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Spencer meddled with his grandmother's election. Nelle turned up at Ferncliff. Daisy gave Kristina an inspirational gift. Sonny helped Margaux get a confession from her mother. Sasha made a pass at Griffin.
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Margaux hears about her mother and Scully Margaux hears about her mother and Scully

Monday, November 5, 2018

Ava grabbed a small statue when she heard the front door open and close at the art gallery. We're closed," she shouted as she heard footsteps. Getting no response, she hid herself and nearly beaned "Kevin" when he walked inside. She apologized for being on edge after finding a dead body at her desk. The police tape and outline of the body were next to her desk.

"Kevin" maintained that he had been concerned after Ava had missed her appointment. Ava explained what she had seen, and "Kevin" calmed her down as she grew agitated. He knew she was in shock. Ava revealed that the corpse had been holding blond hairs but "Kevin" assured her that he didn't believe she had committed the crime.

"Kevin" stated that he had never seen such darkness or humor in Ava, and he thought the police should realize that the crime wasn't her style. Ava didn't find any humor in it, but she confessed that she did have a rap sheet. "Kevin" praised many of her attributes, including her beauty, brains, and poise. He thought that people envied her, but she couldn't allow the attacks of others to undermine her. Ava was flattered and amazed at how "Kevin" was able to see the real her.

"Kevin" explained that he looked beyond the labels of others, and Ava called him sensitive and intuitive. She was happy he hadn't been there when she'd discovered the body, but "Kevin" wished he had been there to "help you cope." Ava suggested they go out because she wanted to be around people and laughter. She hoped it didn't blur the lines between her therapy and their friendship. "I think some lines are made to be blurred," "Kevin" responded.

Laura sat on her living room couch and flashed back to "Kevin's" goodbye speech. Spencer interrupted her thoughts and declared that he was ready for them to pull off an upset. He was ready to head to the polls with Kevin. Just then, Lulu arrived with campaign buttons for everyone, but she thought that Laura seemed distracted.

Laura announced that she had reconsidered, and she had decided not to campaign any longer. She didn't think it was the right time for her to be involved in public service. Lulu sent Spencer out of the room, although he eavesdropped from behind a door. Lulu tried to reassure Laura that the incident at the fundraiser had not been Laura's fault, and no one had blamed her. She declared that people believed in Laura.

"Kevin left me," Laura divulged. She had caught him in a lie, and he had been avoiding her. Laura began to cry as she told Lulu that Kevin's feelings had changed. Lulu blamed Kevin, and she asked if there was someone else. Laura replied that there was no other woman, and Kevin had wanted time to himself.

Lulu urged her mother not to stop her life, not to waste energy over it, and not to sit around and wait. Their concern was for the election, and the entire town appreciated Laura. Spencer rushed in and declared that Lulu was right. He added that the exit polls had shown Laura to be trending. Laura insisted that things would have been better if she'd had a few more months to plan, but Lulu and Spencer insisted she get ready to head out to be the new mayor.

As Lulu and Laura headed upstairs, Spencer got to work on his laptop and inserted a flash drive while he worked. Once the women were ready, Spencer asked to go along with them to watch "democracy in action." He removed the flash drive and slipped it into his pocket.

Carly paid a visit to Jason and gave him a hug. She confided that she wasn't okay, and the person who had murdered Mary Pat had been a monster. Jason apologized for not checking on Carly, but he had been with his sons. Carly admitted that she had answered Jordan's questions, which had been "unsettling but understandable." She told Jason about her trip to Ferncliff and her remarks to Mary Pat.

Carly confessed that she had hated Mary Pat but hadn't murdered her. Jason reminded her that everything that Mary Pat had done to Carly had been documented. He might have waited for an attorney before answering questions, which would have wasted time, and he thought Carly had been right to answer them, since she had nothing to hide. Carly declared that someone had been "sick and twisted."

Carly revealed that she had been having bad dreams about Mary Pat, but Jason urged her to stay on track because Ferncliff was only a bad memory. Carly told him about how she'd had a mantra in the facility to stay strong and focused to go home. Jason told her it was still her mantra but she was already home. Carly insisted that Mary Pat had haunted her in life and was still doing so. "You beat her," Jason declared.

Carly stated that there was a mystery locked up in Ferncliff, and she intended to get to the bottom of it. She was curious about the patient next door who had spent hours, tapping in Morse Code. The room had been empty when she and Laura had returned, and she thought that someone was hiding something.

Carly thought she had seen the patient once, and she didn't think he had been discharged. She thought that she would back off if the patient was dangerous, but he might also be someone who didn't belong there. Carly declared that she wanted to go back, but Jason thought that was a bad idea. He advised her that he would find out about the patient.

Jordan sat in her office at the police station and waited for information on the Mary Pat investigation. Curtis arrived with a boxful of information from the wedding planner because Jordan had forgotten to show up for their appointment. Jordan was sorry, and she asked Curtis to stay to help her out. She needed to solve the crime.

Jordan revealed that the victim had had a fist full of blond hair. She thought that the murderer had tried to terrify the community, but it could have been someone who had wanted to settle a score. Curtis remarked that that was the oldest motive in existence.

Jordan and Curtis related the information they had about Sonny and Carly in relation to Mary Pat. Curtis admitted that he had understood Carly's comment, and he'd had a "bad vibe" when he'd met Mary Pat himself. Jordan was curious, but Curtis stopped himself short, saying only that he had been with Sam. He grabbed the wedding box and announced that they had decisions to make. Jordan switched the topic back to the case after reminding him that her favorite flower was the peony. She wondered if the killer was someone who had known Mary Pat.

Jordan thought the hair would be a long shot. She received a message that the report was finished and was downloading onto her phone. She read that death had been instantaneous, and Mary Pat had been struck from behind with a knife or hook. It had pierced her heart. She and Curtis discussed the possibilities of the killer being someone like a surgeon or chef.

