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Jason and Sam made love. Franco and Elizabeth learned that Aiden's classmates called him "Gayden" Robert Scorpio paid Anna a visit. Lulu survived the attack, but she remained unconscious. Ryan went temporarily blind.
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Lulu survived Ryan's attack after he became temporarily blind
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Ryan stabs Lulu

Ryan stabs Lulu

Monday, January 21, 2019

"Kevin" paid Lulu a visit at the Invader office and told her his plans had changed. She was surprised to see him and was a little shaken after his knock on the locked office door. She asked him how many people Ryan had killed, and she turned her back on him to look through her files. "Kevin" stated that there had been nine murders, and Lulu was confused because she only had seven names. "Kevin" ran through all of the victims' names.

Lulu asked about the two additional names that she didn't have, and "Kevin" revealed that those two murders had not been solved. Lulu wondered how "Kevin" knew the names, and she asked if Ryan had told him about them.

As Lulu went through her files, Ryan removed her driver's license from her wallet on the desk. He noted that a driver's license didn't capture a person's soul. Lulu turned and asked what he was doing. "You tell me," Ryan said. He pointed out that she was the investigative reporter.

Lulu grew uneasy and mentioned that her mother was waiting for her. She thought that Ryan had affected "Kevin." She added that she wanted all of the victims treated well, and she thought of "Kevin" as being one of Ryan's victims. He had once before thought of himself as Ryan, Lulu reminded him. Ryan declared that he didn't think he was Ryan.

Lulu wanted to leave to see her mother, but Ryan continued that he'd given Lulu hints and that the truth had been staring her in the face. Lulu shouted that Ryan was dead, but Ryan thought that she needed to check her facts. He walked toward her with a knife.

Later, Lulu was on the floor by her desk while Ryan hummed and cleaned off his knife. Suddenly, a bloodied Lulu got up and stumbled toward the door. "How did I miss?" Ryan asked himself. He declared that he wouldn't make another mistake. As he turned to go after Lulu, he suddenly grabbed his head in pain and fell over. Lulu managed to escape.

Upstairs in the Metro Court dining room, Carly and Sonny stepped off the elevator, hand in hand. They talked about their visit to Morgan's grave, but they were dismayed to see Ava sitting at a table. Sonny wondered what she was doing there.

Lucy approached Ava, and the two women began to have words. Lucy couldn't believe that Kevin had been seeing Ava, but Ava retorted that she didn't think Lucy really knew him. Lucy insisted that she did, and she called Ava a toxic mix of vanity and misery who alienated anyone who saw good. She was certain Ava's relationship with Kevin wouldn't last.

Nearby Laura stopped to chat with Curtis at the bar, and they joked that Lucy and Ava would probably be fighting before too long. Laura whispered that she would bet on Lucy to win. Jordan arrived and announced that she was relieved to have not found any bodies. Curtis replied that the book launch had been uneventful until the scene with Ava and Lucy.

Lucas and Michael met up, and Michael revealed that he had started a college fund for Wiley. Lucas gave him a hard time and was close to speechless, but Michael maintained that it was his right as the godfather. He added that it had nothing to do with Jonah.

Laura chatted with Sonny and Carly, and she advised Carly to call Bobbie who had been affected by Lucy's book reading. Laura revealed that the book had been about people, not just the city. "None of us comes through unscathed," Laura announced. She asked Sonny to tell Dante to get home. Ava and Lucy continued to argue, but Lucy walked over to interrupt and demanded to speak to Sonny. Laura and Carly walked away, and Lucy thanked Sonny for his help with her book launch.

Carly stopped to talk to Ava, and she confessed that she'd heard about Ava's request. Carly was adamant that Ava would never leave town or the country with Avery. Ava stressed that she couldn't leave without knowing that she couldn't have her daughter at least part-time. Carly was adamant that Avery would be staying in Port Charles.

As everyone chatted and argued in the restaurant, the elevator door slid open, and Lulu stumbled out, calling for her mother. She was covered in blood and had been stabbed. She fell to the floor. Lucas began working over her and giving orders, as Laura pleaded with her daughter to "stay with me." "Just like Kiki," a mortified Ava said. Jordan called for paramedics.

Josslyn and Oscar made their way into a cellar right above the catacombs. Josslyn filled Oscar in on the history of the Black Duck and the building, which had been standing since the 1800s. They were determined to find their way below, but Josslyn hunted and was unable to find the entrance. Oscar noted that the floor seemed weak.

Oscar wanted to stay, even though it was getting cold. They sat down. Josslyn was upset about the inability to find the entrance to the catacombs, but Oscar just enjoyed being with her. Josslyn admitted that she was still wishing for a miracle, even though she knew that Oscar hated them.

Oscar explained that he hated the fact that people wouldn't talk about death, and Josslyn replied that they could talk, but there was no promise that she wouldn't get upset. "I can't imagine being gone," Oscar admitted.

Instead, Oscar imagined being at the top of Kilimanjaro, sometimes with his father and sometimes with Josslyn or both. He hated the thought of leaving Josslyn and would miss her. Josslyn rested her head on Oscar, but soon, they were freezing. They got up to go, but suddenly, Oscar fell to the ground. He appeared to be having a seizure.

