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Ava lured Ryan to a secluded cabin. Ryan shared heartbreaking details about Kiki's death. Jordan's health declined. Shiloh learned that Willow had had a baby. Sam moved forward with her plan to join the Trust. Finn proposed to Anna.
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Ava finally had the chance to confront Ryan
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Scott's plan, to force Ava and Kevin apart, blows up in his face Scott's plan, to force Ava and Kevin apart, blows up in his face

Monday, May 20, 2019

Scott wondered what had happened to Lucy, and Kevin assumed that she was onstage at the Nurses Ball. Playing dumb, Ava asked why Lucy would be there, and Scott claimed to have seen Lucy and Kevin sneak off together. Ava informed him that she'd heard the Metro Court staffer direct Kevin to the room to tend to a woman who'd fainted. Kevin said that she'd been wearing a negligee, and Ava thought it was like Lucy had been expecting someone to burst into the room.

Ava demanded that Scott admit he was trying to sabotage the relationship, and he fully admitted to it. She replied that his loyalty and friendship meant a lot to her, but she and Kevin knew what they were doing. Scott shot back that the last time she'd said that, she'd ended up with Ryan. Ava didn't want to miss any more of the ball, so she looped her arm through Kevin's, and they left. Scott slammed the door behind them and banged on it in anger as he lamented Lucy's mistake.

At Sonny and Carly's, Kristina tried to pick a movie to watch, but Josslyn said that Kristina didn't have to babysit her. Kristina replied that Josslyn was doing her a favor by keeping her company so that she didn't feel like such a coward for skipping the Nurses Ball. Kristina suggested a comedy, but they agreed that it wasn't as funny when both of them were miserable.

Kristina expressed her sympathy for Josslyn's loss of Oscar, and Josslyn replied that it helped to know that people cared. Kristina related that she wished she'd realized sooner that people cared, as it would have saved her and her loved ones "lots of trouble." Josslyn scrolled through her phone, looking at pictures from the Nurses Ball, to see if there had been any scandals. Kristina looked over Josslyn's shoulder and couldn't believe that Sam was at the ball with Shiloh.

In a room at Metro Court, Spinelli assured Jason that each of his devices was state-of-the-art. Jason's phone went off, and he learned that Sam was at the ball with Shiloh, so Spinelli remarked that the decoy plan was working. Knowing that the rest of the Dawn of Day members were out feeding the homeless, the two set off for the house. When they arrived, Spinelli was surprised that the door really did stayed unlocked. Spinelli began to set up his equipment, and Jason warned him that it had to be perfect, as Sam was setting up Shiloh that night.

A short while later, Spinelli checked that he was getting signals from all his devices and declared the job done. Just then, Jason got a call from Kristina, who told him that Sam was at the Nurses Ball with Shiloh. He advised her to calm down, and he assured her that Sam could take care of herself. Kristina wanted to get Sam away from him, but Jason urged her to trust that everything would work out.

Later, Jason and Spinelli returned to Spinelli's room, and Spinelli hoped that Shiloh acted "as incriminating as needed." Jason replied that, either way, "it ends tonight."

The General Hospital nurses opened the Nurses Ball by performing "Best of My Love" by the Emotions. When the number ended, they received a standing ovation from the crowd. Lucy walked onstage to welcome the guests and thank the nurses. She reminded the audience that every dime raised went to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Mike and Yvonne entered after the song, and he couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his engagement than being at the Nurses Ball. Across the room, Finn watched Robert talk to Anna as Chase and Willow approached. Seeing the look on Finn's face, he asked Willow for a minute with his brother. Chase advised Finn to propose to Anna without a ring, and he would arrest Robert for stealing the ring as Anna said yes.

Neil sat down with Alexis, and she was surprised that he'd been assigned to her table. She was all right with it, as she thought that he was the only person who would could stop her from "tearing Shiloh's head off." They watched as Sam and Shiloh took a picture together. Jax approached Carly, and she assured him that Josslyn was fine. Cameron walked up and wondered if Josslyn would be attending the ball, but she informed him that Josslyn was staying home.

Felicia wondered who Anna's date was, and Anna insisted that it was Finn. She didn't know what Robert was doing, but she knew that he needed to stop. Mac sat down with Robert and told him that he hadn't expected Robert to show up with Anna and Finn. Robert called it a coincidence, but Mac didn't believe it. Bobbie greeted Mike, and Mike introduced her to Yvonne, who showed off her ring. Across the room, Finn saw the ring on Yvonne's finger and told Chase that he might not have to arrest Robert, after all.

Jax sat down with Alexis, and she introduced him and Neil. She babbled on, trying to explain who Neil was to her, but she finally declared that he was her therapist. Behind them, Finn pulled Sonny out of the ballroom with a "bizarre" request. He explained that Yvonne's ring was actually his, and he needed it back. Inside the ballroom, Anna asked Robert to talk in private, so they left.

Cameron went backstage with his guitar and was surprised to see a llama. He looked around and asked aloud if anyone had lost a llama. He talked soothingly to the llama and said that he was going to grab the rope serving as its leash and find out where he belonged. He slowly grabbed the rope and petted the llama. As the llama looked straight at him, Cameron wondered if the llama also felt out of place. He talked about his friend who'd died, and he thought it was unfair that he got to be alive. He thought that he would make the most of the chances that his friend had never gotten.

Just then, Felix entered and thanked Cameron for finding Budgie, Lucy's llama, as she was frantic. Felix took the rope and walked Budgie out as Cameron told the llama that it had been nice talking to him. In the ballroom, Sam thought it was nice to dress up once in a while, and she commented that Shiloh looked good in a tuxedo. Seeing the interaction, Chase asked how Willow was doing. She replied that the night would be perfect if not for Shiloh.

