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Valentin learned that Nina had given birth to a daughter. Brad confessed to Julian. Kevin and Ryan spent their birthday together. Cassandra was kidnapped by a mystery man with a connection to the Cassadines. Lulu took a job at the Invader.
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Valentin learns that Nina has a daughter

Valentin learns that Nina has a daughter

Monday, August 20, 2018

At the Corinthos home, Carly finished up a phone call with her mother. Michael offered to help Bobbie with baby Wiley, but Carly didn't think it was necessary. Sonny walked in as Michael told Carly that he only wanted the baby to end up where he was supposed to be. The trio talked about Brad and Lucas and their baby, and Carly thought that maybe the guys would be able to keep Wiley. Both she and Sonny tried to persuade Michael to spend the night, but he wanted to leave and "clear [his] head."

After Michael had gone, Carly and Sonny sat on the sofa with glasses of wine. They both dreaded Jonah's funeral the next day, and Carly lamented the fact that Michael seemed to have walls around him. She was worried about her son not opening up to anyone, but Sonny was confident that Michael would get through it. He suggested they go up to bed early for the long day ahead.

Carly wasn't sure she could sleep, and she mentioned that she'd heard about Julian making accusations about Sonny. She was worried, but Sonny didn't want to discuss it at first. He then began to tell Carly about his first job for Joe Scully long before and how he'd gotten rid of evidence at Croton. He hadn't known that his father had followed him and dug up the body that had been buried there. The body had been relocated to the foundation of Charlie's Pub, which Julian had recently decided to renovate.

Sonny revealed that he'd had renovations stalled, although Carly advised him that would only be temporary. Sonny explained that he had also offered to buy the place, but he thought the sale was unlikely to happen. Carly wondered if the body could be tied to Sonny. "It might be," Sonny replied. Sonny continued that the cops would identify the body through dental records, and Sonny had been a known employee. He was most worried about the gun, as he wasn't certain if it would be found with the body. His prints would be on it, and the new district attorney would be "all over it." Sonny concluded that she would love to put him in prison for murder.

Drew ran into the park after Margaux and asked her why she'd kissed him. Margaux replied that it wasn't complicated, but Drew accused her of "muddying the waters" and trying to seduce him in order to get him to help her "bring down" Sonny and Jason. Margaux was insulted and told him that she had liked him, but not any longer. She had found him to be sexy, engaging, and attractive, but she had changed her opinion of him. She thought he was a paranoid egomaniac instead.

Margaux thought that Drew was unable to notice that a woman was attracted to him. "I'm sorry. You said I was sexy?" Drew asked. Margaux's mouth turned upwards in the beginnings of a smile. She clarified that it was past tense after his behavior, and Drew admitted that he was an "ass." He was hesitant on starting a relationship, as his track record wasn't the best, and he couldn't recall his history. He thought he might possibly like Margaux, and she suggested he work on his technique. He promised to do better.

Drew suggested they try again -- but without any talk of Sonny and Jason. Margaux agreed and admitted that she wanted him to act normal if they were to share another kiss. After she departed, Drew placed a call to Curtis and asked him to do a full background check on Margaux.

Alexis stood on her front steps and finished up a phone call with a distressed Julian. She told him the news about baby Wiley's birth mother wanting her baby back. Sam approached her and voiced her concern about Brad and Lucas. They went into the house and found Brad pacing while Lucas sat on the couch. The men were both terrified. "Are we about to lose our son?" Lucas asked.

Alexis discussed the law and the protection covered in the contract. She explained that there would be a hearing where the baby's best interests would be covered. Lucas wanted to know what their chances were. Alexis admitted that it would be a first if they were to receive custody of Wiley over the biological mother. An agitated Brad ran out of the house.

Lucas continued to try to reach Brad on the phone, unsuccessfully, and Sam offered to look for him. Lucas thought that Brad was unable to cope, and they sat in the living room to talk. Lucas wished that he could reassure Brad, but he knew Brad was in pain. Sam put her arm around Lucas to comfort him.

Lucas was glad to hear that Wiley would stay with him and Brad until the hearing, and Alexis advised him that it would happen quickly. They would have to prepare their argument, she said. She noted that Wiley was in a "nurturing and safe home."

Peter sat at a table with Nina and Maxie at Charlie's Pub and informed them that he'd bought the Invader. He noted that he planned to raise its standards, and the women pelted him with questions about it. Nina considered the paper to be a "step down" for Peter, but he stressed that he would be changing its brand. He offered Maxie a job; she insisted that fashion was what she knew, and she was a fashion editor. Nina quickly informed Maxie that she'd been promoted, and Peter declared that he felt partly responsible for that.

Later, Nina and Maxie sat at their own table and talked business and strategy, and Nina decided they needed a bottle of Champagne in order to celebrate Maxie's promotion. They noticed that Julian looked solemn, and he told them the latest about Brad and Lucas. As the women sat, they shared their sadness for Brad and Lucas. Nina admitted that she had never gotten over missing her own child, and she knew the guys would never get over it, either.

Nina was disappointed that her mother had not wanted to reconnect but had only wanted to use her. She admitted that she had everything she could want except for her own child. She thought she should get over it, but she still searched the Internet for new advances in the field of fertility. She began to cry and admitted that she even thought about what her child with Valentin might have been like. Maxie confessed that she hadn't realized that Nina was still in pain.

Nina mentioned all of the recent pain that everyone had suffered, and while it was all unique, there was nothing worse than losing a child. Maxie grabbed Nina's hand and suggested that Nina had never had a chance to fully grieve. She thought it was a difficult situation. Nina thought about how lucky she was to have Maxie in her life.

Just then, Felicia sent Maxie a photo of baby James in a text message, and Maxie showed it to Nina. She suggested that Nina spend the night with her and James, and Nina agreed. Nina made sure to grab the bottle of Champagne on the way out.

