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Laura decided to run for mayor. Kiki invited Sasha to stay at her place. Sam and Spinelli went undercover. Oscar took steps to become emancipated. Anna returned home.
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Alexis decides to represent Oscar Alexis decides to represent Oscar

Monday, October 22, 2018

At the park, Oscar tried to reach Alexis on the phone and finally settled on leaving her a voicemail. He spotted a photo of Cameron and Josslyn online, and just then, Josslyn walked toward him. She wished him a happy birthday and informed him she was on her way to the school pep rally. He asked if she was going with Cameron, and Josslyn replied that she was but that all the kids would be there. She invited Oscar to go, but he declined and said that he had birthday plans. "Go team or whatever," Oscar said unenthusiastically.

Josslyn sat on a bench and waited for Cameron. She was angry he was late and shouted at him but quickly apologized. She revealed that she'd seen Oscar, who had appeared to want to tell her something, but she thought it might have been her imagination. She handed Cameron a shirt that matched hers and announced that she had face paint. Cameron began to paint on Josslyn's face.

After Josslyn and Cameron were decked out, they walked through the park and practiced a cheer. They talked excitedly about the team, and Josslyn asked Cameron to post a photo of them together on social media. She snapped a photo, although she had to take it twice in order to get Cameron to smile.

Kim saw Julian at Charlie's Pub. She told him she was feeling better, especially since she knew he was there for her. Drew arrived, and Kim admitted that she had decided to be there because she had known that Oscar and Drew would be having dinner together. She stated firmly that she couldn't allow Oscar to avoid her, but Drew was of the opinion that Oscar would think they had ambushed him.

Kim didn't care what Oscar thought, as she believed she had a right to be there. She added that Oscar had been interpreting everything incorrectly. Kim was aware that Drew was afraid that Oscar would reject him if he pushed, but as parents, they had to make the best medical decisions for Oscar. Kim emphasized that that meant the drug trial.

Alexis arrived and noticed that she had a missed call and voicemail from Oscar, but she headed to the bar to see Kristina. Alexis announced that she was there to talk about Kristina's future, and she had a former client who was an actuary. Kristina ordered her mother to allow her to figure things out for herself and to leave her alone. Kristina added that she didn't even know what an actuary was.

Oscar arrived and was angry to see Kim. He asked what she was doing there, and Kim replied that she'd never missed one of Oscar's birthdays. Oscar accused Drew of "ratting me out" and sarcastically stated that the predicted cake and presents were not wanted. He only wanted to live as he chose, and he wanted to make his own decisions regarding his health.

Kim invited Oscar to sit and talk. She told him that she and Drew would not tolerate his current behavior. Drew explained that people had worked hard to get Oscar into the drug trial, and Kim added that they couldn't wait for Oscar to make up his mind. Oscar declared that he didn't want to waste his remaining time, but Kim assured him that he would definitely die if they did nothing.

Drew stated that Kim was talking not only as Oscar's mother but also as a doctor. Oscar was furious. He stood up and told Drew to keep his advice because Drew was a hypocrite. Kim jumped up and ordered Oscar not to talk to Drew like that. Drew wondered if Oscar was upset with him for some reason, and Oscar reminded Drew that Drew had had medical procedures without consent. He thought Drew, of all people, should understand his desire for choice.

Drew stated that the circumstances were different, but Oscar repeated that he wanted to deal with things in his own way. Kim replied that they couldn't allow it. "Happy birthday to me," Oscar snapped as he stormed out of the pub. Drew grasped Kim's hands. "I'm sorry," he said. Julian watched.

Kristina grabbed her belongings and advised Julian that she was going on break. She headed outside and made a phone call to Parker. She sat down and chatted cheerful with Parker but sadly discovered that Parker was having a good time at a faculty mixer. Kristina claimed that she had been busy herself between catching up and a new career. She quickly and tearfully said goodbye and ended the call.

Kristina rushed back inside the pub, and after taking a look at her, Julian told her she could leave early and have some fun. He advised her that business was slow. Kristina swiped a bottle of alcohol from the bar and slipped it into her purse.

Ryan sat in Kevin's office at the hospital and made a call to check on medication for his patient Todd Wilson. He was surprised when Laura stopped by and filled him in on her first board meeting since her return. She was excited and suggested they go out for a drink. "Kevin" claimed to have a lot of work and declined the invitation for the drink and also to a later dinner. Laura asked what was going on and demanded that her husband give her answers.

"Kevin" declared that nothing was going on, and he couldn't "neglect responsibilities." Scott showed up and welcomed Laura back to town with a big hug. Laura advised Scott that she was busy but "Kevin" piped up that it was okay for Scott to interrupt. Scott announced that he had been interviewed about the Ryan Chamberlain case because he had represented Felicia at the time. "Kevin" reminded Scott that he had lost his case, and the interview was probably bad publicity for him. "Kevin" walked away, and Laura invited Scott to go out for a drink instead.

Later, Ryan was sitting at Kevin's desk and making a list on a large pad of paper when Alexis walked in. She admitted that she had stopped her sessions due to the Ryan Chamberlain case, as she had assumed "Kevin" had been consumed with that. "It's a shame you never had the chance to meet Ryan," the doctor said.

Alexis was surprised because she'd expected "Kevin" to lecture her about avoidance. She confessed that she'd meddled in Kristina's life, and they'd had an argument. Alexis stated that she'd broken her promise not to interfere. "Kevin" asked if she thought it was connected to her father, which confused Alexis, who clarified that she'd hardly known him. She explained that her father had controlled every aspect of her brothers' lives, although Kristina would probably say that Alexis had done the same thing to her.

Alexis couldn't understand why it was so difficult for her to allow Kristina to live her own life, and she didn't want to control Kristina. Alexis revealed that her father had forced her to give up her baby, and she had wanted to control her own life, just as Kristina wanted the same thing. Alexis also mentioned her "potential client" who was just a kid with some big decisions, and she wondered if she should help him to defy his parents. "Kevin" replied that he couldn't make decisions for Alexis. She felt bad for the boy and wanted to be able to give him peace and dignity.

After Alexis had gone, Kevin returned to his list. He tapped out Morse Code on the desk as he wrote.

Carly was dozing on the sofa and dreaming about events at Ferncliff as well as Kevin tapping out Morse Code on a table at the Floating Rib. The dream turned into a nightmare, and she woke with a shout. Sonny rushed to her, and Carly explained her dream. She guessed it had "left an impression on me." She almost jumped out of her skin when someone knocked on the door.

