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Kim and Drew departed for Tanzania. Ava accepted Scott's help. Ryan survived being stabbed in the back. Sam asked Jason to move back in. Jax revealed that he had purchased 50% of Aurora Media. Sam confronted Shiloh about his attempt to rape her.
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Ryan survived being stabbed and Ava accepted Scott's offer to defend her in court
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Gail Baldwin's will is read ENCORE PRESENTATION: Gail Baldwin's will is read

Monday, May 27, 2019

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of the show's 56th anniversary episode that aired on April 2, 2019. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 28, and picked up where the Friday, May 24, episode concluded.

Drew and Kim plan to take Oscar's remains to Mount Kilimanjaro Drew and Kim plan to take Oscar's remains to Mount Kilimanjaro

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Scott entered the interrogation room and found Ava, who denied the need for a lawyer. All she wanted was confirmation that Ryan was dead. Scott asked her what had happened, and she filled him in. She concluded that her only regret was that "I didn't twist the knife." She added that she would be proud of avenging Kiki if Ryan died. Scott insisted that she needed to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity, but she clarified that she'd had every intention of killing Ryan. Scott refused to give up on Ava, even if she gave up on herself.

Sam and Jason stood outside Shiloh's room, and she remarked that it had been the hardest con she'd ever pulled off. She'd hated pretending to believe Shiloh because she thought he was "disgusting." Jason excused himself to find Monica to ask for a rush on Sam's toxicology report. Sam entered Shiloh's room and found him asleep, and he immediately awoke when she sat on the bed. He talked about how Jason could never keep Sam and Shiloh apart, but he was taken aback when she replied, "Game over, Shiloh. You lose."

Sam was sick of listening to Shiloh's "self-serving garbage," but Shiloh insisted that all he'd tried to do was help her. He mentioned that Jason had attempted to kill him, but Sam reminded him that there'd been no witness. He'd abducted her, and she'd been "too drugged up to resist." He said that she'd willfully drunk the tea and signed her pledge. She informed him that her pledge was "as bogus as that book you wrote."

On the phone at the hospital, Monica learned that Ryan was still in surgery, and she hung up the phone. Drew entered and told Monica that he'd wanted to see her before he and Kim left town. He wanted her blessing for him and Kim to scatter Oscar's ashes on Mount Kilimanjaro rather than place them in the crypt. Monica thought it was the perfect resting spot for Oscar and assured him that she would also have a plaque put in the crypt.

As Monica and Drew embraced, Jason entered and wondered if he could do anything for Drew while Drew and Kim were gone. He asked Jason to get a head start on the plans for the treehouse, and Jason agreed. They shook hands, and Drew left. Jason asked Monica if she could expedite Sam's toxicology report, as they needed proof that Shiloh had drugged her.

A short while later, Jason joined Sam in Shiloh's room, toxicology report in hand. Shiloh repeated that she'd willingly drunk the tea, but she commented that the recording said differently. He protested that he hadn't consented to being recorded, but Sam told him that she had, which was all that was needed in the state of New York. Jason informed Shiloh that he was going to prison, but Sam wouldn't be surprised if Sonny "dealt with" Shiloh. Shiloh asked what they wanted, and Sam replied that they wanted Kristina's pledge. Shiloh agreed to cooperate and told them that the pledges were at "the place where you almost killed me."

Later, Sam and Jason entered the tower, and a visibly shaken Sam thought back to the last time she'd been there. Sam was grateful that she'd had Jason to rescue her, as Kristina would have had no one. They looked around the room, and Jason eventually found a pile of envelopes with names on the fronts. Sam wondered if they were real, and Jason figured they'd have to open one to find out. "I pick her," Sam pointed out, and Jason opened Margaux's envelope. Jason read the pledge and deemed the pledges real. Sam picked up Kristina's and declared the ordeal finished. "Not yet," Jason said, but he thought they were close.

Curtis was in Jordan's room when she woke up, and she asked what had happened. She only remembered Curtis returning from Canada, and she questioned if Chase had found Ryan. Curtis instructed her to relax, and he assured her that Chase had taken Ryan into custody. "So, he's in a cell?" she asked. He told her about Ava stabbing Ryan, and Ryan being in surgery. Jordan couldn't blame Ava for wanting Ryan dead, as Jordan would probably want the same, but Curtis needed Ryan alive.

Sensing that Curtis was leaving something out, Jordan asked him to continue. He told her about her "cardiac episode" and the risk that dialysis had been posing to her heart. She realized why Curtis wanted Ryan alive, but she wondered why Ryan would donate a kidney to her. Curtis vowed to do whatever he could to get Jordan another kidney.

