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Mac agreed to be interim police commissioner. Kim asked Julian to have a baby with her. Drew offered Curtis a job. Sonny invited Dev to stay the summer at Greystone Manor. Diane uncovered information about Neil's family.
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Kim asked Julian to have a baby with her
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Jax and Valentin seek dirt on one another

Jax and Valentin seek dirt on one another

Monday, June 17, 2019

Josslyn set up the kitchen table with candles and a picture of Oscar. Cameron and Trina entered, and she explained about the sťance they were about to help her with. Cameron worried about Josslyn and didn't believe that it was in character for her. Trina suggested doing things that Oscar liked in order to feel closer to him, but Josslyn insisted that she'd tried. Trina finally agreed, so the three sat down at the table, and Josslyn lit the candles.

Josslyn, Trina, and Cameron joined hands, and Josslyn explained that, if there was a ripple in the glass of water in front of them, it would mean that Oscar had heard them. She stated that they were there to "open our hearts to the spirit world" and talk to their friend Oscar. As she continued, Cameron began to laugh, and Josslyn stopped talking. Cameron told her that if Oscar was listening, he was probably "laughing his ass off," and the girls agreed, getting in on the laughter.

A few minutes later, Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina were telling funny stories about Oscar. Trina suddenly stopped laughing and noticed a ripple in the glass of water. Josslyn heard a noise outside and ran out onto the deck, followed by her friends. She didn't see anything, so the three went back inside. Trina thought that the three laughing together was exactly was Oscar would have wanted. Josslyn thanked her friends for participating, and she apologized for wasting their time. They each hugged Josslyn, and they left. As Josslyn blew out the candles, someone was watching her from outside.

Kim and Drew arrived at her apartment, and Drew talked about getting food and other groceries for her. She bitterly replied that there was no rush, as all they had was time to miss their son. He gave her some words of comfort and promised to check in on her in the morning. There was a knock on the door, and Drew let in Julian, who'd gotten some food for himself and Kim. Julian invited Drew to stick around, but Drew needed some rest. He remarked that he was glad that Julian was there, and he left.

As Julian ate, Kim briefly told him about the trip to scatter Oscar's ashes. Julian encouraged her to eat, but she insisted that she wasn't hungry. He assured her that she'd been a great mother, but she replied that she no longer knew who she was. Julian informed her that healing took time. Kim suddenly realized that what she needed "was in front of me this whole time." She expressed her love for Julian and kissed him. She pulled away and whispered with a smile, "Make a baby with me."

At the hospital, Curtis was flipping through all of Jordan's medical bills when Nina entered. He updated her on Jordan, but she wondered what the "weird vibe" was that she was getting from him. He admitted that, while he was grateful that Jordan's surgery had been successful, he had to figure out how to pay the bills. Nina begged him to let her pay them, but he promised that "I got this." She urged him to call if anything changed, hugged him, and left.

In Jordan's room, Finn informed her that she was infection-free, so she was officially no longer his patient. She said that it meant a lot that he'd treated her. He replied that not only was Curtis his friend, but Jordan was Anna's. He excused himself to give Curtis the good news, but Jordan wanted to know how Ryan was first. Finn replied that he'd only supervised Ryan's transfer to Pentonville, but the last time he'd seen the prisoner, he'd been on his way to a full recovery.

A short while later, Curtis visited Jordan and assured her that the billing department was going to allow them to pay the bills in installments over time. Drew entered and asked how Jordan was doing. "Good, thanks to Ryan," she replied, and Drew joked that it was a sentence she probably never thought she'd say. She asked about him. He replied that he'd done what he'd needed to, and he wanted Jordan and Curtis to put him to work.

Since Drew felt that he was responsible for the accident, he wanted to cover the costs of Jordan's recovery. While Jordan appreciated it, she thought that it could be seen as the owner of a major media company bribing a policy commissioner. Drew suggested a "counteroffer" and asked Curtis to work at Aurora. He explained that he was about to post a job for a security analyst, but he needed someone he trusted. Curtis wanted to think about it, and Drew advised him not to take too long.

A short while later, Curtis was gone, and Jordan apologized for not being able to be there for Drew, who didn't know what he was supposed to do next. He told Jordan a couple of stories about Oscar, and he thought it was nice to talk about Oscar and focus on the good things instead of just Oscar not being there. He related that Kim wasn't doing all that well and seemed to be lost.

Valentin sat down with Jax at the Metro Court bar and stated that he had a proposition for Jax. Knowing that Jax liked to "flip" companies and therefore usually had no attachment to them, Valentin offered to buy Jax's half of Aurora for what its projected worth would be in a year. Jax figured that Valentin was making the offer in order to get Jax away from Nina, and Valentin fully admitted it. Jax appreciated the honesty, but he explained that he would be holding onto Aurora, which was "ideally suited" for his situation, in order to stay in town for his daughter.

Valentin thought that everyone had a price, and Jax laughed that Valentin sounded like Jerry. He informed Valentin that he had no price. Nina entered and wondered what was going on. Jax replied that he and Valentin had just been "chatting." He added that it had been nice to see her, and he left. Nina wondered why Valentin didn't like Jax. Valentin replied that Jax was "coming between us and the wedding," which was why he'd tried to buy Aurora.

Nina assured Valentin that postponing the wedding had been her choice, and she added that having someone "'yeah' me to death" was a good quality in a husband but not a boss. She asked him to stay out of things at Aurora and kissed him. She related that she wanted to make sure that everything was all right and that there were no secrets the next time they said their vows. She walked away to go "freshen up," so he took the opportunity to make a phone call. He called Curtis and offered him a job that he only trusted Curtis to do. "I'm listening," Curtis replied. "I want you to find out everything you can on Jasper Jacks," Valentin said.

At Kelly's, Maxie wanted to go over "the plan" with Mac again, but he promised that he had it under control. Laura entered and asked for a minute with Mac, so Maxie muttered, "Don't mess up!" to Mac and walked away to join Peter. Laura explained Jordan's situation to Mac and said that she would need a replacement for commissioner who would be all right with leaving when Jordan was ready to return. Mac thought it was a smart plan, and Laura excitedly asked, "So you'll do it?"

Laura revealed that she trusted Mac to do the right thing, and he agreed to step in as temporary commissioner. She shook his hand and thanked him sincerely. She wanted him to start the next morning, and he promised to be there. She hugged him and left to alert the department.