At the hospital, Elizabeth congratulated Kim on her baby delivery in a parking garage. Kim seemed distracted, and she admitted that she hadn't heard from Oscar. She explained that she was greedy for time with Oscar, but she and Drew had given him "free rein." The only condition had been for Oscar to check in.

Finn spotted Anna in a wheelchair in the hallway, and he teased that she hadn't been released yet. Finn clarified that her virus had responded to treatment, and Anna was happy it was over. Finn only wished he knew how Anna had contracted the virus. Finn assured her it wouldn't "flare up" again. Anna wondered how long she'd had it or what had triggered it. Finn didn't know.

Finn declared it a mystery, and Anna admitted that she had a call in to Robert for possible further information.

Doctors worked on Lulu. Laura and Sonny ran in, and Laura declared that she was thankful that Lucas had been present at Metro Court. Lulu was waiting for surgery, and Laura asked to see her daughter first. Elizabeth assured her that Lulu was not in any pain. Laura was close to hysterics but calmed herself down. She told Lulu she loved her and that lots of people needed her.

Back at Metro Court, Ryan got up and made his way to the elevator. He felt around for the buttons. Upstairs, Carly informed Ava that they could all leave, but Ava stated that she was still waiting for Kevin. Carly wanted to go to the hospital, and she promised to provide Ava with updates. The elevator doors opened, and "Kevin" stumbled out. He announced that he couldn't see.

Chase and Willow arrived at Chase's apartment. Chase held boxes of food, and he offered to eat out in the hallway. Willow assured him she wasn't afraid of him anymore, and Chase declared that he only wanted her to feel safe. He retrieved a couple of glasses of red wine, and the couple sat on the sofa.

Willow thanked Chase for making things easy for her, and he responded that he was happy to be with someone so honest. Chase mentioned a previous person in his life who had made lots of mistakes, and he was happy he wouldn't have to feel bad about making mistakes. After Chase got up to pour more wine, Willow followed him and kissed him.

"Nice surprise," Chase admitted. He assured her that he didn't expect anything else, and he didn't want to "screw up" their relationship. Willow declared that she wanted to set some things straight, and she proceeded to tell him that she had lied. She admitted to being a grieving parent, and Chase revealed that he had figured it out. He was sorry for her loss.

Willow continued that she had only ever been with one man, the baby's father. They hadn't stayed together, and the baby hadn't died. "My baby is alive," Willow declared. She had given him up, even though she knew it sounded selfish. She had done it for her son, but she missed him always.

Chase understood that it had been difficult, but he assured her that the baby was alive and well. Willow admitted that she'd almost taken the baby back, but she had known he was in a good home and was better off. Chase grabbed her hand. Willow insisted the father wasn't in the picture. Willow said it was painful to think about someone else holding her son.

Willow changed the subject and declared that she had ruined the evening. She thought she should leave. Chase helped her on with her coat and offered to walk her out.

Curtis and Jordan looked around Lulu's office. They could tell that Lulu had put up a fight as Jordan reenacted the likely scenario. Curtis spotted the weapon under the desk, and Jordan was thankful they had a witness. "Jackpot," Jordan shouted on their way out. She had spotted a bloody footprint, and Curtis was certain that would lead them to the killer.

Carly arrived at the hospital and found Sonny and Laura, who announced that Lulu's kids were asleep. She hoped they would still have their mother in the morning. Laura told them about Kevin's blindness.

Ava visited with "Kevin," who told her he'd heard that Lulu had been attacked. He asked her to check on Lulu and Laura in order to feel better knowing that not another child would suffer like Kiki.

Kim asked Carly if she'd heard from Josslyn or Oscar because she hadn't been able to reach them. She hoped they weren't off doing something foolish. Michael arrived and announced that he'd heard that evidence had been uncovered in Lulu's office.

Ava returned to "Kevin" and told him that she'd heard that Lulu might not make it through the night. She picked up his bag of shoes and told him she'd return with his slippers.

Elizabeth saw Finn and Anna and told them about Lulu and about Kevin's blindness. Anna and Finn headed for Kevin's room. Carly asked Elizabeth if she knew anything about Josslyn and Oscar and asked her to check with Cameron.

Jason finds himself in trouble while attempting to rescue Josslyn and Oscar

Jason finds himself in trouble while attempting to rescue Josslyn and Oscar

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the cellar of the Black Duck, an unconscious Oscar lay on the floor with his head in Josslyn's lap. He slowly opened his eyes, and Josslyn told him they had a problem. She had no phone service and was unable to call anyone for help. Oscar had a headache and felt cold. Oscar thought they should leave, and Josslyn suggested they go slowly. She was scared for him to try to climb the ladder.

Oscar suggested that Josslyn go alone. She was reluctant because she was worried that Oscar might have another seizure, and he would be alone. Oscar informed Josslyn that she wouldn't be able to do anything for him in the event of another seizure, and the teens argued over Oscar's lack of thanks versus Josslyn's nursing skills. Oscar thought Josslyn was merely panicking, and he urged her to go.

