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Mary Pat was found dead. "Kevin" told Laura that he wanted to end their marriage. Valentin and Sasha shared an explosive secret. Britt agreed to help Anna lure Liesl out of hiding. Maxie celebrated her birthday with Peter.
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Carly searches for answers at Ferncliff Carly searches for answers at Ferncliff

Monday, October 29, 2018

In bed, Finn reminded Anna that they were supposed to take a "romantic getaway" to Detroit. As they got dressed, Anna told him that, while she would love to escape with him, there was somewhere else they had to visit. A short while later, they arrived in the visitation room at Pentonville, and Finn wondered if Anna had ever liked Britt. "Never," Anna responded, and as the mother of Patrick's first wife, she'd been happy to see Patrick go off with Sabrina.

Anna described Britt as "evil," and Finn observed that Britt sounded a lot like her mother. However, Anna clarified that, while Britt was horrible, she was a lot saner than Liesl. She believed that Peter would only be safe if Liesl was in jail. Just then, a guard escorted Britt into the room, and she was not very happy to see Anna. She wondered what she and Anna possibly had to discuss, and Anna wondered when Britt had last spoken to Liesl. Britt replied that she hadn't spoken to Liesl since before Nathan had died, and Anna offered her condolences to Britt.

Britt had heard about an additional family member, and Anna wondered if Britt would like to meet her half-brother in a more pleasant location, like the Metro Court. Britt reminded Anna that she had five years left on her sentence. "What if I could make it happen sooner?" Anna asked. She pushed a paper toward Britt and said that all she had to do was sign. Britt demanded to know what the catch was, and Anna revealed that Britt would have to agree to "full cooperation on a covert mission." Anna suggested that Britt think of it as moving out of Pentonville as Liesl moved in.

Ryan left a message for a patient, apologizing for canceling on such short notice, and he assured the patient that his office would call to reschedule the appointment. He hung up and left a message for Laura, saying that she should have told him first that she was visiting Ferncliff, and he promised that he was on his way. As he was about to get on the elevator, Stella ambushed him about a form she'd requested days before. He promised to have it to her the first thing the next morning, but she demanded that he get the form "now." He turned and ran back to his office.

Jordan and Curtis sat in the Floating Rib, working on the seating arrangements for their wedding. They lingered on the empty chair next to T.J.'s, and Jordan admitted that she'd hoped to reserve two for Stella. She revealed that she'd found Stella's ex-fiancÚ, but he'd been married for over thirty years. Just then, Stella entered the pub to pick up food, and Jordan assured her that they were holding a place for her. Stella confided that, while she no longer believed that Jordan would hurt Curtis, she couldn't get past the pain that Jordan had caused. She added that she would if she could.

Stella continued that guests at a wedding should approve of the couple and share in their joy, but she couldn't. Jordan understood and assured Stella that there would still be a place for her at the wedding up until the last minute. Stella left, and Curtis thanked Jordan for being so "gracious." Jordan replied that she respected Stella, as she was just a good person who'd been dealt a "crappy hand." Jordan suggested postponing the wedding to "work on" Stella, but Curtis didn't want to wait any longer to marry her. They shared a kiss and left.

Jason and Sam read through Jeanette's letters, looking for anything incriminating, and they speculated on how she'd obtained the letters that she'd written to Joe Scully. "Love does make you do crazy things," Sam commented with a long look at Jason. Sam related that she almost felt sorry for Margaux, since she'd made a "fairy tale" up about her father. However, Margaux had seemingly been targeting Sonny's family one by one, and she wondered who was next.

Jason related that people sometimes put things on their kids without meaning to. If something happened to him, he didn't want his kids to think he was innocent, and Sam promised not to lie to them. Jason didn't want his boys to follow in his footsteps, and Sam agreed that she didn't want Scout to be like she'd been when she'd been younger. The two looked through more letters until Jason said, "Bingo!" He showed Sam the letter, and she read, "The only way for us to be together is if Vincent were gone. You're the one who told me you would do anything for me. If you meant that, then prove it for us. Yours forever, Jeanette." Jason immediately texted Sonny.

Michael and Sonny sat in the Floating Rib, and Sonny checked in on Michael and his grief. Michael insisted that he was trying to follow Sonny's advice of not isolating himself. Just then, Margaux entered the restaurant, and Michael quietly asked what he should know about the explosion at Charlie's. Sonny only told Michael that Margaux wouldn't stop until she took Sonny down. He wouldn't be surprised if she tried to talk to Michael next, and Michael hoped she would. Just then, Sonny received Jason's text, so he hugged his son and left.

The bartender set a drink down in front of Michael and informed him that Margaux had bought it. Margaux sat down at the table and introduced herself. Michael coldly reminded her that he'd been in the courtroom when she'd sent Carly to Ferncliff. He knew that she was using anyone she could to aid in taking down Sonny. "He killed my father," she said, and she thought he would understand, since Sonny had "killed yours too." Michael was disgusted by the level to which she'd sunk, and he informed her that it wasn't a good idea to go after him. "My father's not the one you should worry about," he muttered.

Michael informed Margaux that he was the CEO of the largest revenue generator in Port Charles, and he did more for the city than any company in upstate New York. "I have friends on every level," he warned her. He continued that he had the resources to prove that she was abusing the power of her office to pursue a personal vendetta against Sonny. He advised her to "watch your step, or I'll make things very uncomfortable for you." He vowed to do anything to protect his family, "legitimately and legally." "Enjoy your drink," she said coldly. She tossed money on the table and left.