Maxie sat with Peter and was shocked that he'd ordered pie instead of cake for dessert. He simply stated that he liked cake but preferred pie. She wished he'd told her, and she asked about whether he'd wanted to be a baseball player or an astronaut when he'd been a child. He answered that he'd wanted to be a ninja, which bewildered Maxie. Just then, her phone went off, and she excused herself to go meet Lulu. She promised to talk to him later, kissed him, and left.

Peter approached Mac and asked for a minute to talk. Mac replied that he only had a minute, as he had somewhere to be. Peter replied that he thought he knew where Mac was headed, and he wanted to put a stop to the surprise party. Mac said that, even if it was embarrassing or uncomfortable, Peter would be walking into a room full of people who loved him and wanted the best for him. Mac continued that Maxie thought Peter deserved to be celebrated, so Peter should go through with it, at least for Maxie.

Finn entered and invited Peter for a bite to eat, because Anna thought they should get to know each other better. Peter suggested getting a table, but a nervous Finn proposed the Floating Rib. Peter admitted that he knew about the surprise party, but he'd enjoyed watching Finn flail. Finn made Peter swear not to tell that he'd found out because of Finn, and Peter promised to act surprised.

Lulu and Felicia were decorating the Floating Rib when Maxie arrived. She ranted about how the party would be perfect if it included pie and ninjas, and the party would be a disaster. She just wanted Peter to like the party, and Felicia assured Maxie that he would, as it was a gift from Maxie. Maxie thanked them for helping, and she walked off to check on things in the kitchen. Lulu commented that she hadn't seen Maxie like that in a while, and she admitted that she'd been unsure of Peter in the beginning. However, Peter had become a good friend to her, and she thought that he and Maxie were good together.

"Surprise!" everyone yelled at the Floating Rib as Peter entered, followed by Finn and Mac, and Peter acted surprised. He related that no one had ever thrown him a birthday party before, and he kissed her. Mac distributed drinks and toasted to Peter's birthday. Finn got his phone out and read a note from Anna wishing Peter "love, joy, and happiness." Lulu toasted to her "kick-ass boss." Peter thanked everyone for being there and was happy to look around the room and see all the people who cared about him. "Get used to it," Maxie told him. Felicia lit the candle on his cake, and he happily blew it out.

Jax bumped into Laura at the hospital and informed her that he was there to rejoin the hospital board. She regretted that she'd had to step back from the board since she'd been elected mayor. Jax said that he'd always valued her opinion, and Laura wondered what he wanted to ask her. He asked her about Valentin, and she solemnly replied that the man was "bad news." She advised him to proceed with caution if he had to proceed at all. Jax confessed that he was already involved. Laura hoped that Jax didn't live to regret it, but Jax had a feeling that he wouldn't be the one to regret anything.

Josslyn surprises the burglar at Lulu's

Josslyn surprises the burglar at Lulu's

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Josslyn studied the glass of water that had been used in the sťance in her kitchen as someone watched her through the window. She sensed it and went outside to call for Oscar. She returned to the house after hearing nothing but silence and ran into Carly, who was newly returned from the fair with Rocco and Avery. Josslyn cleaned up the table quickly. Sonny entered and suggested that he and Rocco watch the Yankees game on television. Sonny announced that he had put Avery to bed.

Josslyn told Carly that she had been "messing around" with Cameron and Trina, but Carly picked up the framed photo of Oscar that was still sitting on the table. She asked Josslyn if she'd made contact. Josslyn was surprised and admitted that she wasn't sure, but if they had, it hadn't been enough. Carly hugged her.

Sonny returned as Josslyn told Carly that she had only been doing what Oscar had asked her to do. Josslyn revealed that she'd heard footsteps, and Sonny offered to have his guards check outside. Josslyn told him it wasn't necessary. She missed Oscar, people believed in things like the sťance, and she had been willing to give it a try. She should have known that it wouldn't work.

Carly assured Josslyn that it hadn't been silly, and she'd been through a difficult loss. Sonny understood, too. Carly assured Josslyn that Oscar had known that Josslyn had loved him, even though she was still upset that she'd never had the chance to say goodbye. Josslyn revealed that she, Cameron, and Trina had ended up laughing during the sťance, and it had almost felt good. Rocco ran in to update Sonny on the game, and Sonny offered to take him upstairs to bed. Rocco wished he could call Dante.

Josslyn felt bad for Rocco, but she guessed that it had been important for Dante to leave. She added that he would never get the time back with Rocco because time wasn't unlimited and tended to run out. Carly took the moment to suggest that Josslyn pursue counseling, but Josslyn took offense and reminded Carly that Carly had said she wouldn't push. Josslyn insisted she was fine, and she talked to a lot of people often.

Carly admitted she was worried, and it was difficult to be a mother at times. Josslyn only wanted room. She noticed that her mother seemed upset, but they were interrupted when Sonny returned to announce that they had a problem. Rocco wanted his baseball glove that Dante had given him, and it was at home under his pillow. Sonny wanted to send one of his guards to pick it up, but Josslyn pleaded to be allowed to get it herself. She declared that she would take an Uber and refused a ride from a guard.

Sonny handed Josslyn the keys to Lulu's place, and the teen left. Carly admitted that she had been smothering Josslyn with love and concern, and Sonny asked what else might be going on. Carly disclosed that she'd received the latest test results but had been reluctant to say anything without further testing. She told Sonny that their baby might have a birth defect, and she'd scared herself by doing research on the Internet.

Carly admitted that she would not drive herself crazy and had taken Avery and Rocco to the fair. Sonny hugged her and assured her that their baby would be perfect in his eyes, and they would face it together.

At Kim's apartment, Julian clarified, right after Kim told him she wanted to make a baby with him, that he'd heard correctly. Kim confirmed that had been what she'd said, and she told him how great it would be to be a father from the beginning of his child's life. Julian grabbed and kissed her hand. Kim reminded him that he was a different man, and she wanted him to be involved.

Julian agreed that it could be the best thing to happen to him, and "a dream come true." Kim realized she was asking a lot, but Julian told her that he couldn't consent. Kim was taken aback as Julian explained his reasoning. He didn't think she was ready because she wanted Oscar, and no baby would be Oscar.

Kim was angry and tearful as Julian continued. He stated that grief and logic couldn't coexist because he knew that Kim would never logically want to do that. It wouldn't be fair to a baby, and he thought she needed time to grieve. Julian added that he wasn't saying never, but he thought they needed to wait until after Kim let go. He hoped Kim didn't hate him.