Josslyn declared that she wouldn't forgive Oscar if he died, and she told him off. She began her slow ascent up the ladder, but it shook loose from the wall. Josslyn fell to the ground. She was unconscious, and Oscar shouted for help. Josslyn woke up slowly. Oscar was upset; he'd thought Josslyn had died. Josslyn pointed out that that was exactly how she'd felt about him.

In Rice Plaza, outside City Hall, Chase informed some cops about two missing teens. Drew and Carly were there, anxious about Josslyn and Oscar. Chase was curious to know if Oscar's disappearance had resembled the previous time he'd taken off.

At Kelly's Sam told Jason about the seminar and the scene that had followed at Dawn of Day house. She declared that Kristina's past had been dragged out of her for everyone to see. They were interrupted when Jason received an urgent call from Carly, who told him that Josslyn was in trouble.

Alexis ran into Shiloh and introduced herself. She asked if he had known that it was Sam who had taken his inheritance. Shiloh pulled a chair out from a table. He claimed he hadn't known it was Sam, and Alexis asked if it had been a "crazy coincidence."

Shiloh called it the "universe at work." Alexis took a seat, and she mentioned what she'd heard from Kristina about Dawn of Day. She wanted to hear Shiloh's story from the beginning, and he went back to the days when he'd been known as David Henry Archer. His father had met Cheryl Richards, who had taken his money and disappeared. That had been Sam.

Alexis asked if Shiloh hated Sam, but he insisted that she had changed his life. He continued his story with details of Afghanistan and Drew saving his life. Sam had forced him onto the right path, and Drew's saving him had been "transformational." Alexis was curious to know if Shiloh had known about Drew and Sam living in Port Charles or if that had that been the "universe at work." He claimed to not know anything.

Alexis wondered how Kristina fit into Shiloh's plan. Shiloh explained that Daisy had introduced him to Kristina, and he'd had no idea of her ties to the others. He added that Sam had put the pieces together and had confronted him, and everything had fallen into place. Drew hadn't remembered him, and he had met Jason first. Shiloh recognized Alexis' doubt, and he acknowledged that Sam had been suspicious, also.

Alexis admitted that Kristina appeared to be confiding in Shiloh more than her, and Shiloh informed Alexis that she was intimidating. He also recognized the love between mother and daughter. Alexis called him perceptive, and Shiloh admitted he'd made lots of mistakes and wanted to give people the benefit of those mistakes.

Alexis declared that Kristina had been more content and composed lately. Shiloh suggested that Alexis attend a seminar, but she replied that she wasn't ready. She would give him the benefit of the doubt but reminded him that she was a lawyer and always had doubts. Shiloh got up to leave and called his cross-examination painless.

At General Hospital, Michael spotted Lucas, who admitted that there was no news on Lulu. Michael revealed that the police thought that her attacker had been the killer on the loose, and while Sonny had arranged for someone to watch Lulu's house, there had been no guard at her work. He was hopeful that Lulu could identify the attacker when she awoke. He suggested that Lucas join him for something to eat.

Brad walked into Charlie's Pub with Wiley and was surprised to see Julian. He admitted that he'd hoped that Julian wouldn't be there, but Julian reminded him it was his bar. Brad thought Julian would have been at the book launch. Brad admitted that he couldn't have gotten so far without Julian's help, and he handed Wiley over to his grandfather.

Julian announced that he was appreciative of the photo that Brad had sent, but he was worried that they could both lose Lucas if Lucas found out the truth. Brad declared that he'd decided that what they had done had been for "the greater good." Just then, Michael and Lucas walked in, and Lucas was angry to see Wiley in Julian's arms. He demanded to know what was going on.

Brad took the baby back and revealed that the baby hadn't been able to sleep, so he'd gone on a drive. He had decided to stop for coffee and hadn't expected Julian to be there. Lucas informed Julian and Brad about Lulu then asked Michael to take Wiley. He had to talk to Brad alone. Michael took his godson, and Lucas and Brad stepped outside.

Julian wondered how Michael rated V.I.P. status, and the two had words about Sonny. Julian declared that he had tried to turn his life around, but Michael retorted that Julian's kids didn't owe him anything. He walked away, citing the fact that he shouldn't be talking to Julian. Just then, Willow walked in, and Michael introduced her to the baby.

Willow was ill at ease, and she stared at the baby. She also exchanged looks with Julian. She stuttered that she needed to go home to grade some books, and Michael asked if he'd done something to upset her. He was confused over her strange behavior. He added that he'd left her a message about a trip to ELQ, and she'd never returned his call.

Outside, Lucas snapped at Brad. He didn't want Julian to be with Wiley, especially since they'd made a promise to the birth mother about it. Brad responded that the 30-day window had closed, and they weren't legally bound to keep the promise any longer. Lucas insisted that he wanted to show the mother some respect.

Brad and Lucas headed back inside, where Willow was on the verge of tears. Michael introduced her to Wiley's fathers, Lucas took his son back, and the family left. Michael realized that Willow had been upset because he'd been holding a baby, and she had probably been thinking about her own child.

Willow was glad that Michael understood. He told her about Lulu and the fact that he wanted to get back to the hospital. He walked Willow out as she turned to look at Julian again.

