and Faison. "Spread those scrawny legs and push!" Liesl yelled at Nelle.

Nelle gives her son to Brad

Nelle gives her son to Brad

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Brad was frantic as he picked up his new son from the crib and was not able to wake him up.

At the hospital, Lucas finally emerged from surgery, and Julian urged him to check his phone messages. Lucas obeyed, and he heard that Brad was at home with their son. Lucas opened his mouth in shock, and then he smiled. Julian congratulated him. "I'm a father," Lucas said. He tried to return Brad's call.

At Metro Court, Finn entered his room and found Scorpio sitting inside. Finn was annoyed, but Scorpio announced that he wanted to talk about Anna, who had disappeared in the past month. Scorpio revealed that he had only just learned of Anna's disappearance, and Robin had never seen her mother.

Finn was angry that they hadn't known sooner. He thought that Scorpio should have known, given his job as a spy. Finn confirmed that he hadn't spoken to Anna since the day she'd left town. He'd only had the text messages. Scorpio advised him they were from Anna's captors. Scorpio took Finn's phone and studied the text messages that Anna had allegedly sent. He noted that they were all very short, and he wondered why Finn hadn't been suspicious over the content due to his new relationship with Anna.

Scorpio proceeded to read one of the messages out loud and noted how glad he was that Finn had stopped in his room first prior to departing for Berkeley. Finn could have been kidnapped and worse upon stepping foot in California. Scorpio revealed that he'd uploaded all of the text messages to the WSB but would delete them eventually. Finn asked how they would get Anna back, and Scorpio informed Finn that the kidnappers obviously wanted Finn.

Scorpio figured that Anna had been interrogated, but the kidnappers needed some kind of "leverage." He wondered if Finn wanted to put his "life on the line" again. Finn acknowledged that he would do whatever he had to do, and Scorpio suggested they get some sleep. Finn reminded him that the message had said to get to Berkeley as soon as possible, but Scorpio advised him that they needed to have the advantage and control. He would make arrangements. He suggested that Finn spend some time with his dragon.

In another room in the hotel, Margaux sat at her laptop and studied the opening page of the flash drive entitled "The Anamesis Project." She saw both Jason's and Drew's names listed as the subjects.

Curtis and Drew grabbed a table at the Floating Rib as Curtis explained that it had been a "joint effort" in tracking down Peter. He thought that Drew should keep after Peter for the flash drive, but Drew replied that Peter no longer had possession of it. Curtis couldn't believe that Drew would throw away his own past life, but Drew thought it better to "cut your losses." He felt that he needed to concentrate on his present life. Curtis admitted that he couldn't accept Drew's insistence that he wouldn't pursue the past.

Margaux greeted Curtis and Drew, and Curtis encouraged her to join them. She referenced Curtis breaking into her suite, and Curtis explained that Margaux resided in Peter's old suite. Margaux added that she had generously agreed not to press charges against Curtis and Sam. Curtis went to the bar to get Margaux a beer, and the district attorney admitted that she owed Drew another apology. She had researched his background and what had occurred in his past. Drew reminded her that he didn't remember anything.

Curtis returned with beers, and the trio made small talk about the trials and tribulations of some of Curtis and Drew's prior investigations. As the guys mentioned the Jerome family crypt, Margaux informed them that she was familiar with all of the mob families in town. Margaux noted that Jason and Curtis had handled some investigating, and Curtis suggested she update the records to read Drew instead of Jason.

Margaux realized that Drew didn't seem to want to talk about Jason, and she apologized again for mentioning Drew's brother. She thought she was making Drew uncomfortable and offered to pay for the bar tab. She left, and Curtis laughed. He could tell Margaux liked Drew.

Carly took a shower at the hideout and told Jason how much better she felt. "We're fugitives," Carly declared, and she blamed herself. Jason didn't fault her for escaping Ferncliff to try to save Michael, but he told her that Nelle and Michael had married as part of Michael's plan. He filled her in with what he knew and told her that Michael had been working with the police.

Jason disclosed that he had tried to stop Michael, but Michael wanted Nelle to try to kill him. Carly wanted to call Michael right away, but Jason refused to allow her to do so. He updated her on Chase's involvement in both the current investigation and the Zachary Grant case, and he added that Chase had been the one to work out plan details with Michael. They had wanted Nelle to confess to all of her crimes including having falsely accused Carly of pushing her.