Monica entered and wondered if Jordan had any questions for her. Jordan asked about Ryan, but Monica directed Jordan to take a leave of absence from work. She checked Jordan out and relayed that the sooner Jordan got a new kidney, the better. She left to check on Ryan. Curtis thought they should do some research for the honeymoon they'd never gotten to go on. A few minutes later, Monica returned and informed them that Ryan had gotten out of surgery, but it was too early to tell if he would be all right. If he survived, Jordan wondered why he would consider donating a kidney to her.

Julian entered Kim's apartment with the mail and handed her the paperwork that ensured that she and Drew would have no problems clearing customs. He hoped she found some peace, but he wished he could make things easier for her. She went to her room to get her passport, and Julian took the opportunity to call Alexis to thank her for helping to expedite Kim and Drew's paperwork. He also thanked her for getting him out of jail, but she credited Kevin for dropping the charges. He wished all of his problems were so easily solved.

When Julian was off the phone, Kim asked why he'd been arrested, and why he hadn't told her about it. He told her about punching Kevin and assured her that the charges had been dropped. She told him that, no matter how much she was hurting, she wanted to know if he was in trouble. Just then, his phone went off, and he answered it to Scott. Scott told Julian about Ava and beckoned him to the police station. Julian relayed the message to Kim. He assured her that he would be there waiting when she returned. He kissed her then left.

A short while later, Josslyn arrived at Kim's and commented how weird it was to have not seen Kim in days. She told Kim about the Nurses Ball, Oscar's message, and how she'd seen Oscar when she'd sung. Kim was sure that Oscar had been there. She picked up Oscar's guitar and thought that Oscar would have wanted Josslyn to have it. Josslyn was trying to remember the chords that Oscar had taught her when Drew arrived.

Drew and Kim told Josslyn about their trip, and Josslyn knew that it was what Oscar would have wanted. Drew offered to drop her off on their way to the airport, but she wanted to go to Oscar's Meadow and try to play the guitar. Josslyn hugged the two, wished them a good trip, and left. Kim remarked on how strong Josslyn had been, and Drew said, "She's not the only one." Kim added that she would need Drew's strength to climb the mountain. The two gathered their things and left for the airport.

Julian arrived at the police station, and Scott told him about what Ava had done. "Good for her," Julian said. Scott added that she was planning to plead guilty, and Julian called her crazy. Scott asked Julian to convince Ava to plead not guilty while he tried to change her arraignment. In the interrogation room, Ava assured Kiki that her killer would pay. Julian entered and cut right to the chase.

Ava informed Julian that she was proud of her actions, so she couldn't possibly plead not guilty. She added that Curtis' words about Jordan had been the only reason that she hadn't shot Ryan. Julian figured that Curtis could testify to Ava's state of mind. Julian thought that Ryan would win if Ava flushed her life down the drain. He suggested that if Ryan survived, he would go to Ferncliff, but she would be in Pentonville.

Julian advised Ava to keep quiet and listen to Scott. "My knights in shining armor," she said as she smiled. It had never occurred to her that Ryan could live, which would let Kiki's murder go unavenged. Scott returned and informed her that her arraignment would be that afternoon. "I'm convinced. Not guilty, it is," she told Scott. "That's my girl," Scott cooed. Ava ordered him to get to work and "start earning your fee."

Neil arrived at Alexis', anxious to hear about how "the plan to neutralize Shiloh" had worked out. Alexis updated Neil on what had happened to Sam, and she added that they had to wait for proof that Sam had been drugged in order to get Shiloh to return Kristina's pledge. He thought that would help lessen Kristina's guilt, but she still had a long way to go. Kristina descended the stairs and said that she couldn't stop thinking about Sam, as Sam was involved in Dawn of Day because of Kristina. She admitted that there was something she hadn't talked about regarding Dawn of Day.

Kristina told Neil and Alexis about the pledge, and she was surprised that they already knew what it was. She continued that her first offering, about blackmailing Parker, hadn't been good enough for Shiloh. Neil commented that it hadn't been "useful" enough to Shiloh, and Kristina called herself too "stupid" to see it at the time. Neil excused himself, as the issue was a family matter. When he was gone, Alexis assured Kristina that Sonny would take care of anything that happened as a result of the pledge. Kristina admitted that it wasn't about him. Kristina's apology led Alexis to believe that the pledge was about her.

Kristina burns her pledge Kristina burns her pledge

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sam and Jason walked into Shiloh's room at General Hospital. Sam informed him that they'd located the pledges, and she admitted that she was happy to see him in the condition that he was in. She stated that it had been difficult to return to the place where Shiloh had almost raped her after he'd drugged her, but she recalled feeling good to be able to see Jason rip him away like a "sack of garbage." Jason suggested that Shiloh obtain a lawyer, although he thought that Shiloh might be safer in prison. Shiloh glared as the couple left.