Julian attempted to reach Kim and left her a message that he needed a friend. Just then, Brad walked in and told Julian that he needed Julian's help. While Brad was sick in the bathroom, Julian sent Lucas a message to let him know that Brad was there. Sam offered to drive Lucas, but he preferred to grab an Uber.

Brad returned and sat at the bar. He was extremely upset, and Julian assured him that while the decision was up to the judge, there were always exceptions. Brad insisted that he and Lucas would lose the baby -- but not to the birth mother. Julian was confused. "Wiley's not her son to take," Brad attempted to clarify. He began to mutter that they would lose their child and go to prison, but before Julian could ask any questions, Lucas arrived.

Lucas thanked Julian for looking after Brad because he'd been worried about his husband. Julian admitted that Alexis had told him it would be a "tough road."

Lulu was sitting at a table in the Floating Rib, working on her laptop, when she saw Chase sitting at the bar. They made small talk and joked around a little, and Chase admitted that he had nowhere else to go. He explained that he still had ghosts following him. Lulu asked Chase to sit with her, but he refused and assured her that when he'd taken the job, he'd known there would always be ghosts. He tried to do more good, but there were always regrets and doubts too. Just then, Michael walked in, and Lulu hugged him and expressed her condolences.

Michael asked Lulu to tell Dante not to worry about him. Lulu shared that she had a meeting, and she advised Chase not to overdo it because her couch was closed for business. Michael sat with Chase, and Chase told Michael about the night and morning he'd spent at Lulu's. The bartender dropped off a couple of drinks and noted that they were courtesy of two young women at a nearby table. "Should we invite them over?" Chase asked. Michael wasn't in the mood for fun because he would be burying his son the following day.

"Why don't you hate my guts?" Chase asked Michael. Michael declared that Chase was doing a good enough job himself. Michael announced that he was sorry for meeting Nelle, and he no longer had any plans to make. His only plan left was to bury his son, but nothing after that. Michael sadly said that in the past, he had been too focused on making all kinds of future plans.

Lulu sat down at a table with Peter, and he revealed that he had bought the Intruder. He offered her an exclusive story, but she reminded him that she was a writer for the Press. Peter announced that he was "poaching" Lulu, and she'd be able to write on any subjects she chose. He added that she could be a chief investigative reporter with a better salary. As a couple of beers were delivered to the table, Peter explained that he would be revamping the paper, although Lulu didn't believe it.

Peter acknowledged that the "sneak attack invasions" would remain for the time being for loyal readers, but they had to be "rooted in truth." He showed her a preview of the next day's front page, which was a photo of Drew and Margaux kissing. Lulu insisted she had a good thing going where she was, but Peter called her a "cub reporter" and thought it would take years for her to make any headway in title. They went back and forth, and finally Peter said that he would look for her on Friday night at the Metro Court. If he didn't see her, he'd know she wasn't interested, but he expected her to show up and "drive a hard bargain."

Madeline was surprised to see Valentin pay her a visit at Pentonville. They sat at a table, and he told her he wanted information. She noted that she could understand why her daughter had been drawn to him. Valentin asked if she knew Nora Buchanan and stated that he wanted to introduce them. Madeline replied that she couldn't afford Buchanan, but Valentin announced that he could. He wanted to know what had happened during Nina's coma, which she'd been in courtesy of her "loving mother."

Madeline suggested that Nina wouldn't be happy to know that Valentin had paid her a visit, and Valentin insisted that Nina would never know. They shook hands. Valentin noted that Nina's medical records had been "sorely lacking," but he was certain that she hadn't suffered a miscarriage. Furthermore, he was positive that the baby had survived. Madeline denied it, but Valentin stated that the boy would be fully grown already and no longer a baby. Madeline scoffed. "Unless it was a girl," Valentin offered. Madeline averted her eyes and grew uneasy.

Valentin knew he was right. Madeline declared that she'd had enough, and she started to get up. Valentin revealed that he knew that Nina had been in Crichton-Clark, but there had been an eight-month open window at the beginning of her stay. Madeleine sat back down. Valentin reminded her of her parole hearing with Nora Buchanan and advised her that she needed to be honest, according to their agreement.

Valentin asked Madeline point-blank if Nina had had a daughter who had survived. After several moments of silence, Madeline said that she had. Valentin wanted facts, and a teary Madeline declared that she had regretted it. She had gotten the dosage of the medication wrong, but the baby had "held on." A discreet nurse had looked after Nina. Valentin demanded to know what had happened to the baby, and Madeline replied that she "got rid of her."

"You killed Nina's baby?" an angry and incredulous Valentin asked. Madeline urged him to stop being melodramatic. She had turned to another alternative because she couldn't have the baby claim its inheritance. Valentin demanded names. Madeline replied that she'd used a broker, and it had all been anonymous. She preferred to give him additional information after her release, and she looked forward to hearing from Nora.

Valentin replied that on second thought, Madeline's early release would upset his wife. Madeline thought that Nina would be upset to learn that her husband had been to visit her, but Valentin retorted that then Nina would have to hear about her daughter -- as would the district attorney's office. He thought that Madeline would be receiving an extended sentence.

Madeline was sure that Valentin would never find the daughter, but Valentin declared that he'd done more with less in the past. He added that he would have gotten Madeline out of prison, but he was satisfied that she could rot in there instead because it was what she deserved. He turned and left.

Back at Alexis' house, she and Sam grabbed mugs of coffee. Sam asked if there was any hope for Brad and Lucas. "Not much," Alexis replied.

