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Mike and Yvonne celebrated their "wedding." Stella left town. Hayden made a deal with Liesl. Franco woke up with Drew's memories. Dr. Cabot offered to cut a deal. Brad tampered with Wiley's medical records. Sasha remained in isolation.
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Elizabeth was devastated that Franco didn't recall his life with her and the boys
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Franco appears to have Drew's memories

Franco appears to have Drew's memories

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sonny, Carly, and Stella paid a visit to Turning Woods in order to provide Mike with his wedding day clothing. They were excited about Mike's wedding day, but Mike didn't recognize any of them. He thought that Sonny was the minister, and Carly noted that she was there because she liked weddings. Carly left to help Mike dress, and Sonny admitted to Stella that he wasn't okay.

Sonny admonished himself for being upset, and Stella declared that it wasn't a day about being down. Sonny replied that he had wanted to share the day with Mike. Stella told him he would still celebrate, albeit in a different way. Stella spotted Marcus, and she noted that Sonny wouldn't be the only one to feel sad.

Stella walked over to Marcus and admitted that she was surprised to see him. Marcus had Yvonne's favorite dress with him, and he handed it to Stella. He revealed that he was envious of the happiness, but he couldn't be a part of the day because it meant saying goodbye to the most important person in his life. Carly and Sonny were impressed that Marcus was there. Stella handed the dress over to Carly and invited Marcus out for the meal that she owed him.

Sonny declared that he could never do what Marcus had done, and he wasn't certain that he could even officiate at the ceremony. Carly assured him she'd be right by his side. Carly thought it was a gift to see Mike so happy, and she thought that Sonny should share the joy. She called the day a blessing, and Sonny thanked her for reminding him of that.

Mike returned in his tuxedo, and Carly went to help Yvonne dress. Mike was nervous, and he thought the day was strange without any family members present. He told Sonny that he'd had family long before, and Sonny asked about his son. Mike wondered how Sonny had known he'd had a son, and Sonny replied that it had been a lucky guess.

Mike explained that he'd grown apart from his son, but it had been his own fault. Sonny didn't think it would ever be too late to fix things. Mike wished he could tell his son named Sonny that he was sorry, and he wished things had been different. Sonny was sure that Mike's son was thinking of Mike and had forgiven him.

"Are you a dad?" Mike asked. They chatted, and Mike hoped that Sonny would pass on his message if he ever saw Mike's son. Tearfully, Sonny replied that Mike's son knew. Carly returned and announced that Yvonne was ready. Sonny was also ready and honored, and he kissed Carly's hand as she grasped his arm.

Angrily, Cameron stood poised in Rice Plaza to pick up trash for his community service. He threw his equipment to the ground, and Trina and Josslyn found him and teased him. They reminded him of their previous plans for the movies, but Cameron retorted that he'd been busy being kidnapped. Trina laughed at him, but Josslyn looked at his face and realized he had spoken the truth.

Cameron related the chain of events of the previous evening and admonished himself for not running away when he'd had the chance. Trina and Josslyn were sympathetic and tried to convince him that he wasn't to blame. Cameron disclosed that Shiloh had wanted to imprint Drew's memories into him, but Franco had saved him. He thought that Franco would either remain in a coma, think he was Drew, or not even ever wake up.

Cameron insisted it had all been his fault. Josslyn disagreed and stated that Shiloh was the one who had been responsible. Cameron added that Franco had shown up at the warehouse because of Cameron.

At General Hospital, Alexis sat in Kevin's office for a session and explained that she was no longer Neil's patient. She admitted that she found Neil attractive, but she had arrived at the conclusion that her treatment was more important. Things had grown awkward after they'd had some personal interaction.

Alexis continued to ramble until Kevin finally managed to stop her. He told her that he would be unable to treat her because there were too many conflicts, and she'd have to find someone else. He offered to look for someone, and Alexis agreed, although she suggested that a woman might work out better. "Done," Kevin said.

Alexis left the office and ran into Neil, who was on his way into Kevin's office. They greeted each other uncomfortably, and Alexis realized that Neil was seeing Kevin as a patient. She shared that Kevin had spoken about "blurred lines." "No harm, no foul," Neil said. Alexis walked away, and Neil went inside.

Neil admitted that Alexis had been the first woman he'd clicked with since his divorce, but then she'd ended up as his patient. Kevin wondered why Neil had kept treating her, and Neil replied that it had given him the chance to interact with her. He thought Alexis was a "remarkable" woman, and Kevin reminded him that there were no longer any boundaries. Neil disclosed that he was terrified.

Laura and Drew talked about Franco out in the hallway. Laura wanted to thank Franco for saving Cameron, but Drew informed her that Franco might not be himself any longer. Drew admitted he'd never realized his memories could be transferred to someone else, and he wished he'd destroyed the flash drive when he'd had the chance. Laura didn't want Drew to blame himself, and she was sure that Elizabeth's love would help Franco to return.

Epiphany found Elizabeth snuggled into a chair in Franco's room. She realized that Elizabeth had spent the night there, and she wondered if there was anything she could do for Elizabeth. "Make him wake up," Elizabeth answered. She pointed out that Epiphany was someone who Franco always listened to. Epiphany called Franco a hero, and she left the room.

Elizabeth sat down beside Franco and asked if he'd heard Epiphany's comments. She spoke to him and urged him to fight to keep his promise to return to her. She pleaded with him to wake up. Laura arrived, hugged Elizabeth to comfort her, and suggested Elizabeth take a break. Drew arrived and offered to stay with Franco. Elizabeth thanked him for his help with Cameron, and the women left the room.