At their table, Michael told Sasha about his participation in the Magic Milo skit. An amused Sasha wondered if Valentin had ever performed, and he confirmed that Valentin had. Backstage, Anna informed Robert that she was Finn's date. She assured him that she would always love him, but she was in love with Finn. She asked him to stop pursuing her, as what they'd had was in the past.

Peter approached Sam and Shiloh and informed Sam that he was going to move forward with the piece that Molly had pitched to him. A few minutes later, she and Shiloh sat with Peter, Maxie, and Lulu, and Sam introduced Shiloh to them. Sam asked about the piece that Peter had been talking about, and he replied that it was about Dawn of Day. He asked Lulu to mentor Molly, and she agreed. Maxie asked why Sam was with Shiloh, who led a cult.

Scott scolded Lucy for not being in a "compromising position" with Kevin when Scott had taken Ava up to the room. She countered that he was supposed to have gotten Ava up there sooner, as Lucy's first priority was the ball. They agreed that they were still determined to break up Kevin and Ava. Kevin and Ava took their seats and figured that they should have expected Scott and Lucy's antics. Ava thought that they might have if their relationship were a real one.

Chase had to get ready for his act, but he advised Willow not to let Shiloh or Nina get to her. Overhearing, Sasha wondered what Chase had meant, and Willow disclosed that Nina had been one of the reasons that she'd been fired from Port Charles Elementary. Michael assured Willow that there were plenty of private schools in town, and he could help with references. Sasha gushed about how "decent" Michael was. Watching the interaction, Nina was pleased with how well Sasha and Michael had been getting along. Nina hoped that Michael could convince Sasha to stay in town.

Mike introduced Epiphany and Yvonne, and Epiphany admired the ring. When she was gone, Sonny pulled Mike aside and told him that the ring was a fake. Mike was distressed about taking the ring away from Yvonne, but Finn showed Mike the ring that Robert had gotten, and Mike happily accepted it as a replacement.

A few minutes later, Lucy welcomed the next performer, Chase, to the stage. He sang "Something Just Like This" by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers. At the end of the song, he pulled Willow up onstage, and she happily danced with him. Backstage, Finn found Robert. He said that, despite Robert's best efforts to sabotage Finn, Finn was still going to propose to Anna. He showed Robert the real ring, and Robert asked for the other one back. Finn replied that he knew exactly where it was, and it had gone to "a good cause."

Yvonne liked her new ring better than the other one, and Mike was happy. Sonny informed them that Max was there to take them back to Turning Woods, and Carly walked out with Yvonne. Mike remembered the number that he and Sonny had performed the year before. The two embraced, and Sonny walked Mike out.

Lucy bumped into Cameron and asked if he'd talked to Josslyn. He knew that she wasn't performing, but he assured Lucy that he was "good to go." She was ecstatic, and, before she rushed off, she thanked him for finding Budgie. Chase and Willow returned to the ballroom to thunderous applause. She warned him to watch out for groupies. He assured her that, out of all the "fangirls," there was only one woman for him, and he kissed her.

Jax asked Carly how Josslyn was doing, and she replied that Josslyn had seen them on the red carpet. They agreed that they had a brave daughter, and Jax thought they should honor her courage by only checking up on her every half hour. Sam and Shiloh exited the ballroom, as Shiloh had needed a break from Maxie. Sam apologized on Maxie's behalf, but Shiloh knew that Sam couldn't control her friends. "Get the hell away from her!" Kristina screamed at Shiloh.

Onstage, Lucy began to talk about Robin, who was an "integral" part of the Nurses Ball. As she talked about Robin, Robert excused himself from his backstage conversation with Finn as Anna was about to speak. He walked out as Lucy announced Anna. Anna talked about Robin's experiences with HIV, including the loss of Stone.

Robert and Finn appeared offstage as Anna spoke about the true meaning behind the ball being hope. Robert muttered to Finn that Anna was an incredible woman and that Finn better make her happy. Robert knocked into Finn's hand, causing the ring to fly onto the stage and land at Anna's feet.

Cameron entered Sonny and Carly's house, and he told Josslyn that he had an Uber outside that was willing to wait for her to change. Josslyn didn't want to go to the ball because she couldn't sing her song without Oscar. Cameron revealed that he had a message for Josslyn from Oscar.

Anna accepts Finn's marriage proposal Anna accepts Finn's marriage proposal

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cameron visited Josslyn and home, and he informed her that he'd helped Oscar to record a message prior to Oscar's death. He added that the disc was the only copy around. As he turned to head back to the Nurses Ball, Josslyn asked him to stay to watch it with her. Cameron reminded her that he had seen it because he'd been the one to record it, and he was certain that Oscar had meant for Josslyn to watch it alone.

After Cameron had gone, Josslyn sat down to watch the recording. Oscar talked about how grateful he'd been for his time with Josslyn. He wanted her to live life to the fullest, and he wanted her to sing their song at the Nurses Ball for both of them.

Shortly after, Josslyn descended the stairs in her gown and looked at herself in the mirror. "Okay, Oscar. I'm doing this for you," she said. She headed out the door.

In Canada, Curtis and Laura lay unconscious on the ground amidst the smoldering ruins and small fire that had been April's house. Curtis slowly awakened and tried to rouse Laura. There were sirens in the distance.

At the Nurses Ball, Finn looked on in horror as the engagement ring, which he'd been holding until Robert had knocked into his arm, flew across the stage and stopped at Anna's feet. Robert urged him to retrieve it, and Finn wandered onto the stage. Everyone looked on with their mouths open wide as Finn dropped to one knee. "Anna Devane, will you marry me?" he asked.

