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Friends and family celebrated Christmas. Ryan claimed another victim. Josslyn asked Julian to end things with Kim. Drew and Kim kissed. Liesl paid Nelle a visit to discuss Jonah's birth. Jason met someone from Drew's past. Emma arrived for a visit with Anna.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION (2005): Michael asks Santa to bring his mom home for Christmas ENCORE PRESENTATION (2005): Michael asks Santa to bring his mom home for Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2018

Due to the Christmas holiday, a new episode of General Hospital was not broadcast. In its place, a classic episode from December 23, 2005, was shown. You can read our archived recap of that episode here.

This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, December 26, and picked up where the Friday, December 21, episode concluded.

Preempted due to the Christmas holiday Preempted due to the Christmas holiday

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital was not broadcast.

This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, December 26, and picked up where the Friday, December 21, episode concluded.

Ryan needs Kevin's help Ryan needs Kevin's help

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

At Charlie's, Julian was happily joking around with Leo when Olivia entered. She noticed Leo's uncovered hands and wondered if he'd lost another pair of mittens. He explained that they'd made a lot of "snow people" who'd needed mittens. Julian thanked Olivia for letting Julian spend the day with their son, as he'd needed it. "I figured," she said with understanding as Julian hugged Leo goodbye.

Kevin was asleep on his cot when Ryan shook him awake, singing, "Rise and shine!" He informed Kevin that he had news: "I am totally pulling this off!" Ryan said triumphantly. Kevin demanded to know how Laura was, and Ryan replied that he'd been giving Laura some distance while their divorce was being finalized. He added that she was having trouble accepting it, but there were "other means of problem solving." Kevin told Ryan to leave Laura alone, but Ryan answered that there was only so much he could take.

Ryan commented that he'd already "dispensed of two problems." Kevin struggled against his straightjacket, but Ryan urged him to calm down, as he needed Kevin "healthy and lucid." He explained that he needed Kevin's help, as there were "gaps in my knowledge." Kevin refused to help, but Ryan warned that Laura's life depended on it.

Later, Ryan was gone, and Kevin saw Laura kneel down next to him. He urged her to leave Ryan alone so she could stay safe. She told him that she'd taken a vow to stand by him no matter what life had in store, and she swore to keep her promise. He blinked, and she was gone. He thought back to his conversation with Ryan about gaps in Ryan's knowledge. "There may be a way to save Laura!" Kevin exclaimed.

Oscar, Kim, and Drew were looking at information about Oscar's car on the computer when Josslyn entered. Drew mentioned that he needed to stretch his legs and pulled Kim along with him. Josslyn gave Oscar his Christmas gift, and he opened it to find a five-year planner. He opened the planner and saw that Josslyn had written things in over the first full year of the planner. She figured that they could plan the rest together.

Oscar couldn't believe how different Christmas had been the previous year, not least of all being that he hadn't even known that Drew was his father. Josslyn wondered if he wished that his parents were back together. He answered that, even though he knew it sounded childish, he did wish that. He thought that he would feel better knowing that Drew was looking after Kim. However, he knew that Kim still had Julian, and a lot could change in a year.

Kim commented to Drew that she was happy Oscar had found love while he'd been well. Drew reminded her that it was the last week of Oscar's drug trial, so they would soon see if the trial was working. She feared that it hadn't worked, but Drew assured her that they would "squeeze" the world into whatever time Oscar had left if that was the case. Kim and Drew returned to Oscar's room and wondered where Josslyn was. Oscar replied that she'd had to run an errand. He showed them his new planner, and they flipped through it.

Josslyn entered Charlie's, and Julian immediately asked if Oscar was all right. She assured him that Oscar was fine, and Julian commented that he wanted to take a sandwich to Oscar later to help Kim out. He wondered if Josslyn had any other ideas of how he could help Oscar out. "I do. Give up Kim," she told him. She explained that Oscar's one wish was his parents getting back together, but Julian told her that it was just a fantasy. Julian added that Kim needed him, but Josslyn accused him of being selfish. She told him that Oscar, Kim, and Drew were a family, and Julian needed to let them be one for as much time as Oscar had left.

Michael bumped into Willow at the hospital, and he asked about her holiday. She admitted that it had been better than expected, as the meeting they'd been to had helped. He thought she'd taken a big step by finally talking about her son. She thought that it had felt good to say her dreams for her child out loud, but she wished saying them made them true. She explained that her pregnancy had been a surprise, but she'd never stopped wondering about her son's future.

