General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 28, 2019 on GH

Daisy confessed to Sam. Ryan framed Franco. Lulu woke up, but she was unable to name her attacker. Lucas and Brad offered Elizabeth advice. Sam and Jason put a plan into motion.
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Lulu regained consciousness and the real Kevin experienced blindness
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Spinelli knows where the emails sent to Sam originated

Spinelli knows where the emails sent to Sam originated

Monday, January 28, 2019

Jordan was on the phone in her office and learned that no fingerprints had been found on the weapon used to attack Lulu. She told the caller that she wanted research done on the knife's purchase, and she wanted answers. Curtis arrived, and the two discussed the case. Curtis suggested that the killer had been familiar with the layout of Metro Court. Jordan revealed that there had been nothing helpful shared on their tip line.

Jordan thought that Lulu might have been onto something, and Curtis suspected that the producer might have learned something, as well. Jordan took another phone call, and she shared the details with Curtis. There was only one local retailer who sold the murder weapon, and she was hopeful for a break. Curtis hoped the killer hadn't made the purchase online. Jordan received a phone call from the hospital.

At Dawn of Day house, Kristina sat comfortably in a chair, reading Shiloh's book. Shiloh walked in and asked for Kristina's forgiveness. He wanted to apologize for the way his seminar had turned out, causing her to be so upset. Kristina insisted that it had all been necessary in order for her to get better, and she thought it unfortunate that Sam had interfered.

Kristina declared that Sam needed a seminar because she didn't understand the ways of the house. Kristina informed Shiloh that his book had helped her, also, and she felt better. Shiloh thought that Kristina should have more compassion for Sam. He also thought that Kristina was strong like Sam and Alexis. He added that he'd met Kristina's mother. Kristina was horrified.

Shiloh admitted that he understood why both Sam and Alexis had been suspicious of him, and Kristina adamantly replied that she knew he hadn't been responsible for the emails to Sam. Shiloh responded that he loved Kristina's faith, but he wanted her to remember that when the truth emerged. He added that the mystery had been solved.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam apologized to Jason for her behavior. She hadn't been able to help being worried about him while he'd been out. "Here I am," Jason replied as the two shared a kiss. Sam admitted that she was happy and not normally superstitious, but she had been worried that something would take him away again.

Jason insisted that Sam not be afraid for him, and Sam replied that she wasn't. They sat on the sofa. Sam explained that she had been working hard to rebuild and to trust her instincts. Jason admitted that he didn't want to have to worry about her worrying, and Sam assured him that she felt more confident.

Jason grabbed Sam's hands and mentioned their great evening and even better morning. He had been happy to see her smiling at him, and he talked about how beautiful she was. He clarified that he meant that in many ways, such as in all the situations he'd seen her in or the things he'd seen her do. Sam giggled. Jason said he was lucky to love her and to have her love him. He promised to never take it for granted.

Sam and Jason kissed again and made the decision to head upstairs. When there was a knock at the door, Sam was insistent that they ignore it, but she finally gave in and opened it. Spinelli rushed in, happy to see them. He realized that he had interrupted them. Sam assured him that he hadn't, and they shared a hug. Jason revealed that Sam had saved him, thanks to Spinelli's information.

Spinelli removed his coat and announced that he'd checked further into Dawn of Day while he'd been stuck on the tarmac. He revealed that the emails that Sam had received had definitely originated at the Dawn of Day house. Sam's phone rang, and she answered the call. It was Kristina, who declared that she needed Sam right away.

After Sam was gone, Spinelli and Jason discussed Shiloh and the fact that he had been trying to get to Sam through Kristina. Spinelli told Jason about what he'd learned about Shiloh and the fact that he had not been spiritual when he'd been known as Hank Archer. Eventually, Hank had disappeared and had later reappeared as Shiloh.

Spinelli explained how much information he'd been able to obtain online. He finished his coffee, and Jason offered him another cup. Spinelli announced that he preferred to hear about Jason and Sam, but Jason was mute on the subject. Spinelli was excited until Jason told him what had happened to Lulu.

Spinelli left soon after, determined to visit with Lulu at the hospital. He promised to solve the case involving Dawn of Day.

At the hospital, Ryan made his way to Lulu's room. He saw that she was asleep, and he closed the door and the blinds. He grabbed a pillow, and Lulu called out for her mother. Ryan placed the pillow over Lulu's face and began to push down. He told her not to fight. As Lulu began to lose air, Laura and the doctor rushed into the room.

"Kevin" claimed that he had been checking on Lulu, who had needed help with her airway. The doctor went over to check on his patient, and Laura asked "Kevin" about his eyesight. "Kevin" assured her he was fine after having a virus. The doctor called out to Lulu to wake up, and she appeared to be gasping for air. Laura urged her to wake up, and Lulu asked if she had heard her mother's voice. Laura promised Lulu she was safe. "Kevin" left the room.

Out in the hallway Anna, Finn, and Robert talked about Kevin and how he had lied about knowing Dr. Cabot. Anna only wanted to know how she and Kevin had contracted the virus. They went to "Kevin's" room and were confused to see that he wasn't there. Anna suggested he was up on the roof or in the solarium, appreciating his newly returned eyesight.

Robert suggested that Kevin was busy "covering his tracks." Finn thought Robert was paranoid, but Robert retorted that that was due to his profession. Robert declared that Cabot had worked for the DVX, and maybe Kevin had, too. Finn and Anna didn't agree. Robert suggested that Kevin had had a secret life.

Laura encountered "Kevin" outside of Lulu's room. He wanted to chat, but Laura announced that she had lots of people to contact. He offered to counsel Lulu after the doctor was gone, but Laura took exception to his sudden care and told him she'd let Lulu know. She thought it was important that Lulu identify her attacker first. "Kevin" deemed Lulu too fragile, and Laura informed him that Jordan was on her way over.