Anna stammered that she didn't know, and Finn awkwardly replied that he was an idiot and got up to leave. Anna stopped him and tearfully accepted the proposal. Finn asked her to say it louder for the benefit of the audience, and she spoke into the microphone. Applause erupted as Finn slid the ring onto her finger, and they shared a kiss.

Out in the lobby, Kristina approached Sam and Shiloh and stated that she had to speak to her sister. Shiloh was against it, but Kristina urged Sam to walk away from Shiloh before she got hurt. Shiloh insisted that he wouldn't hurt Sam, but Kristina continued to talk to Sam. She stated that Dawn of Day was a cult, and Shiloh was more than a liar. Inside the event, Sonny, Alexis, and Neil were concerned that they were unable to reach Kristina on the phone at home.

Shiloh lectured Kristina and stated that there was no enlightenment without trust. He reminded her that she had been better off at DOD, and he told her that she should return. He held out his hand to her as Sonny suddenly appeared. "Stay away from my daughter," Sonny growled.

Sonny urged Kristina to go with Alexis, who had followed behind with Neil. Shiloh called out that he didn't think Kristina should allow her father to control her forever, and he added that his door would always be open to her. "Your door is about to close permanently," Sonny threatened. "You messed with the wrong daughter. You messed with the wrong family. It's gonna cost you everything," Sonny declared.

Alexis told Kristina that they needed to go home. Shiloh and Sonny glared at each other while Sam remained silent. Sonny smiled. Neil and Alexis walked out with Kristina, and Alexis asked Kristina why she'd felt it necessary to attend the ball to tell Shiloh off. Kristina stated that she'd seen the red carpet photos of Sam and Shiloh together and had been upset about Sam. She complained that no one had been helping Sam.

Kevin attempted to call Laura but was unsuccessful. He was worried that she and Curtis had found Ryan, but Ava convinced him that they had to stick to their plan. Kevin conceded that he would do so only because there was no alternative.

Robert proposed a toast to the newly engaged couple Anna and Finn, as Felicia and Mac joined him. Brad and Lucas arrived and recalled their own wedding proposal the previous year. Lucas accused Brad of talking to everyone else except him recently, and he wanted to know what was going on. Chase hugged and congratulated both Anna and Finn and welcomed Anna to the family.

Peter also congratulated Anna, and she was pleased. Elizabeth told Franco how happy she was for the couple but he seemed to be preoccupied. He told Elizabeth he'd received a text from Lucy and had to go backstage to check something for her. Finn commended Anna on her speech, and she suggested they leave early. She grabbed her purse, and they ran out.

Cameron returned from visiting Josslyn and sat with Elizabeth. He told her he'd had to take care of something for a friend. Just then, Lucy announced the next performer, Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Liesl sang the song, "Guilty" as Nina hid her face. Suddenly, a surprise performer joined in for a duet. Elizabeth was shocked to see Franco up on the stage. After the performance, Elizabeth rushed to Franco. She told him how surprised she'd been. Cameron looked around as he waited for Josslyn to arrive.

Lucy plopped herself down at a table next to Felicia, who expressed her happiness for Finn and Anna. Lucy was still angry about Kevin and Ava being together, and she mentioned that she thought something "fishy" was going on. She asked what Felicia knew about it, but Felicia gulped her drink quickly.

Shiloh and Sam joined Brad and Lucas. Shiloh suggested that Lucas take some classes, and he told Brad that there were new ones. Brad remained silent as Sam giggled. Sasha, Michael, and Willow chatted, but Willow kept her eyes on Shiloh until her phone rang. It was a call from Diane, and she rushed off to take it. She bumped into Nina in her rush, and Nina's drink splashed up and all over both of them.

Nina rudely advised Willow to watch where she was going. Willow replied that the one good thing about losing her job was that she no longer had to take Nina's crap. She stormed off as Shiloh watched her. Willow took the call, but Nina eavesdropped. "You had a child?" Nina gasped after Willow ended the call.

Lucas told Brad that he hadn't recalled that Brad would be taking more classes. Brad jumped up to refill their glasses, and Lucas declared that he wanted to talk to Shiloh and Sam. Shiloh announced that he had something to tend to, and he got up. Lucas asked Sam about DOD, and he noted that it seemed to be intense.

Willow accused Nina of eavesdropping and stated that it was no wonder Charlotte was the way she was, with Nina around. Nina accused Willow of not being able to take care of her own child, and it was no wonder she couldn't handle a classroom. Nina walked off after wishing Willow a good life. Willow turned around and found Shiloh standing nearby and watching her intently. He was not smiling.

Backstage, Cameron practiced his guitar. Elizabeth and Franco found him, and he admitted that he wasn't nervous but was thinking about the people who were not present. Out in the audience, Carly was surprised when Josslyn walked in and sat down. Jax was happy to see her. Josslyn revealed that she had received a message from Oscar, and after seeing the uncomfortable expressions on her parents' faces, she explained. Josslyn added that she wasn't certain she was ready, but she was there.

Lucy introduced Cameron, who sang a song and played his guitar. As he sang, photos flashed on the walls behind him. There were photos of his family along with some that included Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina. When he was through, Josslyn hugged him and told him he'd been amazing. She was surprised to hear that Cameron had written the song. She thanked him for being a good friend.

Alexis informed Sonny that Kristina refused to leave because she wanted to talk to Sam. Neil didn't think that was a good idea because Kristina was still in recovery. Sonny agreed to keep an eye on Shiloh.

