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Nina met her daughter. Laura became suspicious of Kevin. Margaux offered Drew his memories in exchange for damaging information on Sonny. Jason and Sam agreed to take things slowly. Nelle made a court appearance. Mike shared a secret.
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A memorial service is held for Morgan

A memorial service is held for Morgan

Monday, October 8, 2018

Jason was ready to leave Sam's place, and she thanked him for the day. As she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, Jason turned, and they began a slow, passionate kiss. Jason began to unbutton Sam's shirt. He kicked the front door shut, picked Sam up, and carried her over to the sofa. As they kissed, the sound of jingling keys distracted them. Suddenly, the front door opened, and Alexis walked inside. The couple quickly sat up.

Alexis apologized and announced that she had stopped by to pick up Kristina's wallet. Sam was clearly annoyed, and Jason decided it was time to leave. "Traitor," Sam whispered to him. "You're welcome," Alexis said once Jason was gone. She declared that she had gotten there "in the nick of time."

Shortly after, Sam descended the stairs in her change of clothes for Morgan's memorial service. She was still annoyed at Alexis and was surprised to see her mother still there. Alexis wondered if Sam wanted to talk about it. "Are you back with Jason?" Alexis asked. Sam emphasized that her relationship was none of Alexis' business. Alexis was dismayed that Sam had used the word "relationship" and told her daughter that she didn't want to see Sam get hurt.

Sam indicated that she would deal with it herself, whether good or bad. She noted that Alexis was still wearing her mother's watch, and Alexis was upset to see that the watch had stopped at the same time, 10:10 a.m., as it had prior to her getting it fixed. The jeweler had assured her it was in perfect working order, but she was glad she'd decided to keep it.

Alexis added that the watch was all she had left of her mother, and someone had told her to keep it in the spirit it had been given to her mother, which was love. Sam wanted to know who had said it, and she couldn't believe it might have been Julian. The women headed out the door.

Ava lay flowers at Morgan's gravesite as Julian stood nearby and watched. Ava gently traced Morgan's name with her hand. "I wish you were here," she murmured. Julian asked his sister how long she planned to stay, and she urged him to leave without her. She noted that both Morgan and Griffin had seen the good in her. Kiki arrived with a long-stemmed rose and declared that she had seen the good in her mother, too, but she had "wised up."

Kiki criticized Ava for showing up to hurt the people who had loved Morgan. Ava insisted that she had loved Morgan, too, and Kiki pressed her for an answer as to when that might have been. She asked if it had been when Ava had switched Morgan's medicine. She continued to push for an answer. "You loved that he loved you," Kiki insisted. She knew her mother wasn't capable of loving anyone, and she had made it all about herself.

Kiki demanded that Ava leave, or she would drag her out. Ava insisted she had a right to be there, but Kiki wanted her to leave before Sonny and Carly arrived. Julian spoke up and suggested that he and Ava leave, and Ava agreed. She hoped that no one spoke to Kiki the way that Kiki had spoken to her. Julian stepped aside to talk to Kiki, who told him there were no more excuses for Ava's behavior. He suggested Kiki not provoke Ava when she was hurting because that was when Ava was most dangerous.

Kiki placed her flower atop Morgan's tombstone and apologized for the drama. She chatted to him and admitted that he would probably tell her to "make an effort" with her mother. She had tried, and she'd believed that Ava would be different, but no more. Kiki saw Ava for what she was, and she was only sorry it hadn't been sooner.

At the pier, Valentin finished up a phone call with Curtis and learned that the results of the second DNA test had confirmed Sasha's relationship to Nina. As he stooped down to pick up his dropped phone, someone stood on his hand. He looked up into Laura's face. "Valentin Cassadine, finally at my feet," Laura declared. She reluctantly allowed him to get up, and Laura informed him that she was home for good.

Valentin wondered if Spencer had returned, as well, and Laura replied that he was still in France and far away from his father's murderer. The pair argued about Nikolas, and Valentin suggested that he might even still be alive. He added that he had received the family inheritance fairly, and he also advised Laura that he and Lulu had settled their differences because of Charlotte. He thought that Laura should do the same.

Laura agreed that it had been in Lulu's best interest to do so, but she and her daughter would never forget what Valentin had done to Nikolas. She added that "children grow up fast," and he wouldn't be able to hide who he was from Charlotte. She grabbed Valentin and spat out that Nikolas would never have killed anyone in cold blood. Valentin thought that Laura would have to assume that Charlotte would believe her story over his, and he stated that Laura was a grandmother in name only. Laura slapped him.

Valentin contended that Laura's homecoming could have been a happy one, and he pointed out that Lulu needed her help with Dante not around. Laura reminded Valentin that he was all alone without Nina, and she thought it a shame. "The weather is about to turn, my friend. It will be a long and cold winter," she told him as she walked away.

Lulu stopped to see Nina at the Crimson office to let her know about helping out at the school book fair. Nina was distracted and asked Lulu to call her in order to make sure her phone was working. Lulu did, and Nina's phone rang. Lulu offered to ask Valentin to help at school instead, but Nina assured her she would do it. Nina divulged that she had a daughter, and she explained everything to Lulu. Nina also revealed that she was officially divorced.

Lulu was quite happy for Nina, though doubtful because of Valentin's involvement. Nina revealed that Curtis had been involved in the search, also, and he wouldn't have lied. Nina also admitted that she'd left an awful voicemail message for Sasha before she'd been able to stop herself.

Lulu understood but assured Nina that the young woman would save the voicemail after hearing her mother's voice for the first time. She thought it would have been shocking for Sasha, no matter how Nina had told her the news. Lulu pointed out that Charlotte had been able to handle the same situation, although Nina thought that children rebounded more easily. Lulu urged Nina to visit Sasha and to be prepared for however it turned out. She didn't want Nina to give up.

Later, Valentin stopped by to disclose the DNA results, and Nina admitted she'd already left a voicemail for Sasha "like an idiot." She stated that she had no business being a mother. Valentin replied that he and Charlotte would disagree, and Nina admitted that she hated when Valentin was nice. She thought she had probably blown it, but Valentin insisted she give Sasha time.

