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Mike became the prime suspect in the murder of Margaux's father. Cameron confronted Oscar about having cancer. Wiley was diagnosed with a heart condition. Finn and Chase's father turned up in Port Charles. Curtis closed in on Nina's daughter.
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Mike is questioned by Jordan and Margaux

Mike is questioned by Jordan and Margaux

Monday, September 17, 2018

At Anna's, Robin got off the phone with Emma as the doorbell rang. She happily answered the door to Jason, and she promptly thanked him for helping to save Anna's life. He wondered how she and Anna were, and Robin replied that their relationship was a "work in progress." She hated that the brother she'd just found out about had stolen five years from Jason. She confided that Anna hadn't wanted Peter to face charges, so Robert had made it happen. She didn't want her brother to go to Steinmauer, but she still thought he deserved punishment for his crimes. Jason assured Robin that he had no intention of retaliating on Peter, out of respect for Robin and Anna.

Jason continued that he'd learned a lot about Anna, who he considered a friend. He respected the choices she'd made, and the consequences she'd carried for them. Robin thought that if Jason could drop his urge for revenge, maybe she could try to form a relationship with Peter. She thought that it would feel like a betrayal of Jason, but he told her that all of Peter's crimes were in the past. Changing the subject, Jason wondered why Robin had never told him that Sam and Patrick had almost been married. She invited him out to dinner if they never spoke of the subject again.

In Kevin's office, Ryan made a dinner reservation for himself and a "special guest" for that night. When he was off the phone, Franco burst into the office, claiming that he was "onto you." He continued that Kevin's offer of free therapy sessions as a wedding gift was just a way to get more information for his study. Ryan wondered if they had an appointment, but Franco reminded "Kevin" that he'd said to drop by whenever. Franco wondered if he would ever have a place with Elizabeth and her family, and when his history would ever stop "looming." "Never," Ryan said with a chuckle, shocking Franco.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Kevin?" Franco cracked, prompting Ryan to apologize if he'd been inappropriate. Ryan assured Franco that, while his past would always be with him, they would find a way to "channel your history towards a productive future." Franco felt that Kevin had led him to believe that sharing his feelings with Elizabeth would help. Franco thanked "Kevin,' who promised to see Franco soon, and Franco left.

When Franco was gone, Ryan got Franco's file out of Kevin's cabinet and looked through it. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Ryan smiled at the guest. He told his guest that their reservation was set, and he was glad she could make it on such short notice. Lucy replied that she would always do anything for him.

Oscar helped clean up after the party, and Kim asked about his hand. He said it hurt a little, but he had to go work on his project for school. Kim informed him that they weren't done talking about the fight he'd been in, because they needed to discuss consequences. Oscar assumed that Elizabeth wasn't "freak[ed] out" over Cameron, and Kim immediately picked up her phone to call Elizabeth.

Cameron entered the hospital with a hat on, and Elizabeth wondered what was on his face. She took his hat off and wondered how the cut on his eyebrow had happened. He claimed that he'd been messing around and tripped on a rock. Just then, Elizabeth's phone went off, and she answered it to Kim, who informed Elizabeth about Oscar and Cameron's fight. Elizabeth thanked Kim for the information and hung up. Elizabeth called Cameron on his lie, and he apologized for lying. She demanded to know why they'd fought, and she figured out that the fight had been over Josslyn.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth knew the whole story, and she scolded Cameron for kissing Josslyn without consent. He walked away to do homework as Franco approached, and Elizabeth promised to update Franco later over wine. Franco enlightened Elizabeth about his visit with Kevin, and he admitted that he'd been feeling insecure about being a father figure to her boys. She appreciated him sharing his feelings, and she assured him that he was doing all right. Franco continued that her hug with Drew had looked "intense," and he wondered what it had been about. Because they'd promised not to keep secrets from each other, she informed him that Oscar had a "malignant brain tumor."

Oscar accused Kim of ruining his life, and he asked to stay another night with Drew. Kim and Drew agreed that it was all right, and Oscar left in a huff. Kim wished Drew a happy birthday and left the house. She arrived home a short while later and began to cry. There was a knock on her door, and Drew appeared in the doorway to take care of some "unfinished business." Drew wanted to tell Oscar about his illness, but Kim countered that Oscar's birthday was approaching, so they should wait.

Kim felt like Drew was trying to tell her what to do at the last minute, but he reminded her that she was no longer raising Oscar alone. She pleaded with Drew to let Oscar celebrate one last birthday without a "dark cloud lingering." Drew finally agreed, and he pulled a frustrated Kim into a comforting hug.

Josslyn texted Oscar and asked if their plans to work on their English project were still on. A short while later, she arrived at the Quartermaines' and wondered why his location had changed. He showed his hand to her and explained about the fight he'd had with Cameron. She gently reminded him that he hadn't had to fight Cameron, as she had a mind of her own. He wondered why she hadn't told him, and she replied that she hadn't wanted to upset him over nothing, but clearly, finding out from Cameron had been much worse for Oscar. "Do you like Cameron?" Oscar wondered.

Josslyn confirmed that she liked Cameron, "but that doesn't mean I wanna be with him. I wanna be with you. Don't you know that by now?" Oscar sheepishly admitted that he needed a reminder once in a while. Josslyn insisted that she'd shut Cameron down immediately, and he apologized for fighting over her. She was sorry that he'd felt the need to, and she joked that she'd thought he was a lover and not a fighter. He replied that he was somewhere in between. "As long as you're with me," Josslyn said. "Always," he answered, and they shared a kiss.