In Canada, paramedics tended to Curtis and Laura. Curtis wanted to see a cop, but the paramedic assured him that he'd passed on the information about Ryan. Laura wanted both the New York and Port Charles authorities notified, as well. Laura identified herself as the mayor of Port Charles, and she requested a helicopter at her disposal right away. Curtis wanted a phone.

After speaking to local authorities, Curtis updated Laura. She tried to call Kevin but had to settle for leaving him a voicemail. Chase had been informed of the latest.

Finn popped a cork on a bottle of sparkling cider in a room at Metro Court. "To our life together," he toasted Anna. Finn laughed after taking a sip, and the couple sat on the bed. Anna asked why the ring Finn had given her had been so special, and he explained about the rare Monaco blue sapphire. He recalled how Anna had blackmailed him into helping her, and it had changed his life.

Finn admitted that he'd wanted the perfect moment to propose, and the way it had happened had not been it. He and Anna kissed and fell down onto the bed.

At the Nurses Ball, Lucy stopped to chat with Kevin. She informed him that two dozen red roses had been delivered, and he was needed to sign for them. Kevin explained that he'd wanted to pay a tribute to Ava, who would be performing. Lucy huffed that the only flower Ava deserved was poison ivy.

Sonny returned to the table with Carly, Jax, Josslyn, and Cameron. Carly announced that Jax would be sitting with them, and Sonny didn't mind. He hugged Josslyn. He confessed that Alexis was okay and had had to leave because of a problem.

Lucy took to the stage again. She announced that donations had been "rolling in," and she praised Cameron's performance. Ava was next and performed "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Lucy cringed. As Ava sang, Kevin lay unconscious on the floor backstage. A gloved hand picked up one of the roses.

Ryan arrives in Port Charles Ryan arrives in Port Charles

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"That was quite the number," Scott commented to Ava. She replied that the audience seemed to like it, but Lucy chimed in that the Nurses Ball audiences were the "kindest in the world" and would clap for anything. Ava reminded Lucy that everyone there was trying to serve the greater good, and Ava walked away. Backstage, Ryan gushed that it had seemed like his "darling Ava" had been singing just for him. He stepped around Kevin, who was sprawled on the floor.

Cameron explained to Sonny, Carly, and Jax about the message he'd given Josslyn from Oscar. Minutes later, Jax found Josslyn to get her back to the table. A few tables over, Michael talked about how he could coexist with Ava, but he wouldn't clap for her performance. Nina returned to the table and downed a drink. She told Michael that "your friend has a mouth on her."

Michael remarked that Willow wasn't teaching at Port Charles Elementary the next year because of Nina, but Nina placed all the blame on Willow. She continued that Willow didn't think that Nina and Valentin were good parents, which she thought was "rich when she gave up her own chance at motherhood." Nina clarified that Willow had apparently given up her baby, and Michael excused himself from the table.

Chase gathered Mac, Felicia, and Ava and updated them on what had happened to Laura and Curtis. He added that Ryan had had a "big head start," and he could be anywhere. "We all know where he's going," Ava commented. Across the room, Lucas asked Sam what was wrong, and she replied that she was looking for her "plus-one." He wondered how Shiloh's teachings were working for her, and she answered that she was learning a lot.

Brad returned as Lucas told Sam that Dawn of Day had seemingly made Brad a much less anxious parent. Sam assured the two that anxiety was a normal part of being a parent and that they were doing fine. She didn't think that they needed anyone to tell them how to parent, especially if the "teacher" hadn't had a child.

Out in the hall, Willow blew past Shiloh as he referenced what he'd overheard Nina say. He grabbed her arm and demanded to know what Nina had been talking about. He accused her of running away and hiding their baby, and he screamed in her face, asking if she'd been pregnant when she'd left. She finally hysterically confirmed his accusations. She spat that their child was beyond his reach, and he hit the wall in anger, leaving a dent. He seized her face and demanded to know where their child was, but Michael grabbed Shiloh and threw him to the floor. "You want Willow? Come through me," Michael shouted as he took his jacket off.

Michael made sure that Willow was all right, and he turned on Shiloh to say that Shiloh had "pushed my family too far." He suggested that Shiloh leave Port Charles and never look back, but Shiloh refused to go anywhere. "It turns out I'm a father," Shiloh stated. He promised to see Willow "soon" and walked away. Michael pulled her into his arms as she began to sob. He wondered if Shiloh had hurt her, and he offered to find Chase. He proposed that they return to the ballroom for some water and a breather, and she could tell him everything. She agreed, and they walked away.

Lucy appeared onstage and announced the next act, Ned and Olivia. The duo sang "Get Closer" by Seals & Crofts and shared a kiss at the end of the song to thunderous applause. When the song was over, Valentin urged Nina not to let Willow ruin the night. Sasha excitedly suggested that she and Nina perform together at the next ball. Nina loved the idea and apologized for her sour mood. Valentin had an idea to salvage the evening and walked away.

Lucy was glad to see Josslyn, but Josslyn reminded Lucy that she'd already backed out of singing. Lucy assured her not to worry and walked off. Josslyn excused herself from the table. Cameron and Carly got up to follow her, but Jax figured that Josslyn needed some alone time. Carly clarified that she wanted to "have a word" with Lucy, but Jax knew that would embarrass Josslyn, so Carly sat down. Cameron regretted showing Oscar's video to Josslyn, as it had put pressure on her. Sonny assured Cameron that he'd done the right thing, as it was what Oscar had wanted.