"Kevin" walked into his room and found Anna, Finn, and Robert inside. He ordered them to leave, but Anna asked him why he had lied about knowing Cabot. She told him the WSB had proof of their acquaintance. "Kevin" insisted he didn't know Dr. Cabot, and he asked Finn as his doctor to have everyone leave the room.

Finn told "Kevin" it was urgent they learn about the virus, but "Kevin" continued to deny his knowledge of anything. He began to yell and ordered everyone out again. Finn declared that he needed to go along with "Kevin's" wishes. Out in the hallway, Finn apologized and explained that he had needed to stop things due to ethics. Robert laughed. He declared that Cabot had also met with Anna.

Laura returned to Lulu's room. Lulu asked about her kids, and Laura assured her they were okay. Laura noted that she had been trying to get in touch with Dante, but Lulu requested he not be told so as not to "blow his cover." Laura urged her daughter to stay awake, and she asked if Lulu could remember anything. Lulu knew that she had been attacked, and she wondered if her attacker had been caught. Laura told her how brave and strong she was.

Jordan arrived with questions and announced that she hoped Lulu could help. Lulu agreed, although she felt "fuzzy." Jordan sat by the bed and went over the evening's timeline as she knew it. Lulu remembered working on her story about the serial killer and recalled speaking to both Dante and Peter. She did not recall her attacker but only recalled getting onto the elevator in search of her mother. She was drawing a blank.

Laura tried to calm Lulu down, but Lulu was insistent that she had to remember for the killer's other victims. She recalled being annoyed at Peter for shutting down her story, but she also seemed to recall being excited over something. She remembered someone walking into the office. Ryan watched from the doorway.

Sam arrived at Dawn of Day house and found Shiloh, Kristina, and Daisy. Shiloh announced that he had information after investigating the emails and obituary that had been sent to Sam. He felt responsible. Daisy cut him off and revealed that she had been the one to send them all. Sam asked if she had been digging around.

Daisy was sorry, but Sam accused Shiloh of forcing Daisy to take the blame. Daisy stood up for Shiloh and insisted that she had read his book and had pieced things together after talking to Kristina. Kristina ripped into Daisy and promised Sam that she hadn't gossiped. Daisy cried that she hadn't meant to do it. Sam didn't blame Kristina, but she glared at Shiloh.

Sam didn't think any of it made sense, but Daisy explained that she'd thought it would all make Sam more receptive to Dawn of Day. She added that everything had been easy to research, and she'd thought the signature of Linda Black would prove to be "intriguing." Kristina called it creepy, and she told Daisy off. Both girls stormed off.

Shiloh told Sam that Daisy hadn't been malicious but had done the wrong thing for the right reasons. He wondered how he could make it up to Sam. He grabbed Sam's hands and handed her a business card. He told her to call him if she needed anything at all from him.

After Sam had gone, Shiloh admitted that he felt terrible about Daisy. Kristina declared that Daisy was the one who should feel terrible, but Shiloh insisted that the young woman had made a mistake and should be forgiven. Kristina admitted that she wasn't able to do that yet. Shiloh hoped that Kristina still cared about him and the organization.

Sam returned home. Jason had to leave, but he suggested they get together later. Sam announced that she couldn't do that and wanted to break up.

Mike moves out of Sonny's

Mike moves out of Sonny's

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

At Sonny's, Griffin asked Sonny and Carly to tell him about Mike's behavioral changes. Carly told him about Mike's mood swings, disorientation, and aggression. Griffin replied that the changes were normal and that patients usually attacked those they loved the most. Mike entered and apologized to Sonny and Carly for being late on his rent. Carly advised him not to worry about it, and he went upstairs. Griffin assured Sonny that, even if Mike didn't remember who his family was, he could still feel the love around him. Griffin thought the focus should be on giving Mike the best life possible, and he left.

As Mike packed happily upstairs, Carly assured Sonny that he'd been a good and loving son. A few minutes later, Sonny hung up the phone and informed Carly that there was a room waiting for Mike at Turning Woods. Mike descended the stairs with his suitcase and told Sonny and Carly that he was moving in with Yvonne, and he thanked them for taking him in. Carly offered to give him a ride, and he accepted, so she left the room to get her coat on.

Mike suddenly realized that he'd left his gloves on his bureau, so he went upstairs to get them. Sonny looked in the suitcase for them. Not finding them, he put a picture of himself and Mike into the suitcase and cried as he closed the suitcase. Carly returned and made sure that Sonny was all right, and he replied that he was, as long as Mike was happy. Mike returned downstairs with his gloves and promised to recommend the house to anyone else needing a room. He hoped to see Sonny around, and Sonny promised that he would. Mike and Carly left, and Sonny broke down.

Curtis stepped off the elevator at the hospital and immediately heard Stella yell out his full name. She was incensed that Curtis would interfere in things that didn't concern him and talk to Marcus about her. She added that Marcus had wanted to meet with her to talk about his conversation with Curtis. He thought it was a good idea, and she got on the elevator with a cynical look to Curtis.

A short while later, Stella sat at Metro Court with Marcus, and he apologized for lashing out at her. She insisted that the apology wasn't necessary, as it was devastating to lose love, even if it was slowly like him and Yvonne. "Or quickly like you and me," he concluded. He remembered that she'd never asked him to stay with her instead of taking the job in San Francisco. She reasoned that he'd worked too hard through school to pass up the job.