Michael and his family mourn Jonah

Michael and his family mourn Jonah

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Drew met up with Curtis at the park, and Curtis was delighted to assume that Drew had put his divorce behind him. Curtis revealed that he'd found no red flags in Margaux's past. She'd been born Margaux Marino, an only child in a middle-class Princeton, New Jersey, family. Her father had left early, and she'd gone to public school and gotten good grades. She'd had a full ride to NYU from which she'd graduated cum laude. She'd married a man named David Dawson, they'd had no kids, and they'd divorced a year and a half later.

Curtis continued that Margaux had enrolled in Stanford for law school soon after her divorce, and she'd graduated with honors in the top ten percent of her class. Drew wondered why, after rubbing elbows with the affluent, she'd chosen to be the district attorney of Port Charles. Curtis went on that she'd been the assistant D.A. in Oakland, playing a significant role in "several high-profile cases." She'd moved on to Brooklyn and then Port Charles.

Drew appreciated the work Curtis had done, but he related that he could have found it all online himself. Curtis revealed that he'd tried to dig deeper, but Margaux was "squeaky clean." On instinct, Drew believed she had an angle that wouldn't show up on a background check. Drew figured that he needed to get closer to Margaux in order to figure it out. He assured Curtis that, rather than vetting her in order to date her, he was dating her in order to vet her.

Jason was sitting at Lila's grave when Sam approached, surprised to see him, and she sat down next to him. Jason commented that, although her life had been too short, she'd still made the world a better place. Sam remembered how brave Jason had been during the funeral. He related that it was "so wrong" for Michael to be going through the same pain, but Sam was glad that he had supportive people around him. They thought back to the moment Sam had found out that her baby had died, and she informed Jason that she wouldn't have made it through that time without him.

Brad was setting up for the funeral reception at the Floating Rib when Julian entered. Julian wanted to talk to Brad about what he'd said about Wiley not being the birth mother's to take. Brad muttered that he didn't know how the "nightmare" had spiraled out of control. Julian wondered if the baby he'd seen at the hospital was the same baby that Brad and Lucas had. "No, it's not," Brad admitted. Brad told Julian what had happened the night their first Wiley had died, but he claimed that he'd gotten their live baby from a homeless woman with no means to care for the child.

Brad continued that he knew that his actions had been "crazy and illegal," but the only way things would work out was if he and Lucas were able to keep the baby. Julian offered to "ask around" for information before the hearing, and a very appreciative Brad gave Julian a big hug. Julian promised to try his best. Brad thanked Julian for listening and not running to Lucas or the cops. Julian admitted that he knew what being deprived of his own child was like, and he wouldn't wish it on anyone, especially his own son.

Alexis was looking through Brad and Lucas' file when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Kristina, who'd left her sweater there the previous night. Alexis was happy for the visit because she'd missed her daughter, and Kristina agreed. Kristina related that she'd been thinking about Michael's situation, and Brad and Lucas' situation, and she'd realized how fortunate she was to have her family. The two embraced, and Alexis agreed that time was precious. She feared that she'd wasted time "fretting" about Kristina and Parker, but if Kristina was happy, so was Alexis.

A short while later, Kristina was gone, and Alexis let Julian into the house. He wanted information about the custody situation, and he wondered if there was anything to be done to give Brad and Lucas an advantage. Alexis replied that probably only some "radical new information" could do the trick, but it seemed unlikely. She told him that she was on her way to a meeting with the birth mother's attorney to discuss the situation and prepare for the hearing. After that, it was in the judge's hands, but the birth mothers were usually favored.

Julian thanked Alexis for talking to him and apologized for having to deal with him. She admitted that she didn't mind dealing with him when he was "sweet, loving, and concerned." He left, and a few minutes later, Alexis left. She told someone on the phone to go through all of her old adoption cases to find something to help Brad and Lucas keep the baby. Julian slipped out from behind the house and followed Alexis.

At the church, Carly assured Michael that the whole family would be there to support him. He wondered how the funeral would go, as people usually shared stories and memories. Carly replied that everyone would say how loved and wanted Jonah had been. Lucas and Bobbie entered, and Michael appreciated Lucas being there during his difficult time. "That's what family does," Lucas assured him. Carly confided to Bobbie that she wished she could put all of Michael's pain on herself.

Sonny and Josslyn entered, and Sonny informed Carly that Mike had been too confused to attend, so he was with Felix. Josslyn thought that Jonah's fate was unfair, but she and Michael agreed to honor his memory by thinking of the man they believed he would have become, "strong and compassionate." Monica approached Bobbie and apologized for refusing to see Nelle for who she really was. Bobbie put the blame for that solely on Nelle.

Oscar entered and gave his and Kim's condolences to Michael, adding that the words seemed "inadequate." Michael replied that, if Oscar wanted to do something, he could support Josslyn, who was acting brave. Oscar agreed, and sat down with Josslyn, who was happy to see him. Lulu entered and offered Michael anything he needed and assured him that Dante sent his love. Diane and Max arrived next, sadly and silently hugging Michael. Chase arrived next, wanting to pay his respects, but he didn't want to intrude on the family. Michael appreciated Chase being there and added that they'd worked together to uncover the truth, so they should "bear the consequences together, too."

The priest began the funeral, and then Josslyn got up to speak. She talked about how excited she'd been about the baby, because Michael deserved "everything good." She explained how Michael had been there for her all her life, starting on the night she'd been born. He'd always listened to her and made time for her, even if there was something else he would have rather been doing. She knew that he would have done the same with Jonah.

When the funeral was over, Michael requested to go to the cemetery and say goodbye to Jonah alone. When the church was empty, Sonny and Carly sat together in a pew. She was glad that they were together through another "senseless loss" so they didn't have to face it alone.

The funeral attendees arrived at the Floating Rib, and Lucas hugged Brad. Jason expressed his sympathy to Monica, as he knew how much she'd wanted a great-great-grandchild. She was only glad that Michael had so many people around to support him. Oscar thought Josslyn's words at the funeral had been "beautiful."