Ava approached Chase and Valerie and wondered what happened next. Chase assured her that the police were doing all they could, and Valerie added that they wanted to get Ava some police protection. Chase asked if Ava had somewhere safe to go after the ball, and she replied that she did. A few minutes later, Scott observed that Kevin had disappeared, and he thought that she deserved better. She walked away from him and made a call. She identified herself as the owner of "the Cedar mountain property," and she asked that the caretaker open the house up. She offered to "pay generously," as she be would there soon.

Josslyn sat alone, holding the lyrics of her and Oscar's song, and she thought about Oscar's video. "I'm sorry, Oscar. I can't," she said. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Sonny. She wondered if he was disappointed in her for not singing. He replied that he could never be disappointed in her, and he thought that Oscar wouldn't be, either, as Oscar would only want her to be happy. He promised her that Oscar would always be there when she needed him, just as Stone was always there for Sonny, and the two embraced.

Lucy returned to the stage and announced the next performer as Valentin. Valentin took a seat at the piano and accompanied himself to "Nothing Without You" by Vienna Teng, garnering a nice ovation when it was over. Backstage, Scott needed to talk to Kevin, but "Kevin" replied that he was in a hurry. Scott grabbed his hand to stop him, but the hand came off completely. "Ryan!" Scott realized. Ryan picked up a wrench and hit Scott over the head, knocking him unconscious. As he was about to hit Scott again, he heard Lucy and Epiphany talking about being one number short for the show.

A clearly agitated Shiloh returned to his table and informed Sam that he'd just learned that "someone betrayed me in the worst way possible." He confided that he had a child that the mother had never told him about. He glared as Michael and Willow returned to the ballroom, and Sam, Lucas, and Brad all noticed. Shiloh vowed to find the child he knew was out there.

Jax found Josslyn, who felt like she was letting everyone down. Jax told her that the only opinion that should matter to her was hers. He urged her to follow her heart so that she would know what to do. "What if the right thing is really, really hard?" she asked. Jax promised to be in her corner, no matter what, and he thought that Oscar would be, too. Jax returned to his table, and Cameron asked where Josslyn was. Jax replied that she had something to take care of.

Mac asked Lulu when the last time was that she'd talked to Laura, and he suggested that she sit down. Ava walked by, looking around the room, as Ryan watched her from behind a curtain. In the lobby, Chase told Valerie that things would get "dicey" once people started leaving the ball. She didn't like that all of Ryan's "targets" were in one place. Sam chased after Shiloh through the lobby. Valerie wondered what it was about, but Chase didn't care as long as "that sleaze" was away from Willow.

Olivia told Chase that her guests were getting nervous, and she wondered why there was a police presence at the hotel. He divulged that Ryan was alive and "presumably" on his way back to town. Sam sat Shiloh down and calmed him with his own breathing techniques. She was worried about him and didn't want him to go through things alone. He appreciated her and told her that he needed her and her strength with him. He begged to complete her initiation that night, and she replied, "Let's do it."

Nina and Sasha watched Michael and Willow interacting, as did Lucas and Brad. Lucas revealed that he had a "terrible thought" about Willow and Shiloh. He was interrupted by Lucy taking the stage and announcing the next performer: Josslyn. As Josslyn sang "A List of Things to Do," her and Oscar's song, she saw Oscar smiling at the back of the ballroom. As she sang the line "It's never goodbye" at the end of the song, he disappeared, and she looked all around for him. After the ovation, Jax, Michael, Cameron, Carly, and Sonny congratulated her. "You were right. He was there when I needed him," she told Sonny.

Lucy returned to the stage and talked about how honored she was to be a part of the Nurses Ball every year. She thanked the performers, the crew, "Donna and Dale," and the audience for their attendance and donations. She knew that they would soon beat HIV and AIDS. Over the applause, Mac yelled out a thank-you to Lucy.

Continuing the conversation as they left, Lucas talked through Willow and Shiloh's situation with Brad. Brad kept trying to distract Lucas, but Lucas believed that Willow and Shiloh were Wiley's birth parents.

Backstage, Epiphany stumbled upon Scott and helped him up, believing him to be drunk. She offered to call him a car and walked him out past the wrench sitting on the table. As Epiphany entered the lobby with Scott, Chase told Valerie that he was putting out an APB on Ava, who had disappeared. Epiphany explained that Scott had had too many drinks, but Scott denied that that had happened. He revealed that he'd been "clubbed by Ryan."

In the nearly empty ballroom, Mac told Felicia that he wanted to talk to Chase about getting some police protection for Felicia until Ryan was caught. Lucy called out for her crew guys to begin breaking down the ballroom. The curtain opened, and Lucy, Mac, Felicia, Michael, and Willow were horrified to see Kevin hanging from the ceiling by a straightjacket.

Ava entered her "Cedar Mountain" house and looked around outside. She locked the doors and opened a metal case on the coffee table. "Come and get me, Ryan," she muttered. Her phone went off, but she rejected the call. She hid the metal case and made a drink. As she took a sip, she unlocked the door and walked away. Outside, Ryan looked into the house.

Ryan finds Ava at her retreat Ryan finds Ava at her retreat

Thursday, May 23, 2019

At General Hospital, T.J. sat by Jordan's bedside until she awakened. He informed her that an infection on top of her dialysis had knocked her out, but she was doing better. She asked about Curtis, and as a nurse tended to her, T.J. received a text message from Curtis via Michael's phone. T.J. related that Curtis was back in town and would be there shortly. Jordan demanded that T.J. get more information on the search for Ryan.