Mike and Stella were at the door. Stella reminded Mike that he lived in the house, and he seemed confused. Carly suggested that Mike help her out with snacks for Josslyn, and they headed off to the kitchen. Sonny asked about Mike's first day at the daycare. He noted that it seemed to have not have gone well if Mike was so confused.

"Mike thrived," Stella informed Sonny. He had been out of the house and socializing, and he had been "on" all day. Carly and Mike returned from the kitchen with Josslyn's snack. Carly put it on the table and walked Stella to the door. Sonny asked Mike what he'd thought about his day, and Mike admitted that he had liked it. His favorite part had been the fact that he could return home. Sonny was glad to hear it. Mike joked that it had been just like camp but without the swimming hole. Both men laughed.

At the front door, Carly revealed that she was happy that Mike had found a good fit with the daycare center. Stella reminded her that it was temporary and that Mike would eventually need long-term care. She thought that Carly had understood that. Carly said that she did understand but thought everything could be reevaluated later. She only had terrible memories of Ferncliff, and she worried that all institutions would be the same. Stella assured her that the long-term care facilities were not like Ferncliff.

Carly expressed her concern about a place like Ferncliff and patients who didn't have a rescuer like Jason or resources for lawyers. She had decided to step up and help those people. Stella admired her and offered her help. Carly accepted it and admitted that she wasn't sure yet how she would effect change. She thanked Stella for helping Mike.

Josslyn arrived home with Cameron, and they headed into the house for snacks. Cameron left his bicycle parked on the patio. Shortly after, Sonny and Mike headed to the patio. They discussed the weather, and Mike reminded Sonny that they hadn't attended a Yankees game during the baseball season. Sonny was sorry and hoped they could do it the following year.

Mike spotted Cameron's bike and exclaimed that he couldn't believe that Sonny still had the bike Mike had bought him. Sonny recalled the exact model of the bike but advised Mike that he had never bought it for him. Mike slowly remembered that he hadn't bought the bike, after all, because of his gambling. Sonny assured him it wasn't a big deal, but Mike thought it was, especially because Sonny still recalled the model. Sonny added that Mike should forget about it, and Mike replied that soon, he wouldn't have a choice. The men hugged.

Inside the house, Cameron and Josslyn snacked and eventually ended up in a food fight. Carly looked on and laughed. The teens were excited about all of their friends' responses to their photo.

Laura and Scott sat at the bar at Metro Court. Scott wondered if there was "trouble in paradise," and Laura disclosed that Kevin had been avoiding her since her return. Scott recalled what had happened during Kevin's last marriage and reminded Laura about Lucy missing her husband for months due to a "patient." He asked Laura if she believed that Kevin could be cheating on her.

Laura recalled that Kevin's avoidance had started about two weeks prior to her return. He'd been late for phone calls and distracted. She had thought it was due to Kevin's brother Ryan. Laura had believed that Kevin had wanted Ryan to remain in the past, but it had apparently affected him. She needed to remind her husband to confide in her.

Kristina sat on a bench in the park, swigging from the bottle of alcohol and looking at a photo of herself with Parker. She debated about deleting the photo.

Oscar sat outside the pub and looked at his phone. He saw the new photo of Josslyn and Cameron. "Josslyn," Oscar muttered. Alexis approached him and announced that she wanted to talk. She had decided to represent him. She didn't believe it was the best choice, but she thought that Oscar had the right to make the decisions for his life and health. She would help to emancipate him.

Laura knocked on Kevin's office door. He wasn't there, and she saw his keys on the desk. She leaned over and grabbed a pad of paper and a pen in order to leave him a note. She spotted the list on the larger tablet and picked it up. The list that "Kevin" had written consisted of women's names, with Felicia's name on the bottom. "Kevin" returned and quietly looked at Laura from behind her.

Oscar and Alexis pursue emancipation Oscar and Alexis pursue emancipation

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Elizabeth and Franco relaxed on a blanket on the ground at the park. Elizabeth was distracted and admitted she'd been thinking about Aiden. She couldn't understand why her son wouldn't want to go outside at recess. She was hard on herself and blamed herself for not noticing that Aiden had a problem. Franco teased her, but he told her she was really a great mother, although not "all knowing."

Elizabeth assumed that Franco was thinking she was making too big a deal out of it, but Franco thought that Aiden just needed some extra attention. He added that Aiden was a kid, and it wasn't Elizabeth's fault. He gave her a big hug.

Sam opened her front door and saw Jason holding up an obviously inebriated Kristina, who called Jason her "white knight." Sam helped a stumbling Kristina over to the couch, where Kristina announced that she was not drunk. Jason informed Sam that Kristina had lost her keys in the park. Kristina explained that she had been contemplating her bad decisions like Sam, who had been letting the "Grade A hunk" go to waste.

Jason turned away while trying not to laugh as Kristina continued to babble. She said that everyone knew that Jason and Sam were "hot" for each other. Sam tried to quiet her sister as she awkwardly turned to look at Jason, and she advised Kristina that she and Jason didn't have to answer to Kristina. Sam added that Kristina had to follow her rules, though, and she sent Kristina upstairs to take a shower. Kristina tripped up the stairs.

Sam couldn't believe that Kristina had been drinking in the park alone. Jason revealed that Kristina had called Parker, and Sam immediately understood. She declared that Kristina would have to learn that "life really goes on." She thanked Jason for returning Kristina and noted that her sister would never be a relationship counselor. Kristina shrieked that she needed to return downstairs to get a glass of water. "Don't be naked," Kristina shouted.

Sam was sorry, and Jason took it as his cue to leave. Kristina descended the stairs and asked if Sam would evict her. Sam handed her a mug of water and assured her she'd get another chance. Sam was wondering if she should tell Alexis about it, because she didn't want to be an enabler. Kristina accused Sam of avoiding Jason, and she told Sam about Alexis stopping by the pub to discuss Kristina's future. Kristina had called Parker and learned she'd moved on, while Kristina was stuck in Port Charles.

Sam replied that Alexis had been worried about Kristina, but Sam would talk to Alexis. Kristina admitted she was a mess, and Sam replied that Kristina shouldn't drink to get back on track. She didn't know the right way to do it but would let Kristina know. The sisters sat on the sofa, and Sam wrapped her arm around Kristina.

At Charlie's Pub, Kim apologized to Drew for ruining his planned evening with Oscar. They agreed that their son needed to take part in the drug trial, although Drew thought it a good idea to give Oscar some "space." He wondered if Oscar had always been so stubborn, and Kim reminded Drew of two court-martials he had faced in the past. Drew could only remember one, but Kim told him that he'd backed down on the other one.