Sam and Jason were speculating on why Jeanette would have kept an incriminating letter for three decades; there was a knock on the door. Sam answered the door to Sonny, and she updated him on her and Spinelli's investigation. "Well, I'll be damned," Sonny muttered as Jason showed him the letter. "If this doesn't back Margaux off, I don't know what will," Jason said. Sonny thanked them profusely and realized that he just needed to decide the best way to use his new leverage.

At Ferncliff, Carly and Laura stood outside the room that Carly had occupied during her stay there. She demanded to see the patient next door, but Kay couldn't open the door without authorization from a doctor. Carly ordered her to get authorization, and Kay left. Carly looked through the window in the door and saw that the room was empty. Laura looked and saw the same, and neither saw an unconscious Kevin sitting on the floor in front of the door, directly below the window.

Carly and Laura went into Carly's former room, and Carly flashed back to her time there. She told Laura more about the patient next door, and she knocked on the wall, which woke Kevin up. Mary Pat entered the room with her box of belongings and revealed that she had nowhere to put them. She told Carly and Laura that her rent had jumped, and her credit cards were being canceled. She wondered if it was Carly's "petty revenge." Carly reminded Mary Pat that she'd warned the former nurse that she wasn't like other patients and that there would be consequences for Mary Pat's actions.

Ryan ran in, and he wondered what Mary Pat was doing there. She declared that she'd followed all given guidelines and had been "scrupulously keeping confidence." Mary Pat excused herself and said, "Farewell, Caroline. It's been real." When she was gone, Laura commended Carly's handling of the situation. "Kevin" scolded Laura for going to Ferncliff without telling him, as he wouldn't have been able to forgive himself if something had happened to her.

Carly informed Kay and "Kevin" that the patient next door wasn't in the room, and she demanded to be let in. "Kevin" told her that, while he admired her passion, the rules needed to be followed. Kay took Laura and Carly's visitor passes back, and "Kevin" excused himself to get back to a patient at the hospital. When he was gone, Kay went to show the women out, but Carly again demanded that the room be opened.

When Kay again refused to open the room, Carly threatened to have her lawyer call in a favor that would certainly be granted, since Carly had a lawsuit against Ferncliff. Kay replied that she wasn't a doctor, but Carly countered that Mary Pat had been in and out of patients' rooms all day for no reason. "Open the damn door now," Carly growled. Kay finally went to unlock the door, but Laura stopped her. She realized that Kevin had been right about it being dangerous. She promised Carly that they would fix things at Ferncliff in a different way. As they left, Kevin managed to pull himself up and look out the window on his door.

Mary Pat was sitting at the bar at the Floating Rib when Ryan sat down with her. She was pleased to see him, and she'd known that they hadn't seen the last of each other.

Britt is released into Anna's custody Britt is released into Anna's custody

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

At Pentonville, Britt listened to Anna's offer in return for Britt betraying her mother. "Tell me more," Britt demanded. Anna explained that if Britt would help to lure Liesl out of hiding and right into WSB custody, Britt would secure her own release. Britt sighed. She wasn't sure because she'd grown accustomed to Pentonville during her time there. She wanted a better offer, and that would include Patrick Drake.

"Are you insane?" Finn asked as he sat beside Anna. Britt replied that she was valuable, and she wanted payback. She added that Emma had poisoned Patrick against her, and she proceeded to imitate Emma. Britt cracked up at Anna's reaction which was dead silence. What she actually wanted was her medical license reinstated, Britt announced.

Anna denied Britt's request emphatically due to Britt's unprofessional moves with Lulu's embryo. After exclaiming that Rocco was a stupid name, Britt agreed to participate in Anna's operation.

After looking at Jeanette's letter to Scully at Sam's place, Sonny declared that he finally had his leverage against Margaux, although he wasn't certain how to use it. Jason reiterated that it had been Jeanette's idea to get rid of her husband, and the letter would "blindside" Margaux. Sonny thought it might "liberate" Margaux instead, although he was concerned that there might be other letters with his name mentioned.

Sonny talked about how Margaux had gone after his various family members and had even had her father buried near Morgan. Sam declared that Margaux could look at the letters, and she could send her own mother to prison or "back the hell off." Jason agreed. Sonny thought that it would be difficult for Margaux to hear that her own mother had been behind her father's murder, but he understood her better. He wouldn't want to be Jeanette after Margaux learned the truth.

Sonny declared that he had been the one to pull the trigger, but Margaux had to be stopped. He stated that he owed Sam and Jason. "I plan to take it from here," Sonny declared. Sam wondered how he would tell Margaux, and Jason reminded them that there could still be something in writing somewhere that named Sonny.

Sonny stressed that Margaux had to learn that her revered father had not been innocent, and her past had been a lie. He wanted her to lose her motive to keep after him. Jason offered to be the one to tell Margaux. While Sonny thought that was a good idea, he wanted to be the one to confront her. He left Sam's and placed a call to Margaux, asking that she meet him.

Lulu joined Michael at a table at the Floating Rib. She noted that he didn't seem okay, and Michael admitted he had things buried deeply within him. Lulu asked if he were keeping things from others or himself.

"Kevin" sat with Mary Pat nearby. She confessed that she'd known the last time she'd seen the doctor wouldn't be the last. "Not yet, but that day is fast approaching," "Kevin" replied. Mary Pat wondered if the doctor had used her like a tool only to put her away to not see her again. "Kevin" declared that he respected Mary Pat, but she chuckled. She had not been respected at Ferncliff or by him. "Kevin" suggested they go somewhere private to talk, and he thought that the pier would be a good spot.