Sam and Jason met up with Carly and Drew at Rice Plaza. Carly had heard about the catacombs from Cameron. Chase announced that all of the doors leading to the catacombs were still locked, and he thought perhaps the teens had used an alternate entrance somewhere. Drew and Chase locked horns over the police procedure. Carly told Jason and Sam about Lulu.

Sam figured that Josslyn and Oscar were probably underground because they couldn't reach them, and she thought she had an idea of another way in. She thought that Josslyn might be familiar with the cellar under the Black Duck, and Carly realized that Josslyn would know about it due to the redevelopment discussions they'd had at home. The group headed to the tunnel opening at the distillery.

Chase phoned in to the precinct that there had been no sign of the kids, and the parents had gone. He announced that he was on his way to the hospital.

Josslyn was willing to try to climb out again, but Oscar pleaded with her not to. Suddenly, they heard Carly's voice, and she and Drew peered down into the tunnel entrance. Josslyn told them what had happened, and Drew declared that Oscar couldn't wait for rescue to arrive.

Jason and Drew made their way down to the cellar, and there were hugs all around. Jason noted that the floor seemed loose, and Josslyn cried that she was sorry. Oscar wasn't feeling well, and he told his father he felt weak and had a headache. Drew managed to get Oscar to climb up the ladder, and he followed closely behind.

Jason gave Josslyn his jacket. She continued to be upset about Oscar, and Drew shouted that he was taking Oscar to the hospital. Oscar called down to Josslyn, and they both declared their love. Oscar thanked Sam for saving him. Down below, Josslyn informed Jason that the ladder was falling off the wall. He vowed to catch her if she fell.

Josslyn began to climb up the ladder. It pulled away from the wall, but she managed to get up to the top. She hugged Carly profusely, and Carly wanted to take her to the hospital, too. Sam announced that she would stay for Jason. Carly shouted down that the fire department was on the way. Josslyn thanked Jason for saving her, but Jason insisted she had saved herself.

After Josslyn and Carly had gone, Jason called up to Sam that he couldn't wait for the fire department. The floor seemed about to cave in. The ladder continued to pull away from the wall as Jason began to climb, and he fell to the floor.

Ryan learns Lulu is expected to make a full recovery

Ryan learns Lulu is expected to make a full recovery

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jason was sprawled unconscious in the tunnel he'd fallen into. He awoke and sat up in obvious pain. He turned on the flashlight on his cell phone and looked around. He called out to Sam, but he couldn't hear anything back. He told himself that someone had built the tunnel, so there had to be a way out. He spotted a grate on the far side of the room and looked in. A few minutes later, he'd gone through the grate.

Sam yelled down for Jason and pointed her flashlight down toward where he'd fallen. She couldn't see or hear him. As she heard sirens, she looked around for something to help Jason. Three firefighters entered, and she beckoned them toward where Jason had fallen. She told them about what had happened and paced as they went off to inspect the cellar. A few minutes later, a firefighter updated her that they would need special equipment, as the hole was too deep. He assured her that they were working with city engineers, but it could take five or six hours to get Jason out.

When the firefighter was gone, Sam put a call in to Spinelli and asked him to look into the tunnels underneath the city. After a few minutes of searching, he finally found a schematic of a water system, circa 1910, underneath the Black Duck. He informed her that it let out near pier 55. A short while later, Sam arrived on the pier with her scuba gear. She looked into the water and saw Jason facedown, so she jumped in and swam toward him.

At Kelly's, Charlotte wondered why Valentin kept checking his phone, and she assured him that Lulu was always on time to pick her up. Valentin gently informed her that there had been a "change of plans" and that she would be staying at Wyndemere a little while longer. He continued that Lulu had been hurt, and Nina added that Lulu was at the hospital. Charlotte begged to see Lulu, and Valentin eventually gave in. Charlotte hopped up from her seat to pick out a scone for Lulu.

Nina feared that seeing Lulu could be traumatic to Charlotte, and she wondered if Valentin had made a wise decision. Valentin assured Nina that he wouldn't let Charlotte see Lulu that night unless it was to say goodbye, which both hoped wouldn't happen. Charlotte returned, and Nina promised that she would be waiting for them at home.

"Yikes," Maxie said after she finished reading an article about the Yankees at Nathan's graveside. She was sorry to give him bad news on their anniversary, so she told Nathan more about James. She revealed that she had something else to tell him, and she admitted that she was getting closer to Peter. As she brushed snow off of Nathan's gravestone, she cried that she knew Nathan would want her to move on and be happy, but she was scared to let someone in again. She asked for a sign that she was doing the right thing. Just then, Peter appeared and handed her a handkerchief.

Peter and Maxie talked about Nathan, and she related that every time she thought she was through the worst of the grief, it knocked her flat. She continued that everyone told her that she needed to let go and move on, but no one could tell her how. He thought that Nathan had loved her selflessly, and he would want her to be happy. Just then, Nina entered and revealed that she'd been trying to contact Maxie. She told Maxie that something had happened to Lulu.

A few minutes later, Nina was alone, and she told Nathan about the Yankees, James, and Liesl. She put four quarter on his gravestone, just in case someone passing through needed them. She cried that she and Maxie missed him. She believed that Maxie was starting to move on, but she advised him not to hold it against her. "Even though I know you never would," she added.

