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Sam took steps to get closer to Shiloh. Finn tracked down Dr. Cabot. Peter hired Liesl. Sasha surprised Nina. Ryan framed Franco. Franco was arrested. Ryan lured Griffin to the hospital's rooftop. Oscar received good news. Alexis met someone new.
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Ryan made certain Lulu believed Franco had attacked her and Franco was arrested
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Sam tries to convince Shiloh that Jason is just a friend Sam tries to convince Shiloh that Jason is just a friend

Monday, February 4, 2019

Robert and Finn walked through the hospital with arms full of books, which Finn reminded Robert that they wouldn't have gotten without Finn's access to the hospital library. As the two walked out of the hospital, Finn told Robert to admit that he needed Finn.

Sonny arrived at Anna's and asked for her help. He told her about Dante's WSB assignment and hoped that she could provide him with information on Dante's whereabouts. "I'll see what I can do," she told him, and she went off to make a phone call. A few minutes later, Finn and Robert arrived at the house, and Sonny told them about Dante. "Do you wanna tell him, or should I?" Robert asked Anna as she returned.

Robert and Finn went into another room to start their research. Anna took the opportunity to tell Sonny that Dante was undercover with some "deadly guys," and contacting him could blow his cover and get him killed. He thanked her for the honest answer, and she assured him that Dante would return home.

Later, Sonny was gone, and Robert couldn't believe that Anna was dealing with Sonny again. Anna was exhausted about having the same argument again. She wondered if Finn had found anything, but he hadn't yet. When Robert was gone, Finn summed up the situation, and she wondered if he wanted her to admit fear. She didn't want to, because it would "paralyze" her. He promised that they would find answers, and they shared a kiss. When Robert returned, Finn found a footnote that linked Arthur Cabot to "Stockholm Publishing House."

Shiloh approached Sam at the Metro Court, surprised that she'd wanted to meet with him. He sensed that she still didn't trust him, and she responded, "Why would I?" She called him a fraud and told him that she didn't buy all of the coincidences surrounding them as fate. He informed her that, if she hadn't swindled his father, Shiloh would probably be dead. Sam replied that, if he was actually thankful, she wanted to tell him why she'd needed the money.

Sam teared up as she told Shiloh about her special needs brother Danny, and how the money she'd stolen had helped put him into a "great group home" where he'd been happy and safe. He handed her a napkin to wipe away her tears, but she refused it. He assured her that accepting a kind gesture was the opposite of weakness, so she took the napkin and wiped her eyes. He believed that she had post-traumatic stress from her past, and that Dawn of Day could help her if she let them.

Jason entered Charlie's and went over to Kristina. She asked Jason to tell Sam that she was fine with Dawn of Day. He sat at the bar and picked up a flyer for a Valentine's Day party, and she told him that Dawn of Day was hosting it to celebrate all the different ways love could be experienced. She related that the organization had changed her for the better, and she wondered why Sam and Jason still had a problem with Shiloh.

Jason explained that, while Kristina had had a safety since she was born, Sam hadn't had any help for most of her life. He continued that Sam had a hard time trusting that something could be a good thing without having a catch. Kristina believed that Shiloh could help Sam express the pain Sam carried so that it would no longer hold her back.

A shor while later, Jason was gone, and Sonny sat down at the bar. He and Kristina caught up, and he wondered if she'd heard from Dante. She hadn't, but she truly believed that he was all right. Sonny made sure that she was being careful, and he was glad that she had some people looking out for her. Shiloh entered, and Kristina introduced the two. Shiloh praised Kristina, and Sonny smiled and warned Shiloh that anyone who hurt his daughter would answer to him.

Jason and Sam met up at the hospital, and she admitted that she was scared about how "good" Shiloh was. She thought that the fact that Shiloh could almost get to her didn't bode well for what he was capable of doing to Kristina. Jason assured Sam that Kristina had he and Sam to help get her out of Dawn of Day, but they had to be smart about it.

In Lulu's hospital room, Jordan wondered if Lulu would consider trying hypnotherapy to unlock her memories, and she answered that she was onboard. "Not on my watch," Laura said as she entered the room. Lulu believed she had a moral obligation to identify who had attacked her, but Laura thought that Lulu was too traumatized to force the memory to return. Lulu loved her mother and acknowledged that she couldn't have gotten through the ordeal without her, but Lulu stated that it wasn't Laura's call. Laura would only approve if Lulu's doctor signed off on it, and Jordan and Lulu agreed.

Ava encountered Chase at the hospital and demanded to know what the cops were doing to find the killer. Chase promised that they were doing everything they could, but she thought they should be doing more. Chase asked Ava about Kiki's enemies, specifically about Kiki's relationship with Franco. Confused, she answered that all of their issues had been worked through years before, and they loved each other. She advised Chase to forget about Franco and focus on whoever had actually killed Kiki. "I may have failed my daughter in life, but I'll be damned if I fail her in death," Ava stated, and Chase walked away.

Chase bumped into Jordan and told her that Franco's alibis for the murders were nothing that ruled him out. Jordan looked back on their initial meeting with Franco and commented that he'd probably been laughing at them during the entire investigation. Chase figured that Franco attacking Lulu, who was technically his extended family, would make sense as to why Lulu couldn't remember the attack. "Come with me," Jordan beckoned Chase.

Franco told "Kevin" that he understood Franco better than anyone, so he begged "Kevin" to reconsider seeing Franco as a patient. "Kevin" thought that was an "excellent idea," and Franco was surprised that it hadn't been a "harder sell." "Kevin" explained that he'd "underestimated how the recent murders" had triggered certain feelings in Franco.

