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The people of Port Charles rang in the New Year. Scott revealed that Gail Baldwin had passed away. Lulu cautioned Ava about "Kevin." Jason recognized Kristina's friend, Shiloh. Sonny offered Chet Driscoll a job. Liesl gave Valentin a warning.
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Scott revealed that Gail Baldwin had passed away
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Port Charles celebrates New Year's Eve 1997 ENCORE PRESENTATION: Port Charles celebrates New Year's Eve 1997

Monday, December 31, 2018

Due to the extended New Year holiday, General Hospital opted to rebroadcast a classic episode from Wednesday, December 31, 1997. You can read a recap of that episode (and any General Hospital episode that has aired since November 1995 here.

This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and picked up where the Friday, December 28, 2018, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Due to the New Year holiday, General Hospital did not broadcast an original episode. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and picked up where the Friday, December 28, 2018, episode concluded.

Kristina moves out Kristina moves out

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Nina and Valentin entered Kelly's, grinning and cooing at each other, much to Maxie's surprise. She commented to James that finding Sasha seemed to have gotten Valentin "out of the doghouse." The couple spotted Maxie, and Valentin went to order food so that Nina and Maxie could talk. "You think I'm an idiot?" Nina wondered. "Maybe," Maxie replied, but she conceded that being with Valentin suited Nina. Maxie thought that they seemed "disgustingly happy," and Nina confirmed that they were.

Liesl entered Kelly's, and Nina was floored to see her aunt out and about, and Valentin glared at her from across the restaurant. Liesl quickly told Nina that she'd been exonerated, and she happily picked James up. She promised James that she would be "the best Oma ever," as she no longer had room for cruelty or revenge in her life. She noticed that James needed a diaper change, so Maxie grabbed him, and Nina went with her to the bathroom so they could catch up.

Liesl thanked Valentin for convincing Peter to change his testimony, and Valentin coldly reminded her that she'd blackmailed him into it. He thought that she would be "more comfortable outside of Port Charles," but she replied, "Fat chance." She warned him that, if he were to "arrange an accident," three letters detailing Valentin's scheme with Sasha would be sent to Jordan, Anna, and Nina. He advised her that, while Nina "brings light to my days," he thrived in the darkness, just in case she was tempted to reveal his secret. She told him that she had bigger lies to reveal than his. Nina and Maxie returned with James and wondered what was going on between Liesl and Valentin.

"Kevin" was taping up Kiki's box labeled "growing up" when Ava emerged and demanded to know why he was doing it. He didn't think it was healthy for her to have the box out all the time, so he was going to put it away in a closet. He wished he could stay longer, but Jordan had summoned him. He advised her not to open the door unless she knew who was knocking, and he left.

A short while later, Ava had just put her hands on Kiki's box when there was a knock on the door. She called out, asking who it was, and Lulu answered, so Ava opened the door. She wondered if Lulu was there to chastise her and "Kevin" for being together, but Lulu was there to ask "Kevin" about what had happened the night before. She entered and told a curious Ava about Peyton, and she added that it was believed that the same person had killed Peyton, Mary Pat, and Kiki.

Clearly upset, Ava advised Lulu to call "Kevin's" office, and Lulu apologized for upsetting Ava. Lulu suggested that they talk about "Kevin," and she wondered if he'd been acting erratically lately. She told Ava about his breakdown and that he had a "dark past." Lulu suggested that a shocked Ava should keep her eyes open.

At Metro Court, Jordan interviewed Jason and Sam about what had happened the previous night, and Jason recapped it for her. Sam had nothing to add and asked if they could leave. Jordan warned that she might need to talk to them again, but they could leave. As they walked out, "Kevin" entered, and Curtis told "Kevin" what had happened to Peyton, and his own part in it. Jordan approached and announced that Peyton's time of death had been put at six o'clock at night, and Curtis replied that Peyton had apparently died before Curtis had received Peyton's text. "Kevin" suggested that the murderer had seen Curtis' previous texts to Peyton and had lured him there in order to "taint the evidence."

