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Franco and Elizabeth were married. Carly announced that she was pregnant. Peter and Maxie figured out that Sasha was not Nina's daughter. Finn, Robert, and Anna caught up with Dr. Cabot. Kristina felt a spark of jealousy.
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Franco and Elizabeth were married
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Jason, Sam, and Drew set their plan in motion

Jason, Sam, and Drew set their plan in motion

Monday, February 11, 2019

Jason met with Harmony in a Beechers Corners café in order to try to get some background on Dawn of Day. He explained that he was there on behalf of someone. They sat down at a table. Harmony revealed that her real name had been Lorraine, but she had never liked it. She added that she had created a "bridge to her true self," and Dawn of Day had opened her mind and heart to their potentials.

Harmony also disclosed that she and Shiloh had built the community center in Beechers Corners "from the ground up." Jason asked about Harmony and Shiloh not being together, and Harmony stressed that they were in business only. Shiloh had wanted to expand their business and had gone to Port Charles because he'd felt the city had needed an outreach program after the earthquake.

Jason asked about a family, but Harmony clarified that Dawn of Day was her family. "Life is work," she said. Jason maintained that the girl he represented was naïve and had appeared to be getting too attached to Shiloh and developing feelings for him. He wondered how that would be handled. Harmony replied that Shiloh was a normally warm and expressive person who was misunderstood.

Jason wanted to make sure that the girl wouldn't be hurt. Just then, a cop walked in and announced that after running Jason's plates, he'd learned that Jason was wanted for murder. Jason quickly assured him that the charges had been dropped, but the cop insisted that Jason had parked too close to a handicapped spot and would have to move immediately.

Harmony jumped up and assured the cop, Billy, that she and Jason were about finished. Billy left, and Harmony concluded that her community was a great one, thanks to Dawn of Day. Jason declared that he'd heard enough and had learned a lot. Harmony wondered if Jason had scars from being falsely accused of murder, but he told her he did not.

Carly welcomed Sam to the Metro Court bar and explained that she wanted to support Sam's breakup with Jason. Drew walked over and explained Oscar's latest condition to Sam after Carly mentioned the good news. Drew added that he was about to have a meeting with Shiloh because he wanted to help. He noted that he would be "friendly back" to Shiloh. Carly hoped that Drew would be able to get some leverage against Dawn of Day's leader.

Sam and Carly moved to a table and talked about Sam's kids. Sam handed Carly a valentine that Danny had made for her and Sonny. Sam admitted that Danny was a lot like his father, both fearless and sweet. Carly thought it would be difficult for Sam to hide her true feelings for Jason. Sam agreed, but she divulged that she would have to make herself look vulnerable in order for Shiloh to get "a taste of his own medicine."

Carly suggested that Sonny could tell Shiloh to leave town, but Sam thought that wouldn't work out well with Kristina. Sam explained that Shiloh expected women to fall for him, but she was an experienced con and would be able to handle him. Sam stressed that she was familiar with the type of guy who used women and ruined their self-esteem.

Sam felt bad about lying to Danny regarding her relationship with Jason. She complimented Monica on her support, and Carly turned her nose up. Sam explained that Carly and Monica were actually similar because they were women who both loved their families. Carly declared that Sam was the same way, and she thought that Sam and Jason should be together on Valentine's Day.

Sam emphasized that she had plans, and Shiloh would be expecting her. She planned on getting some wisdom at his event in order to get Kristina out of the house.

Alexis stood in Dr. Byrne's office and whipped his business card from her purse. She realized that she should have looked at the card after he'd handed it to her, and both she and Byrne wished they'd known who the other was at Charlie's Pub. The doctor advised Alexis that it was her choice on whether she wanted another doctor because he could tell she felt uncomfortable. He offered to give her a referral.

Alexis took the offered slip of paper with a new doctor's name, and she left. Moments later, she returned and admitted that she had already told Neil everything about herself and was comfortable enough to use him as her therapist. He agreed that he was willing to treat her, especially after he'd heard many of her "intriguing issues." Alexis wondered if he'd known she was to be his patient.

Neil reminded Alexis that she had made a last-minute appointment, and he'd already been seated at the bar in the pub with his coffee and book. He would never have asked her out if he'd known. Alexis apologized, and Neil suggested they see how the first session would turn out. He wondered why her appointment had been so urgent. Alexis sat down.

Alexis explained that after seeing Julian with his new girlfriend, and her experience at Dawn of Day, she'd felt the need for therapy as soon as possible. She told Neil about the seminar, which had been weird, and how she didn't want to base everything on her ex. She realized that she had always been drawn to men, like Julian, who were dangerous, selfish, and power-hungry, among other attributes.

Upon questioning from Neil, Alexis admitted that her father had been the same way and had even been an exiled Russian aristocrat like the men that Neil liked. Alexis didn't want to discuss her family, although she detailed her distant and controlling father. She confessed that she'd been drawn to him and repelled by him at the same time but had never earned his love.

Neil quickly explained that love from a parent was a gift, but Alexis denied that that had been true in her family. She confessed to being a witness to her stepmother killing her mother, and she had blocked out her childhood. The doctor was quiet then suggested she might have PTSD. He thought that she equated cruelty and ruthlessness with safety and survival.

Neil assured Alexis that he could help her get to healthier relationships. Alexis agreed that she wanted to book another appointment.

On the General Hospital rooftop, Griffin stood close to the edge to get a good view of the memory garden. Griffin thought that Kiki would like a memorial brick by the flower bed. As "Kevin" pulled a syringe from his sleeve and stood as close to Griffin as he could get, Ava appeared and interrupted. Griffin turned and was startled. He hadn't realized "Kevin" was so close.