Shiloh wondered if Daisy's actions had changed how Kristina felt about him or Dawn of Day, and she admitted that she was second-guessing the integrity of the organization. He assured her that he had nothing to hide and invited her to ask him anything she wanted. Kristina told him that she'd been interested in Dawn of Day because of Daisy's openness, and she wondered if that had been an act. He reasoned that Daisy had, in flawed practice, been following Dawn of Day's teachings, including mending hurt and finding common ground.

Kristina countered that neither had been accomplished, as Daisy had broken Kristina's trust and had caused Sam to become more suspicious. Shiloh told her that, because of Daisy's actions, she would be removed as Outreach Ambassador, but he thought that Kristina was perfect for the role. She wasn't sure that she was ready, but he told her that he had faith in her, so she accepted the offer. She promised not to let him down. "I have no doubt," he said as he smiled, putting a hand on her knee.

Alexis bumped into Julian at the hospital and wondered if he'd patched things up with Kim. He didn't understand why she was pushing for a reconciliation, and she replied that she thought the two needed each other. He reminded her that what happened to him was no longer her concern, and he walked away. A few minutes later, Alexis talked to Kristina on the phone. Kristina wondered if her mother was free that night, as she'd signed Alexis up to do a seminar at Dawn of Day with her.

Sam arrived home, and Jason told her that he had to get going, but they could get together later. She solemnly told him that they needed to break up. She explained that Kristina was in more trouble than she thought, so she needed to be single in order to give Shiloh "the opening he wants." She told him about Daisy's confession and that she believed that Shiloh had convinced Daisy that she was guilty. She lamented that Kristina had bought the whole thing.

Sam wanted to "outcon the con," so she thought a breakup was the easiest way to convince Shiloh that she was vulnerable. She figured that she would tell everyone that she needed some time to herself to stand on her own, but she would confide in Shiloh that she couldn't stand on her own. She assumed that he would eagerly offer her "enlightenment and guidance," and she could figure out what Kristina had gotten herself into.

Sam called Shiloh and left him a message to call her back. Sam informed Jason that he could visit Danny there, but they needed to act like exes in public. She didn't want to lose him, so she suggested going up to the bedroom, since they weren't "officially broken up yet." They shared a kiss, and he picked her up and carried her upstairs.

Stella continued that her decision had been clear, as her sister had needed her. She believed that she'd been right to break up with him, as he'd had a wonderful life. He agreed that he had, but it didn't lessen the love he'd had for her. He thought the conversation was "thirty-five years overdue," and he hoped to talk more with her, since he was staying in town for Yvonne. They agreed to be friends, and she thought that it always helped to have someone to talk to.

Jordan asked Lulu who she'd let into her office as "Kevin" peered into the room. "It was you," Lulu said to "Kevin." As Ava arrived, "Kevin" told Lulu that he'd been in her room, checking on her, when she'd woken up, which confused Lulu. Starting from the beginning, Lulu remembered Laura being in her office, and she cried as she apologized for missing the book launch. Laura assured Lulu that it hadn't been her fault. Jordan coldly observed that there were too many people in the room. Ava asked to stay, but "Kevin" told her that they needed to go, so they left.

Lulu wanted to remember what had happened, but "there's nothing there." She tried harder to remember and began to cry, "It hurts!" as the machines she was hooked up to started beeping. A nurse entered and resolved to increase Lulu's pain medication, but Lulu refused. Laura stated that they were stopping, and the questioning could wait. Jordan agreed. Jordan was glad that Lulu was safe, and she left as Laura calmed Lulu down.

"Kevin" told Ava that Lulu needed rest if she wanted to remember what had happened to her. Ava figured that it was only a matter of time until "the bastard who killed Kiki gets what's coming to him." A few minutes later, "Kevin" heard Jordan talking with a cop about putting a guard at Lulu's room. She advised that only medical personnel, police personnel, and people authorized by Jordan and Laura could enter. Jordan bumped into "Kevin" and apologized for being cold earlier. He understood and conceded that he had let his "personal concern" for Lulu cloud his "professional judgment."

Griffin asked Laura what she needed him to consult on, and she told him about Lulu's reaction to trying to remember what had happened to her. Laura wanted to make sure that Lulu hadn't sustained any brain injury. Griffin left to examine Lulu. Ava approached Laura and handed her a cup of coffee. She asked about Lulu, and she was sure that Lulu would be fine, since she was strong. Laura thanked Ava for checking on Lulu. Ava replied that she wouldn't wish what had happened to Kiki on any daughter or mother, and she walked away.

Ava entered "Kevin's" room and found him fully dressed, and she wondered if he was getting released. He confirmed that he was, but he said that he was worried about her. He suggested that they go on vacation.

Griffin assured Laura and Jordan that Lulu had no brain injury, but he was running a couple more tests just to be sure. While he couldn't say when Lulu would get her memory back, he thought that a psychologist would be more effective in helping her.

A short while later, Jordan was on the phone when she spotted "Kevin." She quickly ended her call and asked if he would join her in Lulu's room. A few minutes later, the two joined Laura in Lulu's room. Laura questioned if Lulu pushing herself to remember could be dangerous, and "Kevin" confirmed that it was a possibility. He thought that Lulu's brain was subconsciously protecting her from the pain of her ordeal, and Laura forbade any questioning until Lulu built up some strength. "Kevin" advised Lulu that rest was the best medicine, and Lulu took the advice and closed her eyes. Laura thanked "Kevin" for being there for her and Lulu, and he replied that he wanted to make sure Lulu was "completely taken care of."

Julian bumped into Ava and didn't think it was good for her to hang out at the hospital. She responded that she didn't want to go home until Lulu identified her attacker, but "Kevin" had suggested a vacation. Julian thought that was a good idea and related that he could use a vacation, too. Around the corner, "Kevin" took a phone call about an "emergency" with "Mr. Wilson."

