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Hayden reached out to Finn. Willow warned Elizabeth that Aiden was a victim of bullying. Sonny pondered the road not traveled. Kiki asked Sasha to move out. Ava set a wicked plan into motion by drugging Sasha's soup.
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Sonny dreams of a different life

Sonny dreams of a different life

Monday, November 12, 2018

It was pouring rain on a dark night in 1985 in Brooklyn. A man was on his knees with his hands raised while a teen boy held his gun on the man. The man pleaded for his life, and he suggested that the boy was there due to Scully's orders. "Is this the life you want?" the man asked. The boy fired the gun.

Sonny woke up with a start and looked around. He had fallen asleep in the chair in Jeanette's house. Margaux was sound asleep on the sofa. Sonny walked to the window and raised the blinds. There was a thunderstorm, and as he looked outside, Sonny saw the reflection of the young teen with the gun. It was a young Sonny. The dream replayed, but this time, Mike stopped the boy from shooting Marino by telling the boy he was better than that. Mike managed to take the gun away.

Sonny woke up with a start. He was in the chair but the furniture and the photos around the living room were different. No one was asleep on the sofa. There was a photo of Dante and other family photos. A framed photo showed Sonny in a policeman's uniform. Olivia walked into the room and wondered why her husband was awake after working two shifts. She mentioned the trip they would be taking to Port Charles to see their son.

Olivia and Sonny sat at the breakfast table, although Sonny wasn't very hungry. He declared that he had a lot on his mind. He was short with Olivia, who reminded him that she expected him to make an effort with their son, who only wanted Sonny's approval. She loved her kids, and she expected Sonny to prove that he did, too.

Sonny and Olivia entered Pozzulo's, but Sonny was anxious to leave when the place appeared empty. Olivia headed to the back office and found their son Dante with his wife, Sam. Olivia hugged them, and they headed back into the restaurant for dinner. The couples made small talk, and Dante stressed that he had a good life in Port Charles with "lucrative opportunities." He added that Sonny wouldn't understand that.

Ava and Julian arrived, and Dante made introductions all around. Ava revealed that she and Julian were "fond" of Dante, and Julian applauded Dante's many good qualities. Julian announced that everyone could have dinner on the house, but Sonny quickly stated that he could pay his own way. The siblings headed into their office, and Dante asked what was wrong with Sonny.

Sonny called the Jeromes scum and talked about how dirty they were. Dante belittled Sonny's rank at the police department and declared that he had nothing to show after being on the force for 25 years. The men argued. Sonny spat that his money was clean, and completely offended, he jumped up and demanded that Olivia follow him.

Sonny found himself at the Port Charles Police Station, showed his badge, and asked to speak to the commissioner. He saw Alexis, who told him she was the district attorney. Anna emerged and shook Sonny's hand. She was the commissioner. She snarled in disgust that Dante was charming, and she and Sonny headed to the interrogation room to talk privately.

Sonny talked about the Jeromes and how they'd taken over Port Charles. He called the town a "smuggler's paradise" and noted how the siblings had a cut of everything. He wanted to know when Anna would put them in prison. Anna snapped that it wasn't his business, although she agreed that the Jeromes were "despicable." She called them "the devils I know," but she didn't want to discuss them.

Sonny ran into Alexis on the way out. He informed her that Anna was on the take and didn't appear to care about her city. Alexis told him that Anna's daughter had died from AIDS, and Anna had never been the same since.

Back at Pozzulo's, Olivia made small talk with Dante and Sam, but Dante cited some business he had to attend to, so he left. Olivia blamed Sonny for starting trouble. Dante stopped to chat with Ava and Julian, and they talked about the business. Julian declared that ELQ was in their pocket. A knock on the door revealed Jason, who announced that he'd had no problems. He and Ava shared a kiss.

Sonny returned to the restaurant but Dante was no longer there. "Cut him loose," Sonny demanded to Julian. Sonny revealed that his mission would be to ruin Julian's life. The mobster asked if that was a threat. Ava stated that they had associates to take care of threats for them.

Carly stormed in. "It's over," she shouted. She was angry about the Jeromes' plan to trap her son. Michael had gone to Singapore to head the ELQ office there, and she would make the Jeromes pay for forcing Michael to leave town. She added that her husband A.J. would see to it that they were indicted because the Jeromes were garbage.

Carly began to yell at Jason, but Ava declared that Carly was the one who had ruined Michael's life. Jason had to separate the two women as they taunted each other.

Dante met with DEA Agent Jordan Ashford at the pier, and he handed her a flash drive intended to ruin the Jeromes. She advised him that she wouldn't reveal his name but only cite him as a "classified source." She was curious about his betrayal of the Jeromes, and Dante admitted that he'd done it for his father, who was a cop and despised the Jeromes. Jordan thought Dante's father would be proud.

Sonny took Carly out for coffee. She mentioned that her always-drunk husband was the CEO of ELQ, and he had been in cahoots with the Jeromes. Michael was smarter, and he'd gone away after they'd fought. She had driven him away. Sonny remarked that he had three kids.

Sonny returned to the police station to apologize to Anna for judging her too harshly. DEA Agent Ashford walked in with Ava and Julian, who were in police custody. Ava screamed that she was innocent, and Julian accused Sonny of lying. Jordan announced that she had evidence against them, and she didn't understand why Sonny was being blamed.

Jason managed to sneak into the interrogation room to speak to Julian, who ordered him to eliminate the person responsible for getting him arrested.

Sonny met with Dante at the restaurant and guessed that his son didn't need the Jeromes and would be taking over their business. Sonny tried to talk him out of it, but Dante declared that Sonny didn't know anything about him. Sonny insisted that once upon a time, he'd wanted the same life that Dante had, but the power, riches, lies, and breaking rules would have cost too much.

