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The Quartermaines gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Oscar had a change of heart. Kiki was murdered. Griffin was arrested for Kiki's murder. Ava took a loaded gun to confront Griffin.
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Jordan and Curtis get ready for their wedding

Jordan and Curtis get ready for their wedding

Monday, November 26, 2018

As Ava and "Kevin" kissed, Laura entered Ava's gallery. "Oh, my God," she cried, and the two broke apart. Laura reminded him that she'd asked if he'd found someone else, but he'd been too cowardly to admit it. Ava insisted that they weren't having an affair, but Laura only wanted to hear from her husband. "Kevin" replied that he'd been completely honest by telling Laura that their marriage was over. Laura related how much of a betrayal it was for Kevin to be seeing the woman who'd "sold out Nikolas' memory" behind her back.

Laura continued that she didn't see the man she'd married in "Kevin's" eyes at all, but she thought it would be better off that they were strangers. She revealed that she was there to talk to Ava about her donation to Laura's campaign. She ripped the check up and threw it on the floor. "I don't accept blood money!" she yelled, and she stormed out. Ava picked up the pieces, and "Kevin" apologized on behalf of Laura. Ava related that she was used to being a pariah.

"Kevin" apologized if he'd overstepped by kissing Ava, but she revealed that she'd felt whatever he'd felt. They shared another kiss, and he divulged that he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. She suggested that they spend Thanksgiving together, and he accepted, glad to have convinced her not to leave town. "For the time being," she replied. She thought she and Kiki would be better off if she wasn't in town -- or if Kiki wasn't. "Kevin" promised to meet Ava at her apartment after he took care of some "business." When he was gone, Ava fixed her makeup and smiled.

"We're closed," Oscar called out when Josslyn entered Charlie's, not seeing who it was. "Great, then we won't be interrupted," she replied. She demanded the truth from him and asked if he was sick. He immediately cursed Cameron for telling her, but she was glad Cameron had told her. "It's none of your boyfriend's business," he said. She confessed that she and Cameron had faked the relationship in order to make Oscar jealous. "It worked," he admitted. She asked if he still cared, and he confided that he'd never stopped.

Oscar informed Josslyn that she was the first person he'd wanted to tell when he'd found out about his diagnosis. However, he'd wanted her to forget about him, move on, and be happy, so she wouldn't have to suffer through his illness with him. Josslyn promised to do whatever it took to get him better, but he told her about his tumor and that he had less than a year left to live. He mentioned the drug trial, but he insisted that he wasn't going to participate, as the experimental treatment had caused some people to die.

Josslyn thought that Oscar should weigh the risks against the rewards, and she urged him to find out everything he could about it. He was dead set against it, but Josslyn reminded him that his chances of dying without doing the drug trial were "one hundred percent." She didn't think his parents should force him into it, but she promised she would be there with him every step of the way, no matter what he chose to do. He rushed to her and embraced her.

Monica proudly told her guests that she'd ordered a dozen gourmet pizzas for Thanksgiving, because "why tempt fate?" Kim commended Monica's decision to donate food to the local soup kitchen, and Monica replied that she wanted to focus on family rather than making a big meal. The doorbell rang, and Ned was unhappy to answer the door to Julian, who was carrying a box of food to donate. Kim greeted Julian, and Ned scolded Kim for being "presumptuous" enough to invite Julian. However, Olivia admitted that she'd invited Julian, and Julian followed Kim into the living room, where Leo was excited to see his father.

Monica informed Drew that she'd texted Oscar, welcoming him to their Thanksgiving, and Drew figured he wouldn't attend. He appreciated Monica trying to get through to Oscar about the immunotherapy. Drew saw Kim and Julian with their heads together, and he observed as Kim asked if Julian's "associates" had agreed to help her get Oscar out of the country if he won the lawsuit. He advised her to think before things went too far.

Drew approached Kim and Julian and demanded to know if Julian was planning on kidnapping Oscar. He ordered Julian to stay away from Oscar, but Julian informed Drew that he'd never agreed to take Oscar out of the country. He left the parents to talk. Kim insisted that she was trying to save their son, but Drew refused to let Oscar live out his last days as a prisoner.

Ned didn't understand why Olivia hadn't warned him about inviting Julian, but she knew that he would have objected. She knew that having Julian there would mean a lot to Leo, and she promised that no one could replace Ned in Leo's life. She added that she'd seen how much Julian had changed for the better since he'd gotten out of prison.

Bobbie entered Sonny's, and he informed her that Carly was at the hotel, dealing with a "situation." She asked about Josslyn, and Michael answered that he'd gotten a "cryptic message" from Josslyn saying that she would be home as soon as she could. Stella entered, and, while Mike was always happy to see her, he'd hoped that she would be somewhere "more important." Lucas and Brad entered with Wiley, and Brad sharply asked why Michael was there. He covered by asking why he wasn't at the Quartermaines'. Michael replied that he was going there later, and he asked to hold Wiley. Brad ran off to get a drink.

A few minutes later, Lucas and Brad wished Julian a happy Thanksgiving on speakerphone. Lucas left the conversation, and Brad took the phone off of speaker. Brad assured Julian that he'd "made peace" with his choices. Later, Sonny told his family that Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday, because he loved getting his family together. While the family had had some losses in the past few years, they'd also had a few additions, and family was the most important thing in the world. He wished his family a happy Thanksgiving, and everyone toasted.

Mike asked Stella about Marcus, and she admitted that they'd once been more than friends. She'd often wondered what might have been had they stayed together. However, she wouldn't change the life she had, and she thought that Marcus felt the same. "What's done is done," she stated. Mike said that that was the trick of life, to make decisions that you wouldn't regret later.

A short while later, Josslyn entered the empty house in tears. She collapsed on the floor and sobbed.