Mary Pat declared that there was nothing to drink at the pier but "Kevin" leaned over the bar and swiped a bottle of alcohol. He assured her that he knew the owners. "They let me get away with murder," he said.

Michael spotted Peter, who walked in looking for Lulu, and Michael announced that he had to leave anyway. He and Lulu declared their love for each other, and Michael left. Peter sat with Lulu as the waitress delivered a couple of drinks. "What did I do to deserve this?" Lulu asked. Peter showed her the latest statistics on his tablet. The Invader's circulation had gone up, and Peter believed it had been due in part to Lulu's articles on the Ryan Chamberlain murders.

Peter added that he wanted to hold back her philosophical piece, although Lulu thought that he would have been interested in it even if the readers wouldn't. Peter asked if his reaction would be a test case for her but Lulu explained that while he had been Faison's son, he had been proof that "evil doesn't beget evil." She pointed out that he had a conscience and a good heart.

"Is one's moral compass a product of biology or upbringing?" Peter asked. Lulu admitted that she would have to study it more and see additional data. Suddenly, they both turned and saw Britt at a nearby table. "Oh, hell no!" Lulu exclaimed.

Anna and Finn sat with a messy and gluttonous Britt, who chowed down on ribs, dirtying her face and her bib. Finn rose to retrieve another pitcher of margaritas. Lulu headed to the table, grabbed the pitcher, and proceeded to pour it on Britt's head. "Ooh, you bitch!" Britt shouted. Finn announced that he would get another pitcher, and Lulu assured him that she needed it for the spot she'd missed.

Britt stood up and as she and Lulu began to go after each other, Finn and Peter pulled them apart. Lulu was beside herself that Britt had been freed from prison without her knowledge. Peter asked who she was, and Lulu quickly made introductions. "Your sister," she declared. Britt was happy to meet the man who had held Jason captive, calling him a genius. She declared that she owed Peter a drink.

Peter revealed what Liesl had done to him, but Britt pointed out that she'd had to grow up with Liesl. Peter replied that he'd had to deal with Faison, and he suggested they get together and compare notes. He noticed that Britt was wearing an ankle monitor. Anna wanted to talk to Peter alone, and she informed him that she was still searching for Liesl. She wanted him to put a "muzzle" on Lulu.

Anna asked Peter to keep Britt's release out of the paper, due to Anna's "delicate operation." She knew that he would feel safer once Liesl was in custody, and she promised to give him an exclusive.

While Anna spoke to Peter, Britt asked Finn about his relationship with Anna. "None of your business," Finn snapped. She tried to get to him by mentioning the "tough image" of Anna and Faison together that couldn't be forgotten. Anna returned, and Britt announced that she had been looking forward to a hot shower at Metro Court. Anna burst Britt's bubble quickly and advised her that she would be staying at Anna's house.

Chase spotted a young woman sitting in a car in the hospital parking lot who appeared to be sleeping. He demanded that she exit the car, but she started to scream and honk her horn. She wasn't convinced he was a cop, even after he showed her his badge. Chase suggested she phone the station to check him out.

After phoning the station, the woman was satisfied and got out of her car. He advised her that she had parked in a restricted space, and she appeared to be drunk because she had been sleeping. He ran her through a couple of tests, although the woman declared that she had been "taking a moment" and hadn't been sleeping. He ordered her to move her car.

The woman got back into the car but the car wouldn't start. "Any day now," Chase uttered. "Arrest me, read me my rights," the woman snapped back. Chase offered to help instead, but he was unsuccessful in getting the car to start. Lulu walked by and saw the couple. She advised Chase that the woman was Miss Tate, who was Charlotte's teacher.

Miss Tate explained that she had been visiting a friend. Lulu looked under the hood and quickly fixed the problem. "I'm my father's daughter," she told a surprised Chase. She added that she had the ability to start the car without a key. She also quietly advised the detective that Willow was a great person who happened to be single.

After the car started, Chase leaned into the driver's side window and spotted the pamphlet for the bereavement support group. He told Willow not to be ashamed, and he apologized for "butting in."

Laura and Carly waited in vain for Kevin to show up at the hospital after their visit to Ferncliff. Laura admitted that she had been impressed with Carly's reaction, and Carly replied that it had actually felt good to go there. She thought that Laura had made the right call not to go into her former neighbor's room but to follow procedures instead. She was sure she hadn't been the only one to suffer at the hands of Mary Pat.

Laura thought they should petition Ned to do a complete investigation of everyone involved with Ferncliff. Carly spoke about her neighbor who had screamed and pounded on the wall. She wondered what had happened to him, but she apologized for being a "broken record." She wanted to know that her time spent at Ferncliff had meant something. "I support you," Laura assured her.

Michael spotted Laura and Carly and asked why they were at the hospital. Laura explained that they had been waiting for Kevin, but she would look for him again in his office. She ended up leaving him a voicemail and told him she had lots to tell him.

Carly sat with Michael and told him how she planned to hold Ferncliff accountable. He was proud of her and revealed that he wanted to follow her example. He wanted to be able to tackle things "head-on." He also told Carly that Margaux had approached him and had reminded him of Sonny's actions in killing A.J.

Carly lost her temper, but Michael assured her that he'd put Margaux in her place. He was a CEO of the town's main company, and he would have her investigated if she continued to go after his family. He also realized that he hadn't dealt with his grief. Carly assured him there was no right or wrong way, but Michael was certain he'd grieved in the wrong way. He confessed that he thought about Jonah constantly, and he wasn't doing well. Carly hugged him.