Shortly after, Margaux arrived as Shiloh tried to get out of bed. She urged him to stay put and asked him what had happened. He told her there'd been a little accident, and she wondered if it had involved Sonny and Jason. Margaux closed the door and mentioned that she'd run into Sonny at the Dawn of Day house. Sonny had summoned her there and told her he had "damning stuff" against Shiloh.

Shiloh suggested that Margaux consider the source. She added that Sonny had told her that Shiloh couldn't be trusted. She wanted to believe Shiloh, but Sonny had also stated that he had proof that Shiloh had committed some criminal acts. Shiloh thought that Sonny had merely made it up because he was upset that Shiloh had been more of a father to Kristina than Sonny had been.

Shiloh thought that Margaux should be aware of how Sonny viewed fathers as threats. Margaux accepted what Shiloh told her, and he announced that he had a favor to ask her. He spoke about how much people stood to lose and insisted they could not allow Sonny to destroy DOD. He wanted to make certain that if Sonny turned over any kind of evidence against him, it didn't see "the light of day."

At the Corinthos house, Sonny teased Carly for being stubborn after she confessed that she would have still preferred frozen pizza over the nice lunch he'd made her. Jax walked into the house and announced that he wanted to talk about Josslyn and her grief. Carly informed him that their daughter had returned to school but had declined the grief counseling that Carly had suggested.

Jax thought he and Carly should keep an eye on Josslyn, but he stressed that he wanted Sonny and Carly to work closely with him on it. He reminded Sonny that they despised each other, but he would be remaining in Port Charles for the foreseeable future due to business. He also hoped that Josslyn would be able to stay with him at times.

Carly thought that Josslyn would be thrilled. Jax revealed that he was still looking at properties, and the property next door to Sonny was still available. He knew that Sonny would love him to live there. Sonny just smiled. Carly walked Jax out as Jason arrived to see Sonny. Jason announced that not only had he and Sam located Kristina's pledge, but they had also found one belonging to Margaux.

Jason opened the pledge. He informed Sonny that Margaux had had proof that her mother had conspired with Joe Scully to kill her husband, but Margaux had destroyed the evidence. He said that Sonny had leverage against Margaux.

Outside, Carly thanked Jax for stopping by. She knew it hadn't been easy for him to deal with Sonny. Jax emphasized that Josslyn needed all of them. He didn't want to rehash old times of being at war with Sonny, but Jax never played to lose. Carly insisted that Sonny wanted them all to get along, too.

Carly returned inside, and Sonny announced that he would make a bid on the neighbor's property. Carly was appalled; they needed to get along with Jax and needed to take a break. Jason related that he and Sam had retrieved the pledges, and Shiloh was in the hospital. Sonny left to visit with Kristina, and Carly asked Jason if he was happy because he and Sam could finally be together. She thought he had to have been tortured, but she was glad that Kristina was safe.

Carly advised Jason to prioritize his life, but he joked that she was doing it for him. She said she only wanted him happy. Jason left the house.

Lulu arrived with lunch for her and Maxie to eat in the Crimson office. Maxie was swamped with work, and Lulu revealed that she had started a new assignment on the "single lady lifestyle." She explained that she would be posing as a single on various dating apps in order to work on a real-life crime story. It involved women's homes being robbed as they waited for their online dates to show up. Maxie pointed out that the story could impact Lulu's personal life.

Maxie thought that Lulu could consider herself as dating, but Lulu assured Maxie that she was just setting a trap by swiping right. Maxie offered her help, but Lulu declined. She thought she should do her assignments on her own. Maxie believed that Dante might return home if he heard about Lulu's dating, but Lulu maintained that she only wanted him to return if he ever healed. Maxie wished she could help, but Lulu assured her that being her friend was enough.

Lulu headed off to her own office, and Maxie placed a call to Peter. She thought that they needed to do something to get Dante back to town. Just then, Maxie saw something on her computer that made her quickly end her phone call. She called a coworker and learned that something wasn't right with the finances and budget. She announced that she would see him in person to discuss it.

Sasha and Nina met for lunch at Metro Court. Nina suggested that it be a session where she could "gorge and gossip." She asked about Michael and expressed her dismay that he'd deserted Sasha in order to help Willow at the Nurses Ball. She thought he'd have better manners. Sasha attempted to explain that she and Michael had only accidentally met up on the red carpet at the ball, and he'd rescued her from being alone.

Sasha added that Michael had gone to his friend who had been having a difficult time, and she'd been impressed with his helping Willow, not angry. Sasha declared that she wasn't in a good place for a relationship, as she wasn't sure about her job situation. She might leave Port Charles, if necessary, for a job. Nina thought Sasha should keep her options open.