Jordan's phone went off, and she read from it that Peyton's license had been removed from his wallet. He'd been stabbed twice, but the first stab, while it had drawn lots of blood, hadn't been fatal. The second stab had hit Peyton's heart with "surgical precision," just like the skill used to kill Mary Pat and Kiki. Jordan concluded that they had a serial killer in town, but she wondered about the connection between the three victims. They realized that Mary Pat and Kiki were both women in the medical field, but Peyton didn't fit that pattern.

"Kevin" suggested that the killer had murdered Peyton for attention, because the filmmaker had been putting Ryan in the spotlight. He talked about how each victim had been killed and then moved to a public festive event on a holiday, but the common denominator was that each of the victims knew "Mr. and Mrs. Ashford." Curtis and Jordan were in disbelief, and "Kevin" continued that they were looking for a troubled, antisocial, isolated person who'd had childhood trauma surrounding happy events. He believed that the killer would strike again.

Later, "Kevin" returned to Ava's, and Ava told him that Lulu had wanted to ask him some questions about Peyton's murder. He answered that Lulu would be hearing from Jordan about it soon, and Lulu's phone went off moments later. "I meant what I said," Lulu muttered to Ava, and she left. "Kevin" wanted to know what Ava and Lulu had been talking about, and she admitted that it was about Kevin's past. He confirmed that it was all true, but Lulu needed to mind her own business. He thought that everyone was trying to tear them apart, but he and Ava couldn't let them. Ava agreed.

Lulu arrived at Metro Court and asked what Jordan was ready to share with Lulu's readers. Jordan answered that she was still preparing her press release, but she wanted to tell Lulu something "off the record." Jordan confided that they were dealing with a serial killer who would stop at nothing to get attention, and there was no telling who the next victim would be.

Drew arrived at the hospital, and Kim updated him that Oscar had actually eaten breakfast. He instructed her to take off for a few hours and celebrate the new year with Julian. When she was gone, Hank entered the hospital and remarked on how different Drew looked. Drew apologized for not remembering Hank, and Hank went on about how they'd frequently crossed paths in Afghanistan. Hank took out his phone and showed Drew a picture of the two together in Afghanistan, but Drew looked like Jason.

Hank talked about how Drew had helped Hank through a lot of hard times, and he'd saved Hank's life. He explained that his jeep had hit an IED, and Drew had pulled Hank out of the jeep and to safety through the gunfire. He continued that after Drew had saved him, he'd cleaned up his act. He wondered where Drew had gone, as he hadn't believed that Drew had gone AWOL. Drew admitted that he didn't know, and he excused himself to check on Oscar. "Thank you," Hank said before Drew left, adding, "I've wanted to say that for a long time."

Kristina walked into Charlie's and asked Julian for her paycheck. She talked about how awful the night before had been, and he agreed as he thought back to catching Kim and Drew in a kiss. She explained that she was moving, so she wanted to be able to chip in for expenses. He gave her the check, and she asked him not to tell anyone that she was moving, as she hadn't told her family yet. He wondered if she and Sam weren't getting along. Kristina answered that she needed to step outside her comfort zone, as when one aspect of one's life wasn't working, one had to recognize it so they could move on and find peace.

Later, Kristina was gone, and Kim unpacked some New Year's decorations. Julian didn't think it was a good idea, and Kim thought he'd understood that she'd needed to stay with Oscar the night before. Julian replied that he'd understood until he'd seen her kiss Drew. She quickly explained that they'd gotten caught up in nostalgia, and the kiss had meant nothing. "Not to me," he stated. He told her that he'd found a way to move past it by sleeping with someone else.

Julian continued that seeing Kim and Drew together had made him rethink their relationship. He explained that Oscar and Drew should be her priority, and he was just a distraction in Kim's life. She tearfully told him to have the guts to say that he wanted to break up with her, and she called him a coward. He reminded her that she'd known his history when they'd gotten together, and he had to end the relationship. "Go to hell," she spat, and she stormed out.

A short while later, Kim returned to the hospital, clearly upset and wanting to see Oscar. Drew asked what was wrong with her. She told him that Julian had just broken up with her, but she didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to see Oscar, so she walked away.