Sonny handed Laura a cup of tea, and she thanked him for being there with her. Jordan entered and informed Laura that evidence was still being collected at the Metro Court. She talked about the partial shoe print and said that the angle suggested that something had gone wrong. She assured Laura that the E.R. was "on the lookout."

Jordan had some "privileged information" to tell Laura, so Sonny walked away. Jordan divulged that Lulu's wound was similar to that of the other victims', and Lulu's license had also been missing. Sonny returned, and Jordan excused herself to get back to the investigation. Laura asked Jordan for Lulu's phone first, just in case Dante called, but Jordan replied that the phone was still considered evidence. She disclosed that the only conversation of Lulu's they hadn't accounted for was the last one she'd had before she'd been attacked.

Anna and Finn looked in on Ava and "Kevin," who were both asleep in "Kevin's" hospital room. Finn wondered how well Anna knew "Kevin," and she replied that she'd never worked with him directly. Finn suggested that "Kevin" had done a research project with Arthur Cabot. He added that "Kevin's" lab results were due in any minute, so they would have "another piece of the puzzle."

In his sleep, "Kevin" yelled out, "Don't go!" to Lulu. Ava woke him up and wondered about his nightmare involving Lulu. She informed him that Lulu was still in surgery, so she still had a "fighting chance" not to end up like Kiki. Finn and Anna entered the room, and Finn announced their arrival to the still-blind "Kevin." She updated "Kevin" on how she'd had his same symptoms, and she asked if he'd ever worked for the WSB or the DVX.

Ava demanded to know why "Kevin" was being interrogated as his heart rate went up. Anna asked if he'd ever met Arthur Cabot. He answered that he hadn't, and he said that he was starting to get dizzy. Finn checked his eyes and asked what he'd been doing when he'd gotten the headache that had led to his blindness. "Nothing out of the ordinary," "Kevin" responded. Finn wondered if "Kevin" had handled any foreign objects or substances. He replied that he hadn't as he remembered taking Lulu's license. He wanted to rest, so Finn and Anna left.

"Kevin" asked Ava to get him some tea to help him relax. Before she left, he asked where his coat was. She told him that it was on the chair, and she left. When she was gone, he ripped the blood pressure cuff off of his arm and got out of bed. He immediately fell and crawled on the floor with an arm out, trying to find the chair. He finally found the chair and picked up his coat. He stood up and went through the pockets, finally locating Lulu's license. He dropped it and dropped to the floor to retrieve it.

Anna wondered how it was possible that she and "Kevin" could have the same virus. Finn's phone went off, and he excused himself to get "Kevin's" lab results. Anna saw Laura and embraced her, letting Laura know that she was there for Laura. Jordan wondered if Anna knew where Peter was, and Anna became defensive. Laura broke away from the group when she saw Valentin enter with Charlotte, and Charlotte informed her grandmother that they were there to see Lulu. Valentin piggybacked that he figured that Lulu wasn't able to have visitors yet, but Charlotte had insisted.

Charlotte told Laura that she would wait until she could see Lulu, but Laura warned her that it could be a long time. She thought it was best that Charlotte and Valentin go home. She assured a concerned Charlotte that Lulu was a fighter, and when she got better, she would teach Charlotte to be one, too. Charlotte handed Laura the scone to give to Lulu and hugged her grandmother. Laura thanked Valentin for taking Charlotte to visit, and they left.

Sonny joined Laura just as a doctor approached. Dr. Lacey informed Laura that Lulu's wound had been severe but clean, and he had been able to repair the damage. He expected Lulu to make a full recovery. She sincerely thanked the doctor, and he walked away. She hugged Sonny in celebration.

Peter and Maxie entered the hospital and immediately asked about Lulu. Jordan invited Peter to the station so she could ask him some questions, but he didn't want to go anywhere until he knew that Lulu was all right. He offered to answer questions there, as he had nothing to hide. She asked about his whereabouts for the previous four hours, and he answered that he'd gone to Lucy's book party, and then he'd gone for a walk, but he had no one to corroborate the walk.

Jordan wondered what Peter's phone call with Lulu had been about, and he told her about their argument about the serial killer article. Jordan wondered why he was killing the story, and he reminded her about all of the police pushback about publishing privileged information and compromising the investigation. Maxie insisted that Peter had been nothing but professional. Peter told Jordan that Lulu, a "passionate and dedicated journalist," liked getting her own way, but he needed to make it clear that he was shutting down the story. "What happens if you don't get your way?" Jordan wondered.

"Kevin" finally located Lulu's license under the bed when Ava returned with his tea. She fussed over him, and he claimed that he'd tried to find the remote for the television. She spotted it on the bedside table and helped him back into bed. He thanked her for caring about him like no one else ever had, and she kissed him. Finn entered and told "Kevin" that he had the same latent virus as Anna. He added that Lulu was expected to make a full recovery. "Wonderful," "Kevin" said unenthusiastically.