Josslyn thanked Oscar for being there and apologized for how she'd treated him lately. She told him about Carly finding the clothes Josslyn had stolen and how she had to pay for them. She vowed that she was "done being angsty, angry Joss." He was happy about that, and she wondered if they were "okay." "Better than okay," he assured her, and he grabbed her hand.

Jason and Sam were talking about Michael when Kristina approached. She realized she'd never told Jason how happy she was that he was home safe, and she was glad to have a miracle to "balance the scales." Despite Sam's protests, Kristina talked about how happy she was that Sam had Jason to love again. Lucas told Bobbie that his heart was breaking for his and Brad's situation, but it was nothing compared to Michael. Brad squirmed as Lucas reasoned that, even if their baby was taken away, they would at least know that he was alive and well.

Alexis arrived in a conference room to meet Diane. Julian followed and listened from around the corner as they talked about how they both hoped the meeting that they'd been dreading went smoothly. "Let's get down to business," Diane said as she shut the door.

Michael sat down at Morgan's grave and told Morgan that he could have used his brother the previous few months. "I messed up really bad," he said. He explained how he'd thought he'd loved Nelle, but he'd been too blind to see how broken she was until Jonah had been conceived. He hadn't been able to protect his son, and he would be sorry about that for the rest of his life. He wanted to ask a favor of Morgan, "brother to brother." He looked at Jonah's freshly filled grave and asked Morgan to look out for Jonah.

Julian tries to help Brad

Julian tries to help Brad

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Michael entered Sonny's and sat down, looking at the framed pictures of the family. Sonny entered and asked how Jonah's burial had been. Michael admitted that he'd stayed longer than he'd meant to, but he hadn't known how to leave. He continued that he didn't know how to grieve for Jonah, as Jonah hadn't left things behind as Morgan had. Sonny advised his son that the only way out was through the grief, but he reminded Michael to let his loved ones help him. "You just did, Dad," Michael replied, and the two embraced.

Lulu arrived at Metro Court and greeted Maxie and Nina, who were in the middle of lunch. Lulu reminded Nina about Charlotte's school curriculum meeting, and Nina thanked Lulu for including her. Lulu promised that she would always make sure that Nina was in Charlotte's life, even if Nina was no longer in Valentin's. Lulu spotted Peter and informed the women that he'd offered her a job at the Invader, and Maxie revealed that he'd offered her a job, as well. They both agreed that they wouldn't work for him. Lulu had a staff meeting at the paper, so she excused herself.

Maxie wondered what was wrong with Peter, but Nina was distracted. She cited that she'd just remembered what day it was to a confused Maxie. Valentin entered the restaurant and asked if Nina knew what day it was, further confusing Maxie. Nina explained that she'd agreed to give Valentin thirty days to prove himself before she divorced him, and the time was up. He pleaded with her to remember that the good outweighed the bad and vowed that things would be better than before. Seeing Maxie's reaction, Nina answered that nothing could help her get over what Valentin had done to Peter.

Nina quickly excused herself and got into the elevator. When she was gone, Maxie gloated that "poor Valentin" hadn't gotten what he'd wanted. Valentin acknowledged that he practiced "situational ethics," but all he wanted to do was love Nina and make her happy. He knew he was flawed, but he demanded that she stop using Nina to punish him, and he left.

At the Metro Court bar, Margaux saw the front page of the Invader, which was a picture of her and Drew kissing. She was muttering about a lawsuit when Peter greeted her. She excused herself to "confront the publisher," but he revealed that he was the publisher. "You rose from the ashes in record time," she observed sarcastically. She thought that Faison would be proud of his son for "infringing" on her personal life with no context.

Lulu approached and asked Peter to cancel their meeting for later in the week, as she wouldn't be working with him. "I don't deal in fake news," she concluded, and she left. Peter continued his conversation with Margaux, informing her that he'd done nothing illegal, and he advised her to "control your impulses" in public. He thought that they could help each other out by exchanging stories for information, but she replied, "in your dreams." He advised her that there was no expiration date on his offer, and she hastily left.

Curtis and Drew met up at the Floating Rib, and Curtis teased Drew some more about being too intimidated by Margaux to go out with her. Drew still believed that she had an agenda, especially when she'd asked him to help her "bring down" Sonny after heavily flirting. He showed Curtis the picture from the Invader and explained that he'd turned her down, so she'd kissed him and left. He thought that she was trying to manipulate and use him, but Curtis suggested that Margaux actually liked Drew. He advised Drew to "let go and enjoy yourself," and he left.

Lulu approached Drew and asked him for some help "saving my job." She explained that she'd been demoted to "puff pieces" after her editor had "wooed some Pulitzer Prize winner." Drew revealed that he'd actually thought that was a good idea. She asked him to put a good word in for her, but he reasoned that he'd hired who he had to be in charge. He wished he could help, but he urged her to "keep it up," because she was on the right track. She understood and thanked him for listening.

As Lulu left, Margaux entered, wondering if he'd seen any good news headlines lately. She swore that she wouldn't have kissed him if she'd known a picture would have ended up in the paper. He insisted that he had suffered no ill effects from it, and she reasoned that she would use it to "humanize" herself to juries. He invited her to join him, and she agreed. A few minutes later, she was fondly telling him about her first conviction, a man who she'd "dated" back when they'd gone to middle school together. He observed that everything seemed to "come second" to being the district attorney, but she denied it. He wondered what else she was passionate about, but she shot back, "You first."

Maxie approached Peter, who asked how she and James were. She requested that he stop acting like they were friends and taunted him over Lulu turning down his job offer. He'd thought that Maxie and Lulu were no longer friends, but Maxie informed him that she and Lulu were in a "decent place." Right on cue, Lulu returned and asked for a minute with Peter.