Drew sat next to Franco and lamented the fact that he hadn't gotten to the warehouse sooner. He pointed out that Franco had done what needed to be done, and Cameron was okay, as was the entire family. He added that Franco was the one missing from the happy group.

Drew pulled a medal out of his pocket and declared that he'd received it for an action that he didn't even remember. He thought that Franco had been more heroic, and he would leave the medal on the bedside table for whenever Franco woke up. He declared that the medal was Franco's.

Elizabeth and Laura walked the hallway, and Laura disclosed that she'd taken care of Elizabeth's sons. She thought that Cameron was having a difficult time, but he'd covered for Elizabeth and Franco to his younger brothers. The women discussed Cameron's probable survivor's guilt, and they sat down. Kevin approached them and volunteered to look in on Franco.

Drew continued to talk to Franco. He reminded Franco of his vows and the fact that he couldn't get out of "forever." Suddenly, the monitor began to beep. Kevin and Epiphany ran in, and Kevin stated that Franco's blood pressure was elevated. Franco opened his eyes. Elizabeth and Laura ran to the room, but Drew stopped them from going inside.

Franco looked around, and Kevin welcomed him back. Franco asked for some water, and Epiphany held a glass with a straw for him to sip. Kevin shined a light into Franco's eyes and asked him his name. "Is that an actual question?" Franco asked.

Kevin questioned Franco, as outside, Laura received a message about something she needed to do, and Elizabeth urged her to go. When Epiphany left the room, Elizabeth forced her way inside. Franco was out of bed, and he picked up the medal that was on the table. He looked at Elizabeth curiously.

Elizabeth was surprised to see Franco standing, and she began to talk incessantly. Franco looked at the medal. "I need to speak with my superior officer," he said.

At Charlie's Pub, Kim and Julian talked about moving to New York City. Lucy overheard them as she walked over to the bar, and she regretted that Julian wouldn't be buying the Dawn of Day house. Kristina also overheard the conversation as she worked, and Julian revealed that he'd planned to tell the staff later and all at one time.

Julian made it clear that he wanted Lucy to keep the building as a bar and restaurant, and everyone would be able to keep their jobs. Julian added that he would leave all of the décor in place, and it would be up to the new owner to either keep it or discard it. Kim asked to speak to Lucy alone, and the pair grabbed a table nearby.

Kristina thought that Julian would miss the place too much, but he joked that Kristina would miss him more. Kristina was grateful to him and admitted they'd shared some good times. Kristina asked whether Julian had told Alexis, and he admitted he hadn't had the chance. Just then, Alexis walked in, and she asked what was going on.

Julian disclosed that he was selling Charlie's and moving to New York City with Kim. They would make a fresh start but still be close enough to visit. Alexis was dismayed. Julian voiced how happy he was that Sam was safe.

At the table, Lucy informed Kim that she would take a look around her place and give her a "ballpark figure" on it for a sale. Kim replied that she hadn't been in town very long, but a lot had happened. She felt like she was closing a door. Lucy assured her that another door might open, and there was nothing wrong with Kim changing her mind.

Kim finished up with Lucy and returned to Julian and Alexis. They joked about Lucy. Julian needed to relieve Kristina, and Kim and Alexis shared some awkward moments. Kim assumed that the move probably seemed sudden to Alexis, but Alexis thought it was wonderful and wished Julian and Kim the best.

Kristina asked Alexis if she was okay and noted that Dr. Byrne had just walked in. Alexis and Neil greeted each other awkwardly, and Kristina announced that she would provide them both with coffee on the house. Both Alexis and Neil maintained that they had work to do. Alexis noted that they were bound to run into each other, and she wondered if it was okay to say hello. Neil agreed that it was. They talked about Kim, and Alexis called Kim's decision to escape her problem an "A.A. geographical."

Kristina delivered coffee, but Alexis and Neil each sat at a different table next to each other. They spread out their work while stealing glances at each other.

Stella and Marcus walked in and sat at a table. Stella remarked how impressed she'd been with Marcus' gesture of providing Yvonne with her dress. Marcus noted that he and Yvonne were still legally married, but he didn't want to confuse her. He pointed out how happy she was and how the people she was surrounded with had turned into her family.

Stella thought it was strange to gain a family when one wasn't looking for one, and Marcus sensed that she had a story to tell. She filled him in on the unknown relative who hadn't appeared to want to meet her. Just then, she received a phone message and announced that the unknown relative wanted to meet her, after all.

Kim told Julian there was "no turning back," and they both agreed they were happy with their decision. They shared a hug, but both looked uncertain.

Franco thinks he is Drew

Franco thinks he is Drew

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

At Crimson, Nina was getting some of her things together when Jax entered. She informed him that Sasha was in the hospital, so she would be working remotely for a while. Jax comforted a crying Nina as Hayden arrived, and Nina updated Hayden. Jax insisted that Nina do what she needed to do, and Nina left. Hayden commended Jax on the "performance" and suggested that he was getting Nina to trust him. Jax informed Hayden that he'd been in Nina's shoes, and he wouldn't use Sasha's illness to take advantage. He promised to be in touch and left.

Hayden put in a call to her friend Quint. She wanted to hire him for a charter and wondered if he could get her to Spoon Island undetected.

In the isolation room at the hospital, Sasha instructed Michael to go to Mike's wedding. She promised that Nina would be there soon. He felt bad leaving her, and she observed, "So much for being casual." She laughed at her joke, which caused a coughing fit. Finn tapped on the window, beckoning Michael out. He promised to be back and left the room to talk to Finn. He informed Finn that the doctor from the island had heard no reports of flu-like symptoms. He continued that one guest, Sandy Lance, couldn't be accounted for, as her contact information was incorrect.