Ava demanded that Griffin move away from the edge, and "Kevin" sharply asked if she had been looking for Griffin. Ava replied that she had been looking for "Kevin." She had been in his empty office and had found the form for the brick for Kiki. She'd known about checking out the view from the roof and had wanted to provide some input.

Griffin announced that he had somewhere to go, and he dashed off. Ava stated that Kiki would be a part of a place she had loved, and she thanked "Kevin" for his loving gesture. Ava said she owed him an apology, and she wasn't angry at him. She had realized that "Kevin" hadn't protected Franco because he hadn't thought him to be a threat.

"Kevin" agreed with Ava's assessment. She revealed that she was certain that Franco was innocent, and the killer was still free. Ava asked "Kevin" to tell the police they had the wrong man in custody so they could find the real killer. "Kevin" accused her of going back to Griffin, and Ava recalled that he had probably seen her and Griffin in an embrace.

Ava assured "Kevin" that she would never go back to Griffin after what he'd done to her, and he had only been comforting her. "Kevin" revealed that he'd thought he'd lost Ava. She meant everything to him, and she had his heart. Ava hugged "Kevin," who declared his love. He regretted not waiting until Valentine's Day, but Ava said she loved "Kevin," also. They kissed.

Drew and Shiloh walked into the DOD house, and Drew announced that he wanted to talk about Afghanistan and when Shiloh had still been Hank. Shiloh declared that they had been close, and Drew had saved his life. He added that Drew had been close-lipped while Shiloh had made lots of confessions. Drew thought there had to have been "some confessions."

Shiloh declared that his confessions had turned out to be not very important overall, but his arrival in Port Charles had made him think about them. He talked about meeting Jason with Drew's face, and Drew, who hadn't known him. He asked if Drew's memories would return, and Drew maintained that he remembered no one and nothing from his past.

Drew informed Shiloh that he had been abducted and hadn't gone AWOL. Shiloh shouted that he'd known Drew would never have done that. Drew detailed the switch with Jason, and how he had ended up with Jason's memories. He confided that there was a procedure to reverse it, and he likened it to overriding a computer program. He wouldn't do it, though, because then his new memories, including his kids, would be gone.

Shiloh declared that Drew had his priorities straight, and he stated that he had had his own methods of breakthrough. Drew joked that he should start his own seminars; the men shook hands, and Drew left.

A shirtless Griffin banged on the radiator in his apartment as he glanced at a framed photo of himself with Kiki. He began to do some exercises until he heard a knock on the door. It was Sasha, and he invited her in. He put on his shirt as she asked how he'd been. Griffin gruffly replied that he was tired of everyone talking to him about Kiki because it wouldn't make her reappear.

Griffin quickly apologized for being gruff and admitted that he had often been consumed with missing Kiki. Sasha asked about Griffin's facial bruising, and he sheepishly admitted that it had occurred while he'd been boxing at the gym. His mind had been wandering, and he told her how "regret takes over." Sasha understood and mentioned that she had regrets, also.

Sasha sat down. She told him how she'd planned on breezing through town quickly but had met many people that she'd ended up caring about. She just hoped everyone would be okay, and she only wanted to do the right thing. Griffin offered to listen as Sasha complained of the heat and removed her jacket.

Griffin told Sasha about the radiator and the tricks that Kiki had shown him. He added that Kiki had had the "magic touch." Sasha thought she should leave, and Griffin told her to work on her regrets because she was too young for that. "You, too," Sasha replied.

Shiloh received a phone call from Harmony and told her that a "potential threat" had amounted to nothing. She told him about Jason's visit and the assistance she'd received from Billy. She assured him that Jason hadn't learned anything he shouldn't know.

Jason returned to Metro Court and informed Carly that her bartender was a member of DOD. Carly replied that she couldn't fire him for that, but she was worried because Jason needed a safe place to be with Sam. She told him she was in a frenzy, having learned that the clothing drive she'd participated in with Josslyn had been run by DOD.

Jason assured Carly that she had nothing to worry about with Josslyn but that Kristina was the one who could be in trouble. He needed to have Shiloh distracted and pressured, and he admitted that he'd learned about how DOD worked. He just had to be able to "take it down."

Nina announces her upcoming marriage

Nina announces her upcoming marriage

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sonny was surprised when Spencer showed up at his house with a huge heart-shaped box. They shared a hug, and Spencer admitted the Valentine's Day candy was for his grandmother, not Sonny. They sat on the sofa, and Sonny asked why Spencer hadn't gone to Laura's on his return to town. Spencer claimed that Laura had been too busy, and he wondered how Sonny might "wreak justice" as a mere coffee importer.

Spencer revealed that his plan was to stay with Sonny then give the chocolates to Laura later on. Sonny insisted that Spencer call Laura to tell her he was in Port Charles and to confess his crime. Spencer divulged that Laura had called the person who'd tampered with the voting results a scourge, and that was him. "You have to unscourge yourself," Sonny ordered.

Spencer thought it would be too shocking for Laura to hear the truth and kinder not to tell her anything after all she'd been through, but Sonny thought that Spencer owed her. Sonny asked if Spencer was more concerned about his crime or the fact that Valentin knew about it. He asked if Laura would be happy to hear that Valentin had power over Spencer.

Sonny declared that one should not let enemies hold secrets, and he wanted Spencer to "man up" and face the consequences. Spencer stated that consequences were one thing, but his grandmother was another.