A short while later, Franco talked about how the cops were questioning him, and he began to get worked up. "Kevin" calmed him down and urged him to start from the beginning. Franco began that, years before, killing people, staging scenes, and making the cops run around trying to solve riddles had been "really fun." He continued that it wasn't the murder that he'd liked, but he'd loved getting away with it and feeling one step ahead of everyone. "Kevin" commended Franco on a job well done and added that Franco had helped "more than you could possibly know."

Later, Franco was gone, and "Kevin" read Franco's words aloud, inserting Kiki's name. "I couldn't have said it better myself," he chuckled. Jordan and Chase entered the office, and "Kevin" reminded them that he couldn't let them view any patient files. Jordan replied that he could help Lulu.

Jordan, Chase, and "Kevin" entered Lulu's room, and Jordan revealed that Lulu's doctor had cleared the hypnotherapy. Laura blurted out that "Kevin" performing the procedure was going to be a big problem. Jordan asked for a moment, so "Kevin" and Chase left. Laura informed Jordan that, for months, Laura had thought that "Kevin" hadn't been acting like himself, and Lulu hadn't disagreed. Jordan replied that it was only one procedure, and Lulu agreed that she needed to help catch the killer, as they were running out of time. Laura reluctantly agreed as long as Lulu was all right with it. Jordan revealed that "Kevin" was consulting on the case, so he was "the right doctor for the job."

Jordan called "Kevin" and Chase back in, and Laura admitted that she had an issue with "Kevin" hypnotizing Lulu after his "recent erratic behavior." "Kevin" understood, but he assured her that he could separate personal from professional. He told everyone that hypnotherapy didn't always work, but he promised to keep Lulu safe. Laura commented that it was good to know that "the man I married" was "still in there somewhere."

Franco sat at Kiki's grave and talked about his session with "Kevin." He wished that Kiki was there, and he commented that he finally knew how the loved ones of his victims felt. He missed Kiki, and he hoped that he'd only made her feel "good and safe and loved." Wherever she was, he asked her, if she saw anyone he'd hurt, to ask for their forgiveness, even though they probably wouldn't give it, and they would be right. "If I was a murderer then, I'm a murderer now. Maybe that's all I'll ever," he sighed.

Ava walked up to the grave with flowers and asked what was going on with Franco. He advised her that he was "soul-searching." He confess that, before Elizabeth, Kiki had always been the only one to love and accept him, even knowing everything about him. Ava agreed, even though she'd "screwed it up" in the end.

Franco thanked Ava, and she was confused. He thought that it had been "a crappy thing" for Ava to make him believe that Kiki was his daughter and then keep her from him for years. However, he ceded that Ava had been right to, as he'd been unfit to be around a child at that point in his life. Ava smiled and put the flowers down on Kiki's grave. She hoped that Kiki was at peace, but she added that she wouldn't rest "until the killer is found and pays with his own worthless life."

Lulu begins hypnotherapy with "Kevin" Lulu begins hypnotherapy with "Kevin"

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Nina returned from horseback riding, happy but still annoyed with Liesl for her words about Sasha. Nina sighed that Sasha was the only thing missing from her life. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Valentin suggested that she answer it. Nina was ecstatic to answer the door to Sasha, and the two shared a bear hug. When they calmed down, Sasha informed Nina that she would be staying for a few days, but she wondered why Nina was still staying with Valentin. Nina answered that she and Valentin were back together.

Nina thought about how happy Charlotte would be to see Sasha, and she talked about flaunting Sasha in front of Liesl. Nina left the room to get Sasha something to eat, exclaiming about how happy she was on her way out. Valentin warned Sasha that Nina could never find out that Sasha wasn't her daughter. Sasha assured him that she would always play her part, but he was no longer "in charge." She advised him to step back and let her have a real relationship with Nina.

Valentin cautioned Sasha to stay away from Liesl at all costs, and Sasha wondered why. Before he could answer, Nina returned talking about how much catching up she and Sasha had to do. She remembered that Valentin had a conference call and shooed him out of the room. Nina told Sasha how happy she was with Valentin, and she confided that Valentin had asked her to marry him again. "You didn't say yes, did you?" a concerned Sasha asked, surprising Nina.

Peter looked around Lulu's office and put in a call to the police station. He asked the officer to tell Jordan to call him back as soon as she could. He wanted an update on the investigation, as Lulu had almost died "at my place of business." When he hung up, Maxie entered and commented that she had forgotten how "icy and demanding" he could sound. Changing the subject, she admitted that she had another favor to ask of him. She proposed that a medical advice column could boost the Invader's circulation, and he wondered who would write it. "Me," Liesl said as she entered.

Peter was flabbergasted at the suggestion of hiring the woman who'd tortured him for months, but she assured him that she'd been "crazed with grief," and it wouldn't happen again. Maxie had thought that Peter had "softened" toward Liesl, but he replied that he'd only exonerated her because it was what Maxie had wanted. Liesl handed him some answers to sample questions to read over, and he was surprised to find that they were good. Maxie wondered if Liesl was hired. "On a trial basis," he muttered, and he added that he couldn't say no to Maxie.

Putting two and two together, Liesl accused Maxie of shacking up with "Henrik," but Peter responded that they were friends. "Good friends. Maybe with a future," Maxie added. She explained that she'd worked through her issues with Peter, and she refused to keep family away from James. He wondered if Liesl would like to try to find employment elsewhere, but she instead accepted his offer of employment. She needed a minute, but she asked to be shown to her office when she returned, and she left.