At Turning Woods, Carly informed Mike and Sonny that Yvonne was ready. Carly played some processional music on her phone as Yvonne walked out. Sonny began the ceremony and decided to "speak from the heart." He talked about how family was the most important thing, and if they cared for each other, the good days would outweigh the bad. Michael entered and stood next to his tearful mother as Sonny recited the vows and Yvonne repeated them.

Mike wanted to say his own vows. He told Yvonne that he'd had the best time of his life with her, and he hoped that he made her half as happy as she made him. Carly handed the rings to the couple, and they each said, "I do." Sonny pronounced them husband and wife, and the two shared a kiss. As Michael talked to the happy couple after the ceremony, Carly commented on the beautiful job Sonny had done. Sonny admitted that he'd thought Mike had recognized him for a moment before the ceremony.

Michael said goodbye to his parents so he could go check on Sasha. Before he left, he commented that Mike thought the "reverend" had done a good job. When Michael was gone, Carly revealed that she'd agreed with Sonny's statements about family and love. Sonny thought about all he and Carly had been through in the previous few years, and he proposed that the two renew their vows.

Nina entered Sasha's room as Finn was finishing up some tests. Nina wanted to take Sasha home, but Finn recommended Sasha stay at the hospital until he knew what virus she had. When Finn was gone, Sasha insisted that she wanted to follow Finn's advice and stay there until Finn cured her. Nina knew that Sasha would be fine, and she called it "a mother's instinct."

Later, Nina was gone, and Michael had returned. He revealed to Sasha that seeing Mike and Yvonne had made him realize that he belonged at Sasha's side. Nina looked in on the two as they made plans for future dates. Jax approached and offered coffee and his company until Valentin arrived. She tearfully thanked him.

Laura met up with Chelsea at Metro Court, and admitted that she had her doubts about psychics. Chelsea divulged that, if the spirits were willing to talk to her, it was up to Laura to believe or not. She took Laura's hands and asked who Laura was trying to reach. "My brother Jonathan," Laura claimed. Moments later, Chelsea revealed that she couldn't reach him, and it was as if he didn't exist. She did have a message from Laura's sister, a blonde in a white nurse uniform. She relayed that the woman missed "gossiping with Richard," and she was glad that Laura had found her "happily ever after" with Kevin. A shaken Laura pretended not to know who Chelsea was talking about.

Chelsea suddenly stared off and told Laura that her son was in danger. In order to help, Chelsea wanted to discuss payment. She told Laura that going any further would cost three-hundred dollars, and Laura asked for a minute. She walked around the corner and put in a call to Lucky. She was relieved to find out minutes later that all was well with him and returned unhappily to Chelsea.

Laura informed Chelsea that her son was fine, and Chelsea was violating a penal law about fortune-telling in the state of New York. She handed Laura a business card and pointed out where it said that her services were for "entertainment purposes only." Chelsea gathered her things and mentioned that the son Laura had to worry about was "the other one."

Ava was shocked to arrive at Charlie's and see a "for sale" sign. Julian informed her of his and Kim's choice to have a fresh start in Manhattan. Ava couldn't believe he was letting Kim try to outrun her grief, as that was impossible. Julian reasoned that Kim had lost a child, but Ava reminded him that she knew what it felt like. Ava's phone went off, and she looked it to see more mean comments on her Crimson article. Julian advised her to avoid comments sections, just as he'd advised Kiki during her lawsuit. "That proves you can't leave me!" she said of the good advice, explaining, "You center me."

Ava related that she'd considered leaving town many times, but she knew she couldn't outrun her grief. She informed him that Kim would need to face it no matter where she was. Chelsea entered to meet with Ava, and Julian judged Ava's way of dealing with her grief. She thanked Chelsea for meeting her and commented that getting in touch with Kiki was more important that Julian leaving town. Chelsea told her that Kiki wasn't ready yet. She added that Ava shouldn't worry, as Julian wasn't going anywhere.

At the Metro Court, Jordan tried to distract Curtis from the previous night's events, but he kicked himself for not arriving to save Franco earlier. With Shiloh behind bars, Jordan thought it qualified as a win. "Not for Elizabeth," Curtis replied. Stella arrived and sat with them, informing them that she'd found her "third cousin, once removed" in London, and she wanted to meet. The cousin had offered to fly Stella out to London, but Curtis and Jordan both immediately got suspicious. Curtis wanted to do a background check first. Stella thought he was being paranoid but advised him to hurry, as she was leaving that night for a few weeks to travel Europe.

A short while later, Stella was gone, and Curtis got off the phone and informed Jordan that Stella's newfound cousin was "clean." Curtis admitted that he was going to miss Stella. As Stella listened in, unseen by Curtis, he expressed how much he loved how close the family had grown in the past year. He also admitted to being nervous about her traveling around Europe alone at her age. "Excuse me?" she squawked. She assured Curtis that she would always be there for the family, but she needed to do things for herself that she'd been putting off for years. He agreed that it made sense, and Stella hugged Curtis and Jordan goodbye so she could go pack. "So much for the relative living nearby," Curtis muttered when Stella was gone.

Outside of Franco's room, Kevin informed Drew that Cabot's procedure had been a success, and Franco thought that he was Drew as of 2012 in Afghanistan. Inside the room, Elizabeth asked Franco if he needed anything. "I need to speak to my superior officer immediately," Franco replied, wanting the officer to know that Andrew Cain needed him. He ripped all the medical equipment off of himself and got out of bed, but Elizabeth urged him to get back into bed. He refused to stay there against his will, but Elizabeth tried to remind Franco of who he really was and who she was to him. "I've never seen you before in my life," Franco responded.