When Nina's phone began to ring, she looked at it hesitantly. Sasha was calling, and Nina urged Valentin to leave. She answered and listened as the young woman spoke. "I guess you got my message," Nina said.

Jordan and Margaux met at Metro Court and sat at a table. Margaux displayed a stack of letters tied with a big red ribbon that she had written to her father all of the years that he'd been missing. Jordan revealed that there was nothing new on the case, and she indicated that it was time to "move on."

Margaux declared that she couldn't turn her back on her father, even though Jordan promised that the case would remain open. Jordan couldn't spare the manpower on a thirty-year-old case that might have even been out of her jurisdiction. Margaux sarcastically suggested that Jordan had "no room for justice." Jordan replied that Margaux needed to back off, or she would ruin her career. She doubted that Margaux's dad would be happy with that.

Margaux jumped up from the table and announced that she would take Sonny down with or without Jordan's help.

Julian and Ava sat at a nearby table, and Julian assured Ava that she and Kiki would one day find their way back to each other. Ava noted that some betrayals would not be forgiven. "Just ask Alexis," she snapped.

Mike and Sonny stood outside at Perks to wait for the rest of the family and friends who would be gathering for Morgan's memorial service. Mike wanted to talk to Sonny, and he revealed that he had decided to go to daycare in order to get out of the house and socialize. Sonny was agreeable and announced that he would make the arrangements.

Laura arrived and heard about the daycare. She reminded Mike that there was something else he had wanted to discuss, and Mike thought long and hard. Laura prodded him a bit, and then Mike remembered. "It's at the bottom of the Hudson River," Mike declared. He and Laura chuckled, but Sonny was confused.

Mike clarified that he was referring to the gun that he had picked up at Croton. He had pulled over and tossed the gun into the river. "You're safe," Mike told Sonny. He had done at least one thing right in his life, Mike added. "More than one, Dad," Sonny replied as the men hugged.

Michael, Bobbie, and other family members and friends began to arrive to celebrate and remember Morgan on the second anniversary of his death. They shared stories of their loved one. Avery announced that she missed Morgan, and each person mentioned something about him that they missed. Comments ranged from missing Morgan's dance moves to his smile. After Carly reminded Mike that Morgan had been his grandson, he stated that it was like Morgan had never left and was still there with them.

Mike and Sonny stepped aside, and Mike swore that he really remembered who Morgan had been. He hoped that Sonny hadn't been upset with his comment. Sonny admitted that nothing that Mike did upset him, and he belonged there with everyone else.

Josslyn checked on Carly, who insisted she was fine. She thought that while Josslyn was a strong person, she hoped that she was doing okay, as well. Josslyn revealed that she would give Oscar more time. Jason arrived, and Carly hugged him tearfully. Sonny hugged Jason and wished that Jason had known Morgan as a grown man. Avery announced that she wanted to start, and Sonny told her they needed to wait for everyone.

Sam arrived with a big smile for Jason and grabbed his hand. Laura and Lulu showed up, and there were hugs all around. As "Heaven Got Another Angel" played in the background, the group released huge lighted lanterns into the sky.

Back at Metro Court, Ava saw Alexis rush through, and Ava jumped up from her table to talk to Alexis. She wanted to make an appointment in order for Alexis to change her will regarding Kiki's part in it. Alexis advised her to find someone else. She didn't want to do it, and furthermore, she was representing Kiki. She added that she also didn't want to be involved in more Jerome family drama.

Alexis suggested that Ava give it a week, then another and another until she let go. She thought that one day, it would all "pale" when her daughter would answer her phone. Ava rushed to the bar for a refill of her drink.

The attendees at the memorial service began to arrive at Metro Court. Kiki told Michael a story about Morgan as, nearby, Ava bad-mouthed her daughter to Julian, who was sorry they hadn't gone to Charlie's Pub instead. Ava lamented that she was "odd man out" and always on the outside. She wondered how Kiki would feel to be the one hated and despised.

Michael saw Jordan and rushed over to ask about her questioning his grandfather in the pub incident. Jordan revealed that she had finished questioning both Sonny and Mike, and she told Michael to tell Sonny the case was cold.

Carly and Sonny placed flowers at Morgan's grave. Carly couldn't believe another year had gone by. Sonny declared that they would never forget. "And neither will I," announced Margaux as she walked over to the couple.

Sam and Jason returned to Sam's place. Jason thought it would be a fun idea for Danny to see a lighted lantern and thought they could go to the bridge to release it. Sam replied that they would be there. After an awkward moment, Jason said goodnight. As he headed to the door, Sam told him she wanted him to stay.

Oscar considers legal action

Oscar considers legal action

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

As Sonny and Carly stood by Morgan's grave, Sonny uttered, "We'll never forget him." "Neither will I," Margaux declared. She insisted she wasn't interrupting, although Carly demanded that Margaux leave, as she hadn't known Morgan. Margaux revealed that she was there for her father, who happened to be buried near Morgan.

Carly stated that she understood "coming to grips," but she accused Margaux of being out of line for showing up dressed in black and having her father buried nearby. "My father and your son. They're practically neighbors," Margaux announced. Carly wondered exactly how Margaux was different from Nelle because they were both personal and vindictive. Carly added that Nelle had been an "unhinged, murdering sociopath," but Margaux was the district attorney and not very professional.

Margaux laughed. She thought it funny that Carly was talking about being professional, given Sonny's line of work. Sonny ordered Margaux to stop using his family to go after him. "Enough!" he shouted loudly.

Margaux held out the stack of letters, tied by a red ribbon, that she'd written to her missing father over the passing years. She explained that they had made her feel closer to him. Carly agreed that while Margaux had the right to mourn her father, she had no right to "violate the sanctity of this place." Margaux accused Sonny of murdering her father, but Carly informed the D.A. that she was powerless against Sonny, like all the other district attorneys before her.

Margaux asked how Carly could be with Sonny when she knew that he had been a murderer and that all of his victims had had someone to grieve them. She added that Carly was married to a man who "gets away with it."