Jordan and Margaux entered Sonny's to talk to Mike about Charlie's. Sonny reminded them about Mike's illness, and Carly added that questioning would exacerbate Mike's condition. Margaux continued to ask about the body stashed in the basement, but Sonny refused to let Mike talk without a lawyer. Mike insisted that he was all right to answer questions, as he had nothing to hide.

Mike told Jordan and Margaux that he walked by Charlie's every night and thought it was a nice place, so he'd been in the pub to see about getting his daughter a job. Margaux clarified that Kristina was his granddaughter, but Mike laughed that he was talking about his daughter Courtney, as Kristina was still in diapers. Margaux reminded Mike that Courtney had been dead for over twelve years, and the statement set Mike off into a yelling, crying mess. Jordan apologized profusely for setting Mike off, and the women left, promising to be in touch.

Sonny and Carly sat on the couch with Mike to comfort him, until he started laughing. "Was I good or was I good?" he asked mischievously. Shocking Sonny and Carly, he explained that he'd done what he'd had to do in order to make the good days he had left count. Mike continued that he was trying to fix everything he'd done so he would no longer be a burden. He asked Sonny to make an appointment to visit one of the facilities. Sonny tearfully agreed and hugged his father.

Outside of Sonny's, Margaux wondered if they could have gotten any information out of Mike if they'd pressed more. Jordan informed her that, after the episode Mike had had, any statement of his would be challenged in court. She assured Margaux that, if they were lucky, the bullet from the body would lead to the killer.

Ryan wants to see Felicia

Ryan wants to see Felicia

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sam stopped at the Quartermaines' to pick up her children and found Oscar working on his school project. They shared a hug; she informed him that Scout had fallen asleep, and Danny was with the dog, Annabelle. She had decided to leave them at the house for the night instead. Sam and Oscar made small talk, and Sam suggested that they get together with her kids and hang out soon. They sat on the couch, and Oscar agreed that he'd like that.

At Kim's place, Drew declared that Sam could be trusted with the information about Oscar, and Kim admitted that she felt the same about Elizabeth. They agreed that they wouldn't tell Oscar about his brain tumor until after his birthday. As Drew headed out the door, Julian arrived. As soon as Julian saw Kim's face, he knew that something was wrong.

Kim filled the tea kettle and told Julian that she couldn't tell him anything at that time but would talk to him someday. Julian confessed that he was okay with that, and he asked her about work instead. Kim ignored his question and announced that she'd been in the emergency room with Oscar, who had been suffering from low blood sugar off and on for a while. Julian realized that that was why she was always worried about her son.

Kim advised Julian that his timing had been perfect in stopping by because she had missed him. Julian admitted that he'd actually stopped by to see Oscar. He really wanted Kim's son to like him more, and he had purchased three tickets for Hamilton on Broadway. Kim was thrilled and asked the date of the show. She was unable to hide her disappointment when Julian told her it would be in the spring.

Julian asked if something was wrong with the date. Kim only stated that it was far away, and she wanted to concentrate on "here and now" instead. Julian kissed her deeply. Kim thanked him for stopping by, even if it hadn't been to see her. She had needed Julian more than he had known. Julian kissed her again, picked her up, and headed to the bedroom.

At an unknown restaurant, Curtis met with a young woman named Sasha Gilmore. She sat down at his table. "It's about your mother," Curtis told her. Sasha disclosed that her mother had passed away two years earlier, but Curtis explained that he was a private investigator, and he thought that she might be his friend's daughter. The woman was confused, and Curtis explained the premise behind Nina's missing daughter.

Sasha assured Curtis that she wasn't adopted, and she'd heard the story of her birth often. Curtis suggested that maybe it was just "a story," and Sasha took offense. She jumped up to leave, and she told Curtis that he had the wrong person. As she was leaving, she dropped her purse. Curtis stooped to pick it up and noted the display of horses on the front. He told her that his friend had been a champion rider.

Sasha scoffed and told Curtis that there was no such thing as an "equestrian gene." She hoped he found the daughter, but it wasn't her. Curtis asked her to consider taking a DNA test. He added that he had it with him, and if she took it, he'd swing by and pick it up. He promised that it wasn't a scam, and at the very least, he could eliminate Sasha from his list. He handed her the envelope containing the test.

At Elizabeth's house, she continued to scold Cameron for getting into the fight with Oscar, although he informed her that Oscar wasn't as fragile as Elizabeth thought. Elizabeth explained that Oscar had felt insecure about Cameron and Josslyn, and even though Cameron had already apologized to Josslyn, she wanted it done again and in person. She announced that she would call Cameron an Uber.

After Cameron had gone, Elizabeth asked Franco if she had messed things up. Franco thought she had handled everything well. He asked if it were true that Oscar didn't have a lot of time, and Elizabeth admitted that Oscar was dying. Franco and Elizabeth sat with glasses of wine as they talked about the situation.