Ava and "Kevin" sat at a table at Charlie's Pub. Ava wondered if Mary Pat had been a friend of "Kevin's," but he replied that she had been a colleague. He had been among the last to see her, and he had talked to the police. As the pair discussed the case, Laura, Lulu, and Spencer arrived. Ava suggested that "Kevin" join his wife, but he replied that it was Laura's day, not his. He felt that Ava was his priority.

Lulu and Laura declared that they wanted to leave as soon as they spotted Kevin and Ava, but Spencer advised them that he would catch up. He wanted to grab a cup of coffee. He went over to "Kevin" and Ava instead and told them he regretted that it wasn't 1776, so he could duel. He called "Kevin" hollow and worthless and without loyalty or a soul. He accused Ava and "Kevin" of being two similar people because of their betrayal.

Spencer left, and Ava and "Kevin" laughed awkwardly. Ava wondered what Spencer's accusations had been about. "Kevin" admitted that he and Laura had separated. He apologized for Spencer's reaction, but Ava was happy to have found a "kindred spirit" in "Kevin."

Margaux made her way around the Floating Rib, examining it for any evidence in the Mary Pat case. Sonny arrived, and she asked him if he was there to confess. Sonny declared that he had nothing to confess, and Jordan had already interviewed him. He admitted that he had hated the nurse and wouldn't cry over her death, but he had had nothing to do with it.

Sonny found it peculiar that the district attorney was investigating, and he thought she seemed obsessed. He said that he would have worried about Margaux's soul if she had one. Margaux declared that she would get the bad guy like always. She added that she took her job seriously, and she suggested that he was worried because he had something to hide. Sonny announced that he had something to tell her about her parents, but Margaux snapped that he had to leave her parents out of it.

Margaux insisted that the details of her father's death had been clear. He'd gone out and not returned, and Sonny had killed him. Sonny wanted to offer her a deal. Margaux replied that it was her job to offer him a deal, and he would never get one. Sonny ordered her to stay away from him and his family, and he would do the same. He added that if she pushed, she would get hurt, and that was a prediction, not a threat.

Sonny insisted that he was really concerned about Margaux, and he wanted her to remember that he had tried, which was more than she would do for him. Margaux declared that she was following a path to Sonny. He informed her that she had no idea what she'd find -- but he did. Margaux emphasized that she wanted the truth. "Here's the damn truth," Sonny retorted. He was feeling good and decided she should have it.

Sonny revealed that he had known Margaux's mother, and she had been involved with Joe Scully. Margaux raised her arm to slap Sonny, but he stopped her. He continued that Margaux's mother had visited Scully, and she had wanted to be a widow. Margaux shouted that Sonny was a liar, but Sonny retorted that he could prove that Margaux's mother had conspired with Scully.

Laura and Lulu voted at the polling place. Spencer arrived and revealed that the line had been too long, and he hadn't been able to get his coffee at the pub. As the women were busy, Spencer tampered with one of the machines.

The election is suspended for fraud The election is suspended for fraud

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Curtis stopped at his polling place to cast his vote. He chatted with the poll worker and thanked her for her time. He filled out his ballot, and wrote in Laura's name. He proceeded to put it in the machine, but much to his surprise, the machine spit the ballot out. It was covered with smiley faces. The official confirmed that it had happened to other ballots, as well.

Laura, Lulu, and Spencer returned to Laura's place after voting. Spencer declared that he had enjoyed watching the process, and he and Lulu assured Laura that they believed she would win. Spencer was quite confident and exclaimed that he felt like he'd actually voted himself. "Me and a few hundred thousand of my closest friends," Spencer added. He flashed back to his deceit with the flash drive at the voting machine.

Lulu and Laura chatted about how excited Spencer had been with Laura's campaign. Laura admitted that she wasn't certain she'd be sending him back to school in France. Lulu had to pick up Charlotte from a half-day at school. "Who?" Spencer asked. They were surprised when a knock on the door revealed Ned, who wanted to invite them to his victory party.

Anna arrived at the police station and showed Jordan the newspaper headline that consisted of Jordan's quote, "Heads will Roll." Jordan declared that she had been quoted out of context and would talk to Peter about it. Anna asked how things were going, and Jordan admitted she was overwhelmed by the head in the barrel, the headless torso, and the release of a criminal. She held up a photo of Britt.

Jordan added that she had been under the impression that Britt still had lots of time to serve, and she wished that Anna had told her about Britt's release. Anna was sorry, and Jordan had a request. She wanted "first crack" at Liesl after Anna caught her. Anna agreed, and both she and Jordan expressed their love for each other.

Curtis arrived to see Jordan, and she kissed him passionately. Curtis admitted that that wasn't the reason for his visit. He told her about the problem with the voting machine. She made a phone call to Ned and announced that she would call the federal authorities next.

Laura offered Ned a drink after his arrival, and Spencer suggested some bleach. Laura sent her grandson to fetch a glass of water, and Laura and Ned discussed the voting. Ned suggested that Laura had entered the race too late, but she stated that she hadn't wanted to win. Her desire had been for Ned to deal with social issues. Ned invited Laura to join his administration, but Laura declined.

Spencer rushed back and advised Laura that she couldn't accept. He was without the glass of water and chalked it up to fracking. He was adamant that Ned's invitation was a trap. Laura assured Ned that she could advocate for her causes without working for him. As they talked, they were interrupted when Ned received a phone call from Jordan, who asked to see both Ned and Laura. Ned advised Laura there had been some "funny business" regarding the election.

Britt was excited when she and Finn walked into General Hospital. She badmouthed the nurses, especially Epiphany. Finn reminded her that they weren't there for a "social visit," and he wanted her to give the "performance of your life." She needed to do that in order to remain free.