"You're the best of me, son," Sonny said. Dante retorted that they were both good at strategy, but Dante wasn't afraid to use it. Dante had to meet someone, and Sonny overheard him making plans to meet someone at the pier.

Sonny found Carly at the pub, but she had switched from coffee to beer, which she admitted was less classy to the Quartermaines. Sonny suggested she join her son in Singapore, and he sat down at the bar beside her. He admitted that he'd just had a fight with his son in a bad way, and he wouldn't be able to tell his wife. Carly suggested he take his own advice and apologize or join her in a drink.

Olivia arrived shortly after, and she and Carly introduced themselves. Carly admitted that Sonny had rescued her earlier from the Jeromes, but he had gone off to see Dante again.

Sam found Dante finishing up a conversation on the phone at Pozzulo's. Sam was concerned about the Jeromes being arrested, and she thought it was their chance to leave town and be free. Dante disagreed. He told her that he was in the clear, and they could take over the Jerome operation. The pair began to argue, and Sam declared that she missed the man that Dante had been in the past.

Dante told Sam she could leave, and he'd find someone else. He walked out. Sam removed her wedding ring and placed it on the bar. She saw Jason and told him her marriage was over. Sam began to remove her diamond earrings, and she admitted that she had no idea what she'd do next. She thought she would go to Montana, and she thought that Jason should do his own thing, too. Sam suggested he replace his motorcycle and ride away. He received a message about a meeting.

Jason and Dante met at the pier, and Dante shot Jason. He tossed Jason's gun into the water. Dante explained that it was nothing personal, but Jason had been loyal to the Jeromes. Sonny showed up and saw Dante about to shoot Jason again. "Don't do it," Sonny shouted. Dante admitted that Sonny had been right about the Jeromes. They were violent and sloppy, but he'd sold them out. Jason was the last obstacle. It was what he wanted and the life that Sonny had been afraid to have.

Sonny tried to grab the gun, and he and Dante struggled. The gun went off, and Dante fell to the ground. Olivia arrived and, in tears, knelt next to her son. Sonny dropped the gun.

Sonny was asleep in the chair at Jeanette's house. He saw the scene replayed from his youth, and Mike trying to stop him from shooting Marino. He advised Mike that the choice to shoot or not was up to the kid. He advised his younger self that there would be a price to pay, no matter what. "I know," a young Sonny said.

Sonny woke up and looked around. He walked to the window and opened the blind. The kid was gone, and he only saw his own reflection in the window.

Margaux has a decision to make

Margaux has a decision to make

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"She lives," Sonny uttered as a hungover Margaux slowly woke up on her mother's couch. She was surprised to see that Sonny was still there. Sonny closed the blinds and handed her some coffee, though he apologized that it wasn't his own brand. He stated that he would get them back to Port Charles.

Margaux asked why Sonny had stayed, and he replied that he had known that she would be upset and was in no condition to be left alone. Margaux informed him that he wasn't blameless. She announced that she would splash some water on her face and be ready to leave. Suddenly, they both received text messages at the same time. Margaux assumed that Sonny's was from Carly, who would be questioned again in Mary Pat's murder.

Sonny was angry and accused Margaux of still going after his family, but she assured him that she had nothing to do with the questioning. She pointed out that they had both just received their text messages at the same time, and Carly was being questioned again because of DNA evidence. Sonny was anxious to leave.

Josslyn arrived at Cameron's house before school and told him about the cops showing up at her house the previous night to question her mother. She was upset that the police considered Carly to be a "person of interest" and were bothering her again. Cameron tried to reassure Josslyn, and she admitted that Carly had advised her to just act normally.

Cameron asked if they were still pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and Josslyn assured him that it had been working. She raved about their evening of astrology studying, and Cameron insisted that he liked Josslyn's keychain gift. Josslyn realized she had never given Cameron a choice to act like her boyfriend, but she was grateful to him.

Josslyn added that she'd had a good time with Cameron the previous night, although she wondered what Kim had wanted to see her about. She suggested they pick up breakfast before school, and they left the house.

When Alexis arrived at Charlie's Pub, Julian informed her that she was his first customer of the day. He told her that Kristina was fine and had some new friends. Alexis announced that she was there for another reason, and she saw Oscar busy at work. She grabbed a table, and Oscar joined her. Alexis asked about his health, and Oscar confided that he'd had some headaches, but he was doing okay.

Alexis had a large amount of paper documents for Oscar to look at. She informed him that he would have to make decisions about tax forms, his high school diploma, and health insurance. He admitted that he wasn't familiar with any of it, and Alexis explained that he had to prove that he could live as an adult. She wondered if he was ready for it all.

Oscar insisted that he could only concentrate on one thing, but Alexis advised him that emancipation was complex. Julian walked over and had Oscar return to work. Oscar got up with a mountain of paperwork in his arms. Alexis stated that Oscar was a good kid, and Julian declared that he knew exactly what Alexis had been doing. He went to fetch Alexis a cup of coffee and sat down.

Julian was aware that Alexis was making a big show of handling Oscar's case but he knew that, deep down, she wanted him to do the drug trial and had been showing Oscar how hard life could be. He thanked her on behalf of Kim, although Alexis claimed she had no idea what Julian was talking about.

Kim summoned Drew to the hospital in order to sign consent forms for the drug trial. Drew declared that it wouldn't change Oscar's mind and would probably alienate him instead. Kim insisted that she didn't care because they were running out of time. Kim admitted that she had been hoping that someone like Josslyn could talk to Oscar, and she had gone to see her because she'd been desperate.

Kim revealed that when she'd arrived at Josslyn's house, she could see that Josslyn had moved on with Cameron and had seemed happy. Josslyn was living a life that was out of Oscar's reach. She thought that Oscar would have seen Kim talking to Josslyn as a betrayal, so they would have to fight in court.