Kim assured Julian she didn't hate him, but he was concerned that he'd ruined things. Kim thought he was wise, but she couldn't help the way she felt. Julian offered to talk about Oscar whenever Kim wanted to. Kim changed the subject and asked about Sam and Lucas, as Julian had mentioned that they'd grown closer.

Julian filled Kim in on the Wiley situation and declared that the baby's biological father was a dangerous man. He thought there could be a custody battle ahead, and he'd teamed with Sam to ensure the baby's safety. Kim called him a great dad, and she thought they would make a great family. Julian promised that they still had time.

Julian had to leave for Charlie's, and Kim declined his request that she accompany him. She wanted to face up to her loneliness. Julian was honored by Kim's plea, and he wanted to discuss it again. He hugged her and stated that she would always have his heart. He left, and Kim looked at a photo of herself with Drew and Oscar.

Margaux arrived at General Hospital with a bouquet of flowers for Jordan. She spotted Drew, who disclosed that he had just visited with Jordan himself. Margaux expressed her sympathy about Oscar, but Drew turned to leave quickly. Margaux stopped him to tell him she was leaving Port Charles, but she wanted something from him. The pair sat on a hallway bench as Margaux apologized for the way she'd treated Drew.

Margaux admitted that she had been relearning what good guys actually looked like and revealed that she had been lost and had ended up at Dawn of Day. She had compromised her position and had had to resign. She added that she would be joining a defense law firm out West. She wasn't proud of what she'd done to either Sonny or Drew, and she wanted forgiveness.

Drew admitted that he had enjoyed Margaux's company, and she replied that she'd enjoyed his. She thought that her ambition had gotten in her way. Drew maintained that the flash drive was in his safe, and he took it out every so often to hold it before putting it back. He wondered how it would be to connect his past, but then he refused to give up his present. A nearby nurse eavesdropped.

Drew declared that losing Oscar had put things in perspective and told Margaux that she had gone about avenging her father in the wrong way. He forgave Margaux. They talked about Shiloh, and Drew stated that he couldn't recall saving Shiloh's life. He also said that Shiloh had asked about the flash drive. Margaux stated that in her opinion, Shiloh had a "vested interest" in Drew's memories and had fished for details. Drew realized that Shiloh had been trying to get details about Drew's past from him, also.

Drew told Margaux about his trip to Kilimanjaro, and Margaux again expressed how sorry she was, not only about Oscar but many other things. Drew finally had to go and stepped onto the elevator. He said goodbye.

At the Floating Rib, Peter expressed his appreciation for the surprise party. Mac and Felicia divulged that Mac would be temporary police commissioner until Jordan returned to work. Lulu talked about having to leave for a date and had to explain to Mac and Felicia the story she had been investigating. Mac offered to begin an official investigation. Mac was upset with Peter for allowing Lulu to pursue the story by putting herself out there as bait for the would-be robber.

Lulu tried to defuse the situation and explained that her kids were taken care of, and she had someone watching her house in case the burglar showed up there instead of on the date. Peter affirmed that he couldn't talk Lulu out of it. Lulu emphasized that if the date showed up, he couldn't be the robber. She agreed that she should figure out a new strategy instead of using her real address. Peter clarified that Lulu's editor had given her the assignment.

Once Lulu was gone, Maxie declared that they needed to get Dante home. Mac reminded her that Dante had been diagnosed with severe PTSD and had gone to a WSB facility. Maxie was adamant that Dante get home, and she was certain that she and Peter would be able to find him. Peter thought that Dante should have time to get well, but Maxie saw Lulu as setting herself up for trouble. She thought there should be someone who could tell them something.

Just then, Robert wandered in for a drink. He'd heard there was a party. Maxie told him he was late but she ordered him a large scotch. Robert proceeded to announce that the WSB had forced him to retire, probably so they could hire someone younger and cheaper. Maxie thought he could help them, and she asked if he had any idea where Dante could be.

Robert admitted that he knew, and Maxie turned to look at Peter with a smug smile on her face. Maxie asked where he was, but Robert said he couldn't reveal the location. Maxie tried to tell him that he didn't owe the WSB anything, but Robert swore that he would take secrets to his grave. He added that Dante was a security risk who had to be cured. He received a phone call and left to take the call.

Felicia told Maxie to let it go, and Maxie announced that she would check on Lulu. She went out and overheard Robert on his phone call. He told someone that there had been more questions about Dante. He asked if Dante was still at Ithaca and wondered when he'd be transferred. Maxie ran back to tell Peter that she knew where Dante was.

At Kelly's, Lulu sat at a table and smiled at a young man who walked inside. The man said he had to pick up an order, and Lulu phoned her assistant, Stevie, and stated that it was okay to leave Lulu's house because the date had shown up. The man sat down at the table with Lulu and offered to share his platter. The couple chatted, and Lulu admitted that she had not really been looking for a date but was a reporter working on a story. She added that her online profile wasn't accurate.

The man was confused, and he replied that he hadn't read any profile. Lulu confirmed that he wasn't her date, and he admitted that he had only stopped because she had smiled at him. He held out his hand and introduced himself as Bryce. Lulu shook his hand and told him she had to make a phone call. Bryce left, and Lulu hurriedly told Stevie to get back to the house because the actual date hadn't shown up.

A black-gloved hand opened the door to Lulu's house. Shortly afterward, Josslyn arrived and noticed that the door was open. She walked inside and turned on the light. "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" she asked the young man.

Kevin is reinstated

Kevin is reinstated

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

In the hospital elevator, Laura wondered why Finn wanted to meet with her and Kevin. He wanted her to leave if it had anything to do with Ryan, but she figured that if being in on the forced donation was what blew up her political career, "what a way to go!" As they got out of the elevator, she promised to always stand by his side. Finn approached and updated them on Ryan's condition. He assured them that Ryan would soon be in solitary confinement and that his claims of having a kidney stolen were going ignored.

Kevin wondered what Finn had wanted to talk to him about, and Finn informed Kevin that it concerned Kevin's suspension. Finn invited Kevin and Laura into his office and explained that he'd heard that the board meeting had gotten very "heated," but the close vote had decided to reinstate Kevin. He handed Kevin some paperwork to fill out and file and the key to Kevin's office, and he sincerely congratulated Kevin. Finn related that he knew what it was like to screw up and have to start over. He offered to listen as a colleague or a friend if Kevin ever wanted to talk. Kevin shook Finn's hand and thought he might take Finn up of the offer.