Sam and Jason returned to Sam's, and she told him how surprised she was that Jason had answered all of Jordan's questions without requesting Diane's presence. He replied that Max had taken Diane to Las Vegas to celebrate the new year, and Sam gasped, wondering if they were going to get married. Jason informed her that Diane wouldn't marry Max because she thought the conflict of interest could be used against her in court. Sam believed that the two would definitely end up together, especially since they knew what they wanted. Jason replied that he and Sam did too, and it was "about time we did something about it." Sam and Jason shared a kiss just as Kristina entered the apartment. "Oops," she said.

Kristina apologized for interrupting and added that it would be the last time. She told Sam and Jason that she was moving in with Daisy in the group house. Sam respected Kristina's decision, but she wasn't comfortable with Kristina living elsewhere with a killer on the loose. Kristina refused to live in fear, but Sam wondered how well Kristina knew "these people."

Later, Kristina was all packed and ready to go. She explained to Sam and Jason that everyone in the house wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they frequently volunteered. Everything in the house was shared, and everyone pitched in. She talked in admiration about Shiloh, the leader. Sam asked if Kristina was sleeping with Shiloh, which made Jason visibly uncomfortable. Kristina denied the accusation and invited the two to see the house and people for themselves. When she was gone, Jason said, "I think we should visit."

Later, Sam and Jason arrived in front of the house, pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. She hoped the people were nice, too, as she rang the doorbell. Kristina answered the door and invited them in. She told them that Shiloh was there and introduced them to Shiloh, who welcomed them into the house. Jason was dumbfounded to see that Shiloh was Hank.

Scott reveals that Gail Baldwin passed away Scott reveals that Gail Baldwin passed away

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lucy stood in front of the local travel agency and marveled at the books displayed in the window. They were copies of a travel guide on Port Charles. She thought about the debt she'd had previously and how she'd approached many of the key figures in town and asked for their monetary support in order to rebrand Port Charles. Lucy had met with little success.

Scott found Monica at the hospital and informed her that he had some bad news. They went off, and shortly after, Monica advised Elizabeth that she would be leaving for the day and would be unavailable. Elizabeth saw Kim, who confessed that things couldn't be worse because Julian had broken up with her.

Elizabeth was shocked and wondered if Julian thought he could do better. Kim explained that Julian had seen her kissing Drew at midnight on New Year's Eve and had run off to bed with another woman, even though the kiss hadn't meant anything. Kim filled Elizabeth in and made excuses for Julian after Elizabeth expressed her anger. Elizabeth wondered who the other woman might have been.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian spotted Alexis, who revealed that she was there to meet with a client. Julian sat down with Alexis and chatted, but he seemed preoccupied. Alexis suggested he take the day off and call Kim to hang out. Julian flashed back to Kim's kiss with Drew on New Year's Eve and told Alexis that Kim was "otherwise occupied."

Alexis asked about Oscar, but Julian was short as he stated that he didn't know anything. He suggested that Alexis talk to Oscar, Drew, or Kim. Alexis was confused until Julian revealed that he had broken up with Kim. Alexis confirmed that anyone could see that he meant a lot to Kim, but Julian didn't want to talk about it. Alexis didn't think things could be worse than her own breakup with Julian, and she pointed out that she still wanted what was best for him.

Lucy arrived and sat down at a table with Maxie who declared that she had to leave imminently for a self-defense class. Lucy informed her that she had an exclusive on a travel guide she'd written, and she wanted Maxie's help to promote it. Maxie was impressed and asked about details. Lucy stressed that there were many places they hadn't known about around town, and she wanted to share the information with the world.

Lucy added that she wanted Crimson to help her with publicity, and Maxie agreed to talk to Nina, although it wasn't something they would normally do. Lucy spotted Scott sitting with Monica and suggested that he looked "rumpled." Maxie made suggestions for Lucy's book, but Lucy was distracted. Maxie left for her class.

Scott told Monica that he'd flown to Florida after receiving a phone call and had met with Serena in order to see his stepmother, Gail. Monica was sorry she hadn't been there. Both Monica and Scott had flashbacks to conversations with Gail, and Monica expressed how great Gail had been to her. Lucy walked over to tell them about her book, but Scott announced that Gail had passed away.

Lucy was upset that she hadn't heard from Serena, and she joined Scott and Monica in speaking fondly of Gail. Scott, Monica, and Lucy all agreed that Tracy had given Gail the most heartache. Alexis stopped by to give her condolences, as she'd heard from Scott about Gail's will. Alexis revealed that the three at the table would be involved with a bequest from Gail.