Feeling awkward with Maxie standing there, Lulu wondered if Peter's job offer was still on the table. "It's yours if you want it," he replied sincerely. She explained to a stunned Maxie that her circumstances had changed, and Peter's offer was a great opportunity for her. She added that she would be spending most of her time on assignment and not actually with Peter. "Subject to your terms, I'm in," Lulu decided.

Curtis sat down with Valentin, who had a job for Curtis. "Meeting over," Curtis said, getting up. He explained that Nina was one of his favorite people, which made Valentin "the opposite." Valentin offered to pay Curtis "handsomely" so that Curtis could find something that would make Nina "happier than anything." "Unless you found a breakthrough medical procedure that could help Nina get pregnant..." Curtis started, but he was interrupted by Valentin blurting out that he had found Nina's child.

Valentin clarified that he didn't have an identity or location, but he knew that Nina's daughter existed. He explained that Madeline had wanted Nina to believe that Nina had miscarried when she'd really delivered the baby while in a coma. He asked Curtis to take the job.

Julian listened from the hall outside of Alexis and Diane's meeting as Alexis asked Diane why the birth mother had changed her mind. Diane replied that the reason would make no difference, as the odds were "slim to none" that Brad and Lucas would be able to keep Wiley. Diane added that there were "no red flags" with the birth mother. Diane realized that her paralegal was supposed to be there with another file, and she poked her head out the door. Julian hid around the corner as she looked around.

Diane went back into the room, and Julian returned to standing just outside the door. Diane related that at least Brad and Lucas would know that their baby was "alive and well," unlike Michael, who'd just buried his. Alexis had to go, and Diane decided to get her other file herself. Julian hid in an adjacent room as the women left the room. He went into the room they'd been in and saw Diane's files sitting open on the table. He flipped through the first few pages and took some pictures.

A short while later, Julian was gone. Nina entered the room and found Diane with divorce papers drawn up. Diane wondered what Nina had decided to do. Nina told Diane about everything Valentin had done for her over the previous thirty days, but she didn't think she could get over all the lying he'd done. Diane observed that he'd done some "wonderful" things for Nina, who had delayed divorcing him for thirty days. Diane also saw that Nina was shaking, and she hadn't picked up the pen to sign the papers.

Nina picked up the pen, but Diane informed Nina that she didn't have to decide that day. Diane explained that she'd been "ringside" for many divorces, and no matter how easy they were, there was always "wear and tear on the heart." Diane advised Nina to be "super certain" that she wanted a divorce. Nina sat down and signed the papers.

At the hospital, Kim left a message for Julian, making sure that everything was all right. When she hung up, she turned and saw Brad and Lucas pushing Wiley in his stroller. She cooed over the baby and expressed sympathy for their situation. Lucas prayed that the birth mother would change her mind again, and Kim thought it could be a possibility.

A short while later, Brad and Lucas arrived at Alexis' and asked for any new developments. The only new information she had was that Diane was the birth mother's lawyer. They took that as good news, since Diane was practically a part of Carly's family, but Alexis reminded them that Diane would be representing her client. She warned them that their pasts would be "fair game" at the hearing. Brad got nervous and claimed he was going out to the car to get Wiley's binky. When he was gone, Alexis told Lucas that she needed them both focused. Lucas promised that Brad would "get it together" for the hearing.

Julian entered the hospital and talked to Kim about Lucas and Brad's situation. He couldn't understand how the birth mother could suddenly change her mind, but Kim explained that the woman had had time for her feelings to "settle in." He appreciated her perspective and thanked her for listening. She had to check on a patient, but she promised to be back.

Julian's phone rang, and he answered it to Brad, who wondered if Julian had made any headway. "I'm on it," Julian assured Brad, who asked what that meant. Julian promised to fill Brad in later and advised him to "sit tight." When he hung up, he looked at the pictures of Diane's files on his phone. Kim returned and told Julian that she had a patient in labor on her way in, so Kim had to stay. She advised him that parents couldn't always control the fate of their kids, and all parents could do was hope. She left.

Julian took his phone out again and looked up the phone number of the birth mother on the picture on his phone. He dialed the number and said, "You don't know me, but I think we should meet."

Brad returned to Alexis' living room and claimed that he'd just needed air. He claimed that the fresh air had made him feel better, and he felt hopeful for the first time that they would be keeping Wiley. "From your lips," Lucas said, and he embraced his husband.

Franco faces a parenting challenge

Franco faces a parenting challenge

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On the phone, Robert demanded a progress report immediately, as it had been two days since Cassandra had been abducted. When he hung up, he bumped into Jordan, who asked for an update on Anna. He told her everything that had happened, and she was unhappy at the progress. Chase burst into the room and demanded to know why he'd had to hear from dispatch about his brother going missing. Robert updated him, and Chase wondered what they wanted him to do. Robert and Jordan agreed that Chase was "too close" to the case, but he shot back that Anna was Robert's ex-wife and Jordan's best friend, while Chase hardly knew Finn.

Chase was afraid that Finn would die before Chase got a chance to know him. Jordan shook his hand and congratulated him on becoming the new WSB liaison, effective immediately. Robert protested, but Jordan sternly stated, "My turf, my rules." She encouraged Chase to "do me proud," and she left the room. Robert took the opportunity to instruct Chase to "do exactly as I say." He tossed the case file at Chase and told him to familiarize himself with Finn and Cassandra's "colorful history."

The captor led Finn and Anna back to the lab and showed them to Cassandra. Finn refused to save her, since she'd tried to kill him. The captor agreed that he would do the same -- unless he was being held at gunpoint, and his goon raised a gun. Anna reminded Finn that it was his job to heal people, so he agreed. He looked through the file and urgently got facemasks out of a cabinet. He demanded that everyone put one on, as the virus Cassandra had had mutated and become contagious. He looked through Cassandra's medications and gave the captor a list of medications she needed. Distrustful of Finn, the captor reluctantly left with the handwritten list.