Kiki and Griffin were getting ready for the wedding and talking about Ava. Kiki wanted to turn her in to the cops, as she thought everyone would be better off with Ava behind bars. Griffin replied that the best revenge was a life well lived, but Kiki informed him that Ava didn't see revenge that way. Kiki didn't think that her mother would back off unless she found someone else to focus on. Griffin suddenly kissed her and unzipped her dress. She gave him a scolding look but continued to kiss him.

A short while later, Kiki and Griffin put their clothes back on. Kiki told him that they were going to be later to the wedding, but he grinned and said that he couldn't help himself. Griffin's phone went off, and he answered it to Monica. She informed him that the hospital board had made a decision about Griffin's suspension. Policy didn't allow her to tell him the decision over the phone, but she'd left a copy of the decision at the hospital for him. She wished him a happy Thanksgiving and hung up.

Griffin wasn't sure that he wanted to know the decision, but Kiki figured it was good news, since Monica had called. Griffin instructed Kiki to finish getting ready while he ran to the hospital for his paper, and he would meet her at the church. He proposed that they "get away for the holidays" and go somewhere warm. "I'd like that," she agreed. He kissed her and left. When she was done getting ready, she looked around for a sweater to take to the church. When she opened the door to leave, "Kevin" was standing there.

Monica wondered why all of the family's donated food hadn't yet been picked up, and Olivia remembered seeing someone there to pick the food up. Suddenly, Monica realized that the food that had been picked up had been their pizzas. Kim was angry at Julian for making her think that he would help her. He'd hoped that "it wouldn't come to that," but she'd hoped that she could count on him.

Michael entered the house a short while later and saw pizza on the table. Monica explained that they'd ordered more pizza, since they'd accidently donated their gourmet pizzas to the soup kitchen. Michael figured that the Quartermaine tradition of Thanksgiving not going as planned would just continue. Monica announced that it was time for dinner, but "first we sing, and then we eat." The Quartermaines joined in song except for Julian and Kim. The doorbell rang, and Drew left to answer it. With Kim behind him, Drew was shocked and happy to see Oscar at the door.

In the bridal suite, Anna popped open a bottle of Champagne and poured some for herself, Jordan, Molly, Lulu, and Maxie. Anna toasted to Jordan, who she was "privileged to call a colleague, and proud to call a friend." As Jordan's "something borrowed," Anna gave Jordan the bracelet Anna had been wearing the day they'd met, when Anna had tried to arrest Jordan.

As the "something blue," Molly gave Jordan a pair of earrings that T.J. had gotten for Molly. She added that Jordan had always made her feel welcome, and Jordan replied that T.J. was lucky to have Molly. Molly wondered who had Jordan's "something new," and both Maxie and Lulu replied that they did. Maxie admonished Lulu for not listening when she'd told Lulu to bring the "something old." Jordan didn't think it was a big deal and brushed off the superstition. "Nothing will go wrong," she said confidently.

Curtis left a message for Stella, urging her to change her mind about attending the wedding. He told her that he loved her and hung up. Nina entered and hugged her friend. She advised him to never lie or cheat, and "gifts help." He lightheartedly insisted that he didn't need "the talk," but Nina had been married multiple times, so she wanted him to know what he was getting himself into. "Right back atcha," Curtis shot back as Peter entered.

T.J. apologized to Curtis, as he clearly hadn't been able to get through to Stella. He advised Curtis to focus on his happiness with Jordan. Curtis asked T.J., as someone who'd been in a "steady relationship" for years, what his secret was. "Cherish what you have, and try not to screw up," T.J. replied, and he hugged his uncle.

Maxie entered the church, and Peter told her that she looked beautiful. Maxie thanked him and walked away to mingle. Peter looked like he wanted to follow her, but Nina warned him against leaving her "unescorted." Alexis entered and saw Finn, and she remarked that he looked "more dour than usual." He confided that Curtis had given him a letter from Hayden, and she wanted to see him. He didn't think it was a good idea, and Alexis agreed. Laura arrived at the church, and Lulu saw that her mother looked upset. Laura promised to talk to Lulu about it later.

Jordan was fixing her makeup when T.J. entered with a hug for his mother. She was thankful that he was going to walk her down the aisle. T.J. was thankful that Jordan and Curtis had found each other and added that they deserved happiness. Jordan was surprised he felt that way after all the years she'd missed with him. "You're here now," he replied. He continued that her job had taught him to always do the right thing, no matter the cost. "You're my hero," he told her, and he hugged his tearful mother.

Griffin arrived at the church and sat down with Lulu and Laura. He looked around, surprised that Kiki wasn't there yet. At the altar, Nina fixed Curtis' tie and asked if he was ready. "More than anything," he replied, and he hugged his "best person." Finn sat down with Chase and Valerie as the processional music began. Anna, the matron of honor, made her way down the aisle.

Jordan and T.J. appeared at the end of the aisle and walked toward the altar. When they made it to the front, T.J. hugged Curtis and kissed his mother. Both in tears, Jordan and Curtis mouthed "I love you" to each other. The priest began the wedding as Griffin slipped out to look for Kiki. When the priest got to "speak now or forever hold your peace," the church door slammed open, and Stella walked in.

Oscar makes a decision

Oscar makes a decision

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The priest began his speech for Jordan and Curtis' wedding. When he got to "speak now or forever hold your peace," the door to the church slammed open, and Stella entered. T.J. begged her not to make a scene, but she replied that she had to speak her piece. She apologized for being late and said that, while it had taken her awhile to get there, "I'm here now. I hope you can forgive me." As the couple beamed at Stella, she sat down with T.J. and Molly.

Griffin returned and sat down next to Laura as the priest continued the wedding. The priest asked Jordan if she would take Curtis as her lawfully wedding husband, and she replied, "I will." He asked Curtis if he would take Jordan as his lawfully wedded wife, and he replied, "I will." The priest asked the witnesses if they would help the couple to uphold the vows of their marriage, and the guests at the wedding replied, "We will."