Elizabeth confessed that she couldn't wrap her head around what Kim had been going through, and Franco commiserated with Drew. He felt awful for talking to Drew about the kids getting older. Elizabeth declared that Cameron didn't know about Oscar, but his resentment of Oscar and Josslyn was normal. She thought Cameron would feel bad about it if Oscar didn't live. Franco suggested that the boys might be bonding as they spoke.

At Metro Court, Ryan Collins deemed it great to see Lucy, and she was surprised at his reaction. She apologized for ruining their marriage by having the "fling" with Scott. "Oh, my God, drinking from that poison well again?" Ryan asked. He quickly apologized and told Lucy it had been in the past. The pair sat at a table, and Lucy asked about Laura's return. Ryan informed her that it wouldn't be anytime soon. Lucy was sorry that he was lonely without his wife.

Lucy offered to listen if "Kevin" wanted to share. She advised him that she wasn't just "Lucy the cheater." She was aware of his childhood with Ryan and how he'd felt free after Ryan had died. It had helped "Kevin" to be the man that he had grown to be, she said. Ryan was annoyed and told Lucy to stop "tripping down memory lane." Lucy agreed not to mention his brother again.

Maxie joined Lulu at a nearby table. She was out of breath and explained that she had taken the stairs after being stuck on an elevator with Peter. She had felt bad that Peter had had a panic attack, and the girls agreed it was probably PTSD after being held captive by Liesl. Maxie added that Peter had been hyperventilating and had removed his shirt. Lulu looked at Maxie suspiciously and suggested that the event had been intense. Maxie noted that Peter's "abs have abs."

Maxie continued to talk about her experience but finally changed the subject. She asked Lulu about work, and Lulu admitted that she had been working with Peter on the Ryan Chamberlain story. Lulu added that Peter had pushed her the "right amount." Maxie was confused because she thought that Lulu hadn't wanted to work on that particular story. Lulu stated that the story would have been written without her, anyway, so she thought she could be sensitive. She announced that Kevin had given her his blessing.

Maxie headed over to Ryan and Lucy's table. Ryan looked bewildered as the women chatted about James. They also couldn't believe that "Kevin" was okay regarding a story about his brother, Ryan. "The more we know about the psychotic mind, the better," Ryan declared. "How very enlightened of you," Maxie replied. She didn't think her mother would be okay, though. Ryan didn't want to talk about the past, but he thought that Lulu would be a good person to handle the story. The women were concerned about Felicia.

Lucy reminded "Kevin" and Maxie that Ryan had murdered someone in front of Felicia, tormented her, and kidnapped her child. Ryan declared that he would talk to Felicia. "We can work through her feelings together," he said. Lucy wondered if "Kevin" wanted to reopen old wounds, but Ryan insisted he would manage. He hesitated and quickly added "for Felicia." Maxie suggested he be casual and be a usual good friend to Felicia. Ryan assured them that he knew what to do. Maxie headed back to Lulu's table.

Lucy sent Felicia a text message and announced that Felicia and Mac would be joining her and "Kevin." She thought that Felicia needed support from all of them and reassurance that Ryan would never hurt her again.

Maxie sat back down with Lulu, Maxie thought that Kevin seemed "off." Lulu declared that she was more concerned that he was having a large meal with his ex-wife. Lulu informed Maxie that she had to return to work, and she had to take some food to Peter. She added that Peter asked about Maxie and James incessantly, and she'd had to advise him that he could only do so every three hours. "He asks about me?" Maxie inquired. She asked Lulu to tell Peter that she hoped he felt better after the elevator incident.

Nina paid a visit to Anna's house and admitted that she'd heard about Cassandra. "Am I in danger?" she asked. Anna played dumb but Nina said that she was aware that Anna knew what she'd done to Cassandra. Nina added that it had been in self-defense. The women agreed that it was a shame that Cassandra had survived.

Anna believed that Nina was safe at that moment because Cassandra had been very sick. She agreed with Valentin that Nina should have a bodyguard, and she added that Valentin didn't want to lose Nina. "He already lost me," Nina replied. Anna was surprised to hear of the divorce because she had thought they might get back together. She agreed that what Valentin had done to Peter was awful, but they'd been young.

Nina spoke about the child she'd lost while she'd been in a coma, and how she felt it had tied into what Valentin had done. She knew it was based on her emotions. Suddenly, she wondered why she was talking to Anna because they weren't friends. Anna thought it was easier that way, and she was sorry for Nina's loss. She thought it could be helpful for Nina to work through her feelings.

Nina told Anna that she had reason to believe that her child was alive. A teary-eyed Anna grasped Nina's hand and declared that Valentin really loved Nina and would do anything for her. Nina thanked her and got up to go. She asked Anna what her reunion with her son had been like. Anna responded that it had been "fraught," and their relationship was "tenuous." She was happy that she knew where he was and that he had met her.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Sam advised Oscar that she would check dates for a get-together. Drew arrived and was surprised to see Sam. She announced that she wouldn't be taking the kids home with her, and she apologized to Oscar for distracting him from his homework. She asked to speak to Drew privately, and they headed out to the patio. Cameron walked in and spotted Oscar. He announced that he had been sent to apologize to Josslyn again.

Oscar and Cameron chatted about their mothers, and they both agreed that they'd already worked things out between them. Cameron stated that Elizabeth wanted them to be friends because she was friends with Kim. "Are we cool?" Cameron asked. Oscar agreed that they were, and Cameron left.