Monica arrived and overheard part of the conversation. Kim and Drew explained what had been happening with Oscar, and Monica told them that she understood everything because her daughter Emily had been through a similar crisis. She proceeded to tell them that Emily had refused treatment for breast cancer initially. She had eventually accepted it and beaten the cancer but had been murdered later on.

Monica explained that the point was that someone Emily had loved had convinced her to go through with the treatment. Kim related that she'd thought about going to Josslyn, but Oscar would have felt betrayed, and Oscar didn't like his parents already. Monica had somewhere else to be, and she left.

Drew confided that he didn't remember Emily, but it felt like he loved her. He had no idea about people in his past. He shared a son with Kim but had no memory of how it had happened. He revealed that he had had another chance to retrieve his past. He closed the door and told Kim that the flash drive had been found. He could lose his current memory if he decided to retrieve his past, but he felt like a hypocrite for not taking the risk.

Kim assured Drew that they had to make decisions for Oscar, but she hoped that Drew had decided against having an experimental procedure based on a "wing and a prayer." She stated that there was no comparison to the trial they wanted Oscar to take part in. She was relieved that Drew had decided against it because he wasn't willing to give up the memories of the life he'd made in the past several years.

Curtis arrived at the police station, and Jordan announced that she had no new information on the Mary Pat case. He reminded her of their appointment with the wedding planner and the cake tasting, and Jordan was both sad and apologetic that she had to miss it. She thanked Curtis for "stepping up." He saw photos spread out on Jordan's desk and asked if Jordan was still considering Carly to be the prime suspect in Mary Pat's murder.

Curtis urged Jordan to stop wasting time because Carly wouldn't have been capable of beheading Mary Pat. Jordan agreed that she had almost ruled out Carly, but she was concerned because of the strands of hair in Mary Pat's hand that had turned out to be Carly's hair. They agreed that it had been a plant and wondered if the point had been to set up Carly.

Curtis stated that Mary Pat had not been the target, after all, but the method of the murder had seemed to be personal. Jordan declared that the case had the "hallmarks of a serial killer." Someone had put on a show, and there would be more victims.

Stella arrived at the Corinthos house in order to take Mike to daycare. She headed out to the patio and found Mike there. He was eager to get to his daily spot, but Stella wanted to have breakfast first. Mike thanked her for all of the rides she'd given him and thought she had gone "above and beyond." Stella stated that she liked Mike and thought of herself as not only his caseworker but also a friend.

Inside the house, Carly asked Jason where Sonny was. He hadn't been home the previous night, and she hadn't heard from him. Jason advised Carly that he and Sonny had found leverage on the district attorney, and he'd also been busy with Ferncliff. He advised her that Nelle had finagled the room next door to Carly's old one, but she hadn't been as convincing as Carly. He and Sam had exposed her.

Jason and Carly talked about what might have happened to Carly's previous neighbor. Jason asked why Carly hadn't called him when she'd been taken to the station for questioning. She replied that she had called Diane, and she'd been tired and busy when she'd gotten home. Jason insisted that Carly be in touch with him, especially after a nurse had been decapitated with Carly's DNA beside her. He was certain that Carly was being set up.

Carly hadn't realized that she was the target of the killer, and Jason suggested that Ava was the murderer. Carly didn't think it was Ava's style. Just then, Sonny rushed inside and apologized. Carly asked where he had been. Mike and Stella walked inside and interrupted. They had returned home to retrieve Mike's wallet. Stella went back to the car, and Sonny advised his father that Croton was over.

Mike didn't understand what Sonny meant. "If you say so," Mike replied. He spotted his wallet on the coffee table and announced that he was going to Charlie's for breakfast. Sonny thought it was great that Mike didn't remember anything, but Carly and Jason questioned him on the finality of Croton. Sonny revealed that he had been in New Jersey with Margaux the previous night.

Sonny explained how he had confronted Jeanette and what had happened afterward. He had worn a wire. Margaux had been hurt after she'd heard what her mother had done. Carly reminded Sonny that Margaux was aware that her mother hadn't actually been the one to pull the trigger and kill Marino. She thought that Margaux would still be after Sonny.

Sonny insisted that he couldn't be tied to the murder, and Jeanette hadn't said anything before she'd left. Carly declared that Margaux would try to get Sonny for something. He guessed that the truth had broken Margaux, and it hadn't felt right to leave her. He felt bad for her, but he was sorry he hadn't been home for Carly.

Carly went off to look after Avery. "Is she mad?" Sonny asked Jason. Jason advised his boss that Carly had had a tough 24 hours, and Margaux was angry and would take it out on Sonny.

Margaux arrived at the police station and walked in on Jordan and Curtis, who was about to leave. "Ooh, take it easy," Curtis said when he saw Margaux's face. Jordan called her a "hot mess." Margaux sat down. She admitted that she hadn't been celebrating anything. She went into detail about what had happened with Jeanette and Sonny.

Jordan understood that Margaux had mixed feelings about the chain of events. Jordan guessed that Margaux was hoping that someone would take everything off of her hands, but she thought it was Margaux's choice about whether to send her own mother to prison for her father's murder. She stared at her phone.

Cameron and Josslyn got to Charlie's for breakfast. They were talking and joking then they spotted Oscar. Josslyn attempted to talk to Oscar briefly and asked about his girlfriend. She went off to do something else, and Oscar demanded to know if Cameron and Josslyn were still just friends. "Nope," Cameron replied.

Oscar asked if Cameron and Josslyn were really dating. Cameron snapped that Josslyn had needed someone she could count on and someone to respect her. They liked each other and had fun together. He couldn't promise that nothing would happen. Josslyn returned and announced that there was no time for breakfast, and they had to leave. She and Oscar looked at each other for a period of time before Josslyn walked out.

Stella and Mike sat at a table and ate. She asked Mike about his lady friends at daycare, and they joked around. Curtis walked in and headed to their table. Stella asked him to join them, but Curtis said that he had an appointment with the wedding planner. He had also just picked up the wedding rings. Mike asked to see them, and Curtis emphasized that he only wanted to get married once. He still hoped that Stella would be at the wedding.