Sam jumps into the harbor to save Jason

Sam jumps into the harbor to save Jason

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Oscar didn't think it was necessary for him to stay at the hospital overnight, but Kim reminded him that he'd had a seizure. As Elizabeth checked his vitals, Oscar shot back that Josslyn had been more traumatized than him, but she'd stepped up. Kim suggested that he stay overnight for Josslyn.

At the hospital, Carly worried that Jason wasn't picking up the phone, but she was sure that he was all right. Josslyn knew her actions had been stupid, but she'd wanted to help Oscar live his life to fullest. She regretted that she'd put herself, Oscar, and Jason in danger. Carly assured her that Jason would be fine, but she and Sonny warned Josslyn to be careful. Sonny reminded Josslyn that she knew what it felt like to lose someone in an accident, and he wanted her to be aware of the risks she was taking. She insisted that she understood and cried about how sorry she was. Carly got a text but frowned because it was work.

Sam arrived at the pier in a wetsuit with her scuba gear. She spotted Jason facedown in the water and dove in. She swam to him and eventually surfaced next to the pier with him. She helped a conscious Jason onto the pier and got herself up. She told him about how Spinelli had helped her locate where Jason would exit the tunnels. Jason said that he'd swum out into the harbor, but he'd been so cold that he had no longer been able to move his arms. "You saved my life," he stated in gratitude. "I guess I owed you one," Sam replied with a smile.

A few minutes later, Jason assured Carly on the phone that he was fine and with Sam. Carly asked him to "promise you're not dying," and she insisted that he put Sam on the phone. Sam reiterated that Jason wasn't dying, and Carly said that Sam needed to take care of him. "Of course, I will," she replied, and she hung up. Sam thought he needed to see a doctor, but he begged her, "not tonight." He promised that he would go straight home and take a hot shower, but she insisted that he go home with her.

Carly informed Sonny and Josslyn that Jason was all right. Elizabeth walked by, and Josslyn asked her how Oscar was doing. "Great," she replied, but she thought he would be better with a visit from Josslyn. Carly advised Josslyn to say goodnight, as they would leave as soon as Josslyn returned. Elizabeth liked the sound of leaving, and she left to clock out.

Kim told Oscar that, while she understood his motive, what he'd done was "not okay." Josslyn entered and asked for a minute with Oscar, so Kim left. Oscar praised Josslyn for her perfect timing, as he believed that he'd been about to get a lecture. Josslyn joked that she already had. She told him that Jason was all right, and Oscar related that he felt fine "except for one thing." He kissed Josslyn goodnight.

A short while later, Josslyn was gone, and Kim returned with food for Oscar. Kim wanted Oscar to live the life he wanted while he could, but she warned him about risking Josslyn's life. He informed his mother that he and Josslyn had talked about it, and they both understood. He promised not to "pull any more stunts," but he warned his mother that he would still take chances and push limits. He didn't want to have any regrets, and Kim wanted the same for him.

Later, Sam handed Jason a glass of brandy after he got out of the shower. He promised to drink it if she took a shower, but she didn't want to leave him alone. She offered to make him food, but he threatened to carry her into the shower. She finally agreed and walked to the bathroom, and he took a sip of brandy. A short while later, Jason handed her a glass of brandy after her shower, and they sipped it together. "Pinch me," she said as they sat in front of the fire.

Sam told Jason about how often after his disappearance she'd dreamed that she'd actually saved him, only to wake up in the morning without him. "I'm here now," he told her. He thanked her for saving him, and they shared a kiss. They began to undress and moved to the bed, where they made love. Later, they lay in bed in each other's arms. "I love you. I missed you," Jason told her, and Sam repeated the sentiments.

Aiden, Jake, and Franco returned home with large shopping bags from a kitchen store. Aiden asked if they could bake something, but Jake thought about how angry Elizabeth would be if they weren't in bed by the time she got home. Franco saw Aiden's excitement and promised to take full responsibility for any anger Elizabeth had later. A few minutes later, Aiden was mixing the batter when Jake and Franco tasted it. Jake loved it, and Franco called Aiden a "genius." Aiden explained about the intricate design he wanted to do on the cupcakes, and Franco suggested that Aiden take them to school the next day. Jake tried to persuade Aiden to leave the cupcakes at home, but he was already excited.

Later, Aiden checked on the cupcakes in the oven, and Franco promised to check on the cupcakes again. He suggested that the boys get ready for bed, so they ran upstairs. Elizabeth returned home, and Franco gushed about the great time he'd had baking with the boys. Jake returned downstairs and begged Elizabeth and Franco not to let Aiden take the cupcakes to school. He thought that they were setting Aiden up to get hurt, and he added that the bullying at school hadn't stopped with Charlotte.

Jake showed Aiden's tablet to Elizabeth and Franco with the message "Get lost Gayden" still on the screen. Elizabeth commended Jake for being a good brother and trying to protect Aiden, but she thought that all they could do was be there for Aiden. She hugged Jake, and he went back upstairs. Franco wondered if Elizabeth would be surprised if Aiden was gay, and she admitted that it had always been in the back of her mind. She wondered if it was something Aiden would discover about himself, and Franco promised that they would be there for him "every step of the way."