Jason continued to explain that Nelle had believed Michael's car had been rigged to crash, and both audio and video from the car would be recorded. It had been Nelle's idea to kill Michael so there would be no entrapment. Both Jason and Carly admitted that they hated the plan.

Jason grabbed a beer and advised Carly that she needed to stick with water until she rid herself of the drugs that had been given to her at Ferncliff. Carly voiced her concern over the risks that Michael was taking, because Nelle was a "psycho." Carly also believed that Monica would think that Carly had deserved Nelle's torture. Jason declared that Nelle's life was "starting to unravel."

Jason informed Carly that the two of them would depart for Canada until Diane could work out a deal. He stated that no one had given Ferncliff permission to conduct electroconvulsive therapy on Carly. There had been no security footage of him in the facility with a gun, and he knew that Franco wouldn't say anything. He hoped they would only have to hide for three months or less. Carly laughed. She didn't want to leave her family, and they would need her or Jason.

Sonny finally managed to pull Michael out of his banged-up car, and as they hobbled away, the car exploded. Eventually, Chase found father and son, but Michael refused to go to the hospital. He wanted to find Nelle. Michael told the cop what had happened in the car, and Chase called in a report. Chase told the others about the second car in the accident and the fact that Liesl had gotten away.

Michael stated that Nelle had confessed to everything except for the truth about Carly pushing her down the stairs. Nelle had accused him of setting her up and had complained that she had no lighter to use on the car with the leaking gas. Sonny had saved him. Chase thought that Nelle might turn herself in if she'd heard the car explosion and believed that Michael was dead, although she'd say that she'd confessed because Michael had been driving erratically.

Chase received a call as they waited for the ambulance. Someone had broken Carly out of Ferncliff. He wondered if Sonny might be familiar with it.

Nearby, Brad sat in his car, crying. His phone continued to ring, but he only wanted his nightmare to be over. Suddenly, he looked up and saw Nelle standing there with a baby in her arms. "Help," she called out. Brad slowly climbed out of the car and went to her. She was holding her newborn son but exclaimed that Michael didn't love her and would be divorcing her. She proceeded to tell him what had happened. Her explanation was filled with lies.

Brad retrieved a blanket from the car and wrapped it around Nelle. She told him she'd tried to find help and had gotten lost. She'd given birth all alone. "You're luckier than you know," Brad said sadly as he looked toward the car. Nelle asked what was in the basket. "Lucas and I got our son tonight," Brad told her. He added that the baby had been fine until he'd checked on him and found him unconscious. He'd performed CPR, but it had been no help.

Brad offered to give Nelle a ride to the hospital, but she told him she couldn't go. "You can take my baby," she said. Michael had tricked her, and he'd had her confessions on tape. Sonny would take her baby, and she wanted Brad and Lucas to have him instead. Brad didn't want to take the boy, but Nelle convinced him otherwise. Brad said the baby wasn't his, but Nelle said she was giving him to Brad. "Everyone will be happy," she said.

Shortly after, Nelle wandered around with the dead baby in her arms. The ambulance siren grew closer and stopped in front of her.

Back at Metro Court, Margaux was in her room and at the laptop. She made notes on the contents of the flash drive and the results of her own investigating. She wondered how much Drew really remembered about Jason's life.

As Jason and Carly spoke, Jason suddenly heard a noise. He grabbed his gun, and Carly ran off to hide. It was Sonny. He entered the house, and he and Carly embraced. Carly told him that it had been bad at Ferncliff, and Jason had saved her. She had heard about Michael's plan. Sonny revealed that there had been a car accident; Michael was okay, and Nelle had escaped.

At the hospital, Lucas told Julian that he was unable to reach Brad on the phone. He was ecstatic, though. "You savor every moment," Julian told him.

Chase visited with Michael in his exam room in the hospital and advised him that Nelle had been picked up. Michael hopped out into the waiting area and saw Nelle sitting in a wheelchair and holding what appeared to be a baby. "You had the baby?" he asked incredulously. He asked if was a boy or a girl. He wanted to hold his child. Nelle told him it was a boy, and he took the baby from her. Nelle cried as Michael slowly realized that the baby was dead. She was sorry. "Our son didn't make it," Nelle said.