Stella thought the rings were beautiful. She said she was sorry, but she couldn't be at the wedding. Mike thought it was a shame.

Monica showed up and asked to see Oscar. After finding out how much Oscar made per hour, she handed Julian some money. She had to spend the day with her grandson, and Oscar would be leaving work. They had things to talk about.

Finn receives a letter from Hayden

Finn receives a letter from Hayden

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Anna saw Finn at the hospital, and they spoke briefly about not enjoying their time with Britt. Anna mentioned smothering Britt with a pillow. She noticed that Finn was not himself, and he admitted that he was hot and nervous. Anna assured him that he'd be fine during his presentation and reminded him that he would only be talking to third graders, while he was a doctor.

Elizabeth shouted at Aiden, who was late for the school bus. She hastily helped him with his jacket and noted that he had missed the bus. Franco was ready to get Aiden to school, but the boy suggested that he stay home, since he was already late. Elizabeth wouldn't hear of it, and she sent him back upstairs to retrieve his backpack.

Elizabeth was beside herself but finally managed to get her son ready, and he rushed out the door. Franco kissed Elizabeth goodbye and followed Aiden out.

Curtis visited Nina at the Crimson office. He wanted to know why she hadn't RSVPed to his wedding yet. Nina held up the invitation and told him she would be attending. He asked her to be his "best person" because Drew had had to bow out, and Nina was touched and honored. He called her a true friend, and Nina tearfully accepted and gave him a big hug.

Curtis wondered if Nina had a date, and she admitted that she hadn't had a confirmation yet. She assured him it wasn't Valentin. She stated that she would invite Sasha if the first person she had asked turned her down. Curtis was curious to hear that Sasha was staying in town and more so when he learned that she had accepted a job from Nina.

Peter saw Maxie drinking coffee as she sat at a table in Metro Court. He teased her about being on a stakeout, and she nodded her head toward Valentin and Sasha, who were at the bar. Peter sat down, and Maxie explained that Curtis had found Nina's daughter, thanks to Valentin. She admitted that she had been trying not to be nosy, but she had difficulty minding her own business. She asked Peter if he would be attending Curtis' wedding with Nina.

Valentin and Sasha stood at the bar, and Valentin waved to Maxie. He told Sasha they were being watched. Sasha announced that she had taken a job at Crimson, much to Valentin's dismay. Sasha understood that the longer she stayed, the more of a chance she would be taking at someone finding out about her, but she planned to "tread lightly."

"Who's your friend?" Laura asked Valentin as she approached the bar. Valentin introduced the women, and Laura asked how they knew each other. Laura was surprised to hear that Sasha was Nina's daughter, but she wished Sasha good luck at her new job. Valentin offered to escort Sasha to Crimson because he wanted to speak to Nina anyway.

Peter confessed to Maxie that he didn't know why Nina had invited him to the wedding. They were interrupted when Laura walked over, and she thanked Peter for his paper's endorsement. Peter wished her luck, and Laura admitted that she hoped she could prove herself. Anna walked up to the group and chimed in in agreement.

Anna wanted to speak to Peter privately, and they walked away. She thanked him for not mentioning Britt in his paper, but she wanted to let him know that the gag order had been lifted. Her next move would be to catch Liesl. She advised him that Britt was seriously ill in a room at General Hospital. Peter thought that Britt had looked well when he'd seen her, but Anna suggested that looks could be deceiving.

Peter was angry at Anna for using him to publish false information, and he accused her of being the same kind of person as Valentin. He stated that they were both trying to make amends. Anna asked how Valentin would make amends, and Peter stated that he had reunited a mother and child who had been "separated through no fault of their own."

Anna saw Valentin and noted that he'd been busy after "conjuring" a daughter. Valentin snapped that there had been two independent DNA tests run. He thought maybe one day he'd even win Peter back into his good graces along with Anna. "You stay away from my son," Anna shouted.

Peter returned to Maxie and explained that he and Anna had a difference of opinion on accurate reporting. He referred to Anna as Agent Devane and acknowledged that he would never have a bond with her. Maxie returned to their previous discussion and asked about his invitation from Nina. Peter wondered if it had been Maxie's idea, but she denied it.

Peter felt that he shouldn't go to the wedding with all of the cops in attendance along with people who had been close to Nathan. Maxie disagreed, and Peter decided he would attend. He asked about Maxie's date.

Scott approached Elizabeth at the hospital to talk about his clients who were patients, but Elizabeth was abrupt with him. Later, Laura found Elizabeth crying and offered to talk. Elizabeth cried that she had no control over anything and was failing at motherhood. She admitted that something was wrong with Aiden.

Elizabeth explained that Aiden had some kind of problem that he wouldn't talk to her about, and she had snapped at him earlier in the day. They sat down, and Laura assured Elizabeth that she was a good mother who had had a bad morning. Elizabeth noted that she planned to try art therapy or talking to Kevin, but Laura asked if she had thought about phoning Lucky.

Elizabeth wondered if she should tell Lucky about it, and Laura thought that Lucky would definitely return to town. Elizabeth thought that might cause more harm in the long run, and Laura reluctantly agreed. Laura wanted Elizabeth to know that she was there for her.

Back at Crimson, Sasha arrived for work, and Curtis expressed how happy he was that Nina and Sasha had found each other thanks to Valentin. Nina stressed that Curtis was her hero, and she directed Sasha to her desk. Curtis was concerned after hearing that Sasha and Nina had had dinner with Valentin, but Nina assured him it hadn't meant anything.

The students in Willow Tait's class and their guests stood with hands over hearts as Charlotte recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Chase, who was wearing his policeman's uniform, ran in just as the pledge was finished. Lulu leaned over from her seat to ask Chase if he'd volunteered or been appointed.