Out on the patio, Sam was sorry that she had mentioned Oscar to Kim, but Drew assured her that Kim hadn't been used to sharing her relationship with her son. He had just left Kim's place, where he had agreed to wait to tell Oscar about his tumor, but he really wasn't okay with it. He worried because secrets tended to be revealed. Sam thought it was an "out-of-control" situation for Drew, and he would only have control if he told Oscar. Drew thought that would be dishonest.

Sam suggested that Drew lean on her; she felt he had been carrying too much weight. Drew appreciated the offer, but he replied that he couldn't do that. When he was with Sam, he wanted what they had had in the past. Sam wished him luck.

Over at Elizabeth's house, Franco sat at his laptop and looked up the site of the Port Charles Children's Brain Tumor Institute. Elizabeth walked down the stairs and advised him that both Aiden and Jake needed homework help. Franco wished he could do something about Oscar, and Elizabeth reminded him that it was a secret. She headed back upstairs, and Franco placed a phone call to Drew.

Franco was unable to reach Drew and left a message. He noted that he had heard about Oscar from Elizabeth. He offered to talk if Drew needed it, and he was sorry to hear about Oscar. As he left his message, Cameron began to walk into the house. He heard Franco leaving his message, and he stepped aside to hide and listen. Franco ended the call and headed upstairs. Cameron walked in and spotted the screen that was still up on the laptop. "Brain tumor?" he asked.

Ava and Kiki have a public falling-out

Ava and Kiki have a public falling-out

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

At Perks, Valentin met with Curtis, who filled him in on his meeting with Sasha in Chappaqua, NY. Curtis held the completed DNA test in his hand. Valentin was surprised to see that Curtis had been able to secure it so quickly and noted that he had expected to offer a "financial incentive" to the young woman. Curtis explained that Sasha wanted to prove that she wasn't Nina's daughter and had not been adopted. "We'll proceed with caution," Valentin said.

Valentin handed Curtis his payment plus a bonus. He asked for the tests to be done in two separate locations, including General Hospital. Curtis wondered when they would tell Nina what they'd been up to because he was her friend in addition to being a private investigator. Valentin agreed that they would tell Nina if Sasha turned out to be her daughter.

Lulu and Peter sat at a table in Metro Court. Lulu wanted to set some ground rules for Peter regarding the Ryan Chamberlain story. She wanted, above all else, for him to be respectful to the victims and their families. She wanted them to take their time on the story, but Peter informed her that many other news outlets had been seen around town, ready to jump on the story for its 25th anniversary. Lulu reminded him that when the other news teams left town, they would still be there.

Peter wanted to reach out to the victims like Felicia, but Lulu was having no part of it. She accused him of wanting to get to Maxie through Felicia, but Peter assured her that he would never exploit Maxie. He still considered her to be a friend, even if she wanted nothing to do with him, and Maxie's son was his nephew. They were the only family he had. Lulu suggested that he form a connection with Anna and Robin instead, as they were his family, too. Peter only wanted to let the victims know how they would be handled, but Lulu told him that Maxie's feelings for him were already confused. Peter was curious and hopeful that Maxie would give him a chance.

Lulu lit into Peter. She told him that Maxie was vulnerable, and she had just been getting better. Lulu blamed Peter for the hell that Maxie had gone through, and she ordered him to stay away from Maxie. Peter said he understood and asked if Maxie was okay. Lulu told him to stop intruding and to back off to prove he was decent.

Kiki ran into Griffin at the hospital and was hopeful that he'd been reinstated. Griffin revealed that he'd had a meeting with the board that had been canceled, and he didn't know if he would ever be back at the hospital. He told her that to make matters worse, he'd received a phone call from the Archdiocese. He'd been barred from receiving sacraments and mass, and he couldn't take part in any church rituals. He explained that he should have been living in a place where his priestly background had been unknown, but someone had reported him.

Kiki and Griffin both agreed that Ava had most likely been the one to report him. Kiki was sorry that her mother had sunk so low. Ava had been punishing Griffin because of Kiki, and Kiki was angry. Griffin assured her that his faith was his own, and that couldn't be taken from him. Just then, Lucy spotted them and reminded Griffin that they had had an appointment for her to show him some apartments. Griffin left with Lucy.

Nearby, Michael was finishing up a phone call as Carly stepped off the elevator. She overheard him talking about a new office in Chicago, and she immediately asked him if he was moving. Mother and son sat on a bench as Michael reassured her that he wasn't moving and had someone else handling the new office. "Quite a leap you just made there," Michael teased Carly. She was still upset about the letter that Nelle had sent to Michael, and he acknowledged that he wasn't okay. He only wanted to handle his grief on his own.

Michael advised his mother that his grief was out of Carly's control, and she needed to accept it. Carly thought that he had been too busy doing too many things to grieve properly. She learned that he was not seeking any therapy, and she suggested that he lean on his family. Just then, Lucas approached them with Wiley in his arms. Carly and Michael rose and walked over to them, and Lucas revealed that the baby had had a checkup. The trio made small talk and fawned over the baby until a nurse approached Lucas and asked him to see a patient. Lucas placed Wiley in Michael's arms and went with the nurse.