Lucas returned home and searched for Brad and the baby. Brad finally walked inside. "Where were you?" Lucas asked. Brad replied that he had taken the baby for a drive. Lucas wanted to see the boy, and Brad handed the baby over to him. Lucas spoke to the baby sweetly. "We're a family," he said.

Michael says goodbye to his baby

Michael says goodbye to his baby

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sam approached Elizabeth at the hospital and asked to see Peter, but Elizabeth informed her that visiting hours were over. Elizabeth added that she was surprised Sam wasn't with Lucas. Sam excitedly asked if the baby had arrived, and she ran out to go to Lucas'.

Carly was thankful that Sonny had gotten Michael out of the car and that there was no "permanent damage." Jason reminded her that they needed to think about leaving the country. He figured that they would need to be in Canada for around three months. First, he needed to take care of something, and he left. Sonny confided in Carly that he'd feared what had happened to Morgan would happen to Michael. Carly assured Sonny that Michael was "free," and Nelle had finally been stopped. "At what cost?" Sonny wondered.

Sonny informed Carly that Nelle had admitted to "almost everything," excepting the fact that Carly hadn't pushed Nelle down the stairs. A few minutes later, Jason returned with Josslyn in tow, and Josslyn gave her mother a big hug. Wanting to give them some time alone, Sonny excused himself to check on Michael. Before leaving, Jason instructed Josslyn to listen to everything Carly said because, while it wouldn't immediately make sense, it was all true, and they had proof.

Carly told Josslyn everything about how she'd gotten out, and everything she knew about Nelle. A shocked Josslyn admitted that it made sense, but she blamed herself for believing anything Nelle had said. She regretted seemingly taking Nelle's side and called herself stupid. Carly assured Josslyn that Nelle had lied and manipulated everyone, so it wasn't Josslyn's fault. Josslyn reminded her mother that her testimony had helped put Carly in Ferncliff, but Carly related that she'd been proud of Josslyn's testimony, as she had done what she'd had to do, even though it had been difficult.

Josslyn regretted pressuring Michael into getting back together with Nelle, and she wondered what was going to happen. Carly figured that the baby would be born behind bars, and Nelle would never see it again, leaving Michael to be a single parent. Josslyn reminded Carly that he would have tons of help. A short while later, they ate a frozen pizza, which Josslyn teased Carly about. Carly told Josslyn that she'd need to call Max for a ride home, but Josslyn had hoped that she could spend the night there with her mother. "I'd love that," Carly said as she smiled.

Lucas marveled over the baby and told Brad, "Babe, we have a son." "We sure do, and he's perfect," Brad replied. Lucas wondered where Brad had gone with Wiley, and Brad replied that he'd driven the baby around to calm him down. Sam entered, and Lucas handed the baby to the new aunt. Sam wondered how they'd thought up Wiley's name, and Lucas replied that it was because he'd taken a while to enter their lives.

Just then, Brad decided that Lucas needed to eat, so he excused himself. Sam thought it was weird how quickly Brad had left, but Lucas figured that his husband was just overwhelmed. Sam's phone rang, and she answered it to Jason, who asked her for a favor. "Anything you need," she replied.

A short while later, Sam arrived at the pier with an envelope. She called out for Jason, and he appeared in front of her. She handed him the envelope that she'd retrieved from the "false bottom of your nightstand" and wondered if his place was being watched. He quickly updated her on what he'd done and added that he would probably be in Canada for a few months.

Sam wondered if there was any way Diane could get Jason out of charges. The only thing that he could think of was that the treatment Carly had been about to get was a "voluntary" procedure, and neither he nor Sonny had signed any consent forms. "I can work with that," she replied confidently.

At the Floating Rib, Ava was glad that she, Griffin, and Kiki could get together and remind each other of what was important. She got up to get her and Griffin another drink, and Griffin noticed that Kiki had been nursing the same glass of wine all night. She told him that she couldn't drink too much, as she could slip and tell Ava that she and Griffin had slept together.

Lulu ran into Chase at the Floating Rib and noticed that something was wrong. She wondered if he wanted to talk, and he figured that, as family, she would find out eventually, anyway. He updated her on the night's events as Ava overheard. Ava interrupted and asked if Nelle was all right, and Chase replied that the baby hadn't made it. Ava quickly excused herself as Chase blamed himself for the baby's death, but Lulu insisted that it wasn't his fault. He thanked her for listening and thought that it was time for him to call a car. She insisted on driving him home, as he was still Dante's partner, which made him family.