In the ballroom at Metro Court, Lucy, Mac, and Felicia tended to an unconscious Kevin while Michael called for paramedics. Laura and Curtis rushed in, and Laura went straight to Kevin's side. Lucy explained what had happened to Kevin, and Laura announced that it was Ryan's work. Kevin slowly woke up, and he was happy to see Laura. He realized that Ryan was back in town.

Chase and Curtis discussed what had happened in Canada, and Michael offered to take Willow home. He added that Shiloh had to be taken care of. Chase asked Willow what was wrong, and she told him that Shiloh had learned about the baby because of her argument with Nina. Michael assured Chase that he would look after Willow, although she declined help. She finally gave in when both Michael and Chase were adamant that she not go home alone.

Kevin was in a panic when he noticed that Ava wasn't present. The paramedics arrived and suggested that Kevin go to the hospital, but he was more concerned about Ava. Kevin heard the details of how he'd been found hanging. Margaux arrived and asked what was being done to catch Ryan.

"Damage control?" Laura asked. She proceeded to tell Margaux off and added that a woman was dead because of Margaux. Laura reminded Margaux that she had been the one to call off the search for Ryan. Margaux claimed it had been an "educated decision," especially because the Canadian authorities had called off the search first. Laura called the decision arrogant. Margaux wanted statements from all of those present.

Chase announced that Ava could not be located, and Mac declared that the plan to lure Ryan back to town had backfired. Lucy laughed when she heard the plan's details and stated that she had known that Kevin could never fall for the "sleazy tramp." Margaux dismissed Lucy after she heard that Lucy hadn't been a part of the plan. Before she departed, Lucy accused Margaux of "botching" the case.

Felicia admitted the plan had been her idea, and Kevin confessed that the group had gone on the offensive. Margaux was annoyed that the group had taken the law into their own hands, but Laura insisted that someone had had to do it. After Kevin, Laura, Mac, and Felicia explained it all, Margaux pulled Chase aside. She told him she wanted the job done and to use full lethal force if anyone appeared to be in danger. She would take responsibility.

Chase put in a call for a search for Ava. Laura was worried about Kevin's condition, but he was worried about her, too. He agreed to go to a hospital with Laura once things were situated. He was afraid that Ava had purposely lost contact in her pursuit of justice. Chase warned everyone to keep away from Ryan and revealed that the manhunt had escalated. The police force would take any action necessary to stop him.

In the Metro Court lobby, Lucas told Brad that he'd suddenly realized that Wiley was Willow's baby. Brad wanted to go home to talk about it, and he reminded Lucas that Wiley was legally their son. Lucas recalled Willow being in a panic over Wiley attending Dawn of Day activities with Brad, and he grew upset as he pointed out that Wiley had been kept from his father, and he and Brad could lose him.

Brad thought he should call Alexis from home to hear about their options, but he and Lucas ran into Willow and Michael. Lucas told her off, but Michael was confused and interrupted. He couldn't believe that his godson was Willow's child, and he wondered why she hadn't told him. Willow said it was because of Shiloh, but Brad was quick to defend Shiloh. He and Willow argued.

Lucas clarified that Willow had given up Wiley because of Shiloh but that Shiloh had suddenly learned about the baby. Willow went on to explain that she had moved to town and started a new life. She hadn't known that DOD was a presence. She added that Shiloh always seemed to get away with breaking rules. She had wanted to leave town until she'd learned that Brad had wanted to take Wiley to the DOD house.

Brad refused to accept the fact that Shiloh was evil and continued to defend him. Michael listed Shiloh's crimes to date that included extortion, drugging, blackmail, and sexual coercion. Brad still refused to listen, and Michael informed Brad that he had first-hand knowledge of such crimes. He was certain that Shiloh would attempt to take Wiley, and they had to protect him.

Sam and Shiloh arrived at the DOD house, and Sam announced that she was ready for the initiation into the Trust. Shiloh declared that he was ready to seal the bond with Sam. Jason and Sonny sat outside in a car, listening to the conversation. Shiloh was still worked up over discovering that Willow had had his baby, and Sam tried to calm him down. Shiloh was distraught over the loss of being able to accomplish great things with Willow.

"Don't let her ruin this night for us," Sonny and Jason heard Sam say. "Take back what's yours," Sam added. Shiloh agreed it was time for the initiation. He told Sam about the drug, but Sam insisted she didn't want it. Shiloh handed her the cup. In the car, Jason realized that Sam would drink it.

As Sam lay semi-conscious from the drug, Shiloh worked on the tattoo. He called her his most prized student, and he thought it only fair that his hands touch her. He explained that normally, Harmony was the one to complete the tattoos. Once he finished, he announced that it was time for him to show her a new dawn. At that point, Sonny and Jason dashed out of the car to rescue Sam.

At the front door, Sonny and Jason encountered a couple of bodyguards. They began to fight, but Sonny sent Jason on his way to Sam while he dealt with the men. Jason got to the attic with his gun drawn, but it was empty. He picked up the empty cup. Sonny arrived, and Jason thought he knew where Shiloh and Sam had gone.

Shortly after, Margaux found Sonny in the attic after he had summoned her. She made it known that she was busy with a case, and Sonny explained that the bodyguards downstairs were taking a nap. He asked her where Shiloh might be.

Shiloh carried Sam to another room and laid her down on top of a table covered with papers. He informed her that it was a special place. Groggily, Sam attempted to get up, but Shiloh stopped her. He declared that it was the final moment, and she would be his.

At "Cedar Mountain," Ryan peered through the window at Ava. She was aware that someone was there. "Kevin, is that you?" she called out. Ava was happy to see that Kevin was safe because she'd been afraid she would lose him with Ryan back in town. "Would you have been lost without me, my love?" Ryan asked. "Of course," Ava answered.