Michael looked at the baby and reminded him that he was his cousin Michael. He and Carly sat back down, and Carly told him he looked like a natural. Michael admitted that he felt more paternal than a cousin, and he would have liked for Jonah and Wiley to be able to play together. Carly offered to take the baby if it was too difficult for Michael, but he assured her he was okay. He explained that he felt a kind of peace.

Maxie and Nina sat in Charlie's Pub. Nina demanded to hear about the "shirtless encounter" in the elevator with Peter. Maxie clarified that Peter had had a "full-on PTSD attack," which had led to his shirt removal when he'd been sweating. She thought it had been thanks to his kidnapping by Nina and Liesl. Maxie had been happy to keep him calm and to help him after Peter had been there for her. She thought it was like déjà vu except with roles reversed.

Nina agreed that Peter wasn't evil, but he hadn't been innocent, either. Maxie admitted that her feelings for Peter were complicated, and he had been there for her when Nathan had died. She had relied on him and had been devastated to hear the truth. She was still angry, but she didn't feel it had been Peter's fault.

Nina understood, and Maxie was surprised to see that Nina had some sympathy for Peter. Nina didn't think that Peter was completely blameless, but it hadn't all been his fault. Maxie was glad to hear it. Nina wondered if Maxie could still continue to be friends with Peter.

Ava stood up at the bar with Julian and asked if the cops were done investigating, since they had gone. Julian didn't know but was just happy to see them go. He was ready to work on his renovations, and he wanted Ava's input on designs. She turned to see Maxie and Nina at their table and turned back to Julian. "Do something about your clientele," she suggested. Julian let her know that he was no longer serving Corinthos coffee, and he mentioned that Sonny hadn't seemed concerned. Ava was suspicious and wondered if it had anything to do with the skeleton in the basement.

Alexis walked in and asked to speak with Julian alone. She asked him if he had had anything to do with the body found in the basement, and Julian reminded her that the body had been there for decades. Alexis noted that she didn't like Kristina working at the bar and had fought to keep her away from Sonny's businesses for years. Julian took offense and insisted that he was no longer involved in that type of business.

Kiki stomped in and right over to Ava to tell her off. She thought that while Ava had fixed her scarred face, Ava's soul was still scarred. She and Ava argued loudly, and Ava accused her of saying her prayers with Griffin at night before hitting the sheets. Kiki slapped her mother soundly as the other bar patrons turned to watch. Ava announced that she would let Kiki get away with the slap one time only because Kiki was her daughter.

Kiki advised Ava that she'd been pathetic for calling the Archdiocese on Griffin, but Ava thought that Griffin only had himself to blame. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?" Ava asked. Kiki wondered if she should look over her own shoulder, but Ava told her that if Ava found another lover, Kiki should keep her legs crossed. Kiki announced that she would stay out of Ava's life, and Ava needed to do the same. Kiki stormed out, and Ava began to cry.

Julian tried to calm Ava down as she poured herself a shot. She told Alexis to wipe the smirk off her face, although Alexis denied she was smirking. Maxie turned back to Nina and suggested that the scene had happened to someone deserving of it. Maxie needed to get back to work, and she left. Ava glared at Nina.

Alexis hoped that Julian would look after Kiki, but he seemed to be on Ava's side; the pair voiced their disagreements to each other. Alexis went back to Kristina and the topic at hand, and she noted that she was not crazy about Kristina working for Julian. Julian explained that Kristina had practically demanded the job and had proceeded to make some great drinks. He had been short-handed, and she had been persuasive. He had seen hope in Kristina's eyes, and it seemed to be the kind of hope a person had when they weren't really very hopeful.

Alexis noted that she had seen the look in Kristina, also. She admitted that Kristina didn't share much with her, and she was worried that her daughter had no purpose. Julian thought that the young woman would get through it, but Alexis thought that Kristina had demonstrated a pattern and always made the same mistakes. Julian stated that Kristina was an adult and would figure it out. While she was her mother's daughter, Kristina wasn't her mother, Julian added. He offered to keep an eye on his new employee.

Ava ran into Nina outside the pub. She wondered if Nina was there to gloat, but Nina only spoke of her hateful mother who had used her and died without any second chance. She thought that Ava was heading down the same road. Ava shouted that it was none of Nina's business, and she didn't want to hear anything from Nina.

Nina thought that Ava should apologize to Kiki, who was her daughter. Nina would never do that. Ava reminded Nina that she wasn't a mother and never would be.

Back at Metro Court, Lucy arrived with Griffin and tried to talk him into an apartment that he just couldn't afford. He told her he had to economize, and Lucy was sorry about his plight. She knew that cheating stunk, and she'd been on both ends of it. She knew that Griffin wasn't a bad person, and he would learn from his mistakes. She was sure he could manage. She added that she had a smaller apartment to show him.

Maxie walked into Metro Court and saw Lulu and Peter. "Working breakfast?" she asked as she got to their table. She asked to join them. Lulu looked over at Peter, and he began to make excuses for having to leave. He jumped up and left.

"What was that?" Maxie asked as she sat down. Lulu claimed not to have noticed anything, but Maxie exclaimed that Peter had flown out without saying anything. Lulu thought he had to work, and maybe he had realized that he shouldn't be in Maxie's life. She clarified that that was the way Maxie had wanted it. "Right," Maxie replied hesitantly.