Ava returned to her table and told Griffin and Kiki that she needed to go see Nelle, and she would be right back. When she was gone, Kiki thought there was "something weird" about Ava's relationship with Nelle. Griffin replied that they'd gotten close from working together, because neither had many friends. "Once more with feeling," Kiki cracked at his unconvincing tone. He wished the two weren't so close, and Kiki wondered if he was concerned that Nelle pulled forth the worst in Ava, or the other way around.

Griffin realized that he was projecting, as he only believed that Ava was hiding something because he and Kiki were. Kiki excused herself because she was uncomfortable, but Griffin thought it would look weird if she left before Ava returned. Griffin thought that finding out he and Kiki had slept together would break Ava's heart. Kiki revealed that Ava didn't get sad -- she got angry and then got even. "She'll take us both down," Kiki concluded.

Michael demanded to know how the baby had died. Nelle replied that she'd been thrown from the car during the accident, but Michael remembered talking to her before she'd left him behind. Nelle claimed to not remember, as she'd been in shock. She said that she'd tried to find help, but she hadn't been able to put off the contractions any longer, so she'd had the baby alone in the dark. She'd tried to help the baby when she'd realized that he wasn't breathing, but she figured the accident had been "too much" for him.

Nelle blamed Michael for the accident, since he'd been too worried about getting a confession to drive, but he reminded her that she'd let him get in the car, thinking he would die. They argued about whose fault it was until Elizabeth intervened and had a nurse wheel Nelle to a room. Brad watched as Elizabeth told Michael that she would take the baby after Michael took some time to say goodbye. Michael refused to let anyone take the baby from him, and he walked off alone.

A short while later, Brad entered Nelle's room and told her that Michael was devastated. He didn't think he could keep up their lie, but she didn't think Lucas would forgive him if he told the truth. Ava watched suspiciously through the window as they discussed, unheard by Ava, how Lucas would lose his husband and child in one night if Brad told anyone. Ava entered, and Nelle told her that Brad needed to get back to his family, anyway. Nelle thanked Brad "for everything," and he left.

Nelle questioned why Ava was there, as she'd made it clear that they weren't friends. Ava asked if Nelle was going to turn Ava in as an accomplice, but Nelle promised that she wouldn't. In order to do that, she'd need to admit that Carly hadn't actually pushed her down the stairs, and "I won't give them that satisfaction." Ava thanked her, but Nelle asked, "Can you go now please?" Ava extended her sympathy for Nelle's loss and left.

When Ava was gone, Nelle muttered with satisfaction, "Sweet dreams, baby, in your happy new home where Michael and his miserable family will never find you even though you're right under their noses."

Ava returned to the Floating Rib and updated Griffin and Kiki that Nelle and Michael's baby hadn't made it through the accident. A shocked Kiki excused herself to call Michael. Griffin thought that Nelle was lucky to have a friend like Ava stick by her.

Brad returned home, and Lucas asked about the food. Brad claimed that the diner had been closed, so he could go elsewhere, but Lucas didn't want Brad to spend more time away from him and Wiley. Brad and Lucas watched Wiley in his crib, and Lucas said in disbelief, "He's really ours."

Elizabeth hung up the phone just as Sonny approached asking about Michael. Elizabeth solemnly assured Sonny that Michael would be fine. "But the baby..." she started.

"Why?" Michael questioned as he sat in the chapel, holding the baby. Sonny entered and sat with Michael, who wasn't ready for anyone to take the baby away from him, as the baby had just arrived. He reiterated that, given a choice between his life and his child's, he would have given his life to protect his child, but he'd failed. He believed that he was the reason that the baby had died, but Sonny didn't agree.

Elizabeth entered, and Michael wondered if she was there for his son. "Only when you're ready," she said soothingly. "I love you," Michael said to the baby. He kissed the baby and handed him to Elizabeth. When he was gone, Michael collapsed in Sonny's arms in tears.

Sam and Curtis help Jason

Sam and Curtis help Jason

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sam and Curtis entered Ferncliff and introduced themselves to Mary Pat as officers from the United Mental Health Institute of America. They inquired about Carly's escape, but informed her that the facility was on the short list for the Innovative Program Award. Curtis asked that Mary Pat show them Carly's file in order to see that she had been treated with the "highest standard of care."