Maxie thanked Peter with a hug and promised that he would get used to Liesl. She assured him that Liesl would be on her best behavior, as her visits with James were on the line. However, Peter decided to keep his options open regardless. He thanked her for her kind words about him, and the two grew closer until her phone went off. She left the room to return Nina's call, promising to return.

Peter took the opportunity to leave a message for Valentin, telling him that he had Maxie to thank for Peter hiring Liesl. Maxie returned a few minutes later and told him about Valentin arranging for Sasha to visit. She admitted that Valentin's involvement made her nervous, and Peter added that heartbreak always followed Valentin's dealings. Maxie wondered if he was speaking in general or about Nina.

Jason entered Metro Court, and Carly was happy to see him. He confided that Sam was breaking up with him, and Carly went on a tirade, deciding to call Sam. Jason stopped her just in time and told her about his and Sam's plan for infiltrating Dawn of Day for Kristina. She appreciated that someone was looking out for Kristina, as Sonny had enough to worry about. Jason also assured Carly that he and Sam were together privately, and she teased that sneaking around could be fun.

Liesl approached Carly and announced that she had a new job, and she requested something complimentary. Carly congratulated Liesl on being able to pay for her own meal. Liesl thought that Carly's bad manners stemmed from "the tragic loss of your grandson," and she offered her condolences. She mentioned that she'd met Nelle briefly, "poor girl," and she walked away. Jason wondered how Liesl had met Nelle.

Franco helped Aiden put on his ice skates and asked if Aiden was good at skating. Aiden didn't know, but he exclaimed that he loved to watch ice-skating. He ran off the rink, and Franco related to a worried Elizabeth that Aiden need to learn how to be independent, and bounce back after a fall. Franco told Elizabeth about his session with "Kevin," and that he'd gone to Kiki's grave. She commented that both she and Kiki loved and accepted Franco, and he wasn't a murderer. He replied that the cops needed to know that fact.

Franco and Elizabeth watched Aiden, and Franco observed that Aiden seemed almost as happy as when he'd been baking. Brad, Lucas, and Wiley bumped into the two, and Elizabeth made small talk with the couple. Franco saw right through the "chance meeting" and cracked that he'd thought Brad was the "sneakiest tech at General Hospital." Lucas gushed about how Brad had changed, which made Brad uncomfortable.

Aiden returned as Brad and Lucas put their skates on. Elizabeth agreed to watch Wiley while the two went out with Aiden. Aiden thought Wiley was cute and wished he had a baby brother or sister. Brad and Lucas got up, held hands, and went out with Aiden. Franco jokingly wondered if Elizabeth wanted to have a baby with him. A short while later, Lucas returned limping after a fall, and he remarked on how good Aiden was. He didn't think that Aiden had caught on about his and Brad's agenda.

Franco thanked Lucas for helping him and Elizabeth, even though he wasn't Lucas' favorite person. Lucas replied that he remembered what Franco had done to Carly like he remembered how Brad had been before. As Brad listened in, Lucas continued that everyone was flawed, but one had to have faith that people could change. Later, Brad and Lucas were gone, and Aiden returned from the rink, asking for a snack. Elizabeth gave him a sandwich, and he ran off to a table. Franco thought it had been a "perfect day," and a good "antidote" for being questioned by the police. He concluded that he thought everything would be all right, and he kissed her.

Laura entered Lulu's room and made sure that she was ready for the hypnotherapy, and Lulu nodded. "Kevin" entered and invited Lulu over to his office. Laura wanted to get a wheelchair for Lulu before they went over and informed him that she would be sitting in on the procedure. Jordan entered and said that she would be sitting in, as well. "Kevin" argued that it was a private session, and no psychiatrist would do it in the presence of others. He promised to make Lulu feel safe and comfortable.

Lulu spoke up that going through the procedure was her choice. While she didn't like how "Kevin" had treated Laura, she trusted him professionally. Jordan wanted the session recorded, but "Kevin" reminded her that it would violate patient privacy laws. Lulu thought that, since she would remember every memory that "Kevin" helped unlock, she could just tell Jordan and Laura what she'd remembered. The women finally agreed, and Laura promised to be right outside "Kevin's" office. As Lulu and "Kevin" got ready to go, he remembered Lulu's voicemail from the night of her attack, and he promised that they would find all the answers she was looking for.

Later, Jordan was on the phone with Curtis and assured him that Lulu would be covered for a little while. When she hung up, Laura approached and wondered what was next. Jordan replied that the cops would have to find forensic evidence, as memories procured from a hypnotherapy session were a "gray area." Laura questioned if Jordan thought Franco had done it. Jordan divulged that his alibis were "flawed to nonexistent," but Laura knew Franco better than Jordan did. Laura replied that she'd seen enough to know that nothing was impossible.

Laura walked up to "Kevin's" office door, and Jordan didn't know how long the session would take. Laura wanted to be close in case Lulu remembered, and she hoped that her daughter wasn't suffering reliving the traumatic event. Jordan assured Laura that her daughter was strong and brave, and the hypnotherapy would get Lulu closer to safety. She had faith that the session would lead them closer to the killer.

Inside "Kevin's" office, he made sure that Lulu was comfortable. He told her to take some deep breaths and relax. He wanted to take her back to the night of the attack, and he asked her to tell him everything she remembered. She told him vague details of Laura visiting and being frustrated about something. She suddenly remembered that she'd found a potential link between the killer and Ryan Chamberlain.