Drew and Kevin entered the room as Franco attempted to push past Elizabeth. Kevin called out to Epiphany to get a sedative ready, and she ran off. Drew attempted to get Franco back into bed, and Kevin assisted until Epiphany returned with a syringe. She injected Franco, and Drew got him back into bed. Epiphany left to talk to a neurologist about the situation. Kevin decided to order an MRI, but he thought it best to keep confronting Franco with the facts.

A short while later, Franco woke up and said that he didn't know any of the people standing around him. Kevin wanted to explain what had happened, and he would leave it up to Franco whether or not to believe it. Kevin divulged that Franco was in the USA, and he wasn't Andrew Cain. "I'm Andrew Cain," Drew chimed in. Just then, Kevin's phone went off, and he saw that it was a colleague that specialized in memory study, so he left the room to take the call.

Elizabeth continued that she was Franco's wife. Franco looked at Drew and thought that Drew looked nothing like him. Elizabeth explained that Drew had been hit by a car and had needed facial reconstruction. Drew realized that Franco hadn't yet looked in a mirror, so he retrieved one from a drawer. He handed it to Franco, who gazed at his own reflection.

A few minutes later, Kevin hung up his phone as Laura entered the hospital. She updated Kevin on her meeting with Chelsea and how Chelsea hadn't seemed to know that Nikolas was dead.

Hayden gets busted searching Wyndemere

Hayden gets busted searching Wyndemere

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Jason and Sam arrived home in their Corinthos Coffee softball uniforms, and she was proud of him for getting the game-winning hit against Michael and ELQ. She told him that she wanted to play next time, but he reminded her that she'd almost died. She exclaimed that she was grateful to be alive, and the two shared a kiss. He picked her up and headed toward the stairs, but he stopped when there was a knock on the door. Robert announced himself, so Jason put Sam down and let Robert in.

Robert informed Sam that he still needed her statement, and he also wanted to update Sam and Jason on the situation. Sam gave her statement to Robert, and he assured them that Shiloh and Cabot were in jail. He added that the flash drive was in evidence, but he wasn't sure how functional it would be after it had been used. He told the shocked Sam and Jason about what had happened to Cameron and Franco, and that, while Franco was physically fine, he believed he was Drew.

On the phone at the hospital, Jax asked his assistant to schedule a meeting with Maxie about Crimson operations in Nina's absence. When he was off the phone, Hayden appeared and told Jax that they needed to get to Wyndemere while Nina and Valentin were at the hospital. "Now is not the time," Jax replied. She revealed that she had a "boat guy" who could get them to Spoon Island, undetected, but he didn't want to join her.

Jax reminded Hayden that they had a prior commitment to Aurora that day. She was incredulous that he wanted to ditch their "project" for a corporate softball game. She believed that she was doing all the "heavy lifting" for them. He wondered what he should tell the team, since they would be one player short, but she advised him that it had been "taken care of."

At the softball field, Maxie from the Crimson team and Liesl from the Invader team argued over a call. Peter declared that they were both right, but Liesl needed to shape up if they were going to beat Jax. Liesl was excited to hear that Jax would be there. Maxie and Peter traded some good-natured trash talk until Peter's ninth player arrived. Maxie was happy to see Lulu, who claimed that she was only there to be a "cheerleader." Liesl was annoyed that they would have to forfeit, since they didn't have enough players.

Just then, Dustin arrived and revealed that he'd been "called up" as a substitute for the Aurora team. He explained that someone he'd driven that morning had hired him for the whole day for some "manual labor." Liesl objected, as all players had to be employed for the team's sponsoring company. Jax shook Dustin's hand and welcomed him as the "official driver of the Aurora print division." Dustin had been looking forward to scoring off of Lulu, but Maxie informed him that Lulu wasn't playing. Lulu asked for an extra mitt, and Liesl obliged. Jax instructed Maxie that they needed to pull off a win for Nina. Just then, Jax got a text from Hayden that read, "Val's office = NADA. Moving on to trophy room."

Later, both softball teams arrived at the Floating Rib after the game. Jax offered drinks on him for everyone. A dirty Liesl asked Maxie how she looked, and she wanted to "freshen up." She advised Maxie not to let Jax leave, and she left. Peter told Jax that they would have won had Liesl not been trying to impress Jax with her athleticism. Jax chuckled at the thought of Liesl having "a thing" for him. "See for yourself when she gets back," Peter said with a shrug.

At the bar, Lulu went to buy Dustin a drink, since she'd lost their bet, but he didn't feel right getting a drink from her. He'd noted how distracted she'd been when he'd been at the plate, and he jokingly flexed. A few minutes later, Lulu sat with Dustin with their drinks, and she questioned why Dustin was on her phone. He replied that he was putting his contact information into it, "for ride-hailing and friendly wagers." As Maxie looked on, the two clinked their glasses together and drank.

At Wyndemere, Hayden retrieved her lock-picking equipment and struggled to open the door to the trophy room. When she finally got the door open, she searched around the room, wondering where Helena would "hide her treasures." "Two pairs of eyes are better than one," Liesl said from the doorway. She continued that, if Hayden told Liesl what she was looking for, Liesl could help find it. If Hayden didn't tell, Liesl would "turn you over to Valentin."