A few minutes later, Curtis distracted Mary Pat with questions about the facility while Sam looked through Carly's file, taking a paper out of it. Sam handed the file back to Mary Pat and told her that everything seemed to be in order. Curtis hoped that the next time they saw Mary Pat was to congratulate her. "From you lips," she squealed, and she walked out. Sam whispered to Curtis that she'd found the consent form for Carly's treatment. She hoped it was what Jason was looking for.

Ava arrived at the docks with the baby blanket and remembered back to when Nelle had found out that Ava had it. Ava took a lighter out just as Griffin jogged around the corner. He wondered why she was there alone, as it wasn't the safest place, but she reminded him that she could take care of herself. She admitted that she was thinking about Nelle, and she confessed that she had helped Nelle.

Ava continued that she'd befriended Nelle and given her a job when she'd known that Nelle was a pariah. She'd commiserated with Nelle about Carly and feared that she'd egged Nelle on. Nelle had unsettled Ava, as she'd reminded Ava of herself, but she wished she'd influenced Nelle in another direction. Griffin reminded Ava that Nelle had no conscience, but Ava did, and all that mattered was what a person did after they did something wrong.

Ava thanked Griffin for always believing in her, and he wished that she believed in herself. He had to shower and go to work, but he offered to walk her to her car. She told him that she would stay for a few more minutes and then go home. She kissed him passionately, and he left. She pulled out her phone and called Julian. She left a message asking for a favor, and she assured him that it was nothing illegal but "quite the opposite."

Chase slept on Lulu's couch until Rocco poked him in the eye, wondering if he wanted pancakes. Lulu rushed in and scolded Rocco for waking Chase, who immediately ran to the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later, and Lulu handed him a glass of ginger ale. She informed him that she'd taken him home the night before, but he hadn't been able to find his keys, so he'd crashed on her couch. He apologized for his behavior and insisted that he normally wasn't a drinker. She dismissed the night as "special circumstances."

Chase went on about how carefully he'd planned everything, but he hadn't intended for Michael's baby to die. He thanked Lulu for talking him down and began to put his shoes on. She wondered if he was all right to go to work, but he explained that Nelle was due to be transferred that day. Lulu was thankful that Nelle had asked Chase for help killing Michael instead of hiring someone else, but she wondered if Nelle had had help. Chase didn't know, but he intended to find out.

In Nelle's room, Kim assured her that she was fine physically, so Nelle was ready to be released. Nelle asked Kim to find a reason to keep Nelle there, as she was about to be taken to jail. Kim apologized, and she suggested that Nelle find Michael so they could discuss the baby together.

Michael was glad that Sonny had been with him the night before, and Sonny promised that Michael could always lean on him. Sonny wondered if Michael was ready to go, but Michael needed answers before he could leave. He asked Sonny to tell the family about the baby, and Sonny agreed. Kim approached them, and Michael asked for a minute, so she walked away. Sonny instructed Michael to call Max, who was outside, when Michael was ready to go. He tearfully embraced his son.

Moments later, Michael entered Nelle's hospital room, and Kim informed Michael and Nelle that the coroner's report had concluded that their baby's death was "unexplained." She added that there were around twelve hundred unexplained infant deaths in the country every year, and she was definitively sure that the accident hadn't had anything to do with the baby's death. Kim needed to prepare the death certificate, so she advised the couple to talk about whether or not they would leave the name space blank.

When Kim was gone, Michael asked if Jonah, the name they'd agreed on weeks earlier, was "still acceptable." She agreed, remembering that they'd agreed on the name "back when I believed in you." Michael revealed that they were finally "over," but Nelle threatened to contest a divorce. He informed her that they'd never had a marriage, as they'd signed their marriage certificate with a "special pen" from Jason -- the same pen that Nelle had used to write on the back of a flyer to lure Carly to the cemetery.

Michael called Nelle "sadistic" for all she'd done to gaslight Carly. He told her that he had a will filed away in Diane's office, so even if she'd managed to kill him, she still wouldn't have gotten a dime. "You tricked me," she said in disbelief. He answered that he'd been protecting himself and his family. "Too little, too late," he said, but at least he was done with her. He limped out of the room.

A short while later, Chase arrived and entered Nelle's room. He found the room empty, and he demanded an answer from the cop outside the room. The cop insisted that he'd only been called away for a couple of minutes. Chase angrily took his phone out.