Carly told Michael that it was good for him to deal with his feelings and to allow his family to help him. Michael showed her the pamphlet from the bereavement group and revealed that he preferred to start there.

Both Michael and Willow arrived in time for the bereavement support group meeting.

Lulu saw Laura who told her about her trip to Ferncliff that had resulted in lots of questions. Lulu stated that she had spoken to Kevin earlier, and Laura wondered if her daughter thought that Kevin had seemed okay. "Kevin is Kevin," Lulu responded.

Mary Pat and "Kevin" met at the pier. Mary Pat was saddened that she was of no further use to the doctor. He thought she wanted to bargain as Mary Pat continued to talk about how loyal she'd been to him, and she had kept his secrets but was suddenly without a job.

"Kevin" accused Mary Pat of torturing the patients. She wondered if his reputation would remain intact if the world learned of the "maniac" he'd kept imprisoned at Ferncliff. She threatened to notify the Invader, and his life would be over. "Kevin" smiled broadly. "Not just my life," he replied.

Mary Pat drank from the bottle that "Kevin" had swiped from the Floating Rib. She declared that she had nothing to lose, but "Kevin" insisted that his many years of work with Ryan would be undone. Mary Pat declared that the patient was locked up, and she didn't care because he could no longer hurt anyone.

"My brother was your patient, too," "Kevin" declared. He had wanted to rehabilitate Ryan in order to make Ryan stand trial. Mary Pat whined that she wanted her needs met. When his phone rang, "Kevin" ignored the call from Laura. Mary Pat waited for him to take the call, but "Kevin" assured Mary Pat that she was at the top of his list for his attention.

Mary Pat announced that she wanted an easy desk job at General Hospital, and she wanted income from the wealthy psychiatrist. "Kevin" promised to pay her until she got a job, but Mary Pat wasn't satisfied. "Kevin" stressed that their relationship would be over after she secured a new job and was back on her feet.

Mary Pat hissed that she might need his assistance in the future. "Your secret is worth at least that much, isn't it?" she asked as she tossed the empty bottle into the water. She walked away. "Kevin" spotted a longshoreman's hook stuck into a nearby crate. "Hello," he said as he pulled it out and gently touched the sharp point of it.

Peter celebrates Maxie's birthday with her Peter celebrates Maxie's birthday with her

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jake, dressed as Jack Skellington, was instructing Jason on pumpkin carving when there was a knock on the door. He let in Sam and Danny, who he was pleasantly surprised to see had dressed up as Jason for Halloween. Sam told the boys to draw a face on their pumpkin, and she would carve it. She told the boys that, years before, she'd decorated the house for Halloween, and Jason had returned home, not realizing what day it was. As Sam carved the pumpkin, Jason explained that he wasn't a big fan of Halloween because he couldn't remember celebrating the holiday as a child.

A short while later, Sam showed Jason, Danny, and Jake the pumpkin, and the three were impressed with her skills. Later, Jake was asleep on Jason, so he carried his son to bed. Danny sleepily told Sam that he was glad she'd stayed, and she agreed. Minutes later, Jason emerged from the boys' bedroom and informed Sam that they were both asleep. Jason thanked her for staying, because he felt that he'd been "in over my head" with Halloween. Sam figured that Jason had done something right, since Danny had wanted to be Jason for Halloween.

Jason asked if Danny's past costumes had been as corny as Scout's goat costume. Sam admitted that she'd dressed their son as a jalapeno, a lobster, and "superhero after superhero." Sam said that she wasn't sad or mad about all of Jason's missed holidays, because she was grateful that he was there at that moment. They got closer until a clap of thunder made them jump apart. Sam thought she should go, so she took her time getting her coat and walking out the door. When Jason closed the door, they both leaned against their own side of it.

Nina and Sasha arrived at Wyndemere, and Nina introduced Sasha and Charlotte. The two began talking about horses. Charlotte wondered what Sasha would do for work if she stayed in Port Charles, but Sasha wasn't sure. Charlotte wanted Sasha to stay and be a part of the family. A short while later, the two agreed to go riding together sometime. Nina and Sasha got ready to leave, but Charlotte asked Nina to tuck her in first. Sasha insisted that she was fine leaving alone and promised to call Nina the next day. When she was gone, Nina went upstairs with Charlotte.

Later, Nina returned downstairs, and Valentin thanked her for a wonderful evening. She knew that he'd probably wanted to say more, but they were divorced, and nothing would change that. She left but returned a few minutes later, soaked from the storm. She yelled at Valentin for getting the Coast Guard to shut the ferry down, but he promised that he hadn't. He offered to take her in his own boat, but she replied that she didn't want to capsize. Later, Nina sat in a robe while Valentin made a fire, and the two drank wine. "Stop looking at me like that," she said without looking at him.

At the hospital, Ava and Avery bumped into "Kevin," and Ava introduced Avery to him. She revealed that she had a lot to tell him about her latest attempts at "light revenge." When Ava and Avery were gone, Laura found "Kevin" and asked where he'd disappeared to the night before. He claimed that he'd been with a patient in the psych ward. Laura informed him that she was having a fundraiser that night at the Floating Rib to give attention to mental health reform. "I wouldn't miss it," he promised.

Griffin found Kiki at the hospital and told her that they could go to Laura's fundraiser after his meeting with Monica. Kiki revealed that she was covering someone else's shift so that the other nurse could take her children trick-or-treating. She continued that she'd invited Sasha along, so she asked Griffin to keep Sasha company to until Kiki arrived. Ava rounded the corner just in time to see the two kiss. Griffin walked away, and Avery ran over to her sister.