Lucas approached Charlie's and was confused at the "for sale" sign. He went in and sat with Julian and Kim, and they told him that they were moving to New York City. Julian saw that Lucy was calling him, so he got up to answer the call. Kim admitted that she was the reason Julian was leaving town. She instructed Lucas to "say the word," and she would tell Julian that she had to go alone. Lucas didn't want to argue with Julian's choice, especially since he believed that Kim had made Julian a better man. He added that he'd rather talk to his father over the phone than have Julian stay behind and wonder "what might have been." He gave Kim his blessing.

Julian returned and informed Kim and Lucas that he'd set up a meeting with a prospective buyer. Kim had to go to work, so she thanked Lucas for his words and left. Lucas wanted to make sure that Julian wasn't leaving because Lucas had made Julian feel unwelcome in his life. Lucas admitted that he'd gotten used to the idea of Julian being in his life. Julian replied that, if he'd thought there was no hope of reconciling with Lucas, he would have left town long before. The two embraced, and Lucas figured that Brad wasn't going to be happy about Julian leaving.

Julian instructed Lucas to call any time if he needed "backup," and Lucas repeated the sentiment to his father. One thing that bothered Lucas was Kim implying that she would be prepared to leave with or without Julian. Julian clarified that Kim had been determined to leave, no matter what. Lucas wondered why Julian would go with Kim, knowing that she would go without him.

Drew handed Franco a mirror, and Franco gazed into it. He wondered who he was looking at. Elizabeth explained that he was Franco Baldwin, and she was his wife. She knew that Franco was "still in there," and she urged him to return, especially since he'd promised Cameron that he would. Elizabeth retrieved Franco's phone and showed him pictures of his family and friends. She got his wallet out and showed him his license and hospital ID. Franco noticed that the license said that it had been issued in 2019, but he maintained that it was 2012. He demanded to know what had happened to the previous seven years.

Franco asked for a minute alone, and Drew and Elizabeth obliged. When they were gone, he got out of bed and got dressed. He was looking at the medal Drew had left for him when Drew and Elizabeth returned. The two tried to get Franco to stay, and Elizabeth insisted that he could get his actual memories back. She told him that General Hospital was one of the best in the country, and it didn't matter what Shiloh had done. Drew clarified that Franco probably knew him as David Henry Archer. "Hank?" Franco asked, and he figured Hank should be in prison "by now." Drew answered that Shiloh was in jail, but not for anything he'd done in Afghanistan.

Franco wanted to pay Shiloh a visit, but Drew said that there would be plenty of time for that. Elizabeth tried to stop him, but Franco stated that she had no say in what he did or didn't do. Drew made him promise that he wouldn't leave town, as there were people there who loved and cared for him. Drew stepped aside, and Franco left the room. Elizabeth tried to run after him, but Drew held her back. Drew promised a concerned Elizabeth that they would see Franco again, as he was a version of Drew. She reminded him that there was nothing anchoring "Drew" to Port Charles, and Drew suggested that they go give him a reason to stay.

Franco pressed the button for the elevator and waited as two people walked out. He did a double-take and recognized Kim. He approached her, and she happily revealed that she and Julian were going to take Elizabeth up on her dinner offer. She confided that she was there to give Monica her notice, and she was leaving town. "Me, too! Let's go together," he suggested. He continued to flirt with Kim, who wanted to go find Elizabeth. Franco recalled a karaoke date Drew and Kim had gone on, and she was confused when he started spouting specific details. He pulled her into a kiss just as Drew and Elizabeth rounded the corner.

Franco tells more people that he's Drew Cain

Franco tells more people that he's Drew Cain

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Robert paid a visit to Sam and Jason and revealed that Franco could be identifying himself as Drew. Sam and Jason realized that the memories from the flash drive were involved. Sam wondered if there might be some way to reverse the transfer, and Jason asked if there had been a baseline made of Franco's memories. Robert stated that the only options would find Franco with Drew's memories or in a vegetative state.

Robert left, and Jason related that what had been done to Franco was the same thing that had been done to Jason in Russia. He recalled always feeling as though he had been drugged. Sam wouldn't wish the feeling on anyone. Jason admitted that he would never forgive Franco for what he'd done to Sam and Michael, and Sam felt the same. Jason acknowledged that Franco had saved Cameron, though, and he thought that might count for something. Sam suggested that Franco might be able to tell Drew about his past.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian admitted to Lucas that it had been Kim's idea to leave town, and Lucas asked if she'd have gone alone. Julian called it "emotional survival" for Kim, and he understood it. He was happy that she had asked him to accompany her. Brad walked in, and Lucas revealed Julian's plans to leave town. "No, you can't!" Brad shouted.

Brad quickly covered, and suggested multiple reasons for it being a bad idea for Julian to move away. Julian chuckled that it was only Manhattan, and Lucas declared that they'd visit often. Lucas received a page from the hospital and had to depart. He hugged Julian and kissed Brad goodbye. After he was gone, Julian asked about Brad's outburst.

Brad emphasized that with Julian gone, he'd be in trouble if Wiley's biological birth parents showed up. Brad gulped down a handful of antacids and asked who he could turn to for advice. Julian suggested a therapist, but Brad noted that, technically, Wiley had been kidnapped. Julian thought with him being gone, Brad could learn to focus on something else and move on. He added that no one else knew the truth about Wiley.

Brad recalled a conversation he'd had with Liesl and agreed that no one else knew. Brad added that Wiley's medical records were attached to Shiloh, and he would need to get into the records somehow in order to alter them. Julian stressed that Brad should do nothing.

Jax picked up the tabs for drinks at the Floating Rib after the softball game. Nearby, Maxie and Peter sat at a table and joked about Liesl having a crush on Jax and rushing home to freshen up for him. Jax joined them and heard about Liesl. Maxie urged him to be kind. Jax got up and quickly sent a message to Hayden to get out of Wyndemere. Peter admitted he'd be terrified if he were Liesl's focus, but Maxie pointed out that Jax was probably familiar with women having crushes on him.