Willow continued that she'd held her son for a while, and her arms had felt empty once he'd been taken from her. She confided that she'd had dreams about holding her son, and Michael admitted to the same. He commented that his godson had appeared in their lives at his family's lowest, and the family was lucky to have Wiley. She was stunned when he said the name, and he showed her the ornament with Wiley's footprint that Brad and Lucas had given him. "Beautiful," she said.

As Nelle walked toward the meeting room, she told the guard she didn't have a doctor. "Consider this an overdue postnatal checkup," Liesl told Nelle. "Aren't you a fugitive?" Nelle spat. Liesl responded that her "misunderstanding" had been cleared up, and she asked where Nelle's baby was. Nelle insisted over and over that her baby had died, but she mentioned suggesting that Michael run a DNA test on the baby that had actually died. Nelle became stern and muttered that Michael and Carly didn't deserve to raise Jonah. Liesl threatened that she would go to the police if Nelle didn't tell Liesl what had happened to the baby. "Your move," Liesl smirked.

Nelle told Liesl about walking toward the road after giving birth, hoping to hitchhike across the border. She continued by talking about Brad and his deceased child that Lucas hadn't even met yet. She thought that her son was with people who truly wanted him. She wondered what Liesl was going to do, since she knew everything. She begged Liesl to leave the baby with Brad and Lucas. "The truth is best left unsaid...until one really needs it," Liesl said, and she left a tearful and shaking Nelle.

At Metro Court, Laura looked at her rings and sadly thought back to exchanging vows with Kevin. "I've been there," Carly said, interrupting Laura's thoughts. She assured Laura that it wasn't her fault, and Kevin was clearly not in his right mind. Carly agreed, and Laura suggested that he was having another psychotic break. Carly gently made sure that Laura wasn't just looking for another reason he could be divorcing her.

Later, Lulu sat with Laura and wished her mother a happy belated birthday. She handed Laura cards made by the kids and a box from which Laura took a beautiful necklace. Laura loved her gifts, and Lulu wanted to reassure Laura how much she was loved. A few minutes later, Lulu mentioned that she'd found out that the police were investigating Mary Pat's and Kiki's murders as if there was one killer. Carly overheard and approached the table. She inferred that the police thought that the killer wasn't done. Laura saw Ned and Olivia enter, and she suggested that the mayor enlighten them.

Carly asked Ned point-blank if the police were investigating a possible serial killer. He answered that the police were looking at every possibility, and she took that as a confirmation. Lulu asked for a quote, as her article would be in the next day's paper, and Ned called what she was doing "irresponsible journalism." He thought that she would cause unnecessary panic and paranoia just to sell extra papers. Olivia took Lulu aside and suggested that she write about all the good things going on in the town, and she offered an exclusive sneak peek of the approaching benefit for a children's hospital.

At Kiki's apartment, Ava cried as she went through a box labeled "growing up." Anna and Griffin entered the apartment, wanting to help, but Ava demanded that Griffin touch nothing. He didn't think Kiki would want them to fight, but she reminded him that Kiki "can't call the shots." As Ava grabbed more things to put into boxes, Griffin asked if he could have the book in her hands. Ava growled that he'd already had plenty of Kiki after he'd driven a wedge between the women. She wanted him to feel empty-handed like she had when he'd stolen Kiki away. Ava cried, and Anna wondered if she could call someone for Ava. "It's all right; I'm here," "Kevin" said as he entered, and Ava collapsed on him in tears.

"Kevin" assured Ava that she didn't need to go through everything that day, so they would do some at home. They picked up some boxes and walked toward the door. "Lock up when you leave," he told Anna and Griffin, and he and Ava left. Anna instructed Griffin not to let Ava get to him. Griffin reminisced about his first day in the apartment next door when the radiators had broken. "Even frustrated, overheated, and banging on a radiator with a wrench, she was still gorgeous," he said, misty-eyed. He added that he hadn't realized it then, but he'd already been in love with Kiki.

Anna assured Griffin that the memories wouldn't hurt so much forever, and one day, he would be grateful to have them. He got a DVD out of the player, knowing it would still be there. He explained that it was From Here to Eternity, one of Kiki's favorites that she'd insisted he watch. She asked if he was ready to go, and he replied that there was nothing left for him there. He sadly looked around the apartment one last time and left, closing the door behind him.