Sasha stated that her relationship with Michael was purely casual, and she attempted to change the subject. Nina thought that Michael liked Sasha, but he was a "sucker" for a victim like Willow. Nina explained further that while she disliked Willow for her treatment of Charlotte, Nina had also been affected by the conversation she'd overheard involving Willow giving up her baby.

Nina stressed that giving up the baby had been okay, but it had not been okay to not tell the father. It had reminded Nina of what her mother had done to her and Sasha. Sasha thought that Nina should give Willow the benefit of the doubt.

Michael stopped into Willow's classroom after his talk in another classroom. He revealed that he'd wanted to check on her, and Willow admitted that she was a mess. She stated that Lucas and Brad were aware that she was Wiley's mother, and she was worried that Shiloh would find out. Michael maintained that Sasha had been okay with his leaving to help Willow, even though Willow felt bad about ruining his evening.

Michael offered his help, and Willow stated that she was concerned that Shiloh would fight for custody. Michael assured her that Shiloh didn't know anything, and if needed, Diane would be a good lawyer to have. Willow thanked him for his support and hugged him. She didn't know what she'd do without him. Nina had just arrived and saw the hug.

Michael had to leave, and Nina hid until he was gone. She marched into Willow's classroom and asked why Willow always seemed to be with Michael. Willow wondered if Nina was stalking her, but Nina admitted that Sasha had told her to stop by to clear the air. Willow stated that Nina had been out of line the previous evening, but Nina accused Willow of acting like nothing was ever her fault.

Willow accused Nina of being responsible for Willow's life being "blown to hell." She refused to discuss it and stated that it was none of Nina's business. Nina said Willow had a "flair for the dramatic," and Nina wanted to discuss Michael. She thought that Willow couldn't stand to see him with Sasha, and she thought that maybe Willow liked his bank account. Willow refused to defend herself, and Nina declared that she'd seen what she'd needed to see. She stormed out.

At Alexis' house, Kristina confessed that her pledge had been about Alexis. She apologized, and Alexis was sympathetic. She stated that it wasn't a big deal and that Kristina had been manipulated. Kristina declared that she had "sold out" Alexis in order to impress Shiloh, and it had been leverage for blackmail. Shiloh had wanted important information that he could use to inflict damage.

Sam arrived. "It's over," she announced. She explained that she had never really been a part of Dawn of Day, and it had all been pretend. Kristina was upset that she hadn't known, as she'd blamed herself for Sam's involvement, and Sam had lied. Alexis thought the plan had been the best thing for Kristina, and Sam stressed how worried she'd been about Kristina. Sam held up an envelope.

Sam revealed that all of the pledges had been removed from the tower because Jason had been "persuasive." Sam also confessed that Jason had been in on the plan the entire time. Kristina was annoyed at herself for believing all that had happened, both with Sam and Jason and with Shiloh. Sam told Kristina she'd done everything for Kristina. She had saved Kristina's pledge but had burned most of the rest of them. She thought that Kristina could do what she wanted with it.

Kristina opened the envelope and verified that it was her pledge. Sam thought there could be another copy somewhere, but Alexis confirmed that a copy would only be hearsay. Sam told Kristina that she was free. Alexis urged Kristina to either tell them about the pledge or never say a word about it. Kristina tossed it in the fireplace and lit a match. Sam went to sit by her side.

Michael and Sasha sat at a table in Metro Court. He apologized for leaving her side during the Nurses Ball, but Sasha reminded him that they hadn't had definite plans to be together in the first place. Michael still wanted to make it up to her, and he suggested dinner, even though they were just friends with benefits. He promised that it wasn't a date, and he would order something with garlic to prove it.

Sasha declared that she didn't want to risk having any feelings, and Michael agreed that they'd "cross the bridge" if they got to that. Carly saw Michael and Sasha kiss goodbye and promised Michael that she wouldn't say anything. She was only glad he was "back out there."

The doorbell rang at Alexis' house, and the opened door revealed Sonny. Alexis walked outside to talk to him. She told him that Kristina was burning the pledge, and while she didn't have details, she'd learned that the pledge had been about her.

Inside, Kristina asked Sam if she'd gone through the initiation. Sam admitted that it had been partial, but she would survive. Kristina didn't know how to thank Sam, but Sam hugged her and said she would have done anything for Kristina.

Sam walked outside and hugged Sonny. He appreciated all that Sam had done. Sam sent him inside to see Kristina, and she turned to Alexis, who stated that they might never know the secret. Sam told her not to "push it" because it couldn't hurt them. Inside, Kristina and Sonny shared a hug.

Jason visited Willow at school and introduced himself. He handed her the envelope with her pledge and told her that Shiloh no longer had anything over her. He added that the other pledges had been destroyed. Willow wondered why he had given it to her, and Jason stated that she had been a hero for helping Kristina.