Nina handed Curtis the rings as Griffin continued to look around for Kiki. Lulu wondered what was wrong, and he told her that Kiki was supposed to be there, but he assumed she'd gotten held up. Jordan and Curtis exchanged rings, and the priest pronounced them as husband and wife. Curtis eagerly kissed Jordan, and the guests erupted in cheers. As everyone clapped, Griffin continued to look around.

At the Haunted Star, Griffin left Kiki a message, wondering if she'd meant that she would meet him at the reception. He told her that he had some good news for her, and he hung up. Laura wondered where Kiki was, and she remembered the heated argument she'd observed at Metro Court. He promised that Kiki was on her way and that the best part of arguing was making up. "Until you can't," Laura muttered sadly.

Molly remarked on how amazing the Haunted Star looked, but T.J. didn't think it was as amazing as Stella showing up to the wedding. Nina tapped on her glass to get everyone's attention and introduced, "for the first time, Curtis and Jordan Ashford!" The couple entered the room to cheers. T.J. instructed Curtis to take care of his mother, and Curtis promised. Curtis thanked everyone for attending the wedding. Stella approached Jordan and handed her a handkerchief that she'd originally kept for her own wedding. She wanted Jordan to have it, and Jordan was honored to accept it. Molly excitedly declared that the handkerchief was the "something old" that Jordan had been missing.

Nina announced that it was time for Curtis and Jordan's first dance, so they swayed to "Beautiful Inside and Out" sung by Michael Tulimiero. When the song was over, Curtis and Jordan cut their cake, much to everyone's delight. Laura turned away, visibly upset, and Lulu wondered what was wrong. Laura updated Lulu on finding "Kevin" with Ava, but she admitted that she was still worried about him. She thought that he wasn't acting like himself at all.

Nina pulled Griffin aside and wondered if he and Kiki had told the police about what Ava had done. He revealed that they'd decided not to press charges, but Nina reminded him that Griffin and Sasha had been assaulted. She vowed that "Ava will pay." Molly grabbed Nina for the bouquet toss, and she followed, protesting the whole way. Jordan turned her back to Nina, Molly, Alexis, Valerie, Anna, and a few other women. T.J. urged Stella to join in, but she replied, "I'm good." Jordan tossed the bouquet over her head, and Nina caught it.

A few minutes later, Curtis danced with Stella and wondered why she'd changed her mind about attending the wedding. "A lot of things," she replied, citing that Mike's wise words and running into "an old friend" had reminded her what really mattered in life. Anna tugged Finn onto the dance floor and wondered if he was going to meet Hayden. He didn't know, and she assured him that she would support whatever decision he made.

Lulu told Nina that Charlotte had been packed for her trip to New York with Nina for a week, and Charlotte was very excited to see The Nutcracker. Nina replied that she was about to go pick up Charlotte, and she promised to call Lulu when they were settled at the hotel. Nina picked up the bouquet and left. T.J. announced that the couple was getting ready to leave, so everyone lined up next to the entrance. Jordan and Curtis happily ran through as their guests blew bubbles and cheered.

A few minutes later, Peter asked if Maxie wanted a ride home. She did, but she told him that it was "bad form" to not dance at a wedding, so she pulled him onto the dance floor. Anna happily watched her son and told Finn that it was the first Thanksgiving she'd spent with her son. Finn was optimistic that there would be many more.

Valerie teasingly asked Chase why she had received a call at work that Thor, the K-9 dog, had been double-booked by a detective for a public outreach appearance. Lulu watched and pulled out her phone to record. "Notes for a story idea," she started. She said into the phone that, "on this Thanksgiving Day," there was a "real-life love story." She thought that the happy ending was a reminder that "love really can conquer all."

Drew and Kim were surprised to answer the door at the Quartermaines' to Oscar. He entered the house and told his parents about Josslyn's visit to Charlie's. He admitted that he was glad that Cameron had told Josslyn about his tumor. Monica and Julian emerged from the living room, and Oscar assured Julian that Charlie's was clean and locked up. Monica offered Oscar some pizza, but Oscar had something to say first. He announced that he'd changed his mind and would participate in the drug trial.

Oscar's family happily, tearfully hugged him, and Kim thanked Monica for talking to Oscar. She didn't think that she'd been the deciding factor, and Oscar clarified that Josslyn had made him realize that the risk of the drug trial was worth it to spend more time with her. Julian wondered if he'd lost his busboy, but Oscar explained that he would still be working and living with his friends. Kim protested, but Drew instructed her to take things "one step at a time." He assured her that everything would work out. Oscar just wanted to make sure that Josslyn was included in things going forward, as she was the reason for his change of heart.

Drew found Kim crying in the foyer and made sure that she was all right. While she was happy about Oscar's decision and thankful for Josslyn convincing Oscar, she was upset that Oscar was still holding her "at arm's length." Drew reasoned that everyone was overwhelmed, and he was just happy that Oscar had made the decision on his own. He sensed that Kim was upset at Julian, but he was just glad that everything had worked out. He said goodbye so he could thank Josslyn, and Kim added her thanks on.

When Drew was gone, Julian told Kim that he was glad that Oscar wouldn't have to be forced into treatment. Kim had needed his help, but she believed that he'd lied to her. He'd wanted to help, but he hadn't wanted to force Oscar into anything. She replied that Oscar was her son, so it was her call. She told him that she could no longer trust him and stormed off.

In the living room, Oscar remarked that he liked having pizza on Thanksgiving, and Monica thought that he was a "true Quartermaine." Monica hoped that the treatment would save Oscar from the negative symptoms she'd told him about, but he resolved to give the treatment a shot for Josslyn. Alexis arrived at the house just as Julian was leaving. She was surprised to learn that Olivia had invited him over. She revealed that she'd been summoned by her client. He asked her to tell everyone goodbye for him, and he left as she entered.