Stella and Mike returned to Sonny's, raving about their night playing Bingo. Stella informed Mike that she would be there with him while his caretaker was on break, but he told her that he needed to get home because his parents would be worried. She promised to call his parents and tell them that he was spending the night. She observed that things seemed to be going well with Yvonne, and he was happy that "that man" was no longer in the way. Stella revealed that Marcus had given Yvonne up like Stella had given him up so long before.

Stella and Mike played cards, and she told him that in the past, she had played the game with her fiancÚ. Just then, Sonny, Carly, and Josslyn returned. Talking to Josslyn, Mike asked "Mary" if she wanted to play stickball with him the next day, and she agreed. Josslyn was tired, so she offered to show Mike to his room on her way to bed. He followed her upstairs, and Sonny explained to Stella that Mary had to have been a childhood friend of Mike's. A suddenly solemn Stella said goodnight and left.

"It's time, isn't it?" Sonny asked quietly. He realized that Mike was better off at the facility with Yvonne because he was so much happier there. Carly wondered if he was ready, but he knew he'd be selfish if he kept Mike at his home. He needed her help getting through it, and she promised that she wasn't going anywhere.

At Kelly's, Curtis asked to talk to Marcus about Stella. He revealed that she was kicking herself for possibly ruining her friendship with Marcus, but Marcus insisted that she'd done nothing wrong. He admitted that he'd lashed out at Stella, looking for someone to blame, but there was no excuse for how he'd treated her. He remembered that there had been a time he would have sacrificed anything for her, and Curtis wondered what had gone wrong. Marcus explained that, after Curtis' father had died, Stella had broken things off to help raise Curtis and his brother without giving Marcus a choice.

Marcus continued that he'd found Yvonne and had a happy marriage, but Stella had always been his "unanswered question." Marcus commented that Stella had done a good job raising Curtis, and he left. A few minutes later, Stella entered as Curtis was leaving, and Curtis sensed that something was wrong. She informed him that she thought the next time she saw Mike, he wouldn't know who she was. Curtis wondered if he could get her anything, but she'd seen that he'd been on his way out. "I always have time for you," he said as he took her hand.

"Kevin" gets his sight back

"Kevin" gets his sight back

Friday, January 25, 2019

Sam woke up and turned over to look at Jason. She touched his face, and he woke up. She apologized for waking him up, but she'd wanted to make sure that he was really there. They both expressed how happy they were and how much they loved each other.

A short while later, Sam descended the stairs and was impressed to find that Jason had made breakfast. She sat down with him, marveling over how "familiar and strange" it was to be eating breakfast with him. He informed her that he was supposed to meet with Spinelli, who'd flown in to work with Jason on finding out more about the Linda Black emails. Jason's phone went off, and he told her that he had to meet Spinelli at Metro Court, as his flight had landed. Suddenly upset, she remembered that the last time he'd left, she hadn't seen him for five years. He promised to return, and he said that he would text her when he got to Metro Court safely. They shared a kiss, and he left.

Carly saw Drew at the Metro Court bar and asked about Oscar. He replied that Oscar was supposed to be released that day. Carly promised that she'd had a long talk with Josslyn about living "like there's no tomorrow." Drew reminded her that Josslyn had a tomorrow. He continued that he and Kim had to find a "delicate balance" between letting Oscar live his life to the fullest and keeping him safe. Carly commended him for being more functional than she would be, and he admitted that Scout helped.

A short while later, Drew was gone, and Jason entered Metro Court. Just as he sent Sam a text message assuring her that he was all right, Carly spotted him and gave him a tight hug. He warned her that his ribs were sore, and she thought that he should go get checked out. He confided with a small smile that he was "better than I've been in six years." Carly gasped excitedly and gently hugged him, happy for Jason and Sam. "It's about time!" she added, reminding him that she'd been right about them.

Jason thanked Carly for believing in him and Sam. She admitted that she hadn't been crazy about Sam in the beginning, but Sam loved Jason for Jason. "She's almost worthy of you," she joked, taking Jason's hand. Jason's phone went off, and he read that Spinelli's plane was stuck on the tarmac, so he was there for no reason. "Except to tell your best friend the good news," Carly chimed in. She observed that he seemed "lighter," and he confirmed it. He told Carly that he was going to get back to Sam, and he left.

Sam typed out a text asking how Spinelli was doing, but she deleted the words, telling herself that, "I'm not that crazy." She cleaned up from breakfast while debating about whether or not to call Jason. She stopped herself again and sat down on the couch while staring at her phone on the table in front of her. Just then, the door opened, and Jason stepped inside. Sam ran to him and jumped into his arms. "I told you I'd come back," he said as he smiled.

Elizabeth told Franco that she'd barely slept and eagerly grabbed the mug of coffee he held out to her. Jake and Aiden wondered if they could play video games, and she told them not to play any online games. Aiden ran off, and Jake worried that he'd been wrong to tell Elizabeth and Franco about Aiden's bullying. They assured him that he'd done the right thing, and he ran off to play with Aiden.

Franco wondered if Elizabeth would have a problem with Aiden being gay, and Elizabeth was offended that he would even ask her that. He knew that she would love Aiden no matter what, and she added that she just wanted him to be happy. She was proud that he was free to be whoever he was, but Franco disagreed, as there were many people who didn't see things the way they did. He conceded that things were better than when they'd been growing up.