"And you don't even know what's wrong with that," Margaux concluded as she stormed off. "She has a point," Sonny said. Carly emphasized that Margaux knew nothing about Sonny. Carly knew he'd done horrible things, but there were other things that he hadn't done. "Hell of an argument," Sonny replied. He didn't think it would ever hold up in court.

Carly advised Sonny that he had been Morgan's hero. Their son had idolized his father, especially knowing that Sonny had gotten through his bipolar disease. Carly vowed that she wouldn't let "some bitch" tear down Morgan's hero. Sonny was a good man. She knew Morgan would tell Sonny not to give in, and Morgan loved him. She loved Sonny, too. The couple kissed and embraced.

Drew stopped by to see Kim in her office at the hospital. He thought they had to get Oscar to change his mind about the drug trial, and Kim agreed that their window of opportunity was closing. "We force him," Kim declared as Oscar stood outside the office, listening to his parents talk.

Kim explained that with Oscar still being a minor, the decision for treatment could be made for him. Kim hated to be losing time, fighting with her son; however, she didn't think he was seeing things clearly, and they had to intervene. Drew hated the idea that it was all about the medicine, and he wished they could just climb Kilimanjaro instead. He only wanted to be a dad and make things better. "But you can't," Kim reminded him.

Out by the nurses' station, Elizabeth finished up a phone call and turned to Dr. Randolph, who was standing behind the desk. "School phobia," Elizabeth told the doctor in reference to the phone call. Elizabeth saw Oscar's file and realized she should be counting her blessings instead. The women discussed the possibility of Oscar's experimental treatment.

Elizabeth was happy that Dr. Randolph was involved because she could relate to the teenager. The doctor grabbed Elizabeth's hands and informed her that Kim would need Elizabeth's help, too.

Josslyn looked at a photo of Morgan on her phone while she sat in Metro Court. She quickly called Oscar and left him a voicemail. "Today is a really hard day for me," she told him. She asked that he meet her at their bench in the park.

Nearby, Laura sat herself down at Alexis' table and announced that she needed help with "reentry." Laura clarified that she wanted her position back on the hospital board, and she wanted to know about the public's needs since she'd been gone. Alexis was thrilled that Laura would be returning to her position, and they clinked glasses. Alexis updated Laura on the area as well as the fact that Dr. Bensch was gone.

Laura mentioned that she would also get to see more of Kevin, who had been "insanely" busy since her return. Alexis noted that Kevin had had to keep busy while Laura had been gone. Laura noticed Alexis' watch and wondered if it was an antique. It looked familiar to her. "It's a family heirloom from the Cassadines," Alexis confirmed. Laura frowned.

Alexis clarified that it had been given to her mother from Mikkos, and Valentin had given it to her. Alexis joked that it was probably rigged to explode, but it had been her mother's, and it meant something to her. Alexis revealed that even after she'd had it fixed, the watch kept freezing at 10:10.

Laura could understand Alexis wanting to keep the watch, and she sympathized with Alexis' plight in trying to deal with the Cassadine legacy. Laura had seen Nikolas struggle with it, and she had noticed Spencer beginning to deal with it.

At the park, Josslyn was thrilled when she spotted Oscar. "Thank you for showing me you still care," Josslyn said. She also thanked him for listening to her voicemail. She proceeded to tell him about the hardship of dealing with Morgan's memorial service and her brother not being around. She noted how her brother didn't get to go where he wanted to travel or do what he wanted to do. She was happy to see Oscar, and she wanted to fix things.

Oscar shouted that they were over, but Josslyn didn't believe him. Oscar added that he hadn't gotten her message, and he was there to meet someone else. He refused to talk to Josslyn and kept the angry look on his face as she told him she loved him. He accused her of making things more difficult, but Josslyn insisted she wanted to be a part of whatever was going on.

Oscar yelled that he didn't love Josslyn, never had, and never would. Josslyn refused to accept it, and she explained how she knew when someone was lying. Josslyn explained that she'd always had a funny feeling whenever Nelle had spoken to her. An angry Oscar walked away.

Laura arrived at the hospital and surprised Elizabeth. The women hugged. Laura admitted that Kevin had been distracted lately and that maybe it was the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Laura revealed that Kevin had never wanted to talk about that. She wondered if Elizabeth had noticed anything.

Elizabeth and Laura sat down. Elizabeth suggested that if something appeared off, it probably was. She thought that Laura should call Kevin. Laura admitted that she felt guilty for being away so long after her wedding.

Laura called Kevin and told him she was looking forward to celebrating her homecoming. Kevin told her he wasn't feeling any better. "See you in the morning," a disappointed Laura said as she ended the call.

Dr. Randolph stopped in to see Kim, who told her that Oscar was refusing to be involved in the drug trial. The doctor agreed that it was difficult enough being a teen without the extra burden. Kim revealed that she and Drew would force Oscar to take part, although the doctor stressed that they had some time.

Josslyn burst into Kim's office, and Dr. Randolph thanked Kim for the consultation. Josslyn apologized and admitted that she felt terrible, although she had realized that it was nothing she'd done. She knew that Oscar had the problem and was in pain about something. He wanted her to hurt, too, but she wanted to know how she could help him.

Josslyn admitted that she had to look pathetic, but she knew something was going on. Kim declared that Josslyn couldn't get involved but informed Josslyn that while she'd had her doubts in the beginning, she'd realized that Josslyn was amazing. She both liked and admired the teen. Josslyn understood that she shouldn't give up, and Kim repeated that she couldn't tell her anything. Josslyn left the office.

Jason was ready to leave Sam's place, but she asked him to stay in order to talk. She offered him a drink, and she fetched a bottle of red wine, which Jason managed to open. Sam was aware that Jason was a beer drinker, but she admitted that her tastes had changed over the past five years. Jason stated that Sam could tell him anything. "I hope so," she replied.

Sam stuttered and stammered and admitted that their kiss had meant something to her. It would have been easy to keep going, but she couldn't do that yet. She thought the situation was weird, but Jason understood that she was still "rebuilding."