Anna asked Finn if Cassandra was actually contagious, and he revealed that, even if she was, the facemasks wouldn't help them anyway. He took out a few bottles and a syringe, letting Anna guess at whether or not he was buying them time or finishing them off. Finn injected Cassandra's I.V. with the liquid from one of the bottles and commented that they would know soon. Suddenly, a moan escaped Cassandra's mouth, and she slowly opened her eyes. "What happened?" Cassandra rasped, and in the next breath, she wondered why Anna and Finn weren't dead.

Anna recapped that she, Finn, and Cassandra were being held captive, and they'd woken Cassandra to see if she could help them figure out who was holding them. "Go to hell," Cassandra replied. Finn informed her that she'd been in a coma for eight months, and she'd contracted a rare blood disorder. Anna explained that Cassandra could either pretend she was still unconscious and help them in order to get treatment, or Finn could put her back to sleep.

Franco promised a concerned Elizabeth that he would be fine. Kiki approached, and Franco asked her to tell Elizabeth that everything would be fine. Kiki elected to stay out of it, since she didn't know what was going on. Franco reassured Elizabeth and left. Elizabeth informed Kiki that Franco was taking all three of her boys school shopping at once.

Elizabeth couldn't believe that Kiki was back at work so soon and hoped that she'd put the money from her lawsuit to good use. Kiki revealed that she'd donated it to a fund that promoted equal treatment, and she hoped that the hospital would be safer for female employees. Bensch appeared as she talked about just wanting to work. "No one's stopping you. Hop to it!" Bensch yelled at her.

Kiki wondered how Bensch was still employed, and he answered that he was a well-respected physician. He added that he'd already filed his appeal, so he expected the court's decision to be overturned. His pager went off, and it was Monica summoning him. He haughtily walked away, expecting an apology from the hospital.

Kiki related that whatever Griffin had done to get suspended couldn't have been worse than what Bensch had done. Elizabeth added that all of the nurses had Kiki's back, but Kiki cited the high price of the lawsuit. Suddenly, Bensch returned, slamming charts around. "I just got fired," he growled. "What a terrible loss. How will we ever recover?" Elizabeth replied sarcastically.

A short while later, Bensch returned with a box full of his things, and he informed Kiki that he was not only suing the hospital for wrongful termination, but also Kiki for defamation of character. She looked forward to testifying against him again, and he stormed out.

Franco sat in the park with Elizabeth's boys, and Cameron suggested going to the carnival. Franco wanted to do something on their to-do list first, but Aiden related that he couldn't get Princess Kalinda of Everwood pencils there. Cameron replied that princess pencils were for girls, and Aiden ran off, upset. Franco went after Aiden, and Jake observed, "You're in trouble." Cameron claimed he was just trying to protect his brother, but Jake said that if he needed protection, he would find someone else to do it.

Franco found Aiden and instructed him not to listen to Cameron, because no one could tell anyone else what they were and weren't allowed to like. Franco promised to get Aiden all of the princess stuff he wanted, but Aiden said that he didn't want it anymore and ran off again. Franco and Aiden returned to Cameron and Jake, and Franco thought that Cameron had something to tell Aiden. "Sorry. Can we go now?" Cameron huffed. Franco gave Jake and Aiden some money and told them to go get some ice cream.

Franco took the opportunity to tell Cameron how "vibrantly uncool" he'd been to Aiden. Cameron thought that it was better for him to hurt Aiden's feelings than the kids at school. Cameron walked off alone, and Franco's phone went off. Elizabeth asked how things were going, and Franco stammered that they were "keeping busy."

Carly and Jason played pool at the Floating Rib. She felt guilty enjoying herself after a funeral, and they toasted "to little Jonah." Carly revealed that Sonny had told her about the Croton mess, and Jason insisted to a worried Carly that he and Sonny were handling it. She nagged him more about it, but Jason thought their best option was to wait and watch, "for now." She reminded him that bad situations always got worse.

Lucy entered the Floating Rib and found Kevin drinking alone at the bar, and she was surprised that he wasn't celebrating his birthday. He was sure that he and Laura would celebrate when she returned home. She thought he was hiding something, but he nicely told her to butt out. Carly approached and apologized for interrupting, but Lucy assured Carly that she and Kevin had finished their conversation. When Lucy was gone, Kevin thanked Jason for helping Carly, even if his method had been "unorthodox." Carly thanked Kevin for being "kind and fair," but she wondered what had happened to the patient next door to her. He assured her that he was getting the "best care possible," since the entire Ferncliff staff had been replaced.

A few minutes later, Kevin was on the phone with Laura, who assured him that they would celebrate his birthday when she returned. He told her he missed and loved her, and he hung up. Lucy returned with a cupcake with a candle stuck in it as a peace offering. She apologized for overstepping, and he assured her that he knew she'd meant well. He accepted the cupcake, and she offered to light it so he could make a wish. He thought he would do it later and thanked her. When he was gone, Lucy muttered that she would make a wish for him.

Carly told Jason that Kevin wanted her to return to therapy, but he didn't think she needed it. She agreed, but she'd wanted to hear Jason say it too. She felt guilty that her next-door neighbor was stuck at Ferncliff, but Jason reminded her that there were people there who actually were "sick and dangerous." She was grateful for Kevin's help, because she thought she would have ended up worse off without it. She trusted that he had her best interests at heart.

"Help me, please!" Kevin's mystery look-alike patient yelled, and an orderly named Gordon entered the patient's room. The patient insisted that there was a "very dangerous man loose in Port Charles." He continued that he was a prisoner, not a patient, and that the other man was out there, free to destroy everyone he loved. He apologized for putting that on the orderly, who didn't know what to do. Gordon offered to help, and he got the patient a drink of water.