Hayden searched the Trophy Room at Wyndemere, but before she could get very far, Liesl found her and asked what she was looking for. She thought that she could either help Hayden or turn her over to Valentin. Hayden claimed to be looking for an earring, but Liesl taunted Hayden and doubted her story.

Liesl thought it more likely that Hayden had planned to steal some valuable artworks on display and, upon consideration, announced her decision to call the police instead. Hayden insisted that she'd received approval for her search, but when Liesl suggested she call Nina, Hayden stopped her. Just then, Hayden received a text message, but she chose to ignore it.

Hayden continued to fabricate her story, but Liesl announced that she'd seen the "unsavory boat" leaving Spoon Island. She called Hayden a thief and a swindler and pointed out all of Hayden's crimes. When Hayden's phone went off again, Liesl grabbed it. She read, "Liesl at Wyndemere. Get out." She saw that it was from Jax and couldn't believe he'd be "colluding" with Hayden.

Hayden insisted they were working on a project for something good, but Liesl sent a text message back to Jax from Hayden's phone. It read, "She's gone. All set here." Liesl revealed that she'd cleared Hayden's history and made sure that Jax wouldn't follow her to Wyndemere. She wanted to call the police, but Hayden suggested they make a deal.

Liesl retorted that she couldn't be bribed, but Hayden suggested that Liesl let her go and tell no one she'd seen Hayden. Hayden said she would see to it that Jax had dinner with Liesl.

Back at the Floating Rib, Jax announced that he was leaving because he had phone calls to make. Peter maintained that Liesl would be upset that she had missed Jax, and Maxie thought the scenario was a healthier mindset for Liesl for a change.

At General Hospital, Franco who believed he was Drew Cain, flirted with Kim as he spouted details of their past encounters. He pulled her into a kiss as Elizabeth and Drew arrived. Kim violently pushed Franco away and asked what he was doing. Elizabeth assured Kim that Franco was confused, but he declared that he wasn't. He remembered everything about Kim. He recalled the night they'd said goodbye, along with various other incidents.

Kim was in a state of shock as Franco continued to insist that he was Andrew Cain and knew Kim well. Elizabeth tried to get him to stop, but he told Elizabeth he didn't know her and didn't want to know her. He stepped onto the elevator. Kim demanded to know "what the hell" was going on, and Drew and Elizabeth exchanged a look.

Elizabeth shared the details of what had happened to Franco and how he thought that he was Drew from 2012. Elizabeth was tearful as she declared that they had to find someone to reverse the procedure. Kim was shaken as she acknowledged that Franco had known intimate details of her life, and Drew pointed out how it had been the same for him with Jason's memories.

Kim wanted to know what to do, and Drew suggested she tell Franco that they had no history together. Kim declared that she needed to be alone.

Valentin found Finn and asked for an update on Sasha's illness. Finn refused to divulge anything, pointing out that Valentin wasn't related to her. As Finn stepped onto the elevator, Valentin asked for an update on Cassandra Pierce instead. Finn replied that he'd already told Valentin everything he knew, but Valentin assumed that Finn had been getting information from Anna.

As Valentin and Finn talked, Robert walked nearby and stopped short to listen. He finally approached the men and disclosed that he'd heard from Anna that Cassandra had been seen in Newfoundland. Valentin gasped and declared that that was a refueling stop. He assumed that had been her first stop, and she was on her way to the States.

Finn looked at Robert suspiciously as Valentin hurried off frantically with the newly learned information. Finn wondered if it had been a good idea for Robert to share the information, but Robert acknowledged that he'd made it up. He was hopeful they would be able to figure out what Valentin had been up to.

Jax ran into Valentin and disclosed that he had stopped by to check on Nina. He thought that she could use a diversion from thinking about Sasha. Valentin snapped that he was handling everything, and Nina was in "capable hands."

Brad arrived and logged onto a hospital computer. He accessed the records for Wiley, Shiloh, and Michael. Before he could do anything, Lucas saw him and asked what he was doing. Brad quickly closed everything except for Shiloh's records and mentioned how they'd wanted to look at them. Lucas joked that Brad was rude for searching the records without him, and they both laughed.

Lucas suggested they look together, and he noted that the genetic heart condition wasn't listed. He stressed that Wiley's condition had been inherited. He thought perhaps the doctors had missed it or Shiloh had lied about it.

Elizabeth flashed back to a conversation with Franco declaring his love. She was afraid she might have lost him forever. Drew tried to reassure her, and he thought it was a good idea to give Franco some space. He added that the doctors needed to work things out. He even thought that the memory transfer might be temporary, since it had been an "improvised, bootleg procedure."

Sam arrived, and after asking about Cameron and Franco, she told Elizabeth how sorry she was. She wanted to talk to Franco. She couldn't believe it when Elizabeth said that he was gone, and she had no idea where he might be. Drew hoped they could get to the part of Franco that was still Franco and remind him about his life.

Finn and Robert kept an eye on Valentin. Robert noted that while he hadn't really even spoken to Anna, he'd had a conversation with Cabot. The doctor wanted to make a deal. If he could be let go, he'd point out those memories of Anna's that really belonged to Alex.

Franco walked into the Floating Rib and sat down at the bar. He ordered a couple of shots but, when he was asked, informed the bartender he didn't have any identification. He managed to pull some money from his pocket, and the bartender let him slide. Franco downed the shots quickly.