Ryan held up a large knife and talked about missing Ava, who realized it was Ryan. She declared that she had been waiting for that moment and walked toward him. Ryan backed away. "Not so fast, my darling," he warned. Ava laughed awkwardly. She stated that she had missed Ryan, and she wanted him to put the knife down.

Ryan asked why. Ava replied that she wanted him to hold her and kiss her. Ryan asked if he should do it just like his brother had. He revealed that he had seen photos of the couple on social media, and it had made him sick. He wondered how Ava could have been happy with someone who couldn't challenge her. Ava suspected he was jealous, but she urged him to look into her eyes so he could see who she really wanted. She added that Kevin had been a poor substitute.

Ryan thought it would be "a hell of a show" if it turned out she had been lying. He demanded that she show how truthful she'd been by talking about Kiki and the fact that he had been the one to kill her. "How's that make you feel?" Ryan asked. He assumed that Ava really hated him after he'd taken her to bed and used her for an alibi.

Ava maintained that she had loved Kiki and had grieved, and she had realized why he had murdered her daughter. She believed he had wanted to stop her pain after hearing her complain about Kiki all the time. She declared that Ryan had actually freed her, and she loved him the most. She hoped he felt the same. Ryan said that no one would ever love Ava as much as he did. "I don't think they will," she replied.

Ryan confessed that he'd seen Ava's performance at the Nurses Ball, and it had been magnificent. Ava had known he'd be back because she had figured out that was why he had jumped off the bridge and had tried to take her with him. She wondered how he'd found her. Ryan stated that he would always find her, and Ava sked if that was a promise or a threat. He said both.

Ava reminded Ryan that they had once planned to travel the world, and she still wanted to do that. He was curious about her desire to suddenly leave Avery, and Ava confessed that while she loved her daughter, she knew that, one day, Avery would disappoint her, and the love would end. She thought the only permanent love she'd have would be with Ryan, and he was her gift. She wondered if he could give her what she needed.

Ryan admitted that he had always wanted to fulfill Ava's dreams, and she was happy they could be together. She declared that she was upset about the knife he held, and he replied that it was a "force of habit." He laid it on the table. Ava thought it was the start of their happily ever after. She turned her back and pulled a gun from under her jacket. She noted that neither of them was afraid to see the other one die.

Once again, T.J. sat by Jordan's bedside as she slept. Curtis arrived, and T.J. informed him that Jordan's stress levels had been up. Curtis blamed himself. Jordan awakened and began to ask about Ryan. Curtis indicated that he had found Ryan, and Chase had the local force on it. Jordan was beside herself to learn that Ryan had returned, and suddenly, her monitors began to go off. T.J. stated that she was in V-tach.

Curtis and T.J. stood in the hallway as the staff tended to Jordan. Curtis felt responsible but the men agreed that Jordan always made her own choices, and no one could tell her what to do. Curtis was certain she'd get through it, but the men were curious when Monica arrived to see Jordan.

Monica emerged from Jordan's room shortly after, and she announced that Jordan was stable. She added that cardiac arrest was common if there was an underlying condition. Jordan had arrhythmia, and it had been worsened because of the dialysis. She was at the top of the transplant list. Curtis asked about Kevin, who had agreed to a transplant. Monica informed Curtis that Kevin had his own medical condition and was no longer a candidate.

Later, T.J. was uncertain of how to tell Jordan that her time could be short. Curtis didn't believe that Jordan would die, and he realized that Ryan could be a match. He needed to find Ryan. He kissed Jordan on the forehead and left.

Jason rescues Sam Jason rescues Sam

Friday, May 24, 2019

At the Dawn of Day house, Sonny hoped that Shiloh's guards had taken themselves out of town. Margaux wondered if he'd threatened them, but Sonny replied that they'd been gone when he'd returned downstairs. He demanded to know where Shiloh was hiding, and she answered that, even if she knew, she wouldn't tell him. He advised her that she was protecting a con man, and he'd thought that she was smarter than that. Margaux informed him that Dawn of Day had given her the peace she'd needed, but Sonny spat that Shiloh just wanted the district attorney in his back pocket.

Sonny told Margaux about what happened when Shiloh invited someone to join his inner circle, from the pledge to the sexual assault. Margaux argued that Shiloh would never do that. Sonny informed her that he was trying to look out for her. He advised her to face the truth and save herself, and he left.

At the tower, Shiloh told a semi-conscious Sam that they would see the dawn together, and he kissed her. "No, no, no," she repeated, but as he undressed, he said that they were destined to be together. Suddenly, Jason grabbed Shiloh and slammed him against the wall, punching him in the face. After slamming him in the wall a couple more times, Jason threw Shiloh down the spiral staircase, and Shiloh landed unconscious at the bottom. Jason picked up a sobbing Sam and assured her that she was safe.

Later, Sam awoke in the hospital with Jason at her side, and she asked him what had happened. Jason updated her on his night, from getting past the guards at the Dawn of Day house to getting her to the hospital. She vaguely remembered all that Shiloh had done to her and related that she could see him when she closed her eyes. She wondered if Shiloh was dead. "With any luck," Jason replied.

A few minutes later, Jason sat with Sonny outside Sam's room and updated him on Sam's condition. Sonny assured Jason that he'd pulled all of the surveillance equipment out of the Dawn of Day house. He related that they had leverage on Shiloh, but Jason wasn't sure if it had been worth it.