Jordan found Curtis, and she updated him on Lulu. Laura approached, worried for Lulu's safety, as the killer could return to finish the job. Jordan promised that she'd already arranged for a round-the-clock guard at Lulu's room. Laura wanted one person at Lulu's door whose sole purpose it was to make sure that Lulu was safe, and she asked if Curtis wanted the job. He didn't have a problem with it, and Jordan agreed that she could shift her resources to the "outside efforts." Curtis promised that anyone who wanted to get to Lulu had to go through him first.

A blind Kevin tricks Ryan

A blind Kevin tricks Ryan

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lucas and Brad ran into Bobbie at General Hospital. Bobbie learned that the guys were heading out for a date night and that Michael, who loved Wiley as much as they did, was babysitting.

Drew and Kim sat at the bar at Metro Court and made small talk. They both somewhat regretted allowing Oscar to live his life as he wanted after his experience at the catacombs. They clinked glasses. Kim talked about people who didn't know how to react to Oscar's news while Drew declared that it always seemed to be a part of conversations.

Kim was happy to get back to a somewhat normal life, and Drew joked that they could be ordinary parents. After Drew heard that Kim planned dinner around some microwave meals in her freezer, he invited her to join him. They moved over to a table.

Drew declared that it felt good to not be pacing the floor anymore. He suggested they take both Oscar and Josslyn to the mountains for Presidents' Day weekend, and he would rent a cabin. Brad and Lucas walked in and stopped at the table to say hello. Kim assured them that they would never stop thinking about their child.

Brad and Lucas sat at another table nearby, but Brad noticed that Lucas was distracted. He admitted that he was thinking about the instructions that he may or may not have given to Michael about Wiley's care. Brad suggested that Lucas could talk about Wiley on their way home instead.

Brad announced that he had been feeling "grounded," and Lucas admitted that he had been able to take Julian in small doses. The conversation quickly turned back to Wiley. Both of the men missed their son, and they agreed to finish up their dinner quickly. Brad offered to drop Lucas off at the hospital so that he could check in on Lulu, and he would pick up their son.

Kim was jealous of Lucas and Brad and the stage they were at with their son, although she laughed that she didn't miss not getting sleep. Drew regretted not being there for a baby Oscar, but Kim reminded him that he was in Oscar's life at that moment, when it was needed the most.

Kim pointed out that Drew also had Scout, although Drew replied that while both Scout and Oscar were his children, their relationships were different. He revealed all the details of Scout's birth to Kim, and she was impressed. She maintained that he had saved Scout's life, and she thought the story of the little girl's birth had been inspiring.

Willow walked into Charlie's Pub and ordered some coffee from Julian. He wanted to know why she was there, and she insisted that she'd only stopped in for her drink. They had words over Wylie's adoption. Julian denied that he was violating the order to stay away from the baby, and he reminded her that the baby was no longer hers. Just then, Michael walked in with Wiley.

Michael noted that he always seemed to run into Willow in the pub, and he disclosed that he was there to pick up a takeout order. She asked about Lulu, and they talked about Lulu's kids. Julian informed Michael that the kitchen was behind, and his order would be delayed. Michael asked Willow to join him at a table, but Julian thought it was a bad idea.

Julian advised Michael to stay away from the pub if he was with Wiley. Michael was angry and replied that he was there for the food, but he would keep his distance. Julian walked away, and Michael realized that he should have gone elsewhere.

Oscar and Josslyn arrived after spending time at the library. Josslyn was happy that Oscar was back to school, and he admitted that he had missed school and just being normal, spending time with Josslyn. They sat down. Oscar admitted he would always feel grateful to Julian for hiring him, but he disclosed that his mother had no longer been talking about Julian. She had been spending more time with Drew.

Michael and Willow sat down at a table. Michael revealed that there had been a lot of family drama centered around Wiley, and he admitted that he had been surrounded by it as a baby, also. He thought that while he didn't remember it, he had sensed it. He pointed out that kids picked up on things, but he realized that Willow would know.

Willow thought that Michael was great with kids, but she quickly apologized. Michael declared that he was okay, and he told her that he was the second oldest of several siblings. Willow agreed that it was great being around kids. Josslyn and Oscar walked over, and Michael did introductions. Josslyn asked about Lulu, and she went to the bar to get some hot chocolate.

At the bar, Josslyn spoke to Julian and confirmed that Oscar was back to school and doing well. She thought it was all partially due to Julian, and she thanked him. Josslyn clarified that she had been surprised when Julian had taken her suggestion to take a step back from Kim. He told her to take care of Oscar.

Josslyn returned to the table and found Oscar telling Michael and Willow about their experience in trying to get to the catacombs. Michael received a call from Brad, who told him that he and Lucas missed Wiley, and he would be by to pick up the baby. Josslyn and Oscar left and decided to walk home. They shared a kiss, and Oscar declared that he was good with Josslyn.

Brad arrived, and he acknowledged Willow. He stated that he wanted to talk to her about a playgroup for Wiley. Julian offered to help Brad get the baby and his things to the car, but Brad wanted to stay to talk to Willow. Julian asked to speak to Brad alone, and they walked over to the bar. Julian told Brad that Willow was a problem to them because she thought she was Wiley's birth mother.

Robert, Anna, and Finn congregated at Anna's house. Robert mentioned how much he loved the "homey" place. He wanted to talk about Anna's secrets, and he announced that he had proof that Anna had met with Cabot. Finn asked if Robert was calling Anna a liar, but Anna insisted that she had never met the doctor.