"Hey, Franco," Maxie called out as she approached him. "Go ahead, call me that one more time," Franco growled. Maxie asked if he was okay. When he didn't respond, she said his name. Franco threw one of the glasses at the wall behind the bar, and it shattered. "It's not my name," Franco said. He added that his name was Andrew Cain. "Don't call me Franco," he said. Maxie asked if he was drunk. The bartender wanted to call the cops, but Peter tossed money at him to cover the cost of the damages.

Maxie and Peter returned to the table, and Peter informed her of what he believed to be a memory transfer from Drew Cain. Maxie thought he was joking but quickly realized he wasn't. Peter felt responsible because he'd had a chance to return the flash drive to Drew. Maxie promised it wasn't his fault. Peter hadn't wanted the memories to be transferred to anyone.

Maxie stated that everyone made mistakes, and Peter had made choices when he'd been known as Faison's son. He had grown. She assured him she wasn't going anywhere. She cared about him in the present and future, not the past.

Jason found himself face to face with Franco.

Kim raced to Charlie's Pub, and Julian took one look at her and asked what was wrong. She told him about Franco and the fact that he recalled details of her life that he couldn't have known. She stated that he had spoken about things that he'd never lived through. Julian thought it was more of a reason for them to leave town.

Chase arrests Franco

Chase arrests Franco

Friday, August 16, 2019

Carly found Sonny by the terrace door and asked him why he was brooding, because she could always tell. They began to talk about renewing their marriage vows, but before they could go too far, the doorbell rang. It was Sam, who disclosed that she had both good and bad news. While Sonny and Carly were both familiar with the incident involving Shiloh, Cameron, and Franco, Sam revealed she'd received an update from Robert.

Sam announced that Cameron was okay, the memory transfer on Franco had worked, and Franco was convinced that he was Navy SEAL Andrew Cain. Sam added that she'd also spoken to Drew, who had been doing his best to comfort Elizabeth and was certain things would turn out for the best. Carly thought that Drew's take was too romantic and not likely, especially considering the fact that Drew still had Jason's memories.

Carly didn't think that anyone would be able to force Franco to accept who he really was, and Sonny believed Franco would have to do it on his own terms. Carly wondered if they were supposed to treat Franco as another version of Drew. Carly asked how Sam was doing after being locked in the freezer, and Sam acknowledged that, if nothing else, it had shown her to appreciate life. Sonny admitted that he'd had the same eye-opening experience at his father's wedding.

Carly noted that she had enjoyed the minister at the wedding, and Sam was aghast. She stated that she had believed the wedding to be in name only. Carly divulged that Sonny had played minister because Mike hadn't recognized him. Sonny revealed that he and Carly had decided to renew their own vows, and Sam was excited. She offered her congratulations and asked for details. Carly declared that nothing had been decided, but they wanted to keep the occasion small with just family.

Sam hoped she and Jason would be invited. After she left, Sonny and Carly agreed that a ceremony at home and on the terrace would be perfect. Sonny stated that the house was a home because of Carly, and she was his whole life. "Right back at you," Carly said as they shared a kiss.

Josslyn and Dev plopped down at a table at Charlie's Pub with a slew of school books. Josslyn declared her intent to get Dev caught up on schoolwork before school actually started. Dev replied that he had worked hard all summer at Corinthos Coffee, and it was his desire to not go to school but to be a trusted member of Sonny's organization.

Josslyn attempted to explain to Dev the reasons for an education. She added that Dev could earn Sonny's trust more if he both worked hard and studied at school. Dev agreed they could choose some classes, and Josslyn suggested an American History class focused on the Civil War. Dev wondered if the course would contain some of the books he'd read by some female writers, and Josslyn was shocked that he was familiar with those.

Josslyn wondered how a street kid would know feminist literature, and Dev claimed to have picked up various things from tourists. Dev added that his mother had always wanted him to get an education, and he couldn't let her down, even if the education wasn't in a classroom. Josslyn asked Dev about his parents, and Dev shut down. He replied there was nothing to tell, and he opened one of the books. Josslyn apologized for offending him but reminded him that he knew everything about her family. Dev announced that he was a Corbin.

Hayden met with Finn at the hospital, even though they'd both said they'd hoped never to see each other again. They agreed they hadn't meant it. Finn updated Hayden on Franco and explained that he'd wanted her to know because of Elizabeth. Hayden asked if someone could undo the transfer, but Finn stated that Franco would have to be convinced that he wasn't really Drew. Changing the subject, Finn asked Hayden if she'd been to Crimson lately.

Hayden replied that she had, and Finn informed her of the possibility that she might have contracted a serious contagion, a toxic flu. He added that everyone would have to be tested. Hayden was full of questions, and Finn assured her it was just a precaution because she didn't have symptoms.

Finn didn't think Hayden had been infected, although she thought maybe she had been after the evening at Wyndemere when she'd said lots of things and felt tired. Hayden asked if she could be with Elizabeth and the boys, and Finn thought it was a good idea. Hayden suggested that Franco needed a doctor who was brilliant and who took risks and thought outside the box.

Finn didn't think that would be him. Hayden reminded him that he'd saved her life in more ways than one. Finn declared that they'd saved each other. Hayden thought that Finn was the big winner, though he professed that he hadn't been keeping score. He added that he could never hate her. Hayden wanted to figure out how to help Elizabeth; Finn thought she already knew how.

In the hallway, Monica asked Drew about Kim, who hadn't kept a scheduled appointment. Drew asked that they speak privately, and they headed to Monica's office, where he told her about Franco. Drew stated that Cabot had wanted to continue his life's work while Shiloh had merely wanted information. He stated that Elizabeth was extremely upset. Monica asked Drew how he felt.