Nina returned to her office and found Jax standing at her desk. She indignantly asked him what he was doing there. He told her he was celebrating the beginning of a new partnership.

Plans are put in motion to protect Wiley Plans are put in motion to protect Wiley

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Alexis and Sam walked out of Alexis' house and talked about Kristina's pledge. Alexis was certain that Shiloh was not finished with them.

Nina found Jax in her office at Crimson, where he handed her a glass of Champagne. She assumed that something good had happened, and Jax announced that her office was part of his company because he was the new owner. Nina wanted more of an explanation, and Jax told her that he'd made a deal with Drew for fifty percent of Aurora media, and he was newly in control of the print division.

Jax promised Nina that things were going to change and expand. Nina was flustered, and she asked why a well-known man like Jax had settled in Port Charles. Jax replied that his daughter was there, and it dawned on Nina that he was Josslyn's father. Nina sat at her desk as Jax filled her in on his marriage to Carly and the fact that he couldn't stand Sonny, who had had him deported. Jax pulled up a chair and sat down.

Jax continued that he'd wanted to return to town to do business after he'd been deported. He clarified again that he hated Sonny, although he admitted that Sonny had been a good stepfather. Nina was impressed that Jax was being "mature" about it and "sucking it up for the greater good." She added that she understood Jax's position, as she had two daughters of her own. Jax thought both daughters and the magazine were lucky to have Nina.

Nina suggested that Jax allow her to continue to run the magazine, since he wasn't familiar with it. "No deal," Jax replied. Nina got up and walked around the office. She called herself creative and someone who trusted her instincts and visions. She added that sometimes she'd have a photo shoot and then decide not to use it. She added that she needed fresh flowers in her office along with most Fridays off.

Jax was okay with all of it. However, he'd done some research, and the magazine had only made forty percent profit, which had been down from previous numbers. He thought that Nina was good but could do better. Nina sat down again and asked how. Jax was full of suggestions and was adamant that the magazine have brand recognition. He sat down again, too. He declared that he wanted production costs cut and the savings used for promotion.

Nina insisted that it wasn't possible because she was unable to read a balance sheet. Jax offered to teach her at that moment, and he moved over to sit at her computer. Nina thought that everything sounded like a lot of work, and she noted that her wedding would be in the near future. Jax offered to pitch in. When Valentin walked in, Jax congratulated him. He told Nina he was looking forward to working with her, and he left.

Nina informed Valentin about Jax's new position, and she raved about him and her own new ideas. She exclaimed that she was excited and even knew about a deficit column. She thought working with Jax would be incredible.

Lucas and Julian sat at a table in Metro Court, where Julian tried to reassure Lucas over his worry about Wiley's birth father trying to take his son. Lucas informed Julian that the father hadn't given his consent for adoption, and he asked Julian to do something to stop Shiloh. Julian promised he would do what he could.

Alexis met with Lucas after Julian had gone, and she learned that Brad was at home, protecting Wiley from his birth parents. Lucas explained that the mother was okay, but they were worried about the father, who hadn't known about the birth mother's pregnancy and believed that a child existed. Alexis replied that there would be lots of hurdles before the father could get to Brad and Lucas. She was flabbergasted after Lucas revealed that Shiloh was Wiley's birth father, and she quickly resolved to prevent Shiloh from gaining any traction in his pursuit. She would have a plan and a backup plan.

Lucas felt better and left. A waiter dropped by with a bottle of water in a bucket of ice for Alexis and asked her to wait for someone who had wanted to surprise her. Shortly after, Jax arrived and sat down. He told Alexis about his new acquisition. Alexis reminded him that the magazine meant dealing with Nina. Jax was aware that it also meant having to deal with Valentin, and Alexis thought that Valentin was trouble. They clinked glasses, and Jax smiled.

Jax assured Alexis that he'd done his research on Valentin and would watch his back. Alexis declared that Valentin wasn't a good human being and was as dangerous as Jax's brother. Jax was sure he could handle it. Alexis told Jax how much she'd missed him, and he informed her that he was in town to stay.

Sam returned home and found Julian waiting for her. He exclaimed that Lucas needed her help, and she invited him inside. Julian admitted that Lucas didn't know he was there but was in danger of losing Wiley because of a problem with the birth father. Julian was unwilling to give Sam any specific details, citing her ability to have deniability if something were to happen.

Julian had a plan for Sam to be able to retrieve birth papers and do away with any paper trail leading to Wiley. Sam pointed out that it wasn't that simple, and there would be other papers and records due to the adoption not being closed on the mother's end. She suggested that Julian get in touch with his old contacts to handle it, but Julian disclosed that he was no longer involved with those people. He thought that Sam should handle it as Wiley's aunt and godmother.