Sonny was ready to spar with Mike at Volonino's Gym, but Mike was more concerned over whether Yvonne had liked his Christmas gift. The men put on their boxing gloves and attempted to spar. Sonny gave Mike some instruction, but Chet watched from the side and began to give Mike some advice. Mike recognized some of Chet's tattoos, and the two men bonded over time spent in the military.

Mike confessed that he had a lady waiting for him, and Sonny thanked Chet for talking to his father. They made some small talk, and Chet revealed that he had been looking for a job. Sonny declared that he'd been looking for a gym manager who could also be discreet.

Later, Curtis and Drew sparred in the ring, and Curtis talked about finding Peyton's blood and then his body. Drew mentioned that he wasn't sure that a "blast from the past" was a good thing, and he told Curtis about Hank. Curtis offered to check Hank's background. Drew also told Curtis about his midnight kiss with Kim that hadn't meant anything.

Maxie showed up after receiving a text message from Chet. He told her about his new job, and she was less than thrilled to learn that he would be working for Sonny. She suggested he turn down an offer to work at Sonny's coffee warehouse if it were ever suggested.

Stella encountered Marcus at Turning Woods and held onto the gift for Yvonne that she had agreed to deliver from Mike. Stella asked how Yvonne was doing, and Marcus wondered whether Stella or Mike wanted to know. Stella was sorry to hear about the turn of events with Mike and Yvonne leaving the residence, although Marcus stressed that it had nothing to do with Stella.

Stella was grateful that Marcus had decided not to press charges, but she knew that Marcus had been angry over it. She suggested that he needed an outlet and should talk to a therapist, but Marcus announced that he would be taking Yvonne out of the residence and back to his home. Stella attempted to talk some sense into Marcus, and she asked if Yvonne had been happy at Turning Woods. Marcus didn't think it was Stella's business and snapped that she had forfeited the right to ask personal questions.

Jason and Sam arrived at Kristina's new home, and she introduced them to Shiloh, the leader of the house. Jason immediately declared that Shiloh was lying, and Kristina was furious. Shiloh explained that he and Jason had already met, and Jason had known him as Hank. Kristina introduced Sam, and Shiloh explained how helpful it was to change names when lives changed.

Kristina thought that Sam was being rude to Shiloh as she peppered him with questions. Shiloh mentioned that he had known Drew, who had impacted his life both literally and figuratively. He planned on repaying Drew.

Shiloh showed Jason and Sam a book he had written and explained that it was a study of human conditions and how to live. He talked about Drew saving him, and how, as Hank, he hadn't been a man. He'd had to evolve and had created Dawn of Day. Sam asked about the name of the house, but Shiloh insisted that the name only belonged to the group.

Shiloh clarified that his group did work for the community and the world, and Kristina proceeded to name all of the charity work the group had done. Sam suspected that it had to be costly for the group to exist, and she wondered how they were supported. She also challenged Shiloh on allowing Oscar, as a minor, to reside in the house.

Kristina called Sam a bitch, but Shiloh replied that he paid for everything out of the money he'd made as a life coach. Sam asked Kristina if she'd achieved her full potential and noted that her sister was only working at Charlie's Pub and couldn't possibly have contributed any money. Kristina lashed out at Sam. She insisted that she hadn't given any money but it would be worth it. She also snapped that Sam should send Alexis next time, and she stormed out.

Shiloh dismissed Sam and Jason and noted that he hoped to see them again. "You will," Jason declared. After he and Sam were gone, Kristina returned and apologized to Shiloh. She thought her sister had been patronizing and rude. Shiloh insisted that the anger hadn't arrived with Jason and Sam but that Kristina had chosen to deal with them in that way. He would teach her to be free of negativity.

Stella met with Sonny and Mike at Perks and announced that she'd dropped off the gift but hadn't seen Yvonne. She revealed that Marcus was taking Yvonne home. Mike was agitated and shouted that Yvonne would never leave him and go to a place that she didn't remember. He promised not to see her again if it meant she could stay at Turning Woods, where she felt safe. Sonny promised to fix the problem.