Outside the pub, Alexis met with Oscar and informed him she would represent him against his parents. She wanted him to realize that there would be a heavy price to pay. Oscar declared that he hadn't had a temper tantrum, and he only wanted to be able to control his own life. Alexis informed him that she would prepare, but he would have to live elsewhere and pay for his own expenses.

Oscar started to say that he didn't know how he would pay Alexis, but she told him she'd figure something out. She also didn't want him to tell his parents yet, but Oscar refused to listen. He didn't want to keep secrets like they did.

Oscar and Alexis walked into the pub, and Oscar went straight to his parents. He advised them he was going to court to get emancipated in order to make his own decisions. Drew understood that Oscar was angry but he didn't think it would solve anything. Oscar refused to discuss it. Drew asked Alexis if it had been her idea. "She's my lawyer," Oscar confirmed.

Drew couldn't believe that Alexis would take the case. Kim demanded to know if Alexis was up to speed on her son's condition and if she'd seen his medical records. She declared that the only way for Oscar to have a chance to live would be if he were involved in the drug trial. Kim got louder as she spoke until she was shouting at Alexis.

Alexis spoke quietly and calmly and replied that she was familiar with Oscar's case, and she had compassion for him. She stated that he should have the right to make his own decisions. Kim shrieked that Alexis didn't know what was right for her son, who was just a child. "No one does," Alexis replied. Kim slapped her loudly and firmly as Elizabeth and Franco walked in.

Oscar lost his temper at his mother, who in turn had words for Alexis. Oscar and Alexis both walked off, and Drew stopped Kim from going after their son. Kim yelled that she had custody. Elizabeth and Franco joined in in trying to calm Kim down. Drew wondered how the slap would go over in court, but Kim retorted that they would have to assume that Oscar lived that long. Kim ran out of the pub.

Drew, Franco, and Elizabeth sat at a table. Elizabeth was sure that Alexis would think about the family and convince Oscar to back down. Drew was certain that Alexis would get Oscar what he wanted.

Ava sat at the bar at Metro Court and enlarged the photo of Griffin and Kiki that she looked at on her tablet. At the same time, she saw the couple enter the restaurant. Kiki spied her mother but refused Griffin's suggestion that they leave. She thought it best to face her mother "head-on."

Ava wandered over to them with the tablet in hand and held it up for them to see. She hadn't realized that Griffin was a "film buff and sleaze," Ava spat. She called Kiki a sleaze, as well, and she noted that one of them would eventually cheat on the other.

Nina and Sasha sat at a nearby table, and Nina admitted that she was excited that Sasha had decided to stay. Sasha credited Valentin, and the women looked toward Valentin, who was standing nearby and smiled. He wandered over. "Hello, ladies," he said. He declared that he was happy to see them getting along. He walked away, and Sasha noted that it was obvious that he and Nina were "into each other." Sasha asked about Nina's divorce but apologized that it wasn't her business. Nina replied that it was a "sore subject." She spotted Kiki and Griffin and called Kiki over.

Griffin wondered who was sitting with Nina. Kiki replied that she didn't know, but anyone was better than Ava. Ava started to follow them, but Valentin ordered her to leave Kiki and Griffin alone. Ava began to taunt Valentin about not being with Nina, but he reminded her that she wasn't "doing much better." Ava advised Valentin to stay out of her life, and Valentin retorted that he was fine with that.

Nina introduced Sasha to her half-sister, and she suggested that she and Griffin leave Kiki and Sasha alone to chat. She pulled Griffin away, and Kiki sat down. The girls chatted, and Kiki revealed that she missed her father. She was sorry that Sasha hadn't known him.

Nina headed over to Valentin and Ava and thanked Valentin for finding her daughter. Ava perked up at the news and confirmed the details. She snarled that Sasha was lucky to take after Silas. Ava turned when she heard Kiki and Sasha laughing loudly, and Nina grabbed Valentin so they could talk in private.

Nina wondered how she could ever repay Valentin, but he stressed that Nina didn't owe him anything. He just wanted her to keep him updated, and he urged her to be herself. Valentin revealed that he had believed that Sasha would "come around" on her own. They clasped hands.

Kiki and Sasha chatted about Nina, and Sasha announced that with her new second life in Port Charles, she'd decided to stick around another couple of days. She asked Kiki about the places in town where they might be able to hang out.

Ava sat at the bar, drinking and staring at the photo. Griffin stopped, and he insisted that he and Kiki had not tried to hurt her. He knew that Kiki and Ava still cared about each other and that their relationship was broken, but he believed it could be fixed. He turned and left. "You sanctimonious bastard. I'll show you broken," Ava said angrily. She rose and taunted Valentin again on her way to the elevator.

As Kiki filled Sasha in on the clubs and restaurants in town, Griffin returned, and Kiki introduced them. Sasha stood to shake Griffin's hand. He invited her to go out with them, but Sasha declined. She and Kiki shared a hug, and Kiki and Griffin left. As Ava stood by the elevator, she caught Sasha eyeing Griffin's behind, and she noted that both girls had the same taste in men. "I can work with that," she said to herself.

Laura looked at the list on the pad of paper that she'd picked up from Kevin's desk. "Are they the victims?" she asked herself. She wondered what Kevin was doing with them. He was wondering the same thing about her, he said loudly as he walked in behind Laura and scared her. He slammed the door closed.

"Kevin" accused Laura of snooping, although she tried to explain that she'd seen the names and gotten distracted when she'd gone to leave him a note. She asked if they were Ryan's victims. "Your memory is a marvel," the doctor said. Laura insisted that she was worried about "Kevin," and she thought he'd been affected by all the recent talk of Ryan's crimes. She thought he should seek professional help.

"Kevin" charged Laura with nagging and declared that she was just like his mother had been with her constant worrying. He confirmed that Ryan had killed her. "Just like that," he said as he picked up the letter opener and drove it into Laura's mid-section. "Your troubles are almost over," Ryan said. He added that he'd soon be able to reunite with Felicia. Realization dawned on Laura. "You're not," she stopped short as Elizabeth walked in after knocking briefly.

Elizabeth saw the opener jammed into Laura with blood spewing from the wound. She began to scream and ran out calling for help. "This is not what it looks like," Ryan called out. Suddenly, he snapped out of his daydream and sat down. He muttered that it would never work but explained that he meant no one would understand his brotherly feeling of obligation.

"Kevin" thought that everyone should think of Ryan's victims, and Laura noted that Felicia had never considered herself a victim. She added that he'd left people off the list, like Steve and Audrey Hardy. "Kevin" suggested they invite the couple over for dinner, and Laura was appalled. She declared that Steve was dead. "Oh, yeah," "Kevin" said. He added that Hardy's presence was still strong in the hospital. Laura stared at him.