Ava pointed out a bowl of candy and told Avery to go grab some before they went home. Ava informed Kiki that Kiki wouldn't be a part of Avery's life on Ava's watch. Ryan observed as Ava reminded Kiki that she'd "messed with the wrong woman." Kiki felt bad for Avery, since she would inevitably find herself on Ava's bad side someday. She figured that Avery would be fine, since she and Kiki would have each other, but she questioned her mother, "Who will you have?" Ava called for Avery, and they left.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was fixing Aiden's ninja costume when Franco, dressed as Willy Wonka, arrived to take Aiden to his Paint the Pumpkin event. Laura approached and hugged her grandson before he left. Elizabeth thought that Laura had a fundraiser to get to, but Laura had wanted to see her grandson first. "That's why you'll make a great mayor," Elizabeth replied. She expressed how excited everyone at the hospital was that Laura was running for mayor again. A short while later, Franco carried a sleeping Aiden, and he and Elizabeth happily went home.

There was a knock on Maxie's door, and a robe-clad Maxie grabbed a bowl of candy and answered it. Peter, dressed as a Woodchucks player, entered the apartment and invited her to Laura's fundraiser at the Floating Rib. Just then, a deliveryman appeared in the doorway with flowers and balloons. Peter was shocked that it was Maxie's birthday, and he refused to let her celebrate her birthday alone eating stale candy. She admitted that she didn't much like celebrating her birthday, and she had James there with her. He accepted her answer and left.

A short while later, Maxie again opened her door to Peter, who held up dinner and a cake for her. She agreed to celebrate her birthday with him only if he tried her candy and admitted that it wasn't stale. Later, they finished dinner, and Maxie looked for something on television. She was annoyed that there were only horror movies on, so she put on The Brady Bunch, which they were both shocked to learn that the other was obsessed with. "I'm so happy right now," she said. "Me too," he said as he smiled.

A short while later, Peter lit the candle on Maxie's cake, and she blew it out. He regretted not getting her a gift, but she told him that he could taste some of her candy instead. He tried a piece and declared it the "freshest" he'd ever tasted. He got ready to leave, but she reminded him that they hadn't eaten cake yet. The two sat down to watch another episode as Peter cut the cake.

Ryan arrived at the Floating Rib and was delighted to see that Felicia was there alone, decorating. Ryan helped Felicia decorate and took a knife out of his pocket when another employee needed a tie-down cut. "Kevin" wondered how Felicia was doing with "the anniversary" looming, and she admitted that traveling hadn't helped. Ava entered and told "Kevin" that she was available on Tuesday for her next session, and she sat at the bar. Felicia was appalled that "Kevin" was treating Ava, and she listed all of Ava's sins. She warned him to be careful, but "Kevin" thought that Ava had more to worry about with him.

"Kevin" was happy to see that Felicia was content, and Felicia insisted that she was. She thought that growing older was a good thing when one could see how things really were. "Kevin" agreed, because one could decide who mattered to them, and what was right. Laura entered and commended Felicia on how good the bar looked. Laura knew that her victory was a long shot, but she was happy for the support. "Kevin" called his wife a "rock star," and he had a feeling that the night would be "unforgettable."

Ryan approached Ava at the bar, and she told him that she had taken his advice to heart by "indulging" in acts of "harmless mischief." He told Ava that Felicia was concerned for him dealing with Ava, but he'd assured her that Ava had more to worry about with him. She laughed and doubted that there was another "shrink" like him. He urged her to stick with him, as he believed their time together would be "utterly rewarding."

Griffin arrived at the Floating Rib and found a table. Moments later, he was joined by Sasha, and they ordered drinks. As Ava listened, Sasha talked about her time in Port Charles. She informed him that Kiki had invited her to stay with Kiki, and Griffin called their building "quirky" but in a good location. Suddenly, as Ava watched, Sasha realized her hair had gotten tangled in her necklace, and she asked Griffin to help her with it.

Kiki arrived at the Floating Rib, and Ava triumphantly observed as Kiki watched Griffin lean in closely to Sasha. Kiki approached the table, and Griffin went to the bar to get her a drink. When he returned, Sasha thanked them for being so welcoming, and she told Kiki that she would love to take Kiki up on her offer to crash. Kiki was excited, and Sasha teasingly wondered if Griffin could handle both Sasha and Kiki in the same building. "Bring it on," Griffin said, and the three clinked their glasses together in a toast.

Mary Pat is found dead Mary Pat is found dead

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Josslyn, who was dressed as Princess Leia, and Cameron, dressed as Han Solo, ended up at the pier. Josslyn was annoyed that Cameron hadn't remembered to take some props with him, and he called her bossy. Josslyn flashed back to the previous year's Halloween with Oscar, and she announced that she wanted a new photo of her and Cameron to post to social media. First, Cameron attacked her with some silly string.

Josslyn warned Cameron that she would get back at him, and they finally managed to strike a pose. He accused her of having fun, and she admitted she was. Cameron was, too, and as they turned to go, Cameron picked something up from the ground. It was Mary Pat's identification card.

Julian greeted Kim at the hospital and confessed that he hadn't been able to get Alexis to drop Oscar's case. Kim thought that if anyone had a chance, it would have been Julian, but she appreciated the attempt. Julian explained that Alexis believed that Oscar should have a say in his life. Kim accused Julian of siding with Alexis.

Julian insisted that he had never said he agreed with Alexis, but Kim retorted that she could see it in his face. She added that Alexis was being a lawyer, but Kim was being a mother -- and would fight in court. Julian asked how Kim would feel if the treatment didn't work and her last few months with Oscar were spent fighting.