"Franco didn't do it," Drew declared to Jordan. He had stopped by Jordan's office at the Port Charles Police Station in order to tell Jordan that Franco wouldn't have been capable of the recent series of violent crimes. Jordan informed him that she had evidence and Lulu's memory, but Drew reminded her of Jim Harvey, who had tried to kill Franco.

Drew related that Franco hadn't even been able to retaliate against Harvey after all he'd done, and Drew had been the one to pull the trigger. Franco hadn't been able to save his own life, Drew added. Jordan replied that she had also read Kevin's files and his notes on Franco. Drew asked her, off the record, how she would have reacted if her own son had been a victim to someone like Harvey.

Jordan admitted she would want to kill the perpetrator, and Drew agreed. Again, he reminded her that Franco hadn't been able to do that. He wanted her to look at all the pieces. He left the office and ran into Curtis, who was standing in the hallway by Jordan's office door. Curtis expressed his sympathy about Franco and added that he'd thought Franco had "turned his life around." Drew replied that he had.

Curtis entered Jordan's office and found her studying the case file. Curtis told her that Drew believed in Franco's innocence. "So, what do you think?" he asked. Jordan revealed that Drew had asked the same question, and she admitted that she thought something was "off." She and Curtis ran through the details of the cases.

Jordan stated that no one had ever recalled seeing Franco with Mary Pat; he had only had a phone call with Peyton, to the best of their knowledge; and he had had a bond with Kiki and had loved her. Curtis mentioned Lulu's name, and Jordan explained that the violence Franco had perpetrated toward Lulu had been almost ten years in the past. Franco had a job he was good at and admired for, and he had Elizabeth. She thought the perpetrator had shown skills that had been obviously suspicious. "Too obvious," Curtis said.

Curtis declared that something else was wrong, too. The collection of victims' driver's licenses in Ryan's possession had never been made public, so Franco wouldn't have known about them. Jordan added that there had been no fingerprints on the licenses in Franco's office, not even the victims' prints. She also thought Franco would have hidden them somewhere secret like a safe deposit box, not his office. Jordan declared that Franco had been framed if he wasn't the killer.

Curtis wanted to get back to the hospital to stand guard outside of Lulu's room in case the killer returned. Jordan stated that she would not drop the charges but would "throw the book" at Franco.

Franco lay on the bed in his cell when he heard the sound of jingling keys and footsteps. It was Laura. He told her he hadn't committed the crime against Lulu, but Laura replied that she believed her daughter. Franco swore that it hadn't been him, and he suggested she talk to Elizabeth. Laura believed that Elizabeth loved Franco, but her judgment had been compromised. Franco declared that both Elizabeth and Kiki had seen the real him.

Laura retorted that it had been the real him when he'd killed Kiki, too, but Franco continued to proclaim his innocence. "Save it, Franco," Laura snapped. She added that he should never have received a second chance. Franco asked why he would have killed Kiki when he had a family. Laura called them a cover, but Franco insisted he would never use them.

Laura asked about the bomb that Franco had strapped to Lulu in the past. He admitted that had been a terrible act he had committed, but he believed that Lulu had merely substituted his face onto her office attacker. "Lulu is wrong. It wasn't me," Franco declared.

Laura informed Franco that Kevin had believed he'd helped Franco but was probably hurt that Franco had deceived him. She had seen Kevin's notes, and it was all there. "You are a monster," she shouted. Franco ranted that Kevin hadn't seemed like the man Franco thought he was. Laura was silent but looked thoughtful.

Cameron returned home and, keeping his back to Elizabeth, told her he'd been "held up" at school. When he turned to face her, she gasped at his bruised face. Cameron informed her it had been because of Franco. Elizabeth wanted to call the school, and she reminded him that innocent until proven guilty still held true.

Cameron declared that no one would listen, and things were bad because Franco lived with them. Elizabeth replied that she was sorry, but she wasn't about to apologize for Franco. She and Cameron argued, and Cameron told her the police had evidence. He thought his mother believed Franco because she wanted to. Elizabeth thought it would all be over soon, although Cameron was concerned for his brothers and how they'd be able to handle all the talk.

Shortly after, Elizabeth gathered Cameron, Jake, and Aiden into the living room and asked if they had any questions. She told them what she could about Franco. When she told them that Franco was innocent, Aiden asked if Laura was lying. The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth opened the door to Drew. He told her he'd wanted to check on her and the boys.

Jake asked Drew whether it was Laura or Elizabeth that was telling the truth. Drew sat down and told the boys that people made mistakes. He explained that Franco had been sick when he'd hurt people in the past, but he hadn't hurt anyone recently. Cameron declared that Drew was biased because he was "BFFs" with Franco.

Drew insisted that there would be no way he'd allow Franco to live there if he'd committed the crimes, but Cameron noted that Lulu had remembered Franco. Aiden asked if Lulu had lied. Drew thought that Lulu had made a mistake, but he didn't know why. He informed the group that he had spoken to the police commissioner and had told her that her evidence was misleading, and she had the wrong guy.

Jake and Aiden were sent up to bed, and Jake asked Drew to visit more often. Drew accompanied the boys upstairs while Elizabeth went to get ice for Cameron's bruises. Later, Drew returned and asked Cameron about school, and Cameron thanked Drew for stopping by. Drew declared that Cameron was a "stand-up" guy, and it was difficult to take sides, but nothing was his fault.

Elizabeth revealed that Cameron had been defending her honor, and Cameron informed her that he cared what people said about her. The teen went upstairs, and Elizabeth thanked Drew for checking on them. She was happy that Franco had Drew, and it was good for Franco to hear someone's opinion besides hers. She added that she had something to ask Drew as she eyed the drawing for her wedding invitation.