Lulu remembered being troubled when Laura had told her that "Kevin" had made a list of Ryan's victims totaling nine, not seven like the police reports said. "Kevin" soothingly told her that she and Laura had talked about the list, but not the number. He continued that Lulu had called "Kevin," and they'd discussed Ryan's seven victims. Lulu agreed, citing confusion. He asked who she'd talked to that night aside from him, and she remembered talking to Peter about not publishing her story.

Lulu recounted someone trying to get into her office. She'd let the man in, and she'd thought that it was strange that he'd been wearing gloves. He'd followed her to her desk, and she could see him, but she was upset that she couldn't remember his face. "Kevin" calmed her down and told her to listen to his account of what had happened. A few minutes later, he asked if she was ready to remember the man's face. She remembered the man scaring her, and she'd tried to leave, but he'd blocked her. "Kevin" asked who the man was. "It's Franco!" Lulu exclaimed, and "Kevin" smiled in triumph.

Franco is arrested as the killer Franco is arrested as the killer

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

As Sasha and Nina waited for Charlotte at the park, Nina posed a question to her daughter. She asked about Sasha's poor response to Nina's news of Valentin's proposal. Before they could discuss it further, Valentin and Charlotte arrived, and Nina exclaimed how happy she was that they were all together. Charlotte begged her father to ice-skate with them, but he begged off, citing a meeting with Charlotte's teacher.

While Sasha and Nina watched Charlotte skate, Sasha restarted their interrupted conversation. Nina admitted that she'd thought Sasha would be happy for her, but her reaction had been "tepid." Nina had been disappointed. Sasha was sorry and confessed that her opinion of Valentin had changed after hearing all he'd done.

Nina suggested that since she was over it, Sasha should be accepting, as well. Sasha declared that she didn't want Nina to risk everything to be with Valentin, but Nina insisted that he'd given her a second chance and had found Sasha for her. Sasha was grateful, but she recalled Nina saying that she'd never go back to Valentin.

"Love makes all the difference," Nina confessed. Sasha asked why Nina had turned Valentin's proposal down, and Nina replied that she had a "bad track record" with marriage. She had been happy with Valentin but not with the secrets he had kept. She wanted to believe in the two of them that time.

Robert, Anna, and Finn sat down at a table near Liesl at Metro Court. They discussed Cabot and his study of twins. The two spies were shocked when Finn announced that he knew where Cabot was living. Robert asked why Finn hadn't said anything, but Finn explained that he had just confirmed it. He had learned via his own investigation that Cabot had been residing in Sweden.

A waitress delivered Champagne to the table and noted that it was courtesy of Liesl, who sauntered over to the table with her own glass of Champagne in hand. She wanted to celebrate her new job, and she revealed that Peter had hired her. She did not get the reaction she had hoped for, and she gloated that apparently, Anna was not close to her son.

Anna couldn't understand why Peter had hired Liesl when he should have sent her to prison. Anna warned Liesl that she would see Liesl dead if any harm were to befall Peter. The guys joked as they listened to the conversation. Anna continued that she understood that Liesl had had to process her grief, and they had both sent their sons away to avoid an evil father.

Liesl claimed that she had finished with her grief, and she didn't want to waste any time away from her grandson. Anna declared that she had to talk to Peter, and she stormed off. Liesl proceeded to tell Robert and Finn about her new position, even though they were less than interested and made sarcastic remarks.

Valentin met with Willow, who handed him Charlotte's missed work and letters from her classmates. Valentin assumed that Willow had been relieved that Charlotte had been absent, and he wondered if there were letters from all of his daughter's classmates. Willow responded that not all children liked each other. Valentin assured Willow that Charlotte had been remorseful about her behavior, but he was angry at Willow's accusation that Charlotte had cheated.

Willow clarified that she not only taught children but wanted to help them to grow. She called Charlotte strong-willed but felt that she needed room to just be a kid after her unusual upbringing. She wanted her students to learn to get along with others, even if they didn't like them.

At the Invader office, Peter and Maxie were discussing Nina and Valentin. "Heartbreak always follows," Peter stated. Maxie wondered what that had to do with Valentin, and Peter flashed back to his last conversation with Valentin. Maxie realized that Valentin wanted Nina the most of anything, and Peter confirmed that Valentin had many secrets. He thought that Nina had been right not to trust Valentin.

Maxie agreed that Valentin was a liar, but both she and Peter admitted that they had lied and hurt people, too. Peter clarified that they had both learned from their mistakes while Valentin lied whenever it suited him. Maxie was worried that a lie would eventually hurt Nina. She knew that common sense and logic were difficult. Maxie confessed that she herself had followed her heart.

Maxie went on to say that she was opening her heart to Peter, and he should have assumed how she'd felt. She admitted she hadn't been subtle. Peter declared that he hadn't wanted to assume, but Maxie thought he had the right. Just as they were about to kiss, Anna stormed in and asked if Peter had lost his mind.

Peter realized that Anna had run into Liesl. Maxie informed Anna that she had been the one to convince Peter to make the moves that he had made because she'd thought they were a good idea. Anna went off, but Peter interrupted. He was the one who had made the final decisions.

Anna insisted on an explanation, and Peter explained that he didn't want to take Liesl away from the only family she knew. Anna understood and demanded that Peter inform her of any problems he might encounter with Liesl. Peter replied that he didn't need Anna, but she stated that he couldn't stop her concern.

Anna left, and Maxie was sorry. She told Peter she'd understand if he backed out of hiring Liesl. Peter said that there were many things to work through, and he joked that maybe Liesl would be a good columnist. Maxie thanked Peter on James's behalf, and Peter reminded her that he was family, too. Maxie declared that Nina was also part of their family, and they needed to be the ones to find out what Valentin might be hiding.