Sam admitted that her feelings for him had returned after their kiss. They both agreed they wanted each other, but Sam wasn't ready. "I get it," Jason insisted. He would wait for her, and if something changed in the meantime, she could let him know. They sat with their glasses of red wine, and Jason assured Sam that he wasn't going anywhere.

Jason tasted the wine and admitted it wasn't bad. "Here's to cold showers," he said. He could get used to them -- like the red wine, he added. Sam noted that they had forgotten to toast. "New beginnings," she said. They were interrupted when they heard a knock at the door. Sam assumed it was her mother, who knew better than to walk right in again.

SAM opened the door, and it was Drew. He saw Jason, and he apologized, stating that he should have called. Sam insisted he join them, and she was glad they were all together. She thought they should be honest with each other about Oscar's situation. She told Drew that Jason had found Oscar at the pier and had insisted Oscar call his parents.

Jason expressed his sorrow for Oscar's plight, and Drew thanked him for having Oscar make the phone call. Drew apologized for interrupting and quickly left. Both Jason and Sam sighed. Sam wished she could help Drew. She knew that it also hurt Drew to be around her. They led separate lives, but she didn't want him hurting. Sam concluded that all she could do was wait for him and say a prayer. She thought she sounded like Jason.

Sam turned the wine bottle over to pour another glass, but it was empty. Jason thought it was time for him to go, and Sam thanked him for the talk. He advised her that the next time, they would be sharing a bottle of beer.

Drew received a phone call from Margaux just as he left Sam's. She thought they were both having a difficult time, and she thought they should meet. She suggested breakfast. Drew asked what it was about, and Margaux revealed she had a proposition for him. She held onto the flash drive.

Back at Metro Court, Alexis got ready to leave, but she received a phone call from someone asking to see her. She offered to schedule a meeting, but the person was insistent that they see her right away. Alexis agreed to wait.

Shortly after, Oscar arrived and thanked Alexis for meeting with him. He sat down and asked whether parents could make decisions on their child's treatment or doctor. He quickly clarified that he was working on a report for school. Alexis advised him that decisions could be made for a minor child if it was in the child's best interests.

Oscar wondered what the recourse would be if those decisions were not in the child's best interests. Alexis looked at him curiously and confirmed that it was for a school report. Oscar said that it was. Alexis disclosed that legal measures could be taken if the decisions were abusive. Oscar wanted more information on the legal measures.

Margaux reveals she has the flash drive

Margaux reveals she has the flash drive

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Josslyn sat at a table, doing her homework in the school library. As she thumbed through the pages of a textbook, she found a photo of her and Oscar, taken at the Nurses Ball. As she stared at the photo, Cameron saw her and urged her to let go. "I can't," Josslyn replied. Cameron sat down and suggested Josslyn get rid of the photo or move it elsewhere.

Josslyn declared that Oscar was hurting, and she was not in pain, so she would not give up on him. Cameron thought it sounded unhealthy, but Josslyn only wished she knew what was going on with Oscar. She wished someone would "clue me in." Josslyn admitted she'd even gone to see Kim, who had refused to get involved. Josslyn added that Kim had said Josslyn was good for Oscar and had implied that she shouldn't give up.

Oscar met with Kim at the hospital, and Kim declared that she and Drew wouldn't stand for Oscar cutting people out of his life. Oscar was rude, but Kim revealed that Josslyn had stopped by to see her. Kim hadn't told her anything, although Josslyn had guessed there was more to the breakup than Oscar had been letting on.

Kim announced that she was disappointed in Oscar for lashing out at people so they wouldn't miss him. Oscar decided that he would do something else to get Josslyn away from him instead. Kim wanted Oscar to tell Josslyn the truth or be with her and "make every moment count." Kim told him he wasn't dying and had options like the drug trial, but Oscar disagreed. He stormed off, and Kim followed him.

Kim cited the fact that emotional support helped patients, but Oscar insisted that he didn't want to see Josslyn grieve. He just wanted her to be glad he was dead. Kim did her best to try to persuade Oscar to see her point, but Oscar declared that he didn't want to be a "lab rat." He didn't think Kim wanted him to do something he didn't want to do, but Kim acknowledged that she would force him into the drug trial if she thought it was going to save his life. Oscar took off.

Elizabeth spotted a sad Kim sitting on a bench in the hospital hallway. She asked if Kim wanted to talk, but Kim was embarrassed. She admitted that she'd told Oscar he was a disappointment, and she cried that she had been horrible. Elizabeth sat down, and Kim pointed out that she had kept things from Oscar when it was his life they were talking about. Kim sadly said he had no faith in her anymore.

Kim proceeded to tell Elizabeth that Oscar blamed both her and Drew, but it was all her fault for not telling Oscar the truth. Elizabeth thought Drew would do all he could to help. Kim also revealed that she hadn't told Julian anything, and he had agreed not to ask any questions as long as he could be there for her. She was looking forward to telling him one day, but she had to regain Oscar's trust first. Elizabeth thought that Kim needed all the support she could get.

Finn walked into an examination room and announced to Gregory and Chase that he had a diagnosis of Gregory's illness. He revealed that Gregory had post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. Gregory declared that his test for Lyme disease had been negative, but Finn pointed out that the first test often was negative. Finn added that the disease recurred after treatment, but he had a new course of treatment for Gregory's doctor in Berkeley. Gregory quickly decided that he would stay in Port Charles because his sons were there.

Chase proclaimed that he would go out and call his mother to give her the news, and he left the room. Gregory pointed out that Finn had frozen, and he wanted to know why Finn hated his wife. She hadn't tried to replace Finn's mother, and she loved Gregory. He was sorry if it was painful for Finn, who ignored his father and proceeded to state that he'd sent the medical information to Gregory's doctor.

Finn continued to talk about the treatment and medical information, and Gregory was aghast that Finn had ignored what he'd said about his wife. Finn replied that he was doing the best he could. He suggested that Gregory try meditation, Chinese herbs, and exercise. Gregory couldn't believe that his wife had said the same things, and he pointed out how alike she and Finn were.