Drew replied that Franco believed he was Drew, and upset wasn't close to what Drew had been feeling. He admitted he was "mad as hell," and his life had been stolen twice. Monica learned about the flash drive, and Drew confessed that he'd forgotten he'd had it. He explained that he hadn't wanted to lose his Port Charles memories, so he hadn't pursued getting his old ones back.

Monica thought that was a good choice but wondered why he had held onto it. Drew had been certain it had been safely hidden, and he had believed that he'd be able to use it some day while keeping his newer memories. He'd never thought Shiloh would steal it and implant his memories in someone else. Both Drew and Monica felt sorry for Elizabeth and Franco. Drew added that while Elizabeth suffered the most pain by knowing what she'd lost, Franco wasn't aware of any of it.

Drew continued that Franco wouldn't reverse the procedure, but chances were it could backfire, anyway. If Franco remained Drew, he would be dead to Elizabeth and her boys. Monica thought there was a silver lining that Drew could benefit from. Drew couldn't see it, but Monica explained that Drew wouldn't have to choose memories. Franco could fill him in on the earlier memories that Drew had forgotten.

Drew thought that would be at Elizabeth's expense, and he accused Monica of just wanting to know about the twin who hadn't been claimed. Monica insisted that they hadn't known of his existence and had missed his childhood. Drew didn't want to take advantage of Franco, even though Monica insisted Franco had Drew's memories. Drew clarified that Franco believed they were his own and would never share them.

Elizabeth arrived home, sat on the sofa, and looked at her wedding ring. Cameron bounded into the room and asked about Franco. Elizabeth was glad that Jake and Aiden were away because she would never be able to explain things to them. She declared that Franco needed time to understand his new reality, and it could be reversed after that. Cameron knew it wouldn't be that easy, but Elizabeth insisted that the great staff at the hospital was working on it.

Cameron maintained that it could have been him, and he knew it was bad. Elizabeth admitted she had no idea where Franco was, but she knew he was confused. She added that Drew had told her to fight for Franco, and she would. Cameron wanted to help, and he offered to explain things to his brothers before they heard the news from someone else. Elizabeth thought she would tell them Franco had a medical problem.

Cameron wanted to call Josslyn in order to get help from Sonny in locating Franco, but Elizabeth stopped him and made him sit down next to her. She appreciated his help. Cameron reminded her that Franco had never quit on them, and they couldn't quit on Franco, because he needed them.

Elizabeth thought that if Franco had any shred of his own memory left, he would return to them. They needed to remind Franco of his life and let him know he was believed in and cared about. Cameron added that he was also loved. Mother and son embraced. Cameron was sorry it had taken him so long to see Franco as the man Elizabeth had seen. Elizabeth couldn't believe how grown up Cameron was, but he promised to do something stupid to let her know it was still him. He announced he would spend the evening at home with her.

Shortly after, Elizabeth suggested that Cameron get ready for bed so she could straighten up. Cameron stopped to look at her before he went upstairs. She picked up some things but sat down again and looked at her ring. She had a flashback to better days. She wiped away her tears. She received a phone call from Finn, but neither of them had any update for the other. He suggested she take time off from work.

The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth went to answer it. It was Hayden, who announced that she was moving in and wouldn't take no for an answer. The sisters hugged.

At the Floating Rib, Jason informed Franco that he was Jason Morgan, not Quartermaine. "My twin," Franco declared. Franco admitted that he'd seen his face in the mirror. He looked different, but Jason had his face. He'd recognized him because he'd seen photos of Jason in the newspaper in the past. He had also done research on Jason, who was a "rich kid with my face." He knew everything about Jason.

Jason related that his parents hadn't known anything about Jason's twin, who had been given away to Betsy Frank, but Franco was Franco Baldwin, who was married to Elizabeth Webber. Franco disagreed and declared that he never wanted to see Elizabeth again. Franco revealed that he wanted to leave town and wondered if Jason would try to stop him.

Franco asked Jason if he was still rich, and he suggested that Jason give him a loan for the bus. Jason offered to find him a room for the night and some help the following day. Franco replied that he was fine the way he was. On second thought, he decided he didn't want to owe Jason any money. He ordered Jason to stay away from him. Jason informed him that he was attached to many people in town. When he said Franco's name, Franco lost his temper.

Willow and Chase sat at a table nearby. Willow announced that she had a lead on a job related to teaching. Chase stared at Franco and Jason, and Willow noted that his job affected him all the time. She thought that Chase was never off duty. She revealed that she'd spoken to Lulu, who had been candid about loving a cop. She had felt awkward, but Lulu had wanted to talk. Willow had already known that loving someone with a dangerous job could be difficult or scary, as she'd already experienced those feelings, being with Chase.

Willow confirmed that she wasn't scared off and was there for Chase. She continued that Lulu had stated that Nathan and Dante had had the same trait that had them wanting to make a better world. Lulu had stated that Chase had the same trait. He was honored, and Willow explained that that was why she liked teaching. Chase thought he'd rather be a cop than stand before kids, but teachers were his heroes. His own father had inspired him.

Chase went on to give a glowing report on his dad and how he'd inspired Chase and Finn to be people who wanted to make a difference. He admitted that he couldn't always turn it off. Willow understood.

Jason informed Franco that he didn't want to fight. Chase walked over to see what the problem was as the men argued, and he addressed Franco by his name. Franco slugged him. Jason tried to settle Franco down as Chase identified himself as a cop. He arrested Franco for assaulting a police officer, and he read him his rights. Franco complained that Chase hadn't been wearing a uniform.

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