Robert handed Anna a photo of a woman and a man with his back turned. Finn thought the photo had been doctored, especially because the man's face was unseen. Anna didn't recognize it, but suddenly, she realized that it was her twin, Alex. Robert quickly did some research on his phone and divulged that Alex had been involved with the DVX at the time they'd been looking at. He still didn't understand why it was Anna who had the virus, while she thought it was obvious.

Finn and Robert joked about Anna. She noted that she was Alex's identical twin, the same as Kevin and Ryan. They deduced that both twins had been affected, although Robert noted that because Ryan had died some time before, they would not be able to glean any information. Anna wanted to talk to Kevin, and she pointed out that his behavior pattern had changed recently.

Ryan was angry to be summoned to Ferncliff regarding "Wilson," and he entered the patient's room with a nurse. "Has he died?" Ryan asked as he looked at his brother sprawled out on his bed. He asked what had happened, and as he leaned over to look more closely, Kevin tried to grab him. He was blind.

Kevin disclosed that he had lost his vision the previous night, and Ryan announced that the same thing had happened to him at the same time. Ryan shrugged off the nurse when she suggested that "Wilson" be taken to the hospital, and he dismissed her abruptly. He closed the door after she had gone, and he turned to his brother.

Ryan taunted Kevin and noted that it hadn't been Kevin's year. Kevin pointed out Ryan's lack of humanity, but Ryan wanted to talk business. He announced that Kevin's condition was treatable, but he wouldn't have access to it. Kevin pleaded to be able to go to the hospital, but Ryan wanted something from him first.

Ryan asked Kevin whether he knew Dr. Cabot, and Kevin recalled meeting with him to discuss some research the doctor had wanted to do involving identical twins. Kevin hadn't been interested, and he couldn't provide any further information. He asked to be given the treatment for his loss of sight.

Ryan declined and teased Kevin about all the change that had occurred without Kevin's knowledge. He revealed that Laura had been elected mayor, and their divorce was soon to be final. He also disclosed that someone had tried to kill Lulu for knowing too much. A "strategic intervention" had been made. He added that luckily, Lulu had no memory of the attack.

Kevin was furious, and he suggested that Ryan get used to being on the run, especially after Sonny heard about the attack. Ryan gloated that he always managed to stay ahead of the cops, and he and Ava would be leaving town, anyway. He mentioned that he and Laura were both leaving the marriage with whatever they'd entered it with.

Kevin mentioned a divorce settlement, and he informed Ryan that he and Laura had had a prenuptial agreement. He stated that he had tried to talk Laura out of it, but Ryan would be receiving lots of money. Ryan noted that Laura was "nothing if not generous."

Ryan received a text message from Anna, who asked to see him, and he urged Kevin to close his eyes and have sweet dreams. He laughed that Kevin didn't need to close his eyes. Once he was gone, Kevin declared, "You're the blind one, brother. Fool."

The nurse returned and helped "Wilson" to bed. He advised her that he was Dr. Kevin Collins. Once she was gone, Kevin muttered that someone would believe him, and it would be Laura, the only one who mattered.

"Kevin" arrived at Anna's house, and he told them what he knew about Cabot. He remembered meeting him, and it had been regarding twins. He'd had no interest, and he'd never gotten the details. After he was gone, Robert suggested that "Kevin" had seemed defensive and too eager to leave. Anna thought they still had too many questions. Robert suggested it had been an experiment gone wrong, but Finn suggested perhaps the experiment had gone right.

Lucas returned to the hospital and saw Bobbie. She couldn't believe that date night was already over, but Lucas told her that he and Brad had missed Wiley. They both laughed. Bobbie urged her son to keep trying because "happy parents, happy baby." Lucas was certain the baby wouldn't get between him and Brad.

Franco is questioned about the murders

Franco is questioned about the murders

Thursday, January 31, 2019

At the hospital, Ava asked Lucas about Lulu, but he told her that he couldn't discuss other patients with her. She countered that he could talk about his family, which Lulu was. She needed to know if Lulu remembered who'd attacked her. Lucas would only reveal that Lulu had a long road to recovery, and it wasn't good to try to force her to remember. "At least she's alive," Ava replied snidely.

Brad and Julian entered the hospital with Wiley, and Julian advised Brad to "keep it together." Brad wondered how he was supposed to be calm when he'd just found out who Willow was. Julian suggested that Brad keep his distance, and the worst-case scenario would be that Wiley got a mother figure. Brad worried that a simple blood test could give away the fact that Willow hadn't given birth to Wiley. Just as Lucas approached the two, Julian assured Brad that the odds of that happening were small.

Julian covered that he figured the odds were small on Lucas still being mad about seeing Julian holding Wiley. Julian explained that he was supposed to have been at the book launch when Brad had stopped by for coffee, but his plans had changed, so the situation had been "innocent." Lucas observed that Julian was still around Wiley. Brad reminded Lucas that he was there to pick Lucas up, and Julian said that he was there for Ava. When he spotted Ava, he advised Lucas to at least cut Brad a break, since he'd done nothing wrong. When Julian was gone, Lucas glared after him.

Julian told Ava that her presence wouldn't help Lulu's memory, but Ava felt that she needed to be there when Lulu's memory returned. Julian warned his sister that avenging Kiki's death would "come back to bite you in the ass" and probably cost her Avery. He suggested the vacation that "Kevin" had wanted to take her on, but Ava observed that Julian seemed to need one. She thought that he should take Kim and go.

Julian informed Ava that he and Kim had broken up, and he told her why. "Yikes," Ava said, and Julian added that he hadn't wanted to be a distraction from Oscar for Kim. Ava sarcastically commended him for denying Kim another source of support and called him an "ass." She stormed off, and he followed. She thought that, in order to show that he was worthy of his children, grandchildren, and Kim, he needed to do whatever he could to make things right, and she left.