Finn opened the door to leave, and Gregory declared that his wife had been a great wife and mother. He added that Finn had been the only thing that had been missing from their lives. Finn remained professional and stated that he was Gregory's doctor. Gregory pointed out that Finn was his son, also. Chase returned and said that his mother thanked Finn, but Finn replied that he had just been doing his job. Chase added that his mother was grateful, despite the past.

Mike, Stella, and Carly sat at a table in Metro Court before heading to Mike's tour of daycare. He was nervous, but Stella reassured him. Just then, Drew walked in to meet with Margaux at a nearby table, and Mike called him over. He stood up and shook Drew's hand as Carly and Margaux glared at each other.

Mike introduced Drew to Stella, although it turned out they'd already met, and Carly noted, "We go way back." Mike wanted Drew to be wary of Margaux because she had an agenda. "No worries," Drew said as Stella interrupted to end the conversation. Mike sat back down, and Drew proceeded to sit with Margaux. Mike wondered why a nice guy like Drew would be with a "shark." Carly admitted that she was wondering the same thing.

Mike seemed shaky as he drank his coffee. Carly suggested decaf, but he said he was okay and just excited. Carly reminded him it was just a visit, and they could leave whenever he was ready. Stella added that Mike could participate in an activity if he saw one that interested him, and Carly declared that they would then return home. They all got up and left.

Margaux asked Drew if he was okay and wanted to talk. He thought that maybe he would eventually, and Margaux admitted that he wasn't the only one in need of a friend. She had a proposition for him, and she asked him to reconsider helping her in order to put Jason and Sonny away. Drew reaffirmed that he would not help her, even though she insisted that she was not asking as a district attorney but as a woman who had wondered about her father.

Margaux wanted to make Sonny pay. Drew reminded her that she wouldn't be able to use his memory of Jason's past in court, although she insisted that one memory would give her probable cause. Yet again, Drew firmly told her he wouldn't help, and he didn't want her to ask him again. He had been trying to separate himself from Jason's memories. Margaux argued that she didn't need him to tell her about a crime, but even one little clue would help.

Drew rose and started to leave, but Margaux stopped him. She was certain that Sonny had made a mistake somewhere, and she would find it. Drew wished her luck, but Margaux told him she wanted justice for her father. Drew repeated that he couldn't help her. Margaux suggested that maybe he could help if he got his own memories back in the process.

Drew replied that he'd made peace with his situation, but Margaux insisted she could change the images in his head. She told him the flash drive wasn't gone. "I have it," she said.

Sonny waited for an update on his father and admitted to Jason that Stella had told him to wait at home in order for Mike to make his own decision on daycare. Jason wanted to talk about Margaux, and Sonny told him what had happened at Morgan's grave. Sonny announced that every time he went to visit his son, he would have to see the grave of the person he'd killed. He was clearly annoyed. Jason wanted Sonny to be careful because Margaux had a personal grudge against him.

Sonny clarified that a personal grudge meant that Margaux would be more dangerous but sloppy. He thought they should strategize after they discovered Margaux's plan but Jason disagreed. He thought they should make their own strategy first. Sonny was adamant that his family had gone through too much in the past couple of years, and he needed a break.

Jason revealed that Spinelli had been investigating Marino, and it had been Carly's idea to prove that Margaux's father hadn't been a hero. Sonny recalled that Marino had always had a lot of money, and Jason imagined that he had to have been a willing participant in the mob business. They had to be able to show that.

Carly, Stella, and Mike returned home. Mike announced that he'd met lots of people, and it had been a bit overwhelming. "They have cards," Mike revealed. Stella stated that she could provide Mike with a buddy in the beginning, but Sonny was concerned that Mike would get into gambling. Mike pointed out that the people played with chips or pennies, and there were no loan sharks. Carly thought it was a great place, and she reminded Mike that he would return home every night for dinner.

Sonny agreed that he was okay with daycare if Mike wanted it. Stella said she would make the arrangements, and she would take Mike on the first day. Mike walked Stella to the door and thanked her. Stella thought the daycare was the best thing for both Mike and Sonny. Mike returned and went upstairs to nap, and Sonny, Carly, and Jason sat down. Carly assured Sonny that the daycare was nice, and Mike wanted to go. She told the guys about the "cozy breakfast" she'd seen at Metro Court.

Carly was concerned that Drew could remember every detail of Jason's crimes prior to the past five years. Jason declared that they wouldn't be admissible in court, and he had always been careful. Sonny believe that Margaux would be going after him in a different way. Her father had been dirty, but there was no guarantee that she would back off.

Julian saw Oscar as he walked through the park. He couldn't believe that Oscar had quit school. He also made it known that Kim hadn't told him anything, but he thought that if Oscar was trying to get back at her, he might want to rethink it. Oscar insisted he hadn't dropped out because of his mother. Julian asked why but then backed off and said he wouldn't ask questions.

Oscar was glad that someone was looking out for his mother, and he apologized for his past behavior. Julian offered help if needed and admitted that he had made plenty of his own mistakes with Alexis and his children. He didn't want Oscar to have regrets. He said school was one thing, but Oscar would never get back the same relationship with people.

Julian surprised Kim at the hospital, and she hugged him tightly. He revealed that he'd seen Oscar at the park, and he'd told Oscar he didn't know anything but had offered to help without questions. Kim told Julian he was a good guy, and he joked that he'd never heard that before. She admitted that she had wanted a casual relationship, but she cared for him. Julian confessed that he'd had feelings for Kim for a while. They kissed.

Julian revealed that he thought he'd had a tiny breakthrough with Oscar, and he had been surprised. Julian guessed that Oscar might even like him in fifteen or twenty years. Kim said that she would love to see Oscar then.

Back at the park, Cameron was angry that Oscar had summoned him again, and he urged Oscar to tell Josslyn the truth because she was smart and would find out everything. Oscar retorted that he wanted Josslyn to be over him even though she was the only girl he'd ever loved. He wanted her to remember him as her first love.

Cameron was livid and not happy that Oscar was hurting his longtime friend. He vowed that it would be the last time he'd help Oscar, and if it didn't work, he was not helping again. Furthermore, Oscar would have to tell Josslyn the truth. The boys shook hands and made a deal. Oscar pulled out his phone and showed something to Cameron. "Can you doctor this?" he asked. Reluctantly, Cameron said that he could.