Sam suggested that Julian was getting ahead of himself, but Julian insisted there was no choice. Sam thought they should talk to Alexis first, but after Julian disclosed that Shiloh was the birth father, Sam changed her mind about her involvement. She said that she would do whatever it took to stop Shiloh from taking Wiley.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth studied Franco's outfit and suggested he not wear a tie. Curtis reluctantly helped Jordan to get out of bed because she insisted on handling her duties as police commissioner. Lulu arrived to take notes. Finally, Elizabeth and Franco joined Curtis and Jordan for a brief ceremony.

Weakly, Jordan presented Franco with an award and ribbon on behalf of the city for his heroics in helping to nab Ryan. Elizabeth grabbed the ribbon from Jordan and pinned it onto Franco's chest. Lulu wrote that her original story about Ryan had been switched to a tale of survivors and heroes. She added that only one chapter remained.

After the presentation, Franco showed off his trophy to Elizabeth out in the hallway. Lulu suggested a possible mayoral commendation in Franco's future, and she added that she was forever grateful to Franco herself. Franco maintained that he had something to take care of, and Lulu and Elizabeth went off on an errand without him.

Curtis helped Jordan back into bed and ordered her to take it easy. She asked for her phone in order to make a quick call to the police station and joked that he could dial. Curtis was exasperated.

In another room, a sleeping Ryan slowly opened his eyes. He turned his head and found Franco standing nearby. Sarcastically, Ryan muttered that he'd thought he'd killed Franco, but Franco retorted that the staff at the hospital had been good. Franco mentioned that it would have been Kiki's birthday, but Ryan declared that she had been boring and dull. Ryan couldn't understand everyone's fascination with her, as she had been nothing like her mother.

Franco frowned. He spat that Ava had exposed Ryan for the idiot that he really was when he'd walked right into her trap. He said that Ryan had been nothing but predictable and would have nothing ahead of him but prison. Franco called Ryan sad and pathetic, and he noted that he loved Ryan's new reality. Ryan taunted Franco on his marriage and suggested that Franco really envied Ryan's life more.

Ryan accused Franco of only being happy when he'd pretended to take credit for Ryan's crimes. Franco informed Ryan that Ryan had lost at his own game. Franco told him to enjoy prison.

Finn stopped in Jordan's room. Curtis congratulated him, and Jordan spoke about Finn's romantic proposal. Curtis hoped that Finn had stopped by to tell them that Ryan would be a kidney donor, and he asked when the surgery would be done. Finn informed him that they needed Ryan's consent first.

Willow was in her classroom at school when Chase showed up with a bouquet of flowers. He admitted that he had felt bad about deserting her at the Nurses Ball. Willow completely understood that he'd had a case, and Chase asked what had happened after he'd gone. Chase couldn't believe what he heard after Willow filled him in on what had happened with Shiloh. She only wanted to blame Nina, but Chase wanted to talk solutions to the problem.

Willow was surprised to hear that Shiloh was in the hospital. Chase confirmed that Shiloh's injuries had been suspicious, but he hadn't revealed anything. Willow suspected that someone had gone after Shiloh, and she was only sorry that the person hadn't finished the job. Chase warned her not to break the law. Willow just didn't want Shiloh anywhere near her son, and Chase promised he wouldn't let that happen. He kissed her goodbye and suggested she get a vase for the flowers.

Elizabeth and Lulu arrived to see Willow, who learned that the women had a petition that had been signed by most of the parents in the class. Elizabeth and Lulu wanted to make sure that Willow kept her job, and they wanted Willow to see the petition before they presented it to the principal.

Willow was flattered and gave her okay on the petition, but she wasn't hopeful. Elizabeth and Lulu refused to give up, and they informed her that she could even use it as a reference for a new job if need be. Willow agreed that she would need a job because lawyers were expensive. She revealed that she expected to be sued.

Out in the hospital hallway near Jordan's room, Curtis told Finn that he would go to Ryan's room to talk about the kidney donation. Finn saw Chase, who wanted to speak to Jordan, but Finn didn't think it was a good idea at that moment. Chase confessed that he wanted to plan a party for Finn, who was less than thrilled and maintained that he was unable to choose a date at that time.

Chase also asked when he would be able to put Ryan behind bars. Finn advised him that Ryan had a kidney to donate, and it could be awhile.

Curtis paid a visit to Ryan and told him that Ryan owed him after Curtis had saved his life. He wanted Ryan to donate a kidney to Jordan. Ryan replied that he would think about it. "The answer is yes," Curtis snapped.