When Finn left to take care of some patients, Laura kissed Kevin and suggested that they celebrate that night. She remembered that he'd been dragging his feet about signing the lease for his new office, and she figured it had been due to some "wishful thinking." Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to her assistant. When she was off the phone, she broke it to Kevin that there was a budget issue that she had to take care of immediately. He proposed that she take care of it while he settled back into his office, and they would meet at home and celebrate. She happily agreed, congratulated him, and left.

At Kelly's, Lulu frantically called her editor and left a message for Stevie to get back to Lulu's house immediately. She explained that her date hadn't shown up, and her house was probably being robbed as she spoke. She grabbed her things and ran out of the restaurant.

At Lulu's, Josslyn turned the light on and saw Dev with a bag of stuff in his hands. She took her phone out and snapped a picture of him. She said that he'd better pray that the police got there before her stepfather did. He ran right past her and out the door as she called the police. A few minutes later, Lulu entered the house and found Josslyn describing the thief to an officer. Josslyn told Lulu what had happened. The officer thought that Josslyn had done the right thing and that the thief couldn't have gotten far.

Willow walked with Chase into the police station, and he was sorry that he couldn't keep her company that night. She was glad that he wouldn't witness her "pacing a hole into the floor" over her court date with Shiloh the next day. He assured her that she was welcome to stay at his place, and he pressed a key into her hand. He told her that he would be happy to pace with her if she was there when he got home.

Chase reassured Willow that Diane was the best, and he named all of the powerful people who were in "Wiley's army." He thought that if Shiloh was "half as smart as he thinks he is," he would cut his losses and leave town. Willow told him that Diane was waiting for her, and he promised to see her the next day. They shared a kiss, and she left. Minutes later, Chase watched as an officer escorted a handcuffed Dev into the station. The officer commented that the teen had matched the description of the thief who'd broken into "the Falconeri place."

In Lulu's kitchen, Lulu commended Josslyn's bravery, but she demanded to know what Josslyn had been thinking, going into a house with a door that shouldn't have been unlocked. She yelled at Josslyn, "channeling all moms," and Josslyn insisted that she understood. Lulu apologized for yelling, especially with everything Josslyn was going through, but Josslyn thanked Lulu for not "walking on eggshells." Lulu's phone went off, and it was Chase informing her that they might have found the culprit.

Lulu and Josslyn entered the station a short while later, and Josslyn recognized Dev immediately. Lulu accused him of using a dating app to lure women out of their homes in order to rob them, but Dev repeatedly proclaimed his innocence. He insisted that he'd found someone trying to rob the house, but he'd grabbed the bag, and the real thief had been scared off. Chase wondered why Dev would do that, and Dev replied that he was friends with Sonny.

Chase didn't believe Dev, and he instructed an officer to take Dev to the interrogation room. Dev loudly resisted, believing that he would be tortured, but Chase assured him that that wasn't what happened "here." Dev didn't believe Chase, so Chase claimed that they couldn't hurt him because of his friendship with Sonny. Dev went willingly, and Josslyn watched as Dev was cuffed to the table. Chase took the opportunity to ask Lulu for more details. She told him about her story, and Chase didn't believe Dev's claims.

Michael entered Sonny's with takeout from Kelly's, and Carly was grateful for some variety. She was disappointed to learn that Michael had ordered her some more healthy food. Jason arrived and revealed that he had some news from Margaux that could be helpful in dealing with Shiloh. "I want in," Michael stated, and Carly wanted to know what was going on, unless there was a felony involved. "Not yet," Jason replied. He told the three about the suspicious overdose death of a former Dawn of Day member named Douglas Miller, who'd happened to be Harmony's husband.

Michael remembered the conversation he'd had with Willow about her mother as Jason revealed that he was going to go to Beechers Corners that night to dig up some information. Michael asked Jason to hold off until morning so that Michael could confirm a suspicion. He asked Jason, Sonny, and Carly to trust him, and he left. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he was surprised to answer it to Josslyn. She instructed Sonny not to say anything to Carly, but she was at the police station. She explained about "the kid with a middle eastern accent" who said he knew Sonny.

When Sonny was gone, Carly vented to Jason about having to stay home while Sonny got her daughter at the police station. Jason instructed her to calm down for the baby, and she countered that she would stress a lot less if she had been allowed to go get Josslyn. She thought that Jax would "freak out" knowing that Sonny was there with Josslyn, and she picked up her phone to call him. Jason advised her to think it through, as Josslyn being in between Jax and Sonny probably wasn't a good idea. She agreed, but she asked that he distract her. He talked about going to Beechers Corners, and she reminded him that he had a rap sheet there, so he would be on their radar. He promised that he wouldn't be seen.

Sonny entered the police station and looked into the interrogation room at Dev. He remembered his encounters with Dev in Turkey while looking for Dante, and he asked Chase for time to clear things up. "Be my guest," Chase offered. Sonny went into the interrogation room, and Dev was ecstatic to see him.

Willow met with Diane at Kelly's, and Diane wanted to prepare her for the next day. Diane divulged that Shiloh's lawyer had a reputation for being ruthless. Willow confessed that she was even more terrified than before, but Diane reminded her that fear wouldn't help. She assured Willow that she was a good person, and she wanted Willow to "leave everything to me." Diane instructed her client to get a good night's sleep. Willow's phone went off, and it was Michael urgently asking to meet, so she concluded the meeting with Diane.

Willow met Michael outside of Kelly's, and Willow updated Michael on her meeting with Diane. He assured her that Diane was the best. He felt bad about it, but he had some questions about Shiloh. He told Willow about Jason's intel from Margaux, and he wondered if Douglas Miller had been Willow's father. She confirmed that it had been her father, but she didn't want to talk about it. He had questions about it for Wiley's sake, but she didn't want to talk about it "because I killed him."

Sonny takes Dev to the Corinthos house to stay

Sonny takes Dev to the Corinthos house to stay

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Neil ran into Alexis at Kelly's, where they made small talk. Neil joked that he liked diners, since he was from Jersey, while Alexis confessed that she'd heard Kristina's sessions had been going well. She added that she knew her boundaries and didn't know much else. Neil looked forward to seeing Alexis at their own session. "It's a date," Alexis shouted. They looked at each other awkwardly, and Neil left.