Alexis entered the living room and said goodbye to everyone for Julian. She wondered why Oscar wanted to see her. "With all due respect, you're fired," he told her. He updated her on his change of heart, and she replied that she'd never been so happy to be fired. Monica figured Alexis had a small part to do with Oscar's decision. Kim said that she would pay Alexis' bill, but Oscar chimed in that he was planning on working as much as he could. Alexis advised him to set up a college fund, because she wasn't taking any money from him. "Just get better," she told him, and she left.

Carly entered the house and found Josslyn on the floor. Josslyn informed her mother that she'd seen Oscar, and she told Carly all about Oscar's situation. A shaken Carly told Josslyn that, even though it wasn't a happy thing to talk about, everyone would die one day, and it was Oscar's choice whether or not he would fight. Carly said that Jason had once told her that "bad things happen fast, but we live through them slow," and he was right.

The phone rang, and Carly got up to answer it. When she hung up, she informed Josslyn that she had a visitor. Minutes later, Carly let Drew into the house, and Drew sincerely thanked Josslyn for convincing Oscar to agree to the treatment. He informed her that he and Kim would be "eternally grateful." He warned her that there were no guarantees in life, but the drug trial was Oscar's best chance. Josslyn promised that she would be there for Oscar, no matter what.

A short while later, Josslyn descended the stairs in pajamas and told Carly that she felt better knowing that Oscar was going to go through with the treatment. Josslyn's phone rang, and she saw that it was Oscar, so a distraught Carly left the room to give Josslyn some privacy. Josslyn answered the phone and told Oscar how good it was to see his name on her call screen again. Oscar divulged that he'd just fired Alexis, and Josslyn wondered how Alexis had taken it. Oscar admitted that she had seemed relieved, because she'd probably wanted him to have the treatment all along.

Drew returned to the Quartermaines' and informed Kim that Carly had offered to do anything they needed. Kim told Drew that Oscar had fired Alexis, and he was on the phone with Josslyn. Kim was distressed about how clear it was that Oscar didn't want to forgive her. Drew again urged her to take things one step at a time. He assured her that, if the treatment worked, she would have the rest of Oscar's life to make up with him.

Griffin approached Kiki's apartment and found the door ajar. He cautiously entered the apartment and turned the lights on as he called out for her. He looked around the apartment until he found a broken vase on the floor. He called Kiki and left another message saying that it looked like she'd left in a hurry, so he would meet up with her at the reception. He caught sight of her shawl and added that he would take it along for her. He hung up and left the apartment. He looked down at the shawl and noticed a red stain.

Outside their stateroom on the Haunted Star, Jordan and Curtis proclaimed their love for one another, and they looked forward to getting their wedding night started. They shared a kiss, and he leaned down to pick her up so that he could "carry my queen over the threshold." He opened the door as he held her and put her down inside the room. They looked at the bed and caught sight of someone sprawled in it.

Kiki is found dead

Kiki is found dead

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Josslyn paid Cameron a visit to tell him how angry she was at him. Cameron turned off the television, and Josslyn revealed that she had spoken to Oscar. She knew the reason for their breakup, and she was upset over how much time they'd lost. She and Oscar were back together, and she'd convinced Oscar to take part in the drug trial.

Josslyn had thought she could trust Cameron, but he had lied to her multiple times. Cameron declared that he hadn't asked to be in the middle of things, and Oscar had asked him to keep his secret. He had thought about telling Josslyn, but he'd thought that Oscar had deserved the bigger favor. Josslyn insisted she would have told Cameron if she had been in his position.

Cameron revealed that he had enjoyed his time with Josslyn, but the truth was that his happiness had only been made possible because Oscar was dying. The teens plopped onto the sofa, and Cameron apologized. Josslyn admitted that it had probably been difficult for Cameron, and she was sorry, too. Cameron stated that he only wanted to be done with the drama.

Cameron vowed that he would play video games while Josslyn and Oscar went off into the woods and quoted poetry, among other things. "Leave me out of it," Cameron concluded. Josslyn continued to apologize but Cameron insisted he was fine. He quoted Shakespeare and said he was "out." He suggested that while Josslyn could call him if she needed anything, he didn't want her to call if it involved any secrets and lying. Cameron walked Josslyn to the door, and Josslyn hoped she would see him soon.

Laura, Elizabeth, Franco, Jake, and Aiden arrived at Kelly's for some "post-movie pie." They sat at a table, and the waitress empathized with Laura regarding her public separation from her husband. Jake couldn't believe that his grandmother wasn't married anymore. Laura began to weep, and Jake apologized. Laura assured him that he hadn't hurt her feelings, and she'd gone public because secrets weren't always a good thing.

Franco took the boys to the counter to get their pie, and Elizabeth tried to comfort Laura, although Laura insisted it had been her choice to go public. Laura looked over at Franco and noted how good he was with the boys. She confessed that she had been just as surprised about her separation as everyone else, but she had noticed a different husband after her return to town. Laura also revealed that Kevin was involved with Ava.

Nearby, Franco sat with Jake at the counter while Aiden colored at a table by himself. Franco asked Jake how Aiden was doing in school, and Jake informed him that he'd heard other kids call Aiden weird. His brother didn't fit in.

Laura asked Elizabeth about Aiden, and Elizabeth revealed that she and Franco had met with his teacher, who thought that Aiden was being bullied. She thought it was good they didn't know the bully's identity because she'd be afraid that Franco would show up at the kid's home. Laura was appalled, and Laura explained how they were trying to support Aiden in order to get him to open up. Elizabeth felt that Aiden only wanted to shut everyone out.

Elizabeth admitted that she was angry at Cameron and wished he'd be more sensitive toward Aiden. Cameron had only wanted to stay home and watch football, but he should have gone to the movies with them after Aiden had picked the movie. She questioned her mothering, but Laura complimented Elizabeth on her skills.

Franco and they boys returned. Franco thought they should leave because Aiden had eaten too much pie. The boys hugged their grandmother, and Laura wished Franco a happy Thanksgiving. He returned the greeting. Elizabeth whispered that Laura was better than a thousand Avas. The waitress sang Laura's praises again.