It was Career Day, and there were various speakers to talk to the class. After Willow spoke to the class, Charlotte announced that they couldn't start without Aiden. Just then, Franco arrived with Aiden and handed him money for the cafeteria along with some bribe money. Willow opened the classroom door and welcomed Aiden inside. Franco apologized for being late. He had also given the incorrect directions to Finn, who had been looking for the classroom.

Stella spoke to the class first, and she impressed the class with her Social Worker Woman T-shirt. Finn raced in and, out of breath, plopped into a seat. "Smooth," Chase whispered. "Shut up!" Finn replied. Next up was Lulu, who instructed the class on what was needed to be a journalist. She wrote keywords on the blackboard.

Michael had the attention of the class with many props and experiments. He told them about ELQ and how they made chemicals and technologies. He sent the kids home with seeds in order to start their own gardens. "We do a little bit of everything but a whole lot of good," Michael declared. Willow was impressed. "The guy brought props," Finn exclaimed.

Chase's turn was next. He deputized Charlotte in case of emergency, and he conducted a demonstration on fingerprinting. Charlotte was full of comments and questions. Chase went out into the hallway to get his special assistant. Thor, a German Shepherd, was a member of the K-9 unit, Chase explained. Finn was exasperated and rolled his eyes. He noted that he could have had Roxy with him.

Lastly, Chase talked about a helmet that was needed when driving. Willow remarked that the kids didn't drive yet, and Chase joked that he was talking to her. Finally, it was Finn's turn, and Lulu slipped out. Finn started off with a bad joke and awkwardly attempted to talk about being a doctor. Charlotte was rude to both Finn and Aiden, and she kept interrupting the doctor. She received a detention. Chase called out and asked if the doctor had ever saved someone from brain worms. The bell rang before Finn could respond in detail.

Willow thanked her speakers for a successful day, although Finn noted that he hadn't been successful at all. Willow suggested another day. The adults were agreeable, and as they filed out, Willow and Michael flirted. Chase remained behind and asked Willow for her phone number for his brother. Willow started to go after Finn, but Chase said that he would take it.

Chase announced that he could use Willow's number, also, and after another round of flirting, he admitted he was rusty. Willow agreed that she was, too, and she gave Chase her number. She looked forward to his call.

Franco was engrossed in a book at home when the doorbell rang. It was Scott, who wondered why some people were lounging around when others had "productive mornings." He had already visited two clients, and Elizabeth had bitten his head off at the hospital. He also wanted art therapy for his clients. Franco informed his father that he had been reading a child psychology book because he had kids for students.

Scott didn't believe Franco because he had assumed something was wrong after running into Elizabeth. He was angry that Franco hadn't thought to talk to him about it. Franco mentioned a problem with a kid who had suddenly grown to be sullen and quiet. Scott stated that kids had phases. He suggested various things to try but finally said, "Worry!"

Franco had hoped the book would be enlightening, but Scott grabbed the book out of Franco's hand and tossed it in the air. Franco wanted to be a good parent. Scott asked whether it was the kid or Franco who had the problem. He wondered if Franco was trying to impress Elizabeth.

While Scott fixed himself a sandwich, Franco declared that he really wanted to help Aiden. Scott suggested he take the boy out and connect with him. He thought that Aiden would open up, and Elizabeth would know that Franco was "the man for the job." They joked around about father and son activities that they might do.

Valentin showed up at Crimson, and Nina asked Curtis to stay, but he had to go. "Seat me at a fun table," Nina declared. She thought Stella would be fun. Curtis disclosed that Stella would not be attending. Valentin returned something of Nina's that he'd found after her visit. He took a seat and announced that he wanted to talk about what had happened and what could still happen in the future.

Nina replied that she was busy but Valentin declared that he had unfinished business. Just then, Sasha ushered in Peter and Maxie, and Peter accepted Nina's invitation. Valentin was confused, but Nina clarified that Peter was to be her date.

At the hospital, Elizabeth started to make a phone call to Lucky but she was interrupted by an incoming call. It was Willow, who wanted to discuss Aiden. Finn returned and saw Anna, who asked about the career day. Finn disclosed that it had gone badly. Curtis arrived with an envelope addressed to Finn. It was from Hayden.

Ryan plans to help the police investigation

Ryan plans to help the police investigation

Thursday, November 15, 2018

At General Hospital, Curtis ran into Finn and Anna, and he showed them a letter he'd received from Hayden. Anna noted that the postmark was from a town near the French-Italian border. "How is she?" Finn asked. Anna offered to leave in order to give the men privacy, but Finn didn't think it was necessary.

Curtis related that Hayden had sent him a congratulatory note after reading about his upcoming nuptials in social media. Curtis added that Hayden had also written about her travels, but there had been a private note enclosed for Finn. Curtis confessed that he hadn't read it.

Nearby, Franco attempted to speak to "Kevin," but the doctor nearly bit Franco's head off. He shouted that he was busy and had been on edge because he had to talk to the police about the murder case. He quickly apologized, and Franco disclosed that he'd spoken to Jordan and Chase about Mary Pat's murder. They had wanted to pick his brain about methods and motives and delve into a "real-life psycho killer."

"Kevin" took a seat next to Franco on the bench and declared that he wanted to hear more. Franco thought that "Kevin" should know a lot, having done extensive research on the subject. Franco admitted that he hadn't told everything he knew because he had the capability of getting into the killer's head and having him put away.

"Kevin" thought that Franco was well-intentioned, but it could spell disaster to reopen his past and was not worth the risk. He was proud of Franco and didn't want him to jeopardize the progress he'd made. "Kevin" felt certain that he could provide insights to the cops. Franco received a phone call from Elizabeth asking him to get to Aiden's classroom.

Elizabeth met with Willow in her classroom in order to discuss Aiden. Elizabeth wondered if anything had happened, and Willow responded that the little boy had refused to talk when she'd asked him to say something. She thought his behavior had grown more troubling. Elizabeth removed her coat, and she revealed how talkative and normal Aiden had been at home.