At the hospital, Elizabeth found Franco in the art therapy room. He explained that he was cleaning up some of his work that he no longer needed. She deemed Franco to be "in a mood," and she had found it unacceptable that the police department had thought of him as the killer first. She added that his past was behind him. Franco was thrilled that Aiden had had a good day, and he commended Elizabeth on her plan with Brad and Lucas.

In "Kevin's" office, Lulu recalled seeing Franco in the Invader office as "Kevin" put the thought into her head during their hypnotherapy session. He informed her that whatever she saw would remain fact once he woke her up.

Lulu awoke in tears. "I saw Franco," she cried. "Kevin" calmed her down and summoned Laura and Jordan into the room. Lulu told them that she had remembered everything, including the fact that Franco had tried to kill her. Jordan wanted to ask questions, but Laura wanted her to wait until Lulu was calmer. "Kevin" thought it was a good idea for Jordan to carry on.

Jordan recorded Lulu's statement, and Lulu related the events of the evening in question as she recalled them. She was only able to remember up to a certain point, and that was Franco approaching her with a knife in his hand. Lulu couldn't remember anything after that. "I think it's time to do what needs to be done," Laura declared.

Laura asked "Kevin" to stay with Lulu because she wanted to speak with Jordan out in the hall. Lulu admitted to "Kevin" that she hated being fragile, but he laughed and replied that that wasn't a good description of her. He didn't want her to worry any longer.

Out in the hall, Laura asked Jordan where Franco might be. Jordan revealed that Franco hadn't been on the day's work schedule, and Laura quickly called Elizabeth. Laura informed Jordan that she didn't want Elizabeth and her grandsons to be involved in any of what was about to happen.

Elizabeth answered her phone, and Laura asked that Elizabeth meet her in Lulu's room. Laura advised Jordan that she'd learned that both Elizabeth and Franco were in the art therapy room. Laura returned to "Kevin's" office, and she announced that Jordan had gone to arrest Franco. She wanted Lulu to stop thinking about the attack because Lulu didn't want her victimized any longer. She and "Kevin" praised Lulu for all she'd gone through.

Once alone, "Kevin" closed his office door and pulled out the box with the victims' driver's licenses. He wiped off the four from the most recent victims.

Back in the art therapy room, Elizabeth and Franco chatted as she began to unbutton his shirt. "Step away from Franco," Jordan called out as she entered the room with a uniformed police officer. When Elizabeth didn't move, Jordan repeated her demand. Elizabeth wanted to know what was going on, and she began to argue and defend Franco.

"Kevin" arrived to help to make the situation easier, and Franco asked him to tell Jordan that nothing had happened. Jordan declared that Lulu had named Franco as her attacker but Elizabeth disagreed and grew distraught. Franco told Elizabeth he loved her as Jordan pointed her gun at Franco and read him his rights. The cop cuffed Franco.

Elizabeth kissed Franco goodbye and declared his innocence. She called Scott and told him that Franco was in trouble. Out in the hallway, she spotted Laura wheeling Lulu to her room. Elizabeth asked Laura if that was why Laura had wanted to see her. She declared that Franco hadn't committed the crimes, and she believed that Lulu and Laura knew that. Lulu insisted that he had.

"Kevin" was back in his office and looked at the remaining licenses from all of Ryan's early victims. "Your friends have gone to serve the greater good. But at least I still have you," "Kevin" crooned. He called it a testament.

Anna returned to Metro Court and told Robert and Finn that Peter's action made no sense. They went back to their discussion of Cabot, and Finn offered to be the one to interview him. The others agreed, and Robert suggested that Anna not go to Sweden with them because Cabot had known Alex. Anna agreed and admitted that she wanted to be kept aware of everything.

Anna ordered Finn to stay safe and out of danger. Finn believed that Anna wanted to remain behind to keep an eye on Peter and Liesl, anyway. He blamed her for his involvement in spy activities. They shared a kiss.

Sasha, Nina, and Charlotte arrived to continue their girls' day celebration. Nina wanted to make a phone call first.

Valentin thanked Willow for meeting him and advised her that Charlotte would return to school very soon. Willow replied that she'd be happy to have Charlotte back, and she added that in the future, she would only be able to discuss the little girl with a parent. Nina happened to see them, and she informed Willow that with her and Valentin getting married again, she would be Charlotte's stepmother.

Ava wants to know who the PCPD has taken into custody Ava wants to know who the PCPD has taken into custody

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Margaux waited in front of the elevator at Metro Court. When the doors opened, Sonny walked out. He wondered if she was on her way to prosecute Franco, and she reminded him that she couldn't talk about it. Sonny didn't want Franco to get away with another crime, but she didn't want a case "tainted" by Sonny's influence. She assured him that she was moving on with her life and refused to be ruled by her past. She got into the elevator and left.

Scott sat down with Alexis at Metro Court, and she informed him that she had an update on Gail's will. His phone began to vibrate, and he answered it to Elizabeth. She frantically told him that she'd been trying to call him all night, and she updated him on Franco's situation. A few minutes later, he instructed someone on the phone to pull all case histories involving hypnotherapy. When he hung up, Alexis informed him that the delay in details surrounded Gail's will was by design, and the next details would be revealed on April 1st. He excused himself to go to the police station.

When Scott was gone, Alexis read Shiloh's book until Sonny sat down with her. He wanted to talk to her about Kristina and her new "friends." Both agreed that everything about Shiloh and Dawn of Day was weird, but Alexis refused to weigh in on her adult daughter's life "anymore." She admitted that she'd attended a seminar, and Sonny pulled out of her that it had been about "maintaining intimate relationships while keeping your independence."