After Finn examined Britt, he informed her that Anna needed her to be a patient. Britt exclaimed that she was "perfectly healthy." "Not for long," Finn piped up.

Lucas, Brad, and Michael with baby Wiley on his lap, sat around a table at Charlie's Pub. Brad received a page to get to the hospital. After he was gone, Lucas mentioned how stressed Brad had been, and he'd been acting scared.

Julian finished up a phone call outside and saw Brad standing by the alley wall, looking distraught. Brad informed Julian that he had a supply of formula and diapers available for Lucas, who would need help after he was gone. Julian was confused, and Brad announced that he was heading to a wellness center in Malibu because he needed distance before someone figured things out. Julian tried to reassure Brad and advised him that he needed to stay in town.

Julian headed back inside, where Michael was telling Lucas that he would try to emulate Brad when he had his own child. Lucas dismissed Julian when Julian tried to joke and talk to Wiley. Michael suggested that Lucas allow Julian to be part of Wiley's life. Lucas admitted that he'd noticed that Julian had turned his life around, but he had made an agreement with Wiley's birth mother.

Michael reminded Lucas that the adoption had been finalized, but Lucas explained that he couldn't dishonor his agreement. Michael admitted that he couldn't imagine being a parent without his father around. Lucas looked thoughtful. Shortly after, Lucas got ready to leave. He told Julian about a non-religious naming ceremony that he was having for Wiley. Julian offered to make a contribution, but Lucas declined the offer.

Julian told Wiley he loved him but apologized quickly to Lucas, who told him the apology wasn't necessary. Julian wanted to do something about a stressed-out Brad, and he suggested that Lucas eke out some extra time for Brad. He assured Lucas that he knew his place. Lucas admitted that he'd noticed Julian's change, and he was proud of him.

Julian was aware that he couldn't be a part of Wiley's life, but Lucas surprised him when he suggested that maybe there was a way that Julian could be a part of Lucas' life. "Just you and me," Lucas added. Julian admitted that it meant a lot to him, but he would understand if it didn't work out. He assured Lucas that if Lucas needed anything, Julian was there for him.

Chase saw Willow sitting at a table in front of Kelly's. She was grading papers, but he announced that he could arrest her for playing hooky. Willow began to tease him, although Chase took her seriously at first. He admitted he had been trying to "lighten up," and he sat down. He thought it was good that Willow had a sense of humor, and she offered to help Chase with his. The pair flirted, and Willow asked about the Mary Pat case.

Chase handed Willow his business card, and she promised to call if she had any clues on his case. Lulu walked up with Charlotte, who was excited to see her teacher out of school. Lulu gloated when she saw the pair together, and Chase got up. Lulu asked Willow about her friend in the hospital. "Much better," Willow said. She decided she was chilly and went inside.

Lulu sent Charlotte inside to order a scone, and Lulu looked at Chase expectantly. "What?" Chase asked. Lulu replied that the car repair had paid off, and she wondered if Chase had asked Willow out. Chase assured her that she would be the first to know -- after him and Willow. Lulu named some of Willow's good qualities.

Michael arrived and went inside, where he and Willow greeted each other. Lulu walked in, and, unable to get Charlotte's attention away from her scone, she introduced Michael and Willow. They all made small talk until Lulu received a message that she was wanted at the police station for a breaking story.

Michael and Willow sat at the counter and talked a bit about their support group. Michael revealed that he had a "nosy" family, but Willow thought he was lucky because it meant they cared. Willow commented that needing help was nothing to be ashamed of, and Michael said, "Sharing is caring." He admitted that he couldn't be open with strangers, but Willow reminded him that they were no longer strangers. They shook hands.

At the hospital, Britt made fun of Finn's bedside manner. He revealed that he had injected her with a rhinovirus or "common cold." Anna arrived, and Britt didn't want to cooperate with Anna's expectations that she play sick. When Brad showed up, Britt and he were ecstatic to see each other. Britt revealed that she'd been released from prison, although Anna clarified that she'd been paroled.

"You're not well," Finn reminded Britt, who gave a little cough. Finn advised Brad that that was where he was needed. Brad exclaimed that he was a father, and he couldn't be involved in anything underhanded. Anna informed him that she was a WSB agent, and he was legally protected. She and Finn wanted Brad to run some tests. He finally agreed to it if it meant that he would be helping Britt, but he wasn't happy.

Out in the hallway, Finn called Britt a "piece of work." Anna found her to be a credit to both of her parents. Chase showed up and announced that his father had gone home, and his mother wanted to thank Finn. Chase stated that he was actually at the hospital to follow up on toxicology reports from his case. He wondered if Anna had ever dealt with such a horrendous crime.

Anna admitted that she'd had her "fair share." Chase disclosed that the dismembering of Mary Pat's head had been a "clean cut." Finn thought that highly unusual, and Anna thought that Jordan could use a profiler. She had someone in mind.

Inside the examination room, Brad was hopeful that Britt knew what she was doing. They reminisced about old times, but Britt could tell that something was wrong with Brad. She continued to press him, but Brad assured her she didn't want to know. As she continued to hound him, he finally blurted out, "Wiley isn't my son!"

At the police station, Jordan handed the smiley-faced ballots to Laura and Ned. She advised them that there had been a computer virus. Both candidates revealed that they hadn't had any problem with their votes, which Jordan realized gave her a timeline. Jordan declared the election hacked, and there could only be one solution.

Lulu arrived with Charlotte in tow and announced that Peter had sent her. "I see you brought her," Spencer said, sarcastically indicating Charlotte. Lulu lectured him, and he went over to the bench where Charlotte sat and waited. Spencer called Charlotte a usurper because she had stolen his room. Charlotte revealed that it was a nice room that had been redone. Spencer urged her to enjoy it while she could because Laura would deport her and her "papa."