Kim was positive the treatment would work. She pointed out that Oscar had hardly lived his life, and she wasn't giving up without a fight. She stated that Oscar was her life. Julian declared that he was with Kim, no matter what. Kim proclaimed that she and Drew had tried to persuade Oscar that the treatment was worth the risk. She suddenly realized that maybe Josslyn would be able to help.

Drew arrived at Charlie's Pub as Oscar was busing tables. Oscar didn't want to talk to his father. Drew tried to explain that he and Kim had been worried about their son, and everyone missed him at the Quartermaine house. Oscar revealed that he had a place to stay, and he and Drew had words.

Drew insisted that he had just wanted to make certain that Oscar was safe. He told Oscar that the trial date had been set for December first, and he stated that he and Kim had learned their lesson and were sorry. He suggested that he and Oscar "hit the road" instead.

Drew mentioned a meteor shower that he and Oscar could view in Florida. Oscar retorted that the particular shower was common, and he accused Drew of trying to get him to miss his trial date. He assumed that Drew and Kim had purposely planned the trip for that reason, but he couldn't leave town.

Drew replied that he had only wanted to spend some special moments with Oscar. He was aware that Oscar was angry at him. Drew had only been Oscar's dad for a short time, but he wasn't ready to let him go. Drew added that Oscar and Scout were all he had.

Oscar was touched as Drew continued telling him that there was a lot he'd wanted to show him. Oscar appreciated the offer but insisted that he had to stay and fight. Drew admitted that Oscar sounded like he would be his son with that comment. They wished each other a happy Halloween. "Who says we can't make Kilimanjaro?" Drew asked before heading out the door.

At Wyndemere, Valentin was sorry that Nina had been inconvenienced by the storm and the cancellation of transportation back to town. The lights began to flicker and went off. As the wind whistled and the rain and thunder continued, Nina sipped her wine by the fireplace. Valentin sat beside her, and they both had a flashback to a happier time.

Valentin suggested a special breakfast in the morning but Nina reminded him that the power might still be off. She wanted to leave, and she accused him of setting the entire scenario up, although he reminded her that he didn't control the weather. He admitted that he cherished their time together, and while he hadn't always been honest, he had always loved her. Nina still thought he'd set things up.

By that time, both Valentin and Nina were standing up. Valentin grabbed Nina's hand and stated that he had not arranged for the events of the evening to happen as they had, but he admitted that he had used the situation to his advantage. He declared that he would never give up hope. They shared a kiss, but Nina suddenly pulled away. She thought it was a mistake.

Nina agreed that they both loved each other, but she was unable to allow him back in. She was afraid he would hurt her again, even if it weren't intentional. Valentin was disappointed, and he announced that he would place candles in the guest room. When he returned, Nina was sound asleep on the couch. He gently covered her with a blanket.

At the Floating Rib, townspeople began to gather for Laura's fundraiser for mental health. "Kevin" announced that it would be an "unforgettable night." As thunder sounded, Michael arrived, and his mother greeted him. He advised Carly that he was happy to be there and had taken a positive step. He told her about the bereavement support group, and he indicated that he wanted to do it all on his own.

Ava wandered over to Carly as Michael left to get a drink. "Michael's capacity for forgiveness is astonishing," Ava said sarcastically. Carly announced that she was ready to "hash things out," and Ava sat down. "I gotta hand it to you, forcing Michael to forgive the man who murdered his father," Ava said. "I couldn't agree with you more," "Kevin" stated as he sat nearby and observed.

Carly thought that Ava should be grateful to Sonny for saving her from A.J., as he had tried to strangle her after framing him for Connie's murder. Carly added that everyone knew what Ava had done to both Connie and Morgan, and she proceeded to rip into Ava for causing Morgan's death. "I'm coming for you one day," Carly declared.

Jordan and Curtis arrived and were impressed with the large turnout. Jordan realized they were overdressed, but they were ready for a later Halloween party. Alexis arrived, and Laura saw that she was wearing her mother's watch. Laura warned Alexis that a gift from a Cassadine would have a hidden cost. Lulu showed up and told her mother that her editor was impressed with Laura's campaign, although Laura repeated several times that the evening wasn't a campaign event. "Welcome to politics," Alexis said.

Ned and Olivia arrived, and Laura welcomed them. Olivia announced that they would match all funds raised that evening. Ned revealed that he had a plan, and his priorities would be refocused on social services. Carly and Laura wanted to talk about Ferncliff, and Carly noted the abuse that she'd seen there firsthand. Ned thought it should be monitored, and he planned on a task force after his inauguration. He wanted both Carly and Laura involved.

Alexis looked at her phone and shouted that Laura was "surging" and up to 28 percent in the latest poll. Olivia graciously congratulated her and stated that it was important to get involved. She and Ned walked away, and Alexis maintained they were "running scared." Laura didn't think that her 28 percent was enough to win, but "Kevin" assured her that a lot could happen, especially that night.

Carly thanked "Kevin" for helping her at Ferncliff, and she acknowledged that she had a lot of questions about the patient who had been in the room next to hers. "Kevin" grew angry and stated that that person belonged there, and it was unethical for him to even talk to her about it. He gruffly ordered her to back off. Carly asked if he were feeling okay, and "Kevin" apologized. He claimed to feel protective of her and that the patient was dangerous. Carly was confused, and "Kevin" walked over to Ava.