Ryan wants to make a deal for his kidney Ryan wants to make a deal for his kidney

Friday, May 31, 2019

At Sam's place, Sam informed Julian that she would work to protect Wiley, even if it meant she had to work with Julian. Just then, Jason arrived with Danny and asked Sam if everything was okay. Sam replied that it was, and Danny thanked Julian for the birthday gift. Julian left, and Danny told Sam that they'd left Scout sleeping at the Quartermaines'. Danny announced that he was looking forward to having two separate birthday celebrations.

Danny went off to play, and Sam told Jason about the gift that their son had received from Julian. She stated that Danny and Julian were getting to know each other, and she thought it would be okay for them to spend time together on a limited basis. Jason admitted that he didn't love the idea, but he was all for not confusing Danny. Sam revealed that she and Julian had been talking about a situation involving Wiley and Shiloh.

Jason was sure that Shiloh would eventually find out about Wiley, and Sam explained that she'd agreed to help Julian, who thought he had a way to prevent Shiloh from learning anything. Jason offered that he would be around if needed, and Sam confessed that she wanted Jason to move back home. "Are you sure?" Jason asked.

Sam admitted that she'd been thinking about it since she'd first seen him, and she had no doubts. Jason reminded her that he'd wanted a day with his family for Christmas, and he was happy. The couple kissed.

A cuffed Ava was being led into the courtroom for her arraignment when Scott asked to speak to his client. He was happy she'd made the right decision on her plea, and Ava explained that she had to be free in case Ryan survived.

Scott quickly replied that she was not to say that to the judge. He wanted her to say not guilty, and he promised to take care of the rest. He wasn't certain whether to plead insanity or self-defense. Ava laughed and reminded him that three cops had seen her stab Ryan in the back.

Once in the courtroom, Ava's cuffs were removed, and she sat down. Scott agreed that insanity would be the better of the two pleas. Margaux arrived, and Scott asked to make a deal, as his client had managed to get a serial killer off the streets. Margaux refused.

Julian arrived, and the judge followed. Ava stood to plead not guilty, and Scott asked that she be released on bail. The judge asked Margaux, who agreed that it would be okay, since Ava's only target had been Ryan, and he was under police protection. The judge set the bail at $100,000.

At Metro Court, Peter and Maxie spotted Lulu, who was busy swiping on the dating site. She reminded them that it was just for her research, but it would have to wait. She stated that she was heading to the hospital to get quotes on her story about Ryan. Peter and Maxie were glad they had no need to be on a dating site.

Peter and Maxie sat down at a table and looked at menus. Maxie declared that it was up to them to let Dante know about the toll his absence had taken on Lulu. Peter maintained that Dante had been under treatment for PTSD, and they couldn't very well guilt him into returning home.

Maxie believed that the WSB was taking advantage of Dante in order to have him work for them. She thought she should be familiar with the agency, due to experience with her father, who was director. Maxie thought that Lulu had been buried in work for distraction purposes ever since Dante had been gone, and she was afraid her friend would get burned out. She wanted Peter to help her find Dante.

Peter agreed that he would help because it was important to Maxie, but he reminded her that they had no idea where Dante might be. Maxie thought they made a good team.

At General Hospital, Robert congratulated Finn again on his engagement and stated that he wanted Anna to be happy. Anna approached and asked if she was interrupting anything, and Robert revealed that he was merely congratulating Finn, who went off to see his patients.

Anna told Robert she was happy, and Robert questioned her on how she'd believed that Robert was going to propose. She reminded him that she had seen him with the ring, and he had been acting strangely. She wondered why Robert had even had the ring in his possession, and Robert admitted that he'd been hazing Finn. He also stated that he wasn't happy about her marrying Finn, although he wasn't carrying a torch for her.

"You're the love of my life," Robert admitted. He had realized that she would go on adventures with Finn, and he would be left out. "Snap out of it," Anna urged tearfully. She assured him that he would always be a part of her life, and he was a friend, an ally, Robin's father, and the best agent she'd ever worked with. She was happy that he was still in her life.

Anna revealed that Maxie and Peter had been planning to travel to visit with Robin, and she wanted Robert to be a "big boy" about it as an engagement gift. "Bloody hell," Robert declared. He pointed out that Robin would think she was getting to know her big brother when, in fact, he and Anna knew that that wasn't who Peter was. Anna replied that they didn't know anything and had no proof.

Robert suggested they start with Dmitri Marick, but Anna didn't think there would be anything of note lying around in his castle. Robert believed that that was exactly where Alex would hide something. Anna only cared about Peter, and she declared that he was important to both her and Robin. She thought it important that Robin get to know him. "I'm not so sure," Robert replied.

Anna argued that she was not asking Robert to like Peter, and Robert sarcastically replied that he would rather bite off his arm above the elbow. She urged him not to get in Peter's way. Robert contended that it was Anna's "traitorous sister" and Peter's "real mummy" who was the one they had to worry about. He stated that Alex had always tried to sabotage Anna, and Anna agreed that her sister was "messed up."