Charlotte revealed her special outfit to Nina prior to their attendance at The Nutcracker in New York. There was a knock at their hotel room door, and Charlotte announced that she'd found someone to use their extra ticket. It was Valentin. Nina was not happy, and Valentin apologized. Charlotte had told him that Nina had been aware that he'd be attending the show with them. Charlotte explained that she had only wanted her family to be together, and Nina gave in reluctantly.

"Kevin" showed up at Ava's door with a pie in hand and asked if it was time for dessert. She motioned him inside. Ava flirted with him as she talked about the art world, and they sat on the sofa with glasses of Champagne. The doctor admitted he was where he wanted to be, and he didn't want Ava to hide her instincts or desires. He thought she was incredible.

"Kevin" began making moves on Ava by kissing her neck. Ava's only request was that she never find "Kevin" in bed with her daughter. He assured Ava that it was Ava he wanted. They ended up in bed and made love.

At the Haunted Star, Griffin asked Maxie if she'd seen Kiki. Curtis and Jordan expressed their love outside of their honeymoon suite, and Curtis carried Jordan over the threshold. "Oh, my God," Jordan uttered when she spotted the body in their bed. Both Jordan and Curtis called out as they tried to rouse the person, but Jordan finally made her way to the bedside.

Jordan checked for a pulse and realized the person was dead. The woman's arm dangled from the bed. Jordan gave Curtis some orders, and she phoned the station to report a homicide.

Curtis headed to the ballroom and grabbed Chase and Valerie. He told them about the body, and Chase announced that everyone was to remain on board. The ship had been turned into a crime scene. Chase and Valerie got to Jordan's room, and she issued further orders. They returned to the ballroom and told everyone to sit tight. Valerie asked Griffin to return to Jordan's room with her.

Jordan advised Griffin that there was no pulse. Griffin walked into the room and dropped Kiki's shawl that he had been holding. He went over to the bed and rolled his girlfriend over. He gasped for air. "She can't be gone," Griffin groaned. "Who would do this to her?" he asked. Jordan was sorry, and she asked him to call it. He confirmed that Kiki was dead. Jordan knew that Griffin would want to stay, but she asked him to leave. She didn't want to contaminate the crime scene. Griffin picked up the shawl, and he walked out of the room slowly.

Jordan sat with Griffin out in the ballroom as he cried. Maxie and Lulu realized that Kiki was the victim. Jordan had questions for Griffin, and he related his day from the last time he'd seen Kiki. He'd gone back to the apartment to check on her, and the front door had been ajar. He'd also seen a broken vase on the floor, and the shawl that had some blood on it. He'd assumed that Kiki had been in a hurry and had gotten injured when she'd knocked the vase over.

Chase took the shawl and put it into a plastic bag. Griffin related that he'd had no idea that the apartment had been a murder scene. Chase questioned Lulu and Maxie, who revealed that Griffin had left the wedding a couple of times to look for Kiki. Jordan advised Valerie that Kiki had been killed elsewhere and moved.

Jordan and Valerie agreed that Griffin should be checked out. The doctor remained seated on the sofa, numb and unseeing. Jordan asked Griffin if it was okay for forensics to check his apartment, as they would be checking Kiki's, also. He gave his okay. Jordan advised Chase of the search, and she decided to release the guests.

Curtis told Maxie, Lulu, and Peter that they could leave. Lulu wanted to stay behind, and Peter offered to drive Maxie home. Jordan insisted that Lulu leave, too, as she didn't want press around. Lulu told Jordan how beautiful of a bride she'd been, and Curtis seconded it. He enjoyed watching his new wife do her thing. They kissed. Jordan received a phone call from Chase. He informed her that he'd found something in Griffin's apartment.

Valentin, Charlotte, and Nina returned to the hotel after the performance. Nina agreed that the carriage ride that Valentin had arranged had been a "nice touch." She was hungry and planned to call room service. Valentin declared that he didn't have a problem with Charlotte being so manipulative.

Charlotte, Valentin, and Nina sat around the coffee table and played a game as they ate. Valentin told his daughter that it had been wrong to lie, but she insisted that she only wanted to have fun and have her family together. The hotel was full, and Nina was unsuccessful in getting Valentin a room. She requested extra blankets and pillows and informed him that he could sleep on the sofa. Charlotte was thrilled.

Back at Elizabeth's house, she complained to Franco that while Cameron was allowing Jake and Aiden to tell him about the movie, Jake was the one doing all the talking. Franco showed her the picture that Aiden had drawn at Kelly's. There were four figures together and a teeny, tiny figure in the corner alone. Elizabeth guessed the small figure was Aiden.

Cameron returned to the living room to watch more football, but Elizabeth shouted that he was done. She was angry that he hadn't attended the movie with the rest of the family or given his brother one day of his time. Cameron retorted that he knew about Oscar's brain tumor, and he had told Josslyn about it. He would be more careful next time.

After "Kevin" and Ava made love, Ava announced that she had to pick up Avery. "Kevin" suggested that she pretend that Kiki didn't exist. Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the front door. It was Griffin, and he was frantically and angrily knocking.

Josslyn stopped at Kelly's to order some takeout pie. She spotted Cameron's gift in her purse and decided to open it. It was a framed photo of the two of them. She flashed back to their kiss.

Ava is devastated by Kiki's death

Ava is devastated by Kiki's death

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ava and "Kevin" emerged from the bedroom at the sound of loud banging on the front door. They decided to ignore it and kiss instead, but Ava finally answered it as it grew too loud to ignore. Griffin dashed in but was unable to say anything as Ava lit into him. "Kiki's gone," Griffin finally managed to get in, and Ava laughed sarcastically. Griffin clarified that Kiki was dead.