Just then, "Kevin" and Laura were interrupted when there was a knock on the door, and Ned walked in and greeted them. He closed the door and welcomed Laura home. Upon questioning, he admitted that it was both fulfilling and exhausting to be mayor. "Kevin" asked what he wanted, and Ned mentioned the documentary that was being filmed in town about Ryan. He thought the town had suffered enough, and Ryan was in his grave. He didn't want "Kevin" to talk to the filmmakers.

"Perhaps Ryan's due a resurrection," "Kevin" said. Ned suggested that the documentary makers be ignored so that it would die down, but "Kevin" announced that he couldn't single-handedly stop the story. Other people had been interviewed, too, and he thought the victims provided a good contribution. Ned understood that they couldn't control the editing of the film.

Laura mentioned the fact that Ned's special term as mayor was up, and he admitted that he would be running unopposed, so there was no rush to promote himself. "Kevin" suggested that Laura run against Ned, and he did his best to convince her. Ned noted that the election was soon, and the ballot was closed. Laura vowed to call in to Ned's radio show. Ned mentioned downplaying Ryan's story, and he left.

"Kevin" was angry that Ned had attempted to keep Laura from running, and he suggested she run as a write-in. He thought she was a hero to too many people. He would be willing to sacrifice her to the time she would have to devote to it.

Jason ran into Kim sitting at a table in Perks and asked if she were okay. Kim declared that she didn't have the energy to elaborate and chat, but she wasn't okay. She quickly apologized and asked Jason if he had any influence with Alexis. Jason sat down.

Kim thanked Jason for helping Oscar, and Jason revealed that he had no influence with Alexis. He admitted that she actually only tolerated him. Kim declared that she didn't approve of Alexis because she would try to help Oscar, and she would kill him.

Oscar and Alexis went to Alexis' office. Oscar admitted that he'd never seen his mother act like she had. Alexis replied that Kim was his mother, and she would fight hard, but Oscar would have to fight back. She told him that he would hurt his parents. Oscar vowed to do what it took. Alexis told him to sit down. She advised him that he would have to be self-sufficient, and it wasn't best for him to return home. Oscar thought he might have an alternative.

Laura decides to run for mayor Laura decides to run for mayor

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cameron quickly let Oscar out via the back door at his house after allowing him to sleep on his bedroom floor overnight. Oscar told Cameron to meet him at the park. Cameron grabbed his backpack and told Elizabeth that he was going to work on a paper at the library on his day off from school. Cameron bumped into Carly at the front door as he headed out.

Carly announced that she wanted to speak to Elizabeth about "your son and my daughter." She informed Elizabeth that Cameron and Josslyn had been spending a lot of time together, including right after the pep rally. She wanted to be on the "same page" as Elizabeth, and she didn't want Elizabeth to continue blaming Josslyn for Cameron's shoplifting. She wanted Elizabeth to make sure to treat Josslyn well and with respect. Carly left after voicing her concern.

Cameron got to the park and found Oscar. Cameron confessed that he had no breakfast food with him because he'd had to dodge both his mother and Carly on the way out. Oscar wanted to know why Carly had been there, and he was worried that something was wrong with Josslyn. Cameron angrily told him that Josslyn would have been in touch if something were wrong because she didn't keep secrets.

Cameron wondered why Oscar had had to spend the night, and Oscar explained that he couldn't stay with his parents. He added that he was hungry, and he also wondered why Cameron had been spending so much time with Josslyn. Cameron reminded Oscar that Oscar had done everything to push Josslyn away. Oscar said he was okay if Josslyn saw someone else, but he didn't want it to be Cameron.

Cameron preferred that Oscar show some gratitude for the use of the bedroom. The boys argued about Josslyn, and Cameron accused Oscar of not knowing Josslyn very well at all. He informed Oscar that Josslyn was strong. Cameron had to go but advised Oscar that he could use the bedroom for just one more night. He'd have to find something else more permanent.

Alexis heard a knock on her office door and was surprised to see Laura on the other side. Laura announced that she was there for some advice about a life choice. She admitted that she had been thinking of running for mayor and wanted Alexis' opinion.

Alexis replied that the deadline had passed for Laura to get her name on the ballot but Laura revealed that she would run in a write-in campaign. She didn't think she would win so last minute, but she wanted to give a voice to certain overlooked people in town. Laura was also concerned about the attack ads that seemed to have become the norm in politics, and she didn't want her family subjected to those.

Alexis felt that the attack ads were unavoidable, and while she loved Ned, he had been pragmatic and had adapted to the political maneuvers that had hurt people. Alexis began a rant about the ways that the political arena had changed over the years. She stated that people had formerly been idealistic, and they needed to have decency and grace again. She thought that Laura should run.

Olivia showed up at Charlie's Pub with Leo in tow, and Julian thanked her for doing so at the very beginning of the day. He poured Leo a glass of orange juice, and Olivia told him how busy she was on the campaign trail, even though Ned was running unopposed. Julian voiced how important it was for him to spend time with loved ones, and Olivia was immediately suspicious.

Julian insisted that nothing was going on, and he wasn't going to be hit. He knew what was important. Olivia suggested that he was having a midlife crisis, but Julian assured her that wasn't the case. Olivia noted that Leo would miss Julian if he were gone, and she had recently noticed that Julian had been a better man since he'd started seeing Kim. She told him not to blow it. She and Leo left.

Drew sat at a table with Diane at Metro Court. They briefly talked about Oscar's quest for emancipation. Diane had to leave for a conference call, but she promised to meet with Drew later. Drew stood as Curtis arrived. Curtis began to tell Drew about all the changes with his wedding. Drew announced that he couldn't be Curtis' best man, and Curtis was astonished. Drew apologized that he had a "family obligation," and he had to protect someone's privacy.

Curtis sat down. He had observed that Drew was falling apart on the inside, and he assured Drew that he had Drew's back. He wanted Drew to tell him what was going on. Drew sat back down and disclosed that Oscar was sick and might not live. After hearing the details, Curtis expressed his sympathy and offered to look for the missing teen. Drew promised to call if Oscar didn't turn up.

Drew added that he had support from Kim and Sam, and he wasn't alone. He had to leave to get to Diane's office. He was sorry about having to ditch the wedding. Curtis said he would pray for the family.

Olivia ran into Carly in Metro Court and enthusiastically announced that she wanted to book the Metro Court ballroom for Ned's inaugural ball in January. Laura walked up to the women. "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched," she said. Olivia had hoped they had put their hard feelings behind them, and she had been hoping for Laura's endorsement.