After Sonny was gone, Mike was adamant that he should have gone with his son, but Stella urged him to be patient.

Sam and Jason returned to Sam's place. Sam thought that the words that Kristina had been speaking had been Shiloh's words and not her own. She didn't think that Shiloh was either good or true.

Sonny found Marcus at Turning Woods.

Curtis and Jordan have a lead Curtis and Jordan have a lead

Friday, January 4, 2019

Lulu, Laura, and Ned arrived at Charlie's Pub for a town meeting and debate. Julian was happy to host the event, and everyone hoped there would be a good turnout. Laura noted that everyone should feel safe being together, and there was strength in numbers. She didn't think the killer would stand a chance. Just then, "Kevin" arrived, and Lulu ordered him to leave if he had shown up to make a scene.

"Kevin" insisted that he'd stopped for a cup of coffee and had had no knowledge of the town meeting. The crowd began to grow, and "Kevin" took a seat in the back. Julian introduced Lulu as the moderator, and Lulu admitted that she was Laura's daughter. She was certain that she would prove to be unbiased. Ned chimed in that he and Laura had both agreed to use Lulu.

The first questioner stood up and asked about diversity and parity on the mayor's staff. Ned admitted that while his own staff wasn't diverse, they were all people he had known and trusted, and the city had been thriving. Laura added that Ned's circle was closed, but she would widen it if she were elected mayor.

The next questioner stood and asked Ned if he'd found his business background to be helpful while in office. Ned believed that it was, and he elaborated his feelings. Laura stated that she believed that government couldn't be run as a business, and people needed to get together to have their needs served because economy and money weren't everything. The audience applauded.

"Kevin" stood and announced that he had something to say and wanted his intentions known. He began to praise Laura, and he admitted that even though they were divorcing, he would vote for her and hoped everyone else would, too. Laura promised that she would be a mental health advocate and would continue to visit Ferncliff. She wanted to be visible.

At the conclusion of the town meeting, Lulu thanked everyone and reminded everyone to vote. "May the best man or woman win," Ned said to Laura. Lulu was proud of her mother, and Laura thanked "Kevin" for his endorsement. She emphasized that Ferncliff and other places like it were on her list for further investigation. Lulu had to leave, and Laura noted that she had to visit Sonny at Volonino's. "Kevin" stood nearby and wrapped his scarf around his hands.

Chase got the Community Center ready for the self-defense class that he would be teaching. Maxie, Nina, and Elizabeth were the first to arrive, and they were followed by Willow. Things were awkward between Nina and Elizabeth. The women socialized as they changed their shoes, although Nina was perturbed that Maxie was talking to Willow.

Nina and Elizabeth made petty comments to each other, and Elizabeth placed blame for Charlotte's bullying on Nina. Maxie quickly grabbed Chase to get him to start the class. Once Chase began to instruct, Nina and Elizabeth continued to trade barbs, and Maxie tried to quiet them down.

Chase asked for a volunteer, and when none of the women raised their hands, he chose Willow. She whispered that she was grateful because she had been about to tell someone off. As Chase did a demonstration with Willow, Elizabeth and Nina continued their verbal sparring. Chase called on Nina to help with another demonstration, and Maxie was overly excited.

Maxie was next to be called, and after her first interaction, Chase asked to use her again. Maxie thought she might have to use some of her newly acquired moves sooner than expected, and Chase laughed. She admitted that she was not looking forward to her son going to school if she had the drama to look forward to. She managed to use an elbow on Chase, who groaned.

Chase reminded everyone that being scared didn't mean being a victim. He wanted all of the women to be observant and nasty. The woman practiced moves until Chase called time. He reminded them that the class was the first in a series and to return the following week.

As the women departed, Maxie noted that she would have to keep Nina away from Willow and Elizabeth. She didn't think that Nina had any self-restraint. Willow went over to Chase and told him she'd enjoyed the class. He mentioned a future date, and she suggested they have one immediately. She felt that she needed a drink after all of the classroom goings-on.

Stella and Mike were enjoying pie and coffee at Perks, although Mike was anxious to get back to Turning Woods and Yvonne. Stella announced that she would get him to the facility, but she thought that things might be different. Mike remembered that Marcus had threatened to take his wife home. He declared that he would be upset, and Stella tried to reassure him.