Ava slapped Griffin. She didn't believe him but Griffin insisted that Kiki had been murdered. Ava thought he was lying, and "Kevin" suggested that Griffin believed he was telling the truth. Griffin informed them that Kiki's body was on the Haunted Star.

Alexis arrived at Charlie's Pub after closing in order to enjoy some pumpkin cheesecake. She took a seat at a table, and Julian scrounged up a big slice on a plate. She insisted he join her, and, while eating, they shared the details of their Thanksgiving evenings. Julian explained that there had been a "mishap" at the Quartermaines', but he thanked her for changing Oscar's mind. Alexis chalked it up to Josslyn.

Julian admitted that he had been happy to spend some time with Leo. He wondered if Alexis was part of the conversation as his lawyer, and she agreed to it for the duration of their talk. Julian admitted that Kim had asked him to do something outside the boundaries of the law, and she had been angry at him for not complying.

Alexis was proud of Julian, even though he felt that he'd disappointed Kim -- though not in the same way he'd disappointed Alexis in the past. Alexis revealed that she'd been fired by an adolescent. They talked about their Thanksgivings in the past until Julian received a phone call from Griffin. He ended the call in shock and told Alexis that Kiki was dead. As he cried, Alexis offered to accompany him to the Haunted Star.

Anna and Finn were in Britt's room at the hospital. Anna gave Britt instructions for keeping her mother on the phone when she called in order for the call to be traced. Finn checked Britt's vitals. Anna vowed to bring Liesl to justice. As she and Finn joked, Britt coughed her head off and told them she was really ill and dying.

Anna told Britt to stop complaining because her illness had to have been worth it to get out of prison early. She added that if Britt didn't help to track down Liesl, she would return to prison. Finn noted that he would no longer help Britt to recover, and it would take at least six months. Anna revealed that she had placed an article in the news about Britt being close to the "brink of death."

Britt confided that Liesl had a media alert on her phone that would let her know if Britt's name was in the paper, and they couldn't understand why Liesl hadn't called yet. Anna suggested that they had overestimated Liesl's maternal instincts.

Anna stepped out of the room and confronted Finn, who had been looking at his phone. She asked if he'd heard from Hayden about setting up a meeting. Finn promised to let her know, but after Anna continued to press him, he admitted he'd received a text message about meeting on the Spanish Steps. He wanted Anna to accompany him to Rome. He added that he had no expectations or plans, but Anna refused the invitation. She had to find Liesl and couldn't leave.

Suddenly, Anna and Finn heard Britt's phone ringing, and Anna returned to Britt's bedside. She placed her earphones on and sat at her equipment. Britt finally answered the phone, and a man asked her a trick question. When Britt answered it correctly, the man put Liesl on the phone. Liesl wondered if Britt was trying to trap her with Anna by her side.

Britt replied that Anna was there and tracing the call, but then she added that James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Perry Mason were there, too. Liesl didn't like Britt's sarcasm, but Britt assured her mother that she would never cooperate with Anna. Liesl replied that Anna was relentless, but she didn't think that Britt was really ill. She assumed that Britt might be running her own scam if not working with Anna.

Britt began to cough loudly and told Liesl she was dying. She begged her mother to return to Port Charles, and she began to cry. When Liesl heard that Finn was Britt's doctor, she reluctantly admitted that he was a good doctor. She was not able to return. Anna overheard the man as he talked about the food he was placing in front of Liesl, and she and Britt heard a loud thunder-like noise.

Liesl explained that the noise was a tradition where she was. She said that she had to go, as she believed the call was being traced. Anna was unable to trace the call but realized that Liesl had been calling from a scrambled line anyway. Anna had picked up some clues, and she knew where Liesl was hiding.

Out in the hallway, Finn looked at the text message he'd received from Hayden. It said, "Please come Finn. I've made so many mistakes. Leaving you was one of the biggest." Anna ran out of Britt's room and told Finn she knew where Liesl was, and she was heading to Cuba. Finn was ready to go, too, but Anna advised him that he had to go to Rome to see Hayden.

Finn was sad, and he and Anna had a disagreement. Anna believed that Finn was using her as an excuse in order to avoid seeing Hayden. She was interested to hear what Hayden had to say, too. She told him there were unresolved issues.

Peter got Maxie safely home from the wedding, checked her windows, and saw the babysitter off. He asked if Maxie wanted to be alone with a killer on the loose, and she shook her head no. Later, they sat on the sofa, and Peter talked about his past. He admitted that he understood why his mother had given him up, and he no longer hated her. He had lots of regrets, especially concerning Nathan.

Maxie proposed a toast to "today" because they needed to have memories and no regrets. She informed Peter that he had not been responsible for Nathan's death. They both stood up from the sofa and looked at each other. They were on the verge of sharing a kiss when James began to cry, and they separated awkwardly. "How about us?" Peter asked when she returned. Maxie thought they should pretend it had never happened, and Peter quickly decided it was a good time to leave.

Peter worried about Maxie being alone, but she assured him she'd leave her cell phone by her head. Again, they agreed their almost kiss had never happened. Peter left, but he tossed his coat onto the floor and sat down by Maxie's door.

Carly found Sonny in the living room, and she told him that Josslyn had finally gone to sleep. They sat on the sofa, and Sonny exclaimed that he couldn't believe that Ava had never called to cancel her pickup of Avery. Carly didn't think that Ava deserved to have two daughters.

On the Haunted Star, Jordan and Curtis discussed Kiki's murder. Griffin had been unreachable, and they both wondered if he had run away. Chase returned from looking through both Kiki and Griffin's apartments, and he noted that the only thing he'd seen at Kiki's place had been the broken vase. Just then, Ava and "Kevin" arrived with Griffin.

Ava was adamant that Kiki wasn't dead, and she noted that if her daughter had been hurt, her assailant would have been hurt twice as much by the time Kiki had finished. "Kevin" pulled his sleeve down to cover his wrist. Ava went off, shouting and denying, until the medics began to pull the covered body out on a stretcher. She fell silent.