Laura replied that she couldn't endorse Ned, and Olivia had to leave for a previous commitment. Laura informed Carly that she was planning to run against Ned as a write-in candidate. "Good for you stepping up!" Carly exclaimed. She admitted that while she loved Olivia, Ned had done a good job with revitalizing commerce but had neglected social services. She asked if Laura was familiar with Ferncliff.

Laura and Carly found seats at the bar, and Carly filled Laura in on her experience at Ferncliff. She stated that she had been lucky because her friends had gotten her out, but she had been concerned about the neighbor in the room next to hers. She had heard him using Morse Code on the wall, and he had claimed to be held against his will. She worried that it had been true, and she thought that someone should help. Laura thought that maybe she could.

Laura suggested that she might want a tour of Ferncliff, but she understood that it would be painful for Carly to return. Carly confided that she had vowed never to return, but she would make an exception for the patient she had mentioned.

Kim paid a visit to Sam and tearfully said that she needed Sam's help in order to save Oscar's life. Sam was shaken and asked if Oscar was in the hospital. Kim jumped from topic to topic and apologized for being "all over the place." Sam sat her down on the couch and offered her some coffee. Kim declined and explained that the drug trial was scheduled to begin on December first, but Oscar had refused to take part in it. He wanted control of all decisions and had obtained an attorney.

Sam couldn't believe that an attorney would take Oscar's case, and Kim revealed that Sam's mother was Oscar's lawyer. Kim hadn't been able to reach Oscar, and Sam assured her that he probably needed some time. Kim admitted that she'd tried to get Alexis to drop the case, but she had been too emotional. Sam thought that things could be straightened out by December first. Kim told her that Alexis wouldn't listen to her, but maybe she would listen to Sam.

Kim went on to say that Oscar had been afraid that the drug trial would shorten his life, but all treatment had risks. If he didn't participate in the trial, he would die for sure. She thought that Sam would understand because Danny had had leukemia, and she thought that Sam could convince Alexis to help save Oscar.

Sam wasn't sure she wanted to get involved, especially if there was a chance that the trial could cause Oscar to be brain dead. Kim replied that that was the worst-case scenario, but Sam thought it was Oscar's risk to take. She told Kim about Jason's brain tumor and how she'd let him make his own decision regarding surgery. Kim insisted that Oscar was a child, and the trial was his only chance to live. She cried that she and Sam were family because of their kids, and she needed Sam's help.

Sam believed that Alexis thought she could handle the case, and she didn't have that kind of influence over Alexis. She thought there might be only one person who did.

Drew and Diane showed up at Alexis' office, and Alexis accused them of ambushing her. Drew announced that they were fighting Oscar's suit, and Diane was representing him and Kim. Diane declared that they appreciated Alexis' advocacy, but Oscar's parents were the ones acting in his best interests. Alexis agreed with Diane but stated that she was not dropping the case.

Drew lost his temper. Alexis calmly told him that she would do the same thing if she were in his shoes, but she was helping Oscar. She thought that he felt powerless and had no control of his own life. She wanted to give him a sense of peace and control, and she would represent him with respect and dignity. Alexis added that if she didn't represent Oscar, then Scott would, and he would turn it into a circus to drum up publicity for himself. She would keep it private.

Drew advised Alexis that if the trial was turned down, Oscar would be dead in three months, so it wouldn't help. Drew vowed to fight up to the Supreme Court if necessary in order to save his son's life. He turned and walked out.

Diane sat down. She admitted that she understood Alexis' position, and Oscar was mature but still a child. Alexis thought that if Oscar were given control and his own choice, he might choose the drug trial on his own. Diane thought it ironic that she was fighting for the parents while Alexis was the one who had children. Both women vowed to fight.

Julian spotted Oscar standing outside of the pub, looking at a help wanted sign. Julian went out and explained that the busboy job was full-time.

A little while later, Kim walked in and saw Oscar and Julian shaking hands. She attempted to talk to Oscar. He didn't want anything to do with her, and he left. Julian assured Kim it was just a phase, but Kim wasn't so sure. Julian announced that he'd hired Oscar and would keep an eye on him. He revealed that they'd made a deal, and Oscar had to stay in school.

Kim wasn't happy, and she told Julian that Oscar would be trying to save money in order to live on his own. He wanted to be emancipated in order to control his own life and medical treatment. Julian admitted that he'd had no idea and hugged her. Kim said that Oscar's life was at stake.

Kim and Julian sat at a table with cups of coffee. Julian offered to call off the deal with Oscar, but Kim assumed that Oscar would just go elsewhere. She trusted Julian, so she thought that situation was better. Kim revealed that she was desperate and had tried to get Alexis to not take the case. She had also spoken to Sam, who had told her that Julian would be the only one with any influence over Alexis.

Cameron returned home, and Elizabeth fixed him breakfast. Elizabeth began to question him about Josslyn, and he assured her that they were just friends. He explained that they had gone to the pep rally together, but Josslyn had also invited a bunch of other friends, too. He stated that Josslyn and Oscar had broken up. Elizabeth only wanted him to be sensitive and not regret any actions. Cameron wasn't certain what he'd regret.

Cameron finished his breakfast and asked if Elizabeth was okay. He thought she seemed sad. She explained that a friend of hers was having a difficult time. "I love you, Mom," Cameron said. He admitted that he didn't say it often. Elizabeth replied that she loved Cameron, too, and they shared a hug.

Diane waited for Drew in the park. When he showed up, she told him that she and Alexis understood each other. Diane thought they'd win because Oscar had to prove he could support himself. She hoped the case would just be dismissed.

Oscar showed up at Alexis' office and announced that he had a job. He wanted to know what the next step would be.

Oscar finds a place to live Oscar finds a place to live

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Finn entered his hotel room and immediately apologized to Roxy for being so late. As he put some food into her tank, he explained that he'd just gotten out of a long surgery. He was looking forward to sleeping until Anna returned home, whenever that was. He sat in bed as Anna emerged from the bathroom in a silky robe. He wondered if she was really there or if he was dreaming. "You tell me," she said, and she kissed him. Finn asked Anna several questions about her trip, but she wondered if they were only going to talk while she was there.

A short while later, Finn and Anna relaxed in bed after making love. Anna explained that the search had been long, but Liesl was still "lurking." She'd returned because she missed Finn, so she figured that she would return to the search when the WSB got closer to finding Liesl. She wondered if Finn would be her back-up to go get Liesl, and he agreed. "Thought so," she said, and they shared a kiss.