Willow disclosed that Aiden appeared to be the victim of some bullying, which caused Elizabeth to understand why her son had been reluctant to go to school. Willow stressed that she had tried to make a welcoming atmosphere for all her students, and she was sorry that she had missed the signs. She always tried to look for the best in all of the kids.

Willow added that the abuse did not appear to be physical but verbal and social. Elizabeth was afraid it would cut deeply and last for a long time. She called Franco to join them for the discussion. When he arrived, he blew up in anger and frustration. He noted that Aiden was a sensitive kid, but Willow suggested that that made Aiden more withdrawn and isolated.

Franco suggested telling the class but Willow didn't think it was a good idea to draw attention to Aiden's isolation. Franco demanded the abusive student be punished, and he wanted to know who it was. Willow thought that would draw more children into being bullies. She also couldn't reveal the bully's name.

Franco apologized for his outburst but admitted he was feeling helpless. Elizabeth assured Willow that Franco wouldn't do anything. The teacher stated that she would send articles and brochures to them, and she gave them some helpful information on a strategy to try to draw Aiden out of his shell. Willow believed the disruptive student could be redeemed.

Willow added that she wished she could confront the bully ,but she thought that all of the students had to feel secure and welcome. They would work together to try to rectify the situation. Elizabeth and Franco left, and they were determined to follow the instructions they'd been given. Willow placed a phone call to Lulu and told her they needed to talk about Charlotte.

Margaux ran into Drew at Metro Court as he was finishing up a phone call. He tried to avoid her and reminded her that she had tried to blackmail him. Margaux confessed that everything had blown up in her face. She said to "be careful what you wish for," because she'd learned that her mother had arranged her father's death. She couldn't prove Sonny's involvement.

Margaux continued that she could make a case against her mother because it was her duty. Drew was shocked to hear her say that, but Margaux continued that as a Navy SEAL, he should know that it was duty and loyalty first. She quickly apologized that he couldn't recall being in the Navy. She walked away, but Drew followed her to her table.

Drew was angry and accused Margaux of enjoying making light of his memory loss, and he thought it was low, even for her. She mentioned his retrieving his memories, but Drew knew she only wanted him to do it so he could "flip" on Sonny. He was having no part of it. Curtis walked up and announced that he had received Drew's message to meet. He didn't want to interrupt, but Drew was ready to move away from Margaux.

Drew and Curtis sat at the bar. Curtis mentioned that he'd once thought Drew and Margaux would get together, but Drew assured him that he had been wrong. Curtis was sorry about Oscar, and Drew was apologetic again about not being able to attend Curtis' wedding and be the best man. Drew asked Curtis about his honeymoon, and Curtis admitted that he couldn't afford one.

Drew showed Curtis a photo that had been taken in Fiji. "That's where you and Jordan are going for your honeymoon," Drew announced. Curtis was speechless, and he and Drew clinked their beer glasses. Drew insisted that he owed Curtis, and they joked about the "Dumpster diving." Curtis informed Drew that he and Jordan were busy with not a lot of time off, but Drew advised him that the gift was open-ended. There were no excuses.

Curtis reluctantly accepted Drew's gift, although Drew informed him that refusal hadn't been an option. Curtis announced that Drew was the best man he knew.

Finn and Anna returned to Finn's hotel suite, and Finn placed Hayden's note on the desk next to Roxy's cage. He explained that Hayden had been secretive and had had demons, and their relationship had been destined to fail. He admitted that Hayden had changed a little when she'd been pregnant, but he had a great life with Anna and Roxy. Anna insisted she wasn't feeling threatened, and she urged Finn to read the note.

Anna started to go out of the room in order to give Finn privacy, but he insisted he had no secrets. Anna sat down, and Finn picked up the note and began to read out loud. Hayden mentioned that she had reached out to Curtis, and she had still been trying to find herself. She was sorry that she hadn't trusted in Finn and herself together. She added that she'd gone full circle but had let it slip away.

Finn crumbled the paper. Anna was impressed but she wanted to know about the part that he hadn't read out loud. She knew Finn, and she was able to tell that he had skipped part of the note. Finn replied that it didn't matter, but Anna remarked that she was more threatened by what Finn didn't share. He handed her the note, and she read it out loud. Hayden was prepared to send Finn the dates for when she could meet up with him. "We have unfinished business," Anna read.

Anna noted that Hayden still cared about Finn. He was certain that Hayden wouldn't have asked to meet him if she'd known about Anna, who admitted that she couldn't unread the words. Finn had no clue about any unfinished business, especially since Hayden had lost their baby. Anna pointed out that Hayden had thought differently, and she wondered what Finn would do.

Sonny and Carly arrived at the police station to talk to Jordan. Sonny suggested that he call his lawyer if Jordan planned on questioning Carly, but the police commissioner announced that she had "definitive evidence" in the Mary Pat murder case. Jordan sat at the table in the interrogation room. She stated that witness interviews and security footage had cleared Carly as a suspect. She'd had to confirm Carly's alibi.

Sonny clarified that Carly was no longer a person of interest, and Jordan agreed. Carly wanted to know who had been trying to set her up, and Jordan could only relate that she had people working on it. She suggested that Sonny and Carly take preventative measures and beef up their security. Sonny and Carly found that ironic, with Sonny always on the suspect list, and Sonny shook his head in disbelief.

"Kevin" walked in with a smile, and Jordan declared that she wanted "Kevin's" expertise. "Kevin" wanted to talk to Carly first, and they walked out into the station. He asked how she had been doing. Carly informed him that someone had tried to frame her, but they'd failed. Sonny promised the suspect would get what he deserved.