Diane was sitting at a table nearby and made fun of Alexis. She declared that she was happy to see Alexis flirting with someone other than Julian. Alexis denied that she had been flirting, although Diane didn't believe her. Alexis revealed that Neil had been treating both her and Kristina. Diane thought that could be awkward, and Alexis admitted there had been moments.

Diane suggested that Alexis get a new therapist and have a romance with Neil instead. Alexis urged Diane to slow down and put away her cupid's bow. She explained that Neil was a different kind of therapist, and he had challenged her. Her sessions had been exhausting but rewarding. Diane thought that was the "hallmark" of a good relationship.

Alexis continued to talk about Neil, and Diane taunted her. Alexis insisted she respected her boundaries with Neil, but she had been curious about him. She had looked him up online and only knew that he had been married and had lived in New Jersey. She had stopped herself from looking any further. Diane grabbed her phone and announced that she had no boundaries that needed respect.

Diane perused her phone. "Wow," she said. Alexis demanded to know what Diane had found, and Diane showed her the obituary for Joanna Marie Byrne who had passed away on July 31, 2014. Alexis proceeded to read that she had been the beloved daughter of Neil and his wife, and she realized that that had been why Neil hadn't wanted to talk about his personal life.

Outside of Kelly's, Michael couldn't believe that Willow had confessed to killing her father. Willow clarified that she hadn't meant literally, but she might as well have. She told Michael how she, her mother, and her father had been a family. Her father had followed her mother around to different communes, and they had joined Dawn of Day. Her father had realized that something was odd about Shiloh, and he had confronted him.

Harmony had turned against her husband after that, and he had been driven out of DOD. She had not allowed him to take Willow with him, although Willow admitted that she had been brainwashed by then and hadn't wanted to leave. She had been in touch with her father infrequently, but he had begged her to see him one night, so they had made plans. She had been able to tell that something was wrong.

Willow continued that Shiloh had encouraged her to see her father, but he had set her up. Willow had been ready to leave when Shiloh had decided that it was time for her initiation, and Willow had had to choose. She had called her father and changed their plans. She began to cry to Michael, who assured her that she had been manipulated. Willow disagreed. She should have known that her father had needed her. He had not appeared the next day, and she had gone up to his hotel room, where she'd found him dead from an overdose. It had been her fault, and it had appeared that he'd wanted to die.

Michael hugged Willow as she cried. She apologized for her meltdown. Michael told her there was no sense in looking at hypotheticals because things couldn't be changed. He added that she had been coerced, but it had taken courage for her to finally leave DOD. "What if Shiloh finds Wiley?" Willow asked. She was extremely worried.

At General Hospital, Kevin was happy to be back in his office and told Heidi that he felt lucky. Neil stopped by, and the doctors talked about how long it had been since they'd seen each other. Kevin admitted that some patients were not happy to see him return, and he still had several openings in his schedule. Neil confessed that he wanted a session, and the men sat down at Kevin's desk.

Neil admitted that his problem was both professional and personal. He had had conflicting feelings about a patient of his. Kevin asked if it was romantic, but Neil insisted that it wasn't; the boundaries had been observed. Neil believed that he had something in common with his patient, and he was familiar with what she'd been going through. He was invested in seeing how things worked out for her.

Neil felt that he'd wanted to share his own experiences with his patient. "Tricky limbo?" Kevin asked. He thought that Neil could use his own experiences as a template for his patient, but Neil confessed that his issue was not in the past. Kevin reminded him that he couldn't involve a patient in his personal life or unburden himself and share his struggles with her. Neil understood that it "muddied the waters."

Franco spotted Drew sitting on a bench in the hallway. Drew admitted that he had suddenly been hit with jet lag and had been trying to get up to go home. Franco asked about the trip. Drew said it had been beautiful and difficult, but he and Kim had had to do it. They'd scattered Oscar's ashes, and Drew felt a sense of closure. He did not think that Kim felt the same, and she had been hit hard with Oscar's death.

Franco stated that it would take time, but Kim was lucky to have Drew to talk to. He thought it was a beautiful thing that Kim and Drew had done. Drew declared that Oscar had deserved it. Franco offered to be there for whenever Drew needed him. Drew joked that he would want to grab a beer because he needed a friend. He admitted that he usually went to Curtis, and Franco joked about being second choice.

Drew hesitated and laughed. "Do you think you want to try to be the brother you once were to me?" he asked. Franco was pleased and promised that he was capable of it. Drew asked to see the papers that Franco was holding, and Franco shared a drawing he'd been working on. Drew thought it suspiciously looked like a wedding invitation but he recalled that Franco had already been married.

Franco maintained that he and Elizabeth had never had a celebration because no time had ever felt right. Drew thought that people deserved to be happy, and he would be there. He knew that Oscar's memory would be marred if people didn't continue to live their lives.

Elizabeth dropped off a lasagna to Kim, who invited her inside. Elizabeth made it known that the dish was large enough for both Kim and Julian. Kim looked at her awkwardly and poured cups of coffee. She admitted that her grief had been returning in waves and was especially bad in the mornings when she woke up to no Oscar. It had been painful. She thought that things had been better out of the country, but returning home had caused her more pain. She didn't know what to do next.

Elizabeth replied that she was there for Kim, as was Julian. Kim wasn't sure. She confided that she had asked Julian to have a baby with her. She told Elizabeth what had happened and admitted her request had been impulsive, but she really did want it. Julian had told her maybe they could do it in the future, but she thought he had just wanted to be nice.

Kim insisted that she was not trying to replace Oscar, but Elizabeth couldn't understand why Kim would want a baby when she was still so consumed with grief. Kim explained that Oscar had been the most important thing in her life, and she couldn't see herself not being a mother. Elizabeth replied that Kim didn't need a baby to be a mother because the title and experience were all a part of her, and Oscar would live on through his parents. Kim thought it was nice to hear that from another mother.

Elizabeth added that there was no right or wrong way to process grief, but Kim should be kind to herself. Kim thanked Elizabeth for not judging her, for giving good advice, and for giving her the casserole. Elizabeth offered to stay, but Kim thought she should deal with her jet lag. The women hugged, and Elizabeth offered to be available any time that Kim needed her.

Carly sat in her kitchen with Jason and wondered why Josslyn was at the police station. She explained that she was wired to be a mother, and she was supposed to worry. She was also concerned about Jason going to Beechers Corners to investigate Shiloh because of his past there. She thought that someone else should go, but Jason disagreed. He wanted to get any evidence against Shiloh that might exist.