Mike stated that he and Yvonne needed each other, and he made Yvonne happy. Mike asked Stella if she had ever felt needed by someone, and Stella said that hopefully her nephews and her clients were those people. Mike clarified that he meant it in a romantic way, and Stella admitted that that had been long before. Mike wasn't sure if Stella had told him the story previously. She only stated that life had happened, and it had been too late.

Sonny wanted to talk to Marcus at Turning Woods, but Marcus wasn't interested. Sonny stated that he wanted to do what was best, and his father and Marcus' wife couldn't make their own decisions. Marcus complained that Mike only visited the center daily and went home, but Marcus felt as though he were a stranger to his own wife.

Sonny explained that Stella had called Mike and Yvonne "coping partners." He hadn't wanted Mike to attend the program at the facility, but Mike had insisted. Sonny thought that Mike had believed it was the next logical step, and after he'd met Yvonne, things had been okay. He thought that Mike was helping Yvonne, also.

Marcus declared that he and Yvonne had been married for 30 years, and this time was only a "blip" and short-term. Sonny noted it was all they had. Both men talked about the awful disease that had claimed their loved ones. Sonny had no expectations. Just as Marcus asked how Sonny had been able to let go, Yvonne walked out and began to ask for Mike. She grew agitated as both men tried to calm her down. She didn't know Marcus as her husband.

At the police station, Jordan was happy to see Curtis. She told him she needed a breakthrough in the case, and she wanted to bounce ideas around with him. Jordan thought that things were in control except for the fact that she didn't have a suspect. Jordan felt that the killer was trying to impress, and there had been several of the same people present at all of the locations, including herself and Curtis.

Curtis studied the list that Jordan had created, and she confessed that Laura's name jumped out at her. Curtis declared that Laura obviously wasn't the killer. However, Jordan thought the killer might know Laura, or she might know them and not realize it.

Jordan pointed out that Lulu, Chase, and Alexis had all been present, also. She and Curtis thought that perhaps the killer had been trying to impress one of them or none of them. Curtis realized that the only thing in common between those who had been murdered was that they had each been missing their driver's licenses. Jordan added that they had Ryan Chamberlain in common, also.

Jordan and Curtis tossed some ideas around, and Jordan recalled a case they had worked on in the past in Baltimore. She stated that there had been lots of misleading information. Just then, Jordan received a call from forensics and learned that Peyton's documentary was missing. Curtis suggested that someone was trying to hide the facts, and Jordan announced that she had all the files from Ryan's case.

Jordan and Curtis sat at a table with papers and files spread out all over it. Jordan was sure they would find something. Soon, they discovered that a victim of Ryan's had been missing a driver's license, and Jordan began to hurriedly flip through some of the other files. Soon, they realized that all of the victims had had no licenses.

Curtis wondered if it could be a copycat killer, but Jordan reminded him that the police in the past hadn't known about the licenses. She wondered how someone would know that.

Sonny returned to Perks, and Stella sent Mike off to fetch their coats. Sonny revealed that he had spoken to Marcus, and Yvonne had been asking for Mike. He suggested that Mike attend a new facility, but Stella thought that was a bad idea because Mike was familiar with Turning Woods. She thought he would be able to make new friends if Yvonne was no longer there.

Mike, Stella, and Sonny arrived at Turning Woods, and the first thing that Mike saw was luggage with Yvonne's nametag. He guessed he should say goodbye. Marcus met with them and announced that after talking to Sonny, he had decided that Yvonne could stay. He added that one had to do the better thing for love.

Mike presented Yvonne with her Christmas gift, which was a warm, white scarf for chilly nights. Mike put the scarf around Yvonne's neck, and she hugged him. Marcus stood with Stella and told her that she would have loved Yvonne. He felt that he was losing his wife, piece by piece. Marcus apologized to Stella for being rude to her earlier. He had wanted her to hurt like him. He would always wonder what would have happened if he'd just taken Yvonne home.

Mike introduced Yvonne to Sonny, who announced that Mike thought the world of her.

Laura arrived at Volonino's Gym and called out for Sonny. The place was dark and empty. Laura stopped to look at her phone, and "Kevin" emerged from the shadows behind her. He walked slowly toward her.

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