Ava and "Kevin" sat down in Metro Court, and he ordered two martinis for them. He spotted Carly, who saw him and abruptly left the room. He told Ava that he would be right back, and he followed after Carly. He informed her that he'd gotten some information on her neighbor at Ferncliff. He claimed that her neighbor had been Wilson Ritter, "an extremely dangerous sociopath who committed unspeakable crimes." He was glad she hadn't gotten too close to Wilson after the man's manipulations. He wondered if she was ready to put Ferncliff behind her and move on. "That's the plan," she told him.

Ava overheard as Ned explained to Laura that the police didn't have any suspects, and weren't even sure if the suspect was a man or woman. As "Kevin" returned, Laura was saying she thought the public had a right to know about the danger. Ava stormed over to the table and demanded that something be done about the killer before the criminal killed someone else's daughter. "Kevin" observed as she told them that "if you don't, I will."

Kevin gets an unwanted visit Kevin gets an unwanted visit

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sonny sat down with Jason at Metro Court and informed him that Sonny was taking Carly to the city that night as a surprise. He wanted to remind her that "she comes first," but Jason replied that Carly's only problem was with Margaux. Just then, Margaux entered and greeted the men. Jason informed Sonny that Margaux had given Drew the flash drive with his memories, and she chimed in that it had been the right thing to do. Jason wished them both a happy New Year and quickly excused himself.

Margaux apologized for driving Jason away and insisted that she was trying to turn things around for herself. She'd known that it was wrong to hold onto the flash drive in order to get leverage on Sonny, and she was "almost glad" it hadn't worked out. "I almost believe you," Sonny shot back. She understood that Drew was only concerned with what was best for Oscar, and she added that it was a shame for bad things to happen to anyone, including Mike. He knew that her kindness toward Mike changed nothing between Sonny and Margaux.

Margaux stated that she had "bigger fish to fry" than Sonny, anyway. Sonny inferred that she meant the serial killer, and she commented that no connection had been found between the murders. He told her that Kiki was a part of his family, so she only needed to ask if she needed help with the investigation. He wanted to pay back his debts, but she replied that some debts couldn't be repaid. They wished each other a happy New Year, and Sonny left.

Griffin told Anna that he didn't want to wear out his welcome, so he got up to leave. She wanted him to stay, but Finn interrupted, followed by Emma. Emma hugged her grandmother then went over to Griffin and expressed her sympathy for his loss. She wanted him to stay, as well, but he explained that he was happiest at the hospital, so he would go there to help people. He promised to celebrate the New Year with the three of them the next day.

Anna had a Christmas gift for Emma, and she delightedly opened it to find a fascinator. She put it on, and Finn took a picture of Anna and Emma. Emma told Griffin that, if he wanted to follow in Duke's footsteps and dance Swan Lake with her, she was available. He chuckled as she went upstairs with Anna to get settled. Griffin thought that "Emma's world" sounded like a great place to be, and he hoped she never left it. Finn told Griffin that he understood what Griffin was going through, and he urged Griffin to let his loved ones help. Griffin thanked Finn and left.

A short while later, Emma handed gifts to Anna and Finn, and they opened them to reveal a bulldog keychain and a bearded dragon keychain, respectively. She thought that they could put their keys for Anna's house on the keychains. She decided to leave so they could "discuss." Finn and Anna talked about the ups and downs of the past year. They shared a kiss as Emma returned, and she wondered if they'd discussed any "important life decisions." Anna and Finn stammered about moving in together until Finn suddenly grabbed his coat and left the house. "Did he just leave?" Emma asked. "Yeah," Anna replied.

A few minutes later, Emma hoped that she hadn't hurt Finn's feelings, but Anna explained that most men liked to make their own decisions, and it was best not to push them. Finn suddenly returned with his bag full of stuff and Roxy in her cage. Anna wondered if Finn was going to move back in with her. "Yes!" he exclaimed, and Emma held Roxy as Finn embraced Anna.

Laura entered the Floating Rib and asked Felicia for a few minutes to talk. She reluctantly said that she wanted to ask Felicia about Kevin's last breakdown. Felicia told Laura that she and Mac were also confused by Kevin's behavior. She admitted that she'd decided to face her past with Ryan and Kevin head-on, as she'd agreed to do an interview with a television producer for a documentary. She explained that she'd wanted to go on record with the truth that Ryan was a monster. She wished she could be more helpful. She hugged Laura and went back to work. Laura looked at her phone and saw Lulu's article entitled "Two Gruesome Killings, One Killer?" and left the bar.