Asleep in her room, Sam dreamed about what Shiloh had done to her in the tower. When she snapped awake, Jason was there, and she made sure that things with Shiloh were "really over." He hugged her and promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

On his way out of the hospital, Sonny looked into a sleeping Shiloh's room and decided to enter. He flicked Shiloh on the cheek, and Shiloh awoke. He reminded Shiloh of his philosophy of "family first, always, at any cost." He told Shiloh that he would pay the price after messing with Sonny's family. "Your trip down the stairs was just the start," he said. He warned that "terrible things" would start happening to Shiloh unless he handed over Kristina's pledge. "Think it over," Sonny said, leaning in close. He informed Shiloh that someone would be there in the morning to discuss the details. He scowled at Shiloh and left.

On the phone with Lulu at the hospital, Laura warned Lulu that Ryan was back in town, and she urged her daughter to be careful. Curtis entered and asked Laura where Chase was. She answered that he was heading up the manhunt for Ryan, who the cops had been instructed to "shoot on sight." Curtis explained to Laura about Jordan's health crisis and begged her to call off the shoot to kill order, as Ryan was a match for Jordan. Laura agreed and gave Curtis a comforting hug.

Lucy entered, and Laura wondered how things were at Metro Court. Lucy replied that things were still crazy, and everyone was still looking for Ava, who'd probably fled. "I hope not, for Jordan's sake," Curtis commented, and he updated Lucy. She wished there was something she could do and suddenly remembered Ava's recent purchase of a cabin in the mountains. She told Laura and Curtis where it was, and Laura wanted to let the cops know. Curtis begged Laura for a twenty-minute head start, and he left.

Lulu entered the police station as Chase put in a call to Julian to ask where Ava was. Julian had no idea, and Chase asked Julian to call if he heard from her. When Chase was off the phone, Lulu questioned if there were any leads, and Chase named all the ways that the police were looking for Ava and Ryan. Lulu thought that they should let the public know about Ryan's reappearance, but Chase thought there were more cons than pros to doing that. Just then, Chase got a call from Laura informing him of Ava's location, and she added that she needed Ryan alive.

There was a knock on Kim's door, and Julian answered it to a frantic Brad, who needed to talk to Julian. He told Julian about what had happened at the Nurses Ball regarding Willow, Shiloh, and Wiley. Brad suggested telling Shiloh, as he was reasonable, and hoping that he would back off. Julian angrily instructed Brad to keep his mouth shut, especially around Shiloh, who Julian considered "poison." Julian assured Brad that they would revisit the situation when they were both thinking clearly, but Brad thought they were running out of time. Julian advised Brad to go home, and Julian would take care of things "one way or another." He vowed to not let anyone take Wiley or Lucas away from Brad, especially Shiloh.

Ava aimed her gun at Ryan, who believed that she loved him too much to shoot him. She shot the gun into the wall and called it a warning shot. She wasn't ready for him to die yet, as she wanted him to feel some of the same terror his victims had felt, and she wanted his death to be slow and painful. She shot the wall again and again, informing him that she did have an "excellent shot." She wondered if he was scared and desperate for a way out. She wanted him to tell her about Kiki's last moments, but he didn't think she should hear it. She threatened to shoot off his remaining hand, so he obliged.

Ryan explained that he'd tried to make Kiki's death as quick, merciful, and painless as possible. He'd wanted to "take out" Griffin, as well, but he and Ava had been happy at that point, and he hadn't deemed it necessary. "That's not what I asked," Ava stated sternly. Ryan continued that Kiki had tried to get away, and she'd cried when he'd cornered her. She'd cried out for Ava, and her last words had been to "Tell my mother I'm sorry. Tell my mother I love her."

A distraught Ava revealed that she'd put a lot of thought into how to kill Ryan, and she figured that two shots to the stomach and one to the leg was the best option. Before shooting him, she wanted him to know that Kevin was so much smarter than Ryan and that he'd known exactly how to set Ryan up. She called Ryan predictable and aimed the gun at him. Curtis burst into the house and begged her not to shoot. He explained about Jordan, and he wondered if Kiki would rather have Ava avenge Kiki or save a life. He eventually got the gun away from her, and she collapsed sobbing in his arms.

Ryan reached for the knife, which was still on the coffee table, but Curtis quickly pointed the gun at him, and Ryan backed off. Chase entered, followed by some cops, and Curtis put the gun down. An officer cuffed Ryan as Chase read Ryan his rights. Curtis asked to borrow Chase's phone so that he could update T.J. Chase handed off his phone, and Curtis exited the cabin. Chase informed Ava that someone would contact her to get her statement.

Lucy reminded Laura that she'd promised Curtis a twenty-minute head start, but Laura revealed that she hadn't promised anything. Lulu entered, and Laura and Lucy updated Lulu on Ava's whereabouts. Laura assured Lucy that she would get a commendation for her help, but Lucy muttered that she could have helped even more had she been let in on the plan from the beginning. She related that it could have also saved her some grief, as she'd been "heartbroken" that Kevin had fallen for Ava. Laura reminded Lucy that Kevin was Laura's husband. "Hope springs eternal," Lucy said. She shrugged, and she walked away.

Laura told Lulu about Jordan's situation, and Lulu wondered why Ryan would cooperate, but she realized that he would use it as a bargaining chip. Lulu couldn't believe it, but she empathized with Ava, as she would want to shoot Ryan on sight. A few minutes later, Laura hung up the phone and ecstatically informed Lulu that Ryan was in police custody. Lulu couldn't help but think about all the times he'd escaped, but Laura believed that he would go to prison "this time" and stay there.

"You couldn't pull the trigger. You love me," Ryan gloated as the officers walked him toward the door. Ava spotted the knife on the table and picked it up, following after Ryan. She stabbed him in the back, and he crashed to the floor.

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