Ava continued to deny the body was Kiki's, and she went over to the body and began to unzip the body bag. "This is not my daughter," she exclaimed. As Jordan, Curtis, Chase, Griffin, and "Kevin" looked on, Ava attempted to wake her daughter up. Within seconds, she was hysterical and screaming until "Kevin" gently pulled her away.

Ava sat down and sobbed. "Kevin" quietly tried to calm her down. Griffin gently zipped the body bag up again, and the medics wheeled it out. Chase and Jordan wanted to question Griffin again, and the trio sat down together. Griffin repeated his story about seeing Kiki for the last time. Julian and Alexis arrived, and Julian immediately went over to his sister to hug her.

Ava's phone began to ring, and "Kevin" answered it. It was Carly, and after getting over her initial annoyance over Ava not answering the phone herself, she began to complain about Ava not picking up Avery. "Kevin" gave her the news about Kiki, and he hung up abruptly.

Chase pulled a bagged and bloody knife out and asked Griffin how it had ended up in his apartment. Ava stared at the knife as Griffin asked what it was. Chase informed him that the lab was checking the blood, and it had been found wrapped up in Griffin's closet. Ava began to scream at Griffin, and she accused him of murdering Kiki.

Julian wanted to take Ava home, but she asked "Kevin" to take her. Alexis assured Julian that they could trust the doctor. She and an extremely upset Julian grasped hands.

Chase wanted to resume questioning after the interruption, but he received a call. Griffin insisted to Jordan that he hadn't killed Kiki because he had loved her. Alexis wandered over and advised Griffin not to say anything. Chase got off the phone and announced that the blood on the knife had belonged to Kiki.

Julian wanted to know why Alexis had intervened. As far as he was concerned, Griffin had to be the murderer. Alexis disagreed, and she didn't think that Julian really believed it, either. Chase placed Griffin under arrest, cuffed him, and read him his rights.

In shock, Carly got off the phone and told Sonny the news. They reminisced about Morgan's memorial service and how much he had loved Kiki. Carly recalled how Kiki had looked. Sonny sadly noted that two young and beautiful people were gone. He and Carly held hands.

Back at Ava's, "Kevin" fixed Ava a drink. She sat mutely on the sofa and leaned into "Kevin" as he sat down beside her.

News of Kiki's murder spreads

News of Kiki's murder spreads

Friday, November 30, 2018

As Elizabeth and Franco cleaned up from breakfast, Elizabeth grabbed a yogurt from the refrigerator. They made small talk about the boys, and Elizabeth voiced her concern over Aiden's pictures of himself getting smaller and smaller each time he drew a family portrait. Franco began to comfort Elizabeth until the doorbell rang. It was Scott, who walked in and shared the terrible news about Kiki.

At first, Franco was disbelieving, but he began to cry. He had lots of questions for Scott, and when Scott announced that he was going to visit with Ava, Elizabeth urged Franco to accompany his father.

At Metro Court, Curtis encountered Sasha, Nina, and Valentin. Nina wondered why Curtis wasn't celebrating his wedding, but he announced that it was on hold. He informed the group of Kiki's murder and the fact that Griffin had been arrested for it. After the initial shocked reaction, Valentin stated that he considered Griffin's arrest to be absurd.

Curtis revealed that there had been physical evidence linking Griffin to the murder. Sasha suddenly felt sick, and she sat down at a nearby table. She declared that she thought everything had been good after the "bizarre setup" that had involved her with Griffin and Kiki. Curtis suggested that he take Sasha to police headquarters to tell her story, but Valentin immediately interfered to ask if Curtis had been deputized.

Curtis replied that he had assumed Sasha would want to help. Valentin countered that Curtis had no legal right, and Sasha was in no condition to go. Curtis apologized but made it known that he would have to tell Jordan what he'd just heard. He expected that Sasha would hear from the police.

After Curtis had gone, Nina reassured Sasha that she and Valentin would take care of everything. Valentin suggested they call a lawyer, and Nina left to make a phone call. Sasha exclaimed that she had been drugged and manipulated, and people were dying. She informed Valentin that she planned to leave town right away.

Sam walked down the stairs and was surprised to find Jason asleep on the sofa. She leaned over him, and he jumped up and grabbed her. He immediately apologized and agreed that he still had his instincts.

Once awake, Jason grabbed two mugs of a hot drink and joined Sam on the sofa. She admitted she was feeling better. Jason explained that Alexis had taken the kids to the Quartermaines', and he had stayed to keep an eye on her. It hadn't been difficult, since Sam had slept all night. Sam realized she was being flirtatious with Jason, but he admitted he was okay with it.

As Jason and Sam leaned in close, Kristina walked in. She admitted that she was just returning from the previous night, but she was excited to see Jason and Sam together. She announced that she had just won 50 bucks from Molly, who hadn't expected the couple to hook up until Valentine's Day. Sam received notice that her prescription was ready, and Jason left to pick it up.

Sam asked Kristina about her evening, and Kristina revealed that she had volunteered at a homeless shelter and then spent the night at a group dinner back at the group's house. She'd heard stories from all her new friends who had been welcoming and open. She would eventually share in return and be generous with her friends.

Drew and Kim anxiously awaited Oscar's arrival at the hospital so he could start the drug trial. Kim was convinced he'd changed his mind, but suddenly, the elevator doors opened, and Oscar walked off. Oscar admitted he'd had things to do at the group house. Kim suggested he move back home. Oscar disagreed, and Drew stood up for him.

Terry arrived, and she went with Oscar, Kim, and Drew to an examination room. She handed Oscar some forms to sign. She explained the forms to him, and Oscar asked what would happen if he stopped the trial after it started. Terry suggested he take the time to read the forms, but Oscar was ready to sign. The doctor informed Oscar of the next steps and asked if he wanted to talk without his parents.