As Sasha opened a small box Nina had given her, Nina explained that she'd seen the gift in a shop window for months, and it had always reminded her of her baby. Sasha opened the package and found an amethyst, which was her birthstone. She spotted Valentin entering the Metro Court, and Maxie pushed right by him and approached Nina. Maxie informed Nina that Nina had missed the board meeting, but Maxie had taken care of it for Nina. Nina thanked her and introduced her to Sasha.

As Valentin looked on, Maxie expressed her happiness that James had a cousin, as he didn't have many blood relatives. She talked about the craziness in the family, including Britt and Liesl, and she pointed out Peter as one of Liesl's victims. Nina commented about her mental problems, but Maxie quickly covered that Nina had recovered after waking up from a twenty-year coma and grieving the child she'd thought had died. Maxie wondered about Sasha's mental state, and Sasha assured them that she was "normal." Maxie excused herself to go back to work.

Peter approached Valentin, and he suddenly realized why Nina had asked him about finding his mother. He added that he'd encouraged Nina to reach out to Sasha, and Valentin wondered if Peter was softening toward Anna. He hoped that Peter would forgive Anna and that Nina could forgive him. Peter commented that it would be a "long road." "Worth every mile," Valentin replied.

Valentin and Maxie met in front of the elevators, and Peter asked about James. She replied that she was going shopping for James's Halloween costume that day, and she invited Peter to join them. He immediately agreed, and he commented that it would also be his first Halloween. He explained that he had never liked Halloween, as the monsters had always reminded him too much of his father. Maxie wondered if Peter wanted to take the stairs, but he replied with a smile that he was fine with taking the elevator. The elevator doors opened, and the two got on.

Nina invited Valentin to sit with her and Sasha, since he'd been "instrumental" in getting Sasha to stay in town longer, so he sat down with them. Nina wished that Sasha could stay in town longer and asked what she did for work. Sasha replied that she was a temp worker, so while she was in between jobs, she wouldn't get paid if she didn't work. Nina suggested Sasha working for her or Peter, but Sasha replied that her mother had taught her to make her own way.

Valentin suggested that Sasha could meet Charlotte if she stayed longer, and Sasha could see Nina's maternal side. Sasha excused herself in order to call her temp agency to let them know she wouldn't be available for a little while longer. Nina thanked him, and he wondered if she and Sasha would go to Wyndemere for dinner one night with him and Charlotte. Nina was skeptical, but Valentin promised that it wouldn't be a "romantic ambush." After thinking about it, she accepted the invitation.

Oscar entered Alexis's office and told her that he'd gotten a job as a busboy, and he was working on getting a place to live with a rooming service. He promised to update her again soon, and he opened the door to leave. As he did, Julian entered, and Oscar demanded to know if Kim had sent Julian to speak to Alexis. Julian promised that he was there as a friend, and he informed Oscar that there was paperwork he needed to fill out at Charlie's for his job. Oscar thanked him and left.

Alexis asked Julian if he was there to change her mind about representing Oscar. He told Alexis that Kim was desperate to help her son. Alexis suggested that, if a pregnant sixteen-year old had asked her for help keeping her baby while her parents wanted her to give the baby away, Alexis would also fight for that girl. Julian called it a crime that no one had been in Alexis's corner when she'd been pregnant with Sam, but nothing good would result from a trial. Alexis replied that she was not arguing against Oscar getting treatment, just that he should be able to make his own medical decisions. She suggested that he might make the right decision on his own.

Sonny arrived at Charlie's and found Margaux chatting up Kristina. Sonny informed Kristina of who Margaux was and all that she had done to the family. Kristina told Margaux that the bar seats were reserved, so she would need to sit at a table. Margaux begrudgingly moved, and Sonny thanked Kristina for her loyalty to her family. Sonny wasn't thrilled that she was working for Julian, but he recognized that it was her choice. Kristina wondered how he could understand that, but Alexis couldn't. Kristina related that Julian had been treating her well.

As Sonny looked back at Margaux, he said that he didn't like Kristina working at Charlie's, since it seemed to attract a "bad crowd." He missed Kristina, and he was glad that she was home. He urged her to call if she needed anything, and he promised to have a big celebration for Kristina's upcoming birthday. He told Kristina that he loved her, and he left, glaring at Margaux on his way out.

Oscar entered Charlie's, on the phone about an apartment, and he complained about how expensive everything was, which Daisy took note of. Daisy approached Kristina and told her that she knew a way to take Kristina's mind off of whatever seemed to be bothering her. Kristina glared after Margaux as she left the bar. Daisy wondered if Kristina wanted to go to a bonfire at the beach. Just then, Oscar approached and told Kristina that Julian had said Kristina could help him learn to be a busboy.

Oscar explained that he needed the job, as he was emancipating from his parents, and Kristina's mother was his lawyer. He replied to Kristina's surprise by telling her that he wanted the right to make his own decisions. "I know the feeling," Kristina replied, and she went in the back to get his paperwork. Daisy told Oscar that, if he needed a place to live, she could help out. She informed him that she shared a house with a bunch of people who just paid what they could and made up the rest with chores. She promised to send him the address if he wanted to visit after his shift.

Oscar assured Daisy that he was "handy" and could help out around the house. He was amazed at the perfect timing, and he immediately took out his phone to tell Alexis about his new living arrangements. Kristina returned and handed the paperwork to Oscar, who sat down to fill them out. Daisy asked if Kristina wanted the information about the bonfire. "Why not?" Kristina answered.

Alexis' phone went off, and she glanced down at it. She informed Julian that Oscar had found a place to live, so a court would probably take the case. Julian dreaded updating Kim on his conversation with Alexis, and he wished that Kim knew Alexis like he did. He didn't know what she had going on in her head, but he trusted her judgment. He knew that, if anyone could find a solution, it was her. He urged her, whatever her strategy was, to go fast, because he didn't think that Oscar had much time left.

Jason arrived at Sam's and was happy to see that Spinelli was also there. Spinelli inquired on the status of Jason and Sam's relationship, and Jason reminded Spinelli that he'd warned Spinelli to stop matchmaking. Spinelli agreed and got to the point of his visit. He revealed that Vincent had had a "substantial" life insurance policy, but his wife, Margaux's mother, Jeanette, had never tried to collect the money. Jason and Spinelli speculated on why that was, since she'd been cheating on Vincent. Sam suggested that Jeanette had been in love with two men, and she'd been holding out hope that Vincent was still alive.

Spinelli thought that Sam could be projecting, and Jason was confused. Sam explained that, a couple years after Jason had disappeared, she'd been pressured into declaring him dead. Jason expressed regret that she'd had to go through that. Spinelli informed them that there was more, but he was interrupted by a knock on the door, and Sam let Sonny in. Sonny informed them that he'd found Margaux talking to Kristina at Charlie's, and Margaux had "crossed a line." Jason assured Sonny that they would stop Margaux.