Peter and Maxie stepped off the elevator and into the Metro Court restaurant. Maxie pointed out the sign for the Valentine's Day festivities. Nina called them over to the table where she was sitting with Valentin and Sasha and announced that she had some news. "Valentin and I are getting married again," she said. Sasha was not happy.

There was an awkward silence until Maxie extended her congratulations. She babbled on until Peter congratulated the couple, also. Maxie declared that it was a surprise, and Peter asked Nina why she had changed her mind. Nina replied that Sasha had convinced her that time was precious, and she wanted to have her family.

Peter urged Valentin to treat Nina's heart with care. "Or else," Maxie said before she laughed. Valentin wanted to get a couple of bottles of Champagne at the bar to celebrate, but Peter and Maxie declined the offer and grabbed a table of their own nearby. Once they were alone, Nina told Sasha that she needed to get used to the idea of Peter and Maxie together. "I'll adjust," she admitted.

Sasha suggested that Nina reconsider getting married, but Nina replied that Valentin's past mistakes didn't matter. He made her happy, and she wanted to get married as soon as possible. She asked Sasha to be her maid of honor. Just then, Liesl stopped at the table, and Nina introduced the women. Liesl declared that she could see the family resemblance, and she wanted to hear all about Sasha.

Over at the bar, Valentin saw Liesl and frowned. Peter told Maxie, whose back was to the other table, about Liesl stopping. He expected things to get interesting. Maxie whipped her compact from her purse and held up the mirror in order to get a glimpse.

Valentin returned to his table with a bottle of Champagne and three glasses. Liesl pointed out that he was a glass short, but Valentin reminded her that she wasn't part of his family. Nina declared that Liesl was her family, and Sasha laughed and made a joke. "Who else could she be but our Nina's daughter," Liesl quipped.

Sasha and Valentin looked progressively more disturbed as Liesl remained at the table, determined to get to know Sasha. Liesl revealed that she had a new job, and Nina turned abruptly to look over at Maxie, who snapped her compact shut quickly.

Maxie was most concerned for Nina and was afraid she'd get caught in some kind of "crossfire" between Liesl and Valentin. Peter assured her that Valentin would never hurt Nina purposely, but Maxie reminded him that Valentin was ruthless.

Peter informed Maxie that he had something to tell her, and he confessed that he had not pressed charges against Liesl partly because Valentin had asked him not to. He had also given Liesl a job because of Valentin. Maxie guessed that Liesl knew about a secret of Valentin's and had been blackmailing him.

Peter declared that Valentin had a fear of losing Nina, and Maxie added that Nina had always wanted a child. Peter noted that Sasha had appeared out of nowhere. They agreed that the secret had something to do with Sasha.

Liesl learned that the celebration was for Nina and Valentin's upcoming nuptials, and she thought that Valentin had been lucky for Nina to be so forgiving. Sasha looked miserable. Liesl made a toast to the happy couple and to all of them getting what they desired the most.

Jason pays Shiloh a visit

Jason pays Shiloh a visit

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Robert and Finn arrived at a hospital in Stockholm, and Robert order Finn to let him do all the talking to Dr. Cabot. Finn countered that he could talk to Cabot "doctor to doctor," and it would probably work better. Finn took out his phone and put in a call to Anna. He informed her that he and Robert had arrived, and he hadn't wanted to let Valentine's Day pass by without talking to her. She told him that she had a special present for him, and she happily entered the room.

Anna and Finn embraced, and he wondered what had happened to keeping an eye on Liesl. She explained that Peter was in charge of his own life, and he'd only hired Liesl for Maxie, with whom she believed he was inching closer to a relationship. However, if Liesl hurt Peter, Anna promised to "flatten her." Getting back on track, she wanted to help Finn and Robert. Robert suggested that she wait in the bar at the hotel, and she was offended by the suggestion. Robert reminded her that Cabot and Alex could have left things on bad terms, but he was interrupted by a nurse entering the room.

Finn introduced himself to the nurse and informed her that he was there to see Dr. Cabot, who was on staff at the hospital. She answered that Dr. Cabot was actually a patient there, and while he hadn't been taking visitors, he might make an exception for a fellow doctor. The nurse left, and Robert warned Anna to let him and Finn do the talking. The nurse wheeled Dr. Cabot into the room, and Finn introduced himself. Cabot told Finn that he didn't recognize Finn's name, and he couldn't see Finn's face either.

A surprised Finn replied that he admired Cabot's work, and he wondered about the blindness. Cabot dismissed the nurse, and he told Finn that the blindness had started suddenly a few months before. Finn named other symptoms, to Cabot's surprise, and Finn continued that he believed Cabot had contracted a rare virus called "HN-242." He added that he'd successfully treated the blindness in others with surgery, and he could help Cabot, as well. Cabot demanded to know what Finn wanted. "Help us, and we'll help you," Robert responded.

As Anna continued to silently observe, Finn introduced Robert as his "colleague from Australia." Cabot wondered what he had that they wanted. Finn explained that they wanted to learn more about Cabot's research into identical twins. Robert added that they wanted to know the things that Cabot had never intended to make public. Cabot stubbornly asked why he should help them. "If you want your sight back, you'll answer our questions," Anna snapped. "I know that voice," Cabot said.

Willow entered Metro Court, looking for Chase, but she didn't see him. She called and left him a message to let him know what was going on. She walked around more and bumped into Brad and Wiley. Seeing Brad's deer-in-the-headlights look, she assumed that he knew who she was. He nervously babbled on that Willow was Michael's teacher friend, but she inferred that Julian had told Brad that she was Wiley's birth mother.