Charlotte informed Spencer that mayors couldn't deport people, but Spencer replied that Laura would be winning the election, thanks to him. "What did you do?" Charlotte asked. Curtis lingered by the bench and listened to the kids' conversation. Spencer accused Charlotte of asking too many questions.

A press conference was held. Ned announced that there had been irregularities in the voting, and Jordan indicated that the integrity had been compromised due to a virus. Ned declared that the election would be suspended and rescheduled at a future date. Jordan revealed that the problem had been referred to the FBI, and the responsible party would be prosecuted.

Laura deemed the hacking an attack on their way of life, but the person responsible would be held and justice served. She promised that everyone's votes would be counted. "We are coming for you, and we will get you," Ned promised. Spencer looked on uncomfortably.

Brad tells Britt the truth about Wiley Brad tells Britt the truth about Wiley

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Carly tried to stop Jason from getting involved in the Ferncliff investigation, but Jason told her that it was too late. With that, Curtis and Sam entered the room, with Curtis flashing a badge and referring to himself as "Dale Coyle of Coyle Protection." Carly worried that the staff at Ferncliff would know that Curtis was not legit. It would, she rationalized, take more than a fake ID to get into Ferncliff.

Carly flipped when she learned that Jason and Sam would also be part of the scheme. "You know you're on the security watch list!" Carly snarled as she reminded Jason that if he were to be caught, he'd be thrown in jail. Sam begged Carly to let them help because they all wanted to help Carly put the Ferncliff saga behind her. With that, Carly relented. She hugged Jason and begged him to be careful.

As the sun set and a chill filled the air, Laura suggested to Spencer that they go inside Kelly's to stay warm. Spencer didn't want to go inside because "Valentin's ex-wife" was there, and he refused "to share any air with anybody who defends that villain." Laura's eyes welled with tears as she took Spencer's hand. "Your dad loved sunsets, too," she said softly. "I really miss my dad," Spencer said, his voice breaking. He sobbed as he embraced Laura.

Spencer recalled that his dad had been accused of doing a lot of bad things, but Spencer said he felt that sometimes people had to do wrong things... for the right reasons. Spencer then asked if Laura really wanted to go after the person who had tampered with the election. Laura nodded. She told Spencer that corrupting an election was destroying "the very fabric of democracy." She stunned Spencer by saying that she would have rather lost the election than to have seen the election tampered with.

Laura took a deep breath and informed Spencer that she had some news that might make him even sadder than he was already feeling. Laura's eyes opened wide when Spencer nonchalantly revealed that he already knew that Laura and Kevin had called off their marriage. Laura scolded Spencer for having eavesdropped on a private conversation. "My lapse in etiquette is beside the point," Spencer countered. Spencer urged Laura to be strong and to confront Kevin. He then told her to ditch "the bum" and throw herself into her mayoral campaign.

Inside Kelly's, Maxie squealed jubilantly after opening a box and finding a pair of shoes that she had always wanted. The shoes were a present from Nina, who apologized profusely for having missed Maxie's birthday. She felt even worse for Maxie having had to spend her first birthday without Nathan alone. Maxie quickly responded that she hadn't been alone, but when asked who she'd spent the day with, Maxie wasn't quite as quick with an answer. While Maxie was silent, Nina went through a list of people who might have been with Maxie, but Nina quickly disqualified each of those candidates for various reasons. Maxie handed over her phone to show Nina photos of little James in his Halloween costume. As Nina swiped through the photos, she noticed Peter dressed in a baseball costume and deduced that Maxie had spent her birthday with Peter.

"What happened between you and Peter?" Nina asked. Maxie swore that "nothing" had happened. She and Peter had watched The Brady Bunch and had some cake. Maxie then turned the tables and asked Nina where she had been. Nina claimed that she had wanted Sasha and Charlotte to meet. Maxie pressed for details and Nina became uneasy.

Maxie figured out that Nina had been at Wyndemere. Nina recounted how she'd gotten stuck on Spoon Island. Nina said that she and Maxie needed to vow to steer clear of toxic men. "What if we don't want to?" Maxie asked. Maxie said that she thought of Peter as a friend, but Nina still loved Valentin. "I can kill two birds with one stone," Nina told Maxie as she picked up her phone.

Peter and Lulu headed to Charlie's to discuss a spate of recent breaking news in Port Charles. As a result, Peter informed Lulu that her next installment in the Ryan Chamberlain story would have to be bumped. Lulu was understanding and hinted that it might be a good idea to stop running the series. When asked why, Lulu said she feared that her story had inspired someone to kill Mary Pat. Peter assured Lulu that her articles had not inspired a killer.

"There are crime shows and podcasts everywhere," Peter said, further clarifying, "Any one of those stories could have influenced the killer." He and Lulu then chatted about Britt's early release from jail. Lulu thought about the time she had been estranged from Nikolas because of his involvement with Britt. She sighed, "God, what I would give for some of that time back." Peter then received a phone call from Nina asking him if he wanted to be her "plus one" to Curtis and Jordan's wedding.

At General Hospital, Britt sensed that something was bothering Brad, and she urged him to spill it. Brad told Britt that she didn't want to know, but she countered by saying that she wouldn't have asked if she didn't want to know. "Wiley isn't my son!" Brad blurted out. Britt tried to assuage Brad's fears by saying that a lot of adoptive parents felt that way at first, but since the adoption had been finalized, Britt assured Brad that he had nothing to fear. Brad then told Britt the truth: Wiley belonged to Michael Corinthos. "What? How did? Why?" Britt stammered before congratulating Brad for rendering her speechless. "I am anything but proud. I am scum," Brad replied. Britt was stunned to see Brad feeling shame.

Britt wanted to know the identity of Wiley's mother. Brad told her that he had not told anyone about the mother -- not even Julian, who had "come through" for him. Britt was wowed by Brad's story of "this Nelle creature" who had told Michael that their child had died. Brad claimed to get sick every time he saw Michael smile at Wiley. Brad asked Britt if she knew what Sonny would do to him if he were to learn Wiley's true identity.