Spinelli continued that, hours after Vincent's remains had been identified, Jeanette had filed a claim for the insurance money. However, the insurance company had withheld the payments due to years of no paid premiums and the fact that it had been a murder. Sam realized that the insurance company had probably opened its own investigation, but Jeanette probably had some answers. Sonny said that they needed the proof to make Margaux back off, because he couldn't handle any more damage to his family.

Sam and Spinelli find incriminating evidence Sam and Spinelli find incriminating evidence

Friday, October 26, 2018

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura told Lulu about her decision to run for mayor. Lulu was surprised, but she assured her mother that she supported Laura's decision. Pleased, Laura talked about her plans to focus on mental health care. Just then, Carly walked up. Laura explained that she was trying to arrange a tour of Ferncliff, and Carly had agreed to accompany Laura on the visit. Lulu reminded Laura that Ferncliff was a state-run facility, but Laura argued that Ferncliff needed to be held accountable for the way the patients were treated.

After Lulu left, Laura wrapped up a phone call then announced that the tour had been arranged. Carly was curious if Kevin had pulled some strings, but Laura shook her head and admitted that she hadn't asked for her husband's help because he'd been far too busy with patients. Carly sensed that something was troubling Laura, so she confided that Kevin had been going through "something" because of the approaching anniversary of Ryan's infamous murder spree. Laura shifted gears to give Carly an opportunity to change her mind about the tour, but Carly insisted that she wanted to help.

Later, Laura and Carly entered the day room at Ferncliff. Carly conceded that improvements had been made, but she hoped that it extended to the patients. Carly looked up when the door swung open, and Mary Pat entered the room, carrying a box while grumbling that her replacement could be fired just as easily as Mary Pat had been. Mary Pat's mood improved when she saw Carly. "Hello, Caroline," Mary Pat greeted Carly. Mary Pat wasn't surprised to see Carly, but Carly quickly clarified that she was there as a visitor -- just like Mary Pat.

Laura took the opportunity to introduce herself then added that her husband was on Ferncliff's staff. Mary Pat's mood quickly soured because she disliked Dr. Collins almost as much as she disliked Carly. Mary Pat accused Carly of nearly killing her with an injection, but Carly was unapologetic. Carly and Mary Pat traded words until the head nurse appeared and sternly ordered Mary Pat to finish collecting her things then turn in the visitor's pass on the way out. After Mary Pat slinked off, Kay apologized to Carly, but Laura made it clear that Ferncliff had a lot to answer for because they had hired someone like Mary Pat to run things.

Laura asked that she be allowed to look at all of the areas that Carly had mentioned in her statement. Kay said that she was not at liberty to discuss Carly's statement. Laura held up a document and said that would not be a problem because she had Carly's statement. Kay was shocked that Laura had the statement. Reminding Laura that Ferncliff was an institution for the criminally insane, Kay said that there was no way that Laura could have access to patients. Laura then threatened to have Lulu run an article in the Invader that would not shine the best light on Ferncliff. Carly announced that the first room they wanted to see was the patient room next to the one that she'd formerly inhabited.

In Kevin's office, Ryan sat behind the desk, peeling an apple with a knife. Lulu appeared in the doorway and confessed that she liked to do the same thing with an orange because she enjoyed the challenge of keeping the peel in one piece. Ryan admitted that he found it relaxing. He approached Lulu then offered her a piece of apple. She slipped it off the knife then sat down and talked about Laura's plans to run for mayor. Ryan assured Lulu that he fully supported Laura's campaign because he believed in her as a candidate.

Lulu was struck by how different Kevin and Ryan were. According to Lulu, Ryan had been a "self-serving narcissist" who'd been "cruel, amoral, and unfeeling," which was the opposite of Kevin. Ryan hid his annoyance, as he acknowledged the ongoing debate over nature versus nurture. "Kevin" said that Ryan was "unencumbered by the confines of convention, right and wrong, and therefore is uninterested in what an ordinary person would call a conscience." Lulu wondered if that mean that Ryan just didn't care or if, perhaps, he enjoyed doing those things because society viewed them as wrong.

"Do you think someone like Ryan is curable?" Lulu asked. "Kevin" grimaced slightly as he relocated from a chair next to Lulu to the one behind the desk. "Kevin" told Lulu that she was asking the wrong question. The question she should be asking Ryan and folks like him was "Do you want to be cured?" Lulu thanked "Kevin" for his help and mentioned how her mother and Carly were on a fact-finding mission at Ferncliff. Ryan became uneasy when Lulu mentioned that Laura and Carly were there even as they spoke.

"Kevin" proposed that perhaps "Ryan" had merely cast off society's norms. He talked about right and wrong and how someone without a conscience wouldn't care about society's rules. Lulu was curious if someone like Ryan could be cured, but Ryan once again told her that she had asked the wrong question. Ryan explained that she should ask whether someone like Ryan wished to be cured.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Griffin and Kiki saw Ava seated at the bar. Griffin suggested that Kiki say hello to her mother because they couldn't stay angry forever, but Kiki refused. She was confident that the anger would eventually fade to indifference. Plus, she'd said everything to Ava that she'd had to. Griffin thought it would be best to go elsewhere to eat, but Kiki refused to be bullied by her mother.

At the bar, Ava turned and saw Kiki and Griffin sit down at a table. She seethed with anger as she watched them. Moments later, Sasha joined the couple, so Ava moved to a nearby table to eavesdrop.

Meanwhile, Kiki was delighted when Sasha revealed that she had decided to extend her visit. Griffin smiled, but he excused himself when his phone rang. Sasha seized the opportunity to ask Kiki about her relationship with Griffin. Kiki admitted that she'd known Griffin for a few years, but they had only recently decided to start dating. Nearby, Ava was furious when she heard Kiki's version of events. Ava stood up and stormed away, but she bumped into Griffin in the seating area. He apologized, but she coldly reminded him that he had done far worse to her.

Griffin's expression filled with regret as he implored Ava to help find a way to make peace. Ava wasn't interested.

At the table, Kiki apologized to her sister for having to leave to run an errand. However, Kiki wanted to spend time getting to know Sasha and asked where Sasha was staying. Sasha revealed that Nina had offered to rent Sasha a room at the hotel, but Sasha was reluctant to accept. Kiki invited Sasha to stay at her apartment because she had a spare room. Kiki was confident that Nina wouldn't mind because the apartment was in Nina's name. Moments later, Griffin returned to let Kiki know that he had a meeting with Monica.