Brad assured Willow that no one else knew, but she asked if she wanted to be a part of Wiley's life. She knew she couldn't be, but she hoped Wiley would want to know her when he grew up. They agreed that no one else could know who she was. She could tell that Brad and Lucas were "wonderful parents," and all that mattered was Wiley.

At the hospital, Michael took an envelope out of his pocket and pulled a Valentine's Day card out of it. Chase approached and observed that someone had made a card for Michael. He handed the card to Chase, and Chase read, "Thinking of you and our sweet Jonah. Forever, Nelle." Chase offered to call the prison and stop all communication from Nelle, but Michael replied that he'd realized that she could no longer get to him.

Chase asked if Michael was going to keep the card, but Michael cracked that he was only deciding whether to throw it in the paper and plastic bin, or the bin for toxic materials. He tossed the card out, and both realized that they needed to get to Metro Court. Chase hoped that Willow wouldn't cancel on him for being so late. Michael wondered if the two were together, and Chase admitted that he really liked Willow. He gushed on about her, to Michael's disappointment, unnoticed by Chase. "I've got it bad, don't I?" Chase concluded as the two stepped into the elevator. "Sounds like you got it good," Michael replied.

A short while later, Michael entered Metro Court and caught sight of Brad and Wiley. He asked to hold his godson, and he preferred that to the meeting he was about to attend. Chase entered and apologized to Willow for being late, and they walked off to a table. Michael informed Brad that he'd heard from Nelle, and Brad commented that she was trying to hold onto him. Michael continued that she was part of his past, and he vowed to focus on the future.

When Chase and Willow sat, Chase apologized for losing track of time, and she was just glad that he'd shown up. She confided that she'd been worried that she'd scared Chase off by telling him that she'd given up her child. Chase held her hand as Willow told him that she'd thought she owed him the truth. He assured her that nothing she'd said would make him want to stop seeing her. He was glad that she'd trusted him with the truth, because he believed that "trust is everything."

Sam and Jason left his bedroom, both wishing that she didn't have to leave, but she had to meet up with Kristina and Alexis. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Shiloh announced himself. Jason and Sam stayed still and quiet. Jason turned his ringtone down as Shiloh called him. They heard as Shiloh left a message from the other side of the door that Kristina had given him Jason's number. He talked about how Jason's trip to Beechers Corners had been unnecessary, because Jason could just ask Shiloh anything he wanted to know.

When Shiloh was gone, Sam called the situation "creepy," and Jason knew that Shiloh had wanted to send a message that Jason was on his radar. Sam thought that Shiloh wanted to tell Jason not to interfere, since Shiloh thought that he was "pulling" Sam in. Sam realized that Shiloh knew where Jason lived, so they couldn't meet there anymore. Jason revealed that he'd picked the apartment for its many ways in and out of the building. Sam had to go, so he wished her luck and kissed her, and she left.

Kristina sat with Alexis at Metro Court, and Alexis asked about Dawn of Day. Kristina revealed that, since she'd adjusted her perspective, things were "almost perfect." She wanted Alexis to return, as she believed that Alexis had made progress at the seminar. Alexis replied that she would stick to a "traditional path" for her recovery. Kristina relented that she would be happy as long as Alexis found something that worked for her. She added that, if the "traditional path" didn't work, the door of Dawn of Day would always be open to her.

Kristina tried to convince Alexis to attend the Dawn of Day Valentine's Day celebration, but Alexis replied that she would be at home on the couch. Sam arrived and commented that if she was attending, Alexis could, too. A surprised Alexis wondered if Sam was going with Jason, but Sam reluctantly revealed that she and Jason weren't together. She explained that Jason was too set in his ways and didn't want to change, while Sam believed that she still had a lot of "self-discovery" to do. She thought that their lives were going on different paths.

Kristina commended Sam on the "huge step to enlightenment," but Alexis second-guessed it. Sam related that Jason thought it was temporary, which was why she'd decided to go to Dawn of Day that night. She mentioned that Shiloh had wanted her there, and Kristina instantly reminded her that it wasn't a big deal, as he would invite anyone. Alexis mentioned that she was seeing a new therapist but balked at her daughters' questions.

Kristina left to help set up the Dawn of Day house, and when she was gone, Alexis wanted the real story on Sam and Jason's breakup. Sam promised not to ask about Alexis' therapist if Alexis didn't ask about the breakup, and Alexis agreed. She only advised Sam to be careful and to be mindful that Kristina had found peace and new friends. Sam promised that she would never hurt Kristina and that everything she was doing was for Kristina.

Shiloh watched as the Dawn of Day house was decorated for the celebration. Jason entered the house, and Shiloh was surprised that Jason had responded to his message so quickly. Jason said that he'd found Harmony "helpful," and he commented on how even the cops were friends in Beechers Corners. Shiloh responded that they appreciated the positive influence Dawn of Day had had in the community. Jason wondered why Shiloh had left such perfection for Port Charles and suggested that Shiloh wanted to expand his visions to the world. Shiloh laughed that world domination was not in his plans.

Shiloh insisted that he wasn't hiding anything, and he offered to help Jason move past the "obstructions" between him and Sam. Jason accused Shiloh of being interested in Sam, but Shiloh was proud that Sam was taking the "first steps" toward enlightenment. He invited Jason to join them and walk the path to his best life or to continue "walking the same old path your entire life. That path is a dead end." "I'll take my chances," Jason shot back, and he left.