Carly thanked Jason for taking Josslyn to the safe house, and she couldn't wait to hear about Michael from Sonny. Carly loved spending time with Josslyn, and she related that the thing she hated Nelle for the most was manipulating Josslyn. Just then, Josslyn descended the stairs, fearing that Carly had left without saying goodbye. Josslyn suggested that she accompany Carly and Jason to Canada like a vacation, but Carly didn't think Jax would approve.

Josslyn continued to blame herself for Nelle being able to manipulate Carly. Jason figured that Josslyn had taken Nelle's side over and over again as a way of repaying Nelle for saving Josslyn's life. He thought it was honorable, but he told her that people would always lie and have agendas. He instructed her to always trust her own judgment and make her own decisions. Josslyn couldn't wait until the baby was born so they no longer needed to think about Nelle.

Sonny entered the safe house and announced that he had something to tell Carly, Jason, and Josslyn. "Michael's baby died," he told them, garnering open-mouthed expressions. Carly told Sonny to go back and be with Michael, but Josslyn volunteered to go, as the police probably wouldn't be monitoring her. When she was gone, Sonny assumed that Margaux wouldn't want to press Carly's case after the proof of Nelle's psychosis.

Michael arrived at the safe house, and Sonny, Carly, and Jason all tried to comfort him. He informed them that his son's name was Jonah, which meant "dove," which symbolized peace. Sonny assured Michael that Jonah would be resting well, as he was loved and at peace.

A few minutes later, Jason went outside, and Sam was there with Carly's consent form. Jason observed that either Carly's signature on the form had been forged, or she'd been too drugged to know what had been going on. He hoped that it would be enough to get Margaux to back off, and he thanked Sam for her help.

Nelle shakily walked on the docks, coughing. Suddenly, someone grabbed Nelle's arm. "Where do you think you're going?" Josslyn asked.

Josslyn helps to capture Nelle

Josslyn helps to capture Nelle

Friday, August 3, 2018

At the police station, Jordan was on the phone. She told Scorpio that he would be able to have Peter released. She finished the call and saw Michael limping in, and she advised him that she wanted to locate Carly and Jason. Michael reminded her that he had been busy at the hospital because his son had died. Jordan extended her condolences, but she told him that things would only get worse. She received a phone call from Chase, who informed her that Nelle had escaped from the hospital.

Shortly after, Chase arrived. He advised his boss that the guard on duty in front of Nelle's room had been called away, but he hadn't handcuffed Nelle to the bed. Jordan was sure that Nelle wouldn't get far without friends or money, but Michael stated that he knew of two friends. Another phone call to Jordan revealed that Nelle had been caught on security footage, and the department had a lead on her whereabouts. Chase and Michael wanted to be involved in the pursuit, but Jordan ordered them to remain at the station.

Chase and Michael sat together at Chase's desk. Chase admitted that he'd hoped that Nelle would have "come to her senses," and he would look less crazy for trying to have seen the good in her. Michael could understand because he, too, had tried to see the good in Nelle.

Chase also revealed that he had gotten "wasted" the previous night, and Lulu had rescued him. He'd woken up on her couch with a bad hangover. He'd had too many questions in his head, but the drinking had not been helpful. He thought they had done things the right way in trying to set Nelle up, but he'd thought maybe another way would have been better so the baby would still be alive. He faulted himself for getting involved with Nelle.

Scorpio stopped in Finn's office at the hospital. Finn asked if the spy had any "last-minute advice" for him. "Improvise," Scorpio declared. Finn advised him that he'd sent Anna his itinerary via text message, and he'd received a return message that someone would pick him up at the airport. Scorpio was certain that someone would waylay Finn before he even got to the airport in Port Charles, but Scorpio would be tracking Finn, who wondered what would happen to him and Anna.

Scorpio promised Finn that he wouldn't leave them "hanging," and he planned on injecting Finn's hand with a microchip tracking device, similar to one that a dog would wear. Scorpio smiled. Shortly after, Finn sent a message to Anna that he was on his way, and he walked to the elevator. Scorpio was standing by the nurses' station, and he and Finn exchanged nods. Others followed onto the elevator behind Finn, including a man in a suit who had been eyeing Finn from behind the elevator wall.

Lulu paid a visit to Peter's hospital room. He told her that his hand might never be right again. Lulu retorted that he probably wouldn't need it at Steinmauer, but Peter advised her that she was jumping to conclusions. He also told her that she was a talented writer, but Lulu accused him of telling her that same thing every time he'd wanted to set her up.