As Kim opened her front door, she warned Drew to excuse the mess. However, they entered and found the apartment spotless and tidy. Kim realized that the cleaners Julian had hired had probably been there. As she poured two drinks, she related that Julian hadn't canceled the cleaners, the meals, or the tune-up for her car, and she didn't know what to do. She thought it would be easier to let him go if he was a jerk. Drew wondered what she would do if Julian appeared on her doorstep, but he interrupted himself with a cry of pain.

Drew looked down to see what he had sat on, and he picked up a knitting needle. Kim sheepishly informed him that she'd taken up knitting, but she wasn't very good at it. She showed him two of her "terrible" projects, and they shared a laugh. She wondered if he ever felt guilty for laughing, but he thought laughing was the closest feeling to hope. She revealed that Oscar would be home soon, so Drew decided to leave. He didn't want Oscar to think that they were ganging up on him about something, so he left.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Kim was surprised to answer it to Julian. He informed her that he'd lied about sleeping with someone else, because he'd needed to make her glad to get rid of him. He'd been jealous that she'd kissed Drew, and he apologized. He wished that he could take the mistake back, and he admitted that he loved her. He added that she'd made him a better person, so he thought he owed her the truth. "You can do whatever you want with it," he said, and he left.

Alexis arrived at the Dawn of Day house and admitted to Kristina that she'd changed her mind a few times about attending the seminar. Shiloh greeted Alexis and thought that she might learn something about herself at the seminar. He began the seminar by saying that it was his "favorite entry-level course" about "finding yourself in a relationship." He asked for a volunteer, and Kristina raised her hand. He directed Kristina and Alexis to join hands and lock eyes, and he told Alexis to ask Kristina what she wanted out of the relationship she had in her mind.

Through asking the question multiple times, Alexis found that Kristina wanted to get along better with her mother, communicate more, and fight less. She concluded that she wanted her mother's respect. When the seminar was over, Kristina remarked that she felt free, but Alexis was bothered. She assured Kristina that she respected her daughter, even when it seemed like she didn't. She vowed to try to remember that what she wanted for Kristina was irrelevant, and what Kristina wanted was what mattered.

Shiloh wondered if Alexis wanted to do an "examination," but she refused. Kristina urged Alexis to talk about Julian, and she repeatedly asked what Alexis wanted from the relationship. After denying over and over that she wanted the relationship to exist, she finally blurted out that she wanted to be happy and in love like she'd been when she and Julian had been together. Kristina insisted that Alexis keep going, but she refused to talk "here and now." She assured Kristina that she respected and was proud of Kristina, and she left.

On the phone with Valentin, Liesl said that her "resources" were running low. She threatened to tell Nina about Sasha if Valentin didn't help with more "funds." "I'm working on it," he assured her as Peter entered. When Valentin was off the phone, he asked an unsurprised Peter for a favor. He explained that he had a friend who had hit hard times, and she would be a good fit for the Invader. He admitted that it was Liesl, and Peter wondered what Liesl had on Valentin. Valentin claimed that he'd asked too much, and he told Peter to forget about it. "Not likely," Peter said, and he left.

At Metro Court, Nina poured Champagne for herself, Maxie, and Liesl, and they toasted to Nathan's memory. They shared stories, and Nina informed Maxie that she was putting some stories and pictures together for James to remember his father by. Liesl suddenly noticed that Maxie wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and she frantically offered to help Maxie look for it. Maxie admitted that she'd taken it off, as she'd thought it was time to move on. Liesl questioned if Maxie was seeing someone else.

"It's too early to call it early," Maxie answered, and Liesl wondered if Nina had known. "I had an inkling," Nina claimed, and Maxie kicked her under the table. "And you said nothing?" Liesl yelled, and she demanded to know if keeping the secret was payback for what Liesl had said about Sasha. Wanting to change the subject, Maxie asked about Sasha, and Nina told her about Liesl's "vague innuendos" about Sasha after being refused a job at Crimson. Liesl commented that she'd "rather drop dead" than go work for Nina. Nina replied, "Go for it," and stormed out.

As Maxie paid the bill, she assured Liesl that Liesl and Nina would work things out like they always did. Liesl wanted to know about Maxie's "new man," and Maxie answered that it was probably just a flirtation that would end. She asked what Liesl had wanted to do at Crimson, and Liesl talked about a medical advice column. Maxie cited Crimson's "niche audience" as a reason to not do a column like that. She saw Peter enter, and she realized that Liesl needed a bigger audience, and she knew just the place. She waved Peter over, and he approached cautiously, glaring at Liesl as Liesl glared at Maxie.

Nina arrived home and told Valentin that what had started out as a nice night had crashed and burned. Valentin wondered if there was anything he could do for her, and she replied that she wanted some "mother-stepdaughter-daughter time." She wanted Sasha to visit.

Chase entered the interrogation room with a box and informed Jordan that Peyton's production company had sent along the last of his material from his Los Angeles office. As Chase went through the box, she tried to figure out what was linking all the victims to each other -- or to the killer. Chase pulled something out of the box and guessed that it could be an "already established killer."

Elizabeth was going through files when Franco plopped a pile of books down on the desk. He called it "homework" for parents of LGBTQ kids. She told him that she was swamped, and she wanted to have the conversation on Aiden's terms, if and when it happened. Franco reasoned that the bullies had already forced the issue, so she took the books, kissed him, and walked away. Franco's phone went off, and he groaned when he saw who it was. "Whatever it is, I didn't do it," he told Jordan, who asked him to meet her at the station. She thought that he could have information that would help with their investigation.