Franco and Elizabeth marry

Franco and Elizabeth marry

Thursday, February 14, 2019

It was Valentine's Day in Port Charles. Carly and Sonny lay in bed after making love. Carly called it a luxury to be lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon. Sonny mentioned the difficult year they'd had and how he couldn't have gotten through it without Carly. He told her he didn't think he'd told her enough how much he appreciated and loved her. He added that he'd made dinner reservations for the best table at Metro Court.

At Jason's apartment, he and Sam shared a kiss. Sam handed him a handmade card from Danny and Scout and admitted that she was sad not to be able to spend the day with him. She was aware that Jason wasn't a fan of Valentine's Day, but she had been looking forward to being with him. She informed him that she still had some time before she had to leave.

Sam and Jason grew affectionate again, but they were interrupted when Spinelli arrived. He asked if he was interrupting something, but Sam took it as her cue to go. Spinelli advised her to be careful because, after some investigation, he thought that Shiloh might be dangerous.

"How dangerous?" Jason asked after Sam had gone. "Murderously so," Spinelli replied. He revealed that he had done further investigating on Shiloh's father and had learned that the man had applied for a patent and had been on his way to another fortune when he had unexpectedly passed away. It seemed that the brakes had failed on the man's new car.

Shortly after, Spinelli announced that he had arranged to fly home to spend Valentine' Day with Ellie, but he promised to check further on Shiloh's father. Jason told him to tell Ellie that "we" said hello, and Spinelli gushed that he liked the sound of that.

At Metro Court, Olivia and Ned sat at a table and toasted Valentine's Day with flutes of Champagne. Ned handed his wife a room key and reminded her of what had happened in the same room in the past. She recalled her drunken night of phone calls to save dogs, but he called it the night he'd fallen in love with her. He added that he was still in love.

Sonny and Carly arrived and sat down at their own table by the bar. Sonny informed the waitress that he'd prearranged an order for some Champagne. He handed Carly an envelope, and she found airplane tickets to the Azores inside. Sonny told her they'd be leaving in three weeks, and he reminded her of their past list of various places they wanted to travel to.

Carly announced that she didn't think she'd be able to go because there had been lots going on. She cited the past year with Mike, and Sonny expressed his gratitude for Carly's suggestions that he spend time with his father. He again declared his love for her.

At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh commended Kristina on the decorations for their event. He wondered when Sam would get there, and he asked that he be told as soon as she arrived. Kristina was surprised to see Valerie, as she'd thought that Valerie had been avoiding her. Valerie admitted that she'd handled their last encounter poorly, and she was sorry. She asked if they could be friends.

Sam arrived, and Valerie noticed a change in Kristina's disposition as Shiloh welcomed Sam to the house. Valerie asked if Kristina was okay, and Kristina went on to talk about the great sessions at the house where no one passed judgment. She had learned that there was no such thing as mistakes, and they were only stepping stones to self-awareness.

Valerie asked to hang out with Kristina again, but Kristina continued to gush about the seminars. Valerie appeared uneasy as Kristina rushed to grab a brochure. When she returned and tried to hand Valerie the brochure, Valerie suddenly said she had to leave. They hugged goodbye.

Shiloh handed Sam one of his books and was surprised to hear Sam say that she had already read it. She thought there had been something missing because it hadn't said anything about Shiloh's family. They sat down in a corner. Sam asked whether Shiloh had ever had someone that he'd wanted to settle down with.

Shiloh admitted that his father's experience had turned him off, and Sam assumed that he was referring to her con of the older man. Shiloh assured her it wasn't the only reason, but he'd had to find peace within himself. He thought Sam should do the same.

Shiloh put his hands on both sides of Sam's face and told her to close her eyes. He spoke softly of past road blocks, an imagined future, and the present. He gently massaged as Sam responded to his questions in an appropriate manner. Kristina looked on unhappily.

Sam opened her eyes and saw Kristina. Awkwardly, she advised Shiloh that she had to leave. She didn't want to step on Kristina's toes, but she promised to return another time. Shiloh glared at Kristina and informed her that Sam had left abruptly. Kristina admitted that she had been bothered seeing Shiloh and her sister together.

Shiloh asked Kristina how far she'd gotten in his courses, and she admitted that she had only done the introductory level. Shiloh laughed and told her that that was the reason she hadn't reached enlightenment yet. Kristina informed him that she couldn't afford more classes, but Shiloh likened it to heart surgery. He was certain that she'd find the money for that if needed.

Sam phoned Jason outside of the DOD house to tell him she was picking up the kids. She shared that things had been creepy and weird in the house, especially with Shiloh getting people to do things for him. She believed that Kristina had feelings for Shiloh. Jason wished Sam a happy Valentine's Day, and she teased him, knowing how much he disliked the day.

Elizabeth surprised Franco with a visit, and she stood outside of his cell. She told him she was ready to get married then. At first, Franco thought she was joking, but when he realized she was serious, he tried to talk her out of it. She revealed that she had recruited someone to perform the ceremony.

Franco was surprised to see Drew, who admitted to getting ordained online. Drew told them he just needed a witness, and Franco called out to the nearby cop, Cliff. He verified that Cliff was supposed to keep an eye on him, and he announced that they had their witness.

Elizabeth stepped out, and Drew showed Franco the rings that Elizabeth had remembered to get that morning. Drew added that the couple meant a lot to him, and he thought of Franco as a brother, although he sometimes thought about choking him. "Treat her right," Drew ordered.

Elizabeth returned, and she and Franco grasped hands through the bars. She declared that Franco had taught her the most important lesson of her life, and that was that love was insane, and the craziness was equal to beautiful. "You freed my soul," Elizabeth said. She was grateful and would love, honor, and cherish Franco 'til death. "Your turn, Franco," Drew said.