"You need to man up, Brad," Britt groused. She assured Brad that Nelle wasn't going to tell anyone the truth, and that would mean Brad's secret would remain a secret. "Everything happens for a reason," Britt said calmly. "Wiley is meant to be yours." Brad didn't understand Britt's logic. Britt then explained that anyone associated with Sonny ended up hurt: Sonny had shot Dante, Michael had taken a bullet because of Sonny, and Morgan had been blown up. "You are doing that little boy a favor," Britt added. She then pleaded with Brad to keep Wiley away from Sonny and out of harm's way.

Britt's words resonated with Brad, and he seemed to believe that he and Lucas were the best parents for Wiley. Brad gave Britt a big hug and told her that he loved her.

In the corridor, Spencer was busy searching on his phone to learn what the penalty was for tampering with an election -- and if it applied to minors. Brad was passing by and noticed Spencer. A few seconds later, Brad returned to Britt's room with a surprise: Spencer. Britt flashed an ear-to-ear smile and quickly embraced Spencer.

Spencer was worried that Britt's presence at the hospital meant that something was wrong with her. She assured him that her visit was strictly routine. She knew that it was Nikolas' birthday and told Spencer that she wished things had all turned out differently. Spencer confessed that he often thought about how things would be if he, Britt, and Nikolas were all still living happily together at Wyndemere. "So do I," Britt replied.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael ran into Bobbie. Neither had expected to see the other at the hospital. After some small talk, Bobbie told Michael that she had been enlisted to help organize Wiley's nursery because it had become a mess. Michael forced a smile and said that he had never seen Lucas so happy. Bobbie's jubilance soon turned to concern. Something had happened while she had been at Brad and Lucas' home, and she wasn't sure what she should do about it. Bobbie reached into her purse and presented her grandson with a manila envelope.

Michael opened the envelope and removed a spoon. Bobbie took Michael's hand and said that she understood why Michael had given Brad and Lucas supplies that had been meant for Jonah, but she did not understand why Michael would have parted with the silver spoon. Michael shared the vision he'd had of fatherhood, which had included feeding his son with the spoon. At the time he'd given the spoon away, Michael had said that he'd never thought he'd want to see the spoon again. Since time had passed, however, he was glad to have the spoon back.

Michael told Bobbie that he had been attending meetings for parents who had lost children. Bobbie embraced Michael and told him how proud she was of him. Michael smiled slightly and said that he finally believed that he would find happiness again. Bobbie used that as a way to segue into mentioning that a "certain nurse" had been asking about Michael. With Nelle locked up, Bobbie reasoned that there was nothing to prevent Michael and Francesca from going out on another date.

As Bobbie and Michael talked, a jubilant Carly approached them. Michael apologized for not having gone home with Carly after the ordeal with Mary Pat's head. Carly said that she realized that she had to come to peace with Ferncliff and said that she knew how she was going to do that. Carly was light on details and quickly changed the subject to her concern for Michael. She urged Michael to go check out a concert at the Roadhouse and to have a couple of drinks with some friends. Michael told her that he'd think about it. Pleased, Carly headed to the elevator.

At Ferncliff, Ryan sneaked out of a patient room that had been installed with a security alarm panel. As he entered numbers into the keypad, Kay approached from behind and asked how the patient was doing. "Dr. Collins" said that the patient was resting, prompting the nurse to question his assessment. "He's so heavily sedated, he's in a black hole," she retorted. Ryan told Kay that the added security would help shelter Ferncliff from claims that the facility wasn't being managed properly. It would also prevent people from getting into certain rooms -- like "Mr. Wilson's" room.

Kay nodded in agreement and assured "Kevin" that no one would be getting in or out of Mr. Wilson's room without her permission because she was the only one to have the code to gain access to the room. Kay then questioned if it was absolutely necessarily to keep Mr. Wilson so heavily sedated. "Kevin" explained that Mr. Wilson would begin to howl at the "first glimmer of consciousness." Keeping him sedated was the best thing to do for a patient, even a "lost cause" like Mr. Wilson.

At General Hospital, Ryan stepped off an elevator and was almost immediately confronted by Spencer, who said that his grandmother wanted to have a word with Kevin. Spencer then announced that he was headed to the tenth floor to see their "superior vending machines." Once Spencer was gone, "Kevin" stated that there was nothing Laura needed to say to him. She disagreed, telling him that there was a "third person" in their marriage who had caused trouble for them. "Kevin" denied that he was seeing anyone else.

Laura said the other person was not a woman -- it was "Kevin's" brother, Ryan. Laura urged "Kevin" to seek out a therapist to talk to about his feelings over Ryan's past resurfacing. Ryan told Laura that he didn't need professional help and then started to walk away. He reminded Laura that he'd said he needed time. Laura countered by reminding "Kevin" that he'd also said that he would be moving out. She told him that she needed him to gather his belongings and move out as soon as possible.

As "Kevin" and Laura finished their talk, Carly happened upon them and announced that she had decided what to do about her former neighbor at Ferncliff. "Kevin" became angry and reminded Carly that he had told her to put the patient -- and her whole experience at Ferncliff -- behind her.

At Ferncliff, Curtis shadowed an orderly until he was able to sneak into a restricted area. He wasn't there long before Kay approached him and asked him who he was and what he was doing. Curtis produced his phony ID and said that he had been sent by the state to check up on the operations at Ferncliff. Curtis then announced that he had been able to gain entry into the facility with a fake ID and that two security guards had been busy playing games on their phones. On top of that, an orderly had left a cart of medication unattended.