Suddenly, Jason decided that it was too late to go to Beechers Corners, but Carly realized that he was just trying to stick around to prevent her from running off to the police station. Jason didn't think he could stop her, but Carly knew that Jason was right about her staying home. She only wanted to be present for Josslyn and let her know that she could feel whatever she wanted to feel.

Carly divulged that she'd tried to get Josslyn to go to therapy, but her daughter had refused. Jason thought that Josslyn might not be ready, but it was good for her to know that her mother was there for her. Carly told Jason about the sťance that Josslyn had had with her friends. She didn't see that Josslyn was moving on. After giving it some thought, Carly decided that maybe it was good for Josslyn to be at the police station in order to give her a chance to focus on something else.

At the police station, Josslyn told Sonny that she had found a boy in Lulu's house, but she'd known she wasn't in danger. She told him to look in on the boy, who was sitting in the interrogation room. Sonny saw Dev sitting there, and he said Chase had made a mistake about the situation. He asked to be able to chat with the boy, and Chase gave his okay. Dev was happy to see Sonny, who wanted to know why Dev had been robbing Dante's house and why he was in the country.

Dev insisted that he had not been trying to rob Dante, and he added that he was not a thief. Sonny reminded him of how they'd met in Turkey, but Dev stated that he didn't break into houses. He had been looking for Sonny and had been to his house but hadn't been able to find a way inside. He'd gone to Dante's house and had seen a thief, who had run away. Dev had grabbed the bags, and then he'd seen the girl show up.

Sonny wanted to know why Dev was in Port Charles, but Dev replied that it was a long story. Sonny pulled out a chair and sat down. "We got time," he said. Sonny declared that Dev should have been taken care of by the WSB, but Dev maintained that he didn't trust them. He'd found lots of money in Raj's compound and had bought himself a phony passport and an airplane ticket. He wanted Sonny's help, or he was afraid he'd be deported. He couldn't return to Turkey because he'd be killed.

Out in the lobby, Josslyn told Lulu that she could tell that Sonny and the boy had known each other. She wondered why the boy would rob Lulu. Sonny emerged from the room and asked to speak to Lulu. Sonny informed Lulu that Dev had helped him and Dante in Turkey. Chase asked if everything was okay, and Lulu quickly told him there'd been a mistake. She added that the boy had scared off the real burglar. Sonny said that the boy was a friend of the family.

Carly received a text message from Josslyn that she would be returning from the police station with Sonny and a surprise. Jason thought it was time for him to go, and he and Carly hugged. Jason assured her that Josslyn would find her way.

Josslyn returned, and Carly "freaked out" about how worried she'd been. Josslyn tried to get her to calm down, and Sonny walked in with Dev. He introduced Dev to Carly and stated that Dev would be staying with them for a while.

Franco ran into Elizabeth at the hospital, and he mentioned his difficult conversation with Drew. Elizabeth revealed that she'd had a similar talk with Kim, and both agreed that Oscar's parents were struggling. Elizabeth said that she'd listened to Kim, who had seemed better when Elizabeth had left Kim's place.

Drew received a phone call from Kim. She asked him to dinner the following evening because she had something to discuss with him.

At the police station, Chase asked Lulu if Sonny had gone. He was curious about the description of the burglar because Dev had only seen him for a minute, and he'd been oddly specific. Also, from the description he'd been given, Chase felt the burglar could have taken Dev down, but he'd run off. Lulu thought it fit the pattern of the previous burglaries, with the suspect only going into houses when the women weren't home. Chase thought it was convenient that Dev had been a friend of Sonny's, but Lulu stated that she couldn't tell him anything.

Sonny makes plans for Dev's summer

Sonny makes plans for Dev's summer

Friday, June 21, 2019

In Sonny and Carly's kitchen, Dev devoured his breakfast. Sonny wondered if Dev wanted anything else, prompting Dev to admit between bites that he wouldn't say no to "meatballs," so Carly offered to fetch Olivia's leftover ziti. Dev scarfed down the rest of his breakfast as Sonny followed Carly to the kitchen island. Josslyn sat across from Dev, so she seized the opportunity to question him. However, Dev was evasive, and the teens ended up bickering.

At the kitchen island, Sonny and Carly agreed that it didn't appear that Dev had had regular meals in quite a while. Carly was happy to feed the teen, but she worried that people might start asking questions. She doubted that Dev had entered the country under the proper circumstances, and she pointed out that they weren't exactly a low-key family. Sonny conceded that Carly had a point, and he decided to head out.

Dev offered to accompany Sonny, but Sonny ordered the teen to stay put. Sonny promised to have things sorted out when he returned. Carly walked Sonny to the hallway, and Sonny expressed his concern about Josslyn's interest in Dev. Carly agreed that the less that Josslyn knew about Dev, the less she would need to lie if anyone asked questions.

Later, Dev carried his plate to the sink as Josslyn trailed behind him. He casually asked if she knew where Sonny had gone, but she snidely suggested that he should have asked his "friend." Josslyn informed Dev that her stepfather never discussed business with her, which explained why she hadn't heard about Dev. Just then, Carly returned to the kitchen to ask Josslyn to fetch something by the pool. Josslyn walked out, but she quickly ducked under a window to eavesdrop on Carly and Dev's conversation.

Carly wanted to set some ground rules, but Dev assured her that he had no intention of causing trouble for anyone. Carly smiled then asked about his family, but Dev made it clear that the subject was off limits. Carly respected his privacy, but she was curious where he had learned English. Dev grinned then revealed that he had learned by watching television and movies, then he demonstrated this flawless American accent.

Outside, Josslyn's eyes rounded with surprise when she heard Carly express her gratitude for Dev's help in Turkey. Dev downplayed it, but Carly reminded him that he had saved Sonny's life. Carly was curious why Dev had left the WSB's protection, but Dev became evasive then shifted gears to thank Carly for her hospitality. Carly let the matter drop, but she advised Dev to dial back the gratitude -- a little went a long way. Once the coast was clear, Dev stepped outside and busted Josslyn.