Carly also told "Kevin" that her neighbor at Ferncliff was no longer there and had been replaced by Nelle. She wondered how Nelle had ended up there. Jordan summoned "Kevin" into the interrogation room, so he didn't answer. He advised Jordan that she'd been "misguided" to talk to Franco, and Franco didn't need a setback. Jordan admitted that she'd been impressed with the paper that he had written regarding getting into the mind of a murderer. He admitted that he'd learned a lot during research, and he believed that someone with a "twisted" mind could actually have superior intelligence and stay three steps ahead of the law.

Jordan agreed that finding Carly's hair in the victim's hand could either mean a setup of Carly or a way to divert the law. "Kevin" added that the killing had been planned carefully, and it hadn't been random. The murderer of this type chose their victims for a reason, and he would kill again. Jordan thanked "Kevin" and acknowledged that she would continue to use him. "Kevin" urged her to let him know about every step of the investigation.

Carly and Sonny walked off the elevator at Metro Court. She was annoyed that Kevin couldn't talk about her neighbor, but Sonny told her he was a doctor, and it was a privacy issue. Carly wanted to celebrate the fact that Sonny was off the hook with Margaux, but Sonny was sorry it had gone so far. Carly declared that Margaux had forced the issue. "Speak of the devil" Sonny said when they saw Margaux.

Carly wanted to talk to Margaux and declared that she wouldn't be scared in her own place of business. She told Margaux she'd heard about Margaux's parents, and while it was obviously painful, Margaux had set it in motion herself. Furthermore, Carly didn't care about her, and she wanted Margaux to "back the hell off." Carly would do what it took to protect her loved ones.

Margaux accused Carly of threatening her but Sonny chuckled that he had missed it. Carly and Margaux proceeded to have words, and Margaux finally stormed off after shouting, "My job is to prosecute criminals, regardless of what they may or may not know about my family or anything else." "It's worse than I thought," Carly uttered. She accused Sonny of having misguided compassion for Margaux.

Carly continued that Margaux had done everything to go after Carly's family members, and she couldn't believe Sonny felt sorry for her. Sonny said that he felt sorry that Margaux had lost her father at a young age, but Carly thought he almost wanted to defend the district attorney. "Things aren't as tied off with her as I'd like them to be," Sonny admitted. "What are you gonna do about it?" Carly asked as she turned her back on him and got onto the elevator.

Shortly after, Margaux was in her hotel suite when she heard a knock at the door. It was Sonny. He said he wanted to finish things.

Ava second-guesses her plans for Kiki and Griffin

Ava second-guesses her plans for Kiki and Griffin

Friday, November 16, 2018

Michael met with Sam at Metro Court. He sat down at her table but was surprised when Jason walked over. Michael asked if it was an ambush but Jason announced that he had been looking for Sonny, who might need help with the district attorney.

"Kevin" joined Ava at the bar, even though she admitted she was annoyed that he'd dropped her as a client. She saw the positive side, though, and offered to buy him a drink, since there were no longer any boundaries. "Kevin" accepted and added that he had been craving a Bloody Mary.

As Ava and "Kevin" sipped their drinks, he asked about her daughter, and he advised her that she and Kiki would be close again soon. He also noticed that she appeared to not be sleeping well and asked her about it. Ava complained that she'd lost her edge, and she'd been sad and alone at night. Her spirit had been broken. "Kevin" didn't buy it and stated that she was wounded and angry. He had a cure for her, and handed her some sample sleeping pills.

Ava accepted the pills while "Kevin" explained that everyone had their demons, including himself. He admitted that his had everything to do with his brother. Ava asked how he handled it because she knew nothing about his life.

Margaux invited Sonny into her suite, although she wondered if he was there to kill her like her father. She added that she had already received an earful from Carly. Sonny clarified that the problem was between Margaux and himself, and he asked why he would want her dead when he was only a "simple coffee importer." Just then, he received a call from Jason and informed him that he was with Margaux and would let him know if Sonny needed him.

Margaux asked how Jason was doing, considering that he did all of Sonny's dirty work. Sonny reminded her that he was out of the equation because her mother was the one who had arranged the murder of her father. Sonny declared that Margaux was unable to accept her father's death, but Margaux reminded him that it had been murder. Sonny stressed that that was because of her mother, and she couldn't prove that Sonny had been involved.

Margaux retorted that Sonny was "full of it" like her mother, but again Sonny replied that nothing tied him to the murder. He asked if she really wanted to rot in her own prison by refusing to give up on her investigation. Margaux accused him of trying to sound like he cared. Sonny maintained that she had been a victim, and he couldn't help but think of her as a little girl.

Sonny thought Margaux would have quit her investigation after hearing the truth. "You thought wrong," Margaux replied. As they spoke, she continued to drink, and she replenished her glass often. Sonny suggested she focus on her own life, but she stated she wouldn't be happy until he went to prison. Sonny argued that Joe Scully and her mother had killed her father.

Margaux wondered if Sonny would tell his little girl that it wasn't his fault that he had been a murderer. Sonny replied that she was pushing it. He was choked up as he responded that he would want his daughter to be happy. Margaux accused Sonny of depriving her of memories. Sonny insisted that there was no evidence to tie him to anything, and she wouldn't find any evidence. "Let it go," he implored.

At General Hospital, Aiden told Franco and Elizabeth about career day at school. Franco asked if everyone had been nice, and Elizabeth asked if she should call Aiden's father. Aiden ignored their questions and asked for money for the vending machine. Franco couldn't blame him for not talking, and he and Elizabeth agreed to try some art therapy.

Aiden returned with some goodies, and Franco asked him if he could draw a picture of his hamster. They sat in Franco's office. After Aiden was finished, Franco complimented the drawing and asked him to draw a picture of his friend next. Aiden announced that he preferred to draw his family instead.

After Aiden was finished with the second picture, Franco looked it over. He asked why Aiden had made himself so small in comparison to his brothers. Aiden explained that he was the baby and little. Franco replied that he didn't see Aiden as tiny. "But I am," Aiden said.