"I love you. That's all I got," Franco replied. He clarified that he would love, honor and cherish Elizabeth until death. Drew declared the couple married through the powers of the Internet, and the couple shared their first married kiss.

At the clinic in Sweden, Anna threatened Dr. Cabot. She informed him that he needed to divulge the necessary information in order to have his eyesight restored. She told him she was Alex, who had been out of touch due to a "bounty on my head." She wanted him to tell her about the project they'd been working on in the past.

Cabot realized it was not Alex but "the other one." He pointed out that he knew Alex well and was suspicious about the reason that Anna, Robert, and Finn were really there. Robert identified himself, and Anna again told Cabot that there would be no treatment without the answers they wanted.

Cabot advised Anna that she'd "overplayed" because he was aware that they were conducting an investigation for the WSB. He stated that he could not give any answers until they treated him, but Finn retorted that it was nonnegotiable. Cabot declared that he couldn't betray people who might kill him. "Fine," Anna snapped. Robert agreed to make arrangements.

Cabot admitted that he liked Anna, but she assured him the feeling wasn't mutual. He compared her to Alex and called them oil and water. The description didn't sit well with Anna. Robert returned and announced that they'd all return to Port Charles the following day. Anna thanked him, but Robert told her not to mention it -- and he meant it literally. He complained that he'd broken several protocols. He wheeled Cabot out of the room.

Finn noticed that Anna was quiet, and she admitted that something had bothered her, but she thought it was probably nothing. He wished her a happy Valentine's Day and kissed her.

Olivia and Ned made love in their hotel room. Afterwards, Olivia grabbed the phone in order to request another bottle, but Ned expressed his love. Olivia decided to wait.

Sam surprised Jason when she returned to his place. He asked about the kids, and she told him they had been asleep, so she hadn't disturbed them. They kissed and went to bed together. Sam noticed the pink roses, and Jason admitted he'd bought them. Sam confessed that she was right where she wanted to be, and he divulged that he finally understood Valentine's Day. It was "not taking love for granted."

Carly and Sonny returned home and kissed before going inside. They sat on the sofa, and Carly admitted she'd been thinking about life. She believed that they could handle anything as long as they had each other, and she proceeded to tell Sonny that she was pregnant. Sonny stared at her in silence.

"Kevin" has an unusual gift for Ava

"Kevin" has an unusual gift for Ava

Friday, February 15, 2019

Jordan looked lovingly at the necklace Curtis had just given her, but she hoped he hadn't broken the bank on it. He assured her that "business is booming," and she related that that was what happened with "a city on edge." Curtis wondered if she still felt like Franco was innocent and offered to be her "sounding board." He asked if her plan for outing the real killer was lawful. "Not strictly," she replied with a cringe, but she wanted the real killer to get "overconfident" when Franco took the fall for the murders. Curtis' phone went off, and he had to leave to check on Lulu.

Elizabeth and Franco kissed through the bars of his cell. Cliff cleared his throat, and Drew suggested that they save it for the honeymoon. Franco cracked that he was looking forward to their conjugal visits. Elizabeth and Drew reassured Franco that the police would soon find that he was innocent. Franco didn't want Elizabeth associated with him at all and figured that no one would tell that they were married. "I will," Elizabeth replied, promising that he would never be alone again.

As Elizabeth kissed Franco, Jordan entered and lightly announced, "Sorry, marrying hours are over." Elizabeth promised to see Franco at his arraignment, and she and Drew left. Jordan dismissed Cliff so that she could talk to Franco alone. Franco didn't think it was in his best interest to talk to her, but she told him that she had a wedding gift. She handed him an envelope through the bars, and he looked at the pictures inside. He instantly got upset and demanded to know why she'd shown him the pictures.

Franco continued that he no longer had it in him to kill anyone, and he couldn't understand how someone could do that to "my Kiki." Jordan said that someone without a soul had done it, but she knew that he had one. He swore that he hadn't committed the crimes, and Jordan agreed that he wasn't the kind of killer she was looking for. He urgently questioned when she was going to let him go, but she informed him that he would be staying. She wondered what he'd be willing to do to prove his innocence. "Anything -- whatever it takes," he replied. "Here's what you're gonna do," she started.

At the Floating Rib, Drew and Elizabeth toasted to Elizabeth and Franco, and Drew wished them many happy years together. As she admired her rings, Drew thought it had to take a lot of energy and willpower to stand by Franco. However, she didn't think it was hard, as she trusted him. "Let's go. I've got a battle to plan," she told him.

At the hospital, Laura helped Lulu into her coat as she insisted on Lulu having a guard watch over Lulu's house. Lulu didn't think she needed one because Franco was in custody, but Laura insisted. "Never fear, Spencer's here," Spencer announced as he entered the room. He handed Laura and Lulu each a gift bag as they wondered why he wasn't in school. He insisted that he was on holiday because "the French value leisure."

Spencer wanted to take Laura's mind off of "that scoundrel" Kevin for the holiday. Lulu informed him that "Kevin" had helped her through a tough time, but Spencer shot back that that didn't excuse his treatment of Laura. Curtis arrived, and Laura took the opportunity to take care of something. When she was gone, Spencer wondered how "that election mess" had turned out. Curtis replied that it wasn't a priority, but he promised that Jordan would get to the bottom of it.