Kiki was excited for Griffin. After Griffin left, Sasha wondered what was going on. Kiki offered to fill Sasha in if Sasha crashed at her place. After Kiki left, Ava approached the table and introduced herself. Sasha was surprised when Kiki's mother confessed that her relationship with Kiki was strained because Kiki had slept with Ava's boyfriend. Sasha realized that the boyfriend had been Griffin. Ava acknowledged that she had cared more about Griffin than he had about her, but she was certain that she and Kiki would eventually work things out. Ava was also confident that Kiki wouldn't even remember Griffin's name in six months.

At the Webber residence, Franco entered the kitchen and told Elizabeth about his phone call with Aiden's teacher. He had offered to teach an art class on how to make a volcano -- with Aiden's help. Franco believed that the experience would help Aiden break through his shyness and could make him the coolest kid in the class, but Elizabeth had her reservations because she doubted that her son would enjoy being the center of attention. She thought it would be best if Aiden made the decision. Franco was disappointed because he knew what it was like to want to disappear into himself, and it killed him to watch Aiden go through the same thing.

Elizabeth wondered if Aiden was a sensitive child because she had held onto him too tightly. She worried that she'd done something wrong because he didn't feel safe enough to confide his problems to her. Franco explained that Aiden was a "weird kid," but he rushed to assure her that he had meant it in a good way. He clarified that Aiden was different, but he hadn't yet figured out that being different was the best. Franco admitted that he hadn't been comfortable in his own skin until he'd met Elizabeth, and he didn't want Aiden to go through the same struggle.

Elizabeth realized that she and Franco wouldn't be able to solve things in one day, but she took comfort in knowing that Aiden had Franco in his corner. Later, Elizabeth asked Franco about flowers for their wedding, but Franco was on his way out. He gave her a quick kiss then suggested that they talk to Aiden when Franco returned.

After Franco left, Kiki stopped by to drop off a token of her appreciation for the support that Elizabeth had given her during the ordeal with Dr. Bensch. Elizabeth was touched by the "Notorious RBG" stuffed doll. Kiki smiled and reminded Elizabeth that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was "the patron saint of courageous women everywhere." Elizabeth thanked Kiki then shifted gears because she'd seen a picture of Kiki and Griffin in the Invader. Kiki confessed that Ava had already confronted Kiki about the photo. Kiki admitted that she didn't feel bad for her mother because Ava drove everyone away. Kiki seemed surprised that she didn't feel sad for Ava. "If my mom has taught me anything, it is that I shouldn't let anyone keep me down," Kiki said with a sigh, adding, "Not even her."

A chipper Ava greeted Franco with a "hiya" in the corridor of the hospital. She stated that her sessions with Dr. Kevin Collins were "liberating" and had done wonders for her mood. Franco was surprised that Ava was in therapy and even more so that Kevin seemed to be encouraging Ava to feel less remorse. "It's like giving a pyromaniac a flame thrower," Franco said as he dropped down to his knees. "Please tell me -- please -- that you're not gonna burn down Kiki."

Ava wagged her finger as she voiced disappointment that Franco didn't have any faith in her. Ava said that Kevin dared her to set her own limits. While she could fantasize about Kiki and Griffin's destruction, she was relieved to know that if they were to crash and burn, it would not be by her hands. "Did you hire somebody else who has hands?" Franco quipped. Franco praised Kevin Collins for being able to get through to two people like him and Ava. Franco then told Ava that he would hate to see Ava do something that she would live to regret.

In New Jersey, Sam and Spinelli were dressed in formal business attire as they approached Margaux's childhood home. Sam confessed that she had missed working undercover with Spinelli, but Spinelli was disappointed that Jason hadn't been able to join them. Moments later, Jeanette Marino opened the door and invited the insurance representatives into her home. They discussed the recent discovery of Jeanette's husband's body before Sam steered the conversation to Jeanette's financial situation as a widow with a small child. Jeanette revealed that she had worked part-time, and she had received a lot of support from her family.

Spinelli explained that three months after reporting that Vincent had vanished, Jeanette had stopped paying the premium on his life insurance policy. Sam added that the policy had lapsed in September 1985. Jeanette was stunned that she would not receive anything from the life insurance policy, but Spinelli assured her that not all was lost. He explained that she might be able to collect if she could prove that her husband had died between January and August 1985. Without hesitation, Jeanette revealed that her husband had died in March 1985. Sam was curious how Jeanette could be certain about the month, so Jeanette admitted that she had known when her husband had walked out the door that he'd been heading toward his death.

Sam and Jeanette sat down on the sofa, and Sam asked the woman how she could have known that her husband would die. "My husband had some very dangerous clients," she explained. When he hadn't returned home, Mrs. Marino said that she'd notified the police the next day. The police had not seemed to take her concerns seriously. There was no way, Jeanette said, that her husband would have walked away from his daughter. As for why she'd stopped paying the insurance premium, Mrs. Marino said that she'd known that if her husband was really dead, there would be no way that his body would ever be found.

Spinelli interrupted to note that seven years after Vincent Marino had vanished, he could have been declared legally dead. Jeanette held up a photo of a young Margaux and said that she hadn't wanted to have her husband declared dead because she could not bear to tell Margaux that she'd never see her father again. "She believed in him," Jeanette said. Sam nodded in agreement before glaring at Spinelli. Spinelli blotted his head with a handkerchief and announced that he suddenly felt unwell. "Bobby, did you stop taking your medication?" Sam asked. Spinelli claimed to have "a touch of the hypoglycemia" and that he needed to take a pill at a certain time every day.

Jeanette took Spinelli to the kitchen for a glass of water. With both of them out of the room, Sam donned a pair of black gloves and started rummaging around the desk. Her face grew serious when she found a locked drawer. Sam picked the lock and searched the contents of the drawer. In the back corner of the drawer, she found a stack of letters tied in a light blue ribbon. Every enveloped was addressed to Jeanette Marino at 1255 Stone Street in Princeton, New Jersey, and sent by Joe Scully in Brooklyn, New York.

Spinelli loudly thanked Jeanette for the orange juice she had given him, signaling to Sam that she needed to wrap up her sleuthing. She stashed the envelopes in her briefcase and sat back down on the sofa. Jeanette asked if they could finish the review at a later date because talking about Vincent was still hard to do. Sam said they would head back to the office to pitch Jeanette's claim to the higher-ups. Jeanette was pleased that she might still get an insurance payout.

Outside -- and just a few feet from the Marino front door -- Sam showed Spinelli the stack of letters she'd swiped. Sam said it seemed clear that Joe had been willing to kill for Jeanette.

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