Back at school, Josslyn and Cameron worked side by side at the desk in the library. Cameron received a message and pulled out his phone to look at it. "Whoa," he said. "It's nothing," he added when Josslyn asked about it. She managed to grab his phone away and looked at the photo that Oscar had sent. It was a photo of him with his arm around another girl. Shocked and saddened, Josslyn asked Cameron to leave her alone.

At the park, a distraught Oscar sank to the ground. "Goodbye, Joss. I love you," he said.

Nina meets her daughter

Nina meets her daughter

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ava was sitting in the park, reading the paper, when Kiki and Griffin ran through. She watched as they stopped and shared a kiss, unseen by both of them. They openly flirted, and Ava tossed her paper in the trash and ran off angrily. Griffin's phone went off, and he commented that it was a notification about a surprise he had for her. He informed her that he had gotten two passes for the film festival that night, so they could see "any and all screenings.

Kiki was impressed, but she warned Griffin that some of the movies were "obscure." He thought that she could tutor him into a film buff. She suddenly remembered his financial situation and offered to pay for her half, but he promised that he could manage it. Kiki had to go get ready for her shift at the hospital, and Griffin had plans to help repair houses in the Charles Street district that had been damaged by the earthquake. She was surprised to learn that he'd put himself through college by doing construction, and he was surprised to learn that she'd put herself through college by hosting poker games.

Nina and Curtis arrived at the park, and Nina carried a bouquet. She explained how nervous she was by joking that she was a fashion editor who hadn't even been able to figure out what to wear. Curtis assured her that she looked beautiful and instructed her to relax. Nina noticed that Sasha was late, and Curtis figured that there was traffic. Just then, Curtis spotted Sasha and greeted her. He introduced the two women, and Nina gave Sasha the flowers.

Sasha didn't want to be rude, but she hadn't yet seen the DNA test results. Curtis retrieved them and gave them to Sasha, who opened them and read them. Nina sat down next to Sasha and proposed that they do an exercise she'd done at work to break the ice with someone new. Sasha agreed, so Nina asked Sasha to "describe your best day ever." Sasha explained that she would wake up early and go riding. As Sasha and Nina talked about riding, Curtis said his goodbyes.

Sasha continued that she would then get coffee and a muffin while reading the paper, then go to the beach and read, doze off, and repeat. Nina remarked how much of herself she saw in Sasha, and Sasha still couldn't believe she had been adopted. She wished that her mother was still alive so she could ask questions. Nina was excited to meet Sasha, but she didn't want to push her, so Nina suggested that they take things slowly and get to know each other. Sasha agreed, and Nina proposed they go out for coffee, so they left the park.

Margaux informed Drew that she had the flash drive with his memories, but he wanted proof. She picked up her phone and showed him a picture of the title page of the documents on the flash drive. She explained how she'd been lucky to have found it in the hotel's lost and found, but Drew demanded to know why she was messing with his life. He thought that she had to be committing some kind of crime, knowing that she was going to use the flash drive as leverage to get Drew to "flip" on Jason and Sonny. He called it blackmail, but she thought it was just a "fair trade."

Drew informed Margaux that she hadn't been the first person to offer a trade for the flash drive, so he would tell her the same thing he'd told Peter: "Go to hell." She knew that, deep down, he cared about his past, but he called her so-called leverage "worthless." She promised that the flash drive was in a safe place, so she would give him time to consider what he was going to do.

Maxie and Felicia greeted each other outside Kelly's, and Peter exited the diner moments later. Maxie gave him a big hello, and he thanked her for her help the previous day, overcoming his fear of the elevator. When he was gone, Felicia wondered what was going on between the two, and Maxie replied that they'd made a truce. She continued that he'd helped her a lot after Nathan had died, and he was James's only uncle. Felicia remarked that she trusted Maxie, but her trust in Peter was "shaky."

Ryan was eating breakfast at Kelly's when Laura walked in. She told him that they could have eaten together if he'd woken her up. He replied that he'd gotten up early to get some work done, and she'd looked "so peaceful" sleeping. He revealed that the bug he had was stubborn and still hadn't gone away, but he thought it would be wise to just "wait it out." Laura asked if he'd been avoiding her because he was mad at her for being away so long, but he denied it.

Just then, Felicia and Maxie entered, and Ryan loudly greeted them and invited them to sit with him and Laura. Felicia informed them that Mac was taking her on a cruise, but "Kevin" told her that she couldn't do that. He claimed that running away from the Ryan Chamberlain anniversary wasn't healthy, but she disagreed, as did Laura and Maxie. He wondered when they would put out their press release, and she promised to email him the draft that she and Mac had written up. "Kevin" had a patient, so he excused himself, and Laura followed.

Laura told "Kevin" that they needed to finish the conversation they'd started, but he told her that he'd probably be home late. "I'll wait up," she stated, and he left. Maxie told Felicia that she was going to the film festival that night, and Felicia wondered who Maxie was taking. She quickly said that she owed a friend a favor and left to go to work. Laura returned and told Felicia that she was worried about Kevin. Laura and Felicia agreed that Kevin was just on edge because of all of the recent coverage of his brother's crimes.

Laura related that Kevin had been doing a lot of research on serial killers, and she assumed it was to make understanding his brother into some kind of "clinical study." Laura assured Felicia that Lulu would be fair and responsible in her article, but neither woman could wait until the coverage was over. Felicia wondered if Laura had talked to Kevin about his feelings, but Laura admitted that they hadn't had a lot of time together since she'd been home. She'd observed that he was so busy helping everyone else that he'd left no time for himself.

Lulu was in Peter's office, arguing on the phone with Dante. Peter arrived but stayed out of the office to give Lulu privacy as she hung up on Dante. When Peter entered, Lulu was mortified that he'd heard the conversation. Peter changed the subject and asked about her article. He proposed tweaking one section of it, which she agreed with. She informed him that she'd been working on that section when Dante had called her. She cried that she missed her husband, but all they did when they talked was fight.