Peter explained that he had been in a fight to save his life against his father, and it had not been personal. Lulu replied that he had used her to lure Faison to Port Charles, but Peter didn't want to talk about it again. Lulu confessed that she had been thinking about quitting her job because she had originally started it in order to do good. It hadn't worked out that way. She also admitted that she'd thought she would get more satisfaction in telling him off, but Peter told her that revenge was meaningless and only caused more destruction.

Lulu revealed that Liesl had escaped and that Maxie had helped to save Peter's life by giving him CPR. Peter was surprised at both. He thought that Lulu was an asset to the newspaper, but Lulu thought the compliment was worth nothing from Peter.

After Lulu had gone, Scorpio paid Peter a visit and announced that it was time for Peter to go. He had been deemed "fit to travel." The WSB wanted to see him, and Scorpio chuckled that it could take decades for them to talk to Peter. The bedridden man insisted there was nothing for the WSB to talk to him about. He had saved Jason's life. Scorpio mocked him. Peter asked about Anna, and Scorpio told him that she had other matters to tend to.

Peter disclosed that he could be more useful if charges against him could be dropped. He had information about "the others" who had been present before Jason. They had been patients one through five.

Stella fawned over baby Wylie at the nurses' station as Curtis, Brad, and Lucas stood nearby. When Curtis and Stella left, Lucas asked Brad why he had been so quiet. Brad received a phone call from Jordan, who asked him to see her at the police station. He was apprehensive as Jordan told him she had questions about Nelle. Brad replied that he was busy, but Jordan advised him that it wasn't a request.

Brad suggested that he and Lucas head home with the baby instead. Lucas thought that Brad was hiding something, and a panicked Brad replied that he and Nelle were just friends. He said that he just wanted to go home before the baby was "taken away from us."

Brad thought that maybe he wasn't "cut out" to be a father. Lucas teased him for putting the baby's onesie on backwards and told him he understood. His belief was that they should raise the child as their own even if it was possible for the biological mother to take her son back. Lucas insisted on accompanying Brad to the police station, and they left hand in hand.

Maxie and Nina sat at an outdoor table at Kelly's and made small talk. They were happy to have the chance, and Nina insisted that her priorities in life would be only James and her work. Maxie thought that Nina was too upbeat and was probably hiding something. Nina disclosed that Liesl had escaped and had caused an accident. She told Maxie about Michael and Nelle, and she hoped that Liesl hadn't caused the baby's death. She also revealed that Brad and Lucas had a new addition to their family.

Maxie sent a text message to congratulate Lucas, and the women joked about work. Nina was desperate to have Maxie back in the office. She was certain that if Maxie had been working, she wouldn't have fallen behind and had to accept Valentin's "stupid ads," though they'd been popular. Maxie agreed that she could return to work because Felicia and Mac had offered to babysit. She added that Valentin was Nina's problem. Both women received text messages from Lulu asking to see them.

Shortly after, Lulu joined Maxie and Nina at their table. She started to mention that she'd visited Peter, but Nina didn't want to hear anything about him. Lulu revealed that she had written a conclusion to the story about Nathan, Faison, and Henrik, and she wanted to have Maxie and Nina's approval before submitting it to the paper.

Nina and Maxie read the article that Lulu had sent them via email. She informed them that only Peter knew of the article and its details. Maxie confirmed that Nina had only been involved with Peter in his rescue, but she wondered if Lulu could be objective enough. Lulu admitted that she had expected more criticism for not going after Peter more harshly. Maxie replied that he was a person who had been humanized. She commended Lulu on her writing. Lulu appreciated the approval, and Nina exclaimed that she just wanted the entire story to end.

Curtis took Stella to Kelly's for lunch to thank her for being "chill" with his engagement. They sat inside. Curtis mentioned that people had been appearing out of the woodwork, and he had surprisingly received a congratulatory text message from his ex-girlfriend Chandra. Stella began to praise Chandra, but Curtis advised her that Chandra had been the one to dump him. He wondered why he had heard from her so suddenly.