Kiki got home and immediately took off her shirt. The apartment was hot, and she muttered about the heat. She grabbed a wrench and began to bang on the radiator. There was a knock at her door, and she opened it and saw Griffin standing there. He announced that he had moved into a studio apartment down the hall and wondered if it was always so hot there.

"Enter at your own risk," Kiki said as she welcomed Griffin in. She explained that the heat caused problems a couple of times a month, but she could show him how to fix it. She began to bang on the radiator again until she was so forceful that he grabbed her and the wrench to stop her.

Back at the hospital, Curtis dropped off his DNA samples and asked the technician to put a rush on it. Lucas returned with the baby's carriage, and Michael handed the crying baby to Lucas. The pediatrician stopped to advise Lucas that the baby's tests had looked troubling, and she had called in a specialist.

Wiley has a medical issue

Wiley has a medical issue

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stella arrived at Sonny's, and Sonny wondered if he had forgotten about a meeting. Mike informed his son that Stella was there to see him, and they walked out onto the terrace. She wondered if he'd looked at the brochures she'd given him, and he responded by pulling out a handwritten list of thoughts and questions. He revealed that he'd decided to move in order to protect his family, and Stella thought that Mike had made a brave decision. He asked Stella for her help in getting Sonny to let Mike go.

A few minutes later, Stella and Mike looked through some brochures together, and he picked out three to show to Sonny for possible visits. He wondered if Stella would accompany them, and she agreed. He appreciated her friendship and all she'd done for him, and he tearfully asked her to promise that, "when I can't remember you, remember how much I wanted to."

Sonny wanted to send Jason to Charlie's with a check for Julian to cover the damage of the explosion. Sonny answered the phone when it rang, listened for a second, and begrudgingly said to "send her up." A few second later, the doorbell rang, and Sonny let Jordan in as Jason left with the check. Jordan informed Sonny that her ballistics team had traced the bullet found in the remains to a gun used in a "gangland shooting" in Brooklyn years before the victim had died. Through research, Jordan had found that Mike had lived in Brooklyn around the same time.

Sonny insisted that Mike wasn't a killer, and he was in a state that he couldn't even remember what he'd done the day before. Jordan didn't want to upset Mike, but she still had a case to solve. Mike and Stella returned, and Stella was clearly unhappy to see Jordan. Stella promised to talk to Mike soon, and she headed for the door. Mike walked her out, and she wondered if he wanted her to stay. He promised that whatever Jordan was there for had nothing to do with him, so Stella left.

Mike returned and offered to answer anything Jordan wanted to ask him, but Sonny interjected that Jordan didn't need anything from him. Sonny addressed Jordan and told her that Mike had no connection to the murder, and she was wasting her time. Jordan's phone went off, and she quickly answered it. When she hung up a few seconds later, she informed Sonny that the body had been identified, so if Mike was connected, they would soon know.

Ava complained to Julian about Kiki and her betrayal with Griffin, but Julian reminded Ava of her betrayal of Kiki with Morgan. He talked her down and jogged her memory of how Kiki had stood by her despite her mistakes. Julian related that he would give anything for one of his kids to even talk to him for five minutes. She realized that he had a point, and she left.

"At least the fridge works," Kiki remarked as she handed Griffin a beer. She told Griffin that she could go for a nice, cold, air-conditioned movie. She asked what his favorite movie was, but he admitted that he hadn't seen many. She informed him that the Port Charles film festival was the next month, so she retrieved a flyer for it and picked out movies to take Griffin to. She figured that she could work the dates into her schedule, and Griffin was happy that she was continuing with the shadow program. She told him that Finn had offered to have her shadow him, and she added that Finn and Griffin made her realize that "creeps like Bensch" were the exception, not the rule.

There was a knock on the door, and Kiki was shocked to answer it to Ava. Ava hugged Kiki and told her that they'd both gotten "carried away." Just then, Ava noticed Griffin and instantly became icy. Griffin explained that they were killing time, waiting for the super to fix the radiator, as he'd just moved in down the hall. At Ava's surprise, he spat that it was all he could afford after he'd lost his job, and he assumed that Ava had also been the one to talk to his Monsignor.

Kiki talked about how selfish and vindictive her mother was, and Griffin couldn't believe that he'd been naïve enough to think that love could change Ava. Kiki slammed the door in Ava's face and got two more beers. Kiki said she felt "free." Kiki answered her ringing phone. When she hung up, she relayed that the super was on his way. Griffin thought he would wait it out at his place, and he left, promising to see Kiki soon.

Jason entered Charlie's and handed the check to Julian, who wondered why Sonny hadn't sent someone at the right "pay grade" to drop it off. Jason replied that he was there to make sure that Julian kept the unspoken agreement to keep quiet about Mike. Julian assured Jason that, while there was a time Julian would have been a threat to Sonny, he had important things in his life that he didn't want to risk while "tangling" with Sonny. Julian wondered if Jason loved Sam enough, as Drew had, not to pull her back into the business. "What Sam does is up to Sam," Jason stated, and he left.

An angry Ava returned and told Julian that "my daughter is no longer my daughter," and the feeling was clearly mutual. She called Kiki just "another enemy who's taken something from me." She drank a shot and concluded that people who stole from her "pay the price."

At the hospital, Michael noticed a flustered Maxie and offered to help her with James. "Yes, please!" she replied, and she handed James to Michael as she got her things together. She observed that "you've got the touch," and she related that he would one day be a great dad. She commented on how much James looked like Nathan, and Michael agreed.