Sonny wondered if Alexis had talked about Julian at all. She replied that she didn't care about Julian, and he was back with Kim, anyway. She suggested that they stay out of each other's personal lives, as they got along much better that way. She gave him the book and told him to go to a seminar, because he could "stand to evolve a few thousand years." He looked through the book as he sat down at the bar and called the book "a piece of garbage." The bartender caught sight of the book and told Sonny that it had changed his life. Sonny picked the book back up.

Oscar entered his mother's office and wondered what was taking Terry so long. Just then, Terry entered with Oscar's latest test results. She sat and explained to Oscar, Drew, and Kim that the tumor hadn't grown since the last scan. She called it a "temporary reprieve" and said that they would continue to monitor the tumor's growth. Oscar excused himself, as he had to meet up with Josslyn, and he was excited to give her good news.

Terry informed Kim and Drew that Oscar's prognosis remained the same, and revising the time frame would depend on how long the reprieve lasted. She advised them that they should have a plan in place for the future, but they didn't have to do it that day. She added that the reprieve granted them some time to rest and make memories. When Terry was gone, Kim and Drew still dreaded the future, but Drew promised that they would figure things out together.

Josslyn sat down at Charlie's and told Julian that Oscar would be there soon. Julian grumbled about Josslyn patronizing Charlie's even after messing with his head. Josslyn reasoned that Oscar's parents could focus more on Oscar without Julian as a distraction. He informed the "champion meddler" that he and Kim were back together, so her plot had failed. Oscar entered and wondered what plot they were talking about.

Josslyn changed the subject to Oscar's appointment, and he happily told her about the reprieve. She happily offered to skip her "light day" at school to celebrate. He agreed only if she would tell him about her plot. She reluctantly told him about getting Julian to break up with Kim. He appreciated what she'd tried to do, but he wanted his parents to be able to live the life they wanted.

A short while later, Oscar and Josslyn were gone, and Kim entered Charlie's. She told him the news about Oscar, and he happily kissed her. Just then, Alexis entered Charlie's. When she saw Julian kissing Kim, she turned around and left.

Elizabeth stormed into the art therapy room as Chase and a couple cops tore it apart. She yelled at them for ruining the artwork of patients, and she wondered if they had respect for anyone or anything. Griffin ran into the room and urged Elizabeth to go out into the hall with him. She glared at Chase and left with Griffin. He wondered what the cops were doing, and she updated him on Franco's arrest. She added that she had faith in him, but he didn't want her to get hurt. "Too late," she stated.

"Kevin" lamented that Franco had "revisited" his "talent." Ava entered his office and was angry at him for not telling her that someone had been arrested for Lulu's attack. There was a knock on the door, and Chase entered for a patient's file. He produced a warrant, and "Kevin" handed Chase the file. Ava demanded to know who had been arrested, and "Kevin" told her that it was Franco. Ava replied in bewilderment that Franco loved Kiki, so he never would have killed her. Chase hoped that all of Ava's questions would soon be answered, and he left.

Ava was in disbelief, as she'd witnessed his "transformation firsthand." She asked if "Kevin" had noticed Franco "unraveling" and hadn't done anything about it. "Kevin" admitted that he'd seen it, but he hadn't thought that it was enough to alert the authorities. She questioned his judgment and began to walk away, but he grabbed her arm and growled at her not to walk away from him. "Let go," she demanded. He apologized, but she told him that she didn't like him very much at that moment. She left. When she was gone, he screamed and pushed everything off his desk in rage.

Chase returned to the art therapy room, and one of the cops got Chase's attention with a find. Chase told the cop to "bag it" and take it to the station, as Jordan would want to see the potential evidence. A few minutes later, the cops were gone, and Griffin helped Elizabeth clean up, even though he'd hurt his shoulder "at the gym." She tearfully picked up a sketch that Franco had drawn for the front of their wedding invitation.

A few minutes later, Griffin was finishing up without Elizabeth when Drew entered the art therapy room with a question for Franco. Griffin told Drew about Franco's situation.

Later, Ava bumped into Griffin in the hall and said that she couldn't deal with him. Griffin assumed she'd heard about Franco, and she expressed her disbelief that Franco would kill Kiki. She tearfully wondered how it was possible, and he hugged her in comfort as "Kevin" walked by and caught sight of the embrace.

Franco was sitting in the interrogation room when Jordan entered. He demanded a lawyer, but Jordan was only there to tell him that his arraignment would be soon. She told him that he would be remanded to Pentonville with no bail. He replied that he was just getting ammunition for his lawsuit, and, after winning, "I will own Port Charles."

Scott entered the station as Jordan left the interrogation room, and she caught him up on the charges against Franco. Margaux entered the station as Scott went into the interrogation room. Margaux read the case file and thought that a guilty verdict was a "slam dunk" for her, but Jordan wasn't so sure, since there was no physical evidence. Just then, Jordan received a text message. Upon reading it, she told Margaux that the case had just gotten stronger.

Franco told Scott about how terrified the boys had been as the house had been searched. Scott didn't think there was enough to hold Franco. Jordan and Margaux entered, and Margaux asked about the nature of Franco's sessions with "Kevin." "Therapy," Franco answered. She wanted to know what they'd discussed. As Scott claimed privacy, Franco said that they'd talked about Franco's anxiety and childhood. "And your bloodlust?" Margaux added.