Stella admitted that she had been behind it, and Curtis was not surprised. He was certain that Stella had had an ulterior motive. Stella confessed that someone wise had advised her to back off, and she had called Chandra back to tell her that Curtis was happy. She wondered if Curtis had thanked Chandra for her message. Curtis declared that he hadn't thought it necessary but had sent Chandra the "thumbs up" symbol in return. He wanted to know what type of role Stella wanted to play in his wedding. "Don't push it," Stella snapped.

Josslyn spied Nelle at the docks and called out to her. She asked about Nelle's release, and Nelle replied that the doctor had okayed it. Josslyn admitted that she'd seen Josslyn slip out a side door in scrubs and had decided to follow her. Nelle thanked her for not calling the police, and she urged Josslyn not to believe the lies she'd heard. Josslyn retorted that Nelle had planned to kill Michael, but Nelle insisted that Chase had made it up.

Josslyn also accused Nelle of using Morgan's memory to sabotage Carly, but Nelle insisted that Carly was sick and had gone after Nelle and pushed her. She added that her baby had died just the way that Carly had wanted. Nelle pointed out that Josslyn didn't even say she was sorry, and she called her "Carly's little minion." Josslyn started to call the police, but Nelle stopped her.

Nelle reminded Josslyn that they were sisters. Josslyn replied that Kristina and Avery were her sisters. "You're a lying piece of trash who tried to sabotage my family," Josslyn shouted. Nelle chuckled and commented that Josslyn was spoiled and selfish, just like her mother. The girls were nose to nose. Josslyn yelled, "You're damn right, I am. You messed with the wrong family, bitch!"

Nelle backed off and declared that she had saved Josslyn's life, and Josslyn owed her. Josslyn stated that the only thing she owed was a call to the cops. Nelle grabbed Josslyn's phone and threw it. As Josslyn went to retrieve it, Nelle shoved her to the ground. She grabbed Josslyn, called her an "ungrateful brat," got up, and started to walk away. Josslyn rose, grabbed Nelle, and slugged her. The girls began to fight until Josslyn fell to the ground, and Nelle kicked her. "Stay down," Nelle demanded.

Josslyn got up again and slammed Nelle into the metal gate. Just then, Jordan arrived with a fellow officer, and Josslyn explained that Nelle had wanted to get away. "Just make sure she pays," Josslyn said.

Back at the police station, Chase and Michael were shocked to see Jordan and Josslyn arrive together. Michael saw Josslyn's battered and bruised face and asked what had happened. "Your sister just helped apprehend a very dangerous fugitive," Jordan announced. A similarly battered and bruised but handcuffed Nelle walked in with the police officer.

Jordan cuffed Nelle to the table in the interrogation room. Nelle demanded that Josslyn be arrested for assault and battery, and she called the girl psychotic. She added that she was not responsible for her actions due to her "profound grief." Chase walked in and told Nelle that she had stolen scrubs, dodged security, and made her way to the docks. Nelle spat out that Chase had been "horrendous" in bed.

Chase declared that Nelle wouldn't throw him, but she snapped that it was a preview for her trial and "entrapment defense." Chase informed her that he'd done everything "by the book." He left. Jordan advised Nelle that her victims deserved their day in court. Chase returned to his desk and looked at the Zachary Grant files. Jordan attempted to give Nelle her rights, but Nelle cut her off.

"Are you insane?" Nelle asked. She ranted that her baby was dead because of the police department. She grabbed Jordan's hands and shouted that there was blood all over Jordan, Michael, and Chase.

Michael sat with Josslyn, who exclaimed that her fight had been "worth it," and she was sorry about the baby. Michael told her that no one was to blame for the baby's death, and he revealed that his son had been named Jonah, which meant peace. He hoped that Jonah was at peace.

Josslyn suggested they take Sonny's speedboat out and drive it at fast speeds on the lake. Michael agreed that he would after he tended to some things. He insisted his sister be checked out at the hospital so he could feel like he had looked after someone. Brother and sister embraced, and Michael thanked Josslyn for what she'd done. He was proud of her.

Josslyn left, and Lucas and Brad arrived. Brad was holding his son. They saw Michael, who limped over and stared at the baby.

Finn, with his head covered and his hands tied, was tossed into a cell-like room. He was punched in the stomach when he tried to get some information. "No questions," one of his captors growled. He advised Finn to do as he was told. Finn's two captors tossed him onto the cot. Finn stated that they'd gone to a lot of trouble to get him there, and he wanted to know why. He was advised that he was needed to take care of a "very special patient."

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