Elizabeth grabbed her computer and showed Franco all the research she'd done the night before, including that there were still states where someone could be fired for being gay. Franco hoped it would be different by the time Aiden entered the workforce. She thought that they first needed to focus on stopping the bullying. Jake and Aiden returned downstairs for a snack, and Franco whisked the computer away. Jake ran into the kitchen, and Elizabeth grabbed Aiden. She enclosed him in her arms and made sure that he knew she would always love him.

At the police station, Peter told Anna that she hadn't needed to stay with him all night, and he didn't need saving. She replied that she'd wanted to stay and help him to know which questions not to answer without a lawyer. Maxie entered, and Peter was happy to see her. Jordan emerged and told Peter that she had a few more questions. He and Anna followed her into the interrogation room and sat down. She showed them a picture of the bloody shoeprint from Lulu's office and informed them that the type of shoe matched what Peter was wearing.

Jordan asked for Peter's shoe size, but Anna advised him not to answer. Peter sighed and said that he was a size twelve and wondered if it matched the shoeprint. Jordan replied that it didn't -- if he was telling the truth. Peter suddenly remembered that, if he was a suspect in all of the murders, he had an airtight alibi for Kiki's, as he'd been at Jordan and Curtis' wedding all night. The three left the room, and Jordan asked him to wait while she verified his claims. Peter told Anna that she could go, and she asked him to call with any updates. Maxie promised, and Anna apologized for hovering. Maxie told her that Peter understood, and he thanked her for caring.

When Anna was gone, Maxie thought that Peter could be nicer to Anna. He was irked that Anna had thought he'd been capable of murder, but she informed him that, as a mom, Anna had been worried. She advised him to let Anna in, but he told her that he was "slow to trust." Jordan returned and told Peter that video had proven that Peter had been at the wedding all night. She advised him not to leave town, and she walked away. Maxie and Peter embraced in happiness, and he wondered what she was doing that day. She invited him to pick James up from Mac and Felicia's, and they happily left.

An impatient "Kevin" had bandages covering his eyes, and Finn announced that "Kevin's" surgeon was in the room. Griffin entered, and Finn left. "You look like hell," Ava observed, seeing a cut on a disheveled Griffin's forehead. Griffin began to take the bandages off as Ava held "Kevin's" hand. When his eyes were uncovered, he revealed that his sight was back.

Griffin checked "Kevin's" eyes and observed that the minor surgery seemed to have been enough to correct what the virus had affected. "Kevin" wondered if he could be released that day, but Griffin said that he needed to run some tests on "Kevin" first. "Kevin" hoped it wouldn't take too long, as he had "pressing matters to attend to."

A few minutes later, Griffin told someone on the phone that they were still on for that night, but he would have to call them back. He assured Ava that "Kevin's" test wouldn't take much longer. She hoped that Griffin had been taking care of himself, as she felt that letting himself go would be disrespectful to Kiki's memory. He didn't want to talk about Kiki, so Ava asked about Lulu. He revealed that Lulu had a positive prognosis, and Ava was happy. She hoped that Lulu would wake up and give the name of "the bastard that killed my daughter."

Laura sat with Lulu and begged her to wake up. Sonny entered and gave Laura a comforting hug. She wondered if he'd spoken to Dante, and he figured that by the time he could reach Dante, Lulu would have recovered. "From your mouth," Laura hoped. Sonny told Laura that he intended to contribute money to the reward for tips on the attacker.

Laura thanked Sonny for his generosity, but she admitted that she was second-guessing her decision for a tip line, as most calls had been "attention-seekers" with false leads. "It only takes one," he said. Sonny promised that Lulu would be all right. He told Laura to let him know if she needed anything. He leaned over to Lulu and whispered, "Don't stop fighting your way back," and he left.

A short while later, Sonny arrived at Metro Court, and Carly excitedly told him about Sam and Jason. He was unsurprised, as Carly had been saying that the two would get back together for a long time. He told her that she was right, and she happily hugged him.

Robert found Finn at the hospital and wondered if he could get Anna to return Robert's calls. He explained that he had intel on Anna's sudden blindness. Finn promised to get the file to her, and Robert remembered that the two were living together. He warned Finn that Anna was high maintenance, and he wished Finn luck. Finn thought he could handle it, and Robert agreed.

Just then, Anna stepped off the elevator and wondered why Robert was there. He handed her the file full of information he'd found on Dr. Cabot and his associates. He directed her to the bottom of the page, where a name would jump out at her. She read through the page and learned that Cabot had worked with Kevin. She wondered why Kevin had lied to her.

Laura kissed Lulu and held her hand. She thought about how Lulu had always run on her own schedule. She promised to try to be patient, but she urged Lulu to "hurry a bit." Just then, Lulu squeezed Laura's hand. A shocked Laura asked if that had been real, and Lulu squeezed Laura's hand again. "Good job!" Laura told her daughter, and she ran out of the room to get a doctor. When Lulu opened her eyes a few minutes later, the room was dark, and someone was standing over her. "Hello, Lulu," Ryan said to a wide-eyed Lulu.

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