A short while later, Jason had just started a game of pool when a man approached in disbelief that Drew Cain was standing in front of him. Jason introduced himself and told the stranger that he was Drew's twin brother. The man introduced himself as Hank and explained that he knew Drew from Afghanistan. They shook hands, and Jason invited Hank to play a game of pool. As Hank racked the balls up, he asked questions about Drew, but Jason admitted that he didn't know anything about Drew.

Jason and Hank played pool, and Hank commented that it was a good thing he didn't have money on the game with how badly he was losing. Hank wondered if Jason had Drew's information, as he wanted to catch up with Drew. Jason suggested that Hank write down his information, and Jason would pass it along to Drew. Hank grabbed a napkin, wrote down his name and number, and gave it to Jason. Hank thought that Drew would remember him.

"Memory is a funny thing," Jason said as he sank the winning shot. Jason had plans, so he excused himself. He put in a call to Sam and told her that he had one more stop to make before he arrived at her place. When Jason was gone, Hank played pool by himself, easily sinking difficult shots.

Drew handed Kim a cup of coffee and suggested that she follow it up with a meal and a massage. She wondered if he was trying to get rid of her. He explained that Oscar felt bad about holding her hostage in the hospital, so he wanted her to go out and have fun with Julian. She countered that Julian had insisted she stay with Oscar. He offered to take her home and assured her that she had plenty of time to get ready.

Kim refused to leave and feared that she and Drew would get stuck in traffic again. They talked about the previous year, when Oscar had found Drew's mix CD, and how Oscar wasn't one to give up. Kim wanted to check on Oscar, and Drew told her that he would visit after Kim was done. As she left, Jason got off the elevator. He told Drew about Hank, and Drew inferred that Jason hadn't believed Hank. Jason believed that Hank had been "too anxious to tell his story," but he gave Hank's contact information to Drew, anyway.

"Kevin" looked down at Lulu's article about the murders on his tablet and smiled as he entered his office. He was alarmed when he saw someone in his chair. The person turned around, and he was relieved to recognize the man as Peyton, the man making the documentary about Ryan. "Kevin" was surprised to see him and wondered if he needed something else from "Kevin." Peyton offered to give "Kevin" an advanced private screening of the rough cut of the documentary. "Kevin" explained that he had a few things to finish up at his office, but he would meet Peyton at his rental space afterwards.

A short while later, Griffin arrived at the hospital and saw Lulu's article. He walked to Kevin's office only to find Laura in front of the empty office. He sadly joked that "shrinks are like cops or priests -- they're never around when you need one." Laura assumed that he'd read Lulu's article, and he replied that he needed answers to understand why Kiki had had to die. He added that he just wanted to go to the boxing gym and "smash something."

Griffin continued that he wanted the killer caught, but it seemed pointless, as it was too late for Kiki. Laura believed that evil never won, which was why she was running for mayor, even if it sounded naive. Griffin knew that he'd taken an oath to do no harm, but he confided that if he got his hands on Kiki's killer, "part of me thinks that I'd be doing the Lord's work."

"Kevin" arrived at Peyton's makeshift editing room as an interview with Felicia about her survival played on the screen. Peyton handed "Kevin" a pencil and paper because he wanted "Kevin's" input. He watched as Felicia talked about how she should have sensed that something about "Todd Wilson" was wrong, and "Kevin" squeezed the pencil in anger so hard that it snapped. He apologized and explained that Felicia was a "dear old friend," but Ryan was his twin brother.

"Kevin" listened as Felicia talked about how fitting it was that Ryan had died in an inferno of his own making, as he had made her life a living hell. One of "Kevin's" interviews played next, and in it, he talked about how intelligent and misunderstood Ryan had been. When the interview was over, "Kevin" called the documentary powerful, but he suggested that Peyton cut out everything mentioning Todd Wilson, as there was no such person. "Or is there?" Peyton wondered.

Peyton told "Kevin" that there was a coffee franchise on the site of the funhouse, and no trace of Ryan's DNA had ever been found there. He added that an ending to the documentary had occurred to him the night before, and he offered "Kevin" a sneak peek. He read a script from his tablet, proposing that Ryan hadn't died in the funhouse fire. He suggested that there had been a trapdoor or that the blast had "propelled him to safety. What if he walks among us today? What would he look like? Perhaps like anyone. Even me. Even you." Peyton wanted "Kevin's" input, and "Kevin" claimed to be impressed. As he closed the door, he told Peyton that had "a few notes."