Jordan read that "Kevin" saw Franco as aggressive, irresponsible for his own actions, and having "superficial charm." Franco didn't think "Kevin" would ever say that about him, and they'd gotten their files mixed up. As Chase entered, Margaux called the qualities "textbook serial killer." Chase talked about what he'd recovered in the art therapy room, and he dropped the evidence bag with four licenses inside on the table.

As Chase took Franco out of the room in handcuffs, he accused Franco of taunting the cops when they'd thought he'd been trying to help. Franco caught sight of Elizabeth, and he promised her that everything would be all right. When he was gone, Scott informed Elizabeth that the cops had added the murder charges, and Elizabeth dropped Franco's sketch in shock.

Sam begins her infiltration of Dawn of Day Sam begins her infiltration of Dawn of Day

Friday, February 8, 2019

Jason found Sonny with Shiloh's book at the Metro Court bar. Jason admitted that while he'd read it, he hadn't believed a word of it. Sonny revealed that Alexis had claimed to have enjoyed the book, but he'd been worried about Kristina and her ties to Dawn of Day. Spinelli arrived and announced that he had been able to do some research on Shiloh from when he'd been known as Hank.

Spinelli explained that Hank had gotten into lots of trouble as a rich young man, but after he'd lost his financing, he had looked for other ways to make money. Once Shiloh had ended up in Afghanistan, his life had turned around after a series of events. Spinelli added that the story had checked out, and he could find nothing but "glowing endorsements" of Dawn of Day.

Sam knocked on the door at the Dawn of Day house. Kristina answered and was surprised to hear that Sam was there to see Shiloh. Sam took off her jacket and exclaimed that she was there to learn all about the group. Sam noticed that Kristina didn't seem thrilled, and she admitted that she'd thought Kristina would be happy. Sam knew how important the house was to her.

Shiloh noted that Kristina had other tasks to perform and would be leaving him and Sam. Kristina mentioned that she had plans to meet Sonny, also. Shiloh spoke lovingly about the group, and Sam mentioned that she thought that Shiloh seemed paternal. She wondered about Shiloh's family, but he stated that the group members were his family.

Sam wondered if Shiloh had ever thought about settling down, but when he turned it back to her and asked why she hadn't settled down with Jason, Sam snapped that it was none of his business. Shiloh maintained that he studied the intentions of human behavior and had helped Kristina to break down her barriers. He thought he could do the same for Sam.

"Tell me why I can't settle down," Sam agreed. Shiloh thought her issue could be traced to the fact that she'd always been abandoned by those she'd loved. He proceeded to tell Sam all he knew about her life, and he added that Kristina admired her sister and had shared that history with him. Sam was annoyed that Shiloh was so familiar with her personal life, but he indicated that Kristina had been concerned about Sam.

Shiloh suggested that Sam's desire for associating with dangerous men was based on that history, also. He handed her his book to read, and he suggested that Sam attend the Valentine's Day event that the group would conduct. He called it a new beginning. He helped her on with her jacket, and she thanked him for the tour.

Kristina arrived at Metro Court. She hugged Sonny, and they sat down at a table. She informed him that she would be handing out flyers for her group's Valentine's Day event. She assumed that Sonny had asked to meet her to talk about Dawn of Day. He admitted that Alexis had told him that the group had had a positive effect on Kristina.

Sonny maintained that he would read Shiloh's book, but he revealed that Shiloh had better take care of Kristina -- "or else." He added that he would say the same to anyone who spent a large amount of time with her. He noticed his daughter appeared to be glowing, and she confessed that the group was the family she'd never had.

"Excuse me?" Sonny asked. Kristina admitted that while she was lucky with her loving family, she had inherited all of them. She had finally found her own family, where she didn't have a history and would be able to define herself. Sonny asked Kristina to attend a dinner with him, Mike, and Yvonne. He revealed that Mike had been getting worse every day, and it had been right for him to move out.

Sonny advised Kristina that soon, Mike wouldn't remember any of them, so it was important to hold onto family. He was happy that Kristina was happy, but he didn't want her to forget her family. He added that he would always be there for her. They stood up and shared another hug.

Spinelli continued to talk to Jason, and he stated that he was unable to find out much information on the organization. He showed Jason a photo of Shiloh with a woman who had been Shiloh's "closest ally" at one time. He identified her as Harmony, formerly known as Lorraine Miller. She and Shiloh had worked together, and the last home they'd opened had been in Beechers Corners.

Sonny joined Spinelli and Jason after Kristina was gone. They wondered about the woman with Shiloh, and Jason voiced his intention to take a ride to Beechers Corners.

Kristina returned to Dawn of Day before Sam's departure. Sam announced her decision to attend the Valentine's Day event. "Fantastic," Kristina said, although she clearly didn't mean it.

Outside of Charlie's Pub, Julian overheard Alexis on the phone. She was making an appointment with a Dr. Byrne, and she told the person on the phone that she would have Kevin send her records. When she was through, Julian asked why she had stopped seeing Kevin.

Inside, Alexis explained that she had ended her session with Kevin too early, but she had had a conflict of interest due to her representing Laura in her divorce. Julian thought that Alexis had a lot to work through, considering that she still seemed so curious about his relationship with Kim. Alexis stormed to the bar and sat down. "Arrogant bastard," she exclaimed.

The man sitting next to Alexis turned around, and she quickly assured him that she hadn't meant him. She pointed out that he seemed nice, especially because he was reading a book. The man suggested that Alexis needed something stronger than her ginger ale. The couple began to discuss the fact that he was reading about the Russian revolution, and Alexis erupted.