Maxie wondered if holding James was "too much" for Michael, but he countered that it made him feel closer to Jonah. He couldn't really talk about Jonah with his parents, because Nelle would inevitably be mentioned, and he didn't want to "overshadow" their grief with his own. Maxie observed that her babysitters were amateurs compared to him, so he could substitute anytime. She related that she understood the feeling of missing not only the person he'd lost but also the life he'd thought he'd live with that person, and she left with James.

A pacing Lucas hoped that Brad would arrive soon so they could talk to the specialist together about Wiley. Carly calmed her brother down as Brad rushed out of the elevator. Monica approached the trio and introduced herself as their cardiology consultant. They sat down in her office, and she informed them that there were "preliminary markers" indicating a heart defect, but they wouldn't know specifics until more tests were run.

A few minutes later, Monica, Lucas, and Wiley had gone to radiology for more tests, and Carly talked down a nervous Brad. She told him that uncertainty was a part of parenting, so he could either fall apart or "fake it" until a moment when he could afford to be vulnerable. A short while later, Lucas returned with Wiley and assured Brad that the baby had slept through everything.

Monica returned and informed Lucas, Brad, and Carly that Wiley had a "small abnormality in a major vessel" in his heart that would likely fix itself. Carly remembered Michael having the same defect, and Monica added that A.J. had had the defect as well. Lucas wondered what else they didn't know about Wiley's medical history, and he accused the birth mother of keeping secrets. Brad insisted that everything would be fine, but Carly agreed that they needed to talk to the birth mother. Monica assured them that they could call her any time, and she left her office. Lucas decided that he needed to talk to the birth mother out of medical necessity.

Margaux reveals the pub victim was her father

Margaux reveals the pub victim was her father

Friday, September 21, 2018

Cameron saw Oscar and Josslyn being affectionate as he entered the Community Center where the teens were working on a clothing drive. He recalled the phone message he'd heard Franco leaving as well as the page left up on the laptop at home. "Better get it while you can, Joss, 'cause Oscar may not have a later," Cameron declared. Oscar and Josslyn were confused, and Cameron claimed that he was concerned with Oscar's mother reporting their fight to school authorities. The boys began to argue.

Josslyn advised Oscar that Cameron had apologized for the kiss, and she wanted to get back to work. Cameron walked away to work alone, and Oscar and Josslyn agreed that Cameron had been acting strangely. Shortly after, the boys began to tussle over a large box of clothes, and the box fell to the floor. Josslyn sent Oscar out of the room to get another box while she began to question Cameron. She asked if he was in trouble and if everything was okay at home.

Cameron denied that he was being weird and accused Oscar of lying. Josslyn reminded him that she had been the one to lie when she hadn't told Oscar about her shoplifting. In return, he had treated her kindly and supported her. She added that Oscar was a kind person, and she wanted the arguing to be over.

Later, Josslyn and Oscar spoke about Cameron again. She thought that Cameron might be in a bad mood because of his family. She left to check on further instructions, and Oscar suggested that he and Cameron at least pretend to get along. Cameron declared that he didn't like liars, and he thought that Oscar needed to "come clean."

When Josslyn returned, she found the boys arguing again. Oscar had no clue as to what Cameron was talking about. "Why don't you just tell her that you have cancer?" Cameron finally shouted.

Franco welcomed Drew into his house. The men were awkward until Franco admitted that Elizabeth had told him about Oscar. He offered Drew a drink but was unable to find anything too hard. He thought that Elizabeth had been hiding it from Cameron. Franco admitted that Cameron hadn't gotten any better around him but he'd received good advice from Drew. He thought it was in his delivery. Drew reminded Franco that Cameron was a teenager, and he wouldn't be fixed overnight.

Drew admitted that he found it difficult to talk about Oscar's illness, since he might not be able to save him. He revealed that he and Kim had a scheduled meeting with Dr. Randolph later, but he appreciated Franco listening to him. Drew really wanted to tell Oscar about his illness before the time that Kim wanted Oscar to know. He asked Franco how he could tell Oscar the news.

Franco was surprised that Drew would ask him for advice. He thought they had a "unique perspective of ignorance" and explained it as they'd be better off not knowing some of the things about their past that they'd recently learned. "Sometimes the truth sucks," Franco added. Franco asked Drew if he would want to know if he were the one who was ill.

Drew thought that he would spend lots of time with his family and do all kinds of activities along with making things right with Sam. Franco noted that Drew's list of activities included a "real will to live" type. He asked what Oscar's list might include, because maybe he'd have the chance to do those. Drew knew that Oscar wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. He was concerned that Oscar was only a kid and might go into a "spiral" if he learned the truth. Franco assured him that Oscar was part Drew and would never let anything overwhelm him.

Elizabeth stopped by to see Kim in her office at the hospital. They joked about their sons fighting and learned they had the same assignment at the community center. Elizabeth promised that Cameron wouldn't be fighting again. Elizabeth admitted that she had had to tell Franco about Oscar because she hadn't been able to lie to him when he had sensed that something had been wrong. Kim was appalled, but Elizabeth told her that Franco could be trusted. Kim realized she had no other choice, but she was livid.