Peyton is the third victim Peyton is the third victim

Friday, December 28, 2018

Jason stopped to pick up Sam on their way to the pediatric cancer benefit at Metro Court. They admired each other, and Jason admitted that he was willing to socialize at the benefit because "sometimes you have to show up." The couple shared a kiss but Sam ended it abruptly, citing her need to shut down her laptop.

Jason asked Sam about the emails from the unknown person writing about Sam's past, and Sam told him about the last email she'd received and responded to. Jason thought it best not to correspond with the random person, and he mentioned another random person he'd met at the Floating Rib who had mistaken him for Drew.

Jason told Sam about Hank, and he admitted that something didn't feel right. He thought that Hank had been "working" him but he'd taken his phone number and had passed it on to Drew.

Ryan tugged on some gloves and entered Peyton's temporary office. Shortly after, he emerged and wiped off the door handle. He looked at Peyton's phone and saw a text message from Curtis, who had asked about their scheduled meeting the next day.

Jordan and Curtis were in bed, and Curtis decided that it was okay for them to show up late to the benefit. He admitted that he was more concerned with his impending meeting with Peyton, and he hoped the producer would remember.

A short time later, Curtis and Jordan finished dressing because Jordan had insisted that she couldn't be late. Curtis received a text message from Peyton asking to meet right away because he had decided to change his flight home. Jordan was surprised, considering that it was New Year's Eve, but she urged Curtis to go after he promised to return before midnight.

Ava walked over to her bar to pour herself a drink, but a box of Kiki's belongings caught her eye, and she wandered over to look inside. She pulled out a handwritten list of New Year's resolutions from 2001 and began to read them out loud. Kiki had wanted a puppy, tickets for a concert, and to learn a backflip. When she read that Kiki had wanted to learn about art from her mother, Ava began to cry.

When "Kevin" returned, Ava poured drinks and announced that she had made her own list of resolutions. She vowed to stop drinking in 2019, but she still had some time, she said sarcastically. She also wanted to stop caring about things and people who didn't matter, and she didn't want Avery to get too close because she didn't want to hurt her daughter.

Ava declared that she would have to break the first resolution in order to succeed at the last one. "Kevin" replied that he wasn't a fan of resolutions, but he liked goals; he wanted to help Ava to succeed at some realistic ones. He wanted to help her to mourn -- but not forever. He also called Ava a "force to be reckoned with" who deserved better treatment, and "Kevin" vowed to give it to her. "God help the person who tries to stop me," "Kevin" added.

"Kevin" wanted Ava to move forward with him beside her. Ava announced that she really believed that a future was possible with "Kevin," and they shared a kiss. As they watched the fireworks, Ava mentioned that Kiki had thought fireworks to be magical and had loved them, but there really wasn't any magic in the world. "Kevin" insisted there was, and they would find it.

At the hospital, a dressed-up Julian wished Kim a happy New Year as she explained that Oscar had gone off to the media room with Josslyn. Kim urged Julian to get to the benefit, and she turned down his offer to stay behind with her. Julian left, and Drew arrived. Kim noticed that he looked concerned, and Drew revealed that Jason had warned him about someone from his past. He told Kim about Jason's meeting.

Kim stated that she didn't recall anyone named Hank, and Drew replied that he wouldn't know him, anyway. Kim thought maybe he could be a friend and "a window to your past." She reminded Drew that they had reconnected in the same manner, but Drew thought it was different, since Kim had been the mother of his son. Kim was part of his past, present, and future, for which he was grateful.

Kim only wished she had found Drew sooner. They were happy that Oscar and Josslyn got to spend the evening together, and Drew asked Kim if they'd spent a New Year's Eve together. Kim admitted that Oscar had been conceived on that night, and she went into detail of their celebration together. She explained that they had learned Drew had been deployed, and they had watched fireworks and returned to her place.

Kim admitted that she had debated telling Drew she had loved him, and Drew guessed that she hadn't said anything. Kim continued that he had been about to be shipped out, and she had learned of her pregnancy weeks later. He had been on classified missions, and then time had gone by. She had ended up being a single parent alone and making decisions on her own. Drew declared that she was no longer alone, and he leaned over to kiss her.

Local residents began to gather at Metro Court to raise money for pediatric cancer. Olivia and Ned made small talk with Michael and Kristina. Brother and sister teased each other as Michael spied Willow arriving with Chase. As she arrived with Lulu, Laura announced that the benefit was something she'd needed.

Willow thanked Chase for inviting her, and she apologized for not seeing him on Christmas Eve. She asked if he was going to ask about her reason, but Chase declared that he wouldn't. They headed to the bar for drinks, and Willow bumped into Julian. Chase reintroduced them, and Willow flashed back to her conversation with Julian regarding Wiley. Julian didn't acknowledge that he'd spoken to her in the past.