At Kelly's, Curtis ordered a cup of coffee then sat down at Valentin's table. Valentin invited Curtis to order breakfast, but Curtis didn't intend to stay. Eager to get down to business, Valentin wondered what Curtis knew about Jax because the man was a "shark," and they needed to protect Nina. Valentin mentioned that Jax's brother was an international arms dealer, but Curtis pointed out that Valentin had no room to judge anyone's family. Undaunted, Valentin expressed concern because Drew had given Nina a wide berth at Crimson, whereas Jax had taken a more hands-on approach. Curtis cautioned Valentin because Nina could fight her own battles, and she might turn on Valentin if he stuck his nose where it didn't belong.

Valentin explained that he needed to find out if Jax had an agenda that might conflict with Nina's interests. "Or yours," Curtis speculated. Valentin insisted that Nina's interests were Valentin's because he loved Nina, and he would do whatever was necessary to protect her. Valentin was confident that Curtis could empathize. Valentin offered to pay Curtis for his time, which Valentin suspected would be welcome while Jordan was out of work, recovering from transplant surgery. Curtis clarified that he would only do research for Valentin.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina and Jax discussed business over breakfast. Nina was happy to report that sales had been up 25 percent since they had announced that Ava would be featured on the September cover. Jax was pleased, but he wondered what would happen once the interest in Ava's story had waned. Nina assured him that the next issue would be even better, which Jax thought sounded rather confident. Nina reminded him that he had liked that about her.

Jax turned on the charm as he wondered if Nina still believed that he was too good to be true, but Nina teased that it was yet to be determined. She pointed out that he had nearly cost Crimson an exclusive with Ava, but Jax argued that he had saved the deal. Nina assured him that she had her eyes on the prize, and she insisted that she was willing to make the sacrifices for the greater good, like dealing with Ava. Jax was grateful, prompting her to suggest the he repay her by giving her the autonomy that she had once enjoyed.

According to Jax, Crimson had been inefficient and overextended, but Nina was offended at the implication that she was not a good businesswoman. Jax rushed to assure Nina that he trusted her business acumen, which had kept Crimson afloat, but he was confident that their collaboration would take the fashion magazine to new heights -- if they trusted each other and worked as a team. Nina had her doubts because they hadn't agreed on much. She loved the magazine, but she had a daughter and stepdaughter, so there was more to life than the magazine for her.

Jax assured Nina that she was free to go, but he doubted that she would have it half as good anywhere else. Robert approached the table, and Nina decided that it was her cue to leave. "Until we meet again," Nina told Jax. Jax looked forward to it. "But, will I?" Nina asked. Robert chuckled as he sat down. Jax assumed that Robert was there on WSB business, but Robert let him know that it was personal. Jax promised that his hands were clean, but Robert didn't care about Jax because the rumor at the WSB was that wherever Jax went, Jerry was soon to follow.

Jax claimed that he hadn't seen his brother in years, and they were no longer in touch. Jax explained that Jerry had escaped from Steinmauer then vanished. Robert broached the subject of Lady Jane's funeral, but Jax was adamant that his brother had not been there. Robert warned Jax that he hadn't forgotten Jerry's role in Robin's abduction. Jax assured Robert that Robin was his friend, but Robert made it clear that he would hunt Jerry down and dismember him if Jerry even checked the weather in Berkeley. Jax wondered if that was WSB policy.

"No, it's my policy," Robert replied. Robert decided that it was a good idea to set some things straight if they were going to coexist in Port Charles. Startled, Jax wondered if Robert intended to settle down, but Robert saw his "date" at the bar and excused himself. Moments later, Curtis slid into Robert's vacated seat. "Do I know you?" Jax asked. "No, but you will," Curtis replied.

Later, Jax expressed his surprise that Curtis had accepted Drew's job offer because Drew had given Jax the impression that Curtis had turned it down. Curtis explained that he was interested in the job, but he couldn't work with someone that he couldn't trust. Curtis trusted Drew, but he didn't know Jax, so Curtis wanted the opportunity to dig into Jax's background. Jax assured Curtis that he had nothing to hide. Curtis was skeptical because most people felt that way until "the excavating" started. Jax was confident that he didn't have any deep, dark secrets, so Curtis dropped a thick file on the table then revealed that he had been unable to cover all the information in a matter of minutes.

At the bar, Robert joined Sonny as Sonny sipped a drink. After they exchanged greetings, Sonny informed Robert that it was time for the WSB to take care of Dev. Robert revealed that he was no longer working for the WSB, but he had called someone to find out what had happened with Dev. According to Robert's contact, the WSB had offered Dev a new identity, a safe place to settle, and money to start a new life, but Dev had bolted. Robert explained that the WSB had washed their hands of Dev, which meant that the teen was someone else's problem.

Frustrated, Sonny asked if Robert had any information about Raj's men. Robert confided that not all of Raj's men had been captured. Sonny realized that Dev remained a target, but Robert pointed out that Dev had been able to look after himself quite well if he had managed to evade the WSB and to sneak into the country. Sonny asked Robert not to say anything if the WSB asked about Dev, but Robert reminded Sonny that he hadn't even seen Dev.

Meanwhile, Carly entered her kitchen. Josslyn was curious if Dev was in his bedroom because she was eager to know how long he would be staying. Carly didn't have an answer about Dev's stay, which surprised Josslyn because she hadn't expected Carly to be okay with Sonny letting some random kid from Turkey move in. Carly smiled as she asked how Josslyn knew that Dev was from Turkey. Josslyn reluctantly admitted that she'd been eavesdropping, but she insisted that it had been necessary because Carly would have refused to answer Josslyn's questions.

Carly made it clear that listening in on private conversations was not acceptable. Josslyn confessed that she had regretted her decision because Dev had busted her.

A short time later, Sonny joined his wife in the kitchen. Carly was shocked when he told her that the WSB had forced Robert out, and she was disappointed that the WSB had abandoned Dev. Josslyn entered the kitchen, followed by Dev, prompting Sonny to announce that Dev would be staying the summer. Dev smiled with relief, but Josslyn was curious how they would explain Dev's presence. Sonny explained that they would introduce him to everyone as his cousin, "Devin."

In Willow's classroom, Willow prepared to welcome her students' parents when Elizabeth, Franco, and Lulu entered. Willow greeted the trio with a warm smile, but she warned them that they were early and that the kids were still in art class. Elizabeth set down a large box of cupcakes that Aiden had baked, while Lulu offered to help Willow finish decorating. Willow excused herself when she received a call from Diane. Diane explained that she didn't expect Willow's case to be called for a few hours, but she needed Willow to arrive early because they needed to strategize about Shiloh.