The patient called Gordon kind and added that he was better than the staff that had previously been there. The patient thought that if Gordon wanted to help, he wouldn't tell anyone that they'd spoken, "especially my so-called doctor. If he finds out I told you who he really is, he'll kill me."

A short while later, Gordon let Kevin into the room. Kevin held up the cupcake with the candle in it and lit the candle. "Happy birthday, brother. Make a wish," he said.

Finn and Anna escape

Finn and Anna escape

Friday, August 24, 2018

Mike and Sonny sat on the sofa and watched a baseball game. As they discussed the most recent play, Felix walked in with a big bowl of popcorn and set it on the coffee table. Mike went upstairs, and Felix commented that Sonny and Mike had sounded just like a "son and his dad." Sonny mentioned the talk he'd had with Stella, who had encouraged him to talk to Mike about future plans. Felix agreed that it was good to talk to Mike while he could still understand what was going on around him. Sonny admitted that he'd tried, but Mike always thought Sonny was trying to get rid of him. Sonny had enjoyed sharing moments that he hadn't had as a kid.

Sonny disclosed that he'd purchased a mobile tracker with a GPS system to keep tabs on Mike, and they joked about the sign that Sonny had made for Mike's room. Sonny was sure that he had enough security and safety features at home in order for Mike to stay. Just then, Mike bounded down the stairs and tossed Sonny a baseball glove. He was ready to go outside and play catch.

Shortly after, Sonny, Mike and Felix returned to the house after an invigorating game of catch. Sonny and Mike sat down, and Sonny talked about the boys and their fathers of his youth. Mike felt bad, and he suggested they go to a game at Yankees Stadium. Sonny quickly agreed, remembering how he'd always been promised that as a kid. Mike admitted it felt good to toss the ball around like they had in the past. He realized how tired he was and announced that he would lie down before dinner.

Felix sat down with Sonny and admitted that perhaps Mike was already in the best place for him. Felix thought that it had been helping Mike to hold onto his memories. Sonny revealed that none of what had transpired that day had really happened.

Carly and Jason played a game of pool at the Floating Rib while Drew and Margaux sat at a nearby table. "Michael needs all the support we can give him," Carly declared. She revealed that she was also in despair over Mike, although she didn't think there was a need to put him in a memory care facility just yet. She wanted Sonny to build some new memories with his father. Carly showed Jason the photo of Drew and Margaux kissing that had been featured in the Invader. Carly noted that Drew appeared to be getting over Sam.

Over at the table, Margaux motioned to Jason and Carly, and Drew assured her the couple were just friends. Margaux mentioned Jason's memories but Drew reminded her that he wouldn't use those memories against Sonny. He added that Margaux probably knew as much about Jason's memories as he did. Instead, he changed the subject and questioned Margaux about herself.

Margaux quickly accused Drew of interrogating her, but Drew insisted he was interested. She told him she was a Jersey girl, had gone to NYU, and had married the wrong guy. She discussed her earlier years briefly. Drew replied that he had no memories -- that were his own -- prior to 2015, and he hurriedly switched the conversation subject back to Margaux. In turn, she mentioned the margaritas that were supposed to be good, and Drew agreed to head to the bar to get a couple of drinks.

While Drew was at the bar, Carly and Jason sat at a table, and both admitted they had a bad feeling about the district attorney. Jason noted that she had been trying to go after Sonny. He was aware that Drew was familiar with every job that Jason had ever done for Sonny, and Carly was shocked. "That little bitch is looking for evidence against you?" she asked Jason.

Jason sidled up to the bar alongside Drew and reminded him that he'd warned Drew that Margaux was out to get Sonny. He expected that she would use anybody in order to find out what she wanted. Drew admitted that she wanted him to "flip" on Jason, and she'd been working hard at it.

Margaux took the opportunity to head over to Carly's table to tell her that she was looking good. She was sorry about Carly's grandchild and admitted that while she hated injustice, she also hated people who used loopholes and the like to get around the law. Carly rose and declared that she hated women who used sex to get information because it sent the wrong message, especially in light of the #metoo movement. Carly suggested that perhaps it was just a coincidence that Margaux had been with Drew.

Jason and Drew returned to the table, and Margaux suggested that they grab a table for the four of them. The others looked at her silently. "Or not," Margaux said.

Carly and Jason sat back down. Carly decided that Drew would be able to take care of himself, especially because he had Jason's knowledge and skills. Jason clarified that Drew would have to know how to use them. "Knowing it and knowing how to use it are two different things," he declared. Carly revealed that she'd called Margaux out, and Jason looked at her. Carly sighed.

Drew and Margaux ate, but their evening was cut short after Margaux commented on Drew's conversation with Jason, and Drew squirted her with barbeque sauce. She accused him of paying her back after the mustard incident, but Drew claimed the bottle had been slippery. They headed out, and Carly and Jason looked at each other and shrugged.

Carly admitted that she'd flirted to get what she'd wanted in the past, too. Jason assured her that he wasn't worried, especially with Diane handling the legal issues of the business. He didn't believe that Drew wanted to help Margaux. Jason wanted to play another round of pool, but Carly insisted she had to get home.

At the unknown location, Anna advised Cassandra that she had two choices. She could help Anna and Finn by pretending to still be in a coma while she eyed their captors, or she would be injected and sent back to "dreamland." Finn happily waved the syringe at Cassandra.

Cassandra asked if Valentin were involved in their imprisonment but Anna was emphatic that they figure it all out once they escaped. Cassandra remained silent, but as Finn began to add the dose to knock her out to her I.V., Cassandra readily agreed to help them. At the sound of the captors' voices, Finn and Anna hastily put their facemasks back on. Cassandra lay back and closed her eyes.