A short while later, Franco arrived in the interrogation room, and Chase asked for his thoughts on Peyton's murder. Chase pulled out a script from Peyton's box and said that the only person in common with all the victims was Franco. He showed Franco the script, which had a handwritten note on the front that read, "Talk to Franco." Jordan wondered if the two had spoken, and Franco replied that he didn't pick up the phone for numbers he didn't know. He handed Jordan his phone and advised her to check his phone records so they could "catch the maniac before he kills anyone else."

Later, Jordan returned with Franco's phone and confirmed that the cell records checked out. Peyton had called Franco, but Franco hadn't picked up. She told him that he was done "for now," and Franco advised her to speak to his lawyer next time she wanted to talk to him. When he was gone, Chase offered to check into Franco's whereabouts for the other murders, just in case.

Jordan remembered that Franco was Kevin's patient, but Chase replied that "Kevin" wouldn't be able to discuss a patient. Jordan countered that he could if there was knowledge that a patient was going to commit a crime, and she thought it was worth following up on. She asked Chase to set up a meeting with "Kevin."

As Brad and Lucas passed by, Elizabeth read from one of Franco's books but put it down in frustration. Lucas greeted Elizabeth and caught sight of the book. He revealed that Bobbie had gotten the book after Lucas had come out to her. He wondered if she needed it for a patient, but her stammering clued him in that it was for her. She told Brad and Lucas about Aiden's bullies, but she added that he couldn't know if he was gay, since he was only eight. Brad related that he'd known at age eight, but Lucas explained how he'd been in denial for a long time until he could no longer hide it.

Elizabeth asked if things would get better, and Brad answered that it would take a while. Lucas advised her to create a safe environment where Aiden would feel free to speak up whenever he was ready. Brad suggested having him and Lucas over for dinner to see that Elizabeth and Franco accepted people for who they were. Elizabeth agreed, and Lucas assured her that her friends and family would have her back. She gave Lucas a very appreciative hug.

Lulu agrees to try hypnotherapy

Lulu agrees to try hypnotherapy

Friday, February 1, 2019

Carly paid Kim a visit before Kim left for work. She had a bag of bagels and stated that she had wanted to see how Kim had been. Kim grabbed a pot of coffee as Carly spied the red knitted scarf that Kim had worked on. Carly was impressed, and Kim made a comment about Drew's reaction the previous evening. "Nothing happened," Kim declared.

Kim clarified that she and Drew had been spending time together because of Oscar. Carly hoped that they had been taking care of themselves. She thought it would be natural if Drew and Kim found comfort together. Kim quickly shook her head no. "If you say so," Carly said with a smile.

Sonny and Brick sat at a table at Metro Court. Brick confessed that he had only wanted to stop to say hello, and the men chatted about Sonny's father. Sonny revealed that Mike had made the decision to be moved to permanent care, where he had a girlfriend. "It was time," Sonny admitted. He thought it was weird not to have Mike around because they'd been watching out for each other. It was the first time his father had been there for him since he'd been a boy.

Ava found Olivia at the bar and asked for her help to find Kiki's killer. Olivia tried to ignore Ava, but Ava appealed to Olivia's gentle side when she stated that she'd thought Olivia had cared about Kiki and Lulu. Ava told Olivia that she'd heard about Olivia's abilities and visions, and she wanted Olivia to use them.

Olivia kept insisting that she couldn't help Ava, but she would if she could. Ava displayed a photo of a young Kiki and a personal object of her daughter's and handed them both to Olivia, who declared that she didn't understand her visions. In addition, her visions were always of the future, Olivia stated.

Olivia handed the items back to Ava, but Ava began to plead, so Olivia took them back. She tried her best to concentrate, but tearfully, she admitted that she couldn't see anything. The women began to argue, and Brick and Sonny looked over to see what the loud voices were about.

Sonny headed to the bar, where Olivia was assuring Ava that Lulu would eventually remember her attacker. "We're done," Ava snapped as she stormed off. Sonny asked what the argument had been about. "Grief," Olivia replied, explaining, "She's grasping at straws." Olivia was upset that Dante was missing, but Sonny thought he had someone who could help to find him.

Sonny introduced Brick and Olivia, and he told Brick about Lulu. Olivia declared that Dante needed to know about his wife. Brick learned that Dante was undercover, and he promised to dig up some information. He went off to make some calls.

Olivia poured Sonny a cup of coffee as she exclaimed that Dante had been gone for six months and should be in town. She was worried that his cover had been blown and something was wrong. Sonny caught Brick's eye and went to talk to him. Brick had been unable to track down any leads, and the man that Dante had pursued had been off the grid for three years. Brick promised to continue searching.

Sonny apologized to Olivia because he'd thought that Brick would be able to help them. Olivia thought they would have to wait, but Sonny thought of another person they could turn to for help.

Drew paid a visit to Julian at Charlie's Pub. He advised him that the paid services that Julian had provided for Kim, like the housekeeping and car maintenance, had to stop. Julian was indignant and declared that he still cared about Kim. Drew asked if that was why Julian had cheated on her.

Julian snapped that it was none of Drew's business, but Drew disagreed. He said that everything reminded Kim of what Julian had done to her. He wanted Julian to cut his ties to Kim because he had hurt her. He didn't want to see Julian hurt Kim again. Julian suggested that Drew wanted to take his place.

Drew left and ran into Carly outside. She announced that she had just visited with Kim, and Drew confessed that he was on his way to Kim's place. "To do more knitting?" Carly joked. Drew insisted that nothing had happened between him and Kim, but Carly replied she was glad they had been there for each other. Drew wondered why she was interested and suggested it had to do with Jason and Sam.

Carly replied that she was happy for Jason and Sam, and she would be happy to see Drew reconnect with Kim. She thought their relationship was based on both the past and the present, and Drew deserved to be with someone who knew everything about him and what he'd been through.