Kim and Drew were gone, and Oscar asked if the procedure would hurt. Kim overheard outside of the room. Terry explained the phases, and Oscar admitted that he didn't want to lose his hair. Terry thought it unlikely, but she wasn't sure about anything. She noted that the tumor could be destroyed, or the trial could shorten Oscar's life.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Griffin shouted to Alexis and made it clear that the police should be looking for Kiki's killer and not holding him. Julian burst into the station in a rage to look for Griffin. He yelled at Jordan and ignored her demands that he stay away. Anna finally grabbed Julian from behind and pinned him to the desk.

Anna ordered Julian to leave, but he spotted Alexis and angrily growled that she, Jordan, and Anna were all protecting Griffin. Julian finally stormed off, and Jordan asked Alexis if she had any influence with Julian or knew of someone else who did. She couldn't have him interfering in the case.

Anna visited with Griffin, and he maintained his innocence vociferously. Anna hugged him and urged him to try to calm down. She was certain that Kiki had been targeted, and she asked Griffin if he had any idea of anyone who might want to hurt Kiki. Griffin flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Ava. "I'll give you a monster," Ava had said.

Jordan walked in and again asked details of Griffin's last day with Kiki. Jordan suggested that Griffin had killed Kiki and moved her body because Ava had jeopardized his career. Anna was shocked, and later, she assured Griffin that Jordan had only been doing her job.

Anna received notice of her flight and sat down with Griffin. She had to leave but promised to keep tabs and return on short notice if need be. She grabbed his hands in comfort, and then she left. Alexis challenged Jordan on her reasoning and asked why Griffin would have allowed the cops into his apartment if he had been the killer. She added that Jordan had the wrong guy, and the real killer had known enough about Kiki to frame Griffin.

Ava was asleep on her bed with photos of Kiki strewn everywhere. "Kevin" approached her, and Ava called out Kiki's name. "It's me," "Kevin said. Ava began to sob and announced that she wanted Avery to be with her. "Kevin" didn't think she would want Avery to see her in such a state. He had spoken to Carly, and she had promised to look after Avery.

"Kevin" assured Ava she would get through it but Ava didn't think that was true. Her daughter had been murdered. She leaned up against "Kevin," who had seated himself on the bed. "Kevin" had some pills for Ava, and as he retrieved them, Julian walked in and announced that he would take over.

"Kevin" declared that Ava was resting, and she'd been close to a nervous breakdown. He suggested that Julian pick up a refill on the pills instead because Ava would need Julian later. Julian thought that Ava was lucky to have "Kevin," who disclosed that he wasn't going anywhere.

Later, Franco and Scott arrived, although "Kevin" told them it wasn't a good time. Ava emerged from the bedroom and announced that she was sober but wanted someone to make her a drink.

At the hospital, Kim planted herself on the floor. Julian joined her, and she laid her head on his shoulder. Kim apologized for her behavior during their previous encounter. Julian admitted that he had betrayed her trust, but Kim acknowledged that he had been trying to protect her.

Kim confessed that she'd been terrified and defensive, and she'd taken it out on Julian. She was happy he was still there to support her. Julian was near tears and revealed that he couldn't stay. He wished Oscar well, and he kissed Kim.

Jason spotted Drew sitting alone on the stairs. He assured Drew that he was there for Oscar if anything was needed. Drew agreed to relay the important message to Oscar, and Jason made it clear that Oscar had everyone he needed behind him.

Elizabeth was at the nurses' station and looking at something, and she ignored Terry, who walked over to talk. Elizabeth finally snapped out of it and announced that there was something wrong with the employee roster. Terry reminded her that it wasn't her job, and she recommended that Elizabeth stop by to see Oscar.

Kim and Drew greeted Oscar as he was being wheeled to treatment with Terry and Elizabeth. The parents got a minute alone with him, and they reassured him profusely and declared their love. Oscar told them he loved them, too. Once he was gone, Drew and Kim agreed it was time for some coffee.

Franco sat with Ava on her bed, and he suggested she take a nap. Ava assured him it wouldn't help, and Franco offered to talk. Ava advised him that he didn't have to pretend he didn't hate her. She knew he had always hated her and always would. She declared that Kiki's murder wouldn't have happened if they'd remained together as a family. He would have protected Kiki from her. She cried that she wanted Franco to leave.

Scott paced in the living room, and "Kevin" offered to get him something. Scott accused "Kevin" of making himself at home, but "Kevin" explained that Ava had asked him to take her home and to comfort her. Scott agreed that "Kevin" was a doctor, and he understood. "Kevin" thanked him for his trust, and Scott assured him it didn't go that far.

Franco emerged, and Scott wanted to see Ava. Franco asked if he would tell her it was her fault and wish it had been Ava who had been murdered. Scott replied in the negative, but Franco insisted that was all that Ava would want to hear.

Later, Ava looked at old videos as she cried. "Kevin" sat with her and noted that Franco had stated that Ava had blamed herself for Kiki's death. Ava thought she might as well blame herself because she'd wished her daughter harm, and Griffin had done it. "Kevin" explained that if that had caused Kiki's death, then one could wish someone back to life just as easily.

Franco found Elizabeth at the nurses' station at the hospital as he picked up the employee roster to look it over. He spotted Kiki's name on the schedule, and Elizabeth quickly grabbed it out of his hand. She put it down on the desk and hugged him.

Sam was happy that Kristina had friends but she was ready for a nap until Jason returned with her medicine. Kristina wanted to try a trick. She rubbed some oil onto her hands and urged Sam to sit. She massaged Sam's temples and told her to breathe. Sam could only laugh, and she couldn't sit still for Kristina. Jason returned with the medicine.

Julian returned to Ava's with the prescription, and "Kevin" invited him inside. The men went to Ava's room, but she wasn't there. "Oh, Ava what have you done?" "Kevin" asked as he spotted an open box of bullets on the bed.

Ava walked into the interrogation room at the police station and faced Griffin. The gun protruded from her coat pocket.

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