Lulu apologized for being unprofessional, but Peter insisted that he cared about her as a person in addition to caring about her work. She told Peter that she and Dante would talk every night before bed, but her nights without him were empty. He thought that she was "starving" for adult conversation and a night out. Maxie arrived and listened in as Peter invited her to the film festival that night. Peter eventually convinced Lulu to go with him. "It's a date," he said, disappointing Maxie.

Ava arrived outside Kelly's to meet up with Scott, and she asked why he'd wanted to meet her. "Drumming up business?" she joked, wondering if "lethal thoughts" were punishable by law. Scott reminded Ava that her daughter would be her daughter forever, and he thought that Ava lashing out at Kiki and Griffin was pushing them together. "How dare you blame me?" she cried. Ava ran into Kelly's but bumped into "Kevin," who observed that she looked like she needed to talk. He offered to see her right then, as he'd had a cancellation. She agreed to head over to the hospital, and he left. Scott warned her about Kevin, but Ava spat that he was at least on her side, "unlike you," and she left.

A short while later, Ava arrived at Kevin's office, and she told "Kevin" that she was feeling worse than their last session. She explained that her revenge on Griffin hadn't been enough for her, and her need for revenge on Kiki kept her up at night. Ryan wondered what the worst thing that she could do to Kiki was. "Are you saying I should kill my own daughter?" Ava wondered. "Kevin" smirked, and Ava began to laugh. "You really had me going," she told him.

"Kevin" assured Ava that her feeling of indifference over what happened to Griffin was normal, and she admitted that his words made her feel better. She was happy that someone seemed to understand her. She felt better and figured she was ready to go. "Kevin" wanted to see her again, "soon I hope." Ava thought he sounded borderline flirtatious, but she figured that he would never cross the line. "Doctor Kevin Collins would never cross the line," Ryan replied.

Nelle sees Brad and Wiley

Nelle sees Brad and Wiley

Friday, October 12, 2018

Carly spotted Michael as he waited for court to begin. They were both ready to testify in Nelle's trial. Michael couldn't believe that Nelle had decided to plead not guilty, but Carly assumed that Nelle planned on trying to work the jury. Carly vowed to take care of that with her testimony and added that Nelle's "reign of terror will be over." She reassured Michael that if he stayed calm and told the truth, all would be okay.

Nelle walked beside a police officer, clad in an orange jumpsuit with her wrists cuffed. She ignored Carly and said hello to Michael. "Good to see you," she said. "You look good," she told him. She wondered why Michael hadn't responded to any of her letters, but Michael had nothing to say about those. "You look appropriate," he replied.

Nelle began to talk about how her son had been keeping her company through her loneliness, and she dreamed of him all the time. She stated that she relived her grief every morning when she woke up, and she and Michael would always be connected. Carly exclaimed that Nelle was trying to get into Michael's head so that he would choke on the witness stand. Nelle retorted that it had nothing to do with Carly, but Carly told her off.

Michael announced that he agreed with everything that Carly said, and Nelle only had herself to blame for her situation. He declared that Nelle was nothing and no one to him. Nelle announced that she had something important to tell Michael that would change everything. Michael told her he wasn't interested, and he urged her to change her plea to guilty.

Alexis, Kristina, and Sam sat down at a table outside Kelly's. Alexis droned on about Molly's outstanding GRE test score, and Kristina looked uncomfortable. Kristina announced that she wanted to talk about Sam and Jason, but that was off the table. The women were interrupted when a harried Brad walked by with Wiley. Kristina offered to run inside to get Brad some coffee.

Brad noted that Kristina didn't seem to be herself, but Alexis assured him it was the latest minor crisis. Brad admitted he'd been through it, and Sam suggested that Kristina would survive just like Brad had.

Inside Kelly's, Jordan, Chase, and other members of the police department were celebrating Valerie's promotion to detective. Kristina saw them, and Valerie revealed that they were having lunch for her promotion. Kristina congratulated her and declared she was in a rush and couldn't chat.

Chase had to leave for court. Jordan wondered how Valerie and Chase were getting along, and Valerie acknowledged they had been a "good fit." He was helping her out at work, and she'd been showing him around town. She promised their relationship was professional, and she wouldn't cross lines like she had with Dante. Jordan apologized for the way she'd handled the incident with Valerie and Dante and admitted that she'd been new and had been trying to get accustomed to everything.

Jordan related that things were different after three years in her position at the department, but she realized she'd been too hard on Valerie. Valerie assured her that her relationship with Dante had been consensual, but she hadn't held anything against Jordan. She considered Jordan to be a mentor and role model. The women agreed they could be friends.

Back outside, Brad was grateful for the coffee and thought it would help him before he took Wiley off to the passport office. Sam teased that fatherhood was causing Brad to have to flee the country, and Brad flashed back to Nelle giving him her baby. As he sat quietly in his own thoughts, the Davis women stared at him until Sam and Kristina began to joke.

Brad decided he had to leave, and Sam asked, "Did Brad seem off?" Kristina suggested their family had intimidated him, but Alexis thought he had a lot on his mind as the father of a newborn.

Kristina announced that she had to leave to meet with some friends, although Alexis tried to convince her to stay for more celebrating with Molly and T.J. Kristina replied that she had reached her "celebration threshold," and she departed. Alexis wondered if Kristina really had anywhere to go, and she was sorry she'd been talking about Molly so much. She thought that Kristina could do just as well on the test.

Sam replied that Kristina had to figure out her own life. Alexis bragged that she'd shown restraint because she really wanted to sit Kristina down and give her ideas for her life's plan. Sam hastily suggested that her mother wasn't really serious, and the pair headed off.

Valentin met with Curtis at the pier to give him his final payment and bonus for locating Nina's daughter. He wondered about a meeting between the two women but Curtis informed him that they had already met. Curtis thought it was a good idea for Valentin to keep his distance. Both agreed that they hadn't believed Madeline's story until after they'd heard the results of the DNA tests.