Kay said that she planned to verify "Mr. Coyle's" credentials. Curtis didn't blink, and he urged her to check out his web site for testimonials from top executives that he had been able to help. The nurse backed down and asked Curtis what he planned to do at Ferncliff. He stated that he wanted to see how Ferncliff dealt with dangerous patients and asked that Kay pull up those procedures on her tablet to show him. Curtis took the tablet and looked things over. He then noted that he'd found a few loopholes that needed to be closed. Before they could discuss the details, Kay was called away to handle a situation.

Elsewhere, Sam and Jason quietly skulked about the corridors of Ferncliff. As they stood outside the room next to where Carly had been held, Jason told Sam that Carly feared that the patient in the room was being treated similarly to the way that she'd been treated. Sam peered through the glass and into the room, but she saw nothing.

Jason noted that the alarm panel next to the room was new. He questioned if Sam would be able to break into the room. Sam started to fiddle with the alarm panel, but she stopped when the door suddenly unlocked. "Curtis came through," she told Jason. She then turned the doorknob and opened the door. She and Jason froze in place when they looked inside.

Sam and Jason find a surprise at Ferncliff Sam and Jason find a surprise at Ferncliff

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Margaux parked her car, and Sonny asked if she was sure that she wanted to hear the truth from her mother. "Absolutely," Margaux replied. Sonny tested the wire he was wearing, and Margaux confirmed that it was working with the aid of an earpiece. Sonny went up to Jeanette's door and rang the doorbell. When Jeanette opened the door, Sonny told her that he needed to speak with her about her late husband, so she invited him in. Sonny informed her that they had a mutual friend in Joe Scully.

As Margaux listened in, Jeanette insisted that Joe Scully had only been a client of her husband's, but Sonny wanted answers as to why her husband had been killed. He revealed that he'd seen Jeanette at Scully's club multiple times and joining Scully in his apartment, and then she'd suddenly stopped visiting. She demanded to know what he wanted. He told her that someone he loved was being accused of the murder, but Jeanette knew full well all about Vincent's death.

Jeanette said that anything Sonny had heard would only be considered hearsay, but Sonny warned her that she shouldn't have put anything in writing. She ran over to her desk and rifled through the locked drawer until she found the stack of letters tied with a ribbon. She commented that she should have burned the letters years before, but it wasn't too late. "It's later than you think," Sonny replied. "The hell with you," Jeanette shot back, and she taunted that Sonny couldn't do anything about her burning the letters. "Maybe he can't, but I will," Margaux stated as she entered the house.

Cameron told Elizabeth that he was going to Josslyn's to study. "What about Oscar?" Elizabeth wondered. Cameron reminded her that Oscar had dropped out of school, and he added that he and Josslyn were just friends. When he opened the door to leave, he found Jordan and Chase standing there. "I didn't do it!" he insisted, and he ran out of the house. Jordan and Chase entered the house, wanting to talk to Franco in order to get some "specific insights." Franco realized that they wanted to talk to "Franco the Killer."

Elizabeth reminded Jordan and Chase that Franco's tumor had been to blame for his crimes, but Jordan explained that they wanted insight on motive and the like. Franco agreed to help, and Elizabeth stayed to listen. He explained that power was what drove a killer, and competition with Jason was part of what had driven him. He continued that killers tended to be charming, egotistical, and manipulative, but he suggested that they talk to Kevin, as he was the expert. He thought that whoever had killed Mary Pat had enjoyed it.

Jordan answered her ringing phone, and when she ended the call, she informed Chase that the forensics results were in. Franco warned the two that the killer wouldn't stop until someone stopped him. They thanked him for his cooperation and left. Franco admitted to Elizabeth that he didn't like thinking about his past, but in order to help more, he would "go to the dark side" if they needed him to.

Kim entered Charlie's and told Julian that she might have another option for getting through to Oscar. She approached Oscar, who was working, and he informed her that there was nothing she could do to make him drop the lawsuit. "Don't be so sure," she replied, and she left. Julian told Oscar that he could go on break, but he preferred to stay busy.

Daisy entered Charlie's and sat down at the bar in front of Kristina. Daisy thought that Kristina should hang out with Daisy and her friends more often, but Kristina believed that she was "better off flying solo." She commended Daisy for giving Oscar a place to stay, and Daisy replied that Oscar fit in well. Julian approached Kristina and asked her to keep an eye on Oscar, as it seemed that he was neglecting his schoolwork.

Just then, Oscar grabbed his head in pain and sat down at a table. Kristina got some water and aspirin, and Oscar insisted that it was "just a headache." Julian wanted to call an ambulance, but Oscar refused to go to the hospital. "Let me try," Daisy said. She put a hand on each side of his head and instructed him in his breathing.

Carly was catching up on hotel business when Josslyn arrived home. She made sure that her mother was all right, then excused herself to get changed. She added that Cameron would be over to study with her. A few minutes later, Josslyn descended the stairs in a new outfit, and Carly complimented her on it. Carly thought it was nice to see Josslyn smile, but she warned her daughter that rebound relationships could be "tricky." Just then, Cameron arrived, and the two went out to the terrace to do their homework.

Outside, Josslyn explained to Cameron that it seemed Carly believed that the two were a real couple. They started to talk about their astronomy project, and Josslyn admitted that she knew the stars in the southern hemisphere better than the northern hemisphere, thanks to camping trips with her father. Cameron, a former Pioneer Scout, pointed out some stars and constellations and explained them to Josslyn.

Josslyn handed Cameron a keychain with the Taurus constellation on it, since it was his astrological sign, as a token of her appreciation for his help with her plan to get Oscar back. He related that his mother was already suspicious that he and Josslyn were more than friends, but he thanked Josslyn. He teasingly asked if she'd shoplifted the keychain, and they began to play fight over the keychain.