The men entered the room, and Finn demanded to know what had taken them so long to procure the medicines. One of the men pointed his gun at Finn and ordered him to hurry up, or it would be something besides the infection that killed him.

Finn readied the oral doses of infection protection and handed the tray out to the group so they could drink it down. The main captor switched the cups, and he ordered Anna and Finn to drink first. They did, and the captors quickly downed theirs. They immediately fell to the floor, unconscious. Finn called out and asked if he'd mentioned the side effects. He informed Anna that the two of them had merely downed some water. He had suspected the men would want the cups switched.

Cassandra opened her eyes and demanded that she be able to leave with Finn and Anna. She hadn't recognized either of the men. Finn advised Cassandra that she still needed to be treated, and she should wait for help. Anna declared that they wanted to treat her with the same compassion she had shown them. Anna picked up a gun, and she and Finn fled the room.

Chase and Scorpio each handled some business on their phones at the police station in their desperation to locate Finn and Anna. Chase was annoyed at Scorpio's attacks on his method of pursuing information, and Scorpio apologized. Chase reminded the older man that while Scorpio was concerned about Anna, Chase was worried about his brother. They talked about the case.

Scorpio posted a photo on the bulletin board. He wondered if it looked familiar to Chase, and the younger man acknowledged that it was the Cassadine crest. Scorpio noted that Valentin had ties to Cassandra. Just then, Chase received a text message and advised Scorpio that he had a lead. Someone had wanted Finn to cure Cassandra, and use of the doctor's prescription card had been traced to just north of the Canadian border. There had been photos taken of the car and its license plates.

Julian found himself at the park with Ava and Leo. The little boy had a butterfly net and was busy searching for butterflies. Ava and Julian sat on a bench. Julian mentioned how grateful he was to be able to spend time with his son, but Ava thought his gratefulness was awful. They made small talk about Lucas and Brad, and noting his reaction, she wondered if she should be asking what he'd done. Before Julian could respond, Ava noticed a shirtless Griffin stopping to drink out of his water bottle while out for a run.

Griffin walked over as he put his shirt back on. Julian began to tell him off, but Ava sent Julian off to play with Leo. She told Griffin that she hadn't expected to see him at that time of day, but Griffin explained that he'd never been free at that time before he'd been suspended. He suspected Ava of telling Monica about the unauthorized DNA test.

Ava confessed that it was her. She showed him her phone, where she'd taken a photo of the test results and admitted that something had told her to keep a record. She hadn't trusted his loving ways, and she'd been right. Griffin insisted that what they had had been real, although he admitted that he'd deserved to be suspended. Ava retorted that she had wanted him to lose something that he had cared about, and she had wanted him to hurt like she did.

Griffin regretted that he had hurt Ava, Kiki, and his patients by not being there. Ava called him a good doctor, and he retorted that he hadn't been a good boyfriend. He stated that she no longer had to worry, because he wouldn't bother her anymore.

Nearby, Leo whispered to Julian and asked if there were toys in heaven. Julian assured the little boy that there were, and he understood Leo's question because of Jonah. He informed the boy that all of Jonah's things had been packed up and given to other babies. Julian said that neither he nor Leo would be in heaven for a long time.

As Ava and Griffin spoke, an anxious Julian ran up with Leo in his arms. Apparently, the little boy had fallen from a tree while chasing butterflies and had cut his knee. Julian was worried that the boy had hit his head. He sat the boy down with Griffin, and the doctor gently began to examine Leo and talk to him. Ava had tissues, and Griffin placed one on the cut. Upon examination, he assured Julian that the boy appeared to be fine, but without a medical license, he thought it best that Julian take Leo to the hospital for a check.

Ava suggested that Julian had been more frightened than Leo, and she joked that Julian needed a security blanket. "Like the yellow blanket you put in Jonah's room?" Leo asked. Julian looked over at Ava quickly as Griffin appeared thunderstruck. "Yellow blanket?" Griffin asked. Julian quickly covered and explained about the toys and blankets that had been packed up. He picked up his son to head to General Hospital.

Ava silently thanked her lucky stars for Julian's story, but after he was gone, Griffin asked her if Julian had been referring to the blanket that hadn't existed.

Back at Sonny's, Felix received a text message that his relief would be late due to traffic. He offered to stay, but Sonny urged him to go because he had plenty of help on the premises. Felix assured Sonny that he would know what to do with Mike when the time arrived. After he was gone, Sonny conducted some business on the phone with Diane. He left the living room to look for something, and Mike headed down the stairs.

"Hello," Mike called out several times. He looked lost and confused. He wandered around the living room and heard a noise. He saw someone out on the patio and thought that someone was trying to break in. He set off the alarm system, and the alarms blared loudly. The sound was unbearable to Mike, and he began to scream and shout. As the sirens continued, Carly, Jason, Sonny, and a bodyguard all ran into the room. The men all had their guns drawn.

Finn and Anna sneaked around, trying to find a way out. They found a locked door. Just then, it burst open, and Chase and Scorpio ran inside. Everyone was extremely happy to see each other. Anna hugged Scorpio, and Finn and Chase nodded at each other. Scorpio credited Chase for their ability to locate the prisoners. They all headed back to the room where Finn and Anna had been imprisoned. The bound captors were on the floor, and the bed was empty.

A bewildered Cassandra sat in a car. "What do you want from me?" she asked the person who climbed in beside her. A hand wearing a heavy ring with the Cassadine crest patted hers.

Drew escorted Margaux back to her suite at Metro Court. He suggested they try the margaritas at the bar, and she went into her bedroom to change her blouse. Drew quickly looked through her folders and papers on the coffee table, and he picked up a flash drive that was sitting in the midst of a pile. "Don't touch that!" Margaux called out as she emerged from the bedroom. "Why? Is it important?" Drew asked.

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