Alexis told the man about every aspect of her life, barely pausing to breathe. "Hmmm," the man finally said. Alexis wanted him to say something more, and the man replied that everything she'd said had been about her ex. He proceeded to tell her that she only needed herself for a breakthrough. Alexis thought he had been insightful, and he suggested they meet for dinner in the future.

Alexis didn't think it was a good idea, and she also didn't want to exchange numbers due to her issues. The man handed her his card and left. Julian asked Alexis about her new friend, but she merely stated that the man had been nice. She announced that she had to leave for an appointment.

Elizabeth demanded to see Franco at the police station, and finally he was led out in cuffs. He insisted he hadn't committed the crimes, and he didn't know anything about the licenses found in his drawer in the art therapy room. Elizabeth declared that he had been framed, and Lulu had been confused. She reminded Jordan and Margaux that previous clues had pointed to people like Carly and Griffin, who had been innocent.

Franco thought that Elizabeth had made some good points, but Jordan specified that she thought things were different that time. She thought that the other items, like Carly's hair and the knife in Griffin's apartment, had been obvious plants. Franco accused her of "exploiting my history," but Jordan insisted that he hadn't had any alibis. He'd also had the same shoe as Lulu's attacker.

Sarcastically, Franco suggested that Jordan round up every man who wore a size 12 shoe. She added that Kevin's notes had also had a strong implication. Scott burst into the interrogation room and tossed a file onto the table. He shouted that the police wouldn't be "railroading" his son. Margaux revealed that the folder contained an injunction from a federal judge, and Scott wanted an MRI to prove that Franco didn't have a brain tumor. It was called due process.

Later, Jordan and Margaux discussed the case, and Jordan admitted that Franco didn't have a motive for the killings. Margaux insisted that that hadn't stopped him in the past, but Jordan explained that Franco had killed as an artist. He had done "performance art" and had challenged law enforcement at the same time.

Margaux insisted that the killings still fit the pattern because all of the bodies had been staged. Jordan thought it was too easy, and she wanted more evidence because, if they were wrong, the killer was still out there.

At General Hospital, "Kevin" glared at Griffin, who was sitting and waiting to donate blood. Griffin was engrossed in his phone. "Kevin" recalled seeing Griffin and Ava embracing, and he added his name to the donation list. He sat beside Griffin. "Fine day to give blood, isn't it?" "Kevin" asked. Griffin looked up and stared at him, and "Kevin" stated that he thought it was an easy way to save lives.

"Kevin" declared that he wanted Griffin's help. He announced that he hadn't been able to locate Ava and wondered if Griffin knew where she might be. When Griffin replied that he didn't know, "Kevin" asked if he was telling the truth because he had seen them embracing. He wondered if Griffin had something to share "man to man."

"That ship has sailed," Griffin replied, and he told "Kevin" off, making it clear that there was nothing between him and Ava. "You're next," "Kevin" said ominously. He clarified that it was Griffin's turn to donate his blood. "Kevin" stood and helped himself to a cookie after Griffin had gone.

Out in the hallway, Scott advised Elizabeth and Franco that they needed to move at a "snail's pace." Elizabeth understood that it was a delay tactic, and she went to see Griffin about arranging Franco's MRI.

Ava walked down the hall and spotted a handcuffed Franco sitting and waiting. She sat down beside him, and they had a heart-to-heart conversation. Franco called it all a misunderstanding and declared that he would never hurt Kiki, who had been like a daughter to him. He didn't believe that Ava seriously thought that he would have killed her.

Ava discussed how she had tried to protect Kiki from him in the past, and she knew that evidence had been found. Franco assured her that it was his history, and the murderer was still out and about. "How could you think that of me?" he asked. He asserted that he would have taken his own life first before ever hurting Kiki.

Ava confessed that she believed Franco, and she'd wanted to hear his side of the story. She knew he was telling the truth. Franco told her how much it meant to him. He wanted Ava to talk to Kevin, though. He told her that Kevin had made him sound psychotic in his notes. Ava was aware but defended Kevin by saying that he hadn't thought that Franco would act on his impulses. She announced that she owed someone an apology, and she rushed off.

Elizabeth and Scott sought out Griffin, who didn't want to perform an MRI on Franco if he'd killed Kiki. Elizabeth defended Franco, and Scott reminded Griffin that he didn't have a choice. Griffin informed them that there would be a wait, and Scott was happy with that. Elizabeth offered to hear Griffin out if something was bothering him, but he told her he was fine.

Ryan returned to Kevin's office and spoke to Ava's photo. He was angry. "Well, he just has to go," Ryan snapped. He pondered that he would have a difficult time with Franco in jail, but it would work out. Griffin was depressed, and it would be terrible for him to have an unfortunate accident.

Shortly after, "Kevin" found Griffin and apologized for being rude. The men shook hands, and "Kevin" told Griffin about a brick that he and other doctors were intending to purchase for the memory courtyard in Kiki's honor. He suggested that Griffin accompany him to the roof in order to have the best view of the courtyard, and Griffin agreed.

Elizabeth sat down with Franco, and he admitted he was nervous. He was worried that his tumor had grown back and that he had committed all the crimes without remembering them. He knew he had been capable of violence. Elizabeth didn't believe it was possible, and she held his hands. She assured him that she had enough faith in him for both of them. They kissed.

Ava knocked on Kevin's door, and after there was no answer, she let herself in. The office was empty.

Griffin and "Kevin" walked out onto the roof of the hospital. Griffin walked close to the edge in order to get a decent view. "Kevin" removed a syringe from his sleeve.

Alexis knocked on Dr. Byrne's office door and walked inside. It was the man from the pub.

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