There was a knock on the door, and Carly answered it to Kim, who wanted to speak to Josslyn about Oscar. Carly didn't think it was a good idea, as Josslyn was finally starting to get over the breakup. Kim begged Carly, because she thought that Josslyn was the only one who could get through to Oscar. Just then, Josslyn and Cameron burst into the house, still fighting over the keychain. They stopped when Josslyn spotted Kim, and Kim said that she wanted to talk to Josslyn about Oscar. Josslyn grabbed Cameron's hand, and Kim backpedaled when she saw the gesture.

Kim's phone rang, and she answered it to Julian. He informed her that Oscar had a bad headache and was refusing to go to the hospital. Kim promised to be there soon and hung up. She apologized for bothering Carly and Josslyn and ran out of the house. Cameron left a short while later, and Carly was glad that Josslyn was enjoying her time with Cameron. Josslyn wondered if Kim had said anything about Oscar, but Carly said that Kim had seemed to change her mind about talking to Josslyn. The doorbell rang, and Carly answered it to Jordan and Chase. Jordan informed Carly that her DNA had been found on Mary Pat.

Kim ran into Charlie's just as Daisy asked how Oscar felt, and he was amazed that his headache was gone. Julian apologized to Kim for the "false alarm," and he wondered how things had gone with Josslyn. Kim replied that "that ship has sailed," and she figured her only option to save Oscar was through the court. Kristina wondered how Daisy had made Oscar's headache go away, so Daisy handed her a book entitled Every Day is a New Dawn. She thought it might help Kristina.

Curtis informed Nurse Kay that there were security loopholes in Ferncliff that needed to be closed. Kay left for a moment to check on something, so Curtis took the opportunity to text Sam the code for the security keypad outside of the mystery patient's room: "11-41-77." Kay returned and demanded to know who Curtis was texting and if he was checking the security or violating it. He claimed to be texting an associate about a security analysis.

Sam and Jason entered the room of the mystery patient and were shocked to find Nelle sitting on the floor, rocking back and forth and singing to a rolled-up blanket she kept calling "Jonah." "Carly was better," Jason commented, and Sam assumed that Nelle was just copying Carly. Sam wondered who had moved Nelle from Pentonville, because she had just gotten herself into a "tighter trap."

Curtis wondered if the nurse had verified that he was actually a security analyst, and he suggested that she call the state to verify. She commended him for the idea and called the state. A few minutes later, she hung up the phone and confirmed that he was legitimate. Just then, Curtis got a text from Sam summoning him to the high-security wing "ASAP."

Sam wanted to know who had fooled Nelle into thinking that Ferncliff was better than Pentonville. "It worked for Carly, didn't it?" Nelle spat. She continued that, once she got out, she would show Carly what it meant to lose, and Carly would "lose everything." Curtis and Kay entered the room, and he insisted, "Don't let us interrupt."

Curtis explained to Kay that Sam and Jason were his associates, and they'd been easily able to obtain access into a room that should have been impenetrable. Jason asked who had authorized Nelle's transfer from Pentonville, and Sam added that Nelle was faking. Nelle insisted that she was supposed to be there, and Carly's friends were just out to get her.

Nelle was still yelling as Kay, Curtis, Sam, and Jason left the room and shut the door behind them. Jason figured that he would talk to Spinelli about hacking into Ferncliff's mainframe and finding out the name of Carly's mystery neighbor. He and Sam agreed that someone was going to a lot of trouble to cover up who it was, and it wasn't a coincidence that Nelle had replaced the patient just days after Carly had visited.

Margaux gets the dirt on Jeanette Margaux gets the dirt on Jeanette

Friday, November 9, 2018

Carly left Sonny an urgent voicemail to call her back, and she turned back to Jordan and Chase. She refused to answer any questions without her lawyer, but Jordan wondered how Carly's hair had gotten into Mary Pat's hand. Diane entered and reminded Jordan that it was her job to figure that out, not Carly's. Diane called all of the department's evidence against Carly circumstantial, and Chase and Jordan both admitted that they didn't think Carly was guilty.

Jordan explained to Diane and Carly's confusion that, while Carly had to be a person of interest due to the DNA evidence, she and Chase believed that neither Carly nor Sonny had the medical expertise to so expertly sever Mary Pat's head from her body. Jordan commented that Sonny could have easily hired someone with that skill, but Diane reminded them that Sonny had been accused of making people disappear, not killing them and leaving them in public places.

Carly wondered if Ava was also a person of interest, as Mary Pat's body had been found at her gallery. She thought that Ava would do anything to "tear Avery away," including framing Carly for the murder. Jordan and Chase agreed that, while it was unlikely, it was possible. They assured Carly that they were "exploring all avenues." Jordan said that Carly was free to go, and Chase reminded her that she was still a person of interest. Carly shot back that she had no plans to leave town, as her family, business, and entire life were in Port Charles. She advised them to figure out how her hair had ended up in Mary Pat's hand, and she left with Diane.

Elizabeth was proud of Franco for helping Jordan and Chase out, and he thanked her for believing in him. He still wanted to go see Kevin, and Elizabeth said that she wanted to talk to Kevin about Aiden. Franco suggested that she let him try some art therapy with Aiden first. The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth opened the door to Terry, who was holding root beer and a cake box. "That bad?" Elizabeth asked, and Terry entered the house. Terry explained to Franco that, when she and Elizabeth had been young, they would drink root beer and eat moon pies as they dealt with their problems together.

Franco offered to pick up some takeout from Charlie's so the women could talk, and he left. Terry asked about Elizabeth's life first, and she told Terry about her problem with Aiden. Elizabeth wondered what was going on with Terry, and she talked about how devastating her job was when she couldn't "save" someone. Elizabeth figured that Terry was talking about Oscar, and Terry admitted that, while she'd saved a lot of lives, she felt useless.