Kim closed her office door and admonished Elizabeth for the fact that so many people had learned about Oscar's condition. She was worried that Oscar would find out. Elizabeth suggested she tell him, and she also thought that it would be easier on Kim because with more people aware, the burden would be easier to handle. Kim was adamant that she would reach out to others if she felt she needed to, but she wanted to keep it secret in order for Oscar to live a normal life.

Elizabeth made it known that she disagreed with Kim's choice, but Kim stressed that she preferred quality of life over quantity. After Elizabeth had gone, Drew arrived early for the appointment with Dr. Randolph in order to talk. Kim showed him paperwork that contained information on a failed drug trial for brain tumors and explained that it showed them the odds they were up against.

Drew confessed that he'd made a mistake, and he wanted Oscar to know about the cancer. Kim argued with him, but Drew insisted that if they didn't tell him together, he would tell Oscar on his own if need be.

At Metro Court, Margaux saw Sam sitting at the bar, finishing up a phone call, and sat down beside her. Margaux mentioned her long day and pulled a file out of her case. It was the file on the Charlie's Pub investigation, and she made sure that Sam saw it. Sam eyed the folder as Margaux made small talk, although it was apparent she was attempting to get information related to the investigation and Sonny, Kristina, Julian, and Jason.

Sam told her to "take a number" regarding her pursuit of Jason. Margaux informed her that she was able to "cut the line" as the district attorney, and she was against anyone who had made a career out of organized crime. She thought that Jason should be like Drew and cut the ties. Sam abruptly advised Margaux to stay away from Kristina and to talk to Jason herself if she had questions. An annoyed Sam tossed her money on the bar and left. Margaux received a call from Jordan, who asked to see her.

At a nearby table, Anna and Finn sat and waited for a late Chase to join them. "Sobriety really puts a damper on family gatherings," Finn commented as he advised the waitress to limit his drink to soda water. He was nervous and agitated that Chase had proposed dinner after their half-cup of coffee meeting, and Finn thought that dinner would take too much time. Anna tried to reassure him. Finn mentioned that his brother liked him and thought of him as a hero, and he was uncomfortable. Suddenly, Finn's father, Gregory, appeared.

At the police station, Jordan looked over the file of the pub investigation and welcomed Chase into her office. He had information on the skeleton located in the pub. Jordan reminded him that he was late for his dinner with Finn, but Chase did everything in his power to get Jordan to agree to allow him to stay at work. He was worried about the evening. Jordan announced that she wanted to read up on the victim, who had been identified as Vincent Marino.

Chase finally left, and Margaux arrived. Jordan told her of the victim's identity and the fact that he had been involved with the Scully gang as their criminal defense lawyer. She wondered if the name sounded familiar to Margaux. The district attorney went over all of the known details of the case and how various suspects had been involved and tied together. The women concluded that Mike and Sonny had been involved. They discussed Mike's past specifically and decided that while he had been guilty of smaller crimes, he had possibly done a job for Scully as a favor.

Jordan reminded Margaux that Mike had Alzheimer's, and the two women argued over how to handle it. They concluded that Mike had probably killed the victim.

At Sonny's home, Jason announced that he had made attempts to get details on the victim found in the pub in order for them to stay ahead of the cops. Sonny didn't recall anything about the victim, and he was only concerned that the gun would be found and would tie him and his father to the murder. The only thing Sonny knew was the victim's name. Jason offered to call Spinelli to pursue further information. Sonny noted that innocent people went to jail all the time.

Sonny was certain that the only way the cops would have a case would be if the gun was found, but Jason was sure that the gun wouldn't be with the body. Sam joined them and announced that she'd had a "run-in" with Margaux. "She made it very clear she's gunning for you both," Sam added. "Margaux was playing me," Sam clarified and told the men to "watch your back."

Sonny appreciated hearing from Sam. Just then, he received a phone call from Jordan, who asked to see him, and Sonny left for the police station. Sam suggested that Jason make plans to hang out with Danny and spend more time with him. Jason thought something was wrong and asked Sam to talk to him, but she refused. He promised that he wouldn't get taken away from Danny due to the case, but Sam replied that he didn't know that, and things happened and changed quickly. She also wanted Jason to make peace with Drew.

Back at Metro Court, Finn was shocked to see his father but introduced him to Anna. Gregory noticed that Finn appeared to be waiting for someone else to join him, and just then, Chase arrived. He saw his father and hugged him, and the two men chatted briefly. Finn threw his napkin onto the table in disgust and accused Chase of "ambushing" him. Chase replied that he hadn't known about his father being in Port Charles, and Gregory confirmed it but admitted he was there for more than a visit. He sat at the table and revealed that he was ill and had been sent to see the best infectious disease specialist in the country. It happened to be Finn, and he was there to see him, Gregory stated.

Finn stuttered that there were ethical issues. Gregory assured him it wasn't illegal, and Chase didn't think that Finn should deny their father help. Gregory was also sorry that it had been revealed in that fashion, because he had planned on talking to Finn privately. Chase sat down, and Finn finally agreed to see his father as a patient. Anna suggested they discuss it the following day in Finn's office. Finn handed Gregory a card with his phone number.

Sonny got to the police station. Jordan gave him the victim's name, but he shook his head and played dumb. He didn't know anything about Vincent Marino. An angry Margaux declared, "Vincent Marino was my father."

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