An unconscious Sonny and Carly sat tied to each other in the middle of their living room, which was in shambles. Carly woke up, and "Kevin" ripped the tape off of her mouth. She immediately asked about Sonny and demanded that "Kevin" not hurt him. "Kevin" warned her to be nice, or he would make her watch, as Sonny was first "on the chopping block." Ava entered and wondered what was going on. Carly implored her to call the police, and "Kevin" promptly replaced the tape over her mouth.

"Kevin" explained to Ava that it was his gift to her, and he showed her a collection of knives. She ran her hands over the knives and picked one up. "Carly, how about a face-lift?" she asked. "Kevin" wished his "kindred spirit" a happy Valentine's Day, and they shared a kiss. Just then, "Kevin" was snapped out of his daydream when Ava entered his office. She observed that he'd looked "blissful" and wondered what he'd been thinking about. He answered that he was thinking about "making your dreams come true."

"Kevin" wondered what Ava wanted the most for their first Valentine's Day, and he promised to get it for her, no matter the cost. She sadly answered that she wanted to make things right with Kiki, and he vowed to ease her grief. He kissed her passionately, and he swiped the things off of his desk. A short while later, the two finished getting dressed, and he figured he should have "saved it for later." She answered that there were "lots of laters and only one now." They shared a kiss as Laura entered.

When "Kevin" saw Laura, Ava offered to give them a minute. "Kevin" took the opportunity to give Ava another passionate kiss, and she left. "Really?" Laura asked. She thought that he was "so unlike" himself, but he described himself as a new man. She was there to inform him that Lulu was being discharged and to thank him for his help. He hoped that Franco's reckoning was swift so that everyone could move on. "Just like you and I need to," he added.

Laura assured "Kevin" that she'd asked Alexis to rush the paperwork. He related that they should address the prenuptial agreement. He wondered if a confused Laura hadn't talked about it with Alexis, and Laura claimed that she hadn't had time to talk to Alexis recently. As he turned a picture of Ava toward Laura, he told her that he wanted to iron out all the details, as he wanted no uncertainty between them. She thought it was best that they hash things out with their lawyers present, and she left. Outside the office, she left an urgent message for Alexis to call her.

Ava returned and asked "Kevin" if Laura was dragging her feet with the divorce, but he replied that they just needed to sort out the prenuptial agreement. Ava was shocked that Laura hadn't vetoed a prenup. "Kevin" informed Ava that he'd heard of a patient in "dire straits," so he apologized for a "slight delay" in their plans. He kissed her, and she left. "Kevin" called the nurse at Ferncliff and told her that he needed to "drop in on my special patient," and he added that he was on his way. "Kevin" left his office and walked through the hospital to leave, and Laura followed him at a sizable distance.

Curtis entered Lulu's room with her discharge papers and said that she was good to go. Just then, Lulu's phone went off, and she told Curtis and Spencer that Laura had texted her that "something came up."

Carly informed Sonny that she'd taken two pregnancy tests that morning, and they'd both been positive. Sonny had thought that she was on the birth control pill, but she admitted that she'd thought she'd already reached the age where she could no longer get pregnant. She hadn't seen a doctor yet, but she assumed that the baby had been conceived on their New Year's Eve trip to the city. Sonny remembered how Carly's health had been in jeopardy during her pregnancy with Josslyn, and he tearfully said that he didn't want her to die.

Sonny continued by speculating on what would happen with Josslyn and Avery without Carly, but she told him that she needed to talk to a doctor first. She thought that it seemed like he didn't want the baby, but he asked, "Do we really wanna start over again?" She conceded that they knew how Sonny's business had affected their children, but Sonny feared that another child would remind her of Morgan and make the grief return.

Carly replied that, as much as she missed Morgan and as hard as grieving was, she wouldn't give up one moment of having Morgan. She was glad they hadn't known how Morgan's story would end when they'd had him, but she related that they also didn't know how the baby's life would turn out. She stated that she wanted to have the baby. Sonny said that they should see the doctor first and see how big of a risk the pregnancy would be. She agreed, and the two embraced.

At Metro Court, Maxie watched Valentin "romancing" Nina and was disgusted that he had "a deep, dark secret that could break her heart." Peter told her that they needed more facts, but Maxie assumed that the secret was about Sasha. She thought she knew, but she hadn't wanted to say it out loud. She divulged that there was a chance that Sasha wasn't actually Nina's daughter.

Maxie continued that DNA tests could be rigged, and Valentin could have provided Sasha with a DNA sample to give to Curtis. She dreaded the fact that that meant Sasha was in on the secret, which would break Nina's heart "all over again." However, Maxie conceded that she was known to get carried away. Peter told her that they wouldn't know anything for certain. "Unless we run a DNA test of our own, and I know how to make that happen," Maxie plotted.

A few tables away, Valentin suggested that he and Nina start planning their wedding, but Nina was thinking about having a long engagement. He'd gotten the impression that she wanted to get married right away, and she confirmed it, but she wanted people to get used to the idea of them being married again. She admitted that Sasha was being overprotective of her. Valentin assured her that they could take their time and "enjoy the journey," because he just wanted to make her happy.

At the Floating Rib, Liesl sang on stage as Sasha arrived and sat next to Griffin at the bar. When Liesl was done singing, she approached the two and warned Griffin about Sasha, if Sasha was anything like Nina. She told them about her new job at the Invader and related that Sasha might want to know about her family's medical history.

When Liesl was gone, Griffin joked that Sasha probably hadn't counted on having a "crazy aunt." Just then, Sasha's phone went off, and she answered it to Maxie. Maxie wanted to treat Sasha to a "mani-pedi" the next day, and Sasha agreed. When Maxie hung up the phone, she told Peter, "One DNA sample coming up!"

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