Valerie spotted Kristina and Michael, and they chatted briefly, although Valerie was cool toward Kristina. After Valerie left them, Michael stated that he'd thought Kristina and Valerie were friends. He asked if something had happened. Jason and Sam arrived, and Julian approached them to wish his daughter a happy New Year. He asked if they were there to support Oscar and Danny, but Sam snapped that they were there for a good time.

Alexis cornered Julian as Sam and Jason walked off, and she admonished Julian for going up to their daughter at a party. She accused him of not putting in the work to get Sam to his side, but Julian insisted that Sam hadn't allowed him to as Lucas had. Alexis declared that it was Sam's choice, and she wondered if Julian had attended the party for the purpose of speaking to Sam.

Julian replied that Kim had insisted he attend, although he had offered to stay with her. Alexis replied that Kim had been selfless, and she probably really wanted to be with someone who cared about her. She thought Julian should go to the hospital.

Willow, Chase, Michael, and Kristina laughed and joked. Michael informed Willow that Kristina was his sister, and Kristina asked how they knew each other. Michael revealed that he'd spoken to Willow's class. The group made small talk until Willow announced that she had seen a student's parent and wanted to say hello.

Scott saw Laura and told her he was sorry to hear about "Kevin" but didn't think the doctor deserved Laura. As he awkwardly tried to tell her something, Laura let him off the hook and told him she was aware that Kevin had been sleeping with Ava. Scott confessed that he didn't like Ava and Kevin together, either.

Olivia and Ned greeted Jordan, and after Ned stated that he needed to speak to Jordan, Olivia left them alone. Ned mentioned Lulu's article and the fact that she had talked about the two murders being linked. He'd thought that was something that was supposed to have been kept under wraps. He wondered if there had been a leak.

Jordan revealed that Lulu had been in the squad room, and she admitted that as Dante's wife, Lulu had had some privileges. Ned understood, and he knew lines got blurred between personal and work lives. Lulu was his daughter-in-law, but he wanted her privileges revoked. Laura raised her glass to Ned as he spoke to Jordan.

Lulu and Willow chatted, and Lulu revealed that she had learned that Aiden had been Charlotte's bullying victim. She had taken Charlotte to his house to apologize. Willow declared that she would monitor the situation.

Olivia and Ned spoke to Jason and Sam, and Olivia admitted that she wasn't surprised to see Jason, who handed her a large check. Olivia was grateful for the generous amount, and Sam declared that they had been lucky with Danny and his cancer.

Curtis got to Peyton's office, and after knocking, calling, and getting no response, he tried the door handle. The door was unlocked, and Curtis walked into the darkened room. He tripped and fell to the floor and spotted some blood. "Son of a bitch," he said. He rose and turned on the light and saw blood spattered everywhere.

Back at Metro Court, as "Old Lang Syne" played in the background, Olivia gathered the crowd and began the countdown to the New Year. Willow thought that she was ready for 2019 and thought it would be a good year. Chase agreed with her. The New Year struck, and confetti rained down on everyone. Michael spotted Willow and Chase as they shared a kiss, and Kristina looked over at Valerie, who saw her, turned around, and walked in the opposite direction.

Jordan received a phone call from Curtis, who revealed that he thought there had been another murder, and he needed her to get to Peyton's office.

Julian returned to the hospital, but he saw Kim and Drew kissing, and he turned around and left.

Sam and Jason stepped outside, and she teased him about reaching his limit on socializing. They shared a kiss.

Jordan got to Peyton's office, and Curtis told her what he had found. Chase announced that he doubted the bloodied person was alive, but they would check the emergency room. Jordan thought that the body had simply been moved.

Kim was happy that Oscar had gotten to spend the evening with Josslyn and have a New Year's kiss. Drew mentioned their own kiss, and Kim declared that they had just been caught up in the moment and should forget it. "We're good?" Drew asked. Kim agreed that they were.

Alexis saw Julian at Metro Court and asked about his going to the hospital. Julian replied that it was a long story, but he received a phone call from Kim. Michael stopped Willow as she headed to the elevator. She explained that Chase had been called on a case, and she would turn into a pumpkin if she didn't leave. She wished him a happy New Year and left.

Outside, Sam and Jason watched the fireworks, but suddenly, Jason spotted something weird off to the side. He knocked over a decorative snowman and found Peyton's body.

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