Anna didn't want Peter to know Alex, but Robert wanted Robin to know Peter as her cousin and not her brother. Robert agreed that he would not mention anything unless he had to. Anna stressed that Alex didn't care about Peter, but she did. Robert thought that Alex would use the information, and he thought that Anna should visit her.

Jordan lay in bed and complained to Laura and Kevin that she had told Ava not to take matters into her own hands. She thought it was unfair that Ava had been held for attempted murder, and Ryan was her only hope of a transplant. Kevin wished that he could have been the donor, but Jordan reassured him that at least it had made them aware that Ryan could also donate a kidney.

Laura sent Kevin on his way, and after he had gone, she asked what Jordan was thinking. Jordan admitted she'd been "creeped out" to think that she might owe her life to Ryan. She thought it was foolish but disturbing nonetheless. Laura understood. She cited that Ryan had the same DNA as Kevin, but the kidney was just a "group of tissues" that would save her life. Jordan felt better and pointed out that that was why Laura was the mayor.

Curtis stood in Ryan's room and demanded that the criminal donate his kidney to Jordan. Ryan wondered why he should save the life of a woman who had hunted him down. "I'll see her in hell," Ryan taunted. Curtis grabbed Ryan's collar in both hands. "You tricky son of a bitch," he growled. Ryan ordered him to let go.

Curtis maintained that Ryan didn't know him or what he was capable of. He declared that he would take Ryan's kidney with his bare hands if he could. Ryan asked how much his kidney was worth to Curtis, because he had leverage. Ryan wanted something in return, but it wasn't financial.

After Ryan gave his demands, he asked if Curtis was shocked. Curtis called Ryan crazy, and Ryan assured him there were no hard feelings. Finn entered the room, and picked up Ryan's chart as Curtis left. Finn admitted that Ryan's case was his least favorite, but he'd been required to treat everyone. Ryan asked why Finn was on the case when a knife wound wasn't his area of expertise.

Finn explained that he had to keep watch over Ryan's kidney in case he planned to donate it. Ryan asked why he should help Jordan, and Finn replied that it could be for a lesser prison sentence. Ryan thought there should be more in it for him. Finn called Ryan delusional and not smart as he'd once thought. He thought that a smart man would assess the situation and look for the advantages.

Lulu bumped into Kevin in the hallway. He mentioned that he had just left Jordan, and Laura was still there. Things were awkward between them, and Lulu thought it was time they talked. She knew that her mother loved Kevin, and the kids in the family were all good. She accepted that Laura had forgiven him, but Lulu saw Ryan's face whenever she looked at Kevin.

Kevin agreed that trauma was not rational, and sometimes it took time. Lulu realized that it was the same between her and Dante. She couldn't control what he'd been feeling, and Dante had been afraid of himself. She couldn't demand that he return, and there was no one to blame or be angry with.

Laura finished a phone call and told Jordan that the Canadian authorities had given them jurisdiction to prosecute Ryan for all of his crimes. Jordan was pleased that they'd be able to "pile on the life sentences." Curtis returned to Jordan's room and announced that he'd spoken with Ryan, who wanted all charges against him dropped in return for the kidney.

Laura suggested a plea bargain, and Curtis suggested no capital punishment. Jordan was having no part of Ryan's demands and wanted him to pay for his crimes. Later, Jordan wanted to discuss police business with Laura. She wanted to hand in her resignation, as she had been unable to do her job. Laura didn't want to hear of it, and she suggested an interim police commissioner until Jordan's return.

Anna found Finn and informed him that she had to travel to Zurich in order to see Alex. She was afraid that if Alex was Peter's mother, she might exploit it, and Anna needed to find out what Alex knew. She didn't want a relationship with Peter based on a lie. Finn was sorry that he was unable to accompany her, but he would be waiting for her to return.

Kevin paid Ryan a visit. "Well, hello brother. Didn't mean to leave you hanging," Ryan mocked as he laughed.

Jason presented Danny with his birthday gift, and the boy was thrilled with the game. He asked his father to help him set it up before he left, and Sam announced that Jason would be staying there permanently. Danny thought it was the "coolest" present he'd received. There were hugs all around. The trio gathered to play with the new game.

Scott was happy with the results of Ava's hearing, although Julian thought they'd been lucky. Ava maintained that she didn't feel lucky. She told Julian how Ryan had confessed that Kiki's last words had been to call out for her mother, and Ava hadn't been there.

Julian called Ryan sick, and Ava admitted that Ryan could have been lying. She was worried that it had been the truth, though, and she hadn't been there for her daughter. Julian hugged Ava and urged her to get Ryan out of her head. Ava declared that she couldn't.

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