Elsewhere, Kiki saw Griffin and excitedly asked him if he was returning to work. He was at the hospital for more questioning. Kiki revealed that she planned to set Sasha straight. Griffin was adamant that he not be responsible for getting between Kiki and her new sister, but he was behind Kiki no matter what. Kiki got onto the elevator.

Nina was impressed with Sasha's work at Crimson, and they talked about various facets of the business. Before Sasha had a chance to warn her, Nina walked into her own office and found Valentin waiting. Nina quickly informed him that she didn't owe him any explanations about her date to the wedding.

Just then, Valentin received a phone call from Willow, who asked him to see her at school. He advised Nina that he didn't have to give her any explanations, either. Having heard Valentin's end of the conversation, Nina grabbed her coat and rushed out behind Valentin.

Kiki paid Sasha a visit and admitted that she had moved too quickly when she'd invited Sasha to live with her. Sasha acknowledged that she, too, had moved too quickly with Kiki's boyfriend, and she was sorry. Kiki accused her of trying to "poach" her boyfriend. Sasha agreed that she had flirted, but she had been told that Kiki and Griffin were merely friends with benefits.

Kiki clarified that she and Griffin were serious, and Sasha was sorry for her mistake. Kiki announced that she wanted Sasha to move out right away. She already had her mother to deal with. Sasha wondered if Kiki trusted Griffin.

Lulu ran into Willow's class, where the teacher revealed that she was also waiting for Valentin. "How bad is it?" Lulu asked. Valentin arrived and closed the door. He sat down at one of the student desks alongside Lulu. Nina burst in loudly. "What'd I miss?" she asked. She informed Willow that she was Charlotte's stepmother. Willow wanted permission from Charlotte's parents, and both gave their assent. Nina sat down. Willow walked around and spoke about Charlotte's "troubling behavior."

Willow stated that while Charlotte was bright and assertive, she'd also grown into a bully. Willow had told the little girl that bullying was unacceptable, but it had grown more frequent and had happened in front of other teachers. Valentin, Lulu, and Nina were taken aback. Willow added that there was a need for them to be involved.

Nina stood and began to argue with Willow and called Willow the problem. Lulu's eyes opened wide, and Valentin shook his head. Nina tried to defend Charlotte's behavior and sat down. Willow told the group that Charlotte had been confrontational at Career Day after Lulu had gone. She had been making fun of one particular student because she didn't like him, and that was unacceptable.

Nina was very vocal and said that Charlotte didn't need to change, and the little girl had been through a lot. Valentin and Lulu agreed. Nina wondered if Willow had children, and when she heard that the teacher was childless, she went off and attacked Willow verbally. Lulu tried to calm Nina down, but Willow announced that she wanted to speak to Charlotte's parents alone.

Valentin advised Nina that she had made it impossible to discuss, and he ordered her to leave. Nina couldn't believe it, and she made accusations at the teacher. Lulu declared that she would call Nina to let her know how it went. Nina announced that she would go, but she would be watching Willow. Valentin was mortified and apologetic. Willow explained that she had written guidelines to help the parents out, but there would be consequences if Charlotte didn't change.

At Metro Court, after Jason made his phone call to Sonny, Michael invited him to sit at the table. Sam revealed that she and Jason had found Nelle at Ferncliff, and Michael was astonished. Sam explained that they had been at the facility, investigating for Carly. Sam continued that Nelle had faked a breakdown and had been in the room next to Carly's old room. Sam suspected that she had been there as a decoy or that the other patient had been moved out.

Michael was curious if Nelle had really been faking, because she'd had a breakdown in the past. Jason described what Nelle had been doing, but he clarified that he and Sam had called her bluff. Nelle had also vowed to go after Carly when she was set free.

Michael agreed that it all sounded like Nelle. However, he had learned to be calmer, and his grief had grown more manageable. Michael thanked Sam and Jason for the update, and Sam assured him things would get better.

After Michael had gone, Sam asked about Jason's Thanksgiving plans. He wanted to hear Sam's plans first, and she told him about Curtis' wedding in the morning, but she would watch the parade with the kids in the afternoon. She extended an invitation to Jason to join them, and he accepted. He promised to have Sam's favorite doughnuts.

Sasha found Ava and "Kevin" at the bar, and Sasha exclaimed that Ava should leave her out of it the next time she tried to break up Kiki and Griffin. Sasha proceeded to tell her off. Ava insisted she hadn't tried to mislead Sasha because she had thought her daughter's relationship had been casual. "Kevin" took the argument as his cue to leave.

Sasha proceeded to tell Ava that Kiki had kicked her out of the apartment, and she accused Ava of losing the game she'd been playing. Sasha walked away and ordered some soup to be delivered to her new hotel room. Ava looked at the pills she'd been given and wandered over to check on Sasha's order. She slipped a sleeping pill into the soup that Sasha had ordered.

Michael got to Willow's classroom and found her upset. She confessed that she'd had a rough parent-teacher conference, and she'd been looking for a meeting to attend because it would help. Michael understood, but he had a gift to cheer her up. She opened the box and found it full of seeds. Michael reminded her that she'd wanted more. They both vowed to tell their stories at a meeting someday.

Nina returned to her office and entered Willow's name in the search engine on her computer. Before she could look any further, Valentin stormed in. She threatened to call security, but Valentin was pleased to see her fierceness. He wanted Nina to be there when he and Lulu spoke to Charlotte. His daughter needed their support. Nina agreed for Charlotte.

Lulu tried to find Finn at the hospital because she wanted to ask him about Britt. She saw Elizabeth, and both women admitted they'd had a tough day with their kids.

Kiki spotted Griffin, and she told him about her talk with Sasha. Her sister had accused her of not trusting Griffin. Kiki didn't want to be like her mother and blame her problems on the rest of the world. Griffin assured her she was nothing like Ava.

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