Chase wandered outside, found Michael sitting alone, and wondered if he was okay. Michael confessed that he had been thinking about Jonah, and he still blamed the car accident for the baby's death, even though they'd been advised it hadn't been the cause. Chase revealed that he had traveled to Florida to tell Zachary's family that his death had been resolved, but he still felt as though it had been his fault that it had taken so long. He wasn't a hero. Michael assured Chase that he'd made things right. They both agreed that they needed to make their peace.

Ava advised "Kevin" that she was perfectly fine drinking alone, and she didn't want his pity. "Kevin" insisted that he didn't pity her, but Ava was sure that Felicia had filled the doctor in on her faults. "Kevin" declared that while Ava had switched Morgan's medication, she hadn't been responsible for what had happened after, and he was looking forward to exploring her mind.

Ned exclaimed that he couldn't believe Laura's rise in the polls in only a few days and worried that he wasn't "beloved." Olivia praised him and assured him that he would win the election. She declared Laura's surge "too little, too late" and insisted Laura was only a write-in and couldn't win.

Laura shouted for the crowd to gather around. She explained that they would be playing some games, which would give everyone a chance to play and donate for mental health. The first competition would be bobbing for apples, and it would cost the donor ten dollars to participate. No one stepped up, even as Laura announced that she had hair ties for the women and caps. She finally asked "Kevin" to start things off, but he told her he had to leave for his sleep study. Laura was upset, and he kissed her goodbye.

After Laura made several attempts to get someone to participate, Carly spoke up and announced that she would play. She put her hair back in a ponytail, and the top was removed from the barrel. As Carly leaned over, she saw Mary Pat's head floating among the apples and screamed.

Ava finds the rest of Mary Pat Ava finds the rest of Mary Pat

Friday, November 2, 2018

Carly lay in bed and had a nightmare about seeing Mary Pat's head in the barrel of apples at the Floating Rib. She awoke with a start and a gasp, and Sonny rushed to her side. He sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. He was sorry she hadn't woken him up when she had returned home from Laura's fundraiser.

Carly filled him in on the events of the evening and admitted that, while she had hated Mary Pat, she couldn't imagine who would have done such a thing. Sonny informed Carly that Jordan wanted to see her for a statement. He suggested she keep her feelings about Mary Pat to herself.

Sasha, Kiki, and Griffin stretched at the pier before going for a run. Griffin joked that Kiki always finished before him, so he would keep pace with Sasha. Kiki took off and returned to the starting spot before the others. Sasha declared that she had a cramp in her leg, and Griffin checked it out for her.

At Wyndemere, Valentin set a silver tray of breakfast down on the table beside the sleeping Nina, who woke with a start. She was confused to find herself on the couch, and Valentin announced that she had fallen asleep before he'd had a chance to get the guest room set up. He added that Charlotte had already departed for school. He poured Nina a cup of coffee, and she reminded him that it hadn't been her choice to stay.

Nina also suggested that Valentin not make a big deal out of their kiss. After Valentin insisted that he would do anything for Nina, she urged him to be in another part of the house when she left. He declared that he wasn't giving up on her.

Ava and Scott sat at a table in Kelly's and had breakfast. He apologized for "putting salt on the wound" regarding Kiki and Griffin. Ava stood up for Kevin and announced that every session she'd had with him had been exciting and enlightening. She added that his methods had been "unorthodox," but he had encouraged her to explore her dark impulses. He hadn't tried to change her.

Scott was suspicious and wondered how it could possibly be helping Ava. She explained that Kevin had told her she had been misguided when she had attempted to seek redemption. She assured Scott that she wasn't going to go back to the person she'd been in the past, and it was nice to talk to someone who didn't judge. Scott took offense, and Ava reassured him quickly. She suggested he get his own counseling because he was still "hung up" on Lucy.

Scott shot the idea down, but Ava stated that Kevin treated her impulses with analysis and understanding. There was no shame in counseling, and she wasn't going to act on her impulses. Ava declared that she had her life "under control."

Laura returned to the Floating Rib and told Mac that she needed to be there after what had happened at her event. Mac tried to reassure her, but Laura noted that many people had been traumatized. She needed answers along with her husband, who she had not been able to reach.

Chase and Jordan were present, asking questions and getting statements. Laura noted that she had only met Mary Pat once, and Mary Pat had been unpleasant. As she asked Jordan and Chase who might have committed the crime, "Kevin" walked in. Laura hugged her husband, who told her his phone had been off during his sleep study. He had seen the news, and he was sympathetic for what Laura had experienced. She asked to go home.

"Kevin" offered to call Laura a car, because he had to stay and give a statement. He revealed that he had been with Mary Pat "the night before last." Laura was dismayed; she thought he'd been at the hospital all evening. "Kevin" claimed that he had taken a break, and he'd run into Mary Pat, who had been upset with the world. She'd gotten fired and had held Carly responsible.

"Kevin" continued that Mary Pat had confided in him that Carly had been violent and had threatened her on her visit to Ferncliff with Laura. Laura tried to defend Carly and related that it had been based on the previous incident with the syringe. "Kevin" declared that he had been a witness to another confrontation on the visit. Carly had said, "Please get her out of here before I do something I regret."

Laura stood up for Carly, who had suffered abuse at Ferncliff, and acknowledged that everyone said things they didn't mean. Jordan turned to "Kevin" for further questioning. He stated that he had grown tired of hearing Mary Pat complain, and he'd returned to the hospital. Jordan noted that Mary Pat hadn't been home in a day or two.

"Kevin" announced he had to return to the hospital, and he told Laura to go home and get some rest. Chase asked Jordan what that was about, but he and Jordan promised to vote for Laura and wished her luck in the election.