Carly admitted it was all complicated, but she wanted Drew to consider Oscar. Drew responded that Oscar had lots going on, and there was a chance that it might not work out with him and Kim. "What if it did?" Carly asked.

Kim opened her door and found Julian standing there. He revealed that he wanted to continue their last conversation, and he declared that he had never meant to hurt her. She told him that he had and that he'd driven her away when things had been tough. Julian stated that he loved Kim, but he was happy that they had broken up. He had seen the way she and Drew looked at each other.

Kim was annoyed and reminded Julian that the New Year's Eve kiss had meant nothing. Julian was certain that Kim and Drew needed each other, and he didn't want to get between them. Kim admitted that she had gotten closer to Drew because no one else had been through what they'd been through, but she didn't think that Julian had the right to make the decision about them on his own.

Kim confessed that she had missed Julian in many different ways, and he replied that he had missed Kim, as well. He thought that he had messed things up too much but she would always mean a lot to him. He suggested she contact him if she needed anything. As he headed to the door, Kim stopped him and pulled him into a kiss. "I do need you," she said.

At General Hospital, Alexis stopped to see "Kevin." He told her it was a bad time, but then he decided he wanted to speak to her about Laura. Alexis reminded him that she was Laura's attorney, and she would be unable to discuss the divorce. "Kevin" wondered why the divorce hadn't been finalized, and Alexis promised to see what she could do.

Alexis admitted that she had wanted to tell "Kevin" that she thought she'd had things figured out, but she didn't. She needed more work and wanted to restart her sessions. "Kevin" offered to refer her to someone else. Alexis promised to get "Kevin" the copy of the prenup he claimed to have lost.

Curtis spotted Jordan as he stood guard outside of Lulu's room. He assured his wife that things had been quiet, and Jordan revealed that she had a new suspect in the crimes. Laura overheard from inside Lulu's room, and Jordan told her that while she had questioned someone, she was unable to reveal any details.

Laura stated that Lulu had been frustrated by her inability to remember her attack, and she had just gotten her daughter back to sleep. Just then, Lulu woke up screaming from a nightmare she'd been having. Curtis, Jordan, and Laura rushed inside. Lulu gasped that she had dreamed about opening her office door to the killer, but she couldn't see the face.

Jordan suggested that another method be used to help Lulu to remember, but Laura thought that Lulu wasn't ready.

Down the hall, Elizabeth saw Franco. She was sorry she'd missed him at home, but he confessed that he'd been under questioning at the police station. He told her the police thought he was the killer. Elizabeth thought that was crazy. She understood them wanting to meet with him due to his past, though.

Elizabeth suggested Franco check in with Kevin. Franco told her the doctor had "dumped" him because Kevin had said their relationship had "plateaued." Franco had insisted that he didn't want another doctor. Elizabeth told him to try again with Kevin.

Ava stepped off the elevator and tried to get into Lulu's room. Curtis stopped her, but Lulu gave her okay. Ava was happy to see that Lulu was doing well, and she asked Lulu to tell her something about her attacker. She thought it was the same person who had killed Kiki. Laura tried to get Ava to leave the room as Lulu admitted that she couldn't remember anything.

"Try harder," Ava screamed. She showed Lulu the photo of young Kiki and began to cry. She begged and shouted at Lulu to remember something. "How dare you!" Laura yelled as she tried to get Ava to leave. Finally, Ava was out, and Laura instructed Curtis not to allow her to return.

Laura stormed after Ava, who declared that she wanted Lulu to do what she had to in order to remember. "How dare you attack my daughter like that!" Laura snapped. Sarcastically, Ava replied that she was sorry if she hadn't been sensitive enough, but her daughter had been murdered.

Laura insisted that didn't excuse Ava's behavior, and she added that pressuring Lulu wouldn't help. Ava cried and told Laura she was sad and angry. Laura empathized, but she couldn't have Ava act like that around Lulu. Ava was glad that Lulu was doing better.

Curtis sat with Lulu. He admitted that he had known that Ava's visit wouldn't end well. He wanted Lulu to refer to him as "the gatekeeper" in the future. Lulu didn't blame Ava, who only wanted justice. She asked Curtis to call Jordan because she had an idea.

Jordan stopped to see "Kevin" and told him that Franco's name had been on Peyton Mills' script. "Kevin" thought it might have been just to interview Franco, but Jordan suggested that Franco had slipped into his old ways. She asked to see his records, but "Kevin" refused. Jordan declared that she would return with a warrant, but "Kevin" said he still couldn't promise anything.

Elizabeth called Cameron to tell him to go home to help his brothers with their homework. Laura was going by and asked about Aiden. Elizabeth told her then asked about Lulu. Laura said that Lulu couldn't recall anything and had been pressured by everyone.

Elizabeth revealed that Franco had been questioned, and Laura remembered overhearing Jordan telling Curtis about a possible suspect. Elizabeth was paged, and Alexis saw Laura and tried to get her attention. Laura ran off. Alexis called out that it was about her prenup.

Franco walked into "Kevin's" office and said he needed "Kevin's" help. He thought "Kevin" had been wrong about the plateau, and things had been falling apart. He didn't want to make things worse. He thought that "Kevin" had helped him so much in the past that he wanted to be "Kevin's" patient again. "Excellent idea," "Kevin" said.

Jordan stopped to see Lulu, who asked about the other methods Jordan had referred to earlier. Jordan suggested hypnotherapy, and Lulu immediately agreed.

Kim was about to leave for work finally when there was another knock at the door. It was Drew. She told him she was in a hurry but that she and Julian had gotten back together.

Ava found Julian at the pub. He grabbed her a coffee and thanked her for her previous advice. He added that he had unfinished business.

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