Willow explained that it was the last day of school, but she promised to be there as soon as the awards ceremony was over. Diane stressed that it was imperative that Willow be on time, and she advised Willow to skip the ceremony if necessary. After Willow ended the call, Lulu admitted that she, Elizabeth, and Franco had had an ulterior motive for being early. Lulu handed Willow a gift certificate to a spa and a bag with an adult beverage that they hoped Willow enjoyed with Chase.

In the hallway, Valentin saw Nina waiting outside Charlotte's classroom. Nina explained that she had been trying to "psych" herself up for a final "judgment round" with Ms. Tait. Valentin recalled that Nina had been excited earlier that morning about the awards ceremony, so she admitted that her meeting with Jax had been tense, and she had threatened to quit. Valentin was surprised, but she assured him that she hadn't meant it any more than if she had threatened to walk away from Valentin, Sasha, or Charlotte. Pleased, Valentin kissed her.

Later, Willow welcomed the students' parents. Nina and Valentin stood near the door as Willow spoke from the heart about what an honor it had been to teach her third grade class. She praised the wonderful children and their supportive parents for the success that her students had enjoyed.

After the awards were handed out, Aiden showed Elizabeth and Franco his "Reading Rockstar" award. They were proud of Aiden and showered him with praise. Nearby, Charlotte beamed as she showed off her award to Lulu, Valentin, and Nina. Each congratulated Charlotte, then Nina reminded her that it was almost time for the relay race. Charlotte was disappointed that they didn't have an event in riding, so Valentin suggested they take the horses out later that day. Charlotte was delighted.

Nina quietly told Valentin that she hoped that Charlotte's award hadn't been a swipe at them, but Valentin preferred to think that Charlotte had earned it. Nearby, Charlotte handed Lulu the award in exchange for a bouquet of flowers and a small present. Next, Charlotte dashed over to Aiden to let him know that it was time. Aiden took the bouquet, and together, Aiden and Charlotte approached Willow to present her with flowers and a book of pictures that they had put together to remind Willow of the school year. Willow was deeply touched by the gesture.

After the children left the classroom, the principal's assistant poked her head in to let Willow know that Principal Schultz had asked Willow to stay after because he needed to discuss an important matter with her. Willow explained that she had an important appointment that she couldn't be late for, so the assistant promised to let the principal know. Elizabeth, Franco, and Lulu exchanged secret smiles, while Nina decided to ask why Willow had given Charlotte an award for kindness rather than acknowledging that Charlotte had had perfect grades in the final quarter. Willow revealed that Charlotte had worked hard to show kindness and consideration toward her classmates, which Willow thought had been important to recognize.

Willow had no doubt that Charlotte would thrive in the accelerated program, but she warned Nina and Valentin that they might find that Charlotte missed the friends that she had made. Valentin appreciated Willow's candor, but he assured her that he and Nina expected great things from Charlotte. Willow promised that she did, as well, but she realized that she would not be around to see it.

Across town, Diane approached Alexis as Alexis packed up her things at the end of a hearing. Diane was eager to know how Alexis planned to safeguard Wiley from Shiloh, but Alexis was interested in Diane's strategy. Diane didn't think it would be beneficial to Alexis to know what Diane had up her sleeve, but she urged Alexis to be gone before Shiloh saw them together. "Too late," Shiloh warned the women as he sauntered into the courtroom. Shiloh was curious what business Alexis had with Willow's attorney, but Alexis wasn't intimidated as she told him that she'd been relaying her knowledge of Shiloh's depravity. Diane confessed that she was itching to use it in court.

Shiloh assured Alexis and Diane that he just wanted his child, but neither was moved by his claims that it had pained him to be separated from his son. Shiloh suspected that both Alexis and Diane took pleasure in his agony. Both women conceded that he was right. Shiloh turned his attention to Diane because she was a mystery to him. He suggested that Diane take one of his classes because he was eager to plumb the depths of her "psychic trauma," but Diane took a "hard pass" on the offer.

After Diane left to take something, Alexis warned Shiloh that he would not beat Diane, but Shiloh wondered what kind of father he would be if he didn't at least try. Alexis reminded him that he would have to prove that he was the father first, which Alexis was certain he could not do. She started to leave, but Shiloh asked her to wait. He apologized because he didn't want to argue with her. He started talking about how he had failed her, but Alexis wasn't interested in the "insipid drivel" that he spewed.

Shiloh blamed Alexis for the "faithlessness" in her daughters, but Alexis warned him that he wasn't in any position to lecture her on parenting. Shiloh insisted that he loved his son, and he would never do anything to hurt him. "Now, can you say the same about you and your children?" Shiloh asked. Shiloh started to talk about Kristina's pledge to gauge what she knew, but she refused to take the bait. Alexis was aware that the pledges had been used for blackmail; she knew that Kristina's pledge had hinged on Alexis, but Alexis conceded that she didn't know the details.

However, Alexis was confident that the pledge had either been old news or a misunderstanding, or else Shiloh would have used it. Shiloh claimed that the pledges were sacred and "divulged in confidence," so he would never use them, but Alexis wasn't fooled. "Come and get me, you son of a bitch," she dared him.

Shiloh smiled as he promised that he would not give up on Alexis or her daughters, but she warned him to stay away from Sam and Kristina. Shiloh agreed to honor Alexis' wishes, but he advised her to talk to her daughters because they couldn't seem to stay away from him.

In the hallway, Diane noticed a familiar face. She approached Zahra Amir then greeted Shiloh's attorney. After the two litigators exchanged pleasantries, Diane returned to the courtroom. She was not pleased to see Alexis had been talking to Shiloh. Zahra was right behind Diane, and she called Shiloh over. Diane pulled Alexis aside to ask why Alexis hadn't left. Alexis warned Diane that Shiloh was a cancer, but Diane promised that she would prevail in court. Alexis insisted that Wiley wouldn't be safe until Shiloh was locked up behind bars -- or in the ground.

Diane quickly hustled Alexis out of the courtroom. She hoped that Alexis' comment about Shiloh had been metaphorical, so Alexis insincerely assured her that it had been. Diane advised Alexis to call an A.A. sponsor or schedule an appointment with Neil because Alexis needed to get her head on straight.

After Alexis left, Diane returned to the courtroom as Judge Walters entered. Judge Walters glanced at Diane's table then demanded to know where her client was.

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