Valentin hoped it went well. Curtis revealed that he'd suggested that Nina keep her expectations low, and he thought of Sasha as a "wild card." She had refused to believe she had been adopted, and it had turned her world upside down. Both men hoped she would have room for Nina. Curtis suggested that Valentin not use the opportunity to try to win Nina back, and Valentin agreed there would be no interference from him.

Elizabeth, Franco, and Aiden walked through the park after school. Elizabeth tried to engage her son in conversation about his school day, but he was uncommunicative. When Franco suggested a snack and handed Aiden money to get pretzels at the pretzel cart, the boy finally perked up. Aiden ran off, and Franco gave Elizabeth a hug. She admitted she was concerned.

Elizabeth noted that Aiden had always loved school, but Franco suggested that it was difficult for him because he had more responsibilities. He thought maybe Aiden had faked being sick in order to stay home with his brothers. He suggested they hold a Halloween party and invite part of the class, and Elizabeth thought it would be a great idea. She opened Aiden's book bag to search for the class list in order to show Franco that the entire class was small and could all be invited. Instead, she found a letter from the teacher.

As Elizabeth and Franco glanced at the letter, Aiden returned with the pretzels. Elizabeth asked her son about the letter. "Uh-oh," he replied. Elizabeth asked how long he'd had the letter, and Aiden admitted it had been awhile, and he thought he was in trouble. Franco told the little boy that he could tell them anything.

Elizabeth declared she wasn't mad, but she wasn't happy. She advised Aiden that he had to give her notes. She sent him off to the car and said they'd follow right behind him. Elizabeth told Franco the teacher wanted a meeting, and she was worried.

Curtis arrived at Kelly's and saw Jordan and Valerie. Valerie was just leaving, and Curtis congratulated her. Jordan walked Valerie to the door, and Valerie congratulated Jordan on her engagement, citing that Valerie and Curtis hadn't been right for each other. "He's a good one," Valerie said and urged Jordan to hold onto him.

Jordan returned to Curtis and informed him that things hadn't been awkward with Valerie. She added that the new detective had even wished them well and had told her not to let Curtis get away. Curtis assured Jordan that he wasn't going anywhere. Jordan asked if the case with Nina was finished. Curtis told her that Nina had met with her daughter, but he hadn't heard anything.

Nina sat with Sasha at a table in Metro Court. They both ordered wine, and Nina began to talk about her likes and dislikes. They discovered they both enjoyed the theater. Sasha stated that she'd never known she had been adopted, and Nina showed her the half-heart pendant. She wondered if Sasha had the other half. Nina explained the note from her mother.

Sasha replied that she did not have the necklace, and Nina suggested that Sasha's mother had kept it from her because she hadn't wanted Sasha to know she'd been adopted. Nina apologized for being mean and said it had been a complex situation. Sasha stated that she and her mother had been close, as opposed to Nina, who revealed she'd been in a horrible situation with her own mother.

Sasha spoke about her time in Paris that her mother had managed to pay for and how she hoped to go back one day. Nina revealed that she would be taking a business trip to Paris soon, and she invited Sasha to go with her. Sasha didn't think it was a good idea, and she refused Nina's invitation. Nina continued to try to talk Sasha into going, and she offered to cover the expenses.

Sasha suggested that Nina's invitation was "premature," as they had only just met, and again Nina apologized for her behavior. She suggested that they make the trip in a year instead, but Sasha told her it wouldn't happen. She didn't want a relationship with Nina and had only wanted closure. She considered her mother to be her only mother, even though she was deceased. "Even though she lied to you your entire life?" Nina asked forcefully. Sasha got up to leave, and Nina apologized. She didn't want Sasha to deny their relationship because Sasha's mother hadn't respected Sasha enough to tell her. Sasha wanted to leave, and Nina began to cry.

Nina recalled how she'd been pregnant and had had so many thoughts of the future with her and her baby. She hadn't known that Sasha had existed, and she pleaded with Sasha to sit back down. She asked if they could restart their relationship the following morning and suggested that Sasha remain in town overnight. Sasha didn't want to mislead Nina, but Nina wanted to get to know her. She cried that it would be better, and she was the only biological mother that Sasha would ever have. They agreed to meet at Metro Court for breakfast. Sasha stepped onto the elevator.

Valentin saw Nina sitting alone and asked to join her. He sat down and asked about the meeting that he'd heard about from Curtis. "Isn't it obvious?" Nina replied. She told him that Sasha's adopted mother was her real mother. Valentin blamed himself for starting the "ball rolling." Nina replied that she was grateful though disappointed in herself. She had pushed, insulted Sasha's mother, and been crazy, but they were going to meet for breakfast. She thought that Sasha had been gracious and familiar, and she didn't want to lose her again. Valentin grasped her hands.

Chase arrived at the courthouse and caught part of the conversation between Michael and Nelle. He stated that Nelle was incapable of remorse and honesty and had been looking forward to playing the victim. He thought if she had something to say, it would be said in court. He added that the evidence against her was strong. "Cry all you want," he told Nelle. He was certain she'd be convicted. Nelle retorted that Chase was incapable of judging, since he had manipulated her.

Chase reminded Nelle that he had the recordings. He had almost let his feelings for her allow her to get away with murdering Zachary Grant, but they wouldn't. He hoped that Carly and Michael didn't pay attention to Nelle. Carly admitted that going through everything in court would be torturous. Just then, Brad arrived with Wiley in his arms. He stopped short and looked fearful when he saw the congregated group. Nelle turned and saw Brad and the baby.

Valerie ran into Kristina in the park and accused her of "bolting" from Kelly's. She asked if Kristina was upset because she hadn't known about the promotion. Kristina praised Valerie and told her she'd be great in her new position. She said, "Then there's me." Kristina considered herself great at failing. She was far behind everyone and had no idea of what she wanted to do. Valerie suggested that Kristina was trying to find herself. Kristina was embarrassed that she had appeared to make Valerie's success about herself, but Valerie told her it was okay to vent.

Kristina and Valerie sat down on a bench. Kristina pointed out that everyone in her family had been doing great things, but she was only a bartender. Valerie promised things would get better, and Kristina noted that she should have been buying Valerie shots to celebrate. Valerie assured Kristina that she'd return the favor when it was time.

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