Elizabeth advised Terry that she'd realized, when it involved her kids, she didn't have much control. All anyone could do was be present and "keep showing up" because "stuff happens." Elizabeth commented that Oscar's situation had put her life into perspective, but Terry countered that no one else's problems had ever made her life any easier regarding the bullying and confusion. "The only perspective that matters is his own," Terry said of Aiden. Elizabeth related that all she could do for Aiden, who kept shutting her and Franco out, was to convince him that he wasn't alone.

At Charlie's, Nina told Sasha that, even though everyone lied once in a while, she hoped that she and Sasha could be completely honest with each other. She explained that lies were the reason she couldn't be with Valentin, even though they loved each other very much. Sasha admitted that she'd been dishonest with Nina, as she hadn't been able to find a job as quickly as she'd thought she would. Nina begged Sasha to reconsider the offer of working at Crimson, but Sasha didn't want a "handout."

Nina informed Sasha that working at the magazine wasn't easy, and Sasha wondered what would happen if she couldn't keep up. Nina replied that, while she loved the relationship they were building, she would fire Sasha if she "screwed up" the magazine. "In that case, I accept," Sasha said, and they shook hands. Nina confessed that she'd also been dishonest with Sasha, as she'd told Ava to stay away from Sasha. She added to a confused Sasha that Ava "hurts people when she's not murdering them," and then always got away with it. Sasha appreciated Nina looking out for her.

Franco entered Charlie's, and Nina summoned him to the table to introduce him to Sasha. He was shocked to learn that Nina had a daughter, and he told Sasha that Nina was "one of the most remarkable women I've ever known." Sasha excused herself, as she was starting a new job the next day. "Holy moly," Franco repeated as he sat with Nina. She gave him a brief version of the story, and he joked that she'd missed "the poopy years." "We're doing pretty good for two baby-stealing fugitives," she cracked. He remarked on how mature they were being, and he expressed how happy he was for her.

Kiki thought that the hospital board would do the right thing and reinstate Griffin, and his dismissal would just be a horrible memory. They clinked their wine glasses together, and he was amazed at her optimism. She thought that he was too gifted of a doctor to not be reinstated. A few minutes later, both were reading when Griffin put his book down and suddenly grabbed her book and put it down. He kissed her passionately, and she thought that being with him sounded much better than studying.

A short while later, Sasha was drinking a glass of water when Griffin entered the kitchen in his boxers. He apologized awkwardly and told her he was just getting some water. She commented that he looked flushed and pressed her cold glass of water against his face. Kiki emerged from the bedroom to tell Griffin to "come back to bed," and Sasha gave Griffin the glass of water. When she was gone, Kiki thought that Sasha had been hitting on him in front of her, and that was "not okay."

In Kevin's office, Ryan added Mary Pat's name to a list of his victims. He put the list into a small box with a few licenses of various women, including Mary Pat. There was a knock on the door, and he called out, "Just a second." He put the box into a drawer, took off his wedding ring, and put it on his desk. "Come in," he called out, and Ava entered the office. She sat and immediately saw the ring sitting on the desk. He apologized, as having it out on the desk was unprofessional, and he put it in his pocket.

"Kevin" asked about Ava's anger management, and she admitted that she could find forgiveness for Kiki when she channeled her anger "in the right direction." She continued that she would fully forgive Kiki when Kiki knew what it was like to be hurt like Kiki had hurt Ava. She figured that Griffin was a serial cheater, so she was "nudging the process along," but she needed it to happen somewhere that Kiki would see. Ava thought that Kiki would run to Ava for support, and their bond would be stronger than ever. She growled that Griffin would "end up with nothing and nobody," which she believed he deserved.

Ava called "Kevin" out for staring at her, and he blurted out that he couldn't treat her anymore. She accused him of "jumping ship" after getting her to reveal the darker parts of her mind, but he reminded her that he'd also treated serial killers and the criminally insane. "Kevin" admitted that he was "too fascinated" with her, and he could identify with her, so he couldn't be objective. She understood and told him that she would miss their talks, as they'd been helping her. She promised to see him around, and he wished her luck. When she was gone, Ryan closed the door and locked it.

Jeanette yelled that she was going to burn the letters, and there was nothing that Sonny could do about it. "He can't, but I will," Margaux said as she entered the house, insisting that she was there for the truth. Jeanette warned her daughter not to trust a mobster, as "lying is like breathing" to him. Margaux demanded that Jeanette hand over the letters, and she eventually did. A disgusted Margaux opened a letter and read Jeanette's sweet nothings to Joe Scully. She wondered if Jeanette had ever loved Vincent, and Jeanette confessed that their marriage hadn't been a good one.

Jeanette continued that there had been nothing between her and Vincent, and she had feared that she would spend the rest of her life like that until "Joe happened." Margaux asked if Jeanette had ever considered that Margaux would be losing her father, and Jeanette reasoned that "kids are strong." She continued that she couldn't stop thinking about getting rid of Vincent to be with Joe. "Did you get that?" Margaux asked Sonny. "Every word," he replied as he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the wire.

"Get out," Margaux demanded of her mother. "Are you happy you got what you came for?" Jeanette asked, and she left. Sonny wondered if Margaux wanted to go, but she replied that she wasn't done. She stood in front of the desk and remembered it as a symbol of her father's hard work. She'd gone to law school to be the kind of lawyer she'd thought he'd been, and Sonny thought that Vincent would have been proud of her. "Go to hell," she spat, lamenting, "I can't even nail you for the murder."

"Sorry it turned out this way," Sonny said. "Is that a confession? Didn't think so. Cheers," she said as she downed a drink. A few minutes later, Sonny left Carly a message telling her that he wouldn't be home that night, but he asked her to call him if there was an emergency. He returned to Margaux and found her asleep in front of the desk, surrounded by her mother's letters. "You can't sleep here," he said, and he got her up off the floor and onto the couch. He covered her with a blanket and sat down, thinking about his life choices.

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