Back at the pier, Nina arrived from Wyndemere and saw Kiki, Sasha, and Griffin. Sasha mentioned that Nina was wearing the same clothes as the day before, and Kiki pronounced Nina to be on the "Walk of Shame." Nina had a flashback to the previous evening but denied there was any shame. "Nothing to see here," she proclaimed.

Sasha apologized, and Nina told the group she had an explanation. Nina revealed that the harbor had been shut down, and she'd been stuck in the guest room at Wyndemere. Sasha shared that she and Griffin had gone to the top of the Bellwether Steps to look out on the harbor during their run. Sasha urged Kiki and Griffin to continue their run without her, and the couple left.

Nina was happy that Sasha had bonded with Kiki, and she mentioned that she had lived in Kiki's apartment previously. The two chatted about living arrangements, and Nina asked if Sasha were interested in Griffin, because he was Kiki's boyfriend.

Sasha indicated that she wasn't disinterested, but according to Ava, the couple wasn't serious. Nina exploded and advised her not to listen to Ava because Ava couldn't be trusted. Nina vowed to handle Ava. Sasha received a text message about a job interview, and she had to leave.

The police continued their questioning at the Floating Rib. Mac retrieved the security footage from the evening in question, and in it, Kevin and Mary Pat showed up as Kevin had stated. Carly and Sonny arrived to talk to the cops, and they sat with Jordan and Chase. Carly told them about the evening at Laura's fundraiser. Chase left to take a phone call, and Jordan asked Carly about her run-in with Mary Pat at Ferncliff. The voices on the police radio surrounded them.

Carly maintained that Mary Pat had been hostile and had blamed Carly for getting her fired. Jordan read her quote out loud, as obtained from Kevin, and Carly declared that she wasn't sorry about Mary Pat but had not killed her. Jordan suggested that someone close to Carly had, and she looked at Sonny. She assumed that Sonny had been upset about Carly's treatment. Sonny retorted that Jordan needed to find someone else to blame.

Scott showed up on the premise that someone might need a lawyer. Mac declared that he was more concerned about Felicia, and he wondered why Scott had cooperated with the documentary filmmakers. Scott insisted he had tried to help Felicia when he'd been interviewed, even if it had drawn publicity. Mac clarified that a head in a barrel was considered publicity.

Ryan walked on the pier with a bag in his hand. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and removed the longshoreman's hook from the bag. He replaced it in the spot he'd found it. "Kevin?" Laura called out. She questioned his appearance because he'd stated he'd had to get to the hospital. It was the second lie he'd told her, she declared.

"Kevin" accused Laura of following him. Laura accused him of being distant and cold, and "Kevin" admitted he was a coward and had been avoiding her. He had reevaluated his life, and he didn't feel the same as he had in the past. He thought they should separate. Laura looked at him in shock.

"Kevin" claimed that he'd wanted them to work. Laura cried that she'd felt him drifting away, and she thought it was because she'd been gone for so long. She reminded him that they'd spoken every night, and they'd had a great time when he'd visited her in Paris. "Kevin" thought that they hadn't known what normal married life would be like, and he couldn't handle it.

Laura didn't want "Kevin" to give up so soon. He assured her there was no one else, and he would never cheat. He looked over at the hook he'd just replaced and stated that things were not working for him. He wanted it ended, and he was moving out. He thought maybe someday he'd realize he'd made a mistake, and he was sorry. Laura sobbed.

Sasha arrived at Wyndemere after receiving Valentin's text message and questioned him about his evening with Nina. He stated that Nina had slept on the couch, but he had been encouraged. Sasha said she'd heard something different from Nina about a guest room, but Valentin stated that Nina had gotten dressed there. He challenged Sasha on her stay in town because he'd thought she'd be leaving sooner.

Sasha stated that Nina had wanted her to stay, and everyone had been nice to her. "Isn't that what you wanted?" Sasha asked. Valentin suggested she return to Chappaqua. He was fearful that if she stayed, the truth would emerge. Sasha sat on the couch. She knew what was at stake. Valentin didn't want Nina to be hurt. Sasha insisted that no one would find out that she wasn't really Nina's daughter.

Kiki and Griffin sat in Kelly's, and Griffin went on about how much he liked Sasha. He revealed that he would be friends with her even if she weren't Kiki's sister. Kiki admitted that she enjoyed having a sister who was fun and the opposite of her mother. Griffin thought that Kiki missed Ava, but Kiki insisted she only missed the idea of her. Griffin informed Kiki that her problem with Ava was him.

Kiki advised Griffin not to step aside for Ava, and she felt that Ava was the obstacle, not Griffin. "Life is good," she declared. "For me, too," replied Griffin.

Ava arrived at the art gallery and wondered what was sitting in her chair. She spun the chair around and looked at a pumpkin head on top of a body. The pumpkin flew off, and Ava screamed. It was a bloody, headless body.

Just then, Nina arrived and called out for Ava. She shouted at Ava for manipulating her daughter. She stopped and saw the body. "Not a good time," Ava stated. Nina wondered what Ava had done. Ava was adamant that she had just arrived. Nina called the police.

Chase showed up, and Ava told him how she had discovered the gruesome addition to her desk. Her voice shook as she spoke. Nina hadn't heard about the head in the apple barrel until that moment, and Chase assumed it was the rest of Mary Pat. Ava insisted she had never met the nurse, and she had no clue how the body had gotten inside. The only people with keys were her cleaning staff. Chase looked at her suspiciously.

Jordan arrived and asked why Nina was present. Nina explained that she had wanted to tell Ava to stay away from her daughter. Chase found strands of blond hair in the victim's hand.

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